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The Cross


       Image result for picture of ihs crossImage result for picture of ihs crossImage result for picture of sumerian swastikasImage result for picture of aquarian crossJesus was nailed and hung on a Tree in accordance with the Law He wrote in Deut 21:23. The Cross is a 4300 year old Pagan symbol. Ref Acts 5:30; 10:39; 13:29; Gal 3:13, 2 Pet 2:24; John 19:31 KJV. Why do new bible versions universally change "Tree" to "Cross"? 

       The first pottery created in Babylon unearthed after the Flood features the Cross; not a complete Cross but a Broken Cross usually made with Women and their Hair forming the arms or Deer and their Antlers forming the arms. The Broken Cross is called the Broken Sun Wheel aka Swastika. Sol Invictus "Unconquered Sun" refers to Saturn as the Primeval Sun, Dark Sun, Best Sun, or Black Star. Repairing the World (Hebrew "Tikkun Olam") means repairing the Earth to the conditions of the Garden of Eden minus the Tree of Life aka Jesus Christ. 
         IHS  and a Cross made with 3 Nails, the Nails used to fasten Jesus Christ to the Tree surrounded by the Black Sun. The Christogram used a P and X in Greek Rho=Royal + X=Chi. This has nothing to do with Jesus Christ. Nicolaitanes "Conquer the Laity" use the Cross, really an X with "IHS "In Hoc Signo Vinces" (By this Sign Conquer) first  used by Emperor Constantine to Conquer Christians; it's worked rather well. Jesus hates Nocolaitane Doctrine! Rev 2:6;15 That's the elevated clergy who never mention any of this we call Rabbi, Father, Reverend.
         Arthur means "Branch"; Arcturas is the Bear Guard guiding the Ursa Major aka "Little Dipper" around the North Star "Polaris". The Big Dipper "Water Pourer" symbolizes the Age of Aquarius, the Age the world just entered. Aquarius is the Age ruled by Saturn, an age symbolic of the pre-Flood world which God punished. King Arthur is the "Fisher King" expected to return in the Aquarian Age. The Aquarian Cross stands atop Glastonbury Tor and St Michael's Tower awaiting the return of Arthur just ask Arch-Druid Arthur Pendragon, the current head of the Druids. Dru=Tree, the Tree that Jesus Christ and 2 Thieves were Nailed to. The scene of 6 uplifted arms surrounding Jesus Christ formed the 7 Branch Candlestick Moses constructed for the Tabernacle; those days are gone; the only path to Salvation is via the Holy Ghost, a personal One on One relationship with Jesus Christ. I suggest you head for your Prayer Closet and do this soon. Time's Up!
         Earth was created just shy of 6000 years ago; Adam and Eve were provided a paradise called the Garden of Eden a river went forth becoming 4 Heads with the Pison, Gihon, and Hiddekel (Euphrates). This is the basis of the Cross. 
        The Word of God uses “Race” as a contest of speed not a division of Man. Garden comes from OE Gyrdon “To Gird”; Sanskrit Ghra “House or Enclose”. Eden comes from Hebrew Edhen “Pleasure or delight”; Earth comes from OE Eorpe “Dry Land”. These rivers formed an X and Sumerian depictions carved shortly after the Flood (roughly 2348 BC) of the Mother Goddess pouring these rivers from a sacred water jar in the form of this X. The symbol of the Phoenician goddess Tanit at left is the feminine form of “Rab”. Rabbi means “Chief or Great One”, the symbol represents the Sun and Earth being placed on top of the Unfinished Pyramid “Benben”; the Phoenix will rise out of the ashes (Pyre) by men of it’s own house (Rabbis are not Jewish; Priests are not Christian) symbolized by the “Double Cross”, to end the “Iron Age”, a completion of the statue described in Daniel 2 supported by Iron Legs; the Swastika at its center stands for well being and good luck of those giving the “Eulogy”. At the 7th Seal and 1st Trumpet (Rev 7-8) the Djed Pillar at the right will be used to survey and claim “Dominion” over the earth; this will begin 3 ½ years of “Great Tribulation”; the date will begin the age of the 5th Sun and mark the end of the Age of Grace when a Cross forms from the Earth, Sun and Zodiac on the 2012 Solstice. At the 7th Trumpet, God’s 2 Witnesses (Seth’s Enoch and Elijah) will lie in the streets of “Spiritual Sodom and Egypt” (Rev 11:8) 3 ½ days. Jesus will now begin the Millennium. This is the meaning of the Cross.

     An X is formed by marking the Northern and Southern Rise and Set points for the Moon. An X also forms by marking the Rise and Set points of the Sun at Midwinter and Midsummer Solstice. The so-called Greek Cross was a representation of this Sun and Moon interaction; an equal distant cross rotated roughly 450 with the 4 “V”s; the sides thus marking the 4 Solar and 4 Lunar reference points.  Druid Priests, KKK, Knights Templar, Hospitaller Knights (SMOM) all use this symbol.

        The 8 points of this cross are identical to the witchcraft calendar’s 8 Cross-quarter Sabats; represented on the British Flag.

       A Cross is formed by the Trans-continental Railroad and I-35W; it became the Double Cross “Cross of Lorraine” with I-94 in Minneapolis, symbolized by the Power Poles used to carry electricity. Nikola Tesla said “Future wars will be decided by electricians” because his power transmission was “Free of Charge” (good pun eh?) and did not use wires.    


       An X is formed by the 4 Tree Vines/Branches on carvings of Tammuz (Dumuzi Apsu) and described in Daniel 7:6 as the 3rd Beast who obtains “Dominion” over the earth. Women wept for Tammuz on the porch of Solomon’s Temple as the Glory of the LORD departed; Jesus turned over the money changing tables (Bank means Table) at the 2nd Temple, departed by the same route and money became symbolized by the Serpent wrapped Stauros “$”.

      An X will form the 4 wings of the fowl in Dan 7:6 on 12/21/2012 when the Ecliptic (Sun, Moon Planets) and Zodiac (Fixed Stars) “Ellipses”, “Cross” paths as Earth is symbolically “Impaled” at the “Solar Solstice”. It’s simply an illusion measured on the Mayan Calendar (Maia means Illusion); the date being 777 days after “Bonfire Night” Nov 5, 2010, the  day called “Guy Fawkes” Day venerates Nov 5, 1605 when the Gunpowder Treason Plot to kill King James 1 (KJV Bible) failed. 777 is the number of “Shekinah”, the flaming sword of Kabbalah which represents the Sacred Tree or Pole. This symbol is called the Chi-Rho, the “Solar Crowned Christ”, capitol of Egypt “Cairo” and the ancient Heliopolis “City of the Sun” where Priests of On . 2 Thieves were crucified with Jesus; one recognized    

     A + (Equal Distance Cross) forms by a Stauros (Greek word for Pole or Spike used in new bible versions to replace “Tree”) with a person tied or nailed on a Cross-Bar attached to a Tree. Druids held sacrifice rituals in Groves called “Thor’s Oaks”.

     The equal distant cross is also the positive terminal of a battery; a Capacitor (Electrical Potential Energy) formed when Oxygen and Nitrogen atoms interact with Light, lose electrons and become positively charged “Ions”. The path of this energy was worn by Nazi SS to represent the weather god Thor, a modern representation of the Cretin god Zeus and the Sumerian god of the air “Enlil” whose main weapon was the “Amaru”. Gnostics use America “Amaru” today just as they have for 4000 years.

     Representing the Earth as a Circle and quartering it results in the so-called Celtic (Celt=Warrior) Cross aka Sun Cross. When this Cross is broken at the corners it becomes the “Broken Sun Wheel” aka “Broken Jew” or “Swastika” meaning good luck, good fortune or one who utters a eulogy.                                                                                                                              

      The Jerusalem Cross aka Crusader Cross was used by Knights Templar founder Godfroi de Bouillon and Pope Urban II as the banner for the 1st Crusade to entice unsuspecting Christians to battle against Muslims who in turn were enticed to battle by Sufis. Templars and Sufis being neither Christian or Muslim are part of a broader group called Sabians, Gnostics who leave his/her religion for that of another. There was never anything Christian about the Crusades. The Shaman Cross represents the Ellipse of the Milky Way with a Cross as its center; lying astrophysicists would call this a Black Hole.

     A T forms from Pole driven into the Ground; Solar Radiation is magnetically guided into the Earth so these became used as Conductors and Ground Rods; a representation of this is called the “Ankh”, a solar disc on top of a T, and the Cross of Tammuz. 4 Tau Crosses form the Jerusalem Cross referring to dominion over the quartered earth and control over the 4 forces of nature: Earth, Air, Fire, Water. Witchcraft seeks control over these so-called “Forces”; liberation from God being the Age of the 5th Sun, on the Mayan (Illusion) Calendar and the 2012 Solstice on the Gregorian Calendar.

     An upside down T forms with a Pole, Tree or Stake supported by the Earth; this seems to be favored by so-called Left Hand “Black” Path Satanists but in all seriousness, one can see the depths of this “Cross” deception in the mirror. As mirror reflect an opposite image, the “Cross” is everything but the thing you think it is.

      The 8 pointed star formed into a Cross is used as the Flag of Georgia where Geo=Earth. The 8 points refer to the 8th Covenant between man and God “Age of Grace”; Christ-Mass 2012 will likely be mid-week in Dan 9:27 “Covenant with Many” aka “70th Week”.

      The Aquarian Cross standing on Glastonbury Tor features the “Vesica Piscis” at its center aka “Golden Mean”, “Golden Ratio”, “Labrys”, “Holy Door”, “Ratio of Life”; Jesus and His followers effectively being Eulogized at the Inauguration of the Golden Age. has even written Rev 23 to commemorate the occasion; it follows the words Jesus delivered in Rev 22 “If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book”. The X is featured on the Assyrian demon Pazuzu (The world views America as this demon) and I the branches of Dumuzi Apsu aka Tammuz.


     Gnosticism is reversal of biblical truth; Eve falls first and leads Adam into Sin, but the Gnostic version turns Eve and her interaction with the Serpent into the liberator of man and restorer of the Garden of Eden. The Hermetic Axiom “As Above, So Below” means create Heaven on Earth without God; the Hebrew phrase used by Talmudic/Kabbalist Rabbis is “Tikkun Olam” Repair the Earth.

       In Gen 2:11 the bible describes the Pison compassing the whole land of Havilah where there was gold; thus the golden ring began to symbolize human weddings as well as the annual wedding “Divine Union” of the Mother Goddess and the “Creator” also called the “Sacred Marriage”. This is the origination of the cross in a circle which appears often in stained glass church windows worldwide. Rotated backward this “Sun Wheel Cross” became the “Tumbling Cross” mistakenly called the Cross of St Andrew. Christmas “Christ-Mass” celebrates the Rising Sun at Mid Winter Solstice; the Pagan Saviour “Sol Invictus”. John the Baptist was born 6 months ahead of Jesus, celebrated by Pagans as St John’s Day on June 24. The real birth of John the Baptist was Passover (14 Nisan) and Jesus was born on Feast of Tabernacles (15 Tishri). Solar Priests called “Kon Torrs” (Priests of the Enclosure) in Mesopotamia and “Shemsu Horus” (Followers of Horus) taught initiates this “Mystery Religion” in secret to build Solar Temples all over the world to mimic the Stars. The Maltese Cross used by groups such as Hospitallers (SMOM aka Knights of Malta or St John), Templars and the KKK is an example of this “Sacred Marriage”. Its quarters are divided by a “V” causing the Circled Cross to become further divided into 8 sections. Witchcraft calls these divisions “Cross-Quarter Sabbats” which represent the Northern and Southern limits of Moon and Sun’s Rising and Setting. The Moon represents “Sin” (Pagan Arabs called Sin Al-Allah long before Muhammad) and the Sun represents Lucifer, the god of Light. Solar Temples such as Stonehenge (Solstice, Equinox, Eclipse calculator), Egyptian Pyramids (Orion) and Angkor Wat “Ankh-Horus” (Draco) are Man’s attempt to re-create the Stars on Earth in the concept “As above, so Below”. The Golden Age is said to return with the capping of the Unfinished Pyramid by the “Benben” Pyramidion, a stone which Pagans believe came to Earth from the Stars much like the Black Stone at Mecca inside the Kaaba (Enclosure).

         Christmas (Sacrifice of Christ and distribution of the body; it has nothing to do with Jesus’ birth on Tabernacles), Lent (40 days weeping for Tammuz) and Easter (pregnancy of Ishtar at 1st light on Sunday following the full moon after Ostarra; it has nothing in common with Passover) have nothing to do with Jesus Christ and everything to do with “Dominion” of an Alternative Christ. Pirates used the X to mark the spot for their stolen loot and the crossed bones to strike fear into the hearts of merchant seamen. The crossed bones represented an initiation into the Temple of Wisdom.    

     Plato’s pre-flood mythical civilization “Atlantis” was said to be an idyllic society ruled by the gods, fed by 4 rivers and protected by water-filled circular ditches (Circled Cross). The bible however, describes a world full of evil, corruption, violence and giants (men of renown created by selective breeding) that would be destroyed by the flood. According to the bible, the flood happened about 4350 years ago. Pottery dating to this time found in modern day Iraq has detailed drawings of 4 he-goats (Shamash) arrayed in a circle with their horns forming the distinctive arms of the Swastika “Broken Sun Wheel”, and their bodies an equal armed cross. Knights Templar later venerated the goat as “Baphomet” aka “Goat of Mendes” or “Sabbath Goat” and the men of Hamath (descendants of Ham) worshipped the goat idol “Ashima” (ref 2 Kings 17:30). New bibles change Jesus as the “Scapegoat” of Lev 16:8 to “Azazel” one of 77 names for Satan.  Similar pottery from this period shows the change from he-goats to women whose hair forms the Swastika arms, then to 4 triangles meeting at the center forming the familiar shape of the Maltese Cross (northern/southern Moon rise/set points; Sun rise/set points at mid-winter/mid-summer solstices). The 4 opposing triangles coming together in the middle can be seen in the HSBC Logo, a Hong Kong based bank which owns most US ports. Superimposed, the 2 vertical triangles form the Six-pointed Star of Israel, and the Freemasonic Square and Compass. The hexagonal “Enclosure” became the “Beehive”, a symbol of the Mother Goddess “Queen Bee”. Mellissae at the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus were called “Bees” who served Artemis (aka Diana the goddess of witchcraft) as the Queen Bee. Honey became a symbol for the return to the pre-flood world and dubbed the “Golden Age” as symbolized by the “Golden Ring”. Modern day examples of worker bees are the KKK, which began in Scotland as the Society of the Horsemen’s Word and came to America as the Knights of the Golden Circle (Greek Kuklos). The White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan wear White robes and the Red X to signify “Purification” ie “To make White”. Red is the color of Esau, Jacob’s twin who taught the ways of his uncle Laban; his name means “to make White” and “to make Bricks”. Purification in their case means subjugate or kill people with dark skin. Another is the Rose and Cross used by the Rosicrucians. Their motto is “The Rose gives honey to the bees”.

         The Red Shield or Six Pointed Star has 2 points facing east and west, separated by 19.50 above and below the horizon. This Zionist symbol is the Star of Saturn and represents “As above, so below”. Every possible position of the Moon and Sun repeats every 19.5 years in the “Metonic Cycle”. This knowledge allowed accurate prediction of Solar and Lunar Eclipses as well as Solstices and Equinoxes at sacrifice sites; thus the “Bees” (Solar Priests) had gained a perceived power over the giver of light and life. Akkadian Priests were Kon-Torrs (Priests of the Revolver), Canaanite Priests were Kahn-Baals (Priests of Baal and source of the word Cannibal), Persians, Aryan Medes and Chaldean (7th C Babylonia) called their priests “Magi”, Celtic Priests were Druids and later Bards, Mayans called theirs Priests of Quetzalcoatl (Feathered Serpent) and Hindus called theirs Brahmins. Priests purified “Made White” the earth with human blood offered as a sacrifice to the sun-god. This is the essence of Christmas; the sacrificial killing of the Son (Jesus Christ) to make way for the Sun (Sol Invictus). The word “Magi” is derived from Magic and that from the Hebrew “DM” which means both Magic and Red, the color Jacob’s twin brother Esau was born. Magic is thus an illusion of reality “Matrix” designed to achieve Esau’s prophesized “Dominion” over Jacob found in Gen 27:40 KJV (You will need a KJV, new bibles reverse this critical blessing). The  Sacred Marriage or Divine Union became known as a symbolic wedding of the Sun and Moon and this is on display as not other at the Cathedral of St John Divine in NYC. The Six-Pointed Star is not a symbol associated with King David; it is Star representing the Sacred Marriage of Ashtoreth (Ishtar, Astarte, Easter, Venus) and Chiun (Saturn). Easter plus a human gestation cycle gives birth to Sol Invictus; for this reason Easter is celebrated at first light on the Sunday after the first Full Moon following Spring Equinox.

      The Trinity is Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Father is God in Spirit, Son is God residing in human flesh (Jesus Christ) and Holy Ghost is God residing within Man who has been given this Free Gift. It is Free and it is available to everyone who asks for it. Denying God’s active involvement in the affairs of the world via the Holy Ghost, the Trinity was changed to Father, Mother, Son. Magic is thus Esau’s way of achieving “Dominion” through wearing of a “Domini” (Masquerade Mask). Father (Sun), Mother (Moon), Son (Horus/Tammuz) is the purification of Man absent God. Through “Incest”, the Holy Grail (Bloodline) was kept pure. These rituals began with the “Tower of Babel”. Nimrod the dark skinned Cushite from the Sudan didn’t build it, he was merely the first “Scape Goat”. Aryans  from the East (Iranian Highlands) built it with “Slime” for mortar. Slime means “Bitumen”; organic mortar is in fact Solar Priest Initiates “Knights”. Again, you will need an Authorized Bible to read Gen 11:2; new versions reverse this passage to justify slavery just as they reverse Gen 27:39-40 to put Esau in Jacob’s position of blessing.

      Exodus 20:4 “Thou shat not make unto thee any graven image...” The Cross is a Graven Image. Before you get offended, note that Jesus was Crucified on a Tree; not a Cross. He was fixed to the Tree with a Cross Bar (Gr Stauros); in other words, Jesus Christ, the Tree of Life was affixed “Vau  means Nail; the Victory Sign V used by Talmudic Rabbis” to the Tree of Knowledge to be made a Curse. This being in accordance with Jewish Law in Deut 21:22 “And if a man have committed a sin worthy of death, and he be to be put to death, and thou hang him on a tree: His body shall not remain all night upon the tree, but thou shalt in any wise bury him that day; for he that is hanged is accursed of God...” Jesus’ sin was calling Himself God; what the Pharisees didn’t understand was He actually was God. Not only were Pharisees not Jewish, they were politically and genealogically aligned with Edom as were the earlier Maccabees, Hasmoneans, Nabbataeans and the Herod Kings. Before you dismiss this, read the descriptions of the Pharisees Jesus used; Whited Sepulchres; Vipers, Serpents, Hypocrites and Blind Guides, but not one instance did He use the word Jewish. Sorry, but this is the state of most “Christian” denominations today who promote the idea of Christian warriors. Crusaders is derived from the Latin word for Cross “Crux”; the Ankh being “Crux Ansata” for Handled Cross. Maccabees, the prototype “Crusader” means “Hammer of God”; they gave us Templarism and Chanukah which was superimposed with Mithra’s Day, Sol Invictus Day, Saturnalia and later Christmas. the Chanukah Menorah has a center candle called Shamash, the sun god represented as a Goat Idol. That is the Chabad Lubavitch, Kaballah and the Talmudic god.

        Double Cross means “To Betray” and serves as the symbol of Free French forces “Franks” who began the myth of the Merovingian Kings having the bloodline of Jesus. The blood of a human being comes from their father; Jesus through Immaculate Conception had the blood of His Father in Heaven so Michael Baigent’s Holy Blood, Holy Grail and Dan Brown’s DaVinci Code are simply part of a gigantic Double Cross. The I-35 “NAFTA Superhighway” is Double Crossed by the Trans-continental Railroad where Kathleen Sebelius (Obama’s Health and Human Services Secretary) was Governor of Kansas and the Twin Cities Bridge at I-94; that was no accident and neither will the Double Cross of the Swine Flu Vaccine during the Fall of 2009. Crusaders killing in the name of Jesus are nothing more than the Cross in the Circle; Jesus used the word Ekklesia which means “Called Out” for His followers; “Church” is derived from the Greek Kuklos for Circle and Cross. Congregation only appears once in the New Testament and Paul told the members to get out (ref Acts 13:43).  The word “Cross” replaced “Tree” in 6 places in new bible versions: Acts 5:30; 10:39; 13:29; Gal 3:13; 1 Pet 2:24 and John 19:17. New Bibles are not updated bibles; they are Gnostic poison preventing the Truth from being understood.

     Sumerian civilization in Mesopotamia (Ur) divided the world into 4 quarters. The west quarter corresponding to the limits of mid-winter and mid-summer sunset was Amurru (biblical Calneh); the east representing mid-winter and mid-summer sunrise was Elam (Persia). America was named after Amurru and Can (Kon, Cohen or Kahn). Amurru is the Edomite (Esau) and Nabataean (Pagan Arabs during the time of Jesus) Shepherd and Serpent god. Amaru is the weapon of Marduk, the Assyrian god; MYSTERY, BABYLON… of Rev 17 is the Gate of Marduk (Bab-Ilu=BABYLON), entered through secret initiation rituals (MYSTERY). Amurru is symbolized holding the Djed Pillar (Star Wars “Jedi” take their name from this) as a surveying transit because America has militarily united the world on behalf of the British Empire. British is B’Rith-ish or Birthright Covenant. The Abrahamic Covenant is through Abraham and Sarah, Isaac, Jacob and Jesus Christ. Pagan means “Reverence for one’s ancestors”; the Gnostic Covenant is through Abraham’s eldest brother Haran, Hagar, Ishmael and Esau as 1st born sons.

      Arabs (Arab=Merchant) claim Obama is related to Abraham, Ishmael, Esau and the Muslim prophet Muhammad via the Koreish Tribe of Bedouins. Whether he fills the role of the rider of the White Horse is also yet to be known, but Arab mythology tells of Abraham’s winged White Horse “El Barack” returning to a reincarnated Muhammad, who also surveyed the world with a winged white horse “Al-Buraq” at the end of days. Obama was raised Muslim in a Madrasa Quranic School and born to an Arab father. He is my best guess for the rider of the White Horse in Rev 6, but it is just a guess. America is the Gate of Marduk and that gate appears to be the, the 2012 Solstice. Confirmation for me would be world be worldwide Chaos and disease (Red Horse), economic break-down and famine (Black Horse), the building of the 3rd Temple 490 days prior to revealing of Pale Horse, increasing Earthquakes, Volcanic activity, Droughts, Fires, Floods, a fake Aliens, fake Rapture and Blue Beam visions of various Messiah’s. Christ-Mass 2012 is a 4350 year old sign post God set up with the Flood; Christ-Mass means Sacrificial killing of Christ and distribution of a suitable host for “Sol Invictus”. Got a better date in mind I’m all ears.

      Calneh (Amurru=West), Subartu (Erech=North), Accad (South), Elam (Babel=East) of Gen 10:10 formed the Cross-Quartered Earth at the time of the Tower of Babel; Science=Scire=Gnosis “To Know” will complete this tower on making Gnostics Free of God. Elamites ruled under Chedorlaomer until the 13th year when the world’s first Revolution/Rebellion led to the defeat of the Horites (Canaanite followers of Horus) and the Rephaims, Zuzims and Emims (Giants produced from culling/incest/selective breeding of children). Israel began 400 years of Egyptian Captivity (19th century BC ending on Passover 1492 BC) and the Ankh was carved in hieroglyphic drawings. Ankh means “Breath of Life”, a glyph of “Magical Protection” connoting eternal life, reproduction through sexual union, zest for life, balance and energy. The Ankh is a Cross shaped as a “T” (Ezekiel 8 records women on the porch wailing for Tammuz just before the Glory of the LORD departed). The “T” represents the Male (Vertical) and Female (Horizontal) and the handle represents the Solar Disc; Symbol of Life if you will. Lest you believe Man his improved on this belief through Science; NASA’s Genesis Rocket crashed in the Utah desert trying to prove Carbon is created by the Sun (Nuclear fusion converts Hydrogen into Helium, not Carbon). God gives life and He will not be mocked! Ask you Pastor or Priest why Easter services are on Sunday at sunrise after the full moon, 1 human gestation cycle ahead of Christmas. God created the Earth before the Sun but Newton claimed Gravity holds Earth in orbit around the Sun. Gravity has been dubbed the “God Particle” and in Nov 2008, the CERN (logo is 666) collider was severely damaged in it’s attempt to prove Gravity is made of God. Oops! The Djed Pillar can be seen in the Ankh; this being the forerunner of the Surveyors Transit. Satan used this to offer Jesus the limits of His sight from the hills after He received the Holy Ghost. His response was “Thou shalt not tempt the LORD”. The Red Sun Rising logo was adopted by Barack Obama; it is Japan’s Taoist (Tao and Tammuz are synonymous) symbol as is the Red Rose and Red Cross logo of the Rosicrucians. Their HQ is on California’s west coast (San Jose and Mt Ecclesia in Oceanside); thus the Ankh has encircled the earth from north to south along the Prime Meridian/International Date Line and from east to west. Esau’s progress toward certain “Dominion” is getting closer every day; accepting the Free Gift of the Holy Ghost is the only way to Salvation. Jesus Christ is standing at the door, but you need to open it. Recall that Satan offered Jesus the surveyed world after He received the Holy Ghost but said “Get thee behind me Satan, for it is written”; Jesus already owns the earth because He created it. Satan is just a Frankenstein monster trying to be better than his Creator, and his symbol is the Red X.  

      Mummies were buried with their arms crossed into an X in reverence to the goddess Isis and her husband/ twin brother, the sun-god Osiris. The Swastika “Broken Cross” became the symbol of repairing the world through purification. Diamond shaped coffins used by Masons refer to the purified form of Carbon. Rabbis call this “Tikkun Olam”; the religion of Kabbalah was thus designed to Crucify “Fix” as much of the world as possible upon its “Sacred Tree”. The Tree of Life in Kabbalah is in the shape of a “Diamond”; pure Carbon with all impurities removed through heat, pressure and water. Esau is the “Diamond in the Rough” (He was the twin born as a rough man); his plan to make Man “Pure” without God is what Jesus calls “Mammon”. Jesus Christ made Himself the “Curse” so that Christians can be made “Pure” by Him. No matter how much energy one applies to Carbon, there are always slight imperfections of black carbon (coal) present. In Disney’s Aladdin the cave was shaped as a Lion; the lamp with the Genie being the “Diamond in the Rough” was a subtle reference to Esau and the monkey “Abu” a reference to the earliest Sumerian god of vegetation. Esau is thus the “Monkey’s Uncle”; clever eh? Esau and Jacob’s uncle was Laban; his name means to “Make White” and to “Make Bricks”; this is why many Congregation Pastors are also Freemasons.

         You may think Heaven will accept you as a VVSI Diamond, but the answer will be “Depart from me, ye worker of iniquity”. I suggest letting Jesus accept your Sin (Curse) because you can’t get to Heaven with the least bit of it! Esau was firstborn; British means “Birthright Covenant”. The Red Cross surmounted by a Red X, forms an 8 division cross called the Wheel of Life or the Cross Quartered Calendar. It can be seen on the British Flag and forms the basis of Witchcraft cleansing rituals called “Sabats”. Annual death and re-birth rituals stem from 6 week purification after childbirth; thus the world is made White through Magic; Esau’s religion. When his Dominion occurs, the Domini (Mask) comes off; in magic it’s called the Prestige. Remember, Pride comes before the fall!   

      Egypt and Babylon, Minoans on Crete, Mycenaeans, Phoenicians (Lebanon=Lbn=Laban), Assyrians, Hindus all put the X inside a circle and called it the Sun Wheel; the broken Sun Wheel being the Swastika. The Assyrians in Nineveh were from, Shem’s son Asshur, not Nimrod as new versions claim. Iranian Highlanders “Aryans” took control of Nineveh, and assumed his name to blame Semites for this Neo-Assyrian Fortress. Mitanni used the Ankh in devotion to the Babylonian goddess Ishtar (Ashtoreth). Phrygians of Anatolia (Turkey) such as Midas and his father Gordius put the X on their circular shields. Etruscan “Priests of the Dead” in modern Tuscany descend from Japeth’s son “Tiras” and used the same sign along with honey in their Royal funery rites. Chaldean Magicians “Magi” called the Ankh the “Mystical Tau” in honor of  the “Life Force” provided by Tammuz. Ezekiel records women weeping for him at the porch of the Temple as the men inside turned their backs on God and faced the Rising Sin in the East. Buddha combined the Cross and X into his own sign called a Mandela Wheel and followers of Hinduism began to call the original swastika sun wheel, the good luck cross of Jaina in reverence to John the Baptist. Water Baptism paved the way for the Holy Ghost, the Baptism provided by Jesus Christ, but many still use mythical Holy Water in it’s place. The Aquarian Cross symbolizes the “Planetary Pentecost” planned by Gnostics. John’s birth is celebrated opposite Jesus’ (June 24 vs Dec 24); neither are the true dates Passover and Tabernacles.   

       Johnniters, Manichaeans, Mandeans, Hospitallers and Templars, worship Satan under the guise of St. John the Divine, a combination of John the Baptist and Evangelist. John the Baptist was born at Passover (14 Nisan) and Jesus at the Feast of Tabernacles (15 Tishri=Sept 29 on modern calendars) in 6 BC. Historical accounts record the death of Herod the Great in the Spring of 4 BC; it would have taken the Magi several months travel time; Mary visited Elizabeth in her 6th month of pregnancy in the winter for “Feast of Dedication” (Chanukah), became pregnant and delivered 9 months later on Tabernacles.

      Prophecy teachers claim Daniel’s “70 Weeks” (Dan 9:24-27) means 483 years plus the Age of Grace and 7 year Tribulation rather than 490 days; it depends on these fixing these dates accurately, so I’d take their “Private Interpretation” with a grain of salt. Salt is Akkadian for “Prince”, maybe that’s why Angelina Jolie (Pitt) played Eve Salt, the Angel of the Bottomless Pit; cute but I didn’t make that up! Feast of Tabernacles will once again be celebrated during the Millennial Kingdom as stated in Zech 14:16 when Jesus Christ restores Israel to the Promised Land. Today, Edomites control Jerusalem which is why Jesus calls it “Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt” in Rev 11:8. Greek followers of Bacchus wore headbands inscribed with crosses, or made of flowers; Celtic Priests “Druids” marked initiates with a T on the forehead prior to the time Jesus was crucified on the cross, or was He? 

     The penalty for a sin requiring death was to be hung on a tree; why would Jesus, living under the law be fixed to a man-made Cross? He wasn’t; it was the Tree and Acts 5:30, 10:39, 13:29, Gal 3:13 and 1 Peter 2:24 all say so in the KJV. John 19:17 says He went bearing His cross. The Greek word “Stauros” means Pole or Spike; 3 people carrying “Stauros” would be the only way to affix all 3 on the same Tree (Cross), which is why John 19:31 uses the plural “bodies” upon the Cross. Deut 21:23 specifies hanging on a tree for committing sins worthy of death so they be made a Curse and that’s what happened.

     Roman Vestal Virgins wore the cross around their neck. The Sacred Flame or Eternal Flame is worn by the Roman Catholic Pope and Orthodox Bishops today. Manichaeans and Johnniters worshipped John the Baptist with a cross sprouting flowers. Emperor Constantine put the X on his battle standards with “In Hoc Signo Vinces” (By this sign Conquer) and had his soldiers affix a sword to their spears in the form of a Cross. Jesus says “Thou shalt not kill”; Constantine uses the X to rally killers in the name of Christ; it was themselves who were being conquered. Military Chaplains serve the same purpose conquering their own troops. The Chi (X) Rho (P) combined became the symbol of the Legitimate King. Cairo (built near or over Heliopolis) is the capital of Egypt and initiates of the Egyptian Mysteries were laid on a bed in the shape of a Cross. Assyrian Monarchs named Sargon “The King is Legitimate” weren’t Legitimate and neither is the current Assyrian Sargon III named Obama.

        Crusaders and Knight Templars wore a Red Cross Pattee over white robes, Knights of St John (Hospitallers) wore a White Cross over black robes and KKK initiates wear a Red X on hooded white robes. Egyptians wore an Ashen Cross on the middle of their forehead reminding them to keep secret the mysteries of their initiation. Druids made the cross by cutting branches from oak trees called Thor’s Oak and affixing the largest one horizontally where sacrifices were placed in “Grove Rituals”. Human sacrifices were timed to the solar/lunar solstices and eclipses and then hung upon these trees. At Samhein (Halloween) the Red Hexagram became a Demon Magnet for families who refused to provide a suitable sacrifice; it flies over Israel today. Ignorantly or not, the tradition continues today with the Christmas Tree supported on what else but a stand shaped as a Cross. Folks, Santa is a Hittite god in a Red Edomite suit traveling to Groves, and he has been doing this for at least 3300 years.

       Vlad the Impaler “Dracula”, Arabs in Turkey “Turkomen”  impaled sacrifices on the “Palo” as did settlers in Plymouth, Mass for the first “Thanksgiving”. Impalement is another form of Crucifixion (Stauros=Palo=Pole=Stake). Christopher (Christ Taufr=Red Christ) Columbus landed on Hisplaniola and today the Haiti side in infected with Cholera and the Columbus Lighthouse on the Dominican Republic side is in the shape of the Cross; it’s in all likelihood a “Daily Sacrifice” center.

      V “Sign of Shin” was the “High Five” Pharisees gave each other after the Crucifixion and Talmudic Rabbis do it today; Mr Spock attributed the sign to Vulcan, the Canaanite fire god. Prussian soldiers called it the “Iron Cross”; gymnasts use the Iron Cross as a symbol of strength. Hitler put the swastika in the iron cross and the V on Nazi soldier sleeves as Knights of the Swarze Sonne (Black Sun); Black Sun “Prima Facia” being the first material used in the Garden of Eden according to Kabbalists. The movies 2001 and 2010 showed this black stone monolith guiding the evolution of humanity from monkey to astronauts, ending up on Jupiter, the planet associated with Zeus the “King Star”. Pagan Arabs worshipped the Black Stone long before Muhammad consecrated it to Allah, the Pagan Arab Moon god and installed it in the Enclosure called the Ka’ba. The Persian prophet Zarathustra (Zoroaster) took the same idea to Iran with the Cube of Zoroaster.

     British soldiers wear the Cross of St George, the patron saint of the British Empire. Protestants display the Cross, not reading the part about the Tree without Jesus, and Catholic Priests use the Crucifix with Jesus still affixed (Crucify=Fix or Fasten) and draw the cross in ash on foreheads on Ash Wednesday. Babylonian Priests did this same thin

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