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There Is Nothing New Under the Sun
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America: Mass of the Phoenix
America: Scapegoat Babylon

America: Mass of the Phoenix

 Bacon 1628 New Atlantis title page wpreview.pngImage result for newfoundland postage stamp lord bacon            Related image  Image result for pearl jam white house pictures           New Atlantis "A work unfinished" Sir Francis Bacon and the Knights of the Golden Helmet aka Shakespeare, the real founder of America planned America's Birth and Death; the New Atlantis rising from the ashes as a Phoenix.

       Donald Trump has been the planned final US President, perhaps since Ingersol Rand published Baron Trump's Marvelous Underground Journey and 1900: Or the Last President over 100 years ago; pretty coincidental Baron Trump's journey with "Donald" begins at the exact location of Trump Tower eh? 1901 was the year William McKinley was assassinated to make way for the Robber Baron, rough riding liar Teddy Roosevelt. The Tower Card in Tarot represents self immolation; Trump's 66th floor Penthouse is a shrine to Apollo aka Apollyon/Abaddan of Rev 9:11, the "Destroyer" aka Satan.
      Death Metal band Groar featured the severed head of Donald Trump, NYC Acting Company Shakespeare in the Park featured Donald Trump as Julius Caesar, murdered by his own Senate; Kathy Griffin brought the severed head of Donald Trump on stage during "Comedy" routines; she was awarded with a Bel Air Mansion. Marilyn Manson (Marilyn Monroe + Process Church of Final Judgment Charles Manson, both CIA mind controlled) tears out Red Pages of the bible and cuts Donald Trump's head off in its latest music video. Simpsons featured Trump's dead body in a casket guarded by Secret Service; SS guard the $US not the President; in this case Goldman Sachs, Skull & Bones Satanist Steven Mnuchin controls the SS) Is it also coincidence Donald Trump and Michael Moore "Fahrenheit 11/9" have the same Hollywood agent Ari Emanuel (Supreme God is with us)? No folks, the Emanuel brothers do not worship nor consider Jesus Christ the Supreme God. The debut is scheduled for the anniversary of the Christ Angle forming over the Great Pyramid on Sept 20.
      White House Down depicted the latest masterpiece of mischief by Pearl Jam (Holy Ghost is the Pearl of Great Price) with the White House in flames and the President dead. Notice the All Seeing Eye of Horus front and center; the Anus is the Holy Door of the Golden Age of Saturn aka New Aeon of Horus, an age where the only laws are Do What Thou Wilt. Designated Survivor, brought to you by Kiefer Sutherland of 24 fame (X=Christ/Messiah=24) tells the story; think its also coincidence Obama's Sodomite lover and Hollywood actor Kal Penn stars as the White House Speech Writer "Seth"; Horus and Set may ring a Baal; God replaced the Covenant through Seth, after Cain murdered his brother; God flooded the world to end Cain's monopoly on Sin in an age occultists call Atlantis, ruled by the Titan "Saturn" 

              Mass of the Phoenix 
   Francis Bacon wrote New Atlantis; America sacrificed in the flames as the Phoenix; the New Aeon of Horus rising from the ashes. Obama is President #44; Donald Trump is the 44th man elected President  44 is the sacred number of Horus in the New Aeon. It is unlikely America will have another President.
     America is  named after Amurru, the Edomite Serpent and Shepherd god of the Amorites. On Sept 21, 2016 a replica of the Arch of Isis at the Temple of Baal in Palmyra (Amurru) Syria was installed in Civic Center Park NYC, a similar replica made of stone was made in Rome at the Temple of Saturn by Septimus Severus in the 3rd Century. Gnostic Cathars "Church of Amor"; Sargon the Great "King of Amurru"; Amar the Canaanite god of the West; Ameru "Serpent" may all ring a Baal. Operation Phoenix Express May 17-27, 2016. Get ready folks, America is the Phoenix of the New Age and it's going to be a fast ride.
      44 yrs ago Clear Channel, owned by Bain Capital (Mitt Romney and Israeli Mossad asset Orit Gadeish) began buying up Radio (FM and AM) media (Media is derived from Medes aka Persian Magi) and Billboards; on Feb 29th Clear Channel and AT&T launched RADAR (Radio detecting and ranging) Billboards in 11 of the US largest markets to locate and track people using 100's of thousands of Billboards. The All Seeing Eye of Horus (44 is the sacred number of Horus; Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix is Aleister Crowley's book dedicated to Horus) is the capstone (Pyramidion) of the Pyramid (Pyre=Amid the Flames) for a reason.
     Clear Channel is now IHeart Media; in Babylonian "Heart" is "Baal".  America is the Phoenix, whose destruction will be the Scapegoat for Babylon out of whose Flames (Pyre) will give birth to New Atlantis in 2020; seeing clearly yet? 
        "I can see clearly now, the rain is gone". It certainly is
    IHeart means "I'm Baal"; Osama bin Laden (CIA asset Tim Osman) said "America is Hubal of the modern age" Hubal (HU=Voice of Creation + Baal; Human literally means God-Man) is an Arab Idol Muhammad smashed at the Ka'ba and dedicated to Allah.
         Liber 44 is Aleister Crowley's "Mass of the Phoenix". Phoenix or Bennu means "To Shine" or "Rise Brilliantly"; in the movie "The Shining" the theme was Blood, lot's of it (Kubrick used Rm 237=distance to the Moon; Danny means "Judge", his Apollo 11 shirt a dead giveaway Kubrick's Eagle landing on the Moon was faked). 44 is the Gematria of Blood (Dam in Hebrew). 44 is the sacred number of Horus in the New Aeon. The Phoenix or Bennu in Egypt is "Lord of the Jubilees"; 2016-17 is a Satanic Jubilee. US Gold coins featured the Phoenix rather than the Eagle (symbol of both God and Esau; Hitler's Eagle's Nest or Apollo 11 Eagle may ring a Baal)  
   The Phoenix is the mythical bird that lives eternally through self immolation every 500 years; the Prince Melchisedek Scroll (11Q13 was written by Essenes ie Gnostic Priests) "After 10 Jubilees, the Trumpet blast will herald the arrival of Melchisedek (Jesus is Melchisedek "King of Jerusalem and Priest of the Most High"; Gen 14:18; Ps 110; Heb 7; this Melchisedek will be Antichrist). 2016-17 is the Satanic Jubilee and 500 years or 10 Jubilees after Martin Luther's Reformation, Pizarro's slaughter of natives in the Americas and the Vatican "5th Lateran Council", the council proclaiming the Gnostic concept "Immortality of the Soul"; Lateran means "Hidden Frogs", the 3 unclean spirits of the Dragon, Antichrist and False Prophet; Sedes Vacantes in the St John Lateran Basilica is being held for Satan by the Jesuits.
    CERN (Shiva the Destroyer is out front of CERN) is attempting to create Dark Matter or Ra Material; the Phoenix is the Soul of Ra; David Bowie died just after releasing "Darkstar" on the day of the Roman Agonia, the day requires a Gnostic Mass (Hostia sacrifice). In 1666 Ali ibn Abi Talib predicted "A tall black man will assume the reins of the Gov't in the west bearing the sign of the 3rd Imam Hussein"; Barack Hussein Obama is President #44; like "The Shining", Obama accepted the nomination in Colorado (Red/Blood River) on a replica of the Pergamon Altar (Satan's Seat) and later gave 2 speeches in Berlin under the Quadriga of Apollo in Berlin, next to the Throne of Pergamon themed "Yes We Can" (Thank You Satan in Reverse Speech); 44 years ago C Alan Martin predicted the US would end with President #44.
     America is the Phoenix, a word derived from Pa=House + Enoch; scripture records 2 Enochs, one from Cain's line who built Cities is part of Mormon theology, the other from Seth's was taken directly to Heaven individually on a Chariot of Fire before death. Mass of the Phoenix is the Ceremonial Transformation using Enochian Magick. Not in a Personal Covenant with JESUS? When would be a good time for you? Passover of the Satanic Jubilee will likely be your last chance.  
      John McCain (House of Cain) has an SS (Schwarze Sonne ie Black Sun or Secret Service) name of Phoenix; appropriate because the Phoenix also represents the genealogy of Cain. Enoch means Inaugurate or Dedicate seen in Hanukkah; the 9 branch Menorah that replaced Jesus between 2 thieves at the Crucifixion represented the Law under Moses depicted in the 7 Branch Candlestick. The 9 Branch Menorah is centered on the sun god Shamash. Project 911, a radiation hardened bunker on Site 911 in Beit Shamesh (House of Shemesh) near Jerusalem is ready for Rev 9:11 and the arrival of Shemesh, are you?
      In 1620, as gold was being robbed from the Americas, Francis Bacon published "New Atlantis" detailing the demise and rising of the Americas as a Phoenix to become the "New Atlantis". In 1844 the Mormon Extermination Order #44 was made law in Illinois; the 1944 movie "Oath of Vengeance" was about revolts over gold versus fiat currency; in 1944, 44 nations negotiated the Bretton-Woods Gold Agreement; that ended on the Feast Day of Lucifer Aug 15, 1971. Convertibility of Fiat Currency into Gold was at an end. 44 years ago, 1971 is the year C Alan Martin predicted the United States would have 44 Presidents  Obama is President #44. 
     Clive Bundy cited the "Will of God" in his Aug 5, 2014 standoff, part of an age old Spiritual battle of Good versus Evil"; his son Ammon (Ammonites) cites the same Will of God directing his standoff. Thelema means "Will"; the final battle of Good versus Evil is Zoroastrianism. The culmination of Crowley's Great Work is the cipher ABRAHADABRA from the Book of Toth. Bundy means Time Clock; it is no coincidence the Mormon Ammon Bundy (Mormon Ted Bundy was a serial killer) standoff is at 44N 119E; Mormons are familiar with the Extermination Order #44; Engines #119 and Jupiter were used to unite the Transcontinental Railroad at the Golden Spike; Joseph Smith was buried with a Talisman of Jupiter. This is a set up for the Mormon White Horse Prophecy aka Blood in the Streets Prophecy. White Horse is slang for Heroin, Mitt Romney laundered $Trillions of Iran-Contra  (Iran=Aryan "Noble Caste") drug profits through Bain Capital and has been told he is "The one mighty and strong, clothed in light to usher in the 2nd Coming" of Jesus? Hardly, the Light Bearer Lucifer of course.
      Obama means "He is with us in Farsi, the language used by Zoroastrians. 2016 is the 50th Satanic Jubilee Year from the founding of the Church of Satan and foundation sacrifice ie Birth of WTC #1 "North Tower". The 2016 Spending Bill provides $4.4M to each Iran Hostage for their 444 days in captivity.  Iran means Noble Caste; Hostage means Guest. "He who has the gold makes the rules" Edomite Mayer Amschel Bauer (Bauer means Farmer; Cain the first Farmer) who 200 years ago changed the family name to Rothschild (Red Shield); the address 666 and Red Star of Saturn. 44 is the number sacred to the Egyptian Horus (High Flying One), the same Babylonian Tammuz "Purify by Fire" worship of Horus-Tammuz caused the Glory of the LORD to depart Solomon's Temple in Eze 8 by the exact same route Jesus took from the 2nd Temple.
       Jesus turned the tables 2000 years ago; "Turning the Tables" today means the Guests are about to be slaughtered in Zoroastrianism's Final Battle. The Twin Towers represented the Twins Ahriman and Ahura Mazda; the One World Trade Center remains. AA11 (Ceremonial Magick of Argentinium Astrum), UA175 (Book of Uniting), AA77 (AA's Magical Perfection) and UA93 (Aiwass the Demon channeled for Thelema) were chosen not ar random, but Thelema (Will) calls for it.
      Ahriman (Aryanam or Agramainyus) the Twin Brother and destructive spirit of darkness in the "Devil's Religion" versus Ahura Mazda "Sons of Light". Ahriman, the Evil Twin of Ahura Mazda  is said to ripped open his mother's womb to obtain first born rights; the biblical parallel is Esau fighting in their mother's womb, being born with his Twin brother Jacob, the 2nd born, holding onto his heel and later purchasing his brother's 1st born rights. Ahriman appeared in the smoke of WTC #2 The meaning is Jacob and Born Gain followers of Jesus Christ are about to be sacrificed; all part of God's plan (Rev 5:9) Lucifer (Ahura Mazda) and Satan (Ahriman) are on both sides of this Dialectic and everyone involved loses.  
     "The love of money is the root of all evil" Bilderberger, CFR (Pale Horse Death is on the cover of Foreign Affairs Magazine for a reason), Dual Israel-US citizen Vice FED Chair Stan Fisher slipped another zinger to the $1.8T US 2016 Spending Bill; Depositors are now regarded as unsecured creditors, standing in line during Bank Ruptures behind the $Quadrillion Global Derivatives Casino aka Black Horse; only a Wolf in Sheep's Clothes from the Synagogue of Satan could dream up such a scheme and only a thoroughly corrupted Congress would pass such blatant Treason. The World will rip America from end to end to get its multi-trillion Bbl supply of Oil because America is the Scapegoat for Rev 18 "Babylon"; 2016 is the "Mass of the Phoenix" 
     Iran is Aryan; Aryan is the Caste of "Japheth the Elder" (Gen 10:21KJV); new bible versions change this to Shem to hide the fact Israel is not Semitic or Jewish, it is primarily of Japheth, Gomer and Ashkenaz (Magog, Medes, Ionians, Meshech, Tubal, Tiras aka Greeks, Slavs, Italics, Teutons, Dravidians); and Ashkenaz (Scots-Irish, Turks) Ref Gen 10. "God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant" Gen 9:27 Think Israel, Rabbis or the Six Pointed Star is Jewish? Guess again.
     2001: A Space Odyssey featured the Black Monolith and the theme song "Thus spoke Zarathustra" (Zoroaster is Zarathustra); the Millennium Hilton developed by fake Jew Peter Kalikow was designed to replicate the Monolith; it's Twin stands at the UN Plaza. His PAC "Cain Connections" funded the Presidential run of Herman Cain; pretty telling eh? The Monolith was found on Iapetus (Moon of Saturn) "The Piercer" by David Bowman is considered to be Japheth by occultists (Robert Graves), the father of "Mankind's Ancestors". Monolith TMA-0 (Tycho Magnetic Anomaly) is discovered on Earth by Apes triggering Evolution (The game Hangman on 9/11/2001 with George W Bush used Evolution); TMA-1 is then found on the Moon in 1999 which sends a signal toward Saturn at the Lunar Sunrise; in 2001 David Bowman (David Bowie?) travels to Saturn and finds TMA-2, created by "First Born" (Cain ringing a Baal?); he enters the Monolith and is reborn an Immortal "Star Child" residing within Space; the same theme is seen in the recent movie "Interstellar". The climax of Interstellar as well as the novel 2001: A Space Odyssey is Saturn.
    Saturn is Satan, the "Black Star" of the Chaldeans , written as STUR; Gematria of 666 aka Number of the Beast and symbolized by the Six Pointed Star of El, Chiun, Molech, Saturn. According to the Theosophical Society "Saturn will rule in the age of Aquarius". David Bowie's "Darkstar" is about the 5th Element, Quintessence, the 5th Fundamental Force: Strong Nuclear, Weak Interaction, Gravity, Electro-magnetism and "Dark Energy". Professor Bowie tells the Jubilee story of Man becoming a god in Blackstar
        BlackStar is Satan/Saturn taking the place of Jesus in the 2016-17 Satanic Jubilee Year "In the center of it all...I'm a Blackstar...I'm the great I Am" Pretty obvious eh? The Scarecrows (Black Star is called a Crow's Head), Dark Sun, Crucifixion, worship of the Skull (Temple of Wisdom) and a Bible with a Blackstar; tough to figure out eh? Aleister Crowley said "Every man and every woman is a Star" Bowie thumbs his nose at Jesus and will pay the price; don't follow his lead. Blackstar is the Nazi Black Sun (SS=Schwarze Sonne) Science claims a Darkstar "Black Hole" gives order to the Galaxy, this Bull Shit is the Star Wars "Death Star"; Satan is the "God of Forces" (Dan 11:38); Yoda the Master of the Force? Jahbulon (Jah-Baal-Osiris), the deity invoked at the Rainbow Arch Degree as Masons sever ties to God.
     The Dark Star is also seen on the Gonzales Flag Gonzales means "War" the Visigothic "War Elf" or "Battle Genius" of the Lone Star State. Masons were on both sides of the Texas Revolution and are once again. "Come and take it" is the theme of the Gonzales Flag, a similar theme to the "Don't Tread On Me" Flag used to foment the American Revolution. Using the Sandy Hoax False Flag, the 2016 Hwy Funding Bill (HR Bill 22) allows the IRS to confiscate guns and passports of those in debt $50,000 or more (Every person owes a pro-rata share of the $18.8T Debt) and restrictions on Gun dealers the 2nd American Revolution is a near certainty. Sandy Hook means "Play the Joker Card"; the Cambodian Killing Fields will pale in comparison to the American Killing Fields.   Now, what is the Dark Star?
                           Gala: Chaldean Star Studded Black Tie Party
     In Egypt TULA the Dark Sun became the Thule Society, Theosophical Society, Brotherhood of Death or Skull & Bones; hence Bowie's reverence of the Skull (Temple of Wisdom" Darkstar debuts 1/8/2016 on the Lunar New Year; 8 years earlier on 1/8/2008, the Sanhedrin and Temple Mount Faithful pronounced George W Bush "Gog, the Chief Prince of Meshech and Tubal" in Zedekiah's Cave under the Temple Mount; on 1/8/2011 Gabriel Giffords was shot on Oracle Rd off Hwy 77. Crazy 8's? JESUS=888; the 50th Year Jubilee reverses Slave and Master; JESUS is the 8th Covenant between God and Man. 
     On Good Friday (Jesus was Crucified on Passover 14 Nisan/Abib not Good Friday and rose on Feast of First 17 Nisan/Abib Fruits not Easter Sunday) in March 2016, CERN will resume production of Strangelets, the material of the Big Bang (Darkstar if you will). Jesuit sock puppet Stephen Hawking (Crown of Horus) says "The God Particle could destroy the Universe, leaving Space-Time collapsed" Steve Quayle says "Inter-dimensional beings with a taste for human flesh will come through the gate". Folks, there is no Space-Time, Strangelets, Black Sun, Darkstar or Dark Matter only Satanic Bull Shit.
     1966 is "Year One Satan", the Church of Satan was founded in the Black House on California St in San Francisco; the city of Santa Clara (Sanctus Clarus means "Holy Light"; Bright or Famous) is  hosting Super Bowl 50 in the 2016 Satanic Jubilee Year on Sunday the eve of the Lunar New Year of the Fire Monkey. This picture of the 13 yr old Thomas Plantard de Saint Clair (Twin-Vine-Holy Light) was taken in 1979; that would make him 50.
     Congress approved $4.4M for 444 Days in captivity to Iran Hostages; 44 is the Sacred Number of Horus The New Aeon of Horus begins in the Satanic Jubilee 
     Aleister Crowley's Liber 44 was originally published as Chapter 44 in the Book of Lies; Liber 44 is the "Mass of the Phoenix" which invokes Ra the Egyptian sun god made of Primal Material from the Dark Sun; Ra Material is CERN's idea of Dark Matter, a theoretical material that absorbs all light and creates more energy in the process; enough to destroy the Universe according to Stephen Hawking (Crown/Martyr of Horus) and renew it by Fire. In Hebrew Gematria 44 is Blood (Dam) "Without the shedding of blood there is no remission" may ring a Baal. 44 years ago C Alan Martin predicted President #44 would be the last for the United States; Obama is #44 his name a made up composite meaning "He is with us in Farsi". Trump is the 44th person elected President.
      "Nothing in politics happens by accident; if it happened, you can bet it was planned "33 degree Mason FDR
   Obama as President #44 was planned long ago; his cross dressing partner Michael wore #44 playing football for Oregon St When Obama is removed from office, Jesuits are waiting in the wings to assume control over the US Jesuit, SMOM Joe Biden (SS Codename "Celtic"), Jesuit, Opus Dei, T-Party hack Paul Ryan (SS Codename "Bowman"; Ryan is Irish ie Japheth) and Jesuit, Skull & Bones, CFR traitor John Kerry (Minuteman) all taking orders from the Black Pope Adolfo Nicholas (Adolf=Noble Wolf; Nicholas means Nicolaitane "Conquer the Laity") ruling from the Arch-basilica of St John Lateran (the Cathedra (Teaching Seat) of the 3 Hidden Frogs=Unclean Spirits of Satan, Antichrist and False Prophet Ref Rev 12:9; 16:13. Jesus hates Nicolaitane Doctrine (Rev 2:6:15) now you can see why.
     Of particular note is Speaker of the House Paul Ryan "Bowman", the protagonist in 2001: A Space Odyssey Bowman obtained immortality and enlightenment on Saturn rather than Jupiter; the Black Monolith is the Black Monolith Millennium Hilton Hotel born September 11, 1990 as George HW Bush delivered his famous "New World Order" speech at the UN. Folks, Jesus is God of the Millennium (Eze 37:25; Zech 14:19; Rev 20), the Black Stone Monolith replacing Him is Satan.  
                         9/11 Happy New Year Satan Siriusly!
     The Twin Towers represent the Twins  Ahriman and Ahuramazda (Horus-Set, Jacob-Esau). Toth is Hermes or Mercury, the Emerald Tablet of Toth states "That which is above shall become that which if below"; the symbol is the Six Pointed Star (one Triangle Up, one Triangle Down forming a Hexagon) 9/11 is Toth 1 "New Year" in the Egyptian Coptic Calendar based on the Heliacal Rising of Sirius, the nose of Canis Major "Hound of Hell". On 9/11/2001 the Twins fell and are now replaced by the One World Center. No coincidence the Republican Elephant Logo's Stars were turned Upside Down after 9/11/2001; hardly anyone noticed that or Hillary Clinton standing in front of a US Flag with all 50 Stars sewn on Upside down as she ended her Presidential campaign. The name Ahriman is also written upside down. The Constitutional Republic of the United States is over; the Worldwide Ahriman is falling. In his place "One Christ", the god of Light Ahuramazda aka Lucifer "Light Bringer" Magick eh?
      93=Aiwass the Demon of Thelema.  The victims of the 9/11/2001 Twin Tower Sacrifice Ritual using AA11, UA175, AA77, UA93 were dumped in the "Fresh Kills" landfill. Thelemites and Witches greet each other with "93", short for "Do what thou wilt shall be the sum of the Law" or "93/93" short for "As Above, So Below".; "The Force be with you" another familiar greeting. Aleister (Great Beast) Crowley's Thelema (Will) + Agape (Love)=93. Crowley means "Wood of the Crows"; Black Star or Black Sun is the Crow's Head. You may recall UA #93 disappeared into a field at Shankesville PA on 9/11/2001 (Flt #93 in reality landed at Cleveland Int'l)  93 the gematria of the "Lost Word" in Masonry known only to Temple Architect Hiram Abiff. Barbara (Pierce=Jesuit Gunpowder Plot "Percy"; we saw that name in the "Green Mile" with Percy torturing and killing Jesus as well) Bush is Aleister Crowley's ritual daughter "Babalon"; GHW Bush is AshkeNAZI "Scherff" aka "Wizard of Oz" or "Poppy" for his Heroin production on the path to Emerald City (Emerald Tablet) 
     Liber 175 is Crowley's "Book of Uniting" Thelemites United themselves to a particular Deity; it no coincidence whether intentionally created or not that Ahriman, the Persian god of Darkness appeared in the smoke of the South Tower after it was hit by the remote flown B-767 claimed to be United #175 (The actual UA 175 landed at Stewart AFB as did AA 11); no coincidence the remote flown UA 175 hit the 77th Floor and AA 11 hit the 93rd Floor either.. 
     AA11 hit the 93rd Floor or Tower 1 born in 1966. 11 is the number of Ceremonial Black Magick, the particular Magick found in Crowley's AA Argentinium Astrum (Silver Star).
     In Liber 77 aka Liber Oz or Book of the Goat Crowley says 77 is the "Magical manifestation of Spirit in Matter". All put on display on 9/11/2001; no coincidence AA77 hit the 77ft tall Pentagon on the 77th Meridian while an E-4B B747 callsign Venus 77 orbited overhead; GHW Bush was 77 yrs old, his Aircraft Carrier is CVN #77.
     Aiwass is 93 in Gematria; Aiwass is the demon Crowley channeled for his Thelema Religion; 93% is also the percentage of earth that needs to die (7% of 7.3Billion=500Million, the number of people indicated on the Georgia Guide Stones on Hwy 77). 93% is also the percentage of the Universe made of Dark Matter. The New Aeon of Horus is "11";  Rebellion is "13" (1+7+5=13) beginning with the 50th Jubilee Year following the 7th Shemitah (7X7), the "Ultimate Manifestation of Spirit in Matter". The Jubilee Year? 2016. Catching on to what the Jubilee represents?
                                   Super Bowl 50 the Jubilee Bowl 
    Levi Stadium is named after the Levites, the Israelite tribe tasked with administering the 7th Covenant between God and Man and providing the Chief Priest authorized to administer the Covenant. Jesus replaced the corrupted Levite Priesthood as Melchisedek (Heb 7) and offered His Body and Blood as the Sacrament. Levis are primarily Blue, the Levitical Priestly Color "Tekelet"; today's Tekelet is a Phoenican/Canaanite forgery made with UV Light and Murex Trunculus Sea Snail excretions; God is not fooled by the Blue Smoke. You need not be fooled either. JESUS is the 8th and final Covenant  (Eden, Adam, Noah, Abraham, Palestine, Moses, David, JESUS)   between God and Man; you can enter that Covenant by opening the door to a Baptism of Fire through the Holy Ghost; now is a great time before the Elite start taking hostages and the door closes. Jan 1 is the 1st day of Janus, Roman god of doors and gates. To what?
    The outward sign of obedience to the 7th Covenant "Law" was Circumcision on the 8th day of life; obedience to the New Age will be the Mark of the Beast "666"; the CYBERPOL Computer called 666 goes on line in March just in time for the Persian New Year "Nowruz" Ahriman is proud as a Peacock; his creation the Peacock are the Brass Idols "Sanjaks"; Nowruz Idols of the Peacock Angel "Melek-taus"; the bible calls this Rooster by its Babylonian name Nergal, god of war (2 Ki 17:30) and Mars the UNKNOWN GOD of the Areopagus "Mars' Hill" (Acts 17:22-23) Persians know him as Ares.
    In the west New Year's Day is "Circumcision Day" celebrating the 8th Day of Christ's life; Jesus? Heaven's no, Horus, Tammuz, Sol, Adonis, Dionysus, Mithra, Krishna. Cutting away of unnecessary Flesh in 2016? The Time's Square theme in 2016 is "The World is One" One what? John Lennon's song "Imagine": Imagine no Heaven, no Hell, no Countries, and no Possessions.
    No possessions? The 2016 Spending Bill allows Banks to convert Deposits into Bank Stocks to cover Derivative (Gambling) losses; worldwide, Derivatives represent a $Quadrillion Black Hole. 
      33 degree Mason, CFR, Bohemian Grove, TC (Rockefeller's Tri-lateral Commission), Bilderberger fake Baptist Jimmy Carter had just replaced 33 degree Mason, Skull & Bones Satanist, TC, CFR, Bohemian Grove, Jesuit, George HW Bush as CIA Director with Bill Casey when the staged Iranian Hostage Crisis happened. Fellow Satanist and lead captor of the Iran Embassy hostages, Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told the United Nations 3 years in a row "My Divine mission is to usher in the 12th Shia Imam "al-Mahdi"; his successor is Sharia Law Judge Hassan Rouhani. The goal of the Sunni Islamic group ISIS is also to enforce Shariah Law; strange bedfellows? Not really. 
     ISIS is Messianic Islam, part of Restoration and Replacement Theology where Jesus didn't quite get it right the first time. ISIS is the exact same as Messianic Judaism, Zionism, and the UN Mission; Jesus failed His mission and the true Gospel must be restored by Lucifer; see the light yet? You will. The UN Planetary Initiative "No person shall enter the New Age unless he or she accepts a Luciferian Initiation "Sharia Law and Noahide Law require denying Jesus is God in Flesh, the Word made Flesh and Holy Ghost; there is your Luciferian Initiation. Al-Masih ad-Dajjal is the Islamic version of Antichrist; Armilus in Hebrew; Jesus said "I am come in my Father's name and ye receive me not:; if another shall come in his own name him ye will receive" Jn 5:43. 
    Dajjal means Lie or Deception; the word Kafir (Infidel or Unbeliever) written on his forehead; blind in his Right Eye.

       Penta=50 Pentecostal (Pentecostals believe the 2nd Coming of Jesus is imminent; it is not; Antichrist comes 3 1/2 years before) minister Matt Smith had a vision for 2016-17, the Jubilee Year 50 years after the 1966-7 Tetrad, Golan Heights occupation (Genie Oil found the largest oil deposit there recently; casus belli for WWIII because Russia will back Syria in reclaiming it) Arab "End Time" prophecy has Jinns (Genie=Jinn) in the army of Dajjal (Dark Lord) emerging from Khorasan (Land of Rising Sun in Iran) to battle al-Mahdi and Jesus who returns to Damascus just north of Mt Hermon (Mt of the Chief) not Mt Zion in what the bible calls the final battle of Gog and Magog; JESUS must have stuttered in Rev 20:7-8 when He said Gog and Magog is "AFTER THE THOUSAND YEARS" NOT! Notice the same cities LA, PIT, Philly, New Orleans, Oakland are in this vision; New Orleans flooded and CA falling into the Sea in 2016.
    NASA predicted 13 months ago  Dec-Feb 2016 is "D-Day; a calamity involving ancient diseases, economic chaos, rioting, and martial law"
Clinton CIA Dir James Woolsey predicted (told us the plan) exactly the same adding "2/3 of America will be dead in 2016"
    ISIS is allegedly planning (according to Dave Hodges, a shill like Alex Jones) a TET Offensive on every US Capital City in the near future. TET is the Lunar New Year which begins Feb 8.
    Pope Francis says "this may the be the last Christmas now that WWIII has begun; the world will look quite different in a year"
Satanists blowing Blue Smoke up our ass

    CFR Initiate, Closet Sodomite George Clooney's fake marriage to Lebanese UN Human Rights Atty Amal Alamuddin is a Smoke Screen as is his Blue Smoke production company which released "America's Game" about the Iran Hostage Crisis. Blue Smoke is part of Operation Blue Beam, the US Satellite program "Star Wars" (Balance returns to the Force alright) to fake the Rapture, fake an Alien invasion and present an Antichrist suitable for every culture on earth. America's Game is Deception and Entertainment which is why Clooney's Iran Hostage documentary "Timeline" was released the very moment Congress approved $4.4M for the 444 day ordeal; rather coincidental to say the least. 
     The 2016 Spending Bill contains a significant change to the 2010 Dodd-Frank (Chris Dodd is CEO of the Motion Pictures Ass; Dominican ie Jacobin/Inquisition trained; Barney Frank is a fake Jew turned Agnostic Sodomite) Act; Bank Derivatives and Hedge Funds are put in Super Priority position over Deposits. State, Local and Individual Bank accounts converted into worthless Bank Stocks. Derivatives are Casino Futures Bets, Banks place on the value of underlying assets like Land, Weather, Interest Rates, Stocks, Market Indexes etc; control Future Events and a certain Fortune is assured, stolen from Citizens. Great Plan eh? Jesus assures us "Workers of Iniquity will have their place in the Lake of Fire"
     Control future events? On 9/11/2001 the DJIA closed at 9605.51 and hit the same number to the penny 8 yrs later. On Feast of Tabernacles 2001 the market dropped 7% (700pts) and 7% (777pts) 7 yrs later to the day. On 3/6/9 the NYSE hit 666. Larry Silverstein placed a $7B insurance bet on the Twin Towers for separate acts of Terrorism. George Soros used $700B TARP funds to Short Silver on its historic run from $34 to $47 and back in 1 day. Control future events? You betcha. US Taxpayers were saddled with pre-planned Savings and Loan insolvencies, Sub-prime mortgage collapses and Bank Bail Outs and will now fund Bank Bail-ins thanks to the Jesuit-Dominican-Masonic Traitors in Congress.  
                             Planet=Wanderer=Cain; X=Unknown.   
    Paul noted the Greeks like the Romans ignorantly worshipped the UNKNOWN GOD of the Areopagus "Mars' Hill" (Acts 17:23) The same  UNKNOWN GOD is worshipped as Niburu aka Planet X

     Amateur Astronomer Gil Broussard and Prophecy Summit Liar Paul Begley believe Planet X "Nibiru" from the Nemesis (well what else would it be called?)  Solar System (Getting Deep here roll up your pant legs) is a Dwarf Star (Gravity collapsed Star at the end of its hydrogen fuel supply which apparently turns into Ice), the Comet "Wormwood" due to wreak havoc with Earth by "Crossing" (X=Planet of Crossing; X=Chi=Christ=Messiah) the path of Earth in its orbit around the Sun on March 26, 2016. Earth is Fixed Morons!
     Planet 7X Theory comes from Zechariah Sitichin claiming Niburu at 7X the size of Earth, on its 3600 year "Nemesis Orbit" was responsible for Noah's Flood (2348 BC), Joseph's 7 yr Famine (ca 1730 BC), Joshua's "Long Day" (ca 1450 BC), Hezekiah's "Backward Sundial" (700 BC) and Jesus' Eclipse on the Cross; guess it's pretty irregular eh?  Mobile Bull Shit usually is.

     Gravity has never been proven, nor is the Earth in orbit around anything, Scripture says earth is Fixed on a foundation that shall not move (Ref Ps 96:10; Job 26:7)
     Why March 26, 2016? That's the Eve of Easter, the Edomite Holy Day Herod celebrated (Acts 12:4KJV) by killing James and attempting to kill Peter. Edomites are planning another Easter Holocaust of Jesus' followers.    
     Messianic Islam teaches al-Mahdi (12th Shia Imam) arrives with Jesus in Damascus to battle Dajjal and his army from Khorasan (Khorasan means Rising Sun; just another iteration of ISIS) in NE Iran during the battle of Gog and Magog, the entities seen as the US and Russia BS!      
     Scripture records the Mede-Persian Ram (Iran) versus Grecian Goat in Dan 8:8; Dan 2:39 (Brass Kingdom) and Dan 7:6 (3rd Kingdom; Leopard); this is Edomite "Dominion" prophesied in Gen 27:40KJV. Sunni and Shias  are taught Jesus survived the Crucifixion and returns to Damascus on Mt Afeeq with al-Mahdi to do battle with Dajjal as part of the Gog and Magog invasion. This Lie is the root of Restoration Theology seen in Mormonism and Zionism as well. 
    The CIA propaganda movie Argo is named after the Greek "Argos", the basis of all Greek myth and Jason and the Argonauts searching for the Golden Fleece; Argo cryptically told the story; the Iranian Hostage Crisis was no Crisis, but foisted by the CIA using Hollywood Crisis Actors. "Our dis-info campaign will be complete when everything the American public believes is false" Reagan-Bush CIA Director Bill Casey. $4.4 Million for 444 days to each alleged hostage is a big payday even for a Crisis Actor.
     Iran means "Noble Caste". Hostage means "Guest, Guarantee, Kindness, Hospitality, Residence, Compensation, Bail, Pledge or Security". The Term "Earth Dweller" enters scripture in Rev 13:8; 13/8=Phi the "Ratio of Life". Jesus gave His life to purchase redemption for His followers; He purchased that redemption from Satan aka "Messiah the Prince". Dan 9:24-27 describes the final "70 Weeks", "Messiah the Prince" and the "Covenant with Many"; a Covenant which will be broken and Wrath poured out on the Desolate. Any and all Rights a person has will come from either JESUS or Satan. Jesus purchased your Bail; why not thank Him for that? JESUS never allows anyone to be "Desolate" unless they reject Him. Adele also means "Noble", she's been chasing pavements (Scourge of Jesus was on the Pavement) and is ready to say "Hello", but to whom?
                     Breakfast: Break the Fast before the Eucharist Feast
     "The Family" refer to themselves as the "New Chosen" or Christian Mafia.The Noble Caste in America; they hold the National Prayer Breakfast with the President annually (next Feb 4, 2016); the goals are to promote God on Earth and Global Harmony; Jesus returns with a Sword to divide humanity. Recent Keynote Speakers include Luciferian Mason Billy Graham, ISIS arming, Edomite, Luciferian Grand Orient Lodge Mason King Abdullah II, U-2 front man and candidate for World Bank President Bono, Human Genome Project Francis Collins, Red Cross thief Elizabeth Dole, Closet Sodomite, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, Water Baptism Saviour Max Lucado (JESUS Baptizes with Fire and the Holy Ghost; Priest Baptisms with Water are a false sense of security), Anglican turned Catholic War monger Tony Blair and 7th Day Adventist, Zondervan Author (New Bible versions), 2016 Presidential candidate Dr Ben Carson. Only 2 men have spoke twice, Billy Graham and Ben Carson who advocates paying a flat tax based on the biblical "Tithing"; Only Levites in Israel could collect "Tithe", everyone else collecting it is a fraud.
      Luciferian Mason, Watergate burglar, Prison Fellowship Chuck Colson calls The Family "A veritable underground of Christ's men throughout the US government" Reagan said "I wish I could tell you about the Family, but it works because it's private". Satanist George HW Bush called The Family "Quiet Diplomacy". Jesus said nothing in secret; The Family and all it's frauds are part of the Restoration Movement which includes Mormonism. Get this straight folks, Jesus did not fail His Mission; He brought the Holy Ghost to the World, and with that is your only assurance of Salvation.
     52 former US  hostages of the Iranian Embassy were taken hostage on the Eve of the Jesuit Gunpowder Plot on 4 Nov 1979; they will be compensated $10,000/day for each of 444 days held until Jan 20, 1980, the Eve of the annual inauguration of Aquarius and timed precisely with President Reagan's Inaugural Speech. Theosophical Society leader Annie Besant said "Saturn will rule during the Age of Aquarius"; the annual arrival on Jan 20, 2016 will meet the 1st Passover in the Age of Aquarius on Earth Day, 4/22/2016. 
     $4.4M apiece is a very small part of a $9B judgment against Paris based investment bank BNP Paribas. $200M in payments are 20% of an earmarked $1Billion in US payments to families traumatized from "Terror" and 2% of the total; the Iran Hostage Crisis, Crisis Actors in Boston, Paris, San Bernardino, and fake ISIS beheading victims are only part of the potential victims of "Terror"; Sandy Hook, Umpqua College, Santa Barbara, V-Tech, Ft Hood, Germanwings 9525, Charlie Hebdo, MH-370, MH-17 and others may also receive a big payday. The authorization is part of the $1.8T 2016 US Spending/Spy Bill (over $1T is borrowed money)(dubbed "OmniCISA". After 36 years, a $9 Billion (4X9=36; 9 is the number of Final Judgment) is set up for Recruiting Actors for Live Terror Drills. 
     Francois Hollande "We were prepared; terror drills were ongoing at each of the locations in Paris" Rest assured, they will be next time as well, just as the FEMA/FBI Terror Drill was on 9/11/2001. FEMA spokesman Tom Kennedy stated on 9/10/2001 "FEMA is in NYC for a Terror Drill". SOUTHCOM was conducting a 10,000 person Haitian Relief Drill in Miami as the 7.0 Earthquake hit Port Au Prince; playing on the only radio station in the city was "Hotel California", a song of initiation into the Church of Satan. Is it also coincidence Angels of Death Metal were singing "San Berdoo Sunburn" in Paris just days before the San Bernardino incident?
      Why now? According to Aleister Crowley 77 represents the "Magical manifestation of Spirit in Matter"; not the Holy Ghost but the indwelling of the Spirit of Satan. 2015 is the 49th (7X7) year since "Year One Satan" in 1966; remember Rosemary's Baby? Well, he is all grown up now and ready for the 2016 Jubilee Year.
       In Nov 2014 NASA put out a 13 month warning until D-Day, get ready for a cataclysm" Clinton CIA Director James Woolsey, now Gatestone Inst Dir with ex UN Ambassador John Bolton is guiding the US Islamic Relations group heading the DHS as advisers to Prince Hall Mason Obama; Woolsey said "2/3 of America will die from ancient diseases, mass riots and worldwide economic chaos"
        What a coincidence folks, ISIS is planning a "TET Offensive" mimicking the north Vietnamese TET Offensive. TET refers to the Lunar New Year which begins Feb 8, 2016. ISIS is allegedly in all 50 States preparing to hit all 50 State Capital Cities with presumably EMP weapons.
      Another coincidence is NASA announced a Dec 28th M-Class Solar Flare with a 10% chance of creating a later , far more powerful X-Class CME (Coronal Mass Ejection).
     This is the most obvious bunch of Bull Shit imaginable. The CIA, DHS and our Government is ISIS and Raytheon-Boeing has the weapon needed to cause a Black Out called CHAMP (Counter-electronics High-power Microwave Advanced Missile Project) produced in their "Phantom Works" Division; nice name eh? Israel is also producing hand grenade size EMP devices called JMP's.
      NASA's article on the 2016 New Year Solar Flare are reposted dutifully all over the web using the buzzword "Magnetic". Magnetic Field, Magnetic Activity, Magnetically Active, Magnetic Reconnection etc etc is all Magnetic Bull Shit
    The Sun has no Magnetic Field; Magnetism is created by Ferrous Magnetic material below its Curie Temp (700 Degrees) in the presence of an Electric Field; the Sun ejects Electrons; it does not have a Magnetic Field.
    The Sun is becoming the Scapegoat just as JESUS is the Num 16 Scapegoat. New Bibles change Scapegoat to Azazel (Goat that Departs); Azazel is Satan not JESUS.
     Why America? Amurru is the Land of the Amorites (Canaanites) after which America is named; Amurru=High One; Ameru=Serpent; Amar=Canaanite god of the West; Amurru=Edomite Serpent and Shepherd
    ISIS "Throne" is the Black Virgin presenting Antichrist and NASA, CIA Satanists know it. Don't be fooled "A man's foes shall be they of his own household" Mat 10:36; Mic 7:6 Dan 7:6 describes this 3rd Beast 7+6=13 the 13 month NAZI warning of the 7X6=42month "Great Tribulation" was given here.  
    On Feb 4, 2016 the "Christian Mafia" aka "The Family" will hold its annual "National Prayer Breakfast" with Obama; previous speakers include Edomite Freemason King Abdullah II, Bono, Tony Blair, and twice 7th Day Adventist Ben Carson honoring such magnificent examples of Christian living as Indonesian mass murderer Suharto, Brazilian mass murderer Costa el Silva, Raytheon CEO Tom Phillips (Raytheon builds CHAMP EMP Drones with Boeing), and Samaritan's Purse Ebola Liar Dr Ken Brantly. Airborne Ebola has been tested in Africa and is ready for the Homeland. "A human to human aerosol delivered virus of even moderately fatal proportion will become a plague of unimaginable proportion" Dr Ron Fourchier MERS CoV creator. When asked why would anyone want to create a disease like that he said "Because we can"  
                              Earth, Air, Fire, Water
                  How about Father, Son, Holy Ghost, Word?
           In the context of $4.4M for each of 444 days in alleged captivity, one has to wonder about all the 4's. The Pyramid symbolizes Evolution and the New World Order with the Elite (Noble Caste/Black Nobility) rising to the top. Eph 3:18 tells us when a God indwells in us we can then comprehend the Breadth, Length, Depth and Height of a matter; occultists see this as a Square with the added Dimension "Height" or a Pyramid. In Science it is seen as our 3-D Universe with Space-Time as the 4th Dimension; a Lie of course; Space is "Nothing" and Time is definitely not Relative. Quintessence, 5th Element, Dark Star, Dark Energy and Philosopher's Stone are all names for the mythical Primal Material the gods breathed.
    God is not a Trinity; Jesus is Father, Son, Holy Ghost and Word made Flesh (Jn 1:1;14; 1 Jn 5:7KJV) When those 4 manifestations of God are removed, the Earth will become "Desolate"; the precise goal of the United Nations is to return most of the Earth to "Wilderness" ie "Desolate". 
        The 4th Kingdom is of the Earth is Iron, the Kingdom of Satan on Earth. The trigger will be the "Abomination of Desolation", an Idol made of Gold, Silver, Brass and Iron mixed with Clay. The Gold (Babylon), Silver (Mede-Persia) are done; the Brass Kingdom (Dan 2:39) is nearing completion. My study bible notes like yours claim Greece under Alexander the Great was the 3rd Kingdom of Brass; but that Kingdom achieves "Dominion", something Alexander the Great never did. The Brass Kingdom (Dan 2:39) is Edomite (Gen 27:40 KJV), the 3rd Kingdom (Dan 7:6) which gives its power and authority to the Iron Kingdom (Dan 7:7), the Luciferian Kingdom which will tread and break the entire world..

  • 444 means "Generation to Generation"; a reference to Amalekites being at war with God from "Generation to Generation" Ex 17:16 2. "Generation" refers to Generation of the Holy Ghost ie New Covenant not 1 human generation.
  • 444 means "Glory of the Lord dwelt"; the Glory of the Lord departed Solomon's Temple in Eze 8 and Jesus, the 8th and final covenant, took the same route to Golgotha at the Crucifixion to end the 7th Covenant; the Holy Ghost will take the same route for the last time to end the 8th Covenant shortly. 
  • 444 means "Shed Blood"; "almost all sins are purged by blood, without the shedding of blood there is no remission (Heb 9:27) This is why Jesus warned no flesh would remain unless he shortened "those days" 
  • 444 means "Carried away into Exile"; that would be Babylon and Assyria, the people who now claim to be Jews and Christians. 
  • 444 means "Damascus"; Is 17:1 states "Damascus shall cease from being a city, it shall be a ruinous heap"; this is why Russia and the US are destroying Damascus. 
  • 444 means "Perfected "Love"; Cathars are the Church of Amor; 1 Cor 13 "Charity" is changed to "Love" for this reason; Bacchanalia, Liberalia, Saturnalia are Cannibalistic/Orgy "Love Feasts".
  • 444 in Chinese is identical with "Die, Die, Die"; China=Sina=Sin=Cathay=Cath=Cathars=Heth=Hittites, the perennial enemy of real Israel.
  • In 444 the St Patrick myth began on the 77th day of the year; Patrick means Ptah-Rek; Ptah created Ra and Dark Matter is "Ra Material". Biden is "Celtic"; the Cross of St Patrick is the Celtic Cross symbolizing Chaldean/Celtic control over the earth.
  • 444 means "Flesh and Blood"; Eucharist is the sacrificed Flesh and Blood of Jesus. 
  • 44 refers to mutations in nature linked to the cosmic mutations; As Above; So Below ring a Baal?
  • Chronos has 44 assistants; Chronos ate his own sons; now who would do that? Every Christian eating the Eucharist does this because the Last Supper Communion is Spiritual.
  • 44 means I am the Life + Babylonian + Phoenix + Blood
  • Tribulations is used 44 Times
  • 4 means Union of the Trinity (Father, Mother Son) in the One.
  • 4 is the Root and Totality of all things; the 4 phases of matter: Solid, Liquid, Gas and Igneous. Cathars believed in Purification by Fire (Igneous); Tammuz means Purify by Fire
  • 4 refers elements in Organic (Living) Chemistry: Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen.
  • 4 in Japanese is "The Death"; Japan is the Land of the Rising Sun and worship of the Rising Sun means Death.
  • 4 is the number of "The Force" and "Balance" Star Wars Jedi is derived from the Egyptian Djed Pillar after all. "The Force Awakens brings "Balance to the Force" Holy Wood is so tricky eh?
           A Square is 2-Dimensional having 4 sides, seen in the Brass "Rose" Line at St Slupice Cathedral in Paris relating to the date June 21; add the dimension of "Height" seen in the Obelisk relating to Dec 21 and the Pyramid results; the Ben-ben Capstone will symbolically be placed on the $US Pyramid to start the "New World Order". Next, Jesus is not a Trinity; He exists as Father, Son, Holy Ghost and the Word (Jn 1:1;14; 1 Jn 5:7KJV); His Wrath comes at Rev 16 (4X4). 
           Obama is a Taliban (Student), a trained Mujahedeen (Warrior of Allah), trained by CIA station chief Bob Gates during his Columbia U "Missing Years"; his Pakistan trip in 1983 could not have used a US Passport.  Obama "He is with us" in Farsi (Zoroastrian/Persian) is the final president #44.     Occultists relate 4 to "Rebels" who take the opposing view; hence Obama's Limo "Beast" and SS codename "Renegade". Water. 44 years ago in 1971 C Alan Martin predicted in his "12 House" demonic vision, US President #44 would be its last. Michelle (Michael Robinson; SS codename Renaissance ie Re-birth; of what? Hatshepsut was the 1st cross dressing pharaoh female playing a man) wore jersey #44 playing football for Oregon State; standing next to Barack "Renegade" on election night wearing the famous Black Widow Dress indicating the plan is intact. So, if Obama is removed from office, which Jesuit will take his place? Biden (codename "Celtic"), Ryan (codename "Bowhunter"; note the Assyrian logo is a winged archer), Kerry (Codename "Lancer")? Well, this is uncharted territory Jesuit Chief Justice John Roberts will make; recall LGBT lawyer Roberts never verified Obama's (Newsweek "1ST Gay President"; Out Magazine "LGBT person of the year") eligibility to become President nor did he Swear him in to defend the Constitution (the repeated Oath never had Obama's hand on the bible for a reason). Great plan eh?   
      Pope Francis said "Christmas 2015 is cancelled because WWIII has begun, a charade that may be the last"; Francis is the planned last Pope #266.
      Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury, ex Anglo-Iranian (BP) Oil executive, Most Reverend (Gag me) Justin Welby said in his Christmas sermon "ISIS is Herod of today; Christians face elimination in the region where it began; I am confident these are the last days" Last days for who? For Christians in personal covenant with JESUS there are no "Last Days".
     Chief Talmudic Rabbi of the Commonwealth Ephraim Mirvis said "All faiths need to unite to combat ISIS" Sure Rabbi, Christians need to unite around a man who believes Jesus is the son of a whore, writhing in Hell in boiling excrement. No thanks!
     WWIII is the Jesuit-Masonic plan to pit Zionism against Islam in order to present the Doctrine of Lucifer to the world. Folks, the plan is for everyone on Earth to accept the Doctrine of  Lucifer;  How is that possible?
      Federal means "Covenant with God"; Con-Federate? pretty obvious.  In the bible, the Mede-Persian Ram versus the Grecian rough Goat brings in "Little Horn", and the 4th Kingdom of Iron.  
       “We corrupt in order to Control”-Giuseppe Mazzini
   Mazzini was a Luciferian Grand Orient (Orient means East or Rising Sun) Jansenist, Catholic, MAFIA founder and Revolutionary. His Jesuit handler Jean Pierre De Smet was also handler to Albert Pike and Brigham Young.  Jansenists are Calvinists believing in Original Sin, Total Depravity, Efficacious Grace and fixed pre-destination meaning God chose only a finite number to be Saved; this is a Lie; everyone is able to sit at the LORD's table but you must first open the door; Folks, you are not Totally Depraved nor pre-chosen for Hell or Heaven.
      MAFIA is an acronym “Mazzini Authorizes Theft Fire and Poison” Luciferian Grand Orient Masons Ayathollah Khameini (Iran), ali Sistani (Iraq) and King Abdullah II of Jordan who works with Prince Hall Mason counterpart Obama and the Saudis; together they corrupt and control both Shia and Sunni Islam including their Frankenstein baby ISIS.
      Mazzini’s revolutionary philosophy was the root of the Jacobite (Scotland ie Presbyterian), Jacobin (English), Martinist (French) and American Revolutions; remember the Minuteman Hat? That's the cap of Mithra, the Iranian religion "Mithraism". figured out who is being held hostage yet?
      Oriental religions are Orthodox (Orthodox means “Having the correct opinion”; they do not) examples are Assyrian Orthodox, Chaldean Catholic, Syrian Orthodox, Coptic (Egyptian Orthodox), Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox (Putin for example). Think Russians are the enemy? Never have been, never will be; the Cold War was just another Masonic deception.
       Mazzini and his Scottish Rite counterpart, Sodomite Confederate Albert Pike wrote the plan for 3 World Wars. Federal means “Covenant with God”; Confederate means Liberty from God; the exact motto of all Revolutions “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” and the Statue of Liberty in Paris and NYC. Now do you know why the Statue of Liberty and Arch de Triompfe in Paris are on the 8pt Star of Isis?
   Mazzini’s revolutionary philosophy is Chaldean, affecting every religion on Earth from Catholicism, Orthodox religions, Protestant religions, Islam, Eastern Religions, Kabbalah and Talmudism. Jesus said our enemies are the men of our own house (Mat 10:36; Mic 7:6) because it is we that invite these Satanists in, or place ourselves under the care of Wolves in Sheep’s clothes; the Elevated Clergy Jesus hates called the Doctrine of the Nicolaitanes (Rev 2:6;15) Nico=Conquer; Laitane=Laity. Who are the Laity? You and me. Who are the Iranian Hostages? You and me.
    Holy means “To Separate” isn’t it about time to do that?
                                 Why the 2015 Iran-Contra payoff?
    The Gold smuggling case of Dubai's now bankrupt Gold.AE is being investigated now; Gold sent into Iran to bypass US sanctions involves Turkey, Jordan, Russia, China, Dubai (US 5th Fleet; SITE fake beheading videos), Abu Dhabi (customs free flights into LA, DFW, DC, NY, Chicago; Captain Phillips ship Maersk Alabama security guards murder in Abu Dhabi may ring a Baal), the UAE and of course the US. The US is not at war with Iran and never has been.
   Nutshell version of Iran-Contra goes like this.  Zbigniew Brzezinski, Henry Kissinger, Jimmy Carter, George HW Bush, Bill Casey, Bill Clinton, Ayathollah Khomeini, Saddam Hussein are all 33 degree Luciferian Freemasons, to claim they don't work together is ridiculous. The Green Revolution in Iran ushers in Paris initiated Grand Orient (Rising Sun) Mason, Shia Imam Ayatollah Khomeini; the 52 hostages are allegedly held captive  by
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