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                                                                  Babylon: Gate of Saturn; Opening after the 10th Jubilee in 2018 
                                                                                    Jesus is the Narrow Gate; Saturn is the Wide Gate
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Manhattan, NYC

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                     "The triumph of science is finally realizing Earth can only support 1 billion people" Pope Francis "Laudato Si"
                              "Maintain Earth population under 500 Million" #1 Commandment Georgia Guide Stones 
"The people who understood the true maning of the New Covenant best were Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse Tung and Pol Pot" "The Family" Doug Coe 
     Saturnian Religion is based on Revenge, War, Death, Disease; WWI, WWII and soon WWIII are planned in advance, the latter designed to exhaust the world physically, morally and economically at which poing the "Gate of Saturn" will open. The "Tower of Babel" will finally be complete.
      Saturn is the "Melancholilic Messiah" , the "Malignant Star of great misfortune"; Melancholy is a feeling of overwhelming sadness and doom; the goal of Saturnian Religion. There is only 1 way out, a 1 on 1 personal relationship with JESUS. When? 
           Saturn's Jubilee Gestation began on Saturnalia Dec 17, 2016 
9 months after Saturnalia 2016, the "Christ Angle" forms on  Sept 20, 2017 
3 days after the Christ Angle forms, the Whore of Babylon (ISIS) appears on Sept 23, 2017,_20173.
On Oct 31 Samhein/Dar of the Dead Pope Francis plans to heal the Catholic-Protestant schism created 500 years ago by Black Cloistered (Saturnian Monk) Martin Luther.
The Writing is on the Wall for 2017
11Q13 Prince Melchisedek Scroll "After 10 Jubilees, the Trumpet blast will herald the coming Melchisedek". Folks, Jesus is Melchisedek! This arrival will be the Alternative Messiah "Antichrist".
  •    10 Jubilees=500 years from the date Black Cloistered Rosicrucian Monk Martin Luther nailed 95 Thesis against the Catholic Church.
  •    10 Jubilees from Pope Leo X signing the 5th Lateran Council of 1517 which proclaimed the Satanic Doctrine "Indestructibility of the Soul" as Catholic dogma. Lateran means "Hidden Frogs", the Spirits of    Antichrist, False Prophet and Satan.  
  •    10 Jubilees from publication of  Grimorium Verum (True Grimoire) by Alibeck the Egyptian of Memphis in 1517. 
  • Pleaiades rises at Midnight Sept 20, 2017 ahead of the Serpent descending the steps of the Kulkulkan (Saturn) Pyramid in Chichen Itza. Pleiades (Above) reflected by the 7 Churches Jesus gave warnings in Rev 2-3 to "Below"; the 7th Church "Laodicea" (Luke Warm) describes the mission of Saturnalians whose Blasphemous contempt of God has corrupted the Word of God and true Church founded solely on the Divinity of Jesus Christ.  
  • The West (Land of the Dead) face of the Pyramid of the Sun and streets at Teotihuacan (Place where men become Gods) are aligned with the setting of Pleiades. Teotihuacan is aligned with the planets via Temple Sites across Central America and Mexico. 
    Saturn rules the Age of Aquarius, so when does Aquarius begin? There are 1656 years listed in Scripture from Creation to Noah's Flood; God listed these years because there was no Axis Precession during the pre-flood world and therefore no way to accurately record the passage of time ie Stellar and Solar Years were coincident. Earth's Axis precession causes each of the 12 Astrological Houses to pass in 2160 Years. 1656 years + 2160 Years from Aries to Pisces + 2160 Years from Pisces to Aquarius=5976 Years. Sargon the Great was pronounced "Legitimate King" at the age of 21, the Age of Accountability (Adulthood) in Scripture; his birth coinciding with Aries the "Supreme Ram" and God's New Year near the Vernal Equinox. Assuming the original zodiac was referenced to a prominent star on the ecliptic (the path of the sun across the sky). The two most popular candidates would be Spica in Virgo and Regulus in Leo. These two prominent stars have always been associated with their respective constellations and are now about 54 degrees apart and since the zodiac is divided into 12 units of 30 degrees and leo and virgo are adjacent constellations, Spica must have always been in the eastern part of Virgo and Regulus in the western part of Leo.  
     Regulus would be closest to the actual path of the sun; one of the ancient names of Regulus is Rex "King" , or "Law Giver". Regulus is interpreted by many astrologers as the starting place of the zodiac. The Sphinx is often associated with Leo and the Equinoxes. Regulus would have been at the zero point of ecliptic longitude in 8884 BC at the end of the age of Leo (the Sphinx faces east, greeting Regulus at sunrise). The beginning of the age of Leo would have been about 2160 years earlier. The Egyptian "Great Year" of 25,990 Years is the time it would take the Earth's Azis to precess full circle, the Age of Aquarius and Saturn is about the opposite, seen in "As Above, So Below"; essentially an inversion of God and Satan. 

     If we accept that Regulus was used as the western boundary of Leo, then the eastern boundary of Aquarius would be 150 dgrees of ecliptic longitude west of Regulus. The beginning of the Age of Aquarius begins when Regulus is at 150 degrees of ecliptic longitude, which is right now.  
      Regulus means "Law Giver"; Antichrist must fulfill prophecies of the 2nd Coming to succeed in the deception. "The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gahtering of the people be" Gen 49:10 Notice "Lawgiver" and "Regulus" here; on Sept 20 Regulus rises above the "Christ Angle". Jesus is Shiloh "He whose it is"; the arrival of Antichrist will be a false "Shiloh" because God never gave Satan ownership of anything! Jesus gathers the 12 Tribes of Israel at the 2nd Coming; Israel today is under the Flag of Saturn!
    The St Sulpice Society uses the Rose Line (Brass Line=3rd Kingdom of Brass; Dan 2:39) in the St Sulpice Cathedral to mark off the progression to the Age of Aquarius; they claim the world just entered Aquarius.
On Sept 20 as the Christ Angle forms at noon, the Sun will make contact with the Brass Altar traveling up the Obelisk to the Capricorn "76" Symbol. 7+6=13 the start of Great Trubulation is Rev 13; 13 the number of rebellion to God; 7X6=42 months of Great Tribulation. Dan 7:6 describes Edomite Dominion of the 3rd Beast.
          The entered the Satanic Jubilee in the Age of Aquarius on both the Stellar Calendar and Solar Calendar on Jan 20, 2017. 
      The "Christ Angle"  completes "Below"; the  Woman with the crown of 12 Stars appearing in the Heavens completes "Above""As Above; So Below", is the mantra and symbol of Saturn. Aug 15 is the "Feast Day of Lucifer", the anniversary of the 1st Jesuit Oaths in St Denis (Denis=Dionysus=Saturn) Cathedral in 1534 and Albert Pike's plan for 3 World Wars, detailed in a letter to fellow Knight of the Golden Circle (Saturn's Golden Age) Giuseppe Mazzini in 1871. On Aug 21 (cusp of Leo and Virgo) a Solar Eclipse will symbolically Cleave the United States in 2; Donald Trump is Time (Father Time "Grim Reaper" is Saturn) Magazine's "President of the Divided States".  Marilyn Manson's SAY TEN music video depicts the beheading of Donald Trump. The Simpsons predicts the death of Donald Trump.
    44 is the Gematria of Solomon's Cube aka Saturn's Cube. Trump is the 44th person (Grover Cleveland served 2 non-consequetive terms) elected (chosen) US President and 12th "House" from President Truman was planned to be the last US President in 1971 by C Alan Martin; Trump matches Zedekiah, the 44th and last King of Israel. Zedekiah blasphemed God by using Temple vessels for a Bacchanalia (Saturnian Feast); donald Trump Blasphemes Jesus admitting "I have never apoligized to God; I do however take Communion. When I eat my little cracker and drink my little wine, I feel cleansed" (Ref 1 Cor 14); "The Donald" is in contempt of God, don't make the same mistake. According to the Theosophical Society, WWIII is planned to last 13 Weeks (91 Days); should WWIII begin on Michaelmas 2017, Christmas (Saturnalia) 2017 will be the last.
                                                                                                                                   Saturnalia 2017: Final Christmas/Hanukkah?
      The Gate of Saturn opens after the 10th Jubilee; not God's Jubilee, Satan's Jubilee. Christmas is Saturnalia; Dec 21-Jan 22 "Sign of Capricorn" is Capricornus the Sea-Goat aka Beast rising from the Sea "Saturn" the Sabbath Goat and Aegis of Saturn. Capricorn is astroligocally symbolized by 76; Union 76 Logo may ring a Baal; Christmas Eve 2017 is Sunday. 7+6=13 the number of Rebellion eg Gen 13:13 "Sins of Sodom and Gomorrah"; Dan 7:6 desceibes the Sovereignty of the 3rd Beast.
      The HBO series "Young Pope" made the point the Pope was 50 years old; Why? The Church of Satan was founded during the 1966-7 6th Tetrad (4 consequetive lunar eclipses on Passover and Tabernacles) on "Year One Satan"; 2017 is the Saturnian Jubilee. Don't be fooled; the Roman Catholic Pope is not the Antichrist! Declaring the Roman Catholic Church to be "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT. MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS UPON THE EARTH is the culmination of the 6000 year old Saturnian plan of Revenge.

 Take a moment to read about the final 8 days before the 2nd Coming of JESUS (Dan 9:23-27; Rev 11:7-14). The 70th Week "Covenant with Many" will be broken Mid-week by the killing of the 2 Witnesses in Jerusalem (Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt); the 7th Trumpet (3rd Woe) signals the body ressurection of believers, the 2 Witnesses, dead and alive before the 8th Day, the 7 vials of God's Wrath poured out on the Desolate ie "Those without God" ie the Saturnians. Remember, the Scapegoat (Num 16:8-10) takes the Sins of the Congregation into the Desert (Wilderness) only after a suitable sacrifice of the Passover Lamb by a Legitimate Priest. Folks, we all have 2 choices: God or No God. If you want God in your life, there is one way, through JESUS; period! JESUS is the only Legitimate Priest (Melchisedek; Gen 14:18; Ps 111; Heb 7) He is the only suitable Passover Lamb (Christmas means Mass ie Sacrifrice of the Messiah). He returns with Eyes of Flame to destroy everything in front of Him (Rev 19:7). Written on His thigh (Jacob Wrestled with God to become Israel and lost part of his thigh) "Word of God"; His robe dipped in blood. Saturn's Golden Age will copy this event. If this sounds a bit like Superman versus Batman it's because that movie illustrates the Saturnian plan.
     Christmas is "Dies Solis Invicti" (Day of the Unconquered Sun); the Sun here is Saturn. Christmas follows 9 months after Hilaria (Easter), the resurrection of Attis (Saturn), hence Christmas is derived from Saturnalia and Easter; Attis is not Jesus folks! Shamash (Babylonian Saturn) is the center candle on the Hanukkah Menorah, hence Hanukkah is a Saturnian festival. Last year, Pope Francis blessed an Idol called "Homeless Jesus" depicting Jesus Crucified and laying on a Park (Park means Enclosure for Beasts) which was consecrated and installed at St Peter and Paul Jesuit Church; at the same time the Temple of Satan conducted a Satanic Mass on the Detroit Capitol steps and installed an Idol of Baphomet (Sabbath Goat) on a Throne. 
       Jesuit Pope Francis will likely be the last Roman Catholic Pope. Francis means Free; the goal of Saturnian Religion is Freedom from God. St Malachy is a Lie, St Malachy is Saturn (Malak/Molech); according to the Saturnian plan. Pope Francis will preside over a destroyed Catholic Church, an act of Revenge planned for at least 700 years. Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix and Pope Francis' "Rising Phoenix" Coat of Arms 

  • St Malachy 1136 (Malachy is as fictional as St Patrick killing the snakes; Malachy is Molech Arab for "Lord" aka Saturn) "Rome will burn when Peter the Roman arrives"; Pope #266 and #112 from Celestine II was elected Pope Francis I a full blooded Italian named after St Francis of Assisi born Giovanni Di Pietro Di Bernardone whose Papal Coat of Arms is the Rising Phoenix.  The night Pope Benedict resigned, Lightning hit St Peter's Basilica Dome Twice in one night.Pope Benedict is #111 and resigned on cue Feb 28, 2013 after releasing 2 White Doves on "Peace Day"; they were attacked by Ravens. Pope Francis released Peace Doves 1 yr later from the same spot in 2014, and they too were attacked by a Crow and Seagull.  There was no person St Malachy; Malachy is Baal-Moloch, Chiun, Remphan, Milcom, Saturn. The prophecy/plan was written by "Amalekites (Worshippers of Molech/Saturn) at war with God from generation to generation" (Ex 17:16) 

      Donald Trump will likely be the final US President. Liber 44: Book of the Goat (Saturn) is the Gematria of Saturn's Cube, Blood, Phoenix,
"I am the life" America is the Phoenix, as written in Francis Bacon's "New Atnaltis" in 1620; the same year the Declaration of Arbroath proclaiming Scottish Independence was signed; Trump is a MacLeod Templar and Oath sworn Knight of Malta, the sucessors to the Knights Templar, Trump is the 44th person to hold the office of US President and 12th from #33 Harry Truman according to the plan written by C Alan Martin (likely a pseudomyn, Martinists were the Saturnians in France planning the French Revolution). The Gate of Saturn opens after WWIII to begin the final 1260 day Great Trobulation; it is NOT the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ.

    Prince Melchisedek arrives 2017.
Melchisedek means "King of Salem" (Jerusalem); Jerusalem is under the Star of Molech/Saturn; Jesus is Melchisedek; this Melchisedek is Saturn. Chiliasm is the 500 yr old (10 Jubilee) plan to put a Human Messiah on the Throne of King David in a rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem.

  • 11Q13 Prince Melchisedek Scroll "After 10 Jubilees, the Trumpet blast will herald the coming Melchisedek". Folks, Jesus is Melchisedek! This will be the Alternative Messiah "Antichrist". 10 Jubilees=500 years from what? Black Cloistered Rosicrucian Monk nailed 95 Thesis against the Catholic Church to the Church of Wittenburg on Halloween 1517. Black Pope Leo X signed the 5th Lateran Council of 1517 which proclaimed the Satanic Doctrine "Indestructibility of the Soul" as Catholic dogma. Lateran means "Hidden Frogs", the Spirits of Antichrist, False Prophet and Satan. Hatshepsut, the Cross Dressing Female Pharaoh of the Exodus built the 2 largest Obelisks in the world, one broke in pieces, the other stands in front of the Archbasilica of "The Christ", a combination of John the Baptist and John the Evangelist called St John Lateran. Grimorium Verum (True Grimoire) published by Alibeck the Egyptian of Memphis in 1517. 

      Saturn is the "Angel of History""He who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past" George Orwell. We've been lied to folks!  
     Kaballah began with Sabbattai Tzevi (Sabbatai means Saturn)   Chabad Lubavitch and Hassidic Judaism began with Baal Shem Tov another named equivalent with Saturn   

          Profane means "Blasphemous contempt of God"
; the Sublime is "Consecrated Profane" ie the Sacrificed/Destroyed Profane world. Science is the "Tongue of the Chaldeans" Dan 1:4 and "Vain and profane babblings" 1 Ti 6:12; Science is Saturnian Religion eg Big Bang, Evolution, Heliocentrism, Gravity etc.  The Saturnian Capital of the Golden Age is Astana Kazakhstan "Capitol of the Sublime Threshold".; on the New Silk Road; if you liked Ghengis Khan and the Golden Horde, WWIII is for you.

       The Six Pointed Star of Saturn is carved into Hindu Temples, Synagogues of Satan (All Synagogues are of Saturn), Mormon Temples, Christian Cathedrals (Christ means Messiah; Saturn is the Messiah Planet), Islamic Shrines and Bahai Shrines. All examples of Saturnian Religion. 
     Satan is Saturn, the 6th Planet, Saturn rules over a Universe absent God with familiar mantras: Freedom, Liberty, Equality the Saturnian/Rosicrucian mantra for Revolution. "Order out of Chaos" (Saturn creates Order out of the Chaos Monster). "E Pluribus Unum" (Out of many, One; Saturn is the ONE, the Capstone on the $US Pyramid). 
    Saturn is the Pale Horse "Death" seen on the cover of CFR Magazine "Foreign Affairs" with the title "Ubiquitous". Saturn is the "Mezuzah" over the doors at Site 911, a radiation hardened bunker in Beit Shemesh (House of Saturn) Israel prepared for the arrival of Saturn/Satan at Rev 9:11, containing a re-write of Deut 6:4 "Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is One" in place of "Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD" The LORD is JESUS whose 1st Commandment follows "And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might" (Deut 6:5), the very same words Jesus used to sum up the Law of the New Covenant "Love God" and "Love our Neighbor". Saturn is the "Phylactery" worn to gain Spiritual Wisdom with a Skull Cap to replace the Temple Veil Jesus tore at the Crucifixion. This is why Paul warned men to pray uncovered (1 Cor 11:4). Saturn is Uncle Sam "I Want You"; nice Goatee eh? Saturn is Ra Material aka Black Matter; hence CERN has Shiva (Saturn) the god of destruction out front in its vain search for Black Matter. Saturn is the Fine Structure Constant 1/137 considered the #1 mystery in Physics. In theory a material having Atomic Number 137; 137 is the 33rd Prime Number (Masons obtain Sovereignty at the 33rd Degree, the age Jesus was at the Crucifixion) would absorb all Light; hence 137/137=ONE "Saturn". 137 is gematrically represented in the word "Kaballah" Rabbis believe Abraham was 137 when he bound Isaac, offering him as a Holocaust sacfirice; Saturnians intend to copy this with most of the world.
    Saturn is the Chaldean STUR "Six Pointed Star", "Witch's Hexagram" (Hex is a Curse) and "Beehive" (Papal Triple Tiara is a Beehive; Mormon Beehive is called "Deseret"; Priests of Cybele were Melissae "Bees", Drones serving the Queen)
    God has one Covenant Name JESUS; Saturn has names in most every culture: Tammuz (Wailing for Tammuz is lamenting the fall of Saturn ruling over the pre-flood), Kiyyun, Shamash (the center candle on the Hanukkah Menorah), Azazel (Scapegoat in Num 16 is changed to Azazel "Goat that Departs" in new versions), Moloch, Melek-Taus, Ormuzd (Ahura Mazda), Osiris (Babylon is "Gate of Osiris"), Helios, Sol (Christmas is the Nativity of Solis Invictus), Baal (Obelisk means "Baal's Shaft"), Bel (Bel is the Confounder), Belenos, Thor, Tyr, Hu (Hu + Man=Saturn Man), Bacchus (Baccanalia=Saturnalia), Shiva (CERN has Shiva in front; J Robert Oppenheimer quoted Shiva witnessing the 1st Atomic detonation), Atum (Big Bang Theory is the ejaculation of Atum which formed Atoms of Atum; no I'm not kidding), Ra Utu, Remphan, Sabasius, Shaitan, Set, Atlas, Hyperion, El (Elohim are worshippers of Saturn), Dionysus (Green Man), al Khidr (Arab version of Green Man), Kaivan, Milcom, Chemosh, Remphan, Boy Plutus, Boy Jupiter (Capitol means Womb of Jupiter), Isaius, Butes, Dardanus, Himeros, Imbors, El Shaddai (False Prophet Mark Biltz predicts the 2nd coming at El Shaddai Ministry; he is a dangerous liar), Prometheus (Prometheus is featured in Sochi, Crimea and Rockefeller Center), Poseidon, Iswara (Japan means "Land of the Rising Sun" ie Primeval Sun "Saturn"), Nimrod (Saturn was the reasos the Earth was quartered in Nimrod's day), Centaur (Saturn trained Achilles), Apollo (Russian Olympics in Sochi featured Apollo's Chariot; Trump's Penthouse is a Shrine to Apollo), Apollyon, Adonis, Adonnai, Abaddon (Rev 9:11 Satan is cast to Earth), Kronos, Attis, Winged One (Assyrian symbol) etc. Names of God? Hardly. These are all names of Satan/Saturn; God's Covenant NAME is JEHOVAH, JAH, JESUS period! Ref Ex 6:3; Ps 68:4, Mat 1:25 Saturn is the Beast rising from the Sea.
     Bee is Chaldean for Word; Science is the "Tongue of the Chaldeans" (Dan 1:4) and "Vain and Profane Babblings" in opposition to God (1 Tim 6:12KJV).
There is only one Covenant NAME of God in the New Covenant "JESUS". God is Jesus; in Flesh he had only one Covenant Name, "Jesus" (Flesh); God in SPIRIT is "JESUS" there is only method of communication with God via the "Holy Ghost" aka "JESUS" which is why "Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost" is the only unforgivable Sin. There is only one written contract "Word of God" (Authorized Bible, the 7th Purified Word prophsied in Ps 12:6; this is why Jesuits (Saturnians) pulled out the stops to prevent its production in 1611. Saturn however has many Bible versions; if Num 16:8-10 uses "Azazel" in place of "Scapegoat" you are reading a Saturnian Bible. 
     Saturn/Satan sits atop the World Pillar, Axis Mundi, World Tree, the Angel of the Christmas Tree is the Saturnian Angel of Light. Axis Mundi is over the North Pole; God's throne is in the north; hence Saturn usurps God. Draco encircles the Pole Star; hence Saturn is the Serpent in the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil revered in China as the Red Dragon. 
      "Tonsuring" is cutting the hair in reverence for Saturn. "Goatee" is cutting one's beard in reverence for Saturn the Sabbath Goat.
     Buck Rogers went to Saturn; Transformers "All Spark" and the Decepticons were exiled on Saturn; the Black Monolith (Millennium Hilton at "Ground Zero" NYC symbolizes this) in 2001: A Space Odyssey is from Saturn; Interstellar "Worm Hole" is from Saturn.
     Saturn is the Universal Monarch; Catholic means "Universal"; the Pope wears the Saturn Hat. Phylactery is a Saturn Cube containing OT bible verses worn on the forehead over the Pineal Gland "3rd Eye" of Saturn. 
     Satan/Saturn is the Nazi SS (Schwarze Sonne "Black Sun") called by the Egyptians "TULA", Thule Society aka "Brotherhood of Death or "Skull & Bones" (eg Treasury Sec Stephen Mnuchin, John Kerry, George/Jeb/GW Bush) 

Black Path Satanism is Salvation absent JESUS; there is none. There is no difference between Black Path Satanism and White Path Witchcraft; Saturnian Gnosis originated in Bab-El (Gate of El/Saturn); Saturn will rule the Age of Aquarius when the Tower of Babel is completed with the Mark of the Beast. The Tower of Babel is not a physical Tower/Ladder to Heaven, it was and still is Initiation into the Cult of Saturn.
      Initiated Secret Societies such as Freemasons, Jesuits or Sufis hvw one goal "Sovereignty" (No higher rank) Black Path, Black Mass, Black Sun (SS "Schwarze Sonne" or "First Sun"), Black Star (David Bowie equivalent with Astronaut David Bowman from 2001: A Space Odyssey, originally slated to be re-born by the Black Monolith on Saturn; Saturn just entered Saggitarius the "Bowman", Black Pope (Jesuit Superior General), Black Horse, Black Virgin (Isis the eldest daughter of Saturn and today's fake Terrorist Org ISIS), Black Ops (Ops is the consort of Saturn; Ops means Wealth, Abundance, Resources, the prophecy Isaac gave to Esau in Gen 27:39-41KJV), Black Budget, Black Flag (Piracy), Dark Matter (Ra Material), Black Holes, Black Death (Black Plague was man-made), Black Stone (Kaaba), Manat (Goddess of Fate, Death) for example all deceptions originatiing with Ham (Black) and Egypt (Kemet=B

関連画像「picture of riding the goat」の画像検索結果「picture of riding the goat」の画像検索結果

「picture of tikkun olam」の画像検索結果「picture of tikkun olam」の画像検索結果「picture of holi festival」の画像検索結果Black is the combination of Colors, seen in the Hindu "Holi Festival", worship of Krishna "Black". Tikkun Olam is repairing the world to the conditions during the pre-Flood, absent the Tree of Life "Jesus Christ". You may recall this in Knight of Malta (Black Cross) Nic Cage movie "Knowing" which outlined the DeepWater Horizon pre-planned Earth destroying disaster 1 Yr in advance. 
      Black Paths:
Theosophy, Temple of Set (Set is the Black Cube), Temple of Satan, Church of Satan, Valentinians (Valentine's Day ring a Baal?), Tantrism, Khundalini, Yoga, Platonism, Druze, Ismailism, Mithraism (Mithra is born on Christmas/Saturnalia in case you thought Christmas was something Jesus promotes), Zoroastrianism (final battle of Good versus Evil is not just for Persians, most Christian Churches also teach the lie), Buddhism (Reincarnation until Nirvana? no need for a personal relationship with God here either), Taoism (The Path or Way to Immortality without God), Catharism (Female Priests/Pastors? Thank the Cathars for that Lie), Kabbalah (Christian and Jewish Kabbalah? both Black Path Satanism), Orthodox (Greek, Russian, Coptic, Assyrian etc rely on Mystical Experience and Personal Transformation; sounds like Self Deification because it is) The question is not so easy to answer and won't be until you place your trust in JESUS alone. Six Pointed Star of Saturn on the Flag of Israel; it is not Jewish in the slightest it is the Ensign of Saturn.

    Saturn Religion is Restoration Theology seen in the Talmudic phrase "Tikkun Olam" (Repair the Earth); Unification Church (Moonies); Mormon Church which has its roots in the Restoration Movement and Presbyterian Church (Donald Trump is a fake Presbyterian), Plymouth Brethren (Aleister Crowley was raised in this church; Rapture Theology propagated by the Jesuits through this church vial Plymouth Brethren John Nelson Darby), Crowley's Thelema Religion "Do what thou wilt", Witchcraft "Do what thou wilt and see it harm none" and John Calvin's TULIP (Total Depravity, Unconditional Election to Salvation, Limited Atonement, Irresistable Grace, Fixed Pre-Destination) etc. 
   Scythians "Black Sea Princes" were called Umman-Manda "People of Saturn", their wagons based on the Hyksos (Foreign Shepherd Kings) Chariots of Egypt. Saturn's Scythe after whom they were named gave him the title "Grim Reaper".
    Saturn is the Universal Monarch, Primeval Sun, Best Sun or First Sun, the Dark Sun ruled over the pre-Flood "Golden Age" which most of the world wants to return to, absent JESUS of course. Rabbis call this "Tukkun Olam" (Repair the Earth) by sacrificing most of humanity.
    Saturn is the father of Veritas; Veritas Capital sold DynCorp to Cerberus (owned by Trump's Sr Economic Adviser Steven Friedman). Veritas means "Truth"; Dyn is th root of "Power" (Trump's Inauguration phrase "Power to the People" taken from Dark Knight Rises and Bain's speech) Cerberus is the 3 headed "Hound of Hell"; Jesus of course referred to Saturn/Satan as the "Father of Lies". 
 This banner is often seen at Satanic Ritual Abuse gatherings; note the 3-D Star of Saturn hidden in the Eagle.  


                                                                     Trump-Pence "Nothing in politics happens by chance. If it happened you can bet it was planned" FDR  Roughly 100 fake Ashkenazi fake Jews control Donald Trump "WWIII will pit Zionism against Islam" Albert Pike.  Knight of Malta (Black Cross) Donald Trump: TRUMP is a CORPORATE Railroad to Hell and Mike Pence is the Conductor. Pence as the "Black Horse" rider? Pence means Penny, a day's wage in order to eat. Creditors make Slaves of Debtors; America's Debt? $20T Debt + $105T Unfunded Liabilities (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Gov't/Military Pensions, PBGC Corporate Pensions) + $700T-1QT Derivative Investments. So who are the Slaves here?  Trump opposes Free Trade; Pence is pro-Free Trade; TiSA (Trade in Services Agreement) is the Free Trade Beast which will destroy the United States. Trump is the 44th man elected President of the US. Trump received 5 Draft deferments and lifetime immunity from Federal Income  Tax (Burden) from fellow Knight of Malta, fake Christian Jimmy Carter.  Donald Trump means "King of the World; Trump of God". Zedekiah was the 44th and last King of Israel; his sons were killed and he was taken away in chains to die in a mire pit. Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix details the plan for America.  Mene: "God has numbered thy kingdom, and finished it." Tekel: "Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting." Peres: "Thy kingdom is divided, and given to the Medes and Persians"" Dan 5:25

Trump: Time Magazine "President of the Divided States" in Red Horns. Why? Esau will be destroyed by JESUS (Ref Obadiah); Trump is the likely Scapegoat. Lady Justice aka Maat, Isis, Themis or Justitia will judge America, the Scapegoat for "Babylon"
Prophet Jeremiah Johnson Aug 2015 "Trump shall become my Trumpet for the American People...just as I raised up Cyrus"
Prophet Kim Clement said in 2007 "Trump shall a Trumpet. I shall raise up Trump to become a his office he shall shout my name" Kim died Thanksgiving 2016; maybe he should have read Lk 16:16 "The law and prophets were until John". Donald said "I have never apologized to God. I do however take communion. When I eat my little cracker and drink my little wine I feel cleansed" Trump should have read 1 Cor 11:27
777 represents perfection on 3 planes: Matter, Astral (Mental/Soul) and Spirit. Donald (Lord/King of the World) Trump (Trumpet) commissioned this picture of the Jan 21, 2017 Inauguration for the White House Press Hall; the Inauguration was Jan 20th. Why? Donald is 70 Years, 7Months, 7 Days on Jan 21 (21=777). AMORC (Rosucricians in America) Liber 777 Celestial Sanctum and Aleister Crowley Liber 777 and other Qabalistic Writings may ring a Baal. Lamech the last Patriarch before the Flood lived 777 years; Jan 21 is the Dawning/Inauguration of Aquarius "Water Pourer". In HBO's mini-series "Young Pope" the Big Dipper is where God is; pretty coincidental eh? Himalayan Masters teach the "Celestial Man"=777; guess where Noah exited the Ark after the Flood? Mt Ararat, Turkey? Guess Again; Chomolongmo "Earth Mother" aka Mt Everest. "They came from the East" to Babel (Gen 11:2KJV) not "They came to the East" like new versions claim. The Ethiopian book Wisdom of Sibyl ascribes the last of 9 cycles 777 years to the "Master of the World". Pope Francis I and Benedict XVI recommended reading the book "Lord of the World"; pretty coincidental eh? "I am the resurrection"=777; CIA Director wanna be Mike Pompeo (Pompeii eruption may ring a Baal) said "Jesus Christ is the only way for the world"; Jesus, Jah, Jehovah was rejected; JESUS, JAH, JEHOVAH (SPIRITUAL) is now the only way. Orthodox (Having the correct interpretation) Messiah=777; No part of scripture is subject to "Private Interpretation". Yeshua Saves and Yeshua Messiah both =777; Yeshua is the Antichrist not JESUS. "Filled with Light"=777; Lucifer "Light Bearer" may ring a Baal. Can you see the Writing on the White House Wall yet?

.Image result for mene mene tekel upharsin pictureRelated imageRelated image「trump turnberry double eagle logo」の画像検索結果Image result for picture of dunvegan fairy flagTrump, a Knight of Malta descends from Clan Macleod, the Fairy or Sith (Sidhe). Sith Apprentice Darth Maul didn't fare well in Star Wars; in fact he was "Divided" lets hope Donald Trump "The Apprentice" does better. Clan of Castle Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye harbored fleeing Knights Templar 700 years ago on his mother's side and from Germanic Teutonic Knights on his father's. What? Didn't know The Donald was a Pedophile, Child Sacrificing Sith Lord eh? Teutonic Knights and 33 degree Masonry use the same Double Eagle Symbol.

Notice the Lion above the Double Eagle of Lagash; on Aug 21 (Cusp of Leo-Libra) a Total Solar Eclipse will Divide America from Oregon to Georgia; the first time since America's birth in 1776 one month ahead of the Rev 12:1 sign in the Heavens (Sept 23, 2017) and "Christ Angle" on Earth (Sept 20, 2017)

Donald Trump on the December 19, 2016 cover of TIME magazine.Related imageImage result for teutonic knightsRelated image「nazi double eagle」の画像検索結果Image result for clan macleod symbols Clan MacLeod connects Donald Trump to Satan's Publisher, fellow Crypto fake Jew, Knight of Malta Rupert Murdoch (Merodach/Marduk), and NewsCorp PR man Sigmund Freud-Clement Freud-Matthew Freud Using a New Bible Version? Murdoch owns Harper-Collins, Zondervan and Thomas Nelson Publishers, producers of the Satanic Bible, Joys of Gay Sex, Gender Neutral NIV and the Queen James Bible.
   Pope Francis I named after St Francis of Assisi born Giovanni Di Pietro Di Benardone (Peter + Knight Templar Bernard of Clairveaux); the Eagle/Phoenix on Pope Gregory IX (Bishop of Ostia) Papal Coat of Arms under the Triple Tiara denoting rulership over Body, Soul and Spirit. Make sure JESUS is ruler of yours. Why Ostia? Mithraism was brought to Rome via Ostia. Mithras is the Trump of Satan.
      M is the 13th Letter; 13 the number of Rebellion to God seen in Gen 13:13 "Men of Sodom" and Rev 13. The Double Eagle of Lagash is a symbol of Dialectic: Thesis + Antithesis=Synthesis; Jacob and Esau; Edom=Red; Esau's "Dominion" is the 3rd Beast (Dan 7:6=7+6=13; 7X6=42 month "Great Tribulation" beginning in Rev 13) which quickly ushers in the 4th Beast of Antichrist Dan 7:7; the Satanic Trump.  The ancient symbol was adopted by the 32nd (Highest) and 33rd (Sovereign) levels of Masonry. A New Order created out of Chaos, the destriction of God and His followers.

Image result for trump-Pence trumpet logoImage result for trump-Pence trumpet logo17Related imageDonald pledges allegiance to nobody; "I have never apologized to God"-Donald Trump. His pal Ted showing the Masonic "Hidden Hand"; Men of Jahbulon have all rejected JESUS and sworn allegiance to Lucifer.

Donald J. Trump in 2007, when his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was unveiled.CreditDamian Dovarganes/Associated Press 

Donald "King of the World" + John "Jah/Jehovah has Favored" + Trump "Trumpeter" wearing a Red (Esau sold his Soul and became Edom=Red) Tie, refusing to Pledge Allegiance to the United States is Time (Chronos) Magazine "Most Infuential Person on Earth" as "President of the Divided States of America". America may is in the Red (Debt), a financial Yoke on the entire World ($21T + $50T Unfunded Liabilities) + $1Quadrillion (Derivatives). Donald Trump however has paid no Federal Income Tax since 1977, a deal made with 33 degree Mason, Jimmy Carter. Trump, the Debt Free King of the World. 
Pence=Penny=Denarius the Wages offered for a Day's work by the Black Horse. The Pale Horse "Death" follows the Black Horse; Death is spelled as a Name; a Name stricken from the Lamb's Book of Life for eternity.
Trump-Pence Logo: T=Tammuz "Purify by Fire" + P=Greek "Rho"; the Logo is a repeat of the Chi-Rho "Labarum" used by Constantine to entice Christians to pick the Sword; the result was Basilica Nova then; the result today is the "New World Order". The Egyptians called the Cross of Tammuz, "Tau", the Cross of Life carried by ISIS. Funny how times never change; Trump's goal is to have War with ISIS.
Trump as Apollo "Destroyer"; Apollo "Good Shepherd" of the Golden Age rising the Golden Ass under the Golden Bough? or Jesus "Good Shepherd" of the Millennium?
Trump as a child actor got his start as a bragging, bully, thief, all talk and no action on the Andy Griffith (Mayberry PD used a 5 Pt Star Badge) show An episode of the 1958 episode "End of the World" in the Western series Trackdown featured Con-man Walter
Trump portending the end of the world "I am the only one, Trust me! I can build a wall around your homes nothing can penetrate" 
Related imageRelated imageJacob's Sheep returned to Israel. Rabbis fashion the "Most Holy Shofar Trumpets" from Jacob's Sheep. Want to become part of the Lamb's Sheep with your Name written in the Book of Life? Tell JESUS; He is the real Alpha and Omega.

2017 is the Satanic Jubilee, 50 years after the 1966-7 6th Tetrad and 6-Day War and founding of the Church of Satan in San Francisco's "Black House" aka "Hotel California" (Eagle symbolizes Edom). Here is Satan's plan to falsify the 2nd Coming during this Jubilee.
      PizzaGate, Gay Marriage, LGBTQ+2, Spirit Cooking and Temple of Baal from Amurru (replicated in NYC)
 are modern day American versions of Sodom and Gomorrah, 2 Cananite cities burned by Fire and Brimstone for Sodomy; CeDom means "To Burn/Lust"; similar conditions existed at the time of the Flood, but God promised never to Flood the Earth again. Jesus, the Scapegoat from Num 16, gave His life for the remission of Sin; in similar fashion Satan (Azazel in new versions of Num 16) will give his. Amurru is the source name of America, Amurru is the Edomite Serpent god promising Liberty and Freedom from God; JESUS offers Freedom from Sin (Lucifer/Satan is the Man of Sin). Amurru is also the Edomite Shepherd god; JESUS is also the Shepherd, His flock ministered using the Holy Ghost. As JESUS uses the Holy Ghost, Satan demands rejection of the Holy Ghost; the "Unforgivable Sin"; hence the +2 or 2 Spirits; the problem is there is only 1 Spirit. America will be burned, the New World Order of Edomite Dominion (Esau is currently Yoked to Jacob Rev Gen 27:39-41KJV) prophesied here and Dan 2:39; 7:6 will rise as a Phoenix (Pa=House + Enoch who rose to Heaven on a Chariot of Fire) from the ashes, likely in 2017, 10 Jubilees after Martin Luther began the Reformation in 1517 as predicted in the Prince Melchisedek Scroll "11Q13" written by the Essenes (Essen means Priest) of Qumran. The Trumpet? For America 2 Pedophile Sodomites Trump-Pence; hence Time Magazine picturing Trump with Red Horns as the "Most Influential Man on Earth". America is a CORPORATION operating in the Red (Debt); M in Time is the 13th Letter, the number associated with Rebellion to God, the world of all Sins (hence the timing with "Inferno"); the Great Tribulation begins at Rev 13; the Sins of Sodom" Gen 13:13.
    Sodom and Gomorrah were burned by fire as were, Thera (Santorini) was. Ejected from Egypt, the Hyksos, "Foreign Shepherd Kings" of Egypt attempted to escape God's Wrath to Thera and were covered by volcanic Ash. Hyksos descended from Canaan, Ishmael, and Esau aka Amalekites whom god prophesied would be have "War with God from Generation to Generation" Ex 17:16; the resulting Volcanic Ash and Tsunami also destroyed the Minoans ie "Cretans" Knossos from whence they originated. Similar fires (Wrath) burned Pompeii and Herculaneum for the same reasons. 
    America is about to be burned, as Jesus offered Himself; Amurru (America) will offer itself (Self Immolation similar to Mithra) as a Scapegoat for the world's Debt (Sin); Rev 18 "Babylon has fallen"? Not o
Got JESUS/JAH/JEHOVAH/I AM in your life? Now's the time. 

Reagan: Hollywood Actor, Knight of Malta, Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame playing the role of President. Knight of Malta Donald Drumpf, Star on the Hollyood Walk of Fame and a Screen Actors's Guild Retirement pension. 
Donald Trump's pastor Sir (Knight) Rev Norman Vincent Peale, pastor of Marble Cathedral Church, Manhattan officiated Donald Trump's wedding to Ivana in 1977, the year Jimmy Carter gave Trump a Tax Free deal for 30 Years; Peale also officiated Trump's wedding to Marla Maples, a committed Kabbalist who some claim may be his own daughter.  Peale was a Muslim Shriner (Noble Arabic Order of the Mystic Shrine; "Murat Shriners"), Grand Chaplain of the Grand Lodge of NY, a 33 degre Luciferian Mason inducted with Crystal Cathedral Chief Satanist Robert Schuller (bankrupted the mega church, installed his daughter as Chief Pastor and sued her) and Satanic Ritual Abuse Pedophile Billy Graham who taught many different paths to Salvation. There is only one, through Jesus Christ.  
      The Drumpf (Drummer) family purchased 666 5th Av; he inherited his grandmother's fortune after her death on 6/6/66; he lives on the 66th floor of Trump Tower and is building a 666ft tall Tower at One Journal Square NJ with Ivanka's husband Jared Kushner and KABR Group (Kabar is the Nabbattean name for the Black Stone of the Kaaba aka Harem of Korahites) The Kaaba contains the the head of Aphrodite, guarded by Korahites the Rebel Priests from the Quyraish Tribe of Muhammad described in Num 16; Jude 7. Aphrodite is the Nabbattaean goddess of the sea, Atargatis symbolized by the Aquarian Cross. The Christian Fish Symbol has nothing to do with Jesus or His followers, it represents ICHTHYS, the son of Atargatis , the "Fish Goddess" in the center of the Aquarian Cross depicted by the Golden Mean aka Ratio of Life or fake Christian Fish Symbol. In 1988, Donald Trump was rewarded by Saudi Arabian Illegal Iran-Contra Arms Dealer Adnan Khashoggi with the Yacht "Nabila" a $200M Yacht once owned by the Edomite (Hahesmite) Sultan of Brunei de-facto leader of the TPP "Trans-Pacific Partnership" designed to strip the United States and its citizens of all Rights and Property. Nabila is the Arab feminine word for "Noble"; Who is the Arab Noble Princess? Atargatis of course, the Whore of the Korahite Harem aka Aphrodite. Trump bought Nabila from Kashoggi for $29M, renamed the Yacht "Princess" aka "Whore of Babylon" and sold it to "Kingdom Holdings" run by Saudi Prince Al Waleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz for $20M who calls it "Kingdom 5KR"; the Kingdom of course is the Edomite Kingdom prophesied in Gen 27:39-41KJV aka 3rd Beast.

Kingdom 5KR, docked in Antibes, France
Kingdom 5KR
 Mike Pence "Gay VP". Member of "The Fellowship" with Dan Coats and Jeff Sessions; Doug Coe leads the evangelists of the powerful with Uganda's President Museveni; described as "Quiet Diplomacy" Coe asks "Name 3 men who understood the real message of the New Testament?" Ans: "Hitler, Stalin and Mao"; the message is Human Sacrifice. Israel's Zionist T-Party VP, one heart beat away from the Presidency; pro Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria Wars, pro Free Trade Agreements NAFTA, CAFTA, TPP, TTIP, TiSA, pro Patriot Act NSA Wire Taps, pro Extraordinary Rendition, pro GITMO, pro Torture, pro Drone Killings, pro Immigration ie most everything Donald Trump is pledged against. Irish Catholic Altar Boy turned Born Again Evangelical Christian? Sure thing; "Love God", "Love your Neighbor" Mike; pretty hard to understand that isn't it? Pence advocates "Gay Conversion Therapy"; he allegedly went from Gay to Married in 1 Yr at University of Indiana; Pence stated in 1983 "Gay Conversion Therapy saved my marriage and helped me overcome certain urges".  Former Dorm roommate James Badwater "It'll be great to have the first Gay Vice-President"
Jared Kushner: receiving Top Secret Briefings, selecting Donald Trump's Cabinet, appointed Senior White House Adviser and Middle East Peace Negotiator. Jared Kushner's father Charles was convicted (Chris Christie negotiated a plea deal; he served 1 Yr house arrest) of money laundering, fraud, witness tampering, tax evasion, illegal campaign contributions ($1.5M to NJ Gov Jim McGreevy); Kushner sponsored Israeli Mossad agent Golan Cipel (drafted legislation for the Knesset) for a US Visa, hiring him for $30K/Yr to do PR work; in 2000 Sodomite Gov McGreevy accepted an all expense paid junket to Israel where a chance meeting (sure!) with Sodomite Golan Cipel occurred aka "Blackmail Honey Trap"; Cipel was then hired to run McGreevy's re-election campaign and subsequently hired for $110K/Yr as NJ Counter-terrorism Czar.
Ivanka Trump: The real 1st Lady occupies what else but the Office of the 1st Lady.
John McAfee
 Trump Cyber-security Czar? "Gringo: The dangerous life of John McAfee" British born John McAfee goes from Anti-virus titan (who doesn't use his own product) to FBI wanted Cocaine smuggling, admitted pedophile, accused rapist, 2X accused murderer in Belize to Libertarian Presidential candidate (2nd to "What's Aleppo" Gary Johnson) to Jesuit Hacking Group "Anonymous" choice for Jesuit Knight of Malta Donald Trump (Germanic-Ashkenazi Drumpf) Cyber-security Czar.
McAfee's story is told in the documentary "Gringo" (Un-intelligible; Gibberish); his biography is being written by convicted Medellin Cartel cocaine smuggler George Jung aka "El Americano"; his story was told in "Blow" starring Johnny Depp.  What would one expect from a pedophile, rapist (Google "Trump and Jeff Epstein Pedophile Island") serial adulterer who admits "I have never apoligized to God"?
Rex Tillerson to Sec of State
Rex is Exxon-Mobil CEO with closer ties to Putin than anyone. Mad Dog Mattis says "Russia is our most dangerous concern"; Rex says "US must work with Russia to destroy ISIS". Pedophile Boy Scout leader Rex also knows Russia and the US arm ISIS (Google Mol Comfort) Rex married Rendra St Clair "Holy Light" of the Knights Templar and Roslyn Castle; remember Sophia (Wisdom) the last of the Holy Grail Line in DaVinci code was at Roslyn Castle? 
David Melek (Melek-Taus ring a Baal?) Friedman Trump Bakdruptcy Lawyer Ambassador to Israel; pro Israeli Zionist, Sephardic fake Jew calls Anti-Zionists "Traitors"; met Don at his father's "Shiva" (Jewish 7 day mourning) Friedman proposes to end the 2 State Narrative and the establichment of a Jewish (fake) Theocracy to bring Redemption and God's Grace (Jesus destroys all of it) and moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem aka "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt" Rev 11:8KJV
Steven Mnuchin Skull & Bones, Goldman Sachs, Hollywood producer, George Soros protege to Treasury Sec
Anthony Scaramucci to Dep Sec of Treasury (Goldman Sachs; Jesuit educated, CFR Traitor)
Gary Cohn to Office of Management and Budget (Goldman Sachs COO; Crypto Jew eg Hillel Jewish Center/Methodist)
Stephen Bannon Brietbart, Jesuit educated, Goldman Sachs to White House Chief Strategist. Brietbart is an Israeli-Netanyahu mouthpiece from its Jersualem HQ. Netanyahu and Romney both initiated into the CIA at Boston Consulting Group. "Darkness is good, they are blind to who we are or what we are doing" Steve Bannon Not all of us Steve.
Stephen Miller to Senior White House Adviser 31 Yr old fake Jew, Latino-phobe Stephen Miller; "only room for 100% Americans" Miller's mentor was/is "The Family" initiate Jeff Sessions
Steve Feinberg Chief Economic Adviser Billionaire Dyncorp owner through Cerberus (Hound of Hell) Capital harvests human organs, transports drugs and sex slaves.
Jeff Sessions to Attorney General. Member of The Fellowship. Sponsored bill to exempt Hydraulic Fracturing from Drinking Water Rules. Who doesn't like Diesel fuel, Benzene and Sodium (Salt Water) in their drinking water? Friend of Israel, Friend of the KKK, alleged closet homosexual, crony contracts for State projects. Iraq War, NATO, Free Trade (TPP, TTIP, TISA) promoter
Don McGhan (Jesuit educated, Koch Bro's Atty) to White House Counsel
Gen "Mad Dog" Warrior Monk" "Chaos" Mattis "It's fun to shoot people" to Sec of Defense (Illegal, Sec of Def must be 7 Yrs removed from military service) "Be polite and professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet" Fashions himself a modern day Bible Quoting, George Patton or Marcus Aurelius (father of Commodus, credited for the downfall of Rome; he was the last Caesar initiated into the Eleusinian Mystery Religion) Mad Dog must be carrying a Bible missing "Thou shalt not kill" and "He who kills with the sword must be killed with the sword" eh? Or he's a hypocrite headed for Hell.
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen James Dunford, a Georgetown Jesuit who attended a very rare Full Moon Summer Solstice 9th Circle child sacrifice ritual in the Mithraeum (Trump's god is Apollo=Mithras=Solis Invicti) under the Vatican June 20, 2016.
Gen Michael Flynn to Nat Sec Adviser; Flynn Intel Group is essentially a Turkish lobby; Flynn is against Iran yet attended a Russian Gala.
KT McFarland (Kissinger protege; CFR Traitor) to Dep Nat Sec Adviser. 
Betsy DeVoss (Billionaire Amway Heiress; Blackwater SMOM Eric Prince sister) to Education Secretary.
Elaine Chao MEK (Mujahideen a-Kalq) promoter, cocaine trafficking Global Shipping Heiress, wife of Sodomite Vietnam Draft Dodger Mitch McConnel to Transportation Secretary. 
Wilbur Ross Billionaire Jesuit Xavier HS/Yale/Harvard educated, Rothschild (Edomite) Bankruptcy/Re-structruring "Grand Swipe" of Wall St Banker Fraternity Kappa Beta Phi to Commerce Sec; Good choice Don!
Penny Pritzker to Sec of Commerce; allegedly the Church of Satan High Priestess in Chicago.
Todd Ricketts (Billionaire, Jesuit Loyola U educated, Ameritrade, Chicago Cubs owner) to Dep Sec of Commerce.
Ajit Pai Obama FCC Commissioner is Trump's FCC Chairman; Clinton Foundation controls Interniet Content. Pai writes "Net Nrutrality days are numbered" "Much of Hinduism like Islam and Christianity is imported"
Gen John Kelly to Homeland Security; GITMO Chief of Torture; good choice.
Sen Dan Coats to Dir of Nat Intelligence. Member of "The Fellowship" aka "The Family" which hosts the National Prayer Breakfast; 7th Day Adventist Ben Carson the only person outside 33 degree Mason, Muslim Shriner Billy Graham to be guest speaker more than once. Coats was George "Gog" W Bush' 1st choice for Sec of Def 
Mike Pompeo to CIA Director. Extraordinary Rendition, Torture, CIA Black Sites, NSA Surveillance proponent gave the George Tenet Award to Saudi Arabia for Intelligence gathering on Terror; Trump stated Saudi Arabia masterminded 9/11.
Alex Acosta to Sec of Labor, advocates illegal alien amnesty; favors continual inflow of foreign workers.  
Neil Gorsuch Supreme Court nominee; Neil is a CFR Initiatite Oath sworn to undermine the US Constitution who would be sworn in to impartially interpret the US Constitution. "A Double mined man is unstable in all his ways"- Jesus
Kappa Beta Phi (Opposite of Phi Beta Kappa) was formed months ahead of the planned Oct 1929 Stock Market collapse and Great Depression; the annual Gala of International Bankers, Hedge Fund Managers and Billionaires is at the St Regis (Regis=Fit for a King) Hotel; Cross-dressing Bankers in song and dance routines much like Bohemian Grove "Hi Jinx" planning the next Great Depression. Now you know why Jesus turned the tables on these Cretans.

      Time Magazine "Person of the Year" 2016 Donald Trump 
 "President of the Divide States of America" (Donald=Ruler of the Earth + Trump=Trumpter) with perfectly centered Red Edomite (Edom=Red) Horns; and why not? Esau became Edom when he gave up any rights to a relationship with God and achieves "Dominion" over the Earth (Gen 27:39-41KJV Dan 2:39; 7:6) as the 3rd Beast. Jesus? The real Trump of God wears a a Crown of Thorns under a perfectly centered IM (I AM) in 1999, the year Time Magazine dropped the "Man of the Year" title changing it to "Person of the Year". M is the 13th Letter; 13 is the number of Rebellion; the Great Tribulation begins at Rev 13; the Sins of Sodom described in Gen 13:13. Esau was Circumcised at 13, the year Isaac was born; the Covenant stipulated Circumcision at 8 Days. The Republican Convention in Cleveland (Cleave); the Cleveland CAV's (Golden Calf caused Israel to Divide from Judah). Cleveland named after Moses Cleveland; Moses having been given the 10 Commandments came down to the Golden Calf, breaking the tablets in 2. The hope of the Confederacy is coming true.  
      Rabbis believe Messiah will come when Edom is destroyed; Trump with the Red Horns as President of America (Amurru) will be the Scapegoat for Edom. Edom is the name Esau was given by God when he sold his soul; Red is synomous with Debt. The US is in the RED: $20T + $105T (Unfunded Liabilities) + $1Quadrillion (Derivatives). Amurru is the Edomite Shepherd and Serpent god, but Jesus is the real Trump of God who destroys Edom at the 2nd Coming; every last one of them (Ref Obadiah) If I had chosen the Edomite side Wealth, Sword, Priesthood (Ref Gen 27:39-41KJV) I'd be nervous too.Related imageImage result for trump with ghislaine maxwellImage result for picture of bald trump Time Magazine declares Donald Trump "President of the Divided States of America"; their most influeintial person on earth for 2016 really looks like this. His family lawyer and mentor is Sodomite fake Jew, NY Mafia lawyer Roy Cohn. Architect of the "Red Scare" and Trump's 4 Bankruptcies;  Gambino Lawyer to Tony "Fat Tony" Salerno and John cody; Philadelphia Mafia Salvatore Testa; Paul Castelano; Carmine "The cigar" Gafante; convicted Russian Mafia boss Felix Sater (partner is Trump SoHo through Bayrock

TRUMP is a CORPORATE, Railroad to Hell. Notice the Red Communist Stars, Crescent Moon (Arab Hilal=Lucifer; same as Mormon Heylel) and 6000 highlighted in the Trump Train logo hauling the US Flag; occultists believe Trump is the "End Times" President; "But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. The Lord is not slack concerning his promise...." 2 Pet 3:8  On the Eve of the Age of Aquarius Inauguration the TV Game Show "Divided" debuts; Time Magazine calls Trump the "President of the Divided States".
Trump habitually flashes the 666 OK sign in speeches, he inherited his grandmother's real estate on 6/6/66, owns 666 5th Ave, is building a $666M 666Ft tall One Journal Square Tower, announced Trump SoHo Tower on 6/6/2006, chooses and plays "Sympathy for the Devil" at his events. 3X Married, Adultress Paula White is his SPIRITUAL Adviser.

Related image

Image result for picture of trump without hairDan Cruickshank's book "Secret History of Georgian London" states "Rich Brothel owners fed the construction boom...Most of Georgian London was built on profits from prostitution"; Trump's New York Empire was/is too. Trump thinks himself a man of the Bible "I have never apologized to God (You may recall Saturn's Day Night Live Alec Baldwin poked fun at this); I do however take Communion. When I eat my little cracker and drink my little wine, I feel cleansed" Don may want to read the part about taking Communion in an unworthy condition "Wherefore whosoever shall eat this bread, and drink this cup of the Lord unworthily, shall be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord...he that eatheh and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh damnation to himself..." 1 Cor 11:27;29
     In 1958, some 58 years before Trump won the 2016 Election to be sworn in at the 58th Inauguration, 3 episodes ran together in the TV Series "Trackdown"; "The Mistake" followed by "End of the World" followed by "Divided". Obama "He is with us" or "One Big Ass Mistake America". In "End of the World" Con-man/Snake Oil Salesman Walter Trump comes into town selling people on the idea of building a Wall. Walter is High German as is "Drumpf"; Walter means "Ruler of the Army" or "Wielder of Hosts"; certainly not the Host "JESUS". Donald means "Ruler of the World". Rather coincidental eh? How about the hair? A bit too coincidental? How about "Divided" making its debut on the Eve of the Trump Inauguration? Coincidence or meticulous planning?
     In Teutonic (Germanic; Teutonic Knights use the same Double Eagle of Lagash logo Donald Trump has on his Scottish Coat of Arms) Mythology Grim suggests that Walter/Walthar is an epithet of the Norse God of War Tyr or Chinese (China=Sina=Sin; China=Cathay=Cathars=Catharsis=Heth=Hittites; note the Red Stars; Esau married Hittite women in violation of God's Covenant with Abraham and Isaac) god of War Ziu.             Image result for picture of chinese god ziu Image result for andy griffith and june 7Image result for picture of donald trump on andy griffith showBiff Tannen/Donald TrumpImage result for andy griffith and june 7 Andy Griffith flashing the El Diablo Satanic Hand Sign. Satanists celebrate June 7 as "Anti-Christmas", the birth of Andy Griffith, the prototype hidden Satanist. Donald Trump is a Hollywood Star who got his start in TV as a child actor on the Andy Griffith Show as a Thief, Liar and Bully all talk and no action.    Mar 2000 Simpsons episode "Bart to the Future" predicted the Trump presidency; the title based in Bart to the Future II with Biff Tannen as the protoytpe Donald Trump. July 2015 "Trumptastic Voyage" featured the Black Monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey in Donald's Hair; the Monolith provided the Spark of Evolution which Trump epitomizes.
                  Related image           trump-simpsons                    Related imageBiff is handed the keys to fortune exclusively for himself (Donald was given a Tax Exemption from Jimmy Carter); profits from his Casino used to shakeup the Republican Party which Biff later took control of just like Donald who insisted he be called "Americas greatest living folk hero"; Donald "America's greatest populist folk hero"
       Most of us didn't notice "Gomer" as a Germanic/Teutonic son of Japheth and father of Ashkenaz (Ashkenazi are fake Germanic Jews); Aunt Bee (Bee is Chaldean for "Word"; Melissae "Bees" are the Eunuch Priests of Cybele at the Templar of Halicarnassus replicated in Washington DC Supreme House of the Temple). Barney is Bernard; St Bernard of Clairveux formed the Knights Templar and instigated the Crusades. Opie is Opium ie Heroin "White Horse" seen in Wizard of Oz or Opium Dens of Shanghai or the Global Afghanistan Opium trade. The 5Pt Star (Pentacle) and Hexagram (Star of Molech) on the Mayberry RFD uniform represent the 5th-6th Level in Kabbalah, the X "Christ"; Thelemists believe Trump will take the world from the 5th to the 6th Root Race.

Related image              Image result for pence office with lincoln pictures    Charlotte has no reflection because Charlotte was photoshopped in to make the Pence family seem "Normal".  Pence preppring the Reagan Family Bible for the Swearing-In. Pence speaking amid 3 Rebublican Elephants with the Stars Upside Down.     

               Related image                   Image result for pictures of union square park                                 Related image                                                                                                        Pence is a Theocratic Satanist ie Zionist in Sheep's Clothes; Donald Trump put Mike Pence in charge of all "Foreign and Domestic Issues". Pence prepping the Lincoln Bible before the Swearing-In; the pre Inaugural Concert was at the Lincoln Memorial because Lincoln presided over the Civil War and has the Fasces on this Throne. Pence speaking with Elephants in the Room; all the Stars are upside down for a reason.  America is the Scapegoat "Azazel" in Num 16. Pence is a T-Party shill; T-Party HQ at Union Square Park also has the US Flag supported by the Fasces; just as the Fasces adorns the Supreme Court Doors, Speaker's Rostrum and Oval Office Doors.

    Mike credits "Gay Conversion Therapy" for helping him overcome certain urges and allowing him to marry. Mike's role model VP is Dick Cheney, the puppet master of George Bush Jr and 9/11/2001 architect. The supposed Evangelical Christian and initiate of "The Family" loves Water Boarding and other Enhanced Interrogation techniques; Extraordinary Rendition; the Iraq, Afghanistan and Syrian Wars; Patriot Act (1006 pages written, read and signed into law 20 days after 9/11) CAFTA, NAFTA, TPP, TTIP and TiSA; NSA Roving Wire Taps and Drone Killings.  Dick Cheney Part Deux is one heart beat away from the White House.
        Abe Lincoln known for sharing his bed with Joshua (Opus Day Dominus Iesus ringing a Baal?) Speed; Mike Pence known for "Gay Conversion Therapy" which allowed him to control "Certain Urges" and marry. Where was the 1st ever pre-Inauguration concert and fireworks? The Lincoln Memorial. What's supporting Lincoln's Throne? The Fasces.
    Mike Pence is a member (no pun intended) of The Family aka The Fellowship, sponsors the National Prayer Breakfasts. Doug Coe aka "Stealth Billy Graham" and Uganda's Genocidal Dictator President Museveni set the agenda for The Fellowship; Coe says the 3 men who understood the real message of the New Testament best? Adoph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse Tung and Pol "Killing Field" Pot; all totaled, about 200M people sacrificed. Coe has been called the "Stealth Billy Graham" and was in fact mentored by 33 degree Luciferian Mason Billy Graham whose son Franklin set the Zionist Crusaders ablaze for Jesus with his Inaugural Prayer. Jesus was homeless, so who did Donald put in charge of HUD? Ben Carson, 7th Day Adventist repeat (Billy Graham is the only other repeat speaker) guest speaker at the Prayer Breakfasts; in charge of National Intelligence? Dan Coats, another member of The Fellowship. The 2017 National Prayer Breakfast will be on Imbolc (Feb 2) "In the Belly". Someone's in the Belly alright. The message is clear Inquisition Part Deux is coming up. 
     Mike Pence entered "Gay Conversion Therapy" his senior year of college; one of his roommates says he went from listening constantly to Wham! (George Michel) to married that year "It will be nice to have the first Gay VP". Knight of Malta Erik Prince, Blackwater founder and "CIA Assassination Point Man" financed Mike Pence' rise to stardom during the Reagan Administration; hence Erik Prince' sister Betsy DeVoss (Richard DeVoss is a 33 degree Mason) is Education Secretary. The Prince family finances the Trump-Pence SuperPAC "Make America #1". Erik's father Ed Prince began financing the Evangelical Right with Gary Bauer and James Dobson. Bauer means "Farmer" as in Cain; Rothschild (Red Shield=Edom) was originally Bauer; Esau married Canaanite women who descended from Cainites. Gary Bauer is Georgetown Jesuit educated; Undersecretary of Education and Domestic Policy adviser in the Reagan administration. Bauer is on the Extcutive board of CUFI (Christians United for Israel) managed by Zionist John Haggee, a signer of PNAC (Project For A New American Century) calling for the 9/11/2001 "New Pearl Harbor" and affiliated with "The Fellowship". Bauer's partner James Dobson mentored New Life Megachurch pastor Ted Haggard who spent Church Tithing on Male Prostitutes and Cocaine; Dobson blames Sandy Hook on "Gay Marriage"; the staged event was a Hoax; Trump is the same as Sandy Hook meaning "Play the Joker" or "Play the Trump"; Trump is also a Knight of Malta. "Focus on the Family" is also the theme of Pope Francis I; The Family being Edomites and their prophesied "Dominion". Mike's conversion to Christianity was derived largely from 700 Club Knight of Malta Pat Robertson whose sermons/speeches Mike Pence recorded and transcribed. 700 Club a reference to the Cathars "In 700 years the Laurel will grow green again"; 700 years ago on 3/18/1314 the last Templar Grand Master Jacques deMolay was executed in Paris and in 1317 the 5th Lateran Council in Rome proclaimed "Indestructibility of the Soul" Catholic Dogma; don't be fooled; every soul on earth will be judged by JESUS. right on schedule NASA released pictures of Saturn's Shepherd Moon "Daphnis" on Trump's Inauguration; Daphnis means "Laurel".
    Knight of Malta Erik Prince and 33 degree Luciferian Mason Chuck Colson
(Nixon's hatchet man turned Evangelical Christian) are hard at work Privatizing US Prisons with their "Prison Fellowship"; business if booming as America has by far the highest percentage of the population in Prison. America is the world's largest Debtor Prison; $21T in Debt; $66T in Unfunded liabilities and $700T in soon to be worthless Derivatives soon America will become the world's largest Prison as the Scapegoat for Rev 18 "Babylon". Mike Pence may very well be the rider of the Black Horse.
    Mike Pence PAC  is "Principles Exalt a Nation"; Pence is an Anti-Gay, closet Homosexual, Evangelical fake Christian, Nationalist ie Nazi, White Supremicist "Great White Hope"; a God ordained economy of Serfs, sending Ta.Related image 
Predictive Programming. Church of Satan Priest/Priestess Marilyn Manson predicts the murder of Donald Trump in SAY TEN music video Donald Trump is beheaded. President Pence will be a Zionist Nightmare. The Simpsons also predict the death of Donald Trump. Snoop Dog shoots Donald Trump in the head in his new music video BadBadNotGood
 「picture of simpsons with dead donald trump」の画像検索結果                                "Socialism will come to America not by the sword but by the ballot box" Communist Dictator, Bohemian Grove, 33 degree Freemason Mikhail Gorbachev. Trump's White House Strategist Steve Bannon "Darkness is good, they are blind to who we are or what we are doing" 

         Melania Knavs (Knauss; father Slovenian Communist Viktor; mother Ulcnik=Khazar fake Jewish) aka "Melania K" is an MK Ultra Sex Kitten, Nude Model trained for this role One does not attain an Architecture and Design Degree in one semester failing 2 classes. Recall the Trackdown "End of the World" episode with Walter Trump beating the Drum (Drumpf=Drum); Don Drumpf=666. 3 episodes: The Mistake-End of the World-The Deal. 666 is the Art of the Deal folks! Don't be afraid of the "End of the World"; that Jewish Fable is a Lie; JESUS (888) has a better Deal. Donald's first large acquisition was the Grand Hyatt Hotel in NYC; Obama's Commerce Sec Penny Pritzker is not only the Hyatt Hotel Heiress, but the High Priestess of the Church of Satan in Chicago. George Soros (Grigori Schwartz) assumed the mantle in NYC from David 7 heart transplants Rockefeller; Jim Carey is High Priest of Los Angeles and Nancy Pelosi is High Priestess of Satan in San Francisco where the Church of Satan was born on Walpurgusnacht 1966 in the Black House aka Hotel California; Melania means Black by the way. Bain's "Power to the People" speech in Dark Knight Rises was almost identical to Donald Trump's Inaugural Speech for a reason. So what keeps a lid on all this? Initially just the Oaths of Initiation, then Ritual Bestiality (Fellatio and Sodomy), Adultery, Pedophilia, Incest, "Spirit Cooking" (consumption of Feces, Urine, Breast Milk, Menstrual Blood and Semen aka "Consuming the 5 Treasures") and finally Ritual Killing. The Congressional Record has the High Level Jesuit Initiation Oath "...Tear open women's wombs, swing babies heads againt the rocks, kill on command of your superior anywhere at anytime..." That's what we are dealing with and Donald Trump is a Knight of Malta and likely  Ivanka "Yahweh or YHWH has favored" is the real First Lady, or First Son? Related image



aapaulamsign1Millionaire Adultress with Benny Hinn, 3X married to Journey (Journey symbol is the Egyptian Scarab, symbol of rebirth of Atum source of the word Atom), keyboardist Jonathan Cain, Prosperity preacher who can't understand 1 Cor 14:34-35 Paula White gave the Invocation.
Illegal Immigrant Melania (Worked as a Nude Model in 1996-7 before receiving her 1998 Marriage Green Card; in 1997 a Slovenian Clothing Company featured her as the 1st President of the United States.

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Trump considering Judge 

2012 Republican Convention in Tampa "Homocon" NIght Club Party
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          Truth is Stranger than Fiction
The Vatican (Vatis=Divine/Divining; Can=Serpent) controls the Temple Mount, Cenacle and David's Tomb since the 1993 Oslo Accords.  Jesuits control the Vatican
"The 3rd prophesied return of Jews to Israel has been fulfilled"
Sanhedrin calls on Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin to fulfill their biblically mandated roles by building 3rd Temple in Jerusalem" Rabbi Weiss Nascent Sanhedrin 
"Trump election was a Divinely ordained event that could user in the Messianic Age" Rabbi Yosef Berger custodian of King David's Tomb controlled by the Vatican Nov 15, 2016
"Jews have no connection to Jerusalem" United Nations. Nov 10, 2016
Donald Trump promises to recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel. Jesus calls Jerusalem "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt" Rev 11:8
Neo-Assyrian human headed winged Bulls were installed in the Roman Coliseum. The mythical figures guarded the Assyrian Kings and Babylon, much the way the 4 faced Cherubim guards the Garden of Eden. Sargon "Legitimate King" III will ride out shortly on a Golden Ass.
                                                                                            Obama President #44: Meet the Parents
    Barack Obama claims birth on Hawaii "Water and Breath of Life", latitude 21.6 degrees (216=6X6X6; 2160 years/Astrological House). Bari Malik Shabazz (Boat/Solar Barque + Molech + Royal Falcon "Horus"; First Race=Cain) Obama (He is with us in Zoroastrian Farsi)  Bari Soetero, the child of 33 degree Prince Hall Freemason Malcolm X (Stuart Little) was born in Kenya, Madrassa (Quran School) educated in Indonesia and CIA trained as a Taliban (Student) into a Mujahideen (Warrior of Allah) in Pakistan by the CIA (Bob Gates was PAK-Afghanistan CIA station chief in 1983). Michael Lavaugn Robinson was born in Chicago, the 2nd Son of Marion (Chicago Prostitute) and Frazier (Cocaine dealer/Pimp) Robinson. Barack Obama does not E-Verify for US employment, qualify for ObamaCare or hold a valid US Passport or Social Security Card (Harry Bounell CT). Michelle is a homosexual Cross-dresser, and Barack a homosexual Image result for welcome to nigeria, birthplace of barack obama (Chicago Bath House Image result for frazier and marion robinson pictureMan's Country, Hassan Chandoo, Reggie Love, Hollywood actor Kal Penn). Image result for anita blanchard martin nesbitt picture Dr Anita Blanchard (Ob-Gyn) and Martin Nesbitt (Obama campaign treasurer; Real Estate Exec) are the biological parents of Malia and Sasha (Natasha) Obama; the plan "To stay Close" published in the NYT in 2008; the families vacation together in Hawaii, Martha's Vineyard, Rancho Mirage. Anita claims to have delivered both Malia and Sasha, yet no birth records exist; she and Martin are "God Parents" to Melia and Sasha. The Marty Nesbitt purchased "Robin's Nest" the $multi-million estate called "Punaho" (Turtle Enclosure; Mayans viewed the Universe as a Turtle) where Turtles were raised for Polynesian Royalty made famous in Magnum PI; Tom Sellec now the star of "Blue Bloods" (Blue Blood refers to bloodline Royalty). 
                                                                              Trump: 44th man elected US President

     Donald Drumpf=666 in Jewish Gematria; the Drumpf (Drummer) family purchased 666 5th Av; he inherited his grandmother's fortune after her death on 6/6/66; he lives on the 66th floor of the 666ft tall Trump Tower and is building another 666ft tall Tower at One Journal Square NJ with Ivanka's husband Jared Kushner and KABR Group (Kabar is the Nabbattean name for the Black Stone of the Kaaba aka Harem of Korahites containing the the head of Aphrodite, guarded by Korahites the Rebel Priests from the Quyraish Tribe of Muhammad described in Num 16; Jude 7) Kushner is currently receiving Top Secret Briefings with Donald. Is Trump the Antichrist? No way, just a tool of the elite, a Hollywood Actor playing his part.In Tarot the 16th Trump "Tower Card"; Lightning hits the Tower of Babel aka Gate of the Sun god "Babel-On"; 2nd Coming? or arrival of Antichrist? Donald Trump's Golden Hair is that of his God Apollo "Destroyer". The Gate of the Golden Age opened by a Trump riding in the Golden Ass under the Golden Bough (both the name of books describing the Initiated Mystery Religions) as predicted ahead of time in "The Simpsons".
Scandal season 2 predicted Voter Fraud in Defiance OH which handed the election to the fictional president Fitzgerald Grant; in 2016 OH Voting Machines were rigged as well, owner of HART Intercivic is Iran-Contra, Vatican, Mormon Church money launderer Mitt Romney and his son Tagg Romney.
Donald Drumpf=666 in Jewish Gematria; the Drumpf family purchased 666 5th Av; he inherited his grandmother's estate after her death on 6/6/66; he lives in the 666ft tall Trump Tower and is building another 666ft tall Trump Tower at One Journal Square. Is Trump the Antichrist? No way, just a tool of the elite, a Hollywood Actor playing his part.
     Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey Howard Levey) lists Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) as his most influential Satanist "Truth is stranger than fiction because Fiction is obliged to stick with possibilities where Truth is not"   The world's biggest Fiction? "Israel".  "The Virgin of Israel has fallen... there is none to raise her up"  Amos 5:2                               
        The only bible which tells us Esau (Edomites sold their Birthright) gains "Dominion" (Sovereign Authority to Rule) is the King James Bible (KJV). Esau and Edomites also  "Live by the Sword" and "Dew of Heaven" (Priests of Adonis); JESUS will destroy for eternity, every single person in the "House of Esau" (Ref Obadiah). Now is the time to choose sides.
      450 years to the say after King James was born, King LeBron James toured the White House with Donald Trump (Ruler of the World + Trump of God) and Barack Obama. (Lightning + He is with Us) King James compiled the 7th promised, purified  Word of God, a Covenant/Contract refined as Silver in the Fire (Ps  12:6) "Authorized Bible"; beginning in 1605 and finished in 1611, 400 years later the Queen James Bible is published. On Oct 21, 2016 New York's largest LGBTQISJ+2 (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, Queer, 2 Spirit, Jewish Synagogue Beit Simchat Torah "House of Joy" opened under Lesbian Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum. "My life is definitely Queer and definitely Jewish" Not quite Sharon; Queer yes, Jewish? Not in Heaven; "There will not be found among you..." ring a Baal?  Synagogue is a word not associated with the Old Testament, as such the Synagogue of Satan may want to read Gen 19:1-11, Lev 18:22; 20:13; Judges 19:16-24; I Ki 14:24; 15:12; 2 Ki 23:7 before the 2nd Coming of JEHOVAH (Ex 6:3) JAH (Ps 68:4KJV) JESUS (Mat 1:25KJV). Old Covenant Priests of the LORD are Male Levites descended from Aaron, not Female Ashkenazi's descended from Japheth (Gen 9:27) 
     Jesuit ring leader of the Gunpowder Plot to murder King James and prevent publication of the Authorized Bible, Thomas Percy adopts the new name "Pierce" after the "Spear of Destiny" (Hollywood=Holy Wood; Oscar=God's Spear); Guy Fawkes, the Scapegoat for the event immortalized by "Anonymous" masks. Franklin Pierce becomes President; Pauline Robinson Pierce and Aleister "666" Crowley sire Barbara Pierce during  an OTO Ipsissimus Sex Magick Ritual in NYC designed to create the Scarlett Woman "Babalon" who now goes by the nickname "Babs" (Gate) aka Barbara Bush. Image result for barbara pierce bush satanist
     Barbara, a Grand Dame Mother of Darkness at Chateau Amerois (Castle of Kings and namesake of America) presiding over child abductions, torture, rape, and sacrifice rituals in the "1000Pts of Light Chamber" (Matches GHW Bush "1000 Pts of Light Foundation") named after the occult version of the Millennium called the "Golden Age". 9th Circle Initiates currently being investigated by the ICC (Int'l Criminal Court) include Jesuit Pope Francis, Pope Benedict XVI and Black Pope (Jesuit Superior General) Adolfo Nicholas;. Francis, the "Final Pope" according to St Malachy plans heal the Protestant-Catholic Schism (Deadly Would) Oct 31, 2016-Oct 31, 2017, with fellow 9th Circle defendant and head of the Anglican Church, Archbishop Justin Welby. Treachery is the 9th level of Hell; the worst of all Sins Treachery against God matching the name of the new movie "Inferno" (Latin for Hell). The plan for America was written in 1620 by Francis Bacon in "New Atlantis"; the New World Order rising as Phoenix from the ashes. How did we get here?
      Barbara (Bab=Gate) marries Nazi George Scherff Jr aka "Curious George" GHW Bush whose Nazi father Prescott Bush (George Scherff) was Nikola Tesla's accountant and lab assistant. GHW Bush aka "Magog" from his Skull & Bones initiation whose initiates include Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin; Nikola Tesla is murdered by Hitler's bodyguard and Scherff associate Otto Skorzeny (the only witness to Hitler and Eva Braun's alleged suicide) in the New Yorker Hotel. According to Russian records, Hitler's frozen sperm was kept by Nazi death Dr Karl Klaberg dubbed the "Father of Artificial Insemination" and used to impregnate Gretl (Eva's sister) Braun, resulting in a  daughter, Angela Merkel, born April 20, 1954 65 years to the day ofter her father and becomes Chancellor of Germany (German=Gomer, father of Ashkenaz ie "Fake Jews") just like her father and guards Satan's Seat (Throne of Pergamon or Throne of Zeus) in Berlin just like her father. Trump=Ashkenazi Drumpf (Drummer) 
                                       Trump of Tammuz
     Donald Trump is the Golden Bough riding the Golden Ass into the Golden Age. 
      Jeremiah 36-37 tell today's story. Election Day was aligned with the 9th Month Fast (9th day of the 9th month)  the day king Jehoiakim burned the words of God given to the prophet Baruch and the same words given to Jeremiah written in "Jeremiah's Scroll" Jehoiakim means "He whom Yahweh has set up" a vassal of Egypt heralded by Rabbinical literature as an Adulterous, Incestuous, Murdering Tyrant for insisting on strict adherence to the Law; Jesus said never call any man Rabbi, perhaps for this reason. Jeremiah was also regarded as a heretic for warning Judah not to set up "Groves" (Christmas Trees) and celebrating the "Queen of Heaven" (Easter/Ishtar). I strongly suggest you consider not setting up the Christmas Lights and Grove this year.  
    Jeremiah's warning in 37:1 "Chaldeans shall burn it with fire"; Babylon replaced Egypt in control of Judah and Nebuchadnezzar installed Judah's last King Zedekiah, whose desecration of Temple furnishings led to the "Writing on the Wall" (Mene, Mene, Tekel Upharsim), destruction of Solomon's Temple, the fall of Judah and the dispatching of King Zedekiah and his sons. 
    America is the "Scapegoat Babylon" about to be Divided (Cleaved) and given to the Medes and Persians; Trump? Likely dispatched. Once again, strict adherence to the Law is the only path to Salvation "Love God" (1 Cor 13 "Charity") "Love our Neighbor". Charity "Love of God" leads to "Prophesy", the ability to understand God's "Prophecy", the pre-written history and future of the Earth. Ps 68:4; Mat 1:25; Jn 1:1; 14; 1 Jn 5:7 state in no uncertain terms JEHOVAH is JESUS; JAH is the Word made Flesh and the Holy Ghost; all are one with God.
      On the Eve of Veteran's Day (Veteranus means Beast of Burden) or 9th month 11th day, Trump met Obama ("He is with us" in Farsi aka Zoroastrian Persian). The Cleveland CAVS were there; America just Calved the Golden Calf aka Wall St Bull Donald Trump. Cleveland=Cleave=Divide, a rather  Cavalier Trump toured the White House with King LeBron James and Barack "Lightning" Obama "He is with us"; President #44. Donald Trump is the 44th man to be elected US President as Grover Cleveland served 2 non-consecutive terms. Aleister  "Beast" Crowley wrote Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix. In 1620 Sir Francis Bacon published New Atlantis about America purified by Fire, the New World Order of Atlantis rising from the ashes as a Phoenix. Make no mistake folks, America as about to be burned by Fire, but America is not Rev 18 "Babylon".
     John Trump developed Nikola Tesla's EM weapons for the US Army which were given to Russia "A man's foes shall be they of his own household" Jesus Mat 10:36
     Donald John Trump means "World Ruler set up by the Grace of Yahweh, the son of the Drummer/Trumpeteer"   Donald Trump's uncle and namesake  John Trump weaponized Nikola Tesla's directed energy weapons for the US Army Operation Blue Beam will be used to turn the Ionosphere into a Giant Screen TV in order to falsify the 2nd Coming aka "Trump of God" and bring about falsification of the 7 Vials of God's
s Wrath.
     Why Blue? Tekhelet Blue (Sky Blue is also associated with Zeus) is the blue color of God's Priesthood; today, the false Priesthood is a Canaanite forgery using Tekhelet Blue made with UV Light and Murex Shellfish secretions.    
                                                     Trump is Satan's Wrath "44"
     Revelation 16  "God's Wrath" 16 years ago  "The Simpsons" predicted Donald Trump would be President (Simpsons also predicted 9/11/2001 ahead of time). The Election occurred in the Satanic Jubilee Year 2016,  50 Years after the founding of the Church of Satan in "Year One Satan" Donald Trump, the 44th man to be elected has been associated with the number 16. 44 is the number associated with Solomon's Cube and the 9th Circle; 4X4=16, the number of Oil Lamps used to light the 2nd Temple at Hanukkah aka Festival of Lights, the birthdate of Lucifer aka false Christ of Christmas. 44 is also Aleister Crowley's book Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix; America is the Phoenix of the Golden Age.
                                            Rev 18 "Babylon has fallen
     Jesus is the Trump of God; the 7th Trumpet
. Donald Trump is the Trumpet of Tammuz. Trump is an Actor; a member of the Screen Actors Guild; Silver Screen and 7th Covenant purified as Silver 7 Times by Fire ring a Baal? Tammuz means Tam=Purify + Muz=Fire. Rev 18:18 is the last of 313! in Scripture "...saw the smoke of her burning, saying, What city is like unto this great city" This describes "Babylon", but America is not Babylon, nor is the Messiah rising from the ashes Jesus!

Donald is Scottish for "World Ruler"; MAFIA "Don" may ring a Baal. John means "Grace of Yahweh"; Yahweh is not JESUS, Yahweh is a Canaanite god. Trump and Drumpf  mean Drummer or Trumpet. Ruler of the World, by the Grace of God descended of a Drummer or Trumpet. Jesus is the Trump of God; Donald Trump is the Golden Ass of Adonis/Tammuz
      Trump's 66th (66 books in Authorized Bible) floor Penthouse is a Shrine to Apollo (Apollyon/Abaddan "Destroyer") Apollo's Chariot is pulled by Aurora (Dawn=Eos=Lucifer "Light Bearer"); Tesla based EM weapons form Auroras . The story of Psyche and Eros is told in the "Golden Ass" represents Deification of the Human Soul through Erotic Love. Amor=Love; Cathars the "Church of Amor" seen in Order of Perfectibilists who founded  Amorica/America "Land of Amorites". Fred Trump was a Chabad Lubavitch fake Jew; his brother John weaponized Nikola Tesla's inventions for the US Army which were handed to Jesuit Fr Joseph Stalin after his murder. Muhammad Ali a Nation of Islam (ISIS=DAESH=Nation of Islam in Levant) name derived from  Noble Drew Ali and Elijah Muhammad. Donald Trump intends to use ISIS to depose Bashar al Assad, igniting WWIII and fulfilling Is 17:1 "Damascus shall be a city no more...a ruinous heap"  1 Cor 13 "Love" replaces "Charity" (Love of God) in the KJV, the greatest Virtue and #1 Commandment in the New Covenant is "Love God", not Erotic Love personified by "The Golden Ass" Donald Trump. 
Baron's Mercedes. Baron means Edomite Military leader, Virtuous Man, Mercenary; Mercedes means Mary of Mercies; Wages, Reward or Favor; the Golden Ass Hollywood Actor Donald Trump has gotten his Reward and now looks to Satan for Favor.
     Adonis is a central figure in the Initiated Mystery Religions as told in the "Golden Bough". Hollywood means Holy Wood of Adonis (Adon=Lord); Adonis is Tammuz; worship of Tammuz caused the Glory of the LORD to depart Solomon's Temple.   Oscar means "God's Spear" aka Spear of Destiny.  
      The Simpsons predicted the Electoral College Map of Donald Trump's win 16 years ahead of time. A Slovenian clothing company predicted Melania Trump would be US President 23 years ahead of time. 
     Donald Trump (recall the Naked Statues "Emperor has no Balls" of Donald Trump?; looks like Hollywood's Naked Golden Oscar Idols), is the Golden Ass,  a pedophile fake Jew, Oath Sworn Knight of Malta (Hospitaller Black Cross and Melania "Black") playing the role of Presbyterian Billionaire with a $110,000 Hollywood Retirement Annuity from the Screen Actors Guild and since 2007, and a Golden Star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame. Hollywood is derived from Holy Wood of Adonis (Adon=Lord) aka Tammuz; may want to read Eze 8 before the Glory of the LORD leaves America. Jesus is the Trump of God; Donald Trump, the Golden Ass is the Trump of Tammuz.  
Image result for Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump Together"...He removes kings and sets trump-simpsonsup kings..." Dan 2:20 " the intent that the living may know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will, and setteth up over it the basest of men." Dan 4:17 Basest here means Morally Bankrupt which Donald Trump is. 16 years ago a 2000 episode of Simpsons predicted the announcement of Donald Trump exactly as it happened just like they did 9/11/2001.
     "People who vote, count for nothing; People who count votes, count for everything" Jesuit Fr Joseph Stalin "No matter who people vote for, they always vote for us" Jesuit Fr  Joseph Goebbels
     "Make Argentina Great Again" Eva Peron "New Argentina" the slogan of Jesuit, 33 degree Mason, Fascist Juan Peron, a Knight of Malta, Catholic Church and CIA (OSS Chief Bill Donovan another Jesuit, SMOM) asset who gave safe harbor to Nazis (Aryans=Ashkenazi=Drumpf) fleeing the Nuremberg Trials in the "Rat Line" (Rat Ryan may ring a Baal). The Fasces is a bundle of Rods tied by Red (Edom=Red=Edomite Dominion) Cord surrounding an Execution Axe, seen behind the Speaker of the House Podium where Jesuit, Knight of Malta, Opus Dei Paul "Rat" Ryan speaks sitting next to Mike Pence a Log Cabin Republican promoting Gay Rights, named after Homosexual Republican, head of AMORC (Order of Rosicrucians in America/Amorica); the Lincoln Memorial is supported by the Fasces. The Fasces is also over the Oval Office Doors and Supreme Court Doors where the 4-4 split formed by the (Faked) Knight of Malta, Opus Dei Antonin Scalia death occurred on day #44 "Lupercalia" at PO Box #44 where "No Country for Old Men" and "There will be Blood" were filmed; Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix may ring a Baal; my article 44 covers the number further.  
"Donald Trump is the best pro-Gay Republican candidate to ever run for President" Log Cabin Republican President Greg Angelo; Trump,  a product of Sodomite Pedophile Roy Cohn spent time at Jeff Epstein's "Pedophile Island" with fellow Knight of Malta Bill Clinton.
NAZI is an acronym derived from Ignatius; Ignatius Loyola the founder of the Jesuits; Mein Kampf written by Fr Bernhard Staempfle; Hitler's Nationalism (National Socialists) and Protectionist policies mirror Donald Trump's. Jesuit Fr Joseph Stalin SJ responsible for the deaths of perhaps 100M people. The NAZI Swastika adopted from Hindu religion, represents the Broken Jew (Death of Jesus) and Repair of the Earth (Tikkun Olam), the NAZI
Broken Celtic Cross is the oldest symbol on Earth.
Make America Great Again? America does not appear among the list of nations before either Armageddon or Gog and Magog (1000 Yrs later).
     GHW Bush "Magog" and Babalon (Babs=Gate; Babylon=Gate of the Sun god/s) sire Pauline Robinson "Robin" Bush in 1949 who allegedly dies of Leukemia (no autopsy, no funeral, body given to science) and is today known (allegedly) as Hillary Rodham Clinton; she being the wife of Bill Blythe, the illegitimate son of Arkansas Governor Winthrop Rockefeller, Iran-Contra operative and Arkansas Gov Bill Clinton. 

Hillary Clinton arms ISIS (Isis=Black Virgin) from Benghazi (Synagogue of Libertines aka Cyrenaica), who invade Palmyra, destroying the Arch of Isis which is reproduced and installed in Trafalgar SQ London and NYC.
                                                       Palmyra is Amurru
      "What was great about Palmyra is great about New York City" Roger Michel at the dedication ceremony of the replicated Human Sacrifice Arch of Isis aka "Arch of Triumph" from Palmyra in New York City Hall Park. Child Sacrifices by Fire, Homosexual/Heterosexual Orgies was great in Palmyra aka Amurru as it is today in Amurru aka "America", "Land of the Amorites" as a sign of the coming Messiah Jesus warned would come in his own name and be accepted. 
The Arch of Septimus Severus 
      "Arch of Trumph" in Amurru, Syria was and still is replicated in Rome  and now NYC as the Arch of Titus commemorating the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD and the Bar Kochba Revolt in which 500,000 Jews died following Gnostic god man Simon bar Kochba to slaughter. Human sacrifices were presented under the Gate of Isis to be burned alive in a Bull shaped over called "Molech" before the ensuing Feast and Orgy.
                                       Baalzebub "Lord of the House"
       A Fly lands on Hillary Clinton's eye during the debate with no reaction; the exact same thing is highlighted in the HBO Series premiere of West World West World is about an amusement park in the west where anything goes featuring android hookers and gunslingers who are like Delores (30 years an android matches Hillary's 30 years in the Elite; no this was no coincidence; Delores means Pain/Sorrow) waking up to reality (Matrix ring a Baal?); you guessed it, flies land on the "Host"  faces as well. Beelzebub aka Satan is "Lord of the Flies" and called "Lord/Baal of the House/Manor" ie the West "Land of the Dead"; Flies feast on death, decay, feces, the fate of America. Baalzebub is the Philistine god equivalent with the Canaanite god of the West "Amar/Amurru", the source name of America.  The timing is no accident; look to the night sky, Venus (Beelzebub) is now the Evening Star "Eosphorus" following the Sun to the Abyss. You may have caught Mormon Mitt Romney making the news as a possible write-in candidate; no surprise Mormo is God of the Graveyard; the Mormon plan for America is in writing, called "Blood in the Streets Prophecy". Mormon Jon Huntsman also got into the act as NATO Chief Lobbyist, calling for War with Russia, he called for Donald Trump to quit the race and hand it to War monger Mike Pence. Puritan Cotton Mather wrote "Of Baalzebub and his plot"; the plot is coming along just nicely eh?
          Asian Tiger Mosquitoes survive much better in colder climates than Aedes aegypti Mosquitoes; they have been tested in Fresno since 2011. Tiger is derived from Tigris; Mosul is the Neo-Assyrian “Paradise” on the Tigris. Sargon “Legitimate King” the Great has a birth story like that of Moses esxept the Egyptian Nile is replaced by the Tigris and the Amorite King Hammurabi like that of Noah; Sargon II’s Army Commander and #2 (Vizier) was Tartan “Phoenician Cloth” and symbol of Scots-Irish, Presbyterians (Kirkin O Tartan; Trump is a Crypto and fake Presbyterian for example); Sargon II and Tartan made a treasonous pact with Ephraim leading to deportation of Israel and replacement with imposters (Babylonians, Cuthites, Medeans, Canaanites) in Israel today.
     Sargon III will similarly arrive on the scene as “Legitimate King”, fooling people into believing this is the return of Jesus; it is most def not. Asian Tiger Mosquitoes are the world’s most dangerous animal and #2 is not even close; this according to eugenicist and Crypto Satanist Bill Gates; Asia being the ancestral home of Cathay=Sons of Heth=Hittites who in later times went by the name Cathars “Perfecti” and the Order of Perfectibilists who founded America “Land of the Amorites”; like Hammurabi (Amraphel) Amorites bow to the GOAT aka Uncle Sam or Samaritan, the fake Jews holding the Levitical Priesthood in Israel.
     Dialectic: Thesis + Anti-thesis=Synthesis; Russia=Land of Rus, the Kievan Rus are Sarmations (Same root “Prince” as Sargon), the same Indo-Iranian Nobles as the Assyrians. Melchisedek=Priest King; Sargon III will be the false Melchisedek aka Antichrist also faking the Gog and Magog War.
Some plan eh?
       Asian means "Rising Sun; Go Out, To Rise" Tiger means "Tigris"; Iranian "Noble Caste; Sharp, Pointed"; Mosquito (Musca) means "Fly". The Noble Caste' most dangerous bio weapon is none other than the "Spear of Destiny". Who Rises? al-Mahdi "He who Rises" aka Beast Rising from the Sea. Mosul=Paradise on the Tigris; Mosquito? The weapon of Beelzebub aka Satan.
Now, where have we seen "Musca"? Amenita Muscaria aka "Fly Agaric", Entheogenic Red/White Mushrooms found under Evergreens, causing that "God Within" euphoria described in the bible as "Strong Delusion" Satanists think they are so clever eh?
       Oxitec genetically modifies Asian Tiger Mosquitoes Oxitec: (Oxygen=6; right Oprah/HARPO "god of Secrets") "6-Tech". You may recognize 6-Tech as Viking VI King "6 Kings".
Oxitec also modifies Aedes aegypti Mosquitoes; Egypt "Land of Gypsies"; Jerusalem "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt" Rev 11:8; and here we are back at the "Rising Sun" with Osiris=On=Heliopolis "City of the Sun"
"They forsook the LORD and worshiped the rising sun" sound familiar?
                       Black Pope: 5 living Vicars of Jesus
Jesuits elect Venezuela Provincial Arturo Sosa Abascal 31st Superior General. Fr Abascal joined the Jesuit Order at 17 in 1966 "Year One Satan"; 2016-17 is the Satanic Jubilee Year. Arturo=Arthur "Bear Guard/King"; Sosa=Tasteless; Abascal=Priest Street.  King Arthur aka Arcturas guiding Ursa Major "Big Dipper" into the Age of Aquarius aka the "Days of Noah". Jesus said never call any man on earth "Father" (Mat 23:9). "Society of Jesus"? Hardly. Jesuits are the "Society of Gesu"; Gesu=Yeshua/Joshua/Jah aka Antichrist. The Jesuit Superior General is the "Black Pope". Arturo=Arthur "Bear Guard" and "King of Brittany"; Venezuela=Venetians "Black Nobility" aka Celtic Veneti who settled Brittany, calling the land "Amorica" the source name of the Americas "Land of the Amorites". Wonder why Jesuit Knight of Malta (SMOM Oaths are sworn using a Black Cross to serve the Black Pope unto death) Joe Biden has the SS Codename "Celtic"?
     During the Gallic Wars, Rome slaughtered or sold into slavery all Veneti Nobles; Revenge is coming via the Jesuits. Not ready for the Aquarian Age of Antichrist? Better get ready. Jesuits "Militia of Zeus/Lucifer" aka "Society of Gesu" (Gesu=Jah/Yeshua/Joshua, the warrior Messiah aka Antichrist) announced the 31st Jesuit Superior General who will lead the world into WWIII as planned in writing by Fr Jean Pierre De Smet SJ, Albert Pike and Giuseppe Mazzini on the 1871 anniversary of the 1st Jesuit Oaths on Aug 15, 1534 in the Cathedral of St Denis (Dionysus=Lucifer aka "Green Man") on the Feast Day of Lucifer. Jesuit 5th Column Traitors plan a fake Rapture, fake Alien invasion and spectacular arrival (Operation Blue Beam) of the Alternative Christ "Antichrist" who will assume the Throne of Zeus aka Satan's Seat. On Oct 28 Inferno (Hell) debuts "Treachery against Friends, Neighbors, Family and God" is what Jesuits do. "All Seeing Donald" is a fortune telling machine in NYC fashioned after "Zoltar" (Greek for Life) in the Tom Hanks movie "Big". Like Venezuela, America is headed for Economic Chaos of the "Black Horse", ridden by the Veneti "Black Nobility", "Black Pope"? We'll see. Of 10 Kings, 3 are fallen? Which 3? my guess is the Americas.
Why Oct 14? Gen 8 Script: The Ark settled on the Mountain Tops on the 10th month, first day (Gen 8:5; 8/5=Ratio of  Life aka Golden Mean). Noah sent forth the Raven and Dove out (Ever wonder why Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis I released Peace Doves which were attacked by Ravens? or why Lightning hit St Peter's Basilica Twice the night Pope Benedict resigned?) and , stayed another 7 days and released the Dove again, staying another 7 days. The New Year was born on Gen 8:13 Again 13/8=Phi) with 8 survivors; the Gesu arrival of Antichrist will be similar. "As in the days of Noe, so shall it be in the coming of the son of man" 
       "There were Giants in the Earth in those days and also after that... Gen 6:4
August is the 6th month on the Old Roman calendar; on Aug 6 (6/4) the Giant gates to Goliath's home was unearthed in Gath, one of 5 Canaanite Cities; pretty coincidental eh? About as coincidental as the Amazon series Goliath making its debut on Oct 14, the day the 5th Vicar of Jesus was announced.
   Why Black? Black absorbs Light; Lucifer is the "Light Bringer"; Jesuits are the Militia of Zeus; Zeus=Dios=Day. Behind the Temple Veil was complete Darkness; the only Light was that which God created on Day 1; if you want God in your life, you need to ask JESUS/JAH/JEHOVAH (Ref Ps 68:4; Mat 1:25) I'd do that sooner rather than later.
                                  Signs of the Times
   66 books in Scripture, 66 different nations and 215 Jesuits (215+Satan=216=6X6X6; the Cubes of 3-4-5 added in Pythagorean Geometry found in the Great Pyramid; 2160 years is the time period of each astrological house) gather in Rome to elect a man in General Conference #36 (6X6, 1...36=666) who joined the order in 1966 "Year One Satan" during the Jubilee Year named Arturo (Arthur=Bear Guard) Sosa (Tasteless Food). 
    Abascal family emigrated from Portugal Sepharvaim aka Jews of the Spanish Rite are Babylonians not Jews Ref 2 Ki 17:30) to Venezuela who brought worship of Amar-Utu (Marduk or Jupiter "Father Jah") to Amurru "Americas". Veneti "Black Nobility" were Celts living in Amorica, killed or sold into slavery by Caeser during the Gallic Wars; the Gallic Rooster recognizable as Sepharvite Nergal, Roman Mars or Persian Aries. Inferno (Hell) details the 4 levels of betrayal, the 9th and worst sin; betrayal of God being the worst of the 9th level; Rooster crowing the morning after the Last Supper ringing a Baal?
     Marduk's consort is Zer-panith aka Succoth-benoth "Booths of Daughters" aka Tents of Prostitution aka Cult worship of the Solar Calf "Utu" aka Wall St Bull named after the Walls of Jericho. The Arch of Titus  fashioned after the Arch of Isis from Palmyra "City of Palms" in Amurru, Syria was set up in NYC, the financial capital of Amurru (America). The Statue of Liberty is "Isis" commemorating Liberty of the Edomites (Gen 27:41KJV) and the wholesale slaughter of Jews and those grafted on to Jacob "Born Again Christians". The Liberty Bell "Liberty to the Captives" (Ex 25) is Esau obtaining Liberty from God; repairing the Crack in the Bell is Tikun Olam "Repair of the Earth"; Philadelphia "City of Brotherly Love" is Esau's love of Jacob and written intent to kill him. The Beginning of the End a Mirrored Walkway on Broadway (Moon=Sin=Mirror of the Sun) is set up in Time Square. 
    Amurru is Calneh  (Kalhu/Nimrud) in Gen 10 "West"; the Neo-Assyrian Paradise of "Mosul" now belongs to Turkey according to Neo-Ottoman Sultan Erdogan. West World and the Flies may ring a Baal; Amurru/Calneh is the Edomite Serpent and Shepherd god of the West. Ameru=Serpent, both Obama's are related to Priests of Ameru (Ethiopia/Sudan=Cush) where Nimrod came from to Babylon. 
   4th Beast (Beast means "Having no Moral/physical restraint" ie "Do what thou wilt") Dan 7:7 (Liber 77: Book of the Goat or GHW Bush CVN 77) follows immediately behind Dan 7:6 3rd Beast "Dominion"; Esau's "Dominion"; Edomites, Jesuits, Masons, Sufis etc are the 5th Column Traitors pretending to be Catholic, Jewish, Protestant and Muslim ie they are the 4th level of the 9 Sins; Jesuits General Conference 36=9X4.
   The 4th Beast of Iron rules for 1260 days devouring everything "Except those days should be shortened, no flesh should remain" Jesus warned of the days soon approaching.

     Holy means "Separate"; Sanhedrin means "Sitting Together". The Sanhedrin ordered the Crucifixion of God. On the 2016 Jubilee Feast of Trumpets (Oct 4) the Sanhedrin declared "Liberty to the Captives";  Rabbis call the day Rosh Hashanah 2016"The 3rd Prophesied return of the Jews to Israel has been fulfilled"  Not Quite!
Jews are still in Diaspora; Zionist imposters are in Israel. Modern Israel is 80% Ashkenazi descendants of Ashkenaz, son of Gomer, grandson of Japheth; they are not even Semitic let alone Jewish Ref Gen 10:3 The rest of Israel is Sephardic and Mizrahi; again not even Semitic, these are the Babylonian, Medean, Canaanite imposters imported under Sargon II during the fall of Israel in 700 BC Ref 2 Ki 17:30-31. Mizrahi descend from Mizraim, the son of Ham Ref Gen 10:6.
     The Star of Israel? King David never used the Six Pointed Star of Molech (Ref Amos 5:2; 26) The Six Pointed Star is the Ensign of the Canaanite god El, Arab Ilu aka Allah, Remphan,, Sikkuth, Chiun and Chaldean Saturn aka Star of Satan.
       Jesus is Shiloh "He whose it is" (Gen 49:10); when Shiloh returns the gathering of Jews takes place, not now. Jesus is Melchesedek "King of Jerusalem" and "Priest of the Most High"; up next is the 3rd Temple (rebuilt during the Troublous Times of WWIII Ref Dan 9:23-27), Throne Zeus aka Satan's Seat, Abomination of Desolation (Idol), and Mark of the Beast. 
    Eze 36:8 "O mountains of Israel, ye shall shoot forth your branches, and yield your fruit to my people of Israel for they are at hand to come" Galilee Olive Oil and Date Palms in abundance proclaim this prophecy? Dispensationalism is a Jesuit Lie invented to gloss over the Millennium. Edomites will be judged (Eze 35; Obadiah) and none shall remain alive at the 2nd Coming before Jesus returns Jews to the Promised Land (Eze 36) during the Millennium. Jesus as Lord and King David will gather the "Dry Bones" of Israel (Ephraim and Judah) under common rule (One Stick; Eze 37:19) "My tabernacle also shall be with them: yea, I will be their God, and they my people" Eze 37:27. Even after all this, the final rebellion to God will occur at the end of the Millennium called "Gog and Magog" (Eze 38-39). Folks, we have a choice, listen to the Rabbis who ordered the Crucifixion of God or heed the Word of God. Jesus is the Trump of God, not the Satanic Stage show going on now.
                                          United Nations
    Roughly 100 years after the Flood, God separated the Nations by Water and Language. 9th UN Secretary General Antonio (Patron Saint of Swine Herds) Guterres (He who Rules) is the UN Chief of Refugees (Swine Herds); you may recall Howard Levey changed his name to Anton and started the Church of Satan at the last Jubilee. The UN declared "Jews have no connection to Jerusalem"   Jesus has other plans Antonio! 
     Born Again Christians are grafted on SPIRITUALLY to Israel and Jerusalem. The United Nations declared the Temple Mount a World Heritage Site legally barring Christians and Jews from Inheritance; the exact spot Jesus returns to establish the Millennial Kingdom is now "Off Limits" to the Creator. The Cenacle "Upper Room" where Jesus held the Last Supper, Tomb of David, and Temple Mount are foreign Private Property. So whose Heritage (Inheritance, Ancestral Estate, Heir) is Jerusalem? 1st Race of course; Cain and through his mother's incest, Canaan and by marriage Ismail (Ishmael rejected the Covenant and was renamed Ismail; the missing "h" means "God is with me") and Edom (similar name change from Esau). Note the missing "h" also appears in Juda (Rev 7) and the tribe making the treasonous pact with Assyria during the reign of Sargon II "Ephraim" is missing from the list of "Saved" tribes.  
                                      Jubilee "Black Pope" The Vatican controls the Temple Mount. Jesuits control the Vatican. Jesuits control the UN. The Mother Church of all Churches worldwide Arch-basilica of St John Lateran is the "Teaching Seat" of Satan, Antichrist, False Prophet, the 3 "Hidden Frogs" of Rev 12:9; 16:13 
      Arturo=Arthur "Bear Guard"
, guiding Ursa Major "Great Bear" or Big Dipper (Water Pourer)  around Draco (Dragon) to the Jovian Age of Aquarius; Arthur's burial mound is Glastonbury Tor; atop the mound is the Aquarian Cross made in Jerusalem 1990 to display open rejection of Jesus in favor of the Golden Mean (Ratio of Life, Fibonacci Sequence, Fish Symbol of the Phoenician Fisher King)  and set up for the return of King Arthur and Camelot (Zodiac) in the Age of Aquarius; Glastonbury means "City of Glass", a blasphemous rejection of God's Temple at the end of the Millennium (Eze 40-48)
    Abascal is Basque for "Priest Street"
    Jesuits control the Vatican, UN, and US; Priest Street is Jerusalem, likely Via Dolorosa where the 2 Witnesses will lie 3 1/2 days after being killed by Satan. (Delores in West World ring a Baal?)
He is from Venezuela the land of the Veneti i.e. Venetian Black "Nobility" who under Pope Leo X bankrupted the Vatican and declared "Indestructibility of the Soul" Catholic Dogma at the 5th Lateran Council of 1517. Lateran means "Hidden Frogs", the 3 Unclean Spirits of Satan, Antichrist, False Prophet (Ref Rev 12:9; 16; Arch-basilica of St John Lateran is the Mother Church of all Churches worldwide; the Cathedra "Teaching seat" Sedes Vacante "Vacant Seat" will be filled by the False Prophet and Satan's Seat by Antichrist in the 3rd Temple)
     The Jesuit-Portuguese UN Sec Gen wasted no time declaring "Jews have no claim to Jerusalem" specifically the Temple Mount which is strictly to be called "Mosque of Omar", "Haram al Sharif" (Noble Sanctuary) or "Al Ansar al Sharif".  In September the Mekudeshet Festival was held, declaring the Temple Mount "A House of prayer for all believers...uniting Christians, Jews and Muslims". Well now, if Jews have no claim to the Temple Mount any longer, what about Christians? In Rev 11:8KJV JESUS calls Jerusalem "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt". Guess that makes Jerusalem an Islamic Site except for one little eensie weensie problem Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Quran and Muhammad was never in Jerusalem" Arab myths concerning Abraham and the Winged White Horse "al-Buraq" (Lightning) and Muhammad taking his "Night Journey" to Heaven on the same horse "al-Barak" are Arab myths, not historical facts. They are on par with Peter being the Rock of the Catholic Church when Peter was never in Rome. Arabs are fooling Muslims, Jews and Christians alike. 
     The Mosque of the Great Speaker is built over the "Rock of Offense" on the 8 Pt Star of Isis "Black Virgin" under the Golden Dome (Womb of the Golden Age) for the "Great Speaker" (Dan 11:36) who exalts himself, speaks out against God, does not regard the desire of women or regard of any god and honours the "God of forces" (Gravity, Graviton "God Particle") in the Great City JESUS calls "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt" where He was Crucified.
     Now we should know why Isaac Newton was far more obsessed with designing the Millennial Temple than with Gravity eh? If it's still hard to Dis-CERN the times we are in, ask JESUS for help. 
      "All Seeing Trump" was set up in NYC Union Square Park where the Flag is supported by the Fasces (symbol of Roman Fascism). Donald Trump motto "Let's make America great again" means "Let's start the sacrifices to Molech in Amurru". Amurru is the Edomite Serpent and Shepherd god; the Serpent represents "Freedom from God"; the Shepherd represents Edomites leading the Sheeple to Slaughter. Words of a mad-man to be ignored, except that WND (World Net Daily) and Charisma Magazine are quoting Pastor Jeremiah Johnson's demonic vision "Donald Trump will be My Trumpet, like Cyrus, to usher in the 2nd Coming of Jesus"; the question? Is Donald the 1st Trumpet or 7th Trumpet? Ans: Certainly not the 7th.

On Sept 25th Knight of Malta Donald Trump (Ashkenazi fake Jew Drumpf; Ashkenazis descend from Japheth-Gomer, Germanic not Jewish) meets 33 degree Luciferian Freemason Benjamin Netanyahu (Ashkenazi fake Jew) in Trump Plaza NYC declaring "Jerusalem has been the eternal capital of the Jewish people for over 3000 years". Sorry Don, Jerusalem has not been the Capital of the Jewish people for nearly 3000 years  Amos 5:2; 5:26; 7:2-3; 6-7) and will not be until Jesus returns as Melchizedek, the rightful King of Jerusalem and Priest of the Most High. Jesus in fact, declared Jerusalem is "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt" Rev 11:8. Real Jews are still in Diaspora. Amos declares "The Virgin of Israel has fallen...there is none to raise her up" Amos 5:2 Why? The Six Pointed Star of Molech/Chiun/Sikkuth/El which they made to themselves currently on the Flag of Israel. Hell is modern Israel's capital Don; the Antichrist will sit on Satan's Seat (Throne of Pergamon) next to the Abomination of Desolation on the 8 Pt Star of ISIS supporting the Golden Dome of the Rock of Offence. Jesus, the real "Trump of God" returns to destroy everything on that spot (Ref Obadiah) Hell is where Don, Bennie and the rest of the "Synagogue of Satan" will spend eternity. "Japheth shall dwell in the tents of Shem" Gen 9:27 
       On Sept 26 at the White House Tribal Nations Conference, Obama was given a Crow Tribal Hat, and called "Black Eagle". So which Tribe is this? The Eagle is a symbol of Esau exalting himself as an Eagle (Ref Obadiah) and of Zeus. In Sochi, Prometheus (Fore Thinker) escapes his chains and the Eagle (Americas) pecking his liver. Obama has a Nation of Islam name Bari Malik Shabazz Jr, a name meaning Barque + Molech + First Race; literally "Obama He is with us" is the Amorite (Edomite Shepherd and Serpent god Amurru=Canaanite god of the West Amar=America "Land of Amorites") shepherd leading the flock to Slaughter for the 1st Race of Cain and Canaan.
      The Elite believe Lucifer and Adam's 1st wife Lilith gave birth to Cain; the 1st Race. Cainites then crossed the Flood when Ham (Black) had incest with his Cainite mother to give birth to "Canaan", the "Cursed" bloodline  whom Edomites married into. This is why Abraham and his  sons Isaac and Ishmael were commanded to not marry Canaanite women. Ishmael and Esau disobeyed. At Armageddon, everyone in the House of Esau will be destroyed. Ref Obadiah.
                   313: Hale Jah? or Hail JAH?
There are 313 ! in the KJV I think that is the significan

                 The Real Turkish Coup                                      

      So, Jesuit-Rothschild Agent and Rockefeller trained Theoretical Phycisist (Time Travel)  Ashton Carter loses $6,500,000,000,000 at the Pentagon; the Messianic Islam Armageddon begins and the Clinton Foundation is set to assume control over the Internet without Anti-trust oversight and the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem is aobut to commence construction as the Mekudeseshet Festival brings all 3 major religions to Jerusalem, and the Media is largely silent.
       NDAA (Nat Def Authorization Act) 2013 ended the ban on Domestic Propaganda; News is made by Actors like the Ukraine Defense Propaganda photographer Dmytro Muravsky who staged the Aug 25 Ukraine War photo; nice touch with the close range explosion and empty baby carriage in the frame eh? or the staged the July 15 Turkish Coup. The real Turkish Coup happened Aug 24; Turkey may have just started the Muslim version of Armageddon. Why Turkey and Ukraine? Eze 38 "Togarmah and the north quarters". So is "Gog and Magog" starting? NO! The real battle is at the end of the Millennium (1000 year reign of Jesus Christ); this one is Satan's version.
       France and Turkey are now in 3 month "States of Emergency", a dressed down term for "Martial Law". Erdogan is a Muslim Brotherhood, Crypto (fake Jew Satanist pretending to be Muslim) who has received awards from the American Jewish (not Jewish in the slightest) Congress and ADL. Erdogan is a Grand Orient Lodge (Rising Sun) Luciferian Freemason, initiated in Paris "House of Isis" who believes he is filling Islamic Prophecy concerning Dajjal "Antichrist" and Muslim "Malahim" aka Biblical "Armageddon". Erdogan and his wife are Israeli Sayanims just like ex-French President Nicholas Sarkozy or Francois Hollande. The problem in a nutshell is this;  Armageddon "Mt of Slaughter" is not a battle "Malahim"; Armageddon as the word means, is an instant Slaughter. There is not one word devoted to Armageddon after Jesus arrives because He returns with "Eyes of Flame", a "Vestment dipped in Blood" and wears a sign "Word of God"; He destroys everything in front of Him filling Armageddon "Valley of Megiddo" with blood up to the horse bridles. (Rev 19) If that sounds like fun to you, have at it; for me I prefer "Love God" "Love my Enemy", the only 2 requirements of the New Covenant. 
      Operation Euphrates Shield Turkey and US launch invasion of Syria with airstrikes, tanks, troops. US Operation Inherent Resolve began 4 days prior. Cleansing moderate Arabs from Syria? Sure, just like Benghazi was a reaction to "Innocence of Muslims". The Grand Orient Lodge Freemason, Neo-Ottoman Sultan and his US (Amalekite) ISIS arming Whores timed the attack with the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Marj Dabiq, on Aug 24, 1516. 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the fall of the Ottoman Empire in WWI; Erdogan and his Isis arming pals Jesuit Joe Biden and Jesuit/Freemason John Kerry are all well aware of that.  The Battle of Marj Dabiq was followed in Jan 22, 1517 by the Battle of Redinya which put the Levant (Land promised by God to Abraham aka Eretz Israel) under control of the Ottoman led Sunni Caliphate. WWI ended in Armistice, the world is about to find out why! The Ottoman defeat of the Mamluk (Egyptian Pederast Freed Slave Army much like Spartans) Sultanate in Aleppo initiated 400 years of Ottoman rule over the land God promised to Abraham. Operation Euphrates Shield is a prelude to Armageddon and the return of Kalifah "Caliph" aka "al-Kidr" or "Green Man". 
    Operation Euphrates Shield or Jarablus Offensive
will put Turkey in control of the Euphrates River at the Syrian Border in preparation for the Euphrates River become dry for the armies of the "Kings of the  East" to arrive at Har Megiddo. In order for the world to accept the false Messiah, the 6th Vial (Rev 16:12) needs to be recreated; by who? Rev 16:13-16 tell us. "I saw 3 unlean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of the great day of God Almighty" 
                                      Aug 14 "World Rabia Day and 9 Av 2016    
      Muslim Brotherhood, Arab League, PLO fake Christian Walid Shoebat claims Erdogan is fulfilling Muslim prophecy as the Antichrist; Shoebat also claims Mecca is the "City on 7 Hills"; Walid Shoebat is a dangerous Liar. 
     Erdogan, like his eastern counterpart in Pakistan, Mamnoon Hussain, a Pakistan Muslim League Initiate is a Muslim Brotherhood and Sufi Initiate, evidence by his 4 finger "R4BIA" (Rabaa means 4th) salute of the Muslim Brotherhood.
     The Yellow and Black, 4 finger Rabia salute is dedicated to Sufi Mystic and Muslim Saint Rabia al Adewiyya, considered the Holiest Sufi woman in history. Her parents were allegedly visited by Muhammad  nearly 100 years after his death; this may sound familiar because JESUS visited John the Evangelist in a Cave on Patmos Is to dictate the book "Revelation" (Testimony of JESUS). Muhammad said "Your daughter is the favorite of the Lord and will lead Muslims to the right path"; that's because God just love Mystics like Sufis to guide His people! NOT! Why Yellow and Black? Ahura Mazda (Light=Yellow) versus Ahriman (Dark=Black) America? oh we're Ahriman. Another interpretation of the colors is the Dome of the Rock and Kisway of the Kaaba. Netanyahu is just itching to start construction of the 3rd Temple, that is after the Golden Dome of the Rock from atop the 8pt Star of Isis is removed.
    Aug 14 is World Rabia Day and also Tisha b' Av this day the 1st and 2nd Temples were destroyed; WWI, WWII, Holocaust, Gulf Wars etc etc all began on 9 Av. figured out what the "Right Path" Sufi Mystics mean yet?  Massacre of Christians and Real Jews. So who are the 3 unclean spirits? Jesuits and the Mother Church of all churches worldwide Arch-basilica of St John Lateran (Lateran means "Hidden Frogs"; Kiss that frog and the Prince of Darkness awakens!
     Erdogan spoke to the masses "Syria is responsible for the Terrorism since it refuses to accept out solutions...Syria is part fo Ottoman Geography from 100 years ago" This from the man who filled the Turkish Cargo Ship Nour M with 50,000 Russian Kalashnikov rifles destined for ISIS Rebels in Tartus; this from the guy whose son Bilal brings looted ISIS oil to market; this from the guy whose daughter works at the Syrian border to prepare ISIS passports; this from the guy who told Russia to use the US Airbase at Incirlik for attacks in Syria.   
     Dabiq is the ISIS Propaganda Magazine; Dabiq  takes its name from Dabiq, Syria, the site of the Muslim Malahim, the Satanic version of Armageddon. ISIS is figure-headed by Israeli Simon Elliot aka Abu Bakr al Baghdadi. SITE (Search for Int'l Terrorist Entities), headed by Israeli spy Rita Katz (Rita=Pearl; Katz= Kohannim "Chief Priest" + Tzaddiq "Righteous") with production facilities in Dubai and Ft Huachuaca AZ, is the TV Propaganda Arm. ISIS, like Turkomen aka Mohammadens is not Muslim, ISIS is Canaanite. DAESH stands for "Nation of Islam in Levant" Nation of Islam is founded on the 1st Race "Shabazz" (Royal Falcon), a Horite (Horus=Royal Falson) Cult descended from Ham (Black) having nothing to do with mainstream Islam. 
    Sunni Islam is a product of the Korahite Priesthood of Num 16; Muhammad, a Quyraish (aka Koresh; "Gaisaying of Core" in Jude 7) Bedouin descended from that Tribe of "Rebel Priests" in Moses and Aaron's Day; similar in respects to the Samaritans originally led by Left Hand Path Satanist Simon Magus or today's Mormon Church illegally continuing the Levite Priesthood. Allah is not God, Allah is 4000 years old and one of the Arab Trinity Sun-Moon-Venus, the Moon God "Sin". I mean no offense to anyone in the Islamic Faith here, Holy means "Separate"; Allah is no more a god than Santa Claus.
     At the St Sulpice Cathedral is the Paris (Par=House + Isis) Zero Meridian "Rose Line" (Brass "Sovereign" Kingdom in Dan 2:39-40; America is now 240 years old); the Sun will contact the Aquarius Symbol on the Egyptian Obelisk on the 500th Anniversary of the Ottoman Battle", the Annual arrival of Aquarius matches the Astrological Age of Aquarius on America's Inauguration Day. If you haven't read the inscription on Prophecy Rock in the 4 Corners area of the US, now is a good time, before White Brother returns and Red Kachina removes his mask in the Plaza (UN Plaza and 9th UN Secretary General)  "Nothing in politics happens by chance, if it happened it was planned" FDR
    al-Mahdi and Jesus returning to battle the Crusader Army? Folks, JESUS is JAH is JEHOVAH is Alpha is Omega is Melchesedek (King of Jerusalem and Priest of God) is Shiloh (He whose it is); Nobody battles God and wins anything but a one way ticket to Hell for eternity!  Read Rev 19, Jesus returns to destroy everything in His path. When He does, you had better be behind Him!
    Erdogan Staged the Turkish Coup and has Paris initiated Grand Orient Lodge brothers leading
  • Jordan:  King Abdullah II (Abd=Servant + Allah) and Bari Malik Shabazz (Obama) are great Palm Desert golfing pals. Idumea is the land of Moab, Ammon, Edom; these 3 escape the hand of Antichrist a short time in Daniel 11. Jordan is the final area on the route to Armageddon from Fukushima, Japan, Korean DMZ, Chinese Silk Road, Karakoram Hwy (Himalayas to Islamabad), Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Jordan. What a coincidence US State Dept (Luciferian Mason John Kerry/Cohen) urged US citizens to leave Afghanistan 14 Turkish Ships, 2 Black Hawk Helcopters and 25 Special Forces missing including a Nuc capable Guided Missile Frigate during the Staged Coup. What a coincidence, the same ship was used by "Terrorists" in JAG Season 3 episode "Tiger Tiger". Why Tiger? Seeing a Tiger in the wild is often the last thing a person sees; just ask Katy Perry who sang "Roar" at the DNC. EU and NATO are searching for the Ships; Sure! They just vanished like UA-93 on 9/11 or MH-370 in a Black Hole of Stage Managed Lies.
  • Iran: WWIII "Mede-Persian Ram V Grecian Goat" yields "Little Horn" (Antichrist). to put this in Freemasonic terms WWIII will put forces of Political Zionism against Islam in order for the true doctrine of Lucifer to be accepted". Note that Islam is divided between Sunni and Shia factions. Iran or Aryan means "Noble Caste", none more Noble than Paris initiated, Sovereign Luciferian Grand Orient Lodge Mason Ayathollah ali Khameini, protege of US installed Ayathollah Khomeini, during the "Green Revolution" (Rio Green Olympics, Green Man and Green Party Jill Stein may ring a Baal). This man teaches his Shia followers the Earth cannot exist without a viable Shia Imam; his mission is to usher in the 12th "Hidden Imam" al-Mahdi, who according to the script arrives with Jesus to battle those who oppose Shariah Law. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told this to the UN 3 years in a row; Iran President Hassan Rouhani? A Shariah Law Judge. 
  • Iraq: The Green Revolution and Ayatollah Khomeini occurred, courtesy of ex CIA chief, Nazi George Scherff Jr aka  George HW "Magog" Bush Sr; the Green Zone and Grand  Ayatollah ali al Sistani occurred courtesy of his Sodomite son George W "Gog" Bush; the Gulf Wars began as soon as the 1990 Rio Earth Summit ended. On 9/10/01 Bush Rabbi and DOD Comptroller Dov Zakheim announced $2.3Trillion was missing from DOD Accounts; today, $6.5Trillion is missing from DOD Budget. Rabbis don't make very good accountants I guess; maybe that's why Jesus turned the tables on them 2000 years ago. On 1/8/8 George "Gog" Bush received his "Gog" nickname by the Temple Mount faithful and Sanhedrin in Zedekiah's Cave beneath the Temple Mount on "Megillat Bush" (Scroll of Bush) "Oh Gog, Chief Prince of Meshech and Tubal" is a line straight out of Eze 38. Bush Jr a Chief Prince? Hardly, just a Hell bound Sodomite tool. Another Satanic tool Vladimir Putin or as Bush Jr calls him "Pooty Poot" Ukraine Independence Day Vladimir Putin "The trigger for WWIII is Ukraine joining NATO"; he won't have long to wait. WWIII will be a false Gog and Magog invasion; Russia will lead an invasion through Ukraine and Syria to Jerusalem. Read Eze 38-39; Rev 20:7-8 before it happens.
    Signs of the Times
  • Benjamin Netanyahu announced he is ready to give the order to rebuild the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem. Project 911 on Site 911 in Beit Shemesh (House of the Sun) has a radiation hardened bunker with the Mezuzah (alteration of Deut 6:4) rejecting JESUS over every door at the ready. There is no Millennial Temple folks; the 3rd Temple as a common house of Jewish, Christian and Muslim worship will house Antichrist, the Messiah coming in his own name Jesus warned would come called "Green Man", the Arab "al Kidhr". 
  • US State Dept (Luciferian Mason John Kerry/Cohen) urges US citizens to leave Gaza and Afghanistan in preparation for attacks. $1.3B in 13 separate payments now completed to Iran; WWIII is Mede-Persia V Grecian Goat; "Little Horn" will rise as Antichrist. Sec of State John Kerry and Benjamin Netanyahu (both 33 degree Luciferian Masons) met in Rome on Feast Day of St John (June 24), setting the stage for WWIII and the 3rd Temple. The world is one Hamas Rocket from witnesseing the revealing of Antichrist and start of Great Tribulation. Hamas and Hezbollah are a continuation of the Nazis; Lebanon (Laban "To Make White" is invisible the White Olympic Ring), the land of the Phoenicians (Phoenix) is derived from Laban "To make White". The 3rd Temple of Antichrist could be started at any time; Read Dan 9:23-27 before it does "70 Weeks" is 490 days, not a long time.
  • Aug 24: Earthquake kills 250+ people and destroys 16 towns on Mt Vesuvius Day Pompeii suffered a simolar fate on Aug 24, 79AD. Pompeii's Sins are matched only by the Vatican. St Malachy (Molech) prophecy ring a Baal? Pope Francis #266 leading the flock through the 7 yr Tribulation as Rome burns? What a coincidence the ISIS Video (read US Army Video) shows Rome burning as ISIS sodiers celebrate at the Colliseum eh? There is no 7 yr Tribulation, much less a Rapture; only a 3 1/2 yr period of Hell on Earth "Great Tribulation" which is about to begin.
  • Aug 24: Ukraine Independence Day Vladimir Putin "The trigger for WWIII is Ukraine joining NATO"; he won't have long to wait. WWIII will be a false Gog and Magog invasion; Russia will lead an invasion through Ukraine and Syria to Jerusalem. Read Eze 38-39; Rev 20:7-8 before it happens.
  • Aug 24 500th anniversary of the Battle of Dabiq. ISIS Magazine Dabiq and ISIS Propaganda video "Meeting in Dabiq" may ring a Baal. Following the Staged Turkish Coup, Jesuit Knight of Malta Joe Biden meeting with Grand Orient Freemason Erdogan in Ankara, Turkey, chose the day to invade Syria, beginning Operation Euphrates Shield.  "ISIS Shield", the original name must have been too obvious as Erdogan and his son Bilal transport and sell looted ISIS Oil; together with the US, Turkey trains, finances, arms, supplies passports and protects ISIS, the US State Dept even supplies Isis with new Toyota SUV's and guards convoys with Helicopter Gunships. The invasion, at the headwaters of the Euphrates in the area of Dabiq may ring a Baal; Dabiq is the site of the arrival of Jesus and al-Mahdi for the final battle of Good versus Evil (made up as part of Messianic Islam); the Euprates River goes dry  at the 6th Vial of God's Wrath; the Global Elite will fake this event as the 2nd Coming of Jesus. The Islamic version of Armageddon just got started.
  • Pentagon (Stealing $6.5Trillion makes even the best criminals nervous) spokesmen declare "US is ready to attack Russian and Syrian Jets in Syria". Read Is 17:1 before the shooting starts "Damascus shall be a city no more...a ruinous heap". Russia coming to Jerusalem from the north is the fake "Gog and Magog" war; the real "Gog and Magog" happens at the end of the Millennium about 1003  1/2 years from now by my count. Ref Eze 38-39; Rev 20:7
  • Mekudeshet Festival 3 major world religions, Christianity (Anti-christ version), Islam (Messianic version), Judaism (Kabbalah-Talmud Satanic versio) all called to a Mass Wedding Ceremony in Jerusalem beginning Sept 4, 2016. The Wedding of the Lamb will likely be roughly 3 1/2 yrs later. The 3rd Temple of Antichrist is to be a place of worship for all 3 major religions complete with Throne of Pergamon "Satan's Seat", "Abomination of Desolation" (my guess is a Statue of Baphomet much like the one in Detroit) and the Antichrist.
  • ICANN: Clinton Foundation control of the Internet  US Dept of Commerce control of the Internet from NTIA (Nat Telecom and Information Administration) to ICANN, (sounds like Icon for a reason). ICANN CEO is Lebanese (Lebanon is derived from Laban "To Make White")-Egyptian Fadi Chehadi (BS NY Polytechnic and 1 Yr Engineering Mgt Stanford is impossible). NTIA is under $Multi-Billionaire Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker, the only source of Anti-Trust Protection over a Privatized Internet. ICANN is a privately funded 501c3 Tax Free, non-profit California Corporation funded by the Clinton Foundation and founded by fake Jews like George Soros (Grigori Schwartz) Open Society Initiative. The Aug 24 ICANN MTG is in Dominican Republic where the largest human sacrifice center called "Columbus Lighthouse" lights up the sky with the Cross. The Cross is not a Christian symbol any more than Columbus was Christian; he (Fernando Zarko) was a Crypto Satanist in ships bearing the Red (Edomite) Templar Cross, carrying Smallpox laced blankets. Elon Musk Space X Falcon 9 Rocket carrying Payload blows up after Musk meets with Ashton Carter
  • GAO announced $6.5Trillion is missing from DOD Accounts; 10 yrs of DOD annual spending is missing and the media is silent just as they were when Rabbi Dov Zakheim and Don Rumsfeld announced they were missing $2.3Trillion just before 9/11/2001. Sec of Defense Ashton Carter is a Jesuit educated (St John's College), Rhodes Scholar, Theoretical Physicist (Time Reversal, Symmetry ie expert on Jesuit made up Bull Shit) Rothschild (Rothschild was Bauer=Farmer=Cain) did we expect with a Canaanite in charge of the War Dept? 
     JESUS delivered all 7 Church Warnings in Rev 2-3 to the land occupied by Turkey. Fake Apostles. Goddess Worship. Satan's Seat (Templarism). Elevation of Clergy (Nicolaitane Doctrine), Synagogue of Satan (Fake Jews/Star of Moelch). Idol Worship (Cross/Crucifix). Works based Salvation are all condemned in the land called Turkey.
     Dialectic: Thesis + Antithesis=Synthesis. Erdogan  is a Grand Orient Lodge Luciferian Freemason, Muslim Brotherhood AKP (Justict & Development Party), the planned opposition to the Global Imam Fethullah Gulen, an Interfaith Educator with 1000 Schools in 160 Nations. The result of this Staged Conflict is Shariah Law aka Luciferian Law. The Coup was Staged Dialectic. 
      Occultists (Gnostics hiding among the Sheep) deny JESUS is God; they deny He is Alpha and Omega (Begin and End). They deny He is JEHOVAH (JAH Ps 68:4KJV) and JESUS (Mat 1:25KJV) These are replaced by Jah, and Jesus respectively in all new bibles; an  Alternative "HU Man" Messiah or Antichrist (al-Mahdi, Maitreya, Krishna etc). They also deny He is Shiloh (Gen 49:10) meaning "He whose it is" ie "KING OF KINGS". There are 2 major confrontations separated by the Millennium in scripture, Armageddon (Rev 19) and Gog and Magog (Eze 38-39; Rev 20:7)

     Occultists aim is to fake Gog and Magog; notice Russia and Turkey (Togarmah) jumped right on this Bastille Day nonsense. Putin with his pal John Kerry in Moscow called for Worldwide Unity fighting ISIS (ISIS is the Black Virgin and Throne of Antichrist). Is 17:1 says "Damascus shall be a city no more..."; Damascus is directly north of Jerusalem as is Moscow, the path Russia will take to Jerusalem. Russia is not "Rosh" which means "Head"; new bibles even go so far as to add "Rus" to Eze 38:2 and claim Moscow is Meshech and Tubal is Tobolsk (Siberian HQ of the Golden Horde i.e. Mongol Ghengis Khan).  
     Ezekiel 38 occurs at the end of the Millennium. Read the list of nations in Eze 38-39: Turkey (Togarmah), Ethiopia/Sudan (Cush), Libya (Put), Persia (Iran), Gomer (Germany; note also Gomer's son is Ashkenazi the fake Jews in Israel), Sheba (Saudi Arabia/UAE) and Dedan (Yemen). Notice Togarmah of the north quarters; that is the Baltic Nations being primed for War by NATO whose new HQ is the NAZI Lightning Bolts and Thor's Hammer. The Confederacy is also named in Ps 83: Jordan or Idumea being the Tabernacles of Edom, and Moab; Saudi Arabia the Tabernacle of Hagarenes; the Persian Gulf the Tabernacles of Ishmaelites. The point is God has hardened the hearts of His enemies and all of them want War.
     Armageddon precedes Gog and Magog by 1000 years and will follow a 200M large Exodus along the Silk Road (China aka Hittite "Silk Road Initiative") beginning at Fukushima-Korean DMZ (Korahites of Num 16)-Himalayas (Chumolongmo means Earth Mother because Ham and his Cainite mother (Noah's wife) produced the "Cursed" Canaan bringing the Curse across the Flood; Noah stepped off the Ark East of Babylon in the Himalayas not at Mt Ararat west of Babylon like study bibles and new versions claim)-Karakoram Hwy to Islamabad (bin Laden raid was a Hoax)-Afghanistan-Iran (Mede-Persian Ram)-Iraq-Jordan to Armageddon "Valley of Slaughter". As the Exodus reaches Iraq (Babylon) Rev 9:11 will occur when Satan is cast out of Heaven with the War with Michael and given the Keys to the Bottomless Pit some 18 months, 1 Week and 1 Day before the 2nd Coming "5th Trumpet".     
     In both Wars, everyone not in personal Covenant with JESUS dies instantly; there is no battling God, that's why they insist on creating Civil Wars to have people destroy themselves per the WWIII Script laid out by Jesuit handled Confederate (Foederis means "Covenant with God"; Confederate is "Against the Covenant with God") Albert Pike and Giuseppe Mazzini on the Feast Day of Lucifer Aug 15 1871.
                 ISIS "Black Virgin" and "Throne of Antichrist" a Multi-National Ghost Army
      Russia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Turkey, EU, and the US, arm, train and finance ISIS. Russian Cargo Ship Mol Comfort split in half off the Yemen Coast June 17, 2013 carrying 50,000 Tons (5000 Shipping Containers) of Russian weapons destined for Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; Traitor John Kerry was there, waiting on the shipment. In August 2013 Turkish Ship Nour M was intercepted by Greek Coast Guard carrying 50,000 Kalashnikov Rifles and Ammunition to Tartus, controlled by Russia and Turkish President Erdogan son Bilal; the weapons once again destined for ISIS. 
    In response to the Nice and Ankara events Vladimir Putin with John Kerry (Kohen) called for "Worldwide Unity fighting ISIS"; hours later Lighting, Flooding and Hurricane force winds hit Moscow. No, Moscow is not Meshech in Eze 38.
   The US State Dept (read US
 Taxpayers) purchases fleets of Toyota SUV's for ISIS. US bases in Jordan train equip and train ISIS. Apache Helicopters guard ISIS Convoys. Looted ISIS Oil is transported by Bilal Erdogan across Turkey to market. Afghanistan Heroin reaches European market through Turkey.
        ISIS figurehead leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi is Israeli Mossad asset Simon Elliot. Every wonder why Israel never gets attacked by ISIS? Israeli Spy, US-Israel dual citizen Rita Katz (Rita=Pearl; Katz=Kohannim + Tzaddiq "Righteous Priest") handles ISIS Propaganda (Fake Beheadings etc) in conjunction with the US Army at Ft Huachuca and Qatar.
       The purpose of the Libyan War, launched on Purim was 1. Destroy the GMMR (Great Man-made River) Project 2. Prevent Libyan Oil from reaching market or sold in African Dinars. 3. Set up the Benghazi ISIS arming, funding center. Why Benghazi? Cyrennaica is the "Synagogue of the Libertines". 
                                          Gulenists "Hizmet"
      The US will soon be Scapegoated as "Babylon" (Rev 18) in order to make way for the Luciferian Messiah. The US is now accused of harboring the Turkish Coup mastermind Imam Fethullah Gulen 
     The Gulen Movement a Worldwide Interfaith, Science and Religious Education Cult; in a word "Gnosticism". Interfaith dialogue is dubbed "Common Good" or "Islamic Calvinism" ie Pre-destination. Ever wonder why Science is teaching Evolution, Big Bang, Gravity, Black Holes, Dark Matter, Heliocentrism, Aliens, Time Travel etc? "Science" is the "Tongue of the Chaldeans (Dan 1:5) and "Vain and Profane Babblings" 1 Tim 6:12KJV. Science is derived from Scire "To Know"; Gnosis (Knowledge) or Sophia (Wisdom) may ring a Baal; the 2 put together are Baphomet, the Goat of Mendes worshipped by the Templars and Assassins. Why harbor this Cult in America? The same question can be said of Mormonism.  Amurru is the Canaanite-Edomite Serpent and Shepherd god of the Amorites; we are to be the Scapegoat, sacrificed for the New World Order. 
    Gulenists are funded by the Clinton Foundation, what a coincidence teh Clinton Foundation also funds ICANN, the private Tax Free Corporation soon to be in control of the Internet.       
            Turkish Coup Hoax=Interfaith "Gulen Movement"
The 3rd "Interfaith" Temple is about to be built. Satan's Seat "Throne of Pergamon" from Turkey, the Abomination of Desolation Idol (think Immunity Idol from Survivor here) and Mark of the Beast coming soon. 
              CERN Hoax
      Sacrifice at CERN? Nope,  Hoax at the Apolliacum "Gateway to the Underworld"
      A UTube video of a Staged Human Sacrifice posted Aug 10. So the videographer happens to have his camera running ahead of time and get surprised by the 8 black robed participants in the  ceremony? Nice touch with tennis shoes and shorts and the videographer dropping the camera as the knife goes down on the purported female victim. CERN admitted the film had to have been made by people with "Access Cards" so with 100% certainty, they know who did this. So why no Swiss or French police investigation? They are in on the Publicity Stunt.
      This is all too reminiscient of the Daniel Pearl execution with black robed, fat, Jihadists in tennis shoes carrying Israeli made Uzi's and ISIS beheading videos posted by Israeli Rita Katz that never quite prove the dastardly deed.  The Hoax video ends with a picture of CERN's Large Hadron Collider; portal to another dimension? Hardly, the entire CERN money pit is a giant Hoax built on the site of an ancient Temple of Apollo. Saint-Genus Poilly means "Apolliacum", or "Gateway to the Underworld". CERN's 7 Trillion Electron-Volts are matched only by Voltaire's Castle near the site; check out the Mausoleum of Voltaire in Paris called the Pantheon if you doubt the hubris of Satanists; this monstrosity is a Shrine to the Merovingian Dynasty of France; Germanic Pagans who falsely converted to Christianity to bring in the Holy Grail (Mary Magdalene family with Jesus) Bull Shit to the Churches. Check out Donald Trump's 66th (Jesus is the Trump of God; "Behold, I come quickly" is verse Rev 22:7 (22/7=Pi) in the last of 66 books in the bible) floor shrine to Apollo in NYC Trump Tower. The video is a Hoax on par with CERN itself; having trouble Dis-CERNing the times? Ask JESUS for help. 
     On July 4, 2012 CERN posted the dance "Syncronicity" mimicking the "Nataraja" aka Shiva's "Dance of Destruction"; the same Choir full of Black Robed Scientists (Satanists) singing praises of Peter Higgs who named the Higgs Boson aka God Particle after himself.  Bull Shit people, nothing more. Shiva is Apollo=Apollyon/Abaddon from Rev 9:11, this is simply more propaganda about the return of Zeus' son Apollo, brought to you by Turkey, home to Satanists "Cryptos" pretending to be Jews (Kaballah, Zohar, Talmud), Christians and Muslims for 4000 years.  
                      Guan Yu

7/18/16 Giant statue of Guan Yu unveiled in Jing Zhou.
The Civil War General who brought and end to the Han Dynasty is remiscient of Civil War Confederate General Albert Pike. Guan Yu is immortalized as the "God of War". China is Hittite (China=Cathay=Cathar=Cath=Heth=Hittite); the Dragon is the Serpent from the Garden of Eden. Jing Zhou is also the god of Wealth, Brotherhood, Protection and Loyalty. Ishmael and Esau took Hittite Women as wives in violation of the covenant with Abraham; their Brothers were Isaac and Jacob, the brothers God chose for the Covenant. The Southern Branch Silk Road city was said to have been built by Guan Yu out of the Earth; Adam=Edom. His weapon: Green Dragon Crescent Blade. You may recall the Green Dragon Tavern was home to Freemasons who instigated the American Revolution; the 2nd Am Revolution and Civil War is imminent.
    Edomite Dominion is 100% assured in Gen 27:39-41KJV; Esau lives by the Sword (War) and of the Fatness of the Earth (Wealth). The Silk Road will soon host the  largest Exodus in world history; Get Ready.
                      Lucifer's Vitamin

a day like no other. Nice, Turkey and Baton Rouge, the filled the TV as the Capitol Mall filled with Evangelical Christians for Pulse Reset 2016.  Meanwhile, the FCC quietly approved what may be the largest Mass Murder in history with the rollout of the Nationwide Artemis 5G Network; NAZI Eugenics meets the modern age. Artemis is the Satanic Brainchild of Apple Engineer Steve Perlman; if the bite missing from the Apple (Apollo/Apollyon "Destroyer") isn't enough to wake up, how about $666.66 for Apple's first computer? 7/14/16= 7777; crazy numbers eh? Artemis Antennas are or soon will be on every Tower, Building and Intersection, turning Cell Phones and Laptops into RF Birth Control, Disease, Spy and Tracking devices.
                                                     Strong Delusion
     Arguably the FCC is the most powerful branch of Government, in control over all Broadcast Energy such as TV; Radio; Internet; RF Smart Meters; RF Hardware Chips used in Drones or Commercial Aircraft and Train Remote Takeover, On Star,  RF Hardware Controls such as Coolant Controls at Atomic Power Stations or Electric Turbines at Dams; Directed Energy Weapons such as Millimeter Wave "Pain Rays" and Microwave Emmitters or Mobile X-Ray emmitters; GWEN (Ground Wave Emergency Network) used for lovely things like Mind Control, Incapacitation or Electronic Cages; HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project) "Ionospheric Heaters" used for Jet Stream Manipulation and Geo-engineering projects like Volcanic Eruptions, Earthquakes, or Tsunamis; Scalar EM Antennas like SuperDarn, SOUSY, Wood Pecker Grid and an array of Arctic and Antarctic EM Generation Antennas; X-Band Weather Modifying Radars used for pinpoint Weather Modification at home and against other Nations; Project Blue Beam Ionospheric "Positively Entertaining" Gigantic Screen TV soon used to present the Antichrist as Jesus Christ aka Strong Delusion to believe the Lie.  
    FCC (Fed Communications Comm) Chair Tom Wheeler is an Obama (44th President "He is with us"; 44=Solomon's Cube, 9th Circle, Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix, 44 Kings of Israel Fundraiser, Obama Appointee, Telecom Venture Capitalist, Telecom Lobbyist and ex-CEO of Cellular Telecomm & Internet Association; in other words Tom Wheeler is Fox is guarding the Hen House and Wolf in the Sheep Pen. I say Sheep Pen because the Earth is a Giant Sheep Pen; nobody has or will ever travel outside the Radiation Belts 1000 miles above the Earth and Tom Wheeler knows this quite well.
      Artemis 5G Nationwide Broadband kills indiscriminately; you wouldn't think to put your Ovaries or Testes in a Microwave, but you will. It all began with Christmas Bomber Farouk Abdulmutalib; nobody noticed Millimeter Wave Full Body Imaging scanners were already at most major airports, ready to be deployed. Abdel (Servant of El/Allah) Mutallib (Student ie Taliban) was Muhammad's uncle and originator of Islam; one doesn't travel on a cash ticket Internationally to 3 countries without a Passport folks!  
    Wheeler's books tell the story "Take Command: Leadership lessons from the Civil War" Well folks, Artemis 5G is "Civil War" and both sides lose; think it's coincidence Captain America" Civil War is in theaters?  "Lincoln's T-Mails: How Lincoln and the Telegraph won the War" Nobody won the Civil War, it's purpose was Death, and to make a subtle but extremely deadly change to the Constitution Constitution of the United States was changed after the war by Skull & Bones (Brotherhood of Death) Supreme Court Chief Justice Morrison "Mot" Waite (Mot is the Phoenician god of Death) to CONSTITUTION FOR THE UNITED STATES. US Citizens have no rights in the UNITED STATES. 
     The Temple of Artemis was one of the 7 ancient wonders in Ephesus. JESUS' warning to the Church of Ephesus (Rev 2:1-7) resulted from failing the first Commandment of the New Covenant "Love God". Artemis/Diana is the Goddess of Witchcraft, Fertility and Child Birth; the Temple is replicated by the Supreme House of the Temple; the Shrine of 33rd Degree Masonry has 2 large basement rooms dedicated to the FBI and Apollo Moon Landing for a reason.
    Millimeter Wave Energy at 20X 4G Power=Sterility and Disease. The Love of God aka "Charity" (1 Cor 13) is #1; new bible versions change "Charity" to "Love" which has a vastly different meaning, the results seen in the 2006 movie Children of Men; Fertility Rates drop to 0.
                                   Vitamin D "Vital Amino Acid" + Death
      Skin production of Vitamin D "Sun Vitamin" is destroyed by Millimeter Wave Energy
which causes bubbles in the DNA strand; Cancer is caused from DNA and Amino Acid imperfections called "Slips" (Gene imperfections) or "Tares" (Plants) in Scripture; the Clay-Iron Feet of the Abomination of Desolation may ring a Baal.  Millimeter Wave Emitters are called "Pain Rays" for a reason!  Skin Cancer an obvious by-product as are Auto-immune Disorders, Infections and Cognitive Disorders. 
      Lucifer means "Light Bearer"; Sunlight is vital to Photosynthesis, and is the Key ingredient to physical Life; JESUS the "Light of the World" is the vital ingredient to SPIRITUAL LIFE. Lab Rats subjected to Millimeter Wave Radiation at the power level of the Artemis 5G Network were Sterilized in 15 minutes. Think it's coincidence Artemis is building a $5B HQ in San Jose shaped like a Human Egg Cell? Jesus warned a time would come when people Kill and think they do God's work. Those days are here.
                           Pulse Reset 2016 Capitol Mall
     PULSE Events are happening Worldwide. Pulse means Tare (Undesirable element); Capitol means "Womb of Zeus". Evangelical Nick Hall (Nicolaitane Hall?) is the figurehead leader of PULSEPulse Reset 2016, UNITE and TOGETHER designed to gather well meaning Christians together. Pulse Reset 2016 on 7/16/16 "777" (Just remember JESUS=888) is called TOGETHER; 1 M people around the largest Mason built Obelisk (Baal's Shaft) on Earth.
    PULSE will lead the "Jesus is the Reason of the Season Christmas Tour" No people, Jesus is not the reason for Christmas! Christ=Messiah + Mass=Sacrifice of the Host. Jesus was Conceived on Christmas (Hanukkah "Feast of Dedication") He was born the New Covenant Tabernacle "House of God" and born on Feast of Tabernacles (29 Sept 6 BC) not on Christmas. Mithra, Sol, Apollo, Attis, Dionysus, Bacchus et all was born on Christmas. If people would read Scripture rather than follow Wolves in Sheep's Clothes, they could protect themselves. "A little leaven, leaveneth the whole lump" Sound familiar?
    The United Nations has designated 2016 "Year of Pulses" and 2017 "Year of Sustainable Development". It's no coincidence Orlando "Pulse Nightclub" was chosen for a Staged Hoax. Pulses are Tares among the Grain, removed by the Millstones. Jesus is the "Narrow Path"; His followers are the "Holy" and "Ekklesia" ie Separated Church not UNITE or TOGETHER.
     Ever wonder why Jesus said "Except those days should be shortened, no flesh would remain"? Mat 24:22 Artemis 5G may very well accomplish this in less than a generation. "A man's foes shall be they of his own house" Mic 7:6; Mat 10:36.  
     Notice the spelling: Pulse Reset is a Name and Person; PULSE, UNITE and TOGETHER are CORPORATE. This is not trivial folks. Nick Hall is funded by the Billy Graham Evangelical Network; Billy is a 33 degree Luciferian Freemason in league with dozens of apostate religions (Cathy Burns book "Billy Graham and his friends" covers this in detail Nick was initiated at Fuller Seminary which teaches "Bible Inerrancy" while promoting the Revised Standard Version. Jesus is the Word made Flesh, (Jn 1:1; 14; 1 Jn 5:7KJV) there can only be one Word of God; the Authorized Bible. All new versions came out of the Bible Revision Committee in 1887; neither BF Westcott or FJ Hort believed in Genesis or Revelation. Fuller Seminary Dean  Richard Mouw teaches "Mormonism is a Christian Religion because it has a University" Well now Richard, Gal 1:6-9 states if anyone teaches "Another Gospel" they are Anathema; guess you missed the title of the Book of Mormon "Another Gospel of Jesus Christ" Oops! BTW Brigham Young was a Jesuit handled 33 degree Mason who taught Mormons to "Take Vengeance on America until the last drop is spilled" Ever heard of the "Blood in the Streets Prophecy"? Good ole Mitt Romney may seem squeaky clean, but laundering $Billions from Iran-Contra isn't. Hypocrites in Sheep's Clothes.
    Pulse Reset? 2016-17 is a Satanic Jubilee, a Reset of Slave and Master, or in this case Esau and Jacob. Edomites are the Wolves enticing Sheep into the Shearing Pens. The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus taught "False Apostles" and "Nicolaitane Doctrine" (Elevated Teachers). Time to Get Out before the Shearing begins!


                            Summer of Chaos                                                    
      Summer of Chaos began with the June 21; The Potomac Institute held its "Doomsday Forum" and the Sun entered the Square (Earth) at St Sulpice

    "Doomsday Forum" Motto  "Build Peace and Security thorugh pre-emptive nuclear strikes by Land, Sea, Air against Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, ISIS and al-Qaeda"
 Military Contractors, Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, Northrop-Gruman, ATK Thiokol; Military Brass; Nuclear Scientists met at the "Trinity Site" where the 1st Atomic detonation occurred. 33 degree Mason Russian Agent J Robert Oppenheimer quoted Shiva (aka Apollo/Apollyon "Destroyer") "I have become Death, the destroyer of worlds"  Little Boy and Fat Man were already enroute to Japan to test the destructive nature of the Atom (Big Bang Theory is the Ejaculation of Egyptian creator Atum; Masonry is indeed a Phallic Cult) aka Atomic Theory. 4 Forces? (Electro-magnetism, Strong Nuclear, Weak Interaction, Gravity) Nah, 5 Forces. The mythical 5th Force is none other than Quintessence the mythical Aether of the ancient Greeks and TULA "Dark Sun" of ancient Egypt and Black Sun of the Nazi SS (NATO HQ is the SS). Quintessence is Witchcraft people; Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Quintessence or Illumination.  Got JESUS in your life? Quintessence is a Pale substitute. 
     The June 21 "Strawberry Moon" 
Full Moon was the 1st Summer Solstice Full Moon since 1967. 25000 Neo-Druids celebrated the event at Stonehenge. St George (Patron Saint of Britain and Russia) slays the Dragon in Cancer (June 21-July 22) at St John the Divine Cathedral in NYC; his statue is also at the United Nations Bldg. America is the Dragon folks! At the St Sulpice Cathedral in Paris, the Sun will be in the Square at the end of the "Rose Line" and begin its annual march to the Obelisk and back. At the Dec 21 position is the Aquarius Symbol. George means Earth; Strawberry means "Earth Berry"; worship the Earth? No thanks, I'll worship the Creator.
    June 21 Lt Gen Tom Waldhauser told Senate Committee Chairs John McCain (meets regularly with Abu Bakr al Badhdadi aka Israeli Mossad asset Simon Elliot) and Sodomite Lindsey Graham (insistant on War with Russia in Damascus to oust Assad; Why Damascus? Isaiah 17:1 "Damascus shall be a city no more...a ruinous heap") testified  "Military action in Syria would be wise even without White House confirmation I would welcome the authority"    The entire chronology is posted in June and July "Current Events" Here are some highlights. the Sun will rise up the Gnomon Pillar to the 76 Symbol Christmas 2016.  Christmas means "Sacrifice and Consumption of the Host"    In the New Covenant, Born Again followers of JESUS are the "Host".                               
                                                                 July 6  
     Black Lives Matter
calls for "Summer of Chaos"  on Eve of Eid al Fitr Black Lives has nothing to do with skin color or "Race"; it has to do with Ham (Ham=Black) whose incest with his Cainite mother produced the Cursed bloodline of Canaan. LIkewise Black Panthers have nothing to do with black skin; they are the Edomite Leopard (Panther) in Dan 7:6  Think the date 7/6 is by coincidence? Sure, just like the 76 on top of the Brass "Rose Line" at St Sulpice. The 3rd Beast are Edomites; Beast means "Unrestrained Person"; Esau obtains "Dominion" (Sovereign Authority to Rule Earth) in Gen 27:40KJV; in Dan 2:39 "Kingdom of Brass" and Dan 7:6 "Leopard".                                    
                                            July 7 Eid al Fitr "777"
7/7/16  "777" Eid al Fitr 
End of Ramadan "Break the Fast" (Breakfast means "Dawn meal"; Dawn is Phosphorous=Lucifer as is the Islamic Crescent "Hilal" ISIS is not Muslim; ISIS means "Black Virgin" and "Throne of Antichrist" Isis merely the Scapegoat to lay blame on Muslims. WWIII is Zionism versus Islam. Both sides of the Dialectic are controlled by the same Satanists.    The 1979 song by Supertramp "Breakfast in America" says it all "I play my tricks on you, while there's nothing better to do". We're being played the fool alright. Liber 777: Qabbalistic writings of Aleister Crowley may ring a Baal. People in London suffered the 7/7/2005 "777" Subway attack; fortunately Subway Terror Drills were scheduled at the exact stations hit. 777 is Shekinah the Feminine presence of the deity aka "Shock and Awe"; 777 is "Order out of Chaos" 
Dallas Shooting Hoax during DART Multi-jurisdictional Drill; USA Network Series "Shooter" due to debut July 19. "Purge: Election Year" in Theaters now. Pretty coincidental eh? "And a man's enemies shall be they of his own house" Mit 7:6; Mat 10:36
Super Typhoon Nepartak a "Near Perfect" Category 5 (175MPH .897mb) Storm hitting Taiwan on Eid al Fitr as 2000 Molech worshipping Satanists head for Bohemian Grove. Nothing new, Edward Teller planned the Hydrogen Bomb at Bohemian Grove. Nepartak has a low pressure of 897mb dwarfing Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy.
1.4M People in China evacuated, 1Million AC crops destroyed from "Biblical Floods" along Yangtze River. Chinese President Xi Jinping prepares People's Liberation Army for imminent attack
 Seoul Korea (Korea is named after the Korahites os Num 16) receiving a month's water in 1 day expecting attack from N Korea release of water from Hwanggang Dam. Korea is named after the Korahites (Num 16); DMZ on the 38th Parallel along with the Kim Dynsaty created by Nixon Sec of State Dean Rusk with a magic marker and a map.      
    All these Weather disasters are man-made; produced by EM (Sun=Earth) Weapons; ironically developed for War by Donald Trump's uncle John after the murder of Nikola Tesla. Pretty coincidental eh?       
                                                         July 8-27 
Bohemian Grove 2016 
Begone Dull Care is a 4000 yr old Sumerian Ritual. Satanic Sacrifice Ritual dedicated to Molech for the Satanic Elite; 2 of whom (GW Bush and Obama) met in Dallas on the war to "The Grove" to celebrate the Dallas Shooting Hoax.
                                                         July 12
Chinese People's Liberation Army ordered to "Prepare for Combat" China=Cathay=Cath (Cathar)=Heth=Hittites; China=Sina=Sin. Red Dragon symbolizes China and the Red Dragon guards the Temple Bar (Gate) at the City of London Corp because British=B'Rith=Birthright=Esau who sold his Birthright and became Edom=Red.  Got JESUS in your life? There is no more time to think about it.
                                                           July 11 
     SITE and Rita Katz bin Laden video. Osama bin Laden's son Hamza bin Laden issued a warning of Vengeance on the US for his father's death on July 11; good boy Ham, playing a role right out of the Spider Man movies; nobody will catch on. First off his father Osama (Lion) bin (Crib or Manger) Laden (100 headed Ladon Dragon) is myth; Osama bin Laden is CIA asset Tim Osman; likely dead of Kidney failure in 2001.
      2nd The 9/11 Bin Laden raid in Islamabad is also myth, as is Seal Team 6 being shot down in the same helicopter 3 weeks later. The body of bin Laden was flown in a Chinook Helicopter (Range 250 miles; 150 mph) over 1200 miles from Islamabad to the Arabian Sea and dumped overboard 9-10 hrs later aboard the USS Carl Vinson? A Hoax as certain as the Dallas Shooting Hoax
                                                 July 13 "Dancing Bush" Hallelujah means "Hail Jah" Jah is the Antichrist. Chiliasm is the Templar goal of installing a man on the Throne of Pergamon "Satan's Seat" in a 3rd Temple in Jerusalem, the "Great City" JESUS refers to as "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt" Rev 11:8
    JAH (Ps 68:4KJV) is JESUS (Mat 1:25KJV) both are shortened forms of JEHOVAH the SPIRITUAL Covenant NAME of GOD. "Rejoice before him" is what GW Bush is doing; celebrating a Hoax much like 9/11/2001. The song is "Glory to Jah". "Rejoice before him". GW Bush, a lifelong Sodomite (Victor Ashe, Johnny Gosch) is rejoicing to the Alternative Messiah.
     Read Dan 11:33-37 "...he shall exalt himself...above every god...neither shall he regard ...the desire of women..." On that stage were 2 lifelong Sodomites, both illegal to be US President (Bush Sr=German born Nazi George Scherff Jr; Barry Soetero Kenyan born) and both wives playing roles of "Beards" (Laura a lifelong Lesbian; Michelle=Transvestite Michael Robinson) Sugar coat this if you want, but this was a bizarre ritual celebrating the arrival of "Jah". 
    Playing his part, Sodomite (Mohammad Chandoo, Kal Pen, Reggie Love) Obama mentioned himself 43 times in the Memorial speech; Read Dan 11 again "He shall exalt himself...neither shall he regard the desire of women". Now you know why Bush and Obama were Dallas Hoax Memorial Speakers.
                          July 14 "Bastille Day" 
      On Bastille Day 2015 "New Horizons" spacecraft made the first fly-by of Pluto; an amazing piece of Bull Shit as the pictures of Pluto (Roman god of the undeworld) looked exactly like the 1930 drawings of the Blood Hound made by Luciferian Freemason Walt Disney. By the way, Horus is the god of New Horizons. An amazing coincidence? Hardly.
    The Hollywood movie 
Bastille Day, released April 2016 detailed the French script; quite a coincidence eh? There was even a fire at the Eiffel Tower; Bastille Day Fireworks related? You may recall Disney's Tommorrowland with Sodomite George Clooney highlighted the Eiffel Tower and Tesla Weapons. 
     VP of Remote Viewing Association Dick Allgire allegedly predicted the attack and location 2 months before it happened How? It was another pre-planned Hoax during a Multi-site Shooter Drill "Nothing in politics happens by chance. If it happened it was planned" FDR (His Wife Eleanor also used Remote Viewing and Seances). "There will not be found among you any one ...that useth Divination...a consulter with famiLIAR Spirits, or a Wizard or a necromancer" Deut 18:10-11
    Bastille Day celebrates Storming the Bastille Prison in Paris 1789 and the "Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizens" Citizen is further defined by the Rosicrucians, Martinists, Jacobins and Masons who instigated the French Revolution as "Human". Hu is the Celtic Creator; the Word used in Creation? "HU" of course; the Word simply means "God Man" This Hoax is the Division of Gnostics who believe they can become Gods and those of us who follow the only true God JESUS. There are no "Rights" of Man, JESUS is "Alpha", the Creator and "Shiloh", He whose it is, and Omega, the End.  84 Dead, 50 injured in Nice France during Bastille Fireworks? 
   Bastille means "To Build a Fortress, Castle or Tower" Folks, the world is nearing completion of the Tower of Babel; the Bastille is likely a Finishing Touch. 
                                             July 15 "Day of Rage"
Turkish Coup; Internet, TV, go dark. ISIS funding, training, Passport making Luciferian Mason, Sultan wanna be Erdogan flees and returns triumphant.
Anonymous calling for Nationwide "Day of Rage"
; same Bullshit as Black Panthers calling for "Nationwide Purge" Anonymous isn't Anonymous hiding behind their Guy Fawkes (Scapegoat for the British Gunpowder Plot to murder King James and stop the Authorized Bible from being compiled) Masks they are Jesuit Cowards serving as Mouthpieces for the Jesuit General Adolfo Nicholas, a Child Sacrificing member of  the 9th Circle of Hell. 37 Cities of planned protests against the Dallas Shooting Hoax. Crisis Actors in uniforms goading people into Chaos from the Masonic Capital of the West as Knight of Malta  Donald Trump (Ashkenazi Drumpf) announces his VP pick in NYC
Black Lives Matter "Summer of Chaos" using Social Media to encourage "Brake Checks" to cause accidents and Insurance Payoffs. That's in your face, pre-meditated Insurance Fraud.
                                                                    July 16
July 16, 16=777 "Order out of Chaos" Pulse Reset 2016 at the Capitol Mall. 1M people at the Obelisk of Osiris repaired by Isis to give birth to Horus. 2015 Year of Light "In the beginning God said let there be light? 2016 "Year of Pulses" (Tares, Slips) 2017 "Year of Sustainability" (Removing the Tares) America is about to become a Desert "Land void of human activity, returned to Plants

Nationwide Full Body Image Scanner FCC (Tom Wheeler) allows rollout of Artemis 5G Network; NAZI Eugenics in the modern age. The Temple of Artemis replicated by the Supreme House of the Temple of 33rd Degree Masonry. Millimeter Wave Energy at 20X 4G Power=Sterility and Diesease (Skin production of Vitamin D destroyed) Now this is some Pulse Reset on 777.

                                                          July 18-21 "Eagle Rising"
Republican Convention in Cleveland FEMA-NORTHCOM Exercise "Eagle Rising" RNC Convention Cleveland Ohio Timeline for RNC Deployment called FEMA Exercise "Eagle Rising" (Esau and Zeus/Lucifer are symbolized by the Eagle; Prometheus breaks free of his chains and the Eagle pecking at his liver in Sochi, Crimea) LRAD (Sonic Cannons), IMSI (Cell Interception). MACC (Multi-agency Comm) becomes active June 28. Posse Commitatus prohibits US Military from being used on Civilians; this blows that provision to Hell. Craiglist ads call for Trump Protesters. Trump funded LaRaza protestors packed into a Football Stadium? A disaster planned to happen. Cleveland Area Code 216=6X6X6 and 3+ 4+ 5The number associated with Time (Axis Precession=2160 yrs/Astrological House); the Beast, Pythagorean Geometry, Mr Triangle (Merkabah), Great Pyramid and the King's Chamber.
Time is short; the Trump Card is about to be played. 2016 is a Satanic Jubilee; the 1st instigated "Race" (One Race of Man on Earth; Race in the Bible refers to a contest of speed) Riots began in Cleveland 1966 "Year One Satan", the year the Church of Satan was founded. Ron Paul (Ron is a Jesuit trained, lifelong Lambda Chi Alpha Initiate) staffer John Yob wrote the book "Chaos: The outsider's guide to the RNC" proposing a Brokered Convention leaning toward Ted Cruz is in play. Ted is a Citizen of nowhere; his Satanic Minister father Rafael fled Cuba to America, aided Lee Harvey Oswald with the Cuba propaganda effort and JFK assasination, fled to Canada to escape the Vietnam Draft where Ted was born before "Dual Citizenship" was made law and illegally returned to the US. Ted is an ilegal alien who gave up Canadian Citizenship. Talk about Chaos!
    Guest Speaker list incudes Peter Theil, founder of PayPal and Palantir, named after the "Seer Stones" in "Lord of the Rings"; likely the same "Seer Stones" Joseph Smith used. Palantir clients are the CIA, CDC, DOD and Worldwide Intelligence Community. Peter should have named it "Sauron" because it's more like a Privatized "All Seeing Eye".
    A special presentation on fellow Knight of Malta bill Clinton's Sexual Misconduct; absent I'm sure will be SMOM Donald Trump's trips with Bill aboard Billionaire Convicted Pedophile Jeff Epstein's "Lolita Express" to Little St James Is aka "Pedophile Island" 
                                                                   July 19
Trinity Atomic Detonation New Mexico Anniversary " I have become Death, the destroyer of worlds" 33 degree Mason, Soviet Spy, J Robert Oppenheimer. 1900 miles away Kodak discovered X-Ray radiation was destroying film. Ships bound for Saipan and on to Japan with Fatman and Little Boy departed; "It's a boy" Edward Teller witnessing the 1st US Hydrogen bomb detonation. "Boy" refers to Plutonium, the first man-made radioactive material used to convert Hydrogen (H) into Helium (He); He means "God is with us" Man had finally realized the 6000 yr old dream (Lie) "Ye shall be as gods" 
    On June 15 the Potomac Institute hosted Major War Contractors (Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, Raytheon etc; Nuclear Engineers, War Planners, Military Commanders) to Los Alamos for a"Doomsday Forum" The theme? "Build Peace and Safety through pre-emptice Nuclear strikes by Land, Sea and Air on Russia, Iran, China and Korea"  
                                                                    July 20
As the Sun enters Leo, Leo DiCaprio and 500 Invited Hypocrites will fly (most on private jets) to Bertraud Belieu Winery for the DiCaprio Climate Change Gala; Luciferian Freemason St Al of Gore, Schwarzennegger (commuted daily in Gulfstream LA to Sacramento as Guvinator) Hollywood Stars including Robert DeNiro who should know better, Rock Stars, and Supermodels vying for seats next to the Moron as Grand Earth Protectors and Ocean Stewards. "They worshipped and served the Creature more than the Creator" 
                                                                    July 22
World Youth Day Rio De Janiero. Climb the steps Jesus once did to Pilate's House, get 7 years off "Purgatory". Following Pope Francis' Tweets from Rio, the Vatican Sacred Apostolic Penitentiary Court provides "Indulgences" for Free. Purgatory (Mormon Telestial Kingdom) is Bull Shit. Apostolic Court? Jesus laid hands on the Apostles; want to become a Disciple? Cut out this Jesuit nonsense. 22/7=Pi Rev 22/7 "Behold I come quickly".
                                                        July 23 "Breach Day"
17 Tammuz commemorates the 1st Breach in the Walls of the 1st Temple, destroyed 3 weeks later on 9 Av. Born Again followers of JESUS are the New Covenant Temple
                                                                July 25-28
Democratic Convention:  3rd 777 7/25/16 "Order out of Chaos" 
  • Philadelphia "City of Brotherly Love" Cracked Liberty Bell cast in White Chapel London where Winston Churchill's father and the Masons in London's Police Dept created the "Jack the Ripper" myth. SSDD folks!  British means B'Rith=Covenant by Birth; that's Ishmael and Esau meant here.
  • Leviticus  25 "Liberty to the Captives in the Jubilee Year"; 2016-17 is the Satanic Jubilee. Captives are currently Edomites, Jacob's brother, but not for long. Edomites written intent is to kill everyone asssociated with Jacob ie Born Again followers of JESUS.  
  • Craiglist ads recruiting "Crisis Actors" in Burlington VT (Bernie Sanders hometown) When fake Jew, Chabad Lubavitch Bernie put up the Chabad Menorah nobody protested. Vermont National Guard recruiting Role Players as "Injured Citizens" for largest Military-Police-Disaster Response Exercise in their history.
  • Liberty Bell represents "Liberty, Freedom and Equality" the rallying cry for Revolutions in France, England, and America (Land of the Amorites). The US has never been a Democracy folks! Hillarious isn't it? Hillary started as a Black Panther Attorney; now they are calling for a "Nationwide Purge" and "Kill all Police" Lev 25 inscription "Liberty to the Captives" refers to Liberty for Esau, currently yoked to serve his brother Jacob (Gen 27:39-41KJV) but not for long.
                                                                  July 31
French Senate vote on EU Russia Sanctions. NATO is prepared for War.
                                                                13 August "9 Av"
     9 Av "Tisha b’ Av" is called "The saddest day in Jewish History"; in the Satanic Jubilee Year of 2016 aka United Nations Year of Pulses, 9 Av falls on 13 August, the 13th day of the month sacred to Lugh, the Celtic Sun god and master Craftsman of the Fremasons.
                                          August 15 "Feast Day of Lucifer" 
     Anniversary of the 1st Jesuit Oaths taken in the Crypt of St Denis Cathedral in Paris 1534. Denis is Dionysys "Cult of the Severed Head". Aug 15 is also the anniversary of the letter written in 1871 from Jesuit handled (Fr Jean Pierre DeSmet) Sodomite, Glutton, Confederate, Worshipful Grand Master of Scotch Rite Freemasonry Albert Pike to fellow Jesuit-Freemason, Italian Revolutionary, MAFIA Founder Giuseppe Mazzini in 1871.                                 

July 7 Eid al Fitr "777"

    7/7/16  "777" Eid al Fitr 
End of Ramadan "Break the Fast" and origin of Breakfast "Dawn meal" ISIS is not Muslim; ISIS is a Cainite Cult ie "1st Race" (Shabazz), the Scapegoat for Islam. WWIII is Political Zionism versus Islam. Both sides of the Dialectic are controlled by Gnostics (Serpent worshippers from the Garden of Eden aka Satanists).
     The 1979 song by Supertramp "Breakfast in America" says it all "I play my tricks on you, while there's nothing better to do". We're being played the fool alright. Liber 777: Qabbalistic writings of Aleister Crowley may ring a Baal. People in London suffered the 7/7/2005 "777" Subway attack; fortunately Subway Terror Drills were scheduled at the exact stations hit. 
      Dallas Shooting Hoax Dallas, the Masonic Capital of the West became the site of another Sandy Hoax, Pulse Hoax, Crisis Actor Event; this time the Actors (Vision Box Crisis Actors) were in Police Uniforms acting like Keystone Cops. Black Panther (Panther=Leopard=3rd Beast; Dan 7:6) Party calls for a "Nationwide Purge" (not coincidentally, movie Purge: Election Year is now playing; Hillary Clinton began as a Black Panther attorney and Warren Commission investigation of the Masonic Ritual Killing of JFK) and "Kill all Police"; no Police died, Dallas was a Staged Hoax on the 33rd Latitude design to create "Order out of Chaos", the motto of 33rd degree Masonry.   Anonymous are Jesuit Coward hiding behind Guy Fawkes masks; they are calling for a Nationwide "Day of Rage" in 37 cities in response to the Dallas Staged Event; fitting as GHW Bush participated in the JFK Assassination and GW Bush and Obama spoke at the Memorial.
     "777 and other Qabbalistic writings of Aleister Crowley" spells out the goal "Do what thou wilt shall be the sum of the law"; so much for "Love God" and "Love our Neighbor" eh? Rosicrucians in America "AMORC" "Liber 777: Celestial Sun" refers to the Black Sun of the Nazis aka Thule Society, Skull & Bones, Theosophical Society or Brotherhood of Death. This is why Jesus said unless He returned, no Flesh would remain. 777 represents the Kingdom of God on Earth not God's Kingdom, but Satan's, seen in the Emerald Tablet of Toth (Mercury/Hermes) "As Above. So Below" and the Rabbinical (no Rabbis are not Jewish; they are Satanic) phrase "Tikkun Olam" meaning "Repair the Earth" (too much in this phrase to expain in this article; it refers to the time before the so-called 2nd Creation of Matter). Rabbis refer to Satan by using YHWH or YESHUA, both total 777 in Gematria.
     "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth"=777 (God=86 + Paradise=395 + Earth=296); Satanists want to "86" (Remove) God. Sorry guys, ain't happening.
    777 is Perfection in 3 planes: Astral, Matter and Spirit. Again, not perfection of JESUS whose Gematria is 888. 777 is the period of the 9th Sun in the "Wisdom of Sibyl"; 9 being the number of Divine Judgment (Dan will Judge as a Tribe of Israel at the end of the Millennium; fake Dannites ie Mormons will be among the Satanic Judges of humanity soon; especially in America). 777 represents the "Celestial Man" in Himalayan tradition. 777=Orthodox Messiah (Orthodox "Having the correct opinion; they do not; Orthodox is Eastern/Oriental ie Rising Sun religion). In French "Exorcists" is 777; France/French=Franks=Free from God; His followers are Pulses to be eliminated; Paris means "House of Isis".  777 is "Filled with Light"; Jesus said as long as He is in the world, He is the light of the world" Satanists need Him gone and to do that, they need you and me to deny JESUS is God in Flesh and reject the Holy Ghost. Here is more on 777.
     7/7/16 Super Typhoon Nepartak a "Near Perfect" Category 5 (175MPH .897mb) Storm hitting Taiwan on Eid al Fitr. Part of the planned WWIII is for China to take back Taiwan.
     2000 Molech worshipping Satanists head for Bohemian Grove 2016. Edward Teller planned the Hydrogen Bomb at Bohemian Grove; in the Satanic Jubilee, the final preparations for WWIII will be made as "Grovers" in Amurru (America=Land, god and people called Amorites who worship Amurru the Edomite Shepherd and Serpent god) take their Cares (Sins) to the foot of the 40ft Owl Idol called "Molech" (Lord) to be Holocausted as they did in Amurru (Syria) bringing human (usually child) sacrifices through the Gate of Isis to the Bull Idol of Molech to be cremated.  
    1.4M People in China evacuated, 1Million AC crops destroyed from "Biblical Floods" along Yangtze River.
    Seoul  receiving a month's water in 1 day expecting attack from N Korea release of water from Hwanggang Dam. Seoul is a trigger point for WWIII. Korea is named after the Korahites (Num 16); DMZ on the 38th Parallel along with the Kim Dynsaty created by Nixon Sec of State Dean Rusk with a magic marker and a map.  The US created the Korean Division and the Nazi Empire.
    NATO Summit July 8-9. NATO is an extension of the Nazi Empire; their logo is the Swastika (Su Ashta=Star Seed) aka "Broken Sun Wheel" or "Broken Jew" (referring to Jesus the Jewish author of both Old and New Covenants). The recently opened NATO HQ is the Lightning Bolt used by the Nazis Nazis (Panzer=Leopard) did not invent the Swastika or Lightning Bolts, nor where they the 3rd Beast (Dan 7:6 Leopard). The Swastika it is the oldest post Flood symbol on Earth. Repairing the Earth entails sacrificing followers of God by people who turn their backs to the Lord and worship the Rising Sun (Ref Eze 8). So who is the 3rd Beast? Esau; Edomite followers of Satan who reject God (Ref Gen 27:39-41KJV; Dan 7:6; Dan 2:39)
     America (Amurru) just completed its 239th year (Dan 2:39 is no coincidence); as the 3rd Beast rises from America's ashes it's time to review the 8th and final Covenant between God and Man; the "New Covenant" and has only 2 requirements to fulfill. "Love God" and "Love our Neighbor"  
    33 degree Luciferian Mason, Bohemian Grove Initiate, Green (Green Man is Dionysus/Bacchus) Cross International President Mikhail Gorbachev, at the NATO Summit "The next war will be the last" That's the plan 33 degree Mason Albert Pike called for in 1871 to usher in the Age of Lucifer.         
      NATO Summit is in Warsaw. 60 years ago the Warsaw Pact split Europe from Russia-Poland. 6 years ago Poland celebrated the 70th Anniversary of the Holodomor Massacre by thumbing their nose at Putin's Gazprom Natural Gas extortion, paying off and accepting no more loans; Clergy, Military Brass and Government Officials who crashed in the Katyn Forest, were promptly gunned down as they crawled from the wreckage. Guess who is next?        
 Bohemian Grove 2016 7/27 is the Grand Climax of Begone Dull Care, the 4000 yr old Sumerian Ritual. Satanic Sacrifice Ritual dedicated to Molech (Sumerian Marduk) for the Elite. The favorite game at Bohemian Grove? Dominoes; Esau's Dominion is the 3rd Beast and the 1st Domino has been toppled.
    Why 2016? Satanic Jubilee, 50 yrs after the 6th Tetrad (4 consequetive Lunar Eclipses on Passover and Feast of Tabernacles) Why Care? Born Again followers of JESUS are the Pulses (Tares among the Wheat; Slips among the Gene Pool) 2016 is the United Nations Year of Pusles.
will begin with the world's largest Exodus along the "Silk Road" (Chinese "Silk Road Initiative" may ring a Baal) beginning at the 38th (38-52-90 are the angles in Pythagorean Geometry and the Mr "Peace" Triangle symbolized by the Great Pyramid) Parallel in Japan (Land of the Rising Sun) at Fukushima; thence to the 38th Parallel Korean DMZ; thence to the Himalayas (Mt Everest is Chumolongmo "Earth Mother" because Noah's Ark landed there) and Karakoram Hwy (built for this purpose 60 yrs ago at Ghengis Khan's HQ); thence to Islamabad (bin Laden raid? Good one!), across Afghanistan (Graveyard of Empires; this is why Obama just delayed removing US troops for which he received the Nobel Peace Prize 8 yrs ago), Iran (Iran=Aryan=birthplace of the Swastika), Iraq (Babylon), Jordan (Idumea; land of Edom, Moab, Ammon) to Armageddon (Mt of Slaughter). This is the dream of Ghengis Kahn and the "Golden Horde" making their final push to the "Golden Age".

 Eagle Rising

     Republican Convention in Cleveland July 18-21 is codenamed FEMA-NORTHCOM Exercise "Eagle Rising" 50 years to the day after the 1966 Cleveland Riots. Black Lives Matter plotting with Atty Gen Loretta Lynch to disrupt the RNC and DNC Conventions, install Martial Law and delay the Black Panther Party using social media to call for "Nationwide Purge" and "Kill all Police" in response to the latest Dallas Shooting Hoax. Hollywood movie "Purge: Election Year" spells it out. 2016: Year of the Pulses? Pulses are JESUS believing Tares to be Purged.
     Esau and Zeus/Lucifer are symbolized by the Eagle, seen carrying the Serpent (Lucifer) in its Talons. Notably, the same Eagle is carrying the Beehive (Bee is Chaldee for Word) at the "Eagle Gate" in Salt Lake City "Zion".  The same Eagle is seen in Sochi, where Prometheus breaks free of his chains and the Eagle pecking at his liver in Crimea, the home of exiled Sarmations (Sar=Prince=Lucifer). "For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together" Mat 24:28
      RNC Convention will feature Militarized Police, LRAD (Sonic Cannons), IMSI (Cell Interception) and MACC (Multi-agency Communications Center). Posse Commitatus prohibits US Military from being used on Civilians; this blows that provision to Hell. Craiglist ads call for paid Trump Protesters. Trump funded LaRaza protestors packed into a Football Stadium? A disaster planned to happen. 33 degree Luciferian Mason the Satanic Reverend Al Sharpton was denied a protest permit in Cleveland; it will go on without a permit. Black Panther Party using social media to call for "Kill all Police" and a "Nationwide Purge" following the 777 Dallas Police Shooting Hoax. 
    Cleveland Area Code 216=6X6X6 and 3+ 4+ 5The number associated with Time (Axis Precession=2160 yrs/Astrological House); the Beast, Pythagorean Geometry, Mr Triangle (Merkabah), Great Pyramid and the King's Chamber.
     Time is short; the Trump (Donald is Crypto Fake Jew "Drumpf" and Sovereign Military Order of Malta; symbol is the Black Cross) Card is about to be played.
                                               2016 is a Satanic Jubilee
  • The 1st instigated "Race" (One Race of Man on Earth; Race in the Bible refers to a contest of speed) Riots began 50 Years ago to the day in Cleveland in 1966. Chicago Riots were next.
  • 1966 is "Year One Satan", the year the Church of Satan was founded on California St San Francisco; Eagle's "Hotel California" may ring a Baal.
  • In 1966 the Ba'ath Party (Renaissance or Re-Birth; not of Islam but of the 1st Race of Cain) in Syria (Syria is Levant; ISIS "Islamic State in Levant") under Bashar al Assad was installed by the US
  • John Lennon said "The Beattles are more popular than Jesus now".
  • Rolling Stones song "Paint it Black" was released.
  • Int'l Krishna (Krishna like Black is a mix of 7 colors of the Rainbow) Consciousness Society forms.
  • Kwanzaa begins, a Black Christ Mass if you will.
  • Black Panthers forms (Hillary a Black Panther Lawyer; Black Panther is the 3rd Beast "Leopard").
  • Time Magazine cover "Is God Dead".
  • Star Trek (Warping of Space-Time "Black Matter" ringing a Baal?) series debuts.
  • World Trade Center Ground Breaking
     ISIS is not Muslim, it is a US Creation armed by Russia, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey et all. Isis means "Throne" or "Lap", the Seat of the Antichrist is the "Black Virgin" of the Templars and Hospitallers (Knights of Malta/Masons). "Immaculately Conceived" with pieces of Osiris' Phallus (represented by the blocks in the Washington Monument), Isis gives birth to Horus (aka Tammuz "Antichrist"); the "All Seeing Eye" of Horus is on the $US; the final battle is Horus V Set (Light V Dark) aka Zoroastrianism's battle of Ahura Mazda V Ahriman; aka WWIII as planned by Confederate Mason Albert Pike to be Zionism V Islam.      
    King James (LeBron) was crowned on King James' 450th birthday; don't have a KJV? Get one. "Eagle Rising" is "Edomite Dominion" (Gen 27:40KJV) the 3rd Beast (Dan 2:39) ending America's 239th Year.          
                         Global Climate Emergency
      The Eden Covenant "Be fruitful, and multiply..." Gen 1:28 before the Flood was not amended in the slightest after the Flood with the Noah Covenant " ye fruitful, and multiply: bring forth abundantly in the earth, and multiply therein" Gen 9:7. Apparently this needs to be changed to "Go forth and multiply until Carbon Di-Oxide and Methane destroy the environment and kills you" Carbon di-oxide and Methane are "Plant Food"
     "Methane Man" Paul Beckwith (U of Ottowa; coincidentally NAFTA Mtg in Ottowa) declares "Global Climate Emergency" and "Climate Chaos" as Northern and Southern Jet Streams merge over the Equator. Ionosphereic Heaters guide Jet Streams Paul, not Breathing and Farting.
Photosynthesis Equation 6CO2  + 6H2O ------> C6H12O6  + 6O2
     Carbon Di-oxide produced by Respiration + Water in the presence of Sunlight produces Glucose (Plant Starch; Human/Animal Glycocen) which allow for Cellular Respiration or more simply stated Plant Waste is Human/Animal Food; Human/Animal Waste is Plant Food. Glucose is the "Ubiquitous fuel for Biology" Oxygen is the "Ubiquitous fuel for Respiration" 
     Methane is released naturally from Human and Animals and from the Earth primarily via Volcanic Eruptions, a single eruption whether undersea (75% of Earth's surface is invisible underwater) or on land releases more Methane than all human/animal activity in history.
     Thank God, Methane oxidizes in the Atmosphere into Water Vapor and Carbon Di-oxide (the left side of the Photosynthesis Equation) or the world would Stink like Congress, Climate Change proponents like Pope Francis and St Al of Gore, University professors and Scientists spewing Satanic Bull Shit. Smell the Rot? Just as the stench becomes unbearable, Lightning would ignite the Atmophere in Global Conflaguration.
    Water Vapor, being lighter than Air, rises to the Saturation Level forming Clouds; being White and Opaque they reflect Red (Long Wavelength) Light preventing Infrared Radiation, caused from Light Refraction (Bending) from heating the Earth. God has a great system here, but Satanists try as hard as they can to screw it up. 
    Jesus warned a time would come when people kill others and think they go God's work; those days are here.
    60Terrabite/second Fiber Optic Cable from Oregon and California to Japan goes live July 1. War? Only for "Dumb Stupid Animals" according to Henry Kissinger; this beauty if a cooperative effort of China, Japan, Singapore, US and Korea.

                           Independence Day
                     The Bible is all about demonstrating Dependence on God.
      July 4, 2016 1 Million people will crowd the Capitol Mall and Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool on Independence Day.
 Reminiscient of the 1 M people attending Obama's Inauguration using the Lincoln Bible, held by 1st cross dresser Michael Robinson (Michelle Obama) for the 1st ever Oath of Office which failed to have the illegal, foreign born President "Swear to defend the Constitution". Planned? On Election Night Obama stood on the same steps Rosicrucian Sodomite Abe Lincoln did with Michelle wearing a "Black Widow" Dress. Barely noticeable because of its immense size on Abe Lincoln's Throne is the Fasces, the symbol of Fascism also adorns the Supreme Court Doors, Oval Office Doors and Congressional Speaker's Podium.
     Aedes Aegypti and Asian Tiger Mosquitoes were delivered (likely by Oxitec Corp) in DC 5 years ago; the 5th Generation Zika, Malaria, Dengue Fever carrying Aedes Aegypti Mosquitoes survived their 5th winter in Washington DC. 1 Million people in DC gathered around a 2000ft X 167ft Pool followed by the Rio Olympics where the Zika Hoax originated under the world's largest Idol of the False Christ.

                                 Devil's Bridge
Gotthard Tunnel replaced "Devil's Bridge"; the opening on June 1, 2016 was a Pagan Witchcraft ceremony centered on Cernunnos "Horned One" aka Herne,  Baphomet, Goat of Mendes, Pan, Nodens etc. Diana "Goddess of Witchcraft" is equivalent with Juno; June is the month sacred to Juno. Cernunnos is the oldest form of the Devil on Earth and the namesake of the Super Collider at CERN which has Shiva "The Destroyer" aka Apollyon/Abbaddan (Rev 9:11) or Apollo, the twin brother of Diana the goddess of witchcraft out front. CERN was built over an ancient Temple of Apollo.  They were calling down Apollo to destroy the Earth (Rev 11:18; 13:8) so they can remake it in their own image. European heads of State attended the Pagan Ritual; Miners in Orange Jumpsuits (Prisoners; Hotel California may ring a Baal) enter the Mine dedicated to Saint Barbara the patron saint of miners martyred with the sword whose dying wish was for God to comfort those unprepared to suffer sudden death. The Miners, sacrificed in the tunnel emerge in wedding veils as spirits who then mate with the Goat (God Of All Things) Cernunnos, who himself is sacrificed and resurrected with a legion of crossdressing harlots enjoying a Bacchanalia of sorts. 
    BREXIT was planned in advance to form a European Superstate; Russia-China-Iran-Pakistan and Asia are also forming a Superstate as part of the Silk Road Initiative, and NAFTA meeting in Ottawa is also forming a North Am Union, and its all happening this week. 10 Horns but only 7 Heads, 3 Horns plucked up by the roots (Dan 7:8) will yield to "Little Horn". Notice how the world is forming the 2 Horns (Dan 8:3 Mede-Persia V Grecian Goat) out of which "Little Horn" (Antichrist/Alternative Messiah) rises. The 3 Horns/3 Heads about to be plucked up are likely the Americas; the land named after Amurru, the land, god and people of the Amorites who reached their peak under Hammurabi (bible calls him Amraphel King of Shiner "Babylon"); the EU has the Whore of Babylon riding the Beast out front of the EU Parliament, built as an unfinished Tower of Babel (Gate of the Gods) with Seat #666 vacant. They are about to fill it with "Little Horn"  
     "I will not Lie, Cheat, or Steal, nor tolerate among me anyong who does" AF Academy Honor Code Sullenberger took in 1969 and I took in 1977. Sully forgot his oath. 
     Sully means "To Make Dirty". 1549BC Pharaoh Ahmose drove the Amalekite Hyksos (Foreign Shepherd Kings) from Egypt; Hyksos had taught Egypt the ways of War, Sword and Chariot making. US Air #1549 hits a flock of Canadian Geese at 3000Ft on Jan 15; Geese finish migrating by August; Jan 15 was the "Feast of entering Heaven" in ancient Egypt. Geese remaining in winter never fly above food gathering altitude (100ft or so). Windscreen blackened by the flock, not a single feather or blood streak left behind. NY TRACON Radar has no evidence of a Canadian Geese Flock, neither did aircraft taking off within 3 minutes of US Air #1549. At 3000ft and 210MPH an Airbus 320 can turn 180 degrees and glide about 9 miles; why not return to La Guardia? Prince Hall Mason NY
 Gov David Patterson coins the phrase "Miracle on the Hudson"; Miracle is right, no commercial aircraft water landing has previously been that successful; left engine torn off yet no cartwheel? Miracle on the Hudson? Henry Hudson arrived in Mahnattan on 9/11/1609, that's the Miracle eh? 9/11/2001 on the same day? Water Wings provide floatation for the Airbus A-320; these are not carried by NY Port Authority; how did these get under the wings so fast? Neither engine shows any signs of rotational damage from Geese yet both apparently failed simultaneously. Geese were considered "Messengers from Heaven". "Highest duty: My search for what really matters" by Multi-millionaire Accident Investigator Chesley Sullenberger; that would be Lying. 
    World class Liar Tom Hanks (Apollo 13) and Sodomite 33 degree Freemason Clint Eastwood will release "Sully" on Sept 9, 2016.  I'm busy that day and have a lot more flying hours in commercial aircraft than he does.

    Judges and Courts serve the Crown Bar not the Constitution.

Jun 29
"F*** the Constitution. I see absolutely no value in studying the outdated, antiquated, dead Constitituion" Chicago 7th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals Judge and Fake Jew Richard Posner who swore "I swear to administer Justice...under the help me God" This is why James said "Above all else brethren, Swear Not". He's not alone, Saturday Night Live writer, fake Jew Larry David urinates on his "Piss Christ" in the bushes outside his office.  
                                         Doomsday Forum
June 21 "Build Peace and Security thorugh pre-emptive nuclear strikes by Land, Sea, Air against Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, ISIS and al-Qaeda"
 Military Contractors, Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, Northrop-Gruman, ATK Thiokol; Military Brass; Nuclear Scientists meeting in Albuquerque near the "Trinity Site" Atomic detonation to plan pre-emptive nuclear war.
     June 21, 2016 is first Full Moon coinciding with the Solstice since 1967; 25000 Neo-Druids celebrate at Stonehenge. St George (Patron Saint of Britain and Russia) slays the Dragon in Cancer (June 21-July 22) at St John the Divine Cathedral in NYC. St George is also at the United Nations Bldg slaying the Dragon.
   At the St Sulpice Cathedral in Paris (Parisee Celts=Offspring of Isis), the Sun will be in the Square at the end of the "Rose Line" and begin its annual march to the Obelisk and back. At the Dec 21 position is 76; 3rd Beast is Dan 7:6; 7X6=42 month Great Tribulation beginning at Rev 13 or 6+7, the number of Rebellion to God. At the Jan 21st position is the Aquarius Symbol. 
June 21 Lt Gen Tom Waldhauser told Senate Committee Chairs John McCain (meets regularly with Abu Bakr al Badhdadi) and Lindsey Graham (insistant on War with Russia in Damascus to oust Assad) testified "Military action in Syria would be wise even without White House confirmation I would welcome the authority"

                              Martin Armstrong     
     If Martin Armstrong would teach a person Money is a complete fraud rather than predicting swings via the Economic Confidence Model he would't be a False Teacher. Jesus is Alpha, in the Beginning God created the Heavens and Earth; no legal "Allod" Title has ever been or will ever be given to anything on Earth. Money is created out of thin air, 1st by assigning value to Gold, then to King's "Tally Sticks" etc and on to Usury Paper which constantly loses value from Interest. Jesus turned the Tables on the Money Changers, those who like today sell things God provides Free of Charge like  real Baptism and Communion. 
   Armstrong should tell people the CORPORATE nature of International Banking; Assets=Debt + Equity; nobody on Earth has any Equity (Ownership); all Bankers have done is convert Assets to Debt making Slaves of everyone on Earth. All anyone has is fictitious physical, monetized  Debt and a real SPIRITUAL Sin Debt neither of which can ever be repaid; except the latter, forgiven through the Holy Ghost and a re-distrubution of natural wealth at the 2nd Coming.  One of Jesus' titles is "Shiloh" (Gen 49:10) meaning "He whose it is"; if people understood god created everything and retains ownership of everything including Body, Soul and Spirit, and Judges one's Soul at physical Death, the world would lose its arrogance and pride and humbly ask for a little forgiveness. 
                   Turkey: Zionist founders of Kabbalah
                       All 7 Church Warnings JESUS gave were in Turkey
     ISIS attack on Attaturk Airport Istanbul Turkey
. ISIS is trained and obtains Turkish Passports in Istanbul. The US CIA sends weapons like the Kalashnikov recovered at the scene to Jordan for "Syrian Rebel Training", many of which end up on the Black Market. Istanbul if not an outright Hoax like Pulse in Orlando may very well be another Operation Fast and Furious.
    Luciferian Mason Reccip Tayyip Erogan and his son Bilal transport ISIS oil from Syria to Tatrus; biting the hand that feeds them? Bilal and his pal celebrated shooting down a Russian SU-24 Nov 2015 by shooting the pilots in their parachutes; now how did they know exactly where the Russian Jet would be and when? So did ISIS attack the airport? I doubt it. My guess is another False Flag just like Pulse and the Jan 12, 2016 attack on Sultanahmet Square or the Mar 29, 2016 Bazaar attack. Almost comical; Tim Osman aka Osama bin Laden shares the name of the 1st Ottomon Sultan, Osman I; Erdogan, a Grand Orient Freemason wants to be its last. Why Turkey? Japheth-Ashkenaz-Gomer-Togarmah (Gen 10:2-3); fake Jews, Germanic pagans and Turks all starting WWIII and faking the Gog and Magog invasion; Eze 38:2 is after the Millennium people!

               Magnitsky Act: Behind the Scenes
      Magnitsky Act is aimed at Russia much the same way Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie aimed his Bull Shit at Iran. 
    36 yr old Russian Lawyer or rather Book Keeper Sergei Magnitsky sold his tale to ISIS arming traitor John McCain, fake Jew Joe Lieberman, Obama and others to produce the Magnitsky Act, part of NDAA 2017 it allows for sanctions and punishment for Human Rights violations abroad; America has little to worry about with dozens of CIA Black Sites, GITMO, Extraordinalry Rendition, Water Boarding, Sleep Deprivation, Electro-shock etc.
   Narrated by world class Bull Shit artist William Browder; University of Chicago trained Human Rights Activist, Solomon Brothers Banker, Boston Consulting Group (Initiated Mormon White Horse ie Heroin Money Launderer Mitt Romney and Ashkenazi fake Jew, 33 degree Luciferian Mason Benjamin Netanyahu), Guernsey Is Tax evader who renounced US Citizenship for British Citizenship to skip paying taxes, sentenced to 9 yrs. 
   Need a war with Russia? Better get a director who can really pull off a hoax like Apollo Moon Landing Director of "Dr Strangelove" Stan Kubrick.

                             "NATO Operation Anaconda 16"
     June 7-17, 2016 NATO Military Exercise in Poland (largest deployment since WWII) Anaconda 16. 24 Nations, 30,000 troops whose Military are sworn to serve their respective Nations now serving an International leadership; Nazi Leadership.
     Anaconda is derived from "Henacandaya" meaning "Lightning Stem". NATO recently unveiled its new SS (Schwarze Sonne=Black Sun) inspired HQ Black Sun "Tula" is the inspiration of the Thule Society aka Brotherhood of Death aka Skull & Bones or Theosophical Society or Society 322 (named after Gen 3:22) Note the NATO Military Logo an H impaled on a Sword rising from the Earth; H means "God is with me"; JESUS' title "I
 AM HE" ringing a Baal? Earth Dwellers (Rev 13) want Him gone. Thor's Hammers: Thor controls Lightning; the name comes from Biblical Tyr or Tyre of the Phoenicians. H as in Abram and Sarai becoming Abraham and Sarah means "God is with me"; it literally means the Impaled or Crucified JESUS by the Beast of the Earth. Hillary Clinton uses a similar logo, a Red Arrow facing East covering the H; the Red Edomite Arrow facing East to the Rising Sun hillary clinton logo 9/11 Nothing has changed since Eze 8 it seems; people turning their backs on the LORD and facing the Rising Sun.
      Why now? Anaconda is a Snake; CERN is Cernunnos "Horned One"; Shiva aka Apollo (Aplu=Apple; the one from the Snake in the Garden people), the Destroyer is out front; in front of the UN and Cathedral of St John the divine is St George (Geo=Earth) killing the Snake in Cancer (June 21-July 22).
    Bilderberg 16 in Dresden, Germany began and ended with a ceremonial blowing of the Conch Shell foretelling War and Significant Earth changes. Does it seem odd that Nazi Kurt Waldheim became UN Secretary General? or Nazi SS Major Wehrner Von Braun became an early father of NASA? or Hitler's Army Chief of Staff Adolf Heusinger bacame NATO Military Committee Chair?

    NSA 512 Qubit Quantum Supercomputer in "Zion" called "Vesuvius" and "Beast" Supercomputer in Brussels; a match made in Hell. Pompeii and Herculaneum were destroyed and preserved 24 Aug 79 AD when Mt Vesuvius erupted; a nearly identical fate as Santorini (Thera) destroying the same Cretans. Bullshit means "Well crafted Lies". Zeus (Lucifer) was born on Crete and suckled by a She-wolf; Lupercares are She-wolf Brothels found on Santorini and Pompeii; the calling card is Priapus, son of Dionysys, Pan, Zeus or Hermes depending on the source and tutor of Ares, the UNKNOWN GOD or the Areopagus in Athens (Acts 17:23) alternatively called Mars or Nergal the god of War. Hyksos (White Foreign Shepherd Kings) aka Amalekites came to Egypt by way of Crete, and later from Phoenicia to the Americas using Solomon's Ships; their goal is a 3rd Temple in Jerusalem to house Satan's Seat and bring "Desolation", a world absent God. 
    Zeus, the mythical ruler before the Flood turns into a White Bull, mates with the Cretan Europa (Europa rides the Bull at the European Parliament) the wife of King Minos and creates the Beast "Minotaur" kept hidden in the Labyrinth which is then worshipped in Egypt as the Apis (Apis means Word) Bull, Golden Bull, Wall St Bull and the Bee (Bee=Word in Chaldee); The Beehive State houses Vesuvius Computer; the Beehive carred by the Eagle forms the Eagle Gate leading to the Mormon Temple.
     Bluff means "Blindfold or Hoodwink", the 3rd Degree (Death-Re-birth) Ritual in Freemasonry; Bluffdale Utah is just west of Mt Olympus, at the man-made head of the Jordan River no less (Baptisms in Utah Lake? Disgusting); likely Trump VP Mia Love lives there. Zeus, as an Eagle, took the Cretan youth Ganymede to Mt Olympus for a little Pederastic one on one. Bluffdale is home to the Vesuvius Computer as well as the Apostolic United Brethren, the real heart and soul of Mormon Doctrine. AUB believes the Bullshit "Adam-God Doctrine". Luciferian Mason Brigham Young said "Adam is our Father and our God, and the only god with whom we have". He also said "This is the place" referring to the Salt Valley being much like the "Slime Pits" used to build the Tower of Babel and Salt Lake much like the Dead Sea created when God rained Fire and Brimstone on Sodom and Gomorrah.
   Adam-God aka "Heavenly Father" is a Gnostic Doctrine which shocked the early Mormons, as it should. Adam-God teaches that Adam is really Archangel Michael who with one of his plural wives, Eve arrived on Earth from another Planet and became Mortal after partaking of the Tree of Knowledge. Adam and Eve then gave birth to the human race (Cain's Enoch and the entire City of Enoch were taken to Heaven in the Book of Mormon; bible says only Seth's Enoch), died, resurrected, exhalted and returned to Heaven on the Star "Kolob" aka Arab "Qalb" or Egyptian Star of Isis "Sirius" Siriusly folks Kolob/Qalb is the Star nearest Heaven! Why Arabs? Ishmaelite wives came with Lehi to the Americas in the Book of Mormon. Why Lehi? Lehi means "Jawbone of an Ass", specifically the one Samson used to kill 3000 Philistines at Beit Shemesh "House of the Sun"; Israel has Site 911 there, a radiation hardened bunker ready for the arrival of Satan.
    Ismailis worship a god they call "Old Man of the Mountain"; no wonder the United Apostolic Brethren have a Temple in Ozumba Mexico at the base of Popocatepetl "Smoking Mountain". Ozumba was invaded by Franciscans who founded the Monastery which became the "Parish of the Immaculate Conception". Mary becomes Sinless during and after her life, as a "Co-redemptrix". Franciscans brought this Gnostic doctrine into the Catholic Church which also became accepted Dogma. Under Mormon digma Joseph and Mary become the deified Mother and Father as Adam and Eve once did. Chaldean Bullshit of course.  
    The plan is to cover Mexico City with ash; explode the Yellowstone Caldera; split the New Madrid Fault, create a Tsunami in the Northwest and destroy most of California with an Earthquake. The Americas "land of the Amorites", sacrificed as a Phoenix "House of Enoch". 
     BOM is called "Another testament of Jesus Christ" Folks, nobody can have 2 Testimonies; one by definition is a Lie. Think the Authorized Bible (Textus Receptus/Masoretic Text) is translated incorrectly? Tell it to JESUS, He is the Holy Ghost and Word Made Flesh (Jn 1:1;14; 1 Jn 5:7KJV).  
   Mormons didn't invent this Bullshit, Gnostics taught Adam, Jesus (2nd Adam) and a 3rd Adam-Kadmon will finish "The Work" via "The Priesthood", an Apostolic laying of hands from God (Adam) to the Levite Priesthood of Aaron (Aaronic Priesthood) to Melchisedek (Melchisedek Priesthood). In the Melchisedek Priesthood endowment "Pey Heylel" is "Wondrous Lucifer"; Hilal "Crescent Moon" begins the Islamic Months.
   When does all this "Work" (Gravity is the God of Forces creating all this Work by the way) start and finish? CERN and the UN called "2015: Year of Light"; the UN calls "2016: Year of the Pulses" Pulses are Slips and Tares aka Born Again followers of the real JESUS. "2017: Year of Sustainability" 2016-17 is the Satanic Jubilee, you can see the Antichrist casting a shadow over the Earth at the Mormon Visitors Center. FEMA is preparing for "Social Unrest" caused by a 4X increase in Food Prices which is why United Nations Pit-Bull VX SWAT (made by Ford no less) armed vehicles are arriving by the dozens all over the US.  Now you know why the Mormon Church has perhaps the world's largest supply of food "Deseret Land and Livestock" "Deseret Farms" etc. Deseret means Honey Bee 
     Mormons believe Adam holds the Keys to the Universe and the Priesthood; Adam means "Red", the name God gave Esau (symbolized by the Eagle) when he rejected Him. Don't make the same mistake.  

                              Bilderberg 2016 Dresden Germany, the Free State of Saxony hosts the Satanic Elite in 2016. 100,000 people at Dresden were needlessly Fire Bombed "Holocausted" in WWII just as America will be in WWIII. June 9, 140 Satanic Elite will gather as Bilderberg Chair Henri Castries blows the Conch Shell (aka Pu Shell; Pu is also the Atomic Name of Plutonium) from the ancient Saxon "High Place". Why a Conch Shell? Why Dresden? The oldest manuscript (pre-Mayan) from the Americas (Land of the Amorites aka Amurrucu or Amorica) is the Dresden Codex housed at where else but Dresden in Saxony. The Codex is an Olmec Era Lunar-Venus Calendar; the "Calendar in the Round" aka "Eagle Bowl" may ring a Baal; the Eagle symbolizes Esau; Jesus warned "Wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together" Mat 24:28. Who are the Elite? Gen 27:39-41KJV tells us Esau lives off the fatness of the Earth, by the Sword and Dew of Heaven; the Wealthy, War making Nicolaitanes Jesus hates and will destroy (Ref Obadiah).
    Olmecs (Large Round Head Idols) are from China (Xi or Xia Dynasty); Olmec means "Rubber People" who produced the misnamed Mayan Calendar; Ball Court Games depicting the 12/21/2012 Sunrise through the Ouroborus Serpent (Milky Way) and the Feathered Serpent Quetzalcoatl aka Kukulkan or Qucumatz. Shaman Religion in the Americas is of Hittite (China=Cathay=Heth=Hittite) origin; Mormons are taught Olmecs are Jaredites who sailed to the Americas underwater in wooden submarines like whales; rather fishy to say the least, just like Bilderberg 2016 in Dresden.
    Why a Conch Shell for Bilderberg 2016? The Conch or Pu is blown at Sunset to call the Divine at the beginning of a Sacred Ceremony, such as War or Significant Earthly Events; (Famines, Pestilences and Earthquakes in diverse places may ring a Baal Ref Mat 24:7) Mormons are also taught Jesus was Quetzalcoatl; Bull Shit of course; Francisco Pizarro was mistaken for Jesus 500 years ago when Natives were slaughtered with War and Disease; it seems nothing has changed; Quetzalcoatl, al-Mahdi, Krishna are all Antichrists about to fool the world.
    WHO and CDC Hype: 2009 Swine Flu; 2012 Wild Polio; 2014 Ebola Hoax; 2016 Zika. Why? Vacccination. Why 2016? United Nations Year of Pulses (Tares, Slips) to be eliminated from the Gene Pool
     With all eyes on BREXIT Congress alllocated $1.1B; World Bank put in $150M to fight their own created Zika Virus, which doesn't kill or cause Microcephaly. Microcephaly is caused by Pyrophroxyfen Larvicide in drinking water and an intentional malnutrition program; a joint Brazil-US project the United Nations is well aware of.
    Bilderberg 2016 Topics: BREXIT, Migration, Gun Control. BREXIT "A disaster for everyone" Henri Castries BB Chair. "Dire consequences for Europe" NATO Sec Gen Jens Stoltenberg. British is derived from "B'Rith=Birth Covenant aka "Covenant Men", a reference to Cain, Japheth ("the elder" in KJV), Ishmael and Esau. Saxons took control of Britain under Hengeist, in 476 AD by "Double Cross" using the "Seaxe" (Double sided dagger) after which they are named to stab 360 Briton nobles in an event called "Treachery of the Long Knives"; Saxons assumed the identity of British just as they would again in WWII "Night of the Long Knives" replacing the SA "Brown Shirts" with the Nazi SS "Schwarze Sonne" or "Knights of the Black Sun"; nothing particularly original as Saxons, Angles, Lombards are "Black Nobility". Saxons are Germanic Pagans currently going by the Windsor name as most of Israel is Ashkenazic (Japheth-Gomer-Ashkenaz); Dresden is the ancient Saxon "High Place". Henri Castries grandfather a Free French Forces officer; the "Cross of Lorraine" is in fact the "Double Cross", is set to become CEO of of HSBC (Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Corp), the world's largest Drug Money Laundry, in charge of Shipping Ports, Commercial Airports and Ground Equipment across most of the US
 and Europe. On a side note; Cathay (Cathay=China=Sina=Sin=Cathar=Heth=Hittites; Cathar Holocaust has not been forgotten) Pacific Airlines controlled by Sir John Swire began as "Air America" running drugs and "Operation Phoenix" Assassins in Vietnam.  Another Double Cross is coming soon.
    Gun Control In front of the UN is a handgun with it's barrel tied in a knot. War monger, Benghazi ISIS arming Gen David Petraeus and Concealed Carry Permit holding AR-15 owner Mark Kelley (Gabby Giffords handler) forming a Gun control Group to "Protect the Constitution and Homeland". How about reading the 2nd Amendment traitors?
    UN is advertising for "Disarmament Officer" positions under the direct control of UN Sec General Ban Ki Moon (Disciple of Unification Church "Moonie" Sun Myung Moon) 7 yrs experience in Disarmament and Small Arms Control required.
       The Club of Rome care called "World Citizens" (Clinton Global Initiative may ring a Baal); these people are Free of Laws as part of their various Secret Society initiations; this is the essence of Luciferianism. CoR was formally created in 1968 to divide the World into 10 Kingdoms (The 10 Kings/10 Horned Beast Dan 7:7). The CoR created the the EU; with the Whore of Babylon as it's logo; BREXIT, will destroy it in 2016, the likely start of the Great Tribulation. CoR intends to reduce World Population drastically. Pagans sacked the Roman Empire through "Double Cross" in 476. Note: This is the Scapegoat for MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT... Rev 17 and "Babylon has fallen" Rev 18; the Messiah rising from the Flames (Holocaust) will be Antichrist (Azazel from Num 16) not the true Scapegoat, Jesus Christ.
     The King Arthur, Holy Grail, Merovingian (Mary Magdalene did not produce kids with Jesus people; Merovee is a Sea Beast aka Beast rising from the Sea aka the Solar Christ) myths originated here as well; Arth means "Branch"; the arrival of the Antichrist in the 2016 Satanic Jubilee year (50 years after 6th Tetrad and Founding of Church of Satan)? When did you expect it? The EU Parliament, built as an Unfinished Tower of Babel, has the Whore riding the Beast out front with Seat #666 held vacant; they aren't hiding this stuff people!
      America is the "Phoenix of the New Age"; American gold coins in fact used the Phoenix rather than the Eagle. New Atlantis will rise from the ashes just as Sir Francis Bacon (son of Virgin Queen Elizabeth II and Walter Raleigh?), the real founder of America, wrote in New Atlantis 1620.    
     Desperation may be the 2016 theme as many of the participants are being investigated as 9th Circle Initiates (Child Kidnapping, torture, rape, ritual killing); maybe members Sen Lindsey Graham, Henry Kissinger, Gen David Petraeus, Gen Phil Breedlove (ex NATO Supreme Allied Commander), Christine LaGarde (IMF) et all will fill us in. It seems every Bilderberg Mtg invites people seemingly out of place, such as 2014 participant Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed (CDC HQ in Atlanta; Ebola scare); this year, 3 names caught my attention: Mayor of Le Harve (Normandy Beach; Areva MOX Fuel plant likely supplied Fukushima Uranium-Plutonium Oxide) Phillipe Edouard and Mayor of Rotterdam (MERS CoV, Weaponized Ebola) Admed Aboutaleb and Gen Phil Breedlove (ex NATO Supreme Allied Commander who says "We are ready for war with Russia"). Rotterdam's Plague King Dr Ron Fouchier "Human to Human adaptation and aerosol transmission of even a moderately fatal virus will become a plague of unimaginable proportion" When asked why he ressurected the Vaccine created 1918 Spanish Flu to make it Human to Human transmissible, the good Dr said "B
ecause we can" USAMRIID mouthpiece Dr Peter Jahrling "Ebola is Earth's immune response" Obama Ebola Czar Ron Klain "Overpopulation is my primary concern". Zika doesn't kill or cause Microcephaly but the mandated Vaccine might. If you can't see the Writing on the Wall, here is a quick refresher. MENE, MENE, TEKEL UPARSIM "The Kingdom is Divided, weighed in the balances and found wanting; it is to be given to the Medes and Persians. America is the Scapegoat for Babylon.
   Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Queer, Questioning, 2 Spirited; Before blindly following the herd to Hell, it might be wise to read Lev 18:22; 20:13; Deut 23:17; Rom 1:27; 13:8; 1 Cor 6:9; 7:2; Heb 13:1; 1 Ti 1:8; Jude 7. Jesus is "The Word made Flesh"; when the Word condemns this behavior several dozen times, we need to pay attention. God provides our "Spirit" and Judges our "Soul"; there is no "Free Spirit" or "2nd Spirit". "Pride goeth before destruction" Prov 16:18 We need to "Love our neighbor" enough to warn them.      
      (British Exit from the EU) Referendum will send Britain into depression. "Vote against BREXIT (British exit from EU) or face WWIII" alleged pedophile, 9th Circle initiate PM David Cameron. The BREXIT Vote is June 23, 2016 "Eve of St John's Day"; England, France, Germany and Spain haven't killed enough people fighting each other it seems. The Nativity of John the Baptist is as much Bull Shit as Christmas being the Nativity of Jesus. 

    Scottish Knight of Malta aka Knight of St John of Jerusalem Donald Trump (Drumpf) heads to Britain for BREXIT Vote and Grand Opening of his Trump Turnberry Golf Club in Scotland on St John's Day. Why there? William Wallace (Braveheart) was martyred 1305 as fleeing Templar ships arrive in Scotland to the aid of Robert the Bruce, as the Templar arrest order goes out on the "Unlucky Day" Fri 13th of Oct 1307, the year King Edward I "Longshanks" dies; Robert the Bruce wins the Battle of Turnberry using some 33 Templar ships and Knights Templars, leading to the Scottish Independence victory at Bannockburn on St John's Day 1314 and the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath (Scottish Independence) in 1320. "In 700 years the Laurel will grow green again" Cathar Perfecti; Templars were the Gnostic Cathar Military Bankers; just ask "700 Club" Knight of Malta Pat Robertson.                         
                                             Space X
    South African-Canadian billionaire Elon Musk wants a Space X mission to Mars, says Universe is a simulated reality, and wants to die on Mars "When you choose a place to die, Mars is not a bad choice". Elon, nobody has ever been 1000 miles from Earth; radiation will kill you long before you get to Mars. Mars has a CO2 atmosphere at 1/2 psi and no radiation shielding; you will die when you arrive. Elon had better take Matt Damon with him; he was able to engineer visqueen and duct tape to repair a habitat holding in 12psi.  Universe a simulated reality? Hell is not Elon, you can tell your ideas to Jesus when you meet Him.
                      Muhammad Ali
"The Greatest who ever lived"
     Stuart Little joined Masonry, attaining the level of 33 degree Prince Hall Freemason; a plagiarized PhD and a name change to Malcom X (Milcom the Moabite God + Christ/Messiah) and his Nation of Islam name Bari Malik Shabazz, (Bari=Solar Boat/Barque + Malik=Molech + Shabazz=Royal Falcon Horus).
      Cassius Clay 
began his initiation in 1959 with Elijah Muhammad's speeches 2 yrs before meeting Captain Sam X Saxon, Jeremiah X and Black Cultural Nationalism shortly before meeting Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam. NOI has nothing to do with Islam; it is a Canaanite Cult originating with Ham (Black) and Shabazz (1st Race/Royal Falcon), the Horite (worshippers of Horus). The X refers to Chi or Christ/Messiah; Black has nothing to do with skin color or being African; it has to do with Black Nobility; the 1st Race of Canaan if you will. This is the Cult of the Black Virgin ISIS; "Throne" of Antichrist.
      Malcom mentored Cassius Clay, introducing him to the Nation of Islam in 1961; Ali never really converted to Islam; in 2005 he became a convert to Sufiism (Esoteric Islam). Ali was more part of the Moorish Science Temple, whose brain washed adherents believe Black Africans descend from Moors, who in turn descend from Moabites, the perrennial enemy of Israel created by Lot and his eldest daughter's incest. Ham means "Black"; the original source is Ham's incest with his mother (Noah's wife) which carried the Cainite (real Holy Grail) bloodline across the Flood and into the "Cursed" Canaan.
    Muhammad Ali is a combination of Prophet Noble Drew Ali (Timothy Drew) and Wallace Fard Muhammad who brought the Moorish Bull Shit to Chicago; reincarnations of the great prophets Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, they combine parts of the Rosicrucian text "Unto thee I grant" with the "Lost section of the Quran", teaching Blacks descend from the Tribe of Shabazz (First Race); the bible refers to these Canaanites as Horites; worshippers of Horus (Babylonian Tammuz). Barack Obama is Bari Malik Shabazz Jr, a 32 degree Prince Hall Freemason. al-Qaeda is a Bush Sr creation; ISIS is an Obama creation; ISIS is DAESH "Naion of Islam in the Levant"; it has nothing to do with being Muslim, nor does al-Qaeda; just invented enemies.
    Layla, his daughter means "NIght" in Arabic; Muhammad's "Night Journey" to Heaven aboard the Winged Horse al-Barak may ring a Baal; seems times have not changed. Layla al Minhal was one of Muhammad's female companions (concubines), married to Muhammad's Arab Tax collector Malik ibn Nuwayra; Eric Clapton's "Layla" may ring a Baal.
    Greatest who ever lived? Ali was a declared "Conscientious Objector"; by definition, impossible as an initiate of Nation of Islam; Louis Farrakhan look like a Conscientious Objector to you? "Shriners" (Noble Arab Order of the Mystic Shrine) Clowns and Fez wearing Freemason/Shriners celebrate the beheading of 50,000 Christians at Fez Morrocco. LIke Ali, they too are initiates of the "Mystic Shrine" called Sufiism.  

      WWIII: Zionism versus Islam. The plan detailing WWI WWIII and WWIII was penned on the Feast Day of Lucifer, the anniversary of the first Jesuit Oaths in Paris Aug 15, 1871. Dialectic is Thesis + Antithesis=Synthesis. Zionism + Islam=The Doctine of Lucifer.   On May 30, 2016, Arab League Sec Gen Nabil Elaraby said "Israel is a den of fascism and racial discrimination" The same day ex Israel PM Ehud Barak (a 33 degree Mason) said  "Israel has been infected by seeds of Fascism"; both men are following the Masonic playbook for WWIII "Zionism versus Islam" to the letter.
     Previously, Elaraby was on the United Nations International Court of Justice (Current UN Justice from the US is Jesuit Educated CFR Traitor Joan Donoghue). Dialectic: Shariah Law (Arab) + Noahide Law (Israel)=Doctrine of Lucifer. UN Planetary Initiative "No person shall enter the New Age unless he or she accepts a Luciferian Initiation". In common with Shariah and Noahide Law? Worship of JESUS is considered Idol Worship punishable by de-capitation. When? St George kills the Dragon in front of the UN as well as the Cathedral of St John the Divine; the statue at the latter features St George (Geo=Earth) on the Crab; Cancer is the Crab June 22-July 21. What year? 2016 is a Satanic Jubilee. You tell me.
                              Orgy Island

Billionaire pedophile Jeff Epstein's "Lolita Express" (Lolita is Delores "Sorrows") is a private B-727 shuttling sold out Satanists to Little St James Island aka "Orgy Island" where videotaped Blackmail encounters with underage female and male sex slaves and prostitutes are filmed to keep the restless Satanic Liars in check. Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of Mossad agent Robert Maxwell does most of the procurement, for Who? Donald Trump Knight of Malta currently playing his role as presidential candidate; Stephen Hawking Jesuit sock puppet, God Particle, Worm Hole, CERN, Dark Matter Bull Shit plus a dozen other Theoretical Phsicists and Ivy League professors passing off Bull Shit like Evolution and String Theory as Science; Salman bin Talal bin Saud King of Saudi Arabia Pedophile al-Qaeda, 9/11, ISIS financier. Hillary and Bill Clinton Marvelous Investments, profits from Iran-Contra Drug money; Benghazi, Fast and Furious and Julie McMahon aka "Energizer" had a 13 yr affair with Bill yet donated large sums to Hillary's Presidential campaign. John Kerry/Cohen  Marvelous Investments; hang in there John, your one way ticket to Hell is ready. Prince Andrew and Queen Mum British Royal Pedophile scandal extends to Child Sacrifice at Chateau Amerios "Castle of Kings"; William & Kate's fake Royal birth; Jill Dando murder; Jimmy Saville and Marc Dutroix; Google any of these and get ready to toss your breakfast. Lord Mandelson and his boy toy Reinaldo  Richard Branson Council of World Elders is Sir Richard's passion Bill Richardson ex Un Amb and Iran-Contra facilitator; fake Jew Lawyer/Law prof Alan Dershowitz Harvard Law professor on camera raping 13 yr olds; Sodomite actor/ Al Gore roommate Kevin Spacey,  Larry Summers Larry, Ben Bernanke, Tim Geithner and George Soros made $Trillions using TARP funds to manipulate the Silver Market. Henry Kissinger Trump, Obama, Romney, Bush, Reagan adviser; Vietnam, Cambodian "Killing Fields", Operation Condor with Pope Francis, Operation Ajax in Iran, Gulf War 1 & 2, Afghanistan, Iraq "Oil for Food" Swindle, Pakistan $2B/Yr theft, outlaw of DDT and Malaria are a small sample of this Satanist's resume whom Gen Petraeaus calls "My Mentor" Edgar Bronfman Jewish Congress, Sugar Cain production in the Everglades Nat Park, NAFTA David Rockefeller $300 Million profit arming both sides of WWI was only the beginning; Standard Oil is virtually all the Oil; GE does not Bring Good Things to Life; it Brings Weapons to War Edmund de Rothschild The other half of the Oil; Central Banks creating War for profit needs to stay quite Michael Bloomberg Hurricane Sandy and Sandy Hoax Ed Koch, Rupert Murdoch Zondervan re-writing bibles is going to get this SMOM FOX in trouble Jimmy Buffet Parrot Head Jimmy uses Miami Cruise Ships to deliver Heroin Ted Kennedy Chappaquiddick murder is this Satanist's claim to fame; his 2 older brothers actually came around.
    Little St James? James is derived from Jacob; appropriate because in Amos 7:2-3; 5-6 God explains, Jacob shall no more rise. B-727? July 27 7/27 is the Grand Climax of the Sumerian Ritual "Begone Dull Care", many of these same Satanists will head to Bohemian Grove to re-create this same ritual this July.  
                                     Gabriel's Ark
    Angel Gabriel introduced Joseph Smith to Jesus and God; a bit odd since Daniel fell flat on his face in the presence of Jesus when Gabriel gave him the text in Dan 8. Smith's meeting resulted in the Book of Mormon, "Another Testament of Jesus Christ"; nobody can have 2 Testimonies; one is Truth, the other is Lie. Palmyra NY named after Palmyra, Syria and the Amorite (Amurru=America) Temple of Baal should be a Red Flag. Smith's death in Carthage, Ill, named after the Phoenician/Canaanite outpost in North Africa another. Angel Moroni facing East to the Rising Sun as the ancients did in Eze 8 another. 
    Angel Gabriel dictated the Quran to Quyraish (Korahite) Bedouin Muhammad; among other glaring discrepencies, it seems the Bible (Jesus is the Word made Flesh) Abraham offered Ishmael not Isaac on the future Temple Mount.
   Angel Gabriel told Elizabeth of her impending pregnancy of John the Baptist (Luke 1:19)
Angel Gabriel told Mary of her pregnancy with Jesus (Lk 1:26) The Roman Catholic Church dogma stretches truth a bit with "Immaculate Conception" referring to Mary being kept Sinless before and after the birth of Jesus.
    Angel Gabriel made an Ark and instructed Muhammad to bury it in a place angels worship since before the creation of man at Mecca; the place happens to be the spot Hagar and Ishmael were cast out of inheritance by Sarah. Gabriel then wrote a manuscript "Gabriel's instructions to Muhammad" which survived the 12c  Crusades, and was entrusted to the Russian Orthodox Church. Mecca is derived from Mechus "Adultery"; the #1 Commandment "Thou shalt have no other gods before me" "Houston, we have a problem"
   9/11 is Toth 1, the Coptic or Egyptian Orthodox New Year; Toth is Hermes; the Emerald Tablet of Toth-Hermes begins with "That which is above shall become that with is below" shortened to "As Above So Below" (Watch for the downward triangle hand sign; Donald Trump uses this constantly). Rabbis use the phrase "Tikkun Olam" (Repair the Earth) referring to the conditions in the Garden of Eden minus the Tree of Life (God). Why the tie in with Mormonism?
     Restoration Theology holds that Jesus failed His Ministry; beginning in Ireland and Scotland the Jesuit induced movement manifested in Plymouth Brethren, John Nelson Darby's "Rapture" Theology, Campbellite-Mormonism, Aleister Crowley's "Thelema" (Will), Cyrus Scofield's "Dispensationalism", Study Bibles and BF WEstcott and FJA Hort's, Phillip Schaff sponsored "Bible Revision Committee" to name a few. Everyone on Earth who thinks Jesus failed His Ministry will have the opportunity to tell Him personally. The United Nations is led by Unification Church "Moonie" Ban Ki-Moon; his mentor Sun Myung Moon said "Jesus failed His mission; his mission is to fulfill it". 
       On 9/11/15 while Pope Francis is winding up a trip to the US Congress and Philadelphia at the 7th Tetrad, bin Laden Construction (Osama=Lion; bin=Manger; Laden=Ladon as in the mythical 100 headed Ladon Dragon aka al-Qaeda or ISIS) allegedly unearthed Gabriel's Ark killing 111. (Dead looking Crisis Actors proved it) under the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. 2 weeks later while "Stoning Satan" (Muslima toss bricks at the Obelisk while US Presidents face it during Inauguration) during the Hajj, a stampede killed 4000. The Custodian of the 2 Holy Mosques contacts Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill about an ancient manuscript called "Gabriel's Instructions to Muhammad", and at Christmas (Antarctic Summer) Vladimir Putin organizes a military escort for the Ark to Antarctica. Pope Francis then meets Kirill in Cuba to mend the 1000 yr old schism between Orthodox (Greek, Coptic, Russian, Serbian, Assyrian etc) and Roman Catholicism and intends to mend the 500 yr old Protestant-Catholic schism this Halloween. How's that for Unification?
     The source of much of this information is Sorcha Faal (likely blogger David Booth at "What Does it Mean"); Sorcha means "She who brings Light"; Faal means "Dark, Barren Place"; Sounds positively Luciferian and it is. Sorcha Faal as the "Order of Ashkenazim Jewish Women" originated in 1290 during the Crusades with monasteries (the word Monastery is not in Scripture for a reason, nor is Mission, Missionary, Nun, or Convent); the order however dates back to the last King of Judah, Zedekiah who after using the Temple furnishings for an orgy had his sons killed by Chaldeans and Babylonians in front of him, his eyes put out, handcuffed, taken to Babylon and dropped in a Shit Hole (Jesus uses Mire Pit) until he died. Ref Jer 52:10; Eze 17:16; 2 Ki 25:7. Oh, but Zedekiah's mythical daughter Tamar (or Tea) Tephi manages to travel with Jacob's Pillow with Jeremiah to Tara, County Meath Ireland to mate with and found the Kingly Caste of Ireland and Scotland; how? Out of pure 100% Bull Shit just like "Gabriel's Ark" "Gabriel's Instructions to Muhammad" and Joseph Smith's "Golden Plates". Guess where Tamar came from? Absalom's sister Tamar. 
    Much like the Irish legend, Mormon theology claims Zedekiah the 44th and last King of Israel had a son named Mulek (not mentioned in scripture because Mulek is Molech) who managed to escape Nebuchadnezzar's forces and travel to the America's from Babylon with Ishmaelite women; more made up Chaldean nonsense.
   The Ark and Manuscript, sealed until the time of the Resurection? You bet, when Jesus returns, His followers are bodily resurected at the Last Trumpet (1 Cor 15:52; 1 Thess 4:17), the Trump of God. Remember the First Commandment? "Have no other gods before me" Get ready folks, this god is Satan, made of 100% Luciferian Bull Shit.

                                Orichalcum: 3rd Beast "Kingdom of Brass"
    Orichalcum was discovered off Sicily; the metal popularized in the myth of Atlantis. A Gold-Silver Alloy? Unlikely. At the beginning of the Great Tribulation (final 1260 days) Antichrist aka Cern's "God of forces" (Dan 11:38;43) will control the world's stores of Gold and Silver. At the Denver Airport is an ore cart under an Apocalytic painting with AuAg (Gold and Silver). More than likely, Orichalcum is Brass.
     Cadmus, the mythical King of Thebes and brother of Europa created Orichalcum (Brass); Theban Military were Pederast fighting pairs adopted by the Knights Templars (Templar money has 2 riders on one horse; hard to figure out eh? Knights of Malta are their successors), Spartans, Teutonic (Germanic) Knights and Samurai. The Pederast-Pedophile philosopher Plato (Blackwater aka Xe Services or Academi is named after Plato's Adacemy in Athens) popularized Atlantis as well as Orichalcum. Europa, the wife of King Minos of Crete mated with Zeus in the form of a Bull; like the Wall St Bull; she sits on the Beast in front of the European Parliament and on the Euro (named after her adultery with Zeus/Satan) with Seat #666 vacant for a reason. Capitol means "Womb of Zeus"; America's (Land of the Amorites) traitorous Government is about to give birth to the Antichrist, who will not regard the "desire of women" Dan 11:37. Edom, Ammon and Moab escape the hand of Antichrist (Dan 11:41) until Jesus returns that is. TPP and TTIP will "Divide the land for gain" (Dan 11:39) America is sitting on 25% of the world's Fresh Water (Great Lakes); the 2nd largest aquifer in the world (Ogallala); very fertile farming and ranch land (Mormon Church controls 1.5M ac); several Trillion Bbls of Oil (Bakken, ANWR, Gulf of Mexico; Green River Formation) and large Uranium, Molybdenum, Gold and Silver mines (Nevada).
    "And after thee another kingdom inferior to thee, and another third kingdom of brass, which shall bear rule over all the earth" Dan 2:39 America was 239 years old in 2015 when this "Discovery" was announced. "Rule over all the Earth" is "Dominion" of the 3rd Beast in Dan 7:6. In Gen 27:40 KJV Esau is given "Dominion".
    Sir Francis Bacon wrote "New Atlantis" in 1620; America is the New Atlantis rising as a Phoenix from the ashes of its own self destruction. Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix is America's Swan Song written by the Beast Aleister Crowley; Obama is President #44 and the last according to C Alan Martin in 1971; Trans-gender Bathroom Mandate making more sense now? This is the occult communication of the "Discovery" of Orichalcum. Pretty Brazen isn't it?

                  Operation Phoenix Express  May 17-27

     Operation Phoenix Express
began with Vatican Blasphemy "Spreading the Gospel is no different than Islamic Terrorists waging Jihad" Jesuit Pope Francis I published May 18 in La Croix (The Cross). The Vicar of Jesus missed the entire point of the "Great Commission"
     The "Great Commission" Mat 28 is about the ressurection of Jesus Christ, and His appearance on Pentecost; without the Resurrection, all faith in Jesus is in vain. "All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I
 have commanded you: and, and lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world." When a person opens the door to a one on one personal covenant with JESUS, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit provides the basis of the "Great Commission"; that being to teach every nation and every person, Crucified Jesus is Resurrected to Heaven and with everyone until the very end. A little different than Islamic Jihad wouldn't you say? 
  From the makers of MH-370, MH-17, Germanwings 9525, Hoax Jet EgyptAir 804 Paris-Cairo (House of Isis to the Land of Isis; Chi-Rho=Royal Christ) at 37,000ft swerves 90 then 360 degrees and allegedly crashes in the MED killing 66 over the location of an International Phoenix Express Naval Drill in the Eastern Medditeranean and nobody knows where it went? Bull Shit (66 books in Scripture is coincidence I'm sure).
    "A brutal event...likely a Terror Attack" say French and Egyptian investigators. It's just not safe to fly unless we can profile those darn Muslim Jihadi Terrorists eh? What's next? Profiling those darn Christian and Jewish Crusading Terrorists? Bet on it.
     Walid Shoebat a Muslim Brotherhood, Arab League fake Christian convert (Marrano) who claims Capt Mohammad Shakeer was a student of Muslim Brotherhood, Arab League, Jihadist Amr Khaled; he converted the aircraft into a Portable Mosque, had a "Last Supper", before Martydom, called his brother telling him to "Pray for Me" (With what phone?) turned the aircraft so he could Face Mecca and intentionally crashed the jet where Operation Phoenix Express was taking place. Bull Shit. US Naval, Greek and Egyptian Radar would have the jet pinpointed if this were true. WWIII has been long planned to pit Zionism against Islam; Walid Shoebat is just playing his part, just like Pope Francis, Flt Attendant Samar Ezz Eldin, and Osama Abdel Basset, Egypt Air Hospitality head who first spread the "Portable Mosque/Martyr for Allah" nonsense. 
      Donald Trump "Looks like this was another Terror Attack" Sure Donald.
      So was a Bomb planted on the plane in Paris? Israeli ICTS controls security at Charles DeGaulle, Amsterdam and Brussels, but a bomb which magically expoldes when the plane is being handed off from Greek to Egyptian controllers over an International Military Drill? Sure.
    The Jet Swerves 90 degrees, then 360 degrees and no distress call from pilots? No wreckage found just 180 miles offshore in the MED at the location of an International Naval Drill?
   The items shown on TV with EgyptAir prominent in no way indicate a crashed A-320.
    Alleged victim/Crisis Actor Flight Attendant Samar Ezz Eldin posted a picture on her Facebook account of a flight Attendant walking out of the ocean with a crashed airliner behind her days ahead of the event.  Now that's a Smoking Gun. 
    French Foreign Intelligence Pat Calver said  "Isis planning to attack France" days ahead; sure Pat, just like Francois Holland setting up terror drills at the locations Paris was attacked.
   ISIS posted "Kill France" days ahead. I'll bet this Tweet came straight from Israeli ISIS propaganda queen Rita Katz and the US Army.
    On May 7 Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley told ROTC Grads  "1916 was complex; 1945 was complex, 2016 will be highly will be battling Terrorists, Little Green Men and Hybrid Armies simultaneously". How prophetic.
   Several hours after radar contact was allegedly lost, a distress signal was received; electronics don't transmit or work underwater; Black Boxes just ping their location, not information.
   A TV Actor was Flight Attendant in charge.
    Crisis Actors on TV + International Naval Drill + "Portable Mosque" + S-2040=False Flag.  In the US, creator of al-Qaeda and ISIS JASTA passed the Senate the same day; what a coincidence eh? The bill allows Alleged Victims to sue nations sponsoring Terrorism such as Iran, Saudi Arabia and soon France, Egypt and the Womb of Terror the USA.
    May 21 FOX News Update aka Breaking Bull Shit       "Smoke alarms were going off in the toilet and avionics bay just before the crash" Guess that rules out a Surface to Air Missile or Air to Air shoot down eh? Smoke detectors in the toilet are not monitored by the Voice Recorder or Flight Data Recorder; Oops! "ACARS detected heat at the co-pilot's window and Electronics Bay" ACARS (Aircraft Crew Alerting) does not monitor heat in the cockpit; Oops! "Pilot's never know what is in the cargo" BS, pilots sign a release for any item listed as potentially hazardous. "This is a Global Commerce and Security issue" A line right out of Peter Sutherland's playbook. Smoke and Fire yet not a peep from the pilots? Stay tuned, it's getting as deep as the alleged cavern the plane sank into without a trace. You don't suppose Donalt Trump and Henry Kissinger talked about the event during their Private Mtg the same day? Winston Churchill thought he was big enough to go against the plan until he was shown the planned NY Stock Market collapse from the trading floor which started the Great Depression. No Donald, you are not that Huuuge.
     The mythical Phoenix connects Egypt and Arabia and serves as the symbol of America (The Eagle on the $ was the Phoenix on Gold Coins); in Egypt it was the Benben Stone or Pyramidion seen above the Unfinished Pyramid on the $US that symbolized the coming Age of Horus.
    S2040 "JASTA"
 (Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act) passed the Senate, sponsored by Chabad Lubavitch pretend Atheist fake Jew Bernie Sanders, fresh off a visit to Israel and the Vatican. If this becomes Law, alleged victims of "Terror Events" can sue nations that sponsor Terrorists. Bernie believes Saudi Arabia sponsored 9/11 Terrorists; Wrong Bernie.
      Obama will Veto the bill, no shit sherlock, his alleged father is an Arab Kenyan; he bowed to King Abdullah and promised a "New Beginning for Islam". Senator/Traitors McCain and Kerry even meet with ISIS commanders. So how is it no Arab names let alone any from Saudi Arabia are listed on Flt #11, #175, #93 or #77 Flt Manifests?
    NATO, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, the US a dozen more nations, Frontex (EU border Mgt; the EU Parliament has the Whore of Babylon out front riding the Beast with Seat #666 Vacant), and the International Organization for Migration all participating in the Naval Drill with the US Navy Guided Missile Destroyer USS Gravely "First to Conquer" is their motto. Migration is code for herding War Refugees; managing the manufactured False Flags is World Class Satanist, Fine Gael (Gael is equivalent with Chaldean) Barrister (Agent for the Crown Bar) Peter Sutherland; BP, Goldman Banker,, Deep Water Horizon architect, Tri-lateral Commission Chair, WTO, GATT, Bilderberg Steering Committee and United Nations Migration Council Chair. Amb William Lacy Swing heads the IOFM. Soon it will be Americans herded into UN Agenda 21 Re-Wilded (Desert means Land void of life and returned to plant) Reservations just like natives were.
    "Spreading the Gospel is no different than radical Islamists waging Jihad" Pope Francis, Jesuit Vicar of Jesus in a LaCroix interview published May 17 La Croix means "The Cross".  Spreading the Gospel to all Nations is the "Great Commission" The message is Jesus is God in Flesh; Jesus is the Word made Flesh; Jesus is the Holy Ghost and Jesus is the only Mediator between God in SPIRIT and Man in Flesh. Baptizing all Nations refers to the Baptism of the Holy Ghost which only JESUS can provide. 
    Jihad means "Prepare oneself to worship Allah"; most Muslims have no idea Allah is the 4000 yr old Arab moon god "Sin"; the Arab Trinity Uzza, Manat and al Lah was 2600 years old by the time Muhammad received the Quran from Angel Gabriel.  It's the identical theme as Joseph Smith meeting Gabriel and writing the Book of Mormon because they are of the same Satanic source .      Pope Francis said "Jesus' call to spread the gospel differs little from Jihad waged by radical Islamic Terrorists...Jesus sending his disciples to all nations is the same as Islamic conquest"  How's that for Apostacy?  



      "Vote against BREXIT (British exit from EU) or face WWIII" Child sacrificing PM David Cameron. The BREXIT Vote is June 23, 2016 "Eve of St John's Day"; England, France, Germany and Spain haven't killed enough people fighting each other it seems. The Nativity of John the Baptist is as much Bull Shit as Christmas being the Nativity of Jesus. Lk 1 tells us John the Baptist was conceived about this time of year during the 8th Temple Service period "Abia"; Elizabeth was 6 months pregnant at Hanukkah "Feast of Dedication" when Mary conceived Jesus, becoming the New Covenant Temple; John was born on Passover, the greatest of the Old Covenant; Jesus was born 6 months later on Feast of Tabernacles and Circumcised in accordance with the Law on the Great "8th" Day of Tabernacles; Jesus was then rejected and Crucified 33 1/2 years later on Passover, putting an end to the Ole Covenant. See how all this makes sense when you just read the text? 
    British=B'Rith=Birthright Covenant; London=Home of Londinos, a Celtic name meaning "Wild One"; Ishmael is the Wild One with the Birthright Covenant. London Mayor (Great One) Sadiq (Truthful)  Khan (Lord/Prince/Sovereign) elected Saturday wasted no time outfitting Red (Edom=Red) Busses with "Subhan Allah", in fact they were already made up before the election. The phrase meaning "Glory to Allah" will advertise Ramadan (June 6-July 5), the month the Quran was delivered to Muhammad. Allah is not Islamic; Allah is a 4000 year old Arab moon god "Sin".
     No objections from Queen Elizabeth, Prince Phillip, Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby or PM David Cameron (b 1966 Satanic Jubilee) because they are all allegedly 9th Circle Ritual Initiates. Sin? Kidnapping, Ritually Torturing, Mutilating, Sacrificing and Burning infants.
     Cameron will speak on V Day "Victory Day" (May 8) evoking WWII, Luciferian Freemason, Bi-sexual Druid Initiate Winston Churchill; Victory? for Sin. WWIII will pit Zionism, a British invention against Islam to reveal the true doctrine of Lucifer aka "Man of Sin". 

           Time 100 Most Influential  People                                
"We're  more popular than Jesus"- John Lennon during the 1966 Satanic Jubilee Year
         The Most Influential Person for any Born Again Christian is JESUS (Holy Ghost); Jesus is absent from the Top 100 for 2016 Jubilee Year Time Magazine Cover released on Beltane; the book 100 Most Influential People in History lists Jesus as #3 behind Korahite (Num 16) Bedouin Muhammad and Luciferian Mason/Rosicrucian, Gravity (God Particle) Liar (Earth is fixed, not orbiting the Sun) Isaac Newton. UN Climate Change Ambassador Leonardo Di Caprio the big winner, his essay written by Diplomatically Immune , Obama appointed,  UN Climate Change Agreement signer, Knight of Malta, Luciferian Mason, Bohemian Grove Initiate, Bilderberger, Council on Foreign Relations, ISIS arming, Operation Phoenix mass murderer John Kerry.
     The other 99? UN Climate Framework Chair (father and brother Costa Rica Presidents for life; mother was Israeli Ambassador), Al Gore trained Inconvenient Truth presenter, Jesuit educated Christina Figueres; nominated by UN and Paris Climate Alarmist/Hollywood Actor, self proclaimed Atheist Robert Redford; Luciferian Love Song singer Adele, nominated by Hunger Games' Jennifer Lawrence. Nikki Manaj by fellow Monarch Slave Lil Wayne. Opus Dei, Jesuit Paul Ryan by Mormon Iran-Contra money launderer Mitt Romney. ISIS arming, Oil and Heroin Pipeline manager, Luciferian Mason  Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Canadian born, undocumented alien Ted Cruz. US controlled, Swiss educated, ass clown Kim Jong Un (father Kim Jong Il and grandfather Kim il Sung were US installed puppets). FBI Director James Comey, (handling the Hillary Clinton E-Mail investigation), nominated by PNAC (Project for a New American Century) author, FEMA Dir,  Full Body Image Scanning Liar/Multi-Billionaire Michael Chertoff. Benghazi, Sinaloa Drug Cartel Liar Hillary Clinton, nominated by likely VP pick Amy Klobucher. Sodomite (Man's Country, Down Low Club), Illegal Alien (CT SS# belongs to another man) Barack Obama. IMF Chief Christine LaGarde, nominated by fake Jew, FED Chair Janet Yellen. Cross Dresser Caitlyn Jenner. Star Shot financier (ET Spacecraft to Alpha Centauri) Yuri Milner, nominated by Jesuit sock puppet, Black Hole liar Stephen Hawking. Gravity Wave/Time Travel Liar, Astro-phycisist Kip Thorne, nominated by Hollywood Director (Dark Knight Rises, Interstellar) occultist director Christopher Nolan; Queen Maxima, whose father aided Cardinal Bergoglio (Pope Francis) with Argentina's "Dirty War"; Tu YouYou nominated by Ebola promoting (Samaritan's Purse and Doctors Without Borders use Vaccinations to spread Ebola) CDC Chief Tom Freiden; YouYou's Malaria fighting herb Artemisnin is now the world's #1 defense against Malaria, since the Int'l outlawed DDT had safely eradicated the deadly killer since WWI. Finally, Jesuit Pope Francis, nominated by Oath Sworn Papal Knight of Malta/Jesuit Joe Biden, good boy Joe, the Jesuit Oath you took calls for pregnant women and swinging their babies heads against the rocks. 9th Circle Initiates (Google Black Hole Ceremony, 9th Circle Ritual, Post Ritual, Pink Ballet and Chateau Amerois) Pope Francis has called for the elimination of 93% of humanity sinning against Mother Earth by breathing; Laudato Si is the Jesuit Earth Encyclical (Teaching Paper) of Sedes vacante (Vacant Seat) in the Mother of all Churches on Earth, the St John Lateran Arch-basilica, the Teaching Seat of the "Hidden Frogs", the 3 unclean spirits of the Dragon, Antichrist and False Prophet (Ref Rev 12:9; 16:13) 3 Popes? According to International Common Law Court of Justice testimonies all Popes since JPII brought back the Pagan Twisted Crucifix in public have been required to participate in 9th Circle Child Sacrifices including Black Pope Adolfo Nicholas, Pope Francis I and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI who all claim the title Vicarious Christ and all are 9th Circle Ritual Sacrifice Initiates just like Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury Very Reverend Justin Welby. Who fills the roles of Antichrist (Beast from the Sea) and False Prophet (Beast from the Earth) remains to be seen, these men are just ushering them in. Pope Francis stated "The triumph of science is realizing the Earth can only support 1 Billion people" Feeling a little Blue? Blue Bloods will decide who lives and who dies "We are the riders of the Pale Horse Death. God creates, we decide who lives and who dies. We do this for the good of the Earth" Barbara Marxist Hubbard. Want to read about it in Stone? Georgia Guide Stones is for you.
     None of these people are influenced in the slightest degree by the Holy Ghost because the Holy Ghost is JESUS.  Rejection of the Holy Ghost is the Unforgiveable Sin. You can love God or Creation (Mammon/Creature) but not both; one path leads to the Marriage of the Lamb (Rev 19:7), the other to Hell for Eternity "Depart from me, I never knew you" will be the worst words you will ever hear.

                 Nature's Nuclear Reactor
    "A woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her foot, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars. And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered...the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born. And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne" Rev 12. Sounds like the Rapture and Satan ravaging Israel? Guess Again
     6 years ago Deep Water Horizon was intentionally scuttled on April 22 "Earth Day"; subsequently the Oil/Methane pocket it tapped into was plugged, after the Pipe Casing was allowed to erode; the Gulf of Mexico and surrounding areas have been saturated with Methane, turning the massive Salt Dome (Memphis-St Louis-New Orleans) into very unstable Swiss Cheese; the US Navy, NOAA and FEMA have been waiting for an Earthquake along the New Madrid Fault to submerge the entire area and have planning maps to that affect; Knight of Malta Nic Cage even put the flaming Oil Rig in his movie "Knowing" 1 yr in advance. 
      April 22 "Earth Day" aligns with the Passover Full Moon in 2016 as leaders (traitors) meet at the UN to sign the Global Climate Change Agreement. 2016 is the Satanic Jubilee, 50 years after the Founding of the Church of Satan and 6th Tetrad of Lunar Eclipses on Passover and Feast of Tabernacles 2 yrs in a row.
     As of April 18, 2016 250,000 people in Japan have been told to evacuate; death toll in Ecuador 400 and rising, with 1700 missing and presumed dead. The quake and aftershocks are allegedly having ripple effects in Nepal, no wonder Mt Everest is Chumolongmo "Earth Mother" where Noah's Ark settled and Tonga hit with Earthquakes; Mexico City Popocatepetl "Smoking Mountain" erupting; USGS warning 40 Volcanoes along the Ring of Fire are now active and warning of CA Earthquake; Yellowstone Magma Vents opened; Old Faithful had a continuous steam event all night 4/14/16; sections of the Shoshone River near Cody Wyo are boiling. All man-made distress described in Mat 24; Lk 21; Mk 13. Rev 11:18 describes Jesus returning to destroy those who destroy the earth; When? 1260 days after the Alternative Messiah. 
    Gabon West Africa is Nature's Nuclear Reactor Fukushima is a man-made natural nuclear reactor modeled after Gabon. Fissionable Uranium-Plutonium MOX Fuel delivered by Pres Obama 6 months ahead of the Scalar created Earthquake, Tsunami and coolant shut-down allowed nuc fuel to melt  through containment, contacting the underground river the Fukushima Reactors were built over; the MOX Fuel mixed at the precise ratio to form Radioactive "Bucky Balls" which are neutrally buoyant in seawater used to flood the containment vessels. The site is at the intersection of 3 major tectonic plates, the intersection of the Pacific Gulf Stream and Jet Streams; the only such place on Earth capable of destroying the Earth.
      41 Earthquakes on the same Fault Line in Kyushu Is Japan have occurred in 5 days; leading to speculation the island could split. Japan has had 400 earthquakes in all; the economy is essentially on hold. The USGS is warning of a possible California Earthquake and Yellowstone Eruption; a warning much like FEMA (conducting a large scale Terror Drill in NYC) provided on Sept 10, 2001 with their 3 primary concerns being a Terrorist Event in NYC, Hurricane in New Orleans and California Earthquake. Disaster Preparedness teams were in place in Kathmandu during their recent Earthquake. SOUTHCOM was conducting a massive Haitian Relief Exercise in Miami when the Exercise went "Live" in Haiti. NPR was in place in Sichuan, China when the Earthquake struck. Just lucky? Smart? or knowledgeable of the plans and ability to "Destroy the Earth"? This USGS map covers the 1st week in April; Aprilus means "To Give Birth"; Mother Earth it seems is in labor with her "Little Horn Beast". Plutonium enhanced nuclear fission weapons were first tested in Japan (Jih Pun=Land of the Rising Sun). 33 degree Masons Harry Truman and Hirohito had no qualms using Atomic Weapons; FDR was poisoned by Arsenic because as Truman said "FDR wouldn't have done it". Innocent civilians in Japan witnessed the "Fat Man" Bomb, 66 years later Fukushima began producing those type Bomb Cores underground, naturally, evidenced by Tritium production, a highly toxic isotope of Hydrogen that "Slow-kills" the food chain and every animal and person eating it or drinking underground water contaminated with Titrated Water.
      Luciferian Mason, fake Jew, Soviet Spy J Robert Oppenheimer quoted Shiva (The Destroyer) "I have become Death, the destroyer of worlds" witnessing the Trinity Detonation and the man-made creation of Plutonium, named after the Roman god of the underworld Buckminster Fuller (Geodesic Dome namesake of "Bucky Balls") protégé Barbara Marx (Luciferian Mason, Talmudic fake Jew, God Killer Karl Marx' birthday is May 5 "Cinco de Mayo") Hubbard said "We are the riders of the Pale Horse Death, God creates, we decide who lives and who dies".    Melchisedek Mauritian Assembly aka Order of Melchisedek claim a famous person currently 69 years old will reveal himself as Taurus commences. Gee who could it be? Federal Grand Jury Liar Bill Clinton? At the Cathedral of St John the Divine Satan can be seen plucking Bill Clinton from the Capitol (Womb of Zeus/Apollo) Yup, no kidding. GW Bush? On 1/8/8 the Sanhedrin and Temple Mount Faithful unveiled the Megillat Bush declaring him "Gog, Chief Prince of Meshech and Tubal". How about Donald Trump, his 66th floor Trump Penthouse is essentially a Temple of Apollo/Apollyon. I'm sure there are other candidates, these just popped out. 
    Taurus commences on Nisan 13, the day Roman's celebrate Parilia (Roman god Pales) April 21 just so happens to align with Nisan 13, the Eve of Passover, Earth Day and the Full Moon UN Climate Agreement signing ceremony. Not to be outdone, the CERN Propaganda Video "Symmetry" highlights 1:13 as well. Why 2016? 239.
         There are 239 chapters in the Book of Mormon; Blood in the Streets and White Horse Prophecy describe America's last days. This 2016 Jubilee destruction theme is illustrated in the 2010 movie "The Penitent Man". Enoch Translated has a Gematria of 3346 or 14X239. The BOM is based on the translation of Cain's Enoch.  America is 239 years old; 2016 is the 50th Year "Jubilee" after the 6th Tetrad and founding of the Church of Satan in "Anno Satanae" (Year One Satan)   Eber died 239 years after Abraham was born; his son Peleg (Divide by Water) and his grandson Reu both died at age 239. God is hammering home a point here. Babel was destroyed the year Peleg died. America is the Scapegoat Babylon
Strong's H239 "Awzan" means Scales (Judgment) Rev 6:5 also uses the G239 "Balances"
Sojourn (Temporary Stay) has a gematria of 239. America was designed to be Temporary.
Pu-239 is the most common isotope of the man-made element named after the Roman god of the underworld; J Robert Oppenheimer quoted Shiva "I have become Death, the destroyer of worlds" witnessing the production of Plutonium.
Pope Francis was elected on 3/13/13; there are 313! in Scripture, the last ! is the fall of Babylon; Francis and Obama (He is with us in Mede-Persian) were in Philadelphia (City of Brotherly Love) Sept 23 (23/9) at LOVE Park. Amorites aka Cathars are the Church of Amor (Love); 1 Cor 13:13 "Charity" (Love and Esteem of God) is changed to "Love" in New Bibles because Edomites hate God as God hates Esau. Dan 2:39 describes the rise of the Kingdom of Brass (Mede-Persia aka Iran "Noble Caste") aka 3rd Beast and Edomite Dominion (Esau and Jacob's Brotherly Love; Obadiah describes Esau as inside the gates of Jerusalem "Fake Jews")
Mormo (God of the Living Dead or Graveyard) and Amurru (Land, People and God of the Amorites (Amor=Love) are names of Satan.  Feel the love yet?  America is the Scapegoat "Babylon"; the New World Order will rise as a Phoenix (Pa=House + Enoch) from the ashes. It's not likely America will survive beyond 239 years. The Mormon Oath of Vengeance is a swearing to avenge the blood of the prophets on America until the last drop of blood is spilled. Mormons lay claim to the Melchisedek Priesthood.
      CERN (Shiva/Apollo/Apollyon is out front) will re-activate the search for Dark Matter on 1/13 (April 20); Taurus commences (April 19-May 19) potentially causing massive Earthquakes like the Nepal Earthquake which occurred the moment the collider was activated the last time; how convenient earthquake preparedness experts were on scene in Kathmandu eh? Folks, CERN is Taurus Bull Shit; CERN is Cernunnos, the oldest form of Satan on Earth; think it's coincidence CERN's now decommissioned Magnet is called SATAN (Solar Axiom Telescope Antenna)? or the Vatican Telescope is called LUCIFER? 
    CERN cannot cause Earthquakes, Space-Time Warping (popularized by Luciferian Mason Gene Roddenberry in Star Trek) Natural Fission Reactors can and EM Scalar Wave transmitters do cause Earthquakes. CERN's  Symmetry (God Particle) and Symmetry Unraveled (Dark Matter) Dances opening a Worm Hole to another Dimension of Space-Time is Bull Shit highlighted in the 2010 movie "The Penitent Man"; (1:13 is highlighted as is the 50th year Jubilee, the year everything is destroyed is 2016) Feel sorry for past Sins? Me too, JESUS forgives them if you ask Him. Time Travel is made up Chaldean nonsense. So who is the Bull represented by Taurus? Zeus aka Molech to whom human sacrifices are offered. 
     Read and understand what scripture (Authorized Bible KJV) says. Time Travel? No "It is appointed unto man once to die but after this the Judgment" Heb 9:27 Aliens? No. Man was made in the image and likeness of God; Aliens are made up Chaldean Bull Shit.  7 Yr Tribulation? No. Amos 5:2;26; 7:2-3; 5-6 make clear there will be no further Covenant with Israel; DispenSATANalism is a Lie. Pre-Trib Rapture? No. What is so hard to understand about "Last Trump" (1 Cor 15:52) and "Trump of God" (1 Thess 4:16)? JESUS is the Trump of God!
       Natural Fission is ongoing under Fukushima at the site 3 Tectonic Plates intersect. Below the plates? Water; Earth was created by separating Water "Above" from Water "Below" Earth (Gen 1:7). Fukushima is the only place on Earth where man-made "Earthquakes in Diverse Places" (Mat 24:7) could originate to cause the Earth to "Reel to and fro as a drunkard" (Is 24:20). Jesus returns to "Destroy them which destroy the Earth" (Rev 11:18) 
       Shiva is also known as Apollyon or Abaddon "Destroyer"; does this mean Rev 9:11, 5th Trumpet and 2nd Woe is here? No. The CERN myth is predicated on Gravity, Warping of Space-Time and Black Holes (Bottomless Pits). Rosicrucian, Luciferian Mason, self appointed Millennial Temple Architect  Isaac Newton may or may not have known where his Gravity theory would lead, but he most certainly lied. Gravity demands a moving Earth; God says "Earth is Fixed" (Ps 93:1; 96:10; Job 26:7; Josh 10:3; Ecc 1:5; 1 Chr 16:30; Zech 12:1; Is 48:13) The intent is to kill God with Science as Paul warned in 1 Tim 6:20KJV; Science is the Language of the Chaldeans as Dan 1:4 plainly states.
         Melchisedek (King of Jerusalem and Priest of the Most High) may indeed be revealed on Passover during the 2016-17 Satanic Jubilee, if so, JESUS will return 1260 days later on the 120th Jubilee, 6000th year of Creation on His Birthday "Feast of Tabernacles". 

                   The symbol of people Confederate against God is the Six Pointed Star
    Ps 83 lists the Confederacy against Israel as a Nation; Edomites (including Amalekites at war with God from Generation to Generation Ex 17:1, Horites, Horus worshipping Canaanites aka Priests of On, Hivites and Hittites aka China who married Edomites Gen 10:14-18; Gen 36), Ishmaelites, Moabites, Hagarenes, Asshur (Assyria including Amorites aka Amurru=America), Philistines (Phoenicians ie Canaanites and Cretans or Caphtorim) and Midianites (Kenites). Quite a list isn't it?
     Federal means "Covenant between God and Man; Treaty, Alliance, Faith. Nation means Birth, Descendants, Relatives, Country, Homeland, Breed, Stock, Tribe".  Confederacy therefore means "Against or Opposing a Covenant with God and the people in covenant with God". Israel means "One who wrestles with God". 
    The Old Covenant ended with the Crucifixion of God; the New Covenant will end with removal of the Holy Ghost. This event will occur with acceptance of the Mark of the Beast (likely the Six Pointed Star of Molech aka Mark of Cain or Seal of Solomon)
   Amos 5:2; 26; 7:2-3; 5-6KJV state the Virgin of Israel has fallen and will never rise again; the reason is the Star of Molech or Flag of Israel. Satan is worshipped under the names Chiun (Cain), Remphan, Saturn (Chaldean), El (Phoenician/Canaanite), Molech or Milcom (Ammonite; US MILCOM Catchy name eh? Trade Show begins on Nov 1, 2016 "Day of the Dead"; fitting eh?), Endor (Witchcraft Hexagram), Chemosh (Moabite), Sikkuth (Babylonian). The Tekhelet Blue color was once used by the Levite Priests; today it is a Canaanite/Samaritan forgery. Examples of the Confederacy.
    The Binladen Group of Saudi Arabia in league with Israel, Egypt and Yemen are building 2 Bridges; one joining Africa with Yemen across the Red Sea and the other will join Arabia with Egypt across the Gulf of Aqaba.
     The real Mt Sinai (Gal 4:25) is in Arabia east of the Gulf of Aqaba just north of the Bridge.    
     The US and Saudi Arabia guard the real Mt Sinai; Egypt brings tourists to the fake Mt Sinai. 
     Saudi Arabia has authorized Israel overflight rights for an attack on Iran
     Turkey claims Mt Ararat; the real Ararat is east of Babylon, called "Chumolongmo" meaning Earth Mother or Mt Everest.
      Israeli Simon Elliot is the figurehead ISIS leader; the US, Turkey, Russia (Google Mol Comfort and Turkish Ship Nour M, both were loaded with Russian weapons headed for ISIS), Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates arm ISIS. 
      Bashar al Assad and his father Hafez were are armed by the US; the WMD's sent to Saddam Hussein in the 1980's were transferred to Syria in 2003 according to CIA, Sec Def Bob Gates.
     The ISIS Propaganda Arm SITE (Search for Int'l; Terrorist Entities) is run by Israeli Rita Katz (father tortured and executed as an Israeli spy in Iraq) and the US Army.  
     The US is not Federal or a Nation or in league with God and neither is Israel. Holy means "To Separate" Isn't it time to Separate from this Satanic Stage Show? 

      "Nothing in politics happens by chance. If it happened you can be it was planned" FDR
      Constitution means "Law, Edict, Regulation, Establishment"; any Bible literate person knows America does not figure into any scenario involving Armageddon or Gog and Magog meaning the US Constitution is over. The Earth Charter? Different story.
    Sarah Palin established "Prince Hall Mason Week" as Governor of AK, pretty coincidental as Barack Obama is the first Prince Hall Freemason President, the 44th President which matches Aleister Crowley's Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama started their campaigns at the Kentucky Derby; Hillary bet on 8 Belles, Barack on Big Brown, the eventual winner. 8 Belles means "End of a Watch or Mutiny on the High Seas), the horse broke both front legs at the finish line. Hillary ended her campaign in Kentucky amid a US Flag with all 50 Stars sewn on Upside Down (Upside Down 5pt Star is the Goat of Mendes or Baphomet. Barack Obama (no valid Birth Certificate or Social Security number) accepted the Democratic Nomination on a Denver stage made to replicate the Throne of Pergamon "Satan's Seat" in the Berlin Museum and later gave 2 "Yes We Can" (Thank You Satan) speeches under the Brandenburg Gate across the street from the Museum. On Election Night, Michelle (Michael Robinson) wore a "Black Widow" Dress. On Inauguration Day, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts allowed Obama to become Sworn In with 10 of 35 words correct; missing from the Constitutionally required Oath of Office was being sworn to defend the constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic. Hard to believe a foreign born, unsworn, Sodomite living with his cross dressing partner is in the White House? 
     2 Supreme Court decisions since the alleged (read Hoax) death of Antonin Scalia on 1st Amendment and Labor (Agency Shop requires laborers to fund Unions whether or not they have Union membership) Unions ended in 4-4 deadlock. The Constitution says "Supreme Court appointments must be made by the President with the advice and consent of the Senate" Nowhere does it say a vote must be held. Consent? Silence constitutes Consent.
       Federal Grand Jury Liar Bill Clinton nominated Merrick Garland to the Federal Bench; Garland was lead prosecutor of the AP Murrah Bldg explosion (BATFE installed the bombs, McVeigh was a patsy) and Unabomber Trials. CNN correspondent David Gregory's wife Beth Wilkinson, also a prosecutor in the McVeigh Trial is now attorney for Hillary Clinton's "E-Mail Gate". Small world isn't it? 
     If Merrick Garland is confirmed to the Supreme Court he would likely become the 5-4 deciding vote for a raft of pending Constitution cases involving "Natural Born Citizen" definition (important for Obama and Ted Cruz); ObamaCare (forced commerce with the Federal Government is not a Tax); Gay Marriage (Marriage: Lawful union of a man and woman living as husband and wife); Climate Change (UN Agreements based on junk science would effectively become Law; UN troops regulating exhalations and energy use); 2nd Amendment ("The right of citizens to bear arms shall not be infringed"; pretty hard to understand eh? the UN  Small Arms Treaty illegally usurps the Constitution); Affirmative Action ("Favoring a dis-advantaged group" How about favoring Edomites? or Satanists?) Illegal Immigration (100M new SS, Medicare, and potential new Presidents) and TPP (Foreign Corporate Rights usurping rights of Citizens and the Courts). Note: NDAA (National Def Authorization already allows for indefinite detention meaning the 1st Amendment and Habeaus Corpus is already history. The US Constitution is indeed hanging by a Thread.
            The Earth has a Constitution, 10 Commandments and an Ark.
      When Jesus is rejected and the Earth Charter is accepted Rev 13  "Earth Dwellers" and the start of the 1260 day, 42 month Great Tribulation, "Strong Delusion", Mark of the Beast will be here. Pope Francis, the Vicar of Jesus believes the Earth can only support 1 Billion; some 93% of "Useless Eaters" will die for Mother Earth. The Georgia Guide Stones are the Earth's 10 Commandments written in what else but Stone, call for a more radical population reduction to 500M. Ban Ki Moon, a KCIA, Unification Church disciple of Sun Myung Moon (stated Jesus failed His mission) stated "The UN must become the Parliament of Humanity"; he celebrated the US sidelining Senate Treaty ratification of the UN Climate Agreement, to be signed on Earth Day-Passover April 22, 2016 during the Satanic Jubilee. Treaties in the US must have 2/3 Senate Approval and be deemed Constitutional. 1st Step, deem the Treaty "Legally Non-binding" and therefore the Senate need not be involved. 2nd Step, Supreme Court rule on the Constitutionality of the Global Climate Change Agreement; enter Clinton appointee Merrick Garland.
     Jesus returns at the 120th Jubilee on His Birthday "Feast of Tabernacles", the 6000th anniversary of Creation; the Great Tribulation will begin 1260 days earlier. The Flood occurred at Creation + 1656 years, 33% into the 30th Jubilee; what a coincidence Jesus was Crucified at 33 eh? Abraham was born and Noah died at the 40th Jubilee; the Exodus at the 50th Jubilee; Solomon's Temple was completed at the 60th Jubilee; Cyrus' decree to rebuild Jerusalem at the 70th Jubilee (ending 70 years of captivity); Jesus' Crucifixion at the 80th Jubilee (Jesus, the 7th Covenant between God and Man was rejected; the New Covenant through JESUS as the Holy Ghost is the 8th Covenant) + 20 Jubilees=120th Jubilee and 2nd Coming. In 2017? Not on your eternal life. Shmita (Sabbath) Years occurred at the 1917 "Balfour Declaration" (British-Israel formation of Israel under the Star of Molech; Amos 5:2;26; 7-2-3;5-6KJV makes clear the Virgin of  Israel shall no more rise; modern Israel is the Satanic forgery. 1967 Israel took the Temple Mount and Golan Heights illegally. 2017 is the likely year the Temple  will begin to be rebuilt during "Troublous Times" based on historical precedence. There is no Temple during the Millennium; this Satanic Temple under the Flag of Molech will house the Throne of Pergamon "Satan's Seat"; Jesus will destroy it at the 2nd Coming.  
      "Generation" refers to re-generation by the Holy Ghost; this Generation ends when JESUS as the Holy Ghost is removed by personal acceptance of the Mark of the Beast aka Worship of Creation.  NexGen Climate drives public opinion on Climate Change;  "50 by 30" is NexGen's plan for 50% Clean Energy by 2030. Nikola Tesla transmitted 100% Clean, infinitely renewable EM (Electro-Magnetic) energy around the world 100 years ago as NexGen and the UN are well aware of; don't buy the Bull Shit. "50 by 30" is occult communication; 50 divided by 30 as the plan states, approximates the Ratio of Life "Phi" (1.618). The plan was hatched in 1968 by Maurice Strong and Luciferian Mason, Bohemian Grove, Communist Dictator Mikhail Gorbachev under the innocuous title "Sustainable Development", the same year Rosemary's Baby highlighted the birth of Satan aka "Green Man" and Luciferian Mason, Moses Liar, Charleton Heston starred in the original Planet of the Apes. 2016 is the Chinese (Hittite) Year of the Monkey after all! The 1992 Rio Earth Summit followed, the plans written in UN Agenda 21 In 1994 Gorbachev started Green Cross Int'l (Green Man is Dionysus/Bacchus/Satan) HQ in San Francisco near Bohemian Grove and the Earth Council HQ. The plan is now promoted as UN Agenda 2030; calling for drastic reductions in human activity and returning most of the Earth to Wilderness. NexGen CEO Matt Jones is a Bill Clinton (Knight of Malta, Bohemian Grove, Luciferian Mason, CFR, Bilderberger) appointee, World Wildlife Fund, CDC and Clinton Global Initiative adviser; NexGen Climate Spin Meister Michael Liebreich is also a Clinton Global Initiative, UN Advisor to Ban Ki Moon on Energy and Climate Change as well as Bloomberg New Energy (Bloomberg is also a Knight of Malta). So why is the CDC associated with Climate Change? "The Earth's carrying capacity is under 1 million" and the CDC and WHO will make that happen. 
     Zika does not cause Microcephaly; a US-Brazil (Brazil was once called Amurru; the US is now Amurru) malnutrition program caused that. "Zika infections are expected to reach 4 million in the US" NIH Anthony Fauci A Mosquito borne, asymptomatic, sexually re-transmitted  disease affecting the unborn is a population control WMD. Population reduction proponent, Vaccine promoter Bill Gates "The mosquito is by far the most dangerous animal on Earth"  funds Oxitec, the company releasing GM modified Zika carrying Aedes Aegypti Mosquitoes  pending virtually assured FDA approval in the Florida Keys. The resulting WHO Level 6 Pandemic requires Mandatory Vaccination or Quarantine; Vaccines will do the killing. 1000 MASH style mobile hospitals under command of Surgeon General Vivek Murthy (neither a Surgeon or a General; only a Hanuman Monkey God worshipper like Obama who appointed him) are at the ready with Bio-waste incineration capability. Now you know why the Rockefeller Foundation used Rhesus Monkeys to create Zika. Before accepting a Vaccine, watch Conquest of the Planet of the Apes this summer or War for Planet of the Apes in 2017. WHO can forget 12 Monkeys and the Killer Virus destroying most of humanity? The plan is a long time coming.
     Silver Shield Bullion put the plan on Bullion Coins. For the Chinese Year of the Sheep/Ram Silver Shield produced Silver Bullion stamped with 2015 "Year of the Sheep" with 2 Wolves eating a Lamb. For the Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey they produced 2016 "Year of the Monkey" with the Monkey breaking free of his chains. 2017 is the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster heralding the Dawn aka "Lucifer". 
     2016-17 is the Satanic Jubilee, reversing the roles of Slave and Master, the precise theme of the Planet of the Apes series. In this case the Monkey breaking free of his chains represents Canaan "a servant of servants" Gen 9:25, Japheth "dwelling in tents of Shem" (fake Jews) Gen 9:27 and Esau's Dominion Gen 27:39-41KJV, Dan 7:6.   
     "In the latter days when the Constitution hangs by a thread as thin as spider's silk (like the Black Widow Dress?), elders will step in to save it" Mormon White Horse Prophecy or rather Plan for America (Land of Amurru/Amorites; Mormo and Amurru are both names of Satan). The plan is to destroy America as a false Scapegoat for "Babylon" (Rev 18), end its energy consumption and the UN to assume control of it's Military. In front of the UN is a man turning a sword into a plowshare; inside is a Satanic Altar illuminated by a single shaft of Light and no this Light is not Jesus! "As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world"  One big happy, or rather 93% smaller family as long as you, like Ban Ki Moon, reject Jesus and accept the UN Planetary Initiative "No person shall enter the New Age unless he or she accepts a Luciferian Initiation". and 6 sites just like it provide the 18 digit (3 groups of 6) Luciferian Initiation aka Mark of the Beast.  
    Well folks, better decide fast! On Passover, Jesus was rejected. 2016 is the Satanic Jubilee with Passover and Earth Day on April 22; you can worship JESUS or the Earth (Creation/Creature; Romans 1) but not both. Is it any wonder this Satanic Declaration of Independence was crafted by the Club of Rome? "Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator; who is blessed for ever. Amen" Rom 1:25

                       Star Shot
    On April 12th Stephen Hawking and Yuri Milner (also David Rockefeller grandson Mark Zuckerberg nee Jacob Greenberg; NASA's 9 honorary PhD's and 100 Yr Starship Project Pres Mae Jemison, inspired by Starship Enterprise Lt Uhura; Cosmic Metaphysician Freeman Dyson; Jesus College and Darwin College Fellow Wow! Martin Rees) announced an ET (SETI=Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence) Interstellar mission to Alpha Centauri called "Star Shot". Occult communication wrapped in pure Bull Shit. Alpha is a title of Jesus (Alpha, Omega, I AM, I Am He (flesh form of I AM), Melchisedek, Shiloh "He whose it is") The Centaur Chiron was the teacher of Esoteric Wisdom: Aesclepius (Mercury, Toth-Hermes; Emerald Tablet of Toth), Achilles, Jason (DARPA is the Jason Society aka Golden Fleece), Perseus, Hercules and the Phoenix, the latter the wisdom Enoch (Phoenix=House of Enoch) or Enochian Magick applies to America "Phoenix of the New Age". 
       Why April 12? The Exodus happened on April 12 silly. NOT! Actually the real Exodus happened in 1492 BC not 1260 BC and Jesus was born 6 BC not 0 BC. Pharaoh Ramses was 200 years later than the Exodus despite what Cecil B DeMille and 33 degree Mason Charleton Heston might popularize. 
    The mythical Arabian Phoenix connects Egypt with Arabia by destroying itself every 500 years; on April 12 Egyptian Pres Abdel el-Sisi handed over Tiran and Sanafir Is to King Salman for a Binladen (Osama's brother) Const Bridge project connecting Sharm el Sheikh Egypt to Tabuk Saudi Arabia. Sharm el Sheikh administers Mt Sinai and St Catherine's Monastery, the fake Exodus location created by Emperor Constantine's mother Helena and recently promoted in Exodus: Gods and Kings; the real Mt Sinai is in Arabia (Gal 4) as King Salman knows quite well.  
      "He wouldn't have done it"-33 degree Mason, Shriner, Mafia Capo Harry Truman (Atomic Bomb, Israel, UN, CIA, NSA stooge) speaking of FDR, murdered April 12 in Warm Springs GA. FDR stood firmly against the 
  • Creation of Israel.
  • Use of the A-Bomb 
  • British Colonialism 
      FDR's Arsenic poisoning began at the Yalta Conference (Stalin's Russia handed 12 time zones and Nikola Tesla's Electro-Magnetic Weapon plans) his adviser Gen Edwin Watson died shortly after Yalta; FDR's body turned black within hours), 33 degree Luciferian Mason, bi-sexual Druid Winston Churchill and Jesuit, 33 degree Mason Joseph Stalin (May Day Parades in Moscow 1945 and Russia's rise from the fall of Nazism pre-planned in Albert Pike's Letter to Giuseppe Mazinni Aug 15 "Feast of Lucifer" 1871).
      The Union Jack (8 Cross Quarter Sabats) was adopted by Scottish and English ships on April 12, and later used by the British (B'Rith=Birthright or Cain, Japhyethy, Ishmael and Esau) aided Confederacy (Federal means Covenant of God; Con=Against) for the Confederate Flag. 
    Shots fired on Ft Sumter on April 12  by George Strother James signaled the start of the Civil War, claimed by Jesse James III to have been the Outlaw turned Senator and 33 degree Mason Jesse James who faked his death by Robert Ford living to 103. "Jesse James US Senator", another good book.
      April 12 is the 35th anniversary of the Space Shuttle flight (well below the Van Allen Belts) and 55th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's sub-orbital flight; Laika "The Barker", the Russian dog sent through the Van Allen Belts didn't do so well and stopped barking from radiation exposure; Explorer 1 then measured and proved the Van Allen Belts were impregnable. The solution? Masonic actors were needed for the space program like 33 degree Mason/Senator John Glen, Neil Armstrong, Buzz "Light Year" Aldrin and the Kleinknecht Liars, Mercury-Gemini-Apollo Program manager Ken and Scotch Rite Masonry Pontiff C. Fred.
      Alpha Centauri is 6000X further than Pluto; comical how New Horizons (Horus is god of the 2 Horizons) 9 yr flight to Pluto returned pictures identical with 33 degree Mason Walt Disney's 1930's cartoon drawings of Pluto eh? Who better than 33 degree Luciferian Masons who instigated the Amurru (American), Italian, Jacobite (Scottish), Jacobin (French) and Bolshevik Revolutions, Civil War, WWI, WWII and soon WWIII written in advance by Confederate-KKK-Freemason-Sodomite-Glutton Albert Pike?
Jesuit sock puppet Stephen Hawking (Crown of Horus) and Yuri Milner (Lily/Lotus) April 12  "Star Shot" is Bull or rather Centaur Horse Shit.  Tired of being lied to? 
     "Well know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the American public believes if false" CIA Dir Bill Casey
    Alberigo Vespucci changed his name to Amerrigo (later dropped the second r) after returning from Amurru, the land named after the Canaanite god Amar; Amorite god Amurru, the Serpent and Shepherd god of the Edomites after they married Canaanite women (Gen 36). The last Incan Serpent King Tupac Amaru Shakur (namesake of Tupac Shakur) was executed and his "Dragon Throne" destroyed in 1572 by Spanish (Sepharvaim 2 Kings 17:30) Conquistadores in 1572. Brazil was listed on maps drawn  in 1507 as Amorica, the same name Celtic Druids gave to the land furthest west. Natives in Nicaragua were called Amerrique, hence Amerrigo adopted this spelling.
    The Incans, originally from China (Cathay=Cath=Cathars=Heth=Hittites) settled Amurru as flood waters receded, isolating the Americas and the Cult of the Sun and Dragon. Chinese Emperors were considered "Descendants fo the Dragon"; hence the Red Dragon is the symbol of China. The Temple of Angkor Wat is designed to replicate Draco, the celestial dragon coiled around the Pole Star.
    The Gnostic Serpent veiled in a plume of Red and Blue (Superman may ring a Baal) feathers came to be called Quetzalcoatl (Mormons believe this to be Jesus) as did natives promptly murdered by Pizarro 500 years ago; Kulkulkan (KKK may ring a Baal; Knights of the Kyklos Klan or Circled Serpent), Gucumatz (Q'ug'umatz) are also names of the Red/Blue Serpent. Red and Blue are the limits of visible light; Lucifer means "Light Bearer", hence the Americas are the "Land of Lucifer".
     The Serpent can be seen descending the steps on Mar 21 and Sept 21 at the Temple of Quetzalcoatl at Chichen Itza. On Sept 15, 2016 the Vatican will hold 18th Annual Conference on "Capitalism and Economic Freedom", likely signaling an end to Capitalism as Karl Marx predicted in Das Kapital; the world strangling debt created by the United States of Amurru would end in the 2016-17 Jubilee Year. Still think America is a Christian Nation? Guess Again; the Americas and the United States are made of the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites Jebusites (Canaanites in Jerusalem who sold the Temple Mount to King David), and Hivites God instructed Israel to destroy (Deut 20:17); failing this the world has paid the price of endless war, the false Korahite Priesthood (Num 16) and worship of the Horite god Horus as Jesus, all lies created by the Amalekites at war with god from generation to generation (Ex 17:1).  Time is short folks! Time to wake up.

        Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences 
    Pontifical Academy of Social Science Conference in Rome. "The triumph of science is finally realizing the Earth's carrying capacity is under 1 Billion people" Pope Francis in Laudato Si (Be Praised) Praise of the Earth is also the theme of the Georgia (Geo=Earth) Guide Stones. The bible calls this worship of the Creature (Creation) rather than the Creator (Rom 1:25).
    Bernie Sanders (Bernard=Bear Guard after Templar founder St Bernard of Clairveaux; Sanders=Son of Alexander Defender, Bear, Bold; his Love Child Levi is named after the Priest Tribe of Levi) will speak at the Vatican receiving Jesuit marching orders April 15; the subject is Capitalism. The meeting marks the 25th anniversary of Pope John Paul II's May 1, 1991 encyclical "Centesimus Annus" on "Dignity, Social Justice, Environmental Sustainability"; UN Agenda 21 may ring a Baal; Beltane May 1 marks the Birth of Baal and Celtic New Year, the day Pope John Paul II published his Encyclical noteworthy because JPII began carrying the Pagan Twisted Crucifix the same year.
     Tax Day? Well, yes, America (Amurru: Land of the Amorites) is the financial burden of the world ($19T Debt, $70T unfunded liabilities, $1.5Q Derivatives); a Jubilee Year cancels Debts and reverses the roles of Debt Slave and Master. The Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences Conference in Rome on April 15th precedes the Sept 15th meeting on "Capitalism and Economic Freedom" (read US is set to be destroyed) April 15th Fordicidia is the Roman Holy Day a Pregnant Cow and her Calf are sacrificed to Tellus "Mother Earth"; Pope Francis' Encyclical "Laudato Si" (Be Praised) calls for murdering all but 1 Billion people from the Earth. Encyclicals are "Teaching Papers" from the Jesuit "Mother Church" of the Arch-basilica of St John Lateran. Basilicas hold "Teaching Seats", this Teaching Seat is that of the 3 spirits of the Dragon, Antichrist and False Prophet (Ref Rev 12:9;16:13; Lateran means "Hidden Frogs") Jesus warned a time would come when people kill and think they do service for God (Ref Jn 16:2); those days are here. 
      The Pregnant Cow and her Calf? Oh, that's April 19th; the Feast of Molech requires sacrifices of children in Fires.
      "Feel the Bern?" The Crypto Atheist Chabad Lubavitch ie Kabbalah Initiated Jew, Bernie Sanders is a Marxist; Karl Marx (Luciferian Mason, fake Jew, Jesuit) wrote Das Kapital; Marx and Friederich Nietzsche were the inspiration behind Ayn Rand “Atlas Shrugged” and Anton LaVey “Church of Satan”; Marx is  the man who "killed God and kept Him dead with Science". Sanders stated he is a great admirer of Jesuit Pope Francis, a man who believes the Big Bang and Evolution is compatible with Scripture just like murdering 97% of the Earth's population. 
    Encyclicals are "Teaching Papers"; the Jesuit Arch-basilica of St John Lateran is the "Mother Church of all Churches worldwide"; Basilicas house Teaching Seats. This Teaching Seat "Sedes Vacante" (Vacant Seat) is of the 3 unclean spirits of the Dragon, Antichrist and False Prophet (Ref Rev 12:9; 16:13; Lateran means "Hidden Frogs"). Not a Vacant Seat for long; soon a 3rd Temple will be built on the Temple Mount and the Throne of Pergamon "Satan's Seat " will be moved from Berlin to Jerusalem "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt" Ref Rev 11:8 where Sedes Vacante will be filled.
     May Day in the 2016 Jubilee Year marks the anniversary of Saint Pope John Paul II, the false Vicarious Christ who brought out the ancient Pagan "Twisted Crucifix" in public  Satanists use the Bent Cross or Twisted Crucifix  to celebrate God Nailed and Hanging on the Tree.

                         28 Pages
    Intelligence Comm Chair Sen Bob Graham on 60 Minutes with help from Jesuit hack Alex Jones (Bill Hicks) and FOX Spinmeister "Killing Jesus" Bill O'Reilly revealed an investigation by he and future CIA Chief Porter Goss about 28 pages redacted from the 9/11 Commission Report blaming Saudi Arabia and the Bush Administration for aiding the 9/11 hijackers; super except there weren't any Arab hijackers. The mythical DAESH stole and sold $200M worth of Palmyra artifacts on Turkey's black market; not a bad haul, perhaps second only to the mythical al-Qaeda looting the Baghdad Museum in 2003; movie "Monuments Men" may ring a Baal, SSDD.
     This investigation comes on the heels of a Mar 14, 2016 NYC Court verdict by Clinton appointed Judge George Daniels absolved Saudi Arabia of any wrongdoing  for 9/11. Judge Daniels blamed Iran for 9/11 and pronounced an $11B Judgment. Now that's a good one!
    No Arab names were on Flt #11, #175, #93, #77 manifests, all of which reference books written by Aleister Crowley (George, Jeb, Marv, Neil Bush maternal grandfather) who had help using Flt #77 to hit the 77ft tall Pentagon (Raytheon Uranium tipped Cruise Missile actually caused the damage and killed members of Abel Danger investigation into missing nuclear weapons) on the 77th Meridian which is also the name of GHW Bush Aircraft Carrier Group CVN 77. Flt #11 and #175 were remotely flown (Flight Termination Systems, Army War College lecturer, $2.3T Missing DOD Comptroller, Rabbi Dov Zakheim); FAA/NORAD Exercise Vigilant Guardian aircraft landed at Stewart AFB; Flt #93 landed in Cleveland not Shankesville as stated by UAL, Cleveland Mayor White and written in Cleveland Tower Logs.
    15 of 19 alleged (fictitious) hijackers are Saudi citizens alive and well; the others are citizens of the UAE and Egypt; the ISIS supporting land of the mysterious Osama bin Laden  aka CIA asset Tim Osman; enough to discount this as total BS. Chasing Osama through Afghanistan created a uranium laced Opium Field where the US military, aided by Russia and Turkey guard and transport 96% of the world's Heroin. Osama then allegedly teams up with 33 degree Mason Saddam Hussein whose sons Uday and Qusay somehow managed to abscond with $30B US just ahead of the ground invasion force, providing the excuse to destroy Iraq a second time on the Edomite Holy Day of  Purim. How many legislators who signed the 1006 page Patriot Act actually read it? Same number as Arab Hijackers. So, why take Saudi Arabia off the 9/11 table?
                   April 19-May 1: 13 days of sacrifices to Molech
   Obama will celebrate Passover-Earth-UN Climate Agreement Day-Deep Water Horizon Day bowing to King Salman like he did his brother King Abdullah in 2009 in Saudi Arabia, attending the Gulf Cooperation Council Summit on combating ISIS/DAESH. That's a good one, Saudi Arabia and the UAE supply arms to ISIS. John Kerry paved the way for the visit as he did waiting on 50,000 tons of Russian arms aboard the Russian ship Mol Comfort and Turkish ship Nour M in 2013; the sheepish look with ISIS and Saudi leaders in Jeddah when Mol Comfort split in half must have been priceless. 
     Saudi Arabia and the US are bombing Yemen into oblivion yet  Binladen Construction (Tarek is Osama's brother) is making a 30 mile Bridge from Djibouti to Yemen and another called the King Salman Causeway from Egypt (Sinai) to Arabia (Tabuk); in honor of King Salman's April 10 visit to Cairo, Egypt gave the islands of Tiran and Sanafir at the mouth of the Gulf of Aqaba (just south of the Exodus Route yet featured in the movie Exodus: Gods and Kings) rather odd isn't it? The Arabian Phoenix connects Egypt to Arabia.
     Obama is  then on to another toast to QEII at Buckingham Palace like he did in 2009, followed by a trip to Berlin for a visit with Angela Merkel under the Brandenburg Gate, Quadriga of Apollo and Satan's Seat (Throne of Pergamon) as he did twice before; another "Yes We Can" ("Thank You Satan" in Green Language aka Language of Yes) speech? or Mission Accomplished?

       Ayn Rand: President no matter who wins
    America is the eponymous name of the Amorites, their god Amurru and the land Amorica. Amurru like Mormo are 2 of 77 names of Satan listed in the Satanic Bible; at the 2016 Mormon General Conference Dieter Uchtdorf (Counsel to the Prophet) stated "We carry the substance of Divinity; It is our time to obtain our Birthright and walk the Liberating Path to our Divine Destiny"; in plain English, he means as Gods ourselves (Gen 3:22), Sell our Birthright to a relationship under JESUS, become Liberated from God and obtain "Dominion" (Sovereign Authority to Rule) promised to Esau in Gen 27:39-41KJV. 
     The first of many reproductions of Amorite Temples of Baal from Palmyra (Amurru) will be installed in NYC and London on the Feast Day of Molech April 19, 2016. The  ritual initiation centers of human sacrifice, usually children were and are today dedicated to the Amorite god Molech. On April 22, 2016 NYC will host the signing of the  UN Climate Change Agreement, leaders of 130 nations will submit their plans to reduce carbon by murdering roughly 97% of Earth's population. A bit dramatic? "The triumph of science is realizing the carrying capacity of Earth is under 1 Billion" Laudato Si (Be Praised) Jesuit mass murdering (Ref Argentina's "Dirty War") Pope Francis. The UN Planetary Initiative states "No person shall enter the New Age unless he or she accepts a Luciferian Initiation". The Rio Earth Summit detailed plans to reduce the world's population to around 1 Billion. The Georgia Guide Stones in Elberton GA state the world's population should be maintained under 500M. Barbara Marx Hubbard said "We are the riders of the Pale Horse Death; God creates, we decide who lives and who dies; we do this for the good of the Earth. Contracts with Satan were and will be made in Temples of Baal.
     The plan for WWIII (Google Albert Pike's plan for WWIII) calls for unleashing "Nihilists"; HL Mencken recommended Ayn Rand's first book "We the Living" for publication; of course he would, H L Mencken, Friederich Nietzsche and Ayn Rand were cited as the driving philosophy Anton LaVey used to form the Church of Satan 50 years ago; ready for the Jubilee? Born Again Christians are "Dead to the World"; Satanists "Live for the World". Mencken was an ardent admirer of Friederich Nietzsche whose primal quote is "God is Dead" ("God's not Dead" hits theaters on April Fool's Day) "Karl Marx will kill God and he will remain dead"; Cinco de Mayo? Oh that's Marx' birthday, and he too was a Russian fake Jew. "Thus spoke Zarathustra" is about the Zoroastrian conflict between Good/Light/Ahura Mazda and Evil/Dark/Ahriman; you can see this in the Good Friday released movie "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice". Getting the impression Time is Short?
    Alissa Zinovievna Rosenbaum changed her name to Ayn Rand; Russian Ayn means "God was Gracious or Shown Favor; Aino is Finnish for "Only One" + Rand=Brink, Precipice, Border, Edge. "Atlas Shrugged", "The Fountainhead", "Virtue of Selfishness"; like fellow Russian fake Jew, Atheist founder of the Theosophical (God Philosophy) Society Helena Blavatsky  "Secret Doctrine", "Essence of Theosophy", "Isis Unveiled" have a far reaching influence  in uniting people like Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Glen Beck (promotes Ayn Rand and claims Ted Cruz will fulfill Mormon End Times), FED Chair Alan Greenspan, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Mark Cuban, Ron and Rand Paul, Gene Roddenberry (Star Trek), Anton LaVey (Church of Satan),  Hillary Clinton, Pam Geller "Stop Islamization of America", Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia), Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin to name a few. Atlas carrying the world is out front of Rockefeller Center next to Prometheus (Fore Thinker), so what's the plan and why do these alleged Atheists have a philosophy of God? Ans: They are Satanists who think they are Gods.
     Ayn Rand became obsessed with a real life serial killer whose lack of compassion led him to kidnap, rape, hold for ransom, torture, dismember, collect the ransom and casually cast body parts of a 12 yr old girl out of his car in front of a grieving father. Why on Earth does her Satanic philosophy drive so many people? At the Temple of Baal, people willingly tossed children into fires at the foot of Molech in the form of a Bull before indulging in a ritual feast and orgy involving everything God lists as Sin in Lev 18:22, Rom 1, 1 Cor 6:9, Jude 7 etc.
    The movie Atlas Shrugged III will feature cameos by Jesuit trained Cryptos Ron Paul, Sean Hannity and Glen Beck; oh, didn't know about the 1st 2 installments?  Jesuit Alex Jones or rather fake dead, stand up comic Bill Hicks has called for 5000 Trumpeters (Knight of Malta/Chabad Lubavitch Donald Trump) to descend on the Republican Convention to prevent "The Donald's" nomination. A brokered convention? could lead to Paul Ryan V Hillary Clinton, both ardent supporters of Ayn Rand. 
    Ayn Rand's books are freely distributed and made mandatory reading in High Schools and Universities. Ayn Rand Inst (led by Israeli Yaron Brook "I would like to see America turn Fallujah into dust")  sponsors Work Ships, Internships, and Scholarships; it has spawned a hundred "Think Tanks" worldwide such as RAND, Cato, Heritage Foundation, Carnegie Inst, Tellus (Tellus=Mother Earth) Inst and Brookings Inst "Project for a New American Century", "Which path to Persia?" and "Deconstructing Syria".
      Ayn Rand's philosophy is Objectivism and Libertarianism; perhaps a bit obvious, but the Object is Liberty from God which is why the Statue of Liberty (Isis) faces East toward the Rising Sun with her back toward the nation.  "Libertarianism is rooted in Satanist dogma"-de Mandeville "Fable of the Bees". Bee is Chaldean for Word; Bees are Statists; their work and lives dedicated to a Centralized Government; the Queen Bee? Satan as described in Dan 11.
     Who is John Galt? Anyone and everyone not in a personal SPIRITUAL Covenant with JESUS. The Covenant? "Love God" "Love your Neighbor"; yup, even the radical Muslims you think had something do with 9/11, al-Qaeda and ISIS. By the way, they didn't. Opus Dei Initiate Paul Ryan and Melchisedek Priest Mitt Romney filed for the 2016 Presidential Election in Jan; a brokered convention will put these Ayn Rand fans in an election race with Ayn Rand fan Hillary Clinton, a far more cold, callous murderer than Ayn Rand's John Galt hero William Edward Hickman. 
    Hillary Clinton has no difficulty sleeping at night after handling the Mena Airport Ops ($50K landing fees for payoffs) during Iran-Contra, arming the Sinaloa Drug Cartels or arming ISIS at Benghazi.
     Mitt Romney has no compunction about providing WMD's to Iraq and Iran (brokered by Clear Channel and Mormon Triad Bldg owner Adnan Khashoggi) for a genocidal war; covering the Middle East in Depleted Uranium; laundering Afghanistan Heroin profits (ISIS is using CIA aircraft to transport Heroin now) or Columbian Cocaine profits or funding El Salvadoran Death Squads. 
                                  Dialectic: Thesis + Antithesis=Synthesis
    In WWII the Dialectic was set up by Germany-Japan-Italy V US-Russia-Britain; both sides guided by the philosophy or rather Theosophy of Madam Helena Blavatsly; WWIII will have a similar Dialectic built around the philosophy of Ayn Rand.
     Fellow Jesuit/ CFR traitor John Boehner is voting for Paul Ryan in a brokered convention; not coincidentally 2000 Satanists will be in Bohemian Grove calling the shots in July. Boehner says Ted Cruz is Lucifer while Mormon Glen Beck says Ted Cruz "Fulfillment of the Mormon End Times; saviour of the Constitution like Mormon Mike Lee; the set up here is Ted Cruz is not remotely eligible to run for US President. Paul Ryan requires aides to read Ayn Rand and has no trouble espousing an Austerity Policy reducing the standard of living to that of a dirt farmer.
     "Every Capitol Hill fight boils down to Individualism versus Collectivism"-Paul Ryan
     "A good thing about me is that I'm rich" Donald Trump
     "Family and friendship placed above productive work is immoral" "Living for others creates an emotional parasite"- Ayn Rand. 
     "Money is the root of all good..." Ayn Rand
     Anton LaVey, another Russian fake Jew whose real name is Howard Levey said "The Church of Satan is Ayn Rand's philosophy with ceremony and ritual added".
    Jesus is the Word made Flesh; JESUS is the Holy Ghost and sole source of the New Covenant mandate to "Love God" and "Love your neighbor" . You can have Liberty and Freedom or a Personal Covenant with God but not both. Jesus created the Earth as Alpha and will be here at the end as Omega; in the meantime the Egocentric, Selfish, Moral Relativist Ayn Rand will continue to have undue influence until Esau (Edomites), the person most representative of selling his relationship with God for a pittance obtains the Sovereign Authority to Rule the Earth "Dominion" (Ref Gen 27:39-41KJV) and hands over everything on Earth (Gold, Silver, Precious Stones; Dan 11:38) he has taken from others using the US Military (Sovereign Territory Washington DC and the Pentagon) and City of London Corp. For 3 1/2 years the entire Earth (Tellus) will become a giant "Killing Field". 
      Merrick Garland 
Federal Grand Jury Liar Bill Clinton nominated Merrick Garland to the Federal Bench; Garland was lead prosecutor of the AP Murrah Bldg explosion (BATFE installed the bombs, McVeigh was a patsy) and Unabomber Trials. CNN correspondent David Gregory's wife Beth Wilkinson, also a prosecutor in the McVeigh Trial is now attorney for Hillary Clinton's "E-Mail Gate". Small world isn't it?  

Merrick means Moor; Moors celebrated the slaughter of 50,000 Christians by dipping their Fez in their blood; Shriners proudly wear the same Satanic Hats today Garland means "Crown of Bacchus" aka Laurel Crown of Green Man. "In 700 years the Laurel will grow green again" Cathar Perfecti aka today's Order of Perfectibilists. Cathars were executed at Montsegur in 1244, their last Templar (Military Banker/Guardian) executed 1314 and the last of the Cathars tortured during the Inquisition 1317. 
     The 5th Lateran ended in 1517. Lateran means Hidden Frogs, the 3 unclean spirits of the Devil, Antichrist and False Prophet Rev Rev 12:9; 1:13. The Council declared the Gnostic Catharist Doctrine of the Indestructibly  ie Eternal Nature of the Soul to be the New Advent Catholic Dogma; St John Lateran Basilica is the Cathedra (Teaching Seat) for all Churches Worldwide according to the Jesuits and their Vicarious Christ. "In 10 Jubilees Prince Melchisedek will be revealed" Qumran Scroll 11Q13. 2016-17 also happens to be the Jubilee Year following the 6th Tetrad of Lunar Eclipses on Passover and Tabernacles when the Temple Mount and Golan Heights (Genie Energy just found a large oil deposit; how convenient eh?) were appropriated by the Edomite-Canaanite nation called Israel and the Church of Satan was founded. Esau (fake Jews) is currently Yoked by Jacob (God) but Freedom is right around the corner; with that comes the removal of the Red (Red=Edom) Kachina's mask before the uninitiated and the arrival of White Brother (Ref Prophecy Rock); Jesus? Not on your eternal life.
     Jesus said "Fear him who is able to destroy both soul and body in Hell"; the Cathar aka Church of Amor (Amorite ie Canaanite Church of Amurru "America") and Mormon Church has no fear of God in this regard. For Mormons in the land of Amurru killing everyone not in line with Mormon Doctrine not only provides Mormon Salvation through the "Blood Atonement" but allows the Sacrifice Victim remission of his own sins. How's that for a Satanic Plan?
         Talmudic fake Jew Merrick Garland was Federal Prosecutor of the BATFE bombing of the AP Murrah Bldg (McVeigh was the patsy) and the Unabomber trial; nominated to the Federal Bench by Federal Grand Jury Liar Bill Clinton; a reward for handling the trial of Scapegoat patsy Tim McVeigh.  Bill Clinton nominated Merrick Garland to the DC Appeals Court (remember, DC is not part of the Nation) 1 yr into his Impeachment proceedings; 4 days later a remote piloted Cessna smashed into the White House on 9/11/1995 1 yr to the day after Impeachment papers were handed to pedophile (Ref Jeff Epstein's Lolita Express), serial adulterer Bill Clinton on 9/11/1994. If you get to NYC, check out the St John the Divine Cathedral entrance arch depicting Bill being pulled from the Capitol rotunda by Satan; it was carved 10 years before he was impeached. 
    Antonin Scalia voted for 2nd Amendment gun rights; Merrick Garland would become the 5-4 vote against rights for US citizens to keep arms. The Supreme Court has no authority to change the Constitution, only Congress can do that. "The right to bear arms shall not be infringed" must be pretty tough to understand eh?
    Mormon Senator for life Orrin Hatch (Oversees the Senate Judicial Committee) loves Merrick as much as Obama Solicitor General, semi-closeted Lesbian, Obama apologist/Solicitor General Elena Kagan (Kagan is the title of Khazar ie fake Jewish nobility as is Rosenman; Sotomayor is a Lesbian, Belizian Grove Initiate and Sephardic is Sepharvaim fake Jew; Ref 2 Kings 17) who ultimately won the Supreme Court seat he was considered for. No random connection here as Mormons believe God is El (El is the Canaanite/Phoenician name of their god) and as gods themselves they are Elohim; Elohim City trained Tim McVeigh.
     Garland's wife Lynn Rosenman is Edomite (fake Jewish) Royalty; a highly paid shill for E-Systems, the builder of HAARP, the "High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project" in AK used for Weather Modification and Geo-Engineering with Chemtrails and SBX (X-Band Phased Array Radars) to create Drought, Floods, Environmental poisoning etc. E-Systems merged with Raytheon (Light of the Gods), the contractor who supplied the Bunker Busting Cruise Missile Dick Cheney ordered to hit the Pentagon on 9/11/2001 and Drones used in undeclared Wars; together with CIA front company L-3 Communications profiting from Full body Image Scanning and Back Scatter X-Ray equipment mandated at all Commercial Airports, Shipping Terminals and mobile units for domestic spying; Lynn Rosenman and her husband are quite the War Profiteers. Her grandfather Samuel Rosenman was a NY Supreme Court Judge and White House Counsel handling War Crimes allegations for Luciferian Masons Franklin "Pearl Harbor/New Deal/Tokyo Firebombing" Roosevelt and Harry "Atomic Bombs" Truman; no War Crimes here folks, time to move on. 
      BATFE and FBI were all on scene at the AP Murrah Bldg instantly; several bombs set in the building killed mostly children in America's Kids (Kid means Young Goat) Day Care; the Fertilizer Truck ANFO Bomb had very little  to do with the building demolition and destruction of records from the Waco Branch Davidian murders. Merrick Garland with 100% certainty is a bought and paid for shill. Why were Waco and AP Murrah events held on April 19? 
     Fordicidia begins April 15 "Tax Day"; a sacrifice of a Pregnant Cow and her Calf are offered to Tellus (Mother Earth). April 12-19 is Cerealia, a grain offering to Ceres (Demeter) and Horse Race which opened Circus Maxiumus. April 21 Parilia is the cleansing of Sheep and Shepherd honoring Pales (Palestine may ring a Baal) the Shepherd god. April 19 was selected as a Fordicidia (Pregnant Cow) Fire Sacrifice, set up from the Elohim City where Tim McVeigh was trained compound April 19 is also day the FBI raided "The Covenant, Sword and Arm of the Lord" group, led by Elohim City trained James Ellison. April 19 was also the day Freemasons fired the "Shots heard round the world" on Lexington and Concord to begin the American Revolution. April 19, Hitler's Birthday was the day Hitler chose to set fire to real Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto; Bill (really Hillary; fake Jew grandmother Della Rosenburg) Clinton, Janet Reno and Balkan butcher Gen Wes Clark (Samaritan Cohen) chose to set fire to the Branch Davidian compound in WACO, whose trial was overseen by Merrick Garland. Branch Davidian Prophet/Rapist David Koresh (Vernon Howell) is a combination name of King David and Persian King Cyrus the Great after becoming the "Final Prophet". April 19 was also the day NORTHCOM and the FBI allowed Columbine HS to be shot up for 3 hrs by Dylan Kleibold (fake Jewish mother) and Eric Harris and the day CIA patsy Dzhokar Tsarnaev was caught hiding in Boston after Craft Int'l (American Sniper Chris Kyle's company) tested micro-nukes at the Boston Marathon. 
     Should Garland be appointed the US Supreme Court would have 5 fake Jews and 4 Jesuits. Vetting and Swearing-In  the next US President to replace the illegal, foreign born Sodomite Barack Obama aka Bari Malik Shabazz Jr; would it be the equally illegitimate Canadian, Illegal Alien Ted Cruz? Benghazi, Sinaloa Drug Cartel Mass murderer Hillarious Clinton? or the equally illegitimate candidate Iran-Contra Drugs for Weapons money laundry Mitt Romney (G Grandfather bail jumped to Mexico, GFather entered the US illegally with his Nazi arming father George in tow)  the Mormon "White Horse" at a time when the Supreme Court is set to rule on TPP, TTIP, Gun Control, Abortion, Gay Marriage, Illegal Immigration Amnesty, Gun Rights, Climate Change, Chemtrail Geo-engineering and Church and State Separation.

                   Democracy Spring
April 2 "Democracy Spring". George Soros (Grigori Schwartz) begins the sequel to his Arab Spring "Color Revolutions" with mass protests in Philadelphia ("Ghengis Khan: Bring the legend back to life" exhibit is at the Franklin Museum) and Washington DC to save the US Democracy  (The US has never been a Democracy; it was a Constitutional Republic). As Luciferian Freemason, Rosicrucian Ben Franklin stated "Democracy is 2 Wolves and a Lamb making dinner plans". Arab Spring began in Tiananmen Sq, Mormon US Amb to China Jon Huntsman was in attendance. The Nauvoo Endowment required Mormons to swear until the 4th generation to avenge the blood of the prophets Joseph and Hyrum Smith on America until the last drop of gentile blood is spilled; Jon Huntsman and Mitt Romney are the 4th generation (Parley Pratt-Miles Park Romney-Gaskell Romney-George Romney-Mitt Romney) The prophets, both of whom were Masons were killed by Masons in Carthage, the town named after the North African Phoenician outpost Carthage. After the Punic Wars North Africa was Scorching, Salted and Roman soldiers Pissed the Ashes; the result in America "Phoenix of the New Age" will be the same.
    Here is the exact wording of the Oath "You and each of you do covenant and promise that you will pray and never cease to pray to Almighty God to avenge the blood of the prophets upon this nation, and that you will teach the same to your children and to your children's children unto the third and fourth generation."[ Miles Park Romney as born in Dalton-in-Furness (Cumbria/Wales; wife Ann is Welsh) identified in the Doomsday Book (Land Survey) of conquered lands by Bastard  King William the Conqueror. Doom=Law or Judgment referring to the Latter Days Day of Judgment. If you love Ghengis Khan, Attila the Hun, Normans, Vikings (6-Kings) and Pirates, you will love Mormon Vengeance. Mitt in particular managed the Iran-Contra Drugs for Weapons pipeline and El Salvadoran "Death Squads". Ill Gov Liburn Boggs loved the Mormons so much he signed "Extermination Order 44" into law; Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix is Aleister Crowley's book detailing the demise of America as Phoenix in the New Aeon of Horus; Obama is President #44 and likely the last; you can see Obama playing the role of Horus in "I Pet Goat II" by Heliofant Check out Osama bin Laden in the CIA patch; it's a real hoot.

    Academi aka Black Water or Xe Services takes its name from Plato's Academi near Athens located at the Grove of Akademos;, the mythical Sacred Grove of Athena. The US Mercenary Army trained in North Carolina has signed a $539M deal brokered by the United Arab Emirates to conduct war in Yemen, in Operation "Decisive Storm". Saudi Arabia whose military brass are trained in Moscow will pay $300K to every family of Academi killed in action. The UAE also hosts the world's largest Arms Bazaar and provides Spy Facilities in Tripoli Libya for ISIS, also trained, funded and armed by the US. Why the UAE? Ismailis were prophesied in Gen 16:12 to be as wild donkeys, their hand against everyone; largely courtesy of  their Edomite friends in the US Military.  Saudi Arabia has a new income source to pay for this war, 2 of the largest refineries in the US, Norco and Covenant in the Gulf Coast. With a Trillion Bbls in Mississippi Canyon it makes sense.

                               False Flag
    Angels of Death Metal front man Jesse Hughes redacts his testimony of the Paris False Flag attack in court. You may recall Francois Hollande said "We were prepared; terror drills were in progress at the soccer stadium, restaurant and concert" The alleged attack happened as he was singing San Berdoo Sunburn just days before the San Bernardino false flag. Jesse Hughes is functioning just like the fake bin Laden Adam Gadahn/Pearlman or fake Crisis Actor CNN Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr, church pianist/witness to Albuquerque church stabbing; PA Amtrak train derailment; Boston Bombing, Foley fake beheading and Sandy Hoax. Angels of Death Metal front man Jesse Hughes redacts his testimony of the Paris false flag in court.
     Donald Trump "All mosques teach hatred of America"; this because Donald has attended every single mosque in America to verify his Bull Shit. Now he hires Tommy DiMassimo, ISIS propagandist/agitator for a fake attack in Ohio.
The Donald is a Chabad Lubavitch, Knight of Malta whose Int'l Banker forerunners worked and continue to work hand in glove with Muslim Assassins (aka Twelvers or Hagarenes). 
    "Permit me to control a nation's money supply and I care not who makes its laws" Mayer Amschel Bauer/Rothschild; Bauer=Farmer, the Cainite name change to the Edomite Red Shield and Red Six Pointed Star logo all part of Edomite "Dominion" prophesied in Gen 27:39-41 and wealthy Donald living off the "fatness of the earth" is part of  this Edomite Dominion. 100 years ago the Federal Reserve (US Money Supply Controllers) was born on  Jekyll Is (Sea Is) where Tim Cook (Locked Apple I-Phone found on San Bernardino shooters; Oops), Sodomite, Bush handler, Brown Shirt "Storm Trooper"  Karl "Rover" Rove, Larry Page (CIA-NSA Spy Op "Google"), Elon Musk, Jesuit-Opus Dei-SMOM-T Party hack Paul Ryan and a host of Congress are meeting to stop Int'l Banker Donald Trump; now that's irony.  
    CA, AK, HI, WA, OR preparing for N Korean Nuc Attack in response for US-China Aviation Fuel embargo and the ongoing military drills "Twin Dragon", "Resolve" and "Foal Eagle";  pretty scary since N Korea was only able to launch an ICBM 100 miles offshore. North Korea claims to have a Hydrogen Bomb bigger than anything Russia has made, capable of vaporizing Manhattan; bigger than "Tsar Bomba", a 60,000Lb, 50 Megatons; 26ft diameter, 7ft long behemoth? Total crock of Bull Shit. You may recall the US and Russia through proxy Dean Rusk created the "Kim Dynasty" and split N-S Korea along the DMZ; the UN's first War in Korea ended in Armistice with a sequel pre-planned. 

   "The world runs on symbols, not words not laws" Confucius. The symbols here should be obvious.
    In Gen 27:40KJV Isaac prophesies Esau will obtain Dominion (Sovereign Authority to rule) over the Earth.
     NUKEM Germany and its subsidiary NUKEM in Danbury CT were founded by the Edomite Rothschild (Red Shield=Edomites) mining Corp "Rio Tinto"; the Rio Tinto Stadium full of Red seats sits next to the NSA Spy Facility in Zion (Salt Lake City) and the Kennecott Copper Mine which not coincidentally uses the same symbol as the Bavarian Illuminati whose birth in the US is recorded on the $US as May 1 "Beltane" 1776. Oh this gets better. 
    Protected only by a tarp, NUKEM is shipping 200 tons of currently buried, highly enriched,  spent nuclear fuel from the storage facility near Aachen to where else but the birthplace of Freemasonry in the US at Charleston (Charlemagne's Town) South Carolina and from there to Utah and corporate partner Energy Solutions. Oh it's gets even better.
   Aachen is the Carolingian Emperor Charlemagne's "New Rome"; the 800 yr old Cathedral  is dominated by All Seeing Eye symbolism as found above the Pyramid (Pyre=Flames) on the $US and contains a lectern dominated by an Eagle surmounted by a Bat. Hitler's Eagle's Nest, Edomites exalting themselves as an Eagle and Eagles gathering around the carcase may ring a Baal; America is the Carcase; Ref Oba 1:4; Mat 24:28. Why a Bat? Well, sorry to say but America is the Bat, the blood sucking vampire of Gotham (Wall St) Persians are taught is Ahriman the god of darkness who fights the sons of light Ahura Mazda aka Super Man in the final battle of "Good versus Evil". The Cathedral is home to critical Edomite relics such as.

  • John the Baptist's Beheading Cloth, ordered by Edomite Herod for John pointing out his illegitimate marriage.
  • Jesus' Swaddling Clothes (He was born on Feast of Tabernacles and 1 1/2 years old by the time the Persian Magi arrived; these are Charlemagne's Christmas fakes and Crucifixion Loin Cloth Masons must be giddy with excitement over returning to the Garden sans Lamb skin Loin Cloth.
  • Charlemagne's Throne and Sarcophogus. Not just any Sarcophogus but the 1800 yr old Sarcophagus of Persephone (Proserpina) detailing the resurrection from the underworld. 
    Charlemagne believed in the Merovingian "Holy Grail" myth, a descendant of Jesus and Mary Magdalene uniting the world under the rule of the one true king. You may recall Persephone was played by Italian XXX porn star Monica Bellucci in the Matrix trilogy as the consort of "The Merovingian" in the night club "Hell" and also Mary Magdalene in Mel Gibson's blasphemous rendition of "Passion of the Christ"; that wasn't Jesus in that show folks; Merovee was a Sea Beast.
    Duke (Duke is a title given to Edomite leaders in the bible) Nukem may ring a Baal; created by the appropriately named Apogee (Climax; Highest point of development) and Lobotomy software companies based on the Dirty Harry character portrayed by Sodomite, 33Freemason Clint Eastwood. Harry means "Make War, Lay Waste, Ruin, Plunder"; 44 Magnum? Well let's just say 44 is the sacred number of Horus in the New Age and Obama is President #44, the number Aleister Crowley assigned to Horus. America is the Phoenix of the New Age about to be laid waste.
    The CFR logo is the Pale Horse Death and slogan Ubiquitous; think NSA here. The CFR stated goal is to end National Sovereignty. Everyone running for President is a CFR member. The HQ is the Harold Pratt Bldg, grandson of Mormon Apostle Parley Pratt, the 4th generation grandson of Mitt Romney, sworn to avenge the blood of the prophets Joseph and Hyrum Smith on America until the last drop of blood is spilled. Revenge for Illinois Gov Liburn Boggs issuing Extermination Order #44 on the Mormons is imminent. 
      The CFR are celebrants of the Mass of the Phoenix and most of the US Congress are initiates.   Folks, you need to get right with JESUS before Duke NUKEM brings the Sea Beast to life. 

                  Just Say No 
      "Just say no"- Nancy Reagan whose astrologer Jeanne Dixon made the schedule for Ronald Reagan, "October Surprise" (Iran Hostage release in exchange for CIA, Green Revolution instigator George Bush in the White House) and Iran-Contra Drugs for weapons President flooded the US with freebased crack cocaine. "Kill the Messenger" detailed the expose and murder of reporter Gary Webb. Ollie North ran the op; Mitt Romney contracted the El Salvadoran Elite "Death Squads", laundered the profits at 175%/yr and with partner Adnan Khashoggi brokered arms sales to Iran for the genocidal Iran-Iraq War; Bill Clinton and Don Tyson stuffed the chickens with cocaine in Mena AK and used Tyson Chicken to deliver the fowl  poison. Ron worshipped Molech at Bohemian Grove with "Cold War" pal Mikhail Gorbachev, giving him the Presidio in San Francisco for "Green Cross International" and the McMartin Preschool child abuse ring with Temple of Set founder and NSA General Michael Aquino. $2.3T in deficit spending on the fictitious "Star Wars" program was ploughed into "Operation Blue Beam" to present the Antichrist using the Ionosphere as a giant TV Screen; Operation Garden Plot gave Dick Cheney's Halliburton annual no-bid contracts to turn Military Bases into Civilian Inmate Detention Centers complete with UN rail cars with shackles, Guillotines and human waste incineration capability; Don Rumsfeld blanketed the US with the pig fattening, formaldehyde poison Aspartame and provided weapons to Saddam Hussein. One big happy Satanic family.     

Auroras form from energy cascading through the Ionosphere whether natural or man-made using Scalar Radars. Aurora is the Roman goddess of Dawn; Dawn or Phosphorus is Lucifer.
     Phoenix means Pa=House + Enoch. There are 2 Enochs, one, the descendant of Seth will be one of the 2 Witnesses with Elijah, the other a descendant of Cain dominates Mormon theology, having been taken to heaven with his whole city; Bull Shit or course.
    The Arabian Phoenix resurrects itself every 500 years through self immolation by fire, the mythical bird featured on US Gold coins  was perched in Heliopolis, Egypt on the Ben ben or Pyramidion, the Capstone on the Pyramid on the $US. The Phoenix symbolically connects Arabia with Egypt across the Red Sea.
    Joseph married Asenath, the daughter of Poitiphera, a Priest of On (Heliopolis) ie keeper of the Phoenix. The son of Joseph, Ephraim became a traitor with the Assyrians; most Mormons claim descent from Ephraim. The Plumbline divides Ephraim and Israel from Judah and Israel (Eze 37:16; Rev 11:1 Israel means "One who wrestles with God". In Amos 5:2;26 "The virgin of Israel has fallen..." because "ye have borne the tabernacle of Moloch and Chiun" 
    Ben Affleck is a CIA asset, sporting a new Phoenix tattoo on his back. Argo is named after the Argonauts; Jason and the Golden Fleece; Reagan’s entire presidency like the Iran-Contra affair was a Golden Fleece. Superman (Red and Blue)=Quetzalcoatl aka Ahura Mazda “God of Light”. Kal El? Tough to see the Phoenician “El” there eh? Ahriman=Batman, the Dark Knight; Adam West” West is the “Land of the Dead” in Egyptian lore. America's destruction will be the Phoenix of the New Age.
    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Lead captor of the Iran Hostages) stated 3 yrs in a row at the UN “America is Ahriman”. The movie making it’s debut on Nowruz “New Light” the Persian New Year by chance too? Not on your life.
     The symbol of the Phoenix in the Auroras is intentional, marking the start of the Great Tribulation (Rev 11) aka Dawn of the New Age. You will make a choice which god (JESUS or Lucifer) to follow or God will make it for you.
      Grammy means "Something Written"; short for Grammaphone (Written + Speak) itself a corrupted reversal of Phonogram. Spoken Word (Bible) symbolism is evident, but upside down and reversed as Satanism dictates. The themes of the 2016 Grammys? LGBTQ, Global Warming and Black V White; a fitting reversal of the Bible. Hermaphrodite Lady Gaga's tribute to David Bowie as "Lady Stardust" in the form of a Hologram, a tribute to Project Blue Beam, a holographic plan utilizing the Ionosphere to present Lucifer to the world, likely including a fake Rapture, fake Aliens and the Alternative Messiah aka Antichrist.
     Lady Gaga's stage show was a channeling of Ashtar, the Light Being and Ascended Master of Bowie's "Darkstar", the Black Sun of the Nazis. Gaga in holographic form emerged from  the Black Cube of Set Out of a lightning bolt covering her/his right eye emerged a spider (8 legs=8 covenants); her eye shedding tears (Weeping for Tammuz in Eze 8) which crawls to her/his forehead (Pineal Gland), changing from Lead into Gold (Alchemy), forming a Swastika (Su + Ashtar aka Broken Jew or Broken Sun Wheel); the Swastika then morphs into the Sun (God) and then the Moon (Reflection of the Sun God) before the incarnation of Gaga as the Rock Star. "Ye shall be as gods knowing good and evil" may ring a Baal.  

      Z Magazine aka Z Net, Z Communications or Z Media has documented the US-
Brazil Zika Project since 1993. Microcephaly is caused in Brazil by intentional malnutrition not Zika Virus. Z Magazine was originally called Zetas for the 6th Greek Letter, which was derived from the Phoenician/Canaanite "Zayin" seen in Aleister Crowley's Liber Oz: Book of the Goat and the Wizard of Oz.
     World War Z produced by Plan B Entertainment (Plan B means "Alternative Strategy"; Lucifer is the alternative; Brad and Angelina's production company is the "Angel from the Bottomless Pit") Zika is the end of the line before Emerald City; Emerald being the Green Stone in Lucifer's Crown and Green being the color of Green Man aka Dionysus, Bacchus or Satan.
      Operation Gunrunner aka Fast and Furious managed by Hillary Clinton funneled military arms to Los Zetas the alleged competitors of the Sinaloa Cartel in through Laredo TX; Los Zetas "The Z's" or Cartel of the North is based in Laredo; I-35W (NAFTA Superhighway) brings the Mexican criminal syndicate straight through the heart of the US and into Canada. Isn't Satanism fun?  
      44 yrs ago Clear Channel, owned by Bain Capital (Mitt Romney and Israeli Mossad asset Orit Gadeish) began buying up Radio (FM and AM) media (Media is derived from Medes aka Persian Magi) and Billboards; on Feb 29th Clear Channel and AT&T launched RADAR (Radio detecting and ranging) Billboards in 11 of the US largest markets to locate and track people using 100's of thousands of Billboards. The All Seeing Eye of Horus (44 is the sacred number of Horus; Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix is Aleister Crowley's book dedicated to Horus) is the capstone (Pyramidion) of the Pyramid (Pyre=Amid the Flames) for a reason.
    Clear Channel is now IHeart Media; in Babylonian "Heart" is "Baal".  America is the Phoenix, whose destruction will be the Scapegoat for Babylon out of whose Flames (Pyre) will give birth to New Atlantis in 2020; seeing clearly yet? You will.
                 State of the Union
            "We are ready for fight and destroy Russia" NATO Gen Phil Breedlove
    In 1620 Francis Bacon published New Atlantis; America was destined to be the Phoenix out of whose ashes the New World Order would rise; in exactly 400 years? The 5th Lateran Council (Pope Leo X was Black Nobility) 1517 was the last before the Catholic-Protestant Schism set to be healed on Oct 31, 2016-17.
      The Roman Catholic-Orthodox Schism was formally healed the day before the Scalia stage show on Lent. Lupercalia aka Valentine's Day is Day 44, Obama is President #44 predicted to be the last according to the 44 yr old prediction made by C Alan Martin. Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix is the sacred number of Horus, corresponding to the movie "God's of Egypt" about the battle of Horus versus Set released Feb 26.
    America is the Phoenix; Mass means "Sacrifice and consumption of a suitable host"; Scalia was fake Catholic; his son celebrated the Mass (fake or not) of his father just as Horus does for his father Osiris using the ashes of Lent; 40 days Weeping for Tammuz (Tam=Purify; Muz=Fire).
    The Order of St Hubertus? Hubertus means Sons of Heber the Kennite; Jael took a tent peg and used it as a Nail to pin the Temples of Sisera to the Earth; a nature worshipping Canaanite Cult offered their mock sacrifice on Lubercalia; Lupercus=Pan; Pantheism is Earth Worship. Barack (played by Barack Obama) the captain of Deborah's (Canaanite Dabar=Word=Bee; played by Hillary Clinton) Army and 5th Judge of Israel  
    All this exactly 500 years or 10 Jubilees when Prince Melchisedek is predicted to arrive according to 11Q13 Prince Melchesedek Scroll.
      America will become the Scapegoat for Rev 18 "Babylon", the 313th ! in Scripture, date 3//13/13 Pope Francis was elected the "Final Pope" according to St Malachy (Molechy), date of Islam's Battle of Badr and arrival of "al-Mahdi" when there are 313 sincere followers of Shia Islam.
    WX manipulation aka Geo-engineering is causing the CA drought and famine, it will lead to a devastating 2016 fire season.
     Indian Point Nuc Power Plant leaking radiation from cracked spent fuel pools, trillions of times more than Entergy has reported. Tritium reported did not include Cesium 137 and Strontium 90 both indicators of ongoing fission which cause cancer and heart disease. The Hudson River is being radiated  uncontrollably, 25 miles and upwind of NYC, an "Imminent Disaster"
    America receives a steady dose of Fukushima Radiation; the entire Pacific ecosystem is in grave danger of extinction. Fukushima Deep Water Horizon page on Daily Updates has all this information.
    LA has an uncontrollable Methane Leak; A 1.6M Lb ANFO bomb is ready at the "Crucible" in the Mercury (Mercury=Toth-Hermes "As Above, So Below) Nevada Test Site to shower the debris of 1000 Atomic and Nuclear Tests on Lake Mead, the water supply for LA, SD, and Phoenix.
Deep Water Horizon Well continues to spew Methane under 50,000++ PSI from a 22in orifice into the seabed. FEMA, NOAA and the US Navy have planning maps drawn up showing the Salt Dome collapsing over the New Madrid Fault leaving 30M people underwater.
St Louis has an uncontrollable underground fire next to a radioactive waste dump leading into the Missouri River.
      Los Alamos New Mexico radioactive waste canisters are rusted, leaking and in danger of Fission explosions.
      Hanford Super Fund Site in Washington has rusted, leaking, nuc reactor cores flowing into the Columbia River and again, the danger of fission explosions.
     San Onofre and Diablo Canyon nuc power stations are leaking
     Yellowstone Caldera is moving toward the surface; the resulting ash field predicted to cover 1/2 of the US.

       All this is intentional; Jesus will returns to destroy those who destroy the Earth. If He didn't shorten "Those Days" no Flesh would be Saved; Those Days are the last 3 1/2 years likely from Passover (2016 or 2017?) until the 2nd Coming on Feast of Tabernacles (2019 or 2020?)
    The UN states a Global Food Crisis is Imminent from mass Bee Deaths. The culprit? Microwave Radiation, Geo-engineering and Neonicitinoid Pesticides made by Bayer AG, one of the corporations paying off current FDA Chairman Dr Robert Califf, about to approve the release of Oxitec Trans-genic Mosquitoes in Florida
     The world is ruled by lying psychopaths (Dan 4:17 "Basest of men"), whose souls are sold out to Satan (Serpent), bent on destroying the Earth and most all the Flesh on it in order to re-make Creation in their own Image; precisely the line used in the recent X-Files series by the Smoking Man whose death is imminent.
      Cathar "Perfecti" are the Order of Perfectibillists spoken of by Jesuit Adam Weishaupt who brought the Gnostic-Chaldean-Canaanite Cult to America and Beltaine (May Day) 1776 on the $US under the All Seeing Eye of Horus, next to the Eagle, the symbol of Esau.
    Sheikh Imran Hossein predicts the arrival of "al-Mahdi" (Shias are taught Jesus will return with al-Mahdi). Walid Shoebat predicts the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn predicts the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ (This guy really gets around) Google anything associated with Earthquakes, Rapture, 2nd Coming, al-Mahdi, Magnetic Pole Shift and April 13, 2016 and get ready to sift through a barrage of Lies.
     Sheikh "Leader of a Muslim Order"; Rabbi "And call no man on earth Rabbi"-Jesus Christ in Mat 23:7-8. Walid Shoebat is a PLO, Muslim Brotherhood, Arab League Initiate. Why on Earth would any follower of Jesus Christ listen to any of these men? The US Dept of Nat Security has 5 Muslim Brotherhood, Arab League initiates on the payroll and a Hindu Surgeon General who has never been a surgeon, yet has 1000 MASH style tent hospitals and 1000 doctors to staff them oath sworn to serve him and the anticipated arrival of Krishna. Obama even carries an idol of the monkey gog Hanuman with him; this Monkey King precedes Krishna aka Antichrist aka al-Mahdi
     The final 1260 Days "Great Tribulation" will end with the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ; the only Holy Day required to be celebrated during the Millennium will be Feast of Tabernacles (Ref Zech 14:18) Jesus' real Birthday is Feast of Tabernacles (Ref Lk 1; Mat 2). Jesus is Alpha and Omega, thus a reasonable assumption is Creation happened on Feast of Tabernacles. "In the beginning, God created the Heaven and the Earth" Gen 1:1 "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God" Jn 1:1 "And the word was made flesh, and dwelt among us" Jn 1:14 When Creation is 6000 years old, Jesus will return; the Lord is not slack concerning this promise (Ref 2 Pet 3:8).
    The Great Tribulation is 3 1/2 years long, thus a reasonable assumption is Passover, the date God was Crucified would be the date the Holy Ghost (Jesus is the Holy Ghost Rev 1 Jn 5:7KJV)would be removed (Strong Delusion) and the Great Tribulation would begin. The catch is 1260 days is 3 1/2 years of 360 day years. The missing 17 days? I won't speculate, but April 13 to May 1 "May Day" would cover that period. Beltane is the Birth of Baal (Lord);; the Celtic (Chaldean) New Year. 2016 is a Satanic Jubilee (50th year after the 6th Tetrad and founding of the Church of Satan).
    Bottom line, would I trust an Imam, Sheikh or Messianic Rabbi with my Salvation? Absolutely not. "I am come in my Father's name and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive" Jn 5:43 
    The Messiah Jesus warned of may be about here; Why take chances with your Salvation? Head for Your Prayer Closet and use the Keys God gave you to open the door. 

      I'm not sure how to word this any differently; America (Amurru=Edomiite Serpent and Shepherd god; Amar=Canaanite god of the west or Setting Sun=Death; Ameru=Serpent) is at the point in the movie Titanic, split in 1/2, lights about to go out for the final time, all the riches insured and sinking to the bottom of the Atlantic (Atlantis).

     The only way out of this is a personal relationship with JESUS, the Alpha and Omega, I AM, Melchisedek (King of Jerusalem/Priest of the Most High) and Shiloh (He whose it is).
Jesus wasn't kidding when He said there would be False Christs, Wars, Famines, Earthquakes in diverse places and Pestilence (Disease carrying, Transgenic Mosquitoes with built in On-Off Switches are set to be released at any time).

     "We corrupt in order to rule" Jesuit-Freemason-Witch Giuseppe Mazzini who planned 3 World Wars on Feast Day of Lucifer Aug 15, 1871 Everyone who so chooses to avoid establishing a 1 on 1 personal covenant with JESUS through the Holy Ghost will hear "Depart from me, I never knew you". The Covenant (Contract) is simple "Love God" (1 Cor 13 "Charity") and "Love your Neighbor".
     Mat 24 describes the start of the Great Tribulation, Wars, Famine , Pestilence, Earthquakes, False Prophets, False Christs. The last 1260 days before the 2nd Coming  are nearly here; do not be fooled.

                                           Tithing Falcon Style
     So which is better? Having your tithes pay for Male Prostitutes and Cocaine for the Pastor? Or funding Wiccan Initiations in the Military? Hint: Tithes were only authorized for legitimate Levite Priests performing duties assigned by God in the camp of Israel.
      A recent FOI request by Judicial Watch USAF Academy (My Alma Mater '80) used Chapel tithes and offerings for 3 years to finance Witchcraft, Faery Magick, Voodoo, Druidism, Heathenism, goddess Spirituality, the Denver Wiccan Festival, Earth Centered Beltania Festival (May Pole Dancing) and a Witch's Ball. "So help me God"? Nah, that's optional in the Cadet Oath now. Dang, I thought bus transportation to Ted Haggard's New Life Mega-Church where Tithing was used for Male Prostitutes and Cocaine was bad. 
     "Gods of Egypt" depicts Horus versus Set. Horus is the Academy's Falcon headed god; Falcon Circle is now described as an Interfaith Worship Area for Paganism, Heathenism and Druidism. The Interfaith Chapel has 13 Spires for a reason; 13 is the number of Rebellion to God. Nice to know the pilot in the $400M F-22 believes in Siths (Star Wars cracks me up), Changelings (Demon babies replacing real babies; Clint Eastwood and Angelina Jolie's "Changeling" may ring a Baal, Oops I mean "May Pole"), Brownies (Think any of the girls selling cookies really know what a Brownie really is?) and Elementals eh?

    "We are ready to fight and defeat Russia" NATO Commanding General Phil Breedlove This coming right after NATO told Turkey they would not fight a war they start on Day 1 of  the Syrian Ceasefire. What? Reading the wrong cue cards?
     Turkish troops are streaming into Syria in violation of the ceasefire. The US is sending in Delta Force to Iraq and issued a warning of possible Mosul Dam collapse. 
    Korea: CNN Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr reporting a North Korean sub is missing (same Foal Eagle  exercises that sank the ASW ship Cheonan a few years ago. Here is Barbara as a "Crisis Actor": fake beheading victim James Foley's mother, Bashar al Assad's aid Bouthaina Sheeban, Nurse Joan Elfman aboard the PA train derailment, Boston Bombing witness and long time friend of Adam Lanza's mother Nancy; oh, she was also part of the Sacred Fools Press.
      "Woe unto them! for they have gone in the way of Cain, and ran greedily after the error of Balaam for reward, and perished in the gainsaying of Core" Jude 11 Korea is named after Core (Kore) and the Korahites of Num 16.     China and the US agreed on Feb 24 to ban Jet Fuel shipments to North Korea; a plan hatched at the UN Sec Council. N Korea boycotts UN Human Rights Council and puts Nucs on Stand-by for immediate launch (Mar 4). US sends SBX 1 (X-Band Radar) to Korea as part of THAAD missile defense. Remember, the US created the Kim Dynasty and split Korea at the 38th Parallel after WWII; the Korean War followed and ended in Armistice; this is the pre-planned sequel. 
    John Kerry (Samaritan Kohen) lobbied the US Senate for 30,000 ground troops to create a "Safe Zone" in Syria; Kerry arms, trains, finances and supplies ISIS with Toyota SUV's)  
     Why now? Foal Eagle and Key Resolve Military Exercises begin Mar 7-April 30 involving 300,000 troops staging a mock invasion of North Korea. The UN is led by KCIA Asset, Unification Church "Moonie" Initiate Ban Ki Moon. The Korean War created the Kim Dynasty (US Major Dean Rusk), split North and South Korea along the 38th parallel "DMZ"; the first UN War ended in Armistice. 
         US-Canada-Ukraine Military Exercises begin Feb 28 in Ukraine; MH-17 was shot down during Exercise Trident Juncture; likely by NATO.
       Venezuela economy in free fall, Maduro exporting 30 Tonnes of Gold to cover Credit Default Swaps. The US has no Gold, our fall will be much faster.  Venezuela maintains a vast Dual Citizenship with Bahai in Syria and Lebanon awaiting the arrival of Bab and Baha'u'llah aka Antichrist and False Prophet.
       Chinese Ships arriving in Syria to support Russia Feb 26. You may recall the UN chose Russia and China to monitor Assad's WMD's; those would be the ones the US and Russia supply to Assad. 
    Turkey:  Freemason wanna be Sultan Erdogan is demanding NATO solidarity versus Russia.
    Saudi Arabia is amassing 150,000 troops for a Syrian invasion.
    WWIII was planned and put in writing on the Feast Day of Lucifer Aug 15, 1871 to do what? Usher in the Doctrine of Lucifer; what else?   (Google Albert Pike 3 World Wars)  
         WWIII will feature an westward Exodus along the 38th Parallel beginning at Fukushima  (38th Parallel) with Radiation; thence the Korean 38th Parallel, across China to Karakoram, down the Highway designed for this purpose to Islamabad, across Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Jordan and into the Valley of Slaughter "Armageddon". Russia will lead a southward charge into Syria, a fake "Gog and Magog" invasion. 
       The US issued a warning through the Iraq Embassy for citizens in Iraq (not US citizens, everyone) to be ready to leave; Why? The ISIS (really US) controlled Mosul Dam is potentially ready to breach. So, does this mean the 6th Vial (Rev16:12) is here? Absolutely not, but it would potentially add immensely to the ISIS-US-Russia-Turkey-Saudi created Syrian Exodus.   
      The Confederacy listed in Ps 83 (Edom, Ishmael, Moab, Hagarenes, Philistines, Ammonites, Assyria, Midianites) is getting pretty obvious. Jesuit, SMOM, Chabad Initiated Scalia and the Order of St Hubertus even re-enacted the Midianite killing of Sisera V9. "Nothing happens in politics by chance, if it happened you can bet it was planned" FDR
        Syrian ceasefire begins Feb 27; Nusra Front and ISIS are not included; Order out of Chaos?       The Korean sequel may very well begin at any time, kicking off WWIII. Might want to sit this war out; it's going to happen. 
   "Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap" Is 17:1 


     FDA Commissioner Nominee Dr Robert Califf was confirmed by the US Senate on Feb 24; The Articles Zika (Home Page)  and X-Files (Movie Reviews) cover this in detail. Suffice to say Califf is a paid shill of most every Pharmaceutical Corp  including Merck, Eli Lilly, Sanofi-Aventis, Astra Zeneca, Bristol Meyers, Amgen, Johnson and Johnson, Portola, Proventys, GlaxoSmithKline, and Bayer AG; his personal Cash Cow Xarelto is currently in class action litigation, promoted by 330 Mason Arnold Palmer. If you thought the FDA allowing Pig Fattening Aspartame (Don Rumsfeld also gave us the Gulf Wars)  to be put in Coca Cola was a great idea, you'll love this knucklehead. The US House of Representatives will approve Califf to head the FDA in days and close behind will be Trans-genic Mosquitoes made in Rio coming to Florida. Why Rio? The United Nations 1992 Rio Earth Summit detailed plans to reduce world population by 93%. Pharmaceutical means "Preparer of Drugs; Poisoner".
     Since 2015, Moscamed and Oxitec have planned to release Transgenic Aedes Aegypti Mosquitoes; with Robert Califf in place FDA Approval is virtually assured. The Mosquitoes are to be delivered via Drone in Brazil and in Florida, tested in the "Florida Keys Project". These aggressive non-native GM Mosquitoes can be sterilized by Radiation with Cobalt 60 or released in a fertile condition; likewise, the absence of Tetracycline causes infertility while administering Tetracycline negates the Gene Modification. China is releasing Transgenic Asian Tiger and Aedes Aegypti Mosquitoes treated with Walbachia Bacteria beginning in March; Tertacycline kills Walbachia. Good deal? These disease carrying Mosquitoes effectively have an "On-Off" Switch. 
     So what happens if the World Elite decide the US can't pay it's debt? Send in Drones to release non-radiated Aedes Aegypti Mosquitoes or use Drones to spray Tetracycline?
     On Feb 24 the US House of Rep held an Emergency MTG with Jesuit NIH Director Anthony Fauci and Florida Surgeon General John Armstrong detailing a multi-agency response to the Zika Virus using Trans-genic Mosquitoes. If you missed the X-Files, you can see the population reduction plan in full view.   
     Disease carrying Aedes Aegypti and Asian Tiger Mosquitoes are altered with 3 kinds of  "On-Off" Switches: Tetracycline, Walbachia Bacteria and Radiation. The world's most deadly animal according to Bill Gates, altered with CRISPR and Gene Drive as a "Global WMD" according to Dir of Nat Intel James Clapper, released  at the discretion of the Global Elite, all bent on reducing the human population using anonymous Drones.
       Dr Robert Califf is paid by every major Pharmaceutical Corp on Earth; release of GM Mosquitoes is scheduled after full confirmation by the House of Rep.
      Stalin killed 100M, mere child's play compared with the 6+Billion Pope Francis and the rest of the Global Warning crowd plan to "Innovate to Zero" according to Bill Gates.

     March-June 2016 Unconventional Warfare Exercise 16 seeking "Crisis Actors"; the exercise is preparation for war against Civilians. "Don't fear Jade Helm 15 (Logo is crossed Arrows, a Sword and Wooden Shoe of the type given to Holocaust Camp inmates) Beware Jade Helm 16; The next Jade Helm could wipe Texas off the map" Texas Preacher/Radio Personality Rick Wiles Aug 2015, citing the reason being Texas' $2Billion Gold Bullion Depository. His information coming from self-proclaimed "Messenger from God"  Nathan Leal who states the rallying cry "Remember the Alamo" will return to signal the "Biblical End Times". There are no Biblical End Times for followers of JESUS.

     7 Church Warnings all given to Turkey
     Grand Orient Mason, Neo-Ottoman Sultan Recip Tayyip  Erdogan and PM Ahmed Davutoglu (ordered shoot down of Russian Jet and shooting of pilots in their parachutes) demanding "International ground operation" and  "US Solidarity against Kurds with no IF's And's or But's". Russia calls UN Security Council meeting. NATO warns Turkey not to invoke Art 5.
    Turkish Ship Nour M was seized with 50,000 Russian made Kalashnikov Rifles and ammunition destined for ISIS in Tartus in 2013. Russian ship Mol Comfort broke in half carrying 50,000 tons of weapons destined for John Kerry and ISIS in Jedda Saudi Arabia in 2013. The US State Dept supplies new Toyota SUV's to ISIS and guards their convoys with Apache Helicopters. The US has been arming ISIS and Kurds since 2014; Erdogan and his son control and ship ISIS Oil, stolen from "Kurdistan". Turkey distributes Afghanistan Heroin. JESUS gave all 7 Church warnings to Turkey for a reason.  

Vatican: "Divining Serpent"
           Chabad Lubavitch educated, Jesuit, Knight of Malta Donald Trump (Germanic-Ashkenazi "Drumpf") "Isis will attack the Vatican and Pope Francis will wish I had been elected President" St Malachy (Molechy) "Rome will burn and Pope #266, the 112th Pope from Celestine V, will lead the flock through Tribulation". Jesuit Pope Francis "I won't be Pope for long". Pope Francis accused Donald Trump of not being Christian for his desire to build a wall around the US, much like the wall around the Vatican. Aren't secret society feuds fun?
    IS/DAESH talking head Shaykh Abu Muhammad al Adnani ash Shami "Soldiers of the Islamic State, be ready for the final campaign of the Allah's will it will be your final one. We will conquer Rome, break your crosses and enslave your women by permission of Allah. IS will remain until its banner flies over Rome and the White House...Muslims and Romans at war until the appearance of Dajjal and al Masih...Muslims will advance on Constantinople and thereafter Rome to conquer the 2 cities and raise the flag of the Khalifah over them"  
    Scary stuff until one realizes IS is DAESH "Nation of Islam in Levant" and has nothing to do with being Muslim, but rather the "First Race" (Shabazz) of Cain, Japheth (Gomer-Ashkenaz), Canaan, Ishmael and Esau. Shabazz "Royal Falcon" and "First Race" is that of the Horites, Canaanite worshippers of Horus. "Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix" refers to the sacred number of Horus in the New Aeon; Obama is President #44, and the last according to C Alan Martin. 
     ISIS (ISIL, DAESH or IS) is headed by Israeli Simon Elliot.
     ISIS is propagandized by Israeli Rita Katz (Pearl; Kohannim + Tzaddiq "Righteous Priest") and the US Army "SITE" (Search for International Terrorist Entities) in Washington DC, Qatar and Ft Huachuca AZ. 
      ISIS is  funded, trained and armed by the US, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey and Russia.
    Catholics and Orthodox together fighting Islam? Right on cue,  Jesuit Pope Francis healed the schism between Orthodox and Roman Catholics in Cuba at the start of Lent (40 days weeping for Tammuz/Horus) and plans on healing the 500 yr old schism between Protestant and Roman Catholics on Halloween 2016.
    Folks, whether Jewish, Muslim, Catholic or Protestant, you may want to sit this one out; WWIII was planned to pit Zionism against Islam a long time ago. Nobody wins; everybody who participates in this loses.
     7th Day Adventist Ben Carson wants to unify religions around the Biblical Tithe. Obama wants Unity between Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Jesuit Pope Francis met Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill in Cuba on Feb 12, signing a joint declaration ending the 1000 year schism between Roman Catholic and Orthodox Religions.  Between the 2 snake oil salesmen the Skull & Bones aka Temple of Wisdom. On Samhein (aka Halloween or All Saints Eve) 2016, Pope Francis will heal the Roman Catholic-Protestant schism created on Oct 31,  1517 when Black Cloistered Monk Martin Luther posted 95 objections against the Pope and Catholic Church. Jesus is the Narrow Path to salvation, so Bee careful with this Chaldean scheme.
   Tithing comes from the Law. Trying to live under the "Law" is the fastest and surest way to Hell because there are no legitimate Levite Priests; the Tithe is an aspect of the Law impossible to fulfill. Modern Judaism holds the Talmud above the Bible; Jesus writhing in Hell in His own boiling excrement sound like something Jesus approves of?
   The 2016 National Prayer Breakfast on Feb 4 featured speeches by "The Bible" (chock full of errors; review is on Movie Reviews) New Age Spiritual Psychologist  "Lightworker Media" founder Roma Downey, Sodomite 320 Prince Hall Freemason "New Beginning for Islam" Barack Obama, Knight of Malta, Opus Dei Initiate Paul Ryan and Ben Carson. 330 Sovereign Worshipful Grand Master Freemason Billy Graham and 7th Day Adventist Ben Carson are the only 2 men to have spoken twice at the National Prayer Breakfast; Carson spoke for a 3rd time, declaring the fairest tax system is the "Tithe". Fairest in its proper context, "Mission Impossible" today. 
    The Zondervan (Rupert Murdoch is a Knight of Malta named after Merodach aka Marduk) author and 7th Day Adventist is proposing an impossible and illegal task with a 100% Guarantee of Condemnation in the New Covenant. Tithing was part of the Law given only to Israel and only to be collected by Legitimate Levites. Jesus did not and cannot collect "Tithe". James warned any infraction of the Law no matter how slight negates the atoning blood of Jesus and places ones Salvation under all aspects of the Law. (James 2:10) Carson is a dangerous "Wolf in Sheep's Clothes".
    Obama urged "Unity between Jewish, Muslim and Christians" "I am come in my father's name and ye reject me; if another shall come in his own name he ye will receive"; that Jewish Messiah Jesus refers to is known to Arabs as "al-Mahdi". Jesus is the Narrow Gate; the National Prayer Breakfast is the Wide Gate leading to destruction. 
                         Gravity Waves
    "Einstein is a beggar dressed in purple, made king using dazzling mathematics to obscure truth" Nikola Tesla. Don't you think it's rather coincidental X-Files and CERN both claim Gravity Waves warp Space-Time? 
     Gravity Waves or Perturbations in Space-Time is the Holy Grail of Luciferian Science aka "Vain and Profane Babblings" in opposition to the Word of God Ref 1 Ti 6:12KJV or simply Bull Shit.  Luciferian Mason, Bohemian Grove initiate, Charlie Rose (Rosicrucian Man-Husband) interviewed Science poster boy Brian Greene "Elegant Universe", and Walter Isaacson "Einstein: His life and Universe" about the recent proof of Gravity Waves postulated 101 years ago in General Relativity. The theory goes like this "In the beginning Dark Matter exploded and became visible. Gravity, attracted Matter forming Black Holes which collided, giving off Gravity Waves, the Voice of God" . Using Chandra (Chandra=Shining) X-Ray Telescope and VERITAS Astro-physicists can even see the Waves are "Foamy". The Word of God says Earth is Fixed and hung upon Nothing. Waves do not travel in Nothing, much less does God "Foam at the Mouth". Veritas means "Truth"; so where did this nonsense theory come from? Order of Rosicrucians Veritas aka Priory of Zion or simply Rosicrucians who created this Beast from the Sea. You may recall the Satanic Jubilee resurrection of X-Files featured Alien spacecraft using "Gravity Wave" generators; now you know why. 
    Why now? Valentine (Cupid/Eros/Nimrod) is the "God of Forces" (Dan 11:41); 2016 is the Satanic Jubilee Year, a reversal of Satan and God. The Big Bang is the Ejaculation of Atum (
Egyptian Creator), the "Dark Star" (Saturn) seed is "Atoms", given Mass by Gravity, the mysterious made up Force which Orders the Universe (One Word). You can follow these Cretans to Hell or get right with God, the real Word. Gravity Waves are pure 100% made up Bull Shit.   

The CDC plans a worldwide Flu Vaccine marketing campaign for 2016. Nice timing with the X-Files: My Struggle II series eh? "My Struggle" and Hitler's Jesuit ghost written "Mein Kampf" may ring a Baal; The Vaccine will kill you.
        Feb 8 Google celebrated the Chinese (China=Sina=Wilderness of Sin=Cath=Cathars=Heth=Hittites) Lunar New Year with a Red Fire Monkey Google Doodle. The Fire Monkey is the 9th sign in the 12 yr Calendar. 2017 is the Fire Rooster; the Rooster is the Cuthite god of war "Nergal" aka Ares, or Mars the UNKNOWN GOD of the Areopagus "Mar's Hill" Acts 17:22-3. The Rooster heralds the Dawn and symbolizes betrayal of Jesus. 2018 begins the year of the Earth Dog and 2019 the Earth Pig. 
     On Feb 8 the CDC declared the Zika Virus a CDC Red Level One Health Emergency. Zika is a Hoax identical to the Ebola scare in 2014. Zika was synthesized in Monkeys.
       "For thee O, Imogen, even for whom my life is every breath, a death..." Shakespeare aka Francis Bacon
     On Feb 8 winter storm "Imogen" hit Britain. Imogen means "Last Born" derived from "Omega Gene". Oxitec (Oxford Tech) GM Aedes Aegypti Mosquitoes are altered with the "Death Gene" RIDL (Release of Insects carrying a Dominant Lethal)
Oxford Rhodes Scholar James Woolsey (Clinton CIA Chief) essentially owns Oxitec through the US-CDC company "Intrexon" with Pfizer CEO Jeff Kindler and Kimbal "E Coli" (nickname acquired from Chipotle franchise allegedly riddled with E he controls) Musk (Elon Musk Space X brother). Isn't British-Israelism fun? Not! 
    World Health Org Director Margaret Chan is an officer in the British Empire, a sworn order managed by Prince "Killer Virus" Phillip who wants to re-incarnate as Killer Virus to reduce Earth's population. The UN is over the WHO; the UN Planetary Initiative requires Luciferian Initiation in the New Age; the UN is headed by Unification Church "Moonie" disciple and KCIA asset Ban Ki Moon. A WHO Level 6 Pandemic declaration requires Vaccination or Quarantine.
    330 Freemason Charleton Heston in "Omega Man" should ring a Baal. Omega Man was based on the novel/movie "Last Man on Earth" and "I Am Legend". Earth's population is decimated by Bio-Warfare until a Vaccine is created. Same theme in "Children of Men" and "Last Woman on Earth". Pretty prophetic eh? Jesus warned unless "Those Days" were shortened, no flesh would be saved. "Those Days" are here.
     Oxitec investors are the Sanger Inst (Margaret Sanger Eugenics should ring a Baal), Gates Foundation owned by Vaccine Population reduction advocate Bill Gates and Wellcome Trust. Wellcome CEO Bill Castell was also CEO of GE ie Rockefeller Health; Rockefeller Inst Virus Research Center in Uganda created Zika Virus and BP Petroleum aka Anglo-Iranian Oil who brought the Deep Water Horizon pre-planned, still ongoing disaster to the Gulf of Mexico. 
      Vaccine delivered Simian Flu wiped out the human race in Planet of the Apes, one of the proposed names of Planet 9 due to affect earth by Mar 26 is "Planet of the Apes". The other proposed names for Planet 9 are Jehoshaphat (Jumping Jehoshaphat refers to Jesus jumping the Covenant from Old Covenant to Himself) and George (Geo=Earth).
     The Georgia Guide Stones on Hwy 77 in Elberton, Georgia call for reducing Earth's population to 500M, a 93% reduction. Pretty coincidental CVN #77 is the GHW Bush Aircraft Carrier; American #77 allegedly hit the 77ft tall Pentagon on the 77th Meridian on the Pentagon's 9/11 anniversary while his namesake son was President eh? 
     "Get that little monkey out of my lab"-Nikola Tesla. GHW Bush aka "Curious George" is that Monkey made into a cartoon. Funny, except all this Monkey Business is deadly serious.
      Obama carries an idol of the Monkey King Hanuman and celebrates the festival associated with Hanuman “Diwali”. His Interfaith adviser Eboo Patel is not only Hindu but Ismaili and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and Nation of Islam. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy has never been a surgeon or a practicing doctor, yet 1000 doctors are Oath Sworn to obey his orders in 1000 MASH style tent hospitals with bio-waste disposal capability.
     Seems the Chinese Lunar Calendar has the final 3 1/2 year Great Tribulation mapped out pretty well. 9 is the number of Judgment and according to UN Planetary Initiative "Nobody shall enter the New Age unless he or she accepts a Luciferian Initiation". Don't like the idea? Get a Simian Flu Vaccine and hope for the best.

                     Plan 9
   2016 is a Jubilee Year, 50 years after the 6th Tetrad of Lunar Eclipses; the 7th Tetrad added 2 Solar Eclipses to the 4 consecutive Lunar Eclipses as a WARNING. The Great Tribulation is the final 3 1/2 years before Jesus returns on the Earth's 6000th Birthday (Ref 2 Pet 3:8) He is not slack concerning this promise. Jesus is Alpha and Omega; the Word was written when Earth was created on Feast of Tabernacles, Jesus' actual birthday and the only Feast everyone on earth will be required to observe during the Millennium. Zech 8:3 describes His return; Zech 12 describes the gathering of Gog and Magog around Jesus, King David and Jerusalem and Zech 14:18 proscribes the death penalty for everyone who cares not to celebrate Feat of Tabernacles. Every single Edomite will be slaughtered at Armageddon (Ref Obadiah) because Edomites reject and require every Secret Society initiate to reject the Holy Ghost, the Unforgivable Sin. Every Canaanite meaning Sinful, Stranger, Unclean Person not keeping the Contract with Jesus to celebrate Feast of Tabernacles will be slaughtered 1000 years later.
   There is only one way to be forgiven of Sin in the New Covenant (Contract) and that is through JESUS, the Holy Ghost. After Passover 2016 3 1/2 years of Hell on Earth may very well begin; I wouldn't put this off. sets the release of the Pale Horse Death at the Date 12/21/2012 "Day of Divine Redemption". This and 6 other sister sites are a legally binding contract for rejection of JESUS. 12/21/2012 was the Mayan Calendar date, the beginning of the 6th Age (of Saturn presumably); the Calendar is a Venus based Time, Venus is the Morning Star Lucifer called Uzza "Mighty One" by pagan Arabs, a daughter of Allah "The God" with Al-Lat "The Goddess" and Manat "Goddess of Fate or Time".
       In the movie "Plan 9 from Outer Space", Aliens led by Eros (Aka Cupid or St Valentine or Nimrod) is saluted using the X sign; Planet X is "Planet of the Crossing" envisioned (told to) Constantine by his Druid advisers/mother. Not a planet but rather the X in the sky formed by the Ecliptic and Zodiac
Notice the shape of the Ecliptic and Zodiac with respect to the Earth's Axis
forms a Pole (Stauros is used in Scripture for the Crucifixion Tree meaning Pole) with an X affixed to it; specifically an X that looks as 4 Wings of a Fowl described in Dan 7:6. Leopard skins were worn by Priests of Babylon. Pazuzu a hybrid animal-serpent-human (head of a dog or lion, eagle talons, serpent phallus, scorpion tail with 4 wings) type figure is the Babylonian god of storms, drought and famine; the 4 wings form the same X. Pazuzu was the demon from the Exorcist movies. Notice the X shape used in Mothman Prophecy about an Alien; UN Space Alien Ambassador M.Othman may ring a Baal.
     Syndicate means "Group of people working together "Caretaker or Administrator of a Trade Union"  ie "Organized Crime" (MAFIA "Mazinni Autorizes Theft Fire and Poison is seen in the Crowley axiom "Do what thou wilt shall be the sum of the Law") or "Conspiracy". 
      The Conspiracy? There are no Orbits or Aliens; Planet 9 is about the Worldwide Trade Union seen in One World Trade Center (TPP; TTIP; TISA), the end of National Sovereignty and rule of One in Dan 7:7; 77 being Aleister Crowley's "Magical Manifestation of Spirit in Matter". We saw this manifestation in the smoke of WTC 2 with "Ahriman" appearing at impact of UA175 Crowley's Liber 175 "Book of Uniting". Remember Mahmoud Ahmidinejad stated 3 years at the UN America is Ahriman the god of darkness and his role is to usher in al-Mahdi. More than a few people around the world see the US as a Malevolent force of Darkness (Ahriman-Batman)
       Zoroastrians have long planned WWIII Ahura Mazda "God of Light" against Ahriman "Darkness" On Mar 25, (coincident with Easter and Planet X?) Superman:Dawn of Justice  (Red and Blue=Visible Light) versus Batman "Dark Knight" 9 is the Number of Judgment hence Planet 9 or Plan 9. Superman is KA-EL; KA is the Immortal Spirit of a person; EL is Saturn/Satan.
     The United Nations Planetary Initiative "No person shall enter the New Age unless he or she accepts a Luciferian Initiation". M.Othman the Malaysian (High Place) UN Space Alien Ambassador making sense now? Lucifer the "Light Bearer" is Superman KA-EL the God of Light seen in the Saturn shaped UFO Spaceships in X-Files and Plan 9
     Quite the Conspiracy isn't it? Maybe Pope Francis will wear his Saturn Hat to the premiere. He like Obama are planned to be the last Pope and President.
     WX Derivatives are insurance bets on WX related events; control the WX and leveraged Derivatives become a Rigged Casino; just ask Jeb Bush whose WX Derivatives fortune came from the "Big 4 in '04".
    Geo-engineered Jonas kicked off  annual inauguration of Aquarius not coincidentally on the anniversary of Supreme Court legalized Abortion. Jonas prevented a meeting of Atomic Scientists from adjusting the "Doomsday Clock"; it remains at 3 minutes to midnight. A visual depiction of the Clock is on the Virgin Record Bldg just south of Union Sq Park in NYC where the US Flag is supported by the Fasces. How do you get there? Start at Columbus Cir and take 7 Left Hand Forks to stay on Broadway; better yet get off this crazy train to Hell and get right with JESUS the "Narrow Path"
     1 week after Jonas came Layla "Night" in Arabic, both geo-engineered storms predicted 1 week ahead of time on the WX Channel, the main source for Weather Information to TV, Internet, Radio.
     WX Channel is owned by NBC Universal (Rockefeller), Bain Capital (Owns most every talking head on TV, Radio and Billboard advertisment) and Blackstone Group, the Rothschild controlled Investment Group owning Imbedded RFID Chipsets controlling everything from Jet Aircraft (ex MH-370 and likely MH 17), Trains, Autos, Nuc Power Coolant Systems, Power Systems, ATM's etc etc.
    Jonas is Jonah "Dove", the symbol of the Holy Ghost is also used as the OTO (Ordo Templii Orientis) Logo planning revenge in the Age of Aquarius. Jesus told the Apostles the last Passover and Crucifixion would be signaled by a man carrying a water pitcher (Mk 14:13; Lk 22:10); in occult circles the Water Pourer is Ganymede the Cretan youth seduced by Zeus and carried off to Olympus.
      Jonah was to Nineveh to warn of God's impending Judgment on Assyria. In new bible versions Nimrod (aka Cupid or St Valentine) is credited with building Nineveh; in the KJV Asshur is correctly identified with Assyria and Nineveh; important because Obama is being set up in the Scapegoat role of Nimrod. Jonas was HAARP steered and NexRad precision guided This video shows the NexRad (X-Band Doppler Radar) pulses, this video shows the HAARP (High Freq Active Auroral Research; Ionospheric Microwave Heater)  Zika Virus may a form of Legalized Abortion


           Detroit "Straits" Flint "Adamant"
    Flint Water Treatment Plant Foreman Matt McFarland found dead in his home April 16, 3 days before indictments of co-workers were to be handed out. Sasha Bell, 1st of several legal suits found shot to death in her home April 25, 2016
     Michigan controls water from 4 Great Lakes; Michigan, Superior, Huron and Erie. How much is Great Lakes fresh water worth? Ask the UN.   Flint water comes from Lake Huron, the 3rd largest fresh water lake on earth; the Great Lakes represent 25% of the world's Fresh Water which is why Dutch Corp Nestle bottles it and sells it. Gov Rick Snyder's Chief of Staff is connected to Nestle which is why he provided at taxpayer expense Nestle bottled water to the Legislature and poisoned water for the poor.
    A Satanic Temple Mass was held on the Capitol Steps in Detroit on Dec 19, 2015. Baphomet enthroned was installed near a statue of Jesus Crucified on a Park Bench, the idol consecrated by Jesuits and blessed at the Vatican by Jesuit Pope Francis. Detroit Area Code 313 matches the number of !, the last corresponding to the 2nd Woe (Rev 18:18) in the KJV; Pope Francis was elected on 3/13/13 which also happened to be 2 Nisan "Red Heifer" Day. In 313AD Constantine the Great, the first Vicarius Christ, completed Basilica Nova (New Teaching Seat); Christians were taught to fight with the Cross symbol as their standard. 
    Rick Snyder decided Lake Huron Water should be cut-off and Flint residents supplied Lead tainted water (the required additive to prevent lead leaching was not used). Snyder knew for a year Flint residents were being Lead Poisoned; enormous Class Action Suits are forthcoming. In addition to intentional Lead contamination in Flint, E.Coli and Legionnaires Pneumonia is the latest concern, a Beta test of Legionella Titer and E Coli? Sounds like Rick Snyder may have been initiated into th eSatanic Temple.
      Legion is the name of many demons; pneumonia is derived from Pneuma “Spirit”. Man-made? I’m quite sure, blaming God? Flint is 66 miles north of Detroit.
    "As an adamant harder than flint have I made thy forehead: fear them not, neither be dismayed at their looks, though they be a rebellious house" Eze 3:9
    "Yea, they made their hearts as an adamant stone...therefore came great wrath from the LORD of hosts" Zech 7:12
    Flint and Detroit making sense now? GM, Ford, Chrysler declare bankruptcy, use taxpayer TARP funds to fire workers and build auto plants in India and Mexico. The latest intentional Water poisoning has caused property values to plummet by $2.5Billion, given the already bankrupt State a $1.5B clean-up bill and put the State on the hook for unending Class Action suits. No real surprise; Richard Nixon said "If the Luftwaffe had won the war for Germany we could all thank George Romney, the Mormon Michigan Governor supplied Aluminum to the Luftwaffe as an ALCOA Lobbyist and Executive. His chip off the ole Satanic block Mitt laundered Iran-Contra drug for weapons profits.

           Bundy "Order out of Chaos"
   The views expressed by the Bundy's are that of Mormon Melchisedek Priest Cleon Skousen, FBI Agent, BYU Professor, Freeman Inst, John Birch Society aka Belmont Brotherhood, Constitutional scholar and Tim LaHaye's "Left Behind" Council for National Policy. Skousen's "5000 Year Leap" has 28 Christian Principles  28 was identified by Aleister Crowley as the number of the Beast "Bahimiron" meaning "Bestial"; 28 is the Saturn Cycle and number associated with the Unicorn, Rainbow, Peacock and Netsach (1 Chr 29:11) meaning "Star" or "Shining Goal"; 28 means "My Victory; My Power" in Thelema.  Skousen claims the US Constitution was "God Inspired" by "Godly Men"; sorry Cleon, America's Founding Fathers were Freemason and Rosicrucian to a man. Cleon knew full well that Skull & Bones Supreme Court Chief Justice Morrison "Mott" (Mot is the Phoenician god of death) Waite altered the Constitution from "Constitution of the United States" to "CONSTITUTION FOR THE UNITED STATES" it affords no Rights for Citizens, only to CORPORATIONS. Man's Unalienable Rights: God created the world; any rights a follower of Jesus Christ has are derived from His shed blood. Property Rights:  "Life Liberty and the pursuit of Property was changed to Happiness because Man has no right to Property on Earth; Jesus handed that right to Satan as "Prince of the world"; Jesus returns to "Destroy those who destroy the Earth" Rev 11:18. Power of Revealed Law: Shariah Law and Noahide Laws are Revealed Law; the Old Testament of the Law continued until John the Baptist (Ref Lk 16:16).  Sovereignty of the People: Sovereign means "Having no higher authority" sorry Cleon, JESUS is the only world authority. Skousen's most recent (1994 written, published 2010) book "Cleansing of America" was published in 2010 coincident with the 28yr Feast of the Beast. Mormon convert Glen Beck loves the book as does Christian Mafia, 7th Day Adventist, Presidential hopeful Dr Ben Carson who thinks the "Rapture" and return of Jesus is imminent; It is not! The "Rapture" is a Jesuit Lie and the revealing of Antichrist comes first.  Think Jesus failed His Mission on Earth? You can tell that to Him at the Judgment Seat. 
     2010 was the last "Feast of the Beast"; The sequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey was 2010: The Year we make contact; America sure did with Obama Care on 3/22/10 at 3:22UTC. America's Cleansing is called the Mormon Blood in the Streets Prophecy. The White Horse rides forth with Mormon Elders to "Save the Constitution hanging by a thread as thin as spider's silk". That's the Satanic philosophy of Cleon Skousen, Ammon Bundy and the White Horse rider himself Mitt Romney who famously told a concerned citizen at one of his illegitimate campaign stops (Mitt is not a Natural Born Citizen; his Nazi supporting father George was born in Mexico and never Naturalized) "CORPORATIONS are People" Bull Shit Mitt; CORPORATIONS have no Soul or Spirit; People do.
      Bundy means  Time Clock; Time is Chaos. Aleister Crowley's "Great Work" is "Order out of Chaos". Great Work refers to Gravity, the mythical force giving Order to the Universe and Mass to Matter. Work=Force X Time; can you Dis-CERN the times? CERN can; their logo is a 666 and Shiva is doing the Dance of Destruction out front.
     The Bundy family first appeared in Nevada some 20 years after the Nevada portion of the Mormon "Deseret" was ceded to the US Government; they have no claim to land ownership in Nevada or Oregon; the stand-off is about conflict. Mormon "Deseret", means "Honey Bee"; Honey the Elixir of the Gods and Bee "Dabar" in Chaldean meaning "Word". The laws of the US mean nothing now and never have to Mormon Church leadership; it's about restoring Deseret. 
    Without getting bogged down, Mormonism is part of Restoration/Replacement Theology ie Zionism; the Book of Mormon claims to be "Another Testament of Jesus Christ"; Jesus like everyone else only has one Testament; anything else is a Lie. The Lie begins with Lehi; the word means "Jawbone of an Ass"; Israel's 13th Judge, Samson bludgeoned 1000 Philistines to death with a Jawbone and named the place Lehi; Mormonism is about Vengeance. Samson killed a lion with his bare hands and returned to find Bees and Honey; the Philistines didn't know Samson had taken the Honey (God's Word or Prophesy) out of the Lion; the Bees? Mormons, the continuation of the Priests of Cybele "Melissa"; Drones serving the Queen of Heaven "Isis". Mormon Theology has Lehi and Ishmaelites cast out of inheritance by Abraham traveling to America with Jerusalem's last King Zedekiah's son Mulek to restore Zion; problem is Zedekiah did Evil and was killed by Nebuchadnezzar along with all of his sons; Mulek is a fiction.  Prophesy is not Prophecy or being a Prophet; it is the ability to understand the Word of God; if you want that gift you need to ask JESUS not take His place.
     "Beast" is mentioned in Revelation 44 times; 44 the Sacred number of Horus and the Mass of the Phoenix. Extermination Order #44 issued by Ill Gov Liburn Boggs in 1844 was in response to Mormons having no regard for US or State Laws; Vengeance to that law was sworn by every Mormon male to avenge the blood of the prophets Joseph and Hyrum upon the United States; the 1944 movie "Oath of Vengeance" is about conflicts over gold versus script currency.
     Masons killed Joseph and Hyrum in Carthage, so named after the Phoenician Carthage; after getting Rome to destroy North Africa by salting and scorching, Sodomite Hannibal and son Hamilcar were appointed Mayors of the new province where not coincidentally Anakin Skywalker was born and trained a Jedi (Djed Pillar is the Spine of Osiris) to become the Dark Lord Vader. 
     Liber 44 is Crowley's "Mass of the Phoenix"; Americas is the Phoenix, seen on US Gold Coins; 44 is the sacred number of Horus in the New Aeon. The 9/11/1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre an example of enforcing Blood Atonement by the Avenging Angels which is today the Mormon Mafia. 44 years ago in 1971 America removed itself from the Bretton-Woods Gold Agreement inaugurating the age of Fiat Currency; the same year C Alan Martin predicted the US would end with President #44; Obama ("He is With Us" in Zoroastrian Farsi) is #44. Obama was (actually not) sworn in as President #44  the same year Child 44 was released; the film version was released 2015 the 49th (7th Shemitah) year after Year One Satan 1966. 2015 was the UN and CERN "Year of Light" 
      Crowley's Thelema is based on the Emerald Tablet of Toth. 9/11 is Toth 1
      9/11 is Toth 1 the Coptic New Year based on the Heliacal rising of Sirius (aka Mormon Kolob) is day #254 (2+5+4=11 the number of Ceremonial Magick); 254 fake victims aboard Crowley's AA11 (Argentinium Astrum Ceremonial Magick), AA77 (Oz=Magical Perfection or Magical descent of Spirit in Matter), UA175 (Liber 175 is the Book of Uniting to Ahriman the Persian Antithesis demon of darkness which appeared in the smoke of Tower #2) corresponded to the Heliacal Rising of Sirius just after the Flood some 4300 years ago; today the date has precessed to Aug 5. UA93 is Aiwass the demon of Thelema and Lost Word in Masonry. Victims of the Twin Towers were dumped in the Fresh Kills landfill; Blood Atonement calls for the shedding of blood; a rejection of the blood of Jesus for remission of Sin (Ref Heb 9:22) Crowley said the Aeon of Horus would be preceded by the "Earth bathed in Blood"
       9/11 is a big deal. Saxons under King Hengeist took Briton 9/11/476 in an act of treachery. The Battle of Stirling Bridge (William Wallace V Edward I) was 9/11/1297. Manhattan was discovered by Henry Hudson 9/11/1609. Ben Franklin and Gen Howe failed to reach terms of peace 9/11/1776. The Battle of Brandywine was the first time "Old Glory" was flown in war on 9/11/1777. Capt. William Morgan killed by Masons for exposing their rituals 9/11/1823. Brigham Young ordered the Mountain Meadows Massacre on 9/11/1857. The 1st Parliament of World Religions met on 9/11/1893. The 1st Kibbutz (Commune Farm) in Palestine is built  on 9/11/1921. The Palestine Mandate creating Israel is signed 9/11/1922. The US Dollar Seal is printed on the $US Dollar by FDR on 9/11/1935. Indira Ghandi "Satyagraha Movement" (Soul Force) began 9/11/1935. the Munich Olympic Hostage Crises was 9/11/1971. the Pentagon began construction (77ft tall, 77th Meridian, flt #77) on 9/11/1941. George Bush Sr gave his "New World Order Speech" to the UN on 9/11/1990 exactly 11 years before 9/11/2001. American Airlines Captain Chuck Burlingame in MASCAL excercise at Pentagon, simulated a commercial aircraft hitting the Pentagon in 1990 and 11 years later pilots flt #77 into the Pentagon. Bill Clinton impeachment papers are delivered on 9/11/1994. A Remote controlled Cessna hits White House 9/11/1995. Twin Towers are destroyed on 9/11/2001. Gaza Genocide began 9/11/2005. 9/11/2008 an electronic bank run nearly collapses the US Treasury.
     The Twin Towers were completed 28 years before 2001. Saturn has a 28 year Solar Cycle and is split by its 7 Rings; the planet is therefore used to represent the Hermetic Axiom "As above, so Below". Every 28 years, an Elite planning session called "Feast of the Beast" is held. "Beasts" is mentioned 15 times in Revelation; 2016 being 15 years after 2001.

So where is Thor's Hammer? The Nevada-Oregon border of course. Throrium Reactors leave behind non-radioactive ash; the energy wave of the future being exploited by Bill Gates' Terra Power estimated $50T of Thorium was in the hills in Oregon.
     Drug addict Glen Beck claims Ted Cruz will fulfill Mormon Prophecy, that would be Blood in the Streets and the White Horse Prophecy. Fitting since Rafael Cruz was part of  Operation Zapata (GHW Bush Bay of Pigs, Cuban Gun Running, and JFK Assassination) Beck is part of the Mormon Mafia; they murdered and stole the fortune from Howard Hughes who ended up dumped over a cliff by Aristotle Onassis some 18 yrs after being imprisoned first in the Desert Inn Hotel and later taken to Onassis' private island of Scorpios; the MM is the modern day name of Brigham Young's "Avenging Angels" (murdered the Fancher-Baker Party on 9/11/1857 at Mountain Meadows merely in retribution for Mitt Romney's GGG Grandfather Parley Pratt being hunted down, tortured and killed by Hector McClean for commandeering his wife Eleanor as Pratt's 4th polygamous wife. Utah was attempting to become a State then, so Brigham had to separate himself from Pratt; Pratt's Grandson Harold Pratt's name is on the Council on Foreign Relations Bldg with the Pale Horse "Death" and "Ubiquitous" on the cover of their bi-monthly rag "Foreign Affairs". The Mormon Mafia is very real and alive and well, their service is solely to the prophet and if need by enforce Blood Atonement (Killing for the remission of sin). Before they (Masons) murdered Joseph Smith at Carthage Ill, they were called the Dannite Band named after the Tribe of Dan to which all Prophets claim lineage. Important because Dan means Judge; in Gen 49:10 Dan is prophesied to become a Judge of Israel as a Tribe of Israel.  
     One eeensie weensie problem is the Tribe of Dan is not "Saved" in Rev 7, nor is Ephraim, the treasonous tribe of Assyrian captivity to which most Mormons claim lineage. They await the arrival of the Antichrist to "Judge" humanity, not Jesus who was not even part of the original name "Church of Latter Day Saints". Glen Beck is a Latter Day Saint in service to Satan, no more, no less; just like Mitt Romney (likely the Mormon White Horse) and Harry Reid who hands over control of Nevada's natural resources to his Hittite compatriots in China (China=Sina=Sin; Cathay=Cath=Cathars=Heth=Sons of Heth or Hittites; Red Dragon is a dead giveaway). The Bundy/Finicum stand-off is about Throrium, the future clean, nuclear fuel with China and the UN intend to control through TPP. Bill Gates intends to wipe out most of humanity using Oxitec Trans-genic Mosquitoes and a new WHO and CDC mandated Vaccine, then set up his Thorium Reactor  Corp "Terra Power".
     Welfare rancher LaVoy Finicum dead? Doubtful, it was meant to inflame the masses against Police State; his wife has a $66.6M lawsuit and the 2 have 2 best selling books. 
      "Only by blood and suffering"-Lavoy Finicum. "Last Rancher Standing: The Cliven Bundy story" Shawna Cox. Sales of these books will certainly skyrocket from this Mormon-BLM stage show eh? Shawna Cox (in the car with Finicum) filed suit against the Federal Government for $666,666,666,666. 
       Mormon serial killer and near Gov of Washington State claimed "The Force" pushed him to commit so many murders; relation to Mormons Cliven and Ammon Bundy? The Force? Star Wars is pretty obvious; the Force of Gravity perhaps not so obvious; Satan is the "God of Forces" Dan 11:38. Clive and his son Ammon (comical isn't it? Ammon escapes the hand of Satan for a short time  in Dan 11:41) cited the same "Force" in an "age old spiritual battle of Good versus Evil". The Bundy family is imbedded within Skull & Bones (McGeorge Bundy), Mormon Mafia (Eric Bundy), and US Government

     Oregon coordinates of 44N 119E for the Ammon Bundy standoff are no coincidence; 44 the sacred number of Horus and Mass of the Phoenix according to Aleister Crowley; US is the Phoenix Mormons know quite well Extermination Order 44 applies to this the 4th generation. #119, among much else was the Engine used to connect the Trans-continental Railroad at Golden Spike in Zion; this stamps the event as scripted Mormon Ritual held in public. The land is home to Yellow Cake Uranium, Gold and Diamond mining; the intent of the US Gov't is to control these assets, record their value on CAFR's (Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports) and hand over control to Foreign Corporations through TPP and TTIP. Bundy is playing his part eg spokesman Ryan Payne held a "Draw Muhammad" contest at a Phoenix Mosque, a Charlie Hebdo style provocation.
      Ammon is the Ammonites who escape the hand of Antichrist in Dan 11:41, symbolized by the Six Pointed Star of Sikkuth  (aka Remphan, Molech or Chiun) seen in the stained glass window of the Mormon Tabernacle. Ammon like his father Cliven claim it is the "Will of God in an age old spiritual battle of Good versus Evil"
at work. Will is Thelema; the battle is Zoroastrianism "Star Seed". 
     The movie 2001: A Space Odyssey tells the whole story, the Black Monolith on the Moon was created by "Firstborn"; the Monolith on Saturn is "Full of Stars", where the story of Man's evolution ends.  Nobody "Evolves" and nobody battles God and wins; the Zoroastrian Battle of Good versus Evil culminates at Armageddon "Valley of Slaughter" under Mt Carmel. Firstborn? Cain, Japheth the elder, Canaan, Esau? Guess again, Satan (Ahriman), the dark twin in occult philosophy, of God (Ahura Mazda=god of Light) Jesus is the real Firstborn. (Ref Col 1:18-19) 
     2010: Year we make contact; the question is with who? Bilderberg was formed in 1954 during the 28yr Feast of the Beast; 2010 was also the year of the Feast of the Beast. Almost comical Obama's Limo is called "The Beast" eh? Child 44 making sense now? 
     Hindu Surgeon General who has never been a Surgeon, Vivek Murthy is now the keeper of the 2nd Amendment. After Sandy Hoax he said "Gun violence is a public health issue". Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva the Hindu Trinity revered by Murthy and Obama who carries an Idol of the monkey god  Hanuman with him (Feb 8, 2016 begins the Lunar New Year of the Fire Monkey) are now tying Universal Health Care aka Obama Care to the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.
      On 3/22/2010 at exactly 3:22 Universal Time (Midnight in Thule Greenland) Congress passed Universal Health Care in violation of the Commerce Clause of the US Constitution. Why? Society 322 (from Man's fall into Sin in Gen 3:22) is the Brotherhood of Death aka Skull & Bones Society or Thule Society.  We made Contact alright.
     Egyptian Tula is the Dark Star; David Bowie was the Agonia (Jan 9) sacrifice to Janus the god of Doors and Gates, flung open in times of War. Bowie effectively became the Dark Star aka Nazi Schwarze Sun, the Primal Material of Creation CERN (Shiva is out front dancing Naranda "Dance of Destruction") is attempting to create (CERN is nothing but a Hoax; Black Holes/Dark Energy violate the most basic Thermodynamics and Physics Laws) the Dark Star.
    Murthy has 1000 Oath Sworn Doctors willing to staff 1000 mobile MASH style tent hospitals with incineration and bio-waste disposal capability. Now you know why the office is headed by an appointed "General", in this case by a Hindu who has never been a Surgeon much less a believer in Jesus. Gun Owners are now classified a "Public Health Hazard" much like Smokers.  
     Masons Lewis and Clark set out to make Oregon a separate territory for the Astors=Star=Astoria; note David Bowie's Blackstar album making its debut on 1/8/16; the Chaldean Black Star is Six Pointed Star of Saturn. Nazi SS (Black Sun), Egyptian Tula or Skull & Bones Thule Society are all the same Satanic religion.

     Mormo "God of the Living Dead" is one of 77 names of Satan in the Church of Satan, founded in San Francisco in Year One Satan 1966. All this Bundy publicity is just a pre-game show for the 2016 Jubilee Year Blood in the Streets Prophecy. Mitt Romney will come out of the shadows to "Save the Constitution", not the US Constitution which Mormons could care less about but to  fulfill the Prophecy as the White Horse. The 3rd Beast (Dan 7:6) is a Leopard hence BYU Cougars who taught Mitt he is "The one mighty and strong, clothed in light to usher in the 2nd Coming" of Jesus? Heavens no, Lucifer the Light Bringer aka Ahura Mazda.
     White Horse is slang for Heroin; Mitt laundered $Trillions from the Iran-Contra Drug profits through Bain Capital. Not coincidentally, the Mexican branch of the Romney family runs the Sinaloa Drug Cartel, funded with loads of military grade weaponry in Operation Gunrunner from where else but the Phoenix BATFE Office under the watchful eye of Romney pal Sheriff Joe Arpaio. 
    Aleister Crowley said he was given "Masonic awards from Bucharest to Salt Lake City, enough to collapse an elephant"; Tim Crowley was the White Horse Tower Controller Korean Air #85 was directed to land at on 9/11/2001; Flt #93 Shankesville Site  was investigated by FBI Agent Bill Crowley, Nathan Crowley made the promo pack and map for Dark Knight Rises (later claimed to have been murdered by BATF/FBI agents) that detailed Sandy Hook alleged victims a year in advance and Maureen Crowley testified that Sandy Hook was a pre-planned Hoax 
    All part of Zoroastrianism (Ahriman versus Ahuramazda) final battle where both sides lose. Zoro=Seed + Star. "We are all Star Children" Astrophysicist Carl Sagan "I'm a Blackstar"-David Bowie "It's all full of Stars" David Bowman in 2001: A Space Odyssey (incidentally, in the book Saturn had the Monolith Stargate not Jupiter) we saw the real ritual come out in the new movie "Interstellar"; like Bowman in 2001: A Space Odyssey, Cooper (Person who makes wooden vessels), a farmer like Cain builds his Ark and lives in the Spaces between the Stars. We see this Chaldean philosophy in Mormonism's Star Seeds from Kolob. In charge of the FBI Investigation? =Mormon Greg Bretzing. So folks, how much more will  it take to wake you up? 


    " I am come in my Father's name and ye receive me not. If another shall come in his own name him ye will receive" Jn 5:43 Pope Francis stated Chagal's painting of the Jewish Jesus Crucified wearing a Tallit (Prayer Shawl) is his favorite art. Makes sense, the Jesuit Vicar of Jesus also carries the Pagan Twisted Crucifix.
   Chabad Lubavitch (Noahide Law requires decapitation for worship of JESUS), Talmudic Sage (Talmud states Jesus, the son of a whore is writhing in His own boiling excrement in Hell) Rabbi Eliezer Hagadol (Great Rabbi) interviewing 15 yr old secular, Jewish (Hardly anyone in Israel is Jewish; (Ref Obadiah, Amos 5:2;26;7:2-3; 7:5-6; 2 Ki 17:30) boy Nathan (Nathan means Gift; Nathan is King David's son and step-brother of Solomon who returns to Jerusalem with Jesus and his father; Solomon does not described in Zech 14) who claims to have died for 15 minutes (BS unless Jesus revived him like Lazarus) and been given a vision from God claims WWIII "Gog and Magog" has started and the arrival of the Messiah is Imminent. Bull Shit. Need some secular legitimacy to this unbiblical nonsense? Enter Susan Constantine, Psychologist to the stars promoted by Sean Hannity and Dr Phil among others says "Nathan believes he has seen God and a vision of heaven" Ok it's settled, a 15 yr old much like Joseph Smith and Muhammad knows more than the Word of God.
     Jesus said never call any man on earth Rabbi (Mat 23:8). Jesus made it clear Gog and Magog is after the thousand years "Millennium" (Rev 20:8). Nathan claims adherence to the Law begets huge rewards in heaven; Jesus said "The law and prophets were until John" Lk 16:16 (John the Baptist is meant here). Jesus made it clear an offense of one aspect of the Law produces guilt in all of the Law. 
   "The calendar is pinned to Messiah Jesus"; Bull Shit, it is pinned to Solis Invictus, Mithra, Dionysus; Jesus was born on Feast of Tabernacles (15 Tishrei) and Circumcised on the 8th day of Tabernacles (23 Tishrei) not born on 25 December and Circumcised on 1 Jan (Ref Lk 1; Mat 2). "Jewish Witnesses" hardly; the 2 Witnesses are the only 2 people who have seen heaven before death Enoch and Elijah; Why? "It is appointed unto men once to die but after this the judgment" Heb 9:27 Ironically Nathan claims to have died and been revived on Sept 27 ie 9:27; coincidence? Not on your eternal life; he is being used by Talmudic Rabbi Hagadol. "The things we do from birth to death will be illustrated and become embarrassments at death" Not quite; Jesus said everything will be forgiven and forgotten (Ref Heb 8:12). 
    Nathan says "The coming of Messiah and redemption is imminent" clarified to mean within weeks or months" Jesus says the Man of Sin comes first. 
   Nathan claims Obama is "Gog", the Antichrist; he will side with Iran, and be buried in Armageddon" That one was a real zinger. $150 Billion payment and removal of Iran sanctions was a nice touch, but Chabad Lubavitch Rabbis and the Temple Mount Faithful already pronounced George Bush Jr "Gog, Chief prince of Meshech and Tubal" in Zedekiah's cave on 1/8/ 2008.   Guess those Rabbis who win debates with God and win were wrong eh? Statues of Gog and Magog stand guard at the City of London Corp (not London, the Banker/Templars controlling the world's assets). Edgar Cayce claimed Russia is "Gog"; of course Scrying is "Spirit Conjuration" used by Joseph Smith and forbidden by God.
   So adherence to the Law beats out prayers of forgiveness from JESUS according to these "End Times" ministers. Well, I'll take forgiveness from JESUS over "Mission Impossible"
    On Jan 16, 2016 Pope Francis became the 3rd Roman Pontiff (John Paul II and Benedict XVI were the only others) to visit the Great Synagogue of Rome; significant because JPII revived used of the Pagan Twisted Crucifix, carried by Pagans to celebrate the Crucifixion of God.
     On Jan 25 Jesuit Pope Francis will meet Iran's President Hasan Rouhani at the Vatican. Significant because like his predecessors John Paul II and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, Francis has endorsed Talmudic Noahide Laws requiring decapitation of worshippers of Jesus. Hasan Rouhani is a Sharia Law Judge also requiring death of followers of JESUS. Pharisees ordered the Crucifixion when Jesus said "I Am that I Am" ie God of the Burning Bush.
   In David Bowie's Darkstar he dies saying "I Am the Great I Am"  Coincidental? Not on your eternal life; 2001: A Space Odyssey and Bowie's "Space Odyssey" character Major Tom (Twin) represent the Twin Towers, demolished curing Burning Bush II; standing next to the Twins, the same Black Saturnian Monolith called the Millennium Hilton. Why? The Six Pointed Star of Saturn is Israel's Flag. 
    Not coincidentally, Noahide Law became US Law by Burning Bush Nazi George HW "Magog" Bush on Mar 20, 1991 and on Oct 16, 2004 Burning Bush Sodomite George W "Gog" Bush signed the "Anti-semitism Review Act" making any criticism of Israel, Rabbis, Kabbalah, Talmud, AIPAC, Zionism etc illegal.  "It is our duty to force all mankind to accept 7 Noahide Laws; if not they will be killed" Chabad Lubavitch Rabbi Yitzak Ginsburg. Chabad Lubavitch Rabbi Shlomo Riskin congratulated Pope Francis on his election on Red Heifer Day 1/13/13 saying "We must proselytize every human being to keep 7 Noahide Laws" 
     "Anti-semitism is a Sin. Our roots are in Judaism" Pope Francis Sounds like the Anti-semitism law Sodomite Skull & Bones George W "Gog" Bush signed into law because it is. In Gen 10 we see Ashkenaz (Ashkenazi Jews) descends from Japheth not Shem so Israel is at least 80% non-Semitic. 15% claim to be Sephardic; no Jews there, Sepharvites are Arabs descended from Joktan (Gen 10:29) who worship Adramellech and Anamellech (2 Ki 17:30). 5% claim to be Mizrahi (Oriental Rite); no Jews there, Mizraim descends from Ham.
      You want to don the Yarmulke (replaces the Temple Veil Jesus tore at the Crucifixion and violates Paul's command in 1 Cor 11:4) and head for Herod's Wailing Wall or get right with the Creator of the Universe? Better decide while you still have a head.  

                Iran "Noble Caste"
Iran means Aryan, a Medean (Chaldean) deception having little to do with Cyrus the Great's Persia.
     Pope Francis, after meeting with Noahide Law promoting Chabad Lubavitch Rabbis at the Great Synagogue of Rome on Jan 11 will meet with Sharia Law Judge and Iran President Hassan Rouhani at the Vatican.
     Iran has Russian made Yakhont Supersonic Anti-ship missiles aimed the USS Harry Truman in the Persian Gulf. The US just paid our $150 Billion to Iran, lifted economic sanctions and gave 52 hostages $4.4 each $10,000 per day for 444 days. Odd to say the least. 
    North Korea wants to send a Russian made Multi-megaton Hydrogen bomb to the US to wipe it off the map.
    The US arms ISIS (Benghazi; State Dept financed Toyota SUV's) as well as the Sinaloa Drug Cartel (Operation Gun Runner); 2 more members of the US hate club.
     The US and Russia created all these Frankenstein monsters. N Korea’s Kim (Kim Il Sun) Dynasty is a US creation by Harry Truman and Dean Rusk with America’s pal Joseph Stalin; both Harry and Uncle Joe were 33 degree Sovereign Freemasons. On Truman's watch, the US also created the UN, CIA, NSA, Israel, tested Atomic weapons on civilians and handed over Hydrogen bomb technology to Stalin.
    Iran’s Ayathollah Khomeini, also a 33 degree Mason was installed during the 1979 "Green Revolution" facilitated by 33 degree Mason George Bush Sr (Google October Surprise) and now partners with Russia’s Putin, a product of Stalin’s Gulag system headed by Lazar Kaganovich. Elena Kagan (Kagan is a title of Khazar nobility), Obama’s handler is well aware Shia Islam’s awaited Messiah al-Mahdi is prophesied to arrive when a “tall black man assumes control of the Gov’t of the West whose name bears the name Hussein with Shia’s well aware, he is with us” Barack Hussein + Obama “He is with us”. The plan is coming along nicely eh?

      While the Iranian military is waiting orders to fire shore to ship supersonic cruise missiles at US ships in the Persian Gulf, the US is handing over $4.4M to 52 fake hostages, handing over $150B as a good will gesture for a 3 person prisoner swap and signing the fake nuclear deal and eliminating US sanctions. Fake because there is no evidence Iran is enriching weapons grade uranium. A charade just like the Cold War, Apollo Moon Program or the current Mars-Orion program.
     Sharia Law and Iran President Judge Hasan Rouhani will meet Jesuit Pope Francis (Tehran was the Jesuits 1st acquisition by Francis Xavier) at the Vatican to discuss worldwide implementation of Sharia and Noahide Law requiring decapitation for acknowledgment JESUS is God.
    The Persian Gulf is the Society of Ormus (Serpent); the Straits of Hormuz named after Horus and Tammuz. This is about Aleister Crowley's New Aeon of Horus, not about Iran wanting to wipe Israel off the map.
     It should be painfully obvious the US and Iran situation is stage managed by Jesuits and Freemasons; Tehran (Targun) was Francis Xavier’s 1st land acquisition; Ayathollah Khomeini, Khameini, Sistani, all Paris trained Sovereign Grand Orient (Rising Sun) Lodge Masons.
     In 2013 Iran claimed to have hacked the satellite link and brought down a US made MQ-170 Drone BS. The MQ-170 put on display was a ridiculous looking plastic model; notice the rather small size and plastic grill allegedly the jet exhaust. This is on par with 
     Iran's newest Stealth Fighter is the entirely fake Qahar 313 allegedly created during the presidency of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who is awaiting the same False Messiah "al-Mahdi" as Israel's 33 degree Mason president Netanyahu is. Who is this Messiah? Aleister Crowley's Thelemic Messiah in the New Aeon of Horus of course. Ahmadinejad is a Shia Twelver aka Hagarenes cast out of inheritance by Abraham and Sarah. Twelvers are taught that when there are 313 sincere followers of Shia Islam "al-Mahdi" will return, commemorating the 1st Shia battle on 3/13/624. There are 313 glyphs depicting the return of the Plumed Feathered Serpent god Quetzalcoatl in the Pyramid at Tulum; Quetzalcoatl is equivalent with al-Mahdi. Constantine the Great finished Basilica Nova (New Teaching Seat), Colossus of Constantine, In Hoc Signo Vinces (By this sign conquer) and Edict of Milan (rallied Christians behind the Cross in battle) in 313 AD. Detroit Area Code 313, features the Pope Francis blessed, Jesuit consecrated statue of the Crucified Jesus on a Park Bench; nearby is the enthroned Baphomet Goat statue; kinda telling eh? UB313 "Eris" aka Planet X is the Cross Constantine saw (Milky War crossing the Ecliptic); Planet X will be the Scapegoat for Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, Disease, Famine leading to the presentation of the False Messiah.  
     Qahar means "Conqueror" and 313 is the number of  ! in Scripture; the last ! is the final "Woe" associated with the fall of the great city "Babylon". What we are witnessing is the Gate=Bab or On=Sun opening to WWIII the Mede-Persian Ram versus Grecian Goat. (Ref Dan 2:39; Dan 7:6; Dan 8) Think America is the "Great City Babylon" in Rev 18:18? Guess again.
    Think it's coincidence the US is 239 (Dan 2:39) years old? or coincidence there are 313 ! in the KJV? Is it coincidence Jesuit Pope Francis (the last according to St Malachy) was elected on "Red Heifer" Day (2 Nisan) on 3/13/13 after lightning hit St Peter's Basilica Dome Twice in one night? Just coincidence Crowley's Liber 44 describes the New Aeon of Horus and matches Obama "He is with us" in Zoroastrian, the 44th and final US President (Ref C Alan Martin 1971 vision)? How about America's Debt of $18.8T matching Rev 18:8 "...her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her" Horus is Tammuz meaning "Purify by Fire". Think the Holocaust (Fire Sacrifice) was fun? Just wait and see what Thelemites have in store for America rising as a Phoenix (Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix; Obama President #44; Michael Robinson #44) rising from the ashes.
    Notice the size of the Q-313, a ridiculous 3/4 scale model barely large enough to fit the pilot. Notice the canopy is made of cheap modeling plastic with near non-existent visibility. Notice the non-aerodynamic flight surfaces and small non-aerodynamic engine nacelle. Ridiculous doesn't quite describe this charade.
     Q has another meaning besides "Conqueror"; Iran is Aryan like Nazi (Aryan) Germany; Q also means Quelle (Source) 11Q13 "Prince Melchesidek Scroll" written by the Essenes says "After 10 Jubilees Prince Melchesedek will arrive". Lateran means "Hidden Frogs" the 3 unclean spirits of the Dragon, Antichrist and False Prophet (Rev 12:9; 16:13) St John Lateran is the HQ of the Jesuits; the 5th Lateran Council in 1517 proclaimed "Immortality of the Soul".  
     Anyone care to explain how astronauts will supply enough water on Mars (Persian Ares, /Babylonian Nergal in 2 Ki 17:30) to live or launch the little capsule off Mars to return to Earth after having dropped the Orion (Osiris) rocket sections?

     “Oh mortal man is there nothing you cannot be made to believe?” Jesuit Adam Weishaupt
Before the HOlocaust begins you may want to read Jesus' warning "Fear him who is able to destroy both body and soul in Hell" Your soul is not Immortal; that is Zoroastrian (Star Seed) Bull Shit. At death you will be face to face with JESUS, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. Hearing "Depart from me, I never knew you" will be the most terrifying words you will ever hear.

     Jesuits are the "Militia of Zeus and Minerva" (Isis is Minerva); Dominican HQ is the Minervium, was built over a Temple of Isis; both were formed on the Feast Day of Lucifer (Aug 15). Coincidence? Nobody in Congress had a chance to read the Patriot Act, Dodd-Frank Act or 2016 Omnibus Spending Bill. Imagine if Temple Tithes were converted by the Money Changers into Bankrupt Synagogue of Satan Stock. 
      If you liked the Dominican Inquisitions and Jacobin (Dominican) French Revolution, the 2000 page 2016 Spending Bill, released on Saturnalia is for you.  Jesus turned the tables on the Money Changers 2000 years ago and now the Black Horse is riding in on Opus Dei (Work of Zeus/Lucifer) initiate Paul Ryan's 2000 page "Omnibus 2016" Bill dubbed "Omni-CISA" or "2nd Patriot Act" (Patriot Act was over 1000 pages). The monster Bill is exceeded only by the 2300 page Dodd-Frank Act, contained within it. Congress had 1 day to read the 2000 page Bill, released 2 AM Wednesday and passed Friday morning; Speed Readers? Not quite. Traitors betraying the Oaths they swore, most with their hand on the bible to protect the Constitution.
     $1.8T in spending on International Corporate Tax Breaks; Legal immunity for Corporate Spying on workers (CISA "Cyber Information Sharing Act" guts the 4th Amendment "All Seeing Eye" over the Pyramid making sense now?); Oil Industry windfalls (Foreign Corporations selling US Oil assets), Quadrupling H-2B Low Skill "Guest Worker" Visa waivers (jobs unemployed US citizens don't want such as truck driving, forestry, hotel/motel work, landscape, agriculture, food processing, construction; being homeless is more fun); Refugee re-settlement (US and Russia are causing the refugee crisis); US Green Climate Funding; Increased War spending.
     The biggest Twist of all, the Dodd-Frank Act protection of Tax Payer Bank Bail-outs is now replaced by Investment Bank Bain-Ins financed by Bank Deposits. Bank Deposits are  now considered unsecured investments, failing banks can now convert into worthless stock. 
    Derivatives represent a $Quadrillion mountain of Hedge Fund Bank Gambling; the US share is estimated at $350T, covered by $6.4T in Deposits. FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance) covers Deposits but the insurance fund stops at $250K and has only $67B; do the math. A Giant Black Hole for the Black Horse by the Black Friars.
     Dodd-Frank: Chris Dodd is a Dominican-Jesuit educated CEO of Holy Wood's Motion Picture Ass and Georgetown Professor Emeritus of Jesuit Foreign Service. Barney Frank is a Sodomite, fake Jew turned Agnostic; they both saddled the Black Horse in 2010 and galloped out of the gate in 2016.
     The Savings and Loan Crisis (Neil Bush made off with $2B), Sub-prime Mortgage (eg Countrywide; Mortgage means Death Note; nobody on Earth owns Property because God created the Earth and made Satan "Prince" of the Earth) melt-down and TARP "Too Big to Fail" Bank Bail-out programs (Lehman, Goldman, GM, CitiGroup etc) added $Trillions to the National Debt, now Savings Deposits are on the hook for Bank "Bail-ins". 
Derivatives are Casino Bets and Hedge Funds insure the bets. Want to invest in Weather Derivatives and insure against the losses? Jeb Bush, Jesuit, Skull & Bones, Bohemian Grove, Luciferian Freemason, 4 degree Knight of Columbus is your man; the ability to manipulate the weather like Hurricane Sandy or Katrina really pays off.
      2016 is a Satanic Jubilee, the Spending Bill contains a significant change to the 2010 Dodd-Frank Bill. Chris Dodd is President of the Motion Pictures Ass. Love propaganda movies like Zero Dark Thirty, Argo or Seal Team 6? Thank Dominican ie Jacobin/Inquisition trained Chris Dodd.  
     Bank Derivatives and Hedge Funds are put in Super Priority position over State, Local and Individual Bank accounts and investments (Bank Stock/Bonds). Derivatives are Casino Futures Bets, Banks place on the value of underlying assets like Land, Weather, Interest Rates, Stocks, Market Indexes etc; control Future Events and a certain Fortune is assured, stolen from Citizens. Great Plan eh? Jesus assures us "Workers of Iniquity will have their place in the Lake of Fire" 
     Control future events? On 9/11/2001 the DJIA closed at 9605.51 and hit the same number to the penny 8 yrs later. On Feast of Tabernacles 2001 the market dropped 7% (700pts) and 7% (777pts) 7 yrs later to the day. On 3/6/9 the NYSE hit 666. Larry Silverstein placed a $7B insurance bet on the Twin Towers for separate acts of Terrorism. George Soros used $700B TARP funds to Short Silver on its historic run from $34 to $47 (Silver's Atomic Number is 47) and back in 1 day. Control future events? No problem.
     US Taxpayers were saddled with pre-planned Savings and Loan insolvencies, Sub-prime mortgage collapses and Bank Bail Outs and will now fund Bank Bail-ins thanks to the Jesuit-Dominican-Masonic Traitors in Congress.
    Most 50 yr olds remember the Bank Vault Door; who would of thought the money was lent out to South American dictators running Death Squads or to people with no credit or ability to repay the debt? 
     The 2016 Spending Bill quietly placed Unsecured Creditors (Savings Accounts) subordinate to Derivatives: 1. Derivatives 2. State and Local Government Accounts 3. Private Savings Accounts. By definition, Banks exist because of Savings Accounts, the most senior positions of the Banks, but that is all reversed in the 2016 Satanic Jubilee Year. Debtors are Slaves becoming Masters, a 2000 yr Temple Revenge Jesus gave His Blood for in the "House of His friends". "Without the shedding of blood there is no remission" Heb 9:13 Up next, the Blood of His followers by the "men of our own house" (Mat 10:36; Mic 7:6).
     Congress is derived from Congredi "To meet for War"; Opus Dei Speaker Ryan, sworn loyalty to the Pope stands between the Fasces (Fascism) in the Capitol "Womb of Zeus/Jupiter". The War is not against Islam; it is against US Citizens
     Perhaps Congress could provide proof the Commander in Chief is a Natural Born US Citizen, with a valid Social Security number, able to E-Verify and qualify for employment. If not, he may qualify for an H-2B Visa. After all, there are no records of his education at Columbia or passing of the Bar Exam; only an unskilled worker would bow to Saudi dictator King Abdullah, Shinto Emperor Akahito and Queen Elizabeth II.
     T-Party (Tammuz Party) darling Paul Ryan ran on a platform of "Austerity" meaning "Stern, Harsh, Severe"; what else would one expect from the Dominicans who brought you 600+ years of the Inquisitions? In France, Dominicans were called Jacobins, the Satanists like Voltaire who fomented the French Revolution; no coincidence CERN is located at Voltaire's Castle. As CERN tries in vain to create a Black Hole, the Black Friars serving the Black Pope quietly saddled the Black Horse. Want out? JESUS forgives all Debts; why not ask Him? "Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed by thy name, thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors..." You think Satan is going to forgive your Debts?
                           666 Computer
     In simple Gematria (A=1; B=2) Computer is 111 X 6, the number of man=666; Lucifer is a Know it all after all which is why early computer engineers and programmers believed the Computer was the Devil. Cyber means "Relating to the Computer". In Kabbalah, 666 represents creation and perfection of the world; Gnostics believe they can be gods, in keeping with this theme Hollis Chair of Divinity Karen King will release the Gospel of Jesus' Wife in Spring 2016.  Jesus was not an Adulterer, if you want to be in the Wedding of the Lamb (Rev 19) you had better let Him know. Paul told women to keep silence in the churches (1 Cor 11); "Jesus Seminar" Initiate Karen King brings Calvinism, Unitarianism and Gnosticism out in the open, just in time for the 666 Beast Computer. Don't join her in Hell.
      The New Covenant with JESUS is through the Holy Ghost. The Crucifixion was never about Jesus' Blasphemy, it was about killing the Testator of the Old Covenant (Testament). Jesus was rejected as "God in Flesh" and the "Word Made Flesh"; JESUS is the Holy Ghost, the sole source of the New Covenant is a personal relationship with JESUS through the Holy Ghost; this ends once again with the death of the Testator through acceptance of the Mark of the Beast.
      The CYBERPOL"666" Computer is scheduled to go on line by Passover 2016; an alleged computer far surpassing the "Beast" computer in Belgium in hunting Law Breakers using the World Wide Web; W=23; 2X3=6; WWW=666.  The progress of the New World Order is recorded in blood on Vellum Parchment, the skin of sacrificed children at Chateau Ameroi "Castle of Kings" in Muno Bel, Belgium (Google Marc Dutroix, Jill Dando, Royal Gynecologist Alan Farthing or Jimmy Saville for more)
     JESUS is 8th and final Covenant between God and Man; Gematria 888; after He (Holy Ghost) is removed from the world, Chapter 23 (23 is the 8th Prime Number) to the Book of Revelation takes effect; You can even sign up for your 18 digit in 3 groups of 6 personal Mark of the Beast; Saturn rules in the Age of Aquarius and that begins now.
     Lucifer promises Freedom from God. The Triple Papal Tiara represents submission to the "Queen of Heaven" (Cybele/Isis) and ownership of the Earth, Body and Soul in the Vicarious Christ aka Pope. The Skull Cap, Yarmulke, Zuchetti, Islamic Kufi, or Kippah is formal rejection of the Torn Temple Veil at the Crucifixion of God in Flesh, thus when Pope Francis (#266) and Roman Catholic Church is destroyed as planned by St Malachy (Molech), Freedom of the Earth, Body and Souls are achieved. Neat plan eh? Just remember, at death the Spirit returns to its Creator and the Soul is Judged by it's Creator; His name is JESUS. 
     CYBERPOL in Belgium exists to enforce the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
God created Heaven and Earth and Man Crucified Him; the only Rights anyone on Earth has now is derived from the shed blood of the Creator (Testator) of the Covenant to "Love God" and "Love your Neighbor".
     Now what sort of Laws? Sharia and Noahide Laws proscribe the death penalty for worshippers of Jesus Christ. Post warnings online for Christians to get right with JESUS and CYBERPOL's Minority Report may become a reality.
        The All seeing Eye capstone on $US means Lucifer is in charge and is as God  "Ubiquitous" (Everywhere and All Knowing); the CFR Logo is the Pale Horse rider "Death" with the Latin slogan for "Ubiquitous"; "Hell" follows this horse.
       Why a 666 Computer in 2015? The Age of Grace (New Covenant) ends as the final 3 1/2 year "Great Tribulation" begins with the Mark of the Beast "666". When? Passover 2016 (2+16=18=666; 2+1+6=9 as does 1+8=9; 9 is the number associated with Final Judgment) when this computer is fired up. Why? The Moon is a reflection of the Sun; Allah is the Arab moon god "Sin"; Lucifer/Satan is the "Man of Sin"; Sharia (Islamic Law as defined by ISIS) require worship of Allah/Sin; Noahide Laws require the rejection of Jesus as God and the Word made Flesh and the Holy Ghost, the latter is the "Unforgivable Sin".
       Passover was the birth of John the Baptist; Passover is the passing the Age of the Law on to the Age of Grace. Passover 2016 until Tabernacles 2020 is 3 1/2 years; 2020 is considered perfect vision.  Tabernacles is the date Creation will be 6000 years; Jesus promised to return when Creation is 6000 years old (2 Pet 3:8). 
     1656 years Creation to Flood + 2160 years Aries to Pisces + 2160 years Pisces to Aquarius + 21 years the age Sargon the Great would have had to be to be called Legitimate King=5996 years; therefore Passover 2016 would mark 3 1/2 years from the 2nd Coming.
    So, we have the EU Parliament built as an unfinished Tower of Babel with a Woman Riding the Beast out front and Seat 666 vacant, the Pope claiming Christmas 2015 may be the last because WWIII has begun and Mother Earth can only support 1 Billion people, Congress passing CISA, sharing every tid bit of information about it's citizens with foreign corporations, signing UN treaties, the TPP and TTIP stripping any and all rights you and I have and funding ISIS with guns, vehicles, training and money, a computer in Antarctica named 666, a warning about the 666 "Mark of the Beast" in the bible and a written promise of eternal life. What are you going to do? 

         Russian Christmas-American Hanukkah
Bro Nathanael Kapner says Russia and Putin (Russian Orthodox) are Christian because they celebrate the birth of the Saviour at Christmas while the US and Obama celebrate Hanukkah with Jews. BS Christmas is no more Christian than Hanukkah is Jewish; both are Satanic.
     Kapner is Jesuit-Edomite; the Black Robe and Red Templar Cross, a dead giveaway; Obadiah states Esau is inside the gates of Israel and every last one of these imposters will be destroyed. Israel is not Jewish and neither is Hanukkah or the 9 Branch Menorah. Orthodox religions (Greek, Syrian, Coptic, Assyrian, Russian et all) originated with the Nestorian heresy holding Jesus to have 2 distinct qualities, not fully human nor fully divine. The Chaldean Church is the Church of the East (Orthodox) or Rising Sun which celebrates the birth of the Solar Messiah (Horus, Tammuz, Dionysus, Attis, Krishna) 3 days after Solar Solstice and 9 months after Easter (Mar 25).

      Feast of Tabernacles is Creation Day, the day Jesus created Heaven and Earth is also Jesus' real Birthday (Lk 1; Mat 2:1). Tabernacles is also the day of His 2nd Coming because in the Millennium the only day of worship attest to is observance of Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem (Zech 14:19). The final Week of 7 days is the "Covenant with many" aka "70th Week" (Dan 9:27); the Covenant will be broken mid-week and God's 2 Witnesses (Enoch and Elijah) will be killed, lying in the streets of Jerusalem 3 days to rise on the 7th day. The 8th Great Day of Feast of Tabernacles (23 Tishrei) is the day marking Jesus' Circumcision (cutting away of flesh) in accordance with the Law. God's Law in the New Covenant 1. "Love God"2.  "Love your Neighbor" The removal of people in Covenant with JESUS will be removed on the 7th Day of Tabernacles. Removal of Covenant breakers who hate God will occur on the Day of Wrath, on the 8th Day of Feast of Tabernacles. Jesus' followers will be behind Him as He wears the sign "Word of God",  making way for the Love of our Neighbors.
     Satan lost this battle on Day 1; trust the Word of God (KJV) and get behind JESUS; everyone in front of Him is going to die.



     Kapner is one of the most dangerous liars around; don't be fooled; Christmas has absolutely nothing to do with Jesus Christ. Jesus was born Feast of Tabernacles.
     Obama lights the Hanukkah Menorah, has no valid Birth Certificate, is using a dead man's CT Social Security number, does not E-Verify for employment, has 6 Muslim Brotherhood Initiates (Arif Alikhan, Mohammad Elibiary, Rashad Hussein, Salem al-Marayati, Imam Mohammad Magid Eboo Patel; Malik Obama is CFO of the Muslim Brotherhood) and Jesuits advising/aiding him (Joe Biden, John Kerry, Ashton Carter, Paul Ryan, John Roberts, Elena Kagan, Greg Galluzzo, Jon Favreau, Gen J Scott Gration, Dan Pfeiffer) Strange? Impeachment would be a snap and look who assumes control Jesuit Joe Biden? or Jesuit Opus Dei Paul Ryan.
    Jesuits do not serve Pope Francis, they serve Jesuit General Adolofo Nicholas, about as much a Saint as St Nick. The Arch-basilica of St John Lateran is the Mother Church of all Religions in the world; Lateran means "Hidden Frogs", the 3 unclean spirits of the Dragon, Antichrist and False Prophet (Rev 16:13). The US and the Roman Catholic Church will be destroyed by Traitors inside the gates as Scapegoats for "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT..." Rev 17 and "Babylon" Rev 18 in order a false Messiah Antichrist can emerge. Don't be fooled!

                    Islamic Caliphate
    In 2005 the 7 step plan for a Global Islamic Caliphate was released; it's much like Gen Wes Clark's (Samaritan Kohen) 7 nations in 5 years plan because they are of the same Satanic source; Iran is the final nation. In 1996 the blind Nostradamus of the Balkans Baba Vanga (Grandmother Vanga) predicted "Muslim extremists originating from Syria would march into Europe in 2016"
   The chosen vehicle is ISIS aka DAESH "Nation of Islam in the Levant + Baghdad aka the land God promised to Abraham's descendants from the Nile to the Euphrates aka "Fertile Crescent".  The Nation of Islam Flag is Red (Edom=Red=Esau) and the Mirror Image of Turkey's Flag with the 5pt Star of Illumination inside the points of the Crescent (Hilal=Lucifer); JESUS gave all 7 Church Warnings (Rev 2-3) to Churches inside Turkey. The Caliph of this land? Caliph Ibrahim of course aka Abu Bakr al Baghdadi aka Israeli Mossad asset Simon Elliot. Abu Bakr assumed the mantle from Muhammad, a Quyraish Tribe of Mecca descendant of the Korahite Priests in Num 16 from Moses' Day. DAESH (Nation of Islam) HQ in the west is the Chicago Mosque Maryam named after Moses' sister Miriam the originator of the Korahite Priesthood. JESUS is the only Legitimate Priest (Melshisedek) between God in Spirit and Man in Flesh; the Korahite Priesthood aka Nation of Islam intends to replace JESUS with a Priesthood based on First Race (First Born Sons) Cain, Japheth, Canaan, Ishmael and Esau. JESUS of course is the Priesthood of Abel, Seth, Shem, Isaac and Jacob. The split occurs with Abraham and Caliph Abraham is here. Time to choose the path to Salvation.   

  • 2000-2003 "Awakening" obviously referring to 9/11/2001, the "New Pearl Harbor Event" in PNAC (Project for a New American Century) penned by traitors Don Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Michael Chertoff, Paul Wolfowitz et all, planning in advance the demolition of the Twin Towers (Jacob and Esau), laying blame on Radical Islam  aka "al-Qaeda" (Foundation) and replacement with the Freedom Tower (Esau's Dominion). In 2000 there were Central Banks in all but 7 nations, by 2003 Iraq and Afghanistan dropped from the list.
  • 2003-2006 "The Awakening" refers to chasing the fictitious Osama bin Laden (CIA asset Tim Osman played by Israeli actor Adam Gadahn) as the excuse to devastate Iraq (Freemason Saddam Hussein) and Afghanistan, steal $Trillions and set up the global Heroin trade, a continuation of the Chinese Opium trade managed by the Assassins and Templars now called Isis and  Knights of Malta.
  • 2007-10 "Standing Up": Sarah Palin stated it best declaring April 14-17, 2007 "Prince Hall Freemason Week" in Alaska; Prince Hall is a Masonic Lodge based on Shabazz and Nation of Islam open to men with black skin; Obama then proclaimed "A new beginning for Islam" and bowed to Wahhabist Dictator King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. 
  • 2010-2013 "Arab Spring": George Soros (Grigori Schwartz) financed Arab Springs using stolen TARP funds, beginning in Tianamen Square; Mormon Ambassador Jon Hunstsman participated; soon the Black Flags swept over North Africa and Jordan.  
  • 2013-2016 "Caliphate Formation": ISIS, led by figurehead Israeli Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi aka Simon Elliot and propagandized by the US Army "SITE" (Search for Int'l Terrorist Entities) led by Israeli spy Rita Katz is an extension of al-Qaeda "Throne" which became ISIL "Islamic State in the Levant" and finally DAESH (Nation of Islam in the Levant).
  • 2016 onward "Total Confrontation and Victory": DAESH is everywhere in Federal, State and Local Police and Military combined with Foreign Troops, financed by the US (eg John McCain, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry) and Russian Military, managed by the CIA, propagandized by the Media and financed with taxpayer borrowed money from the International Monetary Fund in Washington DC. Everyone from Local Mayors to Governors to the Federal Government is aware and guilty of treason. Iran, Cuba and North Korea are the only nations left without a Central Bank; Cuba a Jesuit managed dictatorship, North Korea's Kim dynasty an American creation and Iran's Green Revolution American instigated with a Paris initiated Chaldean-Shia Ayathollah and Shariah Law Judge running Mede-Persia. The world is completely exposed and dependent on the $US; when it collapses the world goes with it down the $Quadrillion Derivatives Black Hole and out comes the Black Horse carrying the Black Flag is DAESH. WWIII is a certainty and likely starting very soon. 
  • "Global Islamization": Islam means "One who submits" to Allah, the Arab moon god "Sin"; Lucifer is the "Man of Sin"  Here is the propaganda video "Meeting in Dabiq depicting the Muslim Army against Crusader Army with Rome destroyed. The Toyota Vehicles and Tanks are US State Dept supplied; the automatic weapons are Russian AK-47's. This has been the Gnostic plan for 700 years since the Catholic Church rounded up the Cathars in 1244, the Templars in 1307 and tortured Jacques de Molay in Paris 3/18/1314  "In 700 years the Laurel will grow green again"-Cathar Perfecti. The Laurel is the Crown of Bacchus/Dionysus/Lucifer born at Dies Natalis Solis.
      Iran, Cuba and North Korea are the only nations left without a Central Bank; Cuba a Jesuit managed dictatorship, North Korea's Kim dynasty an American creation and Iran's Green Revolution, American instigated with a Paris initiated Chaldean-Shia Ayathollah and Shariah Law Judge running Mede-Persia. The world is completely exposed and dependent on the $US; when it collapses the world goes with it down the $Quadrillion Derivatives Black Hole and out comes the Black Horse carrying the Black Flag that is DAESH. WWIII is a certainty and likely starting very soon. 
Central Banks print money and charge interest for doing so; assets are not published but rather kept on CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports) ledgers from the smallest Water Boards and Towns to the largest Cities, States and Nations. A complete and total sell out to Bankers Jesus turned the tables on.
       Iran is the last nation on Gen Wes Clark's list to be invaded which also happens to be in Daniel as the 3rd Kingdom of Brass (Dan 2:39), Esau's Dominion (Gen 27:40), 3rd Beast (Dan 7:6) brought about by war between the  Mede-Persian Ram and Grecian Goat (Dan 8:20-21) out of which "Little Horn" emerges. Probably coincidence CERN (Cernunnos=Little Horn) is creating Dark Matter eh?  Pretty Brazen isn't it?Most if not all Muslims have no idea Nation of Islam has nothing to do with being Muslim or that Jihad has nothing to do with killing infidels. Most Orthodox (Greek, Syrian, Assyrian, Coptic, Russian)faithful have no idea their religion is Chaldean-Nestorian. Most Catholics have no idea Jesuits, Knights of Malta and Knights of Columbus are traitors in their midst. Most Protestants have no idea Freemasons are Luciferian traitors in their midst. Zionism is a cancer affecting Jews and Christians just as Sufism is the cancer affecting Sunni and Shia Muslims.   Why now?
    The 7 step Global Islamization plan is precisely timed with the 2014-2015 7th Shemitah (Blood Moons) Cycle and the 2016 Satanic Jubilee Year because Satan knows his time is short; JESUS returns when Creation is exactly 6000 years to the day old; Passover 2016 is actually 1 month off, the actual date is 3/22/16; Nowruz "New Light" and Society 322 "Brotherhood of Death" aka "Theosophical Society" may ring a Baal. Should WWIII last 13 weeks/91 days as planned by the Theosophical Society it will culminate 91 days after Dies Natalis Solis Invictius 2015. Time to get rid of the Lights (Lucifer is the "Light Bearer" and Tree (Grove) folks; Jesus was born Feast of Tabernacles and He will return 3 1/2 years after Passover; 2016? Time will tell, but Signs of the Times certainly point to that. 

                   San Bernardino
  "Our Dis-information program will be complete when everything Americans believe is false" CIA Director William Casey. Repeal of the prohibition on Domestic Propaganda was pushed through in the 2013 National Defense Authorization "NDAA 2013" It's legal for Lies to be passed off as News because the real enemy in war is Truth. "I doesn't matter what the truth is; it only matters what people believe"-Stalin "Think of the press dictators can use"- Goebbels ISIS in San Bernadino? More like Bull Shit passed off as News. Victims? How about paid Crisis Actors
     We were prepared" Francois Hollande describing the Paris "False Flag"; well Frenchy not nearly as prepared as San Bernardino. Even the band "Eagles of Death Metal" attacked by ISIS Crisis Actors headed out west from Paris to San Bernardino it seems
Eagles of Death Metal Concert was attacked in Paris by ISIS and they wrote a song about going out west to San Bernadino called San Berdoo Sunburn where another ISIS attack occurs. How stupid do they think people are? 
     As a result of the Paris False Flag  40,000 Whores (The Whore Riding the Beast is in front of the European Parliament in Strasbourg with Seat #666 vacant, but not for long) are meeting in Paris in a complete media blackout, free of protest, deciding who the lucky 6 Billion people sinning against "Mother Nature" will be and how they will die. "We are the riders of the Pale Horse Death. God creates, we decide who lives and who dies. We do this for the good of the Earth" Barbara Marxist Hubbard.
     Britain voted 397-223 to join the War on ISIS (actually civilians) in Syria as part of US "Operation Inherent Resolve", fighting right alongside Russia who took the opportunity to begin economic sanctions on NATO member Turkey, all timed with a well rehearsed "Shooter Drill" made "Live" in San Bernardino and the Press in pre-set "Staging Areas" with "Actors" at the ready.
     Branch Davidian mass murder ordered by Bill Clinton, Janet Reno and Gen Wes Clark (Cohen) in Waco TX violated the Posse Commitatus provision of the US Constitution prohibiting the Military from being used against civilian citizens. San Bernardino was a False Flag event in violation of the Stolen Valor Act, prohibiting Police from impersonating US Military. ISIS or rather the US Army SITE (Search For International Terrorist Entities) ISIS Propaganda arm fashioned a Skull over the White House praising the attack at #AmericaBurning; not just any Skull, but one with the lower jaw missing such as that used in Skull & Bones and the Jolly Roger. Here is an example of the type Bull Shit used to create the fictional "Radicalized, Homegrown Islamic Terrorists" 
     So was it a Russian made Kalashnikov AK-47? or an American made Colt AR-15? Recall Sandy Hook's Coroner had trouble telling the difference between .225 rounds and .45 handgun rounds too. The AK is a 7.62 ie .30 Caliber weapon; the AR is generally 5.56 or .223 Caliber. A multi-agency Drill mobilizes Paramilitary Police Units, Triage and Transports "Alleged" victims to hospitals within 15 minutes? That's readiness. 12 Agencies, 500 Armed Agents, 300 Vehicles, 1000 personnel, 5 SWAT Teams, 3 mobile command centers, 10 MRAPS, multiple Bomb Squads with tactical robots, Martial Law (Just like Boston) and a partridge in a pear tree all on scene in 90 minutes? Brother-in-law Farhan Khan press conference set up by CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) "I have no idea why he would do something like this" Whose "He"? Police hadn't even said who or what the gunman did at that point. Recall Robbie Parker set up a fund for his allegedly slain daughter Emily before Sandy Hook even happened. That's preparedness! Israeli run Vocativ posts "ISIS attack on American Soil" Well, they should know, ISIS is figure headed by Israeli Simon Elliot.   "A man's foes shall be they of his own household" Mat 10:36
     The Masonic-Jesuit (Albert Pike, Giuseppe Mazzini,  Jean Pierre DeSmet SJ) plan for WWIII was put in writing Aug 15, 1871 to pit Islam against Zionism. Traitors inside every nation are hard at work to make that happens "By the Numbers".  
     The Mormon Fortress of San Bernardino is named after "Bernard" meaning "Bold, Hard, Strong as a Bear". St Bernard of Clairvaux founded the Cistercian Order "Bernardines". Cistercian (French Cisteaux) means "Reeds" as in Sea of Reeds, the fake Exodus route (the real route across the Red Sea is into Arabia not Mt Sinai in Egypt.
      "And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein. But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread underfoot forty and two months" Rev 11:1-2 Ready for the Great Tribulation? Templars sure are. A Reed is used to denote weakness of faith "Bowing of one's head" (Mat 11:7; Eph 4:14). A Reed was used to smote Jesus and offer Him Vinegar at the Crucifixion. A Bruised Reed is a Believer weak of Grace. Time to get right with JESUS and strong in faith; it's going to be a rough ride.
      Cistercian Warrior Monks called "Knights Templar" became the Bernardine epitome of Christian Nobility; today the Jesuit Order Sovereign Military Order of Malta assume their Satanic obligations to serve the Black Pope. Christians serve Jesus Christ not the Black Pope!
     Templar symbols in initiations: 2 Riders on one horse symbolize Pederasty and Sodomy Initiations; Worship of the Severed Head (Of John the Baptist?; or the Goat Head Baphomet?), Urination and Defecation on the Cross (Standard Witchcraft Initiation), Theft, Usury, Fiat Money (Debt makes Slaves to Creditors); Selling of Doves (Holy Ghost) and Sacrificial Animals at the Temple (Den of Theives); Tithing (fake Levites; Tithing is not part of the New Covenant) are the tools of the Money Changers; Jesus turned the tables on the "Den of Thieves", the Temple, before His Crucifixion in the "House of His friends".
    The most visible symbol of the Bernardines is the Tree of Jesse carved or placed in stained glass windows at the Cathedral of St Denis (Denis=Dionysus; Cult of the Severed Head) and Chartres Cathedral (Temple of the Green Man Dionysus or al -Khidr) The concept of rebuilding a 3rd Temple and installing a descendant of King David as the Branch of Jesse is called "Chiliasm"; Jesus is the the Branch of Nathan; Antichrist (King Arthur is Arcturas the "Bear Guard" Arth means Branch; the Branch of the Terrible One) is the Branch of Solomon. The Six Pointed Star? Seal of Solomon folks; it's an Arab symbol not Jewish.  
         Today Templars are International Bankers holding the world in Debt bondage. St Bernard instituted worship of the Virgin Mary as Intercessor instead of JESUS; installed the Swearing of Oaths (James said "Above all else Swear Not); installed the Red Edomite Cross and Living by the Sword; these legacies all symbolize what became called "Crusaders" or "Warriors of the Cross", the 4000 year old Pagan symbol of the Cross of Tammuz (Jesus was Crucified on a Tree not a Cross)  
     Crusaders worked and continue to work alongside their Arab counterparts "Assassins" stealing from both sides to create the Dialectic (Thesis + Anti-thesis=Synthesis); in this case Zionism  (Chiliasm or Restoration Theology)+ Islam (Messianic Islam, Ismailism, Shia, Sunni)=Reign of Lucifer. 
       On Thanksgiving, a shooting in Colorado Springs; Obama calls on people to talk about gun control around the Thanksgiving table; on Black Friday people respond with record Background Checks and Gun Sales at 185,300. Nov 30 “Active Shooter Drill at Victor Valley Community College” (Reminiscent of the Oregon Community College False Flag) and Dec 2 another shooting at a Christmas celebration no less (Jesus was born on FEast of Tabernacles; Antichrist is born on Christmas). The names alone wreak of a False Flag. Syed Farook means “Muhammad will Judge”. Kinda Atallah or Tashfeen Malik? Atallah means “City of Generations; Look Out Place” referring to Toledo of Moorish Spain. Shriners “Noble Arabic Order of the Mystic Shrine” celebrate the Moors slaughtering 50,000 Christians wearing the Red Fez; Amalekites are at “War with God from Generation to Generation” Ex 17:16. Jesus refers to Generation as the Generation of the New Covenant. Tashfeen Malik (Malak=Moloch). Tayyeep Bin Ardogan and a fake Qatari Passport? Qatar holds the world's largest Arms Bazaar, has the same Evergreen Tree as America's first Flag and harbors the 5th Fleet as well as the US Army "SITE" (Search for Int'l Terrorist Entities) That name was obviously copied from ISIS harboring, Opium Smuggling, Oil Smuggling, 33 degree Mason, and Neo-Ottoman wanna-be Turkish Sultan Recep Tayyip Erdogan. All this just coincidence? 
     Syed Farook wearing a Go-pro camera, attended the Islamic Society of Corona-Norco Mosque (reminiscent of Gabby Gifford's shooter attending the same Liberal Reform Synagogue she did) learning how to become “Saladin” the opponent of the Crusaders under Sodomite Richard the Lion Heart. Here is a smiling tongue tied  actor being interviewed
     Americans purchase a record number of fire arms on Black Friday. Active Shooter Drill 2 days before. A BOLO alert for Hispanic and Middle Eastern Males. SWAT Training with live ammo on Dec 2. Sinaloa (almost comical; last night’s episode of Criminal Minds even featured Sinaloa Cartel recruitment in Juarez where the Army transports Sinaloa Drugs to Chicago; Chicago Fire and Chicago Med followed the show), and the incident coincides with Gun Running, Benghazi ISIS arming Hillary Clinton giving a gun control speech..
    Lt Dick Lawhead (no kidding) "SWAT was suited, armed and ready to roll". Well Mr Lawhead Law Enforcement was not only in place for the shooting, they were "Suited Up" as you say in Military Helmets and Cammo, driving Military Issue Bearcat and MRAP vehicles which violate the Stolen Valor Act of the Constitution. Police impersonating Military is not just a Felony, it’s Treason. Cicero noted the same thing in Rome "A traitor inside the gates is worth 700 outside the gates" So did Jesus "A man's foes shall be they of his own household" Mat 10:36


     Federal means "Covenants between God and Man" Confederates Reject Covenants with God and aim to have you follow their lead using buzzwords like Freedom, Liberty, Equality. JESUS represents the 8th and final Covenant with God; reject JESUS as God in Flesh, the Word made Flesh and the Holy Ghost and Hell for Eternity awaits.
      Putin and Obama in private meetings in Paris as they were in Antalya at the G-20 just days after the Paris False Flag and the day before Turkey (Turkmen) shot down the Russian Jet. All planned with meticulous detail
     Turkey received all 7 Church Warnings from JESUS in Rev 2-3 because they created most of the world's religions (Talmud, Kaballah, Russian/Syrian/Greek/Coptic Orthodox) 
             "The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take councel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed" Ps 83 Prov 1:7 and Ps 83 also say the same thing. Who are God's "Anointed"? JESUS Baptizes His anointed with Fire and the Holy Ghost, so you tell me? Are you Baptized?  
       The Confederates ie (Rebels) are Edom: Obadiah describes them as inside the gates of Israel; British means Birthright of Esau; America is Amurru the Edomite shepherd and serpent god; the Red Star of Communism generated Putin; the Red Dragon of China Chairman Mao etc
       Ishmalites: Hagarenes, Twelvers or Jafaris are Turkmen, Shia followers of Ayathollahs and Assassins following Agha Kahn IV all trained in Paris Moab: Jordan is Moab, Edom and Ammon aka Idumea; these escape the hand of Antichrist in Dan 11. eg Obama pal King Abdullah II
        Hagarenes: Hagar and Ishmael were cast out to Mecca by Abraham. They are the "Twelvers" awaiting the revealing of al-Mahdi.
       Gebel: Tyrians- Phoenicians who migrated using Solomon's "Ships of "Tarshish" all over the world with Astarte aka Our Lady of Byblos or Easter. Tyrian Purple was used to "Set Apart" Royalty and is used in Tekhelet Blue today for use in false Levite Priests
       Ammon: The Six Pointed Star has nothing to do with the Nation of Israel, it is the Ammonite Star of Remphan; Chiun in Moab; Molech in Syria/Lebanon; Saturn in Chaldea or El in PHoenicia; Babel means Gate of this Star and can be seen in the European Parliament built as an Unfinished Tower of Babel with Seat #666 Vacant and the Whore riding the Beast our front
       Amalek: Amalekites are at war with the LORD from Generation to Generation in Ex 17; they are the Ishmaelites who married Canaanite women and Edomites who followed that violation of Abraham's Covenant with the LORD; during 40 years in the Wilderness they became the Alternative Korahite Priesthood aka Rebels and later Turkmen, the Synagogue of Satan Rabbis, Imams, Fathers and Pastors leading their flocks astray Jesus warned against in Mat 23:8-10.
      Philistines: Originally from Crete; Cretans are admitted "Liars, Evil Beasts and Slow Bellies" who originated worship of Zeus seen today by most all Churches, Opus Dei "Work of Zeus",  Jesuits "Militia of Zeus and Minerva"; Cretans found their way into Egypt as the Hyksos aka Amalekites who taught War and Metallurgy to Egyptians. God covered them with Lava on Thera and destroyed their Bull-Minotaur worshipping Palace of Knossos on Crete. The Golden Bull Altars and Apis (Word) Bull is the basis of Wall St and Bullshit.
      Midianites: Kennites such as Moses' wife's father were subtle in undermining the LORD's commandments; the Kennites of Kenya (both Michelle/Michael and Barry are Kennites) hide fake Ark of the Covenants, their Priests of Ameru (Serpent Priests) form the American story with the Eagle (Edom) carrying the Serpent.
      Jabin: Persished at Endor because Endor is synonymous with Witchcraft, the true Whore of Babylon. Consulters with Familiar Spirits, Necromancers, Sooth Sayers, Astrologers are all Demon controlled entities called Shaman or Witch Doctors. 
       Ps 83:18 ends this description of the Confederacy with one name JEHOVAH. Obadiah means "Servant of JEHOVAH"; in Ps 68:4 KJV the name is shortened to JAH (not Jah as new bibles use) and in Mat 1:25 JESUS is the promised JAH. Don't be fooled by the Yashua, Yehoshua, Yahweh, Jah, JahBulon (Masonic Name) Bullshit. There is one NAME and one NAME only which provides Salvation and that is JAH/JESUS.


                  Anatomy of WWIII 
WWI, WWII, and WWIII were all planned in writing on the Feast Day of Lucifer Aug 15, 1871 on the anniversary of the 1st Jesuit Oaths in the Crypt of the St Denis (Dionysus=Arab al-Kidr "Green Man") Cathedral in Paris in 1534. WWIII "Zionism versus Islam" will exhaust the world economically, militarily and morally to the point the Doctrine of Lucifer can be revealed and accepted. Accept the Doctrine of Lucifer and Hell for Eternity awaits
     WWIII will be an Arab-Israeli War. Israel means "One who wrestles with God" and has nothing to do with the Nation of Israel flying the Star of Molech. Aladdin "Nobility of Faith/Religion", Magic Carpets (Persia=Iran=Noble Caste or Pharisees), Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves (Turkmen, Jafaris or Neo Ottomans), Open Sesame (Money Changers), Jafar, Sultan and Genie are all in place ready for the 3rd Act.
    Obama, a trained Sodomite-Mujahedeen (Warrior of Allah/Sin) means "He is with us" in Farsi, the home of the Pharisee "Money Changers". Pharisees marked up (Changed Roman money for Jewish money and sold the things JESUS provides free for the asking; a "Den of Thieves" illegally siting in Moses' Seat who later insisted on the Crucifixion of God in Flesh on their "Money Tree". Jewish? Hardly more like Arabs in Robes.
      ISIS is the "Black Virgin"; ISIS means "Throne". ISIL is ISIS or Islamic State in the Levant. Islam means "To Submit" referring to the will of Allah. Allah is the Arab moon god "Sin"; Lucifer/Satan is the "Man of Sin". Levant means "Orient" in French, referring to the East or Rising Sun; Shia Ayathollahs Ali-Sistani, Ali-Khomeini, Ali-Khameini, Jordan's King Abdullah II and Ismaili Agha Khan IV are all initiated Grand Orient Lodge Masons. The Glory of the LORD departed the Temples in Jerusalem (Jesus refers to Jerusalem as "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt in Rev 11:8; Salem is the Canaanite god of the Setting Sun) twice because people worship  the Rising Sun rather than God (Ref Eze 8). ISIS is not Muslim; it is Satanic.
     In Rev 13 people who reject JESUS are called "Earth Dwellers" during the 42 month Great Tribulation; WWIII is alleged to be planned to last 13 weeks (Theosophical Society claim) Christmas (Sacrifice of Jesus Christ/Birth of sun god) to Easter (Ishtar; conception of the sun god) Mar 27 is 13 Weeks. Passover (Crucifixion of Jesus) 2016 coincides with Earth Day April 22, 2016; Coincidence? I wouldn't bet on it. If you are not in personal Covenant with JESUS by the time the Great Tribulation begins you won't ever be. Don't wait for the "Strong Delusion" Establish a one on one relationship with JESUS now!

  • Nov 13 Terror Drills scheduled at the locations of the Paris "Attacks"; the day prior Missy Elliot releases a video indicating the alleged 130 victims were part of a Kali ("Dark Mother" aka Isis "Black Virgin"; Kali is the Goddess of Time and Destruction) Ritual in Paris  The same thing happened at Aurora Colorado as Lil Wayne released a video beforehand "My Homies Still" with the exact number of theater victims.
  • Nov 14: SITE (Rita Katz) claims ISIS takes responsibility for Paris attacks. Rita=Pearl; Katz=Kohannim + Tzaddiq "Righteous Priest"; SITE is a US Army propaganda arm run from Washington DC, Qatar and Ft Huachuca AZ. Rita is a Tel Aviv University trained IDF, Mossad asset just like ISIS leader Simon Elliot aka Abu Bakr al Baghdadi.   
  • Nov 14: France launched airstrikes on  obviously pre-selected targets in Raqqa, Syria; Medical Clinics and a Museum among them. Russia already destroyed the main Power Plant, Fuel Delivery, and Water Treatment in Raqqa. This Act of War against Syrian civilians is causing the Refugee Crisis. Why Raqqa? Raqqa controls the Dams on the Euphrates River; read Rev 9 to see why. Note: The Great Tribulation is about to begin; when it does Rev 9 will occur 720 days later not now.  
  • Nov 16: France invoked Art 5 of the NATO Treaty in Antalia (Pergamon/Satan's Seat) Turkey at the G-20 Conference in response to the Paris "False Flag" ISIS attack on the unlucky day of Friday 13th. If NATO votes in favor, this will force NATO and its member nations (US is the largest and most powerful militarily) to go to war. Paris means "House of Isis".
  • Nov 23: The UN  Security Council authorized "All means necessary" to combat ISIS.
  • Nov 23 the WHO petitioned the UN Security Council to provide oversight of the Ebola outbreak in Liberia (Pater Liber is Dionysus, Bacchus aka "Green Man" or Arab "Al Khidr"; Satan/Lucifer is the the god of Freedom) In 2014 Pasteur Paris "Lost" 2300 vials of SARS Virus; Oopsies!
  • Nov 23: US supplied Turkish F-16's shoot down a Russian fighter. Inside Turkish airspace? The crash site is inside Syria; parachuting pilots don't drift miles over the border. Lying is no surprise, Erdogan is a 330 Luciferian Freemason arming, quartering and transporting ISIS into Syria from the west while Jordan does the same thing from the east; ISIS convoys are guarded by US Apache Helicopters in US State Dept financed Toyota SUV's. Russia arms ISIS as well (Ref cargo ships Mol Comfort and Nour M) This is a map of the flight path released by Russia Allegedly both Russian Pilots were shot in their parachutes inside Syria by Turkmen Rebels  The video shows Turkmen Commander Alparslin Celik, the son of a Turkish politician shooting Russian Pilots in their parachutes. Russia claims a US TOW Missile was used to shoot down a Russian rescue helicopter enroute to the SU-24 crash site  Putin was meeting with Jordan's (Idumea=Moab, Ammon, Edom, the 3 groups that escape Antichrist in Dan 11:41) Grand Orient Mason, Edomite (Hashemite) King Abdullah II in Sochi (Sochi means Flame; Prometheus is seen breaking free of his chains and the Eagle pecking his liver in a cave near Sochi) vows to make Turkey pay. A Russian attack on Turkey will start WWIII In War, Truth is the first casualty; public perception is the only thing that matters.
  • Nov 24: Francois Hollande met Obama at the White House presenting plans for NATO control over French and US Military operations against ISIS/ISIL/DAESH Nov 25 Obama will pardon the Turkey (Domesticated Aztec Fowl), named after Turkmen (Mohammadens). American Natives were treated to Disease and Slaughter on the 1st Thanksgiving; ransoms paid for their scalps.
  • Nov 24: NATO calls an Emergency Meeting in Brussels. Big Surprise eh? Brussels is home to the Beast Computer; nearby children are sacrificed every day at Chateau Amerois (Castel of Kings; Ameru=Serpent), innocent blood then records the progress of the New World Order (Ref Marc Dutroix, Alan Farthing/Jill Dando, Jimmy Saville)
  • Nov 25 Turkish PM Ahmet Davutoglu "I personally gave the order to shoot down the Russian aircraft" Davutoglu is essentially Vizier to Erdogan, the puppet master. His views are described as Neo-Ottoman ie Satanist and Pan-Islamist ie ISIS, a worldwide Caliphate serving Allah "Sin"
  •  NATO Emergency Meeting to authorize Military Force.  Member nations will be committed to fight. The UN is led by Korean CIA asset, Unification Church, "Moonie Disciple" Ban Ki Moon. NATO is Commanded by Norwegian (Vikings=6 Kings; Norman Cathar/Templar executions may ring a Baal) Jens Stoltenberg and US Gen Phil Breedlove.
  •  NATO Sec Gen Jens Stoltenberg was a Russian spy in Norway, known to the KGB as "Steklov". Jens Stoltenberg was the UN Envoy for Climate Change.  NATO Sec Gen Jens Stoltenberg believes 6 Billion people need to die as written on the Georgia Guide Stones; written in "Laudato Si" by Pope Francis and soon agreed to at the Paris Climate Summit.
                                                The Aladdin Script 
  • ISIS (Cybele in Turkey) takes responsibility for the Paris False Flag on the eve of a G-20 conference in Turkey; a Syrian Passport appears; convenient eh? 
  • Turkey PM Ahmet Davutoglu (a Jafari playing role of Jafar) allegedly orders the shoot down of a Russian Jet. Turkmen Commander Alparslin Celik is at the exact spot inside Syria the Russian Jet was hit. Turkmen (aka Neo-Ottoman "Jafaris") miraculously happen to be at the crash site? How can Russia not be involved with this?
  • Reccip Tayyip Erdogan (33Mason) manages the Baku-Tiblisi-Ceyhan Oil Pipeline. Ali Baba's (ISIS) Plunder Oil, selling it to Turkish Middle Men (Merchants) bought at $20/Bbl which is marked-up to $60/Bbl. "Open Sesame"; the 40 Thieves Code Word opens Oil Vault.
  • Erdogan arms, trains, and supplies Turkish passports (150,000) to ISIS for travel worldwide.
  • Bilal Erdogan owns an Oil Shipping business allowing ISIS to sell stolen Iraqi Oil for $20/Bbl to Turkey for re-sale (mark-up) from Ceyhan, the hub of SE Asia, Russian Middle East Oil and Natural Gas. Russian and Saudi Arabia need $60-$100/Bbl to profit)
  •  Sumeyye Erdogan (Playing Jasmine) runs a Secret ISIS hospital in Sanliurfa, the start of the Turkish section of the Oil Pipeline from Sanliurfa to Ceyan. No surprise here Turkey is always the "Middle Man". Turkey received all 7 Church warnings from JESUS (Rev 2-3) because Turkey founded Islam Talmudic Judaism, and Orthodox Religions, all use a Middle Man Priest/Rabbi/Imam selling Doves (Holy Ghost) and Sacrificial Animals at the Temple of the "Money Changers". Afghanistan supplies 96% of the world's Heroin, grown by Mujahedeen "Warriors of Allah/Sin", guarded by the US Military, and transported through Turkey.
  •  Genie Energy (Lord Jacob Rothschild, Dickhead Cheney, Rupert "Evil Merodach" Murdoch) miraculously finds one of the largest Oil deposits and is given a 238 SQ Mi license to steal Oil from Israeli occupied Syria (6-Day War) in the Golan Heights (Mt Hermon is Mt of the Chief; Gen 6 should ring a Baal) with protection from a UN Army of Blue Helmets (Genie).
  • Abu, the monkey in Aladdin is the Sumerian god plants; Abu means "Father of Vegetation"; he is often identified with Tammuz (Purify by Fire) the god responsible for the Glory of the LORD departing Solomon's Temple in Eze 8. Abu is "Green Man" and the Templars are in Paris worshipping Abu by offering 6 Billion human sacrifices.
      Jafar, Sultan, Ali Baba, Open Sesame, 40 Thieves, Magic Carpet (Islam), Abu and a Genie? Now where have we seen that? Oh yeah, Luciferian Mason Walt Disney's "Aladdin" and TE Lawrence "1000 Arabian Nights". Sultan played by Erdogan. Sultan's Vizier "Jafar" played by Davutoglu, and the Blue Genie played by the UN Blue Helmet Military soon backed by the US. Almost comical the White House Press "Corp uses Alladdin's Lamp as its symbol and the US will soon give the Genie power over Jafar. 
     This Satanic Script has been played out for many years folks: Founder of the Ottoman Empire Osman or Othman I=Osama bin Laden aka CIA asset Tim Osman and UN Space Alien Ambassador M.Othman. Muhammad's Uncle Abd al Mutallib can even be seen in fake Christmas Bomber Farouk Abdul Mutallib. Muhammad's wife Fatimah even shows up in Catholic Church "Our Lady of Fatimah". Money really does grow on Trees; specifically the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.               
     Aladdin means "Nobility of Faith/Religion" That's Arab Religion; the Arab moon god is "Sin". As ridiculous as this Aladdin Script is, WWIII hangs in the balance, pre-planned to usher in Worldwide Economic, Moral and Physical Exhaustion and the reign of Lucifer rising as an Arabian Phoenix from the ashes In 1620 Sir Francis Bacon published "New Atlantis" describing America as the Phoenix of the New Atlantis. That All Seeing Eye on the $US atop 13 courses of Stones is Lucifer in the Pyramidion (Pyramid means Amid the Pyre or Flames), the perch called the "Ben-ben" of Heliopolis "City of the Sun". Ready to cross the Red Sea? Better get ready.

                                                  Ebola II
     WHO (World Health Org) requesting UN Security Council oversight on Ebola II outbreak in Liberia. It seems Paris based MSF (Doctors without Borders), Luciferian Mason Billy Graham's Samaritan's Purse and Phoenix Air Ambulance Vaccinating villages causing Ebola is  not enough.  
    In 2014 Pasteur Paris "Lost" 2300 vials of SARS Virus; fitting as the Pasteur Inst is a Mausoleum housing the remains of Louis Pasteur, the father of "Germ Theory". Like his Jesuit partner in fraud Edward Jenner, Pasteur's Germ Theory is a fraud. Cooking nutruents from Milk is as good an idea as injecting infected cow pus "Vaccinia Bacteria"; both mean "Holy Cow". The human immune system responds to disease by pH Homeostasis; maintaining an Alkaline Balance of 7.365 prevents "Germs" from gaining a foothold; Vaccines cause the Immune System to attack itself. Dr Benjamin Rush, signer of the Declaration of Independence said "Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize itself into an undercover dictatorship restricting the art of healing to one class of men while denying equal privileges to others in a Bastille of medical science" Bastille means Prison, Fortress, Tower" aka Magdala (Mary Magdalene or Tower of Babel may ring a Baal)
     Jesus forbid His 12 Apostles to go into Samaria (Mat 10), sending them to the "Lost Sheep of Israel" during Passover.  He sent a separate group of 70 into Samaria during Feast of Tabernacles (Lk 10), giving them the only instance of guaranteed Salvation (Calvin Lied) "...the spirits are subject to you; because your names are written in heaven". Samaria became home to "Serpents and Scorpions" ie Babylonians, Medeans, Phoenicians, Canaanites of all stripes who pretended to be Jewish; they believed absolutely nothing in the Old or New Testament; they are today the Synagogue of Satan. The UN will oversee the worldwide Ebola Pandemic on its 70th anniversary.
      Ebola II may very well be airborne and if so Ebola "Balls" will become the Flagrum used to Scourge the Earth prior to the Passover 2016 Crucifixion. April 22, 2016 is Earth Day as well as Passover; those who reject JESUS are called "Earth Dwellers" during the Great Tribulation (Ref Rev 13)

The UN Security Council is now led by Great Britain; British means B'Rith or Birthright Covenant; that being the Covenant God made with Abraham and now claimed by Ishmael and Esau.
     WHO Director Margaret Chan managed the 2003 Avian Flu and SARS epidemic, she is an Officer of the British Empire under Prince Phillip who has said he wants to be reincarnated as a "Killer Virus". SARS II and Ebola II are now underway. 
     "The Who" song "We won't get fooled again" tells the story of Esau selling his Birthright for a Bowl of Beans to his brother Jacob (Supplanter); Revolutions in France and Britain (Scotland-England) were instigated by the Jacobites and Jacobins respectively; they were Masons having absolutely no connection to Jacob or Israel. In Scotland they identified each other with Tartan Cloth aka Phoenician (Canaanite) Cloth. Tartan being the name of the Assyrian Army Commander who sent Israel into Diaspora and replaced them with the Canaanites-Babylonians-Medean Satanists we see today in Israel-Samaria.  

    Science is described in Dan 1:4 as the "Tongue of the Chaldeans"; in 1 Tim 6:12 as "Vain and profane Babblings in opposition to God" CERN is at the top of this dung hill. "We've done something we shouldn't have. Connection to other dimensions is real and we made Contact"- CERN Scientist. Sounds like a scene out of the movie Contact because it is.
    CERN will begin using Lead Ions Nov 30-Dec 17, 2015; timed with the 13th Astrological Sign Ophiuchus (Serpent Holder) CERN claims to have produced the God Particle at 8TeV on July 4, 2012 (America's Natal Chart); the collisions at 13Tev will open the Bottomless Pit (Rev 9:11) NOT! 
     Turning Lead into Gold is the Alchemical Wedding in Rosicrucianism, a metaphor for turning Man into God in a triumphant return to the Golden Age when "Sons of God saw daughters of Men and took wives of them" Gen 6. The Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz (Red Cross) can be seen in the so-called Rosen Bridge postulated by Zionist moron Einstein whom Nikola Tesla called "A beggar dressed in purple, made king, using dazzling mathematics to obscure truth"
    CERN is Cernunnos (Horned One; Antlers annually renew as Snakes shed skin) is "Little Horn"; Shiva the Hindu Destroyer/Transformer was placed out front June 18, 2004 (6, 666, 6) doing the Nataraja (Dance of Destruction); in June 2014 CERN hosted the Opera "Symmetry" doing the same dance. Luciferian Mason, Soviet Spy J Robert Oppenheimer quoted Shiva at the Trinity Atomic Bomb detonation "I have become Death, the destroyer of worlds". Buckminster Fuller (Geodesic Dome) protégé Barbara Marx Hubbard said "We are the riders of the Pale Horse Death, God creates, we decide who lives and how dies" Oppenheimer was responding to man's creation of Plutonium (Roman god of the Underworld) from Uranium; Fukushima MOX Fuel (Uranium-Plutonium) is a radioactive death cloud, buoyant in Seawater, referred to as "Bucky Balls"; a Beast from the Sea in every sense.
    Glass panels with greetings written in 4 ancient and 4 modern languages were created for the Dec 2015 event; these same languages are written at the Georgia Guide Stones placed by RC Christian (aka Christian Rosenkreutz or Rosicrucians) on Hwy 77 (77 is Aleister Crowley's Magical manifestation of Spirit in Matter; there are 77 names of Satan in the Satanic bible; 7X7=49 "Jubilee") in the "Gravestone Capital" of Elberton Georgia (Geo=Earth). The 8th Tetrad (4 consecutive Lunar Eclipses on Passover and Tabernacles representing the Crucifixion and Birth of God in Flesh "Jesus") began April 2014; the English Corner Stone "2014" was smashed and replaced with Blood on the Roof. The Earth Constitution of sorts calls for eliminating all but 500 Million people after all. In June 2014 "I am Isis, goddess of love" was written on the stones; Isis the "Black Virgin" means "Throne" of the "Alternative Messiah". Now you know why ISIS was created by Traitors in their own nations.
    8 is the number associated with Eternity (8 Saved on Noah's Ark; JESUS=888); 13 is the number associated with Rebellion (eg Gen 13:13 "Sins of Sodom"); at 13TeV,  CERN intends to produce new particles "Strangelets" existing on different Planes and Times; to make Contact or open the Bottomless Pit? Neither, it's all Satanic nonsense. Jesuit sock puppet Stephen (Crown/Martyr) Hawking (Horus) and CERN represent man's ultimate Trump of God; a return to the Golden Age when "Sons of God saw daughters of man and took wives..." Gen 6
    Giants are not Nephilim (Fallen Angels); Demons have not and cannot mate with human women. CERN's vain attempt to create a Stargate  is a smokescreen for Earth (Magnetic)-Sun (Electro) Weapons. Opening the Abyss for Demons (Rev 9:11) is something God does. Black Holes (Gravitationally wrapped Space-Time), Star Gates/Worm Holes, DNA Sequencing (Ionizing Radiation destroys DNA; it does not create Hybrid or Artificial Genomes) and Strangelets (Anti-matter/Matter particles that caused the Big Bang) are BULLSHIT! Remember the Antimatter Weapon in Angels and Demons?  Just the names in Particle Physics are a dead giveaway: RAMBOS, MACHOS, WIMPS, PEONS, GUONS, ALICE Matter, Boson aka God Particle? Come on folks! Boson is Bosun or Boatswain, Bosuns Mate is the oldest and lowest rank in the Navy, abbreviated as BM for a reason! CERN is a Chaldean Bowel Movement. There is no Gravity (Earth is Fixed not moving), there was no Big Bang and Man will never become a God. The Science behind these theories violates the most basic Thermodynamics and Physics Laws; "Matter and Energy can neither be created nor destroyed" remember?
    Think it coincidence CERN is smashing Lead Ions over Hanukkah (Feast of Dedication/Festival of Lights) ending on Saturnalia 2015 as the 7th Shemitah and 8th Tetrad, during the 2016 Jubilee Year following the 1966 founding of the Church of Satan and 6-Day War for the Golan Heights (Gen 6 Mt Sion is Mt Hermon "Mt of the Chief")? Guess again. Most of this unbridled Satanic garbage is popularized by Tom Horn: Zenith 2016: Did something begin in 2012 that will reach the apex in 2016?" "Exo-Vaticana: Petrus Romanus, Project LUCIFER..." and Steve Quayle "True Legends", "Angel Wars", "Return of the Nephilim..." Jesus is not returning in 2016! Antichrist is.
      The New Covenant is made with Temples of Flesh; "Except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved" "Those Days" are the last 1260 days, 3 1/2 years (shortened 360 day years), 42 months, not the last 18 months 1week and 1 day after Rev 9:11. Rev 9 is not here yet. Antichrist is about to be revealed, not Jesus.
     Daniel's final 2300 days are broken down into 1040 Days + 1260 Days; America's Tax (Burden) Form is IRS 1040 for a reason; America will cease to exist in the Great Tribulation as a United States; America is to be Scapegoated as Babylon (Rev 18) just as the Roman Catholic Church is to be Scapegoated as "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT..." (Rev 17). 1260 Days are broken down into the final 13 months, 1 day (391 days; 2nd Woe; 6th Trumpet;  Rev 9:15) and 5 months (150 days; Rev 9:5) for a total of 540 Days. Of that last 540 days the final 490 Days is Daniel's 70 Weeks (Dan 9:23-27) with the 70th Week being the "Covenant with many".  There are 720 days from the start of Great Tribulation and Rev 9:11; the point here is read Scripture as God wrote it. It may just be that the Antichrist (Alternative Messiah) of Babylon (Gate of Osiris/Attis/Allah/Mithra/Krishna) may ride in on Santa's (Satan) Sleigh led by a Red (Edomite) nosed Stag holding a Serpent whose Horns have just shed Christmas 2015
                        DRIVE Act
                      Tsar Bomb
On Veteran's Day Russia "Leaked" the creation of a 100Kt, Nuclear Powered, Mega-Nuclear Torpedo with 10K KM (6200 Miles) range at 1 KM depth capable of wiping out every coastal city with a 1000ft tall Tsunami and massive amounts of Cobalt radiation ensuring no living thing would survive. Getting pretty deep in here; in 1961 Nikita Khrushchev  said "We have a fantastic new weapon that if unleashed would be the end of life on Earth" 
                        Satan's Seat
    The G-20 is now chaired by Turkey and Luciferian Mason Erdogan; the G-20 is meeting Nov 15-16 in Antalya the city named after King of Pergamon Attalus II. Pergamon is where Satan’s Seat was when JESUS gave John His Revelation in 96AD. Today the so-called Throne of Zeus is in the Berlin Museum. Antalya is home to the relics of St Nicholas of Myra, Constantine’s representative to the Council of Ephesus and namesake of Santa Claus aka St Nicholas, the Nicolaitane (Conquer the Laity) who with Constantine and his Druid mother Helena convinced the world Jesus was born Dec 25 the same day Attis, Dionysus, Bacchus, Mithra, Sol, Krishna and Horus were born.
     France may invoke Art 5 of the NATO Treaty forcing NATO to go to war with ISIS over the recent False Flag in Paris; Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the US arm and train ISIS (ref Nour M) Saudi King Salman Abdulaziz is meeting with Obama today; the decisions made here may very well lead to WWIII..

                Sodom and Gomorrah
       Southwest Trinity University Biblical Studies Dept in New Mexico and the Hashemite (Edomite) Kingdom of Jordan announced God did not really destroy the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah; they seem to have found them at Tall el-Hamman  

       Tall el Hamman is a site in a fertile plain NE of the Dead Sea and is fertile with Bull Shit (Well Crafted Lies). New Mexico’s Southwest Trinity University is following in the footsteps of U of NM who actually created and patented the Brimstone (Aluminum, Magnesium + Sulphur) “Thermate” (not Thermite as Mormon-CIA Liar BYU Physics Professor Stephen Jones claims; Sulphur is used in patented Thermate and only a very few companies use it and have the capability to demolish steel skyscrapers into their own footprint) demolition explosives used to melt the Twin Towers on 9/11/2001.
      The Dead Sea sites of Sodom and Gomorrah are on the quite barren site along the SE shore and house the remains of 2 million people God rained fire and brimstone on for sinning against Him
      Melted marble buildings, the Pillar of Salt (Lot's wife)  are all there. Why propose people can actually escape God's Judgment? In Dan 11:41 say Edom, Moab, and Ammon escape the hand of the Antichrist; Well now, that is precisely what the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (Idumea=MOab, Ammon, Edom) is proposing!
     Don’t mock God for one second; Sodomy (Ritual Sexual initiation using Adultery, Pedophilia, Anal  Sex designed to Blaspheme the Holy Ghost used in high level Witchcraft, Jesuit, Sufi, Masonic initiations) will not go unpunished.
       University Southwest NM is working with the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; nintendo freak, Obama pal and 33 degree Grand Orient Lodge Luciferian Mason initiated in Paris, King Abdullah II claims to be Hashemite ie an Edomite descendant of Muhammad and the Quyraish (Korahite Priesthood is Ishmaelite-Edomite + Canaanite wives; God burned them and swallowed them in the Earth=Perishing in the Gainsaying of Core in Jude 7) Tribe of Mecca (Mechus=Adultery) No wonder they claim God never did what the Bible said he did.
     Don’t believe this garbage for one second.
     Believing this nonsense is tantamount to trusting Turkey to know the location of Noah’s Ark is on Mt Ararat (Turkey-Iraq-Iran border between the Black and Caspian Sea); it’s a bit hard to come FROM the East (Ref Gen 11:2 KJV) to Babylon from Mt Ararat in Turkey isn’t it?
     Believing this nonsense is tantamount to trusting Constantine the Great’s mother Druid mother Helena, Saudi Arabia and Egypt to know the location of Mt Sinai is in Egypt and not in Arabia as God said (Gal 4:25).
    The Focault Pendulum in the Paris Pantheon attempts to Trump God by claiming a Rotating-Helio-centric Earth is causing the Pendulum Swing; it doesn't. An expanding Sphere caused the Swinging without contracting the Bible. All the heroes of the French Revolution are enshrined at the Pantheon for a reason.
     Why not just read Scripture yourself and prove everything by it? Jesus is the Word made Flesh; Jesus is the Judge of all. Can you see why God hates Esau (Mal 1:3; Rom 9:13; Heb 12:16) now?


      "The individual is  handicapped coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he can't believe it actually exists" Luciferian Mason, Jesuit Knight of Malta, Sodomite FBI Director J Edgar Hoover 
     Everyone will be judged as an Individual at death by JESUS; Holy means "To Separate"; the Herd mentality is allowing Satan's Shepherds (Amurru=Edomite Shepherd and Serpent god=America) to Drive us all off the cliff. America is to be the Scapegoat for "Babylon". 
     DRIVE Act 2015 (Develop a Reliable and Innovative Vision for the Economy) goes into effect Jan 1, 2016 when passed. Drive means "Excursion by Vehicle" (That ability will be stopped) and "Hunt, Pursue, Rush Against, Push from Behind" (A man's foes shall be they of his own household" Mat 10:36 Feel like a Beast of Burden being driven from behind to slaughter? "Organized effort to Raise Money". Taxpaying (Tax means Burden as does Veteran) Citizens  funding International Corporations in other words. Treason doesn't adequately describe this. 
      The Highway Trust Fund is broke, as is LUST (Leaking Underground Storage Tank; no Shit) Trust Fund. The plan is to sell off 100+ Million Bbls of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve at record low prices to foreign countries as drums for WWIII are beating; in the process DRIVE will re-authorize the Import-Export Bank Charter (expired Sept 2014), the primary vehicle for Corporate War Profiteers like Boeing, GE, Bechtel, Halliburton, Sikorsky, Orbital Sciences, Komatsu, Caterpillar (What gets destroyed, needs rebuilding) and several other hidden off-books corporations; Sneaky eh? Ex-Im Bank essentially puts Taxpayers on the hook for US Government Loans to a dozen or so International Corporations whose revenue comes from War; Boeing being the largest beneficiary by far even created CHAMP (Counter-Electronics, High-power Microwave) to destroy the US Power Grid and blame it on another Made in the USA entity called ISIS; with loans guaranteed by Taxpayers headed for the Stone Age. Who could dream up evil like this? People who have sold their Soul.
     Congress (Congredi means "To meet for War"; Where? Capitol means "Womb of Zeus/Lucifer" Under Who? Lady of Freedom aka Isis; Between what? The Speaker is between the Fasces aka Fascism) intends pass a law preventing the extraction of Oil, Nat Gas and Coal on Federal Lands in accordance with the UN directives, sell off the Strategic Reserves at a very low return; give Foreign Corporations the rights to Federal, State and Personal Assets (401K, Savings, Retirement Accounts, Home, Cars etc all subject to Executive Orders waiting for the right Crisis to be enforced) via TPP and TTIP; remove any Constitutional Legal recourse (TISA Courts) and 6th Amendment Rights to a fair and speedy trial and confiscate the assets and passports of everyone in the nation not able to pay their fair share of the Debt.
     Hidden in the nearly 1000 pages is the provision is the right to Confiscate Passports if the debt exceeds $50,000 in Taxes. Whew, don't owe that much? Guess again, every citizen is regarded as a CORPORATE Legal Fiction (CAPITALIZED NAME on Driver's License, Social Security Cards, Passport etc) owes a pro-rata share of the $18T National Debt or $60,000.

     This is how Debt Slaves are created; on Jan 1, 2016 the US will become a giant Debtor's Prison.
    The up side to all this is JESUS will forgive every unpayable debt you have if you ask Him. Hell will have 535 new residents shortly, we don't be one of them.

                                 ISIS This is a video of a US Military flown Apache (Prescott Bush unearthed Apache Chief Geronimo's Skull for is Skull & Bones Initiation and initiates like ISIS financier John Kerry, al-Qaeda creator George Sr, Jr, and Jeb Bush drink from is Skull to celebrate to this day) Helicopter escorting a convoy of US State Dept financed Toyota SUV's given to ISIS traveling from Iraq into Syria on Nov 9.  Here are pictures of traitor John McCain with ISIS leader and Israeli asset Simon Elliot  Veterans deserve a little better than Satanic Traitors as leaders.
    ISIS claimed responsibility for a coordinated attack Friday 13th attack on Paris (Par=House; IS=ISIS); the next day French warplanes attacked Raqqa the ISIS Capital in Syria whose Dam controls the water flow of the Euphrates River; at Rev 9:11 5th Trumpet Warning 1st Woe, the Euphrates River does dry, perhaps we now know the reason for the Paris attack. The Paris attack was forewarned 10 years ago in the movie "Team America"
because America is named after Amurru the Edomite Serpent and Shepherd God; Amar the Canaantie god of the West and Ameru meaning "Serpent" and Can meaning "Priest of Cain". Folks, we don't really want to be on "Team America".
     The Jan 2015 issue of Economist Magazine came out during the Charlie Hebdo (French Government finances the hate filled rag Charlie Hebdo)  False Flag attack in Paris and cryptically gave the date of the 11/13/15 attacks Why Economist Magazine? Knights Templar were the Edomite-Cathar Military Bankers arrested in France; the last Grand Master Jacques DeMolay executed on Pont Neuf (New Bridge). Replacing the Templars are Knights of St John like Joe Biden, John Kerry, Paul Ryan, 4 Supreme Court Justices, all Traitors to the US. 
     Presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen promptly called for the annihilation of Islamist Extremists, shutdown of Mosques,, expulsions of foreigners and illegal immigrants.
What you won't hear is Islamist Extremists Shia Ayathollahs Ali Khameini, Ali Sistani and Ali Khomeini as well as Hashemite King Abdullah II were all trained and initiated into the Grand Orient Masonic Lodge in Paris. 
     Remember the Assassins (Hashishan=Hashish)? The Nizari Assassins are the Arab counterpart to the Knights Templar/Hospitaller Order led by Paris resident Agha Khan IV also a Paris initiate of the Grand Orient (Rising Sun) Lodge. Think the Masonic-Paris led French Revolution was fun? Just wait.  
     On Oct 27, the CIA, French, British and Israeli Intelligence (ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is John McCain pal Mossad asset Simon Elliot) met in Washington DC for the 21st Century Intelligence Conference. 9/11/2001 was the "New Pearl Harbor" event called for in PNAC "Project for a New American Century". How's the Satanic Jubilee Year shaping up so far? 
    "Nothing in politics happens by chance. If it happened you can bet it was planned" Luciferian Mason, Pearl Harbor liar FDR
                                  101 Why would the Navy launch 2 Trident II ICBMs at 6 PM, right after dark, directly up Hwy 101 in plain view of 30M people?
    Bible 101: There are no Aliens and Man can never become God. Pretty basic God made man in His image and likeness and woman from man; there are no Aliens. To the occult 101 is 11 with a twist; Sin entered the world through the woman, Eveand Salvation comes through the woman Mary (Virgin Mary) and the Immaculate Conception. Under this Jesuit inspired nonsense, Jesus as yet unborn sanctified His mother Mary who was never under the influence of Satan; thus 101 is One Woman- God- One Woman. Houston we have a problem; 0 is not God, it is Zoroaster (Zero=Seed; Asthta=Star); in occult lingo, the Seed of the Woman came to Mary from the Stars. The Idol of the Virgin Mary in Akita Japan shed tears on 101 separate occasions; listening to garbage like this should bring tears to anyone's eyes. "Love" in Greek Gematria is 101; in 1 Cor 13, the word "Charity" is replaced with "Love" 7 Times in New Bible Versions because Love or Agape has more to do with a Bacchanalia Orgy than Alms giving to God (Charity). Mary is derived from Mer=Sea; clever eh? The occult see this as the Beast rising from the Sea or Whore of Babylon delivering the "Sun of God" which also equates to 101 in simple Gematria. The Hebrew rendering of Michael (Archangel Michael) who fights with Satan and casts him out of heaven in Rev 9:11 is also a Gematria of 101.
     Los Angeles "City of Angels" has a Navy Drill going on just off the coast near LAX, within plain view of 20+Million people; flights into LAX are being diverted and night launches of a Navy Trident II (3 Teeth of the Bear with 3 Ribs between its teeth) ICBM Nuclear capable Missile? at a UFO? Bull Shit. A nervous herd is an easy herd to manipulate.
     Nov 9 is an occult 911 "Emergency"? Well sort of, more like Union as Engines #119 and the Jupiter joined the Trans-continental Railroad at the Golden Spike. Capitol means Womb of Zeus/Jupiter. Hollywood actor playing CA Gov and President Ronald Reagan said "Nothing would unite the nations of earth more than the threat of an Alien invasion". Why today?
     The 101st anniversary of WWI and birth of Hedi Lamar is featured on the most recent Google Doodle; Hedi starred as the Philistine princess Delilah; America may play the "Samson Option",  destroying itself and blaming Aliens. Helen of Troy; Trojans should have never let that Horse in because it had dead, diseased plague ridden corpses (CDC and WHO is about to release Ebola and 1918 Plague via Chemtrails); Story of Mankind In this movie the H-Bomb is created which threatens the destruction of the world; Hydrogen combining to form Helium? NOt quite, more like Man becoming God; Jesus told the Pharisees His name is "I Am He" meaning I Am God. The choice is pretty basic, follow Jesus or try in vain to become like Jesus.

               C-3 Cyber Conference
   "How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, the son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! ...that made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed the cities thereof...Is 14:12;17 Want to join the 33 degree Masons in Hell with Lucifer? Then get JESUS in your life! 
      On Nov 6 Google (CIA Spy apparatus) posted the Adolphe Sax Doodle featuring Adolphe Sax (Saxon + Noble Wolf) blowing a 7 horned Trumpet; an obvious warning of the times. Saxons murdered their Briton hosts with a short knife called a "Seaxe" in honor of the High German War god "Saxnot"; today Saxons (Saxe-Coburg-Gotha) aka Windsors control Britain, worldwide Freemasonry and lay claim to most of the material wealth of the world through the City of London Corp. A similar treacherous event in Utah was the 9/11/1857 Mormon Mountain Meadows Massacre.
      C-3 (Cyber 3 Conference) Okinawa Japan Nov 7-8 Why Japan? Japan means "Land of the Rising Sun" aka "Son of the Morning"
    The Logo is a 33, the number associated with Lucifer. Jesus was 33 at the Crucifixion (Ebola means "Balls" used in the Roman Flagrum used to Scourge Jesus). 33 in Japan means SAR-ZAN "Misfortune without escape", such as Nagasaki Atomic Bomb on the 33rd Parallel developed at Trinity Site on the 33rd Parallel and dropped by the 33rd President Harry Truman, a 33 degree Mason. Armaggeddon (Valley of Slaughter) is on the 33rd Parallel as is Baghdad. "333" is the Pagan Rite of Mars. 33 is the Direct Dial # for France (France means Free from God). 33 is the # of the New Age Masonic Christ. The UN logo has 33 sections. St Peter's Basilica has 33 Chapels. 5 angles of 33 degrees form the Pentagon. Hwy 33 was featured in the Mothman Prophecies (M.Othman is the UN Space Alien Ambassador). King David reigned 33 years. The Temple of Solomon was a Cube of 33.3ft; the Solomon Signet Ring in the book "Isis Unveiled" (ISIS will be falsely blamed for the Cyber Attack) by Helena Blavatsky highlights the Six Pointed Star, 3, 33 and 333. 33 degree Mason Astronauts took off from Rwy 33 in Cape Canaveral (Cape of Cain's bearers). The Kyhber Pass separating Pakistan from Afghanistan is 33 miles long and directly on the route to Armageddon from Japan.  
      The US Senate passed the Un-constitutional Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) on Nov 3 allowing Corporations to share all personal information with the NSA (NSA Spy Computer in Mormon Zion) and Dept of Homeland Security (1st HHS Director fake Jew Michael Chertoff). The TPP HQ is in Japan; TPP strips rights of Citizens in favor of Foreign Corporations. "Keep it in the Ground" legislation was introduced in Congress. The Global Climate Change Conference in Paris is Nov 30-Dec 12. Ted Koppel (fake Jew) just published "Lights Out" for a reason, but the real reason is rather occult.
   Eugene Kapersky (Kapersky Labs Internet Security is on most every personal computer) and 9/11 Liar, Full Body Image Scanner Michael Chertoff (Chertoff means Son of the Devil in Russian) among others highlighting a Cyber Attack on Critical Infrastructure such as Electricity, Gas, Telecom, Transportation, Water, Heating, Agriculture, Health and Security is inevitable.

Boeing CHAMP is a Drone based EMP tested in Zion (Utah) capable of destroying the Electrical Grid and everything mentioned at this conference.
     NERC (Nat Elec Reliability Corp) is an NGO altering the frequency of the Electrical Grid; Note, the Grid is 60Hz, any adjustments ends the Grid with catastrophic failure of Generators made by our good friends the Rockefellers at GE.
      A failure of Electricity and Fuel to Atomic Power Plants will cause Fukushima style Radiation all over the developed world. "I have become Death, the destroyer of worlds" 33 degree Luciferian Mason, Soviet Spy J Robert Oppenheimer
     Free Scale Technologies is now owned by Black Stone Group; imbedded RF Hardware Chips such as the ones tested on MH-370 can control every RF and Internet linked control system on Commercial Aircraft, Cars, Boats, Trucks, Atomic Power Plants, ATM's.

    "A man's foes shall be they of his own household"- Jesus. 
Jesus also said "As long as I am in the world, I am the Light of the world" I suggest before JESUS leaves this world (Strong Delusion) and before "Lights Out" comes, you may want Him in your life. Bet you didn't catch the real meaning of "Lights Out" eh?     
    It's been a busy month for NASA Bull Shitters. Bull Shit is "Well Crafted Lies"  In early Oct NASA announced finding Water on Mars. Followed by Water-Ice, Glacier Flows, Tectonic Plates, Ice Mountains and Blue Skies on Pluto. Next came 8 planets/moons/asteroids with water and life from 1000F Venus to -350F Pluto. Then came Alien Mega-structures in orbit around a Star 1480 Light-years from Earth; Stupid doesn't even begin to describe this whopper. Next, the Curiosity Rover finds a Rusty Alien Machine on Mars; neat trick with no water vapor and a well below zero degree CO2 atmosphere. On Nov 8 NASA claimed the Pole Reversal on Earth is imminent just like the Magnetic Pole reversal on Mars that destroyed its Oceans, Atmosphere and Life. Another neat trick since Mars has no Magnetic Field.  So, Earth's Magnetic Field is reversing and will not block Gamma, X-Ray, UV Radiation from destroying all life on Earth. Maybe the NASA geniuses can explain how 330 Freemason Apollo Astronuts survived traveling to the Moon outside the Magnetic Field.  Total Bull Shit from the Apollo Program Liars.

      The 12 nation, 2000 page TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) text was released by the White House on Nov 5, the anniversary of the Jesuit Gunpowder Plot to prevent King James from financing production of the Authorized Bible was no coincidence. The same number of lawmakers (Traitors)  who read the Patriot Act after 9/11 will likely read TPP before voting it into Law.
       Jesuits are the Militia of Zeus and Minerva (Ishtar/Easter). TPP could become Law by Easter 2016. Passover 2016 begins on Earth Day (April 22), perhaps important because during the Millennium, the only day everyone on earth will celebrate is Feast of Tabernacles, Jesus' real birthday and likely start of the Millennium.
      There are many differences between the KJV and all other new bible versions. Edomite "Dominion"  in Gen 27:39-41KJV and the Spiritual Covenant through JAH and JESUS in Ps 68:4; Mat 1:25 stand out for me. Didn't realize Esau who sold his Birthright for a bowl of beans achieves physical "Dominion" over the Earth? Bet you didn't realize the Virgin of Israel fell and will never rise again either (Amos 5:26; 7:2-3; 5-6KJV) Did you know Easter is a Babylonian day celebrated by Edomites (Acts 12:4KJV) having nothing to do with the Resurrection of Jesus or Passover? This is why Jesuits pulled out all the stops and failed to prevent the Authorized Bible (KJV) from publication. "Nothing is more powerful than the bible in the hand of the common man" King James. Did you realize all other bible versions are Copyrighted and classified as Intellectual Property under TPP? Don't have a KJV? You need one now.
      Opus Dei means Work of Zeus; Initiate Paul Ryan and Prince Hall Mason Initiate Barry Soetero aka Bari Malik Shabazz Jr (Bari=Boat/Barque; Malik=Molech; Shabazz means Royal Falcon Horus the 1st Race are Horites) will ensure TPP becomes Law. TPP and TTIP effectively hand over Corporate control of much of the world's assets to Edomites (Esau). 
     “Keep it in the Ground” legislation was introduced by Bernie Sanders the same day. TPP will allow Foreign Corporations the right to sue Municipalities and States who follow Federal Law to keep Natural Gas, Coal and Oil in the ground or prevent Fracking; a Confederate Catch 22 bar none.
     Treason is a polite word for TPP and TTIP; Americans are largely asleep concerning the Edomite (Creditor) agreements that will ensure Debt Slavery; $18T IOU's + $70T Unfunded Liabilities + $700T Mortgage (Property) Derivatives is an Unpayable Debt and was designed to be that way. Want Debt forgiveness? Ask JESUS.
     The Debt ceiling was raised Nov 5; War against ISIS in exchange for lowering Social Security and Medicare as premiums for ObamaCare double.
     Veteran means “Beast of Burden” Satanist Henry Kissinger “Soldiers are dumb stupid animals to be used as cannon fodder in our wars” Sec of War Ashton Carter announced US ground troops are headed to Syria on Nov 5.
     US accused ISIS of planting a bomb on the Russian Airliner on Nov 5.
     Israel announced its US Military shopping list on Nov 5; the US will likely supply Israel well above the annual $3B, giving the ISIS Terrorist (ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi is Israeli Simon Elliot) Nation a squadron of F-15 "Eagles" (Eagle is the symbol of Esau), Anti-ballistic Missile Defenses and a shiny new $12.9 Billion Aircraft Carrier; Luciferian Mason, fake Jew (Ashkenazi=Ashkenaz a descendant of Japheth not Shem)  Netanyahu will meet Obama in the White House Nov 9 to seal the Veteran's Day deal. WWIII was planned Aug 15 "Feast Day of Lucifer" 1871 to pit Zionism against Islam; WWIII is going to happen.
    The French Gov't bailed out Charlie Hebdo with 1.2M Euro after it's portrayal of Muhammad being Sodomized and making fun of largely Chinese victims aboard Malaysia 370. On Nov 5, the Gov't sponsored  Yellow Journalist Rag poked fun at Russians who died in the airliner crash. The story was coincident with US Intelligence (Oxymoron) claiming ISIS planted a bomb aboard  the airliner on Nov 5 because Paris means House of ISIS; Jesuits took their first oaths in the crypt of St Denis in Paris. France means Free of God and Charlie Hebdo is a significant mouthpiece.
     A lot of people are signing their eternal lives away; don’t be one of them. Serving Edomite overlords who have sold their souls for 30 pieces of silver? Just say no. Want to understand all this? Get a KJV and read it. 

    Tellurium is named after Mother Earth "Tellus"; ironically Tellurium 128 has a 1/2 life of 2 Septillion (24 0's) years and is used to justify Old Earth Theories whereas Tellurium 132 has a 1/2 life of 3 days and indicated "Birth Pains" in the Earth are about to begin.
       Fat Man was a Plutonium enhanced fission weapon; Tellurium (Tellus is Mother Earth) 132 has a 1/2 life of 3 days which indicates uncontrolled nuclear fission under Fukushima with MOX Fuel the source of the Neutron radiation is ongoing and speeding up.
      Uncontrolled fission + Earthquake pushing spherical cores into criticality at the location 3 Tectonic Plates converge will send shock waves through the water inside the earth. Molten Earth? As I AM, JESUS separated Water above from Water on, from Water inside the Earth. Water transmits Shock Waves. This is part of the  pre-planned Exodus from Japan across the Silk Road and Karakoram Hwy (Pakistan) across Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Jordan to  Armageddon.
     "The earth will reel to and fro as a drunkard" Is 24:7-22  "There shall be earthquakes in diverse places...abomination of desolation...But pray that your flight not be in winter, nor on the Sabbath day, for then shall be Great Tribulation... Sunday 12/6/2015 Hanukkah is Feast of Dedication; the Great Tribulation lasts 1260 days; the fleeing into the wilderness by the bride of JESUS occurs in Rev 12/6 for 1260 days; Passover instructions are given in Lev 12:6; Purifying a woman giving birth to a man-child is described in Lev 12:6 and again in Deut 12:6; Canaan was conquered in Joshua 12:6; Ephraim was identified as Rebels using the word Shibboleth in Judges 12:6 (The Mormon Church featured in Ted Koppel's book "Lights Out" claim to be Ephraimites; Shibboleth is the Lion's Paw handshake used by Mormons and Masons) The separation of followers of JESUS and Judah on the Porch  versus Israel and Ephraim at the Altar begins the last 1260 days and appearance of the 2 Witnesses (Rev 11: Eze 37:16).
     The 7th purified Word of God promised in Ps 12:6 is the Authorized Bible; Daniel gave a 1290 day Warning which just so happened to align with 5 Nov 15 the anniversary of the Jesuit Gunpowder Plot to prevent its publication.


     The widespread appearance of Tellurium 132 is a very big deal; it means uncontrolled nuclear fission is going on underground; when re-criticality occurs uncontrolled earthquakes will occur all over the earth. Shaman for 4200 years have used Telluric Earth currents to plan the location of Pagan Sites which were then adopted by Churches such as the Roman Catholic Church for Cathedrals, Shrines, Mosques etc A "Tell" is a Burial Mound formed into a 7 coil Ratio of Life (Phi=1.618 to 1); the first being the Tower of Babel. JESUS separates His followers from those who worship the Earth and are not written in the Lamb's Book of Life in Rev 13:8. Phi=13/8

If you do not know for certain your name is in the Lamb's Book of Life why not ask the Man with the 7 Seals getting ready to Seal that Book for Eternity? 
       Fukushima is how the Earth will reel to and fro. Fukushima is how there will be Earthquakes in diverse places. Fukushima on the 38th (38 degrees is the angle of the Queen's Chamber shaft in the 52 degree side of the Great Pyramid; Shibboleth means Abundance of Corn; Korea is split along the 38th Parallel because Kore is the Corn Goddess) parallel is how a 200Million person Exodus (Rev 9:11) happens and why there are gleaming, yet unpopulated NWO cities along the Silk Road at the ready.
      Jesuits took their 1st Oaths on the Feast Day of Lucifer Aug 15, 1534 in the Crypt of St Denis (Denis=Dionysus=Green Man); their 1st acquisitions were Targun (Tehran) and Nagasaki where Fat Man was detonated by Luciferian Mason Harry Truman. These people will perish in the Gainsaying of Core (Jude 7) Don't be part of the group Time is very short.

                     Keep it in the ground
           TPP nations want America's vast energy reserves to stay in the ground; Why? So their Foreign Corporations can Sue Municipalities and States who follow "Keep it in the Ground" Federal Law. A Confederate Wet Dream bar none. Paul Ryan will pass TPP and it's "Lights Out" for the United States.
     During the Great Tribulation, JESUS refers to people who reject Him and whose names are therefore not written in the "Book of Life of the Lamb" as "Earth Dwellers" (Rev 13:8)
     "Keep it in the Ground” Greenpeace Legislation has been around for years, but was formally introduced by Hillary Clinton front man Bernie Sanders on Nov 4 ahead of the Paris Climate Change Summit; it prohibits Nat Gas, Oil and Coal drilling on all US Federal Lands to stave off Global Climate Change. Why? America is to be the Scapegoat for Rev 18 "Babylon"
      The US is a CORPORATION The CONSTITUTION FOR THE UNITED STATES provides no Rights for Citizens. The CORPORATION has a "Balance Sheet" Debt: $18T IOU's + $70T Unfunded Liabilities such as Social Security, Medicare, Gov't Insured Pensions) + 700T Mortgage (Mortgage means Death Note; Slaves/Citizens cannot own Property) Derivatives.  Liabilities are offset by Assets and maintained in Accounting Ledgers by Traitors (Mayors, Governors) on CAFR's (Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports); CAFR is an Edomite play on words; Kafir means Infidel, Impious Wretch, Unbeliever, or To Blot Out; Mohammadens (Quyraish Arabs of Mecca) called Christians "Kafirs". Citizens have no Rights in CORPORATE AMERICA. Bank Accounts, Retirement Accounts, Homes of Citizens will offset the National Debt with Passports tied to the Debt; neat trick eh?
     America (Amurru is the Edomite Serpent and Shepherd god; Amar the Canaanite god of the west; Ameru means Serpent) will become a Debtor's Prison, all planned as part of Operation Garden (Cain is the "Constant Gardener") Plot financed by the Iran-Contra drugs for weapons program during the Reagan administration. Now you know why FEMA has had annual no-bid contracts to turn taxpayer financed military installations into FEMA Concentration Camps and the Border Fence and a Constitution Free Zone surrounds the US, patrolled by armed EPA and Border Patrol Agents of the CORPORATION.  
    The land the US sits on is also valuable.  ANWR has over a Trillion Bbls of Oil and a BP owned, taxpayer financed pipeline in place. The Gulf of Mexico has the volume of Mt Everest (Est 3 Trillion Bbls) under pressure (Deep Water Horizon was intentional) with a taxpayer financed pipeline system and refineries in place. Bakken Formation has a Trillion Bbls; together with Tar Sands in Canada another Trillion Bbls and the Keystone XL Pipeline.  Green River Formation in WYO, UT is one of the largest coal deposits in the world. Wyoming, Utah and Montana have thousands of taxpayer financed capped Nat Gas Wells. These assets will be "Kept in the Ground".
    Who wants "Keep it in the Ground"? The Asian-Pacific Environmental Network aka TPP (Trans-pacific Partnership). Why? America will default and Corporations and their Lawyers want those assets. Think the US is a Sovereign Nation? The Pope says Global Climate Change is real and look who wags its tail. "We will pass TPP"-Paul Ryan, Papal whipping boy and Opus Dei Initiate. Mat 24:28 says Eagles will gather around the Carcase; TPP Nations Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunnei, Singapore are Edomite Dictatorships; the Eagle is the symbol of Esau=Edom and it is Esau who obtains "Dominion" over the world (Gen 27:39-41 KJV) 
    How to keep it in the ground? Ted Koppel's (Ashkenazi fake Jew; Kopf=Kopp meaning Crown or Head) new book "Lights Out: A Nation unprepared; Surviving the aftermath". Who will cause the "Lights Out"? Boeing's CHAMP (Counter-electronics High-powered Microwave Advanced Missile Project) of course. CHAMP means "Light's Out" and Nazi boy Ted Koppel knows it. "A man's foes shall be they of his own household" Mat 10:36; Mic 7:6. 
     CHAMP was tested in Utah; Ted Koppel's book has 3 chapters dedicated to the Mormons (Mormo is one of 77 names of Satan meaning "god of the living dead") known for preparing for the "Lights Out" scenario (Blood in the Streets Prophecy may ring a Baal) One chapter called Deseret caught my attention. Deseret means "Honey Bee". Honey is Soma or Ambrosia, the elixir of the gods. Honey is Bee Vomit where Bee is Chaldean for Word; America's demise is the end of the "Sting" or Chaldean/Edomite "Rigged Game" called the Tower of Babel. Beehive State=Zion; Drones (CHAMP is a Global Hawk Drone; Hawk is Horus) serving the Queen. Magdala means Tower; Mary Magdalene the Grail; no despite what Mormons claim, Jesus and Mary Magdalene did not have children. The NSA (National Spy Agency) put their largest Data Collection facility in Salt Lake City; so named after the Salt Valley where Slime was used for Mortar in the Tower of Babel (Gen 11:3). The Eagle Gate (Gate of Esau's Dominion) just south of the Mormon Temple (Acts 7:48 says God does not dwell in Temples made with hands) has an Eagle clutching a Beehive above a Baphomet Star (Inverted Pentacle=Goat of Mendes); the Eagle (Esau) carries the Bees (Melissae=Bee=Priest) to Zion where Melchisedek Priests carry on where Jesus, the only Melchisidek Priest failed. Rather than spending eternity in Hell, I suggest spending time in your Prayer Closet one on one with JESUS rather than reading Ted Koppel's propaganda. America is set to become the Scapegoat for Rev 18 "Babylon has fallen"; the Messiah (Christ) who emerges from the ashes will be the Beast not Jesus. 
     The Beast (Alternative Messiah) will be presented on the largest TV screen in the world, the Ionosphere; all planned and financed by the Iran-Contra (Mormon Mitt Romney laundered the enormous profits through Bain Capital) program as "Operation Blue Beam" by  Reagan (really Bush Sr) and Mikhail Gorbachev. "Star Wars" may ring a Baal; the whole thing was  "Cold War" Bull Shit designed to present "Christ" to the world. Now you know why the Mormons were simply called the "Church of Christ"; they have absolutely nothing to do with Jesus Christ.  Accepting JESUS into your heart will be a lot easier before the Lights go out; why not ask Him for a little help?  

              Coptic/Cretan WWIII False Flag
       Nov 7 Update: Charlie Hebdo, fresh off a 1.2 Billion Euro Government Bailout and portraying Muhammad as homosexual, now pokes fun at the Russian Airliner crash. Charlie Hebdo is Operation Gladio, Yellow Journalism sponsored by the French Gov't .
     Cretans are admitted "Liars, Evil Beasts and Slow Bellies" Titus 1:12 Coptic is Monophysite meaning "Person having the belief Jesus is wither wholly human or wholly divine but not both" Orthodox means "Having the correct opinion". Jesus the Man is JESUS, wholly Divine and the only source of the New Covenant through the Holy Ghost. Best get this straight in your mind before WWIII begins.
    Update Nov 4: US Intelligence claims ISIS planted a bomb on Russian airliner. Sure thing, just like they planted Bio-hazard cargo on MH-370 and several dozen long dead corpses on MH-17 before shooting it down with a Buc Missile. 
     Nov 3: An ISIL video of the incident was released. First: How did they get into position for a video unless they knew the exact position the plane would be destroyed? The position of the video? The Gulf of Aqaba, specifically the spot Pharaoh cornered Moses and the Israelites before they crossed the Red Sea on dry land. This stuff would be comical except it will likely lead to the pre-planned WWIII and revealing of Lucifer to the world. 
      Nov 2: Noises not indicative of a bomb but not normal for inflight, recorded on CVR before inflight break-up. Rather similar in respects to the break-up of Space Shuttle Columbia, destroyed using Ionospheric (HAARP) microwave heaters. Can't happen to airliners? AF #447 comes to mind.
     Nov 3: Russia laid blame on Saudi, Israeli and Egyptian Intelligence; comical since Saudi Military Generals are trained in Moscow, Egyptian Military Generals in the US, ISIS is armed on both sides and figureheaded by Israeli Simon Elliot aka Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi and the US Army SITE (Searth for Int'l Terrorist Entities) headed by Israeli Rita Katz is the ISIL Propaganda Arm.
   Nov 2: Russia attacked the Bridge over the Euphrates River near Aleppo effectively cutting off Oil from Aleppo. 
    Nov 2: The US bombed the main Power Plant which supplies power to the Water Treatment Plant. No transportation, No Energy, No Clean Water, a guaranteed Cholera epidemic in the city directly north of Damascus, on the fake Gog and Magog route to Jerusalem. 
     Nov 2: John (Kohen) Kerry (US), Russia and Saudi Arabia arm (Google Mol Comfort and Nour M) ISIS; John just called for an Emergency Mtg in Vienna on Syria, with the EU, Russia and Iran.
     Nov 2: War Hawk Liar Sen Lindsey Graham called on the US Army to plan war against Russia, Hezbollah and Iran to oust Bashar al Assad (Bob Gates already admitted Assad is using US WMD's supplied to Saddam Hussein during Iran-Contra)
     Nov 2: Sec of War Ashton Carter announced the US will send ground troops into Syria as the US authorizes $100M in funding for ISIS.
     Nov 2: Fake Jew, 33 degree Mason Benjamin Netanyahu called for a meeting with 32 degree Mason Obama in Washington DC on Nov 9.
    Think ISIS is the enemy? Guess again; they are the Frankenstein destroying their Creator. Cretans never change, they just get more bold.
   Russian, Coptic, Syrian (Aramaic), Greek, Assyrian, Orthodox (Having the correct interpretation) all derive from the same Satanic/Cretan source; the only Aramaic (Syrian) words Jesus spoke were from the Cross just prior to giving up the Holy Ghost "Why hast thou forsaken me". Titus speaks particularly to "they of the Circumcision (Israel is not Jewish; it is a mixed bag of Ashkenazi ie Talmudic/Kabbalah, Mizrahi ie Oriental/Sunrise/Orthodox, Sephardic ie Spanish/Latin "Marranos", Edomite, Babylonian, Medean, Cuthite; real Jews are in Diaspora) being untrustworthy"; the 2 sons of Shem (Semite): Elam (Iran), Asshur (Assyria), Lud (Lydia/Turkey), Arphaxad (genealogy of Abraham and Jesus; Lost Tribe Brit-Am-Israel is Bullshit), Aram (Syria) all represented in the current pre-planned build-up to WWIII. The purpose of WWIII being to pit Islam against Zionism; to usher in the reign of Lucifer and to fake the battle of Gog and Magog.  
    The Coptic Archdiocese is in Sharm el Sheikh the beach resort at the southern end of St Katherine (Cathar or Catharsis) Park, the fake Wilderness of Sin "Sinai" and fake location of the Exodus. Israel wandered 40 years in the normal distance covered in 11 Days for disbelief; try walking from the Egyptian Mt Sinai just north of Sharm el Sheikh by way of Mount Seir (Petra) to Kadesh-barnea (Southern edge of the Promised Land just north of Petra (Deut 1) and the Apis Bullshit will become apparent. Mt Sinai (Mt Horeb) is in Saudi Arabia NW of Mecca (Arabic for Adultery), 11 days walk south of Petra; Petroglyphs of the Golden Bull (Apis Bull of Egypt), the Rock split top to bottom that gushed water and Petrified Manna are all there, so whose doing all the lying?
      Coptic is derived from Caphtor=Caphtorim a grandson of Ham, and son of Mizraim who fathered the people called Phoenicians; these people coerced the Tribe of Dan into idolatry, supplied 1000 wives and concubines for Solomon, designed the 1st Temple and sent Ahab the Princess Jezebel; JESUS condemns the Spirit of Jezebel; her body became as dung, fertilizing the Valley of Slaughter "Armageddon".
     Phoenix means "House of Enoch", the source of Enochian Magick named after Cain's Enoch (Mormon Enoch as well) not Seth's Enoch (1 of 2 Witnesses during the final 1260 days with Elijah). Greeks referred to Copts as Gyptios or Gypsies; scripture calls them Cretans and they refer to themselves as "Liars, evil beasts and slow bellies"  in Titus. Mizrahi is one of 3 divisions of fake Judaism with Sephardic (Sepharvaim worship Anammelech or Ishtar Rabbit and Adramellech the Assyrian sun god) and Ashkenazi (Germanic Pagans descended from Ashkenaz, Gomer and Japheth pretending to be Jewish). Mizrahi are called Jews of the Eastern Rite or Orthodox; East being the Rising Sun or Oriental Jews are not Jewish in any sense of the word much less Christian.
     Oct 31 "All Saints Eve" precedes Nov 1 "Day of the Dead"; Celtic New Year Hogunna or Samhain; Anglo-Saxon Blood Month; Persian Mordad; Egyptian Athyr (Hathor or Arthur); Hindu Durga. Oct 31 was 17 Muharram the Arab Holy Day derived from Harem or Sin.
      ISIS in Sinai claimed responsibility for downing the Russian airliner and even have a video of the impact BS! Saudi Arabia and Russia fund and train ISIS in Sinai; Saudi flag military officers are trained in Moscow. Google Mol Comfort and Nour M; Russian and Turkish cargo ships were full of Russian weapons headed for ISIS in Saudi Arabia.
          Russia is subtly added to Eze 38:2 as Rosh or Rus in new bible versions (Westcott & Hort Bible Revision Committee 1887); Russia is not Rus, Rosh or Gog. Moscow is not Meshech and Tobolsk is not Tubal. Russia will use this False Flag as the excuse to invade Syria (Aramea) on the pretext of destroying ISIS; Is 17:1 will follow as will the fake Gog and Magog invasion (Eze 38:2;Rev 20:7) the real Gog and Magog is 1000 years+ from now.
     Sharm el Skeikh: Arabs claim this is the spot Moses escaped Pharaoh on 10 Muharram The new Hollywood BS  "Exodus God's and Kings" featured this spot because St Katherine (Cathar=Catharsis) Park and the fake Mt Sinai are there where the Aramaic (Syrian or Orthodox) Bible was found in a trash can at St Katherine's Monastery. Constantine's Druid mother Helena located the fake Mt Sinai here; the real Mt Sinai is in Saudi Arabia under guard by US and Saudi Military forces. Israel could not possibly have traveled to Canaan in 11 days from the southern Sinai.
     St Petersberg was once Petrograd named after Petra, the Eagle's Nest of the Edomites and Nabbattean Arabs; Peter and Petra means "Small Stone"; JESUS is the "Immovable Stone". St Petersberg  was also Leningrad, named after the Wall St financed Bolshevik, fake Jewish murderer.
     Now how did the Airbus descend at 6000ft/min from 31,000ft? Engine failure? No way; a power off glide is 1000ft/min. Shot down by ISIS? No way; MANPADS can only reach a few thousand feet. BUC Missile systems leave a contrail visible for 100+ miles. Inflight disintegration? Planes don't disintegrate inflight without mitigating circumstances such as violent wind shear/thunderstorms or bombs.  If the plane was flying in a controlled 6000ft/min dive a bomb can be ruled out and proven easily with the FDR (Flight Data Recorder). Un-interruptible Autopilot (Proven with 9/11/2001 and Patented after 9/11/2001), override from the ground seems most likely to me. Pilots on a death wish? I doubt it; Germanwings #9525 may ring a Baal; it was the set up for this. The plane lost communication between Egypt and Turkey and no distress call from the pilots, a feature possible with imbedded FreeScale Tech  RF Hardware chips likely tested in MH-370 and MH-17. 
     Russia is predictably blaming Egyptian and Saudi Intelligence for the crash; there is the excuse to start WWIII. Whatever the case Russia will use the False Flag to step up attacks on ISIS, the fake Terror (Israeli Mossad asset Simon Elliot=Abu Bakr al Baghdadi) Group, armed, financed, trained and propagandized by the US (Black Water, US State Dept, US Army SITE), Russia (Mol Comfort, Nour M), Turkey, Jordan and Egypt, the nations accepting the most US Aid money.

Robots fry from radiation, yet a robotic camera has managed to film a living creature inside Reactor #3 in Fukushima. Ever wonder why the TPP HQ is in Japan (Land of the Rising Sun) where Godzilla originates? TEPCO claims to have found a living aquatic organism inside the melted MOX Fuel Reactor #3. Bullshit. First NASA finds life on Mars, then Mars and Pluto, then on 8 planets/asteroids in the Solar System, then finds orbiting Alien mega-structures around a Star 1500 Light-years away and now Fukuzilla. 
     The 2014 iteration of Godzilla featured an aquatic creature found by Project Monarch scientists, spawned from a nuc reactor in Japan; Wow, what a coincidence! NOT. Project Monarch has nothing to do with nuclear science, it is the CIA Mind Control program; together with Operation Mockingbird, this Mind Control bombards the world via TV and its fully controlled Hollywood, Radio and News outlets; the Butterfly symbolizes Transformation, Illumination, Ascendance etc 
    Godzilla is named after Zillah, Lamech's wife (77 fold revenge and 7th Shemitah ringing a Baal? Gen 4:24) and Tubal-cain's mother. Tubal-cain is the instructor of metal workers such as those who created Plutonium used in MOX Fuel, named after the Roman god of the Underworld (Disney's Blood Hound=the Hounds of Hell Columbus, Cortez and Pizarro used in the Americas).
    Masons identify each other by wearing a 2 Ball and Cain Tie Tack resembling 2 Golf Balls and a Club; the Masonic Passphrase for those who have sold their soul is ""Who is Tubal-cain? Ans: Vulcan of the Canaanites. Tubal-cain is the Freemason Patron god equivalent with Hephaestus, Vulcan (Spock and the  Synagogue of Satan Rabbi "Sign of Shin". Shin means "Nails" the metal Nails forged by Vulcan were used to Nail God to the Tree. The metal Plutonium is now being used to Crucify most of the Northern Hemisphere.
     Patrick Henry said "When men forget God, tyrants forge their chains" Tubal-cain is forging America's Chains using his Masonic Traitors. In the Godzilla movie, the Beast from the Sea destroys Hawaii, Las Vegas and finally becomes the Saviour of the City of San Francisco. The Dragon, Beast and False Prophets are the 3 Unclean Frogs (Frog swimming out of the water in the movie Gravity ringing a Baal?) JESUS warned of. 
    Fire is required to forge metal; Prometheus (Fore Thinker) breaks free of his chains in Sochi (Flame); the Eagle pecking his liver year after year is America, soon to be set ablaze as the Phoenix by Russia, Edgar Cayce's "Saviour of the World".
     Rabbis also have a tradition that Naamah, the sister of Tubal-cain was Noah's wife. She would have been over 1500 years old and 1000+ years older than Noah so that too is Bulshit. Noah's wife however did have sex with her son Ham to produce Canaan, Cursed with this genetic defect carried across the Flood and all the way back to the Garden of Eden.
    Quite the Satanic script unfolding according to plan right in front of our eyes eh? The TPP provides for complete Internet censorship and the EPA has just shut down RadNet. Dead Men with no Internet tell no tales. 
     The EPA and its Earth mercenary army are Salting, Scorching and pissing the ashes just as was done in North Africa after the Punic Wars. RadNet was shut down along the west coast as the atmospheric plume of incinerated and ejected radiation arrived on the "Jet Stream"; the Pacific Ocean is nearly void of life from the MOX Fuel engineered buoyant "Bucky Balls" of Radiation. The EPA used Corexit during the pre-planned Deep Water Horizon disaster and destroys groundwater with Nat Gas Fracking.
    Now RadNet has been all but deactivated entirely by the EPA (99/135 sites), specifically B-Radiation detection for Strontium-90. Strontium-90 is the "Bone Seeker", having a 1/2 life=29 years=Metonic Cycle=Height of Lady Freedom atop the Capitol "Womb of Zeus", the modern day Konn-Torrs (Priests of the Torriod or Earth-Sun) are in the process of Salting, Scorching and Pissing in America's ashes as Rome did to North Africa after the 120 years of Punic Wars.
    Manhattan (Man + Aton/Aten) era dump sites on the Columbia River (Hanford), Los Alamos, St Louis are already burning; on Oct 21 a site near Las Vegas released a plume of radiation and a 1.4Million Lb ANFO (Ammonium Nitrate-Fuel Oil) bomb is at the ready over "The Crucible" to loft the radioactive debris of 1000 Atomic and Nuclear tests into Las Vegas, Phoenix, Los Angeles and Lake Meade, the water source for 20Million. Why?
    "Climate Change is not a religion, it's a scientific fact" EPA Director Gina McCarthy (Mitt Romney's Environmental Adviser), the American face of Pope Francis, the UN and the Obama Admin Un-scientific Human caused Global Warming Bullshit. Warmer temperatures create more evaporation across 75% of the Earth's surface; water vapor is lighter than air and rises to its "Saturation Point" forming Clouds which are Opaque and White, reflecting Solar Radiation, preventing Infrared Radiation from heating the Atmosphere; Are you smarter than a 5th Grader? These Satanic Knuckleheads including the Vicar of Jesus aren't. Jesus said "Go forth and multiply", not go forth and abort babies so the Earth won't kill them. McCarthy's self professed "War on Coal" will remove the last form of energy production; Oil? Trillions of Bbls are in the Gulf of Mexico, ANWR, Green River Formation and Bakken Field; thousands of clean burning Natural Gas Wells are capped across Utah and Wyoming. America's Industrial Revolution is over, now shut up and die! 
    Gnostics believe the body must be destroyed to free the spirit; Strontium-90 is a Beta Radiation (Electrons) emitter which mimics calcium and is taken quickly into the Bones. Ezekiel 37 "Valley of Dry Bones" may ring a Baal; God resurrects Israel from their Dry Bones including Flesh and Blood during the Millennium; not the nation Israel (Ref Amos 5:26; 7:2-3; 5-6KJV), but 144,000 of Jacob's 12 sons and people "Wrestling with God" ie Born Again followers of JESUS.
    Nuclear by-products: Strontium-90 destroys the Bones; Cesium-137 destroys the Soft Tissue and Iodine-131 destroys the Thyroid and Endocrine System. "I have become Death, the destroyer of worlds"-Luciferian Mason/Soviet Spy J Robert Oppenheimer witnessing the Trinity Detonation quoting Shiva the Hindu "Destroyer" whose Idol is also that of CERN's trying to create the "God Particle". Ft Detrick and CDC created Ebola (Balls of a Roman Flagrum) will cause people to drown in their own blood; all created by taxpayer funded US projects. Satan will stop at nothing to thwart God's written plan and Satan has a lot of help. 
     With $Trillions of China and Japan (HQ of TPP with TPP proponent and Pope Francis' loyal Whore Paul Ryan coming on the scene) investments in America, what do you suppose will be the reaction of our Creditors to America's Treasonous, Self-destructive Government actions? Get ready folks! JESUS is knocking on the door, but will not open it; you need to do that now.
                       Oct 24, 2015
                   Uniting the World under the Satanic Priesthood
      70th UN Anniversary on Oct 24, 2015 dozens of iconic landmarks from the Horite-Nabattaean-Edomite Petra to Chartres Cathedral to Roslyn Castle to Alhambra, all around the world will be lit in Tekhelet Blue (Canaanite/Korahite/Samaritan Priestly color impersonating God's Tekhelet) just as the UN Logo and Star of Molech on Israel's Satanic Ensign. The Atmosphere scatters Blue Light, causing the Sky to become Blue, the color associated with false gods Zeus, Krishna, Mithra etc Opus Dei for example is not God's Work but Zeus' (Day) Work. Opus Dei "Work of Zeus" was formed Oct 1928, 1 yr later on Oct 24, 1929 the US Stock Market collapsed; it was planned.
     Oct 24, 2015 is the 86th anniversary of the start of the Great Depression ; to "86" means "To Destroy". Oct 24, 1260 the Chartres (Cathedral of the Green Man) is dedicated in front of King Louis IX "Saint Louis" (not coincidental is an underground land fill fire is nearing a buried radioactive stockpile near the Missouri River and Mississippi Rivers in St Louis named after Louis XIV "Sun King", the Masonic Gateway to the West); the UN is founded on Oct 24, 1945 and its Cornerstone laid in Masonic ceremony Oct 24, 1949. On Oct 24, 2005 Hurricane Wilma becomes the last of a string of 9 manipulated/insured hurricanes in 14 months (eg. Horace, Dennis, Jeanne, Charley, Francis, Rita, Wilma) for WX Derivative/Hurricane Governor Jeb Bush. Oct 24, 1929 was the pre-planned "Black Thursday" Stock Market crash which led to the Great Depression, Oct 24, 2008 was the "Bloody Friday" stock market crash.
      Hurricane Patricia (The Carbon Tax Hurricane that wasn't) hit at Even on Oct 23, 2015, thus Patricia began the 86th UN celebration on the day Muslims believe  Moses crossed the Red Sea. The Simpsons predicted the Hurricane's size and path exactly, naming it Consuelo, the Spanish Title for Virgin Mary "Nuestra Senora de Consuelo "Our Lady of Consolation". Hurricane is derived from the Qiche Maya storm god "Huracan".  Maya (really Chaldean Priests in the Americas) believe Huracan caused the Flood. Patricia means Female Patrician or Noble and has a Gematria of 77 equivalent with CHRIST and the 77 fold revenge of Lamech. 7X7=49 the 7th Shemitah may ring a Baal. Patricia hit the Even-ing before UN Day as landmarks all over the world were it in Tekhelet Blue the Canaanite copy of God's Priestly Color. This Tekhelet color made with Murex Trunculus Sea Snails and UV Light is a Samaritan forgery as are all Earthly Priests, Imams and Rabbis. 
     Oct 24 is Muharram or 10 Ashura, the day Shia and Sunni Muslims celebrate Moses' victory over Pharaoh and the Shias, Ali's victory at Karbala.
     Oct 23 was the start of Scorpio. The Akkadian Scorpion King or Juri Lina's book Under the sign of the Scorpion may ring a Baal. In Babylonian version of the Flood "Epic of Gilgamesh" Scorpion Men are the Guards whose "Glance is Death" and whose "Terror is Awesome"; they open the doors for Shamash (Israel's false Sun god is the center pillar on the Hanukkah (12/6 is a very big deal in scripture) Menorah at Sunrise and close them at Sunset. If this sounds like the US Military, it should. The US even built a radiation hardened bunker in Beit Shemesh called Project 911 for the impending arrival of Satan to Earth in Rev 9:11. 
   The Sign of Scorpio is that of the Society of Ormus (Snake), a stylized M (13th letter=Rebellion)
 Notice the letters OURS because Akkadians (Chaldeans) intend to lay claim to all of the Earth  for the Snake Satan. The Society of Ormus was and is centered in the Persian Gulf from the Nile (Heliopolis "City of the Sun")  to the Straits of Hormuz (Horus and Tammuz); the land Joktanite Arabs (Arab has the same root as Rabbi "Great One") were given in Gen 10. Time to decide whether you will side with Joktan or Peleg (Land surrounded by Water) because JESUS is the Living Water and your only protection from the Scorpion Sting. Ever wonder why the US maintains the 5th Fleet in the UAE? Did you know Bee (Essen=Essene) is Word in Chaldee? Did you know White Anglo Saxon Protestants (WASP) also have Stings? A Sting is a Rigged Game with a guaranteed winner. Who? Esau (Gen 27:39-41 KJV)
     Snakes shed and renew their skin annually with the Sun; hence the Apple is derived from the Celtic sun god Apollo re-born each Christmas. Druids (Chaldean-Akkadian Priests)  were called Judges called "Adders" Why? Dan shall judge his people as one of the tribes of Israel... a serpent by the way, an adder in the path..." Gen 49:16-17 One eensie weensie problem. Dan is not "Saved" in Rev 7 because Dan Judges Israel at the end of the Millennium not now! Where are they in America? Mormons, Dannite Elders whose symbol is the Chaldean Bee. Most Mormons claim descent from Ephraim; notice Ephraim is also not "Saved" in Rev 7. Quite a Sting eh?.
     Patricia was HAARP activated from a Tropical Storm to the largest and strongest named hurricane on record in 11 hours and decimated even faster; an impossibility in nature but not for Geo-engineering  Chaldean Konn-Torrs. Patricia was guided with artificially created low pressure areas using Ionospheric Microwave Heating (X-Band Radars) and ended just as fast. The Global Warming poster Hurricane destroyed virtually nothing in Mexico.
     Weather Derivatives are insurance bets on Weather Disasters (Jeb Bush' fortune comes from WX Derivatives); WX Derivatives and Catastrophic Re-insurance is big business for the modern day Konn-Torrs, the original Chaldean Priests of the Torriod. Here is a good primer 
     The Virgin Mary is Canaanite code for "Earth Mother". 4300 years ago, just after the Flood, Noah and his progeny came From the East ie
from Earth Mother "Cumolomgmo" aka Mt Everest to Babylon. Nimrod had nothing to do with this. The first Earth Priests were Konn-Torrs in Chaldea, so named after the Torriod shaped Magnetic Field ie Konn=Priest of Cain + Torriod. EM Geo-engineering weapons utilize the Earth Magnet and Solar Wind (Electric Current) to produce weapons operating continuously at 10,000’s of Amps and 100,000’s of Volts forming Standing Waves for Earthquake production, Volcanic eruption, guided lightning or Exo/Endo Thermic Explosions. Microwave transmitters modify the Ionosphere to engineer, Droughts, Floods or Hurricanes like Katrina, Sandy, Wilma and Patricia. Chemtrails are the military operation used to lace the atmosphere with aerosol metals used to heat the atmosphere (metal in a microwave analogy). Carlyle Group (Bush/bin Laden/Saddam Hussein et all), Evergreen Int'l (also transferred Saddam Hussein's US made WMD's to Bashar al Assad in Syria) and Enron (Bush family crook and Enron employees Ken Lay, Jeff Skilling and his Chicago Meteorologist brother Tom Skilling) are the main players. Russia even commercially sells Weather Manipulation. Weather Derivatives are Insurance Bets with a guaranteed return on the outcome.. 
     Oct 24, 2015 is a big deal for Shia Muslims awaiting the return of "al-Mahdi" will celebrate the Day of Ashurra on 10 Muharram.  Muharram is derived from "Harem"; "Sinful; "Forbidden" hence the 1st month of the Arab Lunar Calendar commemorated and Arab moon god "Sin". The Battle of Karbala determined the course of history for the Islamic Caliphate with Martyrdom of Husayn ibn Ali on the day Noah's Ark found dry land and Moses Fasted, remembering God's deliverance from Pharaoh according to Quyraish (Korahites of Num 16) Arab tradition. Korahites (Quyraish Tribe of Muhammad) were Rebel Priests God swallowed in the Earth, descendants of the  Amalekites at war with God from generation to generation. Jude warned against perishing (Soul in Hell for Eternity meant here) in the "Gainsaying of Core" Jude 7 How? Saying the Shahada "There is no God but Allah" (Allah is the pre-Islamic Arab moon god "Sin") and accepting Sharia Law or accepting 7 the Noahide Laws will do it. Both declare Jesus a Blaspheming Idol. 
     Blue is the color of Masonic Initiation "Blue Lodge"; the "Red Lodge" is rejection of God as Esau did to become Edom=Red. Neo took the Red Pill and found out how deep the Rabbit (Anammellech in 2 Ki 17:30 is also code for the Virgin Mary aka Ishtar) Hole went, ending up in Zion for the final battle of "Good versus Evil" Don't make his mistake.

     Oct 21, 2015: Babylon "Back to the Future"
    Babylon "Gate of On"; Babel the "Gate of El"  came Back to the Future on Oct 21, 2015  The 1985/89 Back to the Future movies predicted the demolition of the Twin Towers; rebuilding of the Freedom Tower; building the Millennium Hilton (Black Monolith in 2001 and 2010 Space Odyssey movies); and laying blame on Muslim Terrorists. Why? WWIII was planned long ago to pit Zionism against Islam.
On=Osiris=Heliopolis "City of the Sun", El, Allah, Saturn, Sikkuth, Milcom, Chiun, Remphan known as the Star of David; the problem is King David never used the Star called the Hexagram in Witchcraft or Seal of Solomon. Back to the Future I & II highlighted pre-planning of the Occult Ritual 9/11/2001 and the date in the Future Oct 21, 2015 some 30 years ago. 2001: A Space Odyssey was originally planned to have the Black Monoliths near Saturn; a bit too obvious since the Star of Saturn is the Star of Israel, so the Cult of Saturn (Christmas is Saturnalia) chose Jupiter instead. 
     Blaming Muslims for 9/11 was also pre-planned in Confederate Freemason Albert Pike's Aug 15, 1871 (Aug 15 is the Feast Day of Lucifer) plan for 3 World Wars to usher in the Age of Lucifer; the 3rd War between Zionism and Islam.
      Mecca is not Babylon (City of 7 Hills) and neither is Rome; Jerusalem is the Whore of Babylon. JESUS took SPIRITUAL JERUSALEM to Heaven at teh Crucifixion (Gal 4); physical Jerusalem is now holding the world in bondage to Sin (Allah) via the spot Ishmael and Hagar were cast out of Abraham's inheritance "Mecca".
       JESUS returns to Zion, destroying the works of man including the 3rd Temple, Throne of Pergamon "Satan's Seat" and every Edomite (Ref Obadiah) who sold their Soul to become a Whore of Babylon. Jacob impersonated Esau; Esau is now impersonating Jacob and will with 100% certainty deceive the nations and obtain "Dominion" (Ref Gen 27:39-041KJV) as the 3rd Beast (Dan 7:6) ruling from Jerusalem, the Great City of 7 Hills where the Lord was Crucified in the House of His Friends.
    The Whores riding this Beast are Zionists, Talmudists, Kabbalists, Jesuits, Opus Dei, Sufis, Freemasons, Shriners and Knights of various stripes, currently in every nation on earth deceiving and weakening the nations (Is 14:12). 
     Was Oct 21, 2015 the pre-planned beginning of the Great Tribulation? Likely no, but I would not count out Hanukkah 2015 on 12/6. The Feast of Dedication is the dedication of the world to Satan; Lucifer "Light Bearer" is Satan "Obstructer" (Obstructer to Salvation); Hanukkah is also called Festival of Lights for this reason; coincidence it occurs on 12/6/2015? . Daniel means "God is my Judge"received warning from a man clothed in linen upon many waters in Dan 12:6; specifically a warning of 1335 days and 1290 days (Dan 12:11-12) in addition to the well known 1260 day "Great Tribulation". Nov 5 is the anniversary of the Jesuit led "Gunpowder Plot" designed to prevent publication of the Authorized Bible, the 7th Purified Word of God promised in Psalm 12:6. Seeing any patterns developing? In Rev 12:6 JESUS via the Holy Ghost warned the woman to flee into the wilderness prepared of God to be fed 1260 Days. This "Woman" is not the Whore, but the Bride of JESUS (Rev 19:7) Passover Lambs are to be killed per instructions God gave in Exodus 12:6. Women giving birth to a man-child are to purified according to Lev 12:6. Jesus as Lord of the Sabbath is described in Mat 12:6, a Temple made with Flesh. Any patterns yet? Now back to the occult warnings in Back to the Future about 9/11; note Rev 9:11 is the day Satan is cast to Earth. 
     The Millennium Hilton built north of the Freedom Tower represents the Black Monolith guiding humanity to Ascension through Destruction, a decidedly Gnostic concept seen in the phrase "Order out of Chaos". The Millennium is the 1000 year reign of Jesus Christ on earth, centered in Jerusalem. The Monolith is Satan usurping this reign, pre-written 5996 1/2 years ago in the Word of God. The original Screenplays called for the Monolith/Stargate/Wormhole to open at Saturn as seen in the recent occult movie Interstellar, rather than Jupiter; a bit too obvious, then, but not now the Cult of Saturn aka Babylon the Great and it's Whores of Babylon are in full view. MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT is no Mystery any longer; Satan, Saturn, Allah, Milcom,  seen "2001: A Space Odyssey" and "2010: Year we make Contact" T
    he number 88 featured in the movie refers to the Micro-Macro world of CERN where the mythical "Force" (Satan is the god of forces in Dan 11:38) of Gravity gives Mass to Matter at the Atomic Scale (Micro) and Order to the Cosmos (Gravity Strings, Black Holes, Worm Holes). In front of CERN is Shiva the Destroyer in Hindu religion and Oct 21, 2015, the release date of The Walk starring the Time traveling Marty McFly some 30 years ago. Time Travel, Stargates, Worm Holes and earth altering Tesla based EM Energy are up next. This last video centers on pre-planning for 9/11/2001 to blame Muslims. Muslims had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11/2001; 9/11 was strictly and "Inside Job". "And a man's foes shall be they of his own houshold" Mat 10:36; Micah 7:6
     Back to the Future like the Matrix or San Andreas  were loaded with Occult symbolism highlighting among much else the pre-planning of 9/11/2001, the White Rabbit (Anammelech 2 Ki 17:30) and the date Libra (Scales) begins on Oct 21, 2015. Of particular note is the Griffith Park Observatory Obelisk and Tunnel were highlighted in San Andreas (The Rock=the Saviour Jesus) and Back to the Future.
    First why Oct 2015? and why did Back to the Future highlight 88? The 8th and final Tetrad just ended; 8 people were saved in the Flood. October means 8th month; Oc=Sight or 3rd Eye Illumination of the Pineal Gland (Twin Pines in Back to the Future=Pine Cone=Pineal Gland); 2015=2+0+1+5=16=88 the number representing the Infinitely Small (Graviton) interacting with the Infinitely Large (Gravity Strings), Mercury's (Toth-Hermes) Orbit and the Chinese (China=Cathay=Hittites) Ba'i=8 or in English "Bye Bye". 
      Belshazzar was having an orgy with Temple accoutrements when God wrote "MENE, MENE, TEKEL UPARSIM" on the wall. Like Babylon, America will be Weighed in the Balances, found wanting (Unpayable Debt) and Divided (TPP, TTIP). How did Hollywood know this 30 years ago? "Nothing in politics happens by chance. If it happened it was planned" FDR

                                       Isis "Throne of the Antichrist"
    Israeli ISIS Commanding General Yussi Elon Shahak captured in Iraq Oct 21. ISIS is headed by Israeli Simon Elliot ,aka Abu Bakr al Baghdadi ISIS is armed by Russia, US, Saudi Arabia and Turkey (Goggle Mol Comfort and Nour M; John Kerry was waiting on Russian weapons in Jeddah Saudi Arabia when Mol Comfort broke in half); Jordan and Libya train ISIS 
    John McCain is calling for US Stinger Missiles to be given to ISIS; nothing like a few Russian and US Jets shot down as a pretext for War. Traitor John meets regularly with Simon Elliot aka Abu Bakr al Baghdadi; here is the McCain (Clan of Cain) family album
    US State Dept under Hillary Clinton (Bernie Sanders is having trouble covering for Hillary's crimes; Joe Biden dutifully stepped aside for the Wiccan Presidential contender) and John Kerry (Samaritan Cohen) have ISIS driving a fleet of new Toyota 4WD vehicles and the Sinaloa Drug Cartel using US Military Weapons
      Ankara Turkey caught by UN inspectors sending Sarin Gas to ISIS. Istanbul caught training children to become ISIS mercenaries  330 Luciferian Mason Recep Tayyip Erdogan shaking in his Masonic Loin Cloth over likely arrest.
     ISIS caught using US made, UN banned Mustard Gas and Chlorine Gas in Iraq.
     "Destroying ISIS more important than deposing Bashar Al Assad" Chief Hypocrite, Luciferian Mason, Bilderberger, CFR Traitor, Bohemian Grove, "German-Jewish" Knight of Malta, Operation Condor, Cambodian Killing Field and Vietnam War architect  Heinz Alfred "Henry" Kissinger who also said "Soldiers are dumb stupid animals to be used as cannon fodder in our wars" Right on cue Russia and the US signed a "Memorandum" (basically US-Russian Air Traffic Control of the Turkey Shoot) on Syrian airstrikes, as Russia ramps up to 300+ sorties/day.
      US-Israel created ISIS Casus belli for WWIII. Israeli Rita Katz (Kohanim + Tzaddiq=Righteous Chief Priestess) even makes fake ISIS Beheading videos for the US Army. WWIII will be the fake Gog and Magog War on Jerusalem (Russia is not Gog) timed perfectly with Russia in control of the UN Security Council and Wahhabist fanatics in Saudi Arabia in control of the UN Human Rights Council. Desperate times require desperate measures. ISIS "Throne" of Antichrist or JESUS? Time to Choose. It's getting pretty obvious isn't it?

      Paul Ryan: Opus Dei "Little King"
    The astronomical odds of Opus Dei initiates Paul Ryan and Newt Gingrich (33Luciferian Mason) and Mormon Jason Chaffetz being the only choices for US Speaker of the House verifies FDR's statement "Nothing in politics happens by accident. If it happened you can bet it was planned". Paul Ryan wants to end the "Motion to Vacate the Chair" provision; an Opus Dei CFR Initiate sworn to end US Sovereignty and hand control over control to the Vatican who cannot be removed by Congress is Fascism and Treason; no surprise, the Speaker's Rostrum is between the Fasces in the Womb of Zeus and he wants to do so from home.
       Congress means "To meet for War" If you are not ready to die for JESUS you need to get ready. Satan's  SPIRITUAL War for your Soul was lost when Jesus offered Himself to be Crucified on the Tree; JESUS is the Holy Ghost; Opus Dei uses a Circled Red Cross signifying the Crucifixion of the World. The prize is your Eternal Soul; Bee Careful!  

    The UN Security Council meets to discuss Palestinian-Israeli violence; Joseph's Tomb is set ablaze and blamed on Palestinians; UN  Sec Gen, KCIA asset and Unification Church "Moonie" Ban Ki Moon, Luciferian Masons Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Benjamin Netanyahu strongly condemn Palestinian violence. Such is the Jesuit/Masonic/Talmudic Bullshit used to set the stage for WWIII.
     Jacob's Tomb in Nablus is Shechem the place Abram came face to face with the LORD and made the Covenant with Melchisedek aka Jesus Christ to become Abraham. Simeon and Levi slaughtered the entire city avenging Dinah's rape  by Hivites (Chaldean Bee=Word=Bee Hive) and later Samaritans (fake Jews originating with Simon Magus) made Shechem and Mt Gerizem (Samaritan replacement for Mt Sinai) their Holy City. Shechem was originally called Tel Balata (Mound of the Holy Oak); Samaritans call is the Tree of Grace; the term Shalom is derived from Tel Balata aka Tel Salim (Salem), the Canaanite "God of the Setting Sun" (Dusk). Shalom means Peace? The Peace Sign is the inverted, broken cross called the Witch's Foot or Broken Jew, used to Blaspheme the Holy Ghost (JESUS) in Witchcraft Initiations. Shalom means both Hello and Goodbye as well as Harmony, Prosperity, Wellfare and Peace between Man and God. JEHOVAH/JAH/JESUS? Hardly, the God of the Star of Israel more like: Molech, El, Ilu=Allah, Chiun, Saturn, Sikkuth, Remphan, Milcom. Harmonize with this false god and Eternity in Hell is certain. 

     New info on MH-17 forthcoming. Boundless amounts of Oil found on Syrian claimed, Israel occupied Mt Hermon. Syria under full assault. Violence in Israel occupied Palestine.  Russia in control of the UN Sec Council.  Que the Space Aliens. Quite the stage show eh?

    MH-17 at Gate G-3 at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam with tail number MRC (notice it on the nose gear door) ends up in a Ukrainian field with different tail number MRD. The 2 aircraft are obviously not the same, nor would they have the same transponder identification How were B-777's switched? Israel. Full article on MH-17 page. This event will put Russia on a collision course with NATO, the US and Israel (fake battle of Gog and Magog; the real Gog and Magog is at the end of the 1000 years Rev 20:7-8) just as Edgar Cayce predicted 80 years ago "Russia will be reborn as the hope of the world...out of Russia will come the basis of a worldwide religious thought or trend" 
    Russia controls the UN Sec Council; Saudi Arabia controls the UN Human Rights Council; Saudi Arabian military brass receive training in Moscow. Together with the US they are forming a World Police. Strange bedfellows eh? Malaysia is an Edomite Dictatorship; M=13th letter; H=8th letter 13/8=1.618 or Phi the Ratio of Life; 1+7=8 "Eternity". Buc=Beech or Ritual Tree of Life. Malaysian UN Space Alien Ambassador is M Othman  "Mothman Prophecy" ringing a Baal?  All part of a much older Occult Script. Want out of this Stage Play? Get right with JESUS, the 8th and final Covenant between God and Man. Occultists don't believe anything JESUS said much less to a man exactly 70 years after the Crucifixion (Jesus b Feast of Tabernacles 6 BC; d Passover 27 AD) exiled in an island cave via the Holy Ghost. Do you trust the Holy Ghost? Denying the Holy Ghost is the only Unforgivable Sin.

      Orbiting Alien Mega-structures

    Oct 2015: NASA announces finding Water on Mars. Followed by Water-Ice, Glacier Flows, Tectonic Plates, Ice Mountains and Blue Skies on Pluto. Next came 8 planets/moons/asteroids with water and life from 1000F Venus to -350F Pluto. Then came the whopper: Alien Mega-structures in orbit around a Star  named KIC 8462852 some 1480 Light-years (9,000,000,000,000,000 miles) from Earth located between Cygnus (Swan) and Lyra (Harp). The Arabian Phoenix on US Gold Coins had Lyra on its breast; this is code for America's "Swan Song". Why now? 
      Edgar Cayce channeled a demon predicting the finding of the Egyptian Hall of Records would shake up the world. Sphinx means "To Join". 1/2 woman-1/2 Beast/Lion?  No; different species cannot reproduce. 1/2 woman-1/2 Demon/Nephilim, like the series Extant? No; that's a Jewish fable that began with Satan and Eve creating Cain; God created Adam, made Eve from Adam and they had Cain who voluntarily chose a path not sanctioned by God  Giants were produced by Incest, a Sin violating the Marriage Covenant which corrupts the Gene Pool. 
    The Burial Chamber of Nefertiti is about to be publicized ; her name is also Semenekhare, co-regent, daughter and wife of the heretic Monotheism founder and Solar King Akhenaten who gave birth to King Tut and his sister-wife Ankhesenamun (remember her from the movie trilogy "The Mummy"?) Her grandfather Ay was Royal Vizier (Adviser) to 3 Pharaoh's before him and 3 after him and also husband to his granddaughter after offing King Tut whom he was Vizier. Aren't families lovely? 
    The 4th Beast in Dan 7:7; 77 is the Magical Manifestation of Spirit in Matter according to the Beast Aleister Crowley who like Cayce channeled Demons. Gen 6 "Giants" were not produced by Demons impregnating women; they were created from Incest both before and after the flood. The Toes of the Idol described by Daniel are Clay and Iron.
    God created Man in His own image and likeness not Aliens. Apollo is the root of Apple, the symbol of Knowing Good and Evil aka Sphinx. Incest was brought to Egypt by the Hyksos Kings, Amalekites at war with God from generation to generation. Hyksos means "Rulers of Foreign Lands" and "Foreign Shepherd Kings". America is named after Amurru the Edomite Shepherd god. The final Generation is the Generation of the Holy Ghost now nearing its 2000th year; it ends when the Great Tribulation begins. Aliens are coming; Pope Francis will Baptize them and UN Space Alien Ambassador M. Othman (Mothman Prophecy may ring a Baal) will welcome them. You should pray to God you wont' fall for this Bull Shit.
 NASA's Mega Bull Shit, from the Apollo Program Liars. Time to Wake Up folks!
     The Temple Mount is the trigger for WWIII. 330 Luciferian Mason Ashkenazi fake Jew (Ashkenaz is a descendant of Japheth not Shem) Netanyahu is seeking "Final Solution" to the  Palestine Problem and seeking control over the al Aqsa Mosque for the building of a 3rd Temple. "I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive...for if ye believed Moses, ye would have believed me: for he wrote of me"" Jn 5:43;46  Israel is using False Flag stabbings to justify the summary executions of Palestinians and enlisting the aid of Egypt and Jordan to do it. 
     Jordan controls the Temple Mount; Jordan  not only trains ISIS, led by Israeli asset Simon Elliot, its leadership is Edomite. Jordan is Idumea, the land of Edom, Ammon and Moab who escape the hand of Satan (Dan 11:41) symbolized by the Six Pointed Star of Molech, Chiun and Remphan also seen on Israel's Flag. Jordan's King Abdullah (Abd=Servant of Ullah=Allah) is a 33Grand Orient Lodge Mason and claimed Sayyid (Descendant of Muhammad) ie a Quyraish Bedouin or Korahite (Ref Num 16;Jude 7) Egypt represents the Arab League, Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia Law. Strange bedfellows eh?
    Palestinian Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Palestine  (1994-2006) Sheikh Ekrema Sa'id (Sayyid means descendant of Muhammad through the Quyraish ie Korahite Priesthood, the Alternative Priesthood to Moses) Sabri was appointed by 330 Lusiferiann Mason Yasser Arafat (Mahmoud Abbas is also a 330 Luciferian Mason) said "The al Aqsa Mosque is the ultimate issue for Palestine...seizing the al Aqsa Mosque would symbolize total expulsion of Palestinian people from this land". Muhammad Ahmed Hussein, the current Grand Mufti said "The Hour will not come until you fight the Jews"  Jews are not in Israel; Zionists are.   
   Sheikh is a title of Arab Nobility meaning of Joktan and Abraham and Hagar "Hagarenes" or Shias and Assassins. Mufti means Arab Judge and head of Turkomen or Mohamaden Religion. Fatwa means Legal Decree issued by a Mufti; Intifada means Uprising.
Israeli PM Netanyahu and  the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Palestine just may have ordered the trigger event for WWIII
Most Muslims have no idea of this; they are misled just like Zionists mislead Christians or Talmudic Kabbalists mislead Jews. All who fall for this will "Perish in the gainsaying of Core" Core is Korah the leader of the Rebel Priests in Moses' day. Rabbis are falsely sitting in the "Seat of Moses" but are the Synagogue of Satan. Harsh words from Jesus eh? Read Mat 23 and you will see why they Crucified Him; guess they didn't like being called Blind Guiders, Hypocrites, Serpents and Vipers and Sepulchres full of dead men's bones.
Palestinians are not Edomites, they are Arabs being led by Luciferian Masons to Hell. Israel is not Jewish, they are Ashkenazi, Sephardic and Mizrahi fake Jews "Zionists" leading real Jews and unsuspecting Christians to Hell. Obadiah (Servant of JEHOVAH) describes the outcome of real Edomites; They all die; every last one of them. Desperation doesn't accurately describe their predicament in selling their Birthright as all Masons and Jesuits eventually do. They are Amalekites as war with God and they know it.
     WWIII "Islam versus Zionism" Destruction of the al-Aqsa Mosque is necessary for the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple of the Alternative Messiah and Satan's Seat (Throne of Pergamon currently in Berlin; Ashkenaz is the son of Gomer ie German) Arabs teach Abraham offered Ishmael at that spot (Bible says Isaac) where Muhammad later took his "Night Flight" to Heaven on the same winged horse "al-Buraq". It's total Luciferian Bull Shit.    

      W is the 23rd English letter; WWW )World Wide Web) is the Beast or "All Seeing Eye". derived from The English W is derived from Phoenician script as the 3 Pt Star (Mercedes/Nazi Logo) symbolizing control over Earth, Land and Sea.
      2+3=5 the 4 Forces of Witchcraft: Earth, Air, Fire, Water plus Ether, Quintessence “5th Element” or Essence seen in Essen Priest of Diana/Cybele Goddess of Witchcraft or Essene, the Priests of Qumran aka Illumination or I AM=To Be=Essence as in Light Body or Merkabah.; Mr=Light; Akh=Ka=Spirit; Bah=Body. This is the Essence of the I AM Movement.
     2X3=6; WWW (World Wide Web) is the Beast System “666”. 23 =8 the number associated with Eternity and JESUS (888)
     6X6X6 or 63=216 the number associated with Time (2160 years/Astrological House) calculated using Earth Axis Precession; this can be seen in 33 +44 +55 =216 the Pythagorean and Merkabah Triangle representing Father-Mother-Son (Osiris-Isis-Horus etc) Time is up folks! 
     Light Body (Corpus) is the Essence of the TPP and TTIP; Foreign Corporate control ie total control of the World Body.
     The Merkabah is formed by forming a 3-D Star of Molech/Saturn/Chiun back 23 degrees as the Earth is with the 4 horizontal points apart 19.5 degrees (Metonic Cycle). Essentially the World Wide Web over the Earth forms the Light Body. This is the Essence of Earth Worship and Pantheism.
     Internet control via ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) rested with the US Commerce Dept National Telecom and Information Administration which negotiated the Trans Pacific Partnership, until Sept 2015, which is why the TPP is now finalized; the HQ of the TPP is Japan. If you love seeing fake US Army created ISIS beheading videos to justify war or fake shooting videos like Umpqua and Sandy Hook or seeing fake bin Laden raids on the Hollywood screen, TPP control over ICANN is for you.
     The only non-Copyrighted Word of God is the Authorized Bible aka KJV; now you know why there was such strong Jesuit opposition to its publication in 1611. Remember the 5th of November? Jesuits sure do.
Interesting times we are in isn’t it?

                                 US Proxy Armies just like al-Qaeda.
    ISIS (Benghazi, Jordan, Turkey)  and the Sinaloa Cartel (Operation Gunrunner) both obtain their arms, funds, training and wheels from the US State Dept accounts The US War Dept. now arms Kurds aka Devil Worshippers of Kurdistan or Yezidis.  
      ISISmeans Throne Isis is the Queen of Heaven, Black Virgin, Israeli Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS head Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi is Israeli Simon Elliot). ISIS receives taxpayer financed Toyota SUV's, Stinger Missiles, Guns and training to fight the wave of freshly Drafted US recruits "A man's enemies shall be the men of his own household" Jesus Mat 10:36  
      WWIII is not just a war pitting the US against Russia, and Russia is not the Saviour of the World as mainstream news parrots. WWIII is a War on the home front by unstable Double Minded men whose secret oaths supersede their public oaths (at least in their sick perverted minds) Rest assured God sees what they do.
    John Kerry waited on the Russian ship Mol Comfort in Jeddah Saudi Arabia last June; it was loaded with Russian weapons destined for ISIS. John Kerry trained Tajikistan Police Commander turned ISIS Commander Gulmorod Khalimov for 3 years. ISIS commander in the Ukraine Emir Ulmar al Shishanui is Tarkhan Batrashvili. Turkish ship Nour M was intercepted with 50,000 Kalashnikov Rifles destined for ISIS. Everybody has dirty hands.
   MEK (Mujahideen e-Khalq), based in Paris where Ayathollahs Khomeini, ali Khameini and Sistani were initiated into the Grand Orient Masonic Lodge as well as Agha Kahn IV, head of the Nizari Assassins (Knights Templar counterpart) is famous for orchestrating the Iranian hostage crisis and Green Revolution in Iran with George HW Bush is now readying for war on Iran, housed and armed by the US Army at Ft Hurriya (Liberty) in Iraq. MEK is described a Marxist-Feminist brand of Islam.
    Here is John McCain meeting with ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi aka Israeli asset Simon Elliot. John has given ISIS some 100 Stinger Missiles capable of shooting down Russian aircraft, all but assuring a US-NATO war with Russia.  ISIS claims to have operatives in all 50 States; armed with Stinger Missiles? Blackstone Group even has control over Freescale Tech  imbedded hardware chips used in the Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot. I doubt most people would get on a Commercial airliner knowing the pilots are helpless against ground control over the aircraft let alone ISIS (Israel/CIA) operatives with Stinger Missiles

      Umpqua and Sandy Hoax
Live Fire Drills, Crisis Actors, Fake News and the same Fake Sandy Hook Elementary used for Umpqua Community College in the town that brought you Obama's Stolen Security Number
       Why Sandy Hook? Aurora CO was featured in the movie Quantum of Solace, the number of alleged victims matching the video My Homies Still. Sandy Hook was featured in the movie Dark Knight Rises, the number of victims matching the map featured in the movie which was sent to Hollywood Elite prior to its release.
  • Newtown is the Worldwide HQ for the Church of Satan.
  • Sandy Hoax resulted in immediate passage of NY SAFE Act which the US 2nd District Court of Appeals ruled On Oct 22, 2015 is Constitutional. It's base on a False Flag!
  • Newtown CT provided Obama his fake SS# 042-68-4425 belonging to Harry Bounel, d1978 Obama has no valid Birth Certificate; a stolen SS#; no Passport, no Driver's License' does not E-Verify for employment; cannot qualify for ObamaCare, was not sworn to defend the US Constitution and lives with  Cross-dresser Michael Robinson) Fairfield Hills Psychiatric Hospital Newtown CT. Gov Dann Malloy helped out by sealing all CT Death records in the wake of the Newtown "Live Fire Drill" at Sandy Hoax, and taxpayers helped out with a $2.5M payout to CT Police. "Yes We Can" means Thank You Satan.
                       WWIII Draft
           WWIII will usher in the reign of the Peacock King "Lucifer"; the Morning Star master impersonator of JESUS.
     On Oct 4,  2015 Great 8th Day of Feast of Tabernacles, the Selective Service began a Post Office and Internet registration campaign for a likely Draft  "Are you ready for the next war...maybe even the Big One...even WWIII?" Lt Gen Robert Brown Combined Forces Training Center Ft Leavenworth speech  "Training for the Next War". WWI and Korea ended in Armistice (Temporary cessation of hostilities) for a reason. 
     On Oct 8 an Obituary Hoax for Nobel Peace Prize winner, Vietnam War, Cambodian "Killing Field", Operation Condor (Pope Francis was an operative) architect, 330 Luciferian Mason, Bohemian Grove Molech worshipper, Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Bilderberger, CFR Traitor, Presidential adviser Henry Kissinger appeared over the Internet.
Potential Registrants and Draftees may like to know what Henry thinks of you "Soldiers are dumb stupid animals to be used as cannon fodder in our wars". 
   On Oct 8 Sec of War, Rhodes Scholar, God Particle physicist Ashton Carter traveled to Kurdistan, ancestral home of the Yezidis "Devil Worshippers of Kurdistan". Kurd means Nomad or Wanderer; like Cain, they have been cast out of inheritance by God and Gravitate to Lucifer.
    US Military aid set aside for "Syrian Rebels" will now go to the Kurds for the Zoroastrian final battle of Good versus Evil Ahura Mazda (Light/Lucifer) versus Ahriman (Darkness). Yezidis aka Mazdaens syncretize beliefs of all religions: Reincarnation, Water Baptism, Mithraic Bull Sacrifice, Praying toward the Rising Sun, Grove Worship (Sacred Trees), Polygamy etc because they are the root of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, seen in one entity Melek-Taus the Peacock Angel Yezidis call the Devil. Muslims call him  Iblis or Shaitan (Satan). In this Dualist Theology, God punished Satan's pride by sending him to Hell and later reconciled with him. Not remotely what the Bible teaches. 
    WWIII was planned a long time ago by the same Satanic Cretans who brought you every other war.  Ever wonder why the statue of 300Lb, Sodomite, Glutton, Confederate, Mass murderer, KKK founder is glorified in Judicial Square Washington DC?  Ever wonder why Peacock Feathers are held above the Pope in the Chair of St Peter?

            Mars and Pluto
    Oct 2015 NASA announces finding Water on Mars. Followed by Water-Ice, Glacier Flows, Tectonic Plates, Ice Mountains and Blue Skies on Pluto. Next came 8 planets/moons/asteroids with water and life from 1000F Venus to -350F Pluto. Then came the whopper: Alien Mega-structures in orbit around a Star 1480 Light-years from Earth. Total Bull Shit! from the Apollo Program Liars.
 Mars and Pluto are 2 lifeless rocks with virtually no atmosphere, a mean temperature of (-150F and -350F . Roman Mars or Greek Ares was worshipped in Athens at Mars' Hill (Areopagus), the UNKNOWN GOD god of War called Nergal in Babylon (1 Ki 17:30) Pluto is the god of the Underworld receiver of deceased souls in the Eleusinian Mystery (today's Freemasonry). On Pluto the Sun would appear a distant Star; incapable of scattering light into constituent colors. Ever seen Pluto the Bloodhound before?
   Water-Ice? Water changes state at 33F as do Masons becoming Sovereign just like JESUS , the Living Water did by dying on the Cross at 33. Water also changes state at 0C Zoroaster may ring a Baal because WWIII is the Zoroastrian battle of Good versus Evil coming to a neighborhood near you.
     What timing!  Just in time to convince taxpayers NASA needs $Billions for the Mars One Mission;  the Martian movie is jut out and just ahead of Columbus Day. Natives were introduced to Columbus' "Hounds of Hell" Blood Hound is a term for dogs given only human flesh to eat. Notice the fake picture of Pluto has Disney's Blood Hound Pluto prominently displayed by a Desert like region; this is how occult communication works. 
    Columbus' arrival equates with Disease; 500 years ago Smallpox, today Ebola, the CDC manufactured immune system attacking disease that goes dormant until activated; Ebola means Balls of the Roman Flagrum and it's back just in time for Columbus Day. Schools have a policy called No Europeans in America before Columbus to cover this mass murdering thief and Crypto (Satanist in private; Catholic in public) ejected from Spain on 9 Av 1492.  
   Jesuit sock puppet  Stephen Hawking means "Crown/Martyr of Horus" says Alien encounters will be like Columbus in America; 90% of the eastern seaboard died after Columbus (Crypto Fernando Zarco with Red Templar Crosses on his ships; Columbus is the Roman goddess of Freedom) Columbus stole Gold and killed Natives using Blood Hounds and Smallpox.
                 Mt Hermon
     Mt Hermon means Mount of the Chief; the root verb means "To Lift Up"; God? Hardly. God flooded the earth because of the activities on Mt Hermon. The Golan Heights and Mt Hermon (Mt Sion) represent the Genesis 6 "sons of God saw daughters of men as fair and took wives of them" New bible versions use Nephilim (To Fall)  rather than Giants to describe the offspring who became "Men of renown". Mt Sion is also mentioned as the northern most land conquered by Moses (Deut 4:48)
     Genie Energy just "Discovered" Oil in the Golan Heights, a land the world recognizes as Syrian but which Israel stole during the 1967 6-Day War. On the board of Genie is our old pals Jacob Rothschild, Edomite and current Patent Holder via Black Stone Group of MH-17 deceased Freescale Tech Patent holders of RF Imbedded Hardware Chips capable of controlling everything from Commercial Planes, Trains, newer Autos, Gas Station Fuel Pumps, Bank ATM's, Nuc Power Plants, Phones etc etc etc. With him is Dr Evil Dick Cheney (Halliburton Deep Water Horizon Disaster; Operation Garden Plot Civilian Inmate Detention Facilities) and SMOM, FOX, NewsCorp, Zondervan new Bible version producer Rupert Murdoch aka Evil Merodach (Marduk).
    Of all places eh? Syria's now recently confirmed super massive (1500ft thick strata) Oil Field on Mt Sion. The Prieure of Sion has nothing to do with Mt Zion in Jerusalem; this is about guarding the bloodline of Cain and preparing for the arrival of the Antichrist (Alternative Messiah).
     You may recall the Prieure of Sion was featured in Tom Hanks rendition of DaVinci Code; his partner the last of the Grail line named Sophia (Wisdom). From the Paris Zero Meridian "Rose Line" the Golan Heights is at the 33N 33E coordinates.  This is the Holy Grail; the blood of Cain crossed the Flood via Ham's incest with his mother to produce Canaan whose daughters subsequently married into Abraham's son Ishmael and Esau.
    The path the Gog Magog war will take is from Moscow to Mt Hermon to Jerusalem; the real Gog and Magog will occur at the end of the Millennium; the fake Gog and Magog will happen very soon; perhaps Satan's greatest deception. Think Russia will help Syria hold onto a massive oil field?
    Looks like the Genie is out of the bottle. 
"No man can serve two masters: for he will hate the one, and love the other..." Mt 6:24; Lk 16:13. Note Rev 16:13 describing the 3 unclean spirits of the Dragon, Beast and False Prophet; coincidence? Not on your eternal life
   Iran Contra Drug Money Launderer Mitt Romney let loose a bombshell in Norfolk before even selecting Paul Ryan as his running mate in August 2012 calling Paul "The next US President"
      Revelation is the testimony of JESUS given to Man via the Holy Ghost as Alpha and Omega (Beginning and End) ie Written in the Beginning (Alpha; Jn 1:1) as God, unchanging until the End as revealed by JESUS through the Holy Ghost (Omega).
      This article is not condemnation or judgment on Jesuits, Masons or Mormons; merely a wake up call. The US Speaker of the House of Representatives is #3 in line for President; Jesuit John Boehner will step aside for Mormon Jason Chafettz, Ayn Rand Austerity/Tea Party  Catholic Paul Ryan, or Luciferian Mason Catholic Newt Gingrich; all are beholden by Oath to the Jesuit General and/or Mormon Prophet.  Kevin McCarthy was hand picked by Jesuit trained Eric Cantor to fill House Majority Leader; McCarthy co-wrote the book Young Guns with Eric Cantor and Tea Party/Austerity shill Paul Ryan just withdrew; it's a bit like choosing between Skull & Bones John Kerry and Skull & Bones George Bush; 2 heads of the same snake 
    Mormon Endowment ceremonies and Jesuit Oaths of Induction require Oaths most people would consider rather severe   and Freemasons. James said "A double minded man is unstable in all his ways" and "Above all else brethren, Swear Not" James 1:8; 5:12 God holds us accountable for Sworn Oaths and promises "All liars shall have their place in the Lake of Fire" for eternity.
      Most Mormons (Church of Philadelphia) like rank and file Catholics (and low level Jesuits; Knights of Columbus, Opus Dei; Church of Thyatira), Jews (even low level Kabbalists, CHABAD Lubavitch and Talmudists; Church of Philadelphia), Muslims and Protestants (even low level Masons; Church of Sardis) do not take or adhere to Mormon, Masonic, Sufi or Jesuit Oaths; JESUS knows this. James said "Above all else Swear Not" There is no question the world is in the Laodicean Age (Luke Warm). The point of this article is not to bash Mormons, it is a Warning not to join the Church of Laodicea. Time may be a lot shorter than you think to establish a one on one relationship with JESUS.
          Hilal is Arabic for Crescent. Lucifer (Is 14:12) is “Helel” or “Heylel” meaning “Shining One or “Light Bearer” fallen from heaven to weaken the nations.
Pey Heylel is the Passphrase of 2nd Token of the Mormon Melchisedek Priesthood meaning “Wondrous or Marvelous Lucifer”. Jesus is Melchisedek.
Fertile Crescent is the land God promised to Abraham: Nile-Syria-Euphrates. The same Crescent can bee seen Los Angeles-Salt Lake City (Zion)-Astoria Oregon, the land carved out during the Flood.
     The King James Bible uses Lucifer in Is 14:12; all other versions use Morning Star to cover this fact up; Satan is Lucifer and Edomites worship Lucifer and obtain Dominion as the 3rd Beast (Dan 7:6)
           Jesus failed; Restoration Theology rejects the Holy Ghost and takes His place 
     Scottish Enlightenment is Calvinist (TULIP), Newtonian (Gravity) and Darwinian (Evolution) combined with the philosophy of John Locke. Scottish Enlightenment produced Alexander Campbell "Campbellites" and the Restoration Movement; Campbell then coined the term "Mormonism". The philosophy of John Locke ultimately found solid ground in Wahhabism, Qutbism and "al Qaeda" the term coined by Ibn Sayyid Qutb. Cambellite ministers created Jehovah's Witness led by 330 Luciferian Mason Charles Taze Russell. Scottish Enlightenment began with John Calvin (Samaritan Kohen) and John Knox (Presbyterians; Tartan is the Assyrian Military Commander). Rapture Doctrine started with Jesuits, spread to the Irish Plymouth Brethren and John Nelson Darby to Cyrus Scofield (Dispensationalism;Scofield Study Bibles); one such Plymouth Brethren was Aleister "Great Beast" Crowley. Scottish Enlightenment is the Root of a very corrupt Tree.  Understanding the difference between Jehovah/Jah/Jesus and JEHOVAH/JAH/JESUS in Ps 68:4 and Mat 1:25 is critical to your eternal Salvation; SPIRITUAL Salvation is not the same as Physical Salvation. 
     In Restoration theology, Jesus failed His mission on the Cross (Pope Francis said this as well) and the true Gospel was lost before the Book of Revelation was even written. A Water Baptism by a Campbelite Minister, Catholic Priest or Mormon Melchizedek Priest is necessary for "Regeneration" and obedience to the Law as taught by the Prophet (Pope Francis serves as Vicar of Jesus). In the Book of Mormon, Mormon is the son of his father Mormon b 311AD. Not coincidentally, Constantine the Great saw a vision of IHS (By this sign Conquer) the same year he convinced Christians to go to battle.
     Mormon was a Warrior-prophet visited at age 15 by Jesus, a character fashioned after Joshua; his son Moroni stands atop all Mormon Temples facing the Rising Sun with a Trumpet. Having failed in His mission, Mormons claim descent from Levi and Aaron, carrying on the Levitical Priesthood of Aaron, and as sons of Judah carry on the mission of Jesus as Melchisedek Priests, led by Prophets claiming descent from the Tribe of Dan with the Church as a whole given blessings of descent from Ephraim (White) or Manasseh (Native, Black, Pacific Islanders etc). A Leopard trying to change their spots 5 ways is obviously not possible. 
    This is the essence of Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost. Jesus was the Word made Flesh (Jn 1:1;14) and JESUS is the Holy Ghost (1 Jn 5:7KJV). JESUS is Melchisedek and JESUS is the only way to receive a Baptism of the Holy Spirit, the only true Baptism anyone on earth will ever need for Salvation. 2 Thieves were on the Tree with Jesus; the one on His right was Saved without a Water Baptism because he simply believed Jesus was God hanging on the Tree with him.
    On Oct 1 the UN, US, Russia and Saudi Arabia created a Global Police Force. On Oct 8 T-Party shill Kevin McCarthy dropped out of the Speakers race (Boehner moved the vote to Oct 28) a new Speaker of the House will nominated after a Secret Vote. On Monday Oct 5 the Secret Trans-pacific Partnership Agreement was finalized. 
      On Oct 9 Newt Gingrich let loose a Bombshell to fellow fake Catholic Sean Hannity as potential Speaker. Gingrich is a 33 degree Mason, Bohemian Grove Molech worshipper, Jesuit Knight of Malta, Southern Baptist turned Opus Dei Catholic and current Barrick Gold (largest in the world) adviser seeking 218 votes to become Speaker of the House while not serving in the House. "But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver and precious stones...a strange god...cause them to rule over many, and shall divide the land for gain"  Newt, named after the God of forces "Newton=Newtons of Force in Gravity=God Particle) had a Tyrannosaurus Rex skull in his office while Speaker of the House; real? of course not T Rex is the Tyrant King, Lucifer 
Pick your Poison

"I Newton Gingrich/Paul Ryan do swear to pretend to be a Protestant in the company of Protestants, a  Catholic in the presence of tear open women's wombs and crush their babies heads against the rocks... while serving the Jesuit General"

"I Jason Chaffetz as Speaker of the House of Representatives do swear to avenge the death of Joseph Smith on America" till the last drop of blood is spilled in a War of Extermination"  No, unfortunately  this is not a joke

The law and prophets were until John"
(Lk 16:16; Mat 11:13)
Mormon Church slogan "Follow the Prophet"
...the Most High dwelleth in Temples made with hands" Acts 7:48;17:24) 
The Mormon Church has 166 Temples all with Angel Moroni (I Moron?) facing East blowing a trumpet toward the Rising Sun. The Statue of Liberty and Lady of Freedom atop the Capitol do the same. Capitol means Womb of Zeus/Jupiter; Joseph Smith was buried with a Talisman of Jupiter (Jah=Jehovah; JESUS is JAH=JEHOVAH Ref Ps 68:4; Mat 1:25 KJV; the New Covenant is strictly SPIRITUAL) and Jesuit Athame (Ritual Dagger) for a reason. Jah=Jupiter aka Antichrist. 
     The Tabernacle of Molech is the Chaldean Beehive. The Mormon Tabernacle has the Star of Molech in the Window; located in the Beehive State; fine but Mormon Jason Chaffetz sworn to avenge the death of Joseph Smith on America as Speaker of the House?
     October means 8th month, on the 8th day in 2015 (2+0+1+5=8) Congress will vote on a new Speaker of the House. Why then? JESUS has gematria of 888.
     Chaldean-Welsh Iran-Contra drug dealing Latter Day Saints  (Mormo "King of the Ghouls" or Living Dead; Mormo is one of 77 names of Satan in the Church of Satan) Mitt and Ann Romney (Romanichal=Romani=Gypsy) are back in the news just in time for Mormon General Conference concluding on the Great 8th Day of Feast of Tabernacles; what a coincidence on the day Jesus was Circumcised in accordance with the Law He wrote; of course Mormons teach the Satanic garbage Jesuits and the Unification Church "Moonies" do, that "Jesus failed His mission". Here is the article I wrote on Mitt Romney several years ago
   Mormon Oath of Vengeance, White Horse Prophecy, Doctrine of Limited Atonement "Blood Atonement" and Salt Sermon 

These Oaths require Mormons to either accept the  gospel of false Prophet Joseph Smith or have their own blood shed as the Atonement. Jesuits handled  both 330 Mason, Witch Brigham Young (Jean Pierre De Smet SJ) and Sodomite Freemason Albert Pike who wrote the plan for 3 World Wars to fellow Luciferian Mason, Witch and Vatican Revolutionary Giuseppe Mazzini. Obama is stage managed by Jesuits as well: Jesuit Knight of Malta Joe Biden is the real Commander in Chief under his Jesuit superiors of course. He pulls Obama's puppet strings as Dick Cheney did Bush Jr and Jesuit Knight of Malta, 330 Mason Bush Sr did Reagan. John Boehner, John Roberts, Martin Dempsey, John Kerry, speech writer Jon Favreau, Comm Director Dan Pfieffer and his Chicago mentor Greg Palluzzo round out the Jesuits in Obama's inner circle.
      Why? Obama is a crack addicted, Bath House (Man's Country), Sodomite (Mohammad Chandoo, Kal Penn, Larry Sinclair, Reggie Love, Michael Robinson) living in the White House with his cross-dressing partner illegally; he can be Blackmailed in a second.
      Baggage? Joe Biden calls his Baggage CODEWORD, the CODEWORD is BARBELON named for Barbelo Gnostics. Biden is Celtic, the Irish Carmerlengo (Mayor of the Palace), a Rockefeller hand picked Jesuit, Knight of Malta with 3 honorary Jesuit degrees and a Secret Service codename of CELTIC. Obama is a lap dog as dependable as Skull & Bones Sodomite George Bush was with Halliburton's Dr Evil Dick Cheney. Hillary knows the plan; the Flag with all 50 stars sewn on upside down as her campaign ended and Obama taking the Greek Tragedy Stage in Denver said it all.
    Mormons are sworn to avenge the death of Joseph Smith on America. Mormon Mitt Romney was chief money launderer for the Iran-Contra Drugs for Weapons program. Mormon Jason Chaffetz is a potential Mormon Speaker of the House. This is nothing new.
        Mormonism, Freemasonry, Jesuits are branches of the Chaldeans. aka Saturnian Brotherhood.
The purpose of Chaldean Gnosticm is not Devil Worship, it is Freedom from God. The Hexagram is the Star of Saturn, El, Allah, Osiris not the Star of David.
     "It is lawful to make use of Science obtained from the Devil provided it is not dependent on the Devil...knowledge itself is good and the Sin by which it was acquired is forgiven"
Jesuit scholar Anthony Escobar 
     "Jesuits are an infectious plague requiring the most severe quarantine" Edmund Burke
      An editorial in the Apache Chief Newspaper concerning Miles Park Romney said "The Mormon disease is a desperate one and the rope and shotgun are its only cure...hang a few polygamis leaders like Romney and Udall..."
    Missouri Governor  Liburn Boggs signed Executive #44 aka Extermination Order calling for the Removal and/or Extermination of Mormons.
   Worth noting is Obama is President #44 and predicted in 1971 by C Alan Martin to be the last.
   Baptist turned Campbelite minister turned Church of Christ Apostle Sydney Rigdon "Salt Sermon" says "If the salt has lost its is good for nothing...cast out and trodden under foot...until the last drop of blood is their own houses and families"
       Speaker of the House of Representatives, Jesuit John Boehner resigned as did  Jesuit Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Martin Dempsey; Rats crawling out of the Titanic comes to mind as do the Chaldean soothsayers who couldn't read MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPARSIM in Babylon. The break up of the US is planned revenge for the break-up of Babylon.
     Mormon (Chaldean) Jason Chaffetz as Speaker of the House?  Jason comes from a fake Jewish father and Christian Scientist (Science is the "Tongue of the Chaldeans"; Dan 1:4) and "Vain, profane babblings" (1 Tim 6:20KJV) mother; he later converted Mormonism, a religion much like Christian Science which is neither Christian or Scientific. Mormonism is the "Church of Christ"; it has nothing to do with JESUS. He attended BYU on scholarship and made a fortune for NuSkin, a pyramid marketing scheme. Chaffetz is a classic Sephardic-Crypto.  Sephardics are Jews of the Spanish Rite; except that Sepharvaim are not Jewish at all, rather descendants of Joktan dwelling at Mt Sephar; more accurately described as Sabaeans (Saba=Sunrise) who brought Easter worship into the Christian Church with Anammelech and Adramellech (Moon/Rabbit and Sun)  
    The Mormon Oath of Vengeance requires members to exact vengeance on Americans for the death of Joseph Smith. Masons murdered the Smith brothers in the Carthage Jail, named for Canaanite/Phoenician Carthage where Pedophile Hannibal Barca and his son Hamilcar launched the Punic Wars against Rome. With Hands Up shouting the Masonic Distress Signal  "Is there no help for the Widow's son",  Joseph and Hyrum Smith were shot and pushed out the window. The Widow's son is Hiram Abiff, the Phoenician/Canaanite architect of Solomon's Temple worshipped by Masons the world over; the Star of Molech (6 Pointed Star) is the Seal of Solomon, the man God endowed with Wisdom and Wealth, just not Salvation. 2 books in scripture do not contain "God"; Song of Solomon and Esther (Easter).  
     The Mormon White Horse Prophecy is called the Blood in the Streets Prophecy "Blood running down the streets from Ogden to Provo like water in a storm drain sound fun to you"? Oh yeah, the written plan is for Mormon elders to step in when the Constitution hangs by a thread. 6th Church President also named Joseph Smith called the Constitution the "Palladium of our Liberty"; nothing new, Sodomite Confederate  General Albert Pike formed the Palladium Rite aka the Mormon Church. Mitt Romney has been told over and over he is the "One mighty and strong, clothed in light to usher in the Christ" (Christ=Messiah; this is not JESUS). Mitt and Jason believe (at least outward) the Garden of Eden is in Jackson MS and the Mississippi River is really the Euphrates. Yup,  Jesus instructed Jaredites (Noah's grandfather?) to build corked wooden submarines carrying Jaredites, Ishmaelite women and a host of animals like Noah did from the Persian Gulf to America traveling underwater as whales. Who makes up Bullshit like this? The Chaldeans in Joseph Smith's inner circle just like the Chaldeans in Muhammad's inner circle.
      Mormons believe the Bible is only accurate as far as it was translated correctly; the bible was delivered to "Holy Men moved by the Holy Ghost". Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost and is the Unforgivable Sin. The Star of Molech is in the Mormon Tabernacle window. The entrance is flanked by an Eagle clutching a Beehive and an Upside Down Pentagram. Over the door is the All Seeing Eye of Horus and Upside Down Pentagram. The Temple foundation has 12 Sun Stones and 28 Moon Stones. The NSA "All Seeing Eye" (Data Collection Center) is just down the Jordan River. Salt Lake City was chosen for its similarity to the Canaanite Valley of Salt where Bitumen (Slime) was used for Mortar in the Tower of Babel (Gate of El). Mormons call God Elohhim the plural of the Canaanite "El" for this reason. The Baptismal Fount is constructed as the Laver in Solomon's Temple with Ox feet; neutered Apis Bulls?
     Bee is Chaldean for Word just as Apis is in Egyptian. The Eagle symbolizes both God and Esau exalting himself as God. Oct 8, 2015 or 888 and JESUS "888". The Eagle carries the Serpent on the $US. Mormons have a Private Army originally called "Dannites". Brigham Young re-named them "Avenging Angels" and today they are the "Mormon Mafia". The Celtic Book of Kells was first to change the  Serpent as the Ensign of the Tribe of Dan to the Eagle; many new bibles follow suit, but rest assured the Standard of Dan is the Serpent. All Mormon Prophets not only claim Dannite lineage but are 33Luciferian Freemasons. Why Dan? The Tribe of Dan interacted with Phoenicians first and adopted worship of the Golden Bull Idols at Dan and Beth-el; Dan means "Judge", they will Judge Israel at the end of the Millennium (Gen 49:16-17) Mormon Prophets from Dan will Judge America 1000 years early; for this reason Dan is not listed as a "Saved" Tribe in Rev 7 and neither is Ephraim for making the treasonous pact with Tartan, the Assyrian Army Commander who took Israel captive and replaced them with the mix of Babylonians, Cuthites, Medeans and Canaanites seen today.
     Holy means Separate or Set Apart. Ephraim will worship at the altar of the 3rd Temple; Gentiles will not and should not; Gentiles will be Judged solely on staying apart, SPIRITUALLY connected to JESUS via the Holy Ghost (Ref Eze 37:16 "Restoration of Israel" ie 2nd Coming of JESUS and Rev 11:1)
      Jesus is Melchisedek (King of Salem and Priest of the Most High; Ref Gen 14:18; Ps 110; Heb 7); Jesus is the Covenant with Abraham, King David and the New Covenant. Mormons attaining the Melchisedek Priesthood used the "Sure sign of the Nail" and Pey Heylel "Wondrous Lucifer" to Blaspheme JESUS. Don't follow their lead.
    Mormon Mafia: Mormon means One who worship Mormo "King of the Ghouls"; MAFIA means Mazinni Authorizes Theft Fire and Poison. Same garbage spouted by "The Great Beast" Aleister Crowley "Do what thou wilt" Cowley said "I have been given enough Masonic titles from Rome to Salt Lake City to collapse an elephant". Jesuit Initiations also authorize killing Christians by Poison, Poniard and Theft. The Talmud is not Jewish, it is Chaldean and authorizes the same Freedom against Gentiles. All are of the same Satanic source.
                        Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost is Unforgivable 
     The Holy Ghost is not good enough for Mormons, they are the Latter Day Saints restoring the Gospel JESUS failed at delivering. They will rot in Hell for this, don't follow them. Latter Day Saint Mitt Romney laundered the Iran-Contra Weapons for Drugs funds using Bain Capital; his partner in Clear Channel Communications Adnan Khashoggi supplied chemical weapons to Chemical Ali for the genocidal Iran-Iraq war.
     Mitt has been told for 40 years he is "The One, Mighty and Strong, clothed in Light who will usher in the 2nd Coming"; of Jesus? Not on your eternal life, the Chaldean (Culdee) "Esus" more like. When? "The Constitution will hang by a thread as thin as spider's silk when elders of the Mormon Church will step up to Save America"; the United States? Heaven's no, the Garden of Eden in Jackson Missouri, the land Adam and Eve were cast out of silly; the Blood in the Streets Prophecy is a real hoot.
    A US Gun round-up by foreign troops, US Military and Local Police, Global Police Force and the UN in charge of the US Military (State Dept Pub #7277)  is Treason on multiple levels; the US Constitution is now hanging by a thread as predicted in Mormon Church Doctrine. Mormons sworn to avenge the death of Joseph Smith on America. Putting the UN in charge of the US Military, using Local Police, US Military and Foreign Militaries to enforce UN Law in American Cities and having an unsworn President is about as Un-constitutional as it can get.
                     Mitt Romney is Vengeance personified
     Romney Chaldean ancestors begin with Cistercian Abbey banker George Romney and  Bastard Norman King William the Conqueror and the Doomsday Book his fake Jewish Bankers accounted the lands they stole with Usury; these bankers became the Knights Templar. The CFR HQ is the Pratt Bldg. Parley Pratt, the "Apostle Paul of Mormonism" was converted to the "Church of Christ" (Christ=Messiah not JESUS) by Campbelite minister Sydney Rigdon; he was killed for stealing and marrying Hector McClean's wife Eleanor, his 4th Polygamist wife. The Mountain Meadows Massacre was retribution for this. Miles Romney, jailed in St John's AZ (St John=Gnostic Johnnitters aka Knights of St John of Jerusalem or Soveriegn Military Order of Malta  the Jesuit managed Hospitaller Order) was to be dealt with severely "The Mormon menace is severe...only a Rope and Shot Gun will solve it" Nixon said "If the Nazis had one the air war, you could thank George Romney"; Mitt's dad like Mitt were illegal under the Constitution to become President; George was an IG Farben (Holocaust ovens/gas) intern and ALCOA exec supplying aluminum to the Luftwaffe. Romney's Mexican family runs the Sinaloa (Sina=Sin=Allah) Drug Cartel, armed in Operation Gun Runner.
      On 9/11/1857 (Rev 9:11 Satan is cast to earth) Luciferian Mason Brigham Young, President of the "One true Church" ordered the slaughter of the Fancher-Baker Party at Mountain Meadows. Nauvoo Legionaires aka Dannite Band aka Avenging Angels dressed as Indians murdered in cold blood 120 men, women and children. Brigham Young celebrated the anniversary by pulling the Cross down and saying "Vengeance is mine and I have taken it" A line straight from God. In 2000 an excavation of the site unearthed bones and long awaited proof of the slaughter; Mormon Gov Mike Leavitt illegally ordered the bones cemented over in the new Visitor's Center. ex-Quorum of 70 President Marlin Jensen manages the public relations an proxy Baptisms for the Dead, for the Church ordered mass murder
         Chaldean-Gallic Priests of Diana/Artemis were called Essen meaning Priest of the Essence; Essenes and Samaritans were called "Essence Peddlers" for example. The Supreme House of the Temple is an exact replica of the Temple of Artemis. TPP is a Corporate Trade Deal just agreed to, eliminating rights of Citizens as People, turning them into Corporations. TTIP is the same on the Atlantic side. The Mormon Church is not a Church but a 501c3 Corporation holding Court much like TISA Courts. The Mormon Priesthood follows the Prophets who claim Dannite genealogy; Dan is prophesied to be a Judge of Israel (Gen 49).
      It hinges on Israel; the Standard (Ensign) of modern Israel is the Star of Saturn, El, On, Ilu=Allah, Molech, Chiun; the Mormon Church is joined at the hip to Israel. Dan will Judge at the Judgment Seat 1000 years from now; the fake Dannites will assume that role soon which is why Dan and Ephraim, the 2 tribes most representative of the Mormons are not listed as Saved in Rev 7.
     Bottom Line is Mormons have a deep seated hatred of Jesus and a complete rejection of JESUS as the Holy Ghost. Brigham Young left Nauvoo to "Get away from the Christians" A Mormon Baptism by a Melchisedek Priest is necessary for Re-generation as it was in the Campbelite Church which started the "Restoration Movement".
     The House of Representatives will use the "Secret Ballot" vote and Tea Party darling, (Tea Party was started by 33 degree Mason and ex-Speaker of the House Dick Armey "Freedom Works") Mormon Jason Chaffetz may spearhead the Foreign Corporate takeover of America shedding the blood of every man woman and child who rejects the Gospel of Joseph Smith. 

     Make no mistake of the true mission of the Mormon Church and its potential Speaker of the House of Representatives. Dick Armey represented Luciferian Masons; John Boehner represented Jesuits; Jason Chaffets will represent the Mormon Church; these are not the values most people have.  On Thursday Oct 8 (888) we will all find out. Jesus was Crucified on a Thursday (Thor's Day), Passover 14 Nisan, spending 3 nights in the Earth before Rising on Feast of First Fruits on 17 Nisan to sit at the Right hand of the Father as JESUS (888). A bit coincidental isn't it? 

                 Jubilee Year of Mercy                        

       Pope Francis' Jubilee year of mercy runs from Dec 8 to Nov 20; the Opening and Closing of the Holy Doors of St Peter’s Basilica and the Archbasilica of St John Lateran. Local Priests are now able by Papal Bull (April 11, 2015) to forgive sins of Abortion. These dates are Feast of Immaculate Conception to Feast of Christ the King, considered the last Sunday in Ordinary Time. The color of the Feast of Christ the King is Green. In Lutheran Churches it is called Sunday of Doom marking the return of Jesus and the Judgment Seat.

Everything is wrong with this. Immaculate Conception refers to Mary being Sinless during a normal conception with Joseph by the Grace of her yet un-conceived Son; in truth this day of conception was of the LORD during Hanukkah (John the Baptist’s 6th month of pregnancy) Feast of Dedication.

T     Holy Doors? Vulva, the Labrys is meant here.  Lateran means Hidden Frogs, the 3 unclean spirits of the Dragon, Beast and False Prophet (Rev 16); the Archbasilica is considered the Mother Church of all Churches in the World, HQ of the Jesuits and Sedes Vacante (Long Vacant Seat). Basilicas all hold Teaching Seats (Cathedras) The Pope is Pope of the Holy See Sedes Sacorum (Sacred Seat) being held Vicariously for the one who will occupy Sedes Vacante ie Dragon, Serpent, Devil, Satan (Rev 12/9)

      Now when is the Serpent, Devil, Dragon, Satan cast out? Rev 9:11 exactly 18 months (360 day years), 1 day, 1 hr (5th Trumpet=5 months; 6th Trumpet-1 yr, 1 month, 1 day, 1 hr)

So, the question is Has Pope Francis via the Unclean Spirits just tossed out the timeline?

One more thing, Ordinary Time is an Earth based time having nothing to do with God. Jan 6 Feast of Epiphany? The Magi arrived when Jesus was a Young Child of 1 1/2 during the Spring of 4 BC, the time of the Slaughter of Innocents and death of King Herod for ordering this act. Easter is a Pagan Day celebrating not the Resurrection of Jesus (Actual date was 17 Nisan Feast of First Fruits 3 days after 14 Nisan Passover) but the conception of Easter (Oestre, Ishtar aka Mother of God). Baptism of the Lord on Sunday after Epiphany? Not even close; Jesus was born on Feast of Tabernacles and Circumcised on the 8th Day of Tabernacles. His Baptism came when He was 30; John the Baptist symbolized the washing of Sin with Water, but it was the descent of the Holy Ghost that did the Baptizing. Jesus having lived the Law, then preached His New Covenant of the Holy Ghost and offered His Body as Remission for everyone who asks for a Baptism of the Holy Ghost.

     Peter never visited Rome, taught in Rome, nor did he have a Seat in Rome. In  Mat 16:18 Jesus says His Divinity is the Rock the Gates of Hell shall not prevail against; Peter is the Small Stone the Nicolaitanes used to form the Catholic Church; the elevation of Clergy  to Conquer the Laity is Canaanite and something Jesus hates as much as Esau wearing Priest robes.               


                                    Hoax Bomb
    Ahmed Mohammad "Texas Clockster Hoax" arrested and given national attention for a science project that looked like a Bomb? BS. Mohammad El Hassan Mohammad and his son are Made in the USA TX (home of the Confederacy; Aztlan=To Make White) style agitators getting undue publicity from Zionist Pam Geller, NASA (NAZI) and Obama.
    Obama is Nation of Islam's Bari Malik Shabazz Jr;  Sudan (Cush) is where the first Cushite "Babylon" Scapegoat Nimrod came from; Obama is the last Cushite "Babylon" Scapegoat. Shabazz means First Race and Royal Falcon "Horus"; Horites dividing the nation as they have  done to every other nation.
    At the root of this corrupt PR Stunt is the Sufi Guru in Sudan training El Hasan (The Handsome Benefactor); notice Barack (Lightning) Hussein (Handsome) Obama (He is with us) has the same meaning.
     El Hasan ran and sold a cab company? in NYC? Sure thing. He is nominated for President of Sudan living in America? Sure. Gets national attention holding a Mock Trial defending the Koran against Ground Zero Mosque "Park 51" Koran burning firebrand, fake Christian Dr Rev Terry Jones?
     Jones' "Dove" symbol is the same as TBN; Samaritan evangelists posing as Christians. Jones has a BS Honorary Theology Degree (fined as a fraud in Germany for using "Dr") he hangs effigies of Obama in front of his "Church", holds "International Judge Mohammad Days"; promotes the Sheldon Adelson/Mitt Romney video "Innocence of Muslims" depicting Charlie Hebdo style homosexual and bestiality portrayals of Mohammad and like agitator Salman Rushdie has a Pakistani (irony here is Pashtuns in Pak and Afghanistan generally believe they descend from Joseph) death order out on his life and published the book "Islam is of the Devil"; no Terry you are of the Devil. "Blessed are the peace makers" remember?
    Like Father like Son, this Lifetime Movie in the making is total media Bull Shit. 

               WWIII Updates
    Aiding ISIS aka Al Qaeda in Syria aka Jabat al Nusra is George Soros (Grigori Schwartz) NGO Mercenary Army "White Helmets"; demonizing Bashar al Assad and calling for foreign intervention leads to Isaiah 17:1. 
    Israel soldiers in 3 day clash with Pakistani youths at the al Aqsa Mosque. The spot where Abraham offered Isaac (Bible) and Abraham offered Ishmael (Quran) is "Ground Zero"
      Charlie Hebdo (Free Man) features Jesus walking on water next to a Muslim child bobbing in head down and another with Aylan Kurdi drowned next to a clown. The Clown is the Masonic Jesus  mocked by the Jesters and Shriner (Noble Arabic Order of the Mystic Shrine) Clowns. The Jesuit written Aug 15, 1871 (Fr Jean Pierre De Smet, handler of Albert Pike, Giuseppe Mazzini and Brigham Young), Masonic script is Zionism (Jesus returns to Zion) versus Islam. The script as written by Jesuits on the anniversary of the 1st Jesuit Oaths (Crypt of St Denis/Dionysus in Paris) on the Feast Day of Lucifer because their god is Lucifer.  

                   Synagogue of Satan
     Jesus describes the Church of Philadelphia as the Synagogue of Satan. Philadelphia means "City of Brotherly Love", the sort of love Cain had for Abel and Esau for Jacob, has a 4 mile 8ft fence , school and road closures  for the Papal visit and Mass at the RC Trinity Church (Rosicrucian Trinity). The Liberty Bell inscription "Liberty to the Captives" described in the Lev 25:8-13 "Jubilee" is physical and SPIRITUAL Liberty. Esau represents physical Liberty from God; Jacob represents the Yoke of JESUS. Esau is currently under the Yoke of Jacob (Gen 27:39-41KJV) until his "Dominion".  On the Cross (Tree) was JESUS OF NAZARETH THE KING OF THE JEWS; Rosicrucians use INRI "Nature is Renewed by Fire". Jesuit Pope Francis (Francis means Free) has declared a Holocaust (Sacrifice by Fire) of all but 1 Billion people from Earth sinning against "Mother Nature"; after his Sunday Mass (Sacrifice of a suitable Host) he departs at the conclusion of the 8th Tetrad on Feast of Tabernacles (Jesus' real Birthday) the Pope's "Special Jubilee Year" begins.
                                      Syrian Refugees

          "US needs to accept our fair share of Syrian refugees" Sodomite war monger US President hopeful Lindsey Graham after capitalizing on the fake video of 3 yr old Syrian boy Alyan Kurdi. Graham knows full well John McCain and John Kerry meet with ISIS (Syrian Rebels) and that the US and Russia arm, finance and train ISIS. 
    Russia, European leaders are now calling for joint airstrikes on ISIS in Syria to stem the tide of refugees. Why? Gog and Magog is the world's final rebellion against God occurring at the end of the Millennium (Eze 38; Rev 20:7-8) Russia intends to fake that invasion of Israel during WWIII. "Damascus shall be a city no shall be a ruinous heap" Is 17:1. ISIS uses Russian and US made weapons. Bashar al Assad use Russian and US made weapons. Saddam Hussein's US made WMD"S were transferred to the Assad regime in Syria in 2003 admitted by Geo-spatial, CIA, DOD chief Bob Gates. The US arms, trains and finances ISIS in Benghazi (Libya), Turkey (Togarmah) and Jordan (Moab, Ammon, Edom). 50,000 Russian cargo containers destined for John Kerry and John McCain's pals the Syrian Rebels in Jeddah were aboard the ill fated Mol Comfort June 2014 when it split in half. 50,000 Russian Kalashnikov Rifles were aboard the intercepted Turkish ship Nour M in August 2014. Hypocrites one and all.
     The US Army and SITE (Rita Katz Search for Int'l Terrorist Entities) create fake beheading videos for ISIS and press whores like CIA intern, Sodomite, Anderson Cooper dutifully plaster them on TV as news.  All part of the script, Congress is now calling for the US to accept 200,000 Syrian refugees into the US coincident with ISIS posing as Syrian refugees using thousands of fake Syrian passports
     British (Jonathan Sacks), Belgium (Menachem Margolin; where NATO HQ is) and (French (Haim Korsia) Chief Rabbis all calling on nations to support Syrian refugees created by ISIS. The irony is ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi aka Simon Eliot is Israeli; Syrian refugees overwhelmingly cite Israel as their enemy. with 100's of thousands of Refugees pouring into the US, Britain and France all hating Israel and its allies; a perfect "Made in the USA" storm is brewing.
    That's how traitors create Scapegoats and destroy nations from the inside as they have done for 4000 years. 

                   Mollivirus and Pithovirus Sibericum

   A French team working in Russian Arctic permafrost intends to revive a 30,000 yr old Giant Virus "That could kill us all" Bull Shit.
    The hidden message? Molly means Mary, Prostitute or Star of the Sea; Venus is also the Star of the Sea aka Lucifer/Satan. Molly is a term used for “Companion of a Thief”; as such Molly is the Whore of Babylon accompanying Lucifer (Sun aka Horus) the Thief attempting to dethrone God. Mol also means “Millstone”; used for separating wheat from chaff; the Threshing Floor is Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.
       Siberia, named after the Sibur River is synonymous with a place of banishment. The Silk Road rings a Baal; the largest Exodus in history will use the 38th Parallel (38-52-90=Mr Peace Triangle; the Hypotenuse is Bah or Spirit or Re/Ra the Sun; a Spiritual Manifestation or the Sun aka Beast from the Sea) from Fukushima and the Korean DMZ (US installed the IKim Il Sun and his knucklehead offspring) across the Silk Road to Karakoram (Ghengis Khan); China has build cities along the route complete with the 4 Horses because China=Sina=Wilderness=Heth=Hittites.
     Pithovirus: Pithy means Strong, Vigorous
     Arctic means Bear; the Bear Guard is King Arthur; the Bear is Russia (at least according to the Satanic Plan), the 3 Ribs are the Americas (No, Cen, South) slated to be destroyed. Recall even Jesuit sock puppet Stephen Hawking (Crown of Horus/Satan) said “Aliens will be like Columbus arriving in America” He is referring to the planned release of Disease.
     Arctic the Bear; Ursa Major is the Big Dipper  representing the Age of Aquarius; King Arthur is the Bear Guard (Arcturas guides the Big Dipper around the Draco the Dragon) currently the role played by Russia, one of 5 fake threats to humanity predicted by Nazi SS, NASA founder Werhner von Braun in 1974: Russia, Terrorists, 3rd World Nation Refugees, Asteroid Impact, Aliens. Arthur as King of the Britons is a reference to B'Rith or Covenant by Birth ie Cain, Ishmael and Esau whose Dominion is the 3rd Beast of Dan 7:6.
    Earth is just shy of 6000 yrs of age; 4300 years ago during the pre-flood days, there was no Ice. Fountains of the Deep shot up Sodium laced Salt Water; super cooled water froze the record of animals killed in the Flood   
     500 Genes? This refers to Prince Melchisedek Scroll “After 10 Jubilees Prince Melchisedek arrives” That’s 500 years from Martin Luther proclaiming the Pope is the Antichrist and the best way to baptize Jews was to tie a Millstone around their necks and toss them in the Jordan River. The game show “500 Questions” had the “God Particle” come up at 6.66 Sec; CERN announced its Discovery on America’s occult Birthday of July 4, 2014. Laurent Fabius and John Kerry pronounced a 500 day warning of Climate Chaos expiring on Sept 23, 2015, the same day CERN will attempt to create Rainbow Matter. Odd that CERN comes up on Google Maps as 9/23/2015 isn't it? Chaplain Lindsey Williams claims an asteroid will wipe out the eastern seaboard of the Americas on Sept 23, 2015 
      Lots of occult communication going on with this announcement “As in the days of Noe so shall the coming of the son of Man be” Ready to see the Antichrist? Me neither but he’s coming.
      Jesuit Pope Francis wants 6+ Billion sinners against "Mother Earth" to die; he warned of "Hell Fire from Above" specifically from Aliens on Sunday Sept 6; why then? Sept means "7th month"; the 7th month 6th day points directly to Dan 7:6 "Dominion" of the 3rd Beast. He stated he has been visited 3 times by heavenly beings (Demons) warning of "An Impending Crisis with dire consequences for life on Earth". Nice timing with his "Laudato Si" Earth encyclical calling for the elimination of all but 1 Billion people ready for delivery to the UN General Assembly on Sept 25. So how are world leaders reacting to the Alien/Demon announcement? UN Sec Gen, Korean CIA, Unification Church "Moonie" Ban Ki Moon and NATO Sec Gen Jens Stoltenberg are studying all available defensive options for the Alien invasion. An anonymous British Intelligence (Coward) said "The entities are generally peaceful and remain neutral in inter-planetary disputes"
     Hollywood actor Jesuit Knight of Malta Ronald Reagan addressed the UN General Assembly saying "Nothing would unite the Nations of Earth more than the threat of Alien invasion"; space alien not illegal alien. At the ready is Malaysian (Edomite) UN Space Alien Ambassador M. Othman; who can forget Sodomite Richard Gere in "Mothman Prophecy" or the founder of the Ottoman Empire Othman I?
     Project Blue Beam, funded from the Star Wars Hoax turns the Ionosphere into a global TV. Fire from Above? EM (Electro-magnetic) weapons will deliver that; Aliens? God made Man is His image and likeness not Aliens. 
     Noosphere is a Jesuit Lie on par with Piltdown Man and Peking Man proving Man and Monkeys have a common ancestor. Nothing new or revolutionary, Marco Polo wrote of monkeys dressed in human clothes being trained as house servants in Asia, the Bull Shit simply stuck to the wall when Charles Darwin  plagiarized his grandfather Erasmus' "Zoonomia".
   Jesuit sock puppet Stephen (Crown) Hawking (Horus) claims (A Lie) in a CNN interview with Sodomite, Sandy Hoax, ISIS beheading liar Anderson Cooper, the brain boosting Nootropic "Limitless Pill" Addium accounts for his increased intelligence; the pill will change humanity forever. A 7 yr Harvard University study allegedly says "The pill will be the greatest event in human history" (next to the Big Bang of course). Jamie Foxx, Tiger Woods, Will Smith, Bill Gates, Bradley Cooper and Denzel Washington all allegedly credit Alpha AXT for their incredible success. Why 7 yr Study? Jesuit Dispensation Theory calls for a Rapture and 7 Yr Covenant with Israel; both made up Jesuit Bull Shit. 
     As I recall, it didn't work out that well for American Sniper Bradley Cooper in the movie "Limitless". The CBS series "Limitless" premiers Sept 22, 2015 on Kol Nidre, the day Synagogues of Satan write the names of the Congregation in the Book of Life, absolve each other of Sworn Oaths and forgive Sins they plan to commit between Feasts of Atonement Sept 23, 2015 and Oct 12, 2016. Hey, that's what Limitless Gods do! 
    Nootropic is derived from Jesuit Monkey "Piltdown/Peking" Man Fraud Pierre Teilhard Du Chardin's 1922 concept of  "Noosphere" written in the book "Cosmogenesis"; Lyndon LaRouche spouts this garbage as well. Why now? 2015 is the 93rd anniversary and according to Aleister Crowley, 93 is the Gematria of the Lost Word in Masonry, Thelema (Will) and of Aiwass, the demon he like Helena Blavatsky (Theosophy) channeled.
      Noosphere is a Sphere of Thought evolved from the Geosphere; Inanimate Matter forming Quarks after the Big Bang into, Atoms, Molecules and Rocks (Hellenes believed this nonsense as well) before evolving  into the Biosphere.  Molecules forming Amino Acids, Proteins and Cells of Biologically Living organisms. Finally, the Biosphere evolves into the Noosphere or Mind Sphere; the human body merely an evil nuisance needing to be dissolved by Fire. The Noosphere then evolves to the Omega Point, Global Consciousness  and return of the Messiah (not Jesus but al Mahdi, Maitreya, Buddha, Krishna etc). Blood Atonement anyone?
    Add means "To Unite". Holy means "To Separate" not Unite. Addium advertises an increase of 77% in IQ; and why not 77 is the Sublime Septenary according to Aleister Crowley, the Magical manifestation of Spirit in Matter. You may recall Flt 77 and 93 were chosen for 9/11/2001. The origin of this nonsense? "Ye shall not surely die shall be as gods..." Gen 3:3-5
      The event Stephen Hawking refers to is the revealing of the Alternative Messiah aka Antichrist. Now you know where the term "Bird Brain" comes from. Roll up the pant legs folks, Jesuits are piling up the Bull Shit.                       
All these world's are your except Europa. Attempt no landing there" -Odyssey Two by Sci-Fi writer Arthur C Clarke. Europa means Wide, Broad, Face specifically of the Sacred or Holy Cow "Hathor". Impregnated by Zeus (Roman Jupiter) in the form of a White Bull, she gave birth to Minos meaning "Cretan King". Titus warns us Cretans describe themselves as "Liars, Evil Beasts and Slow Bellies"; NASA is no exception.
    NASA is just now planning a mission to seek out life on Europa with Russia because Europa is the most likely location for life to evolve. With an average temperature of -234F and a liquid Hydrogen/Helium atmosphere at well over 200psi  the only thing this mission has going for it is Cretan Bull Shit.
    So what's the hidden message? Europa is Canaanite/Phoenician Royalty who commits adultery with Zeus/Jupiter (Capitol means Womb of Jupiter; Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith was buried with a Talisman of Jupiter) to produce the Cretan King Minos; same root as 1st Pharaoh of Egypt "Menes". "Mene, Mene, Tekel, Uparshim" was the Writing on the Wall God sent to Belshazzar for conducting an orgy with the Temple accoutrements; "Your Kingdom is Divided and Weighed in the Balances to be given to the Medes and Persians" was Daniel's interpretation which proved to be correct.
   9/11/2001 was among other things, an occult ritual designed to mimic Samson's destruction of the Philistine Temple by "Pulling" the Twin Pillars down; the Twin Towers and WTC#7 were in fact "Pulled", a professional demolition term used by lease holder Larry Silverstein. Samson had a Dannite father and mother from Judah. Joseph Smith claimed also Dannite lineage because the Tribe of Dan was prophesied to become a Judge of Israel in Gen 49:16; this is true, but as a Tribe of Israel, Dan is not listed in Rev 7 because Dan is restored during the Millennium not before the Great Tribulation or 2nd Coming of JESUS. Dan means "God is my Judge"; Dan appears in the list in Gen 49 and again after the Millennium in Eze 48, but not as "Saved" in Rev 7 because JESUS is the Judge to whom all will answer to at death; a Dannite Judge is about to be Revealed. Why Dannite? The Tribe of Dan intermarried and adopted Phoenician/Canaanite practices before the other tribes to include worship of the Bull ie Zeus/Jupiter.  The Covenant with Abraham was to not let his sons marry Canaanite women.
   Phoenix is the root of Phoenician; the Phoenix self incinerates and re-incarnates every 500 years.  Referring to America, Sir Francis Bacon said "New Atlantis would rise as a phoenix from the ashes" America's Holocaust is the "New Atlantis". The Holocaust offering to Zeus/Lucifer may begin on Feast of Atonement, Sept 23, 2015. The day before on Sept 22 is Kol Nidre; Talmudic Satanists (fake Jews or Cryptos) will forgive the Sins and Oaths made by the Synagogues of Satan for the coming year. Now know why Jesus said "Be ye not called Rabbi" Mat 23:8. 
    So who are the Judges? Edomites, the 1st born sons of Isaac who married the same Hittite (Canaanite) women Ishmael, the first born of Abraham did. Canaanites became "Cursed" after Ham's incest with his mother brought the Cainite bloodline across the Flood. When Cain killed Abel, the Earth cried out with his blood. On Sept 23rd Pope Francis will call for the elimination of over 6 Billion people at the UN General Assembly. Edomites sold their Birthright to an inheritance of God and yet are promised "Dominion" (Sovereign Authority to Rule the Earth) in Gen 27:40 KJV and Dan 7:6. That Dominion will be a worldwide bloodbath in which Jesus described as no Flesh being Saved.
    Europa can be seen Riding the Beast (Bull/Zeus) in front of the European Parliament building; Seat 666 is being held vacant for a reason. "Attempt no landing there" is actually good advice.

                           Melodia: 432 Hz
     "The triumph of science if finally realizing Earth's carrying capacity is under 1 Billion people"
"Drastic cuts in Carbon Di-oxide, Methane and Nitrous Oxide are necessary to save Mother Earth" Papal Encyclical on Mother Earth. The 1st Commandment of the Georgia Guide Stones "Maintain world population below 500 million people living in harmony with nature". Jesus said "Except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved" Mat 24:22 So, how does one go about slaughtering 6/7th of the Earth's population?
      On Aug 15 "Feast Day of Lucifer" Geo-Neutrinos were "Discovered". Geo-neutrinos are Electron-neutrinos or Anti-neutrinos as compared to Solar Neutrinos allegedly produced by Proton Fusion. Neutrinos (Italian for "Little Neutral One") are the only so-called proof of "Dark Matter" which CERN intends to prove Sept 23. Neutrinos are also the so-called proof of the 47 Terrawatt radiation (1/10,000th of Solar Radiation) necessary for Techtonic Plate movement in Earthquakes and for Mountain creation theories.
     First, a review of CERN's recent "Discoveries": On July 4, 2012 (America's occult Birthday) the "Graviton" aka "God Particle" was "Discovered" as the source of Gravity, the mythical Force giving Mass to Matter at the Atomic level and Order to the Universe. Sounds a bit like God eh? It isn't. In April 2015 CERN claimed to "Discover" the Pentaquark (2 Up, 2 Down and a Quark-Anti-quark pair) Sounds like Baphoment eh? It is. On Sept 23 CERN will attempt to discover Dark Matter; they won't. What will happen will however be Climate Chaos, Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, Famine etc as described in Mat 24, Lk 21 and Mk 13, all caused by EM (Sun=Electro; Earth=Magnetic based Elecro-Magnetic Weapons pioneered by Nikola Tesla.
     Now, the obvious Bull Shit. Neutrinos were first detected by MINOS (Main-injector Neutrino Oscillation Search) and NuMI (Neutrinos at Main Injector). Minos is the Cretan King; means "Bull King" or  Minotaur, a 1/2 Man, 1/2 Bull flesh eating (Kahn-Baals or Priests of Baal 1st taught Cannibalism; the equivalent of today's Communion) monster and offspring of Zeus/Lucifer. Tuatha de Danu=Tribe or Offspring of Anu/Zeus; they are the source  Egypt's first Pharaoh Menes. The Injector? Pardon being direct here, but its a Penis aka Baal's Shaft or Obelisk; specifically the Penis of Atum who ejaculated the visible Universe during the "Big Bang" which Pope Francis claims is real. It isn't. NuMI? Numismatic should ring a Baal "For the Love of Money is the root of all evil"-Jesus Christ
     Geo-neutrinos are Cretan Bull Shit in the extreme which is why Cretans described themselves as "Liars, evil beasts and slow bellies" Titus 1:12 Neutrinos were necessary to correct the obvious lack of energy striking earth to melt the interior and cause curculation necessary to cause  Magnetism. The Curie Temperature (about 700F) of Magnetic material is well below melting temperature; Magnetism ends at that Temperature. "Houston we have a another problem".
    So, what causes Earth's Magnetism and what caused Mountains to be created? Water. Water inside the Earth allows the Mantle and Crust to have differential motion. Magnetic material exposed to the Electrons hitting Earth in the form of Gamma, X-Ray, UV and Visible Light form the Earth's Magnetic Field. Water above the Earth subjected to Red Visible Light, refracted to form Infrared during Night and Day produces atmospheric drag necessary for this differential motion. A hydroplaning car is evidence enough of Water reducing friction to near "0"; during the Flood the "Hydro-plates" (Continents Hydroplaning) came to a stop causing mountains to be thrust upward. Geologists and Astro-physicists know about the Neutrino Problem (Google it); they prefer to spew Bull Shit instead to support the Dark Matter/Gravity Lie.     

       On Sept 23 Pope Francis visits Barack Obama at the White House. He will then address Congress on Sept 24 the UN on Sept 25 and Sunday Mass at the RC Christian (RC Christian is the mythical founder of the Rosicrucian Order and creator of the Georgia Guide Stones) Philadelphia decrying American Capitalism. 
      Sept 23 was highlighted in the movie "Tomorrow Land"; the point Earth entered Climate Chaos, Nuclear Destruction Drought, Famine etc; the premise is Time travel back to "Repair the Earth"; the symbol being the Tau or Cross of Tammuz. Tammuz means "Purify by Fire"; worship of Tammuz (Horus in Egypt) was the reason the Glory of the LORD departed Solomon's Temple in Eze 8.  Google Maps depicts  9/23/2015 as a Geographic location for CERN as well as being the point in Time depicted in Disney's Tomorrow Land.  On that date, CERN will power up to 13 TeV in the vain attempt to create Dark or Mirror Matter.
     Tomorrow World in Atlanta Sept 25, 2015 (September means 7th month; 2+5=7; 2015=17=7) represents New Atlantis rising from the flames as a Phoenix is the theme of Francis Bacon's New Atlantis) highlights the New Song (Melodia), a return to the conditions in the Garden of Eden (Tikkun Olam=Repair the Earth) as does the Georgia Guide Stones on Hwy 77 (Crowley's book LIber 77: Book of the Goat is the supreme manifestation of Spirit in Matter; as is Baphomet the Union of Spirit and Wisdom) calling for the death of all but 500 Million people living in harmony with Nature.
    The cause of Nitrous Oxides? American Corn (Baal is the Corn God) used to produce auto fuel, fed with Nitrogen laced fertilizers killing the Gulf of Mexico (Place where Earth's Oceans collide). Folks, this is no Laughing (Gas) Matter; America is the world's Holocaust Sacrifice on Feast of Atonement.
     UN Agenda 21 (7+7+7) calls for returning most of America to Nature; the Rosicrucian motto INRI (RC Trinity Church in Philadelphia) "Nature is renewed by Fire" above the Cross (Sacrifice of God).
     Watch the video, note the Pagan fire ceremony in the clearing and the birds (Language of Birds is called Green Language, Language of Yes (Oui) and Language of Sight (Oc=Occular=8) forming the M. Liber Mundi is the Rosicrucian "Book of the World" and basis for Stephen Hawking's "M Theory" (Gravity Strings play the New Song; HU in the Celtic world is the language of creation seen in HU Man) Note the children find the music instruments and destroy the Castle; that being Chateau Amerois "Castle of Kings" in Belgium where children are sacrificed each day, their blood used to write progress of the New World Order (1st presented 11 years to the day before 9/11/2001 at the UN by George Bush Sr; 2015 is the 14th (2 7's or 7+7 anniversary; each of the last 7 years has seen a Stock Market decline of exactly 7% on the Shemitah) under the "1000 pts of light" cupola (GHW Bush 1000 Pts of light foundation) Barbara Pierce (Percy of Gunpowder Plot fame) is Aleister Crowley's "Babalon" aka "Mother of Darkness". It is no coincidence Supercarrier GHW Bush is CVN 77 nor is it coincidence President Reagan and GHW Bush were the first to be inaugurated facing the world's tallest obelisk (Baal's Shaft) on the 77th Longitude; nor was it coincidence Flt 77 allegedly hit the 77ft tall Pentagon on the 77th Longitude whose cornerstone was laid in Masonic ceremony on 9/11/1941, nor is it coincidence 2015 marks the 7th Shemitah 7X7 years from the 7th Tetrad (2 years of Consecutive Lunar eclipses on Passover and Tabernacles). Time to pay attention. 
     CERN will attempt to create Dark Matter on Sept 23; regarded as the Prima Materia from which the visible Universe (One Verse=HU) was glued (Graviton=God Particle) together in the womb of the Mother Goddess (Cybele, Astarte, Ishtar, Isis). The sum total of Quarks in the visible Universe is Googol (1 + 100 Zeros); Google stems from Googol; Google Maps features CERNs address at 9/23/2015 because this is a Time and Place.
    Baphomet has 2 fingers up, 2 down and the union of opposites at its heart; CERN's  Pentaquark? 2 Up, 2 Down and a Charm (Antiquark + Quark); it was discovered by BASE (Baryon Anti-baryon Symmetry Experiment); BASE means "Morally Corrupt"; Dan 4:17 describes God installing the Basest of Men over Governments to the intent we, the living may know God rules in the Kingdom of Men.

Here is another look at the "Secret" plan for America=Druid Amorica. "The Love of Money is the root of all evil"; the Secret Service protects the US Treasury, not the President whose Secret Service name is "Renegade" (Person who betrays). Michelle (Michael) is Renaissance ie the Re-birth of the conditions just before the Flood; revived and made an example of at Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen 13:13; 13 being the number of Rebellion).
      Jesuit, Knight of Malta "Hospitaller" Joe Biden is "Celtic". Celts worship the High Places "Groves" where they believe their Priests survived the Flood eg Mt Everest=Chumolongmo "Earth Mother" (Ham carried the Cainite seed across the Flood through incest with his Mother resulting in Canaan, Cursed by this illicit union of Mother and Son who becomes the Father and consort of the Mother) Jill Biden is Capri meaning "Goat" (God Of All Things) CERN will attempt to create Mirror Matter (The Ark Of God).
     Think God is pleased with all this? Recall Pope Benedict XVI released 2 Doves which were attacked by Crows (The bird Noah released did not return to the Ark) as did Pope Francis the next year; announcing his resignation, Lightning hit St Peter's Basilica Twice.

                      The frequency of the New Song "Melodia"? 432 Hz.

  • 432Hz is the frequency of Water Harmony. There were 1656 years from Creation to the Flood; 1656 years=86,400 weeks/2=43,200 the number of seconds in Night and Day.
  • The Sumerian King's ls 432,000 years long. It's Bull Shit of course.
  • 432 is the square root of the current speed of light 186,000mps. (no it's not constant; Einstein lied).
  • There are 60 stones at Stonehenge, divided into  25,990 years (Egyptian "Great Year" based on Axis Precession)=432. 25,990/60=432.  
  • The Sun's Radius in 1000's of miles 4320/2=2160, the number of years per astrological house in Earth Axis Precession (2014 began the Age of Aquarius). 2160 miles is the diameter of the Moon. Obama is Farsi for "He is with us"; his birth claimed at Latitude 21.60 in Hawaii "Water and Breath of Life". 216=6X6X6 (CERN's logo is also 3 6's); not coincidental is Pluto's Gravity was measured allegedly at 2.16 ft/s2 (.666M/s2) by the New Horizons (Horus is the god of the 2 Horizons) spacecraft; Pluto the Roman god of destruction as is Shiva the idol at the entrance to CERN; 216 also equals 33+43+5the dimensions of a Pythagorean Right Triangle used in the construction of the Great Pyramid. Does this make Obama the Antichrist? Heaven's no, just a well planned, expendable Jesuit sock puppet.

      The Union of the Sun and Moon can be seen at the Cathedral of St John the Divine cutting Satan's head off; the Great Satan? Ahmadinejad told us 3 times at the UN. America.
The union of the Sun, Earth and Moon occurred first at Creation on Day 4 and is occurring in Sept with the Solar Eclipse on Sept 13 "Feast of Trumpets" and Lunar Eclipse on Sept 28 "Feast of Tabernacles".
     JESUS returns when Earth is 6000 years old (2 Pet 3:8); so how old it Earth? The New Song tells us. Jesus was born 4320 years after the Flood which occurred 1656 years after Creation. 5976 years marks the time the Spring Equinox Sun rose in Aries (Supreme Ram), the year Sargon the Great was declared "Legitimate King" at 21 (Age of Accountability). 3 1/2 years short of 6000 is the start of the Great Tribulation..
     JESUS will return 3 1/2 years after the Great Tribulation begins and Antichrist is born of the Sea. Don't be fooled, Mat 24, Lk 21 and Mk 13 all describe the last 3 1/2 years (Wars, Earthquakes, Famine, Disease); the Earth groaning to give birth; reeling to and fro as a drunkard (Is 24:20). These are signs of the Antichrist (Beast=BASE=Devoid of Morals) not the return of JESUS. 
     There will be no Rapture on Sept 23, 2015; Fake Rapture? We'll see. Pastor Paul Begley, Rabbi Johathan Cahn, Rabbi Mark Biltz, Zionist Rev John Hagee and Renee Moses (pseudonym for Re-born Moses?) are all teaching the same Sept 23 Lies.  Don't be played the Fool. Establish a one on one covenant with JESUS, the Creator of the Universe, sit back and watch the Blue Beam show and listen to the 432Hz Melody, but do not mistake JESUS for the Alternative Messiah or feel Left Behind.  JESUS does not leave anyone He knows behind to suffer His Wrath. 

       Amos means "To carry a load or burden" Amos 5:2 "The virgin of Israel has fallen; she shall no more rise: she is forsaken upon her land; there is none to raise her up"  Why? Amos 5:26 "But ye have borne the tabernacle of your Moloch and Chiun your images, the star of your god, which ye made to yourselves".
    AIPAC sponsored a trip to Israel and the Golan Heights Aug 11-15 for 58 members of US Congress, all standing proudly in front of the Star of Molech and Chiun beibriefed on Israel's right to defend itself against Iran in the event the Nuclear Deal is rejected Sept 17 and it will be. 170K have signed a petition against fake Jew Chuck Schumer, currently lobbying members of Congress to vote against the Iran Nuc Deal.
   "Then saith the LORD, Behold I will set a plumbline in the midst of my people Israel: I will not again pass by them any more". This means, follow the Star of Molech and God will not pass by you any more; this is the "Strong Delusion" and Hell for Eternity the result.
    These 58 Congress (Congredi means "To meet for War") members will vote for Israel against the Iran Nuclear Deal putting themselves on one side of the plumbline opposite God. Don't make the same mistake!
     144 (12X12,000 Saved Remnant of Israel in Rev 14) years ago on the Feast Day of Lucifer (Aug 15, 1871) Sodomite, Confederate Luciferian Masons Albert Pike and Giuseppe Mazzini wrote down the Jesuit (Fr Jean Pierre De Smet) plan for 3 World Wars to usher in the rule of Lucifer and Mark of the Beast. The symbol of this War is the Dancing Panda; far more than Chinese hacking of US Government Security and Trade officials.
      The Dancing Panda "Hashtag"  was promoted by Freemason Jimmy Fallon with the Tonight Show Full Moon logo (Sin) and Devil's Claw. Here is Jimmy Fallon displaying the Satanic Sign of allegiance
      # first came to use during the Iranian Election Protests likely because Hassan Rouhani is a Sharia Law Judge who replaced Mahmoud Ahmadinejad; his Divine Mission being to usher in the 12th Imam "al-Mahdi". The same situation in America with Barack Obama replacing George W Bush can be seen in the short video My Pet Goat II. People can see this coming. 
     "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" (Fallon) and "Dancing Panda" (Chinese Panda) symbolize the Hittites. Sons of Heth=Hittites (Cathay=Cath=Cathars=Heth=Hittites=China=Sina=Sin) aka Amalekites at war with God from generation to generation (Ex 16:16).
       Hittite women married Ishmael and Esau violating the Covenant requirements with Abraham; they were on both sides of the Red Sea "Exodus" in Egypt and Arabia; at the Battle of Qadesh and are today paired with Russia and Iran for WWIII.
      The Iran Nuclear Agreement (negotiated by Jesuit John Kerry) deadline is Sept 17, the same day the FED Open Market Mtg. The Full Moon of Sept 28 "Feast of Tabernacles" marks final Lunar Eclipse of the 8th Tetrad on Jesus' Birthday; the same time the UN will hear Pope Francis call for the extermination of 6 Billion people sinning against "Mother Earth"; the Clinton Global Initiative MTG; Tomorrow World "Secret Kingdom of Melodia" (New Song) Festival in ATL (Georgia Guide Stones also calls for extermination of 6+ Billion people) and Pope Francis' Sunday Mass (Sacrifice of the Host) in Philadelphia (Synagogue of Satan and Esau's City of Brotherly Love) at the RC Trinity (Rosicrucian) Church. 
     CERN will be Scapegoated for creating "Dark Matter" (All Spark in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen; the Prima Materia or First Matter according to occultists); the Fallen being a reference to Satan falling at Rev 9:11 to unlock the Bottomless Pit (Black Hole). Solar Eclipse on Sunday Sept 13 preceded by 14th (Rev 14 describes the Saved Remnant; fall of Babylon) anniversary of 9/11/2001 and end of the 7th Shemitah (49 years since the 6-Day War claimed Mt Hermon); America will fall as the Scapegoat "Babylon" and the False Messiah will stand on Mt Sion (Mt of the Chief is Mt Hermon not Zion); this is why AIPAC just sent 58 wavering members of Congress (Led by Rep Trent Franks a Focus on the Family and Mormon Freeman Inst initiate) to visit Mt Hermon to vote against the Iran Nuc Deal next month.
#JESUS people. JESUS is the only path to Salvation and it's strictly between you and Him.  
      Amos carried a very large Burden to Israel 2700 years ago informing them God was forsaking them. Your Burden is quite light by comparison; simply tell the world they are #History without a personal Covenant with JESUS.  


     Google is slang for Search; the word actually refers to Googol (1 + 100 Zeros) the estimated number of sub-atomic particles "Quarks" in the Universe.  "God Particles" giving Mass to Matter and Order to the Universe through the mysterious Force "Gravity" aka Bull Shit or as Daniel described it the "God of forces" (Dan 11:38). Googol Plex? No, not Google's HQ, but rather the time (10100 years) for a Black Hole of 1 Galactic Mass to lose all heat energy due to Hawking Radiation. Lot's of occult communication going on here; suffice to say Man's idea of building a Tower of Babel and living forever in the Golden Age likely begins Sept 23, 2015 at CERN.
    CERN will attempt production of Mirror Matter aka "Black Hole" on Sept 23, 2015; scientists walk passed an idol of Shiva the Destroyer to enter the complex located on Google Maps at the address 9/23/2015. This designation of Time and Space can be seen in the movie Tomorrow Land" and festivals called "Tomorrow World". "The theme "Secret Kingdom of Melodia" means "New Song"; JESUS' New Song is described in Rev 5:9; Satan's is Tomorrow World. 
     On the Morrow means; In the Morning or Sunrise. In Eze 8 men turned their backs to the LORD and worshipped the Rising Sun in the East; the same condition happened to God in Flesh with the same consequences; the Glory of the LORD departed and Temples of the LORD were destroyed. Today, Temples of the LORD are followers of JESUS.
    SMOM, Jesuit, Luciferian Mason, Bohemian Grove, Bilderberg, CFR Traitor John Kerry (Kohen) and France Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius "500 Day" Climate Chaos Warning expires Sept 23, 2015, the same day Jesuit Pope Francis will be visiting the RC Trinity (Rosicrucian Trinity; INRI "Nature is Renewed by Fire") in Philadelphia (Synagogue of Satan; City of Brotherly Love as in Cain's for Abel, Esau's for Jacob) reading the Liberty Bell inscription "Liberty to the Captives" (Lev 25:10) Edomites are the Captives (Gen 27:39-41KJV "Yoke of Jacob"); Christian followers of JESUS are SPIRITUALLY FREE (Gal 4) When Esau is Free, his written intent is to kill his brother. On Sept 25 Pope Francis will deliver his Encyclical on Global Warning calling for drastic cuts in CO2, Methane and Nitric Oxides (Industrialized People) to the UN. The solution to his problem is to eliminate 6 Billion people sinning against "Mother Nature". CERN will not destroy the Earth; EM (Electro=Sun; Magnetic=Earth) Weapons will.   
      INRI (Nature is Renewed by Fire) has the same meaning as Tammuz (Purify by Fire) or Holocaust. On Sept 23 "Feast of Atonement", a Fire Sacrifice is required (Lev 23:27).
     Lev 25:8-11 describes this start of the Jubile "50th Year"; this being 50 years from the 7th Tetrad, founding of the Church of Satan in 1966
and 6-Day War. Sept 23 is the beginning of the Satanic Jubilee; remember, live in bondage to the Law and JESUS profits you nothing.
    French Revolution instigator Voltaire is enshrined at the Paris Pantheon as no other; CERN is on the site of his exile; the motto "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" refers to Liberty from God, Equality with God and Fraternity with Satanists who agree with this Gnostic goal. Near the Pantheon, the Sun will reach the Brass Sacrifice Altar on the "Rose Line" at the St Sulpice Cathedral on Sept 22 mid-day.
       Of all the things I've seen, CERN being the address of 9/23/2015 is about as blatant as it can get.   Satanists in Talmudic Synagogues will forgive each other the Sins they plan to commit during the coming year on "Kol Nidre" Sept 22 and begin those Sins the following day.   Time is up people; Get a personal Covenant started with JESUS right now!

                   Hawking Project
     CERN will attempt to prove Mirror aka Dark Matter on Sept 23 "Feast of Atonement"; the resulting Black Hole wreaking havoc with the Earth. On Lughnasadh (Aug 1 is the Nuptials of Lugh, the god of Crafts) CERN created the Pentaquark; 2 Up, 2 Down and a Charm Quark (Quark-Antiquark pair); may want to roll up your pant legs, the BS is getting as deep as the "Mire Pit" Nebuchadnezzar used to drown King Zedekiah; Pentaquark is not only fake, it's a signal Baphomet is about to be revealed.
       CERN uses ALICE (Yup, Alice in Wonderland) in its search for so-called Alice Matter, the stuff of Worm Holes (Rabbit Holes) to other dimensions, U of Cambridge Lucasian Chair of Mathematics, Stephen Hawking claims may be filled with Aliens not happy with Earthlings. On April 15, University of Cambridge had a team of Geo physicists in place in Kathmandu (Wooden Temple) preparing residents for the "Big One" when the "Big One" occurred; when you are that smart coincidences like this happen all the time, like FEMA being in NYC on 9/10/2001 conducting a "Terror Drill" or Larry Silverstein taking out $7B in "Terrorist Insurance" on each of the Twin Towers (Charm Quark may ring a Baal) or SOUTHCOM conducting a Haitian Relief Drill in Miami the day of the Earthquake or the BATFE being in OKC the day the AP Murrah Bldg was bombed or Craft (Chris Kyle's Mercenary Army) International being at the Boston Marathon or the FBI conducting a Live Fire Drill during Sandy Hook or FEMA putting out a Hurricane Map with the exact path Sandy took a month later or CNN Meteorologist Chad Meyers pointing out the street in Moore OK that would be leveled 2 hours later or Blackstone Group buying controlling interest in Freescale Technologies (Imbedded RF Hardware used in remote flight control of airliners among much else) just days before MH-370 allegedly crashed with all the Patent Holders aboard.
      The very second the Earthquake hit, CERN began full power tests; on Sept 23 they will produce full power particle collisions, entering the building guarded by Shiva the Hindu destroyer. "The current earthquake rupture is waiting to rupture an any time" Prof of Geo-sciences Rajendran Indic. Sept 23 Earthquake is a bet as safe as predicting American Pharaoh to win the Kentucky Derby eh? A few years ago, Time Magazine even dressed Obama up in a Pharaonic Headdress; how ironic!  
     In 1939 Einstein wrote to FDR, a sustained fission reaction would create new elements; that being Plutonium (New Horizons pictures of Pluto are identical to Disney's Blood Hound Pluto; funny eh?), tested on Aug 9, 1945 on residents of Nagasaki; Plutonium sure did a number on that city just like Fukushima is doing to the world with Plutonium. Luciferian Mason J Robert Oppenheimer quoted Shiva "I have become Death, the destroyer of worlds" witnessing the Trinity detonation; Pope Francis will visit the RC (Rosicrucian) Trinity Church in Philadelphia (Church of Philadelphia "Brotherly Love" is the called the Synagogue of Satan in Rev 2:6;15) Sept 23, 2015. 
     U of Cambridge Prof Phillipe Avouac "The previous quake relieved only a small portion of stress along the 2200km fault...a large quake will happen and Mt Everest will move a great deal". When Mt Everest (Chumolongmo=Earth Mother) moves "The earth will reel to and fro like  a drunkard" Is 24:20. Isaiah Chap 24 deals with the return of JESUS; this will be the arrival of Antichrist aka Al-Mahdi, Krishna, Baha'ullah; timed with Jesuit Pope Francis' Encyclical on Mother Earth presented to the RC Trinity Church in Philadelphia and the UN no less.
    As a teaching order, Jesuits use the Cathedra of St John Lateran (Lateran means "Hidden Frogs"), the Mother Church of every Church in the world teaching the dictates of the 3 Unclean Spirits of Satan, Antichrist and False Prophet according to JESUS in Rev 12:9; 16:13. Ron Paul is a Jesuit trained initiate of Lambda Chi Alpha (Jesus is the real Chi Alpha); his dire warning of US financial meltdown being imminent can be read at  Why 49? The 7th Shemitah of course; 7 yrs ago the DJIA fell 7% and 777 Pts on Feast of Trumpets and 7 yrs before than exactly 7% on the 1st trading day after 9/11/2001. Sunday Sept 13, 2015 is Feast of Trumpets, Friday Sept 11, 2015 the DJIA may be the big day that begins the "Jubilee Year", reversing roles of Master and Slave. Joshua encompassed the Wall of Jericho blowing the Ram's Horn; on the 7thh pass he compassed the wall 7 times and it fell. Wall St is named for the Wall of Jericho, built in lower Manhattan (Man Aton) to replicate the Canaanite stronghold. 
     Ron's an interesting fellow, having been a TX Congressman during the Super-conducting Super-collider multi-billion rip off. CERN is a similar type rip-off an he knows it. 
     Stephen "Crown" Hawking "Horus" (Hawk headed son of the Sun) is a Jesuit sock puppet spewing Metaphysics rather than fact; his M Theory is "Liber Mundi", the Rosicrucian Book of the Earth; his Cambridge predecessor, Rosicrucian, Luciferian Mason Isaac Newton spent 25 years perfecting the architectural design for the Temple God brings down from Heaven to Zion; his followers think they can duplicate God's work on Earth. Gravity as a mythical Force giving Mass to Matter and Order to the Universe? Made up Newtonian and Einsteinian nonsense. Time to get right with JESUS before the Hawking Project is finished.

             Astronaut Wives Club

     "Never underestimate the power of people to believe a lie" Edward Bernays disciple and Nazi propaganda minister Joseph
Goebbels  Nazi propagandists populated NASA to carry forth the tradition eventually planting a False Flag on the Moon.
     The Moon is a reflection ie "Mirror Image" of the Sun; this is why the Islamic moon god Allah is the 4000 yr old Arab moon god "Sin". The Arab Saviour? al-Mahdi foisted on Shia Muslims like Santa (Satan) Claus and the Easter Bunny were on Christians. When? "al Mahdi will be preceded by a meteor impact. A comet in the east, a star with a luminous tail will give off illumination. The star's rise will occur after the eclipse of the Sun and Moon" Asral Zahoor (Arab/Sufi book). Well folks, we don't have long to wait; Sept 13 "Feast of Trumpets" (Rabbinical "Rosh Hashanah") is the Solar Eclipse and Sept 28 "Feast of Tabernacles". How long in the planning? Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, BP Chaplain Lindsey Williams all said this same thing in one way or another. The source of the info? Demons. Iranian Mullahs (Ayathollahs) teach gullible Shias about "al-Mahdi"; what they have in common with NASA is they are all initiated Luciferian Masons who sold their Soul to the Devil.
       Man can serve God, but Man will never become God; that was the Serpent's (Dragon, Satan, Devil) first Lie,  Luciferian Masons and high level Jesuit initiates simply don't get it.  The  production company of Astronaut Wives Club is "False Empire", cute eh? The Hindu god Kali is a manifestation of Shiva "The Destroyer", the equivalent of Lugh in Celtic mythology. On Lughnasadh (Aug 2) Kali was displayed on the Empire State Building because New York City, the "False Empire" built on the Love of Money and Usury will likely soon see an UN-natural disaster. So did 33Luciferian Freemasons really plant the flag of the False Empire on the moon? The Science is about as ridiculous as CERN creating "Mirror Matter" on Sept 23, 2015 or Pope Francis' Earth Encyclical blaming man for Global Climate Change due for presentation in the US the same time. First off, Jesus created Earth at the center of Creation, fixed it on a "Foundation that shall not be moved" (Job 26:7; Ps 93:1), surrounded by a Torroid shaped Magnetic Field full of Radiation that serves as both a Prison and Protection from the Sun. No human being will ever travel more than 1000 miles from Earth and no Alien (BS of course) will ever travel through it to Earth. Satan is the expert Liar, and Satanists are his disciples.
      Jesus is Alpha and Omega, I AM, Melchisedek (King of Salem ie Jerusalem and Priest of GOD in SPIRIT as we in Sin cannot experience that yet), JEHOVAH (Burning Bush/Mt Sinai) and JESUS, the New Covenant version of the Crucified/Rejected Jehovah/Jah. He cannot change His mind despite what new versions claim in Amos 7:2-3; 5-6; JESUS will not tolerate worship of the Earth or the Six Pointed Star.
     Russia and China are paired for WWIII because Crimean Rus is put into Eze 38:2 where it does not belong; Moscow is not Mechech and Tubal is not Tobolsk; those are Jesuit lies. China is Cathay=Cath=Heth=Sons of Heth=Hittites, the very Canaanites Ishmael and Esau married to make null and void the Covenant with Abraham are the Priests of On (Amalekites) ; drowned in the Red Sea and the same at the Battle of Qadesh 200 years later on the Arabian side. Santa is a Hittite god; the Red Dragon is Draco encircling the Pole Star led by Arcturas (King Arthur) the Bear Guard (Russia is the Bear aka 2nd Beast of Dan 7) 
     China in Sept? CERN will attempt to prove Dark Matter on Sept 23, 2015; the likely resulting Earthquakes blamed on the event may trigger a massive Exodus just as before with Hittites on both sides eventually guiding 200 Million (5th Trumpet) into Hell at Armageddon. This is why the Silk Road was created, a Hwy to Hell from 38th Parallel in Japan (Fukushima) across the 38th Parallel in Korea (affixed by the US) across Siberia, to Chumolongmo (Earth Mother aka Himalayas) to Islamabad (Choke point of the Middle East Wars supplied by the co-mingled Russian Kant Airbase and the US Manas Airbase in Kyrgystan; Satanist John Kerry was just there this week finalizing plans) then across Afghanistan (Graveyard of Empires according to Alexander the Great). On that note, at the end of Astronaut Wives Club note the production company "Fake Empire";  same day this article started making the rounds is about as coincidental  as the Hindu god Kali displayed on the Empire State Building. From Afghanistan across Iran (Noble Caste is Medean not, not Persian as in Cyrus the Great's time; Ayathollahs are all installed by the US and trained in Paris; Mede-Persian Ram versus Grecian Goat should ring a Baal as this is WWIII) then across Iraq (Babylon; Euphrates will eventually dry up intentionally by US created/financed ISIS control of the upstream dams per Rev 9:11) and Jordan (Idumea is Moab, Ammon and Edom; King Abdullah is a Hashemite ie Edomite US controlled sock puppet training ISIS; Jordan means "Going down the Dan"; Dan will Judge Israel after the Millennium, but now these fake Dannites including the Mormon Church will do the Judging; worship of JESUS is Idolatry in their minds according to Sharia and Noahide Law) and finally to Armageddon (Mt of Slaughter) where blood will rise to the horse bridles just before the 2nd Coming.

    America's False Empire will likely end with Obama getting taken out. His cross-dressing partner Michael wore the Black Widow Dress on Election night and held the Lincoln Bible for a reason. Obama means "He is with us" in Farsi (Medean); count the number of Jesuit Traitors that will fill the void (Biden, Roberts, Kerry, Boehner, Hoyer, Dempsey) all serving the Black Pope Adolfo Nicholas and his UN Moonie "Unification Church", KCIA (Jesuits control all Intelligence Agencies across the globe including the KGB) boy Ban ki Moon.

      I'm not sure how all this goes down, but I would certainly think it prudent to establish a one on one personal Covenant with JESUS before Sept 22; the Strong Delusion cannot be far behind. Sept means 7th Month; 7/22 is the Great "8th" Day of Feast  of Tabernacles in Roman terms; the Mirror Image 22/7=Pi (Circle of Heaven) "Behold I come quickly" Rev 22:7; it is however the Roman 9th Month; Heb 9:22 "Almost all things are by the law purged with blood, without the shedding of blood there is no remission" For fake Talmudic Jews the day of Kol Nidre (Sept 22) is forgiveness and Feast of Atonement (Sept 23) requires a Holocaust Sacrifice according to the Law.

      Do I believe Satanists will provide the Holocaust required of Feast of Atonement on Sept 22-23, 2015?  It's the Age of Aquarius just now, the Rainbow symbolizes God's promise not to destroy the Earth with Water again. Only a fool would not be paying attention to all those signs Hollywood, and St Sulpice (Rose Line) or Sasha (Alexander=Defender of Men) Obama "Rosebud" are putting out for Sept 22; the day completes the 2 ascents and 2 descents of the Serpent at the Temple of Kukulkan/Quetzalcoatl plus the 365th Altar "Precessional Time Clock" on top times with the 8th Tetrad of Lunar Eclipses. Remember, God started Time with the New Moon, Earth and the Sun in alignment followed in 14 days by Passover. Satanists will begin their New Age with the Mirror Image on Sept 13, 2015 with a Solar Eclipse  and CERN creating (Bull Shit of course) Mirror Matter followed in 14 days by Feast of Tabernacles on Sept 28; Sun, Moon and Earth aligned in the Mirror Image of the Creation Event=Destruction.

    How many more signs are we waiting for?  


       "Jesuits are an infectious plague requiring the most severe quarantine" Edmund Burke 
      "Jesuit foxes have various faces but all hang together by their tails" Pope Gregory IX
    Jesuit Pope Francis' Encyclical calling for the extermination of over 6 Billion people sinning against  "Mother Nature" is the culmination of Barbelo Gnosticsm. The encyclical emanated from the Cathedra (Teaching Seat) of the Basilica of St John Lateran where Lateran means "Hidden Frogs", the 3 occult, unclean spirits of Satan, Antichrist and False Prophet Jesus warned about in Rev 12 and 16. God's Wrath is to be preceded 1260 days by Satan's Wrath and the world is at the doorstep. Barbelo is no Barbie Doll  folks!
      Barbelo is a word having several elements of Bar meaning Son; eg  Bar Mitzvah or Simon Bar Kochba. Bench, meaning Judge's Bench or Bar or the Money Changing Tables (Bench) Jesus turned over at the Temple. Jesus is Judge of the quick and dead; Barbelites will do the judging before Jesus does. Lucifer's 1st wife? Wrath according to Barbelites. In Aramaic, Barbelo means Betrayal, Make Known, Reveal or Manifest. see  means "Emanation of the Divine Feminine"; George Bush Sr and Jr and Obama called it by the Kabbbalist name "Shock and Awe" (Shekinah) as Baghdad and Tripoli were leveled with Uranium tipped Tomahawk Cruise Missiles. As an emanation of Shiva, CERN will attempt to produce the emanation on Sept 23, 2015. Bel "Confounder" or Baal "Lord" is also seen in Barbelo.
    Barbelo is "Mother-Father" seen in Baphomet (Union