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There Is Nothing New Under the Sun
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Earth Destroyers
Fukushima Deep Water Horizon
Earth Destroyers

Earth Destroyers



     magazine01 Weather Modification since 1954
          6 Years after Obama (Prince Hall Mason Bari Malik Shabazz Jr=Boat/Solar Barque + Malik=Arabic Lord + Shabazz "First Race" of Cain-Canaan-Ishmael-Esau found in the Horites "Worshippers of Horus" aka "God of the 2 Horizons" equivalent with Babylonian "Tammuz") bowed to Shinto Emperor Akahito, the youngest son of Emperor Hirohito who organized WWII with fellow Luciferian Mason/Shriners Douglas MacArthur, FDR and Harry Truman, the northern hemisphere is dying. Akahito is an Order of the Garter Initiate; Garter is a British Roundtable which means Witch's Belt, a sign of Satanic Marriage covenant originating in the "Titanic Era" before and after the Flood. The US delivered MOX (Mixed Uranium-Plutonium Oxide) Fuel rods on Obama's visit; MOX Fuel was designed to form Buoyant "Bucky Balls" (Buckminster Fuller mentored Barbara Marxist Hubbard "We are the riders of the Pale Horse Death. God creates, we decide who lives and who dies") when melted and exposed to saltwater. Akahito is the son of a man whose torture/killing techniques used by Major Horatio Ishi at Unit 731 dwarf Nazi Dr Mengele or Stalin's Gulag architect of death Lazar Kaganovich; Kagan is a fake Jew Khazar ie Sarmation name meaning "King"; seen in Sodomite Supreme Court Justice and Obama hanlder Elena Kagan.
    Rockefeller's General Electric designed the plant at Fukushima, and intentionally built it over an underground river where the Pacific Jet Stream and Pacific Ocean currents collide at the only place on Earth capable of destroying it. Scalar EM weapons intentionaly set off the 9.0 Earthquake; Siemens Atomic Control Valves intentionally shut off coolant to the #3 Reactor before the Tsunami arrived, ensuring melt-down. Fat Man was a Plutonium enhanced Fission weapon tested on Japan; under the seafloor, Plutonium-Uranium is melting rock, forming spherical shells like the Fat Man Bomb core, capable of Atomic Fission and the creation of "Earthquakes in Diverse Places".
   Plutonium Oxide is a million times more toxic than Uranium, when designed to become lofted into the Atmosphere during incineration and become buoyant in the Pacific Ocean, it becomes far more effective at destroying Flesh. Pluto the Roman god of the Underworld and Planet whose pictures from New Horizon Spacecraft exactly match the 1930 drawings of Luciferian Mason Walt Disney (obviously fake pictures) lent its name to Plutonium; first produced at the Trinity Detonation at Los Alamos (Alamo means "Black Popular" the tree whose Strakes were used to divide the flocks of Laban and Jacob in Gen 30), the father of the Hydrogen (H means "God is with me; seen in Abram-Abraham; Juda-Judah; Sarai-Sarah, Ishmael-Ismail) Bomb a Bohemian Grove Satanist, Pedophile and Fake ie Crypto Jew named Edward Teller exclaimed "It's a Boy!" Fellow fake Jew, Communist Spy, Luciferian Mason J Robert Oppenheimer, in charge of the Manhattan (Man + Aton the Egyptian Creator) Project said "I have become Death, the destroyer of worlds" upon witnessing the Trinity Detonation; he also said "I hope they cannot see the limitless potential living inside of me to muder everything. I hope they cannot see I am the great Destroyer". Oppenheimer was referring to Apollo/Apollyon/Abaddan/Shiva "Destroyer" in Rev 9:11 aka Lucifer.
    Donald Trump is the Scapegoat Apollo riding in on a Golden Ass wearing the Golden Bough (both books describing the Eleusinian Mystery Religion Initiations) of Apollo with his pal Vladimir Putin. Sochi=Flame; the Sochi Olympics featured Apollo's Chariot pulled by Aurora just like Trump's 66th floor Penthouse in Trump Tower, figuratively the 16th Trump in Tarot. Sochi is famous for the giant statue of Prometheus (recall the Prometheus movie and Alien DNA and the Prometheus Idol at Rockefeller Center); a pis You may recall the Simpsons episode "Trumptastic Voyage" predicted the Trump presidence in 2000; when Homer jumps into Donald's Golden Hairpiece he comes face to face with the Black Monolith from Stan Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey which leads Man in the ways of Cain in their evolution from Monkeys to Killers to Lunar Astronauts (Luciferian Mason Liars; recall Gene Cernan claims to be the last man who walked on the moon matches the name of CERN the Scapegoat "Earth Destroyer" creating the made-up "God Particle" derived from Cernunnos "Horned One" and first name Shaman used for Satan) to explorers of Jupiter (Jah + Pater or Antichrist) and the cycle of Death-Re-birth that is the hallmark of the Eleusinian Mystery Religion Initiations.   The Millennium Hilton Hotel at Ground Zero (means "Site of Nuclear Detonation") is in fact a replica of the Black Monolith created by Stan Kubrick. You may recall Dr Strangelove, the character is in fact Crypto Satanist Edward Teller.
    Fake Jewish Rabbis (Rab=Arab=Great One) in Israel claim Trump and Putin are modern day Cyrus (Cyrus is derived from Koreish/Quyraish, the Arab Bedouins of Ishmaelite and Edomite descent who formed the Korahite Priesthood in Moses and Aaron's day) figures filling roles of liberating Jews; wrong! They are Satanic fakes liberating Edomites, currently under the Yoke of Jacob (Gen 27:39-41KJV) for worldwide "Dominion" (Dan 7:6; Dan 2:39) and subsequent hand off to the 4th Beast (Dan 7:7; Dan 2:40) who murders everyone unwilling to accept the Mark of the Beast.  


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Earth Destroyers: A quick primer on the modern day version of Salting and Scorching the Earth.

     Fukushima, Deep Water Horizon,  Chemtrails, Geo-engineering, Scalar Electro-magnetic transmission antennas, Ionospheric Heaters, X-Band Radar, GMO Food, Mercury adjuvants in Vaccines, Fracking, Ebola,  SARS,  Zika, Trans-genic Mosquitoes, CERN, ISIS, Honey Bee CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder), G-5 Millimeter Wave Broadband
Take your pick of these man-made disasters and get right with JESUS.  
Jesus returns to "Destroy those who destroy the Earth" Rev 11:18 This is a list of 180 US Patents (ther nations have a similar amount) for Climate Change, Chemtrails, Jet Stream manipulation and Geo-engineering Programs. Nikola Tesla published the plans for extracting limitless energy from the Sun and sequestering unlimited nitrogen from the atmosphere for global farming in 1900. He was murdered for that in 1942.

                        2016 Memorial Day E-Mail on "Earth Destroyers"
 Obama in Japan (Jih Pun=Land of the Rising Sun) for Memorial Day during the 2016 Satanic Jubilee Year. Celebrating Hiroshima? Nagasaki? or his Grand Finale Fukushima?
    DeepWater Horizon has never stopped spreading Methane across the Gulf of Mexico which is why the US is Fracking (Hydraulic Fracturing) 1200 Sites in the Gulf.
     Scientists are puzzled over the Atlantic Thermohaline Conveyor slowing? Bull Shit. Deep Water Horizon caught fire 1 yr to the day after Knight of Malta Nic Cage warned about the event in his movie "Knowing", on Earth Day, 2009 in the Gulf of Mexico (Mexico means Navel; Gulf means Whirlpool) This location is where the Earth's Oceans Converge and is the only location on Earth an event releasing 7000PSI Methane from a 22in orifice could Destroy the World.
    Likewise, Scientists seem puzzled about the massive Paciific Ocean die off; that too is pure Bull Shit. Sodomite Luciferian Mason Clint Eastwood foretold the event in his movie "Hereafter". Fukushima is at the site of 3 major Tectonic Plates, the source of the Pacific Jet Stream and source of the Pacific Ocean Convergence; it is the only location on Earth a nuclear melt-down using Plutonium MOX Fuel could wreak worldwide destruction. Hard to believe people would want to Destroy the Earth, but Jesus in fact returns to "Destroy them which destroy the Earth" Rev 11:18
    The GE site on the 38th Latitude (52-38-90) is the Pythagorean Triangle used to represent the occult Trinity "Father-Mother-Son"  at the Federal (Foederis means Covenant or League) Triangle, Great Pyramid and Earth Grid (Ley Lines cross at these angles; used in Shamanism for 4000+ yrs) they are called Mr (Mr-Akh-Bah) which in ancient Egyptian is Body, Soul, Spirit (Triple Tiara/Crown worn by Popes represents control over Body, Soul, Spirit); in Russian Mr or Mir is "Peace" ("When they shall say Peace and Safety destruction shall come upon them swiftly"; Peace Sign=Witch's Foot/Todersrune or Broken Jew, an initiation requirement of all Secret Societies when the time has come to Blaspheme the Holy Ghost). 

     Fukushima is put at the site of 3 major Tectonic Plates, over an intentionally diverted underground river, at the intersection of the Liman and Black Stream Currents (Pacific=Peace) Ocean Currents, and the origination of the Pacific Jet Stream (I fly this exact path every flight from Japan because the air currents hug the land from Japan, Kamchatka, Russia, Aleutian Is, Alaska, Canada, US); it is put there for this exact purpose in other words. Oppenheimer produces Plutonium with the Manhattan (Man + Aton) Project saying "I have become Death, the destroyer of worlds"; Plutonium triggers allow for Hydrogen weapons whereby Edward Teller (Bohemian Grove Initiate) says "It's a Boy"; Fat Man tests Plutonium enhanced Fission on innocent Japanese at the site selected by Jesuits in the mid 1500's (Tehran, the Sarmation Citadel and Nagasaki were #1 and #2 by Francis Xavier). 
   Obama: 44th Pres; Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix; 44=Solomon's Cube; 44=Horus of the New Age; allegedly born Hawaii "Water and Breath of Life" at Latitude 21.6; 2160 yrs/Astrological House; Rainbow President "As in the days of Noe, so shall the coming of the son of man"; Obama means "He is with us") visits in Sept with US (or perhaps Areva in Normandy created MOX (Mixed Oxide) fuel rods which are loaded in Reactor #3; he bows forward 90 degrees to Shinto Emperor Akihito (his father 33 degree Mason Hirohito was the reason 33 degree Mason Truman used these weapons) Truman says "He wouldn't have done it" referring to FDR who was murdered in April just as Manhattan Project was completed. Recall Obama accepted the Nomination at Mile High Stadium on a Stage made to replicate the Throne of Pergamon "Satan's Seat"; on Earth Day Deep Water Horizon (1 mile deep) was scuttled; the Trillion Bbl Oil and Methane deposit is still saturating the Gulf of Mexico (Place where EArth's Ocean Currents Collide) with Methane, disrupting the Earth's Thermohaline Conveyor (Salt Water is compressible and heavier than fresh) and poisoning the Atlantic.
      So, a 3/11 9.0 Scalar EM (Electro-Magnetic=Sun-Earth) generated Earthquake just offshore causes the Tsunami which hits 1 hr after the coolant (Siemmens Controls) is shut off (On Site, Off Site, Diesel and Passive coolant) all closed; within 30mins fuel is above melt temperature and deforms making recovery impossible; the SeaWater "Hail Mary" is used to flood containment as the Nitrogen Inerting system is also turned off; the resulting Hydrogen-SeaWater-Steam (Uranyl Peroxide if memory serves correct) begins forming Buoyant Plutonium Radioactive Molecules dubbed "Bucky Balls" after Buckminster Fuller; the Hexagonal arrangement mimics the Earth's natural Merkabah shape aka Ezekiel's Wheel (Eze 8); Merkabah being a 3-D Tetrahedron interlocked (3-D Star of Molech) and tilted back 23 degrees forms the basis of Earth Measurement which was originally the purpose of the Great Pyramid as well as measuring the Tropics (Cancer/Capricorn), Eclipses, Seasons, Years and every ancient structure on Earth, many of which like Yonaguni in Japan (Land of the Rising Sun; Obama is there for Memorial Day) or the Pyramid complex near Sochi in the Crimea (ancient pilgrimage site where Prometheus breaks free of his chains the the eagle pecking his liver) are now 100ft+ underwater from Noah's Flood (vertically plumb sun shafts on the Tropic Line prove this)
     The Diesel Back Up Generators never got close to being submerged; the day pictures became avail, I showed my wife the intakes some 5 stories up; Siemmens also makes the control units for most French and US Nuc Power Stations; GE a Rockefeller owned Corp also has Prometheus featured at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. So was this a pre-planned event? The entire Pacific Ocean is dying; Radiation is being deposited all over the US, first on CA before WX Modification started the artificial drought and sent the radiation laced water to the heartland as is happening now; US food supply is failing from Fracking, Drought/Flood, Ethanol, GMO intentionally.
Why "Bucky Balls"? Barbara Marx Hubbard "We are the riders of the Pale Horse Death, God creates, we decide who lives and who dies; we do this for the good of the Earth" the was Buckminster Fuller's protege and a fanatic New Age proponent.
Jesus returns to "Destroy those who destroy the Earth" Rev 11:18 Is 24:20 the "Earth reels to and fro as a drunkard"; this will be caused by "Earthquakes in diverse places" Mat 24:7   
      Earth is filled with a layer of Water (Gen 1:7 Water above, under and on the Earth); differential movement of the Magnetic Core (obviously not melted as Ferrous material above the Curie Temp 700F or so is non-magnetic) and surface produced the Earth's Electric Field (Primary Windings on a Generator if you will); 50V/ft from the Earth's surface to the Ionosphere (created from Solar Wind knocking Electrons out of Nitrogen Atoms=Ion; also used as a Giant Screen TV "Operation Blue Beam") gives the Free Energy used in EM Scalar Weapons pioneered by Nikola Tesla. It also prevents anything living from entering or leaving Earth. Water being incompressible transmits shock waves; Fukushima is producing Spherical Plutonium Cores underground constantly; when these go critical, fission will result, causing "Earthquakes in diverse places" at the one spot on earth capable of dong this type destruction.
   A massive migration westward along the Silk Road (Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun, Marco Polo) to the Himalayas from Fukushima to the Korean DMZ (created by the US at WWII), across China (China=Sina=Wilderness of Sin=Cathay=Heth=Sons of Heth or Hittites now as it was at the Exodus) to the Himalayas (Everest=Chumolongmo "Earth Mother"; 38th Latitude=Earth Mother; Noah's Ark came "from the east" to Babel not "to the east" as new versions claim; Noah's Cainite wife + Ham=Canaan "Cursed" of this incest; Abraham instructed to never take a daughter of Canaan; Ishmael and Esau disobeyed) then south to Islamabad (Islam-Muslim means "One who submits" to Allah=Arab moon god "Sin") on the Karakoram Hwy (made for this express purpose after WWII), then through Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Jordan and Armageddon "Valley of Slaughter" where blood fills the valley to the horse bridles "Without the shedding of blood there is no remission" Heb 9:27
   So, if my nuclear physics is close; how on Earth will people understand what FDR said "Nothing in politics happens by chance. If it happened it was planned"? 


     Stratospheric Aerosols containing Aluminum destroy the Food Chain from the bottom up (Plankton and Soil Microbes) as well as the Human Immune System.
     Plague (1918 Spanish Flu), Ebola, AIDS, SARS, MERS CoV, Lymes are Military designed  weapons developed to exploit weakened immune systems.
     The test phase is complete; widespread release of MERS and Ebola is next via Zika Virus Trans-genic Mosquitoes. "A human to human aerosol transmitted disease, even moderately fatal will become a plague of unimaginable proportion" Dr Ron Fouchier designer of MERS. When asked why? His answer was "Because we can"
     Barbara Marx Hubbard said "We are the riders of the Pale Horse Death. God creates, we decide who lives and who dies. We do this for the good of the Earth" 
   "I have become Death, the destroyer of worlds" J Robert Oppenheimer witnessing the Trinity detonation 70 years ago which created Plutonium.
   Barbara's mentor was Buckminster Fuller; Fukushima was a designed disaster; MOX (Mixed Uranium-Plutonium) Fuel intentionally melted and combined with Seawater which formed Buoyant highly Radioactive  Molecules called "Bucky Balls" set adrift at the origin of the Pacific Jet Stream and Pacific Ocean Conveyor.
     Under Fukushima, melted MOX Fuel is carried by an underground river, forming underground  pockets where  Plutonium enhanced fission is taking place at the location where 3 Tectonic Plates converge. When criticality occurs, runaway Fission explosions will cause "Earthquakes in diverse places" (Shockwaves transmitted around the earth by Water inside the Earth) the "Earth to reel to and fro as a drunkard" IS 24:20

     "The triumph of Science is finally realizing Earth's carrying capacity is under 1Billion people" Pope Francis The Jesuit Pope takes orders from the Arch-basilica of St John Lateran, considered the "Mother Church of all churches and religions worldwide" Lateran means "Hidden Frogs" the 3 unclean spirits of the Dragon, Beast and False Prophet" (Rev 12:9; 1613)
    Ozone protects against UV (Ultra-violet) Radiation; UVb Radiation destroys outer protection such as Tree Bark, Human and Animal Skin. Geo-engineering is destroying the Ozone Layer in the Arctic using High Frequency Active Auroral Modification (HAARP) sites in a dozen countries. 
     Chemtrails (Stratospheric Aerosols) containing metals such as Aluminum kill Soil Microbes (Bottom of the Food Chain) and destroy the Human Immune System. Ebola, AIDS, MERS, Lymes etc were designed  to exploit weakened immune systems. The testing phase is over, widespread release is next. 
    HAARP Microwave Antennas are deployed in China, Russia, US, Korea, Brazil and Norway. SBX (X and B Band Microwave Radars) "Sea based mobile X Band Radar". SBX-1 is based in Pearl Harbor Hawaii to produce a New Pearl Harbor Event. The newest Scapegoat WMD is X-37B (X and B Band Radar at a Scintillation Index of m=0:37). X-37B orbital HAARP? No way; a HAARP reflector? Perhaps.

    Geo-engineering is intentionally destroying the Earth as well as life on the Earth; JESUS returns  " destroy them which destroy the earth" Rev 11:18
 X-37B is managed by the Dept of Defense and Boeing. Boeing also manufactures the CHAMP EMP Drone based weapon designed to send America back to the Stone Age. X-37B is the Scapegoat for the Sichuan China Earthquake, Chile Earthquake, Fukushima Japan Earthquake, Indonesian Earthquake, and Pakistan Earthquake.
     Land Based Phased Array Radars such as Russia's Woodpecker Grid are the Earthquake producers. X-Band radars punch holes in the Ionosphere, D-Layer allowing UV Radiation to destroy all life in its path.  You may recall UV Radiation destroyed all life on Earth in the movie "Knowing" which also forecasted Deep Water Horizon 1 yr in advance.  
   Mobile and Land Based X-Band Radars, and Doppler Weather Radars are Microwave transmitters which primarily affect Water in the Atmosphere. CA and North Korea droughts are a product of X-Band Radars. 

      Fukushima Radiation has killed the Northern half of the Pacific Ocean.
      Deep Water Horizon has effectively disrupted the Thermohaline (Warm Salt Water floats on colder Salt Water; Millions of gallons of UN banned Corexit used at the seabed and Methane continually pouring into the limestone below the seafloor at several thousand psi prevent that) Conveyor.
    EM Scalar Energy Facilities in the Antarctic and Arctic transfer energy from South to North causing Arctic and Greenland melting; fresh water near the surface prevents warm equatorial salt water from interacting with the  environment. 
    HAARP and X-Band Radar aka Geo-engineering antennas (EISCAT, SOUSY, SuperDarn etc) alter the Jet Stream, intentionally causing "Polar Vortex" as the Weather Whores like to call it, guide Hurricanes and Tornadoes, artificial Droughts and Floods. 
    Naval Active Sonar kill sea animals such as Whales and Dolphin by pressure waves inside their brains.
    Chemtrail Aerosol Spraying by Evergreen Air, Military Tankers, Commercial Airline Fuel additives include Aluminum (1000X as toxic as Mercury to the human body; Alzheimers), Barium, Lead, Desiccated Blood, Nano Particles (Morgellons, Fibromyalgia) to poison food, water, animals and humans.
    Fracking aka Hydraulic Fracturing uses Diesel Fuel to force Natural Gas up through Fresh Water Aquifers.
    EMF caused CCD Einstein said "Mankind can only survive 4 yrs if Bees are wiped out" CCD is caused by EMF (WiFi, Cell Tower) disruption of Bees ability to communicate; 40% of the world's food depends on Bee Pollination. 
    Trans-genic Mosquitos carry Dengue, Malaria, Ebola, the fake Zika Virus; the Mosquito is the world's most lethal animal, now weaponized and being distributed worldwide.
     Tritium H3  Fukushima is set to be dumped into the Pacific Ocean (April 2016) at the intersection of the Pacific Ocean currents which head straight to AK and the west coast of the Americas. A "Slow Kill"  inhaled or ingested by fish, then animals then humans. The problem isn't limited to the 2.5g held in the reactor cores; it's the pockets of Uranium-235 and Plutonium- 239 (MOX Fuel) that Fission underground constantly creating more Tritium.
Nearly all Nuc sites are leaking Tritium with a 1/2 life of 4500 years, into underground water supplies it is the gift of death that keeps on giving

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