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There Is Nothing New Under the Sun
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Parallel Site  July 2017 Article in progress below Introduction. The last 9 articles on this page highlight what may be the start of the Great Tribulation on or near Sept 2017.
     Our names will be written in the Lamb's Book of Life or we spend Eternity in Hell. We will either enter a personal covenant with the Creator of the Universe, JESUS (JAH/JEHOVAH) or for eternity wish we were. "Depart from me I never knew you" will be the last words everyone out of the New Covenant. Israel is not Jewish nor God's gathering of the 12 Tribes to the "Promised Land" "The virgin of Israel has fallen, she shall no more rise..." Amos 5:2 Israel today is a mix of Ashkenazi, Germanic descendants of Japheth and Gomer; Sephardic descendants of the Canaanites, Babylonians and Medeans Assyria used to replace Israel in Assyrian captivity (700 BC); Mizrahi descendants of Ham and Mizraim. The Six Pointed Star of Molech/Saturn is not the Star of David. 2017 is very unique.   

      Bohemian Grove is a 4000 Yr old Sumerian "Grove Ritual" called "Begone Dull Care". Every year when the Sun is in the clutches of Leo, 2000 Elite Satanists meet in the Redwood Forest to offer sacrifices to Molech/Saturn/Satan. 2017 is unique: On July 20, 2017 Israel assumed control over the Temple Mount from the Jordanian Waqf; Shimon Peres has previously given control over the Temple Mount, Cenacle and King David's Tomb to the Vatican, currently under Jesuit control. The Jesuit "Mother Church of all Churches worldwide" is the St John Lateran Arch-basilica; Lateran means "Hidden Frogs", the 3 unclean spirits of Satan, Antichrist and False Prophet (Rev Rev 12:9;16:16). On Aug 21 (cusp of Leo-Virgo) the US will be bisected by a Total Solar Eclipse. On Sept 20 (cusp of Virgo-Libra) the "Christ Angle" forms over the Great Pyramids.,_2017_quot;Christ_Anglequot; 3 days later on Sept 23, the Rev 12:1 sign forms on Shabbat Shuvah (Sabbath of Return). Jupiter/Zeus/Lucifer will exit the womb of the Virgin clothed with the Sun, the moon at her feet and a crown of 12 stars (Leo) forms.,_2017:_Rev_12:1 The 3rd Temple will soon be built on the Temple Mount with the Throne of Zeus/Jupiter (Satan's Seat) in place for the Great Tribulation "As Above. So Below", the opening lines of the Emerald Tablet of Toth is symbolized by the Masonic Square and Compass and Six Pointed Star, fulfilled during the "Jubilee Year" following the 6th Tetrad of 4 consecutive lunar eclipses on Passover and Tabernacies and 6-Day War by the "Christ Angle" on Rosh Hashanah "So Below". "As Above" will be fulfilled on Sept 23, 2017 on Sabbat Shuvah (Sabbath of Return) with the Rev 12:1 Sign in the Heavens. Jesuit Priest Manual Lacunza promoted the Pre-Tribulation Rapture of the Christian Church and 7 Yr Dispensation of Israel in the mid 1700's. Don't fall for the Lie! This event is in all likelihood the arrival of the Alternative Messiah "Antichrist" and start of the Great Tribulation. Will you be ready?

                                                                                                                          Recent Articles,_2017 "Leading the entire Christian Flock to Hell" "Nibiru: Planet of the Crossing";_3rd_Temple;_Antichrist,_Great_Tribula "Global Climate Change"
  • 72 Nation Summit in Paris (House of Isis) on Jan 15, 2017, reaffirmed UN Resolution #2334 dividing Israel and Palestine in Paris at the "Place of Concord".
  • On the Jubilee Eve of Christmas and Hanukkah, 40 Weeks before the Sept 23, 2017 alignment (Rev 12:1) 2016 Israel was evicted from the Temple Mount, Western Wall, Cenacle, David's Tomb, E Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria by UN Security Council Resolution # 2334.  Jesuits control the Vatican, United Nations and Temple Mount. "In that day will I raise up the tabernacle of David that is fallen...I will build it as in the days of old" Amos 9:11 "That Day" is the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ (Amos 9:11 is the 888th Chapter of Scripture; JESUS=888), not the arrival of Antichrist; the Tabernacle of David is in place during the Millennium (Eze 37:24;27)  Jesus is Shiloh "He whose it is" (Gen 49:10) Jesus is Melchisedek "King of Jerusalem" "Priest of the Most High" (Gen 14:18-19; Ps 110, Heb 7) Israel is not God's gathering of Jews; it is Satan's gathering of Edom, Canaan, and Babylon (1Ki 17:30; Obadiah)
  • The Vatican (Vatis=Divine/Divining; Can=Serpent) Franciscan Order (Inquisition) controls the Temple Mount, Cenacle and David's Tomb. Shimon Peres illegally gave control from the Arab Waqf, to the Vatican over the sites; on July 20, 2017 Israeli police took control over the Temple Mount and the Knesset declared it's intent to become Sovereign over the Temple Mount. Pope Francis even has a permanent chair in the Cenacle (Last Supper Room). Zionist Christians, Muslims and Zionist fake Jews will soon initiate WWIII over the Temple Mount. Jesus returns to reclaim His property and destroy everyone in the House of Esau (fake Jews) at the 2nd Coming (Ref Obadiah). Those behind Him will claim their inheritance; those in front of Him will be destroyed. Esau sold his Birthright; British=B'Rith "Covenant Men"; City of London Corporation lays claim to every asset on earth including human bodies; Esau achieves "Dominion" (Gen 27:39-41KJV "Soveriegn Authority to Rule") via Usury banking and collects Taxes at the City of London Corp; the world is now $217T in Debt Jesus warned "Creditors make slaves of Debtors"
  • Jesuits "Militia of Zeus" control the Vatican. Jesuits control the Arch-basilica of St John Lateran, the "Teaching Seat" of the Dragon, Antichrist and False Prophet.
  • "The 3rd prophesied return of Jews to Israel has been fulfilled" Sanhedrin  Oct 4 "Rosh Hashanah" 2016 JESUS gathers His people  during the Millennium.
  • "Jews have no connection to Jerusalem" United Nations Oct 14, 2016 The Temple Mount is a UN World Heritage (Inheritance, Heir, Ancestral Estate) Site; the UN has effectively made Zion off-limits, rejecting JESUS both Old and New Covenants.
  • Neo-Assyrian human headed winged bulls (Guardians of Babylon and its King) were installed in the Roman Coliseum. Oct 10, 2016 These mythical hybrids guarded Babylon and its Kings. Sargon "Legitimate King" III will be Antichrist; 2017 is a Jubilee Year. ISIS video "Meeting in Dabiq" (a SITE/US Army production) declares Rome will be in ruins.
  • The Arch of Triumph (aka Arch of Titus, Arch of ISIS) replicating the Temple of Baal in Palmyra, Syria (Amurru) was installed in Rome, Trafalgar Square and NYC. Rome is not "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT..." Rev 17 America is not "Babylon" Rev 18 The Messiah rising from the ashes is not JESUS. 
  • "Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin will fulfill their biblically mandated roles as modern day Cyrus figures and rebuild Temple in Jerusalem" Nov 3 (Pi Day), 2016 Nascent Sanhedrin. Jesus returns to destroy that Temple; Cyrus is derived from Koreish; Quyraish bedouins created Islam and represent the Edomite False Priesthood dating from the Exodus. 
  • "Baa Aliyah" Jacob's Sheep returned to Israel Nov 29, 2016; fulfilling Eze 34? Not on your eternal life; Jacob's Sheep are Born Again followers of JESUS, grafted on to the covenant God made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Friend of Jacob's Sheep? Not these Sheep. Born Again followers of Jesus are "Sheep for the slaughter". 
  • Nascent Sanhedrin appoints Kohen Gadol "Chief Priest" Rabbi Baruch Kahane for 3rd Temple. Temple Priests "Kohanim" verified by DNA to administer Temple Sacrifices. JESUS is the Chief Priest and King of Jerusalem; don't fall for this Satanic Lie.
  • Smith-Mundt Modernization Act was inserted into NDAA (Nat Def Authorization Act) 2013 "Domestic Propaganda""Fake News" is legal; influencing public opinion is as Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels said "Think of the press as an instrument dictators can use". Don't like Legalized Lying? Get JESUS in your life.
                             Folks, it's time to wake up! The Writing is on the Wall
        Bab-El is the "Gate of Saturn"
2017 is the Satanic Jubilee, 50 years after the 1966-7 6th Tetrad and 6-Day War. 2017 is the Jubilee of Saturn, the Last Gate "Babylon/Babel".  Trump is the 44th pre-planned person selected US President; 44 is the Gematria of Solomon's Cube aka Saturn's Cube, matching Aleister Crowley's Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix; America is the Phoenix of the Golden Age of Saturn in Francis Bacon's 1620 book "New Atlantis; A work unfinished; Trump will be America's last President. Pope Francis will be  the last Roman Catholic Pope (Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis released Peace Doves which were attacked by a Crow and Seagull; Lightnint hit St Peter's Basilica Twice the night Benedict resigned. 44 is the number associated with the 9th Circle of Hell "Treachery against God". Ps 117, the center and shortest Psalm. Discover Ministries and countless other "End Time" false prophets are claiming Ps 117=2017 the "Year of the LORD" This is a Lie. 2017 may be the year of Edomite  ie 3rd Beast "Dominion". "The Law and prophets were until John" Lk 16:16 Every one of them is a False Prophet. Jan 17 (1/17/17) is the Cusp of Aquarius. Ps 117 begins and ends with "Praise the LORD" Be very careful; JEHOVAH Ex 6:3; JAH Ps 68:4KJV; JESUS Mat 1:25KJV is not Jah or Jesus used in new versions. Hallelujah (Hail/Praise Jah/Yah) is Antichrist, the human Messiah Jesus warned of; JESUS uses "Alleluia" KJV (Rev 19:1) not "Hallelujah" for this reason. Satan's plan to falsify the 2nd Coming is likely planned for the 2017 Satanic Jubilee Year. This is not Prophecy (Pre-written History); this is Prophesy, the ability to understand the Word of God comes after Charity "Love of God" 1 Cor 13-14
    TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership), TTIP (Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), CETA (Canadian-European Trade Agreement), NAFTA meet  "TiSA" 2017 is the Year of TiSA (Trade in Services Agreement) 50 Nations controlling 80% of Worldwide Services: Water, Food, Emergency (Fire/Police/Ambulance), Energy, Transportation (Cabotage), Health Care, Banking, Insurance etc. All Privatized and controlled by International Corporations relieved of Financial Risk, Environmental Laws, National Laws/Courts, Social Norms or Work Rules. Personal Data and People bought and sold as a commodity. Offshoring and Inshoring of Jobs (Economic Forced Migration). The Word of God calls this the "Tower of Babel" aka Gate of Saturn, the "Black Horse" finishes it. "Depart from me, I never knew you" will be heard by every Saturnian Goat Rider.
"The Love of Money is the Root of all Evil" The $Trillion Apollo Hoax, $5Trillion and counting Cold War Hoax, $2Trillion "Star Wars" Hoax and 9/11/2001 were all "Stage Shows" leading up to the "Prestige", WWIII and the presentation and acceptance of "Anthchrist". Time to Wake Up! 

Salvation is solely dependent filling your obligation in the New Covenant "Love God" "Love your Neighbor" God will Judge every Soul in the New Covenant on these precepts. The New Covenant is a SPIRITUAL Legal Contract entered into voluntarily between (Your Name) and God, God's Name JEHOVAH "The LORD" equivalent with JAH and JESUS (Ps 68:4KJV and JESUS Mat 1:25KJV). LORD means "Master of the House, Superior or Husband". Shiloh means "He whose it is"; another title of JESUS (Gen 49:10)  JESUS is GOD. All else is Satanism. 
Question: Are you a Gnostic? Most people would say no, but this Satan's greatest deception; Gnosticism is Serpent/Saturn Religion symbolized by the Six Pointed Star of Saturn, the Ensign of Israel and likely the Mark of the Beast.  Everyone on the Left side (Goats) of Jesus (no personal relationship, no recognition God led the way) will be told "Depart from me I never knew you". Left Hand Path or Black Path is defined as "Self Deification", the original lie in the Garden of Eden "Ye shall not die...but become as gods". Jesus stands at your door, but will not open it; you need to ask Him to come in. Protestants rely on TULIP, the Lie Left Hand Path Satanist John Calvin promoted; no need to open the door when you are already "Pre-destined for Heaven" eh? Catholics rely on remission of Sin via the Vicarius Christ; no need to open the door here either. Mormons fill the Levite and Melchisedek Priesthoods; once again, no need to open the door. Baptists rely on Water Baptism for re-generation; no need to open the door to a Baptism of the Holy Ghost is there?
Black Path Satanism is Salvation absent JESUS; Saturnian Gnosis takes on many other forms, some fairly obvious such as Initiated Secret Societies such as Freemasons, Jesuits or Sufis; the goal here is Sovereignty (No higher rank); no need to open the door to God when you are a God eh? Black Path, Black Mass, Black Sun (SS "Schwarze Sonne" or "First Sun"), Black Star (David Bowie), Black Pope (Jesuit Superior General), Black Horse, Black Virgin (Isis), Black Ops (Ops is the consort of Saturn), Black Budget, Black Flag (Piracy), Dark Matter (Ra Material), Black Holes, Black Stone (Kaaba), Arab Manat (Goddess of Fate, Death) for example all decelptions originatiing with Ham (Black) and Egypt (Kemet=Black). The Goat symbol (Pan, Baphomet, Goat of Mendes, Sabbath Goat "Saturn") used in Satanism comes from Ashima, the Goat Idol of the Hamathites (2 Ki 17:30) as does the Sin of Incest; practitioners are called "Goat Riders". Other Black Paths Theosophy, Temple of Set (Sethians), Valentinians (Valentine's Day ring a Baal?), Tantrism, Khundalini, Yoga, Platonism, Druze, Ismailism, Mithraism (Mithra is born on Christmas/Saturnalia in case you thought Christmas was something Jesus promotes), Zoroastrianism (final battle of Good versus Evil is not just for Persians, most Christian Churches also teach the lie), Buddhism (Reincarnation until Nirvana? no need for a personal relationship with God here either), Taoism (The Path or Way to Immortality without God), Catharism (Female Priests/Pastors? Thank the Cathars for that Lie), Kabbalah (Christian and Jewish Kabbalah? both Black Path Satanism), Orthodox (Greek, Russian, Coptic, Assyrian etc rely on Mystical Experience and Personal Transformation; sounds like Self Deification because it is) The question is not so easy to answer and won't be until you place your trust in JESUS alone. Six Pointed Star of Saturn on the Flag of Israel; it is not Jewish in the slightest it is the Ensign of Saturn.
JESUS is God the Father, God the Son, the Word and Holy Ghost.  "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom" Prov 9:10; Ps 111:10 A Born Again follower of JESUS fears "Sin" (behavior contrary to the New Covenant); "The wages of Sin is death" Rom 6:23 JESUS (Mat 1:25KJV) is JAH (Ps 68:4KJV) aka JEHOVAH, the Old and New Covenant Name of God. JESUS the author of the Old and New Covenants.
Jesus is Shiloh "He whose it is"; He is thus Creator, Owner, "Master of the House" and "King of the Earth" JESUS never has, nor ever will give anyone, including Satan, legal Title to anything on Earth. His Judgment is certain, swift and eternal "It is appointed unto man once to die, but after this the judgement"  Heb 9:27   
(Saturn/Azazel) has 1 goal: Destroy the Temple of God; Born Again followers of JESUS are the Temples of God. Destruction is accomplished by Corruption; Secret Society Initiations (Oaths), Lies, Science, Sin etc.
Ownership and Rights: JESUS is Alpha, Creator of Heaven and Earth. JESUS is Shiloh "He whose it is" Nobody on Earth has any rights or ownership (Allod Title) of anything. The claim to Heaven is solely through JESUS, the rejected Creator and Word in Flesh. Real Estate is Real Fiction.
Edomites achieve Dominion, not Jacob Sovereign Authority to Rule the Earth will be given to Esau not Jacob. Antichrist (Alternative Messiah) will be Edomite; Moabites, Ammonintes and Edomites escape Antichrist (Dan 11:38) for his short rein, Jews have no part in this. Ref Gen 27:39-41KJV; Amos 5:2;26;7:2-3; 5-6 The New Covenant is purely SPIRITUAL JAH=JESUS=JEHOVAH. The Wedding of the Lamb is SPIRITUAL.
Jews Kabbalah, Talmud, Zohar, Judaism, Rabbis, Hanukkah, Menorah, Six Pointed Star are not Jewish; they are Satanic.
 Prophecy/Prophets: "The Law and prophets were until John" Lk 16:16 Anyone claiming to be a Prophet (Prophecy=Pre-written history) is a Liar.
 Prophesy is the ability to understand God's Word; that gift comes after Charity (Love of God) 1 Cor 13-14KJV.
 Unforgivable Sin: The Great Commisssion Mat 28 "Teach all Nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost..." "Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost" is the Unforgiveable Sin; JESUS is the Holy Ghost, the entire New Covenant (Contract with God) rests on the Holy Ghost; rejecting this in Secret Society or Witchcraft Initiations, severs contact with God. 
Baptism is a SPIRITUAL Baptism of the Holy Ghost;  Baptism of the "Living Water" is  SPIRITUAL FIRE and the Holy Ghost. It has nothing to do with Water from your Priest or Pastor.
Church of God is your personal and private "Prayer Closet"; Anywhere, just not a Cathedral, Basilica, Mosque, Temple or Shrine led by a Rabbi, Priest or Imam. God does not dwell in places made with hands, made of stone, or having an elevated clergy. Holy and Ekklesia mean Separate not Congregate.
 Born Again: Baptism of the Holy Ghost occurs when you open the door and ask JESUS to enter and take upon Himself (Scapegoat in Num 16) your Sins, redeemed by the shedding of the blood of the Creator. The world will become a far different place when you do this. 
Temple The 3rd Temple will house Satan's Seat (Throne of Zeus; Throne of Pergamon) and the Abomination of Desolation. Jesus will destroy the 3rd Temple at the 2nd Coming and the Temple of God will come down from Heaven 1000 years later. Born Again followers of JESUS are the Temple of God.
Elevated Clergy is Nicolaitane Doctrine. Nico=Conquer + Laitane=Laity is the Elevation of Clergy; Jesus is the only Priest of God which is why He hates Nicolaitane Doctrine (Rev 2:6;15) 
Tithing is Only authorized in the Old Covenant to the Legitimate Levite Priesthood; anyone claiming to be Levite such as Samaritans or Mormons are Liars.
Melchisedek Priesthood Ayone claiming the Melchisedek Priesthood (ie Mormons) is a Liar; Jesus is Melchisedek "King of Salem" "Priest of the Most High" 
Calvinism "TULIP" (Total Depravity; Unconditional Election to Salvation; Limited Atonement; Irresistible Grace; Fixed Pre-destination) is a Lie; Jesus is at the door, but we need to open it.
Papal Infallibility; Immaculate Conception (Mary was/is not Sinless or Co-Redemptrix), Trans-substantiated Sacrament; Indestructibility of the Soul are all Lies 
Private Interpretation of Scripture. God means exactly what is Written; eg "70 Weeks" (Dan 9:23-27) is 490 Days. The Authorized Bible (KJV) is the Inspired Received Text translated to English.
 Virtues: Charity is the Love of God not the Love of Man or Mammon (Possessions). Prophesy (not Prophecy "Pre-written history) is the God given ability to understand the Word of God was written in the Beginning and will be intact at the End (1 Cor 13KJV). JESUS is Father, Son, Holy Ghost and the Word made Flesh.
 7 Church Warnings: Revelation is the Testimony of JESUS 66 years after the Crucifixion via the Holy Ghost. Everyone in the New Covenant fits into one of the 7 Warnings Ephesus (Apostles were created by Jesus and the laying of hands; everyone claiming Apostolic succession such as Catholic Popes or Mormon Prophets are Liars; Nicolaitane Doctrine ie Elevated Clergy); Smyrna (Synagogue of Satan; Those who claim to be Jewish but are not); Pergamos (Satan's Seat; Templarism; Nicolaitane Doctrine; Doctrine of Balaam ie worthless teachings); Thyatira (Mass; Works eg Catholicism); Sardis (Protestant Churches; Lutheran, Calvinism "TULIP", pre-Trib Rapture); Philadelphia (Zionism); Laodicea (Luke Warm). Laodicea is the most widespread today "Spue thee out of my mouth" is the same as "Depart from me I never knew you"; absent a personal relationship with JESUS, Hell for Eternity is certain.
Conversion Crypto, Marrano or Donmeh (Turkish false converts) "To Convert" are the "Wolves in Sheep's Clothes" Jesus warned of. Jesus is God; Jesus is the Holy Ghost; Jesus is the Word. Anything short of that is Satanism
      Judgment: "All liars shall have their place in the lake of Fire"- Rev 21:8 This occurs after the Millennium at the Judgment Seat when Creation is exactly 7000 years old. Every Liar on Earth will spend eternity in Hell unless JESUS forgives the Sin.
     Enemies: "A man's enemies shall be the men of his own house" Mic 7:6; Mat 10:36 The current "Enemy" ISIS is not Islam or Muslim; ISIS "Black Virgin" is the "Throne of Antichrist" aka "Satan's Seat". Ham means "Black"; Incest with his Cainite mother (Noah's wife) produced Canaan, the "Cursed" bloodline. Cain is called "First Nation or Race" aka "Shabazz". ISIS is DAESH (Nation of Islam in the Levant); Levant is Iraq-Syria. Nation of Islam has nothing to do with being Muslim.
     Amalekites: God's Law "Love God" "Love our Neighbor"; Amalekite Law "Do what thou wilt". Amalekites and their Edomite followers will be in Hell for eternity (Ref Obadiah), don't follow them. at War with God and His followers from generation to generation Ex 17:1. Amalekites used Secret Society Initiations and Oath Swearing to force the Initiate to eventually Blaspheme (Reject) the Holy Ghost. The tools of the trade (Sting) are Corruption, Sin, Deceit and Subtlety. Amalekites are planters of Doubt, they discredit God and His miracles; Privately Interpret His Word (Study Bible Notes) and use Allegorical interpretaions (Sophistry). Amalekites incite Violence, Strife, Envy, Revenge and War. Amalekites go by titles such as Reverend, Father, Master, Rabbi, Imam, Minister, Professor, Doctor, Saint, Honorable, Excellency etc; they are the 5th Column Traitors inside the Gates Mat Mic 7:6; 10:36, the Ravenous Wolves in Sheep's Clothes Jesus warned would be blotted out of remembrance for eternity; and they know it. "We corrupt in order to rule" Luciferian Freemason, Jesuit, Witch, MAFIA founder Giuseppe Mazzini.
      Race: There is 1 Race of Man and Woman made from Man on Earth; Racisim stems from 1st Race of Cain. Elites claim (a Lie) Lucifer and Eve gave birth to Cain who crossed the Flood when Ham (Black) had incest with his Cainite mother giving birth to Canaan, the "Cursed" bloodline.
      Christian: Christian means Messiah; there are many types of Christians, Messianic Religions and associated Christs/Messiahs. There is however only one true Messiah (Saviour); God in Flesh, Jesus Christ. 
      Israel: "One who wrestles with God" Modern day Israel is not Jewish it is Saturnian nor God's restoration of Israel to the Promised Land; it is an Amalekite deception. Born Again, Baptized folowers of JESUS are the New Covenant Israel. "The virgin of Israel has fallen" Amos 5:2; God does will not wed a Whore. Adultery ends physical and SPIRITUAL Marriages.
     Dialectic: Thesis + Antithesis=Synthesis. The Synthesis is the Luciferian New World Order. WWIII will pit Zionism against Islam, a worldwide conflict resulting in physical, moral and economic exhaustion with the goal of Acceptance of the Antichrist (Lucifer) and Mark of the Beast.
      Fear:  "And fear not them which are able to kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul; but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell" Mat 10:28   JESUS has the ability to destroy the Soul; Amalekites believe and teach in the Indestructibility of the Soul, a Gnostic doncept made Catholic (Universal) and Protestant (Calvinist "TULIP") dogma at the 5th Lateran Council in 1517; Lateran means "Hidden Frogs", the 3 unclean spirits of Satan, Antichrist and False Prophet (Rev 16:13). A Born Again follower of JESUS has nothing to Fear except Sin.
     Liberty JESUS provides "Liberty to the Captives"; this is SPIRITUAL Liberty. Satan uses the buzzwords (Buzz comes from Buzi Medes; Chaldean Bee=Word) Liberty, Equality, Fraternity to instigate Revolution; this means Liberty from God, Equality with God and Fraternity with like minded Satanists.
    America is the eponymous name of the people, land and god of the Amorites and their god America is NOT "Babylon" (Rev 18) America is the Scapegoat for "Babylon". The Arch of Triumph (Arch of Isis) at the Temple of Baal in Palmyra, Syria was "Amurru", now its America. Amurru is the land, name and god of the Amorites, transported to Amaruca (Americas), land of the Serpents. Do  not be fooled, the Messiah rising from America's Holocaust (Yes it's coming) will not be Jesus Christ, but rather the Antichrist (Alternative Messiah). Nobody battles Jesus and wins anything other than a one way ticket to Hell for Eternity.   
Amurru. The Eagle is the symbol of Esau, it stands atop the US Flag and carries the Serpent in its talons on the $US as the Amorite-Edomite Shepherd. Edom is the 3rd Beast in Dan 7:6 and Kingdom of Brass in Dan 2:39 which obtains the promised "Dominion" in Gen 27:40KJV. The founding fathers were not followers of Jesus, they were Rosicrucians, and Freemasons creating a Scapegoat "Babylon". America is now 239 years old, and about to be sacrificed.
     The oldest inscription of the 10 Commandments is near Los Lunas (Arab Moon god is Sin) New Mexico at "Phoenician Rock"; Phoenicians using King Solomon's "Ships of Tarshish" traveled to America "Land of the Amorites" to set up America as the Scapegoat for Babylon. Six Pointed Star of Saturn is the Seal of Solomon.
      Israel is not Jewish; it is a British-Rothschild created band of Ashkenazis (Germanic Pagans), Canaanites, Medeans and Edomites listed in 2 Ki 17:30 flying the Star of Molech. WWIII was pre-planned to pit Zionism against Islam; to that end the US and Britian created Israel and their proxy army of "Terrorists" al-Qaeda and now DAESH (Nation of Islam in Levant). Nation of Islam is Canaanite; it has nothing to do with being Muslim.
    The Americas are the land of the Amorites and Amurru; (Mayan "Amerrique"; Peru "Amaru"; Incan "Amaruca; Brazil=Amorica; Druid Amorica) the people God told Israel to utterly destroy in Deut 20:17 came to America slaughtering, raping and pillaging; the land of the Serpent is China "Land of the Hittites", the original settlers of the Americas. Cainites, Canaanites, Ishmaelites and the Edomites who married Hivite (Mormon "Beehive"=Chaldean/Hivite; Mormon "Palmyra NY"=Amorite "Palmyra" in Syria); Amorite women (Gen 36), sold and violated their Contract, and are encouraging you to do the same. Amalekites are at war with God from generation to generation (Gen 36:12; Ex 17:1) Rothschild is the most easily recognizable Edomite name "If my sons did not want wars, there would be none" Mayer Amschel Rothschild (Bauer=Farmer=Cain; sigil 666 the Six Pointed Star) wife Gotle Schnaper 1849.  
      Deceptions Born Again followers of JESUS are the New Covenant Israel (Ones who wrestle with God); the Nation of Israel is a Canaanite-Edomite (Rothschild=Red Shield) forgery.  Jacob lost the right to be called Israel (Amos 5:2) for adopting the Six Pointed Star of Molech (Amos 5:26) aka Hexagram, Star of Chiun, Saturn, El, STUR, Molech, Remphan, Milcom, or Sikkuth. Jacob/Israel shall no more rise (Amos 2-3;5-6); modern Israel is a mix of Ashkenazi (Japheth-Gomer-Ashkenaz), Sephardic (Babylonian, Medean, Canaanite) and Mizrahi (Ham-Mizraim) not Jewish or Semitic. 
     A Plumbline (Temple Veil) sets followers of Jesus (real Israel) apart from everyone else (Amos 7:7). Living under the "Law" is an eternal death sentence; there are no legitimate Levite Priests or legitimate Tekhelet Blue; Israel's Tekhelet Blue Flag is a Canaanite forgery. Jesus, the Testator of the Old and New Covenants will gather the remnant of Jacob at the 2nd Coming as Shiloh (Gen 49:10). We won't hear this in Church because Jesus hates Esau and Nicolaitane Doctrine (Mal 1:3; Rom 9:13; Rev 2:6;15); the elevation of Clergy. The New Covenant is One on One between you and JESUS, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. There are no God ordained Priests except JESUS and no Churches except your personal "Prayer Closet" (Mat 6:6)
    War with God Armageddon (Rev 19:19) and Gog and Magog (Eze 38-39;R ev 20:-8) are separated by 1000 years. Both rebellions against God are instant slaughters. No man can battle God; you are either in Covenant with God or Free of God. The result of Freedom and Liberty is "Depart from me I never knew you"                                 
     Contract (Covenant) There are 8 Contracts/Covenants between God and Man: Eden, Adam, Noah, Abraham, Palestine, Moses, David, New Covenant. The latter is purely SPIRITUAL, the previous 7 have been dissolved through non-compliance and are now impossible to fulfill. There is one NAME by which Salvation is offered in the New Covenant "JESUS" (Mat 1:25), the same as JAH/JEHOVAH (Ps 68:4) in the Old Covenant. JESUS is the Testator of the New Covenant,  the 8th and final Covenant (Contract/Agreement) between God and Man; acceptance of the Mark of the Beast will end it.
                               Man-made Laws  "Common Law"
City of London statue

City of London statue

Assets: The Sovereign Territory of the City of London Corporation  guarded by the Edomite Red Dragon lays claim to every asset on Earth including the Bodies of everyone on Earth. Esau achieves "Dominion" (Gen 27:39-41KJV) by laying claim to the world's assets from the Rothschild (Red Shield=Edomites) City of London Corp made possible through Usury.  USA Amorite Military enforces this "Dominion".
       Amurru is the Edomite Serpent and Shepherd God of the Amorites and namesake of America.  Amorite King of Babylon Hammurabi put his name to the "Code of Hammurabi" a manual for Revenge which followed previous Law of Lipit-Ishtar and Naram-Sin. Cathars are the Amorite Church of Amor; Amorite Law was then codified in 1215 as the Magna Carta enforced at the Temple Bar (Bar=Gate) and Temple Church (Knights Templar=International Bankers "Money Changers") in the City of London Corporation (The Red Dragon stands guard out front). The forgery called the Donation of Constantine gives legitimacy to the claim through a laying of hands from Peter to Constantine; Peter was never in Rome, nor was there a laying of hands to create Apostles outside of Jesus; everyone has the Keys to Heaven, not just Peter (Ref Mat 16:18) Amorite Law then became the Declaration of Independence and Constitution for the United States which was changed to the CORPORATE CONSTITUTION FOR THE UNITED STATES.
   Related image Related image
    SPIRITUAL: Vatican (Vatis=Divine + Serpent) City is the Sovereign Territory of the Catholic (Universal) Church and lays claim to the Spirits of every person on Earth through the Apostleship of the Pope; a Lie based on a mis-understanding of Mat 16:18.
    Military: Washington DC  is the Sovereign Military arm of the City of London Corporation and Temple Bar. The US arms Russia (Stalin), China (Mao Tse Tung) and North Korea (Kim Il Sun); they are not our enemies. Amorite Law is now called Sharia and Noahide Law, both administered by Israel through Chabad Lubavitch (Kabbalists) and ISIS/DAESH (Nation of Islam in Levant).
      Government: Politics is the science of bringing many under the rule of one; God puts the basest (Morally corrupt) of men in charge (Dan 4:17). There are no "Christian" (Nations following the dictates of JESUS) Nations or "Christian" Politicians. To become a Politician of any stature requires committing Treason.
     Science  "Vain and profane babblings" opposing the Word of God (1 Ti 6:12), the "Tongue of the Chaldeans" (Dan 1:4); most Science is easily provable Bullshit (Well crafted Lies) Eg Evolution, Big Bang, Gravity, String Theory, Relativity Theory, Atomic Theory, Heliocentrism, Global Warming, Space Weather aka Solar Magnetic Field are all Satanic Bull Shit (Well crafted Lies).
      God's Holy Days Jesus was not born on Christmas nor did He rise on Easter. The New Covenant as well as the Law given to Moses occurred on Pentecost, 50 days after Passover, not Easter. Jesus was born on Feast of Tabernacles (15 Tishrei) and Circumcised in accordance with Old Testament Law on the 8th Day of Tabernacles (22 Tishrei) in 6 BC; He was Crucified on Passover (14 Abib), laid in the Sepulchre on Feast of Unleavened Bread (15 Abib) and rose on Feast of First Fruits (17 Abib).
    Crucifixion: The purpose of the Crucifixion was to destroy the Testator of the Old Covenants (all 7 Covenants); death of the Testator results in the end of the Covenant (Contract); so it is today. The 8th Covenant is administered through the Holy Ghost; Jesus is the Holy Ghost (1Jn 5:7KJV; Jn 1:1;14); rejection of the Holy Ghost is the Unforgivable Sin. The New Covenant ends with the death of the Testator, and acceptance of the Mark of the Beast.
       Authorized Bible  JESUS is the Word of God, there is only 1. The 1611 Authorized Bible fills the promise in Ps 12:6; the Word purified 7 times as Silver in the furnace. Silver is the money of the people; Gold the money of Kings. The Authorized Bible has little to do with King James I; he only financed it to bring Inspired Texts (Word delivered to men moved by the Holy Ghost) into modern English. All New Bible Versions are man's creation of the Bible Revision Committee of 1887 led by non-believers and Apostles Club Initiates BF Westcott and FJA Hort 
     Goats and Sheep JESUS separates Goats from Sheep spiritually (Mat 25:31-34); Scapegoats lead Sheep to slaughter using familiar terms and signs. Israel, the Six Pointed Star, Hanukkah, the Menorah, Zionism and the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, Talmud, Zohar, Kabbalah, Synagogues and Rabbis are not Jewish or Semitic; they are Satanic. The Cross, Crusaders, Cathedrals, Basilicas, Temples, Christmas, Santa, Easter, the Rabbit, Masons, Jesuits and the Pope have nothing to do with God. The Crescent, Allah, Assassins, Sufis, Nation of Islam and ISIS have nothing to do with Islam. 
     ISIS the "Black Virgin"  means "Throne"; aka Satan's Seat or Throne of Pergamon (currently in the Berlin Museum). ISIS=DAESH "Nation of Islam in the Levant" is not Muslim, it is Satanic ie Amalekite origin; Horites "Worshippers of Horus" are symbolized by the All Seeing Eye of Horus on the $US next to the Edomite Eagle. ISIS is funded by the confederacy in Ps 83 including Turkey, Jordan, UAE, Russia, US, NATO, China and Israel (Star of Molech is the symbol of the Amalekites at "War with God from Generation to Generation" Ex 17:1. Nobody battles God and wins. 
     JESUS (Mat 1:25KJV)=JAH (Ps 68:4KJV)=JEHOVAH, the SPIRITUAL Covenant NAME; Jah/Jesus/Jehovah are physical names of the coming Antichrist aka al-Mahdi, Krishna, or Christ. You need the KJV aka Authorized Bible to know this.  Christ means "Messiah"; not all "Christians" are followers of JESUS eg Messianic Jews and Messianic Islam. Only one type of "Christian" will be Saved; followers of JESUS, Born Again through the Baptism Fire and the Holy Spirit. You don't need a Priest, Imam, Rabbi or Pastor (Mat 23:8-10) for this, only  One on One prayer in your "Prayer Closet" with the Creator of the Universe.
      Time Jesus returns when Creation is 6000 years old (Ref 2 Pet 3:8). Time is not Relative as Einstein claimed nor is Time travel possible. Time is measured by the apparent movement of the Sun, Moon and Stars, not by man-made clocks and calendars; Radio-carbon and Radio-metric dating are accurate only as far back as the Flood. Jesus' real Birth was on Feast of Tabernacles not Christmas (Lk 1). During the Millennium, observance of Feast of Tabernacles is the only requirement (Zech 14:18); therefore I expect the end of WWIII and beginning of Great Tribulation to be timed with Passover in a Jubilee Year and Jesus to return on Feast of Tabernacles 1260 days later, after the Great Tribulation. Satan will copy this event.
      Great Tribulation 2016-17 is a Jubilee Year; Passover 2016 aligns with Earth Day; Feast of Trumpets 2017 features the Celestial Alignment recorded in Rev 12. This is not the 2nd Coming, rather the likely start of the Great Tribulation (Ref Rev 12:6)
      St Sulpice Cathedral The Rose Line is Brass (3rd Kingdom "Dominion" is Brass; Dan 2:39) The Sun will rise up the Obelisk (Baal's Shaft) to the "76" symbol (3rd Beast "Edomite Dominion" is the Leopard; Dan 7:6) and down to the Aquarius Symbol on Jan 21, 2017. America's Inauguration (Augury) Day. The Sun will contact the Altar Sept 22, 2017 "Feast of Trumpets" as the celestial alignment written in Rev 12 unfolds,_2017  People who don't believe interpret Signs, not Born Again followers of JESUS.
     Earth is just under 6000 years old There are  1656 years from Creation to Flood + 2160 years Aries to Pisces + 2160 years Pisces to Aquarius + 21 years for Sargon the Great to be declared "Legitimate King". Astronomically, the Age of Aquarius is dawning now. Regul

                                                                   July 2017

World Debt is now $217 Trillion; 3X World GDP. Who else but Satan with no legal right to Title (Jesus is Shiloh "He whose is is" Gen 49:10) could indebt the entire World with Usury? Who gains "Dominion" (Sovereign Authority to rule the World)? Esau (Rothschild=Red=Edomite Central Banks) You thought they were Jewish didn't you? 200 years ago they changed their slightly more obvious name from Bauer (Farmer) to Rothschild; Cain was the first Farmer; what? didn't think the world was dealing with Canaanites any longer? Esau married Canaanite women and today are the world's Priests (Dew of Heaven), War Makers (Live by the Sword) and Wealthy (Fatness of the Earth) Ref Gen 27:39-41KJV. The overall plan is called a "Sting".
    Lending companies use 3X Income guideline to offer Mortgages (Mort=Death Gage=Notes). The US is by far the world's largest Debtor Nation $22T Cash + $77T Unfunded Liabilities (Gov't/Military Pensions, PBGC, Social Security, Medicare) + an unestimable pile of Derivatives. Jesus warned "Creditors make Slaves of Debtors"; He prohibited Usury (Charging Interest) because there is never enough money to pay the Principle + Interest. The US is a CORPORATION with a CORPORATE CONSTITUTION that provides no rights for Citizens; Flags bounded in Gold Fringe place America under Admiralty Law administered from the City of London Corporation aka "Square Mile". CORPORATE Balance Sheepts must balance Assets with Liabilities and Equity. The US has 25% of the World's Fresh Water (Great Lakes), the world's 2nd largest underground Aquifer (Ogalala), and several Trillion Bbls of Oil in the ANWR, Gulf of Mexico, and Bakken Formation with pipelines already in place. In addition, the US has nearly inexaustible Coal and Natural Gas in the Green River Formation (WY-UT), much of it under capped Gas Wells. Now, if you were a Creditor, what would you do?  Foreclose.
Image result for meeting in dabiq pictures of rome
 Meeting in Dabiq is a 2015 ISIS (read SITE; Israeli Dual citizen Rita Katz produces ISIS videos for the US Army; ISIS head is also Israeli Abu Bakr al Baghdadi is Simon Elliot) propaganda video about the Islamic final battle "Armageddon" (Arabic "Malahim") with Christianity and Zionism in Rome. WWIII is planned to pit forces of political Zionism against Islam to the point of physical, spiritual, economic and moral exhaustion in order for the true doctrine of Lucifer to be accepted by the world.  July 1 Rome's Fountains were turned off due to extenxive drought and heat. If that's not bad enough, 2 of Italy's largest banks have failed with taxpayer bailouts looming 
         July is named after Julius Caesar, asassinated by his own Senate; Donald Trump plays Julius Caesar in NY Central Park play. Marilyn Manson, Snoop Dog and Cathy Griffin are all admitted Satanists and all have recent videos killing Donald Trump. Should Mike Pence become US President, you may want to read up on "The Family"' Pence is a rabid Zionist/Satanist who admires mass murderers Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin SJ, Pol Pot, Mao Tse Tung and assorted Arfican Kleptocrat Dictators. So who arms ISIS? The US (John McCain is the principal ISIS arms broker), Russia, Turkey (Google Mol Comfort and Nour M), Saudi Arabia. HR 5433 "Stop Arming Terrorists Act" 2013-14 had very few co-sponsors and neither does the current smokescreen bill HR 608 S-532 "Stop arming Terrorists Act" 2017  Is ISIS "Armageddon" the biblical Armageddon? Not on your eternal life; nobody battles Jesus and wins! Antichrist rises from these ashes.

Related imageNATO Sec Gen Jens Stoltenberg "A Cyber Attack on any member nation can trigger Art 5" Any anonymous hacker can now trigger WWIII. The new NATO HQ in Brussels looks like the NAZI SS Lightning Bolts because they are the same; SS Schwarze Sonne "Black Sun" is Saturn, the so-called Primeval Sun before Visible Creation. It's no coincidence CERN is vainly attempting to prove the Dark Matter "Force Carrier" called "Black Photon"; all made up Satanic nonsense. Brussels is not only the center of the 9th Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice ring at Chateau Amerois (Castle of Kings); Brussels also featured a "False Flag" on 3/22. Society 322 is called the Thule Society, Skull & Bones or Brotherhood of Death aka SS. 

Independence Day Rosicrucian "Father of America" Comte de St Germain said "America was given to be free"; One Nation Under God is not Free, unless that god is Lucifer, the Serpent from the Garden of Eden. America was called Amorica 2 millennia before Columbus arrived; America is named after Amurru, the Edomite Serpent and Shepherd god of the Amorites, the Canaanites, the sons of Ishmael and Esau married into in violation of the Covenant God made with Abraham. The Eagle symbolizes Esau "Exalting himself as the Eagle" Obadiah and carried the Serpent on the $ONE. Atop the US Capitol (Womb of Zeus/Jupiter) is Lady Freedom facing East toward the Rising Sun (Lucifer); in NY Harbor is the Statue of Liberty (Isis) facing the rising sun, standing atop an 8 Pt Star of Isis, both with her back to the nation she represents. July 4, 1776 was chosen by British, Sabian (Planetary) Astrologer Ebeneezer Sibly and Rosicrucian/Freemason Ben Franklin because of a 5 planet occultation by the Sun; 7 Yrs later the US signed terms of peace with Britian; hardly Free. America is in debt $22T + $77T (Unfunded Liabilities) to the City of London Corp in London; the Edomite Usury Bankers Jesus turned the tables on.  

Image result for macron is jupiter on magazine coverRelated imageG-20 Summit in Hamburg 7/7-8. Macron fashions himself a mix of Machiavelli, Napoleon and de Gaulle, even writing a thesis on Machiavelli; known for Cunning Statecraft, Disregard for morality, Duplicitious, Self Serving, Personal Gain, much like Donald Trump. Macron goes by the title Jupiter; On July 4 in a speech at Versailles Palace of the Sun King Louis XIV he said he wanted to be a Jupiterian President.
    Ivanka Trump speaking at the G-20 Summit is strange enough, but in front of the Sun? A woman clothed with the Sun with Jupiter in the womb of Isis (Paris is the City of Isis) will be delivered Sept 23, 2017. The Age of Aquarius is now; the Crown  of Judah? Hardly, Leo represents the Double Crown of Egypt (Greeks called Egypt "Land of the Gypsies"). The LGBTQ + 2 Rainbow eludes to the Pederast Zeus (Jupiter) abducting the Cretan youth Ganymede as an Eagle to carry him off to Olympus (Donald Trump is also a Pederast Ref Jeff Epstein's Pedophile Island, Plaza Hotel and mentor/pederast Roy Cohn). Macron began such a journey at 14 in drama school with his 40 yr old drama teacher now wife Brigitte. Why Ivanka? The Feminine of John is Ivanka, Johnnitters like Knight of Malta aka Knight of St John of Jerusalem Donald Trump worship John the Baptist not Jesus Christ. Sept 23, 2-17 is Feast of Trumpets. Pretty slick how all this is out in the open eh?
Image result for pence office with lincoln picturesRelated imageRelated imageImage result for pictures of mike penceRelated image"Nothing happens in politics by chance; it it happens you can bet it was planned" FDR 24 Congressmen seeking Mike Pence' appproval to convene Psychiatric panel to assess Donald Trump's mental fitness to be president.  Telling Howard Stern and "The View" "If I weren't married, I'd be dating Ivanka"; Tweeting ridiclulus insults toward Megan Kelly and Mika Brezezinski and launching 60 Cruise Missiles at Syria over "The most exquisite chocolate cake ever" or was it Iraq?  Seems rather planned eh?                                                                                                        Pence is a Theocratic Satanist ie Zionist in Sheep's Clothes; Donald Trump put Mike Pence in charge of all "Foreign and Domestic Issues". Pence flashing El Diablo "I love you Satan" to his followers. Pence prepping the Lincoln Bible before the Swearing-In. The pre Inaugural Concert was at the Lincoln Memorial because Lincoln (Joshua Speed), like Pence was Gay and presided over the Civil War and has the Fasces (Symbol of Fascism) on this Throne. Pence speaking with Elephants in the Room; all the Stars are upside down for a reason.  America is the Scapegoat "Azazel" in Num 16. Pence is a T-Party shill; T-Party HQ at Union Square Park also has the US Flag supported by the Fasces; just as the Fasces adorns the Supreme Court Doors, Speaker's Rostrum and Oval Office Doors.

    Mike credits "Gay Conversion Therapy" for helping him overcome certain urges and allowing him to marry. Mike's role model VP is Dick Cheney, the puppet master of George Bush Jr and 9/11/2001 architect. The supposed Evangelical Christian and initiate of "The Family" loves Water Boarding, Sleep Deprivation and other Enhanced Interrogation techniques; Extraordinary Rendition; the Iraq, Afghanistan and Syrian Wars; Patriot Act (1006 pages written, read and signed into law 20 days after 9/11) CAFTA, NAFTA, TPP, TTIP and TiSA; NSA Roving Wire Taps and Drone Killings.  Dick Cheney Part Deux is one heart beat or Psychiatric panel away from the White House.
        Abe Lincoln known for sharing his bed with Joshua (Opus Day Dominus Iesus ringing a Baal?) Speed; Mike Pence known for "Gay Conversion Therapy" which allowed him to control "Certain Urges". Where was the 1st ever pre-Inauguration concert and fireworks? The Lincoln Memorial. What's supporting Lincoln's Throne? The Fasces.
    Mike Pence is an initiate of The Family aka The Fellowship, as is Dir of Nat Intelligence Dan Coats, HUD Secretary Ben Carson, Education Dec Detsy DeVoss and Atty General Jeff Sessions; trying to imagine having a group like "The Family" in charge of the American Military is like imaging Hitler with his hand on the Red Button.
     "The Family" sponsors the National Prayer Breakfasts. Doug Coe aka "Stealth Billy Graham" and Uganda's Genocidal Dictator President Museveni set the agenda for The Fellowship; Coe says the "the men who understood the real message of the New Testament best were Adoph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse Tung and Pol "Killing Field" Pot"; all totaled, about 200M people sacrificed. Coe has been called the "Stealth Billy Graham" and was in fact mentored by 33 degree Luciferian Mason Billy Graham whose son Franklin set the Zionist Crusaders ablaze for Jesus with his Inaugural Prayer. Jesus was homeless, so who did Donald put in charge of HUD? Ben Carson, 7th Day Adventist repeat (Billy Graham is the only other repeat speaker) guest speaker at the Prayer Breakfasts; in charge of National Intelligence? Dan Coats, another member of The Fellowship. The 2017 National Prayer Breakfast will be on Imbolc (Feb 2) "In the Belly". Jupiter/Zeus/Lucifer is in the Belly, waiting to be delivered Sept 23, 2017. The message is clear Inquisition Part Deux is coming up. 
     Mike Pence entered "Gay Conversion Therapy" his senior year of college; one of his roommates says he went from listening constantly to Wham! (George Michel) to married that year "It will be nice to have the first Gay VP". Knight of Malta Erik Prince, Blackwater founder and "CIA Assassination Point Man" financed Mike Pence' rise to stardom during the Reagan Administration; hence Erik Prince' sister Betsy DeVoss (Richard DeVoss is a 33 degree Mason) is Education Secretary. The Prince family finances the Trump-Pence SuperPAC "Make America #1". Erik's father Ed Prince began financing the Evangelical Right with Gary Bauer and James Dobson. Bauer means "Farmer" as in Cain; Rothschild (Red Shield=Edom) was originally Bauer; Esau married Canaanite women who descended from Cainites. Gary Bauer is Georgetown Jesuit educated; Undersecretary of Education and Domestic Policy adviser in the Reagan administration. Bauer is on the Extcutive board of CUFI (Christians United for Israel) managed by Zionist John Haggee, a signer of PNAC (Project For A New American Century) calling for the 9/11/2001 "New Pearl Harbor" and affiliated with "The Fellowship". Bauer's partner James Dobson mentored New Life Megachurch pastor Ted Haggard who spent Church Tithing on Male Prostitutes and Cocaine; Dobson blames Sandy Hook on "Gay Marriage"; the staged event was a Hoax; Trump is the same as Sandy Hook meaning "Play the Joker" or "Play the Trump"; Trump is also a Knight of Malta. "Focus on the Family" is also the theme of Pope Francis I; The Family being Edomites and their prophesied "Dominion". Mike's conversion to Christianity was derived largely from 700 Club Knight of Malta Pat Robertson whose sermons/speeches Mike Pence recorded and transcribed. 700 Club a reference to the Cathars "In 700 years the Laurel will grow green again"; 700 years ago on 3/18/1314 the last Templar Grand Master Jacques deMolay was executed in Paris and in 1317 the 5th Lateran Council in Rome proclaimed "Indestructibility of the Soul" Catholic Dogma; don't be fooled; every soul on earth will be judged by JESUS. right on schedule NASA released pictures of Saturn's Shepherd Moon "Daphnis" on Trump's Inauguration; Daphnis means "Laurel".
    Knight of Malta Erik Prince
(brother of Besty DeVoss) and 33 degree Luciferian Mason Chuck Colson (Nixon's hatchet man turned Crypto Evangelical Christian) are hard at work Privatizing US Prisons with their "Prison Fellowship"; business if booming as America has by far the highest percentage of the population in Prison. America is the world's largest Debtor Prison; $22T in Debt; $77T in Unfunded liabilities and $700T Derivatives. America will become the world's largest Prison as the Scapegoat for Rev 18 "Babylon". 
     Mike Pence may very well be the rider of the Black Horse.
No other nation has the economic effect on the world the US does. The Black Horse Rider carries a Pair of Balances; offering a days wage of a Penny (Pence) in exchange for a Quart of Wheat.

    Mike Pence PAC  is "Principles Exalt a Nation"; Pence is an Anti-Gay, closet Homosexual, Evangelical fake Christian, Nationalist ie Nazi, White Supremicist "Great White Hope"

Yemen Cholera Epidemic worst in the world" (20M without clean water, food or medical aid; 300,000 infected; 2000 casualties) UN Humanitarian Chief Stephen O'brien and WHO Director Margaret Chan. O'brien is a Privy Counsilor (Royal Butt Wipe) for QEII; Margaret Chan is an Officer of the British Empire, Oath sworn to serve Prince Phillip who stated "I would like to be re-incarnated as a Killer Virus"SOUTHCOM held a 10,000 person Haitian Relief Drill in Miami as the Earthquake hit Port au Prince, Haiti; the Drill went live. The UN sent relief workers who were exposed to Cholera to camps upstream of Port au Prince. Waste was dumped in the river, which predictably caused the still ongoing Cholera Epidemic. Port au Prince's radio station played the Eagle's "Welcome to the Hotel California" in a continuous loop as the event unfolded. HOtel California refers to the Black House on California St in San Francisco where Anton LaVey (Howard Levey) formed the Church of Satan. The US arms Saudi Arabia in its genocidal, unprovoked attack on Yemen.


NJ Gov. Chris Christie, his family and friends are all alone as they enjoy a picture perfect Sunday afternoon at the governor’s summer house at Island Beach State Park, which is closed to the public due to the state government shutdown. His 6 neighbors were forced off Island Beach, but not Crispy Creme and family. NJ, Maine, Illinois and Connectucut are the first US States to shut-down Government services making it paradise for NJ Gov Chris Christie, his family and friends. Illinois police shot 100 people July 4th; Illinois and California appear to be the first US States that will cut Gov't pensions by 2/3rds. "Order out of Chaos" anyone?  Christie's plea deal with Charles Kushner made it possible for Jared and Ivanka to party in the Hamptons over the 4th of July weekend with George Soros and Jeff Bezos' Washington Post editor Lally Weymouth. Not rich? Thank God your not Edomite. Who wants to live off the "fatness of the earth" (Gen 27:39KJV) like this? 

 "A man's foes shall be they of his own household" Mat 10:36; Mic 7:6  "God has given America to be free" Rosicrucian Count St Germain aka "The Professor". The Rosicrucian father of America at Independence Hall, Philadelphia had just proposed America's "Grand Union Flag". An 8 pointed Star of Isis (Same as the 8 Pt Star )foundation of the Statue of Liberty) formed the Red Cross of St George surmounted by the Blue X of St Andrew with 13 stripes representing 13 colonies. 13/8=Phi (1.618) aka the "Golden Mean", "Ratio of Life" or "Fibonacci Ratio". Rosicrucian, Luciferian Mason, Hell Fire Society initiate Ben Franklin connected the colonies with a Serpent and the slogan "Join or Die"; the logo and slogan once used to prompt colonists to Join with Englend against French and native Indians was now recycled for use by Masons during the Revolution against Britian. So what does "Give me Liberty or give me Death" mean? 

    July 4, 1776 was chosen by British Freemason/Astrologer Ebeneezer Sibly (Ref Sibly Natal Chart) and Rosicrucian, Freemason, Child sacrificing (2 dozen bodies of ritually sacrificed children carbon dated to the time Franklin lived in his Trafalgar Sq home were found buried under the Kitchen), Hell Fire Society Initiate Ben Franklin because of a 5 planet occultation by the Sun. Franklin was an avid astrologer who said "Astrology is one of the most ancient important affair was ever undertaken without consulting Astrology" The Sibly Natal Chart was drawn at 5:10PM in Philadelphia "City of Brotherly Love" (read Cain's love of Abel; Esau's love of Jacob). The $100Bill with Ben Franklin on it has 2:22 on the Philadelphia Clock Tower according to Knight of Malta Nic Cage who played Benjamin Franklin Gates in National Treasure; 2:22 was in reality 4:10. Why 2:22? 222 is associated with Earth as the Temple, seen in the term "Earth Dwellers" beginning in Rev 13 and those whom God has left to their impulses (Rom 1:27) because they worshipped Creation rather than the Creator. 
    America is named after Amurru, the God, Land and People called Amorites in the bible who descend from Canaan's 4th son. Amorica existed 3 Millennia before Columbus arrived. One Nation Under God? Wrong God people! Amurru is the Edomite Shepherd and Serpent God seen stabbed by St George at the UN and Cathedral of St John the Divine. Ameru means Serpent; Priests of Ameru in Ethiopia play a literal shell game with fake Arks of the Covenant (The Old Covenant). Amar is the Canaanite god of the West or "Land of the Dead". 
    America is now 241 years old; Dan 2:41 describes the feet of the "Abomination of Desolation"; part clay, part iron. The Head of Gold of the Idol is Babylon (Gate of Saturn), from there Study Bible Notes most often claim Mede-Persia is the Breast of Silver (2nd Beast); Greece under Alexander the Great is the Belly and Thighs of Brass (3rd Beast) and Rome the 4th Beast. The problem is Greece never achieved "Dominion" (Sovereign Authority to Rule Earth) and therefore cannot be the 3rd Beast (Dan 7:6) because those Beast Kingdoms are happening right now. Esau obtains "Dominion" as the 3rd Beast, so who is the real 2nd and 4th Beasts? The 4th is Antichrist; Jesus warned no flesh would remain unless He shortened "Those Days"; the 4th Beast assumes his mantle and authority immediately after the 3rd Beast (Esau Ref Gen 27:40KJV; Dan 7:6) achieves "Dominion" and reigns 1260 Days "Great Tribulation". So who gives Esau Sovereign Rule over the Earth? Happy 4th of July folks! The US Eagle has been carrying the Serpent for 241 years, right on the $ONE.

Related imageImage result for pictures of libya gmmr"North Korea's Ballistic Missile and Nuclear programs require a determined response...strategic patience has ended" -Donald Trump June 30. North Korea launches Ballistic Missile July 2 "This fine good looking boy can hit anywhere in the world" Kim Jong Un. US demands UN Security Council Meeting on North Korea July 4. UN Security Council meeting July 5th condemns North Korea's launch of an ICBM and directed an immediate halt to missile tests. Note: The mobile Hwaswong 14 is a mobile Intermediate Range Missile. Rex Tillerson says "The recent missile test represents an escalation and new threat for the US" . South Korea and US begin Drill designed to take out North Korean leader. Seems rather scripted eh? China and Russia agree "North Korea must halt all missile tests" Why? North Korea and Iran have no Rothschild Central Bank and are sitting on a lot of assets. No Debt=no Slavery. Libya got their Central Bank just after the 100 US made Tomahawk Cruise Missiles destroyed the GMMR (Great Man-Made River) under the pretense of "Terrorism".  North Korea is sitting on $6-10Trillion in mineral wealth; the City of London Corp controls the world's wealth; Rothschilds control the City of London Corp. Rothschilds are Edomites; Edomites obtain worldwide "Dominion" through Usury Banking. (Gen 27:39-41KJV).  Just ask Japan's Emperor Akahito who sits on the Round Table. Who set up North Korea? The US Army of course; Capt Charles Bonesteel and Maj Dean Rusk took a crayon and a Nat Geo Map, putting our puppet Kim Il Sung in power. So where to next? Iran of course. Who set up the current leadership in Iran? The US of course; Operation Ajax put an end to Iran's Oil Field Nationalization; who doesn't like those Ayathollahs whose mere presence on Earth is required for it to continue existing. Jesus said "The love of money is the root of all evil" This all boils down to siezing assets and controlling nations with Debt. Tillerson is a Pilgrim Society Initiate whose stated goals are to control every asset the world has. Can you imagine what would happen if Kim Jong Un nationalized $10 Trillion in mines and did what Qadaffi did for Libyans by handing it out?  Or what would happen to Donald Trump is he gave away the several Trillion Bbls of Oil to Americans, charging a Penny for Fuel? Tillerson would have a coronary. 

Ballistic missiles fired into the East SeaDonald Trump responds to North Korean Ballistic Missile Test by firing a dozen US Ballistic Missiles against the wishes of China and South Korea. Trump fired 100 Depleted Uranium Tomawk Cruise Missiles at Syria while eating an exquisite piece of chocolate cake; don't poke the Golden Rug man.

July 5 Russia hits ISIS in Syria with TU-95 bombers carrying Kh-101 Cruise Missiles from 600Mi range.
Summer 2013, Russian flagged (American Presidents Lines-Russia cool name eh?) cargo ship Mol Comfort split in half with 50,000 tons of Russian weapons destined for ISIS. Nov 2013, Turkish cargo ship Nour M was intercepted by greek coast guard carrying 50,000 Kalashnikov rifles and ammunition to ISIS in Syria. Nations and people are being destroyed for no reason.

Italian newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano reporting Vatican Police break up Drug filled Gay Orgy at the Vatican Palace of the Congregation of Doctrine of the Faith Apartment. Pretty much right out of a scene from the HBO Series "Young Pope".

July 6 Trump in Warsaw slams Russia; questions whether the west has the will to survive condemns Russia for meddling in the US election, support for Syria and Iran, destabalizing activities in Ukraine and for holding Poland hostage as sole energy supplier. Few can imaging the horrors Stalin and FDR/Ike put Poland through in WWII; Bro Stalin's Holodomor purge and the 70th anniversary Russian downing of the Polish Jet in Smolnsk April 10, 2010 with 95 Government/Military officials right after paying the final debt payment to Russia's (read Putin's) Gazprom. Destabalizing Ukraine? Good one Don, the US put the Neo-Nazi Bankers in Ukraine and shot down Malaysia 17 with a Ukraine piloted Russian Jet to blame them for firing a BUC Missile during a NATO Radar Exercise. The G-20 meeting in Hamburg resembles a War Zone; US "Operation Gomorrah"  in Hamburg created the largest firestorm in history; behind only to Dresden and Toyko. Shhh, don't tell the Germans the US armed and funded Stalin and Hitler.

July 7 UN Treaty to ban Nuclear Weapons 122-1-1; US votes No; Israel abstains. Ratification opens Sept 20, 2017, the day the "Christ Angle" forms "So Below". The US created Nuclear Weapons and gave them to Russia (33 degree Luciferian Mason/Traitor/Spy J Robert Oppenheimer and 33 degree Luciferian Mason, Jesuit Bro Joseph Stalin and Israel; every Israeli PM has been a 33 degree Luciferian Freemason) The Cold War and Star Wars was a $Multi-trillion hoax used to bankrupt the US and Russia. Why? Read Rev 18; the US is the Scapegoat for Rev 18 "Babylon has fallen!" When the US collapses, the UN will takeover US Nuclear Weapons making the 4th Beast of Iron seemingly invinicible; invincible to anyone but JESUS.

Related imageGen David Flynn and Rex Tillerson aren't the only Trump officials who can't recall meeting with Russia; Isis arming traitor John McCain is in a picture posted by Veselnitskaya from his Senate office. Russian Ambassador Michael McFaul (Mormon Jon Huntsman selected Russian Ambassador  July 20, 2017; Huntsman was involved with the Tianamen Sq uprising as China Ambassador) also met with Veselnitskaya who is the Managing Partner of a Kremlin Consulting company Kamerton Consulting with no Website, no Telephine # and no E-Mail. Don Trump Jr, Jared Kushner and Campaign Mgr Paul Manafort met with vehement anti-Trump lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya to obtain dirt on Hillary; makes no sense except to oust Trump. Veselnitskaya obtained a Visa working for Fusion GPS, a company hired by the DNC to obtain damaging information on the Trump campaign; seen behind ex Russian Ambassador McFaul. Paul Manafort has close ties to Vladimir Putin controlled Gazprom and Rosneft Energy; Gazprom (recall the Polish government/military was wiped out in the Katyn Forest crash; Poland had made its final payment and rejection of a Gazprom partnership)  is partnered with Ukranian RosUrEnergo AG and indicted billionaire Dmity Firtash, a close associate of Manafort. Trump's replacement for FBI Director James Comey is Christopher Wray whose law firm King and Spalding represents Putin's Gazprom. Small circle eh? Why? Mike Pence. NYC Stage play with Donald Trump assassinated as Caesar, admitted Satanists Kathy Griffin, Marilyn Manson, Snoop Dog and Captain America are all seen assassinating Trump. The Simpsons foretold his announcement to run for President, winning the Presidency and his death surrounded by Secret Service. "Nothing in politics happens by chance. If it happened it was planned" Pearl Harbor/WWII planner FDR. Pence is a Zionist, Interfaith Minister, likely closeted Sodomite and initiate of "The Family"; an admirer of mass murderers Adolf Hitler, Jesuit Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Pol "Killing Fields" Pot and genocidal Ugandan kleptocrat dictator Yoweri Museveni who sets the agendas for "The Family".

UNESCO votes to make Hebron and Cave of Patriarchs Palestinian and a World Heritage Site. Why? Abraham purchased the sites from the Hittites (same situation with the Temple Mount which David purchased from the Jebusites); his first born Ishmael and Esau married Hittite women against God's Covenant with Abraham and are laying claim to it, and excluding any claim made by Isaac and Jacob. There are 2 Covenants with Abraham, one from the Bondwoman Hagar by Flesh, the other the Freewoman Sarah by Promise; UNESCO is cutting out the sons of Promise because Jesus is the Word made Flesh. WWIII will pit forces of political Zionism against Islam in order for the true doctrine of Lucifer to be accepted.

Articles of Impeachment H Res #438 filed by Rep Al Green and Rep Brad Sherman "High Crimes and Misdeameanors" against Donald Trump. Looks like the Media is wagging the tail on this dog.

  The Six Pointed Star is not Jewish, nor was it ever the Star of David. The Six Pointed Star is Satanic. Called by various names, the Star of Molech, Chemosh, El, Chiun, Sikkuth, Milcom, Remphan, Shalim and Saturn represent the Ensign of Satan and enemy of Israel (People who wrestle with God). Like Esau and Judas, these people sell their Souls and everything they say is designed to help you do the same. The Six Pointed Star of Saturn was the reason the Glory of the LORD departed Solomon's Temple (Eze 8). The Six Pointed Star was the reason Jesus was rejected, scourged, Crucified and departed by the exact same route. The Six Pointed Star is the reason the Glory of the LORD (Holy Ghost) will soon depart the Earth. On Sept 23, 2017 these people may even broadcast the "Greatest Show on Earth" called the "Rapture of the Chistian Church" and professional Liars may even fool some people. Satan has been planning this event for nearly 6000 Years; the Ionosphere has been turned into a Giant Television Screen (Operation Bluebeam) and Rapture hucksters are busily convincing people to greet the arrival of the Messiah Scripture calls Antichrist.  Rev 11, 12, 13 give 3 different perspectives of the 1260 Day "Great Tribulation". Rev 12 gives the Signs to look for and on Sept 23, 2017 it happens. Jesus refers to people not in personal Covenant with Him (God in Flesh, God in SPIRIT ie Father, Word made Flesh, Holy Ghost) as "Earth Dwellers" Rev 13:8. 13/8=Phi "Ratio of Life" Here is why Earth Dwellers will begin building the 3rd Temple of Antichrist in 2017. Here is the sign that does not bode well for the United States Here is the reason the Great Pyramids of Egypt and Sphinx were built for the return of Osiris/Saturn,_2017_quot;Christ_Anglequot; Here is the sign God put in the Heavens to warn us the Great Tribulation is about to begin.,_2017:_Rev_12:1 The last 3 1/2 years will be a bloodbath; Jesus warned no flesh would remain on earth unless he shortened "Those Days" (Mat 24:22). Well folks, Those Days are just about here. I suggest a little one on one time in your Prayer Closet with the Creator of the Universe is in order.

     37% of Nobel Prize winners claim to be Jewish. Television is run by hundreds of people who claim to be Jewish In Gen 10 "Table of Nations" God warns us Ashkenazis are not Jewish but Germanic descendants of Japheth and Gomer. He warns us Sephardics descend from Babylonians, Medeans and Canaanites. Jesus warned of "Those who say they are Jews but are not...Ravenous Wolves in Sheep's Clothes" Here are a few more who control the Media.

     MORTIMER ZUCKERMAN, owner of NY Daily News, US News & World Report and chair of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish American Organizations, one of the largest pro-Israel lobbying groups.
  • LESLIE MOONVES, president of CBS television, great-nephew of David Ben-Gurion, and co-chair with Norman Ornstein of the Advisory Committee on Public Interest Obligation of Digital TV Producers, appointed by Clinton.
    JONATHAN MILLER, chair and CEO of AOL division of AOL-Time-Warner
    NEIL SHAPIRO, president of NBC News
    JEFF GASPIN, Executive Vice-President, Programming, NBC
    DAVID WESTIN, president of ABC News
    SUMNER REDSTONE, CEO of Viacom, “world’s biggest media giant” (Economist, 11/23/2) owns Viacom cable, CBS and MTVs all over the world, Blockbuster video rentals and Black Entertainment TV.
    MICHAEL EISNER, major owner of Walt Disney, Capitol Cities, ABC.
    RUPERT MURDOCH, Owner Fox TV, New York Post, London Times, News of the World (Jewish mother)
    MEL KARMAZIN, president of CBS
    DON HEWITT, Exec. Director, 60 Minutes, CBS
    JEFF FAGER, Exec. Director, 60 Minutes II. CBS
    DAVID POLTRACK, Executive Vice-President, Research and Planning, CBS
    SANDY KRUSHOW, Chair, Fox Entertainment
    LLOYD BRAUN, Chair, ABC Entertainment
    BARRY MEYER, chair, Warner Bros.
    SHERRY LANSING. President of Paramount Communications and Chairman of Paramount Pictures’ Motion Picture Group.
    HARVEY WEINSTEIN, CEO. Miramax Films.
    BRAD SIEGEL., President, Turner Entertainment.
    PETER CHERNIN, second in-command at Rupert Murdoch’s News. Corp., owner of Fox TV
    MARTY PERETZ, owner and publisher of the New Republic, which openly identifies itself as pro-Israel. Al Gore credits Marty with being his “mentor.”
    ARTHUR O. SULZBERGER, JR., publisher of the NY Times, the Boston Globe and other publications.
    WILLIAM SAFIRE, syndicated columnist for the NYT.
    TOM FRIEDMAN, syndicated columnist for the NYT.
    CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER, syndicated columnist for the Washington Post. Honored by Honest, website monitoring “anti-Israel media.”
    RICHARD COHEN, syndicated columnist for the Washington Post
    JEFF JACOBY, syndicated columnist for the Boston Globe
    NORMAN ORNSTEIN, American Enterprise Inst., regular columnist for USA Today, news analyst for CBS, and co-chair with Leslie Moonves of the Advisory Committee on Public Interest Obligation
    of Digital TV Producers, appointed by Clinton.
    ARIE FLEISCHER, Dubya’s press secretary.
    STEPHEN EMERSON, every media outlet’s first choice as an expert on domestic terrorism.
    DAVID SCHNEIDERMAN, owner of the Village Voice and the New Times network of “alternative weeklies.”
    DENNIS LEIBOWITZ, head of Act II Partners, a media hedge fund
    KENNETH POLLACK, for CIA analysts, director of Saban Center for Middle East Policy, writes op-eds in NY Times, New Yorker
    BARRY DILLER, chair of USA Interactive, former owner of Universal Entertainment
    KENNETH ROTH, Executive Director of Human Rights Watch
    RICHARD LEIBNER, runs the N.S. Bienstock talent agency, which represents 600 news personalities such as Dan Rather, Dianne Sawyer and Bill O’Reilly.
    TERRY SEMEL, CEO, Yahoo, former chair, Warner Bros.
    MARK GOLIN, VP and Creative Director, AOL
    WARREN LIEBERFORD, Pres., Warner Bros. Home Video Div. of AOL- TimeWarner
    JEFFREY ZUCKER, President of NBC Entertainment
    JACK MYERS, NBC, chief.NYT 5.14.2
    SANDY GRUSHOW, chair of Fox Entertainment
    GAIL BERMAN, president of Fox Entertainment
    STEPHEN SPIELBERG, co-owner of Dreamworks
    JEFFREY KATZENBERG, co-owner of Dreamworks
    DAVID GEFFEN, co-owner of Dreamworks
    LLYOD BRAUN, chair of ABC Entertainment
    JORDAN LEVIN, president of Warner Bros. Entertainment
    MAX MUTCHNICK, co-executive producer of NBC’s “Good Morning Miami”
    DAVID KOHAN, co-executive producer of NBC’s “Good Morning Miami”
    HOWARD STRINGER, chief of Sony Corp. of America
    AMY PASCAL, chair of Columbia Pictures
    JOEL KLEIN, chair and CEO of Bertelsmann’s American operations
    ROBERT SILLERMAN, founder of Clear Channel Communications
    BRIAN GRADEN, president of MTV entertainment
    IVAN SEIDENBERG, CEO of Verizon Communications
    WOLF BLITZER, host of CNN’s Late Edition
    LARRY KING, host of Larry King Live
    TED KOPPEL, host of ABC’s Nightline
    MIKE WALLACE, Host of CBS, 60 Minutes
    BARBARA WALTERS, Host, ABC’s 20-20
    MICHAEL LEDEEN, editor of National Review
    BRUCE NUSSBAUM, editorial page editor, Business Week
    DONALD GRAHAM, Chair and CEO of Newsweek and Washington Post, son of
    CATHERINE GRAHAM MEYER, former owner of the Washington Post
    HOWARD FINEMAN, Chief Political Columnist, Newsweek
    WILLIAM KRISTOL, Editor, Weekly Standard, Exec. Director
    Project for a New American Century (PNAC)
    RON ROSENTHAL, Managing Editor, San Francisco Chronicle
    PHIL BRONSTEIN, Executive Editor, San Francisco Chronicle,
    RON OWENS, Talk Show Host, KGO (ABC-Capitol Cities, San Francisco)
    JOHN ROTHMAN, Talk Show Host, KGO (ABC-Capitol Cities, San Francisco)
    MICHAEL SAVAGE, Talk Show Host, KFSO (ABC-Capitol Cities, San Francisco) Syndicated in 100 markets
    MICHAEL MEDVED, Talk Show Host, on 124 AM stations
    DENNIS PRAGER, Talk Show Host, nationally syndicated from LA. Has Israeli flag on his home page.
    BEN WATTENBERG, Moderator, PBS Think Tank.
    ANDREW LACK, president of NBC
    DANIEL MENAKER, Executive Director, Harper Collins
    DAVID REMNICK, Editor, The New Yorker
    NICHOLAS LEHMANN, writer, the New York
    HENRICK HERTZBERG, Talk of the Town editor, The New Yorker
    SAMUEL NEWHOUSE JR, and DONALD NEWHOUSE own Newhouse Publications, includes 26 newspapers in 22 cities; the Conde Nast magazine group, includes The New Yorker; Parade, theSunday newspaper supplement; American City Business Journals, business newspapers published in more than 30 major cities in America; and interests in cable television programming and cable systems serving 1 million homes.
    DONALD NEWHOUSE, chairman of the board of directors, Associated Press.
    PETER R KANN, CEO, Wall Street Journal, Barron’s
    RALPH J. & BRIAN ROBERTS, Owners, Comcast-ATT Cable TV.
    LAWRENCE KIRSHBAUM, CEO, AOL-Time Warner Book Group

    Larry King — RT America and former CNN host
  • Jill Abramson
  • Martin Agronsky — reporter and host of Agronsky & Company[1][2]
  • Dana Bash — journalist for CNN
  • Emily Bazelon — journalist
  • Richard Behar — investigative journalist
  • Bonnie Bernstein — sports journalist[3]
  • Carl Bernstein — investigative reporter for the Washington Post, uncovered Watergate with Bob Woodward[4]
  • Wolf Blitzer — journalist and anchor for CNN[5]
  • Andrew Breitbart (1969—2012) — journalist
  • Ethan Bronner — investigative journalist
  • David Brooks — columnist, The New York Times[6]
  • Art Buchwald (1925–2007) — humor columnist[citation needed]
  • Herb Caen — journalist for the San Francisco Chronicle
  • Benyamin Cohen — founder of Jewsweek and American Jewish Life Magazine[7]
  • Alan Colmes
  • Katie Couric — journalist who currently serves as Yahoo! Global News Anchor. She has worked with all Big Three television networks in the United States, and in her early career was an Assignment Editor for CNN[8][9][10]
  • Benjamin De Casseres — early 20th-century journalist, critic and individualist anarchist[11]
  • Morton Dean — CBS News reporter[12]
  • Matt Drudge — founder of the Drudge Report[13]
  • Giselle Fernández — host of Access Hollywood[14]
  • Thomas Friedman — columnist, The New York Times[15]
  • Bob Garfield — NPR and ABC News journalist, columnist, and author[16]
  • Brooke Gladstone — Peabody Award-winning NPR journalist and author[16]
  • Bernard Goldberg — CBS News reporter[17]
  • Jeffrey Goldberg (1965–) — journalist, staff writer for The New Yorker and author of the book Prisoners[18]
  • Jonah Goldberg — columnist, commentator and Senior Editor of National Review[19]
  • Roy Gutman — Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist best known for his coverage of the war in the former Yugoslavia[20]
  • David Halberstam — Vietnam War correspondent[21]
  • Seymour Hersh — investigative journalist, uncovered My Lai massacre[22]
  • Christopher Hitchens — literary critic and political activist[23][24]
  • Andrew Julien — Editor and Vice President of the Hartford Courant
  • Ted Koppel — journalist for Nightline
  • Charles Krauthammer — columnist and commentator for Fox News and The Washington Post[25][26]
  • Paul Krugman — Nobel Prize-winning economist and columnist, The New York Times[27]
  • Rachel Maddow — commentator and anchor for MSNBC[28][29]
  • Dave Marash — former Washington-based anchor for Al Jazeera English[30]
  • Suzy Menkes — fashion journalist[31]
  • Edwin Newman — NBC News journalist, Broadway critic, author[32]
  • Daniel Pearl — murdered foreign correspondent[33]
  • Nathan Rabin — music and pop culture journalist[34] 

7/13/17 Retired CIA Agent Malcolm Howard Death Bed confession admits he was  part of project "New Century" controlled demolition of World Trade Center Bldg #7 "Solomon Bldg" on 9/11/2001.
New Century takes its name from PNAC "Project for a New American Century" Neo-Cons calling for a cataylzing event like a "New Pearl Harbor". Yes folks, Pearl Harbor was also a pre-planned/orchestrated event. Trump? He blames Saudi Arabia, the nation he is handing $Billions in military weapons. A little late don't you think? Most of this page was written in 2004. Ready for the new Hollywood blockbuster "Dunkirk" Yup, that was
Image result for picture of mayak satelliteRussia launches Mayak (Beacon), a rotating/tumbling, Pyramid shaped Mylar reflector predicted to be the 3rd or 4th brightest object in the sky, possibly as bright as Venus. Mayak is also the name of Russia's largest nuclear fuel processing plant. Pyramid means "Amid the Flames". Somebody has been reading Nostradamus "The last Pope will flee Rome when there are 2 Suns in the Sky in December to usher in Judgment Day" July 14 is Bastille Day, Donald Trump was guest on honor in Paris with Emmanuel (God is with us) "Jupiter" Macron celebrating the beginning of decapitations in the French Revolution. You may recall Trump's "Let them eat cake moment" launching 60 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles at Syria for no reason, or was it Iraq? No matter Donald said it was the most exquisite chocolate cake in the world" Martinists and Jacobins instigated the French Revolution; in Russia they were called Bolsheviks.

Image result for picture of skull cloud over mt vesuvius
Demon appears in clouds over Mt Vesuvius fires. Demon appeared in smoke of Jet Fuel Fires in South Tower on 9/11/2001. Signs from God? or signs of Scalar Energy Weapons?

Turkey buys Russian S-400 Missile system for $2.5B
; guess all is well after US made Turkish F-16's shot down the Russian SU-24 and shot the pilots on their parachutes over the Syrian border. Turkey, at least Ottoman Dictator for life Erdogan is Crypto; fake Jewish? Yes, fake Christain? Yes  fake Muslim? Yes ISIS arming? Yes Afghanistan Drug Running? Yes Stolen Oil fencing? Yes.

Related imageDialectic: Thesis + Antichesis=Synthesis US FDA looking at approving Heroin Vaccine. The US is by far the largest Heroin Dealer in the world, having turned Afghanistan into the supplier for 96% of the world's Heroin, guarded and transported by the US Military. Now, in addition to being addicted to Radioactive Uranium laced Heroin, you can get your dose of Adjuvants like Squalene, Mercury and Aluminum. 

1 - 13 Photos From The Secret Bohemian Grove Meetings
Bohemian Grove is a 4000 Yr old Sumerian ritual called "Begone Dull Care". Every year when the Sun is in the clutches of Leo, 2000 Elite Satanists meet in the Redwood Forest to offer sacrifices to Molech/Saturn. 2017 is unique: On Aug 21 (cusp of Leo-Virgo) the US will be bisected by a Total Solar Eclipse. On Sept 20 (cusp of Virgo-Libra) the "Christ Angle" forms over the Great Pyramids.,_2017_quot;Christ_Anglequot; 3 days later on Sept 23, the Rev 12:1 sign forms on Shabbat Shuvah (Sabbath of Return). Jupiter will exit the womb of the Virgin clothed with the Sun, the moon at her feet and a crown of 12 stars (Leo) forms.,_2017:_Rev_12:1 The 3rd Temple will soon be built on the Temple Mount with the Throne of Zeus/Jupiter (Satan's Seat) in place for the Great Tribulation Will you be ready?

72nd Anniversary of Trinity Site Atomic Bomb detonation. Little Boy (Uranium bomb destined for Hiroshima) and Fat Man (Plutonium enhanced Atomic bomb destined for Nagasaki) were enroute at the time. Luciferian Freemason, Soviet Spy J Robert Oppenheimer quoted Shiva (Shiva is Apollo/Apollyon/Abaddan "Destroyer" in Rev 9:11; Shiva dances the Nataraja "Dance of Destruction" at CERN, attempting in vain to prove the existence of the Dark Photon, the "Force Carrier" of Dark Matter) in the Bagavad Gita "I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds" Fellow Satanist/Luciferian Freemason/Arab Shriner Harry Truman said "FDR wouldn't have done it" referring to testing of Atomic weapons on Japanese civilians. Edward Teller proposed the Hydrogen Bomb at Bohemian Grove, hearing of the successful Trinity Site detonation he communicated "It's a Boy" referring to the creation of Plutonium, the first man-made, extremely toxic material, later used at Fukushima to form a Radioactive, Buoyant cloud of destruction in the Pacific. Barbara Marx Hubbard "We are the riders of the Pale Horse Death. God creates, we decide who lives and who dies" 

Wolbachia, the "Ubiquitous Gonad Chomping Parasite" was identified in common Mosquitoes in 1924; DDT controls Mosquitoes which is why Henry Kissinger and the US led the effort to outlaw DDT. Wolbachia eliminates most insect abilities to carry disease; kill Aedes Aegypti and Asian Tiger Mosquitoes take over. Oxitec, funded by eugenicist Bill Gates genetically modifies Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus "Asian Tiger" Mosquitoes. Aedes aegypti are "Hybrid" animals with artificial gene pairs; in the wild, Asian Tiger Mosquitoes take over, which is what is happening in 2016 in Fresno CA. GMO Asian Tiger Mosquitoes are carriers of Chikungunya, Dengue Fever, Malaria, Yellow Fever and Zika Virus. CDC Chief, Talmudic Crypto Jew Tom Frieden declared Zika a CDC Level 1 Emergency. Enter Google lab "Verily". Google designer Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes infected with Wolbachia are being released in Fresno Summer 2017 in "Project DeBug" Verily means "Truly". Oxitec GMO Mosquitoes have a Tetracycline "On-Off" Switch; the antibiotic us considered Ubiquitous in the Livestock and Agriculture Industry, especially in the US. "World's most deadly animal is the Mosquito and 2nd place is not even close"-Bill Gates.

Mormon Jon Huntsman nominated to Russian Ambassador Mormo is "King of the Ghouls" and "God of the Living Dead". Huntsman was involved in the Tianamen Sq "Jasmine Revolution" as Obama Chinese Ambassador; this event led to the Arab Spring Revolutions and Color Revolutions sponsored by George Soros. Mormonism is an offshoot of Freemasonry; Mormons believe Adam Ondi-ahman in Missouri was once the Garden of Eden. Extermination Order #44 proclaimed death to Mormons in the Illinois Territories; Trump is the 44th person selected US President. Mormon Endowment ceremonies made each Mormon man to Swear to avenge the blood of the prophets Joseph and Hyrum Smith (killed by Freemasons in the Carthage Jail, Ill) on America to the 4th and 5th generation (Jon is this generation), until the last drop of Gentile blood is spilled. Google Mormon "Blood in the Streets Prophecy" and "White Horse Prophecy" Mormon White Horse Prophecy
“Fathers will turn against sons and sons against fathers. Mothers will turn against daughters and daughters against mothers. Crime will run rampant, America on the verge of crumbling to pieces, people will be starving and the Constitution will hang by a thread; saved by elders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints." Huntsman called for Trump to exit the Presidential race and make way for Mike Pence to lead the ticket last October. Hard to believe Mormons like Jon Huntsman would want to take revenge on every last American Gentile? Pence is an initiate of "The Family" who believes the men who understood the real message of the New Covenant best were Mao Tse Tung, Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot and Joseph Stalin SJ. On the anniversary of the 9/11/1835 Mountain Meadows Massacre in which 120 pioneers in the Fancher-Baker Party were treacherously murdered in cold blood by Mormon "Avenging Angels" (Brigham Young's Private Army), 33 degree Luciferian Mason/Witch Brigham Young (Jesuit handler was Fr Jean Pierre DeSmet SJ) pulled down the Cross saying "Vengeance is mine and I have taken it". Mormon men assume the title Melchisedek Priest; Jesus is Melchisedek "King and Priest of Jeruslaem"; the token of the endowment is "Pey Heylel" which means "Marvelous Lucifer". Mormon Brent Scowcroft advised 33 degree Mason George Bush Sr and 33 degree Mason Saddam Hussein during Gulf War I and the 100Hr Slaughter under a white flag truce (Google April Glaspie report). Huntsman's Mormon pal Mitt Romney was the chief money launderer during Iran-Contra Drugs for Weapons program during the Reagan administration. Mormons also teach "Gog will invade Israel at the time of the Lord's 2nd coming" This is perhaps the most dangerous Lie; Gog and Magog is a one time battle at the end of the Millennium (Eze 38-38; Rev 20:7-8) "After the 1000 Years" too hard to understand?

          Temple Mount now under Israeli control "The virgin of Israel has fallen, she shall no more rise" Amos 5:2
      Jordanian Waqf (Waqf means "Perpetual Donation"; Jordan is Idumea, the land of Edom, Moab and Ammon) loses control over "False Flag" incident at Lion's Gate. Ref Sept 20 "Christ Angle" with Alpha Leo "Regulus" (Law Giver) and Orion (Osiris) at meridian and Sept 23, Rev 12:1 Jupiter in the womb of Virgo under the Crown of Leo; this timing is no accident. Palestine urges Muslims to boycott and reject Israeli aggression.  Israeli Knesset member/spokesman Avi Dichter "Islamic Waqf jurisdiction over the Temple Mount is over. Israel will re-establich Jewish Sovereignty over the holy site. Israel is Sovereign over the Temple Mount period" One little eeensie weensie problem; Israel is not Jewish (Ashkenazi descend from Japheth and Gomer ie they are Germanic not Semitic; Sephardics descend from Babylonians, Medeans and Canaanites listed in 2 Ki 17:30; Mizrahi descend from Ham) and Jesus is Melchisedek "Sovereign King of Jerusalem"!  
     The Vatican (Vatis=Divine/Divining; Can=Serpent) Franciscan Order (Inquisition Monks) control the Temple Mount, Cenacle and David's Tomb. Shimon Peres (Mene, Mene Tekel, Peres means Numbered, Numbered, Weighed, and Divided) llegally gave control from the Arab Waqf, to the Vatican over the sites. On July 20, 2017 (Cusp of Leo) Israeli police took control over the Temple Mount and the Knesset declared it's intent to become Sovereign over the Temple Mount. Pope Francis even has a permanent chair in the Cenacle (Last Supper Room). Pope Francis (named after Francis of Asissi and the Franciscan Order; Francis=Merovingian Franks=Free from God aka the Holy Grail; Merovee means "Sea Beast"; Francesca is a double sided throwing axe) Zionist Christians, Muslims and Zionist fake Jews will soon initiate WWIII over the Temple Mount. Jesus returns to reclaim His property and destroy everyone in the House of Esau (fake Jews) at the 2nd Coming (Ref Obadiah). Those behind Him will claim their inheritance; those in front of Him will be destroyed. Esau sold his Birthright; British=B'Rith "Covenant Men"; City of London Corporation lays claim to every asset on earth including human bodies; Esau achieves "Dominion" (Gen 27:39-41KJV "Soveriegn Authority to Rule") via Usury banking and collects Taxes at the City of London Corp; the world is now $217T in Debt Jesus warned "Creditors make slaves of Debtors" Get ready for the Black Horse folks!
       "WWIII will pit forces of political Zionism against Islam to the point of physical, moral and economic exhaustion, at which point the true doctrine of Lucifer shall be accepted" Freemason Albert Pike to Italian Revolutionary/Mason/Jesuit Giuseppe Mazzini Feast Day of Lucifer Aug 15, 1871 Dividing the Temple Mount between Zionist Christians, Zionist Jews and Islam is been the Satanic/Masonic plan for WWIII and presentation of Antichrist.

                                                               June "Pride Month" 2017

Tina Benko and Gregg Henry as Julius Caesar and his wife Calpurnia in Shakespeare in the Park’s Julius CaesarImage result for delta airlines livery


Related imageImage result for picture of snoop dogg shoots trumpRelated image 
 「picture of simpsons with dead donald trump」の画像検索結果 Trump Theme "I have never apologized to God; I do however take Communion"-Donald Trump FBI Director James Comey (Clinton Iran-Contra Lawyer) firing and Russian spy (Flynn Intal Group) Gen Mike Flynn are not coincidental; they are the set up for a Trump Impeachment/Assassination. President Pence would be a nightmare of unimaginable proportion, an initiate of "The Family", a closeted Sodomite who admires mass murderers of their own citizens like Pol Pot, Joseph Stalin, Chairman Mao Tse Tung, Adolph Hitler and a host of African Kleptocrats.  "Thou shalt not kill" pretty hard to understand eh?

   In May, the Trump family stood next to Pope Francis wearing black veils. GWAR and Municipal Waste Rock Bands led the Satanic pack decapitating Donald Trump. Rastafarian (Rastas believe Haiie Selasi was Jesus reincarnated)  Calvin Broadus "aka "Snoop Dog" rejected Jesus and made a pact with Satan, his Lord and Savior, written in "Doggfather"(Sirus is the Dog Star aka Arab Qalb and Mormon Kolob) and changed his name to Snoop Dog.
    Brian Warner aka Marilyn Manson, also a self admitted Satanist seen recklessly tearing out Red Printed (Words of Jesus) pages from the Bible on his Say Ten music video changed his name to Scientology and Process Church CIA mind controlled mass murderer Charles Manson and CIA martyred (Barbiturate anal suppositories to silence the Kennedy concubine) mind controlled sex slave Marilyn Monroe. 

       Self admitted Agnostic Simpsons creator Matt Groening predicted the Trump Presidency 20 Yrs in advance as well as the Trump Presidential funeral. In "Trumptastic Voyage" the 2001 Monolith sits at the tip of Trump's Golden Haired Head; you may recall Astronaut David Boman (Bowie's Black Star may ring a Baal) ends with his death and re-birth as a Spirit Baby, a Gnostic theme called "Transmigration of Souls"; Siriusly folks!  Note the Secret Service Agent; they are Treasury Dept Agents not hired to protect the President but the $US. Assassinated Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy threatened the $US by printing "Greenbacks" and "Silver Certificates"; they died.
       Ordained Minister in the Universal One Church (ONE on the $US is the All Seeing Eye of Horus aka Satan) in Florida, Kathy Griffin got into the act; and it was just that, an act; she and Donald Trump are good friends. Kathy Griffin admits she made a pact with the Devil. In comedy routines, the aging Satanist regularly Blasphemes Jesus, His followers and the Bible. On June 21, 2011 she attended Prince Charles' masked ball with Joan Rivers (think Eyes Wide Shut); Joan quietly faded away 3 years later with no autopsy and a $130M insurance payout and Kathy, a $10M Bel Air mansion next to the Kardashians
     University of Alaska proudly displays a painting of the decapitated Donald Trump, by Captain America.
        In 1971 C Alan Martin predicted the 44th President and 12th from 33 degree Mason and 33rd President Harry Truman would be its last; Trump is both. Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix by Satanist Aleister Crowley may ring a Baal; 44 is the number associated with Blasphemy of God, the 9th Circle of Hell in Dante's Inferno.
America is the Phoenix of the New Age and Donald Trump is driving the bus.
     "Devil is in the Details" Delta Air Lines "Wiget" logo is called the "Dragon Eye" (Dragon is the Serpent, Devil, Satan Ref Rev 12:9) an official sponsor of Shakepeare in the Park (pulled suport over the event on June 12; the play had been rehearsed for a month). Delta Airlines even put the Devil in the Tail.
       "There is no new thing under the Sun"-Solomon In 1937 Martian Hoaxer Orson Welles wrote "Heil Caesar" portraying Julius Caesar as a combination of Fascist Benito Mussolini and Nazi Adolph Hitler, setting the pre-planned stage for WWII; Fascists/Nazis/Japan playing the Dark role; Communist Russia/British/US wearing the White Hats.  Shakespeare in the Park: Julius Caesar portrayed as Donald Trump; Tweeting from a Gold Bathtub with Golden Hair, with his Slavic Wife, assassinated beneath an American Flag (hence Captain America and the Secret Service Agent scenes). Note: Nude model/prostitute, Communist and University of Slovenia Architecture Degree (total fraud) Melania Knaus had been groomed as a child for this role (Yes, it's all an act) starring in a 1993 commercial playing the role of US President she was introduced to Donald Trump by who else but the Russian Communist business partner of Trump. William Shakespeare is myth; Shakespeare is an epithet of Pallas-Athena, the goddess of War shaking her spear. Francis Bacon wrote "New Atlantis: A work unfinished" in 1620 detailing the self immolation of America as the Phoenix of the New Age. The US Senate is set to announce "Tough, Bi-Partisan Russian sanctions" over Election tampering; Sanctions are an Act of War.

Image result for picture of lightning hitting londonHerald the Messiah! NOT. Rabbi Yosef Berger, Chief Rabbi of King David's Tomb (Controlled by the Vatican) says lightning storm over England is a sign from the Book of Job 37:3, a presage of the Messiah and Israel's redemption. The Rabbi says England means "Edge of the Earth"; it does not. England means "Land of the Angels", a Pagan Germanic tribe. Britiish means "B'Rith" or "Covenant Men"; the Birthright Covenant of Cain, Japeth (Japheth-Gomer-Ashkenaz are Germanic fake Jews) Canaan, Ishmael and Esau.

Related imageEmmanuel Macron "Make our Planet Great Again" refers to the US withdrawl from the Paris Climate Accord. If CO2 is so bad for the environment, why do commercial Green Houses use CO2 generators to triple the CO2 levels? Why are Green Houses called "Hot Houses"?
       LA Mayor Eric Garcetti and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter started "Climate Mayors" in 2014 for this event. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio led the pre-planned break with the Federal Government position signing an Executive Order committing NYC to the Paris Climate Agreement; over 187 Cities have also committed to the Paris Agreement. Pretty fast action eh? It appears the break up of America may be over the Paris Climate Agreement. Ex NYC Mayor, Billionaire Knight of Malta (Donald Trump is also SMOM) is putting together a coalition of States starting with CA, NY, WA to agree to the Paris Agreement. As will be seen shortly, the Paris Climate Agreement is Planetary Suicide, first for plant life, then for animal and human life.
        Pope Francis' Encyclical "Laudato Si" (Be Praised" is an Earth worship teaching paper calling for the death of over 6 Billion people to save the planet from CO2 and Methane pollution. CO2 increases Plant Respiration; Methane oxidizes into CO2 and Water Vapor, the conditions in "Green Houses". The Georgia Guide Stones in Elberton GA call for the death of all but 500M people. Talmudic Rabbis use the term "Tikkun Olam" (Repair the Earth) to call for a return to the Garden of Eden, a world without God "Desert" is the meaning of "Free" seen in France, America is set to be the Scapegoat (Num 16) for "Babylon" (Rev 18), the Phoenix destroyed on the altar of the New World Order.
      Alleged closeted Pedophile/Sodomite, Jesuit Knight of Malta Donald Trump (Ref Jeff Epstein Pedophile Island; Mar al Lago, Roy Cohn, Plaza Hotel) and alleged Sodomite Emmanuel Macron (Mathieu Gallet Radio France CEO; Jesuit High School arranged private meetings between Macron and his 25 Yr senior drama teacher now wife/beard at 15) are just playing their Jesuit scripted parts. Sodom and Gomorrah was the post Flood continuation of Cainite religion; no coincidence Ireland elected its youngest and first openly Gay, Hindu, Prime Minister Leo Varadkar June 2. Ireland is called "Emerald Isle", the end of the "Yellow Brick Road".
     Jesuits use Blackmail to control their initiates; the motto "Sex before 8 or its too late" may ring a Baal. Jesuits are the "Militia of Zeus (Jupiter is Zeus) and Minerva"; June means "Sacred to Juno", the daughter of Saturn (Six Pointed Star of Saturn/El/Moloch/Chiun) and sister-wife of Jupiter originally called "Lucina". A bit too obvious, Lucina is the sister-wife of Lucifer which is why Juno goes by the title "Regina", Queen of the Satanic Triad Jupiter-Minerva-Juno. Juno's most prominent role is Juno-Moneta, in charge of the Treasury.  The easiest way to stop the US from polluting the planet? Collapse the economy. Macron is a Rothschild (Edomite) controlled banker as is Bilderberger Initiate and Trump Treasury Sec Wilbur Ross who is attending Bilderberg 2017.
     Make our Planet Great Again also refers to debt forgiveness; 2017 is the Satanic Jubilee Year and the US is in Debt (Edomite Red Ink) over $100 Trillion. America's Holocaust will erase $22T in cash; $77T in unfunded liabilities (Gov't insured pensions eg PBGIC, Government Pensions, Medicare, Social Security) and $700+Trillion in Derivatives.  "Creditors make Slaves of Debtors"-Jesus Who are the Creditors? Edomites, the Wealthy Usury Lenders Jesus turned the tables on 2000 Yrs ago. Jesuits are in control of the Vatican, King David's Tomb, Cenacle (Last Supper Room) and Temple Mount where this event happened. Want to have your debts erased? Better ask JESUS before it's too late. Want to live in the "Free World"? Accept the Mark of the Beast and reject JESUS. A simple choice with consequences that last for eternity.
GreenhousesImage result for photosynthesis equationAnthropogenic Global Warming is a Lie   Green Houses achieve CO2 levels of 1500PPM using CO2  Generators, a 3-5X improvement over current levels of 300-500PPM. Plants use CO2 to produce Oxygen, the fuel source of human and animal life. Global Warming increases Evaporation; increasing the Hyrdologic Cycle (Rain) and indeed all life from Plants to Animals and Humans on Earth. CH4 (Methane) oxidizes on contact with Oto form Water Vapor which is lighter than Air and rises to the Saturation Level forming Opaque White Couds which reflect Infrared Light, the only source of Solar Heat. Global Warming is Bull Shit, a clever, crafty Lie to convince people to reduce CO2, killing Plants, the producers of Oxygen and indeed all life on Earth. Believe Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Gore or God but not both. Earth has 2 primary mechanisms to correct Temperature: 1 Evaporation or Hydrologic Cycle and 2. Thermohaline Conveyor. 75% of the Earth's surface is covered by Water, most of it Salt (Haline) Water.  Warming increases Evaporation; Water Vapor is lighter than surrounding Air, so it rises to the Saturation Level. Clouds form which are White and Opaque reflecting Light away from the Earth's surface. Red Light refracts to form Infrared which interacts with Water in the Atmosphere causing Heat Energy. More clouds, less heating, it's that simple. 
                                       How does the Earth create CO2 and H2O? Volcanic Eruptions. How does Earth correct a Fever? Thermohaline Conveyor
        Deep Water Horizon has and still is destroying the Thermohaline Conveyor. The Thermohaline Conveyor works because Salt Water is heavier than Fresh Water. Salt Water also differs from Fresh Water in that Colder and or Saltier Water is denser; circulation occurs as denser water migrates toward less dense. Warming at the equator is offset by melting of Fresh Water glaciers nearer the poles. Heavier Salt Water dives under Fresh Water inhibiting the heat distribution at higher latitudes, both north and south. Again, Earth has a self correcting system to keep the temperature necessary for life just right. God created the Earth to self correct; Volcanic Eruptions release Methane to increase CO2 and Water Vapor; anyone who has seen or visited a Cloud Forest knows what life in the Garden of Eden could be like. Make our Planet Green Again, by increasing CO2; increasing the Population and increasing Global Temperature. Let Hollywood actors Mark Ruffalo and Leo DiCaprio, Nobel Peace Prize winner and Luciferian Mason Al Gore, and Jesuit Pope Francis believe Global Warming  is bad for the Earth; God said "Go forth and multiply". I'll debate the issue with anyone on Earth.
CO2 is prodiced by Ocean Life; Fukushima  is destroying Ocean life in the Pacific.  Chloro means "Pale"; Chlorophyll and Sunlight turn CO2 and H2O into Human Food; Pale Horse "Death" ring a Baal? 
Luciferian 33 degree Mason, Nobel Peace Prize Winner, St Al of Gore at South Korean resort "Jeju" for the "Challenges and Opportunities of Climate Change" Summit. Al Gore believes "Arab Spring Revolutions and Syrian War are the result of "Climate Change". Damn fool needs to look at George Soros.

Bilderberg MTG June 1-4 Westfield Marriot, Chantilly VA. #1 Topic? Trump of course. Now how does one destroy America for its Climate Change denial and blame it on God? CERN, which is why Fabiola Gianotti, the CERN Director General is attenting. CERN is situated over an ancient Grotto of Apollo aka Apollyon/Abaddan "Destroyer"; Hindus call Apollo "Shiva" whose Idol dances the "Nataraja" (Dance of Destruction) out front.  J Robert Oppenheimer "I have become Death, the destroyer of worlds" the 33 degree Luciferian Freemason, Soviet Spy was quoting Apollo/Shiva in the Bagavad Ghita; the Mahahattan Project Head witnessing the Trinity Detonation declared himself "Death", another name for the Pale Horse. Now you know why CERN uses the 666 Logo.
      You may recall on American Independence Day July 4, 2012 CERN announced near 100% proof of the "God Particle", the mythical particle that gives Mass to Matter and Order to the Universe. The day was originally chosen by Rosicrucian Satanists Ben Franklin and Ebeneezer Sibly and published in the Library of Congress as the "Sibly Natal Chart". Bilderberg will decide America's Death and Re-birth time as the Phoenix rising from the ashes to form the New World Order. Now you know why Donald Trump has dedicated his Trump Tower Penthouse to Apollo; and why Vladimir Putin dedicated the Sochi Olympics to Apollo. Sochi is a famous pilgrimage site where Prometheus breaks free of his chains and the American Eagle pecking his liver; Sochi means "Flame". Prometheus gave fire to man, seen at Rockefeller Plaza.

An injured man arrives to a hospital after a blast in Kabul, Afghanistan May 31, 2017.Afghan man carries an injured man to a hospital after a blast in Kabul, Afghanistan May 31, 2017.

Kabul Bomb Blast predicted April 21 "Imminent False Flag in Afghanistan"  Australian Embassy in Lockdown; what a coincidence ISIS arming, war hawk John McCain was in Sydney speaking on Terrorism eh? The event follows a similar car bombing in Baghdad, Iraq, the significance will become obvious in a moment.
Chanakya, a 4th cent BC semi-mythical philosopher similar to Zoroaster was known as Vishnu Gupta (Protector of Vishnu) "Kill your own people and blame it in the enemy". The April prediction not only specified Kabul, but the Diplomatic District and also the full commintment of the US. Right on cue, Jesuit Initiated, Greek Poetry afficionado and lifelong bachelor Gen "Mad Dog", "Chaos", "Kill everyone in the Room", "Its fun to shoot people" Mattis calls on US to send in thousands more troops to Afghanistan, the land his Sodomite idol Alexander the Great called "Graveyard of Empires".  The Chaldean/Medean/Aryan/Vedic Trinity "Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva" may ring a Baal. Shiva was known in Rome as Apollo and not only stands in front of the CERN Large Hadron "God Particle" Collider over an ancient Temple of Apollo/Shiva, he is the God enshrined in Donald Trump's Penthouse. Apollo/Shiva is called in scripture, Apollyon/Abaddan "Destroyer" in Rev 9:11.  
    The world's largest Exodus will start at the 38th Parallel in Fukushima from radiation and the 38th Parallel in Korea where 3 US Aircraft Carrier Groups await the orders to start WWIII; Korea is named after Korahite Priesthood/Koreish Bedouins in Num 16); across the Silk Road to the Karakoram Hwy to Islamabad, Pakistan, home of the fake bin Laden raid "Zero Dark Thirty"; from there to Kabul, Afghanistan, Teran, Iran, Baghdad, Iraq, and Jordan, the ancestral home of the Ammonites, Moabites and Edomites and thence to Armageddon "Valley of Slaughter", completing the 5th, 6th and 7th "Woes" aka "Trumpets".  That blood looks as real as an ISIS decapitation or Pulse Night Club Crisis Actor.  Carrying a person with a Triage Tag? and a gaping shoulder wound by what else? his wounded shoulder facing the camera; Why not put him in the Red Crescent AMBULANCE?

NATO BALTOPS 2017 1-16 June, 2017. "Cyber attack against any NATO Nation is now grounds for War." 9th Circle Satanic Cult initiate and Bilderberg 2017 invitee, NATO Sec Gen Jens Stoltenberg  Who knew Turkey or Luxembourgand could start WWIII?  MH-17 was directed by air traffic controllers in Germany, Poland and Ukraine over a war zone during NATO Exercise "Rapid Trident"  with several dozen deceased corposes on board and a tail number that didn't match the cancelled aircraft from Schipol airport; no worries, any one of these liars can start WWIII with a simple Cyber allegation Now how does hte $Billion NAZI Lightning Bolt NATO HQ look? 

Related image
IISS (International Inst for Strategic Studies) Shangri-La Dialogue Summit June 2-4 in Singapore. Timed with the arrival of the USS Nimitz Carrier Groups, joining the USS Carl Vinson and Ronald Reagan off the Korean Peninsula, Jesuit, Gen "Mad Dog" "Chaos" "Warrior Monk" "Its fun to shoot people"  Mattis "North Korea is a clear and present danger and an urgent military threat" As the 2013 Summit ended, Mol Comfort, a Jaopanese built cargo ship for American Presidents Line Russia (Yeah I know; Camp David was also called Shangri-La) departed Singapore and split in half 11 days later on the Feast Day of St John dumping 5000 Shipping Containers of weapons destined for John Kerry and ISIS leaders in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  Shangri-La means "Earthly Paradise"; Talmudic Rabbis call the process "Tikkun Olam" meaning "Repair the Earth to conditions in the Garden of Eden after Cain murdered his brother Abel. Better check with JESUS, HE has other plans.

TFL worker pens message to Londoners after terror attack
ISIS Terror attack/False Flag in London starring Khuram Butt from the (Netflix pulled the Documentary for obvious reasons "Butt" you can watch it here Documentary "Jihadis Next Door" Why?
"We must regulate the Internet" Theresa May. The event, starring actors from the 2016 Documentary "The Jihadist Next Door" planned for the Eve of Pentecost, Week 1 of Ramadan and just ahead of the British General Election, comes right after the Westminster Bridge and Manchester False Flags, 2 days after a Lightning Storm that prompted the Rabbi of King David's Tomb to declare the Messiah is arriving and "SAS Blue Thunder" Special Forces "Terror Drills". "WWIII will pit forces of political Zionism against Islam to the point of physical, economic and moral exhaustion..." Jesuit handled (Jean Pierre De Smet SJ), Confederate Freemason/Satanist, Albert Pike on the Feast Day of Lucifer, Aug 15 (also the anniversary of 1st Jesuit Oaths in 1534) 1871. Knife weilding Gang obviously Muslim "This is for Allah"; of course it is. Crisis Actors so scared they run without spilling their beer. Police were even caught changing from Uniform Police to ISIS Terrorists.
     Self described "Christian Pacifist" Theresa May passed the Draft Communications Data Bill  aka "Snooper's Charter" as Home Secretary in 2014; ISP's and Cell Phone Companies record and make available to the Government, personal voice calls, internet browsing, text messages, and e-mails. After the incident, May said "We need to work with allies democratic governments to reach international agreements to regulate cyberspace to prevent the spread of extremist and terrorism planning" There we have it, the reason for the 5 location "Terrorist Attack" is "Internet Regulation". "A man's foes shall be they of his own household"-Jesus Mat 10:36

Image result for brigitte gabriel picturesImage result for john mccain with isisImage result for picture of brigitte gabriel with donald trumpImage result for picture of brigitte gabriel and john hageeImage result for picture of brigitte gabriel and john hageeLondon's Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan calls on Theresa May to cancel Donald Trump's State visit. June 10 Brigitte Gabriel 28 US City rallies against Shariah Law. Brigitte signalls the Single Eye (Alternatice Messiah) and Nose Tap (Yes, I understand; Mission Accomplished) gsture on the cover of her books. She meets with Donald Trump and is a self described Expert on Radical Islam, a regular on FOX News. John McCain is also an expert on Radical Islam, because he manages them.  Donald Trump is also partnered with ISIS, in Indonesia with Freeport MacMoRan and Carl Icahn. Brigitte, like Donald are Zionists who know Osama bin Laden is a CIA asset named Tim Osman and Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi is Israeli Mossad asset Simon Elliot. ISIS "Beheading Videos" are also Israeli; SITE (Search for Int'l Terrorist Entities) is run by Israeli spy Rita Katz using actors like McCain pal Muhammad Nour.
      Maronite ie Eastern Rite Lebanese Catholic trained by Luciferian Freemason, Jesuit, Knight of Malta, Pat Robertson's "700 Club" Middle East branch; 700 refers to the Cathar prediction "Every 700 years the laurel grows green again". Brigitte is also a prominent speaker at John Haggee's CUFI (Christians United For Israel) Brigitte incites Zionism against Islam, the basis of the pre-planned WWIII; not coincidentally, Maronites celebrate the Assumption of Mary (Feast of the Dormition) on Aug 15 which is also the date the Jesuits like Pat Robertson took their first Oaths in the Cathedral of St Denis (Dionysus) in Paris 1534 and the date of Albert Pike's letter detailing the plan for 3 World Wars in 1871. Aug 15 is the Feast Day of Lucifer folks!
    Brigitte says "They have no soul...Israel and Arabs represent Civilization and Barbarism; Good and Evil...the 2 State Solution rests on Palestinians accepting Israel and Jews". Like Pat, Brigitte does not follow the bible; Amos 5:2;26; 7:2-3;5-6KJV clearly state Israel and the Six Pointed Star of Moloch/El/Chiun/Saturn are not Jewish in any sense. No wonder, Lebanon is Phoenicia; Phoenicians brought Saturnian religion into Israel during Solomon's Day; their god El is represented on the Flag of Israel; the Evergreen Tree on Lebanon's Flag is the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, used in America just before the Stars and Stripes. "Love God" "Love our Neighbor"; pretty simple tennets of the New Covenant in Jesus Christ. Stopping Brigitte's "Radical Islamists" is not possible because they are home grown as Jesus said "A man's foes shall be they of his own household" Mat 10:36
     Dialectic: Thesis (Shariah Law) + Antithesis (Noahide Law)=Synthesis. Both Shariah and Noahide Laws regard worship of Jesus Christ as Blasphemy requiring the Death Penalty. This folks is the proverbial "Rock and a Hard Place" 

666 D-Day Anniversary
 6th Hour, 6th Day, 6th Month Jehovah's Witness Dwight Eisenhower "Operation Overlord" gift to Jesuit Bro Stalin; 100K mostly US sodiers die on Omaha, Sword, Juno (6th month June is named after Juno), and Utah beaches; 65K French killed, 150K injured and 1.2M made homeless just before the attack. Normandy is named after the Norman Cathars, burned alive at Montsegur in 1244. "Every 700 Years the Laurel grows green again" It certainly did.
June 25 marks the 66th anniversary of the Korean War. South Korea suspends THAAD deployment; US pulls 2 of 3 Aircraft Carrier Groups from Korean Peninsula. 

ISIS attack on Tehran Parliament
kills 12, injures 39. Right after ISIS claims responsibility for the London attack; Odd? Anglo-Iranian Oil aka British Petroleum may ring a Baal; just 2 heads of the same snake. Ayathollah's await the arrival of "al-Mahdi"; misguided Jews and Christians await the same "Messiah". Jesus arrives 1260 days after the Great Tribulation begins (WWIII), 540 days after Satan is cast to earth (Rev 9:11; 5th Trumpet 1st Woe) and 490 days after rebuilding of the 3rd Temple begins (Dan 9:23-27). Don't be fooled.

Christopher Wray appointed FBI Director.
Yale Skull & Bones? Perhaps. Need Shariah Law compliant investments and legal advice? Call Christopher Wray. Wray is a litigator at King & Spalding, voted "Best legal advisers in Islamic Finance" by Euromoney Magazine. Shariah Law requires denial of Jesus Christ, the Unforgivable Sin (Ref 1 Jn 5:7KJV) Unusual? The FBI was founded by lifelong Sodomite, Pedophile, Luciferian Freemason J Edgar Hoover, Like Bush Sr and Jr, Wray is a Phillips Andover Prep School initiate and Yale Grad "We have never experienced anything so savage and cowardly as the 9/11 attacks..." True that, a cowardly and savage "Inside Job" used to blame Muslims via CIA Asset Tim Osman (Osama bin Laden means Lion of Ladon; the mythical 100 headed dragon which grows 2 heads when one is cut off; Osman is taken from the 1st Ottoman Sultan Osman I) and 33 degree Mason, Baathist (Renaisance/Re-birth)  Bush, Carlyle Group Business partner Saddam Hussein.  Wray was instrumental in blaming Muslims for 9/11, conducting warrantless wiretaps, extraordinary rendition, illegal detention without legal counsel, secret accusations; torture including water boarding, isolation, sleep deprivation, forced rectal feeding. Christopher Wray was Chris Christie's Attorney during Bridge Gate. Christie handed Charles Kushner (Jared's Felon fake Jew father) a plea deal, hired Wray during "Bridge Gate". Wray has worked for 15+ Years with Robert Mueller (Russian-US Special Investigator) and James Comey (Clinton Whitewater and Iran-Contra Tax Attorney with Loretta Lynch). Remember the al-Qaeda Anthrax attacks after 9/11/2001? Comey and Mueller with AG John Ashcroft (warned against flying commercially ahead of 9/11) framed USAMRID researcher Steven Hatfill for the US Government sponsored Anthrax letter attacks. Ever wonder why nobody in Crongess speaks out about 9/11?  It's a very small Swamp! "
There is a power so organized, so subtle, so complete, and so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it." - Woodrow Wilson<

Industroyer Malware, capable of attacking Power Grid Controls, Power Generation systems and rendering Siemens SIPROTEC protection devices inoperable. "The goal of practical politics is to menace the population with an endless array of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary" HL Mencken The NAZI Lightining is appropriate for the NAZI Corp Siemens, manufacturere of the Atomic Power Plant Coolant Valves (US Atomic Energy Plants also use Siemmens controllers) that mysteriously closed BEFORE the Tsunami Wave had even gotten to the Fukushima Reactors. When Seawater was flooded into the Reactors, Radioactive Hexagonal shaped, Buoyant "Bucky Balls" formed and have continued to form since, killing most of the Pacific Ocean. 
     Industroyer Logo looks like the NAZI Schwarze Sonne (Black Sun) because it is. The Black Sun is Saturn aka Molech, Chiun, Remphan, Milcom, Sikkuth, El aka Satan.

     Julian Assange predicts America's Economic Armageddon June 21, 2017  Assange was initiated as a child in Anne Hamilton Byrne's Australian Doomsday Cult "The Family". Gnostics worship St John the Divine, a cross between John the Baptist and John the Evangelist. For Knights of St John aka Knights of Malta like Donald Trump, it's their big day. At the Cathedral of St John the Divine in NYC,  a giant statue out front commemorate St John Jesus turned the tables on the "Money Changers", today's Central Banks who since 2008 have been propping up markets by buying $Trillions in Stocks and Government Debt (Spain and Italy will be first to default when the ECB sells off) with printed fake money backed by nothing; that's "Money Changing"; Creditors making Slaves of Debtors since the Crucifixion. Note the "Trump Theme" above, a convenient Scapegoat for America's monstrous $100 Trillion Debt load (not counting $Quadrillion Derivatives Debt derived from the underLYING asset values) and in rides Black Horse rider? Mike Pence, also an initiate of "The Family", offering barley and wheat for, whatelse but a Pence, under the watchful eye of Jesuit Austerity King Paul Ryan.
   2 Presidents tried to stop the Central Bankers from controlling the Money Supply and were killed for it; Lincoln and Kennedy. Who conntrols the Money Supply? "Permit me to control a nation's money supply and I care not who makes its laws"-Mayer Amschel Rothschild aka Bauer. Bauer=Farmer=Cain The covenent God made with Abraham stipulated his sons would never take a wife of the daughters of Canaan. The bloodline of Cain crossed the Flood to Canaan through Incest; Ishmael and Esau married Canaanite women; Esau was then renamed to Edom=Red=Rothschild. Got it folks? Central Bankers are not Jewish, they are Canaanite-Edomite using Usury Debt and fake money to obtain worldwide "Dominion" (Gen 27:39-41KJV; Dan 7:6). 

     SEAR-1 (Special Event Assessment Rating) 30 Tall Ships sail into Boston June 17-21; first time since 2000. Emergency MGT assigned the event it's highest security level, equivalent to the SuperBowl. Fitting I suppose, Freemasons dressed as Indians started the Boston Tea Party and then fired the first shots of the American Revolution and Civil War.  "A man's foes shall be they of his own household"-Jesus.

Image result for picture of bin laden firing a kalashnikovOliver Stone interview with Vladimir Putin aires, same day House Armed Services Committee interviews Jesuit Gen "Fighting Joe" Dunford and Gen James "Mad Dog" "Warrior Monk" "Chaos" Mattis and Dennis Rodman visits Kim Jong Un. "Russia, China, Iran, North Korea are our greates national security threats"-Dunford "North Korea is our most dangerous threat to peace and security...nuclear weapons programs have increased in pace and scope"-Mattis "Al Qaeda and bin Laden were not the result of our activities...US nurtured Al Qaeda, bin Laden and ISIS to serve its interests" Maybe Oliver Stone should do a movie about the Turkish Cargo Ship Nour M, intercepted Nov 8, 2013 with 50,000 Kalashnikov Rifles and ammunition destined for ISIS in the port of Tartus; or a movie about the American President's Line Mol Comfort, another Russian cargo ship which broke in half carrying 5000 shipping containers of ISIS bound weapons to the Saudi port of Jeddah and the waiting arms of John Kerry. CIA asset Tim Osman (Osman I founded the Ottoman Turks) aka Osama bin Laden (Lion Crib of Ladon; the Ladon Dragon guards the Golden Apples of Hesperides, has 100 heads and sprouts 2 when 1 is cut off just like al-Qaeda and ISIS) shooting a Kalashnikov AK-47; so where exactly did al-Qaeda get the Kalashnikov Rifles Vlad? 

Related image
Kim Jong Un visit by Freemason Bro Dennis Rodman. Rodman's gift to the CIA controlled pedophile dictator "The Art of the Deal" by Donald Trump. Remember, JESUS is the Trump of God; Donald just thinks he is. Kim Jong-nam was killed at Kuala Lumpur airport Feb 13 smuggling  $120K in CIA funds using his Diplomatic Passport under the alias Kim Choi, ecchanged for N Korean Intel. Nothing unusal, Army officers, Rhodes scholar Charles Bonesteel and Dean Rusk created North Korea using a Nat Geo Map and a pencil while and the US installed Kim Il Sun as puppet dictator in preparation for the Korean War. Jailed Otto Wambier released in an alleged Coma on Rodman's arrival; that should increase tensions eh?

Image result for picture of pine tree flagRelated imageImage result for us flag with six pointed stars      Flag Day June 14. Let's not forget the America's first Ensign was the Evergreen Tree "AN APPEAL TO HEAVEN". The Babylonian Tree of Knowledge to which human sacrifices were offered is the Christ Mass Tree; Christ=Messiah + Mass=Sacrifice and Consumption of the Host. This was soon  followed by the Serpent "DONT TREAD ON ME" Flag. Pretty much sums up the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil from the Garden of Eden in which the Serpent taught Cain to murder his brother Abel. America is the land, long before the Crypto Satanist Columbus arrived named after the Canaanite Serpent god Amurru or Ameru. These flags were soon followed by 13 Hexagon Stars and 13 Stripes The Hexagram is the Star of Saturn, Molech, Chiun, Sikkuth, El aka the Serpent Satan. JESUS gave 70 of His followers the power to tread on Serpents when He sent them into Samaria as "Lambs among Wolves" (Ref Lk 10:1-20). This is the only instance of Calvinist "Pre-destination"; the Protestant America you hear about in Church is a Lie. 13 is the number associated with Rebellion to God, the Beast and Antichrist (Rev 13); in Kaballah 13 is the Snake, Dragon and Satan; Psalm 13 "The fool said in his heart There is no God"; Jesus died on the Cross on "Good Friday" 13 Nisan according to the Babylonian "Good Friday/Easter" Lie; Gen 13:13 "The men of Sodom were wicked and sinners before the Lord"; Rev 13 describes the Beast (Unrestrained evil) The Hexagon is the Seal of Solomon brought into Israel by the Phoenicians (Lebanon=Laban "To make White"=Phoenicia and uses the same Evergreen Tree Flag) 13 Stripes refer to Purification; followers of JESUS are healed (made white) by His "Stripes"; Gnostics who follow the Serpent are Purified by the sacrifice of others. Ben Franklin, a Rosicrucian, Luciferian Freemason and probable child (ritual tortured bones found under Franklins's Trafalgar Sq home date to the dates he lived there) sacrificing member of Francis Dashwood's Hellfire Society (Think Eyes Wide Shut here)  used the Join or Die Related imageslogan to entice the 13 Colonies to band with Britiah in fighting the French and Indians, then 11 years later he used the same slogan to entice colonists to fight Britiah. Think about this on Flag Day; Fascism usually comes draped in a Flag. 

Emerald Isle selects 1st open Sodomite Taoiseach Leo Varadkar. Liber Oz may ring a Baal; Oz is the Emerald City; Emerald is the Stone occultists believe was cut from Lucifer's crown in Heaven; Lucifer never had nor will ever have a Crown; the Michael Douglas movie "Romancing the Stone" may ring a Baal; Green is the sacred color of Satan just like America's 1st Flag. 

Republican Baseball Practice Shooting  Republican Baseball Practice? It seems like another Gabby Giffords moment, this time for Majority Whip, T-Party, Rep Steve Scalise, currently investigating and seeking justice for Human Sex Trafficking. Scalise blowing the lid on DynCorp? Scalise exposing PizzaGate, Trump's Mar a Lago Resort or Pedophile Island? CBS Anchor Scott Pelley even blamed "Trump Tweets" for the shooting; he promptly switched from the Anchor Desk to 60 Minutes. Baseball is called in Masonic circles "Sweet Science"; Science in the Bible appears twice; in Dan 1:4 "Tongue of the Chaldeans" and 1 Ti 6:12 "Vain and profane babblings") shooting with assault rifle prompts vote on Gun Silencer de-regulation bill to be cancelled. What on Earth does an "Assault Rifle" or "High Powered Rifle" have to do with a Silencer? T-Party fraud Rand Paul described it as a "Killing Field"; Pol Pot's "Killing Fields" ring a Baal? The T-Party was founded and is thoroughly controlled by Freemasons.

Refinery explosion in Mexico; Fire in London Apartment Building; Shooting at a UPS building in San Francisco. 

USS Shiloh sailor Peter Mims declared "Lost at Sea" after 3 day man overboard search.
Shiloh means "He whose it is" referring to the "Messiah" The liklihood Mims would accidentally hide 3 days during a muster and roll call of the crew is Nil. Fake Jews await their Messiah aka Antichrist (Alternative Messiah); Born Again Christians know Shiloh is JESUS, described in Gen 49:10 as "The Lawgiver"  having the "Scepter of Judah". The "Lawgiver" here will institute Noahide and Shariah Law, decapitating followers of JESUS and real God fearing Jews. More Occult Communication; Shiloh is not coming yet!

‘Empty moments’: Pope Francis has questioned God’s existence, calls himself a ‘sinner’Pope Francis carries the "Twisted Crucifix" pagans carried after the Crucifixion to celebrate the broken Messiah hanging from the Tree. Oops! Pope Francis announces Big Bang and Evolution Theories are true "God is not a magician with a magic wand, able to do anything he wants...this should put an end to Creation and Intelligent Theories" Jesuits hammer the final Nail of the Catholic Church. The plan is to declare the Catholic Church "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT. MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH (Rev 17) JESUS however wrote the warning to Thyatira (Continual Sacrifice aka Mass) to the as yet to be formed Catholic Church and makes no such declaration. 500 Years ago Black Cloistered monk Martin Luther declared the Roman Pope to the the Antichrist and the Catholic Church to be the Whore or Babylon. He Lied and married a Nun. Here are 3 plans for the future about to be enacted to present Lucifer to the world. The Vicar of Christ believes God was wrong saying "Go forth and multiply"; his Encyclical (Teaching Paper) calls for eliminating 93% of the population. 

  • "In 700 years the Laurel will grow green again" Cathar Prophecy On 1/13/1313, the King of France and Pope Roman Pope illegally confiscated Templar wealth and made a new Concordat with the Knights of Malta called "Licet Pridem" Catharsis means "Discharge of pent up emotion". The "Council of Vienne" ended March 20, 1313 and Jacques de Molay, the last Cathar Military Banker was executed in Paris 3/18/1314. 700 years later the 8th Tetrad of Lunar Eclipses began. The Laurel is the Crown of Bacchus/Dionysus/al-Khidr=Saturn/Satan "Green Man". French President Francois Hollande is honorary Canon of the "Mother and Mistress Church of Rome and the earth" (Basilica of St John Lateran aka Teaching Seat of the Hidden Frogs: Beast, False Prophet, Dragon), the seat of Jesuit Pope Francis as Bishop of Rome.
  • "al-Mahdi" arrives after the great war in the 40th generation; the 40th Sayyid of Muhammad" Sheikh Nazim abdul al-Haqqani, the 40th in the "Golden Chain" of Sayyids died May 7, 2014. al-Khidr is "Green Man" aka Bacchus/Dionysus/Hermes/St George.
  • 11Q13 Prince Melchisedek Scroll After 10 Jubilees, the Trumpet blast will herald the coming Melchisedek. Folks, Jesus is Melchisedek! This will be an Alternative Messiah. 10 Jubilees=500 years from what? Black Cloistered Rosicrucian Monk nailed 95 Thesis against the Catholic Church to the Church of Wittenburg on Halloween 1517. Black Pope Leo X in 1513 bankrupted the Vatican Bank and signed the 5th Lateran Council of 1517 The first recognized by the Catholic Church and last before the Reformation of Black Cloistered Monk Martin Luther on All Hallows Eve 1517. Pope Francis plans to heal the Protestant-Catholic Schism Oct 31, 2017 during the Satanic Jubilee 50 Years after the 1967 6 Day War captured the Temple Mount and Golan Heights.
Ashkenazi (Japheth-Gomer-Ashkenaz are not Semitic or Jewish) Fake Jew, 33 degree Luciferian Freemason Benjamin Netanyahu in Thessalonica promoting a Pipeline to Cyprus. Why Thessalonica? In 54AD, Paul wrote 1 Thessalonians to 1. Encourage new believers in Jesus as "Lord Jesus Christ" (Jesus=Jah=Jehovah) 2. Stand fast in persecution 3. Be conforted concerning Christians who had died. 4. Hope of the Lord's coming. Obviously Netanyahu does not believe in Jesus Christ as Messiah, so why Thessalonica? "...the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead shall rise first: then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in th air..." 1 Thess 4:17 1 Cor 15:52 further refines the message saying "Last Trump". The plan is to fake a "Rapture" of the Christian Church at the start of the 7 Yr Tribulation. There is no Pre-Trib Rapture, 7 Yr Tribulation or new Dispensation for Israel folks! These are Jesuit Lies just like Evolution and Big Bang Theories. Pretty coincidental the Pipeline follows the same route Knights Templar took on their expulsion from Jerusalem to Cyprus eh? Pretty coincidental the Gas Field is called Leviathan too eh? How about getting right with JESUS before the show starts!

Trump/Drumpf and Mad Dog Mattis to announce 4000 additional troops headed to Afghanistan aka "Graveyard of Empires" to battle Taliban and ISIS. Talib means "Student"; Mujaheddin means "Warrior of Allah"; Allah is the Arab=rab Moon god "Sin". Osama bin Laden aka CIA asset Tim Osman and Barack Hussein Obama (Indonesia-Pakistan 1983) aka Barry Soetero are 2 examples of Taliban turned Mujaheddin. Afghanistan is the Heroin capital of the world, transported around the globe by Turkey, US MQ-9 Reaper Drones, US Airbase at Manas and Russian Airbase at Kant, both co-located.

Trump "Qatar is our strategic partner" Well, obviously the 5th Fleet is based there. "Qatar is funding terrorism". Mattis seals deal to sell $15B in F-15's to Qatar. Jesus railed on "Hypocrites" like these.

China and Kazakstan announce major production capacity increase for Silk Road Initiative and central China Belt and Road hub. Ever seen pictures of Astana, Kazakstan "Capital of the Sublime Threshold"?

Pilgrim Society Initiate T Rex Tillerson "Iran policy is under development...we support regime change" Mede-Persian Ram versus Grecian Rough Goat" Dan 8:19-27 may ring a Baal.

Image result for picture of yellowstone kill zone Earthquake swarm hits Yellowstone Supervolcano Caldera.  NASA launches SOPHIA  an airborne 8ft diameter Infrared Telescope before the quakes began; 72 Earthquakes June 16th, 624 earthquakes M2-4.4 June 16th-21st. Sophia means "Gnostic Wisdom"; Hagia Sophia may ring a Baal. 650,000 Years overdue? Earth is roughly 5996 years old; this is a man-made Quake swarm.

Celebrate the end of Ramadan June 24 with London Mayor Saddiq Khan at the "al Quds Day" Parade; or not. Quds means Jerusalem; Knights of St John of Jerusalem aka SMOM (Sovereign Military Order of Malta or Hospitallers or Knights of St John of Jerusalem, Cyprus, Malta and Rhodes may ring a Baal; June 24 is the Feast Day of St John. What a coincidence al-Quds Day and Feast of St John align in the Satanic Jubilee of 2017 eh? or Not!  In 1967 Israel captured the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the same year Margaret Drabble wrote Jerusalem the Golden; 2017 is the 50th Jubilee Year.
      al Quds day was started by Ayathollah Khomeini, a Grand Orient Lodge Freemason initiated in Paris who called for the destruction of Israel. Eid al Fitr celebrates Abraham offering Ishmael on the Rock of Offense in the Quran; the bible of course says Abraham offered Isaac; it's time to whether to believe the time tested Word of God or the Quran, written by a 14 Yr old in a cave. Guess who else is a Luciferian Freemason? Benjamin Netanyahu (Ashkenazi fake Jew), Mahmoud Abbas (Palestine President). Quds "Jerusalem", is the Great City JESUS refers to as "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt" (Rev 11:8KJV) This how Dialectic (Thesis + Antithesis=Synthesis) works. WWIII was planned and put in writing on the Feast Day of Lucifer (Aug 15) 1871 to pit forces of Zionism against Islam to the point of physical, economic and moral exhaustion in order for the true doctrine of Lucifer to be accepted. Lucifer is the "Man of Sin"; Allah is the 4000+ Yr old Moon God "Sin". Got it? Now go get JESUS in your life.

USS Fitzgerald collision "Just a smidge lower and shaft alley would have flooded"-Cmdr Bryce Benson  The odds a $1.8B Aeigis Radar Missile Cruiser would not see a Cargo Ship coming are next to nil. Collission was on June 18 in Japan, June 17 in the US. June 17 is the anniversary of the Statue of Liberty arriving in New York Harbor; Statue of Liberty is Isis set on an 8pt Star of Isis with her back to the nation, holding a torch for the Rising Sun "Lucifer". Fitzgerald recognizable in "The Great Gatsby", a somewhat hidden story about America's meteoric rise on the world's stage, it's lavish expenses (like Babylon in Rev 18) and equally meteoric fall into oblivion with nobody attending the funeral. America is to be the Scapgoat for the Great City "Babylon"! Rev 18:18 The plan was put in writing in 1620 by Francis Bacon in New Atlantis: A Work Unfinished; America will be the Phoenix of the New Age. This theme is on the $US ONE with the All Seeing Eye "Pyramidion" over the Unfinished Pyramid, In Egypt the Pyramidion was called the Ben-ben Stone, the mythical perch in Heliopolis where the Phoenix died and was reborn from its own ashes.
Image associéeJeff Bezos building 10,000 Yr Clock; Why? Long Term thinking? Not quite. The Egyptian "Great Year" of 25,990 Years is caused by Earth Axis Precession; there was no precession before the Flood. You may recall the movie "10,000BC" dealt with the time the Sphinx and Pyramids were constructed at least according to Gnostic philosophy. Amazon means "One fighting together" (Ha-ma-zan), not referring to the current movie "Wonder Woman", but Gnostics fighting God in order to return to the beginning, seen in the Plallus/Snake connecting A-Z. Aleister Crowley wrote Liber Oz: Book of the Goat aka Liber 77, a 1 page declaration of man's rights under the Law of Thelema (Will) summed up as "Do what thou wilt shall be the sum of the law". Gnostics believe a return to the Garden of Eden is possible by liberating the SPIRIT from one's body by destruction; a return to the beginning seen in the Oroborus Serpent eating its own tail. One little problem; God placed a Cherubim to guard the return to Eden without going through the Tree of Life, Jesus Christ.  

Finsbury Park Mosque in London attacked by another White Van. Witnesses claim 3 men in White Van; Police began cordoning off the Mosque and clearing the streets in advance. Finsbury Park Mosque connected to 7/7/2007 Subway Terror Drill patsies, Shoe Bomber Richard Reid (C-4 in a shoe and a match will not explode) and 9/11 "20th Hijacker" Zacarias Moussaoui. Darren Oswald  blamed. Must have a White Van rental company in London for Terrorists eh?

NASA planning mission to probe Uranus for Gas in 2030; Satanic humor I guess! 20X30=6000; UN Agenda 2030 calls for the elimination of most of humanity under the guise of "Sustainability". Creation is approaching 5996 1/2 Years of age now: 1696 years Creation to Flood + 2160 Years Aries to Pisces + 2160 years Pisces to Aquarius + 21 Years (Age of Adulthood) for Sargon the Great to be declared "Legitimate King)=5996 Years.  Uranus in Greek mythology is Father Sky aka Zeus, the Son and husband of Gaia "Earth Mother". God killed all but 8 people who stepped off Noah's Ark on Chumolongmo "Earth Mother", the world calls Mt Everest; this is just payback. Mt Ararat is Turkey? Not Quite "And it came to pass, as they journeyed FROM THE EAST that they found a plain in the land of Shinar; and they dwelt there" Gen 11:2KJV  Shinar is Babylon, the original Garden of Eden; Mt Ararat is west of Babylon; Chumolongomo is the highest point on Earth and East of Babylon. Ever hear about this in Church? Didn't think so.

Image result for pictures of jared kushner at wailing wallImage result for picture of pilgrims society world in sheep's clothesImage result for pictures of rabbis performing  sign of shinImage result for pictures of rabbis performing  sign of shinImage result for picture of jason greenblatt at wailing wallImage result for picture of jason greenblatt at wailing wallImage result for picture of christ angleJune 18th "Phi Day" Jared Kushner meets with Luciferian Freemason, Ashkenazi fake Jew Benjamin Netanyahu and Luciferian Mason Mahmoud Abbas to finalize Middle East Peace Plan. Allegedly Donald Trump (Ashkenazi Drumpf Crypto fake Jew, likely Freemason and Knight of Malta pretends to be Presbyterian, takes Communion but has never "Apologized to God"), Netanyahu, and Abbas have already signed the deal; we'll see; remember the Vatican controls the Temple Mount and Donald Trump gave Pope Francis an opened Lilly Flower "Rising Above" as a gift; pretty coincidental Pope Francis just declared Evolution is True eh?
                                        Noahide Law requires rejection of Jesus Christ. Shariah Law requires rejection of Jesus Christ.
     Out of a world population of 7.5 Billion, Chabad Lubavitch represents perhaps 100,000; What are the odds Middle East Peace would be negotiated by 4 members of Chabad Lubavitch? Chabad is an outgrowth of Sabattean-Frankist Satanism dressed in Jewish garb. Kaballah and Noahide Law is their religion. Synagogues of Satan open with the Sign of Shin meaning the 3 Nails used to Crucify Jesus; Shin not only means Nail, it represents the number 6 and the 6th planet; Saturn, 666, 3 Crucifixion Nails  The Flag of Israel is the Star of Saturn revered by Chabad House which connects Donald Trump (Sovereign Military Order of Masta aka Knight of Malta, Ashkenazi Drumpf,  raised in Chabad Lubavitch tradition; Presbyterian Minister was 33 degree Luciferian Freemason and Arab Shriner Mason Norman vincent Peale), Vladimir Putin (Putin's Chabad Rabbi is Berel Lazar; yes Putin dons the Yarmulke and kisses the Wailing Wall), Benjamin Netanyahu (33 degree Luciferian Freemason, initiated by the CIA-Mossad at Boston Consulting with Iran-Contra money launderer Mitt Romney), Jared Kushner (Orthodox, Chabad House, son of convicted felon), David Friedman (Chabad Rabbi mentor Salman Wolowik; Trump Bankruptcy Lawyer turned Israel Ambassador) and Jason Greenblatt (Trump Corp Legal Counsel). On the Arab side Palestine Authority President Mahmoud Abbas (33 degree Luciferian Freemason, Shariah Law advocate)  These men forn the Satanic Dialectic: Thesis + Antithesis=Synthesis. The Synthesis is Antichrist sitting on Satan's Seat (Throne of Pergamon aka Throne of Zeus/Jupiter, currently in the Berlin Museum; whereelse would Germanic fake Jews keep sich a thing?) next to the Abomination of Desolation in a Rebuilt Temple and fake Levitical Priesthood.  Negotiating the Middle East Peace deal between these men is a pack of wolves and a lamb making dinner plans. Herod was an Edomite; the Wailing Wall is the rebuilt remnant of the 2nd Temple Jesus said would be torn down brick by brick and replaced by New Covenant Born Again Christians. These Germanic fake Jews Crucified Jesus and will kill every one of His followers in a New York minute.
       T Rex Tillerson and Kushner at the Wailing Wall; quite a sight eh? Tillerson is an initiate of the Pilgrim's Society whose goal is acquiring every asset on Earth and indebting every citizen to pay for them. Edomite Creditors making Slaves of Debtors; great plan eh? Rothschild (Red=Edomite Shield) ring a Baal? War mongering, Edomite Bankers, and Priests seekingWorldwide Dominion. Who did Jesus turn the tables on? Edomite Bankers "Money Changers" selling what Jesus (God, I Am, Jehovah, Melchisedek) gives out free. Question: Who obtains Dominion over the Earth? Jacob or Esau? Gen 27:39-41KJV tells us Esau, the War hungry, Wealthy, Priests called the 3rd Beast in Dan 7:6. Note the Pilgrim Logo; looks like Santa Claus eh? Too hard to see Satan in that name eh? Jesus hates Esau (Rom 9:13; Mal 1:3; Heb 12:16) and Jesus hates Nicolaitane Doctrine (Rev 2:6;15) because Nicolaitane Edomites conquer the Laity by leading them to slaughter. Scapegoats have Red painted legs because Sheep are color blind; they are trained to lead Sheep to Slaughter which is why Jesus said never call any man on Earth Father, Master or Rabbi (Mat 23:8-10). God changed Esau to Edom (Red) after the Red Beans grown from the Earth which made Adam=Edom=Red. Debt is called "Red Ink".
      Jared Kushner is an Ashkenazi fake Jew, Chabad Lubavitch (Chabad: Chockma-Binah-Daat is Kaballah "Kaa'ba of Allah" aka Enclosure of the Arab moon god "Sin"), seen here at Herod's (Herod was an Edomite "Fox" whose family tried to murder Jesus and Crucified Him; Jesus called Herod "That Fox"; F-6, O=15=6, X=24=6 or 666, symbolized by the Six Pointed Star of Saturn) Wailing Wall wearing the Orthodox Black Yarmulke aka Cap of Cybele the "Magna Mater" of Satanic religion. Kushner means "Furrier"; Esau sold his Birthright to Jacob for a bowl of red beans; Jacob impersonated Esau by wearing "Fur" to obtain his father Isaac's blessing and hence the Covenant with God; Isaac was near blind, but the blessing came from God; don't be fooled folks! Kushner is simply an Edomite "Inside the Gates" (Ref Obadiah) pretending to be Jewish; Jesus returns and every Edomite on Earth dies; they know this; the Yarmulke (Pope Francis wears the same Kippah called a Zuchetto under the Papal Mitre of Dagan) is an open rejection of Jesus tearing the Temple Veil at the Crucifixion. Kushner paid $1.8B for 666 5th Ave and is building a giant 1400ft tall Phallus shaped skyscraper there; 18 represents 666; 18 reduces to 8, the number God "Saved" on Noah's Ark and the number of Eternity; 18 is also 9 the number of Divine Judgment. 
     The same day June 18th, a US F-18 "Hornet" shoots down Syrian Jet to protect ISIS fighters. You heard that right. Russia suspends all interactions with US, begins tracking military aircraft, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles using S-300 and S-400 Triumf (Triumph, catchy eh?) air defense missiles. F=6; June=6th month 18=666. Vladimir Putin predictably objects, but remember, Putin wears the Yarmulke at the Wailing Wall just like Kushner and Trump; Putin also arms ISIS fighters (Ref Cargo Ships Mol Comfort and Nour M). Got JESUS in your life? Now is a really good time. 
        The Christ Angle forms on "Rosh Hashanah" Sept 20 "As Below" and Rev 12 sign forms on Sept 23 "As Above",_2017  Notice in Rev 12:9 the Woman flees and is protected 1260 Days; start of Great Tribulation? 30 Days before the Christ Angle happens, a Solar Eclipse Divides America cutting through the Heartland on Aug 21. Now compare this to Daniel 12:11 the Abomination of Desolation set up there are 1290 Days left. So, why all this on June 18th?
    June 18 is "Phi Day"; Phi is the "Ratio of Life" aka "Golden Mean" 1..2..3..5..8..13 or 1.618; June 18 or 6/18 seen in 1.618. The inversion of the Ratio of Life 1/1.618 is .618. Call this what it is; Ratio of Death. Hard to see 6/18 in .618? 6/18 is called "Phi Day" for this reason. When Esau obtains Dominion, his intent is to slay his brother Jacob (Gen 27:41), the real 12 Tribes of Israel and all Born Again Christians grafted on to Jacob through the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the real "Lion of Judah"; the Lion on the Pilgrim Society Logo is Edomite. Jesus is Shiloh (Gen 49:10); Shiloh means "He whose it is"; Jesus is Alpha and Omega; Jesus never gave legal title to the Earth to anyone. The Man Overboard on the USS Shiloh was resolved June 18; that was planned just like the USS Fitzgerald ramming for June 18. Japan means "Land of the Rising Sun"; the Sun is Sol Invictus aka Lucifer people!! Antichrist is the False/Alternative Messiah. Question: Will Antichrist be Jewish? How about the Roman Catholic Pope? Folks, Edomites obtain Dominion by becoming the Wealthy Elite (fatness of the earth), Priests (dew of heaven) and by War (live by the sword) Ref Gen 27:39-41KJV. "He who lives by the sword must be killed with the sword"-Jesus. Jesus slaughters every single person in the House of Esau (Ref Obadiah); in like fashion, Antichrist attempts to slaughter ever single person in the House of Jacob. Jesus warned unless He shortens "Those Days", no Flesh will remain alive (Ref Mat 24:22) "Those Days" are here. So which king may be arriving on Rosh Hashanah 2017? Hint: It won't be Jesus.
Related imageChamps Elysee attack by Salafist Adam Dzaziri. Salafi means Ancestor worship, referring to Quyraish Tribe Muhammad descended from; Koreish ie Kore in Jude 7 and Korahites of Num 16 are the Alternative Priesthood made of Ishmaelites and Edomites; an Alternative to that of the Levites under Moses and Aaron. Arch de Triompfe (S-400 Triumpf ring a Baal) at the head of Champs Elysee (Elysium is the Field of the Blessed who die in War) connects the Luxor (Lux=Light=Lucifer) Obelisk (Baal=Lord; Baal's Shaft) and Notre Dame (Magna Mother=Cybele) Cathedral, allegedly where the Crucifixion Nails found by Constantine's Druid mother Helena found, rest under the Cornerstone. Killing Jesus over and over is what this is all about folks; France means "Free" of God; Paris means "House of Isis"

Building blocks for peace poster.
   Middle East Peace Summit expected in September 
"For when they
 shall sayPeace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape"
1 Thess 5:3. "Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword..." Mat 10:34

  • Total Solar Eclipse crosses the heartland of the USA Aug 21, 2017 Mormons refer to this land as "Adam Ondi-Ahman"
  • Virgo Aug 23-Sept 23, 2017 Libra Sept 23-Oct 23, 2017 Jesus is Judge of the quick and dead not Lady Justice.
  • Christ Angle forms Sept 20, 2017 This is the "Below" half of "As Above; So Below" Sept 20, 2017 is Rosh Hashanah, the Rabbinical "Head of the Year"; Good day for a "Fake Rapture" Well soon see. Notice the UN Peace Day Logo, all the people but 2 Raptured upward?
  • UN Int'l Day of Peace "Together for Peace, Respect, Safety and Dignity for All" is Sept 21, 2017 Notice the "As Above; So Below" symbols on the promo poster.
  • Sun hits the Altar of the "Rose Line" at St Sulpice Cathedral in Paris Sept 21, 2017 It's a Brass line because the 3rd Beast "Edomite Dominion" is a Kingdom of Brass Ref Dan 2:39
  • Serpent descends 91 steps of the Temple of Kukulcan in Chitzen Itza Sept 21, 2017
  • "Woman clothed with the child pained to be delivered" appears Sept 23, 2017.,_2017 This would appear to be the "Above" half of "As Above; So Below"
  •  May 13-Oct 13, 2017 is 100th anniversary of the Marian apparitions in Fatima, Portugal.
  • Oct 31, 2017 is the 500th Anniversary of Martin Luther splittting the Protestant and Catholic Churches. Pope Francis (Evolution and Big Bang believer) intends to "Heal the Wound" Oct 31 on Samhein, the day Celtic Druids celebrate as Veil being thinnest between the Spirit and Material world. 
  • 2017 is the 50th Jubilee Year from the 1967 Tetrad, USS Liberty attack, 6-Day War, capture of Mt Hermon/Golan Heights. A Jubilee reverses the roles of Slave (Debtor) and Master (Creditor) and forgives all Debts. The US is in debt more than the world's money supply ($21T Debt + $77 Unfunded Liabilities + $700T Derivatives) Esau is currrently serving his brother Jacob, but is prophesied to obtain "Dominion" (Gen 27:39-41KJV) and slay his brother ie 12 Tribes + Born Again Christians. Judgment (Scales=Libra) made according to "Mark of th
  • America takes its name from the Serpent and Shepherd god of the Edomites "Amurru" and the Amorites.
  • Jupiter entered the Womb of the Virgin (Virgo) on Nov 20, 2016 and will spend 9 1/2 months in the Womb. On Sept 23, 2017 Jupiter exits the Womb of Virgo; Jupiter "King Star" is Zeus/Lucifer not Jesus Christ. Virgo is not the Virgin "Bride of Jesus Christ"; Virgo is Cybele/Ashtoreth/Isis
  • Sept 23 is the date of the Flood (actually a local Flood in Washington DC) in "Evan Almighty" which means "John Almighty"; Jesus referred to John the Baptist as the "Greatest of the Old Covenant but less than everyone in the New Covenant Mat 11:11. "As in the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. Mat 24:37
  • Sept 23 was the date of an unexpected Solar Eclipse in "Little Shop of Horrors"; America will soon turn in to a "Shop of Horrors" as the Scapegoat for Rev 18 "Economic Babylon" Time to choose which Covenant under which you will be Judged!
So who do you think will arrive Sept 23, 2017? Hint: It's not Jesus!

Image result for prince william goat patch flight suitPrince William 35th Birthday June 21. Abellio aka Apollo/Apollyon/Abaddon/Shiva is the "Destroyer"; the symbol of the "Immaculate Conception" is 115.

Image result for pictures of cathedral of st johnJune 24: 300th Masonic Feast "Nativity of John the Baptist" and 300th Anniversary of the Grand Lodge of England. The Feast of the Nativity of John the Baptist was initiated by the Grand Lodge of England in 1717. It's a Lie on par with Dec 24th being the Nativity of Jesus Christ. Luke 1 tells us John's father Zacharias and mother Elizabeth finished the 8th Temple Service of Abia (mid-June), were visited by Angel Gabriel and conceived John who was born 9 months later on Passover. Mary and Joseph were also visited by Gabriel and Jesus was conceived in Elizabeth's 6th month of pregnancy on Hanukkah "Feast of Dedication". Jesus was born 9 months later  on Feast of Tabernacles in 6 BC, 1 1/2 years before Herod called for the Slaughter of Innocents to kill the one true King. The men above who Wail at the Wall want to rebuild the Temple, install Antichrist and the Abomination of Desolation, and Throne of Pergamon "Satan's Seat". They will force every man and woman on earth to take the Mark of the Beast or behead them according to Shariah or Noahide Law.  The Cathedral of St John the Divine and United Nations Plaza have a statue of St John the Dragon Slayer atop the Union of the Sun and Moon (Buddhist Mantra of Self Deification/Perfection) which rests on a Crab (Cancer June 21-July22) cutting Satan's head off, supported by a DNA Helix. Carved into the entrance is the Twin Towers collapsing, the Brooklyn Bridge collapsing and a US President being removed from the Capitol Dome; 2 of those Satanic predictions  are yet to happen. 

This Micah 5 Timeline is being taught by proponents of Sept 23, 2017 being the start of the 7 Yr Tribulation, 7 Yr Dispensation of Israel and Pre-Trib Rapture. There is no Pre-Trib Rapture or 7 Yr Tribulation in Scripture, this is the false teachings known as Futurism and Dispensationalism originating with Jesuit Manuel Lacunza and promoted by John Nelson Darby (Plymouth Brethren) and Cyrus Scofield. Jacob's Trouble (Jer 30:7) implies Jacob (12 Tribes) has been gathered to the Holy Land; they have not; Jesus does that at the 2nd Coming during the Millennium (Rev Dry Bones of Israel Eze 37) David will be King and Jesus Christ the Lord; this can only happen after the 2nd Coming. Jacob's Trouble ends with Gog and Magog at the end of the Millennium (Rev Rev 20:7-8 "After the thousand years"; Eze 38-39). Amos 5:2;26; 7:2-3;5-6KJV are critical to understand; The Virgin of Israel has fallen and shall no more rise; the Six Pointed Star of Molech is the reason and still flying in Israel today. Don't be fooled people, Pre-Trib Rapture, 7 Yr Trib and a second Israel Dispensation are Jesuit Lies.  
Image result for picture of city of giants ethiopiaCity of Giants in Ethiopia unearthed June 24. Book of Giants is a Gnostic book about the offspring of Shemyaza (Satan) aka Nephilim (Fallen Angels) mating with human women (Ref Gen 6) to produce a hybrid race; BullShit! Giants were produced from selective breeding, arranged mating, culling of children and genetic manipulation. God is very clear Angels cannot mate with human beings.  

Image result for pictures of elijah interfaith inst nov 2016 meetingElijah Interfaith Institute World religious leaders (Balaams) call for Interfaith harmony (picture is from Nov 2016 Interfaith Meeting with the Mormon Church in Salt Lake City aka Zion; 2017 interviews were released June 14) and dialogue. Elijah Inst was founded in 1996 by Talmudic Rabbi Alon Goshen-Gottstein; he is also affilliated with Hassidic and Chabad Lubavitch. Why Elijah? Pharisees believed John the Baptist was the reincarnated Elijah; they do not worship Jesus Christ; they worship John the Baptist as "St John the Divine". Elijah means "The Lord is God"; his Lord was JEHOVAH-JAH, JESUS by another name; Elijah will be 1 or the 2 Witnesses during the final 1260 Days before the 2nd Coming (with Seth's Enoch); fake Jewish Rabbis, Wiccans, Shaman, Mormons, Jesuit Pope Francis, Anglican Archbishop Justin Welby (both men alleged initiates in the 9th Circle Child Sacrifice Ring), lutheran Archbishop Antje Jackelen, Shariah Law Judge/Iran President Hassan Rouhani, Shia Ayathollah Al Qazwini, Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew, Bahai leader Sahim Mohinder Singh, Hindu leader Sri Sri Ravi Shanker  and others all call for unity of faiths. Jesus is the Narrow Path; the Wide Path leads to destruction. Interfaith? Count me out. Everyone of these leaders have rejected the New Covenant Baptism of the Holy Ghost, only available from JESUS. I suggest you ask Him for it.

Witch Covens across the US urged to cast Binding Spell against Donald Trump at Midnight on the Summer Solstice. Like the Witch at the Elijah Interfaith Inst?


Related imageJune 24-25th "Feast of John the Baptist" Skycrapers, Bridges, Buildings all across the US bathed in Rainbow Light for LGBTQ+2 "Pride Month" The Rainbow is a symbol God will never Flood the Earth again; the colors of the Rainbow mix to form Black, the Black Lord Lucifer "Light Bearer" and Black Sun/Star Saturn should ring a Baal. Gen 13:13 and Rev 13 highlight God's punishment. When the Men of Sodom attempted to rape Angels of the Lord sent to Lot's house; Fire and Brimstone soon followed. 

Anonymous "NASA will soon announce proof of Aliens" Anonymous hides behind the Guy Fawkes mask because they are Jesuits just like Jesuit sock puppet and fraud Stephen Hawking. Guy Fawkes was the Scapegoat for the Nov 5, 1605 Gunpowder Plot to murder King James I and prevent publication of the Authorized Bible aka KJV. Ever read that Esau obtains "Dominion" (Sovereign Authority to Rule the Earth), yet sold his Birthright? You won't in New Bible versions. Ever read that God will never again raise Israel?  Amos 7:2-3;5-6 is drastically changed in New Versions. Jesuits gave the world false doctrines such as the 7Yr Tribulation, Pre-Tribulation Rapture, Daniel's 70th Week New Dispensation for Israel, Big Bang Theory, Gravity Theory, Evolution Theory and of course Aliens. Aliens on the Dark Side of the Moon? Oceans on Jupiter's moon Europa? Hydrogen on Saturn's Moon Enceladus? All Bullshit. Hydrogen is "H"; in Hebrew the additional "h" means "God is with me" seen in Juda-Judah, Abram-Abraham, Sarai-Sarah. Enceladus was the mythical Giant offspring of Gaea and Uranus; pretty funny NASA is planning a probe t search Uranus for Natural Gas eh? A bunch of kindergarteners discovering "Potty Talk". Oceans on Europa? funny; we heard that in 2001: A Space Odyssey "All these worlds are yours except Europa. Attempt no landing there" Arthur C Clarke Sci-Fi author and avid occultist in the Cult of Saturn.

SCOTUS reinstates Trump Travel Ban from Libya, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Yemen. During the Bush Jr Administration, Gen Wes Clark (nee Samaritan Cohen) laid out the plan to invade 7 nations: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan and lastly Iran. Guess were right on track. America was planned in 1620 by Francis Bacon in "New Atlantis: A Work Unfinished" to be the Phoenix of the New Age, New Atlantis rising from the ashes. The Unfinished Pyramid on the $US ONE is the Pyramidion, perch of the Phoenix; Pyramid means "Amid the Flames". Guess how many nations will accept US Refugees when we are in Flames? 

Image result for picture of steve mnuchin weddingRelated imageMike Pence  officiates 3rd wedding ceremony of Skull & Bones Initiate, Horror Film Producer, Goldman Sachs Banker, US Treasury Sec Steve Mnuchin and Horror Film actress Louise Linton. Mike Pence showing his devotion to Satan, now an Interfaith Minister, credits "Gay Conversion Therapy" for allowing him to marry, now an initiate of "The Family" whose members follow teachings of Abraham Vereide and Doug Coe "The men who understood the real message of the New Covenant best were Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin SJ, Pol "Cambodian Killing Fields" Pot and Chairman Mao Tse Tung (Yale Divinity School Grad)". The Black Horse causes the world economy to fall, forcing everyone into a choice of working for a Penny (Pence) or take the Mark of the Beast; collapse of the US Economy with its $22T Debt + $77T Unfunded Liabilities and $700+Q Derivatives is the only nation that could collapse the world economy. Zionist Mike Pence riding the Black Horse carrying a pair of Balances? Quite a TRUMP eh?   

Infrastructure will soon be in place for millions to fulfill their biblical mandate to make a pilgrimage to the Temple Mount
3 Times/Yr on Feast of Unleavened Bread, Shavuot (Pentecost) and Sukkot, as spelled out in Deut 16:16. Hotels will soon be finished/upgraded, Fast Train service from Ben Gurion (a 33 degree Freemason; fake Jew) Airport in Tel Aviv (Tel Abib is named after the city of exile in Babylon) to Jerusalem (Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt Rev 11:8KJV) and the Temple Mount Express Bus Line. What you haven't been filling your biblical mandate? Jesus designed it that way. The Temple was destroyed twice for the same reasons; rejection of the LORD (Eze 8; Mat 14:58) "I will destroy this temple that is made with hands, and within three days I will build another made without hands" The Levitical Priesthood is corrupt; Jesus is Melchisedek who replaced this Priesthood (Heb 7:11). Israel is a man-made Crypto Jewish (Satanic) creation of the Rothschild (Red=Edomite), British (B'Rith=Covenant Men ie Cain, Japheth, Ishmael, Esau) and America (Amurru is the Edomiite Serpent and Shepherd god; Amar is the Canaanite god of the West; Ameru means Serpent). Time to get right with JESUS folks!

Image result for picture of goliath magnet at cernImage result for cern logoImage result for cern logo
 CERN's GOLIATH, a super-conducting Magnet receives power from DAVID (of course it would), controlled by CESAR (King) in the Vain and Blasphemous (Science is vain and blasphemous contempt of God Rev 1 Ti 6:12KJV)search for the "Dark Photon". First off Magnet means "Depending on Lodestone; which means "Leading Stone"; God separated the nations at Babel; the United Nations has the largest Lodestone Altar in the Meditation Room. The "New Force" (Satan is the "god of Forces" Dan 11:38) carrier, "Dark Photon", is much like its puny (93% of the Universe is predicted to be Dark Matter) alter ego "God Particle" or "Graviton". "Dark Photon" is the "Mediator" (Just like Jesus) between Dark and Visible Matter; in other words between Creation and Bull Shit.  Gravity is a made up "Force" and "String Theory" the made up Force Carrier.
       Earth is fixed on a foundation that shall not be moved (Ps 93:1; Job 26:7; Josh 10:13; 1 Chr 16:30; Is 45:18; 48:13; Zech 13:1) Jesus is "Light of the World"  (Jn 8:13); Gravity necessitates a moving Earth. Whoever folows Jesus will not walk in "Darkness". On Day 1 God created Light and separated that from Darkness; this was 3 days before creation of the Sun, Moon and Stars "Lights"; what is this form of "Light"? The "Spirit of God" that "moved upon the face of the waters" (Ref Gen 1).  The Spirit of the LORD departed Solomon's Temple (Eze 8) on the route Jesus departed the Temple because they are one in the same.   Jesus is the "Mediator" between Man and God in SPIRIT; the requirements "Love God/Jesus" "Love your Neighbor". The requirements for the "Dark Photon" as Mediator? You guessed it 666; tough to Dis-CERN? God is the Creator who  takes the Names: I AM (Ex 3:14; an aside; 3.14=Pi; Jesus says "BEhold I come quickly" in Rev 22:7; 22/7=Pi), God Almighty, JEHOVAH (Ex 6:3) JAH (Ps 68:4KJV); JESUS (Mat 1:25KJV); Satan the "Destroyer" takes on 99 Names including Apollo/Apollyon/Abaddan (Rev 9:11; that's why 9/11/2001 was chosen) and Shiva which is why Shiva dances the Nataraja "Dance of Destruction" in front of CERN. 
      Can CERN create a Black Hole, Black Photon or Graviton to destroy the Earth? or a Portal to the Dark World of Demons? Absolutely not; CERN is a Finalcial Black Hole of Deception, nothing more. Physicists must think its hilarious to conduct mock Satanic sacrifice rituals in front or sing the praises of Peter Higgs, the namesake of the God Particle; David and Goliath and the Vatican's LUCIFER Telescope are no exception. Jesuit liars made up Gravity, Evolution, Big Bang (actually they laugh because Big Bang is really the Ejaculation of the Egyptian creator god Atum, the source of Atom) Theories. God's Creation has been reduced to grade school potty talk like WIMPS, MACHOS, ALICE and Mirror Matter and RAMBOS; no Im not kidding. Had enough Bull Shit for one life? Get JESUS in it.

Image result for picture of petya ransomwarePetya Ransomware going viral worldwide. Petya is Russian for Peter "Small Stone"; Jesus of cours if the "Immovable Stone". Petra "Small Stone" is the home of Horites (Worshippers of Horus; Priests were Shemsu Hor; Horus means War Scythe; his father Osiris=On=Saturn, hence the Scythe of the Grim Reaper) and Edomites called the "Eagle's Nest" (Recall Hitler was also enamored with the Edomite Eagle so named in his "Eagle's Nest") Petya Ransomware is the CIA method of blaming Russia for a Cyber Attack. Hammer is a symbol of Thor (Phoenician Tyr); Sickle a symbol of Saturn "Grim Reaper". "Whom to men say that I the Som of man am? ...some say John the Baptist, some Elias and others Jeremias...but whom say ye that I am?...Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail agianst it" Mat 16:11-18 Gnostics (Satanists) worship John the Baptist as St John the Divine. European (Irish, Scots,English) believe Jeremiah took the biblically unmentioned daughter of Zekekiah (last King of Israel) to Ireland with Jacob's Pillar of cource, where she founded a Royal ling of Kings of Judah. Elias will come alright, as one of the 2 Witnesses (only 2 people in history who have not died before being taken to Heaven). Time to get the Big Stone in your Life, the Divinity of Jesus as I AM, JEHOVAH, JAH, Melchisedek, JESUS is the Big Stone. 

NASA's announces Juno Spacecraft has found 2 additional moons oribiting Jupiter; totaling 69. Why 69? June 21-July22 is Cancer, the Crab symbolized by "69" June is named after Juno, the daughter of Saturn and Sister-Wife of Jupiter. Again Why 69? Dan 9:23-27. Note: Dan 9:23 and Sept 23, 2017 is no coincidence.
      Jupiter "Dyeus-pater" means "Father Zeus"  as used in the Roman pantheon or "Heavenly Father", the term Mormons use; Joseph Smith in fact was buried with a talisman of Jupiter.  Capitol means "Womb of Zeus/Jupiter"
   As to Dan 9:23-27 "70 Weeks" being 69 Weeks coincident with 69 Moons of Jupiter + the "70th Week" being the 7 Yr Tribulation and oft quited "Pre-Trib Rapture?; why not read scripture just as God wrote it. "70 Sevens" first appeared in the Aramaic/Syrian Bible found at St Catharines Monastery at the foot of the fake Mt Sinai (real Mt Sinai is Agar/Hagar in Arabia Ref Gal 4); this gave rise to Dispensationalism and 7 Yr Tribulation being the 70th Week; this is simply not true. 70 Weeks is 490 Days which fits into the timeline just after Rev 9:11 5th Trumpet 1st Woe! and just before the 6th Trumpet, 2nd Woe!.
    Amos 5:2;26; 7:2-3; 5-6 KJV point out the virgin of Israel fell in 700 BC and shall no more rise; modern Israel is made up of Ashkenazi descendants of Japheth-Gomer-Ashkenaz (Ref Gen 10) and a mix of Babylonians, Cuthites, Canaanites and Medeans (Ref 2 Ki 17:30) They serve Satan under guise of Saturn; 6 Pt Star of Saturn, Osiris, Chiun, Sikkuth, Moloch.
    Sept 20 Rosh Hashanah forms the "Christ Angle".  On Sept 23, 2017, Jupiter/Zeus exits the womb of Virgo . Virgo is re-creatd by the Federal Triangle (Capitol "Womb of Zeus", 666ft Washington Monument and White House; the same Mr "Peace Triangle" aka Mr-Akh-Bah (Body Spirit Soul) represented at the Great Pyramid; the King Chamber shaft is aimed at the annual circumpolar passage of Alpha Draconis; the Dragon, Satan, Lucifer (Rev 16:16) Jesus warned would deceive all nations. Scientific American even went so far as to call Jupiter a "Great Geast"; now if that's not enough occult communication to motivate you to accept Jesus, what is?    How about Hollywood? Little Shop of Horrors and Evan Almighty predected cataclysm for Sept 23; the latter was strictly a local Flood in Washington DC. Why? America was planned in 1620 "New Atlantis: A work unfinished" to be the Phoenix of the New Age; the New Atlantis rising from America's holocaust. Pyramid means "Amid the Flames"; when America has the Pyramidion "Capstone", the symbolic perch of the Phoenix,  Egyptians called the "Ben ben" Stone is placed; watch out! 

Red Line: White House says "Assad may be planning another Chemical Weapon Attack and wil pay a heavy price" UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, on Twitter: "Any further attacks done to the people of Syria will be blamed on Asaad, but also on Russia & Iran who support him killing his own people." Well, I admire the honesty. The Aptil 4 Cruise Missile Attack was in response to a fake Chemical Weapon attack; Trump couldn't recall if the missiles hit Iraq or Syria, but remembered his "Chocolate Cake"; pretty sick eh? Assad's Chemical Weapons are "Made in the USA"; admitted by then Geo-spatial Division Chief Bob Gates while CIA Chief. Evergreen B-747'a ahuttled the WMD's just after the "Shock and Awe" Tomahawk Cruise missile attack on Baghdad in 2003 during the Bush Jr Administration; the weapons were once supplied to Iran and Iraq for their 8 Yr Genocidal War during the Iran-Contra Treason in the Reagan Administration. Blaming Russia and Iran eh? Russian Cargo Ship Mol Comfort split in half in 2013 with 5000 Shipping Contrineres full of Russiah weapons destined for Jeddah Saudi Arabia and the "Friends of Syria" armed by John McCain and John Kerry. Why Syria" "The burden of Damascus...Damascus is taken away from being a city, it shall be a ruinous heap" Is 17:1

"Pope Francis is my man...Francis is stupid and does what I want"-Satan Resigned "Heralds of the Gospel founder Mgr Joao Scagnamiglio Cla Dias quoting his Priests. No surpirise; the plan is to make the Roman Catholic Church the Scapegoat for MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT. MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMIINATIONS UPON THE EARTH (Rev 17) It is not. Jesus' warning "Thyatira" (Continual Sacrifice) is directed primarily at the Catholic Church. 



Image result for picture of donald trump in prayer shawlKnight of Malta Donald Trump gets a new boss Giancomo Della Torre del Templo di Samguinetto as head if the Hospitallers aka SMOM (Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Cyprus, Rohodes and Jerusalem). Giancomo's brother Giuseppe Della Torre is President of the Tribunal of the Vatican State; both are Jesuit vassals along with Pope Francis. SMOM swear oaths to pretend to be Catholics, Protestants and Jews, killing on command anywhere on earth. 
     On Walpurgisnacht April 30 (Walpurga is the pagan grain goddess; the Temple Mount is the Jebusite "Threshing Floor") Ashkenazi "Crypto" (Japheth-Gomer-Ashkenaz are not Germanic not Semitic) Donald Trump (nee Drumpf) proclaimed May 2017 "Jewish Heritage Month "; God says differently "The virgin of Israel is fallen..." Amos 5:2.  Donald Drumpf's Yiddish Prayer Shawl was given to him Sept 3, 2016 on a campaign trip with 7th Day Adventist HUD Secretary Ben Carson in Detroit (Area Code #313) by Democrat Bishop Wayne T Jackson. Detroit means "Straits"; Jesuit Pope Francis I  blessed Idol of the Crucified Homeless Jesus lying on a Park Bench (Park means "Enclosure of animals") A 15Ft tall statue of Baphomet (Baph + Metis= Union of Spirit and Wisdom in the form of a Goat Idol) is installed. There are 313 ! in the Authorized Bible for a reason; the last is the  "Fall of Babyon" in Rev 18:18. May Day is the Celtic (Warrior) and Pagan New Year "Beltane"; Dial 911 for this May Day Emergency!
    Rabbis are not "Jewish" in the slightest; Jesus was "Jewish in every sense of the word "But be ye not called Rabbi..." Jesus Mat 23:8 the Rabbincal phrase "Tikkun Olam" means "Repair the Earth" to the conditions of the pre-flood world. Cain, the "Constant Gardner" offered fruits of his labor; Abel, tended his sheep; the latter sacrifice was acceptable to God, the former was rejected; Cain's solution? Listen to the Serpent in the Garden, kill his brother and lie to God about it. Saturn's Threshing is about to begin folks.
     Maia is the Roman Goddess of the Earth, Wife of Vulcan, the Masonic son of Cain, "Tubal-cain". Scripture calls Tubal-cain "Instructors of Metal Workers" and password of Master Masonry. "Who is Tubal-cain" Ans: Vulcan of the Canaanites". Tubal-cain is born in Gen 4:22, hence his birth is ceelebrated on none other than 4/22 "Earth Day". You may recall the DeepWater Horizon "Earth Day" celebration; the intentional Fire began on "Weed Day", burning until "Earth Day"; Oil and Methane has never stopped. Corrupt here refers to God and His Divine rule of Man.
      Democracy: Stories from the long road to Freedom Condoleeza Rice' May Day book debut. Democracy means "Rule of the People; To be able to rule; People choose its Ruler". You may recall the Trump Inauguration highlighted the same words Bain used in "Dark Knight Rises" "We take power from the corrupt and give Power back to the People"; Born Again Christians prefer the only path to Salvation, a personal Covenant with JESUS.
    Condoleeza Rice became Stanford University Provost (Head) at age 39, a Crypto Presbyterian, closeted Lesbian living with her partner Randy Bean. Condi was born in Birmingham, home of a giant statue of Vulcan on a 6 sided pillar; Six Pointed Star of Saturn, the "Beehive" of the Chaldeans; Condoleeza is the May Queen of the Blacksmiths. "When men forget God, tyrants forge their chains"-Patrick Henry. Where did the fire for the forge come from? Prometheus (Fore Thinker) whose statue is at Rockefeller Center and seen breaking free of his chains in Sochi (Flame) in Crimea; the exiled home of Sarmation "Priest-Kings". Sar=Prince; Sargon the Great means "Ligitimate King". Esau forgot God by marrying Canaanite women, descended from Tubal-cain by his father Ham's incest with his mother; Canaan became the "Cursed" bloodline. Esau became Edom=Red, hence the Moscow Red Square Parades on International Day of the Workers was held on May 1, the Centic New Year and ancient Witchcraft Sabat of "Beltane". Esau is prophesied to obtain "Dominion" over the Earth, the "Sovereign authority to rule Earth"; Sovereign means "Person of no higher rank aka "Trump Card". Apollo means "Destroyer"; Trump's Penthouse a shrine to his god, the golden haired Apollo aka Rev 9:11 Apollyon/Abaddon; now you know why the Dominatrix wife of Vulcan Condoleeza Rice coined the term "The Vuclans" and chose 9/11/2001 to initiate the War against "Terror". "We never thought Terrorists would use commercial aircraft as weapons of terror" Condoleeza "Maia" Rice. Oh yes you did; 33 separate FAA, NORAD, Pentagon, FEMA Drills (Vigilant Guardian) simulating hijacked commercial aircraft were conducted prior to 9/11. The Boeing "Uninterrruptible Autopilot" even provides remote flight control of commercial aircraft (Vulcan/Talmudic Rabbi Dov Zakheim "Flight Termination Systems")
    The Vulcans were formed by Skull & Bones Satanist George HW "Magog" Bush in 1998 when he introduced Church of Satan initiate Condoleeza Rice to Skull & Bones, Sodomite (Victor Ashe, Johnny Gosch), Satanist George W (Sign of Shin forms W and 3 Nails "V") "Gog" Bush. Sodomite "W" was pre-chosen by the Vulcans who ran the White House. The Vulcans: Condoleeza Rice, Dick Cheney (CFR Traitor "Mr Big" name from "Most Dangerous Game"; hunting and raping women and their children), Don Rumsfeld (missing $2.3Trillion in first 6 months as Pentagon Chief), Colin Powell (Luciferian Mason, Kabbalist, Vietnam era Operation Phoenix public relations liar; Saddam Hussein Chemical Weapons liar), Robert Blackwll (Liason between Iraq Thief, Luciferian Mason, Iraq Interim Ambassador L Paul Bremmer and Vulcan goddess Condoleeza Rice), Richard Armitage (Vietnam era Operation Phoenix Assassin), Paul Wolfowitz (Neo-Con=New World Order Priest; PNAC author who called for 9/11 to be a "New Pearl Harbor"), Stephen Hadley (Cornell U "Quill & Dagger" is same as "Skull & Bones"), Rabbi Dov Zakheim (Comptroller who stole $4Billion from Texas and $2.3 Trillion from Pentagon coffers), Robert Zoellick (Bankrupted Fannie Mae), Scooter Libby (his book "The Apprentice" details Bestiality by Pioneers; note Hollywood actor Donald Trump's "The Apprentice")
    Vulcan holeing the Iron Spear aimed at God is inspiring for Gnostics initiated in the ways of Cain; Talmudic Rabbis used the Sign of Shin to open Synagogues of Satan. Shin means "Nail"; Who forged the Nails used to fasten God to the Tree at the Crucifixion? You get the idea. Who forged the Iron "Spear of Destiny" used to pierce the side of God as He hung on the Tree? Right again.  How do you spot a Master Mason? Look for his "Two Ball Cain" lapel pin or tie tack.  
    Gnostics want "Freedom from God"; JESUS refers to people out of personal Covenant with Him as "Earth Dwellers" beginning in Rev 13:8; not coincidentally 13/8=Phi "Ratio of Life", "Golden Mean".  On April Fool's Day, the India High Court of Uttarakhand (North Land of the Gods) granted Legal Rights of a Person to the entire Ecosystem. Jesus warned a time would come when people would kill others believing they do God's service; Those Days are coming fast. Salvation is as simple as asking JESUS for a Personal Covenant to "Love God" (Charity 1 Cor 13 KJV) and "Love our Neighbor". "He that leadeth into captivity, shall go into captivity. He who killeth with the sword must die with the sword. Here is the patiance and faith of the saints"-JESUS Rev 13:10 Bonus question: Who forged the Chains of captivity and Sword of Death? OK (666 Sign) you get it. Double bonus: What is meant by Black Ops? Hint" Saturn the "Grim Reaper" holds the Hourglass and Grain Scythe and was married to his sister/wife Ops. Time is up people Time to get JESUS in your life!   
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Related imageImage result for condoleezza rice lesbianVulcan statue Birmingham AL 2008 snow retouched.jpg Image result for spock picturesImage result for pictures of rabbis performing  sign of shinImage result for pictures of rabbis performing  sign of shinRelated image

Cross chained to iron fence, lock glued, painted in LGBTQ+2 Rainbow colors and dubbed the "Love Cross" on Gay St NYC. #1 "Have no other Gods before me" The "Cross" is a pagan symbol of the false god Tammuz aka Horus worn in Babylon and Egypt 4000 Yrs ago; Jesus was "Hung on a Tree" because that's what the Law He wrote called for (Deut 21:23; Acts 5:30; 10:39; 13:29; Gal 3:13 (There are 313 ! in the KJV for a reason); 2 Pet 2:24; Jn 19:31. #2 "Make no Graven Image" The Cross is a "Graven Image". Jesus carried His "Crossbar" (Xulon=Piece of Tree) to the Tree, itlslf a "Graven Image" of the Tree (Stauros=Pole/Pillar) of Knowledge of Good and Evil called worldwide by the name "World Tree" or "World Pillar". #3 "Love Cross"? The 2nd Comandment in the New Covenant "Love our Neighbor" means educating them about God's Commandments, not advocating "Alternative" LGBTQ +2 lifestyles. The "+2" are 2 Spirits; one of JESUS as Christ/Messiahj; the other the Spirit of the Alternative Messiah aka Antichrist. Christian attributes "Faith, Hope, Charity" are listed in 1 Cor 13; Charity means "Love of God"; after this comes "Love our Neighbor". After these comes "Prophesy", the ability to understand God's Word is infallible and unchanging (1 Cor 14). "If the Trumpet makes an uncertain sound who shall prepare himself to the battle?" 1 Cor 14:8 Well folks, this is a Trumpet warning. 

Donald Trump offers Israel-Palestine and Israel-Arab Peace Deal on Beltane, just ahead of Summit with 33 degree Luciferian Mason Mahmoud Abbas. Sorry Donald, God has other plans. "Ishmael will be a wild man, his hand will be agianst every man, and every man against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of his brethren: Gen 16:12 Esau intends to kill his brother, Jacob, ie the 12 Tribes of Israel and Born Again Christians grafted onto Jacob through Jesus Christ (Gen 27:41KJV). Arabs and Israel (Ones who wrestle with God) were separated 100 years after the Flood in Joktan and Peleg's day; read the bible Donald; you're in way over your toupee covered head here.

Puerto Rico declares Bankruptcy; saddled with $75B Debt and $50B Pension liabilities the nation is unable to provide services for its citizens. The US has $21T Debt and $77T Pension liabilities and will soon suffer the same Bamkruptcy. TiSA (Trade in Services Agreement) to the rescue; foreign corporations will bid on supplying services or lack thereof with citizens having no recourse or rights. That Gold Fringe around the US Flag isn't for looks, it takes rights from Citizens and hands them to CORPORATIONS. 

May Day! Space X, Falcon 9 Launch "NROL 76". 76 is the the symbol of Capricorn (Capricornus=Sea Goat of Christmas aka "Birth of Horus"; Dan 7:6 describes the 3rd Beast "Edomite Dominion") Falcon=Horus; 9=9 Planetary Elders "Council of 9" is now 6000 years old; the foundation of Sabian (Planetary) Astrology upon whch America was founded. 9 is the number of Divine Judgment. Elon Musk' Taxpayer funded launch carries the Top Secret NROL 76 (National Reconnaissance Office) Spy Satellite, a joint Lockheed-Boeing, Tax Payer financed Corporate profit bonanza. Freemasons Lewis and Clark were sent on the Mission of Discovery by Freemason, Hellfire Society (Think Stan Kubririck's Swan Song "Eyes Wide Shut" here; Sodomite Scientilogist Tom Cruise; Nicole Kidman's father a Church of Satan Initiate exposing the real Satanic Elite) initiate Thomas Jefferson  (his personal bible omitted any reference to the Deity of Jesus Christ). Discovery of what? Spanish and French looted Treasure Rooms of course. You see, Jefferson and Franklin were child sacrificing Satanists and Traitors in league with British and French Monarchies; under Franklin's Tralfalgar Sq  home were the remains of a dozen ritually tortured and sacrificed infants, and guess what is in Trafalgar Sq today? A replica of the Arch of Isis from Palmyra, Syria where Ritual Sacrifices were offered to Satan (Molech/Saturn) before the (come on folks, you know this by now) "Bacchanalia" a Cannabilistic Orgy where children were often conceived for the following year's Ritual. Isn't real history fun? Bonus question: What does Cape Canaveral mean? Ans: Cape of Cain's Bearers; it was Cape Kennedy until the Satanic Elite had had enough of his incessant exposure. How about this NROL patch?  Image result for nrol patches   

2 US B1B "Lancer" Bombers allegedly practice Nuclear Bomb drop near DMZ as CIA Director NSA Spy proponent Mike Pompeo lands in Seoul on May Day as NROL 76 blasts off on top secret mission. THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Def) deployment reaches capacity; China demands removal of THAAD from South Korea; Kim Jong Un claims US is forcing North Korea to the brink of nuclear war. So other than that, how was your May Day celebration?
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Russia planting Tsunami producing "Mole Nucs" off US Coast according to Col Victor Baranatz that in the event of War would be detonated, causing Tsunamis flooding the coastal areas. Bull Shit! Jesus says "A man's foes shall be they of his own household" Mat 10:36 Micah 7:6 says the same thing and NROL 76 points to the same thing. Traitors inside the Gates have and will always be the cause of disasters. The US Navy, NOAA and FEMA produced these type "Planning" maps a dozen or more ago. The Man-made Earthquakes and Tsunamis that flood America will not be Russian, but "Made in America".

TrumpCare unaffordable for family incomes under $75K; ends Medicaid and States supporting ObamaCare; Un-constitutional Eugenics by any other name. This is precisely why the Constitutional Commerce Clause prohibits forced commerce with the Federal Government.  

Orthodox Rabbis greet 33 degree Freemason Palestine President Mahmound Abbas to Ashkenazi Drumpf (Trump) White House where Trump condemned Abbas rewarding "Israeli Slayers"; Odd? President Jared Kushner (Ashkenazi "Furrier"; Jacob wore Fur in the vain attempt to fool God in order to obtain his father's blessing intended for Esau; God is never fooled) is Trump's Palestine-Israel Peace Negotiator. Ashkenazi fake Jew Benjamin Netanyahu is also a Luciferian 33 degree Freemason.

North Korea sanctions Bill "Korea Interdiction & Modernization Sanctions Act" HR 1644 passed; targets Shippng, Ports and Slave Labor who remit earnings back to North Korea exactly like immigrant workers do in the US. China demands calm; Russia accusing US of War declaration; China is partnered with Russia and owns US Ports via HSBC. 

Cinco de Mayo: Mexican Independence? Battle of Puebla? Birth of lifelong Sodomite (age 12 with his 1st cousin Egbert), Satanist, Luciferian Freemason, Crypto, Jesuit, Talmudic School educated Karl Marx (Moses Mordechai Levi) in 1818? You guessed it. lThe final ! of 313 in Rev 18:18 "Babylon has fallen" may ring a Baal. Marx and his Satanic support system Frederich Engels goal was the destruction of Christianity.

Rev 12:1 Sign appeared 5993 Years ago! Amazing? No, total Bull Shit. Earth had not developed a Wobble until the Flood produced Mountains; at that point Time became measurable by the Precession of Earth's Axis relative to the fixed backdrop of stars "Zodiac". Several sites are claiming the start of the 7 Yr Tribulation occurs on Sept 23, 2017 with the 2nd appearance of the Rev 12:1 Sign "And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars..." Jupiter entering the Bride's Womb is not Jesus and Mary but Zeus. Jupiter is Dyeu + pater; Dyeus=Zeus aka Mormon "Heavenly Father". Dyeu="To Shine" as in Sky + Father Anu seen in Tuatha de Danu/Danaan "Offspring of Zeus". Folks, there is no 7 Yr Tribulation or pre-Trib Rapture of the Church in Scripture. Rev 12:1 is the beginning of the Great Tribulation and arival of Antichrist not Jesus Christ.

Russia accuses US of a War Declaration over North Korea sanctions bill. Who is pulling the War Levers? Chabad Lubavitch connects Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner and Cinco de Mayo, the birth of Karl Marx. Destruction of all things related to God is the goal. Noahide Law provides for the death penalty for followers of Jesus Christ.

Gen McMaster calls for "more robust presence in Afghanistan". Osama bin Laden had nothing to do with 9/11/2001 (admitted by Sec of War Don Rumsfeld, FBI Dir Robert Mueller and Satanist Dick Cheney); the 16 year war in Afghanistan was a False Flag used to grow Opium in the "Graveyard of Empires". I suggest sending in the Robust General himself rather than a "Draft for Drugs".

Ismail Haniyeh to head Hamas; United Nations educated, Muslim Brotherhood Haniyeh is living in exile in Qatar where the US 5th Fleet and SITE (Search for Int'l Terrorist Entities) reside; Haniyeh will never recognize any peace with Zionists which is the plan "WWIII will pit forces of political Zionism against Islam to the point of economic. moral and physical order to reveal the true doctrine of Lucifer"-33 degree Mason Albert Pike. Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas and Israel President Benjamin Netanyahu are 33 degree Luciferian Masons. Papal Knight of Malta Donald Trump will meet with Jesuit Pope Francis I on May 25 at the Vatican; the Vatican controls the Temple Mount, David's Tomb and Cenacle, "Ground Zero" for WWIII. Trump has placed Chabad Lubavitch Orthodox fake Jew Jared Kushner in charge of Palestine-Israel Peace. Site 911 is a radiation hardened bunker at Beit Shemesh (House of the Sun) designed for the arrival of Lucifer; the Chabad Menorah has Shemesh replacing Jesus as the center candle.

Trump seals $Multi-billion Saudi Arabia Arms deal including THAAD (Terminal High Alt Area Def). Trump has stated Saudi Arabia, is the nation responsible for 9/11/2001; Saudi Arabia arms ISIS. Mt Sinai aka Jebal al Lawz (Mt of Laws) is in Saudi Arabia where Moses received the 10 Commandments; today topped with Chinese (Hittite=Cathay=Cathars=Heth=Sons of Heth) made missiles and radars at the ready to destroy Jerusalem according to Howard Blum "Gold of the Exodus". Galatians 4 states Mt Sinai aka Agar or Hagar (Abram's Egyptian hand maid and mother of Ishmael) is in Saudi Arabia aswereing to Jerusalem which is holding the world hostage; the real Jerusalem is free and in Heaven with JESUS. Time to choose which Jerusalem you will serve; the one in Israel is under the Six Pointed Star of Saturn (El, Chemosh, Chiun, Moloch); it is often standing next to the US Flag or next to your favorite Zionist fake Christian "Crypto" pastor.

North Korea threatens to reduce the White House to ashes. 3 previous missile launches crashed in the ocean 100 miles offshore; when the White House ("Olympus has Fallen" or "Day after Tomorrow" movies may ring a Baal) is dstroyed, US Government traitors will be safely underground, using our own weapons to destroy America as the Scapegoat for "Babylon" (Rev 18:18). The Mormon Church calls this the White Horse Prophecy. The Book of Mormon claims Ishmaelite women traveled with Jaredites from the land of Nimrod (Babylon) to the America's in submerged, corked, wooden submarines. Those darn Ishmaelites are resourceful eh? Remember the Ishmaelites who sold Joseph into slavery? How about the Covenant with Abram? God instructed Abram's offspring to never take Canaanite women for wives; Ishmael and Esau violated the Covenant and ended up in America "Land of the Amorites" (Cathars are the Church of Amor aka Perfecti or Order of Perfectibilists who establiched themselves in America May 1, 1776). Small world eh? Isn't it time to start trusting the Word God wrote instead of 14 Yr olds in caves like Joseph Smith or Muhammad? So, where does Korea get it's name? Korahites who founded an Alternative Priesthood to Moses and Aaron; sounds like the Mormon Church doesn't it? Mormo is one of Satan's infernal names in the Church of Satan, it means "King of the Ghouls" ie Graveyard or "God of the Living Dead" which is exactly what Ishmaelites and Edomites who reject God's Word are. Korahites enticed God's people to worship "Azazel" (Goat that departs) rather than JESUS as the real "Scapegoat" of Numbers 16. For that, God swallowed them in the Earth. "Woe unto them! for they have gone in the way of Cain, and ran greedily after the error of Baalam for reward, and perished in the gainsaying of Core." Jude 7 Recap: Ham and his Cainite mother sired Canaan who married into Ishmaelite and Edomite families, who became Priests of Korah (Core) "Baalims" leading the flock to perish in Hell.

Israeli Bill "The Nation-State of the Jewish People"; anchors in Israeli law our Flag, our Anthem and Jerusalem as out eternal capital. The Flag is the Ensign of Saturn (El, Moloch, Chiun, Sikkuth Ref 1 Ki 11:5; 2 Ki 23:13; Amos 5:26; Acts 7:43) The light blue "Tekhelet" was God's color of the Levites; gone forever, today's "Tekhelet" is a Canaanite forgery made with Murex-trunculus Sea Snail secretions and UV Light. The Anthem is a Zionist manifesto. Jerusalem is "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt" Rev 11:8KJV.  Ashkenazi "Jews" are Germanic Pagans descended from Japheth-Gomer-Ashkenaz not Jewish; Ref Gen 10:2. Sephardic "Jews" are of Babylonian, Cuthite, Medean, Canaanite descent, not Jewish Ref 2 Ki 17:30 Mizrahi "Jews" descend from Ham and Mizraim; again not Jewish. Jesus? Jewish. His followers are still scattered among the nations; How about letting Him settle the matter?

Emmanuel Macron President of France. 
At 39 Emanuel "God is with us" Macron "Long" (Merovingians were called "Long Hair Monarchs") is the youngest ruler of France since Napoleon, who not only sewed 300 Bees (Bee is Chaldean for Word and the symbol of the Merovingians, Mormon Church, Eunuch Priests of Cybele aka Galli) into his coronation robe that were buried with Childeric, the 2nd Merovingian King, but also like Napoleon is a Rothschild Agent.  
     Who is Macron? At age 14 Macron's 39 Yr old Married Mother of 7, Drama teacher Brigitte Trogneux began an alleged affair with him, eventually becoming his wife or rather "Beard"; Macron is an alleged Sodomite. Macron is a Rothschild (Edomite) billionaire banker; Rothschild (Red Shield) is a name change from Bauer (Farmer ie Cain); the Rothschild family adopted the Red (Edom=Red) Six Pointed Star of Saturn/El/Molech and the address 666 Am Mein. Allegedly hacked E-Mails show Macron to be a hard drug using, closeted homosexual. You don't suppose his Presidency was planned just like Trump's do you? In 1981 President Ronald Reagan shook hands with Donald Trump declaring "I thought I was the one shaking hands with the President"; Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner is in charge of Israeli-Palestine Peace; he is an Orthodox, Chabad Lubavitch, Satanist, fake Jew who owns 666 5th Ave. "Nothing in politics happens by chance; if it happened, you can bet it was planned" FDR His wife's Cake business reminiscient of Marie Antoinette "Let them eat cake" during the French Revolution. Esau obtains "Dominion"; Esau lives "Wealthy"; Esau became the world's "Priests" Rev Gen 27:39-41KJV  Time to wake up people! JESUS hates Esau  and is going to destroy every single Edomite in the world (Ref Mal 1:3; Rom 9:13; Heb 12:16; Obadiah)  “Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and they shall call his name Immanuel” (Emmanuel). Ever read "Holy Blood Holy Grail" or the plagiarized Dan Brown version "DaVinci Code"? 



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"North Korean Nuclear EMP Satellites are in place to destroy the US Electrical Grid" DHS Exec Dir Peter Vincent. US Generals also state "The US is defenseless against a joint North Korea-Iran EMP attack" ex CIA Director James Woolsey said "EMP attack is the most dangerous threat to the US" Perrennial War Hawk John McCain said "North Korea is our biggest threat"; well Russia, Syria and Iran too right John? The Iranian F-313 Qaher Stealth Fighter is a poorly made 1/4 scale plastic model with English decals. The North Korean Military planning map with targets in the US is Bull Shit; even if North Korea had ICBM's, they would take a Great Circle route near the North Pole to hit targets in the US. It's all an act designed to set the stage for WWIII. "The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the population alarmed by an endless array of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary" HL Mencken
North Korea made a sucessful launch of a Nuclear capable ICBM which reached an altitude of 2000KM (1245Mi); the maximum altitude of ICBM's such as the US Minuteman is 750 Miles. It's all BullShit people!
                                                                                   "And a man's foes shall be they of his own household" Jesus Christ 
     In 1928 Orson Welles "War of the Worlds" radio show convinced missions of people an alien invasion was imminent with the repeated code "2X 2L calling CQ". Not to hard to decode "Double Cross To Hell". Traitors who have sold their soul to Satan as Esau did, manipulate the masses through "Propaganda"; Congress has even legalized "Domestic Propaganda" such as the North Korea, a Russian-American creation (Jesuit 33 degree Masons Joe Stalin SJ, and Harry Truman) and Iran (CIA Operation Ajax). It's a Global Hoax people! There are no "Nuclear EMP Satellites" because there is no need for them; North Korea Missile Tests crash within 100 miles of lift-off. Reagan's "Star Wars" Satellites were, likewise a Hoax designed to vacuum money from Russia and the US while producing unwarranted "Fear" among the citizens; the "Cold War" was a Hoax as idiotic as the Moon Landing Hoax. "There is nothing to fear but fear itself"? FDR's BullShit. "Fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom" "Fear him who can destroy both body and soul in Hell" Esau obtains "Dominion" (Gen 27:39-41KJV through deception; Esau is inside the gates of Israel (Ref Obadiah); Esau is Wealthy (Fatness of the Earth); Esau/Edomites are the world's Priests (Dew of Heaven), Esau is the world's Military (Live by the Sword) and Esau will die by the Sword (Rev 13:10). Esau is the world's "Gaolers"; doing so through "Debt Slavery" caused by "Usury". Only a one on one relationship with JESUS can ever set you Free from Bondage of the Edomite Bankers/Jailers. Edomites are the world's Bull Shit artists, Con Men and Traitors; Jesus calls them "Workers of Iniquity". When the US Electrical Grid goes dark, it will be the "Enemy inside the Gates" like NERC (National Elec Reliability Corp) adjusting the Frequency or CHAMP (Counter-electronics Advanced High Powered Advanced Missile Project), Boeing's Drone based EMP weapon.  Esau and his followers sold their soul to Satan for bowl of red beans and will all hear Jesus say the same words "Depart from me, I never knew you".

South Korean President elect Moon Jae-in selected and takes office the next day. "No matter who people vote for, they always vote for us"-Uncle Jesuit Joe Stalin. A breath of fresh air after disgraced President Park Geun-hye had a $Multi-million, lesbian affair with the largest Cult leader's daughter? Don't bet on it. Moon attends Unification Church "Moonie" Mass Weddings; his goal is the Re-unification of Korea to the state before the US sent Maj Dean Rusk and Capt Charles Bonesteel to divide 1 Million families along the 38th Parallel in preparation for the United Nations "Korean War". Moon stated he will be a "President for all the People"; a phrase Donald Trump used at his Inaiguration, drawn from Bain in the "Dark Knight Rises". "We take power from the corrupt and give it to you, the people". 

Hanford PUREX (Plutonium-Uranium Extraction) Site Tunnel collapse. 2 Tunnels were warned by DOE of possible collapse in 2015; FAA No-Fly Zone to 5000Ft issued; Area 5X initial estimate; warnings to workers and residents delayed 19 Hrs; Evacuations Ordered.

Image result for picture of rabbi david pintoIvanka Trump to lead Paris Climate Change Agreement review for US; Jared Kushner leads Trump's Palestine-Israeli Peace plan, and Ivanka's conversion to Judaism. He is led by Mystic Moroccan Rabbi David Pinto, a Chabad Lubavitch, Hasidic Rebbe whose father was guided in the flesh by 2000 Yr old author of the Zohar, Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai. Ultra-Orthodox Ashkenazi, Jesus hating, "Crypto" fake Jews directing critical US policy? Why not Ivanka reportedly directed Daddy to launch 60 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles at Syria; Why? Eretz Israel of course; those orders came direct from the Moloch (Six Pointed Star of Saturn/El/Moloch) worshipping illegal nation of Israel. Why Morocco? Shriner Freemasons celebrate the slaughter of 50,000 Christians by Moors in 700AD; the Red Fez worn by initiates of the "Noble Arab Order of the Mystic Shrine" was also worn by the man who married and mentored Donald Trump Rev Norman Vincent Peale.   "Ivanka is obviously very attractive; if I weren't married I'd be dating her" Donald on "The View" and Howard Stern Show.  

EPA Director Scott Pruitt fires 9 of 18 member EPA "Board of Scientific Counselors"; in addition to 4 expired terms of the 9 remaining, Pruitt will soon appoint 13 of 18 Scientific Counselors with Corporate delegates of agencies the EPA regulates. Pruitt regurlarly butts heads with Scientists because he is a "Political Science" major "The aim of practical politics is to keep the the populace alarmed by menacing it with an endless array of hobgoblins, all of them imagined" HL Mencken The problem with Pruitt at the EPA with Industialists advising the Environmental Protection Agency is the same as letting Ivanka and Jared handle religious issues and Gen Mad Dog Chaos Mattis handle Military issues. The US will be seen as a Rogue Nation going against every other nation on Earth, which is all part of the grand plan for America to become the Phoenix of "New Atlantis"; destroyed as a Scapegoat for Rev 18 "Babylon". The US owes $21T in cash + $77T in unfunded Liabilities (Gov't/Military Pensions, Medicare, Social Security) + $1Q (Derivatives); when the US is reduced to a 3rd world country, the world will cheer; all planned by Sir Francis Bacon in 1620 in his book "New Atlantis: A work unfinished". Quite the TRUMP eh? 
       The US created al Qaeda and ISIS, the Ayathollahs of Iran and Iraq (Operation Ajax), the House of Saud and the State of Israel; both sides of the WWIII Dialectic "Zionism versus Islam". On one side "Shariah" (Revealed) Law; on the other side "Noahide" Law. In common? Shariah and Noahide Laws require beheading of followers of JESUS.

"I am come in my Father's name and ye receive me not. If another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive" Jn 5:43 "For the love of money is the root of all evil" 1 Ti 6:10. Apollo (Donald Trump's Penthouse is a shrine to Apollo; Apollo was the main theme of the Sochi Olympics), Apollyon/Abaddan is the "Destroyer" Satan arriving at Rev 9:11 "1st Woe". We are not there yet, but Israel has indeed prepared by building (US Construction of course) a Radiation Hardened Bunker at Beit Shemesh (House of the Sun; Shemesh is the new center candle on the Chabad Lubavitch Menorah; Jesus was hung on the Tree with 2 Thieves forming the 7 Branch Candlestick) called "Project 911" on "Site 911". Beit Shemesh was chosen because Sanson destroyed the Philistines with the Jawbone of an Ass (Lehi; Mormons may recognoze Lehi in their theology) at Beit Shemesh. In Islamic theology "Dajjal", the Dark Messiah (Dark Knight Rises may ring a Baal), blind in one eye will bring Paradise and Hell with him; the exact opposite of the Bible; Good is replaced by Evil  "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet" Is 5:20 In this context, taking the "Mark of the Beast" will be seen as "Good/Light" while followers of JESUS who reject it as "Evil/Dark". Dajjal is followed by the arrival of Jesus coming as a follower of Muhammad. Muhammad was a Quyraish (Korahite) bedouin of Mecca; Jesus doesn't worship Korahites or their Scapegoat of Numbers 16 "Azazel"; He destroys them. Operation "Blue Beam" is "Star Wars" satellite project to project images onto the Ionosphere as a Giant Television Screen. This will be the "Strong Delusion" to believe the lie (Ref 2 Thess 2:11. Got JESUS in your life? Now is a great time.

Vatican Observatory 3 day meeting on Black Holes, Spacetime Singularities and Gravity Waves honoring Jesuit Georges Lemaitre. Bro Guy Consolmagno hosted the event in between trips to the LUCIFER Telescope in Arizona and ET Symposiums. LeMaitre write the predecessor to "Big Bang Theory" in a paper called "Cosmic Egg"; nothing new in 1927 as this was derived from Egyptian cosmology developed by the same Satanists, then called "Priests of On". Lemaitre was the man behind Edwin Hubble's "Red Shift" Expanding Universe Theory aka "Big Bang". Space is a Vacuum; "Earth was hung upon nothing" (Job 26:7); Black Holes require infinite Energy which is impossible in a dying Star; Waves cannot travel in a Vacuum. Spacetime and "Warping" of Spacetime fabric in a "Singularity" is also impossible in a Vacuum; 33 degree Mason Gene Roddenberry introduced this rediculous theory in "Star Trek"; Did you notice everyone on the Enterprise Bridge was a Church? Ohura=Ahura Mazda; Kirk=Scottich Church; Spock's Vulcan sign of Shin is used by Talmudic Rabbis in Synagogues of Satan to represent the "Nails" which held Jesus to the Tree. "Avoid vain and profane babblings and oppositions of Science, faleslo so called" (1 Ti 6:12 KJV)


Crucifix formed by planets Saturn, Uranus, Jupter, Earth and Venus April 3, 33 AD on day of Jesus' Crucifixion according to University of Wisconsin-Madison professor Antonio Miguel Fiol anc Christian NewsWire.  BullShit! More occult communication. Jesus was a "Young Child" of 1 1/2 (He must have been under 2 or Herod's order would not have targeted Him) when Herod ordered the "Slaughter of Innocents". Herod was dispatched by an angel of the LORD around Passover 4 BC. Jesus was 33 1/2 when He was Crucified in 27 AD. Saturn as the Head and Crown? Saturn is El, Chronos, Chiun, Sikkuth, Moloch, all names of Satan represented by the Six Pointed Star. This depiction is the Crowned Satan not the Crucified Jesus. Anno Domini "Year of our Lord"? That would be Satan, not Jesus folks!

Related imageImage result for beast of 7 heads and 10 crownsBelt and Road Summit May 12-13 "Mother's Day". Roughly 100 years after the Flood, the world became separated by water during lives of Eber's (Hebew) sons Joktan and Peleg. Archipelago=Land separated by water; Gnostics aim to "Repair the Earth" (Hebrew "Tikkun Olam") is a Golden Age of Globalization Ghengis Khan and the Golden Horde form $Trillion "New Silk Road" from China to the UK; absent of are the 3 Horns of the Global Serpent in the Americas, the last part of the world China explored. Ever wonder why the Americas "Land of the Amorites" are dominated by Serpents? Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan, Viracocha ring a Baal? The Beast has 7 Heads and 10 Horns. China is Cathay; the Cathar revenge is "Made in China". Catharsis=Discharge of "Pent up emotion"; Cathay=Heth; Sons of Heth are the "Hittites" symbolized by the Red Dragon aka Beast from the Sea. China=Sina=Wilderness of Sin; the Global Beast system is a Global Wilderness of Sin; a World absent God=Wilderness. Esau sold his soul and was renamed Edom symbolized by the Unrestrained Red Dragon/Beast ie "Earth Dweller" of Rev 13:8. Esau married Canaanite ie Hittite women violating the Covenant God made with Abraham and Isaac. Esau obtains worldwide "Dominion" (Gen 27:39-41KJV); Esau is the Beast. When? The Red Suited "Santa" is a Hittite god; 2017 is a Satanic Jubilee, 50 Years after the 1967 6-Day War for the Golan Heights and Temple Mount. Christmas means "Mass of Christ" ie Sacrifice and Consumption of a suitable Host (Body).  

33 degree Luciferian Freemason Mahmoud Abbas ready to sign Palestine-Israel "Peace Deal" ; the change of heart prompted by 9/11 architect, Trump's closest adviser Ron Lauder.  Lauder is an ADL (Anti-defamation League) lobbyist and World Jewish Congress billionaire president, fake Jew and Estee Lauder heir. Lauder provatized the World Trade Center and insured the asbestos laden towers for $3.5B each for separate acts of "Terrorism" netting Larry "Pull It" Silverstein several $Billion in less than 2 months. You can research this Cosmetic Wolf in Sheep's Clothes here Why now? The Great Tribulation lasts 1260 days or 3 1/2 Years of 360 Day Years; May 12 is Israel's 70th Birthday in 360 day years. "For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. 1 Thess 5:3

Image result for pictures of pope visit to fatimaBlack Virgin of RocamadourJesuit Pope Francis canonizes 2 shepherd children on 100th anniversary of their miraculous visions of the Virgin Mary at Fatima, Portugal; about as Miraculous as Joseph Smith finding Golden Plates with the Book of Mormon written on them or Muhammad writing the Quran by dictation from Angel Gabriel. Fatima is home to Sephardic (Jews of the Spanish Rite) fake Jews; Sepharvaim descend from Canaanites, Babylonians and Medeans (2 Ki 17:30) who replaced the real Israel in 700 BC. Fatimah is the name of Muhammad's wife, the mother of the Fatimid Caliphate attempting to bring the world under Shariah Law in a "New Crusade". Jesuits are the "Militia of Zeus and Minerva"; Jesuit Pope Francis wears the Yarmulke (Kippah, Zucetto or Skull Cap) aka "Cap of Cybele" just like fake Jews because the New Covenant prohibits it "Every man praying of prophesying, having his head covered, dishonoureth his head" 1 Cor 11:4 Fatima means "One who weans an infant"; not the Virgin Mary but rather Isis, Aphrodite, Minerva, Cybele, Diana, Venus, Astarte, Easter, Kali or Lilith. The Moors worshipped Fatima by chopping the heads of 50,000 Christians off and dipping their "Fez" in their blood in 700 AD; Shriner Freemasons like Donald Trump's Presbyterian Minister/mentor Rev Norman Vincent Peale carry on the tradition today. The Pope just launched a New Crusade on Mother's Day.

Dr Peter Vncent Pry warning of North Korean Satellite EMP attack
. Pry heads the EMP Task Force for Dept of Homeland Security (Destruction) and the  Congressional EMP Comission aka "Domestic Propaganda" legalized last year by our Congress; Pry is a Liar inventing "Hobgoblins" as HL Mencken put it. How do you suppose FEMA was in NYC holding a "Terrorism Drill" on 9/10/2001? FEMA and SOUTHCOM were in Miami holding a Haitain Relief Drill when the Earthquake hit; just lucky? When the US Power Grid is destroyed, we can blame our own government "A man's foes shall be they of his own household" Mat 10:36 KMS 3-2 and KMS 4 are not North Korean Nuclear Sateliites  as Pry says "Orbitting the US preparing an EMP strike" His Doomsday books Apocalypse Unknown: Protecting America from EMP and Electronic Armageddon are junk science. What can destroy the US Electrical Grid is NERC (Nat Elect Reliability Comm) which intends to adjust Grid Frequency destroying AC Power Generators and CHAMP, a Microwave Generator developed by Boeing. 

Trump to visit Israel May 22 on the anniversary of Alexander the Great's defeat of the Persian King Darius III (WWIII is the Mede-Persian Ram versus Grecian Goat out of which "Little Horn" rises), 30 Yr "War of Roses" and 33 degree Luciferian Mason Napoleon's (read Edomite Rothschild) support for Jerusalem as Jewish property.  30 C-17's, 56 Vehicles, 1000 people and US taxpayers footing the $100M visit. "Western Wall is not Israeli territory"; meeting with 33 degree Mason Mahmoud Abbas and refusal to meet with 33 degree Mason fake Jew Netanyahu in East Jersualem causing tension in anticipated Arab-Israeli "Peace Deal". June 5-11 is the Jubilee 50th Anniversary of the 6-Day War during which Israel annexed East Jersualem and the Golan Heights. On May 16 Trump Bankruptcy Attorney turned US-Israel Ambassador, fake Jew David Friedman arrived in Jerusalem, donned the Cap of Cybele (Yarnulke is a replacement Temple Veil for those who deny Jesus tore the Temple Veil at the Crucifixion) and headed straight to the Edomite King Herod's "Wailing Wall"  Peace Deal? or TRUMP of Satan?

Sam Clovis to USDA top Scientist post
. Not a "Scientist" by any stretch of the imagination, Clovis is an AM Radio Talk Show Host, War Hawk, AF Col, Northrup Grumman, Booz-Allen-Hamilton, disgraced liberal arts college professor who prefers banning Muslims from entering the US, will lead or at least influence Trump's policy on everything from Climate Change to Nutrition. 

Related imageTrump defends sharing classified information with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov; asks Russia to "Step up fight against ISIS". Russian cargo ship Mol Comfort split in half June 2013 with 50,000 tons of Russian weapons destined for ISIS.

Nascent Sanhedrin to set limits of Jerusalem on Shavuot (June 1 or 2) for the "Jerusalem Jubilee", 50 Years after the 6-Day War. The 1967 6-Day War captured the Temple Mount and Golan Heights; 2017 is the Jubilee Year. Shavuot 2017 is the final step before Temple sacrifices can begin as based on Nehemiah's boundaries for the 2nd Temple 3000 years ago. The Sanhedrin demanded the Crucifixion of Jesus as the suitable Sacrifice; just who do you think they will demand this time? Jesus refers to Jerusalem as "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt" (Rev 11:8KJV); Paul tells us Jerusalem, the mother of us all is in Heaven (Gal 4:25-26), not the Jerusalem which controls Mt Sinai. The Holy Ghost was delivered to the world on Pentecost (Shavuot); time to choose which Covenant you will follow,
    There is no Legitimate Priesthood; Jesus is the only Melchisedek (King of Jerusalem; Priest of the Most High) Priest (Heb 7:4-22). Jesus tore the Temple Veil, allowing everyone to enter the Holy of Holies through a Baptism of the Holy Ghost; Kohens of today are Samaritan, not the Levitical Priesthood God chose from the sons of Aaron.
    The Barley harvest begins the 49 day "Counting of the Omer" and ends with the Wheat harvest (Ex 23:16); note the parallel to the Black Horse rider in Rev 6:6 "A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny..." 2016 was the "UN Year of Pulses"; Pulses are Tares among the Wheat; the Temple Mount was the Jebusite "Threshing Floor" where Tares were removd from the Harvest; Shavuot/Pentecost/Whitsun is the "Festival of Reaping". You may recall Omar (Omer) Matteen's staged event at Pulse Nightclub occurred on Shavuot. 2017 is the UN "Year of Sustainability", the Jubilee Year when Tares among Cain's Garden are removed.

    The Sanhedrin sent maps depicting the boundaries of Jerusalem and called on Donald Trump to pray for world peace at the Western Wall as part of the process to bring Messiah to the world. "Howbeit the Most High dwelleth not in Temples made with hands" Acts 7:43 "For when they shall sayPeace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape".1 Thess 5:3 "I am come in my Father's name and ye receive me not; if another shall come in his own name, he ye shall receive" Jn 5:43

      The Sanhedrin intends to "Re-establish the Holiness of Jerusalem"; 2 33 degree Luciferian Freemasons will begin the Reaping, one on each side; Mahmoud Abbas on the Arab side and Benjamin Netanyahu on the Israeli side who claims lineage from the Tribe of Benjamin (of the Right Hand or South); Benjamin was prophesied to "Ravin as a wolf...devour the prey...and divide the spoil" Gen 49:27 In Amos 5;2;26; 7:2-3;5-6KJV, we read "The Virgin of Israel has fallen"; this because Israel adopted the 6 Pointed Star of Saturn/El/Moloch/Chiun; real Israel (One who wrestles with God) is still in Diaspora.
      On Shavuot in Talmudic Synagogues of Satan, the Book of Ruth is read aloud; their tradition is King David was born and died on Shavuot. Rabbis who Crucified God open with the Sign of Shin, celebrating the Nails used to fasten God to the Tree; in Mat 24:22 Jesus said unless He shortened "Those Days" no Flesh would remain. Donald Trump met with Mahmoud Abbas last week and will meet with Abbas and Netanyahu on May 22. Facilitating the "Peace Plan" is Jared Kushner (Kushner means "Furrier") Jacob attempted to steal Esau's blessing by dressing in Fur; God was not fooled; Esau's blessing is correct; Esau would live Wealthy (Fatness of the Earth), by the Sword (Reaping) and as Priests (Dew of Heaven).  Time to choose your Priest!

Sanhedrin spokesman Rabbi Hillel Weiss states "Israel is in its 3rd Inheritance...most Jews are or will soon be returned to Israel and will divide into 12 Tribes, filling the requirements for the 3rd Temple, return if the Davidic Dynasty, Messianic Era and the End Times Reality in the Holy Land". The misguided Rabbi quoted Eze 47:21 which occurs at the end of the Millennium, 1000 years after the 2nd Coming. Jesus establishes the Davidic Dynasty (Eze 37) and gathers the 12 Tribes "Dry Bones" is Israel. Most Jews are in Israel? Hardly, Ashkenazi "Jews" descend from Japheth-Gomer-Ashkenaz and are not SEmitic or Jewish; Sephardic "Jews" are the Sepharvaim (2 Ki 17:30) who replaced Israel in 700BC and are not SEmitic or Jewish, but rather Canaanite, Medean and Babylonian; Mizrahi "Jews" descend from Ham-Mizraim and again, are not Semitic or Jewish.

Sunni-Arab NATO: Trump to offer Saudi Arabia $120Billion Arms deal; Saudi Arabia is home to 11 of the alleged 9/11/2001 hijackers and alleged mastermind Osama bin Laden; Trump blamed Saudi Arabia for the event; Saudi Arabia arms ISIS; in June 2013 the Russian Cargo Ship "Mol Comfort" split in half with 50,000 tons of Russian made weapons enroute to Jedda and the waiting arms of John Kerry and ISIS leaders; Saudi Arabia hides the real Mt Sinai (Jebel al Lawz); Saudi Arabia enforces Shariah Law which calls for decapitation of followers of JESUS. Odd? Prince Bandar was so close to the Bush family, he was called "Bandar Bush"; Obama bowed in submission to King Abdullah. Paying homage to Arab Satanists never goes out of style.

Alien Covenant. The Sequel to Prometheus debuts May 19. Promethus "Fore Thinker" gave "Fire" (Lucifer giving Esoteric Knowledge necessary for man to become a God) to man; at Sochi (Flame), Prometheus is seen breaking free of his chains (Yoke of God) and the Eagle incessantly pecking his liver. Alien "Foreigner; Belonging to Another" Covenant "Agreement/Contract" begins 10 years later; "David" the synthetic "Android" survivor of the Prometheus expedition sows the seeds of man's destruction in Paradise by breeding the most dangerous and lethal creature possible. The Serpent's Lie in Eden is obvious here.In the Trailer, note the Paradise Planet is sowed with Wheat Fields; the timing with Shavuot/Pentecost  "Feast of Weeks" is not coincidental. Time to make your personal Covenant with JESUS.   
Image result for joe lieberman at wailing wallTrump's pick for FBI Director, Dual Israeli-US citizen Joe Lieberman, seen here with War Hawk ISIS arming traitor John McCain at Herod's Wailing Wall; Lieberman, like Trump received Vietnam War Draft deferrments.  Lieberman is an Ashkenazi (Germanic) fake Jew and an avid follower of Chabad Lubavitch whch promotes Noahide Law requiring decapitation for followers of JESUS. The Yarmulke aka "Cap of Cybele" replaces the Temple Veil Jesus tore at the Crucifixion.

Jerusalem Day May 21 (28 Iyar "Rose Blossom")
An audio-visual extravaganza along the walls of Old Jerusalem comemorating the Jerusalem Jubilee, 50 years after the 6-Day War. Hallel means "Jubilation"; the central theme is Ps #113-118; the center verse in Scripture is Ps 118:8 "If is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man". Tradition holds Jesus sang Ps 115-118 after the "Last Supper". Jesus is "The stone which the builders refused is become the head stone of the corner" Ps 118:22 "I am come in my Father's name and ye receive me not; if another shall come in his own name, he ye will receive" Jn 5:43 Now who might that be? No Saturday Night Live "Church Lady" joke folks, Project 911 on Site 911 at "Beit Shemesh" (House of the Sun) is built and ready with the Mezuzah over every door "The LORD our God is One" Deut 6:4; One eensie weensie problem! the scripture goes like this "The LORD our God is one LORD" V5 goes on "Love thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might"; those are the same words Jesus used to sum up the first Commandment in the "New Covenant" after He was refused and hung on the tree amid 2 thieves. The sight of Jesus between 2 thieves formed 7 uplifted arms of the 7 Branched Candlestick which today is often replaced by the Hanukkah Menorah with 8 arms surrounding; Wait for it! Shamash, the Babylonian and Assyrian God of Justice; in Yiddish "Sexton of the Synagogue" (Person in charge of sacred objects); nothing more Sacred in Synagogues of Satan than God hanging on a Tree eh? Now you know why JESUS referred to Jerusalem as "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt" Rev 11:8KJV A Jubilee forgives all debts, reversing the role of Slave and Master. May want to recite the LORD's Prayer; JESUS is the only way to Forgiveness.


Related image Image result for mol comfort Image result for picture of trump globe holding ritual Related image    Trump pays homage to Saudi Arabia signing $350B Arms Deal. Trump's 1st stop, same as Obama's 1st stop abroad to the "Heart of the Muslim World" to receive Saudi Arabia's highest civilian honor, the "Collar of Adbulaziz al Saud".
       Sodomite (Ref Jeff Epstein Pedophile Island) Trump performing the Sword Dance "Ardah" War Parade/Dance is performed before War. "He who kills with the sword must be killed with the sword"-JESUS. 
         Trump, Egyptian President Abdel Fatah and Saudi King Salman hold the World in the palm of their Satanic hands. Why? The Phoenix connects Egypt to Arabia by self immolating. America is the Phoenix of the New Age! 
      Think Trump will develop the Trillion Bbl Oil deposit under the Deep Water Horizon site? or the Trillion Bbl Oil deposit in ANWR? No way, the US will continue the Saudi charade. British PM Theresa May and Russian PM Vladimir Putin also received the award. Paving the way was CIA Director Mike Pompeo's first stop abroad and Gen "Mad Dog" "Chaos" Mattis who also visted the Vatican as an Oath Sworn Papal Knight. Ps 83 lists the nations aligned against Israel; that's the real 12 Tribes of Jacob and Born Again Christians meant here, not the Crypto Nation flying the Six Pointed Star of Molech; Jesus refers to Jerusalem as "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt" Rev 11:8. Amos 5:2;26; 7:2-3;5-6KJV plainly state Israel no longer exists and will never again rise. So who are the "House of Saud"? Ishmaelites? Yes. Hagarites? Yes Muslims? No. Wahhabism aka Qutbism is an Arab religion no more Islamic than Santa Claus is Christian.
    What Israel and Saudi Arabia have in common is a falsely claimed ancestry through Benjamin; Netanyahu is a Crypto Ashkenazi (Japheth-Gomer-Ashkenaz (Gen 10:2-3) fake Jew claiming Benjaminite descent. King Salman descends from Mordechai bin Ibrahim bin Moshe, a Crypto fake Jew from Basra. The Book of Esther and Song of Solomon do not mention the word "God"; all others do. Mordechai and Esther were Benjamites. The House of Saud and Luciferian Mason Benjamin Netanyahu are Cryptos; Satanists pretending to be Jewish and Muslim respectively. Jesus called such people "Wolves in Sheep's Clothes"; Jacob even prophesied Benjamin would "Ravin as a wolf... devour the prey... and divide the spoil" Gen 49:27.
    Saudi Arabia is a partnership based on the religion of Baghdad Crypto Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab (Wahhabism/Qutbism) in 1744 and Muhammad bin Saud (Politics and Military) Wahhabist doctrine is "Allah alone is God's Rabb"; Allah is the 4000 yr old Arab moon god "Sin" and Rabb (Great One or Lord), the root of Rabbi which is why Jesus forbid anyone to be called "Rabbi" (Mat 23:8); the term "Al Qaeda" (Solid Foundation) was coined at Stanford University in "Year One Satan", 1966, the year the Church of Satan was formed, by Ibn Sayyid Qutb. Sayyid means descendant of Muhammad, a Quyraish bedouin of Mecca descended from the Korahite Priests of Num 16. Korahites worship Azazel (Wilderness Goat) rather than the true Scapegoat JAH/JEHOVAH/JESUS. Desert means "Land absent God".  Qutb means "World Pillar/Tree", a doctrine seen in religions such as Dervish, Buddhism (Bodi Tree) and Norse/Celtic (Yggdrassil) and Shia (Ayathollah's represent the World Pillar) traditions. Atop the World Pillar? The Dragon (Satan) constellation "Draco" of course. Think Saudi Arabia and Iran are enemies? Guess Again.
    Trump's speech "We are not at war with Islam...this is a battle of Good versus Evil...Islam is one of the world's great faiths". Donald banned Muslims from 7 countries entering the US; Saudi Arabia and Wahhabism was created to battle Islam. The Battle of Good versus Evil is familiar to Shia's in Iran because it is derived from Zoroastrian philosophy of Ahriman (Sons of Darkness which Iran refers to as the US and Israel) versus Ahura Mazda (Sons of Light ie Lucifer). Saudi Arabia is the biggest supporter of Islamic Terrorism; in 2013 Mol Comfort split in half enroute to Jeddah Saudi Arabia with 5000 Shipping contriners full of Russian weapons destined for ISIS. Great Faith? There is 1 Faith; faith in JESUS; all others are faith in the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, Dragon, Serpent that has deceived the whole world (Ref Rev 12:9) Faith in Allah is faith in the 4000 Yr old Arab god "Sin". 
    Melania and Ivanka praised Saudi Arabia's "Human rights" securing a $100M donation to Ivanka's "Women's Entrepreneur Fund". Women in Saudi Arabia cannot drive or go out alone without a man present; women cannot obtain a Passport without a man from their family authorizing it; women cannot try on clothes or wear clothes showing their beauty; women cannot use public swimming pools. Other than that Ivanka is right.
Image result for pictures of trump at western wallTrump praying at Wailing Wall wearing the Zionist Skull Cap, a combination of Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) and National Zionism; WWIII is planned to pit Zionism against Islam; Israel and Saudi Arabia represent these sides of the "Dialectic". Trump is the sitting 1st US President to fly from Riyadh to Tel Aviv as Saudi Arabia and Israel have no diplomatic relations, other than Israeli Simon Elliot aka Abu Bakr al Baghdadi heading ISIS and Saudi Arabia arming ISIS of course. Paul warned Christians to pray with their head UNCOVERED "Every man praying or prophesying having his head covered dishounoureth his head" 1 Cor 11:4 The Kippah or Yarmulke replaced the Temple Veil Jesus tore at His Crucifixion; the SPIRITUAL Walls of the 2nd Temple were replaced and raised up in 3 days; Crucifixion on Passover Eve to Feast of First Fruits just as Jesus said would happen; the literal Temple Walls were destroyed in 70 AD. Want to be a Temple of the LORD? Ask Him!
           Trump's pre-planned arrival on "Jerusalem Day" and 50th anniversary of the 6 Day War on the 6th day of the 6th week of "Counting the Omer" Jesus refers to Jerusalem as "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt". Read Gen 6:6 and Rev 6:6 before continuing.

Related imagered-heifer-600
Kohanim blowing silver trumpets in a reenactment of a Temple service. (Photo: The Temple Institute)
Nascent Sanhedrin appoints Kohen Gadol (Chief Priest) Rabbi Baruch Kahane, seen here offering the Barley Sacrifice. Jesus, the "Passover Lamb" was Crucified on Passover Eve and rose on Feast of First Fruits as the Priests were offering the Barley Sacrifice at the start of Counting the Omer.
     Born Again followers of JESUS Baptized with the Holy Ghost are purified of Sin everytime they ask the real Chief Priest "Melchisedek" (King of Jerusalem Priest of the Most High). For those preferring to live in the Old Covenant, a Red Heifer is required. In February, a candidate for the Red Heifer was announced, a necessary requirement to purify the Samaritan Chief Priest, Synagogue of Satan and 3rd Temple of Antichrist.
     It's no coincidence the movie "Alien Covenant" made its debut with the crew of "Covenant" arriving on the Death Planet in a Wheat Field before seeing millions of human sacrifices at the Temple; Why Wheat?  The Sanhdrin offered God in Flesh as the Passover sacrifice; they are one "Political Decision" away from resuming Temple sacrifices, possibly as early as Shavuot aka Pentecost aka Feast of Weeks at the end of Counting the Omer June 1. Pentecost is the day the Holy Ghost descended 50 Days after the Crucifixion, to begin the "New Covenant". Alien means "Foreigner"; Kohen means Priest, not Jewish but Samaritan. Cohen is a Samaritan Priest name. Samaritans are not Jewish in any sense of the word; Samaritans pretend to be Jewish and are Cryptos. Jesus referred to the Pharisees and Saduccees as "...them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews but are not, but do lie" Rev 3:9 "Woe unto you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!..." Mat 23:14 "Be not ye called Rabbi..." Mat 23:8. The Black Horse causes worldwide famine, offering a measure of wheat and 3 measures of barley for a penny in exchange for people rejecting the New Covenant and accepting the "Mark of the Beast" aka Pale Horse "Death". Rev 6:6-7. Now how does the coincidental arrival of Trump (Ashkenazi Drumpf=Drummer) on the 6th day of the 6th Week of Omer look now? Got JESUS in your life? If not, you may not have much time left.  Jesus, the Passover Lamb was Crucified and Nailed to a Tree by the same Sanhedrin that is preparing to resume Temple Sacrifices. What do you think is going to happen? 
Bethlehem "City of Peace welcomes the Man of Peace" Beth=House + lahum "Fight/Battle"; lehum "Lord's Judgment". The verb form means "Bread/Grain" Trump is fighting War in Syria and impending Wars with Iran, Russia and North Korea. Jesus was born in Bethlehem on Feast of Tabernacles 6 BC; it's been a War for Souls ever since. Trump Tweeted "All civilized nations must join together to protect human life and the sacred right of our citizens to live in safety and peace" "For when they shall say Peace and safety; then sudden destruction  cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape" 1 Thess 5:3

Image result for pictures of ariana grande bang bangImage result for joe lieberman at wailing wall2 Bomb blasts at Manchester Arena during Ariana Grande Concert. How's that hit single hit single "Bang Bang" sound now? Witnesses described 2 loud Bangs, I suppose like "Bang Bang". The bomb/s has a sophisticated Cell Phone Trigger; no bomb making materials were found at Salman Abedi's home. Abedi was also connected to the Paris and Brussels False Flags. 
       Ariana Grande means "Grand War"; Ares the Greek god of War is equivalent with the Babylonian Nergal and Mars symbolized by the Rooster, the betrayal of Jesus and herald of Lucifer (Dawn=Eosphorus); the Arian heresy denied the equivalency of Jesus and God. Security Services held "Bomb Drill"; this event is the tip of a giant iceberg. 
      Salman Abedi known to Security Services and conveniently leaves his ID at the scene!  How 9/11 of him! Trump calls attacker an "Evil Loser", pledging "Absolute Solidarity with victims in UK". The Abedi family was given Asylum in the UK, to escape from Qadaffi? Hardly, his father an ISIS "Freedom Fighter" and his mother a Nuclear Engineer connected with British Security Services. SITE (Search for Int'l Terrorist Entities" Rita Katz (Pearl + Kohannim + Tzaddiq) blames ISIS; ISIS dutifully takes responsibility.  The specific group linked with the Manchester False Flag is LIFG "Libyan Islamic Fighting Group" aka "Al Jama'a al-Islamiyyah al- Muqatiah bi Libya"; the alleged attacker's father was a LIFG Initiate, an outfit armed, trained and financed by the CIA and Terrorist Ambassador John McCain seen receiving an award from the LIFG Commander and wearing the Secular/Modern version of the Cap of Cybele at Herod's Edomite Wailing Wall with fake Jew Joe Lieberman. White Kippah's are often handed out at funerals to less observant fake Jews; looks like the one Pope Francis wears eh?
    22 yr old Salman Abedi kills 22 on 5/22 You may want to have a look at the number 22 because 6 previous "Bombings" occurred on the 22nd day of the month.
  • The Norway False Flag occurred on 7/22 as did the Munich Terror Drill that went live; 7/22=Pi "Behold I come quickly" Rev 22:7
  • Brussels on 3/22 and London on 3/22 were also False Flags; Society 3/22 being the "Brotherhood of Death" aka "Skull & Bones". Adam=Edom=Red=Esau falls into Sin at Gen 3:22
  • Woolwich and now Manchester on 5/22. 22/5=4.4, the number associated with the Canaanite god Chronos aka El because there 22 assistants and 22 secondary assistants; Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix by Aleister Crowley may ring a Baal; Trump is the 44th person selected US President and it's last according to C Allen Martin in a prediction made in 1971.
  • Ancients believed God created the Universe with 22 elements
  • 22 Knight Templar Grand Masters led the order today known as International Bankers
  • 22 Tarot Cards
  • 22 represents "Manifestation of the being"
  • 22 Chapters in Revelation; 22 Books in the Old Testament in the original compilation of 49 Books in Scripture (Ernest L Martin researches this)
  • 22 represents the End of the Cycle, seen in the War between the Grecian Goat and Mede-Persian Ram, the Zoroastrian Battle of "Good versus Evil" which is why there are 22 Chapters in the Zend Avesta attributed to Zoroaster aka Zarathustra and no he didn't live in the 6th centurn BC; this is another name of Satan meaning "Star Seed".
  • Ps 22 "Eli Eli lama sabachthani" are  also the last words spoken by Jesus on the Tree in Mat 27:46 "My God, My God why hast thou forsaken me?" and the only words in Aramaean aka Syrian.
     Theresa May raised the  British Terror Threat from Severe to Critical; War in Syria is assured as is fulfillment of Is 17:1 "Damascus shall be a city no more...a ruinous heap". Russia will come to Jerusalem frofm the north in false fulfillment of the Gog and Magog battle (Exe 38-38; Rev 20:7-8); this is why the City of London Corp (holds title to most of the world's assets) is guarded by  Red Dragons and Giant Idols of Gog and Magog.
      Now what are the odds Rita Katz "Righteous Priest" would line up with the election of the Kohen Gadol "Chief Priest" in Jerusalem?  TIME TO WAKE UP FOLKS!
Image result for pictures of pope visit to fatimaBlack Virgin of RocamadourImage result for picture of trump giving pope lotus flower
Pope Francis poses with Donald, Melania and Ivanka Trump at the end of a private audience at the Vatican.
Trump at the Vatican before traveling to Brussels for the G-7 Summit on Red Nose Day.  Esau sold his soul and was renamed Edom=Red; Edomites live Wealthy, by the Sword (Trump Sword Dance may ring a Baal) and as Priests.  Gen 27:39-41KJV "Fatness of the Earth", "By the Sword" and "Dew of Heaven". Who brings down the "Dew of Heaven" for the Universal Church? Pope Francis. Shimon Peres handed control of the Temple Mount, Cenacle and David's Tomb to the Vatican. The Vatican will initiate the building of the 3rd Temple. 33 degree Luciferian Freemasons Shimon Peres and Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas planted 2 Olive Trees in the Vatican Garden to signify the 2 State Solution that will trigger WWIII. The plan? The Roman Catholic Church will be falsely declared MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS UPON THE EARTH. The US will be falsely declared "Economic Babylon" Rev 18:18 is the final  "Woe" ! of 313 in the KJV. Up next? Antichrist aka "Pale Horse", Mark of the Beast and the Great Tribulation. Think it was coincidence Jesuit Pope Francis was elected on Red Heifer Day on 3/13/13? The Jesuit HQ and "Mother Church of all Churches Worldwide" is St John Lateran Arch-basilica housing the Sedes Vacante (Vacant Seat); the Cathedra "Teaching Seat" of Satan. Lateran means "Hidden Frogs", the unclean spirits of the Dragon, Beast and False Prophet.  
    Pope Francis gave Donald Trump a St Francis Peace Medallion with an Olive Tree on it; between the branches is the word "War". His address to Trump "I hope you will become an Olive Tree to make Peace" Jesus is the Olive Tree and Trump of God; Donald is the imposter.; Jesus gave his life; Donald will likely give or pretend to give his; Marilyn Manson cuts his throat on SAY TEN, Simpsons show him in a coffin amid Secret Service, Snoop Dog shoots him with a fake gun and C Alan Martin predicted in 1971 the 44th President would be America's last. Hillary Clinton addressed Wellseley College saying "Donald Trump will be Impeached" Pope Francis said "First is the Family, second the joy of the Gospel, 3rd the care for the envoronment" The Family teaches mass murder/sacrifice; the Gospel is about the ultimate sacrifice; caring for the environment is by eliminating all but 1 Billion people from Earth as Pope Francis wrote in his encyclical (Teaching Paper) "Laudato Si"; his other gift to Donald Trump was a copy of "Laudato Si"  If you are not SPIRITUALLY ready for WWIII, you need to be.      
    Pope Francis gives Donald Trump an Earth Worship Encyclical calling for the death of 6 Billion people and an Olive Tree Medallion with War between the branches; Donald Trump gives Pope Francis a Bronze Lotus Flower sculpture entitled "Rising Above". The Lotus is the sacred flower of Buddha called the "Flower of Enlightenment" and sacred in Egyptian religion called the "Womb of Isis". The Lotus symbolizes Divine Re-birth through Illumination; it is equivalent with the Eye of Horus, seen above the Unfinished Pyramid on the $US ONE. In "Secret Doctrine", the Theosophical book by Helena Blavatsky, the Lotus carries the Seed of Reproduction, it's placenta "umbilicus" attached to Mother Earth (Laudato Si is an Earth worship Encyclical), the Womb of Isis; the Holy of Holies and Temple of the Living God. In the Egyptian "Book of the Dead", the Lotus carries the messages of Horus, the Pure Lotus of the Luminous One (Lucifer) from the Solar Fields.
     The Lotus represents 1. Purification of the Spirit. Gnostics like the Cathars "Pure Ones" believe flesh is evil; destruction of the flesh is necessary to purify and liberate the Spirit. 2. Rebirth and reincarnation of the Soul. Transmigration of the Soul and Indestructibility of the Soul are now Catholic Dogma not in agreement with Scripture "Fear Him who can destroy both body and soul in hell" Lk 12:5; Mat 10:28
     The video by Heliofant (Sun Initiate) "I, Pet Goat II" an apple rolls across the Masonic Checkerboard Floor to a CL ($100 shows NYC hit by a missile and a flood; $50 shows the Hoover Dam breaking apart), splits open and a Lotus Flower emerges. The Apple is Apolloyon/Abbadan from Rev 9:11 "Destroyer" aka the Serpent who taught Cain to kill Abel. The message here is clear, the US destroyed and turned into a Debtor's Prison as the Phoenix self destructs; the New World Order rising from the ashes as the Trump of God. Don't be fooled folks; this is going down right in front of our faces.
    This picture looks like a  Trump Funeral. Melania means Black; she was depicted as President of the US in a Slovenia clothing ad in 1997; her father Victor Knavs was an ardent Communist; Ivanka is the feminine of John; Trump is a Johnitter aka Knight of St John of Jerusalem, an Oath Sworn Papal Knight. The Funeral clothes symbolize the US as the Holocaust Sacrifice of the New Age as written in 1620 by Sir Francis Bacon in "New Atlantis: A work unfinished". The US is to be the Scapegoat for Rev 18 "Babylon"; our Economic Collapse erasing a $Quadrillion Debt to the world during the Satanic Jubilee Year of 2017; 50 years after the 6-Day War and 6th Tetrad of Lunar Eclipses on Passover and Tabernacles.
    The Funeral is for the US; Donald Trump is the 44th person selected US President which matches Aleister Crowley's Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix.  
     You may recall on the 100th Anniversary of "Our Lady of Fatima" Mar 13, 2017 Pope Francis held a Cannonization Mass beginning with this line "There appeared in heaven a woman clothed with the Sun". If you are not familiar with the Sept 23, 2017 "Woman clothed with the Sun" sign and Rev 12:1 you may want to be. Mother of Jesus? Hardly, more like "Whore of Babylon". The Whore is seen in NY Harbor as the Statue of Liberty and atop the Capitol Dome in Washington DC as "Our lady of Freedom". The date Sept 23 was also highlighted in the movies "Little Shop of Horrors" and "Evan Almighty". Note: Evan Almighty was not about the Global Flood but a local Flood destroying Washington DC.
       America's Funeral; the Capstone "Pyramidion" aka "Benben Stone" and "Nest of the Phoenix" placed symbolically atop the Unfinished Pyramid "Amid the Flames".,_20173 The Whore of Babylon is ISIS aka Cybele "Magna Mater", consort of Saturn to whom child sacrifices are offered.
      Jesus warned Creditors make Slaves of Debtors. Debts are forgiven during the Jubilee; the US is in debt to Creditors $100 Trillion in cash and unfunded liabilities. The US is a CORPORATION with Debts balanced by Assets such as several Trillion Bbls of oil in the ANWR (Alaska Nat Wildlife Refuge), Bakken Formation and Gulf of Mexico, all with pipelines in place to deliver the "Black Gold". The Black Horse (Rev 6:6) accomplishes this doling out Barley and Wheat for a Pence as in Mike Pence, the Zionist Initiate of "The Family" who admires men who understood the real meaning of the New Covenant best such as Mao Tse Tung, Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot and Joseph Stalin SJ. Like Pope Francis Stalin was a Jesuit and his dutiful Oath Sworn servant Knight of Malta aka Knight of St John of Jerusalem, Cyprus and Rhodes aka Hospitaller Donald Trump.
Esau lives Wealthy, as Priests and by Military Force. Looks like the bases are covered here eh?  God hates Esau (Mal 1:3; Rom 9:13; Heb 12:16) God hates "Nicolaitane Doctrine" ie the Elevation of Clergy (Rev 2:6;15)  God will destroy every last Edomite in the World (Obadiah) Don't be fooled!

Related imageImage result for nato logoRelated imageImage result for nazi lightning bolt"Brussels is a Hell Hole" "NATO is obsolete"-Trump in EU and NATO HQ Brussels on Red Nose Day for the transfer of the new, largely US financed, $1.1B, "SS" Lightning Bolt shaped NATO HQ from Brussels to NATO. Trump called Brusssels a "Hell Hole" , NATO "Obsolete" and refers to himself as "Mr BREXIT" referring to the British exit from the EU  last year; the new EU HQ "Europa Bldg" is an Egg shaped building costing $300M; Europa is the Whore of Babylon.    
       Speaking between remnants of the North Tower demolished on 9/11 and the Berlin Wall. Obama made 2 "Yes We Can" speeches from the Brandenburg Gate under the Quadriga of Apollo next to the "Throne of Pergamon" at the Berlin Museum aka "Satan's Seat"; Trump's Penthouse in NYC is a Shrine to Apollo "Destroyer" of Rev 9:11. Not coincidentally Obama was once again at the Brandernburg Gate with Angela Merkel for the 30th anniversary of 33 degree Masons and Bohemian Grove Moloch worshippers Reagan and Gorbachev "Tearing down the Wall"; Trump was in Brussels lecturing NATO Nations on paying their share for security. Trump said "I never once asked what it cost" It cost over a $Billion Donald. At the nearby Chateau Amerois "Castle of Kings" children are abducted, hunted, raped, tortured, dismembered and the remains burned and tossed in the crypt under the "1000 Pts of Light" Cathedral by members of the 9th Circle Cult including Pope Francis. Their innocent blood used by "Mothers of Darkness" to record the progress of the New World Order. The 2 Million SQ FT NATO HQ is a giant step forward. Why Red Nose Day? Esau sold his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of Red Beans and was renamed Edom=Red.  The Swastika is not German or Nazi, it is the oldest symbol on Earth called the "Broken Sun Wheel", "Filfot", "Hakehkreuz" or "Bammadion"; Swastika means "To be Well or Good Fortune". The Flood set back the Cainite-Canaanite-Edomite World "Dominion" plans 4300 or so years. The 3rd Beast is Edomite "Dominion" (Gen 27:40KJV; Dan 7:6) shaping up nicely eh?
     NATO HQ is made of 4 SS "Schwarze Sonne" aka "Black Sun" Ligntning Bolts representing the 4 Beast Kingdoms: Babylon, Mede-Persia, Greece, Rome. The EU HQ  in Strasbourg is built as an unfinished "Tower of Babel" with the Whore of Babylon riding the Beast in front and Seat #666 held vacant, but not for long. The Black Sun (think David Bowie's Black Star) is Saturn aka El, Moloch, Milcom, Osiris=On, Chiun, Remphan, Sikkuth all names of Satan seen in Babel and Babylon, the Head of Gold of the Beast Idol. Want in? Take the Mark of this Beast. Want Heaven? Just Say No. Saturn and Cybele a match made in Hell!
"Climate Change is a Hoax"-Trump at G-7 Summit in Taormina, Sicily bashes Merkel over German trade surplus with the US and is the lone holdout on reaffirming the Paris Climate Change Accord. Climate Change is the highest priority for Pope Francis in his encyclical Laudato Si which he gave to Trump 2 days earlier, calling for the elimation of 6 Billion people from Earth. The same message is at the Georgia Guide Stones in Elberton GA, where most Graveyard Head Stones are fashioned in the US. Trump aides said he was there to learn about Climate Change and will make his decision next week. "Go forth and multiply"? Not quite "Go forth and multiply until Al Gore convinces you the Earth can no longer support you. Laudato Si means "Be praised" referring to Gaia "Mother Earth"; Jesus warned a day would come when people kill and believe they are doing God a service; those days are about here. Ever wonder why China with 1.3B people supposedly warning Mother Earth by breathing is not at the G-7 while Canada with 35M is? HL Mencken would say the G-7 is just one of many "Imaginary Hobgoblins" used to alarm the populace. 

Hillary Clinton commencement speech at Wellesely College, comparing Nixon to Trump,  "Trump will be impeached for firing Comey". Hillary was a 27 Yr old attorney working for the Watergate Investigation; Nixon was never impeached, Bill Clinton was however. Comey was the Clinton's personal Tax Attorney, a particularly difficult job during Iran-Contra Drug for Weapon Scandal and Operation Gun Runner weapons sales to the Sinaloa Drug Cartels I would think. The special prosecutor who will investigate Trump is Robert Mueller, the previous FBI Director who covered up the CIA bombing of Pan AM 103 over Lockerbie and 9/11/2001 destruction of "Ground Zero" forensic evidence. Think bin Laden had something to do with 9/11? "We never made the case or found one shred of evidence linking Osama bin Laden to 9/11/2001 or to Saddam Hussein" Robert Mueller.

3rd Aircraft Carrier Group deployed to North Korea; USS Nimitz joining USS Ronald Reagan and USS Carl Vinson

Ramadan begins May 26, the month Angel Gabriel delivered the Quran to Muhammad in stark contrast to the words he delivered to Zecharias, Mary and Daniel in the Word of God far earlier. 2016 was the UN "Year of Pulses"; Ramadan 2016 was celebrated by the Pulse Night Club Hoax. Omar Matteen's father would later sit in the front row of the DNC during Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech. Ramadan was an Arab Holy Month long before Islam, celebrated by Gnostic Mandeans and Nabatteans centuries before Muhammad; Manda means Knowlidge as does Gnosis. Likewise, Allah was an Arab Moon God lond before Islam called "Sin". Seems Muslims have been duped as much as Santa Claus and Easter Bunny believing Christians or Talmud believing Jews. The Synagogue of Satan are the Wolves in Sheep's clothes going by the titles Rabbi, Imam and Reverend.

Kohanim (Levite Priests descended from Aaron) confirmed by DNA analysis, a requirement for 3rd Temple sacrifices to begin; this in stark contrast to the Bible which says the Levite Priesthood became corrupt and replaced by Melchisedek (Melek=King + Tzaddiq=Righteous Priest), the title of JESUS, the source of the Covenant with Abram, King David and the New Covenant. Now you know why Jesus said "Never call any man Rabbi". Kohen is a Samaritan Priest genealogy; Samaritans a mix of Phoenician (Canaanite) blood brought into Israel by Solomon and his 1000 Wives/Concubines and Jezebel and Ahab; Samaritans worship Zeus not God (JEHOVAH) and regard Mt Gerizem as Mt Sinai; they hold no value in any scripture as the Word of God. The Bible describes them as "Priests of the lowest of people"

                                                  Memorial Day aka Decoration Day
"Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as cannon fodder in our wars" Henry Kissinger 
"If my sons didn't want wars there would be none"
Gotle Schnaper Rothschild Roth=Red + Shield; Edomites pretending to be Jewish have been behind Wars and Revolutions using slogans like "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" meaning Liberty from God, Equality with God and Fraternity with like minded Satanists. Isaac prophesied his son Esau would live by the Sword, Wealthy (Fatness of the Earth) and as Priests (Dew of Heaven) in Gen 27:39-41KJV. 
      33 degree Mason Henry Kissinger won the Intrepid Air and Space Award in 2016, introduced by Afghansitan and Iraq War General David Petraus as his "Lifelong mentor and friend". While soldiers serve as cannon fodder, Henry atends Bohemian Grove, a 4000 Yr old Sumerian Ritual called "Begone Dull Care" every summer worshipping a 40ft Owl called Molech.
     One month after Trump fired 60 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles into Syria after eating "The best chocolate cake ever" and dropping the US larges bomb "MOAB" in Afghanistan, he met Henry in the Oval Office May 12 stating "We are going stop the killing and bloodshed"; no you're not Donald.
    Nixon said "If the Luftwaffe had won the air war, the person you could thank most would be George Ronmey" George was an ALCOA lobbyist and executive supplying the Luftwaffe with aluminum. Prescott Bush had the family assets siezed under the "Trading with the Enemy" Act by Congress for financing the NAZI Empire through Union Bank. George Bush Jr  used US soldiers to turn Afghanistan into a giant Irradiated Opium Field supplying 96% of the world's heroin; his father is called "Poppy" for this reason. Reagan (really Bush Sr) supplied arms to Iraq and Iran for an 8 Yr genocidal war with profits purchasing Cocaine for the US. Opium was transported into the US at Dover AFB inside US Flag drapped coffins of deceased servicemen. DuPont supplied expolsives to both sides of WWI. "He wouldn't have done it" 3 degree Shriner/Mason Harry Truman referring to FDR's reluctance to Fire Bomb Tokyo and drop Atomic Weapons.  Veteran is a Latin word "Veteranus" meaning "Beast of Burden"

                                    April "Month of Venus/Lucifer"; Aprilus "To Give Birth" 
April Fool's Day is an especially Blasphemous Holy Day which is why Donald Trump chose it to reaffirm his unwavering support for  Zionism and Islam's  Cornerstone UN Res  Isis is the Whore about to give Birth.
Image result for picture of mccain with isisImage result for picture of mccain with isis

The First World War must be brought about in order to permit the Illuminati to overthrow the power of the Czars in Russia and of making that country a fortress of atheistic Communism. The divergences caused by the "agentur" (agents) of the Illuminati between the British and Germanic Empires will be used to foment this war. At the end of the war, Communism will be built and used in order to destroy the other governments and in order to weaken the religions."
The Second World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences between the Fascists and the political Zionists. This war must be brought about so that Nazism is destroyed and that the political Zionism be strong enough to institute a sovereign state of Israel in Palestine. During the Second World War, International Communism must become strong enough in order to balance Christendom, which would be then restrained and held in check until the time when we would need it for the final social cataclysm.
The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam and political Zionism mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion...the true horrors of absolute atheism and true doctrine of Lucifer...  Jesuit controlled (Jean Pierre De Smet; also controlled Mormon Freemason Brigham Young) Confederate, Sodomite, Glutton, Freemason, KKK Founder Albert Pike (his far larger than life stands at the Federal Justice Dept; a later Sovereign Grand Master of Scottish Rite Masonry and Arab Shriner Ken Kleinknecht managed the Apollo Hoax; his brother C Fred Kleinknecht was head of Scotch Rite Masons managing the Cold War Hoax with Russia) to Jesuit, Freemason, Italian Revolutionary, MAFIA Founder Giuseppe Mazinni on the Feast Day of Lucifer Aug 15, 1871. 

The "Promised Land" is a Covenant God (Melchisedek aka Jesus) made with Abram; included in the Contract which changed his name to Abraham ("h" means "God is with me") was for his sons never to take the daughters of Canaan as wives; Ishmael and Esau took Canaanite (Hittite) wives; Isaac and Jacob did not. The Earth is about to give birth to an Atheist Beast; Jesus said unless "Those Days" were shortened, no flesh would remain on Earth. In personal Covenant with JESUS?  What are you waiting for WWIII? The Rapture? Aliens? All Jesuit Inventions just like WWI, WWII. "Gog and Magog" War? That's at the end of the Millennial Reign of Jesus, 1000 years after the 2nd Coming.
  • Jared Kushner and Gen Joe Dunford met in Baghdad with Anti-ISIS leaders April 2017.
  • John McCain met with ISIS leaders in Syria 44 days before the April 6 attack. Trump is the 44th person selected President; Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix ring a Baal? 
  • John McCain and John Kerry regularly meet ISIS leaders. The US State Dept supplies ISIS Toyota SUV's made in Texas. Both John's pray at Herod's "Wailing Wall"


ANU and Zoonoverse Citizen Science declare Chiron or Comocina most likely candidates for Planet 9. ANU=Australia National University? or Anu "Zeus/Lucifer"? Tuatha de Danaan aka Tribe of Danu/Anu may ring a Baal. Chiron is the Wise Centaur who educated Achilles in the arts of music, archery, medicine, hunting, martial arts and prophecy. Chiron is the son of Cronos/Saturn the "Grim Reaper". Planet 9 is said to be a supermassive planet whose "Gravity" wreaked havoc with the Earth causing the Flood; Chiron is a 128Mi wide Comet; Comet means "Long Haired Star"; Merovingians were called "Long Hair Monarchs". Zoonoverse comes from Zoonomia, the work precedeing Charles Darwin's plagiarized "Origin of the Species" written by his Satanic Grandfather Erasmus. Planet 9? Nothing but Nibiru "Planet X" (Planet of the Crossing) nonsense promoted by Zechariah Sitchin. Don't fall for this April's Fools Day garbage.
NIH begins Phase 2 Zika Vaccine Trials in South, Central America, Mexico, San Juan. "The world's most dangerous animal is the Mosquito and #2 isn't even close" "With Vaccines, we can reduce world population by 10-15%" Bill Gates funds Aedes Aegypti Mosquitos. 3 of the 10 Kings are destroyed at the misnamed "End of Days"? America means Serpent, after Amurru the Edomite Serpent and Shepherd god.

Nail bomb explodes in St Petersburg metro station; one mangled door, no blood, metro opened in 2 hrs. Crisis Actors move from London to St Petersburg it seems.
I-85 Bridge Collapse in Atlanta; 8/5=1.618 "Phi"; Venus (Lucifer) forms a 5 Pt Star around the Sun every 8 Years. 3 transients ignite 70 gallons of Diesel Fuel; steel weakens and concrete road section collapses from total Bullshit. ISIS? ISIS video explains how to make PVC and Diesel Fuel bombs to destroy concrete bridges and buildings. Rita Katz and US Army SITE (Search for Int'l Terrorist Entities) make ISIS videos. Diesel Fuel can no more soften steel imbedded in concrete on a bridge than Jet Fuel can melt asbestos encased steel supports at the Twin Towers.

Mormon Church General Conference building 5 new Temples "Focusing on Principles welcoming the Holy Spirit" "Howbeit the most High dwelleth not in temples made with hands" Acts 7:48  The Holy Spirit in Mormon Temples is that of Antichrist. Mormon Church "Prince of Peace" Campaign will usher in Antichrist.

AIPAC Summit Mar 28 "I'm a lifelong supporter and true friend of Israel" Donald Trump. Zionist Mike Pence (Initiate of "The Family" AIPAC Whore spoke for him "We are committed to finding an equitable solution to the 2 State problem, never compromising on the safety and security of the Jewish State of Israel"; 2 eeensie weensie problems Israel is not Jewish and Edomite King Abdullah II and the Arab League oppose this idea! In common is both nations are led by Luciferian 33 degree Freemasons. Israel is not Jewish (Ref Obadiah, Amos 5:2;26; 7:2-3; 5-6KJV) Israel is under the Six Pointed Star, the ensign of Molech/Saturn. Zionist fake Jews Jared Kushner, Nikki Haley and David Friedman are on the Zionist side of the Dialectic to wipe Palestine from the map. UN Res 2334 sets the stage for WWIII In personal Covenant with JESUS (JEHOVAH Ex 6:3; JAH Ps 68:4; JESUS Mat 1:25) yet? Pardon me, but What are you waiting for? WWIII?

Arab League Summit Mar 29 
King Abdullah II of Jordan is (or at least claims) Hashemite, an Edomite descendant of Korahite Priests from Num 16 living in Idumea, the land of Edom, Ammon and Moab. Abdullah is a Grand Orient Lodge Freemason initiated in Paris; Abd=House + Allah=Arab moon god "Sin". These are the people in Dan 11 who escape the hand of the  Antichrist for a short time. "Arab-Israeli Peace is dependent on a 2-State Solution" Palestine is also led by a Luciferian Mason as is Israel; the latter obviously against a 2-State solution. The Vatican controls the Temple Mount; Jesuits control the Vatican. The Jesuit/Masonic Dialectic: Israeli "Thesis" + Arab "Anti-thesis" will yield the Synthesis; revealing of Antichrist. In a personal Covenant with JESUS yet? What are you waiting for? WWIII?

Jared Kushner put in charge of White House "SWAT Team" Office of American Innovation
Ivanka given West Wing Office and Advisory role as well; both paid positions. Donald means "World Ruler", collects Subsidies for his Penthouse and a Screen Actors Guild Retirement; Donald is a Knight of St John of Jerusalem (Hospitallers; Gnostic Johnnitters may ring a Baal) who was married to Ivana, the femine of "John"; Ivanka is their daughter. Jared, an Ashkenazi (Non-Semitic Germanic fake Jew descended from Japheth-Gomer-Ashkenaz just like Donald Drumpf "God shall enlagre Japheth and shall dwell in the tents of Shem"), Orthodox, Talmudic, Zionist (Jesus is in Hell in His own boiling excrement according to the Talmud). Jared is Noah's great grandfather; Jaredites are integral to Mormon mythology/religion concerning America) Kushner means "Furrier" referring to the "Fur" worn by Jacob to obtain the blessings of his blind father Isaac (God gives blessings, not people and God is not fooled); essentially the name fulfils what God prophesied: Japheth is the eldest son of Noah, living as "Fake Jews" (Shem's Tents), married to Canaanite women (violates the Covenant God made with Abraham). Jared's father Charles was convicted of Tax Evasion, Loan Sharking, Conspiracy, Witness Tampering and Obstruction of Justice; Jared is the lead negotiator for Trump's relations with China (read TiSA "Trade in Services Agreement), Mexico and Canada (read NAFTA/CAFTA), Israel (Zionist side of WWIII), the Middle East (Arab, Islam side of WWIII) will work with Apple's (Apple means Apollo; Donald Trump's Penthouse is a shrine to Apollo), Tim Cook, Elon Musk (Moon/Mars liar; Tesla Motors is named after Nikola Tesla, whose Scalar Electro-Magnetic Weapons capable of destroying the Earth were weaponized by Donald's uncle John; pretty coincidental with all the Johns eh?), Bill Gates (Oxitec Aedes Aegypti Mosquito warfare, Vaccine population reduction), Geo-engineering proponents and BlackStone Group CEO Stephen Schwarzman. FreeScale, a division of Motorola is controlled by BlackStone Group who controls the KL-03 RF Micro Chip capable of controlling: Nuc Power Plants, ATM's, Commercial Aircraft Flight Navigation Computers and Autopilots (BUAC=Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot, removes pilots from the equation); MH-370 had the original patent holders onboard until the KL-03 Chip was tested; MH-370 did not crash folks; it was a Beta Test for fake Rapture; remember "Left Behind"? Pretty dramatic is hundreds of airliners crash at the same  time eh? Trump Administration approves (Geo-engineering has been going on clandestinely since the Korean War) full scale Geo-engineering of Atmosphere; How can people still deny this is happening?  

Movie version of "The Shape of Things to Come"
Edomite King Abdullah (Servant of Allah; Allah=Arab moon god Sin") II and Donald Trump (Ashkenazi Drumpf) White House "Israel-Palestine Press Conference" April 5 "You will find a strong ally in Jordan for all your policies" "We will be successful in negotiating a lasting Peace between Palestinians and Israel" Donald Trump. Trump listens to Nikki Haley (Sikh), David Friedman, Jared Kushner, Steve Bannon (Brietbart is HQ in Tel Aviv for Pete's sake) on one side and Edomite King Abdullah II. In common, both Israel (Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is the rediculous stage name of Simon Elliot, just ask traitor John McCain) and Jordan arm train and finance ISIS. Do you need to review the pictures of Putin and Netanyahu at the Wailing Wall to understand this is the pre-planned basis of WWIII? When Jesus returns to Mt Zion, He destroys every last Edomite; now do you think Israel is Jewish? In "The Shape of things to come" HG Wells channeling a Demon aka "Guiding Spirit" in 1933 predicted "WWIII will begin with an event in Basra; the etymology of Basra is Bas-Rah="Paths where many paths meet". That's the Wide Gate Jesus warned of that leads to Hell for eternity. Jesus is the "Narrow Gate".

Syrian Sarin Gas False Flag Crisis Actors and Soros backed White Helmets used to blame Assad? Handling a body dead from Sarin gas sithout gloves, is a death sentence. Sarin caused bowels and bladder to release, and vomiting. White Helmets waving ISIS Flag? T Rex Tillerson (Pilgrim Society) says "Strong response is forthcoming". Trump says "I have changed my mind about Syria a lot" "Damascus shall be a city no more...a ruinous heap"-God    
Trump tops ISIS "Kill List" New video "America, you have drowned; you have an idiot for President; there is no Savior" Marilyn Manson, Snoop Dog and "The Simpsons" all feature Donald Trump dead; "The Family" Puppet, Zionist Mike Pence in the White House? The Black Horse collapses the World Economy and in exchange for Satanic Loyalty, offers a day's work for One Pence (Denarius=Penny=Pence). 

Image result for pictures of trump announcement of cruise missile attack at mar a lagoPedophile Knight of Malta Donald Trump hosts Xi Jinping for US-China Summit at Mar a Lago pedophile resort. The US is about the only nation missing out on the One Belt One Road Chinese Rail Line connecting Indonesia, E China, and the Korean Peninsula to Russia, Europe and London. Why? America is the Scapegoat for Rev 18 "Economic Babylon"; the last ! is the "Woe" in Rev 18:18. There are 313 ! in Scripture "When there are 313 sincere followers of Shia Islam al-Mahdi will return" al-Mahdi, the occulted 12 Shia Imam is Antichrist. Think it's coincidence the final Pope predicted by St (Gag me) Malachy, Pope Francis I was selected on 3/13/13? WWI, WWII, WWIII were pre-planned in writing on the "Feast Day of Lucifer" Aug 15, 1871; WWIII Zionism against Islam to the point of economic, moral and physical exhaustion in order for the true doctrine of Lucifer to be accepted. If or when Donald Trump is impeached or assassinated, Zionist puppet Mike Pence will enact what his masters at "The Family" dictate "The men who knew the true meaning of the New Covenant best were Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot, Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler" Doug Coe head of "The Family" whose initiates include Mike (Black Horse Penny-Denarius-Pence) Pence, HUD Director 7th Day Adventist Ben Carson, AG Jeff Sessions, Dir of Nat Intel Dan Coats and Education Sec Betsy De Voss (The Gathering is an offshoot of "The Family") whose brother Knight of Malta Eric Prince trains Arab mercenary armies as well as Academi (named after pederast/pedophile Plato's Academy in Athens)  

US enters WWI April 6, 1917, US may very well have started WWIII on April 6, 2017. Just months after Woodrow Wilson was re-elected on the campaign slogan "Re-elect the man who will keep your sons out of war in Europe", soldiers given vaccinations were sent to trench warfare, incubating the "Spanish Flu" plague that would kill 1/3 of Europe. April 6, 2017, Donald Trump orders Tomahawk Cruise Missile attack on Syria on 100th anniversary of US entry into WWI called "The war to end all wars". The obviously pre-planned attack (the US cannot plan and approve a 100 Tomahawk Cruise Missile attack in one day), timed during a Congressional Recess (Libyan War was also pre-planned and timed during Congressional Recess) is an Undeclared War on Syria without UN approval, coming 1 day after the False Flag Chemical Weapon attack. Guess whose Chemical Weapons those are? In 2003, Evergreen B-747's flew US made Iran-Contra weapons from Baghdad to Damascus; just ask Boy Scout Director (no coincidence T Rex Tillerson was also Boy Scout Director), CIA Director, DOD Sec Bob Gates who admitted this fact.
1917-1944-2017 US entry WWI, WWII, WWIII match the Golden Mean 1948-1967-2017 Israel, 6-Day War, 3rd Temple? match the Golden Mean. I-85 Bridge in Atlanta (Diesel Fuel cannot weaken concrete encased steel) 8/5=Golden Mean. Think all this is coincidence?
  • Trump Summit with Putin ally Xi Jinping at Mar a Lago; Tillerson met Xi Jinping at the Palm Beach airport not Trump; Trump orders a Cruise Missile attack on Russian-Chinese ally Syria during dinner and plays golf the next day, a sport Xi Jinping regards as a symbol of Capitalism's excess. Biff from Back to the Future wouldn't be this callous.
  • Vladimir Putin calls emergency mtg of UN Security Council condemning the "US Act of Agression on a Sovereign Nation". "US is one step from War"-Vlad Putin Donald Trump promises more airstrikes
  • ISIS arming Traitor John McCain makes secret trip to Syria 44 days before the alleged attack. Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix may ring a Baal; Trump is the 44th person selected US President.
  • Aug 21, 2013 Assad is accused of firing Sarin Gas Shells into Damascus suburb; UTube Videos of the alleged atrocities are uploaded on Aug 20. "Tomorrow's media campaign will begin to cover air raids on Hama countryside and the use of chlorine gas against civilians" All Night Tweeter Feras Karam tweeting about the alleged attack before it happened. Gas Masks were distributed 2 days ahead of the alleged attack.
  • "Rescue Workers" (Actors) not wearing protetive clothing, gloves or masks. 
  • UN Ambassador Nikki Haley condemns use of Chemical Weapons, says "Trump Administration considering new Russia and Iran sanctions" During the Iran-Contra scandal, US Chemical Weapons were provided to Saddam Hussein and Iran's "Chemical Ali" for their genocidal war; those WMD's were then transferred just ahead of the 2003 invasion force to Syria; in 2013 the UN placed China and Russia in charge of disposing those WMD's. 
  • Recip Tayyip Erdogan calls for Syrian "No-Fly Zones"; this coming from the man who brokers Afghanistan Heroin, and looted ISIS Oil, arms, trains, and provides passports to ISIS and shoots down Russian pilots in their parachutes. To have known where the Russian plane would have been and when, obviously involves Putin who himself arms ISIS (Ref Russian ship Mol Comfort splitting in half with 50,000 tons of ISIS weapons destined for Jeddah Saudi Arabia and the waiting arms of traitor John Kerry; Turkish Ship Nour M intercepted by Greek Coast Guard with 50,000 Kalashnikov Rifles and ammunition) WWI broke up the Ottoman Empire, creating the Syrian and Jordanian States; the war ended in Armistice as did the Korean War; WWIII is the pre-planned sequel. No stranger to False Flag Operations, Erdogan plans to rebuild the Ottoman Empire from his newly declared Shariah Law Dictator for Life position, using what else but US military equipment including F-16's and F-35's.
  • ISIS launches major offensive in Homs in wake of Shayrat Airbase destruction; Because the US arms, and funds ISIS.  Now we know why John McCain went to Syria ahead of the pre-planned False Flag Operation.

Notice the Eagle carrying E Pluribus Unum is prominently displayed next to the Pedophile in Chief; "Out of Many One" refers to a One World Edomite Dictatorship prophesied in Gen 27:41KJV, Dan 7:6. Esau exalts himself as the Eagle which is why Jesus prophesied "Whersoever the carcase is, Eagles will be gathered together" Mat 24:28; Jer 7:33 Esau intends to slay everyone in Covenant with JESUS and therefore part of Jacob (Gen 27:39-4-KJV); Esau violated the Covenant with Abraham by marrying Hittite women, which is why God changed his name to Edom (Red) just like the Red Hittite (China=Sina=Sin=Cathay=Cathars=Heth=Hittites) Train reforming the ancient "Silk Road". Welcome aboard the Trump Crazy Train to Hell. Want off the Train? Tell JESUS!
Why April 6, 2017? Mormons, specifically Re-organized Community of Christ (RLDS) First: 2017 is 50 years "Jubilee" after the 1967 6-Day War and 7th Tetrad of Lunar Eclipses on Passover and Tabernacles; a Jubilee forgives Debt (Red/Edomite Ink) and reverses the role of Slave and Master; Esau is currently Yoked to Jacob and will be until he obtains "Dominion" (Gen 27:39-41KJV). Second: The Mormon Church started the unbiblical nonsense Jesus was born April 6, 1830. "The rise of the Church of Christ in these last days being 1830 years since the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the flesh in the 4th month, 6th day which is called April" Joseph Smith Scribe ("Woe unto you Scribes"-Jesus) and founder of RLDS John Witmer. Aprilus means "Give Birth" to Jesus? Hardly; the Mormon Church just launched the "Prince of Peace" Campaign; the "Prince of Peace" is "Antichrist"; Jesus returns with a Sword! The RLDS aka "Witmerites" or "Dissenters" are now the "Community of Christ". The RLDS Temple in Independence Missouri will be the site of the small Temples, a haven called Adam Ondi Ahman, the land Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden; if you thought the Garden of Eden was in southern Iraq, you're right; this is Mormon nonsense. The return to the Garden of Eden will come through the destruction of the US as a Scapegoat "Babylon". The Temple is built as a Spiral conforming to the "Golden Mean" which is why April 6, 2017 was chosen.
  Related image Image result for picture of community of christ temple
                                                                    By the Numbers

        Trump's 77th Day in Office comes 9 mionths 23 days before the Whore of Babylon apppears on  9/23/2017 On April 6: US entered WWI April 6, 1917; US potentially began WWIII April 6, 2017; Birth of Mormon Jesus April 6, 1 BC; Birth of Mormon Church April 6, 1830; Birth of Re-formed LDS Church April 6, 1860, Nauvoo Temple 1841, Salt Lake Temple 1893 and wait for it! UN supplies Temple Mount Heritage Foundation $550,000 to begin building the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem on April 6, 2017 How coincidental is is that all these events occurred on April 6 and conform to the Fibonacci Spiral aka Golden Mean represented in the RLDS Temple in Independence Missouri? Independence from God is the Gnostic goal folks! Jesus refers to Jerusalem as "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt" Rev 11:8KJV The Golden Mean aka Fibonacci Sequence or Ratio of Life is 1.618/1. Using WWII as a focus, WWI, WWII and 2017 conform to the Golden Mean. Using the 1966 founding of the Church of Satan, 1967 6 Day War, USS Liberty attack and 7th Tetrad (4 Consequetive Lunar Eclipses on Passover and Tabernacles) as the focus, the 1948 founding of Israel, Year One Satan and 2017 3rd Temple? conform to the Golden Mean. 5 Doves copyrighted the photos but can be viewed here; just be careful as 5 Doves outlines everything from Aliens to Rapture to 7 Yr Tribulation 

       Luke 1 spells the real timing out clearly; John the Baptist was conceived during the course of Abia (June) and born on Passover. Jesus was conceived during John's mother Elizabeth's 6th month of pregnancy on Hanukkah "Feast of Dedication" (Mary became the New Covenant Temple of God) and born on Feast of Tabernacles 9 months later; Jesus was then Circumcised as called for under Jewish Law on the Great "8th Day" of Tabernacles (7th month 22nd Day; 22/7=Pi; the Circle of Heaven on Earth "Behold, I come quickly" Rev 22:7 is no coincidence). Now what year? Herod died April 4 BC (attested by Ceasar Augustus and Herod's son; Herod died by the hand of an angel of the LORD after ordering the "Slaughter of Innocents" (1st born sons of Judea 2 Yrs and under); Jesus was a "Young Child" at that time and was taken to Egypt; 2 choices, Jesus was either 6 months old or 1 1/2 years old. So, if you were a Satanist organizing WWIII and a fake 2nd Coming, what date would you choose? In the Satanic Rituals "Mormo" is listed as one of the infernal names of Satan, it means "King of the Graveyard"; America will become a Graveyard; out of the ashes of the Phoenix, the New Atlantis will rise. The Mormon Oath of Vengeance requires Mormons to avenge the death of Joseph Smith on America until the last drop of Gentile blood is spilled. Sounds like fun eh?  April 6: North Korea, Russia, Iran and Syria V US. Nero fiddled while Rome burned from a fire he started; Trump golfed.



 The Constitution requires the President to nominate and Senate to confirm or reject Supreme Court vacancies
; Merrick Garland needed to have that consideration. Neil Gorsuch will walk passed the Fasces on the Supreme Court Doors; his nomination confirmed by the Senate meeting in front of the Fasces, the symbol of Rome's Capital authority over America. Illegally confirming Gorsuch, the Senate even played the "Nuclear Option" preventing Fillibuster of current and future Supreme Court nominees. Still think Neil Gorsuch as President and Founder of his Jesuit Prep School "Fascism Forever Club" was a joke? How about being editor of the "Federalist Paper" at Columbia? Still think the US is a Constitutional Republic? In fact, the US is Jesuit controlled Fascist Dictatorship.  5 Roman Catholics beholden to the Jesuit Pope sit on the highest court in the US. 3 Justices are near retirement: Ruth Bader Ginsburg 83, Stephen Breyer 79, Anthony Kennedy 81; Knight of Malta Donald Trump may very well nominate 4 or 9 Supreme Court Justices. When Rome conquered new territory, the first to arrive were legates carrying the Fasces demanding allegiance to Caesar; that symbol struck fear into everyone then as it should today rather than proudly being displayed over the Supreme Court Doors, Oval Office Doors and Speaker's Rostrum. Federalism promotes control by a strong Federal Government. The Federal Government is not part of the United States nor subject to the laws it makes for the United States; like the Vatican, it is located on Sovereign Land. Neil Gorsuch is a "Graduate Brother for Life" in Phi Gamma Delta with fellow brothers Mike Pence (Mike Pence flashed "I love you Satan" at the Republican Convention; most of us didn't notice everytime Pence spoke behind the Republican Elephant, the Stars were Upside Down), Donald Trump Jr and Donald Trump's 33 degree, Arab Shriner Mason and lifelong mentor Rev Norman Vincent Peale. Quite the Fascist Trump Card eh? Arab Shriners (Noble Arabic Order of the mystic Shrine) wear the Red Fez to commemorate the slaughter of 50,000 Christians at Fez Morrocco. Still think America is a Christian Nation? Check out the Jesuit Oath requiring initiates to kill on command anywhere on earth including tearing open women's wombs and swinging babies against the rocks; to pretend to be Catholic, Jewish or Protestant; to incite strife; to preach from pulpits and University lecterns and judicial benches.


Image result for picture of fasces on supreme court doorImage result for picture of fasces on supreme court doorImage result for picture of fasces on supreme court doorImage result for mike pence speaking with republican elephant logoRelated image 

  •  "T Rex" Tillerson is a Pilgrim Society Initiate (Corporate Elite bent on controlling the world's assets like Oil, Exxon-Mobil would bring to market through Syria) "Steps are underway to depose Bashar Al Assad" What steps? 20 Armored vehicles entered Syria from Jordan April 9; ISIS will soon follow; now we know why Trump met with Edomite (Hashemite) King Abdullah II last week.
  • Russian warship Admiral Grigorovich (Grigor means "Watcher") transited the Bosphorous Strait April 9 armed with Kalibr Mach 3 anti-ship cruise missiles, heading toward US ships that launched the Tomahawk Cruise Missiles. 
  • Israel Def Minister Yisrael Katz (Katz means Kohannim "Chief Priest" + Tzaddiq "Righteous" eg SITE ISIS Propaganda Whore Rita Katz) "US Defense Dept gave Israel front row seats for the attack...real time video and updates" That's because Israeli Simon Elliot goes by the rediculous stage name Abu Bakr al Baghdadi who meets regularly with John McCain 
  • Gen HR McMaster (Nat Sec Adviser) and mentor/traitor Gen David Petraeus call for 150,000 US Troops on the ground in Syria "Damascus shall be a city no more...a ruinous heap" Is 17:1 McMaster also calls for "Denuclearization of North Korea"; says President Trump is reviewing a full range of options to remove the threat.
  • USS Carl Vinson Aircraft Carrier Group reverses course, takes up position off North Korea; in time for April 15; Tax Day? In North Korea it's the Birthday celebration of Kim il Sun, the US installed Dictator for life put in charge north of the 38th Parallel, marked with a pen on a Nat Geo Map by Charles Bonesteel and Dean Rusk. Like WWI, the Korean War ended in Armistice to be continued at a later date; the Korean War, displaced and divided 1 million Korean families over the world's first UN managed War started by 33 degree, Shriner Mason Harry Truman. Good choice, USS Carl Vinson received the "Fed Ex" package; the alleged body of Osama bin Laden after the 9/11 stage managed raid, flown 1100+ miles in a 150mph Chinook Helicopter while being DNA tested before being tossed overboard from the Carl Vinson. Who still believes this garbage? 
  • Donald Trump Jr "Mike Pence is in charge of my father's Foreign and Domestic Policy" Why Mike? Donald Jr and Mike Pence are Phi Gamma Delta brothers for life. Mike holds mass murderer Dick Cheney in high regard; as an initiate of "The Family" Mike also holds Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot, Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler in high regard; you see, those men understood the true message of the New Covenant best; 200M dead people probably differ with them however.
  • "Red Lines have been crossed in Syria...Russia and Iran will respond with force in the event of new US attacks in Syria" -Reuters, al Masdar News, Daily Sabah, Independent News. When Adolph HItler reversed the Swastika for the symbol of the Nazi Empire, too few took notice of the 4000 yr old broken "Sun Wheel" aka "Celtic Cross". Time is Cronos the "Grim Reaper"; Red=Edom, the name Esau was given after he rejected the Covenant with God; the Golden Haired Apollo (Destroyer) worshipping Donald Trump wearing Red Horns was a little too obvious to notice eh? Satan Loves you too Donald! Jesus however finds nothing amusing "When I eat my little cracker and drink my little wine, I feel cleansed"-Donald Trump speaking of Communion, usually given to him by Arab Shriner, 33 Degree Freemason Rev Norman Vincent Peale.
  • Vladimir Putin says "US plans to attack Damascus and blame it on Assad's forces" refer to Is 17:1
  • "Trump orders military to prepare plans to strike North Korea" UK Times Mirror Headline; the article claims "Pre-emptive missile strikes and special forces"
  • Tillerson travels to Moscow from Mar a Lago to deliver Vladimir Putin an "Ultimatum" over Syria. In 2013, Oil Billionaire Putin gave Oil Billionaire Tillerson the Russian Order of Friendship. 2 actors playing their new parts.
  • On St Patty's Day #77 (Liber 77: Book of the Goat may ring a Baal) Trump met Angela Merkel at the White House; failing to acknowledge her presence, the "Biff in Chief" wouldn't even shake her hand after being prompted by her and the press photographers; 2 actors playing their new parts in the greatest Stage Show on Earth.


Donald Trump on the December 19, 2016 cover of TIME magazine.Image result for boris johnson and 9th circle cultImage result for boris johnson and 9th circle cult Related imageImage result for christian fish symbolImage result for picture of fibonacci spiralImage result for picture of aquarian crossRelated image
      Time is Chronos aka Saturn or "Grim Reaper"; Donald Trump wearing Red Horns or Queen Elizabeth II with her Maltese Cross Crown centered under IM and a story about the 9th Circle Satanic Sacrifice Cult a bit too obvious for most to take notice? Donald Trump is a Knight of Malta descended from Clan McCleod Knight Templars and Germanic fake Jews "Drumpf"; Queen Elizabeth II and the Windsor Royals are in the 9th Satanic Circle Cult and are Germanic as well (Saxe-Coburg-Gotha). In Gen 9:24 Japheth is prophesied by Noah to "Dwell in the tents of Shem" ie non-Semitic, fakes or "Cryptos" pretending to be Ole Covenant Jews and New Covenant Christians. Dante's 9th Circle of Hell is "Treachery against God", considered the worst of 13 Sins; hence M is the 13th English Letter representing "Rebellion against God". British is derived from "B'Rith" ie "Birth Covenant"; that being Cain, Japheth, Ishmael and Esau; the latter renamed Ismail and Edom after their rejection of their Covenant with God. Edom means Red; hence the Red Horns and Red IM on the cover. Jesus' titles" Alpha, Omega, Melchisedek (Priest-King of Jerusalem), I AM, JEHOVAH, I Am He and Jehovah; note the IM on the Queen's Crown; Queen Elizabeth II proclaims herself "Queen of thy people...Queen of Jerusalem". You may recall David Bowie's Black Star used the phrase "I AM the Great I AM"; Black Star is Saturn, called by the Nazis "Schwarze Sonne" (Black Sun).
    9 Interlocking Numbered Circles, each forming the "Fish Symbol"; Christian? Hardly, more like Phoenician; it symbolizes the Golden Mean seen atop the Aquarian Cross at Glastonbury Tor which is also shaped as a Fibonacci Spiral. The Age of Aquarius is ruled by Saturn folks! The 8 Pt Star of Isis in the Center is the same shape Foundation is under the Statue of Liberty (Isis) and Golden Dome of the al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount. Adding the 4 layers 9+2=11; 8+3=11; 7+4=11; 6+5=11, results in 44; Donald Trump is the 44th person selected President of the United States. There have been 8 Covenants between God and Man; the 8th is through the Holy Ghost;  Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost is the only Unforgivable Sin.
    The intersection of the 9 Circles forms 8 "Golden Mean", "Ratio of Life", or "Fibonacci Ratio" aka "Phi" (1.618) seen in the RLDS Temple in Independence Missouri. 8 people were saved on Noah's Ark and there have been 8 Covenants between God and Man; the 8th will be broken with acceptance of the Mark of the Beast.
     WWI, WWII, and the Tomahawk Cruise Missile attack on Syria conform to the Golden Mean as does the 1948 Founding of Israel and 5th Tetrad, 1967, 6-Day War and 6th Tetrad and the April 6 attack on Syria. 2017 is 50 Years after the 1967 Tetrad ended; therefore a Jubilee Year. Think all this is just coincidence?

                                                                                      Passover/Easter Week 
     The week God was rejected
, sent on "Fool's Errands" by illegal fake Priests (Annas/Caiaphas) and the Sanhedrin, before being Scourged and Nailed to a Tree on "Good Friday" (actually the Eve of Passover) Fake Jews reading the Talmud story of Jesus boiling in Hell in His own Excrement and Christians busy with children hunting for Ishtar's Eggs just brings a tear to the eye. Time to Wake UP!   
     Roughly 100, mostly Germanic-Ashkenazi "Fake Jews" control the Trump Administration; Time Magazine calls Trump's De-regulation Czar Carl Icahn "Master of the Universe"   

Related image"I have never apologized to God, I do however take communion. When I eat my little cracker and drink my little wine, I feel cleansed"-Donald "Biff" Trump speaking of the "Last Supper" Communion
"Wherefore whosoever shall eat this bread, and drink this cup of the Lord unworthily, shall be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord 1 Cor 11:27-Jesus

                                                                                                         April 11-12 "Passover" 
April Calendar: Passover April 11-12; Unleavened Bread April 12-19; Feast of First Fruits April 15-16; Pentcost June 3. Tax/Burden Day in the US aligns with "First Fruits" and the Roman festival "Fordicidia" where the sacrifice of a pregnant cow and her calf by fire in honor of the Earth goddess "Tellus" is required. Counting the Omer ends June 3.

Jesus was Crucified and removed from the Tree before Passover; He rose 3 1/2 days later on Feast of First Fruits; the Holy Ghost was provided to man on Pentecost. Easter has nothing to do with Jesus. Easter/Oestre/Ashtoreth/Ishtar/Cybele ring a Baal? 

  • Revolutionary War begins at Lexington and Concord, planned by Freemasons at the "Green Dragon Tavern"
  • Holocaust begins with fire sacrifice of the Warsaw Ghetto; Hitler financed by the US. 
  • Branch Davidians (David Koreish named after Korahites and King David) sacrificed by US military in violation of the US Constitution "Posse Cammitatus" using flame throwers mounted to tanks. 
  • AP Murrah Bldg "America's Choice Day Care" destroyed by professional demolition, Tim McVeigh a mind controlled patsy trained at Elohim (Elohim=followers of El aka Saturn/Satan) City
  • Boston Marathon "False Flag" using American Sniper Chris Kyle's mercenary band "Craft International"
Counting the Omer Omar is the original Chief of the Edomites (Gen 36:15); Edomites are Wealthy (Fatness of the Earth), Priests (Dew from Heaven), Military (Live by the Sword) and in control of the entire World (Dominion) Ref Gen 27:39-41KJV. Jesus hates Edomites for "Selling their Birthright"; Jesus hates "Nicolaitane Doctrine" (Rev 2:6;15). Edomites "Conquer the Laity" by leading them to the Slaughter; Bolshevik Edomite Vladimir Lenin said "The best way to defeat the opposition is to lead it ourselves". God renamd Esau "Edom" meaning "Red" which is why trained Scapegoats have Red Painted Legs. Without the Holy Ghost, Christians are Color Blind to this fact.     2016 was the UN "Year of Pulses"; A Pulse is a Tare among the Wheat; the Temple Mount is the Jebusite "Threshing Floor"; Tares (Born Again followers of JESUS) are removed from the Wheat (Cain's offerings) at the "Mosque of Omar" (Mosque of the Great Speaker). 2017 is the UN Year of Sustainability. Eliminating the Tares from the Garden of Cain. 
        In 2016 at the conclusion of the 49 Days "Counting the Omer" on the 50th Day, June 12, 2016 Omar Mateen allegedly killed 49 people at the Pulse (Tare=Pulse) Nightclub. Omar=Omer; the Mosque of Omar on the Temple Mount is to be destroyed in preparation of the 3rd Temple at the start of the final Seven Sevens or 490 Days before the 2nd Coming of Jesus (Ref Dan 9:23-27) Folks, read the words of God, not the BS in your Study Bible notes. Omar's father and exiled Afghani politician Seddique Mateen was placed directly behind Hillary Clinton at the Orlando Rally on 8/8/16; JESUS=888. On the Feast of Unleavened Bread, FaceBook Killer Steve Stevens posted a video of him killing an elderly man; Staged Hoax? Stephen means "Crown", specifically a Martyr's Crown from Stephen, the 1st Christian Martyr. Sackcloth and Ashes puts the puzzle pieces together, connecting this event with the Trinity Atomic Detonation and the Goddess of Discord. 
     Counting the Omer 2017 ends June 3; 2017 is the 50th Year following the 1967 capture of the Temple Mount  and Golan Heights during the 7th Tetrad of 4 consequetive Lunar Eclipses on Passover and Tabernacles. Recall, the Church of Satan was founded in 1966, the same year the term "al-Qaeda" was coined by Dervish Philosopher and Stanford University guest speaker Ibn Sayyid Qutb (Qutb or Kotb refers to the World Pillar) later executed for treason; Qutbism is based on Wahhabism (Muhammad Wahhab) prevalent in Saudi Arabia; Jebel al Laws aka Mt Sinai is in Saudi Arabia; Shariah Law and Noahide Law should ring a Baal.
     Back to the goddess of Discord for a moment; Principia Discordia is "Eris"; Planet X (Planet of the Crossing) is designated 2003 Eris UB 313. Constantine saw this X in a demonic vision with the IHS "In Hoc Signo Vinces" "When there are 313 sincere followers of Shia Islam, al Mahdi will be revealed". Islam's 1st battle "Battle of Badr" against pagans of Mecca was allegedly won by 313 followers of Muhammad. There are 313 ! in the Authorized Bible; ! means "Woe"; the last "Woe" is the day of God's Wrath; the 7th and final Trumpet. Donald "Biff" Trump is not the 7th Trumpet; the United States is not Rev 18 "Babylon" and al-Mahdi is definitely not Jesus Christ! The same day Steve Stevens (Martyr or Crown; note the Crown above the Baal's Shaft on Iran's Flag) appeared, Iran declared their mission to destroy Israel.
      WWIII will center around the Temple Mount; the Mosque of the Great Speaker rejecting God is the Jebusite (Canaanites in Jerusalem) "Threshing Floor". Saturn's Flag and Saturn's Scythe will be there because Saturn is "Father Time" (Cronos=Cronometer=Calendar=Clock) aka "Grim Reaper" and Time is Up!
    Related imageThis ridiculous picture of Iran's Stealth Fighter F-313 "Qaher" is total Bullshit! A 1/4 scale plastic model the moron pilot can hardly sit on next to Crypto fake Jew Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Nee Saborjian "Cloth Weaver") whose stated goal is to "Usher in the 12th Shia Imam "Al-Mahdi". Come on folks! English "Danger", "Remove Jury Strut" and "Remove before Flight" signs and a cheap crazed plastic canopy? We are being played for fools by Iran, Russia and our own Government!
       Count the Omer folks! The same day, Iran declared "Death to Israel" (One who wrestles with God ie real Jews and Born Again Christians) the Nascent Sanhedrin (The Sanhedrin ordered the Crucifixion of God) petitioned Iran (Iran=Aryan=Noble Caste) to aid in the building of the 3rd Temple aka Mosque of the Great Speaker "Antichrist" "And a mighty king shall stand up, that shall rule with great dominion...and in his estate whall stand up a vile person...and obtain the kingdom by flatteries...both these kings hearts shall be to do mischief, and they shall speak lies at one table...and shall take away the Daily Sacrifice, and they shall place the abomination that maketh desolate..." Dan 11. The "Kings" here are Antichrist and False Prophet aka Beast from the Sea and Earth aka al-Mahdi and al-Kidr; the Messiah Jesus said Israel would accept. The Sanhedrin cited Cyrus the Great ending 70 Yrs of captivity; "Houston we have a problem!" God annointed Cyrus because Cyrus recognozed the Sovereignty of God just like his Babylonian predecessor Nebuchadnezzar. Modern Iran is run by Paris "House of Isis" initiated Grand Orient (Rising Sun) Lodge Freemason Ayathollah ali Khameini who not only rejects the Sovereignty of God but regards his being as integral to the world; an egotistical moron matched only by Donald Trump.   If you have not had a Baptism of the Holy Ghost; now is a really great time! If you are not sure, you haven't had one yet.
Related image4/20 "Weed Day" (Weeds are Pulses in Cain's Garden or Slips in the Canaanite Gene Pool) Deep Water Horizon was set ablaze and sank on 4/22 "Earth Day"; forecasted 1 Yr earlier in Nic Cage movie "Knowing". US Navy, FEMA and NOAA Disaster Planning Maps feature the area being blanketed to this day with high pressure Methane as being underwater from the inevitible collapse of the Salt Dome covering the area of the world's largest Oil Deposit.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg recognized Allegheny College Award for "Civility in the Senate" to previous winners "Women in the Senate"  War Hawks Diane Feinstein and Lindsey Graham. She also recognized ISIS arming War Hawk award winner John McCain for insisting on the murder of Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Muamar Qadaffi and Bashar al Assad. "I endorse a pre-emptive strike on nut job Kim Jong Un" Nut Job Lindsey "Isis will Nuc Charleston Harbor" Lindsey Graham
  • China, "Shocked by the Syrian Missile attack" is moving 150,000 Troops to the Korean border; Korean News "Chosun"
  • Russia deploying S-400 missiles and troops to the Korean border.
  • US moving Cruise Missile ships and 3 aircraft carrier groups to the Korean Border.

    Nero fiddled while the fire he set burned Rome; Trump played golf Trump sent ExxonMobile CEO turned Sec of State Rex Tillerson to greet "Golf Hater" Xi Jinping at Palm Beach Airport, a mile away from his $200K Private Pedophile Club "Mar a Lago". Trump then excused himself during the "Most Exquisite Chocolate Cake ever" (a reference to the equally clueless Marie Antoinette "Let them eat cake" during the French Revolution) at the Dinner Summit to launch 60 $1.5M/ea Raytheon Tomahawk Cruise missiles which he owns stock in, that went up on the news, on China's ally Syria. at a location that ExxonMobil needs for an Oil Pipeline (Rex Tillerson the ExxonMobil CEO turned Sec of State). The airbase was not damaged in the slightest and operational within 24Hrs of the Missile attack.  The attack was in response to an obvious Chemical Weapon Hoax. Why would Assad use Chemical Weapons he doesn't have (China and Russia were tasked by the UN with disposing the weapons), on a target of no military significance, on the eve of UN Peace Talks? Because it didn't happen. Trump then sent Xi Jinping packing solo and played another round of golf; Shocking eh? On April 13 during an interview with "Money Honey" Maria Bartiromo, Trump couldn't even recall which nation he bombed; Trump thought he sent missiles to Iraq instead of Syria. Shocking eh? Last month Trump refused to acknowledge or shake Angela Merkel's hand at the White House; Shocking? or part of the world's most elaborate Stage Show? "Nothing in politics happens by chance; if it happened you can bet it was planned" FDR

Egypt-Israel border closes amid concerns of "Imminent Attack" during Passover. You can read the full list of nations President Biff Trump has intentionally pissed off in Eze 38-39 "Gog and Magog" War. Germany=Gomer; Persia=Iran; Togarmah=Turkey Libya and Ethiopia? Done that. If your Bible has "Rosh" or "Rus" in Eze 38:2 toss it and get an Authorized Bible (KJV) Russia is not Rosh or Rus; Moscow is not Meshech and Tobolsk is not Tubal. The real "Gog and Magog" War is

Massive US Convoy  headed from Turkey (Togarmah) to Kobani (Ayn al-Arab).
Kurds "YPG" (Kurdish People Protection Units) are HQ'd on Kobani; "Devil Worshippers of Kurdistan" are the Yezidis who worship Satan in the form of the Peacock Angel "Melek-Taus"; just ask rockefeller's NBC who uses Melek-Taus as their Logo. The US arms both sides of the conflict between Kurds and ISIL. This convoy from Turkey (obviously pre-prepared) is in addition to 20 US Armored vehicles from Jordan (Idumea=Land of Edom, Ammon, Moab in Dan 11:38)

Raytheon "Light of the Gods" made the Bunker Busting Cruise Missile used on the Pentagon on 9/11/2001 and Tomahawk Cruise Missiles used on Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Syria; now Raytheon receives a $23M contract for Patriot Missiles to protect Israel, Qatar and Kuwait. Patriot means "Fellow Countryman/Compatriot"  Why not protect Edomite Dictatorships like Israel, Kuwait, Qatar and Israel? No typo, read Obadiah; Jesus returns to Israel to destroy Edom, the enemy "Inside the Gates"

MOAB "Mother of All Bombs" Trump praised the military for a "Successful Mission", yet no evidence any ISIS fighters were injured, only civilians. Russia has the "Father of All Bombs" weighing in at 80K Lbs. "Massive Ordinance Air Blast Bomb"? The psycholigical weapon developed in 2003 has never been used, because it is obsolete, just like the 59 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles disposed of from Raytheon inventory as part of "House Cleaning" before the 2017 Budget request for $2B worth of new Tomahawk Missiles. So why drop a CIA made psychological weapon on the CIA's main source of revenue ISIS, White Helmet and al-Qaeda? in the Achin is the Opium Capital of Afghanistan. Afghanistan is called "Graveyard of Empire"; remember Dorothy (Doro=Door) had to traverse Opium Fields to get to Emerald City (Emerald is the mythical Stone cut from Lucifer's Crown) which made her "Sleepy? The MOAB test was a distraction from the real War and US invasion in progress in Syria. MOAB means "Of his Father", specifically referring to Lot whose incest relations with his eldest daughter produced MOAB, the perrennial enemy of God's people. SALT "Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty"? There's another good one! Lot's wife became a "Pillar of Salt" for lamenting the wealth and freedom of Sodom and Gomorrah. The US and Russia never had a Cold War or SALT Treaty; they have always worked together to vacuum the wealth of their respective nations for the Bankers Jesus "Turned the Tables" on. MOAB was dropped on the Eve of "Good Friday", the day Moabites, Ammonites and Edomites celebrate Crucifying God on the Tree. Dan 11:38 explains the "God of Forces" aka Antichrist will control all the resources of precious stones, gold and silver, allowing Moabites, Ammonites and Edomites to escape.
Well folks, they won't escape JESUS!  
sbx_seattleMike Pence spending Korahite (Korea=Korahite)-Edomite Holy Day of Easter (no typo Easter=Ishtar, Astarte; Edomite King Herod celebrated Easter not Christians Ref Acts 12:4KJV) with US Troops in Seoul; Kim Jong Un orders 25% Pyongyang residents to evacuate; mostly those with criminal records not welcome in Bomb Shelters. US Ohio Class Nuclear Missile Sub  carrying 154 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles takes up position off N Korean Coast. April 15 is North Korea's "Day of the Sun" in honor of US-Russia installed puppet dictator Kim Il Sung. "The US will always seek peace, but the sword stands ready"-Mike Pence (The Family stooge) Pence is the first US Vice President to threaten a sovereign nation with war and he did it without Congressional authorization. The rest of the thinking world remembers how the US seeks peace in: Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan and Syria. Pence, the fake Christian should recall "He who kills with the sword must die by the sword"; Jesus said that Mike.
     North Korean missile launch explodes on lift-off. US SBX-1 (Sea based X-Band Radar); off the Korean Coast. SBX is a Mobile HAARP (High Power Microwave Ionosphere Modification Weapon) used to project energy; examples of HAARP attacks were the destruction of Space Shuttles Challenger (Endo-thermis "Cold Explosion") and Columbia (Ionospheric Heating); Thresher Submarine (ELF Waves travel through Earth and Water); Sichuan China and Fukushima Earthquake/Tsunami; Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy (Steering and Energy increase of Hurricanes). Worried about North Korea launching missiles? That's funny.

Donald Trump delivers Easter/Passover message "The story of the Exodus is one of Freedom..." No Donald it's not. The Exodus is a truth about absolute reliance on God. Lucifer promises "Freedom from God". "When I eat my little cracker and drink my little wine, I feel cleansed" Donald Trump speaking of Communion; Pauls warns such Blasphemy brings on the of the Body and Blood of the Crufixion. Donald will get his "Freedom" "Depart from me I never knew you" will be Jesus' response. Video surfaces of Russian S-400 Missiles, Armored Vehicles and Troops moving into Vladivostok on the North Korean border.

"Nothing is more powerful than the bible in the hand of the common man"-King James The KJV is the only Non-copyrighted Bible; got one? you need one! John Baskett, a Scottish printer attempted to patent bible production including the KJV in 1717 by changing the only true Word of God subtely; the result became known as the "Vinegar Bible", generating the slang term "Basket Case". In Luke 20, the "Parable of the Vineyard" became the "Parable of Vinegar"; accidental mis-print? Hardly, Baskett was known as "The greatest bible monopolist who has ever lived" The "Baskett Case" even produced the "Book of Common Prayer" used in Protestant Churches today; your Personal Relationship with JESUS has nothing to do with "Common Prayer"; it's a One on One "Baptism of Fire" via the "Holy Ghost" with the Creator of the Universe in your "Prayer Closet" "God hath put in their hearts to fulfill His will, giving their kingdom to the Beast until the words of God whall be fulfilled" Rev 17:17 In Gen 17:17 Abram falls on his face and laughs at God's promise of Isaac at the age of 100; the Covenant with JESUS dates from that promise and Isaac. John Baskett has the unmitigated "Gall" to try to control publication of God's Word; on the 300th anniversary, during the 2017 Satanic Jubilee Year, isn't it time to get one? CISPA can prevent publication of all other Bibles; the KJV may soon be one of the most valuable and powerful commodities on Earth.

Crypto (Satanists who pretend to be Jewish, Muslim or Christian) Reccip Tayyip Erdogan wins Turkish (Togarmah) Referendum giving the ISIS arming, oil and heroin trafficking, wanna be Ottoman Sultan, Shariah Law Dictator, Israeli Sayanim (Whore), backed by the US Military, Fascist powers for life in a stolen election of course. Ergun Poyraz, imprisoned for his 2007 book "Children of Moses" states Erdogan and his wife work with Mossad; Jewish? Hardly, Ashkenazim are Germanic descendants of Japheth-Gomer-Ashkenaz and the brother of Ashkenaz, Togarmah, just like British Royals and the Trump (Drumpf)-Kushner clan. Jared Kushner's Rabbi Chevrat Pinto is a generational Mystic and Kabbalist from Morocco, an initiate of Chabad (Chockmah-Binah-Daat=1st 3 levels of Kaballah) Lubavitch heading up an Ultra-orthodox Synagogue; he even claims to receive instructions from Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, the alleged 2000 yr old author of the Zohar, the Satanic "Book of Spendor". Think Donald Trump is running the US? Guess again, try Jared Kushner. The fake Gog and Magog War is shaping up nicely eh?

USS Carl Vinson, USS Ronald Reagan, Aircraft Carrier Groups, USS Michigan Nuc Submarine headed for the Korean Peninsula. "The end of strategic patience is over"-Mike Pence who regards Mao Tse Tung as a pillar of the New Covenant. "I don't telegraph my moves in advance"-Commander in Chief Biff. Russia was notified in advance of the Cruise Missile attack on Syria. "All options are on the table including Nuclear for North Korea" Nat Sec Adviser Gen McMaster, protege of traitor "All In" Gen David Petraeus whose mentor is Henry Kissinger "Soldiers are dumb stupid animals to be used as cannon fodder in our wars". Who divided North Korea and South Korea? The US. Army Officers Charles Bonesteel and Dean Rusk used a Nat Geo map and a Marker to set up the 1st UN War which ended in Armistice on the Grand Climax of the Bohemian Grove Ritual "Begone Dull Care", a 4000 Yr old Sumerian Ritual.  Kim Jong Un's grandfather Kim Il Sun was also set up by the US and Luciferian Mason Jesuit Joseph Stalin SJ. "We are regarded all day long as sheep for the slaughter"-Pharisee Tax collector Saul, turned Born Again Christian Paul by the power of the Holy Ghost. 

InfoWars Alex Jones lawyer "Alex is simply playing a character, part of his role as an actor" in Divorce/Custody hearings. His wife Cindy also claims he is an actor. Why? Alex is the alter ego of Comedian Bill Hicks

DARPA (CIA research Def Advanced Research Projects) RADICS (Rapid Attack Detection Isolation and Characterization Scheme) awarded $77M to prep the DOD for Cyber attack of Power Grid. Boeing-Raytheon (Light of the gods) CHAMP (Counter-electronics High Powered Microwave Advanced Missile Project) is an MQ-9 Reaper (Saturn is the Grim Reaper) Drone based Microwave Power Grid destroying Weapon. NERC (Nat Elec Reliability Corp) is an NGO set up to crash the Power Grid using varying frequencies. Why $77M? Liber 77: Book of the Goat aka Liber 77 of Liber Oz may ring a Baal. America is the Scapegoat for "Babylon" aka Gate of Saturn. RADICS is a "Characterization Scheme"; Characterization of ISIS or Iran or Russia for example. Jesus however says "A man's foes shall be they of his own household" Mat 10:36; Mic 7:6
Donald Trump claims "Korea was once part of China"; Biff in Chief is occultically referring to the mythical founding of Korea and Manchuria in 2333 BC by Dangun, the grandson of Hwanin "Lord of Heaven" whose son is Hwanung, the mythical Korean "Adam" whose son, wait for it! Cain. Cainites crossed the Flood with Ham and his mother producing Canaan. President Biff is telegraphing the Canaanite plan is in its final year: Creation to Flood=1656 Years; Flood +2333 years=0BC + 2017=6006 Years. Jesus was born in 6 BC. The occult meaning here is the Antichrist will be revealed in 2017 during the 50th Year Satanic Jubilee. 2333 BC is 1 Yr after Creation according to the usually accepted chronology of Bishop Ussher. 1656 Years Creation to Flood + 2160 Years Aries to Pisces + 2160 Years Pisces to Aquarius + 21 Years for Sargon the Great of Akkad to be declared "Legitimate King" brings us to the start of the 3 1/2 Yr Great Tribulation. Biff, getting pretty clever eh? Ready for the Great Tribulation? The occult intent to present the Alternative Messiah in 2017. If you are not in a personal covenant with JESUS, you need to be, the "Strong Delusion" comes with Antichrist.

Jesus' DNA: Scientists are digging up the fake bones of John the Baptist in Bulgaria to determine a famillial link to the fake burial robe of Jesus "Shroud of Turin". Not the first idiotic hunt for Jesus' DNA, 7th Day Adventist Ron Wyatt claimed to find Noah's Ark in Turkey (Try East of Babylon/Shinar like the bible says), the Ark of the Covenant (try Heaven), Mt Sinai in Arabia (I agree with this as do plenty of other invetigators and the bible narrative) and Jesus' blood, released by the Spear of Longinus which dripped through the Earthquake crack onto the "Mercy Seat" of the Ark of the Covenant in Zedekiah's Cave. What they will find is BullShit DNA.
April 24
"Operation Gotham Shield" FEMA simulating a Nuc/EMP (CHAMP is an EMP Weapon) detonation in NYC aka "Gotham City". The  same day Gotham TV Series  episode premiers "How the riddler got his name". Goth means "Barbarous, rude, cruel" speaking of Teutons (Germanic Pagans). Goths are "Cryptos", they converted to Arianism, the false belief Jesus is subordinate to God rather than God in Flesh. Donald Trump's Inauguration speech was copied from Bane in "Dark Knight Rises". You may also recall, the map of Sandy Hook featured the exact number of boys, girls and teachers allegedly killed by Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook Elementary, 1 Yr earlier.  Adam Lanza means "Red Spear"; Sandy Hook means "Play the Joker Card". You may also recall Bane intended to detonate a Nuc/EMP in NYC. Coincidence? Sure, just like FEMA conducting a "Terror Drill" on 9/11/2001 in NYC.
The real president is Chabad Lubavitch President in Law Jared Kushner, initiated into a Zionist Doomsday Cult bent on starting WWIII. While Donald Trump was quoting Bane, did you catch the January cover of New York Magazine? 
Related imageRelated image

The scene of the attack.
The official story is that the shooter pulled up to a police van stopped at a red light, opened fire on the van, ran off and was later shot dead.  Chelloug, a witness, said  "As soon as the policeman opened the door of the van, he fell." No damage to the police van? Same thing happened in Nice; another staged hoax. Recall in London, alleged victims (Crisis Actors) posted photos from Westminster Bridge and were seen the next day jumping after the shooter passed by.
Champs Elysee is another Government Staged False Flag. Karim Cheurfi, convicted of killing a police officer in 2001, sentenced to 20 Years, let out early, back in custody Feb 2017, released Mar 2017, joins ISIS and kills another police officer and critically wounds 2. Rita Katz (Pearl + Kohannim/Tsaddiq "Righteous Priest) identifies killer as ISIS; must be true then, SITE (Search For International Terrorist Entities) wouldn't release staged videos to blame Muslims; here is the staged video of Muslims cheering the attack Just in time for Sunday's vote for ISIS foe and Socialist Marine LePen who wants the Stte to run Health Care, Police, Fire, Financial Services, Hospitals, Schools and Transportation just like the US will do with TiSA (Trade in Services Agreement); the only difference is US Services will be managed by Foreigners who bid the lowest. Paris means "House of Isis"; the city was founded in 200 BC by Parisee Celts "Warriors of Isis"; Champs Elysee means "Field of the Blessed" (Elysium); on the north end is the Arch of Triumph and on the south is the Place of Concord ie those in league with Antichrist who promises Freedom (France=Sicambrian ie Germanic Franks=Free) from God. 

The discovery was made by United Nations scientists who carried out a forensic study of the wreckage recovered from the Sea of Japan in February 2016British made Pressure Triggers recovered from failed North Korean ICBM test; odd? Not really, Kim Il Sung was installed by the US and Russia after WWII; the 38th Parallel drawn on a Nat Geo Map by US Army officers Dean Rusk and Charles Bonesteel; the Korean War ended in Armistice and is set to be continued after Donald Trump obtains the OK from 100 US Senators scheduled to meet with him at the White House April 25.
Related image Image result for dutch east india company logo picturesMike Pence "I love you Satan" After threatening North Korea with War, Zionist fake Christian Mike Pence visits the largest Mosque in Jakarta; Pence and Trump's De-regulation Czar Carl Icahn are working with ISIS for Indonesian Regime Change.  Carl Icahn controls Freeport McMoRan; his Corporate Lawyer called "Manarman" conducts ISIS (called FPI) Swearing In Ceremonies in Indonesia for Mossad.
      Pence handed Indonesia $10 Billion worth of deals from Rex Tillerson company Exxon Mobil, General Electric, Lockheed Martin and Freeport McMoRan. Indonesia "Dutch East Indies" is the HQ of the Dutch East India Company (VOC), the first and by far the largest Global CORPORATION in world history. Military Industrial Complex (Lockheed, Boeing, Raytheon, BlackWater, Exxon-Mobil, Shell),  Global Finance (World Bank, IBS, Federal Reserve), Investment Banking ("Money Changers"), Market Manipulation, Futures/Short Selling, Derivatives (ssentially Insured Casino Betting with a rigged deck), Limited Liability, Venture Capital, Slave Trading (Monsanto), Organ Harvesting (DYN Corp), Red Tape (Edomite Bureacracy) are all offspring of VOC.
     Mike Pence is a Zionist, Satanist, initiate of "The Family" enamored with Mass Murderers Jesuit, Luciferian Mason Joseph Stalin SJ, Mao Tse Tung (Yale Divinity School Grad), Pol Pot and Adolph Hitler Pence is also an admirer of CIA asset, mass murderer, 32 Yr Indonesian President Mohamad Suharto and his son Tommy Suharto. Suharto was the surrogate family for Obama's Indonesian Madrassa (Quran School), Mujaheddin (Warrior of Allah) CIA training (Columbia U "Missing Years"1983 travel from Indonesia to Pakistan ring a Baal?). Satanists Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld were invited on board AF-1 with generational Satanist Gerald Ford giving the "Green Light" for Suharto's E Timor Genocide beginning in 1975. Transparency International voted Suharto "World's most corrupt leader 20 Yrs running". Suharto is worth $35 Billion from "Kickbacks" by handing State run monopollies to family and friends. Trump is building 2 Trump Resorts in Indonesia and Bali (Mossad orchestrated the Bali Nightclub Bombing) with Billionaire business partner Hary Tanoe, a fake "Crypto" Christian like Pence. Tommy Suharto and US Army trained, ISIS commander Gen Prabowo aka "Butcher of E Timor" are instigating another revolution, this time under the Black Flag of ISIS in order for Trump's De-regulation Czar and Billionaire Ashkenazi fake Jew pal Carl Icahn and Freepost McMoRan to control Indonesian Gold, Copper and other raw material wealth. Read the bible people; Japheth-Gomer-Ashkenaz live in the tents of Shem ie "Fake Jews" Gen 9:27; Esau (Edomites) gather the Wealth (fatness of the Earth Gen 27:39-41KJV) and Indonesia is the center of the Edomite Kingdom.
.Indonesia aka VOC is run by Crypto "Fake" Jews, Trump (Ashkenazi Drumpf building 3 Trump Resorts in Indonesia and Bali) and CORPORATE (Trump CORPORATE Tax Rate reduced from 35% to 15% make sense now?) Raider Carl Icahn business partner Indonesian Billionaire Hary Tanoe with Israel President, fake Jew Shimon Peres (Nee Simon Perski). Nobel Prize Perez (PERES means "Divide" referring to one's SPIRIT Ref Dan 5:28) winner who handed control of the Cenacle (Upper Room of the Last Supper), King David's Tomb and Temple Mount to the Jesuit controlled Vatican. Annual trade between Tel Aviv and Jakarta exceeds $500M; Indonesia like Israel is part of the Kingdom of Sabah (Sunrise) and Kingdom of Sulu (Quyraish ie Korahites of Mecca); overall, the Pacific arm of the Edomite World Dominion (Gen 27:41KJV). Sabian Astrologers founded the Unites States (Ref Sibley Natal Chart) and have been hard at work since the days God set Abram forth from Ur of the Chaldees to Harran. Chaldean Priests "Sabians of Harran" were known in Egypt as Hyksos (Foreign Shepherd Kings) and Priests of On (Osiris/Heliopolis; Trump and Putin are in love with his Roman name Apollo "Destroyer" ref Rev 9:11) and todays Chabad/Ashkenazi/Sephardic/Orthodox Rabbis whose goal is the destruction of God's people "Israel"; not the modern Satanic version of Israel, but everyone who "Wrestles with God". Sabian Astrologers later founded America, named after Amurru, the Edomite Shepherd/Serpent god.  MH-370 had all 5 provisional patent holders of Freescale Technology KL-03 RF Hardware Micro-Chip on board. A US Patent Court awarded the Patent the day Indonesia declared the death of MH-370 passengers. Coincidence? or meticulous planning? The most valuable Patent in history is now owned by BlackStone Group and Edomite Gold King Jacob Rothschild. The chip is capable of remotely controlling Commercial Aircraft (handy in the  event of a "Left Behind" fake Rapture event), Atomic Power Plants (handy for future planned Fukushima events), Power Grid Generators, ATM's, Gas Stations, Cell Communications and the like. Mike Pence (Archangel Michael is the only Archangel in scripture; forget the Rabbbinical nonsense + Pence=Penny or Denarius); Mike Pence, the Black Horse' Ass. Need to stage a fake 2nd Coming of JESUS? Start with BlackStone Group and Russia/US "Operation Blue Beam" 
 On April 24 Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, Lord Jacob Rothschild and Trump's Billionaire fellow Knight of Malta pal Rupert Murdoch (Murdoch=Babylonian "Marduk") began Drilling for Oil in the Golan Heights. US based Genie Energy and subsidiary Israel based Afek Energy just received the illegal "Green Light" from fake Jew Luciferian Mason Benjamin Netanyahu to Tap Oil Reserves in Syrian territory, a sure fire trigger for War with Russia and Syria. Netanyahu is Ashkenazi ie a Germanic Pagan "Wolf in Sheep's Clothes" who claims to be from the tribe is Benjamin. "Benjamin shall ravin as a wolf...and divide the spoil" (Gen 49:27) may ring a Baal; it's Jacob's prophecy for his son Benjamin.
Folks, you are either in Covenant with JESUS or in league with the Devil. Time to choose sides! Edom is Red and inside the gates of Israel by the way. Read Obadiah if you doubt this.

UN Elects Saudi Arabia to Women's Rights Commission.
Women must wear Hijab or face public execution; have a male guardian making every decision from birth until death and no driving cars.

Wed April 26, 100 Senators summoned to White House, Operation Gotham Shield Washington DC "Coordinated Terror Attack Drill" and Minuteman III Operational Test Launch from Vandenberg AFB California.  
Trump's Unprecedented White House meeting with 100 Senators, Jesuit Knight of Malta Donald Trump (Crypto fake Jew Drumpf), Chairman of Joint Chiefs Jesuit Joe Dunford, Pilgrim Society Rex Tillerson, Mad Dog/Chaos James "Kill everyone in the room" "It's fun to shoot people" Mattis, and "The Family" Initiates Dan Coats, Jeff "KKK" Sessions and Mike Pence. White House descision on  North Korea.  April 26 FEMA exercise "Gotham Shield" simulating a nuclear attack on New Jersey and NYC. April 26 "Coordinated Terror Attack Response Drill" in Washington DC. Nuclear Minuteman III ICBM launch from Vandenberg AFB,
       2 Aircraft Carrier Groups (Vinson off Korean Coast; Reagan in Phillippine Sea) and Tomahawk Cruise Missile carrying Ohio Class Nuc Sub USS Michigan (Area Code of Detroit Michigan is 313; there are 313 ! in the KJV for a reason) are in or near position off the Korean Peninsula.  Mike Pence, summoned home early from Asia for White House MTG. The Korean War was the world's first UN War (Balkan Genocide the first NATO War) and ended in Armistice. Trump advised the UN Security Council "Status Quo is Unacceptable". The status quo may very well be the 1953 Korean Cease Fire? Korea is named after the goddess Kore and the Edomite Korahite Priests of Num 16 who worship the Devil under the name Azazel "Goat that Departs". Kore "Goddess of the Underworld" is the goddess of Birth, Death and Re-birth in the Satanic minds of Gnostics. You may recall Kore as Persephone in the Nightclub Hell with "The Merovingian" in the Matrix; the same XXX Porn actress Monica Belucci played Jesus' mother Mary in Satanist Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ". Korea is divided along the 38th Parallel because the 380-520-90
0 Pythagorean Triangle forms the angle representing the connection between "Mother" and "Son", seen at the Great Pyramid "Queen's Chamber" and Federal Triangle in Washington DC. This meeting is not just afternoon tea with the "Apollo in Chief" who admits he has never asked God for forgiveness.
    Pre-planned? In March, Congress quietly allowed North Korea to be put on the list of State sponsored Terror Natons despite the fact they have never attacked anyone; this gives Pilgrim Society, Pedophile Boy Scout, Russian Oil Partner Rex Tillerson authority to declare North Korea a Terrorist Nation and attack in the event of a False Flag event like the Gulf of Tonkin or a false accusation of involvement with al-Qaeda and 9/11/2001 as was directed against Osama bin Laden in Afghansitan or Saddam Hussein in Iraq. What if Gotham Shield goes Live? God puts the "Basest of men" (Ref Dan 4:17) in charge of governments and they all want War. Ps 83:5 lists the Confederacy (Federal means Covenant with God; this is a confederacy against God) as Edom, Ammon, Moab, Ishmaelites, Amalekites, Philistines and Assyrians; basically the places Trump is building Trump Resorts. Rom 3:15, Prov 1:16 and Is 59:7 are also This AM Radio broadcast was repeated over and over on 1630 AM in Washington DC for days "Trump April 26" in 2016. The consensus? "North Korea's pursuit of Nuclear Weapons is an urgent threat to US National Security". NK's next nuclear test whether fake or not will likely result in WWIII.

Crypto Trump planing 1st official State visit to Crypto/Marrano Saudi Arabian Royals in May; set up by Dina Powell (Egyptian ex Goldman Sachs, Dep Nat Sec Adviser) and Gary Cohn (Goldman Sachs FED Chair) to offer Arms/Oil Deals. Trump Resorts plans a new Saudi Arabia Golf Course to go with Trump Hotel Resorts in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar. Like Trump (nee Ashkenazi Drumpf), Turkish Neo-Ottoman Sultan Erdogan, and Israeli PM Netanyahu Saudis are Crypto fake Jews claiming Israeli descent from Mordechai and the tribe of Benjamin, prophesied by his father to be a Wolf, dividing the Land for gain (Gen 49). The House of Saud arm and fund ISIS; Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal called Trump "A disgrace to all America". Obama bowed in submission to King Abdullah; Trump will also bow to his Jesus rejecting Wahhabist/Qutbist overlords. The term "al-Qaeda" is "Made in America"; it was coined in Year One Satan (1966) at Stanford University by Ibn Sayyid Qutb. Saudi Arabian Terrorists on 9/11? Hardly, 9/11 was an "Inside Job" 

Bill Nye "Science Guy" NetFlix Series "Bill Nye Saves the World" advocates letting 3 Yr olds choose their own sexual identity, claims anal sex is part of evolution and advocated developed countries punishing people for having children. Science eh? Yup, Science means "To Know"; you may recall the men who tried to have anal sex ie "To Know" to angels of the LORD at Lot's house just before the LORD sent Fire and Brimstone on Sodom and Gomorrah. Bill Nye believes People cause Global Warning and advocates less people; God however said "Go forth and multiply"; the time when people kill and think they are doing God a service may be here. Even a Carl Sagan "We are children of the Stars" trained moron like Bill Nye knows Homosexuals cannot reproduce; God saved the world from idiots like Bill Nye. The word "Science" is used 2 times in Scripture. Daniel refers to Science as the "Tongue of the Chaldeans" (Dan 1:4) ie Satanists and Paul tells Timothy "Science" is "Vain and Profane Babblings" (1 Ti 6:12). You can't overestimate the damage caused by Science Liars, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Charles Lyell, Albert Einstein, Edwin Hubble (really Jesuit Georges LeMaitre), Stephen Hawking (Jesuit sock puppet), Carl Sagan, Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye.

National Geographic "Genius" Series begins. Einstein means "One Stone"; JESUS is the "Stone the Builders Rejected"; the Cornerstone of the New Covenant. Time to choose between a Lying, Serial Adulterer, Communist, Zionist, Plagiarist, War Monger, Attention Seeking Whore or the Man who embodied Truth and gave His life for it. 
The US 7th Fleet is about to go toe to toe with North Korea;  an understanding of North Korea's Scalar Electro-Magnetic Weaponry aka "Vacuum Energy" may be in order. First off, the US created North Korea and installed the Kim Dynasty. Army officers Dean Rusk (Ref Memoirs "As I saw it" and Charles "Tic" Bonesteel divided North and South Korea on the Feast Day of Lucifer 1945, the same day Japan surrendered following the unecessary use of Atomic Weapons, in preparation for the UN sponsored Korean War which would claim the lives of 2.5M Korean citizens over 3 Years. At the same time, Donald Trump's uncle John Trump was tasked with weaponizing the recently murdered Nikola Tesla's technology for the US Army, which was transferred to Jesuit, Luciferian Mason Joseph Stalin SJ by Manhattan (Man + Aton=God Man) Project leader and Russian Ambassador Luciferian Mason, fake Jew J Robert Oppenheimer. North Korea has Russian EM Technology.  Jesuits took their first Oaths of Allegiance to Lucifer/Satan on the Feast Day of Lucifer in the Crypt of St Denis (Dionysus=Lucifer) Cathedral Paris Aug 15, 1534; the plan for 3 World Wars was penned by Jesuit handled Confederate (Federal means Covenant with God) Luciferian Mason Albert Pike on the Feast Day of Lucifer in 1871. 
    "Lance" in Thomas Beardon's book on Scalar Weaponry refers to the Spear of Longinus used to pierce the side of Jesus on the Tree; it is believed by the Luciferian Elite (Korahite Priests=Korea=Kore Ref Num 16 and Jude 7) that Scalar Weaponry "Tesla Shells" can be used to destroy Jesus at the 2nd Coming; they are wrong. Tesla Shells were tested on 9/11/2001, used to disintegrate the remote flown aircraft at the "Twin Towers". Nikola Tesla invented and patented EM devices capable of transferring large amounts of energy anywhere on, in or above the Earth. 
Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, Weather Modification, EMP Power Grid destruction are all easy with Scalar EM technology.
    When? The Cathedral of St John the Divine (Blasphemous combination of John the Baptist and John the Evangelist) tells the story. A giant bronze statue featuring a DNA Helix, St John defeating Satan atop a Crab (Cancer=June 21-July 22) and a Union of the Sun and Moon. 2017 is the Satanic Jubilee, 50 Years after the 1967 6-Day War for the Golan Heights (Genie and Afek Energy are now drilling for oil in the Golan) and Temple Mount; these events timed with the 7th Tetrad of 4 consequtive Lunar Eclipses on Passover and Tabernacles. 
   A Radioactive Jet Stream from the Scalar created Fukushima (also intentionally built on the 38th Parallel) disaster connects Korea (Korahites) and Japan (Land of the Rising Sun) with North America (Land of the Amorites). A "Vacuum Bomb", whether physical "Thermobaric" Bomb such as the MOAB or Scalar EM "Endo-thermic" Bomb, detonated over a Naval Ship or City will remove the oxygen and pull down radiation killing in short order. A Scalar created Vacuum Bomb can implode Submarines at depth as demonstrated with the USS Thresher, 10 April 1963 or the USS Michigan Tomahawk Cruise Missle Sub off the Korean Coast, visible and vulnerable at depth using ELF Radars.  America is the Phoenix of the New Age, planned from birth to be reduced to ashes. If you are not in a Personal Covenant with JESUS when the trigger is pulled, you will not be able to. I suggest
a little One on One with the Creator of the Universe in your Prayer Closet may be in order!

US trained False Prophet Steve Ciocolanti "Discover Ministry" in Australia claims "Gog and Magog" War is tied to imminent Korean War.
Gog and Magog is a gathering of nations around Jerusalem 1000 Yrs after the the 2nd Coming and Resurrection of King David; NOT NOW!  Rev 20:7-8 "After the thousand years" and Eze 37-39 make this perfectly clear.

Image result for picture of tree stump on marsPetrified Tree Stump found on Mars? BullShit. To Petrify a living thing such as a Tree, High Pressure, Heat and Water are required in the presence of Sodium; the conditions found in one event only; Noah's Flood. Petrified Tree Stumps in Escalante National Park, Petrified Forest in Arizona or the Grand Canyon are found buried in Sandstone once covered by hundreds or thousands of feet of Water. Don't fall for the nonsense.   

Skull & Bones "Brotherhood of Death" Satanist, Goldman Sachs Banker, Hollywood Horror Movie Producer, Trump Treasury Sec Steven Mnuchin promoting Donald Trump Corporate Tax Cut from 35% to 15%. Steve is a Chip off the ole block, in 1878 Supreme Court Chief Justice Morrison "Mott" (Mott is the son of Saturn "Grim Reaper" aka Phoenician "El"; Mott is his son, the Phoenican "God of Death"; Amerca is the "Phoenix of the New Age") Waite Un-Constitutionally handed Coroorations the Rights of Citizens by changing the Constitution from "Consitution for the United States" to "CONSTITUTION FOR THE UNITED STATES". The United States is a CORPORATION with its own CONSTITUTION that provides no rights to Citizens. 

Illegal Immigrant Ted Cruz (father Raphael fled Vietnam draft to Canada; Ted was born in Canada when Canada offered no dual citizenship and gave up Canadian citizenship) promoting Mexico Wall by charging El Chapo Guzman. El Chapo used US Weapons transferred to Mexico by the State Dept account "US Direct Commercial Sales" and "Operation Gun Runner" during Hillary Clinton's term. The US Army and Sinaloa Cartel deliver drugs into the US; nothing a Border Wall will stop. 

Dr David Dao dragged off United Flight with broken nose; BullShit. Dao is not a Doctor (lost license in 2005); a Drug addicted Gay Prostitute, Poker playing Actor.

Apr 30-May 1 "International Worker's Day" aka "Labor Day" in most of the world; Protests by Workers and Illegal Immigrants in Washington DC. Walpurga is the "Grain Mother"; Saturn is the "Grim Reaper". St Walpurga? Patron Saint of the Merovingian Franks (Merovee is the Beast from the Sea; Frank means "Free from God"). Hitler escaped to Argentina, his double killed in Berlin the day before fellow Thule Society aka "Brotherhood of Death" Society Initiate Luciferian Mason/Jesuit Joe Stalin held Moscow's "May Day" Parade in Red Square. The Celtic New Year is based on Agriculture; Jesus refers to those out of Covenant during the Great Tribulation as "Earth Dwellers" for this reason. Canaanites in Jerusalem "Jebusites" used the Temple Mount as a "Threshing Floor". 2016 is the UN Year of Pulses; Grain Pulses are Tares; in people and the bible "Gene Slips". 2017 is the UN Year of Sustainability; killing everyone not in league with Satan/Saturn. Jesus said no flesh would remain unless He shortened "Those Days"; they may be about here. Happy Walpurgisnacht/May Day folks!

Image result for pictures of city of london gog and magogImage result for picture of dragon at city of london corporation'Image result for picture of dragon at city of london corporation'The 14 Ft Wicker Idols "Gog and Magog" at Guildhall (Tax Hall) in the City of London Corporation aka "Square Mile" lead the Lord Mayor procession on Nov 11. November means 9th Month so in this framework 9/11. An Iron Wall is being built around Gog and Magog for 2017 because the 4th Beast (Morally Unrestrained) of Dan 7:7 is Iron. The Red Edomite Dragon guards Guildhall, the Justice Courts, Templar Church and Magna Carta from Commoners at the Temple Bar (Gate) until Taxes are paid. In America, Nov 11 is "Veteran's Day"; Veteran means "Beast of Burden" aka Commoners or Donald Trump's "People". Gog and Magog are made of Wicker because they are of Celtic origin; "Wicker Men" contain Human Holocaust Sacrifices; Knight of Malta Nicholas Cage' movie "Wicker Man" is worth a watch; unaware, he became the Wicker Man sacrifice on Beltane "May Day" May 1st, the Celtic New Year.
      The British Empire is Ishmaili and Edomite; Brith=Birthright of the First Born aka "Covenant Men"; Cain, Japheth (Germanics/Turks), Ishmael and Esau (Red, hence the Red Dragon guards the Temple Bar. Prince Charles wears the Arab Keffiyeh Head Scarf as do Jordan (Jordan is Idumea the land of Edom, Ammon and Moab) Elite and Indonesia aka "British East Indies" because they are Edomite. Sir Francis Bacon wrote "New Atlantis: a Work Unfinished" in 1620, calling America the "Phoenix of the New Age". Phoenix is a mythical Arabian bird used on US Gold Coins known to self immolate by fire in order to re-birth itself; America is named after the Amorites who offered human sacrifices to Molech; exact replicas of the sacrificial centers are currently in Trafalgar Sq London and New York City Hall Park. Amorites also wrote the Code of Hammurabi, the first laws in opposition to God's Laws upon which the Magna Carta was written. America is to be destroyed by Fire as the Phoenix; a Scapegoat for Rev 18 "Economic Babylon" (Gate of Saturn/Molech)
     Gog and Magog is in the Quran (Sura 18); the Arabic version is Yajuj and Majuj, 2 Giants who dig under the "Iron Wall" which is repaired by Allah, the Arab god "Sin". In the Bible, Gog and Magog is a gathering around Jerusalem, King David and Jesus Christ of all Nations. In Dan 7:14, the 7000 yr old reunion of the SPIRIT of God and Jesus Christ (God in Flesh) destroys everyone, just as everyone is destroyed in an instant at the 2nd Coming when Jesus arrives at Armageddon "Valley of Slaughter". Nobody battles Jesus and wins. The mythical final battle of "Good/Light and Evil/Darkness" (God and Satan) is Zoroastrian nonsense; in this Chaldean scheme, the God of Light is Ahura Mazda and the God of Darkness is Ahriman, the latter represented by America.
     God's New Covenant Laws are "Love God" and "Love our Neighbor". Edomites obtain "Dominion" (Sovereign Authority to Rule the Earth) in Dan 7:6 as the 3rd Beast; the 4th Beast comes quickly afterward and destroys nearly everything and everyone. If you want to wait until Nov 11 and see how all this works out, fine but that may be too late to establish a One on One personal relationship with the Creator of the Universe; his name is JESUS (Mat 1:25KJV), JAH (Ps 68:4KJV) and JEHOVAH (Ex 6:3). There are no other Names of God to make a Covenant with.  

Related imageSatanist Rex Tillerson making the case at the UN for War with North Korea; urges UN to act before North Korea does; threatens US sanctions on nations trading with North Korea; promises US will not sit idly by.  The Korean War was the first UN War, just ask ex UN Sec Gen Unification Church disciple "Moonie" Ban Ki Moon. Sun Myung Moon taught Jesus failed his mission and he was sent to fulfill it. The UN Meditation Room has a Black 13,000Lb Lodestone (Leading Stone) Altar illuminated by a single shaft of light in front of a Serpent wrapped poll. Pretty hard to figure out how all this ends eh?

TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) is dead. TTIP (Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) is dead and the break-up of the European Union on the horizon. TiSA (Trade in Services Agreement) is however alive and well; Foreign Corporations bidding on Air (John McCain's long awaited dream of Cabotage), Rail, Truck Transportation, Investment Services, Health Care/EMS Police, Fire, Prisons etc.  Trump threatens to end NAFTA (Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico) by imposing Canadian Lumber Tarrifs and the Mexican Wall. Trump threatens War with North Korea with War. Trump threatens to end Free Trade deal "KORUS" with South Korea. Why isolate the United States? America is the Scapegoat for Rev 18 "Economic Babylon" and 2017 is the Jubilee Year. Read the text: "Babylon the great has fallen...nations have drunk the wine of her fornication...become the habitation of man buyeth her merchandise anymore...and cried when they saw the smoke of her burning, saying What city is like unto this great city!...that great city of Babylon...shall be found no more at all. America (Land of the Amorites) was born to be the Phoenix of the New Age, America's bonfire of Debt ($21T Cash + $77T Unfunded Liabilities ie SS, Medicare, Gov't/Military Pensions) + $1.6Q Derivatives) is far more than the currency in circulation; in a Jubilee, Debts are cancelled. The Golden Age of Saturn will rise from America's self destruction under the only name possible, the "TRUMP" of Satan. Time for a little One on One with the real Sovereign God; His Name is Jesus. 

Donald Trump "I'm a Nationalist and Globalist" Odd? Not really, honest. National: Birth, Common Ancestry, Tribe, Breed, Stock, Race, Rank, Country, Rank. Global: Universal, Earth, Worldwide. Gen 27:39-41KJV Isaac prophecies his son Esau will live Wealthy (Fatness of the Earth), by Killing (By the Sword), as Priests (Dew of Heaven). Common Birth Ancestry? Abraham's Covenant with God required his sons to never take Canaanite women as wives; Ishmael and Esau disobeyed; Isaac and Jacob obeyed. Canaanites are connected to Cain through Incest of Ham and his mother. Ancestry/Tribe, Breed, Stock? Cain, Japheth, Canaan, Ishmael and Esau. Race? There is 1 Race of Man and Woman made from Man on Earth; Elitists ie Cainites, however regard Lucifer as the father of Cain. Rank? Esau achieves "Dominion", meaning "Sovereign authority to rule" over the Earth; Sovereign "Person having highest Rank". Donald Trump's real name is Drumpf, an Ashkenazi (Germanic Crypto Jewish name) Donald: King of the World + Trump: Card agreed to outrank all others. 

                                                                                           March 2017
March is Mars aka Ares or Nergal the Roman, Persian, Babylonian god of War.
Elon Musk "Space X" plans a Martian Base, but first 2 paying passengers will fly aboard an automated Dragon 2 Rocket, launched from taxpayer financed Kennedy Space Center on a "300-400K mile, 1 week, looping voyage beyond the moon, skimming the surface of the moon and returning to Earth" in 2018. If you liked Apollo AstroNUTS you'll love this Bull Shit. The Moon is roughly 240K miles from Earth, so a voyage beyone the moon and back would take well over 500K miles. Musk describes the 1 week voyage as not like the Apollo "Slingshot" trajectory; I guess the 2 passengers sans pilots, or flight attendants or rocket fuel will just turn around and thrust back eh?  Nikola Tesla called Einstein "A beggar dressed in purple, made king using dazzling mathmetics to obscure the truth"; I'm certain he would have many more colorful superlatives to describe the idiot owner of Tesla Motors.
Death of Caesar by Vincenzo Camuccini
National Debt begins March 2017 at $19.98 Trillion; on the Ides of March (Mar 15), the US National Debt reaches its $20 Trilllion "Debt Ceiling". Mars is symbolized by the Rooster (Cock). Jesus was betrayed 3 times by Peter after the Last Supper as He said would happen. Nowruz "New Light" is the Persian New Year Mar 21; Sanjaks are Rooster Idols made of Brass symbolizing Nowruz. OMB (Office of Mgt and Budget) Director Mick Mulvaney opposes raising the Debt Ceiling and has voted 4X in Congress against such measures. Congress would need to vote for an iincrease before Mar 15 to avoid a Government shut-down/emergency measures; Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is an Opus Dei, Jesuit whose "Austerity" philosophy should be well known by now. Skull & Bones (Brotherhood of Death Society) Steven Mnuchin is Trump Treasury Secretary, a former Goldman Sachs ( ie Knight Templar) Banker beholden to the Rothschilds (Rot Shield=Edomite Shield) who created the Federal Reserve banking system and who own the printing presses necessary to expand the money supply. Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix is Crowley's book detailing the Holocaust Sacrifice of America. Trump is the 44th person elected US President; on the "Ides of March" 15 March 44 BC, Julius Caesar was stabbed 33 times, led by his trusted confidant Marcus Brutus; his last words were "Et tu Brute?"; Trump's may be "You too Pence?" Pence means "Penny" aka Roman Denarius. The 3rd Beast rides a Black Horse carrying a pair of balances "A measure of wheat for a penny, and 3 measures of barley for a penny; and see thou not hurt the oil and the wine" Rev 6:5-6. Marilyn Manson "SAY TEN" music video and the Simpsons predict the death of Donald Trump. They were, pardon the pun, "Dead On" predicting the Trump presidency in 2000.
The Ripon Hornblower
Mike Dubke to White House Communications Director aka "Tweeter in Chief" Dubke founded BlackRock Group and CrossRoads Media which serves Karl "Bush's Brain" Rove's (Rovers were Homosexual SA "Brown Shirts") Super PAC "American Crossroads". Dubke was the Executive Director of the Ripon Society. George Romney received Ripon "Republican of the Year" in 1971, illegal to run for President (not a Natural born US Citizen or even a US Citizen; George lobbied ALCOA to supply the German Luftwaffe aluminum as an ALCOA lobbyist), his Ripon Society opponent Richard Nixon said "If the Luftwaffe had won the air war for Germany, the man you could thank most is George Romney". George HW Bush won the award for his role in Iran-Contra with George's son Mitt, also inelligible to run for US President, but a Mormon with a giant chip on his shoulder The Mormon Oath of Vengeance sworn by Mitt's 4th generation grandfather Parley Pratt (CFR HQ is the Pratt House named after Harold Pratt) demands Mormons exact vengeance on every American Gentile to the 4th generation for the blood of the prophets Joseph and Hyrum Smith. The White Horse Prophecy aka Blood in the Streets Prophecy fortells blood running down the streets like water down a storm drain when the Constitution is hanging by a thread; Mitt has been told since 1979 he is "The one mighty and strong, clothed in light to usher in the Christ". Extermination Order 44 written by Ill gov Liburn Boggs called for killing or forced migration of Mormons; Donald Trump is the 44th man selected US President. Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix may ring a Baal; America is the Phoenix of the New Age set to be reduced to ashes. 
      2017 is the Satanic Jubilee Year; a reversal of Slave and Master is happening; Esau is assuming the mantle from Jacob (Gen 27:39-41KJV). Stealing and Consecration of property (money, assets, real estate) to the "Sons of Israel" is the purpose of the Mormon Church. After the Battle of Hastings in 1066, Bastard Norman King "William the Conqueror" and his royal Usury Bankers including George Romney commissioned the "Doomsday Book", an accounting of everything of value owned by the Normans, soon to become known as Knights Templars and today's International Bankers. The City of London Corp is a Sovereign Territory behind the Temple Bar (Tax Bench) accounting for most of the world's assets including people. The Order of the Garter are 24 Knights representing the bulk of the world's physical wealth. Ripon "Rough Rider" awards, named after Spanish American War fraud Teddy Roosevelt have been given to GW Bush Chief of Staff Andy Card for his role perpetrating 9/11(who can forget Andy telling George the 2nd Tower had been hit as he read "The Pet Goat" upside down (note the girl with horns behind Bush pictured in the Beauty and the Beast entry below) John Boehner (Jesuit, Opus Dei) received the award for his role in starting the unconstitutional Libyan War  with 160 Uranium tipped Tomahawk Cruise Missiles, stopping  Qadaffi from providing Water via the GMMR (Great Man Made River) Project and African Dinar financed cheap Oil. Can you hear the Ripon Hornblower? Ripon Society is clandestinely dedicated to restoring the Stuart Monarchy  aka Kingdom of Antichrist. The fake "Jacob's Pillow" aka "Stone of Scone" will roar when the rightful king is placed on the throne, and no folks, it's not Jesus. The myth begins with the prophet Jeremiah taking King Zedekiah's (44th and last King of Israel for good reason) daughter and Jacob's Pillow to Ireland to establish a Royal Bloodline; later Joseph of Arimathea takes the Holy Grail cup of Jesus' blood from the Crucifixion there to establish that Merovingian Lie. So, Mike Dubke is a good choice for Clan MacCleod Knight Templar and Knight of Malta Donald Trump.
Saudi King Salman arrives in Indonesia Mar 1 after visits in Riyadh by CIA Director Mike Pompeo and ISIS arming traitor John McCain. Saudis run Wahhabist Quran Schools "Madrassa" like the one Barry Soetero (Obama) attended as a "Taliban" (Student) before becoming a "Mujahedeen" (Warrior of Allah) under Pakistan-Afghanistan CIA station chief Bob Gates (Osama bin Laden aka Tim Osman ditto) in 1983 during his "Missing Years" at Columbia Univ.  4 commercial airliners, 27 flights, 620 staff, 450 tons of luggage, 200 rooms at the Westin and Marriot, now "Starwood", just ask fake Mormon Mitt Romney. King Salman finances ISIS just ask John McCain.



Earthquakes worldwide on a dramatic rise, including the Feb 28th Fukushima Earthquake and eruption of Mt Paektu in North Korea. "Silk Road" Diplomacy will be the world's largest Exodus toward Armageddon; ever wonder how 200M people end up crosing the Euphrates River toward the Valley of Mediggo in Rev 9? Fukushima is experiencing a 10X Radiation spike, likely from Plutonium enhanced Atomic Fission underground at the intersection of 3 tectonic plates; think the Earth is full of, as Dr Evil would say  "Liquid Hot Magma"? guess again, Water and lots of it which will transmit shock waves across the globe causing "Earthquakes in Diverse Places", a phrase Jesus said that should be familiar. An act of God? Hardly Mar 11 is the 6th anniversary of Fukushima, the intentionally triggered Earthquake/Tsunami at Fukushima destroying life on Earth, no this is not dramatic license. The Cult of Saturn loves the number 6. Vikings=VI or 6 Kings named after the 6th Planet Saturn.
Hypocrisy Roundup: Rupert Murdoch (Knight of Malta; Harper-Collins, Zondervan) publishes such jems as "Satanic Bible", "Queen James Bible", "Gender Neutral NIV Bible" and Obama's ghost written books "Audacity of Hope" and "Dreams of my Father" (his father likely referring to 33 degree Prince Hall Mason Malcolm X aka Bari Malik Shabazz) netting the pre-presidential constitutionally inelligible (Kenyan born, illegal SS#, no Passport) Obama $20M, now set to publish Barack and Michelle (Michael Robinson) "Obama Memoirs" netting the exiting Obama's (soon to return) $60M. Jeff Sessions added to the list (Gen Mike Flynn) of Trump's Cabinet officials negotiating Russian deals during the election (selection) and lying to Congress about it; Sessions is impartially leading the FBI investigation into the scandal, an initiate of "The Family" is what Hell bound Beasts do.  Joe Biden (Jesuit/Knight of Malta) hired by University of PA (Tiffany Trump attends; Joe Paterno/Jerry Sandusky Pedophile Ring and Obama Sodomite "Body Man" Reggie Love  may ring a Baal) for undisclosed salary, working from home as "Ben Franklin Presidential Practice Adviser"; so who was Ben Franklin? 1st Ben was not a President but the Nations 1st Grand Master (Philadelphia Lodge) Mason, a child sacrificing pedophile (20 bodies of rutually sacrificed children discovered under his Trafalgar Sq home dating to the times he lived there) member of Sir Francis Dashwood's "Hell Fire Society" (think Eyes Wide Shut here) holding nocturnal orgies and sacrifice rituals in London and Paris as a Revolutionry War Diplomat with King George. Franklin and Jefferson were initiates of the 7 Sisters Lodge in Paris named after the 7 Muses of Zeus "Pleaides". Franklin and British astrologer Ebeneezer Sibly set the date July 4, 1776 for America's Natal Zodiac based on a rare 5 planet occultation by the Sun; the real father of America being his Rosicrucian spirit guide Comte de St Germain. As for Biden, he too is a Pedophile, children visiting the White House get their own special Pizza (code for Pedophilia) Bracelet Chip off the ole block Hunter Biden, discharged from the Naval Reserve for Cocaine posession after 7 months, is having an affair with his brother Beau's wife; leaving his wife, the divorce accuses him of drugs, prostitutes, strip clubs, and serial adultery. Steve Besheur, ex-Repuclican Governor of Kentucky chosen for the Democratic Rebuttal to Trump's congressional speech "I'm a proud Republican" Alrighty then! 



7 Earth size Planet Google Doodle is nonsense  

Feb 27 NASA announced Trappist 1 has located 7 Earth size planets with potential Alien life. On Mar 2 Israeli film maker Yuval Ovadia declared the 7 Planet system is "Nibiru" (Zechariah Sitchin nonsense), the planet asociated with Gen 6 "Nephilim" (KJV uses "Giant" for good reason). Nibiru is Akkadian for "Transition or Crossing" hence the oftn used name Planet X (Planet of the Crossing); in Greek X "Chi" means "Christ" (Messiah), in this case "Alternative Messiah "Antichrist". Same day Talmudic Rabbi Yaakov Edelstein made a death bed prophecy (Lie) "Michael will rise up for these difficult times"; speaking about Dan 12 and the final battle of Gog and Magog. Gog and Magog is a battle around Jerusalem at the end of the Millennium, just over 1000 years away (Rev 20:7-8) too bad Rabbis don't believe what Jesus told them. Rabbi Edelstein died at 93 (GHW Bush is married to Crowley's ritual daughter Barbara; he turns 93 in June), the number associated with "Thelema" (Aleister Crowley Saturnian Religion)  Thelemites and Witches greet each other with "93", short for "Do what thou wilt shall be the sum of the Law"; "93/93" short for "As Above, So Below". 93 the number of the demon Aiwass Aleister (Great Beast) Crowley's Thelema (Will) + Agape (Love)=93. Crowley means "Wood of the Crows"; "Saturn" aka "Black Star" or "Black Sun" is the Crow's Head. UA #93 disappeared into a field at Shankesville PA on 9/11/2001 (Flt #93 in reality landed at Cleveland Int'l)  93 is the gematria of the "Lost Word" in Masonry known only to Temple Architect Hiram Abiff.
    Why Trappist? The
 Trappist Order are the Reformed Cistercians aka Knights Templar. Transit Planets and Planissimals Small Telescope? Nah, just more occult communication coinciding with the Hollywood Propaganda movie "Arrival" "Nothing would unite the nations of Earth faster than the threat of an alien invasion from outside our solar system" Ronald Reagan UN speech. Trappist 1 is in whereelse but Aquarius; welsome to the Age of Aquarius folks! I suggest getting Jesus in your life before the outpouring of Saturn arrives; Saturn rules Aquarius. Baal Shem Tov (founder of Hassidic Judaism ie worship of Saturn) said "Saturn will pour out power and spiritual force"

Mar 3 NATO Dep Com British Gen Adrian Bradshaw invoking Art 5 over non-existent Russian Cyber Hacking "Hybrid Warfare" On April 26, 2016 Gen Mark Milley told graduating ROTC Lieutenants "The US will be fighting a Hybrid War with Hybrid Armies against "Little Green Men". Bat Shit crazy Generals leading the world's leaders into WWIII is part of God's pre-written plan "To the intent the living may know the Most High ruleth in the kingdom of men and giveth it to whomsoever he will, and setteth up over it the basest of men." Dan 4:17 Putin and Trump are indeed the "Basest of Men" (Morally compromised); "Trump" Brand has 38 registered Trademarks in China including "Trump Escort Services". Trump, a lifelong Hollywood Actor, is controlled the "The Family", (Mike Pence, Ben Carson, Jeff Sessions, Dan Coats, Betsy DeVoss), a group which idolizes mass murderers Yale Divinity School Grad Mao Tse Tung and Jesuit, 33 degree Mason Joseph Stalin.
       At the center of the Corruption is the world's Propaganda Minister
Knight of Malta Rupert Murdoch (Merodach/Marduk) and ex-wife Wendi Deng, Chinese child actress and current adviser/matchmaker to Ivanka Trump and Jared Jushner and alleged Putin mistress (alleged affairs with Tony Blair and Eric Schmidt; Blair is Godfather to Murdoch daughter Grace). Wendi Deng is perhaps the world's most dangerous "Mata Hari"; Blackmailing Russia, China, the US and Britain into WWIII. The Putin claim is refutted in a biography by Stanislov Belkovsky "Putin" claiming "Putin is Gay...Sex and a sex life are alien to Putin, he prefers animals over humans"; one way or the other, "Basest of Men" seems to fit Trump and Putin to a T. Putin wearing the Upside Down 5 Pt Star "Baphomet" aka "Sabbath Goat  or "Goat of Mendes" aka "Saturn".  Why now? WWIII will pit North Korea against South Korea at the 38th parallel "DMZ" created by the US (Dean Rusk, Charles Bonesteel) for the Koream War "Armistice" (Temporray cessation of hostilities. US installed dictator Kim Il Sun's pedophile grandson Kim Jong Un in the news again as is US-South Korea Military Exercises "Foal Eagle" and "Key Resolve"; you may recall anti-submarine ship ROK Cheonan was sank in the Yellow Sea during the same exercises in 2010 by a US Sub and US made Super Cavitating Toerpedo in order to lay blame on North Korea whose subs are noisy WWII era Diesels. WWIII is one False Flag event away.

  Image result for wendi deng pictures Image result for putin and prince albert gay picturesImage result for nikki haley mind controlled   Deng was born Deng Wenge meaning "Cultrural Revolution", read Marxist Cultural Revolution of Chairman Mao Tse Tung whom "The Family" (Jeff Sessions, Dan Coats, Mike Pence, Ben Carson, Betsy DeVoss)  whose leader Doug Coe says "The people who understood the message of the New Testament best were Mao Tse Tung, Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler and Pol Pot" WWIII is planned to exhaust the world morally, economically and physically; 500M dead under these Beasts is Chump Change to the planned population reduction of 6 Billion (Georgia Guidestones; Pope Francis' Laudato Si). Jesus said unless He shortened "Those Days" no flesh would remain. Sikh (Monotheist Universal Brotherhood; JESUS is Father, Son, Holy Ghost and Word) mind controlled UN Ambassador Nikki Haley calling for Russia sanctions over Syria; note she wears the same inverted star Vlad Putin wears. Haley was compromised with the Charleston SC "Shooting Hoax"; she specifically used the words "Peace and Safety"; buzzwords Paul warned about "For when they say Peace and Safety, sudden destruction shall come upon them as travail upon a woman with child, and they shall not escape" 1 Thess 5:3
Russian and Syrian Jets attack ISIS targets in Northern Syria, nearly killing US ground troops who are not authorized to be there.
Russian Special Forces lead blitz assault on Palmyra (aka Amurru) Syria; the Arch of ISIS in Palmyra under which children were passed through the fire to Molech by their parents as part of the Saturnian Initiation condemned in the bible was re-created and installed in New York City Civic Park and Trafalgar Square London. Amurru is the source name of America meaning "Serpent"; Amurru is the Shepherd god of the Edomites and Amorites.
TSA Pat Downs to get more intrusive: Pat Downs and Full Body Image Scanners were mandated after the "Christmas Bomber" Farouk Abdulmutallib (son of Nigerian Def Minister) traveled from Nigeria to Yemen to Amsterdam (Israeli Security Full Body Scanners marketed by Michael Chertoff and Dame of Malta Janet Napolitano  were already in position at Schipol Airport ready for deployment) to Detroit without a Passport. Muhammad's uncle Abdel Mutallib shares the name of Abdulmiutallib who attempted to light C-4 in his underwear; one cannot light C-4; it requires an Initiator. Just another Bull Shit story on par with the TATP (Tri-Acetone Tri-Peroxide) Bomber who tried to mix a bomb in the British Airways Lavatory, an impossible task, or "Shoe Bomber" Richard Reid attempting to light C-4 in his shoe or MH-17, the cancelled Malaysian B-777 which crashed in Ukraine with the wrong tail number. Time to wake up folks! I can't wait for the Aliens to arrive; Malaysian Liar M Othman will greet the Aliiens on behalf of the UN as "US Space Alien Ambassador"; just hope nobldy catches on to the name sharing with Mothman Prophecy or Othman 1, the founder of the Ottoman Empire eh?

                                                                                                                       Mar 5
ISIS arming traitor John McCain secretely travels to Kobani Canton, Syria before meeting Turkey President Reccip Tayyip Erdogan (33 degree Paris trained Grand Orient Lodge Mason, Crypto fake Jew) on Feb 23; on Mar 5 Water and Hydro-electric Electricity is cut-off to Kobani Canton, just upstream from the Tabqa Dam, the water and electricity source for Aleppo. Well done John. Here is the entry for Feb 23.

「mccain picture with isis」の画像検索結果

John McCain meets with King Salman in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Reccip Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey in joint effort to defeat DAESH ahead of Syrian Peace Talks in Geneva; here is traitor John with ISIS/DAESH leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi and other ISIS commanders. Traitor McCain and Crypto fake Jew Erdogan broker arms to ISIS, he doesn't want to defeat them. Saudi Arabia and Turkey arm DAESH. Hypocricy will get no easier to spot than this. On Mar 2 Turkey cut Euphrates River water supplies to Syria; traitor John's version of diplomacy at its finest. 
Alex Acosta, Trump Labor Sec nominee confirmed Acosta drummed up Trump Pedo-pal Jeff Epstein "Sweetheart Deal"; 1 day/wk in Jail for 1 Yr. Labor Sec loves unrestricted illegal immigration stealing labor from US citizens
Calais Mayor  Natacha Bouchart destroys Refugee Camp and bans Charities from distributing food to Muslims. Flash Back: US and Britian falsely blame Muslims for 9/11/2001; Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, created "Refugees" who enter Refugee Camps which are destroyed and given to starvation. Christian nations? More like Hell on Earth. "We never proved Osama bin Laden or Saddam Hussein had anything to do with 9/11" FBI Director Robert Mueller, Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld. 
Rabbi Lori Palatnik and Isaac Herzog (Knesset) predicting massive Jewish migration from America to Israel. Yitshak "Bougle" (Bougle/Bogle means "Hobgoblin/Bogy"; Herzog means Germanic Military Leader; not Jewish in the slightest) Herzog aka Isaac Herzog's grandfather was Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi (Ashkenaz is the grandson of Japheth, son of Gomer ie Germanic not Semitic or Jewish); Herzog's father was an Israeli General and 2 term Israeli President. Palatnik is the head of "Jewish Women's Renaisssance" and "Aish Wachington DC" (Aish means Fire in regards to teaching Rabbinical Lies) God did not ordain any women Priests; Moses' sister Miriam started an Alternative Priesthood of Korahites which God buried alive; Lori is a modern day Miriam leading a Korahite Renaissance (Re-birth). Paul warned women to keep silence in the churches for this reason. (1 Cor 14:34-35) Jesus warned never call anyone on Earth "Rabbi" (Mat 23:8). The 6 Pt Star of Molech/Saturn is not Jewish; Amos 5:2;26; 7:2-3; 5-6KJV make perfectly clear God did not raise Israel up; Jesus will gather the "Dry Bones" of Jacob (Eze 37) at the 2nd Coming as "Shiloh" (He whose it is; Gen 49:10) Palatnik teaches "At the end of days all Jews are all going to move to Israel...Events of 9/11 are clear fulfillment of prophecy". No Lori 9/11 was an "Inside Job", a "Flase Flag" used to lay blame on Islam for WWIII "Zionism versus Islam" (Google Pike's plan for 3 World Wars). Lori teaches God gave 3 gifts to Israel in Prov 13:24, all stemming from God's Chastening/Punishment "Torah", "Land of Israel" and the "World to Come"; well Lori, God sure didn't give the Penteteuch over to Rabbinical interpretation (Torah); the "Land of Israel" was promised to Abraham's descendants so long as they were in Covenant with God; Isaac and Jacob Yes; Ishmael and Esau No. The World to Come is strickly offered through Covenant with JESUS, the only Legitimate King of Jerusalem "Melchisedek" (Gen 14:18; Ps 110, Heb 7).
     So, what could cause a massive Exodus from America? America is the Phoenix of the New Age, the self-sacrifice of America will generate the New Atlantis as Francis Bacon wrote in 1620  "New Atlantis: A Work Unfinished". Atlantis is
the pre-flood world; New Atlantis is a return to the pre-flood world aka "Golden Age"
 Image result for pictures of noaa fema us navy disaster planning maps us underwater             Image result for pictures of oroville dam damage                                                                                                                                                                                                                                The US Navy, FEMA and NOAA all have Disaster Planning Maps showing California and the Mississippi River Valley Flooded. NostradamusThe death of "Mabus" will herald thirst, hunger and a cataclysm when the comet runs. 239th anniversary of the US Navy featured a Lunar Eclipse on Sukkot; a Navy commercial highlighted "239" or Sept 23. Sept 23, 2017 will see an alignment in the "Heavens" coincident with Rev 12:1,_20173  On Sept 20, 2017 the "Christ Angle" will form the 2 events completing "As Above, So Below" Obama nominated Ray Mabus to Sec of Navy;  coincidental? or part of a meticulous plan? Mabus is a CFR Traitor, RAND Center, ex-Saudi Ambassador who covered up the Navy salvage of Deep Water Horizon in 2015; Mark Wahlberg put out a nice propaganda movie about it. DeepWater Horizon has never been corrected; Methane is eroding the Salt Dome over the world's largest deep sea oil deposit and will soon collapse the area over the New Madrid Fault. Now back to Califormia.
      Occultists  ie Cainites, Canaanites and the Ishmaelites and Edomites who married Canaanite women in violation of the Covenant God made with Abraham are bent on revenge for the Flood and call this the "Golden Age" because the Head of the Babylonian Idol representing the Beast Sytem is made of "Gold". Babylon means "Gate of On/El" aka "Gate of Saturn"Perhaps a bit too obvious to see, but wouldn't a Golden Age have something to do with the "Golden State" and perhaps even the Oroville (Golden City) Dam? The problem facing the Central California Valley is it's demise is pre-planned. The Emergency Spillway damage is extensive and spring melting of the Sierra Mountain snowpack has net really begun. The Spillway will resume; debris may choke off the Hyatt Power Plant at the base of the Dam and the Dam itself will be lost. The rapid lake level drop caused by Dam failure will either cause, or be blamed for "The Big One", the San Andreas Fault split long planned for. The Golden Gate Bridge was destroyed in the movie San Andreas; the 80th anniversary of the Godlen Gate Bridge dedication is May 27, 2017 
                                                                                           May 27=2 Sivan "Yom HaMeyveshas" (Day of Distinction) on the Hebrew Calendar.

  • Rene Allendy (French mystic/alchmist) proposed 80 represents Karmic Liberation for the Universe...a comunion of the "Great White Lodge" Jesus washes His followers of Sin making them "White"; Satan initiates his followers in the "Great White Lodge"
  • 80 Yr old Moses spoke to Pharaoh "Let my people go"
  • 80 Yr old Daniel interpreted the "Writing on the Wall" (MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPARSHIM) meaning "Your Kingdom is weighed in the balances, found wanting and given to the Medes and Persians" America is the new Scapegoat for Babylon. Trump is "President of the Divided States"  
  • 80Lb Hailstones will fall on the "Desolate" (People who have accepted the Mark of the Beast) in Rev 16:21 "7th Vial"  The Cult of Saturn will falsify this event at the start of the Great Tribulation to present "Antichrist" 
  • 80 is the 17th Arcane Tarot "Star"; Lucifer is the "Morning Star
  • 80 years is the length of human life for the strong in Ps 90:10 
  • 80 advisers accompanied the "Buddha" (Siddhartha Guatama means "World Axis or Pillar) 
On 9/10/2001 FEMA conducted a Terror Drill in New York City that went live the next day (Refer to Rabbi Lori Palatnik "Prophecy") FEMA spokesman Tom Kennedy stated the #1 concern for FEMA was a "Terrorist Event in NYC"; #2 "Hurricane in New Orleans". #3 Earthquake in California on the San Andreas Fault. Eternity with Jesus Christ? or a short lived Golden Age? The choice seems easy to me.
TRUMP's WaterGate
is happening now. Remember, JESUS is the "Living Water"; the Aquarian Age to be ruled by Saturn (Satan) is symbolized by the Big Dipper "Water Pourer". Time is Saturn (Chronos); TRUMP is Time Magazine "President of the Divided States". News (Propaganda) outlets are referring to Trump as the "Conspiracy Nut in Chief" Trump is accusing Ted Cruz' father Rafael of being involved with Lee Harvey Oswald and the JFK assassination, and  Obama being Kenyan born foreigner with CT SS# 042-68-4425 belonging to Jean Paul Ludwig; puhleez!   Next thing is Donald thinking people are out to kill him!. Julius Cassar felt the same way; religious zealots in his cabinet and Senate stabbed him 33 times led by Brutus, his most trusted adviser on the Ides of March. Trump advisers like Mike Pence, Jeff Sessions, Dan Coats, Betsy De voss and Ben Carson are initiates of "The Family"; loyalty to Trump? Jesuit Generals Mad Dog Mattis, Flynn, McMaster, Kellog and Dunford; loyalty to Trump? Sure thing! Julius Caesar was assassinated on the Ides of March, the day the Government Debt Ceiling of $20T is reached. Coincidental? or Meticulous Planning?

  •  Image result for picture of rafael cruz and lee harvey oswaldImage result for welcome to nigeria, birthplace of barack obama「picture of simpsons with dead donald trump」の画像検索結果

                                                                                                           Mar 7
    HUD Secretary Ben Carson calls African Slaves "Immigrants" in speech to department workers. Not even close. Black Africans were captured, branded, chained, force-marched to ports, beaten, kept in cages, stripped of their humanity, and many their lives. 100+ million or more humans were sold like cattle and kept as Chattel. Millions perished during the Middle Passage, a horrifying experience, packing human cargo under deplorable conditions in coffin-sized spaces, at times, one atop another, in extreme discomfort, with poor ventilation, and little sanitation, enabling dysentery, smallpox, ophthalmia (causing blindness) and other diseases to became rampant. Conditions below deck were dark, filthy, slimy, full of blood, vomit, and human excrement. Women were beaten, raped, flogged and clubbed to death. Anyone thought to be diseased was dumped overboard like garbage. Arrivals with three-fourths of cargos were considered successful voyages. The Middle Passage claimed as many as half of those trafficked, estimated at up to 50 million.
    7th Day Adventism rejects Jesus Christ and the Millennium; Carson, a 2X Guest Speaker at "The Family" sponsored Nat Prayer Breakfasts (33 degree Luciferian Billy Graham the only other 2X speaker) said "Immigrants can be Forced Immigrants"; wrong again, that's justification for causing Refugees which is exactly why Dr. Moron was chosen for the job of "Housing"; UN
 Agenda 2030 requires Americans to be force re-located as part of "Re-Wilding"; the good doctor would call them "Domestic Immigrants" I suppose. So what will cause the "Re-location"; how about man-made Tornadoes tearing up Kansas on the the earliest start to "Tornado Season"? How about a 7.5 man made Earthquake on the San Andreas fault? Yup, that was on the national news tonight too.


Wikileaks Vault 7 released, exposing CIA Spy techniques. Now that's funny, Wikileaks is the CIA. Julian Assange was raised in "The Family" aka "Great White Brotherhood" an Australian White Supremacist New Age Cult controlled by the Australian CIA, a member of 5 Eyes with the US-NATO-Britian-Israel. Recycled Nazi Aryan Brotherhood, nothing more. Cult members, often highly educated served as doctors in their own private Psychiatric facility kidnapped white children, cut and dyed their hair blonde just like Hitler Youth, and treated them with Electro-shock, LSD and Brain Surgeries including Lobotomy.   Julian is not on the run, he is a CIA Asset just like Tim Osman (Osama bin Laden) or Israeli ISIS leader Simon Elliot (Abu Bakr al Badhdadi).                                                                                                    
                                                                                            Mar 8
Mormon Jon Huntsman to Russia Ambassador.
 Huntsman led the Arab Spring Revolutions during the Obama Admin; as Amb to China he was in Tianamen Sq during the uprising and as such should have been imprisoned or deported; the Soros financed Revolutions then spread to Algeria, Morrocco, Tunisia, Libya, Jordan, Egypt, and Chechnya. "When the Constitution is hanging by a thread as thin as spider's silk, elders of the Mormon Church will step up to save it" Mormon White Horse Prophecy. My guess is still Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman and no folks, this is not the US constitution meant here; Mormons swore at the Nauvoo Endowment to "Avenge the death of Hyrum and Joseph Smith on Americans to the 4th generation, until the last drop of blood is spilled" Mitt and Jon? 4th Generation Mormon Pioneers with a giant chip on their shoulders; especially Mitt.   

THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) arriving in South Korea amid threats of War over US-South Korea Exercises; ROK Cheonan sequel? The ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare) ship was sank during Foal Eagle Exercise 2013; likely by a US Super-cavitating Torpedo. WWIII is just one of these events away. 
Mar 9  
Jesuit Infallible Vicar of Jesus Pope Francis doubts the existence of God. In an interview with German newspaper Die Zeist, Pope Francis says "It's better to be atheist than hypocritical"; "doubts the existence of God"; "Empty Moments...Fallibility, and admits being a Sinner"; "Populism has always required a Messiah figure to succeed, suggesting it is impopatible with Christian values" Well folks, there you have it, the Jesuit Pope has just thrown the "Flock" under the bus. The Anglican and Orthodox Churches are in Communion with the Roman Catholic Church! Protestant Churches are slated to accepts Communion with Pope Francis Oct 31, 2017.
       Catholic faith is built on a misreading of Mat 16:18 "That thou art Peter, and upon this rock, I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it". 1. There is nothing in scripture to suggest Peter was even in Rome. 2. There is no Historical, physical "Laying of Hands" from Peter to the Druid Bastard Pope Constantine the Great (a Nicolaitane Gnostic). 3. The Church of JESUS CHRIST is not built on Peter, it is built on the Divinity of Jesus as God in Flesh.  Faith in Jesus is solely about His Ressurection and Return as God.  Pope Francis and Pope Clement XIII (HBO's "Young Pope") used these exact lines; amazing isn't? Why is this Blasphemy coming out now? Read Albert Pike's letter to Giuseppe Mazinni detailing the plan for 3 World Wars. "...we shall unleash the athiests" may ring a Baal.  Time for the Sheep to get a new Shepherd!    
 Holy means "Separate not Congregate!" Pope Francis I is Jesuit "Militia of Zeus/Lucifer and Minerva"; filling the Cathedra (Teaching Seat) of Satan at the Arch-Basilica of St John Lateran (Lateran means "Hidden Frogs"), considered the "Mother of all Churches Worldwide". The Hidden Frogs are the 3 unclean spirits of the Dragon/Satan, Antichrist, False Prophet. (Rev 12:9; 16:13) The Roman Catholic Church and Orthodox and Anglican Churches reconciled and are now in Communion under Pope Francis. The Protestant Churches will reconcile by Oct 31, 2017 "Samhaim/All Hallow's Eve". Nov 1 is the Day of the Dead "All Saints Day" ie Martyrs. Francis means "Free"; Pope Francis is named after the Gender Ambiguous, Bi-Sexual Saint Francis of Assisi. Franciscans are named after the Franks aka Merovingian Pagan Kings of 5th-7th century France aka "Holy Grail" claimed to descend from the mythical Beast "Meroveus" aka "Beast from the Sea". Why Gender Ambiguous? The Golden Age of Saturn is ruled by Aquarius, the Age of Zeus aka LGBTQ+2 in today's jargon.

Gen Mad Dog/Chaos Mattis nominates Anne Patterson for Undersecretary of Def for Policy;
Patterson is an Obama promoted initiate of a "Sleeper Cell" of the Muslim Brotherhood in the US.
US Special Forces rescue ISIS Commanders from Tal Afar West Mosul. Waking up yet?
                                                                             Related image                     Mar 10

Iran tests Hormuz (Horus and Tammuz ring a Baal?) 2 Missile as Putin meets with Netanyahu on Eve of Purim "Ancient Iran's failed 5th Century BC attempt to eradicate Jews failed, it's a new era"-Putin Now that's funny. The Medes (Chaldeans) who took over Iran (Persia) after Cyrus the Great came from Israel (Ref 2 Ki 17:30). Iran (Aryan) and Israel are born Aryan imposters. Netanyahu is a 33 degree Ashkenazi (Germanic fakes: Japheth-Gomer-Ashkenaz) Freemason. Ayathollah ali-Khameini is a 33 degree Grand Orient Lodge Freemason. Putin is referring to the book of Esther, the Jews in Persian captivity who chose to remain were led by Esther and Mordechai who became Whores of the Persian Empire due to lack of faith in God. Fake Jews, often wearing the Saturn Cube "Phlactery", make pilgrimage to Esther and Mordechai's tombs in Hamadan (allegedly Sushan). Ever wonder why the book of Esther does not mention "God" anywhere? It's the eve of Purim folks! Pur means "Cast Lots for marduk". Hormuz? Horus and Tammuz, both names of Saturn symbolized by the Six Pointed Star. In Eze 8, the Glory of the LORD departed Solomon's Temple because of worship of Tammuz/Saturn. SSDD folks!
Nikki Haley denounces North Korea leader Kim Jong Un; Trump rejects diplomacy with North Korea. History lesson: Truman sent Charles Bonesteel and Dean Rusk to Korea in 1945 to divide North and South Korea; over 1 milion Koreans died. Kim il Sung, Kim Jong il and Kim Jong Un were installed by 33 degree Masons Truman and Stalin. Haley and Trump are stooges filling bit parts in the sequel to a UN War that ended in "Armistice" (Temporary Cessation of Hostilities).
Sean Spicer wears US Flag Pin Upside Down; Accident? Sure. Think the Basketball Court size Flag in front of the Clintons has Upside Down Stars by accident? Even the Trump Pence Campaign Logo has Upside Down Stars. Even Trump's Inauguration Picture hanging in the White House Hall has the wrong date. George W Bush read the book "America" Upside Down on 9/11 as the North Tower was hit. 
 The Nation is under attack alright; from within.
Image result for picture of sean spicer with flag upside downRelated imageRelated imageImage result for hillary clinton with 50 stars upside downRelated imageImage result for mike pence speaking with republican elephant logo

                                                                                            Mar 11 Purim 
The 6th Anniversary of Fukushima, the Cult of Saturn's Exitinction Level Event aligns with Purim, Gulf War 1 "Highway of Death", start of Gulf War II, and Libyan War. What could possibly go wrong?

China presents new killer drone ‘more efficient & powerful’ than American Reaper (VIDEO)Image result for pictures of iran stealth fighterChinese CH-5 Image result for picture of chinese ch-5 droneUS MQ-9 "Reaper"Image result for picture of mq-9 reaper



      Washington Post interviews Daily Crow about Aug 21, 2017 "Solar Eclipse", 33 days later Rev 12:1 "Sign in the Heavens", and 6 Yrs 4 months Yr later another Solar Eclipse over the US and Israel April 8, 2024; the verdict? Rapture and Start of 7 Yr Tribulation. Don't fall for the Bull Shit!! Pharisees look for Signs like these. Jeff Bezos is a "Burning Man" initiate (same Celtic Saturn worship as Bohemian Grove) Jeff finances the LGBTQ+2, Sodomite marriage movement God condemns with $Billions; Jeff is 49 Yr old=7X7; Liber Oz aka Liber 77: Book of the Goat should ring a Baal; Liber 77 is a universal declaration of the rights of man. For Born Agan Christians there are no "Rights", only the promise of Eternal Salvation offered by the Crucifixion of the Creator of the Universe JESUS (aka JAH Ps 68:4KJV; JEHOVAH Ex 6:3); for Thelemites like Bezos, this is the end of the Yellow Brick Road to Emerald Isle; no not Ireland on St Patty's Day folks! Emerald is the stone mythically cut from Lucifer's Crown; the movie "Romancing the Stone" with Michael Douglass may ring a Baal. Emerald City is where the Wizard of Oz reigns supreme; in real life, GHW Bush aka "Poppy" after Afghanistan Opium turns 93 in June; Folks, this is a very big deal! From my 9/11/2001 page "Thelemites and Witches greet each other with "93", short for "Do what thou wilt shall be the sum of the Law"; "93/93" is short for "As Above, So Below". 93 the number associated with the demon "Aiwass", the Demon Crowley channeled.  Aleister (Great Beast) Crowley's Thelema (Will) + Agape (Love)=93Crowley means "Wood of the Crows"; Daily Crow ring a Baal? Pope Benedict released Peace Doves on the International Day of Peace which were attacked by Crows a month before he became the first Pope to resign; that night Lightning hit St Pter's Basilica Dome TWICE! Pope Francis became the first Jesuit Pope and released Peace Doves the next year which were once again attacked by Crows; Francis just threw Worldwide Religions in Communion with the Catholic Church under the buss last week by admitting he doubts the existence of God.  Black Star or Black Sun is called the "Crow's Head". You may recall UA #93 disappeared into a field at Shankesville PA on 9/11/2001 (Flt #93 in reality landed at Cleveland Int'l; Grover Cleveland served 2 non-consequetive terms making Donald Trump the 44th and likely last US President; Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix should ring a Baal)  93 is the gematria of the "Lost Word" in Masonry known only to Temple Architect Hiram Abiff. Barbara (Pierce=Jesuit Gunpowder Plot "Percy"; we saw that name in the "Green Mile" with Percy torturing and killing Jesus as well) Bush is Aleister Crowley's ritual daughter "Babalon"; GHW Bush is AshkeNAZI "Scherff" aka "Wizard of Oz" or "Poppy" for his Heroin production on the path to Emerald City (Emerald Tablet) the Gematria of the Lost Word in Masonry.
     Bezos is Amazon CEO (Amazon is derived from "Ha maz an" meaning "Fighting Together"; Amazons were Scythian (Isle of Lesbos=Lesbian) fighting women who removed their right Breast for archery; White Horse carries a Bow for this reason); Scythians are named after the Scythe carred by the Grim Reaper "Saturn". Jeff Bezos owns WaPo, a New Age Saturnian Liar publishing Private Interpretations of Scripture is not a good fit!

      There is no 7 Yr Tribulation or Pre-Trib Rapture; these are Jesuit (Manual Lacunza SJ and John Nelson Darby; menber of the Plymouth Brethren to which Aleister Crowley belonged) inspired Lies. "The Virgin of Israel has fallen, there is none to raise her up" in Amos 2 should ring a Baal. The Woman clothed with the Sun is not the Bride of Jesus but the Whore of Babylon brininging 3 1/2 years of "Desolation" to a world who has forgotton God. Read Revelation people! Rev 12:1 occurs at the start of the 1260 Day Great Tribulation; think this announcement was coincident with St Patrick's Day by accident? Not in Covenant with JESUS? You may only have 6 months left before the "Strong Delusion" of this "Beast".,_20173 Time Magazine calls Donald Trump "President of the Divided States" for a reason; "Order out of Chaos"; Chaos is Saturn, the Grim Reaper aka Satan; America is about to "Reap" what it has sewn, becoming the Phoenix of the golden Age of Saturn, the Scapegoat for Rev 18 "Babylon has fallen" and the revealing of Antichrist.
    Mormons (Mormo is the God of the Living Dead aka Ghoul aka Saturn; one of 77 names in the Satanic Bible) will likely recognize the X (Greek Chi=Christ=Messiah; Planet X "Nibiru" may ring a Baal; it's nonsense however) formed by the Eclipse Totality over Jackson County Ill is just east of Jackson County MS aka "Adam ondi Ahman", the biblical "Nod", East of Eden where Adam, Eve and Cain were cast out after the fall into Sin. According to Mormon religion, Lehi (Jawbone of an Ass used by Samson to kill the Philistines and recover the Ark of the Covenant) traveled to the Americas after a visit by Jesus to the Jaredites in the land of Nimrod (Babylon) traveling in wooden submarine "Arks" underwater like whales, some 10,000 miles roughly 4000 years ago to the Mississippi River, which is actually the Euphrates River (making America the real "Babylon" according to this Satanic philosophy). The Mormon White Horse Prophecy aka Blood in the Streets Prophecy says the Constitution will hang by a thread and elders of the church will step up to save it (my guess is Mitt Romney, Evan McMullin, Jon Huntsman) during a final US Civil War. Mormon Nauvoo Endowment forced Momon men to Swear to avenge the death of Joseph and Hyrum Smith to the 4th generation until the last drop of American Gentile blood was spilled. 

     T-Rex Tillerson (Pilgrim Society) in South Korea threatens war with North Korea over missile testing. Exxon is controlled by the Rockefellers, bent on New Age beliefs in the Saturnian Golden Age. Korea is named after "Kore/Core" Num 16; Jude 7, the alternative to God's Priesthood were the "Korahites" God buried in the desert; the UN driven War separated by the 38th Parallel ended in Armistice, to be continued at a later date. What better for a Korahite (Edomite-Ishmaelite) War during the 2017 "Jubilee"? The Year the roles of Slave and Master are reversed and Esau achieves his long prophesied worldwide "Dominion" (Gen 27:41KJV).

     Beauty and the Beast debut St Patrick's Day; The "Beast" from the Sea is called "Quinotaur" (Bestea Neptuni Quinotauri similis) or "Beastea Neptunis", the mythical father of the Merovingian Kings of France who falsely claimed descent from Jesus and Mary Magdelene. Blasphemy at its zenith. This is the first time Disney's "Beast" has worn the horns of the Quinotaur.
        Mar 17, 2017 is the 77th day of the year; Liber 77 and other Qabbalistic writings of Aleister Crowley may ring a Baal. American #77 allegedly hit (Raytheon Bunker Busting Cruise Missile) the 77ft tall Pentagon built on the 77th Meridian aka "God's Longitude"; Sodomite George W Bush' father wears the 77 hat with the Baphomet and has an aircraft carrier named CVN-77 named for him. 77 comes from Lamech's Revenge; folowers of God are not obliged to acts of revenge; leave that to God.  
    St Patrick is a myth; the Celtic Cross symbolizes control over the 4 Quartered World. Ptah-Rek means "King Ptah", the master craftsman/blacksmith of the Masons, is equivalent with Tubal-cain the instructor of all artificers of metal,  and father of Imhotep, the architect of the Great Pyramid "Amid the Flames". Ptah aka Vulcan or Hephaestos forges the chains of Slaves who forget God. Talmudic Rabbis open Synagogue with the Vulcan "V" aka "Sign of Shin" celebrating the Nails used to fix Jesus to the Tree. Master Masons use the query: Who is Tubal-cain? Ans" Vulcan of the Canaanites. Patrick Henry said "When men forget God, Tyrants forge their chains" This movie is about exactly that. 
Get ready folks, America is the Phoenix from whose ashes the New Atlantis (Pre-flood world) will rise.
      The Quinotaur holds the Trident (3 Teeth of the Bear) of Neptune. The 5 Pt Star is the same used over Baphomet; the Illuminated or Quintessential Man having mastery over Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether. 
The symbol in the upper left is the Rosicrucian Cross, Beauty/Belle is the Rose without Thorns. Upper right symbol is the Double Cross, Cross of Free French or Cross of Lorraine; Masons are the quintessential Double Crossers. As Jacob impersonated Esau to obtain his father Isaac's blessing (the blessing came from God despite his blindness) Esau impersonates Jacob.  
The symbol in the lower left is the Labrys; not a Christian Fish Symbol but the symbol of the Phoenican/Canaanite "Fisher King" of the Age of Aquarius, which began Jan 20, 2017.  The Labrys is used on the Aquarian Cross standing atop Glastonbury Tor to denote the Golden Mean aka Ratio of Life or Fibonacci Ratio (Phi=1.618/1). King Arthur (Bear Guard/Arcturas) guarding the Big Dipper "Water Pourer" aka Ursa Major "Great Bear" to the Aquarian (LGBTQ+2) Age or Pedophilia/Pederasty/Sodomy. Merovingians of France claimed to have originated from the Sea Beast of Neptunis "Quinotaur"; fake Christians with false conversions, they also claimed to be the offspring of Jesus and Mary Magdalene; don't fall for the lies. The Quinotaur and the Merovingian lies are the Beast rising from the Sea Goat as "God Of All Things"

Image result for picture of quinotaurImage result for george hw bush in goat capRelated image


Mar 20 Spring Equinox 
 David Rockefeller dead; 7 heart transplants kept America's chief Satanist alive for 37173 Days. 37 X 73 (Mirror Primes) =2701, the Gematria of Gen 1:1. The 37th Prime Number 151=Jealous, a self apppointed title of God in the 1st Commandment of both Old and New  Covenants "Love God" is the same as "Have no other Gods before me...for the Lord is a jealous God". David Rockefeller's God is seen at Rockefeller Center's Statue of Prometheus "Fore Thinker". Prometheus is the F-Ring (F=6) of the 6th Planet Saturn, the source of "Order out of Chaos". If your bible study notes refer to "In the bebinning God created Heaven and Earth" as the 2nd Creation, you like me ( I use an Oxford New Pilgrim KJV) are reading Saturnian interpretations of Scripture. Bee (Chaldean for Word) careful. The center of the 6 pointed Star of Saturn (Chaldean STUR) is a Hexagon "Beeehive" for a reason!
      Mar 20 is Nowruz "New Day/Light" in Zoroastrian and Bahai. America's Stonenenge "Mystery Hill" Salem (Peace/Jerusalem=City of Salem; Shalem the Canaanite god and son of Saturn) NH, 6 Standing Stones align with the Spring and Fall Equinox Sunrise and Sunset as does the Sphinx, Stoenehenge and Anghor Wat. You may have heard the Rabbinical and Masonic  interpretations assoiciated with Feast of Tabernacles being the date of Creation; nonsense. In the beginning means in the beginning not 6 months later; 1 Nisan ie Spring Equinox at the start of the 1st Lunar and Solar Cycles seens logical. I seriously doubt all this is simply coincidence. 6 months from now is the Sept 20, 2017 "Christ Angle" and Sept 23, 2017 "Woman clothed with the Sun". 2nd Coming? Not on your Eternal Life; more like the arrival of Antichrist.  

     “We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years......It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supernational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries.” 
― David Rockefeller You may recall Jesus "Turned the Tables" on these same International Banker Elite.
    “For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure--one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.” 
David Rockefeller
Satanist Fake Jew Henry Heinz giving the Eagle (Symbol of Esau Ref Obadiah) Award for National Leadership to David Rockefeller. "Wheresoever the carcase is, Eagles gather together" "Credotors make slaves of Debtors"-Jesus Christ Thanks Dave for a Century of Debt Slavery to the very same Bankers Jesus tirned the tables on!
View image on Twitter
Image result for fasces on supreme court doorsNeil Gorsuch Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing. Neil is a CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) Traitor sworn to end US National Sovereignty yet required by the Constitution to Swear an Oath to defend it; Jesus refers to "Double minded Men" as being unstable in all ways. Joke or not, Neil founded the "Fascism Forever" Clup at his provate Jesuit High School while his mother was EPA Director for Ronald Reagan. Neil idolizes Pilgrim Society, 33 degree Mason, Jesuit, Bohemian Grove, CFR, Bilderberg Satanist War Criminal Henry Kissinger. Neil will enter the Supreme Court doors under the symbol of the Fasces (FAscism); the same symbol is over the Oval Office Doors, Congressional Speaker's Podium and on Abe Lincoln's Throne. Joke? He sure is.
PT Scientists (Part Time) to land a Module + 2 Rovers aboard a Space X "Falcon 9" rocket on the Moon in 2018 to track down Freemason Gene Cernan's Rover from Apollo 17. Alrighty then! Here is a video of Gene Cernan on stage disconecting his space suit cable (first scene at 16 sec) providing the illusion of reduced Gravity (also a myth) Here are a few NASA engineers admitting no living thing can survive the Van Allen Radiation Belts surrounding Earth NASA Orion (On=Saturn) scientist Kelly Smith admits Van Allen Radiation is very dangerous. Here are NASA Liars on the "Fucking" Lunar Stage Think anyone has ever stepped on the Moon? Guess Again.

 "We must solve these challenges before we send people through this region of space"Kelly Smith

                                                                                                                                      "We can only fly into Earth orbit" Col Terry Virts Astronaut
                                                                 322 Brotherhood of Death- Germanic Cult of Saturn
The video detailing Ashkenazi "Jews" is correct, except Ashkanazis are not Jewish. Ashkenazi's are not Semities or Jews, they are Germanic descendants of Japheth-Gomer-Ashkenaz and AshkeNAZI Donald Drumpf has a swaamp full of Germanic Aryan Nazi fake Jews in his Administration. "God shall enlarge Japheth and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; And Canaan shall be his servant" Gen 9:27  Ashkenazis in the US, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Iran (Iran=Aryan "Noble Caste") are actively planning WWIII to falsify the end of Millennium batle of "Gog and Magog" 1000 years early. Welcome to the real 3rd Reich. Gog and Magog is after the 1000 Years (Eze 38-38; Rev 20:7-8) 322 Society, Brotherhood of Death, Theosophical Society or Skull & Bones are all names of the Cult of Saturn the "Grim Reaper" and "Father Time". Time is up folks! the Reaping is about to begin.

Image result for angela merkel and adolf hitler     Image result for pictures of trump hand gesturesImage result for barbara bush and aleister crowley    Image result for pictures of trump hand gestures  Image result for angela merkel and gretl braun Image result for skull & bones logoImage result for barbara bush and aleister crowleyRelated image
                                                                                                                                                                           Mar 22 
3/22 London False Flag 1 Yr after Brussels False Flag  Society 322 aka Brotherhood of Death is a Worldwide Saturnian Death Culy
     Why 3/22?  London False Flag  British and Belgic Royals are German; both are embroiled in accusations of child torture and sacrifice in connection with the 9th Circle Cult at Chateau Amerois "Castle of Kings".  British means "B'Rith=Birth Covenant" ie the 1st born sons Cain, Japheth, Canaan, Ishmael and Esau. 3/22 is the final day of the Roman Festival "Pelusa" honoring Isis and her child Harpocrates, the god of Silence and Secrets Oprah backwards is Harpo; her fortune named after Harpocrates, but don't tell anyone! or that Babs Bush is MI-6 British Freemason Aleister Crowley's "Scarlett Woman", a descendant of Thomas Percy, the Jesuit "Scapegoat" for the plan to kill King James I in time to prevent the King James Bible from being printed.
       Like the movies Olympus has Fallen and London has Fallen? How about V for Vendetta, the Hollywood version of the Gunpowder Plot?   So does Rita Katz Rita=Pearl (JESUS, the Holy Ghost is the Pearl of Great Price) Katz=Kohannim (Chief Priest) + Tzaddiq (Righteous). US-Israeli citizen Rita Katz makes ISIS propaganda movies with the US Army; her father was tortured and executed by Saddam Hussein as an Israeli Spy just as she should be.

Society 322 is the Germanic "Brotherhood of Death" aka "Theosophical Society" "Thule (Tula is the Egyptian version of Saturn aka Dark or Black Sun) Society", "SS" (Black Sun) or "Skull & Bones Society". Society 322 is a Germanic Cult of Saturn; a pre-Flood Society of Cain which crossed the Flood with Canaan, Cursed from incest between Ham and his mother (Noah's wife). Japheth is the eldest brother of Japheth, Ham and Shem; absent God's involvement in world affairs, entitled to Noah's Inheritance. Japheth-Gomer (Germanic)-Ashkenaz (Fake Jews) are the bloodline intent on sacrificing 97% of the world's population "God shall enlarge Japheth and dwell in the tents of Shem, and Canaan shall be his servant" Gen 9:24 may ring a Baal. Fake Semites pretending to be Jews with Canaanites as their servants are seen in British and Belgic Royals (Windsors are a 1917 Germanic descendants of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha), Germany (Angela Merkel is Hitler's daughter and a Rothschild relative) and Iran (Aryan); just ask AshkeNAZI Germanic fake Presbyterian Donald Drumpf. .
  • A Terror Drill involving London Police and MI-5 along the River Thames near Westminster on 3/19 just like before the 3/22/16 Brussels attack and London "777" bombings on 7/7/2005. Assailant is long known to MI-5
  • Nikki Manaj "No Frauds" album films scenes on Westminster Bridge the day before.  
  • Alleged victims (Crisis Actors) wheeled on gurneys passed ambulances to the Mormon owned Marriot Hotel just like Sandy Hook's alleged victims were taken to a Fire House and removed in secret the next day and Pulse Nightclub Crisis Actors were wheeled toward the nightclub rather than away.
  • "Kippah Guy" is seen laughing and taking selfies amid the alleged carnage just like the Dancing Israelis on 9/11/2001
  • Romanian tourist (Crisis Actor) Andreea Christea is pictured at the exact spot she jumped from a day before, after the car driven by Adrian Elms passes.
  • Curt Payne sets up Go Fund Me account and FaceBook Memorial page for Kurt and Melissa Cochran the same day as the alleged attack.
     Trevor Brooks aka Abu Abulzzaden an alleged body double for the alleged attacker Adrian Elms, hate preacher and bodyguard for Muslim Brotherhood cell leader Omar Bakr Muhammad is initially blamed, but was discovered in prison. Adrian Elms, known to police and MI-5 with a long rap sheet, obtaining work Visas to teach English in Saudi Arabia is the Red Flag Elms frequents drug fueled sex parties with prostitutes according to friends; sounds reminiscient of the 9/11/2001 alleged hijackers (scapegoats). Witnesses claim there were 2-3 assailants (police are now looking for a bald white man and black man with a Goatee) who drive their vehicle into a crowd, injuring 40-50 people, allegedly injuring Melissa Cochran, the daughter of London Mormon Missionaries and killing her husband Kurt Cochran (Trump Tweeted before Kurt was a "Great American"; Donald didn't know the man; he said this because he was allegedly sacrificed or played his Crisis Actor role well) on Westminster Bridge. The attacker/s enter an Open, unguarded Gate normally locked (open for a Parliament vote) and guarded by 4 men, kill a policeman with a knife (London Police Commissioner is the witness and gives CPR to the allegedly dead policeman amid EMT's; another Red Flag) Adrian Elms or is it the patsy Trevor Brooks? is then gunned down. The "Go Fund Me" account for "Great Americans" Kurt and Melissa Cochran has $68,000. Sandy Hoax actor, Mormon Robbie Parker set up his "Emilie Parker Fund" account before Sandy Hook even occurred!  Mormon Missionary Mason Wells has another "Go Fund Me Account" and happens to be in Paris, Brussels and the Boston Marathon. Mormonism and
Islam were founded by 14 Yr Illiterate boys visited by Angels in Caves who preached Polygamy and Progressive Revelation, which split their faiths in 3 sects using ever changing, spirit channelled books, contradicting the Word of God now lost and in Heaven. Solid Foundation of Faith? or
Bullshit on Shifting Sand?
Image result for sandy hook crisis actor emily Image result for pictures of london crisis actors Image result for sandy hook crisis actor emilyImage result for sandy hook crisis actor emily Image result for sandy hook crisis actor emily   Image result for picture of mannequin under bus in london  bizarre coindicence or total Bullshit? Google "Pictures of Crisis Actors" and you tell me? Boston Marathon witness, Sandy Hook pal of Adam Lanza's mother, Albuquerque Church organist and CNN Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr; Anne Haddad an actress in "Blades" now Adam Lanza's mother; Obama meeting Robbie Parker's dead child?. Jacob impersonated Esau; Esau obtains "Dominion" by pretending to be Jacob. Simple eh? Nice Manequin under the bus eh?

ObamaCare passed on 3/22/10 at 3:22UTC
(10:22 EST Sunday vote in Congress was not by chance); "American Health Care Act" aka "Son of ObamaCare" aka "TrumpCare" is Dead on Arrival Mar 25; Why? There was never any plan to enact "TrumpCare". Both  plans violate the Commerce Clause of the US Constitution  by forcing commerce with the Federal Government; no vote and ObamaCare remains a Law enacted on 3/22. Death Panels, No guns for PTSD, ADHD, Alzhemiers, Medicaid, or No-Fly list; Doctors required to ask about Gun Ownership; Tax Credit Subsidies for people paying no tax; Tax Penalties for non-compliance. Dialectic: Thesis + Antithesis=Synthesis. Which plan is better? Neither; all just part of the Satanic plan.  Mike Pence, Betsy DeVoss, Dan Coats and Jeff Sessions are initiates of "The Family"; "The people who understood the meaning of the New Covenant best were Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao Tse Tung" Doug Coe "The Family"                                                    Image result for sandy hook crisis actor emily

Jesus' Tomb at Church of Holy Sephlchre unveiled
, opened to the public in time for Easter 2017, after a $4M renovation. Completion ceremony in the presence of Jesuit Pope Francis I who "Doubts the existence of God" and says "The triumph of science if finally realizing Earth can only suppost 1 Billion people" and Orthodox Patriarch Bartholemew I, in Communion with the Roman Catholic Church. The site was once a pagan Grotto of Venus/Aphrodite. Jesus' Crucifixion was on Passover Eve; He was in the Sepulchre from 14 Abib/Nisan "Passover" during Feast of Unleavened Bread on 15 Nisan unti Feast of First Fruits on 17 Nisan. Easter is a pagan Holy Day marking the resurrection of Attis, Horus, Tammuz, Mithra. For Roman Catholics, Mar 25  is the Feast of Announciation of the Virgin Mary, the day Angel Gabriel announced her impending conception and subsequent birth on Christmas. Folks, it's time to read and understand Luke 1 and Mat 1. Easter and Christmas have absolutely nothing to do with Jesus; He was Conceived on Hanukkah during Elizabeth's 6th month of pregnancy in June during the 8th, 8 day Temple service of Abia. Jesus was born on Feast of Tabernacles 15 Tishrei 9 months later. March 25 is called Hilaria for a reason, these fools are leading the flock to Hell and laughing about it.   
So, you think this guy is Musliim? Muhammed beheaded 800 captured men and boys at the Battle of Quyraiza in Medina in 622. Satanist or Hypocrite, but not Muslim.
Image associée DOE estimates repairing the Electrical Grid will cost $5 Trillion; no wonder Rick Perry wants to dismantle the agency.

Related imageRelated imageDavid Melech Friedman confirmed by the US Senate on Mar 9 Ambassador to Israel; Friedman is "Satan's Genga Block". Here is the Chain of Command for David Friedman; the sign of the Horns means "I love you Satan". Friedman chastizes the US State Dept 2 State Solution as a product of 100 Years of Anti-Semitism; he now collects a paycheck from the Sec of State, Tillerson a CFR Traitor, Rothschild tool (Rothschild ownership in Exxon) and Pilgrim Society Initiate.
      First off, one needs to understand Israel is not Jewish nor God's restoration of the 12 Tribes of Jacob; Jesus resotres the "Dry Bones" of Israel (Eze 37) during the Millennium as "Shiloh" (He whose it is) (Gen 49:10) In Amos 2 and 5 "The Virgin of Israel has fallen, there is none to raise her up" is written because Israel adopted the 6 Pointed Star of Saturn/El/Molech which is why David Melech (Molech/Saturn) Friedman was selected; he is financed by the Jared Kushner (Orthodox fake Jew paired with Ivanka) Foundation; Jared is the man in Trump's circle in charge of the US-Israel narrative. Friedman was introduced to "The Donald" (Germanic Ashkenazi Crypto Drumpf) at his Orthodox Rabbi fathers Sheva (mourning) to engineer his Atlantic City Bankruptcies; rather critical as fellow Knight of Malta, Luciferian Mason Jimmy Carter provided Donald Trump a 30 Yr tax exemption that expired in 2007. Friedman will: 1. End the 2 State narrative. 2. Establish a Jewish (fake) Theocracy over Greater Israel (land God promised Abraham from the Nile to Euphrates) 3. Move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem (Jesus refers to Jerusalem as "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt"; Donald is a Pedophile Sodomite; Ref Jeff Epstein's "Pedophile Island"). 4. End US-UN Human Rights affiliation. 5. Facilitate building the 3rd Temple of Antichrist, complete with Satan's Seat and the Abomination of Desolation (Idol). Effectively, the US will be alone, becoming the Scapegoat for Rev 18 "Babylon has fallen" and the presentation of the False Messiah. Folks, we need to go back to Gen 9-10 and prove God's Word; Ashkenazis like Friedman and Trump descend from Japheth-Gomer-Ashkenaz not Shem. Orthodox "Having the correct interpretation" Jews are fakes; part of the Cult of Saturn (Six Pointed Star of Saturn). "I am come in my father's name and ye receive me not; if another shall come in his own name, he ye wil receive" Jn 5:43

Image result for pictures of union square parkNews: 666 Fifth Avenue by Zaha Hadid Architects
Jared and Charles Kushner unveiled plans for a 1400ft Tower just south of Trump Tower at 666 5th Ave; a plan that has been planned since 1957, the year child actor Donald Trump made is debut as a bully on the Andy Griffith Show, with Chinese (China=Sina=Wilderness of Sin=Sons of Heth=Hittites=Cathay=Cathars) investors. Satan's Phallus, Swarovski Phallus, Toilet Plunger and Glass Dildo have been popular nicknames; perhaps more occult is the similarity to Union Square's Fasces. The US Flag topped by a Gold Dome, supported by numerous workers and the Fasces, a symbol that adorns the Supreme Court Doors (Gorsuch founded the Fascism Forever Club as his Jesuit prep School), Abe Lincoln's Throne (Donald's pre-Inaugural party was there), Oval Office Doors and Speaker's Rostrum in Congress. The Tower's Architect Zaha Hadid was born and raised in Baghdad and is a Dame Protector of the British Empire and Chair of the U of Chicago School of Architecture, awarded the Pritzker Prize in Architecture; Penny Pritzker is alegedly the High Priestess of the Church of Satan in Chicago. 
                                                                                             Mar 25

Image result for picture of mol comfort

French candidate Marine LePen and Putin in Moscow "We must join forces to combat Terrorism"
Now that's funny! Here is Francois Hollande with Saudi Royals who arm and finance ISIS. Here is a picture of the Russian Ship Mol Comfort as its keel snaps in half carrying 50,000 Tons of Russian weapons to ISIS in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. Paris means "House of Isis" for Pete's sake!

A worker prepares the Angel Moroni statue to be lifted atop the LDS Church's Rome Italy Temple on Saturday, March 25, 2017. | Scott Taylor, Deseret News

This Easter season, the Church is inviting the world to find the inner peace that comes from the life and teachings of the Savior Jesus Christ through its “Prince of Peace” initiative, which begins March 31.

Mormon Church launches "Prince of Peace" Campaign designed for awareness of Easter and Christmas. Resurrection of Jesus? Not on your eternal life. Maundy Thursday is not the "Last Supper"; Good Friday is not the Crucifixion and Easter is most definitely not the resuurection of Jesus. Jesus was Crucified before the Passover Sabbath; placed in the Sepulchre as the  Passover Lamb on 14 Abib His sinless body fulfilling Feast of Unleavened Bread  15 Abib and His resurection on the 3rd Day fulfilling Feast of First Fruits on 17 Abib.  Jesus would most likely not have had White Skin, nor would Jesus have worn long hair or rounded the corners of a beard (Ref Lev 19:27; 1 Cor 11:14) The Prince of Peace prophesied long before the Passover Crucifixion in 6 BC in Isaiah 9:6 was rejected and Crucified; the next Prince of Peace will be Antichrist.
Angel Moroni statue (13Ft; 13 is the number of Rebellion; Great Tribulation begins Rev 13) installed atop LDS Temple in Rome, facing East, Moroni heralds the 2nd Coming of Christ with the Trumpet. "They forsook the LORD and faced the rising sun in the East" Eze 8 and "HOwbeit the Most HIgh dwelleth not in Temples made with hands" Acts 17:24 should ring a Baal; the Golden Age of Saturn is about here folks!

Mar 25 is Hilaria, the celebration of the ressurection of Attis, son/lover of Cybele
the Goddess of Nature 9 months before the birth of the sun god. Nothing funny about Hilaria or Earth Hour; 
A rolling voluntary blackout of world landmarks/buildings around the globe from 8:30-9:30 local time including the UN and EU Summit. UN Sec Gen Antonio Guterres "Climate Change continutes to imperil lives...the Paris Agreement can create a sustainable future...from the darkness, we can create a sustainable future for all"; all who reject God and worship and serve the Creature more like; God said "Go forth and multiply" not "...until global warming kills everyone".


EU Summit Mar 25 The most powerful person on Earth  (in public) is Angela Merkel, Head of the G-8, President of the EU, Host of the EU Summit, German Chancellor and daughter of illigitimate Rothschild (Rot=Red + Shield=Edomite) Banker, Adolf Hitler "Every nation I invaded became indebted to Rothschild Bankers" "God shall enlarge Japheth and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem, and Canaan shall be his servant" Gen 9:27 Japheth is the eldest son of Noah (Ref Gen 10:21 "Japheth the elder"), the father of Gomer (Germans) and Ashkenaz (Fake Jews) Jesus turned the tables on the Bankers (Rothschild=Bauer=Cain=Farmer changed to Rothschild and 666 the sigil of Saturn); 2017 is the year they get revenge during the Saturnian Jubilee. Mar 25, 2017 is the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome and Hilaria, the Festival of Cybele (Cap of Cybele is the Yarmulke worn by, you guessed it, fake Jews). The nutshell version goes like this; Crowley (Wood of Crows) impregnates Pauline Pierce during a Thelemic Sex Magic Ritual designed to produce the Scarlett Woman "Babalon" who then marries Nazi German George Scherff Jr aka Curious George HW Bush. Hitler is born from Solomon Rothschild mistress Anna Marie Schicklgruber who marries (Beard) Eva Braun; Eva's sister Gretlyl becomes the surrogate mother of 4th Reich Queen Angela Merkel using Hitlers frozen spern, born on his birthday April 20, 1954 "Weed Day". Not coincidentally NAZI Cardinal Ratzinger adopted the name Benedict XVI (Blessing; 4X4=16; Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix) on April 20, 2005 and became the first Pope to resign, having his Peace Doves attacked by Crows just before his resignation when lightning struck St Peter's Basilica Twice. Angela Merkel will host the G-7 (#8 Russia is playing the bad guy this time, reversing Hitler's role in WWII with Stalin) Summit May 26-28, G-20 Summit July 7-8 and the Global Climate Change Summit Nov 4-5, 2017. As for Trump? Drumpf is Ashkenazi (fake Jew); he's playing his role as Phoenix of the Saturnian Age; his mother Mary MacLeod? You guessed it, a descendant of Knight Templar Bankers. 1917: US entered WWI; the 1916 re-election slogan of Woodrow Wilson "Re-elect the man who will keep your sons out of war in Europe". 9/11 "Balfour Declaration"; in exchange for Zionists coercing Woodrow Wilson to enter the War, British Rothschilds gained Palestine. 
Related image                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Turkey "President for Life" Recip Tayyip Erdogan sets off new Crescent versus Cross Crusade; the April 16 rigged vote will give the Grand Orient Lodge Freemason, "Crypto"  Erdogan dictatorial rule for life. Jordan's Arab League King of Idumea (land of Edom, Ammon and Moab) Abdullah II is also a Paris (House of Isis) initiated Grand Orient Lodge Freemason as are Shia Grand Ayatholla Ali al -Sistani in Iraq and Ayathollah Khameini in Iran. Iran's President Hassan Rouhani is a Sharia Law Judge.  Islamic dictatorial powers for life, ending the secular (in name only, Turkey epitomizes the word "Crypto", the home of the Cult of Cybele, Satan's Seat,  all 7 Church Warnings in Rev 2-3, Talmudic Judaism and the Ottoman Empire can appear to be Christian, Kabbalist "Jew" and Islamic as times call for. Turkey  arms, funds, provides safe harbor and passports, launders ISIS oil and human trafficking profits and US-Russian Heroin. Turkey is not only waging a Shariah Law Crusade against Christians, it will do so with US Military hardware including F-35's and F-16's. "Europe will not be safe in their streets anymore...they are in the days just before WWII- Erdogan
         WWIII is planned to pit forces of Zionism against Islam (Sunni, Shia, Assassin) to the poing ot physical, moral and economic exhaustion in order for the true doctrine of Lucifer to be accepted worldwide. Strange bedfellows? US-Turkey-Saudi Arabia are all led by Shriner Freemasons in the Noble Arabic Order of the Mystic Shrine; think those Red Fez, Orange Golf Carts and Shriner Clowns look nice? In Fez Morroco, 50,000 Christians were beheaded by Moors; the act celebrated by wearing the Fez. Waiting for WWIII to accept the Free Gift of Salvation JESUS offers? We won't have to wait long. Donald Trump's religious mentor Norman Vincent Peale looks nice in his Shriner Fez eh? At the 17th Degree of 32 Degrees, Scottish Rite Masons are given the password Abaddon aka Apollo "Destroyer" to pass Judgment Day of the Grand Architect of the Universe; the bible describes Abaddon as the Angel of the Bottomless Pit in Rev 9:11 (9/11/2001 was chosen for this reason); the GAOU is called the "god of Forces" in Dan 11:38; think Shriner Freemason Isaac Newton knew this? Bet on it. Think Donald Trump knows this? His TRUMP Tower Penthouse is a Shrine dedicated to Apollo. After the 32nd Degree (13th in York Rite) Masons may enter the "Shrine", where Blood Oaths to Allah and his prophet Muhammad are required. Allah is the Arab moon god "Sin"; Muhammad? a Quyraish Tribe bedouin from Mecca; a place derived from Mechus meaning Adultery, grounds for Divorce from the Lamb or God and real Creator of the Universe JESUS. The first of 10 Commandments is "Have no other God's before me"; ring a Baal? How about the 1st Commandment in the New Covenant is "Love God with all your heart and Soul". Sounds the same because JESUS is JEHOVAH is JAH, the Covenant Name of God. So folks, what will it be? Allah/Sin or JESUS? Time (Saturn) is ticking.

AIPAC Summit Mar 28 Trump "I'm a lifelong supporter and true friend of Israel" letting Zionist Mike Pence (Initiate of "The Family") speak for him "We are committed to finding an equitable solution to the 2 State problem, never compromising on the safety and securuty of the Jewish State of Israel"  Donald Trump has 116 Lawsuits against him, by conparison, mass murderers George Bush and Barack Obama had 10% of that number. When Donald Trump is taken out through Assassination as Snoop Dog, Marilyn Manson and the Simpsons seem to predict or Impeachment, Mike Pence will become Israel's Zionist Whore in Chief.  Israel is not Jewish; it is under the Six Pointed Star, the ensign of Molech/Saturn. Trump's solution? Put Zionist fake Jews Jared Kushner, Nikki Haley and David Friedman in charge. In personal Covenant with JESUS (JEHOVAH Ex 6:3; JAH Ps 68:4; JESUS Mat 1:25) yet? Pardon me, but What the Hell are you waiting for? WWIII?

Arab League Summit Mar 29 
King Abdullah II of Jordan is (or at least claims) Hashemite, an Edomite descendant of Korahite Priests from Num 16 living in Idumea, the land of Edom, Ammon and Moab. Abdullah is a Grand Orient Lodge Freemason initiated in Paris; Abd=House + Allah=Arab moon god "Sin". These are the people in Dan 11 who escape the hand of the  Antichrist for a short time. "Arab-Israeli Peace is dependent on a 2-State Solution" Palestine is also led by a Luciferian Mason as is Israel; the latter obviously against a 2-State solution. The Vatican controls the Temple Mount; Jesuits control the Vatican. The Jesuit/Masonic Dialectic: Israeli "Thesis" + Arab "Anti-thesis" will yield the Synthesis; revealing of Antichrist. In a personal Covenant with JESUS yet? What the Hell are you waiting for? WWIII?

Jared Kushner put in charge of White House "SWAT Team" Office of American Innovation
Ivanka given West Wing Office and Advisory role as well; both paid positions. Donald means "World Ruler", collects Subsidies for his Penthouse and a Screen Actors Guild Retirement; Donald is a Knight of St John of Jerusalem (Hospitallers; Gnostic Johnnitters may ring a Baal) who was married to Ivana, the femine of "John"; Ivanka is their daughter. Jared, an Ashkenazi (Non-Semitic Germanic fake Jew descended from Japheth-Gomer-Ashkenaz just like Donald Drumpf "God shall enlagre Japheth and shall dwell in the tents of Shem"), Orthodox, Talmudic, Zionist (Jesus is in Hell in His own boiling excrement according to the Talmud). Jared is Noah's great grandfather; Jaredites are integral to Mormon mythology/religion concerning America) Kushner means "Furrier" referring to the "Fur" worn by Jacob to obtain the blessings of his blind father Isaac (God gives blessings, not people and God is not fooled); essentially the name fulfils what God prophesied: Japheth is the eldest son of Noah, living as "Fake Jews" (Shem's Tents), married to Canaanite women (violates the Covenant God made with Abraham). Jared's father Charles was convicted of Tax Evasion, Loan Sharking, Conspiracy, Witness Tampering and Obstruction of Justice; Jared is the lead negotiator for Trump's relations with China (read TiSA "Trade in Services Agreement), Mexico and Canada (read NAFTA/CAFTA), Israel (Zionist side of WWIII), the Middle East (Arab, Islam side of WWIII) will work with Apple's (Apple means Apollo; Donald Trump's Penthouse is a shrine to Apollo), Tim Cook, Elon Musk (Moon/Mars liar; Tesla Motors is named after Nikola Tesla, whose Scalar Electro-Magnetic Weapons capable of destroying the Earth were weaponized by Donald's uncle John; pretty coincidental with all the Johns eh?), Bill Gates (Oxitec Aedes Aegypti Mosquito warfare, Vaccine population reduction), Geo-engineering proponents and BlackStone Group CEO Stephen Schwarzman. FreeScale, a division of Motorola is controlled by BlackStone Group who controls the KL-03 RF Micro Chip capable of controlling: Nuc Power Plants, ATM's, Commercial Aircraft Flight Navigation Computers and Autopilots (BUAC=Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot, removes pilots from the equation); MH-370 had the original patent holders onboard until the KL-03 Chip was tested; MH-370 did not crash folks; it was a Beta Test for fake Rapture; remember "Left Behind"? Pretty dramatic is hundreds of airliners crash at the same  time eh? Trump Administration approves (Geo-engineering has been going on clandestinely since the Korean War) full scale Geo-engineering of Atmosphere; How can people still deny this is happening?  


2016 Google Doodle of the Year "I love you Satan" in 6 symbols; the Cross? Yes folks! Jesus was hung on a Tree

Gilbert "Busty Ross" Baker dead at 65 #CedomiteGilbertBaker Cedom is the Hebrew "Sodom" meaning "To Burn"; "the men of Sodom were wicked sinners before the LORD"  may ring a Baal; God's description of Sodomy is found in Lev 18:22; 20:13, Rom 1:27, 1 Cor 6:9, 1 Ti 1:8, Jude 7 "God gave them over to a reprobate mind" Rom 1:28. Gilbert was a pioneer of the Gay Rights Movement and friend of SF Coucilman Harvey Milk; nobody on Earth has any "Rights"; Jesus, the Creator of Earth is "Shiloh" meaning "He whose it is" in Gen 49:10. The Rainbow Flag which adorned the White House during Sodomite Obama's Administration (Mohammad Chandoo, actor Kal Penn, "Body Man" Reggie Love) was designed by Baker to "Mock Jesus and Christians". Sodomite Bush Jr's 8 Yr Sodomite roomate Victor "Victoria" Ashe was introduced by Peter Jennings at the San Francisco Mayors Conference in 2000 as "Victor Ashe, Gay Mayor of Knoxville".  Baker's Sodomite legacy lives on in the Mini-series "When we Rise". Why LGBTQ? Antichrist (Alternative Messiah) will have no regard for women Ref Dan 11:37
Image result for picture of rainbow flag



                                                                                February "Purification"
Saturn, the "Messiah Planet" is the 7th and last Gate "Bab-El" aka "Gate of Saturn" which opens only after every Soul is exhausted from the Body during the Jubilee. Saturn is the "Planet of Destruction"; 2017 is the Jubilee.

        Fukushima Radiation 530Sv/Hr Not hearing about the world's worst pre-planned Extinction Level Event? How about "On the Beach", a 1957 post WWIII novel where Radiation in the Northern Hemisphere kills everyone on Earth except a few survivors huddled "On the Beach" in Melbourne Australia? 530Sv/Hr measured at Reactor #2 from a distance; a "Scorpion" Robot designed to test radiation levels failed at 1000Sv on Feb 17. Nuclear fuel from all 3 reactors is no longer in containment and has been for 6 Years; it is underground, meaning the radiation levels are 10X that or higher. Reactor #3 was loaded with MOX Fuel, 1Million Times more toxic to life than Uranium Fuel. Plutonium enhanced fission occurring underground is likely causing the radiation spike; when criticality is reached, underground atomic detonations will cause "Earthquakes in diverse places" Mat 24:7 as shock waves propagate from the intersection of 3 Tectonic Plates. "The earth shall reel to and fro as a drunkard..." Is 24:20 Fukushima is the man-made disaster capable of producing this.
     Radioactive Cesium, Strontium, Iodine are distributed across the Pacific Ocean; entering the food chain they lodge in Bones, Liver, Brain and Thyroid "Except those days should be shortened, no flesh should remain" ring a Baal?
     "Decomissioning schedule pure not invented to extract fuel...molten core in contact with ground water over large area...reactor floor has 2M hole, unstable ready to collapse" TEPCO
 Jan 30, 2017. Fukushima was intentionally built over an underground river at the intersection of the Pacific Ocean currents and origination of the Pacific Jet Stream. MOX Fuel (Mixed Uranium-Plutonium Oxide) fuel was delivered by the US (Obama bowing to Emperor Akahito may ring a Baal) and intentionally loaded into Reactor #3, 6 months before the pre-planned event. The Earthquake and Tsunami had nothing do do with the event; coolant was intentionally shut-off. MOX Fuel was intentioally mixed at a ratio making the melted fuel in contact with seawater Buoyant; the resulting molecules called "Bucky Balls" after Buckminster Fuller.
      Fukushima is the largest Extinction Level Event since the Flood. Fukushima is the 4000 year old goal of Saturnian Religion; the 7th and final Gate only opens when   will eventually cause a massive Exodus westward across the Silk Road across China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, and Jordan to Armageddon; Japan is the "Land of the Rising Sun"; Armageddon is "Valley of Slaughter"; welcome to Shephelah "Lowlands". When Radiation was first harnessed as a weapon, Luciferian Mason, fake Jew J Robert Oppenheimer quoted Shiva aka Apollo "Destroyer" "I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds" Barbara Marx Hubbard, a protege of Buckminster Fuller  said "We are the riders of the Pale Horse Death. God creates, we decide who lives and who dies. We do this for the good of the Earth". Pope Francis in teh Encyclical "Laudato Si" (Be Praised) praises the Earth saying "The triumph of Science is finally realizing Earth can only support 1 Billion people" which means 93% of us need to die. 93 corresponding to the Lost Word in Freemasonry and Thelema, the religion of Aleister Crowley; 93/93 means "As Above. So Below" In other words, as Jesus is the gatekeeper of Heaven, Lucifer "Rising Sun" is the gatekeeper on Earth.   

Knight of Malta Grandmaster Mathew Festing resigns; Jesuit Pope Francis I takes over the order known as Knights of St John of Jerusalem (Quds/Jerusalem Force in Iran), Sovereign Military Order of Malta or Hospitallers; Donald Trump is an Oath sworn Knight of Malta. Pope Francis expels Freemasons from Catholic Church; essentially igniting a New Crusade. Don't buy this Bull Shit, Jesuits and Freemasons are 2 heads of the same snake. Pope Francis' Encyclial "Laudato Si" calls for the elimination of 93% of humanity. 
Rex "T-Rex" Tillerson confirmed Sec of State; not one question about his membership in the Pilgrim's Society.  #2 appears to be fake Jew Elliot Abrams; convicted Iran-Contra operative, lied to Congress, CFR Traitor, American Enterprise, Heritage Foundation, NED (Nat Endowment for Democracy ie George Soros) Reagan Neo-Con PNAC (Project for a New Am Century) adviser, GHW Bush adviser, Clinton adviser (Balkan Wars; Milosevec oust), GW Bush adviser (Saddam Hussein; Hugo Chavez oust) and now Trump adviser


Trump's 7 Nation Immigration Ban are the 7 Nations Wes Clark (Kohen) outlined in 2007; 31 yr old racist fake Jew, Senior Trump adviser Stephen Miller, and Steve Bannon promote Trump's Mexican Wall and wrote the Executive Order banning Muslims Iran is the only nation remaining. Saudi Arabia is excluded from the travel ban list yet 9/11/2001 hijackers were said to be from Saudi Arabia; whom Donald Trump accuses of 9/11/2001. Hidden by the "Travel Ban" is  the real Treason IRS travel ban for delinquent US taxpayers; not into the US but out of the US. Passports and Citizenship revoked for deliquent taxes. No big deal if you don't owe taxes right? The legal fiction we all received at birth is CAPITALIZED for a reason; Congress just authorized the IRS, a collection arm for the International Bank of Settlements to withhold Passports and revoke Citizenship for anyone unable to "Settle" their fair share of CORPORATE AMERICA's Debt: $20T Debt + $70T Unfunded Liabilites put every American but the Elite in unpayable debt. Welcome to the American "Debtor's Prison". Now, Why Iran?
       Atop Jebal al Laws "Mountain of Laws" where Moses received the 10 Commandments in Arabia (Gal 4) is a Chinese built site with Chinese Ballistic Missiles and Chinese Radars ready for launch toward Jerusalem and Iran. Mt Sinai in Egypt? "There are 11 days journey from Horeb (Mt Sinai) by way of Mt Seir (Petra, Jorda) unto Kadesh-barnea (Southern border of Israel) Deut 1:2 is not possible from the Mt Sinai your study bible notes locate on the Sinai Peninsula.
Image result for picture of jabal al lawz

Iran tests Nuc capable Ballistic Missiles
; Iranian missiles are Chinese made. Most of the world's Oil transits the Straits of Hormuz (Horus and Tammuz; eastern edge of the Kingdom of Ormus (Serpent) and South China Sea. Oil=Oui=Yes; Yes We Can ring a Baal? Languedoc "Language of Yes" is "Green Language", "Language of Birds" and "Language of Sight" (Occular) aka Enochian Magick. Wahhabist/Qutbist Saudis push one button and WWIII starts. Out of that War Antichrist will rise; not ready? Better get ready for the new 9/11. The US not only guards Jebal al Laws but built Project 911 on Site 911 in Beit Shemesh (Shamash "Sun" is the center candle of the Hanukkah Menorah) Israel, a radiation hardened bunker with the Mezuzah "The LORD our God is One" (Deut 6:4 should read "The LORD our God is one LORD") over every door denying JESUS is LORD. 
       Trump's National Security Adviser Gen Michael Flynn puts Iran on notice. Iran responds by testing more Missiles and threatening the US Navy 5th Fleet in Bahrain and Tel Aviv with Missile strikes. Donald Trump on FOX before the Superbowl "Iran is the #1 Terrorist State". If so, why did the US install the Ayathollah Khomeini and put the Grand Ayathollah Ali al Sistani in the Green Zone? Shia "Twlevers" await the arrival of al-Khidr "Green Man" and al-Mahdi. Gen James "Mad Dog/Chaos" Mattis, Rex "T Rex" Tillerson and Steve (Israel hand puppet) Bannon predict War with China; why China? China is Sina=Sin=Cathay=Cathars (Pure Ones)=Heth=Hittites whose daughters Ishmael and Esau married into against the Covenant God made with Abraham. Esau obtains worldwide Dominion (Dan 7:6) and hands over control to Antichrist (Dan 7:7) the Chinese Red Dragon is the Devil and Satan (Rev 12:9) China makes US Vaccines and Controls US Ports
        Saudi Frigate allegedly attacked by Iranian backed Houthi "Rebels" in Yemen; Yemen is home to Joktanite Arabs (Gen 11:30) WWIII is one False Flag away.
Mede-Persian Ram versus Grecian Goat (Dan 8) aka WWIII will reveal "Little Horn" aka Antichrist; his Throne of Pergamon/Satan is in the 3rd Temple

Space Shuttle Columbia
photographed over San Francisco Imbolc 2003 as temperature rise begins; hit by foam during ascent? Not quite, more like an Imboc Sacrifice; foam comes off the fuel tanks every flight. Imbolc "In the Belly" the 2003 sacrifice was on the New Moon; the first of 8 Witch Sabats. The Purim "Shock and Awe" Tomahawk Cruise Missile attack on Baghdad and May Day "Mission Accomplished" sign on the Abraham Lincoln Aircraft Carrier would soon follow. As Columbia passed over Dallas, explosions and rumblings were heard for 1 1/2 minutes as the ship broke up at 200,000Ft. Sonic Booms? Hardly, the pressure waves from 200,000Ft would be inaudable. The Rune associated with Imbolc represents uplifted human hand of Benediction. Cathari "Pure Ones" are readying the Purification; Tammuz means "Purify by Fire"; ISIS is the "Black Virgin"
     Roman Catholics call Imbolg "Candlemass" commemorating the "Purification of the Virgin Mary" in accordance with Old Testament Law and the presentation of Jesus at the Temple (not in scripture). The problem is Mary didn't deliver Jesus at Christmas. The Belly is Mother Earth "Gaia" aka St Brigid (Bride of Odin). Groundhog Day (Groundhogs emerge from hibernation) or Chandelours "Feast of the Bear" (commemorated Bears ending hibernation) and the obligatory fictitious Catholic Saint Ours (Bear) and St Blaise (Bear) celebrates the coming Carnival (Meat) Celebration. Columbia and the District of Columbia symbolize the end of United States Government; Trump is the "President of the Divided States" after all.  

National Prayer Breakfast
 on Imbolc The Fellowship aka The Family claims Trump VP Mike Pence, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Dir of Nat Intel Dan Coats as members; in addition to dozens of members of the House and Senate On Jan 3, House Res 10 authorized the use of force against Iran; WWIII "Mede-Persian Ram versus Grecian Goat" (Dan 8) may ring a Baal. The Family sponsored the 70 nation multi-faith event as they have most every Genocidal Dictator in the last 80 years. Doug "Stealth 33 degree Mason Billy Graham" Coe heads the group and sets the agenda with Uganda Genocidal Dictator Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. Coe regards Fr Joseph Stalin SJ, Mao "Great Experiment" Tse Tung (Yale Divinity School), Adolph Hitler and Pol "Cambodian Killing Fields" Pot as understanding the true meaning of the New Covenant better than anyone else. The Fellowship started by promoting Haitian dictator Papa Duc Duvallier, Indonesian genocidal dictator Suharto, Somali War Lord Siad "Comrade" Barre and Uganda's 30 Year murderer Museveni. Guessing, I'd say 250M people met their end by National Prayer Breakfast Satanists.
     7th Day Adventist Senate Chaplain Admiral Barry Black gave the keynote address with Donald Trump who said "The God who gave us life, gave us liberty"; No Donald, God gave us Rules, Satan gave us Liberty; God did however give us the ability to choose. 7th Day Adventist Ben Carson has given the address twice; fitting he is Trump's Sec of Housing. 7th Day Adventists regard Ellen White as a Prophetess; 1 Cor 14:34-5 "Let your women keep silence in the churches" and Lk 16:16 "The Law and prophets were until John" may ring a Baal. 7th Day Advent teaches that during the Millennium, only Satan and his Fallen Angels will live on Earth; in other words 7th Day condones the mass murder of most of humanity. Dead believers in Christ will be asleep during the Millennium awaiting the 2nd Coming and Ressurection. The Word of God says the opposite; Jesus reins with King David from Jerusalem during the Millennium with Antichrist and False Prophet the first 2 men consigned to the Lake of Fire and Satan returned to the Bottomless Pit for the 1000 year Millennium (Ref Eze 37-38 and Rev 19-20). "And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire buring with brimstone. And the remnant were slain with the sword of him that sat upon the horse, which sword proceeded out of his mouth: and all the fowls were filled with their flesh. And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great shain in his hand. And he laid hole on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years" Rev 19:20-20:3   Fowls filled with human flesh? "For whersoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together" Mat 24:28 Folks, America and the Eagle symbolize Esau; America is to be destroyed as a Scapegoat for Rev 18 "Babylon" and arrival of the Antichrist and False Prophet at the start of the Great Tribulation. The Jesuits who dreamed up the Doctrine of Indestructability of the Soul at the 5th Lateran Council in 1517 have planned this event for 10 Jubilees; Lateran means "Hidden Frogs", the 3 unclean spirits of the Devil, Antichrist and False Prophet. "After 10 Jubilees Prince Melchisedek will return" 500 years from 1517 is 2017 folks! The Writing is on the Wall and 2017 is the Year.

Unblemished Red Heifer "Discovered" by Chabad Lubavitch Rabbi in Cabo San Lucas; filling the requirement in Numbers 19 for purifying the 3rd Temple Cornerstone? One little eensie weensie problem; Jesus is the only Legitimate Priest; the Levite Priesthood became corrupt long ago (Ref Heb 7) An unblemished Red Heifer never under a Yoke, sacrirficed by fire, it's ashes used to purify the Congregation, Priest and Cornerstone for the Temple. Chabad Lubavitch and the Temple Mount Institute has the Cornerstone, Temple Veil, Trained Levite Priests, Kohannim "Chief Priest", Breastpate, and Temple Vessels at the ready. Another eensie weensie problem; JESUS is going to destroy it. The Six Pointed Star of Molech as the ensign of Israel is Satanic, as is the Canaanite Tekhelet Blue. There is no Millennial Temple because Gog and Magog (Eze 38-39) and Eze 40-48 is after the Millennium. Catholic means "Universal"; Pope Francis was elected 3/13/13 on "Red Heifer" Day; there are 313! in the KJV, the last in Rev 18:19 details the fall of "Babylon". Purim (Cast Lots for Marduk) is on the Eve of 3/13/17; Gulf Wars have a nasty habit of occurring on Purim. Why 313? Shia's remember the 313 warriors of Allah at Islam's 1st Battle; when there are 313 sincere  Shia worshippers of Allah, al Mahdi will be revealed.

Smyrna State Prison Hostage Crisis. Prison guard Prince Hall Mason Sgt Steven Floyd only person killed; what are the odds a Prince Hall Mason is the only person killed? Prince Hall Masonry originates not with the founder of African Masonic Lodge in America Prince Hall, but "First Race" of Shabazz "Royal Falcon" aka "Horites" descended from Lotan Son of Seir aka Edomites. Smyrna is named for Myrrh, used in "Oil of holy ointment"; myrrh is used in the "Purification of Women"; hence the Smyrna prison crisis on Candlemass is no coincidence. Wine and myrrh "Gall" was offered to Jesus on the Tree which He refused due to its numbing/anasthetic effects; myrrh is also used in embalming. Gall is equivalent with Hemlock aka "Cup of Borgia" aka "Poison of Serpents". The Church of Smyrna (today Izmir, Turkey) in Rev 2:8-11 is about followers of JESUS being cast into prison. Suffering, poverty and persecution of God's followers with the promise of salvation for those faithful unto death. JESUS offers a specific warning to the "Synagogue of Satan", those who say they are Jews but are not. 
                                                                                       Feb 3
Trump orders Trey Gowdy and Jason Chaffetz to resume Clinton investigations; Benghazi (Arming ISIS), Operation Gun Runner (arming Mexican Drug Cartels) and using a Private Server for Classified Information; Trump may face the same fate so many others have in trying to out the Clinton Global Initiative. Nice timing eh? Trump has put NAFTA on notice just like the TPP. The NAFTA Superhighway (I-35W): Mexican Trucks, Rail, Oil and Natural Gas shipped via Fast Track Customs to and from the US and Canada began during the Reagan era. Iran-Contra was largely about shipping drugs from Central America into the US.  
Trump ordered Mexican Wall construction to be paid for with a 20% Tarriff on Mexican Imports (Like the TARP financed Auto Plants producing cheap cars for Americans from Mexico). The Mexico wall will curb Mexican Cartel Financing which is why Mexican President Nieto is against the Trump Wall; Nieto is the Cartel's Man in charge, bankrolled by the Juarez Cartel; their partner? The US Army in El Paso; just ask Mitt Romney. Trump is the enemy of China, Mexico, Pacific Rim Nations, NATO, the UN, Mexican Drug Cartels, the CIA and refers to Global Warming as a Hoax, 9/11/2001 as a fraud and the Apollo Lunar Program as a Hoax.    Who better than Trump to be the Scapegoat for the Great Tribulation?
Feb 4
Gen "Mad Dog" Mattis in Tokyo
drawing pledging support for Japan and War with China over the Senkaku Is. "The US will deny China access to 7 artificial islands" Rex Tillerson "We will be at war with China over the islands in the South China Sea at the same time the US will be in another major war in the Middle East...our 2 biggest threats are China and Iran" Steve Bannon
Iran "Discovers" 15Billion Bbl Oil deposit Mohammad Mosadeq tried nationalizing Iranian Oil just like Muammar Qadaffi with similar results Iran tests Ballistic Missiles.  Gen Flynn put Iran on Notice over Missile Tests; Iran responded by ending oil transactions in $US, a surefire prelude to War with the US, and testing more missiles. "If we see the smallest misstep from our enemies, missiles will fall on their heads" Republican Guard (Quds or Jerusalem Force) commander Amir Ali Alajizadeh. Netanyahu (Ashkenazi fake Jew) responds by urging Theresa May (Britain) and Donald Trump to take a tough stance on Iran"; Dan 8 Mede Persian Ram versus Grecian Rough Goat (Britian-Israel-US) is up next; "Little Horn", Antichrist rise from the conflict. Of course most people watched Superbowl pre-game shows rather than concerning themselves with Extinction Level Radiation and WWIII. 
                                                Feb 5
Superbowl LI, the last Superbowl before the Alien invasion wiped out most of humanity in Tom Scientology Cruise' movie Oblivion. There are no Aliens, don't fall for the coming deception. Notice the Downward Triangle on Cruise' suit; this is about the Thelema Axiom "As Above; So Below" or ONE (seen on the $ONE. Written as 93/93, the greeting of Thelemites and Witches; 93 is Thelema + Agape; the gematria of the demon Aiwass, the source of Aleister Crowley's "Thelema" religion and "Lost Word" in Freemasonry; Druids referred to as "HU". GHW and Barbara Bush coin toss in Houston (HU) were not by chance; Barbara "Babs"=Gate, the ritual "Scarlett Woman" called "Babalon" in "Babalon Working" rituals of Aleister Crowley and Pauline Pierce. GHW Bush turns 93 on June 12, 2007; Flt 93 dissappeared in Shanksville (actually landed in Cleveland Intl) on 9/11/2001. GHW Carrier is CVN 77 matches AA 77 allegedly hitting the 77ft tall Pentagon on the 77th Meridian matches Crowley's Liber 77: Book of the Goat; Witchcraft is "Riding the Goat". 2017 is the Satanic Jubilee following the 1966-7 6th Tetrad of Lunar Eclipses and founding of the Church of Satan and 6-Day War and 10th Jubilee following the 5th Lateran Council in 1517 proclaiming "Indestructability of the Soul" Catholic Dogma; it is Jesuit Bull Shit. "After 10 Jubilees, Prince Melchisdek will return" written by the Essenes (Essen=Priest) may ring a Baal; Lateran means "Hidden Frogs", the unclean spirits of Devil, Antichrist and False Prophet (Rev 12:9; 16:13). Superbowl 51 fell in 9/11/5777 on the Hebrew calendar; 9/11 being Toth 1 the Egyptian New Year by design.    
     Pope Francis addressed Super Bowl 51 in spanish on the JumboTron; with English subtitles? gutsy. The Sign? BLESSINGS FROM THE 9TH SATANIC CIRCLE


Pope Francis, Emeritus Pope Benedict and Justin Welby Archbishop of the Church of England are initiates of the 9th Satanic Circle,  accused by an international tribunal in Brussels of child Kidnapping, torture, ritual sex abuse, sacrifice and cannabalism. The Signs? #1 War The Patriots have a habit of winning the Super Bowl at the start of Wars: 2001 Afghanistan, 2003 Iraq, 2004 Pakistan, 2015 ISIS, 2017 WWIII? #2 Lady Gaga as Lucifer descending; this happens at Rev 9:11 5th Trumpet. #3 Mary the Untier of Knots is behind him. Gen 3:15 is altered in new bibles "I will put enmity between thee and the woman...It shall bruise thy head..." It is the enmity; Catholic Bibles (Douay Rheims) change "It" to "She" and Protestant bibles to "He"; notice Mary is gently resting on the serpent and crescent moon (Hilal=Crescent=Lucifer).


     Lagy Gaga descending as Lucifer from Above to Below singing "Born this Way" promoting the LGBTQ+2 agenda with the Victory Sign. "How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! Note: There are 313 ! in Scripture; these are "Woes"; Lucifer falling from heaven corresponds to Rev 9:11 5th Trumpet 1st Woe! 
     Alpha Romeo: Jesus is Alpha and Omega "First and Last"; Alpha Romeo is "1st Seducer" aka Lucifer commercial highlighted Amarucu the Aztec Serpent eating a man aka Quetzalcoatl (Mormons are taught this if Jesus; Wrong!) Kukulkan or Virachocha, the source name of the Americas. Note the logo is a Crowned Serpent eating a man. The commercial highlighted the car Julia "Many cars take your breath away, but only one gives it back; Julia" Julia is the feminine of Jupiter/Zeus
     84 Lumber is named for Grover Cleveland's 1884 election; the only president to serve 2 non-consequtive terms made Donald Trump the 44th person elected President. Crowley's demon channeled Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix may ring a Baal; it's the theme of Oblivion; the Lumber 84 commercial featured Mexican Immigrants.
    Legion series In Mark 5:2-9 a man of great strength tormented by demons named Legion (6000 men in a Roman Legion indicate the number) who reveal to Jesus' disciples he is the Son of God; casting the demons out they ask to be allowed to enter the Swine Herd before jumping to their deaths; seeing what happened, the Gadarenes prayed to Lucifer for Him to leave. Such will be the fate for America, the strong man plagued by demons destroying itself before the Luciferian Age.
    Avocados from Mexico featured a Secret Society and subliminal advertising; financing Trump's Wall with 20% Import Tarrifs creates a Trade War hurting both sides. Fake Moon Landing? Nice timing, Trump's Science Adviser publically declares the Apollo Program a Fraud, just as CIA asset Wikileaks is set to expose the Apollo fraud; nothing new, Stan Kubrick featured the fraud in "The Shining" with Danny wearing an Apollo 11 shirt and Rm 237, the distance to the moon; 237 + the Mirror 732=969; the velocity of Saturn being 9.69Km/s. The Adler Typewiter used in the Shining means Eagle, the symbol of Esau seen on the currencies of the Americas carrying the Serpent into the New Age. The Cult of Saturn and acceptance of Green Man thorugh subliminal advertising on display.
    Tom Brady and Bill Belichick; Donald Trump supporters 16 years in the making. The Patriots win with Tom Brady 3 months after 9/11/2001, the "Inside Job" which stripped US Citizens aka "The People" of most every Constitutional Right with whatelse but the pre-written "Patriot Act" In 2002 after winning his first Super Bowl as starting QB Donald sent Tom a private jet and made him a Miss Universe Judge "Tom loves women and women love Tom...he would be a great combination with Ivanka". "Make America Great Again"? Crypto- Templar-Knight of Malta Donald Trump-Pence (Pence takes his marching orders from Doug Coe and "The Family", lovers of every mass murdering dictator in the last 50 years) who has never paid a dime of Federal Income Tax (a gift from fellow Knight of Malta Jimmy "JC" Carter) in 40 years will likely be America's 44th and final US President just like they said in Oblivion.   

Image result for picture of inca serpent eating a man