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     CERN is a cryptogram for the "Cernunnos" (Horned One), the oldest form of Satan on earth means "Horned One". "Black Hole", "Dark Matter" or "God Particles" are what Egyptian Priests called "TULA" or "Black Sun"; Daniel refers to Satan as the "god of Forces" and CERN has found him! NASA JPL Lab announced on Oct 1, 2014  "Global Warning affecting Gravity", this BS on the heels of CERN announcing the "Discovery" of "Primordial Gravity Waves" (Beginning) and the "God Particle" (Ending). Gravity Waves or any other Wave cannot travel in a Vacuum; the BS begins at Time=0 in Astrophysics. CERN then claims he "Graviton" aka "God Particle" gives Mass to Matter; sounds like the Creator eh? Hardly, Jesus is the "Beginning and the End". Why at CERN? The oldest depictions of Cernunnos were found in caves in southern France. Profanity means "Blasphemous contempt of God"; Daniel warned Science is the "Language of the Chaldeans" (Dan 1:4) and Paul warned Science is "Vain and Profane babblings" (1 Tim 6:12 AV) Science has largely been subverted by Chaldean BS! 
    Jesuits are modern day Chaldeans. Science is a Religion called in the Word of God "Vain Babblings" Atomic Theory relies on 4 opposing forces: Strong Nuclear, Weak Interaction (Radiation), Electro-magnetism and Gravity, the latter giving "Mass" to "Matter" according to E=Mcallows convertibility of Mass and Energy. 3 of the 4 are BS; the only observable "Force" is Electro-Magnetism. caused by the Sun (Electrons) interacting with the Earth (Magnetic Field) which produces unlimited "Free Energy".
      Gravitational Field Theory is now called "String Theory", and with that came the bending of Space-Time as a fabric; pure BS! Thank Jesuit Roger Boscovich and Talmudic Satanist Neils Bohr for that nonsense. The theory goes like this. Primeval Atom (1st Atom) explodes and results in the Big Bang. Gravity Waves propagate outward and Red Shift (Expansion or Spatial Distortion) results. Think about it; outside the 1st Atom is "Nothing" ie a "Vacuum"; Waves displace Matter. It is not possible for any Waves to travel in a Vacuum.  Thank Jesuit Georges Lemaitre for that equally blasphemous nonsense and Edwin Hubble for putting his name on it even though he wrote that he didn't believe the theory. Modern Particle Physics relies on the "Uncertainty Principle" and Wave-Particle Duality of Light; thank Jesuit Theodr Wulf for that nonsense. Space is "Nothing"; the idea of the Aether is not new, it began in Egypt over 3000 years ago with the same Chaldean Priests.
    In Egypt Taurus "Bull" was worshipped as the Apis Bull where Apis means "Honey Bee". Chaldean Dabar is Bee or Word; Honey then is the spoken Word of the Chaldeans. Dan 1:4 refers to "Science" as the "Tongue of the Chaldeans" and in 1 Tim 6:20 as "Vain and profane babblings in opposition to the Word of God"; Profane means "Blasphemous Contempt of God". The Egyptian creator Atum was used for the word Atom meaning "To Finish". The 4 "Forces" of the Atom: Strong Nuclear, Weak Interaction, Electro-magnetism and Gravity then refer to the "God of Forces" (Dan 11:38). "Gravity" is the Jesuit made up Force which gives "Mass" to "Matter"; which is why it is called "God Particle".

CERN is named after Cernunnos, the "Horned One" in Dan 7:8 called "Little Horn" is Satan. Gravity and Gravity Waves are Satanic nonsense giving Mass to Matter ie a false Creator called "God Particles" Here are some quotes from Cernunnos' Priests
"A supernatural creator almost certainly does not exist. When a person believes in God it is a Delusion; when many people suffer from delusion, it is called Religion" Richard Dawkins author of God Delusion
"God is dead and will remain dead; we have killed him with our Science" Frederich Nietzche   
"Earth is in a unique if not central position, but the idea is unwelcome and must be avoided at all costs" Edwin Hubble
"Einstein is a beggar dressed in purple clothes and made king using dazzling mathematics that obscure truth" Nikola Tesla
"Relativity is a massive deception wrapped in beautiful mathematics" Nikola Tesla writing on Einstein
"Man's intellect has come to the point where we no longer need God" Stephen Hawking

  Science: "To Know" ie Gnosis is the root of Gnosticism. Logos "Logic" and Sophia "Wisdom" and using the Essene Cipher Sophia=Baphomet. Knights Templar worshipped "Baphomet" as a Goat "God Of All Things" Now you know why. 
                               Real Wisdom begins with Fear of the LORD 

1 Tim 6:20 KJV declares Science is Vain and Profane Babblings in opposition to Scripture. Profane means "Blasphemous contempt of God". Science is not Fact, it is designed to appear as fact.

Stephen Hawking is proposing "M Theory" is the "Theory of Everything"; Why? the Rosicrucian Book  Liber Mundi is "M" aka "Book of the World", a compendium of Gnostic Rosicrucian Wisdom  M Theory is a Lie based on previous false theories:
"Gravity Theory
" requires Infinite Force to cause Infinite Work. "God Particle" or Graviton gives "Mass to "Matter"; with Mass comes Energy and Infinite Energy requires infinite Power Where is all that coming from? String Theory and Dark Matter are Gnostic Myths that originated in Egypt with worship of Tula the Black Sun or Black Hole; the Infinitely Strong Primordial Atom. Made of Apis Bull Shit to be sure.  
   I'm not kidding here Science is a world of P-Branes, Anti-matter, WIMPS, MACHOS, RAMBOS, and Worm Holes held open to Alternative Uniiverses by Negative Matter; it's all Gnostic Bullshit!
      There was no Big Bang; there is no Red Shift  (Universe Expansion); the Speed of Light is not constant. Matter is not made from Stars and neither are People Nuclear Fusion creates Helium from Hydrogen; heavier elements require additional Energy. 
Creation is approaching 6000 years of age, not 13.7 Billion years. There is no Space-Time dimension or Time Travel. Why? Space is a Vacuum, not a Dimension, and a Vacuum cannot be Warped. Time is only discernible by the relative motions of the Sun, Moon and Stars as God wrote it would be. The Sun, Moon and Precession of Earth's Axis relative to Fixed Stars precisely calculates the beginning of Axis Precession at 4348 years; pre-flood years are accounted at 1656 years; do the math.
Earth is not orbitting the Sun "Heliocentric"; nor the Sun orbitting a Galactic  Black Hole. Earth is Fixed in position at the center of Creation. Why? Centripetal Acceleration would destroy everything on Earth.
Evolution Theory is False; there are no Aliens. Why? DNA cannot improve; Humans cannot mate with any other Species.
The Earth's Core is not molten. Why? There is no Energy source for this.
No human being has ever been more than 1000 miles from Earth. Manned Inter-planetary Space Travel is impossible Why? The Magnetic Belts contain 1000's of times the lethal dose of radiation. G loading for such a trip is not practical; humans can sustaiin at most 6 G's (200Ft/S2) for a very short duration.
Human caused Global Climate Change is False; Weather Modification is intentionally caused and NASA has admitted it Why? Man believes he can do better than God. Here is a guy who thinks he is a God
    In April 2014, Buzz Aldrin gave an interview, stating the Lunar Landing was “Simulated”, Presidential Medal of Freedom (all 6 astronauts from Apollo 11 and 13 won this award) winner, 33 degree Luciferian Mason began describing the “Lunar Smell” while on the Moon. Once the astronaut crawled into a space suit, the only smell would have been his own farts. Time to wake up to the Satanic BS!

  Astronomer Carl Sagan said "We are all made of the elements within Stars, Hydrogen, Helium, Carbon, Oxygen and Iron...We are all Star Children" Carl Sagan is a Gnostic Liar as is his protege Bill Nye the Science Guy. The Sun Converts Hydrogen to Helium, Period. No Oxygen, no Carbon, no Iron, no Spirit and no Holy Ghost. This is the main problem with Science; Satan became Lucifer "Light Bringer" and various Sun-Gods, Osiris, Horus, Helios etc.

     The concept of a Central Black Sun "Tula" (Black absorbs Light) at the Galactic Center "Ordering" the Cosmos "Order out of Chaos" is not new; modern science simply applied the names "Black Holes" and "Warped Space-Time" to it. The ultimate "Blasphemy of God" is the "God Particle", a mythical mass-less particle traveling as "Light Speed" before Time (Chaos) began which provides "Infinite Energy" according to E=MC2 (Energy=Mass X Speed of Light Squared) and "Infinite Work" according to Work=Force X Distance. The "Great Work" is "Order out of Chaos"
     The "God Particle" was announced as 99.99% proved on July 4, 2012. The "Great Work" aka "Order out of Chaos" is complete. In "Science" the equation for Work=Force X Distance; Science claims the Universe is nearly "Infinite", therefore, so is the "Work" required to move planets and stars. Work is the "Transfer of Energy"; hence "God Particles" are of "Infinite Length".
    Force=Mass X Acceleration. The Word of God says the Earth is "Fixed" and the Firmament is "Stretched"; Physicists claim the Earth is accelerating around the Sun (Orbitting) and the Firmament (Universe) is expanding (Stretching). God Particles supposedly give "Mass" to every Atom, and connect every Atom in the Universe to every other Atom by "Force"; this requires "Inifinite Energy" and creates "Inifinite Work". Infinite "Force", Infinite "Distance" and "Infinite Energy" mean "Infinite Work" aka "Great Work".
      The God Particle, Black Sun, Star Children, Indigo Children, Tuatha de Danaan (Danu) etc are not new; Egyptians call their parent Star "Sirius"; Mormons call it "Kolob", the Egyptian word for "Star", because Joseph Smith wrote the Book of Abraham from teh Egyptian "Book of the Dead"; in Scientology the mythical Star is "Xenu"; Chaldeans called it "Tula".
     The motto of Skull & Bones aka "Brotherhood of Death" and Sovereign Masonry (330 is Sovereignty ie "No higher rank"; there are 33 vertebre in the human spine) of is "Order out of Chaos"; "God Particles" provide this "Order" which they refer to as the "Grand Architect". Perhaps now you can see why Paul told Timothy in 1 Tim 6:12KJV Science is "Vain and Profane Babblings". Vanity is believing you are God. Profanity is Blasphemous contempt of God.
    The "Great Work" is nearly complete; 99.99% to be exact and the reason the "God Particle" was announced on "Independence Day"
. No better "Fireworks" than a "Big Bang" eh?

     The concept of Space being a medium "Aether" is also an ancient lie. Modern Science simply refers to it as "Electric Universe" and "Dark Matter"; new terms applied to the age old idea of Helioplis "City of the Sun", "On" (Recall the Priests of On in Heliopolis, Egypt?) or "Tula" (aka Thule); the source of Dark Matter aka God Particles. Folks, all this is BS designed to make the Earth one of billions like it, Man one of billions of intelligent life forms and the age of Earth to appear billions of years.
     Radio-carbon dating is accurate only as far back as the Flood (2348 BC). Ages of pre-flood specimens such as the Wooly Mammoth appear to be 150K to 10K years old simply because they had less radio-active Carbon-14 in their systems than post-Flood specimens. Why? The Flood scrubbed the atmosphere of Radioactive Carbon 14; God preserved the frozen record and gave us a way to precisely date their age.
     Gravity Theory, Heliocentric Theory, Big Bang Theory, Special and General Relativity Theories, Space-Time Theory, and String Theory are all Gnostic Lies. Likewise Evolution and Atomic Theories have no basis in fact and diametrically oppose the Word of God.
      Ps 93:1 "...the world also is stablished, that it cannot be moved" If Earth is not moving; Gravity must be non-existent, Period. 1 Chr 16:30 says the same thing.
     Job 26:7 "...and hangeth the earth upon nothing" If Space is nothing ie a vacuum; Dark Mattter theory is false.
     Dan 11:38 "But in his estate shall be honour the God of forces..." Gravity, Big Bang and Atomic Theory all depend on mysterious unproven energy sources and forces; occultists call it "Dark Energy"; I call it BS..

    HAARP receives the most attention but HAARP is not the only problem. There are many Nations posessing Microwave and Electro (Sun)-Magnetic (Earth) Radar technology far more capable than HAARP; eg SuperDarn, SOUSY, EISCAT, Wood Pecker Grid etc. HAARP' patent "Method and Apparatus for alterng the Earth's Atmosphere, Ionosphere and Magnetosphere. Here is my nutshell version of the technology that will destroy most life on Earth.
      "Solar Radiation contacts Earth's Magnetic Field as Gamma, X-Ray, Ultra-violet "UV" and Visible Light. Gamma and X-Rays are guided through and on the Earth's surface; they are "Electrons" with a Negative charge which makes Earth an infinitely recharging "Ground". Visible Light travels through the Magnetic Field contacting Nitrogen and Oxygen in the Atmosphere; Electrons knock Electrons out of Atoms forming "Auroras". Ozone is created when "Ions" of Oxygen recombine; Ozone absorbs life harming UV Light. The Ionosphere is a net positively charged region ranging from about 15 miles to 200 miles above Earth. The Potential "Voltage" between Earth and the Ionosphere is 50Volts/ft and constantly recharging. This energy differential forms a Battery used to power Electro (Solar)-Magnetic (Earth) powered devices.
     Visible Light refracts (Bends) in the Atmosphere and Oceans ie the Speed of Light slows down. Slowed Light becomes Microwave and  IR (Infrared) "Heat Energy". Uneven heating caued by Night and Day cycles and evaporation over the Earth produces Weather.
    Radars collect and discharge  Electro (Solar)-Magnetic (Earth) energy back to the Atmosphere. These Electrons bounce off the positively charged Ionosphere (eg HAM or HF Radio) to form Standing "Scalar" Waves. Note: Waves (Gravity, Light or Radio) do not travel in Space; Space is a Vacuum. Copernicus, Newton, Einstein and Hawking lied.
    Nikola Tesla pioneered this type of free energy transmission 120 years ago. For the past 66 years Gnostics have used this energy to control Weather using Hurricanes, Guided Lightning, Tornadoes, Droughts, Floods. The energy is also used to modify the Earth using Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions.

   Science: Scire means "To Know". The Gnostic world is a "Matrix" exactly opposite the Word of God.
An inscription on the Cross of Hendaye in southern France describes Science "Knowledge, Study and Learning is the last of all, but for us, the fist. Save for a small number all must perish". 

Revelation has 22 chapters; divide it by the number of days in Creation "7" and Pi results; the same ratio as the Perimeter divided by Height of the Great Pyramid in Egypt.
   Israel was in Egyptian captivity the same time as the Inter-testament "Silent" years; multiply it by the distance between the Earth and Moon and the distance to the Sun results. Multiply the Moon's diameter by that number (400) and the diameter of the Sun results. This relationship is the basis of Solar and Lunar Eclipses. This is no coincidence.
   The Lunation Cycle is equal to a woman's Menstrual Cycle and Earth's Tidal Cycle; no other animal has this characteristic. This did not Evolve. Darwn also lied.
   The Great Tribulation is 1260 days; add the Day of Wrath and 1261/1260 is the ratio of Equatorial to Polar Curcumference of the Earth.

"Oh mortal man, is there nothing you cannot be made to believe?" Jesuit Professor Adam Weishaupt
"Einstein is a beggar given a purple robe and made king who uses dazzling mathematics to obscure the truth"  Nikola Tesla 

Science: Scire "To Know" Greek "Gnosis" An activity that appears to require study and method.
Religion" Belief and reverence for a supernatural power accepted as creator and governor of the universe. An objective pursued with fervor and devotion
Philosophy: Science of aesthetics, ethics, metaphysics, logic, cosmology
Metaphysics: Speculative philosophy
Cosmology:Philosophy dealing with the structure of the Universe.

Where does one find Gnostics today? Universities of course.

"...keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called" 1 Tim 6:20
"He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing" Job 26:7
"And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed...So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day. And there was no day like that before it or after it..." Joshua 10:13 "...the world also is stablished, that it cannot be moved" Psalm 93:1
"...the world also shall be stable, that it be not moved." 1 Chr 16:30
"The sun and moon stood still in their habitation..." Hab 3:11
"The sun also ariseth, and the sun goeth down, and hasteth to his place where he arose" Ecc 1:5
"And God said, Let there be light..."Gen 1:4 "1st Day"
"And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of heaven..."Gen 1:14 "4th Day"
"So God created man in his own image...God created...male and female" Gen 1:27 "6th Day"

     A person's first experience is usually to be "Weighed"; then he or she is warned not to "Fall Down". Weight=Mass X Gravitational Constant (32 ft/s2 on earth). Gravity is a Gnostic Lie; Matter does not have "Weight" and there is no such thing as "Falling". Sounds strange, but the world is a Gnostic "Matrix" of Lies in opposition to the Word of God; this "Inception" begins at birth and only a relationship with God can provide real "Truth".
    The Earth and Ionosphere function as a Capacitor of nearly infinite energy. Man is capable of transmitting Power and Information without wires everywhere on Earth. Transportation, Education, Personal Security, Water pumping/de-salinization/purification, Weather modification/Crop enhancement, Heating/Cooling have all been demonstrated; unfortunately, Gnostics are using this gift from God to destroy Earth and Man.
     Militaries, Oil/Coal/Natural Gas/Dams/Atomic energy, News, Security, Education are all unnecessary corrupted Gnostic $Quadrillion industries designed to enslave humanity and siphon resources into the hands of the Gnostic "Elite".

Earth is not moving; there are no Orbits, Heliocentric Solar Systems, no mysterious Force of Gravity. 
Space is made of Nothing ie Vacuum; there is no Dark Matter, Black Holes or Space-Time fabric.
The firmament of Stars are "Stretched", not "Stretching"; there was no Big Bang, Red Shift has nothing to do with Universe Expansion.
Light produced by Stars is not the Light God made on the 1st Day; Sunlight is not a Wave(waves cannot travel without a medium)
Evolution is a lie. Man was created in the image and likeness of the Creator, not Aliens. Man cannot "Evolve" into God; that's the primal Gnostic Lie

     Here is how far Astrophysicists have taken their "Vain Babblings": WIMPS "Weakly Interacting Massice Particles"; MACHOS "Massive Astrophysical Compact Halo Objects"; RAMBOS "Robust Association of Massive Baryonic Objects"; Antimatter (Opposite of Creation), Dark Matter (Virtual Particles), Black Holes (Infinitely warped Space-Time); Pulsar (Highly Magnetized, Rotating Neutron Star; Neutrons magnetic eh?); LGM-1 "Little Green Men 1" (no I'm not kidding); Strangelet "Antihypertriton" (clears that up eh?); CASTOR "Centauro and STrangelet detecTOR"; "M Theory" (Proxima Centauri=Red Dwarf=M Star; Stephen Hawking's new BS theory; Star Trek M Planets had Carbon based life), "11 Dimensional Super Strings", Kaons, Peons, Quarks, Baryons, God Particles. Heard of the Mothman Prophecies? Astrophysicist M.Othman is now the United Nations World Alien Ambassador. You want Vain Babblings? or do you want Truth?  

    Simple experiments: 1. Space is a vacuum. How is it possible for a vacuum cleaner to lift debris against the theoretical "Force of Gravity", yet the Atmosphere remains attached to Earth? You just disproved Gravity Theory and Dark Matter Theory.
2. Use a tetherball or golf ball on a string to simulate the "Force of Gravity" and "Planetary Orbits". The path Circular rather than Elliptical, an impossibility in Gravity Theory. Imagine cutting the rope or letting go of the string; the ball would immediately fly off tangentially (straight line); if the Sun were removed or Gravity turned off would the planets immediately do the same? You just disproved Newton's Gravity Theory, Copernicus' Heliocentric Theory, and Einstein's Relativity Theory
3. V=AT (Velocity=Acceleration X Time) Human beings can function between 0 and 1.5 G's max about 15ft/sec2 more than you are at right now; Man, much less imaginary Aliens cannot travel distances of 117,000,000,000,000 miles (20 Light-years), the claimed distance to Gliese 581g; Stephen Hawking's "Golidilocks Zone" (no I'm not kidding, but Hawking is) much less the claimed 13.7 Billion Light-years across the Universe. You just proved long distance space travel is impossible. 
4. Imagine riding the Tea Cup at an Amusement Park; the Cup rotates in 3 different circles increasing in size, just like Astronomers claim Earth does, Spinning, and Orbitting around the Sun, Orbitting in the Milky Way Galaxy. Now imagine the entire Tea Cup Ride is traveling at near Light-speed; talk about a head spinner! Truth is, Earth is Fixed.  
5. Nikola Tesla proved the Earth conducts electricity becoming the "Ground"; the Magnetosphere attracts Solar Radiation (Gamma, X-Ray etc) as a shield; the Ionosphere is charged when visible light creates "Ions" in the Atmosphere to millions of volts of "Free Energy". Gamma Rays pass through all materials and kill all life. X-Rays at far lower energy levels than found in the Magnetospohere cause cancer yet Lunar Astronauts appear unaffected? Are you sure NASA tells the truth? If you still do, why is so populated by lying, oath swearing, Luciferian Freemasons? 



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God Particle: Primordial "Black Hole" of "Darkness", explodes in the "Big Bang", forming the "God Particle" which switches on the "Force of Gravity" giving "Order out of Chaos" with "Infinite Energy" and "Infinite Mass" neither of which can be Created nor Destroyed. This causes "Infinite Work". Seems like the "Great Work" aka "Order out of Chaos" is about complete.


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Gravity: Infinite Force X Infinite Distance=The Gnostic "Great Work" Daniel describes Lucifer as the "God of forces". Still believe in the "God Particle"?


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DNA of Light: #137, the 33rd Chen "Grace" Prime; number of Kaballah; number of Knowledge + Wisdom and Atomic Number of Dark Matter. How much more Profane can one get? Well maybe the God Particle perhaps. 7/10/2012


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Radio-carbon Dating: Proof life on Earth is 6000 years old, not a few hundred thousand. 5/14/2012


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Earth Destroyers: "...reward them that fear thy name...destroy them which destroy the earth" Rev 11:18 A primer on how they destroy the earth. 12/7/2011


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Light: If you can't see the Holy Ghost or understand the Word of God, it's because you are using the wrong Light. 12/10/2009


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Geocentricity: A 6000 year old Earth at the center of the Universe, created perfectly, with no Evolution, Forces or Global Climate Change caused by Man or a 13.7 Billion year old Universe with Aliens, Slime evolving into Human beings Gravitationally bound to their nearest Sun. The choice is yours. 1/7/2010


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Global Warming: Oct 24, 2009; 1st "Global Climate Action Day". Dec 7, 2009 another "Day of Infamy" when the US will sign the UN Climate Change Treaty. Global Warming is self correcting and is quite literally pure BS. It's the religion used to justify the slaughter of most of humanity. Foreigners will be deciding that by America's Stripes, the world can be healed. 10/22/2009


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Weather Modification: Shaman took credit for controlling the weather, now it is being used as the ultimate, anonymous weapon and God is being blamed for it. Careful! We reap what we sow. 2/19/2009


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Neutrino: Paul told Timothy Science is falsely so called vain babblings in opposition to Scripture; I hope this convinces you he was right. 3/26/2010


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NASA: Explorer, Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Shuttle, ISS, Orion and the "Artemis Project". Tax dollars buying rocket loads of BS. 1/23/2010


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Lies my Science Teacher told me: This article should make you want to spend thousands on a University Science education and trust Einstein rather than the Word of God. 4/14/2009


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Einstein: Zionist with a foundation on Relativity ie a Liar. Material added to previous article on the CERN Collider trying to create the "God Particle" Good luck with that! 7/17/2008


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Astrobiologists say humanity descends from Alien pond scum that hitched a ride on a meteorite. Considering my family album has monkeys and refuse from another galaxy, I look pretty darn good!


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Evolution: Reversing basic Thermodynamics and Physics laws to create a god man. 2/7/2008


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Race: The Word of God says there is only 1 Race of Man. "Race" is used only 4 times in reference to a contest of speed. What is Race discrimination? What does Inter-racial mean? Racism: Differences in various human races determine individual achievement. I agree; I am smarter than every 5th Grade Monkey I know! Just a thought; It might be wise to get answers from God rather than Jesse Jackson, LaRaza or David Duke. 1/26/2008


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The Big Bang: Creating matter and energy out of nothing and reforming it with imaginary forces while violating the most basic Physics and Thermodynamics Laws. 2/23/2008


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Space Shuttles, Satellites, Moons, Planets and Stars are floating at "0" G's, not being pulled into Orbits by Gravity. Newton, Einstein and Hawking lied and NASA does too, and why not, NASA was founded by NAZI's. 8/28/2008


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Time: God wrote the bible, declaring the end from the beginning. Time is Chaos is Cronus is Lucifer is Satan and he tells followers he can Time Travel. He also tells them he is light too! He is the Father of Lies after all. 9/29/2008


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There is only one Human Race


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Simple as 5th Grade Physics


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Star Wars


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The speed of light affects our perception of the universe more than you think


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The Global Warming Survival Guide


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Panspermia: Aliens sending DNA to earth, or something humanity is doing to itself after listening to Pan? 10/10/2007


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13 is the number of music, life and rebellion
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