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There Is Nothing New Under the Sun
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"But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. The Lord is not slack concerning his promise...all should come to repentance" 2 Pet 3:8-9

      Jesus returns when Creation is 6000 years old (Ref 2 Pet 3:8). His Birth was on Feast of Tabernacles not Christmas (Lk 1). During the Millennium, worship of Feast of Tabernacles is the only requirement (Zech 14:18) 
       Calendar for 3rd Beast  "Edomite Dominion" (Gen 27:40KJV; Dan 2:39; Dan 7:6) "Kindom of Brass". Lucifer as Alternative Messiah is the 4th Beast (Dan 2:40; Dan 7:7) Assuming the original zodiac was referenced to a prominent star on the ecliptic (the path of the sun across the sky). The two most popular candidates would be Spica in Virgo and Regulus in Leo. These two prominent stars have always been associated with their respective constellations and are now about 54 degrees apart and since the zodiac is divided into 12 units of 30 degrees and leo and virgo are adjacent constellations, Spica must have always been in the eastern part of Virgo and Regulus in the western part of Leo.  
     Regulus would be closest to the actual path of the sun; one of the ancient names of Regulus is Rex "King" , or "Law Giver". Regulus is interpreted by many astrologers as the starting place of the zodiac. The Sphinx is associated with Leo and the Equinoxes. Regulus would have been at the zero point of ecliptic longitude in 8884 BC at the end of the age of Leo (the Sphinx faces east, greeting Regulus and its reflection at sunrise on spring equinox). The beginning of the age of Leo would have been about 2160 years earlier. The Egyptian "Great Year" of 25,990 Years is the time it would take the Earth's Azis to precess full circle, the Age of Aquarius, the Age ruled by Saturn is opposite, seen in "As Above, So Below"; essentially an inversion of God and Satan. 
     Regulus was used as the western boundary of Leo, the eastern boundary of Aquarius would be 150 dgrees of ecliptic longitude west of Regulus. The beginning of the Age of Aquarius begins when Regulus is at 150 degrees of ecliptic longitude, which is right now.   
    1656 years from Creation to Flood + 2160 years Aries to Pisces + 2160 years Pisces to Aquarius + 21 years for Sargon the Great to be declared "Legitimate King".   1966 was "Year One" (Anno Satanae) + 50 years 2016-17 is a Jubilee Year. Esau assumes "Dominion" over the Earth as the Great Tribulation begins.  
    Pope Francis knows his time has come, stating "Jesus, Jehovah and Allah are names of the same God" They are not; Jehovah was Crucified and hung the "Twisted Crucifix" this monster carries; Antichrist is coming next
     The Whore of Babylon is Witchcraft (Craft ie Initiated Secret Societies). Jesuits are not Catholic; The Roman Catholic Church is not Rev 17 "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT..." (2 Babylons by Alexander Hislop and Codeword Barbelon by PD Stuart are written to blame the Catholic Church). The US is not Rev 18 "Babylon". ISIS is not Muslim; Palestine is not Edomite; Jordan is Edom, Moab and Ammon. Israel is not Jewish; the Six Pointed Star is Satanic. Israel is Edomite, Canaanite, Medean and Babylonian. Gog and Magog occurs after the Millennium 1000 years after the 2nd Coming.
Rome is not the Whore City on 7 Hills. Mecca is not the Whore City on 7 Hills; Jerusalem (Salim=Lucifer) is the Whore City on 7 Hills.
      Gravity, Evolution, Big Bang and Heliocentrism are Lies. CERN announced 99.99% proof of Gravity on July 4, 2012. On restart  April 25, 2015 the Nepal earthquake occurred (CERN is not to blame; EM Scalar Weapons are). On May 29, 2015 CERN fired up coincident with 2 Earthquakes (Aleutian Is and E of Japan). 2015 is CERN and UN "Year of Light". "Krampusnacht" CERN claimed to catch the first glimpse of "Strangelets" (Dark/Shadow Matter). The God Particle claims to give Mass to Matter and Order to the Cosmos; Science (Gnosis) ultimate Blasphemy of God exactly  100 years after Einstein proposed General Relativity. It's all Blasphemous BS.
     Edomite "Dominion" is the 3rd Beast; Edomites and Ismailis control Commerce via the Straits of Hormuz (Horus and Tammuz aka Kingdom of Ormus "Snake") and South China Sea via Kingdom of Sabah and Sulu (Spratly Is means "One who comes from Sproatley Yorkshire, Britain; British means "Birthright Covenant" or Ishmael and Esau.
     Daniel 8 prophecy was delivered by Jesus Christ and Angel Gabriel; the last 2300 days= 1040 + 1260.  America is the Scapegoat "Babylon"; IRS Form 1040 "Audit" will find Babylon "Weighed in the Balances and found wanting" The Alternative Messiah will rise from the ashes and settle debts. That's the Edomite "Wizard of Oz". The last 70 Weeks (490 Days) will cover Dan 9:24-27. A Satanic Jubilee promising Freedom from God but delivering Eternity in Hell 

     The Synagogue of Satan is not Jewish; it is Chaldean, Babylonian, Edomite. Here is a partial list of names of Satan:  Marduk, El "Shining One",  El Shaddai/Shiva (Destroyer), Saturn, Allah (Ilu), Osiris (On), Dionysus/Bacchus/al-Khidr (Green Man), Lucifer, Poseidon, Elohim, Chiun, Chemosh, Milcom, Remphan, Milcom, STUR, Dagon, YHWH, Adonai, Yahweh, YaShua, YahuSha, Molech, Melek-Taus Aryan "Peacock Angel" 
God's Name: Alpha, Omega, I AM, Melchisedek, Shiloh, JAH, Jesus (God in Flesh), JESUS (God returned to Spirit) 

 Charity is the love/esteem of God; Jesus is God. Everything else flows from that one virtue. 
The New Covenant has 2 requirements: Love God and Love our Neighbor. Simple right? The Alternative is to create Heaven on Earth. 

Jesus is Alpha and Omega (Rev 22:13) Jesus is the Holy Ghost (1 Jn 5:7 KJV) the "Light" God made on Day 1. Jesus was born on Feast of Tabernacles.  The Beginning (Alpha)  was on Feast of Tabernacles; His physical birth was on Feast of Tabernacles; the 2nd Coming commence after Armageddon on Feast of Tabernacles; the only mandatory Feast during the Millennium? Feast of Tabernacles (Ref Zech 14:18); the beginning of Eternity (Omega) will commence after "Gog and Magog" on Feast of Tabernacles.

       Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost is the Unforgivable Sin; the Arabic Shahada "There is no God but Allah", 7 Noahide Laws of Chabad Lubavitch and Hebrew Mezuzah "The LORD our God is One" (New Bible version of Deut 6:4) blasphemes the Holy Ghost. The Luciferian Planetary Initiation envisioned by the UN Planetary Initiative is  "Nobody will progress into the New Age unless they take a Luciferian Initiation" describes a world ruled by Symbols "The world is ruled by Symbols, not Words nor Laws" Confucius. describes Events and People leading to this "New Age" built on the Ruins of the Roman Catholic Church as "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH" (Rev 17) and America as "Economic Babylon" (Rev 18) in order the "ONE" (Lucifer) will be accepted by all nations. 
     Esau's "Dominion" will be handed over to Satan (4th Beast), controlling both sides of the Dialectic via Antichrist and False Prophet, the "3 Hidden Frogs" of St John Lateran aka Jesuits. Every Person and all Nations Corporations whose assets are recorded in the Vatican World Trust; Pope Francis "Motu Propria" lays claim to everything as of July 11, 2013.
       Jesus turned the tables on the "Money Changers" who made the Temple a "Den of Thieves"; today the International Bankers or Templars are the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) in Basel Switzerland. The European Parliament is built as the Tower of Babel with the Woman Riding the Beast aka Whore of Babylon out front and Seat 666 vacant. The UN will be replaced when America falls, by a World Parliament and Earth Constitution. Parliament is a Secular and Ecclesiastical aristocracy summoned by a Sovereign Monarch (Satan) ruling with absolute authority a Sacred Assembly of Whores if you will. TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership), TTIP (Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and TISA (Trade In Services Act), CETA (Candian version) regulates all Electronic Transactions , Internet and Medical Records, stripping all Rights and Privacy; forcing Sharia and Noahide Law; Privatizing all Courts, Public Services, Data Flow, Copyrights, Patents, Architecture, Food, Energy and Education. Nations votes will be sealed and held confidential for 5 years after signing the treasonous and Satanic agreements but God will know. Lockheed Martin for example will manage Medical Records, supply Interrogators to CIA Black Sites, Fighters to Israel and Cluster Bombs for the War on ISIS
                           Satan's Throne will be in a 3rd Temple
     "Howbeit the Most high dwelleth not in Temples made with hands" Acts 7:48
     The 3rd Temple requirements: Cornerstone: Temple Mount Faithful have this and the other building materials ready under the Temple Mount. There is no Millennial Temple; God brings the Eternal Temple of New Jerusalem down from Heaven (Eze 40-47).
     Priests and Priestly Attire including Tunics, Trousers, Saches, and Hats. Breastplate and Urum and Thummum for the Chief Priest. Jesus replaced the corrupted Levite Priests with the Melchisedek Priesthood; Jesus is Melchisedek. Women of the Veil Chamber in the Samaritan town of Shiloh have sewn Priest Attire for the line of Samaritan Priests (Cohens). Samaritans are not Jewish, they descend from Solomon and his 1000 Phoenician wives/concubines and the Phoenician Queen Jezebel and Ahab; they believe Mt Gerizem is Mt Sinai and hold nothing of the original 5 Books of the Law as Inspired writings of God. Shiloh means "He whose it is"; Jesus is Shiloh; the coming Shiloh is the Alternative Messiah.  
     Temple Veil: A fabric specified in Ex 26:31 10cm thick X 10M X20M of Blue, Purple and Crimson. Women of the Temple Veil are working on this right now. One problem, the Blue made from Murex Trunculus Sea Snail excretions exposed to UV Light is not the color God specified. The Purple is made from animals however, nobody knows which ones. The Crimson is made from Oak Aphids, but the Oaks of Bashan are gone. Jesus tore the original Temple Veil at the Crucifixion as Melchisedek "Priest of the Most High and King of Jerusalem" Rejecting Jesus, the Kippah, Zuchetti, Skull Cap, Kufi or Yarmulke is worn.
    Ark of the Covenant: Jesus said the Ark is in Heaven, (Rev 11:19) but Gnostics don't believe anything He said. The New Covenant is "Love God" (Charity) and "Love our Neighbor"; rejecting that, finding the Ark of the Covenant is of paramount importance. Ethiopian Priests of Ameru (Serpent) play a literal shell game with the  Ark in Axum. Catholics claim the Virgin Mary is the real Ark. Shia Muslims believe al-Mahdi will find the Ark aka "Casket of Shekinah". Rabbis claim King Josiah hid the Ark Maccabees claims Jeremiah stored in in a cave. Irish believe Jeremiah brought the Ark to Tara with one of King Zedekiah's daughters.      The Queen of Saba (Sheba) was said to have kept her palace in Marib, Yemen which is why the Middle East War has turned in their direction. Newly excavated inscriptions indicate the Ark or Box of El is there with Jewish Six Pointed Stars and YH for Yahweh; buried for safe keeping until today by Solomon and Sheba's son Menelik. A few problems here; scripture makes not account of the Ark or Menelik. El is the Canaanite/Phoenician god Saturn (Saturnalia is Hanukkah/Christmas)  and Yahweh is Jah or Yah, a Human Messiah not remotely related to JAH or JAH which is JEHOVAH and JESUS.  (Ref Ps:68:4 Mat 1:25 KJV)
    Throne:     Satan's Seat aka Throne of Pergamon is in Berlin awaiting transport to the Temple Mount. ISIS means "Throne". The spot where Abraham offered Isaac (Ishmael in the Quran), David purchased the Jebusite (Canaanite) "Threshing Floor" and Jesus turned the tables on the Bankers will soon see Satan's Seat and Abomination of Desolation. Facilitating this? Barack "Lightning", the name of America's President, Abraham's mythical winged white horse and Muhammad's mythical winged white horse.
        Racism Hoax God made Man in His image and likeness. There is one Race of Man on Earth
      Global Warning Hoax: "Go forth and multiply" does not means "Go forth and multiply until Human caused Global Climate change causes the Earth to kill you". 
      Cold War Hoax: Stalin and Gorbachev were Masonic and Bohemian Grove (Molech=Saturn) partners of Truman-Carter-Ford-Reagan; there never were any Star Wars "Killer" Satellites, were there any Nuclear ICBM's because Tesla based EM Weapons rendered them obsolete by 1960. Cold War Nuclear Missile Silos are being sold and converted to luxury Bug Out Shelters for the Elite; foreseen in Rev 6:15. Site 911 in Beit Shemesh for example.
     Alien Hoax: "God made man in His own image and likeness" not Aliens. No living thing can pass through the Van Allen Belts and survive; for this reason the Moon Landing Hoax was necessary. Bill Nye "Science Guy" and Luciferian Mason AstroNut Buzz "Lightyear" Aldrin "I saw Aliens on the Moon" head the Planetary Society which manages SETI whose President Seth (Seth and Set ringing a Baal?)Shostak said at the 2015 Int'l UFO Congress on Feb 22, 2015  "Now is the time to make Alien contact". M Othman is the UN Space Alien Ambassador; Mothman Prophecy ring a Baal? CERN declared 2015 "Year of Light"; I can hear the Moths buzzing toward the light already!
     Psychotronic Warfare (Mind Control=Strong Delusion) against Citizens is accomplished with Microwave Cell Towers, placed on public school property in every Town in America and GWEN (Ground Wave Emergency Network) along Rural Routes; Brzezinski's book "Between 2 Ages" spells it out in detail    The largest TV Screen is the Ionosphere; Project Blue Beam is the real ($2Trillion 1980's=$8 Trillion) Star Wars, the ultimate in Psychotronic Warfare aka "Strong Delusion"
      BIS controls Gold, Silver and Precious Stones (Dan 11:38-39) used to back the One World Currency and be controlled by one man. Gold is the Head of the Idol (Dan 2), a prison for one's Soul controlled by Chaldeans, Hyksos, Khazars, Druids, Venetians, Templars and Jesuits. The wealth of Asia was collected by Imperial Japan as the  Golden Lily Treasure aka Yamashita's Gold or Marcos Gold and stored in the Philippines. European wealth was collected by Hitler's Nazi regime called Black Eagle Trust in  Project Hammer. All combined the ill gotten loot is called  "Vulcan Gold" (Vulcan is Tubal-cain, the patron of Masonry) used for a variaty of Black Ops: 170,000 Metric Tonnes are stored in Hawaii, 150,000 Tonnes in Singapore, 130,000 Tonnes  in Hong Kong, and stores of stolen wealth by Bolsheviks in Moscow. Bolshevik Russia (Lenin, Trotsky) and Nazi Germany (Hitler) are US creations. Gosha Hohenzollern will assume the Romanov Dynasty in Russia and install the Edomite Rothschilds over world finances in 2015; the fake Gog and Magog War (Eze 38;Rev 20:7-8) will ensue. Imperial Japan (Hirohito), 9/11/2001 Foreign Gold repository under WTC #4-5, the total Gold loot is 450,000 Tonnes + 100,000+ additional Tonnes in International Bank Vaults + Private Stores or about 21B Oz to back up 1.5Quadrillion Derivatives=$72,000/Oz and all Gold will be controlled by one person (Dan 11:38) Paper Money=Toilet Paper. Prior to 9/11/2001 International Gold Deposits under WTC #4 & #5 were transferred out and $240B in fraudulent bonds converted to US Treasuries backed by US Taxpayers. 
   Zaire holds most of the Diamond wealth, which is why Zaire Ebola was created andn Patented in Great Britain and ought by the CDC and HHS in America. 
   Membership in the NWO comes at the price of your Soul via an 18 digit (3 groups of 6) number "Mark of the Beast", under rule of 1 person called the "ONE"; Global totalitarian Fascism centered on Lucifer. Masonic ChIP (Child Identification Program): DNA, Video, Picture, Fingerprints, ear Shape, and Dental Bite information on a CD; couple this with an RF tramsmitter contained in a sub-dermal Chip the size of a grain of rice and the program,  sponsored by Luciferian Masons has the earmarks of the Mark of the Beast.
   The World as one Corporation ruled under Man-made Common Law and Courts based on Monopysite Assyrian Law in the form of 7 Noahide Laws and Sharia "Revealed" Law. 1 worldwide Common Currency and Common Language based on Symbols presented in UCADIA. "The world runs on symbols, not Words nor Laws"-Confucius.  The Latin title for this covenant is "Pactum Singularis", the exact opposite of God's Covenant; "Holy" and "Ekklesia" mean "Separate". All sites proclaim Freedom of the individual and his/her Spirit, the very definition of "Sovereignty" of Body and Soul; the world Incorporated and immune from prosecution. Sound nice? Think again.
   Articles of incorporation proclaim 12/21/2012 was the release of the Pale Horse "Death"; "Hell follows this horse, whose mission is to Free man from the Yoke of God and renew the world to pre-flood conditions. The Hebrew phrase "Tikkun Olam" refers to worship of Tammuz "Purify by Fire", symbolized by Pyramid whose meaning is "Amid the Flames". The capstone "Pyramidion" aka Egyptian "Ben-ben" will be symbolically placed  as a Phoenix rising from the Ashes to form "New Atlantis"; the symbol is on the $US for this reason. 
      The Alfalfa (Arabic for "Fresh Fodder") Club handles care and feeding of the 4 Horsemen members honor Confederate General Robert E Lee and Confederates of the James family who were given the honor of firing the first shots. Albert Pike's statue stands at the Justice Dept to this day. He wrote the letter on Feast Day of Lucifer Aug 15, 1871 outlining the plan for 3 World Wars: 1. Build-up Nazi Germany 2. Replace Nazism with Communism and 3. Put Islam against Political Zionism to the point of physical, moral and economic exhaustion, at which point Nihilists will be unleashed to direct the worship of the bewildered masses toward the Doctrine of Lucifer. 
     Art 21 proclaims the White Horse was released on   12/21/2009 "Day of Divine Agreement"
     Art 22 
proclaims the Red Horse was released on       12/21/2010 "Day of Divine Protest"
     Art 23
proclaims the Black Horse was released on    12/21/2011 "Day of Divine Judgment"
     Art 24 
proclaims the Pale Horse  was released on   12/21/2012 "Day of Divine Redemption"

White Horse: Conquers with a Bow (Rev 6:1-2) Arrows are "Anonymous" Weapons much like EM (Electro=Solar;Magnetic=Earth) powered "Geo-engineering" and "Weather Modification" Weapons. Fine tuning with NexRad Doppler Radars and Profitting with Weather Derivatives. eg.: 7.0 Earthquake in Haiti, Russian drought, India flooding, Europe deep freeze, Fukushima, were all manufactured.
Red Horse: Peace is taken from the Earth (Rev 6:3-4) by Washington DC/Pentagon. Arab Spring, Occupy Movement, Open Society, Anonymous, T-Party, Muslim Brotherhood, all came to life with the release of the Red Horse. Khorasan, al-Qaeda, ISIS, ISIL, IEI, Nusra Front, Boko Haram are US CIA creations. Key players are Jesuits, Freemasons, Talmudists, Sufis, Nizari Assassins, Wahhabists, Shia Twelvers.
Black Horse:
Worldwide Economic Collapse is the goal of the City of London Corporation aka "Money Changers" and ISIS. Jesus turned the tables on. (Rev 6:5-6) "LIBOR" and "FOREX" Interest Rate manipulation among the 7 largest Banks and "Gold Price Fixing" among the largest 5 is the world's largest financial swindle of all time. ISIS Dinar (Denarius means Penny for a Day's Wage). Bitcoin  is a Digital, Limited Supply, Virtual Currency serving a "Black Market" called the "Silk Road" and "Atlantis"; an Anonymous Internet "DarkNet" used for Money Laundnering Drugs, Weapons, Vice, Assassinations. Whether Bitcoin, SDR's (Special Drawing Rights) or a Gold backed World Currency becomes the New World Order medium of exchange remains to be seen but one thing is certain; Austerity, PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain), European Union Collapse, $1.5 Quadrillion Derivatives Market, and Hedge Funds are all manipulated in London through LIBOR (London Inter-bank Offering Rate), a worldwide financial Black Hole involving Bonds, Stocks, and Commodity values. Every Nation, State and Municipality has been swindled by LIBOR. God says "The love of money is the root of all evil". Why LIBOR? Liber is Bacchus/Dionysus aka Knight Templaar "Green Man". 
Pale Horse: Pale Green is the color of
"Death"; Capitalized as a Name because this is a person causing spiritual death resulting from Jesus erasing your Name from the Book of Life. Vatican City and the Jesuit General ride this Horse. The main weapon is the Law; specifically Sharia and Noahide Law which proscribes death to followers of Jesus Christ. Hell follows this horse (Rev: 7-8). Heaven is rolled as a scroll and sealed after this horse brings the "Strong Delusion". The Horse and Rider (Antichrist or Green Man "Dionysus" aka "al-Khidr") can be seen on the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) magazine "Foreign Affairs" with the slogan "Ubiquitous" meaning "Everywhere at the same Time". The NSA (National Security Agency) processes Upstream (International Undersea Cables) and Downstream (Cell Phone, Internet, Google, GPS, Facebook) Data in the "Beast" computer in Brussels. Luciferian Initiations are a function of the Pale Horse; nobody progresses into the New Age without taking one according to the UN Planetary Initiative.  ISIS is the Pale Horse, a home grown product of Traitors serving Octogon aka Templars, Vatican Swiss Guard, Cathars etc Oc is Light/Lucifer seen in Languedoc "Language of Light" and Octo for 8 the number associated with Eternity.
Following the Pale Horse "Death", "Hell" follows "...heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together" Rev 6:14
The Alfalfa Club handles Care and feeding of the 4 Horsemen at least in America. Alfalfa means "Fresh Fodder" in Arabic; Arab Moon god "Sin" should ring a Baal. Fodder is soldiers whom Henry Kissinger calls "Dumb, stupid animals to be used as cannon fodder in our wars" 
                     Writing on the Wall
      Tzaddiq Baal Shem Tov (d 1760) prophesied Mosiach would be revealed in the year 5778 beginning Sept 20, 2017 on "Rosh Hashanah". The founder of Hassidism (Pious Ones) was called the "Light of Israel" but remember, "The virgin of Israel has fallen, she shall no more rise, there is none to raise her up" Amos 5:2KJV This Tzaddiq=Righteous Baal was raised up by Satan to bring the "Leaven" of the Sabbatteans (Crypto Satanist Shabatai Zvi) into the Christian Churches and Synagogues of Satan; his progeny don the Cap of Cybele (Yarmulke) in open rejection of Jesus Christ tearing the Temple Veil and have spiritual intercourse with Shekinah (Feminine presence of God) at Herod's Wailing Wall today, in preparation for the 3rd Temple of Antichrist aka "Moshiach". 
      Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel predicted Mosiach arrives after the 10th Jubilee The Satanic plan written in the Rabbi declared Jubilee Year of 1217  "Ottomans will rule Jerusalem 8 Jubilees"; Ottomans controlled Jerusalem from 1517 until Gen John Allenby entered Jersusalem on Hanukkah 1917 to assume control.  "Jerusalem will become a no-man's land in the 9th Jubilee"; this happened according to plan in 1917 until the 6th Tetrad signaled the 1967 6-Day War to take control of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. "Jerusalem will be controlled by Israel in the 10th Jubilee"Well folks, the 10th Jubilee is 2017 and the only Feast left o the calendar is Feast of Tabernacles. 
     Prophecy of St Malachy (Malachy=Molech=Saturn) declared Rome will burn and Peter the Roman, Pope #112 from Celestine II will lead the flock through Tribulation. Pope Benedict is #111 and resigned on cue Feb 28, 2013 after releasing 2 White Doves on "Peace Day"; they were attacked by a Seagull. Francis had the same thing happen on the same day in 2014 by a Crow and Seagull. There was no person St Malachy; Malachy is Baal-Moloch, Chiun, Remphan, Milcom, Saturn. The prophecy was written by Amalekites at war with God from generation to generation (Ex 17:16) 
     Cathar Prophecy "In 700 years the Laurel will grow green again" On 1/13/1313, the King of France and Pope Roman Pope illegally confiscated Templar wealth and made a new Concordat with the Knights of Malta called "Licet Pridem" Catharsis means "Discharge of pent up emotion". The "Council of Vienne" ended March 20, 1313 and Jacques de Molay, the last Cathar Military Banker was executed in Paris 3/18/1314. 700 years later the 8th Tetrad of Lunar Eclipses began. The Laurel is the Crown of Bacchus/Dionysus/al-Khidr=Saturn/Satan "Green Man". French President Francois Hollande is honorary Canon of the "Mother and Mistress Church of Rome and the earth" (Basilica of St John Lateran aka Teaching Seat of the Hidden Frogs: Beast, False Prophet, Dragon), the seat of Jesuit Pope Francis as Bishop of Rome.
     "al-Mahdi prophecy" al-Mahdi arrives after the great war in the 40th generation; the 40th Sayyid of Muhammad" Sheikh Nazim abdul al-Haqqani, the 40th in the "Golden Chain" of Sayyids died May 7, 2014. al-Khidr is "Green Man" aka Bacchus/Dionysus/Hermes/St George.
     11Q13 Prince Melchisedek Scroll After 10 Jubilees, the Trumpet blast will herald the coming Melchisedek. Folks, Jesus is Melchisedek! This will be an Alternative Messiah. 10 Jubilees=500 years from what? Black Cloistered Rosicrucian Monk nailed 95 Thesis against the Catholic Church to the Church of Wittenburg on Halloween 1517. Black Pope Leo X in 1513 bankrupted the Vatican Bank and signed the 5th Lateran Council of 1517 The first recognized by the Catholic Church and last before the Reformation of Black Cloistered Monk Martin Luther on All Hallows Eve 1517. Pope Francis plans to heal the Protestant-Catholic Schism Oct 31, 2017. Lateran means "Hidden Frogs", the Spirits of Antichrist, False Prophet and Satan. Hatshepsut, the Cross Dressing Female Pharaoh of the Exodus built the 2 largest Obelisks in the world, one broke in pieces, the other stands in front of the Archbasilica of the "Christ", a combination of John the Baptist and John the Evangelist called St John Lateran or St John the Divine (NYC Cathedral of St John the Divine echoes the UN Bldg theme).  Black Nobility (Khazar/Sarmation/Sepharvite) Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel with a crack separating Man from God for a reason. 
    Mormon "White Horse" aka "Blood in the Streets Prophecy" states "Elders of the church will step up to save the Constitution as daughter rises against mother, son against father, neighbor against neighbor and blood runs down the street from Ogden to Salt Lake as water down a storm drain" Mormons are the Cult of Saturn in America
    Yezidi "Al-Quds" Prophecy "When Blue Star Al-Qud appears in the Heavens, the 5th Age will commence the days of purification; War and Distress as Melek-Taus (Peacock Angel=Molech) returns as a Rainbow around the Sun or a Peacock. 
     Hopi "Great Purification" Prophecy States the 5th age will begin with the arrival of Blue Star and Red Kachina; Disease, Great Dying, Earthquakes and the World rocking to and fro. Sochi is the ancestral home of Circassians (goddess Circe=Circle) the "White People". 
Prophecy Rock in AZ puts this plan in stone.  "After Blue Star arrives, Red Kachina, the "Purifier" will remove his mask in the plaza before the Unitiated" and White Brother "Pahana" will be revealed. White Brother is Lucifer; the White bearded Jesus is a Gnostic creation. You will want to be "Uninitiated"! Ref Eze 37:16; Rev 11:1-2
     Nostradamus "Last Pope will flee Rome in December when there are 2 Suns in the sky to usher in Judgment Day".
      The death of "Mabus" will herald thirst, hunger and a cataclysm when the comet runs. Obama nominated Ray Mabus to Sec of Navy; he is a CFR Traitor, RAND Center, ex-Saudi Ambassador who will head the Navy salvage of Deep Water Horizon in 2015.
     Edgar Cayce The Sleeping Prophet of the Sleeping Land (Tobolsk) channeled a demon who predicted Russia would be die and be re-born to become the hope of the world. The Sochi Olympic Logo was a Bear Cub; the Re-birth of the Russian Bear; 2nd Beast of Dan 7:5 Tobolsk (Tobol River) has nothing to do with Tubal and Meshech (sons of Japheth) in Eze 38:2; the battle of Gog and Magog is at the end of the Millennium (Rev 20:7) not now! Baphomet means "Union of Logos and Sophia"; the Tobolsk Kremlin and Sophia-Assumption Cathedral in Tobolsk were made for the "Prestige" the 3rd and final act of the "Great Work" of Lucifer. Gosha Hohenzollern will assume the Russian Romanov Monarchy in 2015 and hand over control of world finances to the Rothschilds.  Cayce is part of the fake Gog and Magog Liars club; the real Gog and Magog is at the end of the Millennial reign of Jesus Christ (Eze 38:2; Rev 20:7-8) 
    C Alan Martin published a vision in 1971 predicting the last US President would be the 44th President and #12 from Harry Truman. Trump is the 44th person selected US President for the same reason Zedekiah was the 44th and final King of Israel; non-consequetive terms by Grover Cleveland and King David.
     Condor and Eagle Prophecy 500 years after Columbus discovered America, and nearly wiped out the Condor people (Heart, Intuition, Mystical), a merging with the Eagle people (Brain, Rational , Material) will herald the New Age. Jesus says "...where the carcase is, Eagles will gather". Seen any Eagles on US Government or Currency lately? Pope Francis I is a Jesuit, "Operation Condor" operative who took over the Vatican on 9 Mar 1513. 
     Mother Shipton aka Ursula Southhill, a medium/witch burned at the stake in 1641 predicted wars, airplanes, TV, earthquakes, fires and 1/2 the world dying just before the return of the Golden Age. The Golden Age is the Age of Aquarius, ruled by Saturn, a return ot the pre-flood world of corruption, sodomy, pedophilia, child sacrifice etc The last Prophecy is a real hoot!
       Bahai Prophecy of Bab and Baha'u'llah "Russia will rule the earth at the end of times" This lie is the source of Edgar Cayce's lies. Russia is not Gog (Rev Eze 38:1; 20:7) America is not "Babylon" (Rev 18) The Roman Catholic Church is not MYSTERY, BABYLON...(Rev 17).
       Feel like a Sheep being led to Slaughter? Jesus set it up that way. He is the only escape! "For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter" Rom 8:36; Ps 44:22.

                                                Signs in the Heavens                                          


   1st: Gog and Magog is at the end of the Millennium, not the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ Joel 2:31, Is 13:6, Dan 7:14, Eze 38-39, Rev 20 etc refer to the End of the Millennium "Day of the LORD", not the 2nd Coming!
"Blood Red Moon" is a term popularized by Mark Biltz and John Haggee (CUFI) el Shaddai means "Destroyer" not "Almighty".
    On Jan 1, 2010  
Rabbi Yehuda Glick of the Temple Mount Institute said their goal is to declare to the world "God is One...He is Allah, the One and Only...Allah, the Eternal, Absolute" On Feb 9, 2014 Satanist Rabbi Glick led a group of Israeli military and settlers in an attack on the Al Aqsa Mosque. Glick and the Temple Inst have one goal "Build a House of Worship for Jews, Muslims and Christians" The Alternative Messiah sitting on the Throne of Pergamon "Satan's Seat" will set up the "Abomination of Desolation" in that "House of Worship"
      7 "Tetrads" of 4 consecutive "Blood Red Moons" (Lunar Eclipses) have occurred on Passover and Tabernacles in 2 consecutive years during the last 2000 years. The 8th Tetrad occured in 2014-2015. Jesus Christ represents the 8th "New Covenant" between God and Man. The eclipses separated by 177 Days.
     Magnitude 7.6 Earthquakes on the "Ring of Fire" were also separated by 177 Days Marianas 9/29/16-Papau New Guinea 1/22/17- Kamchatka 7/17/17-Honduras 1/10/18.Tu B' Shevat is the Talmudic "New Year for Trees" Jan 31, 2018  to July 27, 2018, the Grand Climax of Begone Dull Care (Sumerian Ritual of Anu/Zeus aka Bohemian Grove) Lunar Eclipse to the next Tu B' Shevat 2019 on Jan 20, 2019 marking the annual Sun entering Aquarius are also separated by 177 Days. Aquarius is the astrlogical age ruled by Saturn.
                                                          Previous Tetrads
   Passover marks the birth of John the Baptist and Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, ending the 7th Covenant between God and Man.  162-163 AD; 795-796 AD; 842-843 AD, 860-851 AD were the first 4 times.
   The 5th time occurred in the 2 years following the 1492 Alhambra Decree (Tisha B’ Av 1492 AD marked the expulsion of Cryptos and Marranos from Spain) the Voyage of Columbus, a Rosicrucian was timed with this date commemorating the destruction of the first and second Temples, consecutive Lunar eclipses occurred on Passover and Feast of Tabernacles, the latter marking the birth of Jesus Christ. Thus, the next time this God ordained astronomical warning happened was 1493-1494 AD as smallpox began decimating native populations in the Americas. Remember, God set the Sun, Moon and Stars in the heavens to tell  time and seasons.
  The 6th time this happened was after the 1948 Declaration of Israel's Independence. The 1949 AD Armistice Agreement, called by displaced Palestinians as the "Palestine Catastrophe" was signed by Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria in 1949 and the Tri-partite Declaration between the US, Britain, and France in 1950 AD. The lines agreed to in these agreements held until the 1967 6-Day War. (Note: Israel is still in Diaspora; God does not use the Star of Moloch, Rabbis, the Talmud or Kaballah).
    The 7th Tetrad was coincident with the founding of the Church of Satan in San Francisco in 1966 "Anno Satanae" (Year One) and the 1967 "6-Day War" for the Golan Heights (Mt Hermon=Mt of the Chief) and Jerusalem. A Cardinal Grand Cross Planetary Alignment occurred during the 7th Tetrad as well as the 8th Tetrad, one Jubilee of 50 years apart. Pope Francis bestowed Sainthood on Pope John XXIII and John Paul II, the 2 men responsible for ushering in the Satanic "Twisted Crucifix" aka "Bent Cross" used to mock the Crucifixion.
    Jesuit Pope Francis (Francis=Free) will visit the UN and Philadelphia (Church of Philadelphia=Synagogue of Satan) Sept 22-27, 2015 over the last Lunar Eclipse of the 8th Tetrad. The 8th Tetrad of  4 consecutive "Blood Red Moons" will occur on Passover and Tabernacles 2014-2015 AD. In addition, 2 Solar eclipses occurred on 1 Nisan “God’s New Year” 2015 and 1 Tishrei “Rosh Hashanah” aka "Feast of Trumpets", the Rabbinical “Head of the Year" in 2015. 
    Lunar Eclipses: Passover=April 15, 2014 Tabernacles=Oct 8, 2014 Passover=April 4, 2015  Tabernacles=Sept 28, 2015. Solar Eclipses: 1 Nisan=Mar 20, 2015 Rosh Hashanah=Sept 13, 2015.
    2017 (Hebrew Year 5778 Sept 20, 2017-Mar 17, 2018 is a Satanic Jubilee Year
. 2015 will begin on God's New Year with a Solar Eclipse, followed in 2 weeks by a Passover Lunar Eclipse, followed 6 months later by the Rabbinical New Year Solar Eclipse and 2 weeks later by a Lunar Eclipse on Feast of Tabernacles.  Jesus' birth was Feast of Tabernacles. His 2nd Coming is foretold in Is 13:10 "The stars of heaven and the constellations thereof shall not give their light: the sun shall be darkened in his going forth, and the moon shall not cause her light to shine". This is a fair amount of Lunar and Solar Eclipsing on God's Holy Days that should not be written off to chance. Jesus returns as a thief in the night, not amid Solar and Lunar eclipses.
    All these "Signs in the Heavens" are predictable and have been known for 4300 years. In addition, the Sun rising through the Ecliptic forms the Cadeuces "Staff of Hermes"; passing through the Milky Way it forms the Chi-Rho "Royal Christ". This too has been known for 4300 years.
    A Jubilee reverses the roles of Slave and Master; Canaan is the Servant; Esau is "Yoked" by Jacob and God; this "Reversal" will occur during the Jubilee when Esau obtains "Dominion" prophesied in Gen 27:40KJV. The Church of Satan and the term al-Qaeda were born in 1966; 2016-17 is the Satanic Jubilee

                             Language of Yes
    "Yes We Can" means "Thank You Satan" Yes is Oil and Oc (Light) the "Language of Light" is the Language of Lucifer aka Green Language. Ebola means the Balls used in the Roman Flagrum to induce internal bleeding prior to the Crucifixion. 
   "Control Oil you control nations. Control Food you control people"
Satanist Henry Kissinger. The 2014-15 Oil "Black Gold" Price Collapse was planned in advance to collapse the World Economy and usher in a Gold backed One World Currency. Deep Water Horizon was pre-planned to cap the Macondo Prospect Oil; locking up over a Trillion Bbls of virtually free oil. 2014 Cheap Oil is a pre-planned OPEC/Saudi War against Shale Oil producers whose break-even cost is over $100/Bbl; the jobs they provide in the Bakken Oil Formation and Banks that finance the operations are about to go bust. Since the break-up of the Soviet Union, Russia depends on Oil for 60% of its exports and Putin is Russia's Oil Man. Cheap Oil will send Russia to War guaranteed. 2 12in Oil pipelines deliver Iraq oil to Haifa Israel. Cheap Oil will collapse Shale Oil producers and the US economy. China is Cathay=Cath=Cathars=Heth=Hittites. Hittite women married into Ismaelites and Edomites and China is the largest US creditor; China and Russia will come for US Oil sitting in the Gulf of Mexico guaranteed. 

   The pre-planned collapse of the $US Petro-dollar will collapse the world economy; Black Gold is the Black Horse. Stephen King (Crown King) "Children of the Corn" refers male sterility caused by GM Corn planted worldwide by Bill Gates, Nelson Rockefeller and UN "Oil 4 Food Swindler" Kofi Annan; corn is used to make Ethanol and exhaust water supplies. Hydraulic Fracturing destroys Salt Domes, and underground water supplies; sequestration of Carbon di-oxide coupled with earthquakes? Shake a can of coke.  
      Languedoc "Langue d' Oc" is Occitane. Oc to is 8 the New Covenant is the 8th Covenant between God and Man; it ends with the "Mark of the Beast". Occitane is Oui is Yes, the “Language of Yes; in Old French the "Language of Oil"; in New French Language of Ouissex or "Language of Birds" also called "Green Language". Oc is also derived from the Egyptian "Ak" meaning "Light"; Aker "Light Being". Mr-Akh-Bah is the Egyptian version of Ezekiel's Wheel. Octo "8" the Number associated with Salvation (Noah+7) and Eternity, and Occular "Eye" as in the "All seeing Eye" on the $US. Leading the world into worship of Lucifer is Octogon  in Switzerland. ISIS means "Throne" and is their creation.
     Wars control Oil and Natural Gas; The US has the largest Oil Reserves on Earth. The Bakken Oil Field (WYO, SD, ND; est 1 Trillion Bbls), Canadian Tar Sands Oil (est 1.7 Trillion Bbls) Green River Formation (CO, UT, WYO; est 3 Trillion Bbls), ANWR (Alaska Nat Wildlife Refuge; est 1 Trillion; BP owned, US Taxpayer financed pipeline in place), Gulf of Mexico (Macondo Prospect alone, estimated to be the volume of Mt Everest under 7000PSI ie it needs no pumping; a Trillion Bbls of Free Oil? Not for Americans). US Oil totals many Trillion Bbls worth, but that will not be used by the Traitors in US Government to pay Debt; its value is recorded on hidden accounts called CAFR's. When men like Muammar Qadaffi and Hugo Chavez sell oil at nominal amounts to benefit their citizens, War results. When Iran installs an Oil pipeline across Afghanistan; War results. 
    Barcelona the Capital of Catalonia "Kata Luna" aka "Gothland" (Land of Goths) is the House of Aragon/Bourbon/Hapsburg; Basque country, Castille or Occitane "Langue d'Oc". Catalonia will split from Spain; Scotland from Great Britain. Catalonia is of Celtic origin meaning "Chiefs of Battle"; Druids "Knowers of Trees" are their Priests, today visible in the Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, a Druid in communion with the Roman Catholic and Church of England. His replacement is a British Oil Executive turned Anglican Priest Justin Welby, himself in Communion with Sharia Law abiding Muslims in the Muslim Brotherhood, Beth Din Rabbinical Courts, the Talmud (Jesus is boiling in excrement in Hell according to this book), Jesus Seminar founder John Shelby Spong (rejects every word Jesus uttered as Divine), Female and Lesbian Ordained Bishops (US Episcopal Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori), homosexual male Bishops (V Gene Robinson), the Pagan order of the Welsh Grssedd of Bards, and the Celtic Druid Church (Rowan Williams). His mother was 330 Mason, Bi-sexual Druid, Winston Churchill's Private Secretary. Queen Elizabeth, who declared herself "Queen of Jerusalem" in 1953; Prince Phillip who wants to be re-incarnated as a "Killer Virus" and Prince Charles, the head of the Order of the Garter (Garter is a Witch's Belt) are thrilled with his appointment, as is Prime Minister David Cameron. Strange Birds of a Feather eh?
    The same relationship can be seen in Troubadours (Love Songs) and Bards (Poetry). Barcelona is one of 4 initial Separatist Nations that will break up Europe and the ancient Roman Empire; Catalonia, Venetia (Italy), Scotland (UK) and Cyrenaica (Libya).
   Barcelona based SCYTL, a Foreign Equity Fund counting votes in US elections as well as in many jurisdictions abroad. Stalin said "He who votes counts for nothing; he who counts votes, counts for everything". Catalonia is considered an independent "Nationality" controlling "New Spain" aka "Americas". They originated as Sephardic "fake" Jews, the pagans listed in 2 Kings 17:30 later becoming "Dominicans" of the Spanish Inquisition and "Cistercians" of the Templar Order.  Mitt Romney claims descent from the latter of these "Foreigners"; the original post-flood Akkadians or Gypsies. The Iranian "Green Revolution" or Templar "Green Man" is also part of this ancient "Green Language". The "La Sagrada Familia" Cathedral in Barcelona has Jesus hanging from a Steel I-Beam on the Porch; the Sanctuary is a Druid Grove of Trees. Jesus and His "Sacred Family"? Not on your eternal life!  Barcelona is named after Carthaginian General Hannibal Barca; his son Hamilcar a Catamite ie Sodomite. Catalonia (Basques are 85% Rh- ie "Blue Blood") will vote on Independence from Spain Nov 2014.         The "21st Century Silk Road" is about Oil, Natural Gas and the "Hidden Internet". TAPI (Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India) Pipe line cuts out Iran; Unocal managed this; the Peace Pipeline (Iran-Pakistan-India-Turkmenistan) cuts out Afghanistan. Baku-Ceyhan Pipeline (Iran controls this). Straits of Hormuz (Iran controls this). Keystone XL and Alaska Pipe lines (Canada and BP control these). Israel sits at the center collecting oil from the Iraq oil Pipeline at Haifa playing both sides while attempting to control the aptly named Aphrodite and Leviathan Gas Fields between Lebanon and Cyprus. Like it or not, Israel dictated US policy and the US holds the Mother Lode of Oil, Natural Gas and Coal in the ANWR, Bakken Oil Field, Gulf of Mexico, Wyoming "Tea Pot Dome" Gas Fields, Colorado Coal Fields and Green River Oil Fields. Runing out of Energy? That's a good one! War on Terror? Al Habab, Al Qaeda and the Taliban are all US creations.
    "Silk Road" is the name of the TOR "The Onion Router", a DarkNet Money Laundry, Drug and Weapons, Human trafficking Pipeline.
       Priest "Augurs" use "Augury" or "Inauguration"; forecasting the future through the flight or entrails of birds. “Yes We Can” a familiar Obama mantra in the Language of Yes means "Thank you Satan" in "Reverse Speech" analysis. Green is the Templar Green Man Bacchus or Dionysus aka Rider of the Pale Horse.  3/21/12 "Nowruz", Iran stopped oil transactions using the $US yet Agriculture Corporations Cargill and ADM inked a deal for Iran to purchase up to 400,000 tonnes of US Wheat. How’s that for being sold out? Just wait until Anglo-Iranian Oil Executive Rev Justin Welby is enthroned on head of the Anglican Communion on 3/21/2013! Anglo-Iranian=BP; How does that Sun Burst Logo of their look now?
     Mahmoud Ahmadinejad nee "Sabourjian" is descended from the 5th century BC era of Persian captivity ie "Esther's Children". His "Yom Kippur" (Atonement) speech detailed the arrival of "al-Mahdi" is imminent; he left office in June 2013, replaced by Sharia Law Judge Hassan Rouhani..
   Langue d' Oc  is about "Revenge" through the control of Oil; primarily Rothschild's British Petroleum (B'Rith means Birthright; Rothschild means Red Shield or Edomite Family Crest), Rockefeller's Standard Oil (Exxon-Mobil, Texaco, Chevron etc), Gulf Oil (ARAMCO=Arabian American), and Shell Oil. Note: Rothschild's BP is the original Anglo-Iranian) Oil. War with Iran is a foregone conclusion. Green is code for Bacchus/Dionysus the Templar "Green Man" whom Luciferian Gnostics revere; the Serpent from the Tree of Knowledge if you will; War is the sacrifice of human beings to his consort "Earth Mother". The Bird is primarily the Eagle, a Sun symbol used by Esau (Edomites) and the Israelite Tribe of Dan "Judge" which married into Ismaelite and Canaanite genealogies. Dan's actual symbol is the Serpent, used as America's first Flag and the Oroborus; the Eagle is a "Celtic" replacement. Yes is the Luciferian equivalent of "Yea"; Jesus would have you say "Nay" to this. The primary weapon is "Usury" managed by International Banks. The primary slogan is "Freedom". When the world is "Free" of God; all Hell will break loose and "Order out of Chaos" will result.

                                                       Jacques de Molay
    18 March 2014 is the
700th Anniversary of the

Saturn=Time   Order out of Chaos, Lord of the Rings, Bab-El/Allah all herald the Age of Aquarius ruled by Saturn, seen in the Six Pointed Star of Saturn on the Flag of Israel. Leo is represented by the Sphinx; Aquarius begins when Regulus (Alpha Leo) is at 150 degrees ecliptic longitude; that time is now. There are 1656 Years Creation to Flood + 2160 Yeras Aries to Pisces + 2160 Years Pisces to Aquarius. Sargon the Great was likely born at the Taurus-Aries boundary and declared "Legitimate King" at 21, the biblical age of adulthood and accountability. 1656 + 2160 + 2160 + 21=5996 years. 1 Abib (17 Mar 2018) "St Patrick's Day is Ptah-Rekh (Ptah the master craftsman of Masonry) is Day #77 (LIber 77: Book of the Goat) "Liberalia" aka Bacchus "Bacchanalia" or Dionysus "Dionysia" are all names of Satan. Passover 2018 (Hebrew Year 5778) is April Fool's Day, the ultimate mockery of Jesus; 5778 the absolute temperature of the Sun (5778K)=Shamash the Babylonian sun god at the center of the Hanukkah Menorah, also replacing Jesus Christ; Start of Great Tribulation? Well soon see. 1 Tishrei is the Akkadian/Babylonian "Beginning" aka "Rosh Hashanah"; on Sept 20, 2017 the Christ Angle formed; in 1217 Rabbi Judah ben Samuel predicted 2017 (Hebrew Year 5778 beginning Sept 20, 2017) would be "Year of Mosiach". In 1760, Tzaddiq Baal Shem Tov also predicted the same "Year of Moshiach". On Krampusnacht Dec 6, 2017 Donald Trump divided the world over Jerusalem. Satan's Jubilee is about to signal the start of the he 3 1/2 Year (1260 Day) Great Tribulation; Are you ready? If not let Jesus know.
WWIII "Zionism versus Islam" both are Saturnian Religions. The Six Pointed Star of Saturn is Zionist not Jewish. "Allahu Akbar" means "Allah is Greater" not "God is Great"; Allah is Ilu in Bab-Ilu "Gate of Saturn" or Babel "Gate of Saturn" (El=Saturn) or Babylon "Gate of Saturn" (On=Osiris); the 4000 year old Arab moon god "Sin" aka Lucifer is Saturn/Satan. Lucifer is not greater than God; he and his followers wil spend eternity in Hell.
        Is your Name written in the Lamb's Book of Life?  A personal covenant with the Creator of the Universe, JESUS (JAH/JEHOVAH) is absolutely necessary; the alternative is accept the Mark of the Beast, hearing "Depart from me I never knew you". Israel and the Six Pointed Star are not Jewish nor God's gathering of the 12 Tribes to the "Promised Land" "The virgin of Israel has fallen, she shall no more rise..." Amos 5:2 Israel today is a mix of Ashkenazi, Germanic descendants of Japheth and Gomer; Sephardic descendants of the Canaanites, Babylonians and Medeans Assyria used to replace Israel in Assyrian captivity (700 BC); Mizrahi descendants of Ham and Mizraim. The Six Pointed Star of Molech/Saturn is not the Star of David (Amos 5:26;Acts 7:43). Waiting for the Rapture? That's a Jesuit invention. 
God's New Year begins on 1 Abib, Satan's New Year begins on 1 Tishrei "Rosh Hashanah", the Babylonian version. 1 Abib, the New Moon after Spring Equinox is the anniversary of Creation; Anniversary of Noah stepping off the Ark onto dry land (Gen 8:13); Anniversary of Moses' instructions for the 1st Passover, protected from the Angel of Death by Lamb's Blood on the doorposts before the Exodus (Ex 12:2) and the day Jesus will return on the 120th Jubilee, 6000th Year of Creation (2 Pet 3:8). Satan's New Year is Rosh Hashanah Tishrei 1. Tishrei is Babylonian/Akkadian for "Beginning" aka Akitu Festival. 

Signs On July 20, 2017 Israel assumed control over the Temple Mount from the Jordanian Waqf; Shimon Peres has previously given control over the Temple Mount, Cenacle and King David's Tomb to the Vatican. The Vatican is currently under Jesuit control; the Jesuit "Mother Church of all Churches worldwide" is the St John Lateran Arch-basilica; Lateran means "Hidden Frogs", the 3 unclean spirits of Satan, Antichrist and False Prophet (Rev Rev 12:9;16:13). 9 Av July 31-Aug 1, both Temples destroyed, Inquisition; Holocaust, 2 World Wars, Gulf Wars all began on 9 Av; Congress sanctioned North Korea, Russia, Iran and Trump signed the admitted "Un-constitutional" order on 9 Av; On Aug 23 (Elul 1 "Harvest") China was added. Comet C/2017 E1 "Borisov" departed Leo and entered the womb of Virgo Saturnalia 2016; as C/2017 departed the Womb, Jupiter (Zeus "Son of Saturn" is Jupiter, Zeus, Osiris or Marduk) arrived in the womb and departed 9 months later on Sept 23, 2017.  On Aug 21 (cusp of Leo-Virgo) the Great American Eclipse. A second total solar eclipse unique to the US formed an X over the Mormon "Adam Ondi-ahman" (Jameson, Missouri; Mormons consider this the land Adam and Eve lived after expulsion from Eden)  Comet 67p: NASA's Rosetta=Al Rashad=Allah Mission made a renedevous with 67p on 9/11/14; the comet aligns with the Moon (Arab moon god "Sin") as Jupiter aka Marduk or Osiris departed the womb of Virgo. On Sept 20 (cusp of Virgo-Libra) on "Rosh Hashanah" (Feast of Trumpets) 2017, the "Christ Angle" formed with Alpha Leo "Regulus" and Al Nitak "Wounded One" in Orion (Osiris/Saturn) over the Great Pyramids; this Christ is Antichrist "Osiris/Horus" not Jesus Christ,_2017_quot;Christ_Anglequot. The Great Pyramid was set at the Christ Angle west (Land of the dead) of Bethlehem; the Ascending and Descending passages of the Great Pyramid are set at the Christ Angle of 26.3 degrees; the ascending passage aimed at the circumpolar passage of Thuban (Arab Basilisk whose gaze means death) in Draconis "Dragon" (Devil, Satan, Dragon, Serpent in Rev 12:9). 3 days later on Sept 23, the Rev 12:1 sign formed on Shabbat Shuvah (Sabbath of Return). Sept 30 Yom Kippur "Feast of Atonement" 2017 is a Satanic Jubilee; Jubilee Trumpet? The Yom Kippur Shofar heralds the coming Jubilee Year 1 Abib 2018 
DispenSATANalism Dispensationalism, 7 Yr Tribulation and Pre-Tribulation Rapture are Jesuit (Militia of Zeus) Lies will exit the womb of the Virgin clothed with the Sun, the moon at her feet and a crown of 12 stars (Leo=Double Crown of Egypt).,_2017:_Rev_12:1 The 3rd Temple of Jupiter/Zeus/Marduk will soon be built on the Temple Mount with the Throne of Zeus/Jupiter (Satan's Seat) in place for the Great Tribulation "As Above. So Below", the opening lines of the Emerald Tablet of Toth is symbolized by the Masonic Square and Compass and Six Pointed Star, fulfilled during the "Jubilee Year" following the 6th Tetrad of 4 consecutive lunar eclipses on Passover and Tabernacies and 6-Day War by the Sept 20, 2017 "Christ Angle" on Rosh Hashanah "So Below". "As Above" was fulfilled on Sept 23, 2017 on Sabbat Shuvah (Sabbath of Return of Marduk) with the Rev 12:1 Sign in the Heavens. Hasidic Rabbis believe Moshiach arrives 5778 which begins on the Babylonian calendar Sept 20, 2017; God's calendar does not change, it begins on 1 Abib; in 2018 March 17, 2018 "St Patrick's Day (Ptah-Rekh=Ptah is King, the Master Craftsman of Satanism) is Day #77; "Liber Oz: Book 77" is the Thelemic New Age Bible. 
Rapture is a Lie Jesuit Priest Manual Lacunza promoted the Pre-Tribulation Rapture of the Christian Church and 7 Yr Dispensation of Israel in the mid 1700's. There are no Aliens, Planet X (Dark Planet Niburu=Marduk) or Nephilim (1/2 breed Angel/Human) Don't fall for the Lie! This event is in all likelihood the start of the Great Tribulation. Jesus gave His 7th and final warning to the Church of Laodicea "Luke Warm" He warned to buy Gold refined in the refiners fire to become rich (Relationship with Jesus Christ); He warned to buy white garments to hide our nakedness (Forgiveness of Sin); He warned to buy Eye Salve in order to see (Holy Ghost). Jesus had nothing redeeming to say about Laodicea; He will spew the Luke Warm Church out of His mouth. Satanic Buzzwords: Dispensationalism, Nephilim, Nibiru, Planet X, Annunaki, Pre-Tribulation Rapture. 

                             Recent Articles not posted on Front Page,_2017 "Leading the entire Christian Flock to Hell" "Nibiru: Planet of the Crossing";_3rd_Temple;_Antichrist,_Great_Tribula "Global Climate Change"
  • 72 Nation Summit in Paris (House of Isis) on Jan 15, 2017, reaffirmed UN Resolution #2334 dividing Israel and Palestine. Paris Climate Summit part deux Columbo (Columbo=Dove; symbol of Holy Ghost; Jesus? Not a chance) Sri Lanka "Climate Change and Global Sustainability: Action for Bridging the Gap"   Why Paris? Paris means "House of Isis" ; "Arc de Triompfe", "Champs Elysee" (Elysium) "Place of Concord" and "Obelisk". The Action? killing all but 1 Billion people.
  • On the Jubilee Eve of Christmas and Hanukkah, 40 Weeks before the Sept 23, 2017 alignment (Rev 12:1) 2016 Israel was evicted from the Temple Mount, Western Wall, Cenacle, David's Tomb, E Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria by UN Security Council Resolution # 2334.  Jesuits control the Vatican, United Nations and Temple Mount. "In that day will I raise up the tabernacle of David that is fallen...I will build it as in the days of old" Amos 9:11 "That Day" is the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ (Amos 9:11 is the 888th Chapter of Scripture; JESUS=888), not the arrival of Antichrist; the Tabernacle of David is in place during the Millennium (Eze 37:24;27)  Jesus is Shiloh "He whose it is" (Gen 49:10) Jesus is Melchisedek "King of Jerusalem" "Priest of the Most High" (Gen 14:18-19; Ps 110, Heb 7) Israel is not God's gathering of Jews; it is Satan's gathering of Edom, Canaan, and Babylon (1Ki 17:30; Obadiah)
  • The Vatican (Vatis=Divine/Divining; Can=Serpent) Franciscan Order (Inquisition) controls the Temple Mount, Cenacle and David's Tomb. Shimon Peres illegally gave control from the Arab Waqf, to the Vatican over the sites; on July 20, 2017 Israel took control over the Temple Mount and the Knesset declared it's intent to become Sovereign over the Temple Mount. Pope Francis even has a permanent chair in the Cenacle (Last Supper Room). Zionist Christians, Muslims and Zionist fake Jews will soon initiate WWIII over the Temple Mount. Jesus returns to reclaim His property and destroy everyone in the House of Esau (fake Jews) at the 2nd Coming (Ref Obadiah). Those behind Him will claim their inheritance; those in front of Him will be destroyed. Esau sold his Birthright; British=B'Rith "Covenant Men"; City of London Corporation lays claim to every asset on earth including human bodies; Esau achieves "Dominion" (Gen 27:39-41KJV "Soveriegn Authority to Rule") via Usury banking and collects Taxes at the City of London Corp; the world is now $217T in Debt Jesus warned "Creditors make slaves of Debtors"
  • Jesuits "Militia of Zeus" control the Vatican. Jesuits control the Arch-basilica of St John Lateran, the "Teaching Seat" of the Dragon, Antichrist and False Prophet.
  • "The 3rd prophesied return of Jews to Israel has been fulfilled" Sanhedrin  Oct 4 "Rosh Hashanah" 2016 JESUS gathers His people  during the Millennium.
  • "Jews have no connection to Jerusalem" United Nations Oct 14, 2016 The Temple Mount is a UN World Heritage (Inheritance, Heir, Ancestral Estate) Site; the UN has effectively made Zion off-limits, rejecting JESUS both Old and New Covenants.
  • Neo-Assyrian human headed winged bulls (Guardians of Babylon and its King) were installed in the Roman Coliseum. Oct 10, 2016 These mythical hybrids guarded Babylon and its Kings. Sargon "Legitimate King" III will be Antichrist; 2017 is a Jubilee Year. ISIS video "Meeting in Dabiq" (a SITE/US Army production) declares Rome will be in ruins.
  • The Arch of Triumph (aka Arch of Titus, Arch of ISIS) replicating the Temple of Baal in Palmyra, Syria (Amurru) was installed in Rome, Trafalgar Square and NYC. Rome is not "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT..." Rev 17 America is not "Babylon" Rev 18 The Messiah rising from the ashes is not JESUS. 
  • "Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin will fulfill their biblically mandated roles as modern day Cyrus figures and rebuild Temple in Jerusalem" Nov 3 (Pi Day), 2016 Nascent Sanhedrin. Jesus returns to destroy that Temple; Cyrus is derived from Koreish; Quyraish bedouins created Islam and represent the Edomite False Priesthood dating from the Exodus. 
  • "Baa Aliyah" Jacob's Sheep returned to Israel Nov 29, 2016; fulfilling Eze 34? Not on your eternal life; Jacob's Sheep are Born Again followers of JESUS, grafted on to the covenant God made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Friend of Jacob's Sheep? Not these Sheep. " whom whall Jacob arise? The LORD repented for this: It shall not be, saith the LORD" Amos 7:2-3; 5-6KJV Born Again followers of Jesus are "Sheep for the slaughter". 
  • Nascent Sanhedrin appoints Kohen Gadol "Chief Priest" Rabbi Baruch Kahane for 3rd Temple. Temple Priests "Kohanim" verified by DNA to administer Temple Sacrifices. JESUS is the Chief Priest and King of Jerusalem; don't fall for this Satanic Lie.
  • Congress sanctions Russia, Iran, China, North Korea; escalates war in Afghanistan + Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Libya. Congress is derived from Congredi "To meet for War"; Capitol means "Womb of Zeus/Jupiter" House 419-3; Senate 98-2 means congress unanimously voted for World War 3 over a non-event (meddling in US elections) "US sanctions are tantamount to full fledged economic war...bilateral ties will never improve" Russia PM Dmitry Medvedev. "Sanctions bill is dignificantly flawed containing unconstitutional provisions" Donald Trump What Putin and Trump have in common is they are committed to rebuilding the 3rd Temple of Antichrist.
  • Donald Trump announced on Krampusnacht (Saturn), Dec 6, 2017 "Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel"Jesus refers to Jerusalem as "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt" Rev 11:8KJV
  • Israel and the United States withdraw from UNESCO effective Jan 1, 2018 United Nations Heritage (Inheritance) ends in preparation for the Holocaust.
                             Folks, it's time to wake up! The Writing is on the Wall
        Bab-El is the "Gate of Saturn"
2017 is the Satanic Jubilee, 50 years after the 1966-7 6th Tetrad and 6-Day War. 2017 is the Jubilee of Saturn, the Gate "Babylon/Babel".  Trump is the 44th pre-planned person selected US President; 44 is the Gematria of Solomon's Cube aka Saturn's Cube, matching Aleister Crowley's Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix. America is the Phoenix of the Golden Age of Saturn, spelled out in Francis Bacon's 1620 book "New Atlantis; A work unfinished. Trump will likely be America's last President. Pope Francis will likely be  the last Roman Catholic Pope. Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis I released Peace Doves which were attacked by a Crow and Seagull; Lightning hit St Peter's Basilica Twice the night Pope Benedict resigned. 44 is the number associated with the 9th Circle of Hell "Treachery against God". Ps 117, the center and shortest Psalm. Discover Ministries and countless other "End Time" false prophets are claiming Ps 117=2017 the "Year of the LORD" This is a Lie. 2017 may be the year of Edomite  ie 3rd Beast "Dominion". "The Law and prophets were until John" Lk 16:16 Every one of them is a False Prophet. Jan 17 (1/17/17) is the Cusp of Aquarius. Ps 117 begins and ends with "Praise the LORD" Be very careful; JEHOVAH Ex 6:3; JAH Ps 68:4KJV; JESUS Mat 1:25KJV is not Jah or Jesus used in new versions. Hallelujah (Hail/Praise Jah/Yah) is Antichrist, the human Messiah Jesus warned of; JESUS uses "Alleluia" KJV (Rev 19:1) not "Hallelujah" for this reason. Satan's plan to falsify the 2nd Coming is likely planned for the 2017 Satanic Jubilee Year. This is not Prophecy (Pre-written History); this is Prophesy, the ability to understand the Word of God comes after Charity "Love of God" 1 Cor 13-14
                                                                                            Signs (Omens) of the Times
        Comet C/2017 E1 "Borisov" entered the womb of Virgo (Egyptian Hathor/Isis) from Leo (Horus), departing as Jupiter (Marduk, Osiris, Zeus) arrived on Nov 17, 2016 on the Coptic "Fast of Nativity"/"Advent"; Jupiter will exit 9 months later on Sept 23, 2017 on Shabbat Shuva "Feast of Return", as the Rev 12:1 (start of Great Tribulation Rev 12:6) sign forms. On Aug 21, 2017 (Cusp of Leo-Virgo) a Total Solar Eclipse bisects the United States (America=Amurru "Serpent), entering at Lincoln Park  Oregon, the 33rd state and exiting at Charleston SC, at the 33rd Latitude. Comet 67p: NASA's Rosetta=Al Rashad=Allah Mission allegedly made a renedevous with 67p on 9/11/14; al Rashad is "Allah" and the name of Edomite Royalty; Esau sold his birthright and obtains "Dominion" over the world (Gen 27:41KJV) Comet 67p aligns with the Moon (Arab moon god "Sin") as Jupiter departs the womb of Virgo. On Sept 20, 2017 "Rosh Hashanah", the Christ Angle (36.3 degrees) forms over the Great Pyramids (Pyramid means "Amid the Flames"); Regulus (Alpha Leo "Law Giver") 36.3 degrees above the horizon in conjunction with Venus (Lucifer; Arab Al Uzza) matching the angle from the pyramids to Bethlehem; Al Nitak "Wounded One" (Rev 13:3 also the start of Great Tribulation) in Orion (Osiris) will be at Meridian (Ref Beast with deadly wound Rev 13:3;14). On Sept 23, 2017 "Feast of Return" (Shabbat Shuvah) the Rev 12:1 sign forms: Jupiter/Zeus exiting the womb of Virgo after 9 months, clothed with the Sun, the moon at her feet and a crown of 12 stars (9 stars of Leo + Mercury (Toth-Hermes), Venus (Lucifer "Light Bringer") and Mars (Roman god of War aka Nergal or Ares); This is the 24th (8+8+8) Jupiter Retrograde in Virgo since the Crucifixion; JESUS=888. Just remember, Rev 11, 12, 13 all give different perspectives for the same 3 1/2 year, 1260 Day "Great Tribulation". Folks, God is slapping us in the face, pay attention! The Last Church Warning Laodicea means "Luke Warm"
       Jupiter is Zeus, Son of Saturn in the womb of the virgin but the virgin of  Israel fell and shall no more rise 2700 years ago because Israel adopted the Star of Saturn (Amos 5:2;26; 7:2-3; 5-6KJV); the moon at her feet? Allah is the Arab moon god Sin; clothed with the Sun? Horus, Attis, Tammuz, Sol are all Sun gods; a crown of 12 stars? Leo has 9 visible stars portrayed as the Double Crown of Pharaoh as incarnations of Horus. Venus=Light Bringer aka Arab al Uzza or Lucifer, as the Morning Star Venus is a False version of Jesus. Mars is the god of War, Greek Ares or Babylonian Nergal (Rooster/Cock) crowing at the Rising Sun. Mercury is the Messenger of the Sun aka Toth-Hermes; "As Above, So Below" is the opening lines in the Emerald Tablet of Toth. 
    Al Nitak "Wounded One" in Orion (Osiris/Saturn) over the Great Pyramid as the "Christ Angle" forms is the Beast of Rev 13:3 whose wound was healed; not Jupiter with the Red Spot, Stripes and Yarmulke on the Pole (Head).  The "Wound" will be healed on Oct 31, 2017 by Pope Francis I on the 500th Year 10th Jubilee planned in 11Q13 "Prince Melchisedek Scroll" over 2000 years ago. The Christ Angle (26.3 degrees) in the Ascending and Descending shafts of the Great Pyramid align with Thuban the Arab "Basilisk" whose gaze means death; similar to Jesus but a poor facsimile.
      Rapture is not in Scripture; we will all suffer as Jesus did. Body resurrection is at the 7th Trumpet one day before the Wedding of the Lamb (Rev 19:7)
     TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership), TTIP (Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), CETA (Canadian-European Trade Agreement), NAFTA,  "TiSA" 2017 is the Year of TiSA (Trade in Services Agreement) 50 Nations controlling 80% of Worldwide Services: Water, Food, Emergency (Fire/Police/Ambulance), Energy, Transportation (Cabotage), Health Care, Banking, Insurance etc. All Privatized and controlled by International Corporations relieved of Financial Risk, Environmental Laws, National Laws/Courts, Social Norms or Work Rules. Personal Data and People bought and sold as a commodity. Offshoring and Inshoring of Jobs (Economic Forced Migration). The Word of God calls this the "Tower of Babel" aka Gate of Saturn, the "Black Horse" finishes it. "Depart from me, I never knew you" will be heard by every Saturnian Goat Rider.
"The Love of Money is the Root of all Evil" The world is $217Trillion in Debt. $Trillion Apollo Hoax, $5Trillion and counting Cold War Hoax, $2Trillion "Star Wars" Hoax, $2.3T missing on 9/12/2001; $6.5T missing in 2016 from the Pentagon and 9/11/2001 "Stage Show" are all leading up to the "Prestige", WWIII and the presentation and acceptance of "Antichrist". Time to Wake Up! 
Salvation is solely dependent filling your obligation in the New Covenant "Love God" "Love your Neighbor" God will Judge every Soul in the New Covenant on these precepts. The New Covenant is a SPIRITUAL Legal Contract entered into voluntarily between (Your Name) and God, God's Name JEHOVAH "The LORD" equivalent with JAH and JESUS (Ps 68:4KJV and JESUS Mat 1:25KJV). LORD means "Master of the House, Superior or Husband". Shiloh means "He whose it is"; another title of JESUS (Gen 49:10)  JESUS is GOD. All else is Satanism. 
Question: Are you a Gnostic? Most people would say no, but this Satan's greatest deception; Gnosticism is Serpent/Saturn Religion symbolized by the Six Pointed Star of Saturn, the Ensign of Israel and likely the Mark of the Beast.  Everyone on the Left side (Goats) of Jesus (no personal relationship, no recognition God led the way) will be told "Depart from me I never knew you". Left Hand Path or Black Path is defined as "Self Deification", the original lie in the Garden of Eden "Ye shall not die...but become as gods". Jesus stands at your door, but will not open it; you need to ask Him to come in. Protestants rely on TULIP, the Lie Left Hand Path Satanist John Calvin promoted; no need to open the door when you are already "Pre-destined for Heaven" eh? Catholics rely on remission of Sin via the Vicarius Christ; no need to open the door here either. Mormons fill the Levite and Melchisedek Priesthoods; once again, no need to open the door. Baptists rely on Water Baptism for re-generation; no need to open the door to a Baptism of the Holy Ghost is there? 
Black Path Satanism is Salvation absent JESUS; Saturnian Gnosis takes on many other forms, some fairly obvious such as Initiated Secret Societies such as Freemasons, Jesuits or Sufis; the goal here is Sovereignty (No higher rank); no need to open the door to God when you are a God eh? Black Path, Black Mass, Black Sun (SS "Schwarze Sonne" or "First Sun"), Black Star (David Bowie), Black Pope (Jesuit Superior General), Black Horse, Black Virgin (Isis), Black Ops (Ops is the consort of Saturn), Black Budget, Black Flag (Piracy), Dark Matter (Ra Material), Black Holes, Black Stone (Kaaba), Arab Manat (Goddess of Fate, Death) for example all decelptions originatiing with Ham (Black) and Egypt (Kemet=Black). The Goat symbol (Pan, Baphomet, Goat of Mendes, Sabbath Goat "Saturn") used in Satanism comes from Ashima, the Goat Idol of the Hamathites (2 Ki 17:30) as does the Sin of Incest; practitioners are called "Goat Riders". Other Black Paths Theosophy, Temple of Set (Sethians), Valentinians (Valentine's Day ring a Baal?), Tantrism, Khundalini, Yoga, Platonism, Druze, Ismailism, Mithraism (Mithra is born on Christmas/Saturnalia in case you thought Christmas was something Jesus promotes), Zoroastrianism (final battle of Good versus Evil is not just for Persians, most Christian Churches also teach the lie), Buddhism (Reincarnation until Nirvana? no need for a personal relationship with God here either), Taoism (The Path or Way to Immortality without God), Catharism (Female Priests/Pastors? Thank the Cathars for that Lie), Kabbalah (Christian and Jewish Kabbalah? both Black Path Satanism), Orthodox (Greek, Russian, Coptic, Assyrian etc rely on Mystical Experience and Personal Transformation; sounds like Self Deification because it is) The question is not so easy to answer and won't be until you place your trust in JESUS alone. Six Pointed Star of Saturn on the Flag of Israel; it is not Jewish in the slightest it is the Ensign of Saturn.
JESUS is God the Father, God the Son, the Word and Holy Ghost.  "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom" Prov 9:10; Ps 111:10 A Born Again follower of JESUS fears "Sin" (behavior contrary to the New Covenant); "The wages of Sin is death" Rom 6:23 JESUS (Mat 1:25KJV) is JAH (Ps 68:4KJV) aka JEHOVAH, the Old and New Covenant Name of God. JESUS the author of the Old and New Covenants. 
Jesus is Shiloh "He whose it is"; He is thus Creator, Owner, "Master of the House" and "King of the Earth" JESUS never has, nor ever will give anyone, including Satan, legal Title to anything on Earth. His Judgment is certain, swift and eternal "It is appointed unto man once to die, but after this the judgement"  Heb 9:27   
 (Saturn/Azazel) has 1 goal: Destroy the Temple of God; Born Again followers of JESUS are the Temples of God. Destruction is accomplished by Corruption; Secret Society Initiations (Oaths), Lies, Science, Sin etc.
Ownership and Rights: JESUS is Alpha, Creator of Heaven and Earth. JESUS is Shiloh "He whose it is" Nobody on Earth has any rights or ownership (Allod Title) of anything. The claim to Heaven is solely through JESUS, the rejected Creator and Word in Flesh. Real Estate is Real Fiction.
Edomites achieve Dominion, not Jacob Sovereign Authority to Rule the Earth will be given to Esau not Jacob. Antichrist (Alternative Messiah) will be Edomite; Moabites, Ammonintes and Edomites escape Antichrist (Dan 11:38) for his short rein, Jews have no part in this. Ref Gen 27:39-41KJV; Amos 5:2;26;7:2-3; 5-6 The New Covenant is purely SPIRITUAL JAH=JESUS=JEHOVAH. The Wedding of the Lamb is SPIRITUAL. 
Jews Kabbalah, Talmud, Zohar, Judaism, Rabbis, Hanukkah, Menorah, Six Pointed Star are not Jewish; they are Satanic.
 Prophecy/Prophets: "The Law and prophets were until John" Lk 16:16 Anyone claiming to be a Prophet (Prophecy=Pre-written history) is a Liar. 
 Prophesy is the ability to understand God's Word; that gift comes after Charity (Love of God) 1 Cor 13-14KJV.
 Unforgivable Sin: The Great Commisssion Mat 28 "Teach all Nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost..." "Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost" is the Unforgiveable Sin; JESUS is the Holy Ghost, the entire New Covenant (Contract with God) rests on the Holy Ghost; rejecting this in Secret Society or Witchcraft Initiations, severs contact with God. 
Baptism is a SPIRITUAL Baptism of the Holy Ghost;  Baptism of the "Living Water" is  SPIRITUAL FIRE and the Holy Ghost. It has nothing to do with Water from your Priest or Pastor. 
Church of God is your personal and private "Prayer Closet"; Anywhere, just not a Cathedral, Basilica, Mosque, Temple or Shrine led by a Rabbi, Priest or Imam. God does not dwell in places made with hands, made of stone, or having an elevated clergy. Holy and Ekklesia mean Separate not Congregate.
 Born Again: Baptism of the Holy Ghost occurs when you open the door and ask JESUS to enter and take upon Himself (Scapegoat in Num 16) your Sins, redeemed by the shedding of the blood of the Creator. The world will become a far different place when you do this. 
Temple The 3rd Temple will house Satan's Seat (Throne of Zeus; Throne of Pergamon) and the Abomination of Desolation. Jesus will destroy the 3rd Temple at the 2nd Coming and the Temple of God will come down from Heaven 1000 years later. Born Again followers of JESUS are the Temple of God.
Elevated Clergy is Nicolaitane Doctrine. Nico=Conquer + Laitane=Laity is the Elevation of Clergy; Jesus is the only Priest of God which is why He hates Nicolaitane Doctrine (Rev 2:6;15) 
Tithing is Only authorized in the Old Covenant to the Legitimate Levite Priesthood; anyone claiming to be Levite such as Samaritans or Mormons are Liars. 
Melchisedek Priesthood Jesus is "Melchisedek" "King of Jerusalem" "Priest of the Most High" Gen 14:18; Ps 110; Heb 7. The Cult of Saturn assumes this pristhood today called "Melchizedekians" 
Calvinism "TULIP" (Total Depravity; Unconditional Election to Salvation; Limited Atonement; Irresistible Grace; Fixed Pre-destination) is a Lie; Jesus is at the door, but we need to open it.
Papal InfallibilityImmaculate Conception (Mary was/is not Sinless or Co-Redemptrix), Trans-substantiated Sacrament; Indestructibility of the Soul are all Lies 
Private Interpretation of Scripture. God means exactly what is Written; eg "70 Weeks" (Dan 9:23-27) is 490 Days. The Authorized Bible (KJV) is the Inspired Received Text translated to English.
 VirtuesCharity is the Love of God not the Love of Man or Mammon (Possessions). Prophesy (not Prophecy "Pre-written history) is the God given ability to understand the Word of God was written in the Beginning and will be intact at the End (1 Cor 13KJV). JESUS is Father, Son, Holy Ghost and the Word made Flesh.
 7 Church Warnings: Revelation is the Testimony of JESUS 66 years after the Crucifixion via the Holy Ghost. Everyone in the New Covenant fits into one of the 7 Warnings Ephesus (Apostles were created by Jesus and the laying of hands; everyone claiming Apostolic succession such as Catholic Popes or Mormon Prophets are Liars; Nicolaitane Doctrine ie Elevated Clergy); Smyrna (Synagogue of Satan; Those who claim to be Jewish but are not); Pergamos (Satan's Seat; Templarism; Nicolaitane Doctrine; Doctrine of Balaam ie worthless teachings); Thyatira (Mass; Works eg Catholicism); Sardis (Protestant Churches; Lutheran, Calvinism "TULIP", pre-Trib Rapture); Philadelphia (Zionism); Laodicea (Luke Warm). Laodicea is the most widespread today "Spue thee out of my mouth" is the same as "Depart from me I never knew you"; absent a personal relationship with JESUS, Hell for Eternity is certain.
Conversion Crypto, Marrano or Donmeh (Turkish false converts) "To Convert" are the "Wolves in Sheep's Clothes" Jesus warned of. Jesus is God; Jesus is the Holy Ghost; Jesus is the Word. Anything short of that is Satanism
Judgment "All liars shall have their place in the lake of Fire"- Rev 21:8 This occurs after the Millennium at the Judgment Seat when Creation is exactly 7000 years old. Every Liar on Earth will spend eternity in Hell unless JESUS forgives the Sin.

America is the eponymous name of the people, land and god of the Amorites. Druids called the western land Amorica. America is NOT "Babylon" (Rev 18) America is the Scapegoat for "Babylon". The Arch of Triumph (Arch of Isis) at the Temple of Baal in Palmyra, Syria was "Amurru", now its America. Amurru is the land, name and god of the Amorites, transported to Amaruca (Americas), land of the Serpents. Do  not be fooled, the Messiah rising from America's Holocaust (Yes it's coming) will not be Jesus Christ, but rather the Antichrist (Alternative Messiah). Nobody battles Jesus and wins anything other than a one way ticket to Hell for Eternity.    
Amurru The Eagle is the symbol of Esau, it stands atop the US Flag and carries the Serpent in its talons on the $US as the Amorite-Edomite Shepherd. Edom is the 3rd Beast in Dan 7:6 and Kingdom of Brass in Dan 2:39 which obtains the promised "Dominion" in Gen 27:40KJV. The founding fathers were not followers of Jesus, they were Rosicrucians, and Freemasons creating a Scapegoat "Babylon". America is now 239 years old, and about to be sacrificed.
America is Amurru Canaanites (Babylonian Amorites) named America 1000 years before Columbus arrived and worship Amurru; Amurru is the god of Satanism and human sacrifice. America will be the Scapegoat to be sacrificed by fire (Holocaust=Burnt Offering) as a Phoenix; the New Age of Lucifer will rise from the ashes. Amorite King Hammurabi worshipped Amurru "High One",  the Edomite Shepherd god aka America's namesake and symbol "Uncle Sam" (Goatee);  hence Amorites were called "Amar" the Canaanite god of the West aka America. West is the "Land of the Dead"; the Setting Sun Logo Prince Hall Masons designed for Obama is identical to the Carbon Fund Logo and Pope Francis' call to eliminate 6+Billion Carbon producers sinning against "Mother Earth"
Amurru was the original home of Black Magick; Amurru (MAR.TU) is the Edomite Serpent; hence the US Eagle (Eagle symbolizes Esau) carries the Serpent (Ameru means Serpent) in its talons on the "Great Seal". Hammurabi received his seal from Shamash (Sun); hence Shamash is the center candle on the Hanukkah Menorah. MAR.TU aka Marduk is "Son of the Sun". GOAT (God Of All Things) is Pan, the seducing Goat of Pantheism; the  androgynous   "Baphomet" (Baph + Metis = Union of Spirit and Wisdom); CERN's "God Particle" giving Mass to Matter and Order to the Universe as the Horned god "Cernunnos"; ISIS the CIA  homegrown "Domestic Terrorist" organization aka "Black Virgin" and  "Mother Nature"worshipped by Jesuit Pope Francis who called for the elimination of 6.3B people sinning against "Mother Earth". "The triumph of Science is finally realizing the carrying capacity of Earth is under 1 Billion people" Pope Francis' Earth Worship Encyclical "Laudato Si" (Be Praised) Satan requires a lot of death, and plenty of world leaders are ready to provide the sacrifices.
America is Amurru the Eponymous name of the Amorites; worshippers of Marduk use the symbol of the 6 Pointed Star; Zionism is their creation. Amorites created Islam as well; Allah is the 4000 yr old Arab moon God "Sin". WWIII will pit Zionism against Islam. Amorites will be on both sides of WWIII; the 3rd Act of Chaldean Magick and final Dialectic: Thesis (Zionism) + Antithesis (Islam)=Synthesis (Lucifer) the 4th Beast in Dan 7:7.
The Americas: land of the Amorites and Amurru; Mayans call it "Amerrique"; Peru "Amaru"; Incan "Amaruca; Brazil=Amorica; Druids Amorica. The people God told Israel to utterly destroy in Deut 20:17 came to America slaughtering, raping and pillaging. The land of the Serpent is China "Land of the Hittites" (Cathay=Cathar=Sina=Sin; Cath=Heth=Hittites), the original settlers of the Americas were Chinese. Cainites, Canaanites, Ishmaelites and the Edomites who married Hivite (Mormon "Beehive"=Chaldean/Hivite; Mormon "Palmyra NY"=Amorite "Palmyra" in Syria); Amorite women (Gen 36), sold and violated their Contract, and are encouraging you to do the same. Amalekites are at war with God from generation to generation (Gen 36:12; Ex 17:1) 
Deceptions Born Again followers of JESUS are the New Covenant Israel (Ones who wrestle with God); the Nation of Israel is a Canaanite-Edomite (Rothschild=Red Shield) forgery.  Jacob lost the right to be called Israel (Amos 5:2) for adopting the Six Pointed Star of Molech (Amos 5:26) aka Hexagram, Star of Chiun, Saturn, El, STUR, Molech, Remphan, Milcom, or Sikkuth. Jacob/Israel shall no more rise (Amos 2-3;5-6); modern Israel is a mix of Ashkenazi (Japheth-Gomer-Ashkenaz), Sephardic (Babylonian, Medean, Canaanite) and Mizrahi (Ham-Mizraim) not Jewish or Semitic. 
Plumbline Amalekites are "Ephraim" (Judges 5:14; Ex 17:16) and are at war with God from generation to generation who will die with no remembrance of them for eternity; followers of Jesus are "Judah" who refuse worship at the altar of Antichrist and the 3rd Temple (Rev 11:2) Temple Veil sets followers of Jesus (real Israel) apart from everyone else (Amos 7:7). Living under the "Law" is an eternal death sentence
Israel's Priests There are no legitimate Levite Priests or legitimate Tekhelet Blue; Israel's Tekhelet Blue Flag is a Canaanite forgery. Jesus, the Testator of the Old and New Covenants will gather the remnant of Jacob at the 2nd Coming as Shiloh (Gen 49:10). 
Jesus (God) hates Esau and Nicolaitane Doctrine (Mal 1:3; Rom 9:13; Rev 2:6;15); the elevation of Clergy. The New Covenant is One on One between you and JESUS, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. There are no God ordained Priests except JESUS and no Churches except your personal "Prayer Closet" (Mat 6:6)
 War with God is led by Amalekites. Armageddon (Rev 19:19) and Gog and Magog (Eze 38-39;R ev 20:-8) are separated by 1000 years. Both rebellions against God are instant slaughters comparable in speed with Noah's Flood , the Exodus or Sodom and Gomorrah. No man can battle God; you are either in Covenant with God or Free of God. The result of Freedom and Liberty is "Depart from me I never knew you"                                 
Contract (Covenant) There are 8 Contracts/Covenants between God and Man: Eden, Adam, Noah, Abraham, Palestine, Moses, David, New Covenant. The latter is purely SPIRITUAL, the previous 7 have been dissolved through non-compliance and are now impossible to fulfill. There is one NAME by which Salvation is offered in the New Covenant "JESUS" (Mat 1:25), the same as JAH/JEHOVAH (Ps 68:4) in the Old Covenant. JESUS is the Testator of the New Covenant,  the 8th and final Covenant (Contract/Agreement) between God and Man; acceptance of the Mark of the Beast will end it. 
Assets The Sovereign Territory of the City of London Corporation  guarded by the Red Dragon (Satan/Devil) illegally lays claim to every asset on Earth including the Bodies of everyone on Earth and denies access to the Courts to all Debtors. 
Laws Amorite King of Babylon Hammurabi put his name to the "Code of Hammurabi" a manual for Revenge which followed previous Law of Lipit-Ishtar and Naram-Sin. Cathars are the Amorite Church of Amor; Amorite Law was then codified in 1215 as the Magna Carta enforced at the Temple Bar (Bar=Gate) and Temple Church (Knights Templar=International Bankers "Money Changers") in the City of London Corporation (The Red Dragon stands guard out front). The forgery called the Donation of Constantine gives legitimacy to the claim through a laying of hands from Peter to Constantine; Peter was never in Rome, nor was there a laying of hands to create Apostles outside of Jesus; everyone has the Keys to Heaven, not just Peter (Ref Mat 16:18) Amorite Law then became the Declaration of Independence and Constitution for the United States which was changed to the CORPORATE CONSTITUTION FOR THE UNITED STATES
SPIRITUAL Vatican (Vatis=Divine + Serpent) City is the Sovereign Territory of the Catholic (Universal Church) which lays claim to the Spirits of every person on Earth through the Apostleship of the Pope; a Lie based on a mis-understanding of Mat 16:18.
Military Washington DC  is the Sovereign Military arm of the City of London Corporation and Temple Bar. The US arms Russia (Stalin), China (Mao Tse Tung) and

                    Amalekites "Satan's Minions" Green with Envy

"Because the LORD hath sworn that the LORD will have war with Amalek from generation to generation" Ex 17:16 
means "Devoted Follower" Amalek means "People who Wring"; Balaam called them "First Nations" ie Cainites, Ishmaelites, Edomites etc. Shabazz means "First Race", followers of Horus or Horites seen in Bari Malik Shabazz aka Malcom X.  Amalekites are the Boat of Molech aka "First Race". As a group, they run the Worldwide Extortion Racket "Mammon" by pretending to be Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist etc. One can be Amalekite or a Born Again Christian, but not both.
This spiritual war is still going on; Green is its color and the Law is the weapon. It's time to pick sides; JESUS or the Law. The war began 6000 years ago, but an expiration date began 4340 years ago between Shem's 5 sons" Aram (Syria), Asshur (Assyria), Arphaxad (Abraham Stock), Lud (Turkey), and Elam (Iran) is coming to fruition. The choice is simple;  JEHOVAH (GOD in SPIRIT) and Jehovah (Jesus Christ "God in Flesh") or Lucifer/Satan and Melek, Melek-Taus (Iranian version), Moloch, Marduk "Son of pure origin", Osiris or Allah. Amalekites (Hyksos) were on both sides of the Red (Edom=Red) Sea at the 1st Exodus and whether you like it or not, we all will cross a spiritual Red Sea, a Gauntlet of False Religions, Churches and Priests of Baal to get to the Promised Land. Seeing Red yet?
    Heathen is anything not Jewish or Christian; the word means "Living on the Heath"; Jesus uses the description "Earth Dweller" during the 42 month Great Tribulation for Heathens. Examples are Lent, Easter, Christmas, Hanukkah, the Cross, Six Pointed Star, Menorah, Christmas Tree, Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, Candles, Lights, Icons, Relics, Missionary, Monk, Nun, Monastery, Convent, Talmud, Kaballah, Sermons etc. White, Long Hair, Bearded, Jesus? Well folks, that violates the 2nd Commandment and has nothing to do with Jesus' appearance; Egyptians would recognize that Icon as Serapis and Greeks would see it as Zeus. Water Baptism? Communion with Trans-substantiated and Consecrated Host? Absolutely nothing to do with the New Covenant. Hard to believe? We've been duped folks! By who?
his a term referring to Phoencians, Babylonians, Canaanites, Medeans, Cutheans (full list is in 2 Kings 17:30-33) living in Samaria (Israel). Assuming a National Identity such as American, Iraqi, Afghani, Mexican etc. is a Samaritan creation. Samaritans have been mixing religious and pagan icons for 2700 years; ever since Assyrians deported Israel and assumed their identity. Samaritan religion is Babylonian Sun worship, nothing more. Christmas, Easter, Lent, Hanukkah, Purim are Samaritan "Holy Days".
    The terms of the Covenant with Abraham "Thou shalt not take a wife of the daughters of Canaan". Moabites, Ammonites, Ishmaelites and Edomites live among all Nations, spreading Samaritan religion; a religion built on Freedom and Liberty from God; Synagogue of the Libertines? Samaritans deny everything about the Divine origin of scripture; Mt Sinai in Arabia becomes Mt Gerizem in Samaria; God becomes Lucifer. Lust, Anger, Greed, Mammon (Worldly Attachment) and Occult Knowledge? Samaritans worship Mammon under the guise of 5 Babylonian, Medean (Zoroastrian) and Separvite (Joktanite) gods (Baals): Nergal (Rooster or Lion), Ashima (Goat), Nibhaz (Black Dog), Tartak (Donkey) and Adrammelech, the Assyrian sun god reborn every Christmas. Christian, Muslim and Jewish? Heaven's no, "Wolves in Sheep's Clothes" leading their respective Sheep to slaughter. Judges, Priests (Kohen is Samaritan), and Law makers Samaritans are the worldwide Synagogue of Satan! Yarmulke, Zuchetto, Kippah. They even hide that blasphemy under Priests Mitres of Baal and Fedoras.
    Synagogue and Congregation have the same meaning; Holy and Ekklesia means "Separate"; time to get out of the Synagogues, Congregations and Mosques and away from the lying Samaritans leading them. Perhaps the best example of Samaritan religion, the "Universal Religion of Lucifer", is Mormonism. 501 3c Tax Free Corporations? Samaritan. Freemasons, Jesuits, Knights Templar, Knights of Malta, Zionists, Messianic Judaism? All of Samaritan origin.
    Satan's Priests are "Bigots": Sanctimonious religious hypocrites; Amalekites, Samaritans, Ammonites, Moabites and Edomites pretending to be leaders of all world religions. Jesus referred to them as people using the titles Father, Master and Rabbi; the title Reverend and Imam also apply. They are "Nicolaitanes" meaning they Conquer the Laity by elevating the Clergy. They deliver Sermons, offer Communion, hear Confession and Baptize with Water, all without the Authority of Jesus Christ.
    Need a decent book on Samaritans and how they infiltrated all nations, governments and religions? The People that History Forgot by Dr Ernest L Martin will set you back $922 (paperback) on Amazon. Guess they don't want anyone to read that one eh? I have it and will post a book review shortly. Howard 1/4/13.


    Between Dec 21, 2012 and Mar 21, 2013, all 4 of God's Time keeping elements will herald the New Age. Occultists claim there is a 7 Year Tribulation; Signs of the start?
On 12/21/2012 the Stars aligned with Aquarius (Aquarius "Water Pourer" represents the New Age; a falsification of "As the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be" Mat 24:37; Lk 17:16; Note: We are not there yet; the Great Trib is just starting). The Age of Pisces gave way to Aquarius. declares the Pale Horse "Death" was released; was it? Reuben was Jacob's 1st Born; having sinned, Joseph and more specifically Ephraim took his place; symbolized by Aquarius, the sign of Man carrying Water sitting to the West (Setting Sun) of God. 12/21/2012 adds to 11; Begin Rev 11 the Earthly view of Great Tribulation?  The Long Count Calendar records the date; "Age of the 5th Sun". The start of Rev 13, the Heavenly view of Great Tribulation? Perhaps;  "Hell" follows this horseman seen on the CFR magaziine "Foreign Affairs" because rejection of Jesus Christ as God in Flesh and the sole source of the Holy Ghost is the only "Unforgivable Sin". The alternative? Acceptance of Sharia Law and Noahide Law as written in the Arab "Shadada" and Hebrew "Mezuzah". The Chi-Rho "Royal Christ" formed on 12/21; an "Illusion" (Maya) as the Sun rose through the X (Greek Chi=Messiah) formed by the Ecliptic and Galaxy Disc (False "Stellar Womb" aka "Black Hole"); the Sun aligned with the Galactic Center (Mouth of the Ouroborus Serpent) as viewed from Earth ie by Heathens. In the East, the Alchemical 13th Astrological sign "Ophiuchus" "Serpent Holder" rose in the East heralding the "New Age" or "Golden Age". America plays the central part; the Eagle Gate (used by the Mormon Church) was the East entrance to Herod's Edomite Temple; America uses the Edomite symbol of the Eagle (Nazi Germany also) because our destruction is the East Gate "Babylon" ie Gate of the Sun god. This Sign in the Heavens (ref Jer 10:4) God knew Heathen Occultists would take note of.
    On 1/11/13 the  Moon aligned with Aquarius; the first New Moon of the New Age will be followed by the Hillal (first visible crescent) on Jan 12-13 exactly 700 years after the Licet Pridem on 1/13/1313; the Illegal Confiscation of Knight Templar assets and the false accusation and murder by fire of Gnostic Cathars using a Vox en Excelso "Voice from on High" not delivered by God. Recall the Moon represents Allah, the post flood moon-god also called "Sin". Hilal means Lucifer; Mormons use the phrase Pey Heylel "Marvelous Lucifer" upon reaching the 2nd token of the Melchisedek (King and Priest of Salem) Priesthood. Shriner Masons celebrate the slaughter of 50,000 Christians in 700 AD by wearing the Fez. What will happen is anyone's guess, but some predict the "Rapture"; this is a Lie originated by the Scottish Knights of the Golden Circle aka KKK.
    On 1/20/13 the Tropical Zodiac Sun aligned with Aquarius Jan 20, 2013 is "Inauguration Day" in the United States. It's fitting that a US President with no credentials to be Commander in Chief would be Inaugurated by a Lip synched version of the Star Spangled Banner, during a pre-recorded Marine Corp band rendition; at the Super Bowl, Beyonce even gave the Kohanim Hands Priestly Benediction; Watch out folks!  Augurs foretell the future by the flight of birds, entrails and or ashes of sacrificed victims. America was long ago slated to be a Phoenix (House of Enoch; ie Mormon Church and a fake Rapture) set ablaze to complete the Pyramid "Amid the Pyre" of the New Atlantis. Do not be fooled here; there is no "Rapture" (7th Trump is the Last Day and Body Ressurection) or "Aliens"; those are simply elements of the "Sting" or 3rd Act of Chaldean Magick "Prestige".
    On 3/21/13, the Sun completed the annual cycle and entered Aries; the New Age officially began with the Zoroastrian Nowruz "New Dawn"; the Serpent descended the steps of Chichen Itza; a new head of the Anglican Communion Right Rev Justin Welby was enthroned, Jesuit Pope Francis I was elected and Barack Obama laid a wreath on the grave of Zionism founder Theodr Herzl. Mar 20, 2013 is the 10th anniversary of the Shock and Awe campaign used to start Gulf War II "Operation Iraqi Freedom"; in 2003, the date happened to align with Purim; what a coincidence eh? It may also be worth noting, that 1260 days (3 1/2 years; 42 months of 30 day months) later will be a Solar Eclipse on the New Moon of Sept 1, 2016. If the "Great Tribulation" officially begins on this date, the first Trumpet Warning (Rev 8:7) should follow with Hail and Fire. If you haven't researched Natural Gas Fracking, you may want to; it's happening all over the world resulting in "Waters made Bitter" and pushing Methane to the surface for exactly this scenario. In America, the area being set up for the greatest destruction is the New Madrid Fault.
    "Fiscal Cliff" and "Sequestration" are manufactured US Fiscal Emergencies. In 1913 the Federal Reserve Act was treason "Only Congress shall coin money" Art 1 Sec 8 US Constitution; the Federal Reserve is a Private Edomite (Rothschild=Red Shield) Bank; money printing is like pumping air into a raft full of holes with the occupants assuming the Burden (Tax=Burden) CAFR accounts balance the Debt and Obligations, but we never hear of the vast Natural Resources (1 Trillion Bbls of Oil in the Bakken, ANWR and Gulf of Mexico=$116T; the US has several Trillion Bbls) and Corporate wealth. Creditors make slaves out of Debtors; AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax) will add thousands of dollars to most every middle class 2012 tax bill. Couple this with the end of Un-employment benefits, tripled taxes on Captial Gains and Dividends, increased Income Tax Rates and Obamacare taxes and very few Americans will remain solvent on the Assyrian New Year: April 15 aka "Tax Day". JP Morgan manipulated the price of Silver using nearly $1T in TARP funds held at the Treasury, netting enough return to pay the National Debt. Barack Obama, Tim Geithner, Ben Bernanke and George Soros were involved in this Treason. International Coporations based in America have an estmated $18 Trillion parked mostly in the Cayman Is.; Mitt Romney controls 75% of the shares, and he believes International Corporations have Constitutional rights of US Citizens. He also considers himself a Foreign Citizen as stated on his Federal Tax Return. His business partners are Hillary Clinton, George Bush Sr and John Kerry. The US is simply the  modern day Assyria, a worldwide financial Black Hole full of religious hypocrites backing a cold hearted War Machine built with War Spoils and Internationally borrowed money. Every War America has fought was based on a "False Flag" event and WWIII will  be no different.
     1/3/2013 the 113th Congress convened (13 is the number of Rebellion) The Roman Republic fell into Ditatorship with the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44BC by his cabinet; a repeat? Michelle Obama wore a "Black Widow" dress on election night for a reason I suspect and the Bendediction given by "Ameria's Pastor" Rick Warren highlighted the Arab version of Jesus "Isa". The Druid version is "Esus"; no they are not Jesus Christ as Divine!
   US Gun Control Legislation; Planned? On 1/4 Aurora CO Congressman introduced Gun Control Legislation in the House and Diane Feinstein did same in the Senate. On 1/7 Joe biden promised Boston Mayor Tom Menino Gun Control would be passed by vote or Executive Order by 1/31/13. On 1/14/13 NY became the 1st State to enact banning the loading of more than 7 rounds and revocation of gun permits for mentally ill, likely anyone on SSRI's. Think 9/11, Benghazi or Sandy Hook are Charades? You may not qualify to keep a weapon; Mexican Drug Cartels? The US provided them with fully automatic weapons. What's under assault is the 1st, 2nd, 4th Amendments and the Posse Commitatus Act. Revolution? Just remember the Constitution for the United States ended in 1871; the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES took its place and left no Rights whatsoever to individual Citizens. Any Rights you have come solely from God who sacrificed Himself without Violence in order to end bloodshed.
    1/13/13 is the 700th Anniversary of Licet Pridem (Illegal confiscation of Knight Templar ie Banker Property) on 1/13/1313. Year of the Snake? Time Magazine posted the "Discovery" of the 13th Zodiac Ophiuchus on 1/13/11.  The Government Accouting Office estimates the US will default on its Soverieng Debt between Valentine's (Valentinians were Gnostics;; the Ides of February "Februa" is not what you think) Day and Mar 1. Purim is 2/23. At Rockefeller Plaza is Prometheus (Fore Thinker); in the movie Xenos (Stranger or Alien) forms on the Moon LV-223. LV is a hidden "15" 5+5+5=15=6, the number of Man also means "Nail" or "Shin" to Talmudic Rabbis. AR-15 making sense yet? The brand of AR-15 "Bushmaster" .223 uses Logo a Coiled Snake/Serpent also used by the Tea Party. 322 is the number of the Fall of Man from Gen 3:22 and the Skull & Bones Society. Woman is made from Man in Gen 2:23 (recall the Xenos/Alien in Prometheus and the Alien movies was a Woman). In Rev 2:23 Jesus declares He will kill "her children" referring to the Samartian raised offspring of Jezebel and Ahab.
   US Debt Ceiling of $16.4 Trillion was breached on 1/7/13 The US Corporation is officially in default with each Citizen held as Collateral Chattel on the bond. Col Mandell Huis (House) said this was the objective of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. 100 years? We saw that with the Centennial Theatre shooting in Aurora. It out in the open folks! LIBOR? Manipulating Interest Rates ensures the precise timing of Bankruptcy.  
    Purim; Pur means Horoscope, the Casting of Lots (I-Ching, Runes, Tarot, Zodiac etc) for the Assyrian/Akkadian god Marduk; Babylon means "Gate of Marduk" Pur essentially means "Bring to Naught, Crush or Destroy God's biblical plan". Occultists refer to this as the "Great Work". A Jewish Holy Day? Not on your eternal life. The Start of WWIII? Gulf War I ended with a 100 Hour Slaughter on Purim 28 Feb 1991; Gulf War II began on Purim, Mar 20, 2003 (Note the 55 in 3/20/2003 as well) so we'll see. #55 is the 10th Fibonacci Number "Ratio of Life" and the sum or numbers 1-10; 5 thus represents the occult number of Death, but also the symbol of Illuminated Man (Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Quintessense or Aether); Masons use the number 555 on coffins as well as the height of the Washington Monument (Obelisk means Baal's Shaft) to indicate the Number of "Highest Death". 2/23/13, the 10th Purim after Gulf War II? The Iraq War is currently called "Operation New Dawn" for a reason!
     Feb 28
the Papal Chair of St Peter and Red Papal (Edomite) Shoes at the Vatican (Divine Serpent) were vacated. On 3/13/13, "Red Heifer" Day they were filled by the Vatican's first Jesuit Priest, Francis I. Jesuits serve the Jesuit General aka Black Pope, currently Adolfo Nicholas. 3rd Jesuit General Francis Borgia first used the Red Bull.  Sovereign Vicar of Jesus? Not quite; Vicar of Jupiter more like.
     On Mar 1 Sequester began.
Sequester means "Sieze by Authority" Whose Authority? The 13 member Un-constitutional "Super Congress". What will be Siezed? Everything.
    There are 313 ! in the KJV; 3/13/13 is 2 Abib/Nisan aka Red Heifer Day saw the election of perhaps Rome's last Pope Francis I if St Malachy (Malak=Amalekite=Melek-Marduk=Molech) is correct.
The last ! is associated with the Fall of Babylon in Rev 18; America will be presented to the world as a false ie "Scapegoat Babylon" followed by an Alternative Messiah aka Sargon III, again, time will tell, but there are certainly signs pointing to 2013. Note: 2013 was proclaimed the "Year of Italian Culture" with Rev 18 "Babylon" falling will be the fall of Rev 17 "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT..."; the Roman Catholic Church is not "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT..." any more than America is "Babylon"; they are the Scapegoats for them; Physical and Spiritual "Gates of Marduk" if you will. When the pre-planned WWIII destroys the Dome of the Rock, the Chief Samaritan (ie fake Jew) Priest Kohen-Gadol will need to be purified with the ashes of the 2nd Red Heifer, used to sanctify the 2nd Temple Cornerstone from Zerubabbel's day; a 3rd Red Heifer will then be used to sanctify the Cornerstone for a 3rd Temple, built in "Troublous times" Be alert for talk of a 3 yr old Red Heifer being readied; 69 weeks (483 days) later "Messiah the Prince" will make the "covenant with many" (Dan 9:24-27).
   7/22/2013 Lion King was allegedly born as the Sun entered the clutches of Leo; the Bohemian Grove motto was filled by the 1000th Knight of the Garter Prince William and Cathar-ine.
     Chichen Itza records the descent of the Plumed Feathered Serpent Kukulkan (Quetzalcoatl) on Mar 20-21. Not coincdentally, this date marks the Iranian (Iran means Noble Caste) New Year "Nowruz" (New Light). Alternative Messiah revealed? We'll find out soon enough. The new Archibishop of Canterbury and former Oil Executive Justin Welby will begin his leadership of the Anglican Communion that day; the same day the Feathered Serpent Quetzalcoatl has his shadow slither down the Pyramid. 10 years prior was the date George Bush Jr started Gulf War II on "Purim" with "Shock and Awe" (Shock and Awe refers to Shekinah, the Feminine Spirit of the Lord" Relax, God doesn't have a Feminine Spirit!) 
    Nowruz: 3/20/2013 means "New Light" or "New Dawn"; Sanjaks are Rooster Idols of the Roman god of War "Mars" and Greek "Ares"; Cuthites (Medeans/Zoroastrians) brought this Pagan Rooster Idol to Israel as "Nergal" in 2 Kings 17:30.  Nowruz is the Witchcraft Ostarra introduced during the Achaemenid (Medean Magi) Dynasty outlined in the Book of Esther. Nowruz is a Zoroastrian Holy Day meaning Golden Star or Golden Camel referring to Desert Nomads such as Cain or Quyraish Bedouins of Mecca. Alawites such as Bashar al Assad in Syria, Ismailis (Assassins), Sufis and Bahai revere March 20. Cain, Japheth, Harran, Ishmael and Esau among others represent 1st born sons or B'Rith "Covenant Men". God replaced 1st born rights of Reuben with Joseph and Ephraim which is why Pashtuns of Afghanistan and Pakistan, the British, as well as the Mormon Church claim (falsely) descent from Joseph. The final Zoroastrian battle between Ahura Mazda (Sons of Light/Lucifer) and Ahriman (Sons of Darkness; US of course). America has been declared Hubal of the modern age by Wahhabist Sunnis; Hubal is a red agate idol with a golden hand Muhammad smashed and dedicated to Allah. 3/22? Skull & bones uses "322" as does Obamacare, enacted on 3/22/10 at 3:22UTC. Obama means "He is with us" in Farsi. On 3/21/2013 British Oil Executive turned Anglican Priest, Rev Justin Welby was enthroned as head of the Anglican Communion; his predecesor Rowan Williams is an initiated member of the Committee of 300. Better decide now whether you are in Communion with King Henry VIII, Female and Lesbian Bishops (Catherine Jefforts Schori), Homosexual Male Bishops (V Gene Robinson), the Jesus Seminar (John Shelby Spong rejects all words spoken by Jesus), Muslim Sharia Law (Muslim Brotherhood), Noahide Law and Rabbinical Beth Din Courts (Worship of Jesus is considered Blasphemy and worthy of Death), the Druid Priesthood, the Talmud (Jesus is boiling in His own excrement in Hell according to this masterpiece of garbage), and rejection of Creationism in favor of Darwinist Evolution. No Big Deal? Guess again!
    Carrington Event: April 2013: Red China's (China is Sina or Sin; China is the current home of the Hittites. State run News Agency predicted a worldwide electrical grid destroying Solar Flare and CME for April 2013; It didn't happen. China's symbol is the Red Dragon; 2013 is the Year of the Snake; they predict the world will be without electricity 3 1/2 years. Can they predict this? No. The US has NERC (Nat Elect Reliability Corp) ready to adjust the 60Hz Grid frequency, a predictable suicide move which will destroy transformers, generators, power lines and electrical equipment connected to it such as fuel stations and banks. Sodomite Mexican Drug Cartel Gun Runner and Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano said on 1/24/13 "A Cyber 9/11 is imminent...capable of destroying Power, Water and Fuel" Knight of Malta, Benghazi Gun Runner and US Defesnse Sec Leon Panetta said "A Cyber Pearl Harbor is imminent"  "A man's foes shall be they or his own household" Mat 10:36 and for you Jesus Seminar types, it's written in Red.
  Comet ISON (Son of Joseph) will reach its closest point to the Sun at the start of Hanukkah 2013 as the US gives Thanksgiving for the Indian Slaughter that made the US great. Should be an interesting Saturnalia/Yule/Hanukkah/Christmas of 2013 eh? Those Holy Days are not Jewish or Christian; they are Heathen. Likely a fake 3rd Trumpet Warning "Wormwood" in Rev 8:10-11.  
   Feast of Epiphany 2014: "When Ariel Sharon dies the LORD will return" Haredi Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri Jan 5, 2006.   
  "Project 911"
is under construction on "Site 911", called "Beit Shemesh" (House of Shemesh; Shamash is the Assyrian sun god equivalent with Marduk, Melek,  or Azazel; the "Wilderness Goat" on the cover of this website). It will be completed by 9 Av (Aug 5) 2014 with the "Mezuzah", an altered scripture of Deut 6:4 proclaiming the "LORD is One" on every Doorpost by Conti Corp. Federal Services. This is a formal rejection of Jesus Christ as God in Flesh.  Folks the "LORD is One Lord" not One! If you want Lamb's Blood on your Doorpost, you need to ask Jesus Christ! This formal rejection of Jesus Christ as God in Flesh. A fake 5th Trumpet Warning at Rev 9:11? Time will tell. The Great Tribulation lasts 3 1/2 years (1260 days) and the 5th Trumpet lasts 5 months and the 6th Trumpet lasts 13 months.
    Enough to sit up and take notice by itself, but Peter advised us to not be ignorant of this one thing " day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. The Lord is not slack cincerning his promise...all should come to repentance" 2 Pet 3:8  The Promise? A 2nd Return. When?

                                  Creation will be Judged at 6000 years

     There are 1656 years Creation to Flood. Sargon (Sargon means Legitimate King) the Great reigned from 2334 BC. Sargon the Great would have been pronounced "Legitimate King", because of a significant event astrological event at his birth; that being the Vernal Equinox "New Year" sunrise moving into Aries (Ram) from Taurus (Bull). Adding 2160 years (Axis Precession) from Aries to Pisces we arrive at Judas Macabbeus and the 25 Kislev "Miracle" ca 164 BC.  Adding another  2160 years from Pisces to Aquarius we can account for 5976 years. The biblical age of accountability is 21 for a King to be declared "Legitimate" 1656 + 2160 + 2160 +21=5997 years. Another reason why 2012 AD may very well mark the release of the Pale Horse and soon after, the beginning of the 3 1/2 year Great Tribulation. Taurus is the sign of Joseph (Ephraim) matching Rev 13:1 to start the Great Tribulation.
    Time is not relative as Einstein falsely claimed; it was set in motion when God created the Sun, Moon and Stars for "signs...seasons...days and years" Gen 1:14 In the pre-flood world, there were not mountains and no wobble on the Axis, had the earth  not become "corrupt" Gen 6:11, time would have gone on forever, but that is not the case. Astrology resulted due the Earth's Wobble on its Axis and Signs are approaching fast with the Chi-Rho this X-Mass, Comet ISON, Project 911, 4 consecutive Lunar eclipses on Passover and Tabernacles 2014-1015 and Solar eclipses on 1 Abib "God's New Year" and 1 Ethanim "Rabbinical Civil New Year" aka "Rosh Hashanah" in 2015. It's hard to believe any more Signs would need to be placed in the Heavens for us to sit up and take notice!
    Jesus Christ is Jehovah (God in Flesh); the Author (Word made Flesh); Priest (Melchisedek) of the New Covenant and only source of the Holy Ghost. Rejecting Jesus Christ is the only Unforgiveable Sin. I suggest you make your personal covenant with Him now!
   Who is attempting to manage world affairs? The Council on Foreign Relations "CFR". It has the Pale Horse "Death" on the cover of Foreign Affairs Magazine. 2013 is the Year of "Challenges for Global Governance". The CFR Council of Councils, created 3/13/12 sits atop this Global rejection of God. The 1st Council 3/13/12 was held in Washington DC; sacrifice of the Red Heifer? 3/13/13 seems a candidate. The 2nd Council was held in Singapore Oct 31 "Samhein". The 3rd in Moscow on Dec 13 "St Lucia Day" aka Bride of Lucifer. The Goals? Written as
  • 1. Manage world economic collapse and demise of the $US.
  • 2. Manage Humanitarian Intervention and Regime Change through UN Security Council Resolutions eg Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and soon Syria and Iran.
  • 3. Manage Eurasia, China and Russia's Economic influence. US out, China and Russia in!
  • 4. Manage Nuclear Rogue States such as Iran and North Korea. The US is the only Rogue Nuclear State in the world! Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Fukushima were all Rogue US Nuclear Operations.
                                     Vatican Bank=Marvelous Investments

     Vatis=Divine; Can=Serpent
Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation; as he did, lightning struck St Peter's Basilica Twice. The Offshore Operations of the Vatican Bank aka "God's Bank" are in the Cayman Islands, "Discovered" and "Claimed" by Rosicrucian Christopher Columbus (Fernando Zarko). Un-audited, Numbered Accounts range in the 1000's. Vatian Sec of State ie "God's Banker" Cardinal Tarscio Bertone abruptly resigned June 3, 2013. 
    Mitt Romney (Bain Capital) manages Sinaloa Drug Cartel profits, laundered through Hedge Fund Investments. Bank exchange rates are rigged in London by LIBOR (London Inter-Bank Offering Rate); held in offshore accounts called "Marvelous Investments"; laundered $US becomes e-gold through Liberty Reserve, a digital currency for non-banked, non-credit underworld thieves, using TOR (First Priests in Sumeria were Kon-Torrs (Torriod=Earth's Magnetic Field) military grade weapons  etc. TOR(The Onion Router) is part of the US Navy program called  Dark Web or Silk Road used to purchase arms, drugs, porn, sex slaves, military weapons. Operation Gun Runner? Sinaloa Cartel arming operation; Romney's family is the Sinaloa Cartel. Iran-Contra weapons traded for Cocaine at Liberia, Costa Rica. Liberty seen in the Statue of Liberty or Isis refers to Liber and Libera, the biblical Adramellech (Sun) and Anammelech (Ishtar). Liber is thus  Saturn, Dionysus, Bacchus, Osiris) Sinaloa Politicians? The Gun Grabbers of Sandy Hook (Joker Card). Diane Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Darryl Issa (nice investigation of Gun Runner eh?), Harry Reid, Antonin Scalia and Scorin with Orrin Hatch.
    How much money? multi-ton shipments or Cocaine in B-747's (Saddam's WMD's were sent to Syria in these), Rail Cars, Container Ships (HSBC controls every Port; since Bush Jr gave China control; HSBC CEO attended Bilderberg 2013), Narco-subs, Fishing Vessels, Tractor Trailers etc. Estimates? $100B/Year not counting the Sinaloa operation in Afghanistan.
    Which God do they serve? Easy, under the Papal Chair of St Peter is the Shahada "There is no God but Allah" Allah is the original Akkadian moon god "Sin". Mormon god? Easy, "Pey Heylel" is the Mormon chant meaning "Marvelous Lucifer". Tough to figure this out eh? They are Satanists folks!
    The global drug trade is estimated at $500B/yr; John Kerry called BCCI (Bank of Commerce and Credit International) the "Largest criminal enterprise in world history"; today he is partnered with Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton and Bush Sr laundering sinaloa Cartel profits funneled into Hedge Funds. BCCI laundered Narcotics profits for Manuel Noriega in Panama and Medellin Cartel in Columbia; they merely morphed into HSBC and the Sinaloa aka Federation "Mormon" Cartel in Mexico and Norte Del Valle in Columbia. Eric Holder claims prosecuting HSBC will trigger a global financial collapse, yet manages Operation Gun Runner arming Mexican Drug Cartels. SSDD all over the world. At every Airport and Shipping Port in the US, the HSBC Logo shows its ownership badge. How do they justify making money from Drugs, Wars, Plunder and Usury?
    "It is immaterial where the money comes from, the money is purified for God's work" Wrong God folks! The Vatican Bank motto comes from the annointing with costly perfume of Jesus' feet by the woman of little means; this is the Satanic equivalent much as Peter is the Rock or the Universal "Catholic" Church on Earth, Jesus is the true "Rock" of the Spiritual Church. Validated in scripture? Certainly, Dan 11:38-39 tells us One Man will control all stores of Wealth.   Any Rights you and I may think we have are purely Spiritual and purchased by the Blood of Jesus Christ.
   The Constitution? Elected officials swear to serve "The CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES, as INCORPORATED in the District of Columbia, not the "Constitution for the United States" signed in Philadelphia in 1776. Vatican Police? Certainly; Sovereign Military Order of Malta aka Hospitallers aka Knights of St John of Jerusalem, Cyprus, Malta and Rhodes. Their goals are similar to the CFR
  • End National Soverignty
  • End Property and Gun Rights (A Gun with its barrel tied in a knot is at the UN entrance)
  • Re-destribute Wealth 
    Folks, this is all legal and agreed to by Papal Bulls and Concordat such as the Reich Concordat allowing Hitler to ransack Europe. Read Habakkuk 1:6 "For, lo, I raise up the Chaldeans, that bitter and nasty nation, which shall march through the breadth of the land and possess the dwellingplaces that are not theirs" God raised up the Chaldeans! Any wonder why Mitt Romney is a Culdee ie Chaldean Gypsy running Bain Capital and Marvelous Investments? It's time to choose Mammon (World) or Jesus Christ. All 4 Horsemen are out of the stable now and Jesus is the one who released them! How do I know this? It's in writing!



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Amalek Today: The LORD swore He would battle Amalek from generation to generation. How do you spot them? My previous article Amalek is posted under Mitt Romney on the Welcome Page; this is a different approach. 9/20/2012

                 "No man can serve two masters..." Mat 6:24; Lk 16:13
HR 813
"Unanimous, Vigorous, Unwavering commitment to Israel" No debate, no Committee meetings, no Warning; just a 100% vote of commitment 1 minute in the House of Representatives to the Star of Molech.  Congress is derived from Congredi "To meet for War"
    Hillary Clinton in Jerusalem 11/21/12 "America's commitment to Israel's security is rock solid and unwavering" The LORD will have war with Amalek (Molech/Melek) from Generation to Generation. The Six Pointed Star is the Star of Amalek. In Amos 5:26, Israel adopted the Star of Molech and ceased to be called Israel. In Amos 7:2-3;5-6 The LORD stated, He did not raise Jacob up. In 2 Kings 17:30-31 Pagans replaced the Tribes of Jacob. The Lord Jesus Christ called Jerusalem "Spiritually Sodom and Egypt" in Rev 11:8 for this reason. Time to choose the correct LORD!


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Arab Spring 2012: "Desert Warrior" aka "Innocence of Muslims"; "Causus Belli" for WWIII. Get ready folks! WWIII "Zionism versus Islam" is one war you will want to sit out. Events happening so fast, I added to the previous article. 9/17 "Rosh Hashanah" Folks, I'm blowing the Trumpet as loud as I can with this.


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September 11:The Twin Towers are gone. A single "Freedom Tower" will replace them. The choice is Freedom from God or Eternal life under God. Choose wisely! 9/11/2012


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RNC: Anointing of "The One, Mighty and Strong" We're in trouble! 8/31/12


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Olympic Closing Ceremony: The Bacchanalia at the end of the Sacred Marriage. 8/14/2012


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Olympic Opening Ceremony: Culmination of the Grand Climax of the Sumerian Ritual "Begone Dull Care, coincident with Bohemian Grove and 9 Av, the date commemorating the destruction of both Jerusalem Temples, the start of WWI, WWII and Iraq War. Error in previous article; change 23 Tonne bell to 27 tonne. 8/8/12


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Dark Knight Rises: Jesus is the Scapegoat; Lucifer is Azazel. James Holmes was the Scapegoat for a Sumerian Ritual called "Begone (Barra) Dull Care" enacted annually at Bohemian Grove during the "Grand Climax" blood sacrifice 7/20-7/27. Picture added to previous article. Pretty tough to figure this our eh? 7/29/2012

                            2012: LIBOR, CAFR, TAG "Black Horse"

Adam Lanza's father Peter Lanza is VP, Tax Director for GE Capital. His boss Jeff Immelt is on Obama's Corporate Financlal Advisory Board; 3 of his underlings are in prison for interest rate manipulations during Bond Auctions. An uncanny coincidence with alleged (James Holmes on trial is not the shooter James Holmes; ditto for V Tech shooter Seung-Hui "Stephen" Cho) Aurora colorado Shooter James' Holmes' father Robert Holmes, the lead FICO Credit Rating Scientist.

International Banks
manipulating  LIBOR (London Inter-bank Offering Rates) is the top of the Pyramid; the Gold head of the Abomination of Desolation if you will. Example: FDR collected Gold at $20.67/Oz and declared its value $35/Oz; Nixon paid for the Vietnam War with Gold, forcing the US from the Bretton-Woods Agreement and a doubling in the price of Gold in 1 year; Gold is now close to $2000/Oz. Manipulating Interest (Usury) and making sure bets on "Derivatives" and transferring all the risk to taxpayers through CDC's (Credit Default Swaps). Quite a Scam! CAFR's (Comprehensive Annual financial Reports) are the Base of the Pyramid. Assets tallied on hidden accounts the "People" (Goyim) never see. Amid the Pyre/Flames, the New World Order rises. Did you know that 1400 Bankers are named in a $43.5 Trillion lawsuit? Did you know $36.5 Trillion Stock, Bond, Money Market, REIT (Real Estate Trusts), Mortgage backed securities and Derivatives at 55 Water St Manhattan are quite literally underwater since Hurricane Sandy hit? $80 Trillion is a lot of money! Did you know NOAA predicted the "Hooked" path and correctly named "Sandy" in 2007?
(Transaction Account Gaurantee) program is an Government sponsored, un-limited insurance program above FDIC (Fed Deposit Insurance Corp); it ends Jan 1, 2013. This is the real Fiscal Cliff

"Black Horse" of Rev 6:5-6 (London Inter-Bank Offering Rate) Offering is Exchange or Interest "Usury". LIBOR is a $Quadrillion financial "Black Hole" underlying the value of all world assets including Gold, Silver, Land (Alodial Titles), Food, Water, Oil etc. One Basis Point (1/100th of 1 %) affects $50 Billion worldwide. Truly a "House built on Sand"
     The Black Horse carries a rider with a pair of balances instructed to not hurt the Oil or Wine; this would be anointing oil and sacrament wine; spiritually these come from God; physically, they are initiates of Liber, the Italic (Italy means "Calf") god of Wine whose Assets are tallied on CAFR's (Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports) in every Municipality on Earth; this is the reason they are multiplying like Rabbits. Liber and Liberia aka Zeus and Persephone, are the god and goddess of the Eleusinian Mystery Religion, Dionysus "Grove" Rituals and Bacchanalia Rituals (Cannabalistic Orgies). The Rabbit? Anammellech, the Assyrian version of Persephone/Ishtar in 2 Kings 17:30.
     Liber-Bacchus-Dionysus aka "Green Man" of the Iranian "Green Revolution" began as the Italic Sabazios, the nomadic horseman of Phrygia; King Midas had the "Golden Touch".
   Sabazios, the hidden 2nd Son of Zeus became the Roman Bacchus and  Greek Dionysus "Green Man" and the "Hidden Hand" or "Black Hand" of the Mafia, Cosa Nostra, Freemasonry; the "Dark Knight" if you will. The symbol of Sabazios, a Bronze Hand was used by Roman Legions, WWI instigator Rasputin, Nazi's, by fake Priests giving Benediction and can be seen on the Irish Ulster Flag. Sabazius was brought by Celts to to Britain as St George slaying the Dragon; this can be seen atop the Crab (Cancer=June 21-July 22) at the Cathedral of St John the Divine, the United Nations and Westminster Abbey in London; George=Geo aka "Beast from the Earth" in Rev 13.
    LIBOR is the Black Horseman ushering in the "Day of Divine Redemption" (Pale Horse); can't get much more Redemption than forcing the Un-initiated to work all day for a day's ration of wheat eh? Compare this with Eze 37:16 and Rev 11:1; you don't want to be "Initiated"! Perhapd the biggest player in this Ponzi Scheme? Mitt Romney.
   LIBOR sets Interest Rates on all forms of Personal, Corporate, Municipal and National borrowing; leveraged by 10 worldwide currencies into Hedge Funds and Derivatives with risk insured using Credit Default Swaps. LIBOR effectively sets all asset prices and currency values.
   Why do Governments go along with this sceme? CAFR's (Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports). The masses hear about the Debt spiralling upward; on the other side of the Balance Sheet (read pair of balances) is the Value of Assets accumulated by local governments (Infrastructure ie Roads/Bridges to nowhere, Public Buildings, Pensions). Assets=Liabilities + Equity. Fewer Liabilites (People) means greater Equity for the Rulers. Got it? This is why our Social Security, Credit Cards, Licenses etc all use the CAPITALIZED NAME. A subtle change was made in 1871 from a "Consitution for the United States" to a "CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES" Local Governments and News agencies are all sold out to this "Beast"; Citizens have no CONSTITUTIONAL rightS!
    America as a CORPORATION has the largest reserves of Oil and Fresh Water in the World (Bakken Formation, ANWR, Gulf of Mexico, Great Lakes, Ogallala Aquifer) Can you see why the price of these assets is artificially kept high now? Libya sold Gasoliine for 1 cent/gal; can you see why he was labeled a mad man and murdered?
   TAG ends Jan 1, 2013; previously guaranteed Corporate and Municipal transactions will move into Banks deemed "To Big to Fail", causing Bank Runs and forcing small bank "Holiday's". Big Banks are Insolvent, dependent on Federal borrowing for bailouts; that ends at the Fiscal Cliff when automatic spending cuts enacted by the Un-constitutional "Super Congress" become law. 
   Gold is the Head of this Beast (Ref Dan 2:31) and the City of London has the Gold. Ft Knox gold was used to finance Wars from WWII on. World Trade Center Gold was removed during the Gold, Bearer Bond, Diamond heist and Insurance Fraud that was 9/11/2001. The scam works like this: Investment Banks lease physical gold and replace the gold with certificated "Fiat Gold"; the physical gold is then sold, creating a "Short" position estimated today at some 40-60 tons. A return to the "Gold Standard" will fulfill Mayer Rothschild's vision "He who has the Gold makes the rules". Should you invest in Gold? NO! Scripture makes clear the fact Antichrist will have control over the worldwide stores of gold, silver and precious stones ie Diamonds.
    LIBOR is the Black Sun and Dark Knight given birth by the Black Virgin. In Science the God Particle absorbing all Light as the Primordial Black Hole, the Black Horse absorbs all wealth and gives it to the "Initiated" of the "Golden Age"; a veritable modern day "Golden Calf" made possible through Fiat Currencies and Interest Rate manipulation. "Permit me to control a Nation's money supply, and I care not who makes its laws"; Rothschild means Red Shield; the Red Shield of Esau "Edom" and the "Dominion" prophesied in Gen 27:39-41KJV and Dan 7:6. London means "New Troy", atop Glastonbury Tor aka Avalon "Place of Apples" is the Aquarian Cross; centered on this equal arm Maltese Cross is the Labrys aka "Birth Canal". The Dark Knight was presented during the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony.
     Metaphorically, the Black Hole gives birth to the Black Sun "Tula". In Science, the Primordial Black Hole gives birth to the  "God Particle" (God of Forces), born to the "Black Virgin". Ever wonder why Knights Templar carried Black Virgin Idols all over Europe? Their assets were seized exactly 700 years ago "In 700 years the Laurel will grow green again" Cathar prophecy. They were the military guardians of the Cathars. Ever wonder what became of the Money Changers, whose tables Jesus overturned? Ever wonder why the Olympic Rings form 4 Labrys? or why the Prime Meridian is at this location?   Now can you see why Daniel 11:33-41 says the "God of forces" will have control over all Gold and Silver? Guess who escapes his hand? Esau, Moab and Ammon. Their symbol? The Six Pointed Star of Molech and Chiun. Make sense yet?
    Cathars settles in Langue d' Oc "Language of Oui". Ever heard "Yes we can"? It means "Thank you Satan". The Language of "Yes" is the Language of "Birds" (Inauguration is derived from Augury, foretelling the future by the flight of birds), and Language of "Oil". Henry Kissinger said "Control Oil you control nations, Control food, you control people". LIBOR controls both Oil and Food, but Jesus has a better way; a spiritual anointing with Oil and Manna.
   Now is the time for an Oil and Wine anointing from Jesus Christ! A good Shepherd always anoints His sheep with Oil, and the best part is, He doesn't charge anything for it.

                                                 2012-2013 is Unique

     Gnosticism is a world Free from God, a philosophy called "Hellenism", found in the word "Freemason" meaning "Child of the Sun" (Phre + Massen). The Flood caused an unequal weight distribution over the Earth by creating Ocean trenches and Mountains; this caused Axis Precession, which has been known since the days of Assyrian domination under Sargon the Great (Sargon means "Legitimate King"). The Sun (Rho) will symbolically Rise through the X (Chi) formed by the Ecliptic and Milky Way on the 2012 Winter Solstice, an age represented as In all likelihood, this will start the Golden Age of Aquarius aka Great Tribulation of Rev 13; a world represented in Gen 13:13 as "Sodom and Gomorrah", a world without laws.
    “In 700 years the Laurel will grow green again”-Cathar prophecy. Catharsis means "Discharge of pent up emotion". Catalonia, the independent Nation within Spain with its capital in Barcelona is a Phoenician/Sephardic creation; the word Catamite (Boy trained in Sodomy) has similar Cathar origin. 
    2012-2013 is 700 years after the Council of Vienne in Langue d'Oc confiscated Templar assets. Gnostics negotiated what they considered a "Deal" and the King of France and Roman Catholic Pope reneged. This is Revenge. Templars essentially became "Hospitallers", the Black Cross adopted by the Jesuits. They are also called "Knights of St John of Jerusalem, Malta, Rhodes and Cyprus". Jesuits "Society of Jesus" have nothing to do with the Catholic Church or Jesus Christ; they are called the "Militia of Zeus and Minerva".
     Examples of 700: Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Jim Winnefeld was the Captain of the Enterprise, the flag ship of Naval Task Force 12 on 9/11/2001; he stated to Congress he saw Flt #175 hit the South Tower and turned the Strike Force around, arriving first on the scene in Afghanistan and flew 700 sorties. Knight of Malta Pat Robertson, whose ancestors fought with William Wallace on 9/11/1297 formed the "700 Club"
  • WWI began 700 years after the signing of the Magna Carta. The US Declaration of Independence is based on this document.
  • D-Day on Normandy Beach was 700 years after the Cathars were burned at Montsegur and the birth of Templar Grand Master Jacques deMolay in 1244. Jacques deMolay was later executed by fire on the eve of Nowruz 1313. 7 consecutive Blood Red Moons will occur on Passover and Tabernacles representing the Old and New Covenants, and 2 Solar eclipses representing God's "New Year" and Man's Civil "New Year". Knights of Malta know this and plan world events accordingly.
  • The War in Afghanistan began 26 days after 9/11/2001, 700 years after Pope Clement V reneged on a promise of safe passage sending Templars and Hospitallers from Awad (Tartus), sending them to Cairo prisons.
  • International (Norman Cathars posing as Jews) Bankers were expelled from Britain in 1290 after Usury had given them ownership of most British assets; exactly 700 years later, George Bush Sr "Magog" gave his "New World Order" Speech 11 years to the day before 9/11/2001 and started the Gulf War in Iraq "Babylon" on Purim (Akkadian Puru "Cast Lots for Marduk") that continues to this day. He blamed Saddam Hussein, who claimed descend from Nimrod, much the way Gnostic New Bible versions blame Nimrod for the Tower of Babel and Nineveh; Nimrod built neither.
  • Knights Templar were rounded up, tortured and executed on the "Unlucky Day" Friday Oct 13th, 1307; 700 years later in Oct 2007 Gen Wes Clark (Knight of Malta, Rhodes Scholar, fake Jew "Kahne=Cohen") revealed the US/NATO plan to invade 7 nations in 5 years from 2007 to 2012: Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Iran. As of Sept 2012 only Syria and Iran remain on the list. Note October means 8th month; 13th day is unlucky because 13/8=Golden Mean aka Ratio of Life. Light is Dark, and Good is Evil in occult thinking.
  • The Council of Vienne was 1312-1313. There are 313 ! in the Authorized Bible; the last being the Judgment of "Babylon". Mitt Romney was born in Detroit, Area Code #313; on 3/13/13 the 3rd and last Red Heifer may be sacrificed, its ashes used to re-build the Temple in Jerusalem.
  • 11Q13 "Prince Melchisedek" is an Inter-testament (Silent Period) Gnostic Scroll found among the Dead Sea Scrolls in Cave #11 at the Essene Community of Qumran; it states Melchisedek "King of Salem" and "Priest of the Most High" is due to be revealed at the "Trumpet blast of Freedom" (This is the yoke of Judah being removed per Gen 27:39-41, not Jesus as Melchisedek Priest) after 10 Jubilees. 2013 is the 10th Jubilee after Jesuits "Militia of Zeus and Minerva" installed their Black Nobility Pope, Leo X in 1513 AD. Melchisedek is Jesus Christ ie God in Flesh, not Shem, not Ur-Menisch "Original Man" from whom Adam was fashioned, not the "Warrior Angel" Archangel Michael, not Adam whom Mormons believe will return and not the Kohen-Gadol. Melchisedek authored the Abrahamic (Gen 14:8), Davidic (Ps 111) and New Covenant (Heb 7); He is King of Jerusalem and Priest of the LORD.  The Trumpets begin in Rev 8; Jesus seals the "Book of Life" at Rev 6:14.
  • Yeshiva Seminary ("Talmud" School similar to Muslim Madrassah "Quran" School or Mormon Seminary) Rabbi Yitzak Kadouri wrote his prophetic vision, the Messiah "Yehoshua" (Yeshua?) will be revealed after Ariel Sharon dies. Sharon was poisoned Jan 4, 2008 and has been in a coma on life support since then. George Bush Jr was proclaimed "Gog, Chief Prince of Meshech and Tubal" in Zedekiah's Cave by the Jewish Congress, Sanhedrin and Temple Mount Faithful on the New Moon of Jan 8, 2008. Kadouri had this death bed vision in 2007, the same year Gen Wes Clark (nee Kahne/Cohen) outlined the US plan is to invade 7 Nations in 5 years with Syria and Iran the last 2. On the Hilal (Crescent/Lucifer) Moon, Jan 9, 2008  Hillary Clinton won the New Hampshire Primary amid a backdrop of 50 inverted pentragrams (Goat of Mendes) on the US Flag. New Hampshire's State slogan "Live Free of Die" simply stated the Gnostic goal.  
  • C Alan Martin published his vision in 1971 of the Last US President being #12 from 330 Mason Harry Truman; Obama would be #12. I know the hype of Obama not being born in the US, but Mitt Romney is proveably not eligible to be President under the Natural Born Citizen clause. Mormon prophecy states elders of the Mormon Church would step in to save the Constitution amid violence and Civil War. Absentee military ballots arrived Nov 7 too late to be counted; if these prove Mitt Romney won the election. Watch Out!
  • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has repeatedly stated his Divine mission is to usher in the 12th Sha Imam "al-Mahdi"; his term ends July 2013.
  • I-Ching (allegedly an early post flood Hexagonal Bar Code system of chance), Mayan Calendar (Eagle Bowl) "Return of Quetzalcoatl", Zapotec Prophecy and the Hopi "Prophecy Rock" all point to an "End" of an Age. What Age? Simply the Astrological transition from Pisces to Aquarius, the symbolic Chi-Rho (Universal Christ) forming in the Heavens as the Sun passes the Galactic Plane and the Rising of Ophiuchus "Serpent Holder". A Magnetic Pole Shift? No Way. Extinction Level Event? No Way. Massive Solar Flare? No Way. Black Hole? Worm Hole? Cosmic Shift? Again, all made up Science Nonsense. Get right with Jesus Christ, sit back and watch the Gnostic, Heathen, Pagan show! The 3rd Act is called "Presitige" for a reason!
     Cathari means "Pure Ones" aka "Perfecti". They were the Spiritual heirs of "Dualism" originating with the Zoroastrians of Iran aka Medeans, the Chaldean Magi, Medean Magi, society of Ormus aka Therputae aka Alexandrians, Manichaeans, Johnnitters, Yezidis (Kurd/Armenian), Bogomils, Albigens, Waldensians, Druids and the Mormon Church. Usury and Fiat Money, heir chief weapons. Tammuz means "Purify by Fire". Catharsis means "Discharge of Pent Up Emotion". They have plenbty of that. WWI, WWII "D-Day", Gulf War I, 9/11/2001 were all timed 700 years after significant Cathari set backs, and WWIII seems to be as well. Worship of Tammuz caused the Glory of the LORD to depart Solomon's Temple.  2012-2013 appears to be the 10th Jubilee when their Priest-King-Judge of Righteousness "Prince Melchisedek" will be revealed.
                                                           2012-2013 Dates
    The 8th "Great Day" of Jesus' Circumcision" in accordance with Jewish Law is Oct 8, 2012; this also happens to coincide with Columbus Day, a Crypto fake Jew. 12/21/2012 Pale Horse Day according to Purim (A Cast Lots or Horoscopes for Marduk) is Feb 23-24, 2013. 3/13/13 is Red Heifer Day. Nov 2013 Comet ISON (Joseph) arrives. What will happen? Who cares; get right with Jesus Christ before it happens!

                                              9 Av "Tisha b' Av"
   “9 Av”. Tisha b’ Av commemorates Jewish calamities; 9 Av is called "The saddest day in Jewish History" Jesus was Jewish; His followers are "Born Again Christians", grafted on to the covenant God (Jesus) made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. 9 Av may go down in history as the "Saddest day in Christian History"
  1. Rejection of the 12 Spies report of Canaan in 1492 BC leading to the death of adults 21 and over during 40 years wander in the Arabian Desert; I repeat “Arab Desert” NW of Mecca at Jebel al Laws not the fake Mt Sinai in Egypt.
  2. The destruction of Solomon’s Temple (ref Eze 8) in 585 BC; God does not appreciate “Ancients of Israel” committing abominations on the altar as women “weep for Tammuz” on the porch!
  3. The destruction of the 2nd Temple in 70 AD. God was rejected as King of Jerusalem and Priest of the Most High “Melchisedek”; an “Alternative Christ” will be born/revealed on 9 Av who comes in his own name; Daniel refers to him as the “God of forces” 
  4. Bar Kochba Revolt in 135 AD by fake Jew and self proclaimed Messiah of the Star Simon Bar Kochba. 500,000 real Jews are massacered because Kochba was believed to be Jewish; Talmud, Zohar, Kaballah, Rabbis are like the Pharisees of old, anything but Jewish.
  5. The razing of the Temple site and re-dedication “Zeus Capitolina”; Zeus’ Capitol can also be seen in Washington DC at the opposing apex of the Federal Triangle.
  6. The 1st Crusade in 1096; instigated by the same people who instigate all wars.
  7. Expulsion of fake “Jews” from England in 1096; Rothschild is anything but Jewish; the name “Bauer” means “Farmer” the profession of Cain; Cainites, or their religion at least came through the Flood with Noah’s wife, who produced Canaan from incest with Ham and Edomites married women of this incest. Bauer became Rothschild whose street address 666  Am Mein was written in Red; Rothschild means Red Shield. The Zion/Sion London Olympics are the Rothschild Olympics.
  8.  The Alhambra Decree, forced conversion and expulsion of Jews from Spain. Rosicrucian Christopher Columbus’ (Christ=Messiah; Taufr is Norse for Red=Red Messiah; the Red Cross on his sails and the British Flag is a dead giveaway) voyage to “New Jerusalem aka America in 1492 AD. No coincidence with Moses date 1492 BC either; this date is critical because it was at the end of the Hyksos (Amalekites are Edomites/Ishmaelites) Era, Moses was raised up.
  9. WWI began in 1914 on 9 Av; the Nazi build-up planned in advance by 330 Masons Albert Pike and Giuseppe Mazzini
  10. WWII began in 1939 on 9 Av; ever wonder where Hitler got the incredible sums of money, steel and aluminum to build the Nazi War machine? Hint: Prescott Bush and George Romney are 2 names that should ring a 23 tonne Bell. Again, WWII was planned in advance as recorded by Albert Pike on 15 Aug 1871
  11. Mass deportations of real Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto initiated the Holocaust on 9 Av 1942. 6 million God fearing Jews who rejected Rothschild’s British version of Israel and the Zionist Star of Molech were gassed, burned or shot. Dwight Eisenhower gets a free pass in history for murdering 1.7 million German citizens after the war.
  12. George Bush Sr began with Gulf War I on 9 Av 1991 with “Shock and Awe”; a promise made via Iraq Ambassador April Glaspie to allow Carlyle Group business partner and fellow 330 Freemason Saddam Hussein to control the Kuwait Oil Fields; the oil is now being sent to Haifa, Israel; on 9/11/1991 Bush Sr aka “Magog” and the illegitimate son of British M-5 Agent Aleister Crowley “The Beast” made his famous “New World Order” speech; that year he also founded his “1000 pts of Light” foundation to vacuum up charitable donations destined for the Iraq people. Iraq is physical “Babylon”; “Operation Iraqi Freedom” hides the true meaning “Liberation of Babylon”; no wonder his son “Gog” started Gulf War II 9 years ago; “Operation New Dawn” is the name of the War today; pretty tough to figure out, the Red Dawn will Reveal the Dark Knight eh?
                                                             Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney laundered Iran-Contra drug profits through Bain Capital; today Mitt launders LIBOR Hedge Fund profits through the Cayman Is and Marvelous Investments, managed by John Kerry, George Bush Sr, Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney. Mitt is a world class criminal Money Launderer; insignificant as a person but representing "They", the builders of the Tower of Babel, the Akkadians "Gypsies" from the East. His primary advoser is also Barack Obama's, Henry Kissinger a world class mass murderer with a list of Masonic titles as long as your arm.
    "Control Oil, you control Nations. Control food, you control people" Mitt Romney advisor, International War Criminal, 330 Mason, Bilderberger, CFR Initiate Henry Kissinger7 Year Tribulation: There is only a 3 1/2 year Great Tribulation mentioned in scripture.
      Mitt Romney: Amalekite Hyksos "Foreign Shepherd King" of Egypt and Priest of On (Heliopolis) in one man claiming the office of Melchisedek "Priest-King-Judge". Gnostics refer to Molech or Melek (Iranian version Melek-Taus) as Lord and Zedek/Tsaddiq as Jupiter "King Star" hence "Melek-Tsaddiq" an Avatar of Set (Satan), High Priest, King, Warrior, Messiah and Judge rolled into one; Mitt is their man. "Because the LORD hath sworn that the LORD will have war with Amalek from generation to generation" Ex 17:16 Think Jews and Christians are done battling the Amalekites? Guess Again. Who are they? Baalam's "1st Nation", Ruthless, Tricksters, Tyrannical, Residents of Mecca, War Mongers. They have no fear of God because they believe they are gods.
       Mitt Romney began his criminal career at Bain Capital in 1977 when Monsanto and Bain teamed up to control the world's Food Supply through Genetically Modified Seeds and Glyphosphate "Round Up", a Class III toxin known to interfere with food starting bacteria and pollute ground water aquifers. A fortunate Vietnam Draft dererrment by the Mormon Church kept Mitt away from Monsanto's Agent Orange defoliant, responsible for a million deaths and birth defects. Mitt has enough Black Mail to form a Black Hole, he will stay in line toward war with Syria and Iran because he is the King of Iran-Contra Drug Money Laundering through Bain Capital; $Trillions of fake wealth were made and stashed in offshore tax havens at the astonishing rate of 173%/Yr over 10 years; that and his ineligibility to become President are his "Achilles Heel" aka "Blackmail".   
     Mitt believes Adam-ondi-Ahman "Land of God where Adam Dwelt" is in Jackson MS near the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers and that Noah's Ark carried survivors from there to the Gulf of Mexico and across the Atlantic; preposterious, but the Mormon "Gates of Hell" version of the Garden of Eden will be re-established there nonetheless.
      High level Secret Society Oaths made in Private to groups such as Jesuits, relieve the person of Oaths made in Public; essentially the person becomes a "Citizen of the World". This is why Mitt Romney listed USA as a "Foreign Nation" on his 2011 Federal Tax Return, filled out after he announced his candidacy for US President. Mitt considers himself a Foreigner, evidenced by his initiation in the Council on Foreign Relations and his Mormon "Oath of Vengeance" against America and the "Gentile Race". Mitt doesn't even consider himself part of the same "Race" as most people on earth. Deluded? Man has tried to become a God for 6000 years; This is nothing new!
      Romani Gypsies entered Sumeria "from the east" as Akkadians just after the Flood (2348 BC); in Sumerian language Akkad means Gypsy; Sargon of Akkad the first King of the World. Abram's day (b. 1960 BC) the land was called Ur of the Chaldees or for Celts in Wales "Culdees". Gypsy Priests "Konn-Torrs" (Priests of the Torriod) were known by their the more famous title "Chaldean Magi". Sargon the Great claimed the title "Sharru Kinu" (True King) as the Vernal Equinox Sun rose in Aries (Remember the Ram in the thicket as Abram was just about to sacrifice Isaac?) roughly 100 years after the Flood; he was pronounced "Sargon" (Legitimate King) by virtue of a mother termed a "Changeling", a Demon possessed Chaldean High Priestess (Temple Prostitute) of Babel (Babel means Gate of El "Elohim", On "Osiris", Marduk, Molech, Allah) presiding over "Sacred Marriages". Sargon the Great married his sister who became High Priestess in Nineveh, the first post flood city built by Shem's 2nd son Asshur. Notice Ashur was idolized as Assur; the missing "h" means he rejected God as did Hagar (Agar of Gal 4:25), Ismail (Iranian Shia "Twelvers") and Esau.
    Sargon the Great was an illegitimate heir to the Sumerian Kingdom of Ur as was Sargon II of Assyria, who in 722BC took the Assyrian throne, Assyria refers to Assur their King and National god (Chrysler uses the Winged Solar Disc and Archer as its logo); he is equivalent with Shamash the god of Hanukkah (Center candle is Shamash "Shining Lord"). Sargon II and his military commander "Tartan" (Tartan is Phoenician Cloth used by pagan "Scotti") made a treasonous pact with the Israelite Tribe of Ephraim and deported the northern 10 tribes enmasse, replacing "Israel" with a combination of mixed blood Samaritans, Babylonians, Canaanites, Cuthites, Medes listed in 2 Kings 17:30. He too was an illegitimate usurper given an air of legitimacy by Solar Priests of Harran (Abraham's elder brother) "Sabians of Harran" (Sabah means Sunrise; again, the missing "h" refers to people who ritually reject God) and Priests of Assur in Nineveh.
    Romani Gypsies became known as Chaldean Magi, Brahmins of India, Sabians of Harran, Medean Magi aka Priests of Zoroaster, Egyptian Priests of On (Ephraim's mother Asenath was the daughter of Canaanite priests of On), Phoenician Priests of Dagan (Catholic, Orthodox and Anglican clergy wear the Mitre of Dagan), Essenes of Qumran, Theraputae of Alexandria Egypt, Curetes (Priests of Cybele) and later Kabbalists in Turkey and Romania, Boii (Bohemians such as at Bohemian Grove today) Celtic Druids (Knowers of Trees), and Romanichal Kale (Kale means Black as in Light absorption aka God Particle or Black Holes etc) Gypsies in Wales. Mitt is a Chaldean Gypsy Usurper sworn in blood against America and Gentiles. make no mistake about this folks.
    Mitt Romney has the hallmarks (in my opinion) of being Sargon III. The Romney family begins in Cistercian Abbey of Dalton in Furness (Wales) at the grave of George Romney. Mormonism and especially Romney claims to be the "Sacred Bloodline of the Chosen Seed". Dalton aka Daltune in the "Doomsday Book" commissioned by Norman King William the Conqueror (Mitt's claimed ancestor allowed Amalekites posing as Jews aka Knights Templars to initiate Usury under Royal protection in 1066; they were expelled 1290 700 years before Bush Sr started the Gulf War) was a survey of all assets and land claimed by the Normans (North Men; God's Throne is in the North); for the sake of simplicity, the entire world west of Jerusalem "Occident"; the eastern land "Orient" is claimed by the counterparts of the Knights Templar "Assassins" who today follow a multi-billionaire named Agha Khan IV.
     Knights Templar were and still are Norman/Cistercian Order of Monks called "International Bankers", (Vikings, Cossacks, Corsairs, Pirates, Conquistadores etc) acquiring and consecrating the world's real estate and assets to "Sons of Israel", the band of Medes, Babylonians, Canaanites and mixed blood Samaritans (2 Kings 17:30) who replaced Israel in 722BC during the reign of Sargon "Legitimate King" II and Ephraim's Treason.
    Mitt Romney, a claimed Ephraimite has been told for 40 years he is "The One, Strong and Mighty" who will usher in the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ as one of his progeny "Holy Grail" bloodline. There is no Holy Grail or Royal Bloodline! King Arthur, Zedekiah's "Grail" line, the "Spear of Destiny", the "Stone of Scone" (Jacob's Pillow), Joseph of Arimathea's Crucifixion "Grail Cup", Mary Magdalene's "Sangreal" (Jesus Baby) is all fabricated nonsense! Mormo means "Gates of Hell", Mormon means "God of the Living Dead", the same meaning as "Babylon" (Gate of Osiris, On, Allah, El, Elohim, Marduk, Melek, Moloch) Romney is the Samaritan Melchizedek (Melek Zadok) Priest, the Tsaddiq "Righteous One" and "Chief Priest" of Moloch "Lord" who will usher in the Pale Horse. there is nobody on the planet who could fill this role better than Mitt Romney. Remember, Mormons claim the lineage of Joseph whose wife was the daughter of the Chief Priest of On "Heliopolis" Asenath.
     This Knight Templar "Red Cross" is paired with Paul Ryan a Knight of Malta "Black Cross" (Knight of St John of Jerusalem, Malta, Cypress and Rhodes) aka "Hospitaller". SMOM "Sovereign Military Order of Malta" are sworn to serve a man called the Black Pope aka Jesuit General. Jesuits were and still are the Militia of Zeus and Minerva". Capitol means "Womb of Zeus" and Minerva (Athena) stands on top facing East tower the Rising Sun with her back toward the Nation. Austerity means "To Shine", so does "Lucifer"; these men are his "Light Bearers".
  • Rapture of the Christian Church: Rapture is a Lie. Body Translation of followers of Jesus Christ occurs at the 7th Trumplet on the Last Day of the Age of Grace.
  • Israel Peace Treaty:  Peace and Security precede  Great Tribulation not a 7 yr Tribulaltion. Palestine achieving UN non-member observer status on 11/29/12 is a prelude.
  • 70 Weeks: 490 Days is not 490 "Weeks of Years". 70 Weeks is the 490 day period before the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ. The last week of that period is the "Covenant with many"; in the middle of that week, Satan will end the Peace and kill God's 2 Witnesses making the world "Desolate". 3 days later, the 2 Witnesses will rise at the "Wedding of the Lamb". This is the most Privately Interpreted Scripture in the Bible. Read what it says!
  • 2300 days: There is no 7 yr Tribulation, only a 2300 day period; 1040 days for the 7 Seals and 1260 days for the 7 Trumpets. 2300 Days is not 2300 years!

Political Zionism versus Islam
The major players facilitating WWIII are Amalekite and Chaldean bound up in the European Union, recipient of the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize, meeting Dec 10-16, 2012 is symbolized by a building reflecting the Un-finished Tower of Babel as painted by Rosicrucian Alchemist Pieter Brueghel the Elder in 1563. It comes complete with a Woman Riding the Beast statue out front, the Whore of Babylon as its Logo and a missing seat #666. Bee Careful! This is not MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT... of Rev 17!!
  WWIII is the fake "Gog and Magog"
Eze 38:1-6; The Syria invasion will prompt Russia from the north through Syria; the Mali invasion will start the push from Ethiopia and Libya; Iran, impersonating Persia from the East. Gnostics do not believe anything written by Jesus Christ and therefore disregard Rev 20:8.
The Assyrian "Church of the East" and Chaldean Church are headquartered primarily in Detroit and Chicago with a sizable influx from Mexico from the Spanish (Sephardic) Conquest. There are 313 ! in the Authorized Bible (KJV); Detroit where Mitt Romney, a Chaldean Kale (Swarthy or Black) Gypsy was born is Area Code 313; America may not survive a Romney Presidency. Like Sargon of Akkad (Gypsy) or Sargon of Assyria, Mitt is a Foreign Usurper sworn to end US Sovereignty (CFR) and exact revenge on America for the death of the Mormon prophets Joseph and Hyrum Smith. America is to be declared "Babylon"; the last ! describes Babylon made "Desolate" in 1 hour because of her costliness in Rev 18:19. Chaldeans will copy this with WWIII. The Alternative Messiah will emerge from WWIII and the ashes of America aka "New Atlantis". 
    Islam is also Chaldean; Neo-Babylon was a "Chaldean Dynasty"; the modern day facilitators of WWIII are Shia "Twelvers" ushering the occulted 12th Imam "al-Mahdi". Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani in Najaf "Babylon" (Nebuchadnezzar's "Hanging Gardens") was made Grand Ayatollah after the 1991 Iraq War by Bush Sr and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Tehran, Iran from the 2003 Iraq War by Bush Jr; the missing $20Billion from the 2003 invasion finances Shia training schools. Twelver Shias are joined by the Chaldean Patriarch of Babylon Mar Raphael I Bidawid from Baghdad's "Green Zone".
      Mormon means "Gates of Hell"; Mormo an infernal name of Satan. Pey Heylel a Mormon praise of "Marvelous Lucifer" meaning Crescent "Hilal". Muslims and Mormons are both Monotheist Churches denying the Divinity of Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost;  Riders of the Pale Horse "Death" if you will. Mormons believe they are the restoration of Israel; read 2 Kings 17:30-31 and Israel well be seen as a Sephardic fallacy. Adam-ondi-Ahman "Land of God where Adam dwelt" in Jackson MS is the Mormon Garden of Eden; Noah's Ark having floated the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico and across the Atlantic. When barge traffic stops and the Straits of Hormuz in Iran close, America will cease to exist economically and be declared "Babylon" of Rev 18. Up next will be a Mormon/Islamic Messiah "al-Mahdi" meaning "He who Rises".
    There is no way out Physically; there is however a way out Spiritually through a 1 on 1 relationship with Jesus Christ. Is a few moments of your time in a Prayer Closet (Alone with God) worth Eternity?
       Rev 11:1  and Eze 37:16 is just ahead, the start of the "Great Tribulation"; you can choose to be Judged by Jesus Christ, with the Stick of Judah or by an Alternative Christ with the Stick of Joseph and Ephraim, but not both. Time to choose!

                                         Signs in plain sight
   21 is the "Age of Accountability"; 21 years ago 330 Luciferian Mason, Skull & Bones, Knight of Malta, Bilderberg, CFR traitor Bush Sr "Magog" (Skull & Bones initiation name) chose Purim (Purim is an Assyrian/Edomite "Holy Day" meaning Crush or Bring to Naught; it also means "Cast Lots for Marduk"; it is not Jewish in the slightest) for the Slaughter on Hwy 8 "Highway of Death" after the Cease Fire in Gulf War I. 10 years ago, Bush Jr "Gog" (His Skull & Bones name was also used by the Sanhedrin and Temple Mount faithful on 1/8/2008 for the Megillat Bush "Scroll of Bush" to proclaim him "Gog, Chief Prince of Meshech and Tubal" He is neither and Gog and Magog is a gathering around Jerusalem over 1000 years from now) chose Purim for "Shock and Awe". The term comes from "Shekinah" meaning "Flaming Sword" in Kabbalah. This started the ongoing Gulf War II. Both attacks used Depleted Uranium munitions now killing the 2nd generation of Gulf War Vets as well as people living in Iraq; an indiscriminate "Slaughter of Innocents". The most famous "Slaughter if Innocents" also occurred in the Spring of 4 BC when Edomite King (Edom like Adam means "Red") Herod the Great ordered the "Slaughter of Innocents"; God killed him immediately afterward.
    Adam Lanza (Adam means Red or Fair; Lanza means Throw, Cast, Sling, Shoot or Launch a Spear, Lance or Pole) allegedly used a Bushmaster .223 at Sandy Hook (Joker's Card) Elementary, a K-4 school; the 20 children allegedly killed were under 10. Peter Lanza as with alleged Aurora CO shooter James Holmes' father Robert are integral to LIBOR. Feb 23, 2013 is Purim ie 2/23, a likely start date for WWIII "Zionism versus Islam"?
    On 1/7 the US Debt Limit of $16.4 Trillion was reached; Congress will default between Valentine's Day and Mar 1. Purim is 2/23. Joe Biden promised Gun Control Legislation will be passed by Feb 1. A gun round-up coupled with bouncing Social Security checks and refusal of Medicare payments sounds like pre-planned Chaos.
     The Bushmaster Logo is the Coiled Snake used by the Tea Party (Tea refers to the Sacred Tau, aka Cross of Tammuz or Egyptian Ankh) and on the second flag of the United States. "Don't tread on me" refers to Serpent meaning to Creep; the word also means "To Curse"; the "Serpent's Curse" was to Creep, from where? The Evergreen Tree, used on the 1st Flag of the United States. The 3rd Flag was designed by 330 Mason John Ross, 3rd husband of Betsy Ross; the flag featured 13 Stars in a Circle. 330 Mason, Rosicrucian Astrologer Ben Franklin then used the 13 Colonies entwined by the Serpent on a map with the slogan "Join or Die". Thanks Ben but I've made my decision to die rather than be joined to the Serpent! Another word for the Serpent is "Alah".
   330 Luciferian Mason, Skull & Bones, Knight of Malta, Bilderberg, CFR traitor John Kerry (nee Samartian Kohen) is blocking meaningful testimony on Benghazi (an Al Qaeda weapons running and training Black Op; Benghazi is the biblical Cyrennaica aka "Synagogue of the Libertines") and the LIBOR (London Inter-bank Offered Rate; Romans called Dionysus/Bacchus "Liber") Interest Rate fixing scandal. Why? Marvelous Investments manages LIBOR Hedge Fund profits in accounts 75% owned by Mitt Romney (Romanichal are Welsh Kale Romani Gypsies) at the National Bank of the Cayman (Cayman means Reptile or Snake) Is. Hillary Cliinton (nee Rodenhurst) will not testify because she like Bush Sr (nee Scherff) are directors. 
   Mormo is listed by Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey (nee Levey) as an Infernal name of Satan; Mormo also means "King of the Ghouls" and "God of the Living Dead"; followers of Mormo are Mormons which in Chinese means "Gates of Hell". Babylon means Gates of Osiris, Allah, Marduk as well. Mormon apostles falsely claim descent from the Israelite Tribe of Dan "Judge"; their Flag (Ensign)? The Serpent/Snake. Cretans admitted to Titus they were Liars, Evil Beasts and Slow Bellies" Now can you see what "Slow Belly" means?
    Folks, I would not wait until Purim 2013 to establish a 1 on 1 personal Covenant and Relationship with Jesus Christ! 

Daily Updates





                    "I loved Jacob, and I hated Esau" Mal 1:2-3; Rom 9:13
Israel begins Purim and Iran begins "Great Prophet 8"; fittingly the "Republican Guard" aka "Quds Force" aka "Jerusalem Force" claimed to have hacked and brought down a Drone---Again. In case you were wondering, Iran is Medean, not Persian and Israel is not Jewish in any sense of the word (ref Amos 7:2-3;5-6). The Persia of Cyrus the Great is long gone; replaced by a band of Masonic misfits much like Israel, Britain and the US. Ashkenazis descend from Japheth; Mizrahis from Ham and Sephardics from Babylonians, Canaanites and Medeans; Funny eh? Israel is not even Semitic. For that matter, neither are Rabbis, the Talmud, the Zohar, Kaballah or the Six Pointed Star of Molech and Chiun. Don't get mad, seek the truth. Revenge? Perfection? God has never required Revenge or Perfection only a Relationship! Esau sold his inheritance of God for a bowl of beans; Jacob valued God's inheritance so much he battled Esau in the womb, traded for it and impersonated Esau for his father's blessing; Isaac may have been fooled but God was not. Think you can spot a Jewish person? How about an Israelite? Think you can tell the Alternative Messiah from Jesus Christ? It's all in your Baptism. If you were dunked in Water by a Priest, you may want to seek out a Baptism of Fire and the Holy Ghost from Jesus Christ!
Haman's (Tumult; Riot) decree went out 13 Abib/Nisan, the equivalent date of the Last Supper and Judas Iscariot betraying Jesus and accepting Satan. Jesus dipped (Bapto=Baptize) the bread and Judas took it in an unworthy condition; he thus became guilty of the Crucifixion as Paul later explaiined in 1 Cor 11:27-29. Today, we see this same Tumult in the expression "Order out of Chaos". Whether the "Man of Sin" will be revealed on 13 Abib 2013 remains to be seen but if so, 2013  will be a year of Chaos.
   Purim is 13 Adar, the 13th day of the 12th month; according to Haman's Horoscope (Pur) this was Esther and Mordechai’s lucky day to reverse fortunes and exact revenge on the Edomites; Haman and his 10 sons were made a Curse by being hung on the Gallows and 50,000 "Jewish Enemies" were disposed of. God says "Vengeance is mine"; this was Man's idea.
    The equivalent day on the Gregorian Calendar is St Lucia Day "Bride of Light or Lucifer" on  Dec 13; recall Adam Lanza "Red Spear" and Sandy Hook "Joker Card" with the mysterious Bushmaster .223 (Purim is 2/23) followed. Puru means
"Crush, Bring to Naught, Destroy or Draw lots for Marduk". A Jewish Holy Day? Hardly; Esther and Song of Solomon (the Masonic Ideal) do not mention the word God; strange for a Book that is God in Written form (Jn 1:1; 1 Jn 5:7) eh?
       On Purim, Hollywood (Holy Wood of Adonis) will hand out Oscars "God's Spear" and give a 50 year Tribute to James Bond; "007" (the moniker was 1st used by Rosicrucian John Dee) had a "License to Kill" given by the British (B'Rith-ish means Birthright Covenant) Queen who 60 years ago proclaimed herself "Queen of thy people; Queen of Jerusalem"; Jewish? No, Edomite. The movie Skyfall was essentially a Death/Re-birth of "007" covering the last 50 years; M and Q died and were replaced, but "007" continued on. The Gnostic scroll 11Q13 declares "After 10 Jubilees, Prince Melchisedek will be revealed"; the Man of Sin will be a false Melchisidek "King of Jerusalem" and "Priest of the Most High"; whether 2013 is the year remains to be seen but for the Roman Catholic (Universal) Church, 1513 was a pivotal year with the election of Pope Leo X "What profit has not that fable of Jesus Christ brought us" By the way, he was a Black Nobility Jesuit aka Militia of Zeus and Minerva; on the Protestant side was Black Cloistered Rosicrucian Monk Martin Luther. Folks, the only way out is the way Jesus taught. "Love God" "Love our Neighbor" and Purim is definitely not part of that commandment!
      Every 49 years a Jubilee Year follows with a reversal of fortune, cancelling of Debt etc. In Gen 27:39-41KJV Esau is prophesied to obtain "Dominion" (Sovereign Authority to Rule); his stated intent is to kill his brother Jacob who Usurped his Birthright; Jacob represents not only the 12 Tribes descended from his sons whom God scattered across the world, but all Born Again Christian followers of Jesus Christ. folks, the world is about to be turned into a giant "Killing Field". Time to decide how much your Birthright Covenant with God is worth and get right with Jesus Christ! Esau sold his for a bowl of Beans.  
       Esther concerns Judah in Persian captivity after the decree by Cyrus the Great allowing Jews to return to Jerusalem and after Daniel wrote the the "70 Weeks" prophecy in Dan 9:24-27. What year did the 490 year prophecy begin? Did it extend to the birth or Crucifixion of Jesus Christ? Who cares, the prophecy says 70 Weeks meaning 490 Days; the last 490 Days before the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ. The bible is a book of God's plan of Redemption; Jews in Esther's that chose to remain in captivity thought they had a better plan than God in the casting of Lots for Marduk. Before trying to understand Purim, read Obadiah; God will destroy Edom not Man. 

      33 years ago, coincident with 330 Mason, CFR, Bilderberg, Bohemian Grove, Skull & Bones Satanist George Bush Sr taking the 2nd seat in the White House, Iran’s “Green Revolution” installed the Masonically trained Messianic Shia “Twelver”, Ayathollah Khomeini and the US CIA installed its own Masonic puppet Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Saddam, George Bush and the bin Laden family were business partners in the largest Private Equity military profiteering vehicle “Carlyle Group”. The Iran-Contra drugs for weapons pipeline, a US Crack epidemic and the genocidal Iran-Iraq War ensued. Covert weapons were brokered by Mormon Church business partner and Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi with the enormous profits (175%/Yr) laundered by Mitt Romney and Bain Capital. Drugs were funneled into America by Mitt Romney’s Sinaloa Drug Cartel and 330 DeMolay Mason Gov Bill Clinton.
      On Purim 1991, the 100 Hour War aka Highway of Death slaughter began;  a 48 hr ultimatum to Saddam Hussein over Purim ended Gulf War I with the death of 150,000 Iraqi's who had accepted terms of Truce and were flying a White Flag. Hwy 80 also happened to be the location Daniel was given his vision of the end of days by Jesus Christ and Angel Gabriel on the banks of the river Ulai. Not coincidentally, Dan 12:13 is the end.
    Purim 1994: Cave of the Patriarchs Massacre at the Mosque of Abraham in Hebron by Baruch Goldstein; can't get a more Jewish name than that eh? This particular Purim was also coincident with Ramadan. Goldstein was anything but Jewish; a patsy used by Meir Kahane, founder of the Kach Movement "This is the way". Killing Palestinians and blaming Jews for it is not the way. Jesus is Jewish; He says Love God; Love our Neighbor; Purim is Vengeance and no it’s not Jewish. God says "Vengeance is Mine".
     Purim 2003: "Shock and Awe": Shekinah means "Presence of the Deity". In Kaballah Shekina is symbolized by the Lightning Bolt. Tomahawk Cruise Missiles rained down on Baghdad after Saddam Hussein is falsely accused of having involvement with 9/11/2001, harboring Al-Qaeda and manufacturing WMD’s. Saddam claimed to be a Baathist Sunni Muslim. Baath means Renaissance or Re-Birth; Saddam even believed himself to be a re-incarnation of Nebuchadnezzar whose “Hanging Gardens” were built just south of Baghdad. Re-birth of what? Babylon “Gate of the gods” of course.

    FBI Director Robert Mueller, VP Dick Cheney and Sec of Def don Rumsfeld have all stated no proof exists Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden had any involvement with 9/11/2001.
     On Purim 2008 Sichuan China was hit with a 7.8 Scalar EM caused Earthquake; NPR pre-positioned reporters in the remote area; nice planning eh?
     On Purim 2010 Concepcion Chile is hit with an 8.8 Scalar EM caused Earthquake; Concepcion has a Twin City "Bethlehem" What? Didn't think we would notice?
    On Purim 2011 the Libyan War began on a Super Moon with 160 Tomahawk Cruise missiles raining down on Tripoli; Jesuit John Boehner recessed Congress just before the attack; Hillary Clinton watched the carnage from Champs Elysee with Nicholas Sarkozy and Obama was on vacation in Brazil.The illegal war violated the War Powers Act and has still not been authorized by Congress. The Central Bank of Benghazi was set up in the first 2 weeks; Qadaffi, a Shia Ismaeli of Berber descent cooperated with the Shia "Twelver" plan to reveal the occulted Imam "al-Mahdi". Benghazi is the biblical Cyrennaica; it was used and still is used to fund, arm and train “Freedom Fighters” for Wars in Mali and Syria.
     On Purim 2012, 2012 The FBI shut down Rogue DNS Servers corrupted with DNSChanger Trojan; a system Reboot? Calling these "Rogue" is a familiar term to "Rogue" dictators like Saddam Hussein, Muammar Qadaffi, Hosni Mubarak, Bashar al-Assad, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. What they all have in common is a partnership with the US Government.

      Sandy Hook Elementary was not a functioning school; footage of a pre-planned Drill was shown from a school nearby as Adam Lanza “Red Spear” and a mythical Bushmaster .223 “Assault Rifle” became “Scapegoats” for an elaborate Hoax. Purim 2013 is 2/23, the mirror image of 322 used in Skull & Bones and a reference to Gen 2:23 when “Woman” was created from “Man”. What will or won’t happen tomorrow is anyone’s guess, but Purim sure has a track record in Babylon.
  In 2007 Gen. Wes Clark said the 5 year plan was to invade 7 nations in 5 years; Iran and Syria are the final 2 on his list.


     Talmudic Rabbis open Synagogue on Purim with “The Unity we achieve this year should last us until the next Purim” Unity such as the murder of 150,000 Iraqi’s on Hwy 80 and Hwy 8 (Kuwait-Basra) on Mar 19, 1991 with  Hypobaric Fuel-Air and Cluster munitions after Gulf War I; the Unity of the ongoing murder of 1 million Iraqis with depleted uranium tipped Tomahawk Cruise missiles on Mar 19, 2003 to start Gulf War II; the Unity of firing 160 Depleted Uranium tipped Tomahawk Cruise missiles into Tripoli and destroying the GMMR (Great Man-Made River Project) in Libya on Mar 19, 2011.

      Purim means “Cast lots for Marduk” the Akkadian sun-god. It is a celebration of victory for Esau over Jacob therefore it is referred to as the Red Race victorious over the sons of the Almond Tree; almond referring to the 7 branched candlestick God instructed Moses to construct and Aaron’s Rod of authority that defeated Pharaohs’ magicians.

      Purim is an Arab Holy Day not an Israelite one; a reversal of Esau and Jacob as revenge for Jacob’s impersonation of Esau to obtain his blessing; if Isaac was fooled, God was not! Purim, like the Hindu Huli festival associated with Krishna is a reversal of God and Satan; Jacob and Esau.

    Purim comes from one of 2 books in scripture (Song of Solomon and Esther) where God is not mentioned; in other words it is Man’s idea not God’s. King Solomon the wisest and richest man venerated as a god in Freemasonry and Esther, the quintessential goddess of Witchcraft and Kaballah.

     Haman, the Agagite ie Edomite hatched a plan to have Persians murder Jews in Sushan (Susa is 120 miles east of Basra) which backfires on the Edomites. To recap, Zedekiah does evil in sight of the LORD; he and his sons are killed by Nebuchadnezzar; his grandson Belshazzar summons Chaldean (Mede Magi) Sorcerers to read the “Writing on the Wall” as Mede-Persians took over Babylon (60 miles south of Baghdad). Cyrus decrees Jews return to Jerusalem to rebuild the Temple; thus begins the religion of the 2nd Temple period; what Zorobbabel did, became corrupted by Kaballah, Zohar, Macabbees, Hasmoneans, Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes, Theraputae (Alexandrian Gnostics also called the Society of Ormus) and the Herodian Edomites. Purim and Hanukkah are part of the added Satanic Holy Days to God’s Calendar. Easter, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Succoth-benoth are likewise corruptions of God’s Holy Feasts of Passover, Unleavened Bread, First Fruits, Trumpets, Atonement and Tabernacles.

     Gulf War I, and II featured a strategy called “Shock and Awe”; Shekhina means Flaming Sword or Divine Presence in Kaballah, which itself is derived from Ka’aba the sacred enclosure in Mecca for the Black Stone; Mecca is derived from Adultery and Quyrash the tribe of Mecca Muhammad descended from, stems from Korah and the rebel priests in Moses’ Day.

     36 “Masters of the good name” essentially support the world until the awaited Messiah comes, called Tzadikim “Righteous Ones” or Nistarim “Concealed Ones”. Al-Mahdi is the concealed or occulted Messiah referred to here, not God. When God is finally rejected (Rev 6:14), the Tzakikim will serve as Judges of Noachide Law to make the “Brides of Lucifer” ready. Under this Law, like Islamic “Sharia Law”, worship of Jesus Christ is punishable by death.

     Abram met Melchizedek who then became Abraham. Melchisedek is the authority of King David, and the Melchizedek Priesthood is the New Covenant of Jesus Christ. Met any Rabbis who believe Melchisedek is Jesus Christ? How about any “Christian” Pastors? Didn’t think so.

      Jesus Christ is Alpha and Omega, the Tree of Life and Melchisedek (King of Jerusalem and Priest of the Most High). His Holy Days are Passover, Unleavened Bread, First Fruits, Pentecost, Trumpets, Atonement and Tabernacles. Purim is not one of His Holy Days and Revenge is His job not ours!  

                          Ash Wednesday
     Worship of Tammuz was the reason the glory of the LORD departed Solomon's Temple;Tammuz means "Purify by Fire"; ashen "T's" on a billion foreheads are in honor of Tammuz, not Jesus Christ. The Cross? The world's oldest pagan symbol of the Babylonian Divine Son "Tammuz". To keep this clear, the word Babylon means "Gate of the gods"; specifically On-Osiris; El-Elohim; Ilu-Marduk aka Allah, which god defines as the "Man of Sin". There are 2 paths; the Narrow, Spiritual path through Jesus Christ and the Wide, Physical (Mammon) path which rejects Him.
    On Ash Wednesday 1945, Dresden Germany was needlessly firebombed, killing 300,000 German civilians on orders from Dwight Eisenhower; bad? He also starved over 1 million German citizens to death after the war. Dresden was the seat of the Saxon Kings; fittingly Anglo-Saxon "Anglican" Church will enthrone a man in Commmunion with most all Pagan religions on 3/20; for 9/11 Trivia buffs, Saxons killed 360 Briton Noblemen with "Seaxe" (Saxon=Seaxe) knives on 9/11/472 and Briton has been controlled by Vikings and Normans ever since. Meanwhile, in Japan, a 5 month firebombing campaign purified the "Land of the Rising Sun" in preparation for America's use of Atomic weapons on innocent civilians.
    On Carnivale, Christopher Dorner was burned alive, oops, I mean he shot himself in the head and then burned himself in a Big Bear cabin; cries for the use of police Drones to search and destroy dangerous, military trained soldiers like Dorner rang out; on cue Masonic traitor Rand Paul says he will hold up the nomination of CIA Chief John Brennan until the issue of domestic drone use on civilians is resolved. Rand knows the Posse Comitatus Act prohibits the military from taking action against its own civilians; he likely also knows John Brennan converted to the Wahhabist brand of Islam in Saudi Arabia and is fine with Obama bowing to King Abdullah. (Abdullah means Servant of Allah and Allah is the Akkadian moon god Sin). The proof Dormer was actually in the cabin? The only thing remaining in the charred remains was his wallet and ID; Odd? Sure, like finding a paper passport in the melting metal rubble of the Twin Towers on 9/11/2001 by Rudy Guiliani's limo driver and Taser Int'l millionaire Bernard Kerik. Folks, please don't be duped by this garbage,  it's all part of the 3rd Act of Chaldean Magick "Prestige"
    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Sabourjian is a surname of Jews held in Persian captivity) is a "Shia Twelver" waiting the arrival of the "Man of Sin" as is Benjamin Netanyahu; both have stated this to the UN Assembly. He was one of the captors holding 52 hostages in 1979 in Tehran; take a look at his new Stealth Fighter "Q-313" and you will see a 2/3 scale plastic model of what looks like a Star Trek, Romulun "Bird of Prey". Iran and the US CIA working together? You bet.
    On Ash Wednesday 2011, a Scalar EM wave began off the coast of Sendei Japan, leading to the earthquake and intentional shutdown of reactor coolant; MOX (Mixed Uranium/Plutonium) Fuel melted, a fire erupted, and Sea Water was poured in, forming a 2 year continuous stream of Radioactive "Bucky Balls" floating in a planned "Neutrally Buoyant" state, delivering death and destruction throughout the Pacific Ocean as radioactive debris is continually burned, liberating radiation into the Pacific Jet Stream. Sick? Jesus said unless He cut short the days we are in now, "No Flesh would remain". Remember Prince? He changed his name to the symbol of Tammuz and sang "Purple Rain" at the Superbowl when Obama (Bari Malik Shabazz) took office.
    Purple Rain is the Uranium haze which has covered the northern hemisphere from the use of Depleted Uranium in the Middle East. Bari=Boat or Barque; Malik=Lord Molech/Marduk; Shabazz means "Royal Falcon", "Wilderness Goat" or "First Race". The video My Pet Goat illustrates the period we are in currently. George Bush is in league with Barack Obama, Osama bin Laden a Dervish (Stanford University professor Ibn Sayyid Qutb created this myth; Qutb is a "Whirling Dervish" aka Sufi word meaning "World Pillar") fiction and the goal, a Solar Boat (Barque) ushering in the Solar Christ (Tammuz). Notice his feet are on Fire; Tammuz means "Purify by Fire". How's that Alicia Keys song sound now?
    Carnival "Triumph" lost all engine and electrical power due a fire; sure thing, just like Carnivale "Costa Concordia" (In league with Emperor Constantine) with 13 decks named after EU Nations was an accident. Carnivale is the Bacchanalia/Dionysus Ritual associated with Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras)-Ash Wednesday-Lent. Triumph of Tammuz is meant here. Refer back to Iran (Aryan Noble Caste) and the Q-313 Stealth Fighter, or rather, fiberglass model; Q means "Source" in Germanic language. Japheth was the Aryan "First Race" to exit the Ark after the Flood; in Gen 9:27 we read that Japheth lives in Shem's tents; let's just call them what they are "Fake Semites" and remember, Arab Muslims (Twelvers), Persians (Zoroastrians), Turks (Lud) and Syrians (Aramaeans) are battling this same "Semitic" deception. I suggest getting right with the true Semite Jesus Christ and let Him sort all this out.
   Qaher means "Triumphant/Victorious" in Persian; 313 refers to Islam's first battle in 313 AD, the 313 ! found in the Authorized Bible and the 313 devout followers of Shia Twelver Islam needed for the occulted Imam "al-Mahdi" to be revealed; he is the "Man of Sin" aka "Beast rising from the Sea" by the way; "al-Mahdi" means "He who Rises".
    Folks, I'm trying to light a fire under you to accept Jesus Christ and drop the Tammuz lies, including Easter, Christmas, Carnivale, Valentines Day and Lent. It is way late in the game, but there is still time to become "Holy" and "Separate" from all this. "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust" is not in scripture; God used the dust of the Earth to form Adam, but without a Soul and the Spirit of God (Holy Ghost), man is lost for eternity. Pretty big risk not to spend 2 minutes with God in your Prayer Closet isn't it?

                         Sympathy for the Devil

      A Mercedes Benz commercial premiering in New Orleans at the Superbowl seems rather prophetic, declaring "Something powerful is coming Feb 3". Feb 2 is Imbolg "In the belly", some 6 weeks (a woman is considered unclean 6 weeks after delivery) after Yule, the birth of the Solar god Mithras, Sol Invictus etc.  Madonna officially changed her name to Esther; last year she declared the Superbowl "America's Holy of Holies" and performed all 7 acts of Ishtar's (Esther) Descent into Hell during the Halftime show. Purim on Feb 23-24 is the Babylonian Holy Day created by Esther. Probably coincidence slaughters in Gulf Wars 1 and II occurred on Purim by Bush Sr and Bush Jr and a Bushmaster 223 was the Scapegoat weapon for gun control followng Sandy Hook eh? NOT! 330 Sodomite Mason Clint Eastwood said "This is America's Halftime" and later spoke to Obama in an Empty Chair at the National Convention; a Harbinger of things to come?
      John and Jim Harbaugh are coaches of the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers; the 1st time Brother against Brother as coaches in the NFL much less the Superbowl has occurred has the same theme as the Civil War. Worth noting is Tsar Alexander of Russia blockaded San Francisco on behalf of Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War.
     The showdown was decided Jan 20, 2013 on Inauguration Day. Quick review: 12/21/2012 the Stars "Inaugurated" the New Age of Aquarius; Jan 11, 2013 the New Moon "Inaugurated" the New Age; Jan 20, 2013, the Sun "Inaugurated" the New Age and on 3/21/2013, the Zoroastrian New Year will begin as the Sun rises in Aries. Obama's Inauguration speech, the themes "Perpetual War", "Flames of Battle" and "Strength of Arms" came through.
       Sargon the Great of Akkad (Don't hold me to this, but Akkad means Gypsy; my best guess for Sargon III is still Mitt Romney as improbable as that may seem now; he is a Welsh Romanichal Gypsy, Gun Runner, Sinaloa Drug Cartel money launderer and Mormon Melchisedek Priest with a genealogy going back to Norman William the Conqueror) had a similar "Inauguration" shortly after the Flood as Aries replaced Taurus; today Aquarius replaces Pisces as the age of the Earth approaches 6000 years. "As the days of Noe were so shall also the coming of the Son of man be..." Mat 24:37 What were the days like? "The wickedness of man was great on the earth..." Rev 6:5 The Raven didn't come back to the Ark because there was death to feed on; the Dove came back as no life had returned to the earth; the Raven then became a symbol of the Battlefield, Death and War in Celtic, Welsh, Norse and Viking culture; the fields of lost Souls. They were often seen gathering around the Gallows or Groves; hanging a person on a Tree, Gallows or Gibbet places a Curse on them. The Raven was associated with the Norse Odin and  Gaelic Bran meaning both Abraham and Raven. In the Omen movies Damien is guarded by Ravens until he was ready to be revealed. To be clear here, I am in no way saying Obama is the Alternative Messiah, despite the current Newsweek Magazine cover proclaiming Obama's "Second Coming". Newsweek previously posted Obama in its cover with a Rainbow Halo and "First Jewish President"; Is he Jewish? Obama is the LGBT Messiah, but not much else.
     In Bird symbology, the Falcon symbolizes Horus; in Persian (Farsi) Obama means "He is with us"; Who is he? My best guess is the illegitimate son of Malcolm X and Betty Shabazz; like father like son, his name is Bari Malik Shabazz where Shabazz refers to the "First Race" and is symbolized by the Royal Falcon. Probably just coincidence the Patriots and Atlanta (Atlantis) Falcons lost eh? Gun control has a nasty habit of neutering Patriotism.
     Avis=Bird; Garrire-To Speak "Inaugurare" means "Install an official after consultation with Augurs" Augurs "Read Omens" and determined the appropriate time for the Inauguration on the flight or entrails or songs of Birds; this came to be called "Language of Birds". Recall Obama's mantra "Yes We Can"; because it means "Thank You Satan". The 2 Bibles used in the Obama "Inauguration" belonged to Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, both slain during times of "Civil Unrest".  Is it coincidence States are talking of Secession from the Union as they were in 1861? An interesting thing happened on Jan 20 in Australia as Tropical Cyclone Oswald hit Queensland. Oswald of course was the Scapegoat used in the assassination of JFK. What say the Augurs? God describes Angels in league with Satan as birds. In Rev 18 Babylon falls and is described as a "prison of every unclean bird". Is America "Babylon" of Rev 18? Absolutely NOT! America will however be the Scapegoat for "Babylon".   Now let's look at the Mercedes commercial trailer and 3/20 appearing from the Flames.
       Mar 21, 2013  is 700 years after the last Knight Templar Grand Master Jacques DeMolay was burned at the Stake. Nowruz is called "New Light", the Medean/Zoroastrian "New Year" will officially begin the "New Age" with the Sun rising in Aries. 3/21 is Ostara (Eostre), and the Resurrection day of Attis, Mithras and Sol as well. On this day, the shadow of the Feathered Serpent Quetzalcoatl (aka Kukulkan or Viracocha) will descend the steps of the Chitzen Itza Pyramid, simultaneously, the Anglican Church will enthrone a New Archbishop of Canterbury, the Right Reverend Justin Welby. Female Bishops, Homosexual Marriage, teachings on Evolution, Sharia law, Noahide Law (Beth Din) will ensue. Fire is the symbol of Nowruz, you can see a reference to it in this Mercedes(Mercedes means "Mary of Mercies") Benz commercial 
     First, note that Dodge/Chrysler owns Mercedes Benz, a Nazi company denoting Wealth and Luxury. Mercedes means "Mary of Mercies"; their logo is the "Triquetra" used in Druid Rituals, Celtic Runes, Gothic Coinage, Gothic Magick Rituals and Gothic Cathedrals. The Triquetra is also on the cover of the New King James Bible; we saw that false bible featured in the movie Book of Eli. Got a real King James bible? Hang on to it. the Triquetra was also used on the New Age Book Aquarian Conspiracy. The Chrysler Logo that of the Assyrian Church and Assur, the winged archer and solar disc used in Nineveh. Dodge cleverly hides the Goat known as "Baphomet",  "Goat of Mendes", "Azazel" (Wilderness Goat) or "Uncle Sam" (Samaritans pretend to be Christian, Muslim and Jewish). America is about to become Wilderness folks!
     The American Diner in the Mercedes commercial is the Napoleon House in the French Quarter of New Orleans. The primary battle of the War of 1812 was fought there in defense of a divided United States by 330 Mason Andrew Jackson. Napoleon a Rothschild lackey made the Masonic "Hidden Hand" sign of Jabulon popular, which was later used by Karl Marx. Diners are generally a symbol of American optimism; the first Railroad Dining Cars were often used by the Elite to slaughter the food (Buffalo) of American Indians; the Trans-continental Railroad joined in the Mormon "Zion" with the Golden Spike between the Engines "Jupiter" and "#119". The series Wild Wild West refers to the West, called Calneh or Amurru in the days of Nineveh and the Tower of Babel; Mormon Secret Agent (Dannite/Avenging Angel) James West actually worked for Brigham Young, President of the Mormon Church, not the President of the US. The Black Doberman out front of the Diner signals the presence of the Devil as the Jukebox starts playing Sympathy for the Devil. Notice in the commercial, the 13 burns to leave 3/20 behind. A signal? We'll soon find out. First, a look at the union of the Germanic, Pagan Angles and Saxon tribes that formed the Church of England. Take note that on 9/11/472 Saxons stole Britain through deceit and on 9/11/1835 the Mormon Avenging Angels murdered the Fancher-baker Party through deceit on orders of 330 Mason Brigham Young.
     The current head of the Anglican Communion Justin Welby to be enthroned on 3/20 is in Communion with
  • Druid Church; Druid means "Knowers of Trees"; Rowan Williams, his predecessor is an initiated Druid Priest and professor at Westcott House and current head of Magdalene College. Westcott was head of the Bible Revision Committee of 1887; Magdala refers to Mary Magdalene where Magdala means Tower ie a false connection to Jesus and Heaven.
  • Episcopal Church which ordains Sodomite male and female clergy
  • Roman Catholic Church
  • Assyrian Church of the East
  • Orthodox Churches (Greek, Catholic, Russian, Syrian, Coptic etc) Orthodox means "Having the correct opinion"; They do not.
  • The Jesus Seminar led by John Shelby Spong who denies all words spoken by Jesus as Divine
  • The Anglo-Catholic Jubilee Group who considered 2013 a Jubilee; of what? My best guess is the 10th Jubilee from Pope Leo X and the Jesuit takeover of the Vatican; the 2nd Jubilee from the worst US treason of 1913 "Federal Reserve Act" and 1st Jubilee since the slaying of John F Kennedy (Important in the lyrics of Sympathy for the Devil)
  • Pagan New Age Churches such as Grrsedd of Bards.
  • Talmudic and Orthodox Rabbis eg Chabad Lubavitch
  • Muslim Brotherhood/Arab Spring; Prince Charles even converted to Islam 20 years ago and in theory at least, heads the Anglican Church of England.
     Right Reverend Justin Welby is also an ex-Oil Executive who likely knows Oil refers to "Langue d' Oc" (Language of Occitane) aka "Language of Yes", "Language of Birds", "Green Language", "Language of Oil" and "Yes We Can" meaning "Thank You Satan". Think he has forgotten or forgiven the Cathar executions in Langue d' Oc? Guess again.
       Lyrics to Mick Jagger's Sympathy for the Devil
       Check out some of the references in the song.
  • "Man of Wealth and Taste" refers to Esau and Edomites who were prophesied to live off the fatness of the earth and obtain "Dominion" (Gen 27:39-41KJV)
  • Troubadours refer to Occitane Bards, the extension of the Celtic Druid Church in southern France.
  • "Hanging around St Petersberg" refers to  Leon Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) and Vladimir Lenin who traveled from Manhattan to initiate the Bolshevik Revolution, kill the Tsar's family (Anastasia, the youngest Romanov was rumored to have escaped) and steal their incredible fortune.
  • "10 Decades" refers to 2013 being 100 years after the Federal Reserve gave Bankers the "License to Steal".
  • "Cops are Criminals" refers to the Cheka, Stalin's secret police, Nazi Gestapo or the Mormon Mafia (Dannites-Avenging Angels-Mormon Mafia) etc. The reversal seen in "Sinners are Saints or Heads is Tails" is a reversal of God's order.
      Have you guessed that Lucifer's name is really Satan and the Devil? or that his game is to steal your Soul? or that the only thing restraining Lucifer is Jesus Christ? On 3/20/2013 we may find out 2013 is the year the Phoenix rises from the ashes of America to re-create New Atlantis as Jesus releases the restraints on Lucifer.
    In Gen 3:20 Adam calls his wife Eve; in Aramaic (Syrian) the word means "Serpent". Now can you see why Communion with the Druids "Knowers of Trees" is not Wise?  America's first flag was an Evergreen Tree for this reason. Jesus was Crucified on the Serpent's Tree and in Aramaic He spoke His last words "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" Mick Jagger says Lucifer "was there with Jesus in His moment of doubt and pain". I suggest making sure Jesus is with you in your moment of doubt and pain!

                                 Licet Pridem

                   "In 700 years the Laurel will grow green again" Cathar prophecy.

      "Licet Pridem" Jan 13, 1313 was the last Papal Bull issued by Pope Clement V at the Council of Vienne. Not Vienna, Austria; Languedoc meaning "Language of Yes" aka "Language of Birds", "Green Language" or "Language of Oil". Remember Obama's campaign slogan was "Yes We Can"? As the Moon is a reflection of the Sun, "Yes We Can" in Reverse Speech becomes "Thank You Satan. Gnostic Cathars were executed by fire at Montsegur June 1244; hence the symbol of the Iranian New Year "Nowruz" is the Flame. Licet Pridem of 1/13/1313 formally disbanded the Knights Templar and illegally confiscated their assets. Time Magazine posted the so-called "discovery" of the 13th Zodiac Ophiuchus "Serpent Holder" on 1/13/2011; a warning? We'll see.
    The Stars aligned on 12/21/2012 as the Solstice Sun rose through the X formed by the Ecliptic and Dark Rift or Serpent's Mouth (Oroborus) of the Milky Way. The Alchemical 13th Zodiac Ophiucus "Serpent Holder" rose in the East as the Calendar in the Round "Eagle Bowl" began the Age of the 5th Sun (5 Cycles of 5125 years=Full Zodiac or 13th Zodiac Sign) at Age of Aquarius? For the Stars perhaps. 
    The New Moon aligned with Aquarius on 1/11/2013; the first Hillal "Waxing Crescent" visible on Jan 12-13, 2013. Hillal means Lucifer on the Arab Lunar Calendar; Mormons use the phrase "Pey Heylel" for "Wondrous Lucifer" at the 2nd Token of the Melchisedek Priesthood. It's what happens when men think they are Priest-Kings of Jerusalem and usurp a role only Jesus can fill. In Islam, Allah became the name of the original Akkadian (Gypsy) moon god "Sin". Shriner Masons (Knights of the Noble Arabic Order of the Mystic Shrine) wear the Fez to commemorate the slaughter of 50,000 Christians by Muslim Moors at Fez, Morocco in 700 AD. Notice the Crossed Crescent Swords of Lucifer on Arab Flags and the Shriner Fez for the X (Greek Chi=Messiah). Age of Aquarius? For the Stars and Moon perhaps.
    The Sun aligns with Aquarius on Jan 20. Jan 20 was selected as Inauguration Day for US Presidents in 1933 by 330 Luciferian Mason FDR; 33 years ago the Iranian (Iran means NOble Caste) Green Revolution may have been the reason Ronald Reagan decided to face the world's largest Obelisk for the Inauguration Ceremony; in 2008 Barack Obama became the first US President to not have a Constitution mandated Swearing-In requiring defense of the Constitution. John Roberts ommitted this part of the Swearing-In during the public Inauguration; during a private ceremony, Obama failed to use the Word of God. Age of Aquarius? For the Stars, Moon and Sun perhaps.
    The Gnostic Prince Melchisedek Scroll 11Q13 claims Prince Melchisedek will be revealed after 10 Jubilees; (500 years) From what? My guess is from the election of Black Nobility Pope Leo X, proclaimed Pope Mar 9, 1513, elected Mar 11, 1513 and consecrated Mar 17, 1513; he bankrupted the Vatican, so I would watch out for Pope #112 (Prophecy of St Malachy), the one who follows Pope Benedict XVI being elected around that time. Will he be Prince Melchisedek? I have no idea, but a lot of events are coinciding, so it's time to establish a relationship with Jesus Christ; the only true Melchisedek Priest.
    The Zoroastrian Nowruz "New Light" is March 20; a Luciferian Holy Day for Monotheist Alawites such as Bashar al-Assad, Ismaelis, and Bahai. Zoroaster is not a Persian creation; the name means Golden Star of Camel in reference to the Golden Age and Desert Inhabitants "Arabs" cast out of God's inheritance. The first was the Vagabond Cain; others include Joktanite Arabs, Ishmaelites aka Hagarenes and Edomites aligned by marriage. The name also means "One who possesses "Divine Knowledge"; rejecting Jesus Christ and Holy Ghost, the Divine Knowledge comes from Angels of Light (actually Demons).  
     Knights Hospitaller aka Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem or Sovereign Military Order of Malta took the reigns of the betrayed Templars. Phillip le Bel aka Phillip the Fair ordered Pope Clement V to pronounce a "Vox en Excelso" (Voice from on High) ie from God to declare Knights Templars "Heretics"; as International Bankers exacting "Usury", they were, it's just that a "Scapegoat" was needed. Phillip means "Lover of Horses"; le Bel? Well that should be too hard. Bel originated as the Phoenician "Confounder"; Baal means "Lord"; the Roman Catholic Pope faces the Obelisk as has the US President since Ronald Reagan filled the Cabinet with Neo-Con Jesuits. The Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre headed by Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi heads the order today called the Sovereign Military Order of Rhodes, Cyprus and Malta "SMOM". Worth noting about Ravasi is the prophecy of St Malachy concerning 112 Popes from Celestine II until Peter the Roman presides over the burning of Rome; Benedict XVI is #111. Coincident with this 12th century prophecy/plan is a far earlier prophecy/plan in the Prince Melchisedek Scroll "11Q13" predicting 10 Jubilees to the coming of Prince Melshisedek. 10 Jubilees from what? Black Nobility Pope Leo X in 1513 is my best guess; he bankrupted the Vatican after all. 

                               History of fulfilled Cathar "Revenge"

  • D-Day on Normandy Beach was 700 years after the Cathars were burned at Montsegur Cathars were Normans, hence Normandie Beach was chosen for the slaughter 700 years after June 1244; The birth of the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar was Jacques deMolay, born in 1244. Jacques deMolay was later executed by fire on the eve of Nowruz 1313. Spring Equinox or Ostarra on the Witchcraft Calendar is the Iranian "Noble Caste" New Year or New Day. WWIII will be with Iran.
  • International (Norman Cathars posing as Jews) Bankers were expelled from Britain in 1290 by King Edward I (Romney is related to them and he is also a fake Jew) after Usury had given them ownership of most British assets; exactly 700 years later, Knight of Malta George Bush Sr "Magog" gave his "New World Order" Speech exactly 11 years to the day before 9/11/2001, and started the Gulf War in Iraq "Babylon" on Purim (Akkadian Puru "Horoscope or Cast Lots for Marduk") in 1991.
  • War in Afghanistan began 26 days after 9/11/2001, 700 years after Pope Clement V reneged on a promise of safe passage sending Templars and Hospitallers from Awad (Tartus), sending them to Cairo prisons. Russian warships are amassed off the Syrian Coast as the US installs Patriot Missile batteries in Turkey in preparation for war in Syria and Iran.
  • Knights Templar were rounded up, tortured and executed on the "Unlucky Day" Friday Oct 13th, 1307; 700 years later in Oct 2007 Gen Wes Clark (Knight of Malta, Rhodes Scholar, fake Jew "Kahne=Cohen") revealed the US/NATO plan to invade 7 nations in 5 years from 2007 to 2012: Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Iran. Syria and Iran remain on the list.
  • The Council of Vienne  ended  with the Licet Pridem on 1/13/1313. There are 313 ! in the Authorized Bible; the last being the Judgment of "Babylon". Mitt Romney was born in Detroit, Area Code #313; on 3/13/13 (2 Abib) the 3rd and last Red Heifer may be sacrificed, by a fake Kohen Gadol (Chief Priest); a Samaritan from Babylon not Jewish in the slightest. He will be Consecrated with ashes from the 2nd Temple purification and the ashes will then be used to re-build Herod's Temple in Jerusalem. This is why Jesus refers to Jerusalem as "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt" Rev 11:8.
     Licet Pridem means "Unlawful, Not permitted".  Unlawful acquisition of property is "Theft". The original Vox en Excelso did not come from God, it came from Phillip le Bel and Pope Clement V. Knights of Malta are now in the process of recovering their lost assets created by Usury; they are part of the 3rd Beast (Dan 7:6); their intent is to turn over the world's assets to a 4th Beast, a terrible Beast (Dan 7:7). Legal? Usury is only prohibited scripturally between Jews and Born Again Christians. JFK was murdered for leveling the playing field; he ended the "Sting" or "Rigged Game"  of "Usury" created in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act; Lyndon Johnson reinstated it.
    One does not need to look far to find Knights of Malta today: SMOM Joe Biden promised fellow SMOMs Chris Christie and Michael Bloomberg, Gun Control Legislation by Congressional Vote or Executive Order by Jan 31, 2013. On the Chabad (Chabad is the 1st 3 levels in Kaballah, and no it is not Jewish) website, the first Holy Day "Festival of Trees" in late January has an interesting "Thought for the Day" entitled "Getting out of the Way". SMOM's Zbigniew Brzezinski, Economic "Hit Man" George Soros, George Bush Sr, Jr and Jeb and Dame of Malta, Operation Gun Runner architect Janet Napolitano are famous enough. Chairman of the Joint Chief's of Staff Martin Dempsey, Gen David Petraeus, Sec of Def Leon Panetta, incoming Sec of State John Kerry, incoming Sec of Def (actually War) Chuck Hagel and incoming CIA Director John Brennan.   Crazy? Queen's agent Piers Morgan and SMOM Alex Jones accomplished their mission on 1/7/13 with a wild eyed rant on Gun Confiscation worthy of a Charlton Heston acting award. 

                                         Mission of Knights of Malta 
  • End US Sovereignty and indeed every Nation's Sovereignty. If this sounds like the Council on Foreign Relations "CFR" it's because they are one in the same.
  • Bring an end to all Property Rights. Thomas Jefferson did this when Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Property was changed to Happiness. In 1871 the "Constitution for the United States" was changed to the "CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES"; check your Social Security Card and Passport; the CAPITALIZED NAME on them is the name of your Corporation, and you owe a Debt that can never be repaid. Sounds a lot like the Debt Jesus forgives everyone of for Free doesn't it? That's why Jesuits call themselves the "Society of Jesus".
  • End Gun Rights. Jesuit Fr Staempfle wrote Mein Kampf Hitler confiscated weapons and people started dying; ditto for Jesuit inspired mass murderers Mao Tse Tung, Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin 
  • Re-distribute Wealth. There are 2 classes of people; the Lower and Upper Class. Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton, George Bush Sr and John Kerry keep 1000's of accounts in "Marvelous Investments" the Cayman Is made from Usury and Hedge Funds. Why? They like all the other "Kings of the Earth" will soon Re-Destribute their Wealth to one man; an Alternative Messiah.
       "A man's foes shall be they of his own household" Jesus Christ in Mat 10:36
    All these men were/are in the houses they destroyed. All members of Government swear Oaths to support and defend the Constitution against Foreign and Domestic Enemies. All members of the Military and Police swear Oaths to support and defend the Constitution against Foreign and Domestic Enemies.
   Knights of Malta are Traitors to the Nations they reside in; history calls them "5th Column"; the people who aid them are called "Quislings". Jesus calls them "Wolves in Sheep's Clothes"

"But above all things, my brethren, swear not...let your yea be yea; and your nay, nay; lest ye fall into condemnation" James 5:12
    The men and women who will enforce Un-constitutional laws in America (the next Nation to fall from Treason will bring down many others) will be Military and Police all sworn to defend the Constitution. This act will bring all into Condemnation according to the Word of God. When?
The 700th anniversary of Licet Pridem 1/13/1313 is Sunday Jan 13, 2013. No wonder January is named after Janus, the 2 Faced god of Rome eh?
"It is appointed unto man once to die, but after this, the Judgment" Heb 9:27
  Time to get right with the Judge of Man, Jesus Christ folks!

                         Strike Zone 1

    12/13 "St Lucia Day", a young girl called the "Bride of Light" (Lucifer) makes herself ready; this one coincided with a New Moon. On 12/14 (sighting of the Waxing Crescent "Hilal" on Arab Lunar Calendar is Lucifer aka Allah); Mormons use the phrase Pey Heylel "Marvelous Lucifer"; Mitt Romney and his Cayman Is accounts "Marvelous Investments" making sense now? Adam (Red) Lanza (Spear) became the Scapegoat for an alleged mass shooting of innocents at Sandy Hook Elementary aka Strike Zone 1, in the movie Dark Knight Rises. Lucifer is the Dark Knight. On 12/16, the start of the Roman "Saturnalia", Iraq/Afghanistan War Profiteer Diane Feinstein, Libyan war architect and 320 Prince Hall Mason Barack Obama, NDAA 2012 architect and Senate Banking member on the LIBOR scandal Chuck Schumer and Red China State run News "Xinhua" proposed immediate, strict and meaningful gun control measures in response to the Sandy Hook shooting. CFR/Banker Erin Burnett, Freemason Piers Morgan, Sodomite, CIA intern Anderson Cooper, Michael Moore (Bowling for Columbine with 330 Mason/NRA Idol Charleton Heston was about Handgun ammunition control), Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer and IANSA (International Action Network on Small Arms; IANSA is the local arm of UNODA the UN Office for Disarmament) Director Rebecca Peters (Used a similar False Flag event in Australia to enact Gun Control 21 years ago coincident with the start of Gulf War I) all sprang into action calling for Gun Control/Confiscation in response to the events at Sandy Hook Elementary. The 2nd Amendment was passed to protect US citizens from Government Tyranny; if teachers had weapons, Sandy Hook may never have happened.
    Rt 6 aka Church Hill Road in Newtown CT is named after Marlborough Churchill, a WWI era American spy whose "Cipher Bureau", aka "Black Chamber", later became the National Security Agency "NSA". His ancestor John and Lady Marlborough were William and Mary (pardon the language) Royal Ass Wipes aka Keepers of the Privy, Robes and King's Chamber.
   School Security? Camera footage? Sandy Hook had state of the art security, so where is the footage? Likely with the 9/11/2001 Pentagon security camera footage of Flt #77 I'm afraid. Medical Examiner H Wayne Carver said in his 7 autopsies, every person was killed with  3 to 11 rounds, with a high powered semi-auto hunting rifle. The official story claims this rifle was recovered from the trunk of Adam Lanza's car. One problem is the car is not his or his mother's car, and the official story as of 12/27 is only 4 handguns were taken into the school. How did the medical examiner know a Bushmaster .223 was used? Is it coincidence Bushmaster uses a Red Coiled Serpent Logo identical to America's 2nd Flag? The first flag was a Tree; Serpent and a Tree ringing any bells?
                              Sandy Hook, the Story built on shifting Sand
    2 Cor 4:18 admonishes Christians to fix our eyes on the unseen (Obama cited this at Newtown in his speech as well) I mean no disrespect here, but the question begs an answer "Where are the dead?" Sandy Hook has 600 students, yet video evidence only shows a few dozen exiting the school. Adam Lanza apparently gained access by shooting out the entrance doors, yet no video evidence of the entrance being shot out has emerged. No  Bushmaster .223 taken into the school; No Bushmaster .223 removed from Adam Lanza's trunk. What is Adam (Red) Lanza (Spear) and Bushmaster .223 referring to? How did Bushmaster .223 even become associated with Sandy Hook? My best guess is Purim 2013 on 2/23/13 represents "223". The Bushmaster logo is a "Red Coiled Serpent"; the same logo is used by the Tea Party (Tammuz Party) and was used on America's 1st Flag. T refers to the Sacred Tau, a Cross used by Babylonian worshipers of Tammuz where Tammuz means "Purify by Fire"; worship  of Tammuz (Eze 8) caused the Glory of the LORD to depart the 1st Temple and the exact same route was used by Jesus (God in Flesh) at the Crucifixion. Red refers to Esau's "Dominion" Gen 27:39-4; the 3rd Beast of Dan 7:6; a Dominion built on Sand. Simultaneously, with Marlborough Churchill's "Black Chamber", the Red Brigades killed the Tsar's family, disarmed Russia and began a program of mass deportations, killings, and imprisonment. 
                                                         Dark Knight Rises
    "A storm is coming Mr will soon wonder how you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us" Gotham Police Commissioner Gordon.
    4 Strike Zones appear on a map made by Commissioner Gordon concerning an attack on Gotham City by Bane (Note Bane and Bain Capital the Iran-Contra money laundering and Death Squad finance operation managed by Mitt Romney); this is a Financial storm aka "Fiscal Cliff" meant here; $50Billion in Hurricane Sandy relief doesn't hurt either; I still find no solid evidence of any deaths at Sandy Hook. Strike Zone 1 shows the Lanza House at 36 Yogananda St (named for American Hindu Guru Paramahanza Yogananda) circled in Red with a Blue Square.  (I'm not endorsing Conspiracy Cafe, just look at the map) 20 such markings are on this map; 12 Red Circles for 12 alleged female victims (Nancy Lanza was allegedly killed here), 8 dotted Red Circles for 8 alleged male victims and 6 Blue Squares for 6 alleged school staff victims. Recall Nancy was initially claimed to have been a staff teacher; her house has a Blue Square. Strange? 9/11/2001 was telegraphed in advance dozens of ways including the FOX mini-series The Lone Gunman (Cute eh?; always a Lone Gunman isn't there?) and the Mel Gibson movie The Patriot (2 Oak Rocking Chairs weigh exactly 9 Lbs 11 Oz? Don't think so!) Deepwater Horizon was also telegraphed a year in advance in Nic Cage's movie Knowing. In the practice of Kabbalah, this is a requirement.
                                         WWIII: Zionism versus Islam
     Iran War Games Velayat 91 began 12/28 on the Cold Full Moon. Velayat means Guardians of Islam referring to Jurisdiction, Government and Religious Judges who all reject Jesus Christ as God in Flesh. This is reflected in the Shahada "There is not God but Allah" and the Mezuzah "The LORD is One", a false rendering of Deut 6:4. 91 represents Obadiah "Servant of JEHOVAH" in Gematria also Malak and Elohim (Mormons revere Elohim) for occultists. The book of Obadiah also describes Edom's "Dominion" and subsequent destruction by fire at the 2nd Coming. Obadiah means "Servant of JEHOVAH"; the shortest book of the 66 in Scripture was written by Jesus Christ. Occultists will soon attempt to create their own version of this in order to present and "Alternative Messiah". The same Red China News Agency claims a Carrington Event (Large Solar Flare and CME) will destroy the world's power grid for 3 1/2 years in April 2013. How could they predict this? They can't. Why 3 1/2 years? The Great Tribulation lasts that long.
   Supercarrier USS John Stennis (named after 330 Luciferian Mason Senator John Stennis) transited the Straits of Hormuz (Horus and Tammuz) 12/28 amid a gauntlet of Russian made Yakhont Supersonic Cruise Missiles designed solely for the purpose of turning ships within 100 miles ie the Persian Gulf into "Floating Coffins"; Super-cavitating torpedoes supplied by Russia to Iran are designed for the same purpose. Sandy Hook was designated "Strike Zone 1" in the Dark Knight Rises movie because there will be more Strike Zones coming.
        Medical Examiner H Wayne Carver reported the victims were all killed with a high powered rifle; a Rolfe that police claim was never taken into the school.  Why are there no tears from the parents and families? Robbie Parker (a Mormon) smiling before his CNN interview and his daughter's bizarre "Il Cornuto" hand sign in family photos and interviews is chilling; nothing new for Mormons, as anyone familiar with the ridiculous Elizabeth Smart story knows; without getting into detail, she was pregnant, and not by her captor Brian David Mitchell.  27 supposedly dead bodies remained in the school from Friday morning to early Sunday morning? No way. What parent let alone a forensic pathologist would allow this? Why were first responder medical personnel not allowed inside? Lanza supposedly had an autopsy; What are the results? Why is his DNA test taking over a month? bin Laden was allegedly DNA tested on a nighttime helicopter ride. NOT! As with 9/11/2001; Where are the bodies? No bodies, No crime scene and simply a made up story.
    Adam Lanza was not on SSRI's ac coring to his doctor Rima Laibow. Who gave him the drugs? Adam is now claimed to have been mentally desensitized from too much Call of Duty? Sorry, but the story makes no sense long before a Lone Gunman on drugs, a loner watching too much Call of Duty or Israel (yup, just like 9/11 alternative news is fingering Israel) is blamed; Jesus warned "Our enemies are the men of our own house" I'll go with that for now.
                               "Think of the Media as a tool dictators use"- Joseph Goebbels
    The Nazi propaganda minister was mentored by Edward Bernays; the so-called father of Public Relations who also mentored Mitt Romney's father George whom Death Squad financier Mitt idolizes. Sandy Hook publicity is covering the LIBOR scandal quite well!
     On Dec 17 (Start of Saturnalia) a shooting at a San Antonio restaurant occurred; patrons fled into the Mayan 14 (Coincidental theater name?) Theater where an off duty policewoman shot and killed the assailant, limiting the victims to his ex-girlfriend. The media is silent on this because they are fully controlled. 
    There was more than one shooter reported in Norway. News didn't report Anders Breivik spending 3 weeks at Michelle and Marcus Bachmann's Lake Elmo Retreat retreat to cure men of Homosexuality did they?
    Witnesses reported more than one shooter in the Aurora Colorado movie theater. Media is silent on that as well. If you look at the person on trial and compare the picture with the student ID for James Holmes, you will easily notice they are not the same person. The same is true for V Tech shooter Stephen Cho.
   The Oregon Mall shooting was also interrupted by an armed citizen. Why no reporting on that?
   On 9/11/2001 254 people on 4 airplanes were said to have died on 9/11/2001; yet I find no evidence a single person died on those aircraft. At Sandy Hook, I again find no compelling evidence a single person died including Adam Lanza if that is his real name; "Red Spear". Again, scripture admonishes us to "Prove all things". Here are some Sandy Hook oddities.
  • CT requires background checks and a police issued weapons permit including fingerprinting. Nancy Lanza has no record of applying for a gun permit or purchasing firearms. Where did the media get this information? 4 handguns, no .223 inside the school is the official story as of 12/27. How did the children die? How did Nancy Lanza really die? Did she die? Where are their bodies? Why did the Medical Examiner H Wayne Carver lie?
  • Obama was the 1st US President to not use a bible in his swearing-in (1st Oath was botched by Jesuit John Roberts; repeat did not use a bible) Why quote from the bible citing a passage admonishing us to keep our eyes fixed on the unseen?
  • Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza's father Peter Lanza, an Ernst & Young Partner, VP Tax Director for GE Capital, has 3 subordinates in prison for Bond Auction fraud; his boss GE CEO Jeff Immelt works in the Obama Administration "Council of Economic Advisers" directed by Tri-lateral Commission founder Paul Volcker and Skull & Bonesman Austan "Ghoul" Goolsby; Peter is also rumored to be a CIA asset. Aurora Colorado shooter James Holmes' father Robert Holmes is a FICO Scientist who developed algorithms allegedly used in LIBOR Interest Rate fixing, used to detect fraud. They were allegedly scheduled to testify before the Senate Banking hearings (Chuck Schumer is on this panel) on the $Quadrillion (no misspelling) LIBOR interest rate fixing scandal.
  • Sandy Hook and Aurora were both featured in the movie Dark Knight Rises and Skyfall. "Sandy Hook" appeared on a map of Gotham as a future crime scene; "Aurora" in red on the Aurora Plaza in Shanghai (Red Sun rising?) in Skyfall. Note "007" refers to Rosicrucian Alchemist John Dee; Elizabeth I "Court Astrologer".
  • Robbie Parker (A Mormon) was seen smiling while preparing for his CNN news interview What sort of parent would ace like this hours after his 6 yr old was brutally slain?
  • NBC News reported Adam Lanza took 4 handguns into the school, recovered by police. The Bushmaster .223 Assault rifle was recovered by Police from the trunk of his car, as shown on Police video. The Medical Examiner reported all victims inside the school were killed at close range by high powered rifle with military style quick re-load (magazines taped together), yet only handguns were removed from the school. How can he be so certain of the facts when the official story differs?  Lanza didn't fire the Assault Rifle in the trunk, so who did?  Police claim the assault rifle was removed from the trunk, but look close and it's fairly obvious the gun is a shotgun.                           
  • Lil Wayne (Batman is Bruce Wayne cute eh?) predicted the 12 dead in the Aurora Theater in advance on his music video My Homies Still. Aurora means "Dawn", the Dark Knight "Lucifer" Rises with the Sun is meant here. Recall Obama took a Greek Stage in Aurora to accept the Democratic Nomination. Strange stage to be sure, but not as strange as Hillary Clinton conceding the nomination in front of a US Flag with all 50 Stars upside down The Upside down stars are the Sabbath Goat Azazel aka Goat of Mendes or Baphomet, a purely Satanic Witchcraft symbol in plain sight. Not the first time this has been so out in the open either. After 9/11/2001, the first stop for George Bush Sr was with Education Secretary Margaret Spellings in front of an upside down US Flag. This has a different meaning of a Nation in distress.
  • Post Apocalyptic Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins lives in Sandy Hook. The books were based on a Japanese book Battle Royale featuring the same theme of teenagers sacrificed for the amusement of the elite; Japan means "Rising Sun".
  • The East Coast branch of the Church of Satan aka Church of Tiamat (Babylonian Chaos monster/Creatrix) is in Newtown,  allegedly managed by Curtis LeBlanc Rt 6 is referred to as Church Hill Rd after Col Marlborough Churchill, the WWI era father of American Intelligence aka the NSA. Ultimately, the Marlboroughs are Jacobite (fake Jews ie Edomites fostered the Jacobite and Jacobin Revolutions in Scotland and England; the Martinist/Jacobin Revolution in France and the American Revolution financed by Haym Solomon), Order of the Garter, House of Orange (William and Mary) heirs of Sir Francis Walsingham and John "007" Dee  (Queen Elizabeth I Spymaster and Court Astrologer). The NSA Spy Facility in Salt Lake City will be the world's largest illegal domestic data gathering facility; Gen Michael Aquino "Temple of Set" is the clandestine ranking member, also a founder of the Church of Satan in San Francisco with Anton LaVey (Howard Levey). Mormons falsely claim to be a restored Levite Priesthood of Aaron and Moses; they like Dervish are more associated with Quyraish Bedouins aka Korahite Priesthood, Muhammad descended from, however. I wouldn't waste time with the E-mail address, just notice "Zdervish"; Al Qaeda was formed the same year the Church of Satan "Anno Satanas" in 1966 in San Francisco by Ibn Sayyid Qutb (Sayyid=Descendant of Muhammad; Qutb is Dervish Nobility meaning "World Pole"; the Marlborough family had generational involvement with Dervish aka Sufi mystics). Zdervish=Last Dervish/Qutb? LeBlanc and the Mormon phrase "To make White"? A bit strange to say the least.
  • Videos of the Parker (a Mormon) and Soto families seem quite comfortable displaying Il Cornuto (I love you Satan) sign. (I am in no way endorsing Talmudic fake Jew Henry Makow, just the signs are here) 6 yr old children learn this from their parents; it's not normal. The NSA National Counter terrorism Center is near Salt Lake City UT aka "Zion" in the Beehive State for a reason; Gen Michael Aquino heads the "Temple of Set" and co-founded the Church of Satan. Unlimited data collection on Americans was just voted in by Congress.
  • Audio taken from scanner of Newtown Police clearly says "End the life of Adam"
  • NOAA published a disaster preparedness manual in 2007 fating a hurricane traveling up the East Coast and turning 900 just as Hurricane Sandy did; Sandy Hook? The Hurricane was also named Sandy; predicting this 5 years in advance? Pretty much a "Smoking Gun"
  • An Island named Sandy appeared on maps of New Caledonia until an Australian survey ship proved its existence was false this year. Recall Obama "Focus on what is unseen" The map of Gotham City is Manhattan (Man Aton is the Egyptian "god man") Is; the coming financial storm wiping out Wall St? Biblically Heil the Bethelite sacrificed his 2 sons to rebuild the Wall of Jericho after which Wall St is named; Golden Bull out front making sense now? In Egypt it was called the Apis (Word) Bull; who can forget the Golden Calf altar at Bethel?
  • A Dark Knight promo book called the Dark Knight Manual features a map; on it Sandy Hook is renamed "South Hinkley". Remember Bush family (Bushmaster?) friend John Hinckley Jr is still accused of attempting to murder Ronald Reagan just 2 months after Bush Sr was Inaugurated and 52 American hostages in Iran were released, 33 years ago. Remember, Jesus was Crucified at 33 and here we are at X-Mass 33 years later. All this was pre-planned.
  • A Dark Knight promotional  package and map from July shows Sandy Hook as "Strike Zone 1" 
  • Sandy Hook Police had 3 persons in custody; 1 chased into the woods; 1 in front of the school; 1 prone and handcuffed inside the school. If the latter was Adam Lanza, how did he kill himself? Where are the other 2 presumably shooters? 
  • ABC News reported there were at least 2 shooters. CBS News reported only pistols were used; the Bushmaster was removed from the trunk of Lanza's black Honda. NBC News reported only the Bushmaster .223 was used.
  • The Black Honda seen with ATF agents removing a gun that evening, is not Adam or Nancy Lanza's car; it is registered to Christopher Rodi, wanted on charges of larceny, narcotics and forgery.
  • A Green Honda registered to teacher Lauren Rousseau was riddled with bullets from a shoot-out in the parking lot. Police have made no mention of shootings outside the school. At least one of the bullet created an exit hole, someone inside the car fired; were they killed? or hurt? Who and where is this person?
  • Adam Lanza's mother was initially claimed to be a teacher (recall her house had a circle and square), killed at the school, yet she does not appear on the Faculty list of Sandy Hook Elementary and teachers didn't even know her name; the story was later changed to her death at home, shot 4 times in the face with a .22 Cal Rifle; Seriously? And no neighbors heard 4 shots? Adam Lanza is now claimed to have been home schooled, off the grid since 2010 with no records. H Wayne Carver was asked about the time of death in relation to the children, and he said he didn't know.
  • Medical Examiner H Wayne Carver, stated all the dead were shot multiple times with a .223 Cal Rifle. 27 people with a Rifle? Hard to fathom that sort of rage and accuracy in 5-7 minutes (estimated) coupled with multiple magazine reloads. 
  • How did Lanza go passed security cameras with a mask, vest, black camouflage, rifle and several high capacity ammunition clips? Principal Dawn Hochsprung and school Psychologist Mary Scherlach said they heard glass breaking and shots at the front door breaking the glass, then returned to the office to call 911. Teacher Theodore Varga said gunshots rang out from inside the classroom. These recollections aren't even close.
  • Why were medical personnel who arrived on scene turned away and sent to the Fire House? How did Police know there weren't any victims requiring immediate medical attention?
  • Adam Lanza apparently uses his brother's ID who he says has not seen Adam for 2 years and walks in passed a Security Camera with a Bushmaster .223 Cal assault rifles, possibly a shotgun and 2-4 handguns dressed in black camouflage with a  mask and several hundred rounds of .223 and 9MM ammunition and a bullet-proof vest? Skull & Bones is "Society 322" referring to Gen 3:22; 5 generations of the Bush family have been initiated. Coincidence? Skull & Bones ran the Shanghai Opium Trade. Still Coincidence?
  • Police have failed to recover E-mails or hard drive information from Adam Lanza's computer; smashed by a hammer. I'm not a computer expert but pardon me Ocifers, aren't E-mails stored on the E-mail server? Destroying a hard drive with a hammer? What about the E-mail recipients? They should have them.
  • Teacher Victoria Soto had a Facebook page "In Memorium" posted 4 days before the shooting allegedly killed her. Whoever posted that joined Facebook on Dec 10. Again, pretty much a "Smoking Gun". The grandfather of one of Soto's students said on CNN the students escaped while Lanza was reloading.  Sandy Hook resident Gene Rosen said students escaped to his house. If so, why are Police maintaining the children were found hiding in the classroom closet?
  • No tears from Robbie Parker, Lynn McDonnell, Jessica Rekos? Vicki Soto's family joking? These on camera displays are bizarre.
  • The Newtown Bee reported Principal Dawn Hoshspring called in during the event stating  "A masked man entered the school with a rifle and started shooting multiple shots, more than I could count, that went on and on" Police claim she was one of the first persons killed after confronting the gunman. The Principal calling a local newspaper? How about dialing 911? The Newtown Bee later pulled the story and claimed the person must have been someone other than Dawn Hochspring. Fine, go with that and ex pain how that person witnessed this and made the call in the midst of this allegedly horrific event. While many newspapers use the word "Bee"; take note "Bee" is Chaldean for Word (Dabar); the New World Order is in fact Chaldean (Akkadian) in origin. One prominent Chaldean is Mitt Romney a Culdee ie Akkadian Gypsy; Mormon HQ in the Beehive State making sense now? Queen Bee? Diana/Artemis the Queen of Witchcraft. Priests of Diana are called Bees of course. Drones=Priests of the Queen Bee (Predator, an alien hunter; Global Hawk? Uh that would be Horus, Dark Star all used under Task Force ODIN in Iraq) and the Hexagram (Seal of Solomon/Star of Molech); real imaginative aren't they?
  • Teacher Kaitlyn Roig locked children in the bathroom and would not open it for police, asking Police to get the keys and slide their ID's under the door. An obvious mistrust of SWAT Police? Why no tears in her interview? Is this why Adam Lanza dressed in SWAT gear and was heard pounding on a door saying "Let me in"? Sandy Hook was a far larger operation than just 1 lone nut gunman.
  • Police claim they were in the scene almost immediately and shots had stopped by then, yet gunshots can be heard on police audio tapes. On police tapes can be heard "2 men running passed the Gym" "2 men coming up the driveway slowly" "We have them proned out" "Be aware we have a second shooter" "Multiple weapons, long rifles and a shotgun" The official story conflicts with these accounts on every level.
                      "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me".

     Gov Andrew Cuomo (Fordham, Jesuit and Bill Clinton HUD Sec) bankrupted Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac by pushing them to purchase toxic mortgage debt leading to the Housing collapse, government bank bailout and soon Mortgage based Derivatives collapse, a problem that affects the world. Cuomo and Diane Feinstein are admitting to an Australian style mandatory gun buy back called the "Offer American's can't refuse"; likely up to $500/gun X $300Million guns? (NYC Knight of Malta Mayor Michael Bloomberg's gun buy back program is estimated at $1B alone). sort of puts the fictitious "Fiscal Cliff" into perspective eh? The proposed legislation prohibits
  • Sale, import or transfer of 120 named rifles, shotguns and handguns
  • No detachable magazines; no more than 10 rounds, grandfathered weapons need permits and registration.
     The drivers of this treason are International Creditors not subject to the US Constitution; IANSA (Int'l Action Network on small arms) and UNODA (UN Office of Disarmament Affairs). The symbols at the UN in NYC couldn't be more out in the open, a Gun with its barrel tied in a knot, a Sword turned into Plowshare and a Golden Globe about to give birth. The State Dept and BATF orchestrated "Operation Gun Runner", arming Mexican Drug Cartels to the teeth with taxpayer financed weapons, now they want to take the arms of legal citizens? Benghazi was and is an international arms dealing business run by the State Dept and CIA.  The money (Debt) will be borrowed from Creditors who need America disarmed in order to foreclose on CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports) accounted assets such as several trillion Bbls of Oil in the Bakken, ANWR, Green River and Gulf of Mexico as well as much of the world's fresh water and food source. International Creditors (Bankers) making slaves of Debtors in once Sovereign Nations is made easier by a well rehearsed script called Sandy Hook. The Pale Horse "Death" is on the cover of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) magazine "Foreign Affairs" for Pete's sake!  "Demand a Plan" produced a 1 1/2 minute  video with 50 Hollywood celebrities calling on America to "Demand a Plan". What Plan? Turn in all illegal guns and stop the government from waging sens less war? The main problem is Guns are not illegal; confiscating them without a new Constitutional Amendment is. declares the Pale Horse "Death" was released 12/21. Was it? Dec 21 is the high day of Druid sacrifice "Yule". Hollywood means "Holy Wood"; Deck the halls with boughs of Holly...troll the ancient Yuletide Carol refers to the boughs heralding the Advent of Marduk; Carol is Carolus meaning "Alms Giving". Folks, that what Sandy Hook was Alms Giving to Marduk/Lucifer. Human sacrifice, especially of Innocents is not new!
"Mayors against illegal guns", promoted and financed by Billionaire Knight of Malta Michael Bloomberg (The good Mayor handed eviction notices to thousands of NY Housing Authority tenants within days of the pre-planned and engineered Hurricane Sandy) wants to export the illegal prohibition of guns now in place in New York City and Chicago to the rest of the US. Illegal Guns? The 2nd Amendment does not specify the type of guns; gun confiscation is the only thing illegal here. Think SMOM Michael Bloomberg knows the value of NYC CAFR Accounts? Count on it!
    Obama admitted "Waging War on the 2nd Amendment" with meaningful legislation beginning 1/1/13 before his State of the Union address. Beretta enthusiast Joe Biden will head the Presidential Task Force to recommend Congress ban assault rifles and high capacity ammunition clips. Diane Feinstein will propose a  limit of 10 rounds on 1/3/13, meaning double sided handgun clips will be included as well. California's other Senator Barbara Boxer called on the National Guard to fill school security roles today. Another assault on the Constitution prohibited by the Posse Commitatus Provision, prohibiting the National Guard from using weapons on American citizens. The National Guard Bureau Logo is the Fasces; the symbol of Roman Fascism is also used by Regular Military assigned National Guard Roles. It can be found at the Tea Party HQ in Union Square Park NYC, on the Supreme Court doors, the Speaker of the House Rostrum and Oval Office. It's war alright, and its all out in the open!

                                                     The Big Picture.
  • Elimination of the 2nd Amendment is necessary in advance of Martial Law and Citizen gun ownership is the only thing standing in the war; Police States and an armed citizenry do not mix well. Yale Divinity School grad Mao Tse Tung said "The Communist Party must control all guns, that way no guns can be used to command the party" A provision protecting citizens from Indefinite Detainment without trial eliminated "Habeaus Corpus" and nobody seemed to care; NDAA 2012 was shocking; NDAA 2013 converts the US into a Fascist Dictatorship and nobody seems to care. Calling for the Assault Weapons ban the loudest is Sen Chuck Schumer a member of the Senate Banking Committee not investigating the largest financial scandal in world history "LIBOR". Schumer is an Israeli Citizen and US Traitor.
  • There will be no testimony of key Benghazi Witnesses. Gen David Petraeus, Gen Carter Ham, Adm Charles Gaouette, Hillary Clinton, all unavailable to testify on the largest weapons running scandal "10 times bigger than Watergate and Iran-Contra combined"? Seriously? UT Rep Jason Chafetz even claims the State Department is hiding witnesses. Jason, represent the people and subpoena the traitors. 330 Mason, SMOM John Kerry (Kohen) chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and happens to be a partner in "Marvelous Investments" with Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton, who just happens to have a 2 week long concussion requiring no hospitalization? Looks like a tough Senate confirmation for the new Sec of State NOT!
  • There will be no testimony of Peter Lanza and Robert Holmes (If they were not scheduled yet, they would have been key players) to the Senate Banking Committee on LIBOR. The biggest financial scandal in world history will be overshadowed by Aurora CO and Sandy Hook CT; both False Flag events. Peter's boss works in Obama's Administration and 2 of his subordinates are in jail on fraud. Nothing here folks, go back to your homes!

   On 1/3/13, the 1st day of the 113th Congress, Gun Control Legislation will be presented in the House and Senate written by Concealed Weapon Carrier and War Profiteer Sen Diane Feinstein  amid the DHS amassing over a  Billion rounds of .40 Cal hollow point ammunition (ATK Thiokol lied about the Shuttle Challenger explosion and now makes domestic killing ammunition; Cool eh?) and staffing Civilian Inmate Detention Centers inside the US. The BATF in Phoenix ran fully automatic assault weapons, semi-auto and machine pistols, .50 cal sniper rifles, anti-aircraft rockets, night vision equipment to Mexican Drug Cartels in "Operation Fast and Furious". Rather duplicitous isn't it? The 2nd Amendment was  considered by the Founding Fathers to be the Cornerstone of the Constitution, the ability for a Citizen Militia to guard against Tyranny. The stated goal of the CFR is to end US National Sovereignty, the traitors debating the bills will likely all be sworn initiates of the CFR all sworn to end US Sovereignty. 
    America's first flag was the Evergreen Tree and motto "An Appeal to Heaven", followed by the Tea Party Logo, a Coiled Snake/Serpent and "Don't Tread on Me". Is it coincidence the Bushmaster logo is the same coiled Serpent? On Lugnash aka 9 Av Congress voted on a debt ceiling of $16.4Trillion; what a coincidence the National Debt is $16.35 Trillion on 12/31/12. Makes one wonder is the Fiscal Cliff was meticulously pre-planned doesn't it? Don't bet eternity on coincidences! Get right with Jesus now! He is the Tree of Life and there is no Serpent in that Tree!

     11 years ago Sodomite, Skull & Bones, Bohemian (Bohemian=Boii "Eunuch Priests of Cybele"; Yarmulke worn by Bush, Romney, Obama et all at Herod's Wailing Wall is the Cap of Cybele; the goal is to rebuild the Temple) Grove Initiate, Knight of Malta George Bush Jr, the Grandson of "The Beast" Aleister Crowley instituted "Tax Cuts", in a 418 page piece of legislation set to expire on 1/1/13. By 2015, a $418 Billion Budget shortfall is projected. The Un-constitutional 13 member "Super Congress" chaired by 330 Mason, SMOM, CFR, Bilderberg, Bohemian Grove initiate John Kerry (Kohen) will enact "Austerity" (Aus =Shine; "The Shining" was about native slaughter) $1 Trillion spending cuts that combined with the Bush era Tax Cuts results in "Taxmageddon". Why then has Congress just approved  the NDAA 2013 with $663 Billion in Military Spending yet suspended Habeaus Corpus rights? A bit like Debtors Prison isn't it?
    House Bill #418 provided a Moratorium on the prohibition of Brine Injection "Fracking" of Natural Gas Wells; destroying aquifers, creating natural gas induced "Sink Holes" and forcing Methane into surrounding aquifers and towns seems unthinkable; triggering "Gas Fracking" earthquakes can quite literally destroy America by causing it to erupt in flames. Why? New Atlantis is slated to Rise as a Phoenix from its own Ashes and America is New Atlantis. Phoenix means "House of Enoch" but which one? Enoch was Cain's eldest son and 1st City Builder in Nod "East of Eden"; Seth's Enoch  was taken directly to Heaven before Death at 365 years, the number of days in the Gregorian Calendar "Solar Year" also matches the Gematria of Abrasax (Abraxas) meaning Father and Son in Gnostic and Gnostic Catholic theology Where are the Holy Ghost and Word of God? Welcome to Gnosticism and Sabian Astrology. Abrasax represents the 7 classical planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Planet means "Wanderer". Where is Earth? Well folks, God stated Earth is Fixed and shall not be moved. Gnostics realize this but choose to Lie with Heliocentric and Gravity Theories. America was founded by Sabian Astrology and will be destroyed by it. Sabah means Sunrise which is why the Lady of Freedom, Statue of Liberty and Angel Moroni all face East toward the Rising Sun.
   Senate Resolution #418 (Cain's Lamech is born in Gen 4:18) and House Resolution # 777 (Seth's Lamech, Age at death) praised the B-25 raid on Tokyo by 330 Mason Jimmy Doolittle following the "Pearl Harbor" attack, set up by 330 Freemasons Emperor Hirohito (Obama bowed to his son just ahead of the intentionally created MOX Fuel disaster at Fukushima; reasons for Hiroshima and Nagasaki were falsely attributed to his father) and Franklin Roosevelt.
  Skull & Bones Satanist Prescott Bush had his assets seized by Congress the same year Doolittle's raiders murdered innocent civilians in Tokyo under the "Trading with the Enemy Act"; he was laundering money through Union Bank to build up the Nazi War machine including the Gas Chambers used in the Holocaust "Burnt Offering". His 330 Mason, SMOM, CFR, Skull & Bones son George "Magog" Bush Sr is most likely, the grandson of Pauline Pierce and Aleister Crowley "The Beast" who wrote "Liber 418: The Vision and the Voice", "Liber 77" aka "Liber Oz: Book of the Goat" and "Liber Legis" (Book of the Law). Barbara Bush (Pierce/Percy) descends from Thomas Percy, the Jesuit ringleader of the "Gun Powder Plot" of 5 Nov 1605. Why? The 1611 Authorized Bible (KJV) is the greatest weapon a Christian has because, Jesus Christ is the Word made Flesh (Jn 1:1; 1 Jn 5:7). Barbara is the perfect age and a "Dead Ringer" for Aleister Crowley who conceived her during an Order of Silver Star Ritual aka Order AA "Argentium Astrum". The Voice is that of the Demon "Aiwass", whose name in Gematria is 418; this same Demon, Madame Helena Blavatsky channeled to establish the Theosophical Society aka Thule (Tula is the ancient concept of a Black Sun; today, lying physicists call this a "Black Hole") Society and Vril (when someone speaks of Orgone, be careful!) Society. Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin were initiates. These were the forerunner of Skull & Bones aka "Brotherhood of Death", the American branch into which 4 generations of the Bush family and John Kerry have been initiated. Noteworthy at this point is #77 refers to Lamech's Revenge (Gen 4:24); you may recall AA#77  (cute eh?) allegedly hit the Pentagon on 9/11/2001; by Magick it only appeared that way. 777 then refers to Lamech's (Seth's) age when he died at the Flood. Gosticism is all about Repairing the Earth to pre-flood conditions; re-creating the Garden of Eden when only Adam, Eve and Cain were there. Rabbis refer to this as Tikkun Olam which is why Jesus said "Call no man on earth Rabbi".
    Masons built the Washington Monument Obelisk 555ft tall; they  put 555 on coffins to represent the 3 Crucifixion Nails and the 5-6 level in Qaballah; 555 days after 9/11/2001, Shock and Awe (Shekinah) Bush Jr or rather his Neo-Con advisers, began the Iraq War on Purim, a date also coincident with Nowruz "New Light", the Iranian "New Year" 3/20/2003. 911 days after 9/11 the Madrid Subway was bombed; clever eh? My best guess for the start of WWIII is Feb 23, 2013. Why? It's Purim, Pur means "Lot". Recall Paula Broadwell's book "All In"? It refers to Casting one's Lot for Marduk "Son of Pure Origin". Bushmaster .223 is the AR-15; Crowley's Gnostic Mass is Liber XV or Book 15; see the 5-6 here? "Pure Origin" mean "Light"; Sons of Lucifer. Make Sense?  Purim is Edomite Revenge which originated in Persian captivity in the Book of Esther. God is not mentioned in Esther, nor in Song of Solomon; the sum of Solomon's Wisdom. Gnostics, Masons, Mormons etc are the Church of the East "Rising Sun" aka Lucifer.
    On 9/11/2001, we have Flt #11 representing the 11 levels in ABRAHADABRA (Qaballah has 22 paths for the Microcosm and Macrocosm; the Mirror Image. For Masons, Jesus is only at Level 5-6; Crowley's Gnostic Mass uses 22 candles for the same reason). Flt #93 represents Crowley's Gematria of the Lost Word in Masonry. Jah-Bul-On used at the Rainbow Arch degree is a replacement word meaning Yahweh-Baal-Osiris. Flt #77 "Argentium Astrum"  (Dorothy=Door; had Silver Slippers in 330 Mason L Frank Baum's 1st version journey to Oz). Flt #175 representing the "H" given to Abram in Gen 17:5 changing his "New Name" to Abraham. Jesus' name name is "I Am He", the h' means "God is with me". I suggest you get Jesus with you and forget this Masonic nonsense!
    Liber 418 is called the "Great Work Accomplished"; Liber another name of Bacchus, Dionysus aka "Green Man" is seen today in the LIBOR (London Inter-bank Offer Rate), the Capstone of a $Quadrillion Hedge Fund and Derivatives "Black Hole". The Demon "Aiwass" dictating the Book of the Law to Crowley in Egypt over his left (sinister) shoulder renders in Hebrew Qaballah "OIVZ"=93; in Greek Qaballah=418, matching the Gematria of Thelema (Will). Crowley's Law was summed up "Do what thou wilt"; this from an earlier Phoenician saying adopted by St Augustine "Love and do what you will". Excuse me boys, you are forgetting to "Love God" first! Aiwass claimed to be the minister of Hoor pa Kraat (Harpocrates) the "God of Silence"; we see this in Masonic and Mormon Ritual as well as Oprah Winfrey's "Harpo Entertainment" pretty clever eh? Most would recognize her as New Age, but Satanic? Oh yeah! The Love of money is the root of all evil and LIBOR is as much love of money as one can get. Perhaps the most prolific is Mormon Mitt Romney, money launderer for Iran-Contra which operated out of the Liberia Airport in Costa Rica.  Liber 418? Not for me thanks!
    ABRACADABRA was changed by Cowley according to the Qabalistic tradition to ABRAHADABRA; (I have no interest in or practical knowledge of Kaballah, so bear with me) changing C to H refers to replacing Jesus Christ with the Egyptian alternative Horus; in Egypt the predecessors of the Priests of On were called Shemsu Hor; named after Horus and Mt Hor where Horites, Amorites and Edomites settled; the historic enemies of Israel. The Society of Ormus aka Theraputae or Order of Perfectibilists or the overused term Illuminati, controlled the area from Alexandria, to the Persian Gulf and used a stylized form of Horus; they became famous for re-writing the Word of God into all New Bible Versions at the Nag Hamadi Library. A=Crown; B=Wand; D=Cup; H=Sword; R=Rosy Cross, the symbols of Tarot and Rosicrucian Alchemists. George Bush Jr began Gulf War II with the "Shock and Awe" campaign using Depleted Uranium tipped Tomahawk Cruise Missiles; the radiation is still killing innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan to this day, and like Pearl Harbor, 9/11/2001 aka "New Pearl Harbor" was an "Inside Job". Shock and Awe is the Shekinah, the Feminine Spirit of God (relax God is masculine; this is the Gnostic version) and "Flaming Sword" of Kabbalah. Qabal on the fake (Talmud, Zohar, Qaballah and Rabbis are not Jewish in the slightest) Jewish side is like Sharia on Islamic side; they mean "Revealed Law or Tradition"; Demon revealed that is.
   330 Mason Aleister Crowley wrote "I am the finite Square; I wish to become One with the Infinite Circle". Nazi propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels said "With enough repetition, people can be made to believe a Square is a Circle" He was mentored by Edward Bernays as was Mitt Romney's father George. A perfect description of Freemasonry and its Square and Compass symbols in its vain effort to unite the Microcosm (5pt Star or Level 5 in Qaballah) with the Macrocosm (6pt Star of Molech or Level 6 in Qaballah). This is why America's Flag was the Tree, then the Serpent and then the 13 Star "Betsy Ross" Flag; she suggested the change from 6 pt Stars to 5 pt Stars indicating the "Great Work" was to be finished by the US.
   ABRAHADABRA has 11 letters usually arranged in an down triangle to form the Hexagram. In Gematria, Thelema is symbolized as the Hexagram     418
                                                                                  31   13
                                                                                  93   39

   The US adopted the Evergreen Tree and slogan "An Appeal to Heaven" as its first Ensign (flag); the 2nd was a coiled Serpent and "Don't tread on me"; the 3rd was 13 Stars in a Circle designed by Betsy Ross' 3rd husband, 330 Mason John Ross. 330 Mason and Rosicrucian Astrologer Benjamin Franklin then made a map of the 13 Colonies entwined by a Serpent with "Join or Die" Why? Amurru is the Edomite Serpent god. Serpent means Creep and/or Curse, cognate with "Allah", and "Sin"
    Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan, Virachocha or Ququlmatz all mean Plumed, Feathered Serpent and all represent Evolution; the Reptile becoming a Bird "Feathered Serpent" is Scientific (Science means To Know as does Shaman) nonsense; there is no Evolution of one species into another much less evolution of Man into God; the Serpent Lied. The Serpent (Latin "Snake") promised Eve she would not die; sex with Eve? Heaven's no, that's a Creepy Lie Kabbalists made up. Eve then told Adam and in Gen 3:22 (Brotherhood of Death is Society 322 or Skull & Bones) All of humanity was now in "Sin" and in need of a Saviour, the catch is they would need to put their hand out for Him. Jesus (Alpha) is there, but you need to open the door. At my Baptism, my ex-Presbyterian Pastor told me "God chose you" He like most other Serpent Priests and Shaman. Lied.  You need to choose God and you need to do it soon!
   Another Door "Babylon" opens as the Gregorian Calendar becomes 12/21/2012 (a subtle hint Rev 11, the Earthly view of the Great Tribulation begins here?) and the Mayan Calendar becomes (a subtle hint Rev 13, the Heavenly view of the Great Tribulation begins?) For Shaman, this is the Return of Quetzalcoatl aka Appointment with Marduk "Son of Pure Origin". Noosphere 2012 is happening in Teotihuacan now. Noosphere was popularized by Jesuit Evolution Liar Pierre Tielhard du Chardin in Cosmogenesis; Nous means "Mind" hence the "Sphere or Whole of Human Thought" Jesus of course says every thought should be on His Salvation "Love God with all your heart, mind and soul". Earth, Mind or Spirit, Sphere is described as "Earth Dweller" for the "Living Dead" during the Great Tribulation. NASA Scientist and Alien proponent Edgar Mitchell's "Institute for Noetic Sciences" may come to mind; just don't believe his Alien nonsense.
   Noosphere 2012 will set you back $212. Jesus is the "Living Water"; Earthly Water changes states at 33 F and 212 F thanks to Mason Daniel Fahrenheit; cute eh? More cute? 212 is the sum of 1...26; A to Z if you will or Oz, the end of the Yellow Brick Road. Add that to a Registration Fee of $2012; this will get you into the 5 day party ($1212 if you want to camp out) at Teotihuacan meaning "Birthplace of the gods" or the place where "Man becomes a god". The party begins at Sunrise; the Pyramid of Quetzalcoatl is at the end of the Avenue of the Dead. Ophiuchus "Serpent Holder", called the 5th Element "Aether" or "Spirit", will rise in the East as the 13th Constellation out of the Astrological Water (Scorpio). Essentially, Ophiuchus was seen as Raft of Snakes carrying Quetzalcoatl. Whether Rev 13 "Great Tribulation" begins remains to be seen, but the Alchemical Zodiac of the Rosicrucians used a 13 month, 28 day Lunar Calendar with 13 Astrological Signs; this day indicates the end of Pisces and beginning of the Aquarius.
    Oct 8, 2012 was Columbus Day in America but at Teotihuacan, Oct 12, 2012 was the celebration of the 520th anniversary, (KaTun=520 years) of his murderous arrival in San Salvador. Should the Great Tribulation begin on 12/21/2012, Daniel's warning in Dan 12:11-12 single out the last 1335 days beginning "Columbus Day"? and the last 1290 Days beginning "Thanksgiving"? for special warning; both dates are celebrations of native slaughter in what Columbus referred to as "New Jerusalem".
     In Greenwich, Druids "Knowers of Trees" will gather at Stonehenge to watch the Sunrise, framed by the Trilothon Stones; at 11Hrs, 18 Min, 13 Sec UTC on the Prime Meridian; the time will be marked by a Zodiac timed with Sunrise in Teotihuacan completing the Scorpion-Eagle-Serpent Prophecy. Why these symbols? The Scorpion was adopted by the Akkadians "Gypsies" soon after the Flood; Sagittarius, the symbol of the Akkadian/Assyrian Sargon "Legitimate King" and "Assur", the 2nd Son of Shem will aim the arrow across the Dark Rift/Serpent's Mouth of the Galaxy at the Rising Sun. The Scorpion will symbolically reach for the Eagle, a symbol of Edomites impersonating Jews. The Serpent? The culmination of Evolution for Man who believes the Serpent's Lies.   


   Update 12/17 China's State owned news Xinhua calling for immediate stricter US gun controls. On the CT shooting "Their blood and tears demand no delay for US gun control" Why? The Chinese are amassing in Vancouver; Red China also has extensive "Special Economic Zones" (eg Boise and Salt Lake City; they operate tax free and outside of US Laws) made possible from the 2010 Census conducted by Israeli dual citizen, Sodomite, Rahm Emanuel. China is getting ready to foreclose on their investments.  The big picture? LIBOR "London Inter-bank Offering Rate". Alleged Aurora Colorado shooter James Holmes (alleged because their were more than 1 shooter and the man on trial is not James Holmes) father Robert Holmes was the lead FICO Credit Rating Scientist scheduled to testify in the multi $Trillion LIBOR Interest Rate fixing scandal. Adam Lanza's father Peter Lanza, VP Tax Director for GE Capital was also scheduled to testify. Now can you see why Jesus turned the tables on the Money Changers?
     LIBOR is the top of the Pyramid Scam; the accounts are Balanced (Black Horse) by CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports) Accounts hidden from the public. The rigged game returns guaranteed profits to Hedge Funds (eg. bets on Interest Rates and Weather etc) The profits are laundered by Marvelous Investments directed by Mitt Romney, George Bush Sr, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton whose accounts are held in the Cayman Is. (Mitt owns 80% of the National Bank of the Cayman Is) This is why John Kerry is allowing Hillary Clinton to escape testifying on Benghazi.
     Recall the Black Horse holds a pair of Balances and brings on worldwide hunger "A measure of wheat for a penny". Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins is from Sandy Hook CT; a Rigged Game, manipulated behind the scenes with innocent children sacrificed for the amusement of the Elite. Ok, so what does Consecrate refer to?
Consecrate: "Solemn commitment of one's life for a cherished purpose or goal" What goal?
        The United States are United solely because of States adherence to the Constitution. Natural Born Citizen as President, Congress authorizing all military action, no forced Inter-state Commerce (Universal Health Care) and the Census being conducted by the Census Bureau are Constitutional requirements that have been violated in the last 4 years, as is the right for Citizens to guard against Government Tyranny by keeping and bearing arms. A well timed attack on the 2nd Amendment is in progress to cover the biggest Treason in US history.
   "Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. They are the people's liberty teeth and keystone of independence" George Washington
   "The people have the right to keep and bear arms"; "It is when men forget God that tyrants forge their chains" Patrick Henry
   "The US is about to suffer a Soviet Union style collapse" Green Cross International founder Mikhail Gorbachev speaking in Istanbul Dec 13. Recall the Cathar "Pure Ones" Perfecti declared "In 700 years the Laurel will grow green again" because 2012-2013 is the year.
      On 1/3/13 the 113th Congress
will convene to debate legislation Un-constitutionally banning assault weapons written by Iraq and Afghanistan war profiteer Sen Diane Feinstein, presumably begun the day after the CT Elementary School shooting. The Duplicitous Diane Feinstein, Barack Obama, Piers Morgan, Nancy Pelosi, and War Hawk fake Jews Joe Lieberman, and Chuck Schumer are all out in force for this.  Did you know that Oregon Mall shooter Jacob Tyler Roberts was stopped from killing more people by armed citizen Nick Meti? Did you know CT Police arrested a man wearing Camo in the woods near Sandy Hook Elementary? Why no media coverage on those little tid bits? 
    Why in 2012-2013? 3 things I would at least be familiar with
  • 2012-2013 is 700 years after the Catholic Church Council of Vienne broke an agreement with and stripped assets from the International Bankers (Knights Templar) in 1312-1313. "The Laurel is growing green again" as the Gnostic Cathars planned.
  • 11Q13 "Prince Melchisedek" Scroll predicts after 10 Jubilees "Prince Melchisedek" will return. Jesus is Melchisedek (Gen 14:8; Ps 110; Heb 7-9); this will be an Alternative Messiah. 10 Jubilees from what? Pope Leo X in 1513 heralded the Black Nobility takeover of the Vatican. 2013 is the year.
  • The mis-named "Prophecy of St Malachy" (It's just the plan) predicting 112 Popes from Celestine I to the fall of Rome and the Roman Catholic Church. Pope Benedict XVI is #111. My best guess for #112 is Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, head of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre aka Knights of Malta "Hospitallers" Tikun Olam means "Repair the Earth"; Sacrifice is what they mean.
    The Advent of Marduk (Son of Pure Origin) began Dec 2, 2012  the next Sunday, the Tyrants forged was stoked at the start of Hanukkah (Consecration) with Bob Costas citing America's "Gun Culture" as the reason for the murder/suicide of KC Linebacker Jovan Belcher. The next day the EU began meetings over the upcoming invasions of Mali and Syria over the use of Chemical Weapons; those are US Chemical Weapons financed by Black Budget funds laundered by Bain Capital during Iran-Contra and transferred to "Rebels" through Benghazi.
     The Oregon Mall shooting followed; on St Lucia Day "Bride of Lucifer" Dec 13, the EU presented itself the Nobel Peace Prize as Michelangelo's Statue of David-Apollo was put on display in Washington DC; the last time it was displayed in our nation's Capitol was when 33Shriner/Mason Harry Truman formalized the CIA and Queen Elizabeth II declared herself "Queen of thy people; Queen of Jerusalem" in 1953. "thy people"? Jesus told us Jerusalem is "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt". King David? No, Apollo? Yes, the son of Helios has a lump of stone on his back where David's sling would be, but that is is an arrow quiver and his foot is stepping on his enemy. Goliath? No. Sorry, but Born Again Christians who are filled with the Holy Ghost as the first Born Again Christian Martyr Stephen was, are the enemy. Stephen means "Crown" and on 12/21/2012 the Crown of Helios/Marduk will arrive. The arrow is that of Sagittarius, aimed at the Dec 21, 2012 Sunrise as it rises through the mouth of the Oroborus "Serpent" and Dark Rift of the Galaxy to complete the "Great Work" of Gnostics. The Dec 13 New Moon cycle will mirror (reverse) image the solar cycle over the last 6000 years, ending with the "Cold Full Moon" on Dec 28.
                                     "Revenge is a dish best served cold"
     This anonymous Rosicrucian phrase was used by Francis Bacon in "New Atlantis"; in the French novel "Dangerous Liaisons"; in "The Godfather" and "Star Trek: Wrath of Kahn" to name a few. One can't get more "Cold Blooded" using your mother's weapon to kill her, your brother's ID and  shooting children in an elementary school.     "Wrath of Kahn" is an interesting title because Pope Benedict XVI just called for a "One World Government"; Vatican means "Divine or Divining Serpent".  Kahn means "Serpent Priest".
     Beginning Monday Dec 17, 330 Mason, Knight of Malta, CFR , Bohemian Grove, Bilderberg member and Obama's 2nd term Sec of State John Kerry (nee Kahn) will chair Senate Foreign Relations hearings on Benghazi; Cuban born, Zionist, AIPAC, Scientology, Iran War hawk  Fla Rep Illeana Ros Lehtinen will chair the House hearings; both have forgiven Hillary Clinton from testifying. Why? Marvelous Investments, a spin-off of Bain Capital. Remember ES&S Voting Systems? Jesuit Georgetown professor, Chevron Exec, Deutsche Exec, ES&S CEO, CFR, NATO Atlantic Council (TAP is Treason) Chair, traitor Chuck Hagel is getting his back scratched as Sec of War (no it's not Defense). Marvelous is directed by Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, George Bush Sr and Mitt Romney using laundered Iran-Contra Drugs for Weapons profits by Mitt Romney who controls 80% of the Cayman Is National Bank. Marvelous is the primary Hedge Fund depository. Deutsche Bank is right behind Barclays Bank in the LIBOR Interest Rate fixing scandal; a $Quadrillion Financial Black Hole. This is how "Back Scratching" works at the highest levels.
    Rep Steve King is correct in saying "Benghazi is 10 times bigger than Watergate and Iran-Contra put together". War criminal Generals David Petraeus, John Allen, Carter Ham and Adm Charles Gaouette ran the weapons including Chemical Weapons, APC's, Surface to Air Missiles currently being used by Al-Qaeda based groups in Syria and Mali. Their testimony would be interesting except an E-mail Scandal forgives them the scrutiny Thanks Paula and Jill; we know you both are "All In!"! By the way, Scandal is an interesting TV series outlining Blackmail and power grabs after the President gets shot. Adm Gaouette also happens to be the sole source of receiving Osama bin Laden's corpse aboard the USS Carl Vinson; Seat Team 6 Witnesses? Nah, they died from a lucky shot; all of them. Dang the luck! What about witnesses from the Benghazi Embassy, oops I mean Consulate, oops I mean CIA weapons dealing compound? No testimony here folks! UT (Oops, I mean Zion) Congressmen Jason Chafetz (he sold his soul for a lot less than 30 pieces of silver) claims the State Department is hiding them; Seriously? 10 times worse than Iran-Contra and Hillary gets to hide the witnesses and avoid the witness stand herself? Sec of State Hillary Clinton? Dang the luck, she got sick with dehydration "early in the week" and will be home passed her Thursday testimony. Must be real sick eh? Nah, just 11+ days of bed rest.
    The 11th anniversary 9/11 Benghazi raid was monitored by armed Predator Drones, an AC-130 Spectre (Airborne Howitzer) and by most of the aforementioned traitors on live TV, but the saga began on Purim (Pur is an Akkadian/Assyrian word meaning "Cast Lots for Marduk" aka "Son of Pure Origin") with the illegal NATO, and US Tomahawk Missile strike on Libya. Congress? No vote here, Jesuit John Boehner sent them on recess 2 hours prior. Obama? Nope, he was in Brazil on vacation. Hillary? She was with former Order of the Golden Fleece Grand Master Nicholas Sarkozy (currently a 300K Euro/Day Israeli lobbyist with Tony Blair; good gig eh?) at Champs Elysee for the start of the Libyan War. foreknowledge? Of course.
    Hillary Clinton, began early; the Black Panther lawyer was involved with Watergate, Whitewater, Travel gate and the Vince Foster murder, Iran-Contra, Operation Gun Runner and Benghazi Gate and now gets to retire and avoid scrutiny in the biggest inquiry since the JFK assassination by the Satanist who will replace her! Why?   
    Stephen was the first Christian Martyred over a dispute with "certain men of the Synagogue of Libertines and  Cyrennians..." Acts 6:8-9 Cyrene is called Benghazi.   
    2013 is the Year of Italian Culture; what Culture? Black Nobility. Satan's Renaissance Nobility was financed by the de Medici family and Pope Leo X; Baathist is the same thing on the Muslim side of the Dialectic. Jesuits "Militia of Zeus and Minerva" resulted 500 years ago (ref the "Prince Melchisedek" scroll 11Q13 concerning the 10 Jubilees since; Romney is a Melchisedek Priest) and MAFIA ("Mazzini Authorizes Theft, Fire and Poison") Mazzini was one of Garibaldi's Italian Masonic Revolutionaries bent on destroying the Catholic Church. Albert Pike and Mazzini wrote the playbook for WWIII in 1871 (Google Pike's Letter).
     In 2007, Gen Wes Clark (Nee Kahn) said "The plan is for the US to attack 7 nations in 5 years" Syria and Iran are the only 2 left. Right on cue, Sunday Dec 16, as the 3rd Advent Candle was being lit Afghanistan President and CIA asset (Hamid and his brother Wali run the CIA Heroin Pipeline), Hamid Karzai said  "We want America to leave....The Afghan-Iranian alliance is central"  Central to what?  The Golden Crescent Heroin trade of course! Iran-Afghanistan-Pakistan supply 96% of the world's Heroin and the CIA manages it! Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was in fact the lead captor of 52 American hostages, released at Ronald Reagan's Inauguration 33 years ago. Now you know what "Green Revolution" really means eh? "October Surprise"? Marvelous Investment director George Bush Sr being selected as Reagan's VP was the 1st. The 2nd? The October election of Bethlehem's first female Mayor some 33 years later proclaiming the "Nativity of Jesus Christ". Jesus does not find this amusing. 
     Michelangelo (Archangel Michael) was Black Nobility, the statue of David-Apollo is displayed with Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio's "Adoration of the Shepherds"; the Magi as Witness to the birth of Christ. Jesus Christ? No way, Marduk of course, Jesus was a "Young Child" in Egypt when the "Wise Men" arrived. When? On the 2nd Advent Sunday of course to commemorate the "Wise Men of Bethlehem" Seems like a bad dream doesn't it? Want more bad dreams? Paul said "Women in the churches should keep silent" 1 Cor 14:34 What better than for the newly elected 1st female Mayor of Bethlehem, Ms Vera George Mousa Baboun to proclaim the "Worldwide Nativity of Jesus Christ"? Wrong Christ Madam Mayor! Jesus was born on Feast of Tabernacles; your Christ is born on Dies Natalis Solis Invicti, "Nativity of the Un-conquered Sun"
    With the 2 Satanic Black Nobility interpretive statues is Leonardo da Vinci's "Flight of Birds" Augurs are Priests who foretell the future by the "Flight of Birds" like the American Eagle for instance. This is called the "Language of Birds", "Green Language" and "Langue d' Oc" meaning "Language of Yes" and "Language of Oil". The Laurel is growing Green again right on schedule, and America is being Consecrated to Inaugurate the New Age.
     The 3rd Nail in the 2nd Amendment happened with the Cold Blooded murder of Adam Lanza's mother and killing of 27 at the Sandy Hook Elementary School; 2 days later the 3rd "Shepherd Candle" will be lit. On the same day as the killings, the European Court of Human rights handed down a scathing indictment of the CIA. Benghazi was a CIA Black Operation. Extrajudicial assassinations; Illegal Drone Wars; Extraordinary Rendition and Torture aren't looked upon favorably by the International Community. Not coincidentally, a list of International War Criminals as defined by International Law violations was compiled at the University of Chicago and published the same day including Leon Panetta, Robert Gates, Gen David Petraeus, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden,  James Clapper (He admitted Saddam Hussein's Chemical Weapons were sent to Syria ahead of the 2003 invasion) and Gen John Allen including the old time favorites Dick Cheney, Colin Powell, Don Rumsfeld, Condoleeza Rice, John Negroponte and George Tenet . Some 44 Colleges and Universities as well as 80 Medical Institutions have taken part in the CIA's Operation MK Ultra and the quest for total mind control thorugh the use of LSD, Hypnosis, Sensory Deprivation, Sleep Deprivation, Verbal and Sexual Abuse including Sodomy, Electric Shock and Water Boarding at locations from GITMO to Kabul. America is slated to become the Scapegoat for Rev 18 Babylon "Gate of Marduk"; Consecrated as the Suitable Sacrifice "Mass" for Marduk "The Christ". Merry Christ-Mass? In Babylon, those Tree Ornaments took on a whole different meaning. Festival of Lights (Hanukkah)? Thanks, I'll pass.

                                                Zero Dark Thirty

                             "And the Oscar goes to Zero Dark Thirty"

is derived from the Arab word for Cipher

means Sinister; Wicked; To Hide or Absence of Light. Jesus said "I am the light of the world" Jn 8:12
Thirty or 30 is used in a Telegraph, Dispatch or Line Copy to indicate "The End"
There seems to be a bit of a Secret Cipher indicated here, so what on earth could it bee? No typo, Bee is Word in Chaldee.
A Chaldean Last Word?
    Zero Dark Thirty
premiered in Hollywood Dec 10, coincident with the EU meeting to accept the Nobel Peace Prize and their decision on starting Wars in Syria and Mali. The movie debuts in theaters Dec 19; I couldn't help noticing the CIA analyst uses the name Maya; cute eh? Maya means Illusion which is what the Mayan Calendar date of aka Dec 21, 2012 is.

                       "All War is Deception" The art of War -Sun Tzu

"We've never made the case or even argued the case that somehow Osama bin laden was behind 9/11/2001" Dick Cheney
"Osama bin Laden has never appeared on the FBI Most Wanted List in connection with 9/11/2001" FBI Director Robert Mueller
"Our disinformation campaign will be complete when everything the American people believe is false" Reagan CIA Director William Casey.

Oscar means "God's Spear" aka "Spear of Destiny" Oscar has the same root as Asgaard the Norse abode of the gods and first element of Ahura Mazda, the pre-determined winner of WWIII according to Zoroastrianism's final battle of "Light" versus Ahriman "Darkness" Guess which nation represents Ahriman by the 150+ nations in the "Non-aligned Movement"? The US. Shia "Twelver" Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Tehran is this years NAM President; his Divine Mission is to usher in al-Mahdi.
Guess which town was the 1st Jesuit acquisition in the Middle East? Tehran.
Guess where WWIII will start? That's right, Tehran where Shia "Twelver" Imams are trained for the role of ushering in the 12th Shia Imam "al-Mahdi". al-Mahdi means "He who Rises"; I'll spoil the surprise and tell you al-Mahdi is the Beast rising from the Sea in Rev 13.
    Hollywood means "Holy Wood"; no Masonic laughing people; as my 20 yr old son said of the movie Toy Story, What 16 yr old doesn't want to play with his Woody? Aint' that right 330 Mason Buzz "Lightyear" Aldrin? Beltane means Baal's Birth and Obelisk means Baal's Shaft.
   Hollywood also refers to the Holy Wood of Druid Groves used to Hang (Curse) Sacrifices. Emperor Constantine, the first Pope called pieces of the "True Cross" Holy Wood; 300 years after the Crucifixion, his Druid mother Helena finds pieces of the Cross? Nice try. Druids called these Groves "Thor's Oaks" aka Asgaard. Pretty clever eh? Is Hollywood Jewish? Not on your eternal life.

"Seal Team 6" was released to U-Tube and free streaming movie outlets like Netflix just ahead of the US elections in order for Obama to take credit for the supposed Beltane "May Day" Raid. The time stamp in the film shows 1:30-2AM. Kathryn Bigelow says the term "Zero Dark Thirty" means 30 minutes after Midnight, but anyone in the military knows the phrase is more closely akin to "The Crack of Dawn" Perhaps the reason Obama changed the name of the Iraq War to "Operation New Dawn"is because Dawn means Lucifer. Anyway, the film stopped short of answering a few questions.

  • Why does the US think Osama bin Laden was involved with 9/11 when he, along with Dick Cheney and Robert Mueller have denied any such involvement? Terrorist groups usually brag about events far less spectacular than 9/11.
  • Why does much of the world believe Osama bin Laden died in 2001 from Renal faulure?
  • Why do CIA documents indicate Tim Osman was hired under the pseudonym Osama bin Laden? (Usama=Lion; bin=Manger; Laden=Ladon Dragon). Oh, Osman is likely a false name as well; Osman I founded the Ottoman Empire about the time Balwin I founded the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre during the First Crusade.
  • Where are Osama bin laden's wives and human shields used in the raid?
  • The documentary "Feathered Cocaine" claims Osama bin Laden lives near Tehran and is an avid? Falconer. Whose right? 
  • How was Osama bin Laden DNA tested enroute to the Arabian Sea in a 130MPH helicopter, some 1200+ miles away from Zero Dark Thirty until his supposed Muslim burial at Sea at 10AM? Take your time on this one; DNA testing requires DNA samples, an electron microscope and computer designed for this task. Not much time for all that eh?
  • Why was Admiral Charles Gaouette the only supposed Witness to Osama bin Laden's arrival aboard the USS Carl Vinson? Why was he relieved of command aboard the USS Stennis over the Benghazi raid? Why aren't we hearing from him now?
  • Why were all 30+ "Witnesses" of the Seal Team 6 raid on Osama bin Laden riding in one Army Helicopter over hostile territory when it was shot down?

                                        "No Water Boarding; No bin Laden" Alleged CIA Motto

    The idea of Water Boarding comes the Bible in 2 Kings 8:15. Ben-hadad was the Old Testament version of Bashar al-Assad, a Syrian Kiing murdered and his kingship usurped. Elisha knew the plan; isn't it obvious yet, those days are repeating?
The Office of Inquisition was famous for Torture techniques; Pope Benedict XVI currently heads office today
    After Ben-hadad was murdered, Edom revolted from Judah's rule. In Gen 27:40KJV we can see what happens next will lead to Esau's prophesied "Dominion" over Jacob. When this "Yoke" is broken Esau's intent is to slay his brother Jacob; today, that means "Born Again Christians" and 144,000 from the 12 Tribes of Jacob (No this is not Israel).
    Esau's "Dominion" is described as the 3rd Beast in Dan 7:6 and Rev 13:2. It's end is described in Obadiah. Folks, if you can't see this happening, you need Jesus Christ and an Authorized Bible in your life! Now can you see why Jesus warned unless "Those Days were flesh would remain"?

                                   Tower of Babel

     The European Union, meeting Dec 10-16 (Happy Hanukkah by the way!) will formally receive the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize reflecting 60 years of Peace at the Plenary session on St Lucia Day "Bride of Light/Lucifer" Dec 13 on the New Moon, during the peak of the Geminid Meteor shower. Nice timing eh? Seat #666 will be vacant; the EU President having obtained "Emergency Powers" over the Military Wing of the EU with "Recomendation 666". Cool eh? The EU is made up of 27 member nations and representatives of their military willing to fight for the New World Order and end their respective National Sovereignty; the more proper term for these Traitors are Mercenaries. The 12 Star Logo of the EU is similar to the 11 seat UN Meditation Room with a 1 very notable exception so let's pray they don't fill Seat #666 at the EU and the 11th chair behind Satan's 13,000 Lb "Lodestone" (Leading Stone) Altar at the UN in 2012!
      The Peace Sign used in Witchcraft is called the "Broken Jew" or "Witch's Foot", a "Teutonic Rune of Death" made by turning the Cross upside down and breaking the "Cross Bar" (Jesus was nailed to a Cross-Bar affixed to a Tree; the 2 different words used in scripture to reflect this is Xulon meaning Piece of Tree and Stauros meaning Pole) while ritually blaspheming Jesus and the Holy Ghost. 33Mason and Druid Initiate (Dru=Tree) Winston Churchill popularized the Peace Sign as the familiar "V Sign"; much as Hitler had done with the oldest symbol on Earth, the "Swastika" (Su Asti means "Good Luck") known as the "Broken Sun Wheel", "Thor's Hammer" or "Broken Jew". Sir Winston used the V for 5, the equivalent of the Hebrew 6 "Shin" meaning the 3 "Nails" used to fasten Jesus to the Tree; Pagan means "To Fasten" so if Seat #666 is filled in the near term I'd watch out. The V Sign is a Satanic Benediction (Blessing) during rituals, when backlit, the Goat on the wall is the Scapegoat Azazel; in rituals Satan is codenamed "Nail"; Mormon men attaining the 2nd token of the Melchisedek (Priest-King of Jerusalem) use the phrase "Sure sign of the Nail".  
    Europa and Zeus (White Bull) gave birth to the mythical Cretan King Minos and first Pharaoh Menes; the mythical union of Europa and Minos then produced the 1/2 Beast 1/2 Man Minotaur; an Oooh and Aahh is appropriate here. Europa can be seen Riding the Beast in front of the European Union Building. The EU Parliament (Parliament means Secular and Ecclesiastical meeting called by a King; Druids called it a "Meeting of the Owls", the symbol of Athena the Greek goddess of Wisdom, Justice and War) building was built to resemble Nimrod's original Tower of Babel as painted by Rosicrucian Alchemist Pieter Brueghel in 1563. Folks, Nimrod did not build the Tower "They came from the East" (KJV is changed in new bible versions) to build the Tower (Magdala). Babel was no physical Tower; rather the first post-flood Secret Society initiations called "Sacred Marriage" or "Divine Union"; the "Holy Grail" if you will. It was during these rituals Sargon the Great of Akkad was said to have been conceived by a mother who was a "Changeling"; Akkad means Gypsy (If you get interested read the Epic of Gilgamesh; or don't and get right with Jesus Christ because time is getting short!). Babel means Gate of El (aka On, Allah, Marduk). The Tower of Babel is not the Gate of Jesus Christ!! Confused? El, On, Allah, Marduk, al-Mahdi have become "God" to a great many people, just pray to God (JEHOVAH/Jehovah) you are not one of them!
     12/21/2012 is the Appointment with Marduk "Son of Pure Origin" as the Venus "Lucifer" Calendar turns to On that Date the EU and Russia will hold their Summit. Rev 13 records the "Beast" rising from the Sea: A combination of a Leopard, Bear and Lion. Dan 7 also records 3 Beasts: a Lion, Bear and Leopard, fancy that! Notice, this "Beast" obtains "Dominion" in Dan 7:6; interesting as 7+6=13 and 7X6=42, the number of weeks in Great Tribulation after Rev 13 starts. Oh wait, the bible is a story book like my Presbyterian pastor used to say; this must be coincidence! NOT! In Rev 13, the Dragon gives the "Authority", not God; Jesus refers to the Dragon as Satan and the Devil in Rev 12:9. China calls 2012 the "Year of the Dragon"; pretty prophetic eh? Well No, Rev 12:9 is the 5th Trumpet Warning (Rev 9:11) when Satan is cast to earth; that's over 2 years from now; so why all this confusion? The Golden Fleece.
     Libor (London Inter-bank Offering Rate) is worldwide interest rate manipulation by the 27 International Banks, generally representing the 27 EU nations (NATO represents 22 of those 27 nations) whose Kings are usually members of the Order of Golden Fleece. Fleece? Libor has done that to the world and is the best candidate for the Black Horse ( claims this horse was released on 12/21/2011) I can think of. Liber was known to the Romans as Bacchus or Dionysus aka Green Man. The Sacred Marriage, an orgiastic and cannibalistic union of Liber and Liberia outlawed in Greece and Rome but revered in Europe and the US (Marx Dutroix Affair for example). Liberia represents the Slave Trade state of West Africa "Liberia" and Liberia, Costa Rica represents Mitt Romney, George Bush Sr, Gov Bill Clinton and Rev Oliver North's Center of the Iran-Contra Drug for Weapons Scandal. Quite a Fleecing eh?
   Hillary Clinton and past Grand Master of the Order of the Golden Fleece, Nicholas Sarkozy were in Champs Elysees for the illegal start of the Libyan War; 2 weeks later the Central Bank of Benghazi was operating to finance and equip Al Qaeda and the Free Syrian Army with weapons that make Iran-Contra and Operation Gun Runner a Pale Horse by comparison.
   The subject of the EU Meeting Dec 10th is 2 fold. 1st is the EU and NATO's response to the use of Syrian WMD's and acquisition by Syrian Rebels who have just pledged allegiance to the Salafist terror group Jabhat al-Nusra (Supporters for the victory of the people of Syria). These WMD's were supplied during Iran-Contra to Saddam Hussein (Carlyle Group investor with George Bush, Osama bin Laden and Don Rumsfeld) in Iraq and to Iran; "Chemical Ali" used them on the Kurds; Sarin and VX, especially, are only produced by Russia and the US. James Clapper, Obama's Nat Intelligence Director admitted these weapons were transferred to Hafez al-Assad in Syria during March 2003. The 2nd purpose is to decide on military action in northern Mali, specifically Timbuktu; Fron here to Timbuktu refers to the far reaches of the wilderness; folks, we may be getting there. Al Qaeda of the Islamic Maghreb, apparently has Chemical Weapons from Benghazi; they are bent on enforcing Sharia Law and re-acquiring  Al Andalus, the region of Spain once held by the Muslim Moors. Ever seen a Shriner's Hat? Members of the Noble Arabic Order of the Mystic Shrine proudly wear the Fez, made red with the blood of 50,000 murdered Christians in 700 AD. How do those Shriner Clowns and Orange Golf Carts look now? Lockheed-Martin is even sending 20 (200 total) US taxpayer financed 4th generation F-16's to Muslim Brotherhood dictator Mohammad Morsi. Quite a Fleecing eh?
   The Jewel of the Order of the Golden Fleece is, what else but Sheep's Wool; Jesus said our enemies were "Wolves in Sheep's Clothes" after all. Kings of Spain, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria and Thailand will all be represented; my personal favorite is King Constantine II of Greece "King of the Hellenes".
      The EU has certainly pulled the wool over the eyes of the world and fleeced it to the where a "Quart of Wheat" will be exchanged for a "Day's Wage"; well unless you decide to take the Mark of this Beast by going through the Gate of Marduk at the Tower of Babel! 


    Hanukkah "Consecration" begins Dec 8 and lasts 8 days, commemorating the re-dedication of Zerubabbel's Temple on 25 Kislev 164 BC and the miracle of 1 days Olive Oil burning at the Temple for 8 days. Here is a picture of the Hanukkah Menorah on the Capitol Mall; keep in mind Capitol means Womb of Zeus; Columba means Dove, the Syrian goddess Atargatis (Phoenician Asherah, Ishtar, Easter etc) stands atop the Capitol Rotunda facing East toward the Rising Sun with her back to the Nation and Congress comes from the Latin Congredi "To meet for War". It will help you understand what the National Hanukkah Menorah and National Christmas Tree represent.  Both are Heathen (ref Jer 10) ie neither Jewish nor Christian.                                                                            
    God gave Israel 7 Feasts: Passover (14 Abib: Birth of John the Baptist/Crucifixion of God in Flesh), Unleavened Bread (15 Abib: Burial of Jesus Christ), First Fruits (17 Abib: Resurrection of Jesus Christ), Pentecost (50 Days after Passover), Trumpets (1 Ethanim), Atonement (10 Ethanim) and Tabernacles (15 Ethanim: Birth of Jesus Christ). Hanukkah and Christmas are not one of the 7 Feasts because Hanukkah is no more Jewish than Christmas is of Jesus Christ; neither have anything to do with God.
    The tall center candle of a 9 Branch Menorah is Shamash, the Akkadian (Gypsy) Sun god. Jesus Christ was hung on and nailed to the Tree between 2 Thieves, forming the 7 Branched Candlestick God told Moses to construct; the Hanukkah Menorah is an attempt to replace it. As Jesus became the "Servant", Shamash means "Servant", having root in Samas meaning Sun or Shin meaning Nail. Jesus as "Alpha" was present at Creation; as "Omega" He will be present at the End of this world, but hold on folks, that's not for another 1000 years when Creation is 7000 years old and New Jerusalem, New Heaven, and New Earth are re-created (Eze 40-48; Rev 21) As "Melchisedek" (Gen 14:18; Ps 110, Heb 7) He is King of Salem (Jerusalem), Priest of the Most High, Author of the Abrahamic covenant, Authority of King David and Author of the New Covenant, the 8th such covenant between God and Man. Mormon men attaining the Melchisedek Priesthood will use the phrase "Pey Heylel" meaning "Wondrous Lucifer" and  the pass grip used by Master Masons with the phrase "Sure sign of the Nail". Don't bet eternity on that fellas! Jesus authored the Old Covenant and descended from Judah making Him Jewish; He warned never call any man on earth Rabbi (Mat 23:10). Chabad is the 1st 3 levels of Kaballah "Work upon the Sacred Tree"; specifically the Tree upon which Jesus was Nailed (Shin). Talmudic Rabbis open Synagogue with the "Sign of Shin", a sign made famous by Kabbalist Leonard Nimroy in Star Trek.
    The word "Synagogue" appears only 1 time in the Old Testament; King David lamented that by his day all the Synagogues of God had been burned up "They said in their hearts, Let us destroy them together: they have burned up all the synagogues of God in the land" Ps 74:8 Burned here refers to "Holocaust" a "Burnt Offering" to Shamash, the god of Justice in Babylon; itself a word meaning Gate of Marduk or Allah. "Together" refers to a gathering in a Synagogue or Congregation; Jesus warned Christians to stay "Separate" in the Hebrew word "Holy" and Greek work "Ekklesia" to prevent this from happening. Jesus hates the Doctrine of the  "Nicolaitanes" because they became the "Elevated Clergy" found today in Synagogues as "Rabbis", an Arab word stemming from Rab meaning "My Great One" and in Congregations going by the title "Father" or "Reverend".
    25 Kislev 164 BC occurred at the Solar Solstice, 9 months after the Ecclesiastical New Year began and the Spring Equinox Sun first rose in Pisces. The Fish Symbol is not Christian nor is the Dove; these were used during the Inter-testament period by Nabattean Arabs as atributes of the Syrian goddess Atargatis (aka Cybele, Aphrodite, Ishtar, Astarte, Isis, Easter etc); the Aramaean (Syrian) symbol can be seen on the Aquarian Cross at Glastonbury symbolizing the coming of the Infant of the Nativity "Marduk" known to the Druids (Knowers of Trees) as King Arthur; it is also called the "Golden Mean" or "Ratio of Life". 2160 years earlier a similar astrological event happened just 24 years after the Flood in 2324 BC as the Sun rose in Aries; Now the world anxiously awaits the Age of Aquarius and the coming of the "One" whether it be Buddha, al-Mahdi or Krishna matters not so long as he is the Prince of Peace.
     Pope Benedict XVI also got into the act, calling for a One World Government, a New World Order and a World Central Bank with corresponding Worldwide Authority and Universal Jurisdiction. If it sounds a bit like "Day of Divine Judgment" set for 12/21/2012 it is likely no coincidence.      
    Syrian Rebels released a video at the start of Hanukkah claiming Syria used Chemical weapons on civilians in Aleppo. Israel claims the IDF has proof as well. In another FSA video Al Qaeda is seen mixing and readying Chemical weapons in Turkey for use in Syria in front of a banner "Al Qaeda Batallion for manufacturing Chemical Gas" in Arabic; Folks the FSA is Al Qaeda, the US armed and trained them in Benghazi. These events are the proverbial "Red Line" Obama, Clinton, Panetta have all committed to. I serously doubt all this was coincidence with Hanukkah. 
    Folks, I mean no disrespect for Jews who celebrate Hanukkah or Christians who celebrate Christmas or X-Mass; I'm merely pointing out the truth of these man-made "Holy Days" is not what it appears. Hanukkah aka Festival of Lights are purely Luciferian "Holy Days" celebrated as Saturnalia aka Father Time, Chronus or Chaos. It's Time to accept Jesus Christ as God in Flesh before Time runs out!


                                  Zero Hour
Zero is derived from the Arab word Sifr "Cipher" meaning Empty Place Desert or Worthless Person; for a true Arab, that is anyone who believes in God "JEHOVAH" and God in Flesh "Jehovah". Hour means any limited Time or Season; "Zero Hour" means Pre-planned time of execution for a military strike.  "Zero Hour: Your final Chance" is a video released by the Free Syrian Army aka US trained and armed Mercenaries, as a warning Damascus will be fired upon.
    Zoroaster is derived from Zero and Ashta (Star), the final battle of Ahura Mazda (Light) versus Ahriman (Darkness) in Persian or rather Medean/Chaldean Religion. When? This is just a guess, but a New Moon occurs on Dec 13th "St Lucia Day" Lucia is the Norse Bride of Light/Lucifer. This year will be coincident with the peak of the Geminid Meteor Shower. In Greece the Gemini Twins were Castor and Pollux; on Dec 5th the US provacatively tested a sub-critical Plutonium weapon at the Mercury Nevada Test Site called "Pollux" which provoked anger from the Mayor and residents of Nagasaki, Japan, the city needlessly destroyed by the Plutonium weapon "Fat Man". Nice timing eh? Not coincidentally, a 7.3 Earthquake hit on Pearl Harbor Day off the Fukushima coast. Coincident with these events, Japan has launched guided missile cruisers to shoot down any North Korean ICBM launch, scheduled any time now. Why Dec 7? The US declared war on Austria-Hungary Dec 7 1917 and on Japan Dec 7 1941 Not good enough? In Gen 12:7 God promised "this land" to the seed of Abram; "this land" being Eretz Israel; in Rev 12:7 Satan aka the Old Serpent, Dragon or Devil is cast out of Heaven after the war with Archangel Michael; the eartly view of this war is found in Rev 9:11; a fake 5th Trumpet in the making? Time will tell. I expect the real 5th Trumpet 2 years from now when "Project 911" is completed.
    If the term Zero Hour is cryptic, the Geminids are more so. Astronomers claim the source is a large Meteor named "3200 Phaethon" Phaethon "Shining Light" was the wreckless son of Helios who crashed the solar chariot into earth nearly destroying it. Sounds a bit like Jesus' warning unless those days were shortened, no flesh would remain eh?
    From Dec 13th "New Moon" until Dec 28th "Cold Full Moon" the Lunar phases will mirror image ie reverse the Solar Cycles (Taurus to Aries to Pisces to Aquarius) made by the Sun over the last roughly 6000 years (Dec 13 Sagittarius to Capricorn to Aquarius to Pisces to Aries to Taurus to Gemini on Dec 28). Sagittarius the Winged Archer became the symbol of Assur the god-man of Assyria and 2nd son of Shem. The Vernal Equinox sun rose in Taurus at the Flood which is why Zeus became the White Bull of Heaven. Sargon the Great was declared Legitimate King because his birth occurred as Taurus moved into Aries (Supreme Ram). 2160 years later on On Dec 25 (25 Kislev 164 BC) the Temple was cleansed of blood as Aries moved into Pisces. The Fish Symbol is not Christian, it is the Cretan Labrys, the symbol of the Gnostic "Ratio of Life" or "Golden Mean" and symbol of the coming Phoenician "Fisher King" aka "Beast from the Sea".
    Christmas 2012 will see the waxing moon "Hilal" rise in Taurus on Christmas Eve and rise in Gemini on Christmas Day; Jesus and Lucifer are Twins after all, Right? Wrong! The Twins here represent Esau and Jacob; Esau is the Red Son who achieves "Dominion" (Gen 27:39-41KJV); WWIII will give that to Edomites. The Waxing Crescent "Hilal" meaning "Lucifer" coinciding with St Lucia Day should have Mormon Melchisedek Priests excitedly saying "Pey Heylel" meaning "Wondrous Lucifer" eh?  Time to cut down the Grove, send Santa packing, turn the lights out and get Jesus in your life folks!

                            Christmas 2012

8 Sites (eg proclaim the Pale Horse “Death” will be released on 12/21/2012 on the “Day of Divine Judgment”. Are they correct?
  ”Hell” follows the Pale Horse because anyone not “Sealed” to Jesus Christ before “Heaven departs as a scroll when it is rolled together” Rev 6:14 is destined for “Hell”.

     The Great Tribulation begins with 7 Trumpet Warnings at Rev 8, lasting 1260 days or 3 ½ years of 360 day years. Perhaps the biggest “Sign Post” is the 5th Trumpet at Rev 9:11 (Didn’t think that day was chosen at random did you?) when Satan/Lucifer is cast to Earth. This is the 1st of 3 “Woes” and lasts 5 months (150 days). The US is financing “Project 911” on “Site 911” at Beit Shemesh “House of Shamash”. Talmudic Scribes will place the “Mezuzah” over every Door. Talmudic fake Jews in Persia favor the Tefillin (Phylactery), a Leather Cube with Deut 6:4-9; 11:13-21 worn at morning prayers (Lucifer is the Morning Star) over the Pineal gland (3rd Eye). At any rate, notice the difference in Deut 6:4 in the KJV “Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD” versus the New American Standard Version like all other Monotheistic Gnostic versions “Hear O Israel! The LORD is our God, the LORD is one!” “One LORD” is not the same as “the LORD is one!” The Word of God uses the 313 ! in scripture as points of emphasis beginning with Ishmael and ending with Babylon falling; notice how the NASV uses 2 ! to emphasis the Monotheist LORD; Allah, Lucifer, Osiris of Bab=Gate; On=Osiris (Bab Ilu is the Akkadian version where Ilu is Allah). When discerning the “Mezuzah” (Doorpost) realize that Jesus is the Lamb’s Blood used as protection for the 1st Passover, rejected in favor of “the One” at the last Passover. Beit Shemesh “Project 911”  with its Jericho III ICBM’s and nuclear hardened underground structure is protecting itself from Satan/Lucifer; as Jesus warned “And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them” Rev 9:6. Folks, Satan is a Liar, protecting yourself from him with a Phylactery just isn’t going to work. The 2 year project is due to be completed about Christmas “Sol Invictus” 2014.

    Between the 1st Trumpet and 5th Trumpet is the 3rd Trumpet Warning, a “…great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp…the star is called Wormwood” Rev 8:10-11  Comet means “Long Haired Star”; comets were formed during the Flood as “Fountains of the Deep” ejected water upward; the most energetic water will be the last to return in a highly elongated parabolic “Elliptical” trajectory. Notice in Eze 37:16 and Rev 11:1, the sons of Joseph and Ephraim (Israel) at the Altar are judged separately from the sons of Judah (Israel) on the Porch. Comet ISON “Sons of Joseph” is due to become brighter than a Full Moon during the weeks leading up to Christmas 2013.

    The 5th Trumpet Warning “1st Woe” lasts 5 months; the 6th Trumpet Warning “2nd Woe” lasts 1 year, 1 month, 1 day, 1 hour. First let’s look at the last Week.  The last 70 Weeks (490 days) are described in Dan 9:24-27 and yes I’m well aware of what your Pastor and Study Bibles say; just remember the information comes from the Inter-testament “Silent” Period (Achaemenid Empire from Artaxerxes until Jesus including the Nabattaeans, Hasmoneans, Macabbees, Libertines, Hellenes), so none of it comes from God.

     “And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate” Dan 9:27  


    No “Private Interpretation” Just read the words. “confirm the covenant” is a re-affirmation of a covenant; Which covenant? An example is Presbyterians aka “Covenanters” who celebrate annually the “Kirkin O Tartan”. Tartan is called Phoenician Cloth; Tartan was the Assyrian Army commander under Sargon II who deported Israel after making a treasonous pact with Ephraim. On Presbyterian altars is the Celtic Cross with IHS “In Hoc Signo Vinces”, the Jesuit mantra derived from Constantine the Great in 325 AD meaning “By this Sign Conquer”. How? Nico=Conquer; Laitane=Laity; an elevated clergy between Jesus Christ and Man is how Conquering the Laity has been done for 1700 years; America began theirs with the Puritans and it has gotten steadily worse since; Santa Claus and the Illuminated Grove on Festival of Lights perhaps being the best example. Divine Union and Sacred Marriage rites, performed in Masonry and Witchcraft are a formal rejection of the Holy Ghost and Jesus Christ; the Unforgivable Sin. Make sense?

    “one week” is 7 days. Pretty tough eh? Jesus arrived at the East Gate (Lucifer as Eostre or Venus rises at the East Gate at Dawn). On Wednesday (midweek) He was condemned in a mock trial (Saturnalia aka Christmas Week celebrates the Mock King aka Lord of Misrule). Good Friday? Not hardly, Midweek folks! On our corrupt Gregorian Calendar, Jesus, from Midweek (Wednesday=Odin’s Day) at “Even”, Jesus spent Thursday and Friday in the Sepulcre, Rising the 3rd Day Saturn’s Day. Notice how 14 Abib “Passover”, 15 Abib “Unleavened Bread” and 17 Abib “First Fruits reflect the truth of the Crucifixion; not the Good Friday/Easter nonsense we get taught in Church. Passover to Pentecost=50 days; important in a moment. Jesus had 2 Thieves with Him; Satan/Lucifer will have 2 Witnesses with him in Jerusalem. Enoch, the 7th descendant from Adam through Seth and Elijah will be killed as Jesus appointed all men to do; the people of the “covenant with many” will rejoice and “send gifts one to another” Rev 11:10 (Sounds like Christmas doesn’t it?) because the world will finally be “Desolate”  meaning “Without Companions; Uninhabited, Deserted”. Finally, the “sacrifice and oblation” will cease. Sacrifice means “Perform a priestly function; Offering for a Deity” Oblation means “Offering; Pious donation: Sacrifice” Which Deity? Marduk, the “Son of pure origin”, Chaldeans call Yule “Infant” of “Dies Natalis Solis Invicti” (Day of the Un-conquered Sun) 3 days before Dec 25. What Sacrifice? God’s final Witnesses.

     Desolation will continue 3 days “until the Consummation”, at which point God’s 2 Witnesses will rise from Jerusalem aka “Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt” (Rev 11:7-11). What day? “Consummation” means “Completion; Sum up; Finish” with the implied sense of “Completing a Marriage” Rev 19:7 “…the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready”. Some last week eh? 7th Trumpet?  Let’s review: 5th Trumpet=5 months (Rev 9:5); 6th Trumpet=13 months, 1 day, 1 hour. The missing week “covenant with many” ends when the 2 Witnesses rise and the wedding party of the Lamb “Lamb’s Bride” are bodily resurrected (1 Cor 15:23;52; 2 Thess 4:17; Mat 24:31). The remaining “Day” begins when the “…temple of the tabernacle of the testimony in heaven was opened” Rev 15:5. 7 Vials of God’s Wrath in 1 day bring an end to “Babylon the great” Rev 18:2 in one day “Therefore shall her plagues come in one day…” Rev 18:8; and the Judgment of Babylon in 1 Hour “…that great city Babylon, that mighty city! For in one hour is thy judgment come.  Gnostics will attempt to apply the final ! to America “by reason of her costliness! For in one hour she is made desolate” Rev 18:19 but don’t believe it. Just thank God you won’t be here if you make your covenant with Jesus rather than Sol!   

    The US and Israel are building a 5 story underground, nuclear hardened, chemical weapon resistant bunker called "Project 911" on "Site 911" near Beit Shemesh "House of Shamash"; on every doorpost "Mezuzah", a declaration God "El Shaddei" is "One". Oops! Shaddei is abreviated by the letter Shin on the uppermost part of the Mezuzah; Talmudic Rabbis open Synagogue with the "sign of Shin" where Shin refers to the Nails that fastened Jesus to the Crucifixion Tree. The Victory Sign or Peace Sign refers to the same thing which is why US Foreign Military Sales are codenamed "PEACE". The military facility15 miles from Jerusalem; US taxpayers will finance construction through US Foreign Military Sales near the site where Israel maintains its "peaceful" nuclear arsenal of Jericho III ICBM's (3 stage, 7000Mi range, MIRV Nuclear capable); subject to UN inspection? Heaven's no, the US sends weapons only to those countries with like minds such as Israel, Egypt, Pakistan, Oman, Iraq, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and South Korea. If it seems the US is supplying weapons to its enemies, it should; America is nothing short of modern day Assyria. "ONE" can even be seen on the $US; pretty obvious "ONE" is not Jesus Christ eh? El Shaddai made a covenant with Abram in Gen 17:1; Shaddai has the conotation of "Breasted One" meaning "Caring or Nurturing" but it also derives from Shadad meaning "To Destroy". We can see this in Obadiah where nobody in the House of Abraham's grandson Esau will survive the 2nd Coming; Abram  had met God once before in the person "Melchisedek" in Gen 14:18; Melchisedek is Jesus Christ, both King of Salem and Priest of the Most High. (Ref Heb 7). You need to be in covenant with Jesus Christ before the Great Tribulation begins!
    Shamash, the center candle on the Hanukkah Menorah is the Assyrian sun-god equivalent with Marduk "Son of pure origin". Jewish? Not on your eternal life. Whatever else is housed at the site is speculation; I suspect Tesla Shield type weapons.
    The project is expected to take 2 years, and requires Top Secret clearances for contractors. On every door frame will be the Mezuzah; inscriptions from Deut 6:4-9 and 11:13-21 written by professional "Scribes" in indelible black ink on scroll parchment and sealed in leather or metal cases.  "Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD" Deut 6:4 KJV "Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one" Deut 6:4 NIV They don't sound the same because the latter denies Jesus Christ is the Lord; it is a Monotheistic alteration to the Word of God. Compare various translations here  Professional Scribes? Not the ones God Ordained!
    Ashkenazis tilt the Mezuzah toward the room, Sephardics and Mizrahis place the Mezuzah vertically. Ashkenaz is a grandson of Japheth, not Semitic or Jewish (ref Gen 10:3). Sephardics descend from Sepharvites who burned their children in fires to Molech (Marduk or Shamash), the Babylonians, Cuthites, Hamathites, Canaanites (Avites) who replaced Israel during Assyrian captivity under Sargon II ca 722 BC (ref 2 Kings 17:30-32). Mizrahi descend from Mizraim,, the son of Ham who founded Egypt (ref Gen 10:13). Mezuzah Scribes are the Scribes Jesus warned of in Mat 23 "Woe unto you Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites...", they killed God's Scribes and Priests and replaced them with "the lowest of them..." 2 Kings 17:32 They killed God in Flesh and await the arrival of Marduk "Son of pure origin". None of these groups are Jewish in the slightest! Now, Why call this "Project 911"?
     Eretz Israel runs from the Nile to the Euphrates River. Satan is cast to Earth in Rev 9:11 at the 5th Trumpet Warning "1st Woe" 18 months (540 days) before the "Day of Wrath" (7 Bowls/Vials). 200 Million demons will be released from the Euphrates River (Mormons believe the Euphrates River is the Mississippi River; this is a Bald Faced Lie, but one that does not bode well for America) to torment those without the Seal of God in their foreheads. Got one? It's free when you ask Jesus Christ for it! It's the equivalent of placing Lamb's blood over your doorpost at the 1st Passover. Israel was protecting itself from God's wrath with the blood of the Passover Lamb and you need to do the same. Or you can have a Satanic Scribe write the Mezuzah and hope that works! 
     Over 540 days, a 200 million strong army will converge on Har Meggido "Mount of Slaughter" (Rev 16:16) filling the valley to the horse' bridles with blood; fighting Jesus? Heaven's no! No words (Rev 19:19-20) are written to describe the battle with God because nobody fights God and wins.
The Great Tribulation lasts 3 1/2 years (1260 days), subtracting 540 days=2 years. Can you see why Project 911 on Site 911 will take 2 years to complete?
   Folks, none of this is haphazard, it is pre-planned by the "Synagogue of Satan", "Those who say they are Jews but are not...". These men reject God and hope Satan will "Passover" them the way God did the Israelites in Moses' Day. Satan will not Passover anyone; Jesus warned Satan is a Liar, only interested in 1 thing; replacing God and sitting on His throne. 
     You can receive the Seal in your Forehead (This is not a visible mark) today by asking the "KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS" Jesus Christ, or you can have a Scribe alter the Word of God, hang it on your Mezuzah (doorpost) and hope there is room in the bunker when Satan is given the key to the "Bottomless Pit". I suggest you ask JESUS! One of His Prophets Isaiah wrote "Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel" Is 7:14 Guess what folks? JESUS was born at Even on the 14th day of the 7th month on Feast of Tabernacles. Marduk is due this Christmas; I would not wait a minute longer to get that Seal!

    Advent "Coming; Arrival; Incarnation; Nativity Fast" Of Who?
    Luke 1 tells us John the Baptist was conceived at the end of the 8th, 8 day Temple service "Abia" in Tammuz (June). Jesus Christ was conceived in John's mother Elisabeth's 6th month of pregnancy at Feast of Dedication aka Hanukkah. John was born on 14 Abib "Passover"; Jesus was born 6 months later on 14 Ethanim at "Even", the start of the 8 day "Feast of Tabernacles". 33 1/2 years later, Jesus was Crucified 14 Abib "Passover", laid in a Sepulchre at "Even" on Feast of Unleavened Bread on 15 Abib and rose to Heaven on 17 Abib on Feast of First Fruits.
Advent has nothing to do with Jesus Christ.
Babylon means "Gate of the gods"; Marduk means "Son of pure origin"; Marduk is the Chief god of Babylon, the "god of gold"; Rothschild, the modern day, self proclaimed "Gold Kings".  Bab=Gate; On=Osiris, a name meaning prince or chief; Heliopolis the "Gate of Osiris"; Priests of On are Solar Priests today going by the titles Father, Reverend and Rabbi. Marduk is the Head of Gold, specifically the Ben-ben (Pyramidion) of Heliopolis found on the $US. Going back to Tammuz for a moment; Tam=Purify; Muz=Fire; Pyramid means "Amid the flames". Dec 25th is the birth of the "Son of pure origin" known as Horus, Attis (Yarmulke, Skull Cap, Zuchetto, Kippah is the Cap of Cybele, sister, mother and consort of Attis), Adonis (Misteltoe is "Blood of Adonis"), Mithras (Persian version) etc. Jesus was not born on Dec 25th.
    The 12 day "Akitu" aka "Festival of Marduk" leads into "New Year" on 1 Nisan/Abib; moved back in the calendar by the same amount Christmas or X-Mass and Feast of Tabernacles, one can see how Marduk and "Festival of Lights" became confused with Feast of Tabernacles aka Sukkot "Booths".
    Advent 2012 began Dec 2; X-Mass refers to the Greek "Chi" visible as the X formed by the Ecliptic (Solar Track) and Milky Way on 12/21/2012 at the Solstice Sunrise. The downward and upward triangles overlap to form the Masonic Square and Compass and Hexagram aka Star of Molech (King David had nothing to do with this Star; it is more properly called the Seal of Solomon) with the Sun aka Marduk as the "Head" to form another familiar symbol "Chi-Rho" or "Royal Christ".
    Molech, Malak, Melek, Martu (Mar Utu "Young Bull"), Shamash (Samas "Calf of the Sun") all mean "King", specifically to make or set up Kings and Queens ie Royalty. Now can you see why Shamash is the center candle on the Hanukkah Menorah? Jesus was rejected as the center of the 7 Branched Candlestick; Shamash replaces Him. 
    4 Sundays of Advent feature Candles and Wreaths. Sunday is Dies Solis; the conception of Sol on Easter is followed in 9 months by Dies Natalis Solis Invicti "Nativity of the Sun"; now can you see why Advent is called "Nativity Fast"? The 40 days of Lent are for Tammuz just as the 40 days from 11/11-12/25 are the 40 Days of St Martin; no Saint, just another expression of Martu. Purple is the color of Royalty because it is simply the most energetic visible light.
     The first Purple Candle is  the Prophecy Candle of Hope. Hope of what? The 2nd Coming? Not on your eternal life. During the Millennium, only the Feast of Tabernacles will be celebrated (ref Zach 14:18); God has 7 Holy Feasts and not one is near Christmas.
    The 2nd Purple Candle is the  Bethlehem Preparation Candle. Preparation for what? Wise Men arrived in Bethlehem where Jesus was 1 1/2 years earlier, the Slaughter if Innocents occurred thereafter. Nativity of Jesus? No way, the Nativity of Marduk.
    The 3rd candle is the Pink Shepherd Candle of Joy. Why Pink? A combination of Red (least energetic) and White (Lucifer) Light. Pink means "Eyes half closed" referring to Initiation into Babylonian "Mystery Religion" Pink is a Feminine color relating to the Gnostic "Mother of God", Ishtar, Ashtoreth, Astarte, Isis etc. Praying to Mary? Sorry, but Jesus will not hear those prayers. Pink Slip means "Discharge Notice". Pink means "To Pierce, stab or prick"; it also means "Left of Center". I suggest you attempt to get right of Center because everyone on Jesus' Left will hear "Depart from me, I never knew you"(Mat 7:23) that's a Discharge Notice that lasts for eternity!
    The 4th Candle the Purple Angel Candle of Love. Folks, you can love God or Mammon but not both., and Advent if not obvious already, has nothing to do with Jesus Christ. God is not an Angel; Lucifer is the Angel of Love; God punished Adam and Eve for listening to the Serpent; God Loves us when we follow His Word and Advent is not part of that Word.
    The 5th Candle is the White Christ Candle. The White, Bearded, Long Hair Jesus is a mockery; His robe is White, but when He returns it will be "Dipped in Blood". Christ means "Messiah"; Marduk is the Alternative Messiah going by titles such as Buddha "World Pole", Krishna "Black" (Absorbs Light), al-Mahdi "He who rises" (That would be the Sun folks!) or the Christmas Jesus lying in the manger amid Chaldean Wise Men. Yule is Chaldean for "Infant"; Jesus was a "Young Child" when they arrived. There were no Wise Men in the Manger!
  White means "Sinless" as does Laban, the Syrian (Aramaean) uncle of Jacob. Now can you see why your Christmas Tree looks just like the Flag of Lebanon (Laban)? America's first Flag was also an Evergreen Tree.
     The Advent Wreath is Pagan.
Candles lit in succession increase the Light around the Sacred Space used in Witchcraft on Yule, the Great Festival of Light in the Germanic Year of Odin. Odin is Woden, from where Wednesday was named. Ever tried to count 3 days/nights from Good Friday at "Even" to Easter Sunday at First Light? Don't bother; the 3 days are from Odin's/Woden's Day until Saturday which match the number of days for God's Spring Feasts: "Passover" 14 Abib, "Unleavened Bread" 15 Abib and First Fruits 17 Abib. Woden's Day, Thor's Day, Freya's Day and Saturn's Day, the 6th planet; you know, the one with the Halo around it. Romans called Saturn "Cronus" because he gave Pink Slips to his offspring as soon as they were born.
Advent: Pagans and Christians at the same table awating the arrival of the  of the "Light of the World". Jesus is the Light of the World, not Marduk! Its time to Turn the Tables, make like a Tree and Leave Church, the Advent Candles and Wreaths behind. Jesus is not in Temples made with hands.

                                              Little Horn

Little Horn is not Antiochus Epiphanes of Syria, he did not erect Daniel's "Abomination of Desolation" and Jesus' birthdate is not the Maccabean era date 25 Kislev (Dec 25). Little Horn is described in Dan 8:9;11-21-45; this man rides a Pale Horse "Death" and starts the Great Tribulation. Little Horn does not usher in the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ!  Little Horn ushers in the Alternative Messiah "Christ" aka al-Mahdi, Krishna, Buddha or "The ONE". Little Horn ushers in the prophesied "Dominion" of Esau (Gen 27:39-41KJV); the "Dominion" of the 3rd Beast, a 4 winged, 4 headed "Leopard" in Dan 7:6.
   Ehud Barak (Independence Party) pulled out of Israeli elections, paving the way for Likud (Netanyahu and Ehud Barak are 330 Mizraim Lodge; Barack Obama is 320 Prince Hall Lodge of Freemasonry) control of Israel. Mizraim Lodge is essentially a modern day continuation of the "Cult of Isis" in Egypt; Prince Hall is open only to Blacks; the first Black Scapegoat being Nimrod.
    Netanyahu claims lineage from the Tribe of Benjamin; he is an Ashkenazi, non-Semitic Liar. Likud is synonymous with Lehi (Samson's Jawbone of an Ass), Irgun, and Stern Gang terrorists bent on acquiring Eretz Israel by force and deception. The term "Revisionist Zionism" refers to an Alternative Messiah to replace Jesus Christ as Messiah.  Ehud means "United"; Barak "Lightning"; he praises Barack Obama "He is with us" in Farsi, and is convinced Israel will soon attack Iran "Noble Caste".
     "He shall enter into the glorious land, and many countries shall be overthrown: but these shall escape out of his hand, even Edom, and Moab, and the chief of the children of Ammon." Dan 11:41 King Abdullah II rules the Hashemite Kingdom of Trans-jordan, east of the Jordan River ie Edom, Moab and Ammon. Hashemite, from Hasimi means "To Destroy, or Smash". Osama bin Laden (CIA asset Tim Osman) said "America is Hubal of the modern age" because Muhammad smashed the stone idol of Hubal (God is Baal) at Mecca ca 632 AD and re-dedicated the Nabattaean era Arab god to Allah aka "Sin"; Abdallah means "Servant of Allah". Hashemites claim descent from Muhammad through Quyraish bedouins of Mecca and Medina; King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia also claims this lineage although the original name of the House of Saud was Mordechai. The point? They are all Liars playing a part in a script handed them.
    Edom "Red" is synonymous with Seir, Horites, Nabattaeans, Maccabees, Hasmoneans, Pharisees, Sadducees, Hanukkah, Christmas and the "Dominion" of Esau (Gen 27:39-41KJV). Judas Maccabaeus cleansed swine blood from the altar of the 2nd Temple on 25 Kislev, ca 164BC, the last Maccabee John Hyrcannus circumcized and admitted Edomites to the congregation of Israel Oops!; from that sprang Templarism, the false "Christian" Fish Symbol (Astrological Age of Pisces), Kaballah (Spirit or Enclosure of Allah) Easter (Conception of Lucifer), Christmas, Santa Claus, Nicolaitanes, Twisted Crucifix, Hanukkah Menorah, the Evergreen Tree and Festival of Lights. Petra means small stone as does Peter; Jesus is the BIG STONE. Peter is not the source of Salvation or Papal authority; Antiochus Epiphanes did not set up the "Abomination of Desolation"; that is coming up shortly. Petra is not the refuge of Judea during the Great Tribulation; God gave Petra to Edomites. Read Obadiah, all of Edom perish at the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ; at the coming of the Alternative Christ they escape Lucifer's wrath. People who lack this Rock Solid faith in Jesus Christ become Luciferians unwittingly by attending Churches, Synagogues, and Mosques led by Zionist Balaams (Priests of Baal) for this reason. Chuck Missler and John Hagee come to mind on the fake Christian side. Rabbi Ovadia Yosef (Sephardic Torah Guardians "Shas Party") comes to mind on the fake Jewish side; just this Saturday he said "Goyim were born to serve Jews...God gives them longevity as He would a person's Donkey...They will work, we will sit and eat like an effendi" What's an effendi? Turkish Royalty of course; Jewish? not on your eternal life. Bee Careful!
   Ammon represents Lot's incest with his younger daughter; Rabbah Ammon is Amman Jordan; Seir is Petra and Edom's Sheepfold is Bozrah, all in Jordan. They are non-Abrahamic allies with Edom.
   Moab represents Lot's (Lot was Abraham's older brother, son of Haran) incest with his eldest daughter. Sabians of Haran worshipped the Sun, Moon and especially Planets. Eglon King of Moab was assassinated by Ehud with a double edged knife the same as Saxons assassinated and replaced Britons with double edged "Seaxe" knives to found the British (B'Rith means Birthright; Harran, Ishmael and Esau's birthright). King David was related by marriage to Ruth, a Moabite widow which generated the Masonic distress signal "Is there no help for the widow's son?) Make sense yet? Edom, Moab, Ammon all sought the aid of Balaam "Priest of Baal" Why not seek Jesus instead?
    Are you seeking the aid of Balaam? Well, does your Priest, Rabbi or Pastor offer Communion?, absolve Sin through Confession? abslove Sins yet to be committed on Kol Nidre and Feast of Atonement? celebrate Hanukkah or Purim? celebrate Easter or Christmas? Then the answer is Yes. Read 2 Kings 17:32 Balaams are "Priests of the high places", the "lowest of them". Satan's footsoldiers in the Synagogue of Satan if you will. Harsh? Spending eternity in Hell is harsh!  Jesus is the only Priest the world has or needs!
   Modern Israel, ultimately traces its descent to Ashkenaz, a Japheth descendant, (Noah's eldest son) living in Shem's tents as Noah prophesied in Gen 9:27; Mizraim aka Men of Hamath who worship the Sabbath Goat (Baphomet/Goat of Mendes) and Sepharvaim who worship Adramellech (Shamash, the Assyrian sun god is in the center of the Hanukkah Menorah) and Anamellech (Easter Rabbit). All non-Semitic, non-Jewish impersonators Jesus called the "Synagoge of Satan".
   Israel is a British-Rothschild "Red Shield" creation from the Palestine Mandate of 9/11/1921; Jordan is a British-Lawrence of Arabia (British officer T.E.Lawrence) creation of the Arab League in 1921. The Arab League and Muslim Brotherhood being one in the same, installed in the seats of power by Arab Spring uprisings in Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Algeria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Jordan and Saudi Arabia with military hardwar and training supplied by the US.
    Meir Dagan, ex-Mossad chief turned outspoken critic of Netanyahu's war plans on Iran, said "An attack on Iran will end international investment, business and tourism in Israel"; he should know, he obtained overflight authority from King Abdullah in Saudi Arabia for attacks on Qom, Shia Islam's 2nd Holiest site near Tehran. This destruction of Israel is called the "Samson Option" which is consistent with Lehi "Samson's Jawbone" used to kill Philistines; Meir "Give Light" to Dagan, the Philistine god. Mossad motto "By deception, though shalt do war".  Ehud Barak, met with Obama Chief of Staff turned Chicago Mayor, Sodomite Rahm Emanuel (name means Supreme God is with me, but it's the wrong god Rahm) in September to finalize Civil War plans for America; Rahm is the son of Irgun terrorist Benjamin Emanual, the "ACORN" literally, never falls far from the corrupt tree. Barak of course  praises Obama, a trained Mujahideen "Warrior of Allah" in Indonesia and Pakistan who bowed to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, proclaimed "A New beginning for Islam" in Cairo where the Arab League was formed and accepted a lavish gold necklace from Jordan's King Abdullah II. Barak is justifiably confident Israel will attack Iran; today he called on the US to lead that attack on Iran; a 330 Mizraim Mason giving orders to a 320 Prince Hall Mason. Now isn't that special? Now might I suggest you seek out a relationship with Jesus Christ before this happens? Daniel fainted and got sick when Jesus told him about it.

World Health Organization warning: Human to Human transmission of Riyadh and Qatar Novel Beta Coronavirus aka SARS (Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome). 1918 Spanish Flu (Spanish Flu literally means Sephardic Occult Infestation) resulted from Typhus Vaccinations given to US Soldiers, produced in China by the Rockefeller Inst in 1916. Human Flu pus was transferred to pig hosts which were then transferred to chicken egg embryos and transferred to soldiers in mis-named Typhus Vaccines. Vaccines are a Jesuit creation of Quack Dr Edward Jenner made possible from mis-naming "Cowpox", a benign disease of the hands contracted from milking cows "Smallpox". Bio-weapons engineering is nothing new; dead corpses loaded into the Trojan Horse was perhaps the first use and Black Plague was spread by catapulting human corpses over castle walls. Voluntary injection of disease hidden in a Vaccine is the next step, but human to human propagation of disease is a Chimera.
    1918 "Spanish Flu" was 2.5% fatal, killing 40-50 million worldwide; recombinant Human-Pig-Swine Flu is 60% fatal. Resurrection of the 1918 Flu Virus by the Pentagon in the 1950's; the Armed Forces Inst of Pathology under Dr Jeff Taubenberger used lung tissue recovered from a victim to sequence 1/2 of the viral RNA and during the Bush Jr administration the Mt Sinai School of Medicine joined the effort of full reconstruction of 1918 Influenza in a USDA bio-hazard lab in Athens GA. Quite a conflict with the Hippocratic Oath eh? Final Gene sequences for a manufactured bio-weapon plague were then published on the Internet and in the journal Science by Dr Ron Fouchier of the Erasmus Medical Center at Rotterdam (Erasmus of Rotterdam was the Father of Humanism) with the blessing of the World Health Organization on May 1 "Beltane" 2012. The world was more interested in a fake Seal Team raid, capturing Osama bin Laden, DNA testing his corpse and transporting it 1200 miles in 130MPH helicopter for a Muslim "Burial at Sea" in 1 night. Santa Claus doing this in 1 night is more believable to me.
    On 8/8/12 the 8th day of Feast of Tabernacles, Fazal Ahmed died of CCHF "Crimean-Congo Viral Hemorrhagic Fever", a Tick born "Zoonosis" carried by Dromedary Camels. Convenient as the Hajj had 2 million Muslims arrive in Riyadh a week later and return to countries far and wide. American hatred for creating, dispersing and resurrecting the 1918 Flu is pretty bad; weaponizing Mosquitoes and Ticks at Plum Island NY using Nazi scientists brought to the US by Operation Paperclip is worse; now CCHF quickly spread from Saudi Arabia, to Oman, Pakistan, Kuwait, Dubai, Qatar, Iraq, and Afghanistan with hospital quarantined cases in Germany and Scotland and England. 
     The WHO has now identified the Riyadh and Qatar strains are the same and transmissible from human to human. Professor John Oxford of Queen Mary Hospital predicted CCHF or a derivative might emerge as an "Armageddon Virus". Is this it? If so, Why?
     "And there came unto me one of the seven angels which had the seven vials full of the seven last plagues...I will shew thee the bride, the Lamb's wife" Rev 21:9 Rev 21 concerns New Heaven, New Jerusalem and New Earth over 1000 years from now; after Gog and Magog and after Satan is destroyed forever; to get there one must become the Lamb's wife (Rev 19:7). The Pale Horse is released at Rev 6:8 and is given power over the fourth part of the earth to kill with sword, hunger and death and with the beasts of the earth". and its 7 sister sites claim this will happen on 12/21/2012; true or not a pandemic plague is the only way I know of to kill 1.5-2 Billion people. Jesus tells us "Except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved" Mat 24:22. I'm not trying to panic anyone, just trying to answer Why; the answer is Satan is attempting to be like God in every way including His Wrath. Now Who?
    Who is doing this quite literally. Margaret Chan is an Officer in the Most Excellent British Empire, an award given by Queen Elizabeth II whose husband Prince Phillip has stated his desire to be reincarnated as a killer virus. As the last 3 1/2 years "Great Tribulation" begin, Jesus uses the term "Earth Dweller"; Nature, much less God is not mixing diseased fluids from Bird, Human and Pig; Man is.
    There are 100's of millions of Flu Vaccines at the ready to combat the next man-made pandemic. This is just like NALCO having millions of Bbls of Corexit ready for Deep Water Horizon because these disasters are planned and engineered. 
    Christmas Bomber Farouk Abdulmuttalib was headed for Detroit; he had help and a lot of it; Abdul Mutalib is not his name, it is Muhammad's uncle and Detroit was destroyed to make way for a massive Islamic influx. It is no coincidence Detroit is Area code 313 or that 313 ! are in the Authorized Bible; the final one dealing with the fall of "Babylon" in Rev 18. Again this is a Satanic fake; remember Satan must fake God in every aspect including the Wedding of the Lamb in Rev 19. Finally, Osama bin Laden died on Beltane when the blueprint for this Influenza Chimera was published; that too is not his name; Tim Osman was the name the CIA hired this man under; Osman I founded the Ottoman Empire; they were and are neither Jewish, Christian or Muslim; they will always be anything Satan requires of them. Not that many years ago the world knew them by their real name Saracens,, those "Empty of Sarah" cast to the wilderness at the Zamzam Well at Mecca where all this began last October.
     Chimera means "Fabulous Monster", Hybrid Vaccine induced Influenza is exactly that.

                                                                  Last Pope
Pope Benedict XVI released "Jesus of Nazareth: The infancy narratives", the last in his trilogy on Jesus. Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi (Last Pope article is on the Religion page) head of the Vatican Cultural Council is on tour praising the book; he equated the Israel massacre of Gaza to the "Slaughter of Innocents"; Jews didn't order the slaughter of innocents; Herod the Edomite did that.
    Ravasi was made Judge of the Court of Gentiles (Jesus measures the Court of Gentiles; Ref Rev 13:1) on 12/21/2009 ( claims the White Horse was released that day) by Pope Benedict XVI, the 111th Pope since the Prophecy of St Malachy (not a Saint, merely an Irish Kabbalist) in 1134 AD. Ravasi is Knight Commander of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre aka Jesuit Guard; as such he commands the Knights Templar and the Sovereign Military order of Malta, Cyprus and Rhodes aka Knights of St John of Jerusalem or Knights Hospitaller (eg JCS Chair Martin Dempsey, Gen David Petraeus, Sec of War, oops, Def. Leon Panetta) . Cathars predicted "In 700 years the Laurel will grow green again"; 700 years ago in 1312-1313 the Council of Vienne broke covenant with and confiscated assets of the Templars; Jesuits have not forgiven nor forgotten. 
    No US soldier or seaman witnessed the burial at Sea of Osama bin Laden. No DNA test results, no Death Certificate, no Autopsy and no plausible way for bin Laden to have been transported in a helicopter to the USS Carl Vinson some 1200+ miles in one night. The sole source of this information came from Adm Charles Gaouette, replaced along with David Petraeus over "Inappropriate Conduct". Pretty convenient as both SMOM initiates will likely avoid questioning on the false bin Laden raid and Benghazi gun running operation. Nixon, virtually assured of re-election was allowed a similar exit because testimony on the Jesuit/CIA orchestrated JFK assassination would have collapsed the Templar/Banker Drug and Money Laundering empire. No need for the world to know the Jesuit managed Vietnam War was a Heroin pipeline just like the Jesuit managed War in Afghanistan.  Just a guess, but more high profile replacements may be in the works.
    According to Malachy, Pope Benedict is "Olive's Glory" and his successor would be "Peter the Roman", the last Pope as "Vicar of Christ" of the Roman Catholic Church. Peter means "Rock". On Thanksgiving, Cardinal Ravasi condemned Israel as "Baby Killers" and Israel's attack on Gaza as comparable to Herod's "Slaughter of Innocents". Some commentators are even using the term "Blood Libel" referring to the killing and use of blood of innocents in ritual. The Edomite Herod died shortly after ordering this event. Here are a few of Ravasi's other comments from his acceptance speech in Milan 2010 and my explanation following.
     "Jerusalem is the Universal Motherland". Knight means "Person in service to the Queen" Jesus refers to Jerusalem as "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt" On 12/21/2012 the Sun will appear to rise from the Galactic Womb (Dark Rift); a reference to the occult version of New Jerusalem? Time will tell.
    "The foundation stone of Judaism is the Wailing Wall"  Jesus is the foundation stone of Creation and indeed Judaism and Christianity. The Yarmulke "Cap of Cybele" worn at the last remnant of Herod's Temple is a visual rejection of Jesus Christ as the Jewish Messiah. Pope Benedict wears this; Paul said a man should pray with his head uncovered. Recall Jesus said not one stone would remain in His Temple; Ravasi is in fact venerating Herod's Edomite Temple.
    "Darwin's Evolution Theory has not been condemned, and is compatible with the bible" Ravasi's Jesuit mentor Pierre Tiellhard du Chardin couldn't agree more. Evolution is totally incompatible with scripture.
    "The Universe if the Cosmic Temple in the Kabbalist tradition...God is the place that absorbs all places...True Being is absorbed into Allah and becomes Allah" Jesuit astronomer Georges LeMaitre proposed "Big Bang" and "Red Shift" Theories; God however says the Universe is "Stretched" not "Stretching".  Ravasi is quoting a Sufi axiom here; the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda, Arab League, Hezbollah, MeK (Mujahideen e Kalk) are all Sufi creations, in fact al-Qaeda also means Rock or Foundation. Allah is Lucifer. 
Ravasi is also an initiate of the Sacred Constantinian Order of St George. At Westminster Abbey and the UN, St George stabs the Dragon from his horse. Constantine's Cross is the X; Constantine was the pagan son of a Roman soldier and Druid King Coel's daughter Helena who was advised by Nicolaitanes (Nico=Conquer the Laity=Gentiles) of the 12/21/2012 Sunrise between the Ecliptic and Zodiac; the Chi-Rho symbol (Rx is the Hospitaller/SMOM symbol as well) and the slogan In Hoc Signo Vinces "By this sign conquer". Conquer who? The Laity of course aka Gentiles. If Ravasi is to Judge in  the Court of Gentiles, he must reject the Inner Court of a Temple yet to be constructed in Jerusalem.He seems to have parted ways with Israel in that regard.
    Ravasi is promoting the latest book by Pope Benedict XVI "Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives" which posits a calendar error with regard to the Nativity and early life of Jesus was the result of Private Interpretation by gospel writers. Well Benny, its just not that difficult and no part of scripture is of any Private Interpretation. Jesus was conceived during the Census of Quirinius, proconsul of Syria and Cilicia from 11 BC until Herod's death in the spring of 4 BC. Historians rarely mention this Quirinius, only the Syrian governor Quirinius who conducted the census in 6 AD. This was Feast of Dedication, the astrological date chosen by Judas Macabbeus on 25 Chisleu (approx 25 Dec) as the Vernal Equinox heralded the Age of Pisces; here we are 2160 years later with Pisces giving way to Aquarius. The Nativity of Sol occurs on Dies Natalis Solis Invicti on Dec 25, 9 months after Conception of Sol on Easter. The Nativity of Jesus was in Booths (Sukkot) on Feast of Tabernacles "Sukkot" (15 Tishrei/Ethanim 9 months after Feast of Dedication. It's why Ravasi and fellow Militia of Zeus and Minerva initiates refer to Feast of Dedication as Festival of Lights; it's Lucifer's Birthday.
     Pope Benedict XVI proposes the Star of Bethlehem was a scientifically proven conjunction of Satrun and Jupiter in Pisces. Uh no. 3 close conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter occurred in 7 BC (May 29, Oct1 and Dec 5), but none were close enough to mistake them as one Star. They would not have guided the "Wise Men" as they would rise and set as the Sun, Moon and Planets do. Benny, the Fish Symbol has nothing to do with Jesus or His Church; it is the Labrys a Cretan/Philistine/Phoenician symbol of the coming "Fisher King" aka "Beast rising from the Sea".
   Pope Benedict says there were not animals in the manger, but that should not affect our representation of the Nativity. Well Benny, I say the truth is better.  Jesus was a "Young Child" of 1 1/2 when He was taken to Egypt. The Wise Men told Herod who instituted the "Slaughter of Innocents" just before he died in the spring of 4 BC. There were no Wise Men visiting the newborn Jesus! Isaac had prophesied Esau would achieve "Dominion" and kill Jacob in Gen 27:39-41KJV; with Jesus on earth, this was not possible, so the Edomite Herod attempted to have Him killed; Oops!
     Jesus was therefore born 15 Ethanim 6 BC, Sept-October on the Papal calendar. He would have been Circumcised on the 8th day of the 8 day Feast of Tabernacles, ending the 7th covenant and beginning the 8th covenant between God and man. Not too tough eh Benny?   
    The transition from Feast of Dedication to Festival of Lights was a slow transition involving 16 Cauldrons of Olive Oil being lit on Zerbabbel's Temple; is it coincidence Benedict "Blessing" XVI is Olive's Glory? 
    The first Roman Catholic President JFK was murdered in Masonic/Jesuit ritual on 11/22; Ravasi's condemnation of Israel on 11/22 was no accident, coinciding with Thanksgiving, commemorating the Jesuit slaughter of Natives  in the Americas with disease. CNN ran story on Costa Concordia disaster on Thanksgiving as well; its name "In League with Constantine"; 13 decks all named after EU Nations, Concordia, named after the 1st Pope sank on 1/13/12, considered New Year on the Julian Calendar instituted by the murdered Julius Caesar after witnessing the Druid hold over Government, Military, Courts and Religion in Britain.
    Read the Authorized Bible folks! It means exactly what is written. Jesus is Judge of the Gentiles not some Jesuit misfit!   
Synagogue of Satan" aka "Zionist Christians" or "Gnosticism". Samaritans have an outward appearance of being Jewish and Christian using Eucharist Rites such as Communion or Water Baptism and by using symbols such as the Menorah (Shamash is represented here), Six Pointed Star (Star of Molech and Chiun), Yarmulke, Kippah, Zuchetto (Cap of Cybele), Cross, Mitre of Dagan etc. Samaritans educate the young in Yeshivas and worship in Synagogues and Churches. Samaritan Holy Days include Hanukkah, Purim, Kol Nidre, Christmas, Lent and Easter. If this sounds familiar you are in a Samaritan Synagogue or Church led a Reverend, Priest or Rabbi aka "Wolf in Sheep's Clothes". Time to leave!
    The Samaritan/Mormon Jesus is a white, long haired, bearded version of Zeus (Egyptian Serapis), conceived on Easter and born on the Solar Solstice "Dies Natalis Solis Invicti". The Samaritan God is the Tetragammaton YHVH, a combination of 5 pagan deities collectively referred to as Baals (Obelisk means Baal's Shaft) brought to Israel during Assyrian captivity under Sargon II and his military commander Tartan (Scottish Plaid "Tartan" was outlawed for this reason and still should be)  Priests of Baal "Baalims" are today's Christian Reverends, fake Jewish Rabbis, Roman Catholic Priests, Orthodox Priests, so-called Eastern Religion Gurus and Islamic Imams; all Samaritan in origin.
  • Babylonians  brought the Evergreen Tree aka Grove or Christmas Tree. The Tree was America's first flag "Ensign" because Amar is a Canaanite Deity; it means Succoth-benoth "Booths of Daughters". The Lights refer to Festival of Lights, a Samaritan modification to Feast of Dedication (Hanukkah), the date Jesus was conceived. Succoth-benoth were Tents of Evergreen boughs where Ritual Incest (Conception) occurred. Evil was done in sight of the LORD in "Groves" on high places such as the Samaritan Mt Gerizem. The North Pole being the Norse Yggdrasil or Buddha "World Pillar" symbolized by the Kaballah "Tree of Life"; a Samaritan creation.
  • Cuthites aka Medes brought Nergal aka Mars from Cuth (Tel Abib) to Tel Aviv symbolized by the Rooster as a herald of Lucifer aka Dawn, Eostre, Easter,Venus, Lucifer.
  • Avites brought Tartak symbolized by the Donkey (Democratic symbol) a Hellenic Greek symbol. Samaritans pretended to be Hellenized Jews in Libertine Synagogues such as in Cyrene aka Benghazi. When expedient not to be Jewish such as when Syrians under Antiochus IV ruled, they claimed Phoenician (Tyrrennian or Sidonian) descent; the Phoenix symbol came from this period. Solomon's architect Hiram of Tyre originated the Samaritan lineage when Omri (885BC) built the Hill of Samaria and Ahab and Jezebel allowed Samaritans to raise their children.
  • Hamathites brought Ashima, a Goat Idol venerated by Knights Templar and Secret Societies as the Goat of Mendes, Sabbath Goat, Wilderness Goat or Baphomet. Cathar Priests were both men and women called Perfecti; the overused term "Illuminati" was the Order of Perfectibillists from Alexandria, Egypt, were one such Samaritan ie Gnostic group. Jesus is the Scapegoat upon whom all Sins of the Congregation are placed; Azazel "Goat that departs" is the alternative version (Lev 16:8); the so-called first Race "Shabazz" (Obama's real name is Bari=Barque Malik=Molech=Lord; Shabazz the son of Malcolm X who assumed the same name) venerated to the Nation of Islam uses the Falcon, a symbol of Horus, the Egyptian Divine son of Osiris to represent the First Race of Lucifer. More on this in a moment.
  • Sepharvites brought the Assyrian sun god Adramellech aka Molech, Melek-Taus (Persian version), Shamash, Marduk. Purim means "Cast Lots for Marduk", one of the fake Jewish Samaritan Holy Days when Wars of revenge are often started. Sepharvites also brought the consort Anamellech, venerated as a Rabbit Idol under the guise of Mary, Easter, Ishtar, Astarte, Ashtoreth, Isis etc
    Jesus explained in Jn 4, Samaritans worship what they don't know; We worship what we know. We being Born Again Christians who revere Jesus as the Jewish Messiah; Samaritans revere an Alternative Messiah; al=Mahdi, Krishna, Buddha, The ONE etc. Jesus and Paul said Charity was visiting the widows and orphans because unless Jesus Christ is our Father and sole mediator to the FATHER through the Holy Ghost, we have no real Father; only a Samaritan "UNKNOWN GOD" ignorantly worshiped at Mars' Hill or the Areopagus in Temples made with hands. Jer 10 (Christmas Tree), Acts 7:48 (Temples made by hand ie Synagogues), Acts 8 (Samaritans), 12:4KJV (Easter) all explain this Samaritan "Tabernacle of Molech" (Acts 7:43) in detail.
    Shas (Sephardic Torah Guardian) Party Rabbi Ovadia Yosef says Israel needs to flatten Gaza and destroy all food, water, roads and fuel; he is a Samaritan "Sepharvite". He knows the real goal is war with Iran (Iran means Noble Caste ie Shabazz, a nation built after Cyrus the Great allowed Jews to return from exile during the Inter-testament "Silent Period" when Samaritans using Nabattaean Arabs, Maccabees, Hasmoneans, Edomites, Pharisees and Sadducees took control and manufactured Israel as we call it today. Read Amos 7:-3;5-6KJV God did not create this monster.
    Gaza (Uzza is the Arab Star Venus-Lucifer) is being flattened using F-16 "Falcons" given to Israel during Reagan's presidency by Samaritan Neo-cons, primarily Rabbi Dov Zakheim. Tel Aviv (Cuth) and Jerusalem (Spiritually Sodom and Egypt Rev 11:8KJV) are being protected by the "Iron Dome" defense shield given to Israel by Rabbi Dov Zakheim. Fajr (Dawn=Lucifer) missiles are Iranian built. Making sense yet?
    Lucifer will rise as the Phoenix from WWIII "Zionism versus Islam" and Samaritans will instigate and fund the war from all sides. How? On 9/10/2001 Rabbi Dov Zakheim as DOD Comptroller admitted the Pentagon was missing $2.3 Trillion (many including me believe the figure is $9 Trillion; $2.3T was chosen because $9T is absolutely ridiculous); this money was from Reagan's years funding the Star Wars (Medes ie Cuthah are Zoroastrians "Star Seed") defense shield. One problem There is no Star Wars shield! Most of Reagan's debt was inherited from Nixon funding the Vietnam War a Samaritan (Jesuit) War with Gold and from funding the "Cold War" with Russia. One problem There never was a Cold War! Gorbachev, Putin et all are all on board with the Samaritan agenda.
      Samaritan Rabbi Dov Zakheim even supplied the remote flight and Termination systems on the C-40 B-737 BBJ aka AA Flt #11 and the B-767 AF Tanker aka UAL #175 used to hit the Twin Towers. Aside from the vast sums of money that vanished that day; C-40's are used to transport 4 Star Generals like David Petraeus, Stan McChrystal and John Allen; can you see why these men are on board with the Samaritan agenda of WWIII? Ever wonder why Tim LaHaye would use the Templar Cross and Crown on the cover of his Left Behind garbage? Rapture is a Samaritan lie and what better way to dramatically fake a "Rapture" than "Terminating" Commercial flights as outlined in his books. 
      After the Flood the Assyrian monarch Sargon the Great usurped the throne of the known world in Babylon (ca 2323 BC). When Israel was taken into Assyrian Captivity (ca 722 BC) Sargon II claimed the title "Legitimate King". Sargon III will come out of the wreckage of WWIII. He can only claim the title Legitimate King" is Jesus Christ is not here and that will occur in Rev 6:14 when Heaven departs as a scroll when it is rolled together.
     By my calculations, the world is quickly approaching the arrival of the Pale Horse (Rev 6:6-7). Whether it is or not, is not nearly as important as establishing a one on one relationship with the "KING OF KING AND LORD OF LORDS". Tell your Samaritan Priest/Rabbi you have had enough Grove Lighting and Rabbit Eggs and ask Jesus to become your Priest-King. 
  Gaza Update 
"Samson Option" Israel has given Hamas a 36 Hr Ceasefire Deadline before the Ground assault begins. If this Holocaust doesn't bring in Iran, Russia, Syria, Egypt, Turkey and Lebanon; What will?
    Dialectic is Managed Conflict; Thesis (Israel) + Anti-thesis (Palestine)=Synthesis (War). Hamas=Muslim Brotherhood=al-Qaeda=al Quds (Jerusalem)=Lehi=Stern Gang=Irgun=Israel=MeK (Mujahideen e-kalk)=Iranian Republican Guard (aka Quds Force=Jerusalem Force)=Hizbollah=Free Syrian Army. All are controlled by various Intelligence Agencies; Mossad for example uses the slogan "By Deception, thou shalt do War". Nobody wins when both sides are bent on War and the Masonic Script was written in 1871 "Policital Zionism versus Islam". The goal? Reveal the Light of Lucifer. The average Palestinian and average Israeli have little in common with their Luciferian Freemason leadership; Israel is not Jewish nor is it God's restoration of the tribes of Judah; the Star of Molech flies on both sides of the Battlefield and Molech is never satisfied. Gal 4 explains Jerusalem leads to bondage; Jerusalem that is above leads to the only spiritual freedom through Jesus Christ; the only true Jew I know of called physcial Jerusalem "Spiritually Sodom and Egypt" for this reason.
   Watch CNN covering this: Wolf Blitzer, an AIPAC spokesman initiated in Baghdad during the 1991 Gulf War is in Jerusalem claiming Palestine is in the wrong. Sodomite Anderson Cooper a college CIA intern is in Gaza claiming Israel is in the wrong. I know, let's have them duke it out and tell us who won. Hard to believe this Revenge is 3000 years old, but it is. 
      Samson used Lehi "Jawbone of an ass" to destroy the Philistines; the Mormon Church was founded by the mythical Lehi, along with a mythical dead son of Judah's last King Zedekiah "Mulek" (Mulek means LORD ie MLK) and Ishmaelite daughters taken to the Americas (Amurru is the Edomite serpent and shepherd god; Amar the Canaanite god of the west; Kahn an Arab caravan stop; bet you didn't know Mormonism is an Arab religion) whose male Melchisedek Priest members swear Oaths of Vengeance on America and Gentiles, and have predicted "Blood in the Streets" as the Constitution "Hangs by a Thread". If those Absentee Military and Contractor Ballots that arrived on Nov 7 after the election are opened up and counted; Watch out! Obama was elected with a lot of help by Hispanics who joined the military in order to gain US Citizenship; if Romney is actually declared the winner, Blood running in the Streets may be an understatement and Romney and Huntsman could soon fill that prophecy (plan). By the way, George Romney was Hispanic, and never became a US Citizen making Mitt Romney illegal under the Constitution; a fine mess we may be in eh?
     What the Philistines did to Samson; he did to the the Philistines which is why Mormons claim America was populated by the Tribe of Manasseh (Joseph's eldest son) before Ephraimites (White Europeans) came and destroyed the land, killed the people with plague and re-appropriated the wealth; Bain Capital a primary vehicle. On 9/11/1835 33Brigham Young ordered the murder of 120 Arkansas Pioneers; the next year he pulled down the Cross at Mountain Meadows and said "Vengeance is mine and I have taken it". Men who believe they are Sovereign Gods tend to think like that.
   Samson's Riddle to the Philistines concerned the Lion he killed with his bare hands, and the Bees that had made a hive in the carcass which is re-created in the Mormon Beehive State of Utah; Bee means Dabar or Word or Bee in Chaldean. Gaza is the precursor to America; both will be destroyed from self inflicted wounds just like the mythical Phoenix.
     Ariel Sharon, Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas are 330 Luciferian Freemasons as are every Mormon Church Prophet; all prepared to use the "Samson Option". Samson's Jawbone of an Ass is Obama as today's quotes illustrate.
  • Gilad Sharon, one of 30,000 IDF Reservists recently called up for duty is the son of Ariel Sharon and a newspaper columnist "We need to flatten all of Gaza...Americans didn't stop with Hiroshima, they hit Nagasaki too" Gilad, the reason the US bombed Hiroshima was to test Uraniium based atomic weapons of mass destruction; the reason Nagasaki was bombed was to test Plutonium on human beings.
  • Israeli Dep PM Eli Yishai "We must blow Gaza back to the Middle Ages by destroying all infrastructure, including roads and water" This is known as the "Scorched Earth" policy made famous by Sodomite Phoenician General Hannibal Barka in north Africa. Eli, tell your Freemason boss Netanyahu we know he is not Jewish or Semitic.
  • Israeli Dep Defense Minister Matan Vilnai broke the Taboo saying "Qassam Rockets with longer range will result in a greater Shoah for Palestine". Shoah "Catastrophe" is an older version of the word Holocaust meaning "Burnt Offering". Ashkenazi=Nazi=Aryan=Iran=Noble Caste. Whose Noble Caste? Lucifer's. Whose Burnt Offerings? Molech the Flag flying over Israel. His comments were quickly met with "What he meant was...". Thanks for the Zionist honesty Matan but Qassam rockets have a 4 mile range on a good day. Tell us where the Fajr-5 rockets really come from.
  • Korean CIA, Unification Church disciple Ban Ki Moon in Egypt brokering a Cease Fire asked Muslim Brotherhood Mohammad Morsi to stop smuggling weapons to Hamas. The weapons he is referring to are 30ft long 1000lb Iranian made Fajr-5 missiles and their 40ft launchers. Smuggling to Gaza? I don't think so.
  • Sodomite, 320 Prince Hall Mason, Boule Society Archon "Demon" Barack Obama, monitoring the crisis from Myanmar. Malaysia is central to the TPP (Trans-pacific Partnership) and Operation Blue Seed, the Corporate takeover of American assets by Trans-national Corporations (High Treason). Obama blamed Hamas for the Crisis and said "The US is fully supportative of Israel's right to defend itself". Barry, Qassam rockets cannot inflict damage on Israel, certainly not on Tel Aviv or Jerusalem; Fajr-5 Iranian rockets are too large to be smuggled into Gaza and too sophisticated to be built locally by Hamas; Israel is attacking itself like they always have to create a "False Flag" excuse for retaliation. Might be wise to find out how 30ft Iranian Missiles are getting into Gaza Barry.
  • Iranian born Communist Presidential advisor Valerie Jarrett said "There will be hell to pay for Obama's critics in the 2nd term". Her "Weather Underground" family mentor Bill Ayers had previously stated "When we take over the US, we will forcibly detain 50 million Americans in re-education camps and exterminate 25 million unable to be re-educated" NDAA 2012 provides presidential authority for exactly that provided "Martial Law" is declared. How that may happen in a moment.
  • Shas Party (Sephardic Totah Guardians) founder Rabbi Ovadia Yosef "I pray all Palestinians perish in plague" Spoken like a true Balaam's Ass Rabbi; my guess is taking control of several Trillion FT3 of Natural Gas is motivating that statement.
     The assault on Gaza (Gaza is Uzza, the Arab goddess Venus aka Lucifer) seems all but certain; When? Thanksgiving (11/22) was originally a celebration of 700 Indians slaughtered during the Green Corn festival in April (Abib) in Massachussets; the 3rd Thursday in November is strictly to commercialize Christmas; Lucifer's Birth and celebrate the Nativity of Solis Invictus. The "Wise Men" from Persia "Magi" arrived when Jesus was 1 1/2 years old and already in Egypt. Tell your Balaam Priest/Pastor to check into this before Christmas. As he or she shows you the door, it will be the greatest day of your eternal life!
     Is it just coincidence PLO Leader, 330 Luciferian Mason Yasser Arafat's autopsy results are due Thanksgiving weekend and a Russian forensics team is involved? As Americans gorge on Domesticated Aztec Fowl "Turkey" (named for Turkomen ie Mohammadens or Ottomans) and watch football, Russia will accuse Israel of murdering Yasser Arafat with Polonium; nasty material at the top of the nuclear enrichment chain. Can you see why Israel will not sign the Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty now?
     Masons killed JFK on 11/22 for many reasons, one was his refusal to allow Israel to develop nuclear weapons, another because he stopped the Federal Reserve Bank in its tracks. Is it also coincidence there are 313 ! in the Authorized Bible; the first is Abram's plea for Ishmael; the last is the fall of Babylon and that the "Magic Bullet" proving a 2nd shooter from the "Grassy Knoll" ends up in frame #313 of Abraham Zapruder's film? Guess maybe we will see on 3/13/13 (2 Abib "Green Corn") if the Red Heifer is sacrificed to build the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem; there are few "Coincidences" coming up soon such as 11/22/12, 12/21/2012 and 3/13/13. Another that might yet develop is 12/13/12 aka St Lucia or "Bride of Light" Day; that just happens to be when all 50 State petitions for Secession from the Union are due. Perhaps it is also coincidence Texas is leading the way in this endeavor as well, or that the Alliance Airport near Dallas was used in Operation Gun Runner. Want a few more coincidences? Read about Lincoln and JFK; the stamp of God is all over these 2 men. 
     Mormons equate the original Thanksgiving with Ephraim slaughtering Manasseh. Recall, Lehi, Mulek and Ishmaelites allegedly came to America at the fall of Babylon to Nebuchadnezzar. Nebuchadnezzar recognized God's Sovereignty, repented and was used by God to destroy Judah's last king and his progeny; that's what being a Born Again Christian is all about. God is Sovereign, Jesus Christ is God in Flesh, the sole source of the Holy Ghost and every Jot and Tittle of the Word is accurate or you are not Born Again!     Jesus' sacrifice can Save anyone on Earth!
Indians were mercilessly slaughtered at the Green Corn Festival for the Puritan (Puritans were America's first Nicolaitanes; conquering the Laity by elevating the Clergy) God "Providence". Gideon, a Manassehite used the gold earrings from slaughtered Ishmaelites to make an Ephod (Priest Breast Plate); he knew quite well only sons of Levi could become God's Priests and that only God could rule over Israel as King. Ephraim was jealous. Guess who fills the roles of God's Priests today? Samaritan (Samaritans are mixed blood descendants of Ahab and Jezebel who regard Moses and the first 5 books as a false) Cohens, Mormon boys "Aaronic Priests" and Mormon men "Melchisedek Priests" claiming Ephraim descent. One famous Cohen was John Calvin; heard of him before? All 5 points of his TULIP doctrine are false. How can you tell an Ephraimite? Ask them to pronounce Shibboleth (Ref (Judges 12:6) Masons call Shibboleth "Lion's Paw", the handshake representing dominance among Masons.
    Now, before War in Gaza begins and America is pushed off the Fiscal Cliff by an Archon "Demon" initiate of the Boule Society (Barack Obama), read the list of "Saved" Tribes of Israel in Rev 7. Judah is missing the "h" because Jesus Christ has that with Him in Heaven; it means "God is with me". Want God with you for this? Ask Him! Ephraim is not "Saved"; if you are Mormon, this would bring chills to my spine; Want to fix this? Ask Jesus! Dan is not "Saved". Joseph Smith claimed Dannite lineage; his private army was the "Dannite"; Mormon leadership falsely claims Dannite descent; if I were in that group, this would bring chills to my spine; want to fix it? Ask Jesus!
    Samson was of Dannite and Judah lineage, in covenant with God from birth as a Nazarite; he burned Philistine Corn using Foxes with firebrands for tails; Mexico's President Felipe Calderon is allowing Monsanto, DuPont and Dow to plant GM Trans-genic Maize at the point of origin this December in what is being called the "Maize Massacre". Voz de Aztlan, Mocha and La Raza Unida are now telling Hispanics the time is right to take back "Aztlan" (most of the southwest US). Maybe now you can see why Baal was called the Corn God and why the Mormon Church owns so much US Corn. Ever looked at a Drought Map of the US? 2012-2013 is setting up to be the driest harvest on record which is why Sec of Interior Ken Salazar is draining Lake Powell 2 1/2 ft for Trout Habitat in Glen Canyon. Nice job handling Deep Water Horizon  Ken! Ever wonder why the US Government subsidizes Corn farmers to produce Ethanol (7 Gallons of Water, 1/2 a Bushel of Corn at $7.48/Bushel and a lot of heat/pressure energy per Gallon; WTF? Over) when the world is starving and the US has Trillions of Bbls of Oil in the Bakken, ANWR, Gulf of Mexico and Green River Formations; Trillions of Ft3 Natural Gas and the largest known Coal deposts in UT, WY, CO? Why not use the water for Food? Why on earth would Energy Corporations pump Diesel Fuel into Gas Fracking Wells? When Methane comes to the surface, it "Salts the Earth"; if it catches fire  Tammuz appears "Purify by Fire"; remember the Methane induced Texas wildfires? Intentional Scorching of the Earth folks; Luciferians have been at this a long time.
     If you are not willing to die for God, I suggest you get ready; as Satanist War Criminal Henry Kissinger said "Control Oil, you control Nations. Control Food, you control People". Lehi means "Jawbone of an Ass"; the Water of Lehi nourished Samson, but perhaps the most famous talking Donkey except Shrek's (Ogre aka Og of Bashan is a fake Samson) pal was Balaam's Ass. Bee careful which Ass you listen to; Obama and Mitt Romney listen to Henry, an eternally bad mistake.
Means Strong, but not of God; of the Philistine god Dagan aka Baal (Lord/Master of the Possessed) or Tammuz (Tam=Purify; Muz=Fire); just ask Catholic, Orthodox and Anglican Bishops, Cardinals and Priests who wear the fish and flame shaped Mitre of Dagan. Allah the 4000 year old Arab moon god "Sin" had 3 daughters regarded as "Intercessors" between Man and Allah, and a son: Al-Lat, (Sun), al-Uzza (Uzza=Gaza=Venus=Lucifer; Idolized as the Crescent and Star), Manat (Fate, Fortune or Pre-destination) and Hubal or Human Baal, the Red Agate Idol, Muhammad smashed at the Ka'aba (Enclosure) before re-dedicating it to Allah. Osama bin Laden (Tim Osman, a CIA asset named for Ottoman Empire founder Osman I) was quoted saying "America is Hubal of the modern age"; he was a CIA fiction created as the mythical 100 headed "Ladon Dragon", a Demon "Legion" without number, to train Mujahideen "Warriors of Allah" out of Taliban "Students" such as Barack (Lightning) Obama (He is with us). Obama is a Prince Hall Mason, intiate of Skull & Bones "Archon" (Archon=Demon) for Black Men called "Boule". Obama was chosen to smash Hubal (America) which is why he proclaimed "A New Beginning for Islam" in Cairo and bowed to King Abdullah (Abd-Allah means "Servant of Allah") of Saudi Arabia; Washington DC has the largest Obelisk "Baal's Shaft" in the world for this reason. Mormons revere Lucifer with the chant Pey Heylel "Wondrous Lucifer"; Christians are conned into Lucifer worship at Christmas Eve "Vesper" (Vesper means Lucifer; Vespa means Wasp) Services and Jews at Hanukkah "Festival of Lights" (Lucifer=Light Bearer)
     Sinai is the feminine form of the Arab moon god "Sin"; it is in Arabia and also called Agar or Hagar (Ref Gal 4), the Egyptian mother of Ishmael and founder of the Ka'aba. Veneration of the "Daughters of Allah" began with the Sabaeans (Sabah means Sunrise) of Harran in Syria in Abraham's day; later by Quyraish Bedouins in Arabia during 40 years of Israelite Wanderings in Moses' Day, and later taken up by Muhammad, of the Quyraish (Korah=Gainsaying of Core) Tribe, initiated by Abdul Mutallib (namesake of the Christmas Bomber) and later by Jafar al Saddiq (Alladdin's Jafar; Saddiq means Righteous ie Tzaddiq or Melchisedek). 
    Samson  self-immolated by pulling down (by Bowing to God) the Twin Pillars of the Temple of Dagan at Gaza; the event re-created on 9/11/2001 as a "False Flag" Terrorist event blamed on al-Qaeda (Solid Foundation) just like Benghazi on 9/11/2012; similar Philistine ruins uncovered at Tel Qasile near Tel Aviv at the Eretz Israel Museum; considered a "Kahn", a caravan stop on the "Way of the Philistines", the "Royal Persian Road" at the end of the "Silk Road". The Zionist concept of "Eretz Israel"  began with Theodr Herzl; Jewish it is not; the area from the Nile to the Euphrates includes Iraqi Oil pumped to Haifa, $Trillions in Dead Sea potash and minerals and Trillions of Ft3 in offshore Natural Gas fields from Egypt to Cyprus.
   War in Gaza is the "Samson Option"; self inflicted destruction giving rise to New Jerusalem as a Phoenix (Pa=House of Enoch) rising from the ashes.  Iranian made Fajr-5 (Fajr means Dawn/Eos/Venus/Lucifer) rockets used to blame Iran will likely initiate WWIII, the Zoroastrian (Mede-Persian) final battle of Good (Ahura Mazda=Light=Lucifer) versus Evil (Ahriman=America/Israel/Britain=Darkness). In America (Hubal of the modern age), the Mormon (Mormo means "God of the Living Dead") Church will re-establish "Adam-ondi-Ahman" the Garden of Eden as New Jerusalem; Why? America sits on Trillions of Bbls of Oil, a million acres of Church owned Farms and Ranches  and the world's largest Aquifer and Great Lakes Fresh Water. Mormons believe Cain's Enoch was bodily resurrected in the pre-flood; wrong Enoch, but a fake "Rapture" is planned to make Christians feel "Left Behind" nonetheless.
     Haggai 2:18 tells us the Foundation for the 2nd Temple was laid on the the 24th day of the 9th month (Kislev) ca 520 BC; Judah Macabbee is said to have cleansed the Temple of Swine Blood on 25 Kislev a few hundred years later ca 165 BC and a few hundred years after that Christmas was born ca 365 AD. Jesus' Birth? Heavens no; Lucifer's birth "Festival of Lights"! Jesus was born on "Feast of Tabernacles" (15 Tishrei at Even, 6 BC) The Priests of Dagan will soon Deck the Halls with boughs of Druid "Holly", light the "Groves" (Christmas Trees) for "Sol Invictus" (Un-conquared Sun) as Jeremiah 10 commands not to, and wait for the Red (Edomite) Saint Nicolaitane (Conquer the Laity) If you want to be a Tabernacle of the Lord Jesus Christ, why not let Him know, before the Demon infested Swine (Lk 8) "Legion" are herded off the "Fiscal Cliff" and War in Gaza (Uzza) begins?     

Eretz Israel Update 11/17PM Shas Party (Sephardic Torah Guardians; Sephardics are Canaanites/Babylonians of 2 Kings 17:30 Talmudic "Fake Jews") founder Rabbi Ovadia Yosef called for "All Palestinians to perish in pague" in todays Sermon. Spoken like a true Lehi, Irgun or Stern Gang Terrorist, Rabbi. Even AIPAC spokeman turned CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer couldn't have said it better; now go read Ex 20:13 "Thou shalt not kill". Some Torah Guardian eh? And Rabbi, Jesus was Jewish; He wrote that Commandment.
Behghazi Update 11/17 Petraeus testified the CIA knew al-Qaeda attacked the Consulate but witheld this information from UN Ambassador soon to be Sec of State nominee Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton; for 5 days Dave? Add Lying Traitor to War Criminal Knight of Malta "David Petraeus". 
    Eretz Israel is the land promised Abraham's descendants (Gen 15: 18-21): Nile to the Euphrates including Palestine, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, most of Syria and 1/2 of Iraq. All of this area is controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood including Israel, flying the Ensign of the Star of Molech/Chiun and Jordan, a Hashemite ie Edomite dynasty.  Why now? Haggai gives a prophetic date "In the four and twentieth day of the ninth month...the foundation of the LORD's temple was laid, consider it...I will shake the heavens and the earth...I will overthrow the throne of kingdoms..." Hag 2:18-22 The 24th day of the 9th month is December 24th "Christmas Eve"; more accurately timed with Hanukkah "Feast of Dedication". Jesus was conceived on this day in the New Covenant Temple of His mother Mary in 6 BC by "Immaculate Conception" of God. He was born 9 months later at "Even" on Tishrei 15 "Feast of Tabernacles" as the "House of God" exactly 6 months after John the Baptist' birth on 14 Nisan "Passover" 6 BC. Today, Hanukkah is called "Festival of Lights" because 24 Dec has nothing to do with Jesus, but rather Lucifer "Light Bearer". Constantine's astromomers accurately forecast the Sun would rise 3 days after the Dec 21, 2012 "Lucifer Rising" if you will. The Sun symbolically rising through the Dark Rift (Black Hole) of the Galaxy Center passed the X formed by the Zodiac (Galaxy Disc) and Ecliptic (Path of Sun, Moon, Planets) into an era astrologers call "Aquarius".
     Aquarius would symbolically begin in March 2013, perhaps with the cleansing of the 3rd Temple Cornerstone and Priest "Kohen-Gadol" on 3/13/13 (2 Nisan) using the blood of the 3rd Red Heifer. Pharisees always looked for "Signs"; well aware 12/21/2012 had been known since Sargon I was declared "Legitimate King" a mere 21 years after the Flood, today's Pharisees (Talmudic Rabbis, Priests, Reverends, Imams and Gurus) know full well there are 313 ! in Scripture pertaining to Abraham's plea for Ishmael and ending with the fall of economic "Babylon". America was set up as a Freemasonic enterprise to be a Scapegoat for Rev 18 "Babylon"; it is no coincidence America's "Fiscal Cliff" is fast approaching or that Confederates (note the X on the Confederate Flag is the Greek Letter Chi for Christ or Messiah "Lucifer") have petititons in all 50 States calling for "Secession" from the Union; as of Nov 14 TX has over 100K signatures, GA  42K and LA 32K; these numbers will climb from here. Who will gain control over America's vast military? The UN, now controlled by a Unification Church disciple of Sun Myung Moon "Ban Ki Moon". Note the Korean Flag is the Yin Yang, the Solar track over an Obelisk "Baal's Shaft". Now note the
    Another well timed incident is the exhumation of PLO (Palestine Liberation Org) Yasser Arafat's body. Russia is aiding  Palestine in the autopsy, to be released Nov 26. What killed him? My guess is Polonium poisoning. What was the published cause? AIDS. Notice the similarity to Innocence of Muslims the deranged video claiming Muhammad was a Sodomite.  Now, why do Gnostic impersonators care about Eretz Israel? Money.     
    Ishmael and Esau rejected God, choosing the Canaanite god Molech and Priests of Baal "Balaams"; Kennites also have biblical claim to this land; they descend from Abraham and Keturah. Ismailis have claim; they descend from Hagar; "Hagarenes" are "Twelvers" who revere Shia Imams and "Assassins" who revere Agha Kahn IV. 
    Jews are not Bankers
! This is perhaps one of the biggest ies ever perpetrated. "The love of money is the root of all evil" 1 Tim 6:10KJV "Eretz Israel" contains the ocean from Cyprus (Knights of Malta, Rhodes, and Cyprus) to Egypt. The Leviathan Gas Field off Lebanon; the Aphrodite Gas Field between Cyprus and Egypt and the Gaza Gas Field (Gaza was a Canaanite/Philistine Town and it still is) contain several Trillion Ft3 of Natural Gas. Couple this with Iraq oil pumped to Haifa and the monetary motivation becomes obvious.  Finally, what is the Big Picture? Gog and Magog.
    Gog and Magog is 1000 years after the 2nd Coming!!!  (Rev 20:8) "Son of man, set they face against Gog, the land of Magog, the chief Prince of Meshech and Tubal...Persia, Ethiopia and Libya...Gomer...Togarmah...Sheba and Dedan, and merchants of Tarshish" The Temple mount faithful proclaimed Bush Jr "Gog, Chief Prince of Meshech and Tubal" in Jan 2008. Study bibles will attempt to tie Russia with Mesech and Tubal by declaring Meshech is Moscow (directly north of Jerusalem) and Tubal is Genghis Kahn's Siberian Capital of Tobolsk; This is just part of the "Great Work"; a massive deception. Gomer=Germany; German troops are getting set to deploy to the Turkish (Togarmah) border with Syria. Sheba=Saudi Arabia; can you see why Saudis are allowing Israel to overfly enroute to attack Iran (Persia)? Ethiopia is being used for proxy Drone Wars in Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc. Merchants of Tarshish? A bit more complicated, but let's call them Freemasons who revere King Solomon; Dutch, Greek, Norse, Chinese shipping; their Achille's Heel is the price of Diesel Fuel. The Straits of Hormuz closes to Shipping and Trucking, Shipping, Air and Rail traffic come to a screeching halt. The Black Horse economy sets in as the Pale Horse "Death" rides. The Pale Horse is Lucifer. Make sense yet? I strongly suggest now is the time to ask Jesus Christ for the Holy Ghost; by Rev 6:14 it will be all over but the crying; described in scripture as wailing and gnashing of teeth. You don't want to be in that group folks!     

Operation Pillar of Cloud
"And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way...and he took not away the pillar of cloud..." Ex 13:21-22 First: Assassinate Hamas military leader Ahmed al-Jabari. Second: Blame Iran. Fajr-5 rockets are of Iranian origin and have the range required to hit targets in Israel from Gaza; Fajr-5 rockets are however 20ft long, 1000lb rockets requiring a 40ft launcher; the only way to get them into Gaza is with the aid of Israel.
11/17 Update: News Headlines report "Qassam Rockets fired from Gaza hit Jerusalem" Nice try: Qassam (named after Hamas military Qassam Brigages) Rockets are homemade TNT or Urea (Fertilizer) unguided $800 rockets with a max range of 7 miles; Gaza to Jerusalem is 40 miles; Try again. Again, Fajr-5 Rockets are controlled by Israel for the purpose of blaming Iran with self inflicted "False Flag" attacks. 
     Fajr means Dawn aka Lucifer, Venus, Eostre, Easter etc; 5 refers to Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Quintessence; the 5th element needed for man to become God. Fajr-5 rockets were fired into Tel Aviv "Spring Mound" from Gaza. An "Accidental" attack on the Al Aqsa Mosque would almost certainly start WWIII pitting "Political Zionism against Islam" as 330 Freemason, Sodomite Confederate General Albert Pike predicted in 1871. The next action would almost certainly be the building of the 3rd Temple. The Confderate and British plan was and is to break up the American Union; is it coincidence all 50 US States filed petitions this week to Secede from the Union?
   The southern Kingdom of Judah was taken captive to Tel Abib in Babylon where the "men of Cuthah" worshipped "Nergal" the pagan god of War. Nergal was venerated as an Idol of a Lion (Rothschild Coat of Arms), Mars (Roman god of War) and/or a Rooster heralding the Dawn (Lucifer). In the ruins of the Assyrian King Sennacherib was found a Stele depicting a Lioness mauling an Ethiopian man; whether Obama makes it through a 2nd Term remains to be seen, but Michelle wore a Black Widow Dress on his 1st Election Night for a reason I suspect and his speech in Cairo proclaiming "A new beginning for Islam" was pretty telling. Michelle has family ties to Ethiopian Priests of Ameru who claim to have the original Ark of the Covenant; They don't, but again, we'll just have to see how this plays out with the 3rd Temple rebuilding.
    Mormons claim Lehi took Ishmael's family and Zedekiah's son Mulek to America; Lehi refers to the Stern Gang and Irgun Terrorists; scripture ensures us that Zedekiah and all of his sons died (Ref 2 Kings 25:7; Jer 52:10). The goal of Lehi aka Mormonism and the Stern Gang is to reclaim the land God promised Abraham called "Eretz Israel" (Nile to the Euphrates); those in covenant with Jesus Christ realize the covenant is through Isaac and Jacob; those in covanant with Lucifer assume it is through Ishmael and Esau. Herod was Edomite; rebuilding Herod's Temple is the goal; Herod celebrated Easter (Ref Acts 12:4KJV) whose Rabbit Idol is that of Anammelech (2 Kings 17:30). Make Sense yet?
    Nergal/Mars is the "UNKNOWN GOD" ignorantly worshiped at Mars' Hill aka Areopagus in Acts 17:22-24. Mars is Ares, hence Areopagus; Men of Cuthah from Tel Abib are Medes of Iran who instituted Zoroastrianism and the concept of a final battle of "Good versus Evil"; there is no battling God folks!
    Modern Israel is a Rothschild/British (Red Shield ie Edomite Shield; B'Rith means Birthright Covenant) creation; they named Tel Aviv and adopted the Six Pointed Star of Molech (Marduk, Lucifer, Heliopolis, On, Allah) to symbolize Man on Earth had become God in Heaven. The pagans occupying Israel today are "Zionists", listed in 2 Kings 17:30-32 Mormons hold the same belief in the title Melchisedek; Jesus is Melchisedek! Note the journey where this occurred was Succoth to Etham aka Pi-hahiroth at the eastern edge of the "Wilderness" where Pharaoh and the Egyptian army died crossing the Red Sea at the Gulf of Aqaba into Arabia. Fajr is an Arab name of Lucifer.  Succoth means "Booth"; Jesus was born on Succot aka Feast of Tabernacles (14 Tishrei, 6 BC at Even); the men of Babylon turned Succot into Succoth-benoth "Booths of Daughters" where pagan Sacred Marriages were consummated with Incest. Succoth was replaced by Hanukkah in the Inter-testament period and after Constantine merged Paganism with Christianity, Hanukkah was aligned with Christmas. Constantine's X in the sky refers to 12/21/2012; Christma is still Dies Natalis Solis Invicti (Nativity of the Un-conquered Sun) Lucifer's Birthday! Proof? Shamash the Akkadian Sun God (Sin is Allah, the Akkadian Moon god) is the center candle on the Hanukkah Menorah. Now compare your Christmas Tree with the Flag of Lebanon (guarded by Hezbollah), America's 1st Flag and Qatar as you re-read 2 Kings 17:32. Britain's Chief Rabbi even blamed Iran for the rocket attack
    Netanyahu is Ashkenazi, not Semitic or Jewish, Ashkenaz is a descendant of Japheth, not Shem; Noah prophesied in Gen 9:27 "God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem: and Canaan shall be his servant" Molech is the Canaanite god; the flag of Israel is the Star of Molech and Chiun referred to in Amos 5:26 that caused God to place Israel in Assyrian and Judah/Benjamin in Babylonian captivity.
    Saudi Arabia and the US military guard Mt Sinai in NW Arabia to guard the truth. Saudi Arabia has given Israel overflight authority for attacks on Iran. Saudi Arabia finances arms for Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Free Syrian Army through Qatar. The flag of Qatar is the same as the first US flag; an Evergreen Tree aka "Grove"; Black Water trains mercenaries in Qatar as well; training Mercenaries in the US and in Arab nations if what they do); the US guards, trains "Freedom Fighters" and transports weapons into Syria from Benghazi and Turkey. Those Freedom Fighters managed to set up the financing arm called the Central Bank of Benghazi in 2 weeks after the start of the Libyan War on Purim. Coincidence? Pur means Lot; Casting of Lots for Marduk was done by Jews who chose to remain in Persian captivity; Paula Broadwell refers to this as "All In" bacause there is not turning back. Hamas considers Turkey's PM Erodagan a leadership role model.  Israel has called to active duty 30,000 Reservists and amassed artillery and tanks for the invasion of Gaza. Egypt has amassed artillery and troops at their border as well. Mohammad Morsi will visit Gaza today; remember, he is also Muslim Brotherhood just like Hamas.
    Obama will nominate UN Ambassadore Susan Rice to Sec of State, she is a Rhodes Scholar mentored by the Brookings Institute; Qatar has the Brookings Inst Doha Center; their latest publications Which Path to Persia? and Time to Strike Iran; Susan Rice defends Operation Pillar of Cloud. Susan Rice is mentored by Satanist fake Jew Madeilline Albright, following the script by fellow Atlantic Council mentor Gen Wes Clark (nee Cohen) who stated in 2007 America will invade 7 nations in 5 years with Libya, Syria and Iran last on the list. Susan Rice' classmate at Oxford Michael McFaul was accused of tampering with Russian elections; Russia is aligned with Syria and Iran, but note, this does not mean "Gog and Magog" is happening; the real battle of "Gog and magog" is "after the thousand years" Ref Eze 38:1; Rev 20:7-8). The Pentagon stated today (11/16/12) 75,000 troops will be necessary to secure Syria's Chemical Weapons stockpile. Who would be willing to sacrifice 75,000, presumably US troops? 330 Luciferian Freemason, Skull & Bones aka Brotherhood of Death Society, Papal Knight of Eulogia, Jesuit, Knight of Malta John Kerry (Cohen) will be nominated for Sec of Defense. Oh, sorry I meant Secretary of War ie Nergal; that is what the office was and is called by Congress a word derived from Congredi "To meet for War". Whose weapons are those? Iran-Contra delivered them to Iraq, Iran and Libya; Iraq and now Benghazi delivered them to Syria. They were financed by Drugs whose profits were laundered by Mitt Romney through Bain Capital. Who runs Bain? Susan Rice' felllow Atlantic Council mentor Orit Gadeish, Israeli Spy and daughter of an IDF General. Russia has just delivered 3 million Chemical Masks to Syria. Hey Leon and John, you Knights of Malta wouldn't send 75,000 troops to a Chemical Weapons War would you? Both men are mentored by Henry Kissinger (too many Satanic initiations to name) "Soldiers are dumb stupid animals to be used as fodder in our wars".  
   Folks, if you are not in covenant with Jesus Christ by Rev 6:14 (my best guess is early 2013 based on the X and Chi-Rho symbolically forming on 12/21/2012) it will be too late to do so; when Heaven is rolled as a scroll when it is rolled together and in posession of Jesus Christ in Heaven, nobody but a Fool would expect to gain access to the "Book of Life". Can you see why the Pale Horse is called "Death" and "Hell" follows this horse now?

are Unitarians; "People of Monotheism" similar to Alawites such as Bashar al-Assad or Mormons like Mitt Romney, they deny the Holy Ghost, the only Un-forgivable Sin in the New Testament. Druze are a branch of Ismailism who believe Ishmael was the sacrifice Abraham offered at Mt Moriah rather than Isaac. Absent God;'s active involvement in human affairs, Ishmael would have been entitled to the Covenant of Abraham; however this is not the case. Why then did Benjamin Netanyahu offer the Druze leaders a new community in Galilee today? "And he shall be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man's hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren" Gen 16:12. Prophetic eh?
   Ishmaelites married Canaanite women; Edomites married Ishmaelie women; both against God's Covenant with Abraham, so why does the so-called Jewish leader of Israel court the Druze? Answer: Israel the Six Pointed Star flying as their Ensign and Talmudic Rabbis are anything but Jewish or in Covenant with God.
     Ismailis are missing the "h" because Abram married Hagar while out of Covenant with God; Ismailis aka "Hagarenes" believe Abram and Ishmael built the Ka'aba in Mecca; Paul describes these so-called "People of the Covenant" in Gal 4:22-28. Didn't know Mt Sinai is Agar (Hagar) in Arabia? How about Jerusalem being in Heaven? We don't get that much in fake Christian Churches; just Christmas and Easter nonsense and Priest Baptisms. Druze believe Jesus received God as a "Theophany" at the baptism by John the Baptist which is why Druze have settlements in the Golan Heights at the source of the Jordan River; now you know why the 6 Day War took the Golan Heights from Syria.
   Ismailis are Esoteric Shia, a mix of Gnostism and Neo-platonism taken from the Johniters, Essenes, Manichaeans and Yezidis. Folks, Water Baptism gets you Wet; Jesus does the only real Baptism! Jesus is Melchisedek; Mitt Romney thinks he is Melchisedek. As Melchisedek, Jesus authored the Abrahamic Covenant, later the 10 Commandments just northwest of Mecca at Jebel al Laws aka Mt Sinai; no Mt Sinai is not in Egypt despite what 330 Mason Charleton Heston thinks. Ismailis are an offshoot of the 11C Nizari Assassins; Hashisham=Hashish=Marijuana=Flesh of Quetzalcoatl=Amanita Muscaria Mushrooms may be familiar to people receiving a false euphoria; Mormons believe Jesus appeared as Quetzalcoatl; Peyote and Pulke became the "Flesh of Quetzalcoatl"; Santa Claus was adopted from Magic Mushroom gathering Nordic Shaman; time to tell your fake Priests/Pastors Jesus wasn't born at Christmas! Ishmailis believe God appears as a Theophany, such as through the Monkey God of Hindu belief "Hanuman"; Obama carres an Idol of Hanuman with him for this reason; he is the god of good luck in war and a war for souls is what this is. The Druze symbol is a multi-color 5pt Star; the same colors of light used in the Hindu "Holi Festival of Light". Ever wonder why Hannukah "Feast of Dedication" turned into the Festival of Lights" called Christmas? Or why our houses and Christmas Tree is lit up with multi-colored lights? Well mine isn't and I hope you see the Light as well! Singing Holy Night at a Christmas Eve Vesper Service? Vesper means Lucifer folks!
     Druze has the same root as Druid "Knowers of Trees". Remember Alladdins's Jafar? He was Druze who revered Jafar al Saddiq, Shia's 6th Imam. Today, most Assassins revere Billionaire Agha Kahn IV. Ka'aba and Kabbalah also have the same root meaning "Enclosure"; the first Addadian Priests of the Enclosure were called Kahn-Torrs, so-named after the Torriod Enclosure the Earth's Magnetic Field makes in response to the Solar Wind. Jesus refers to people trapped on Earth as "Earth Dwellers" beginning in the "Great Tribulation" Why? The Holy Ghost departs in Rev 6:14; so I advise asking Jesus for the Holy Ghost soon. Hey, didn't Astronauts need to travel through that "Enclosure"? Heaven's no, like all good 330 Luciferian Masons, they LIED! Why 33?
    "Jesus was 33 years old when he was Crucified",  but Ismailis don't regard Jesus as anything special. Ishmael died at 137 years of age. 137 is the 33rd Prime Number;137 is the "Fine Structure Constant"; 1/137 is the odds an electron will absorb a photon; astronomers mistakenly thing the Universe if 13.7 Billion Light-Years in diameter and 13.7 Billion years old. Theroetical Particle Physicists and Kabbalists have quite an obsession with #137 because they are one in the same. Men like Albert Einstein, Wolfgang Pauli, Arthur Eddyington, Richard Feynman and Stephen Hawking thought they could figuring it out; they can't. Feynman said "The Hand of God wrote 137 but we don't know how He moved the pencil".
    Folks, you can place your faith in Masonry, Kabbalah, Zionism, the Talmud, the Zohar, Islam, the Quran or anything else, but until you realize the Light God made on Day 1 has nothing to do with the Lights He made on Day 4 by creating the Sun, Moon and Stars, you will always be in the dark. The Word, the Father, Jesus Christ and Holy Ghost are all the same (Jn 1:1; 1 Jn 5:7KJV); Druze, Druids, Ismailis, Mormons, Rabbis, Reverends and Imams are all vessels of physical "Light"; why not ask and become a vessel of spiritual light by asking Jesus Christ for it?     

Chaos 59 Philadelphia Voting Centers recorded 0 votes for Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan; 19,605 to 0; Seriously? Absentee Ballots from Iraq-Afghanistan arrived too late to be counted, marked as "Ammunition"; Seriously? 100 Precincts in Ohio recorded either 0, 1 or 2 Votes for Romney/Ryan; Seriously? Romney won all the States that required Picture ID's to Vote. Romney (trained with Benjamin Netanyahu at Boston Consulting Group)  and Orit Gadeish (daughter of IDF General/Mossad Agent) and Bain Capital control HIG (Hart Intercivic Group) Voting machines, SCYTL, a Barcelona Vote Counting Corporation has financial ties to Bain Capital. Diebold Voting machines allegedly swayed Ohio for Bush, so what happened and why is Mitt Romney silent?    Why do 2 Mormons, Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman with blood ties to the original revenge murdered Church founder Parley Pratt want positions in the Obama Cabinet when most of his National Security Council are jumping ship? The answer lies, in my view with the phrase "Order out of Chaos"
  • Mormon White Horse Prophecy declares elders of the Church will step in to save the Constitution with crime rampant, blood in the streets and the Constitution hanging by a thread.
  • Mormon Oath of Vengeance states the blood of the Prophets Joseph and Hyrum Smith must be avenged by the 4th generation (Mitt Romney and Jon Hunstman) upon America and Gentiles.
  • Mormon belief in Adam Ondi Amman states the original Garden of Eden was in Missouri and the Mississippi River is the ancient Euphrates. In Rev 16:12 "6th Vial", the real Euphrates River in Iraq will dry up to make way for the "Kings of the East"; America is the Scapegoat for this event. Natural Gas Fracking, Methane leaking into the New Madrid Fault from Deep Water Horizon, and intentionally caused Drought are working toward this goal.
  • Operation Gun Runner; the arming of Mexican Drug Cartels will ensure Aztlan, the land stolen during the Alamo during War with Mexico; 1/2 CA, West CO, NM, AZ, Southern UT, West Texas, South FL can be reclaimed. The motivation? Legalization of Marijuana will cut Drug profits.
  • Benghazi Gun Running of heavy weapons into Syria will cause Russian intervention
  • Netanyahu intends to strike Iran; War with Iran, will be backed by Russia and China.
    On 11/12 IAEA Chairman Yukio Amano said "Iran is cleansing Radioactivity from the Parchin Nuclear Military Facility near Tehran" Sorry, but one cannot "Cleanse" Radioactivity; Yukio Amano is alone in claiming Iran is enriching Weapon's Grade Uranium; even if they had the material, a delivery vehicle, testing and deployment would be impossible to hide.
   On 11/12 Benjamin Netanyahu said "A tactical nuke strike would bury Iran's military nuclear facilities"; yes, and destroy Shia's Islam's Holiest Site at Qom.
    20 US States have filed Secession Papers with the Federal Government (AZ, AL, AR, CO, FL, GA, LA, IN, KY, MI, MS, MISS, MT, ND, MY, NC, NJ, OR, SC, TN); the UN would step in to control America's Nuclear Arsenal as Aztlan is reclaimed. This is the same reason the Civil War was fought; Masons will likely fire the first shots as the James Gang (Robert, Jesse, Frank) did then. Vote Fraud is evident.
     The FBI is combing through thousands of E-Mails between David Petraeus, Paula Broadwell (Kranz), Gen John Allen and Jill Kelley (Khawam); Question: What gave them the right and ability to record E-Mails? The NSA Data Collection Facility will go online in Salt Lake City "Zion" early 2013; who better to take Petraeus' job at the CIA than an Israeli Spy? Is it just coincidence Paula Broadwell (Kranz) was an Israel exchange student while at West Point? Jill Khawam was initiated in the World Affairs Council; speeches by Reagan, Gorbachev, Bush, Blair, Powell, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Gore would be enough to indoctrinate anyone at an a young age. 5 yr Personal friends and E-mail pals with the Petraeus's Seriously?
     CA Rep Jane Harmon became House Intelligence Comittee Chair during the AIPAC spy scandal, a favor by House Speaker and fellow CA Rep Nancy Pelosi; her claim to fame; pushing through Warrantless Wire Taps, which makes her perfect for the job of top Spy. She is CEO of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars; Wilson, illegally pushed through the Federal Reserve, conspired with Churchill to sink the Lusitania, pushed America into WWI killing 11 million and gave soldiers vaccines that ended in the intentional murder 50 million more with Spanish Flu; some mentor eh? 11/11/18 was an Armistice; the World War sequel seems close at hand and may be caused by a military party planner and a Mata Hari. 
     TAG (Transaction Account Guarantee) expires Dec 31, 2012; FDIC Insurance will revert to pre-Bank Crisis levels ($100K); Bank Runs will close small banks; the Big Banks will offer fortress protection of assets which they cannot deliver, as they are subsidiaries of the International Bank of Settlements
    Blue Seed will set up International Corporations; legal under the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership_ and TAP (Trans-Atlantic Partnership) 11 miles offshore on modified Cruise Ships to bid on America's CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) Assets including 20% of the World's Fresh Water (Great Lakes), the Ogallala Aquifer, several Trillion Bbls of Oil in the Green River Formation, ANWR, Gulf of Mexico and Bakken Formation. We never hear about CAFR accounts; just the Debt!
    Folks, there is only one place you can have your Debts forgiven, and that is from Jesus Christ, the KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS to whom every knee will one day bow. For now though, times are going to get a little dicey as a New Order is created out of Chaos!    

Armistice Day 11/11 Update:
Operation "Lost at Sea" is name given to US Absentee Military and Military Contractor Ballots loaded in boxes marked "Ammunition"; some were allegedly tossed overboard if Romney was clearly marked; many were allegedly tossed into the sea before being loaded aboard the the USS Kearsarge in the Persian Gulf and transferred to a C-130 that arrived on Nov 7, too late to be counted. The claim is being made the Obama Administration has sealed these ballots from public inspection and that Mitt Romney actually won Ohio and Florida and should be President.
    Form 4473
Arming our Enemies abroad through International Corporations (General Dynamics, Lockheed-Martin, Raytheon etc) is nothing new, Kalashnikov sniper rifles, automatic rifles and machine guns use ammunition manufactured by Wolf Ammunition in the US and the Novosibirsk Cartridge Plant in Russia; they are as likely to kill Americans as anyone else. This pales in comparison to ATK (Alliance Thiokol) is producing 1.6 Billion rounds of hollow-point ammunition for DHS use inside America; hollow point ammunition is outlawed in Foreign Wars, but legal on US Citizens. Arming our foreign enemies is bad, arming foreign enemies inside the US, is worse and arming them from within the NSC is a level of Treason hard to imagine.
  BATF Form 4473 makes it easy for Transient Aliens such as those not counted in the 2012 US Census working in Special Economic Zones, those working for entities such as the Mormon Church or Wallmart etc awaiting Green Cards or many of the other 11 million undocumented aliens to obtain Weapons with no background checks or permanent addresses. Why then has Obama signed on with 156 other nations to the UN Small Arms Treaty, and scheduled ratification for March 2013? Chaos.     
     The National Security Council is made of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Leon Panetta, David Petraeus, Tim Geithner, Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano and a few others. Benghazi was the center of the North African Arms trade, overseen by the NSA and CIA.  Eric Holder "Operation Gun Runner" arms Mexican Drug Cartels at the DOJ; today, he announced he may step down; Holder is also named in a $43 Trillion Racketeering and Money Laundering lawsuit by Spire Law Group. CFR Traitor/Iran-Contra money launderer Mitt Romney's Bain Capital uses Drug profits to arm south of the border (South, Central AM and Mexico) Drug Cartels and purchases Chinese weapons with Blood Diamond profits for use in Africa; today, Mitt said he wants in; the why to this later. The NSC and CIA arms the Free Syrian Army, al-Qaeda, Libyan Islamic fighting Group and Ansar al-Sharia in Benghazi for Arab Spring uprisings and Syria's Civil War; Russia has stated this is an act of War and incidentally are one of the few nations not signed on the UN Small Arms Treaty. CIA Chief David Petraeus abruptly resigned citing an extra-marital affair with his married biographer embedded with the General at the highest levels. A West Point Grad, ex-Intelligence Officer associated with New Age "Aspen Institute" (Aspen refers to the largest single organism on earth; equivalent to the 100 headed Ladon Dragon) , Paula Broadwell (Mata Hari?); next week he would have been testifying in a Benghazi Senate Investgation about ordering a stand down in Benghazi, a CIA Team posing as a Seal Team, and the murder of sodomite, CIA Arms Dealer Chris Stevens at a CIA Safe House. Stevens was the prinicipal US, Saudi Arabian, Qatar, Turkish arms dealer to Arab Terror groups; "Rebels" are Mercenary Terrorists financed and trained by the US and Saudi Arabia.
      Innocence of Muslims caused a spontaneous uprising leading to the Consulate attack and their deaths, right? There was never any such movie; Mitt Romney and Sheldon Adelson put the diversion together; Mitt's announcement on Behghazi was pre-written and issued 2 minutes after Hillary Clinton's announcement; a spontaneous reaction to a movie debasing Muhammad, this was not. Stevens and Petraeus were running weapons including Shoulder Fired Stinger Missiles, Tanks, APC's and traning "Freedom Fighters" for al-Qaeda (an American creation), Libyan Islamic fighting Group, Ansar al-Sharia and the Free Syrian Army. AFRICOM Commander Gen Carter Ham was arrested and fired for attempting to intervene. Obama and his NSC team watched the entire event on live TV from Drones flying overhead; having met some 55 minutes beforehand. Petraeus is an Afghanistan War Criminal/Drug Runner, made out to be a War Hero; this alleged "Affair" is nothing but a diversion.
    Petraeus spread Depleted Uranium in Iraq and Afghanistan, accused Saddam Hussein of involvement with 9/11/2001 (He was not) and staged his execution. He ran WMD's into Syria from Iraq ahead of the invasion (Dir or Nat Intelligence James Clapper, also on the NSC has admitted Syrian WMD's are Saddam's WMD's and those were financed by Mitt Romney during the Iran-Contra Affair) He accused Osama bin Laden of involvement with 9/11/2001 (Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld and Robert Mueller disagree with that assessment; Osama bin Laden means "Lion of Ladon"; Benghazi is known as Hesperides meaning Dawn, Venus or Lucifer. America's first flags were the coiled serpent and Tree familiar to students of Garden of Hesperides mythology; the US created al-Qaeda and based them in Benghazi (Hesperides). Obama changed the name of the Iraq War to "Operation New Dawn" for this reason. Noteworthy, is Sen Dianne Feinstein chairs the Senate Intelligence Commitee who allowed David Petraeus to escape testimony; Why? Her husband Richard Blum is an Iraq-Afghanistan War Profiteer.
    Osama bin Laden is a CIA fiction; a CIA Agent going by Tim Osman, also a fake reference to Osman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire. Petraeus staged his death and DNA test, along with the staged Seal Team 6 downing; Seals never travel in one helicopter. He facilitated the Muslim Brotherhood takeover in Egypt, Algeria, Somalia, Libya and Iraq; their goals are the worldwide imposition of Sharia Law and the destruction of the US. A motto of the Free Syrian Army is "We will not stop until the al-Qaeda flag is flying over the White House"; as far as I'm concerned it already is. Al Qaeda was created in 1966 by Stanford University Professor Ibn Sayyid Qutb; the word means "Solid Foundation". The al-Qaeda flag is a Golden Sun on black under the Shahada an Arabic word meaning "He Witnessed". Muslim means "One who submits"; the Shia phrase of submission to Islam "There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet" can also be found under the Papal Chair of St Peter; Say What? The Peacock Feathers above the Chair represent the Persian version "Melek-Taus". folks, it's time to wake up! The Sunni phrase adds Ali as vice regent of God; he was the husband of Muhammad's daughter Fatimah. The Shahada sums up Monotheism which denies the Divinity of Jesus Christ and rejects the Holy Ghost aka the "Unforgiveable Sin". It is prevalent among Shia Muslims such as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad; Alawites such as Bashar al Assad; Baatihists like Saddam Hussein; Hashemites (Edomites) such as King Abdullah II of Jordan; Sunnis such as King Abdullah to whom Obama bowed in submission, and among Monotheist fake "Christian" Unitarian and Deist Churches upon which America was founded. Mormonism also rejects the Divinity of Jesus Christ, preferring to worship Lucifer (Lucifer=Eos=Eostre=Easter=Venus=Hesperides=Benghazi) as Jesus' brother. Folks, we can submit to Jesus or Allah, but not both; Allah=Melek-Taus, Eos, Easter, On "Osiris", Molech, Marduk, Venus, Lucifer etc etc. You can do this now or later, but all knees will bow to Jesus on way or the other. I hope you make the choice to do this now.
     The Senate Intelligence Committee is allowing Knight of Malta/CIA Deputy Michael Morell to take the fall for Petraeus. Because of an affair? Seriously? Dianne Feinstein (Chair) stands to be implicated as does Saxby Chambliss (Co-Chair) who was the Chair of the House Intelligence Comittee on 9/11/2001. He knows full well who Osama bin Laden is and that al-qaeda had nothing to do with the event. The sole reason is to ensure the Behghazi Gun Running Operation story is buried; if it got out, most of Congress, Barack Obama, his entire NSC, Mitt Romney and his Zionist Neo-con advisers (CIA Gen Michael Hayden, Black Water Cofer Black, Rabbi Dov Zakheim, Michael Chertoff etc) would be implicated. Obama claimed "Executive Privilege"  during Darrell Issa's fake investigation of Operation Gun Runner; he will likely do the same here.
     There is an upside to this Petraeus affair! Paula Broadwell's book All In: The Education of David Petraeus is heading to the Best Seller List. "All-In" refers to Purim, the casting of Lots for Marduk and the Shahada; the belief in the Oneness of God. It is Monotheism, described in the Book of Esther where the word "God" does not appear. All-In is a "One Way Ticket to Hell"; the equivalent of Knights Templars and Knights of Malta desecrating the Cross and Blaspheming Jesus Christ or Witches breaking the Cross in Ritual. This is nothing new; All-In is called the Divine Union or Sacred Marriage whose rites began in Iraq (Babylon) and were carried on in "Groves" long after. Paula seems to be playing the role of Eris, the Greek goddess of Discord who plucked a Golden Apple from under the nose of the 100 Headed Ladon Dragon (CIA) in the Garden of Hesperides (Benghazi) and started the Trojan Wars. A significant event in the Benghazi saga, but not the only one.
    CFR Traitor/Polystyrene, Bisphenol Cancer causing Billionaire and Special Economic Zone advocate Jon Huntsman was Chinese Ambassador in Shanghai and present at the start of the uprisings (why he was not put in chains is beyond me); he wants to take Hillary Clinton's job; why 2 Mormons would want Cabinet positions on the USS Titanic as it sinks in a moment. Hillary Clinton financed Operation Gun Runner through US Direct Commercial Sales and watched Libya set ablaze from the Champs Elysee (Elysian Field means Roman Field of the Chosen) with fellow Satanist Traitor Nicholas Sarkozy, currently a $300K/Day Bank consultant with Tony Blair; she is stepping down. Tim Geithner used $1 Trillion in Treasury held TARP funds to purchase naked Silver Shorts, netting "Economic Hit Man" George Soros (Grigori Schwartz) by some estimates $15 Trillion; he is stepping down. Geithner is named in the $43 Trillion Racketeering Lawsuit as well. Funny how Silver topped out at its Atomic Number of $47/Oz before collapsing eh? Didn't notice that? How about the Dow at $9651.51 on 9/11/2001 and again on 9/11/2009? Missed that one too? How about the S&P hitting $666 on 3/6/9? No? Well, China did. Energy Sec Steven Chu wants out; no surpirse if people found out just how US Oil prices are manupulated at the Energy Dept or the Trillions Bbls of oil in America; he'd be tar and feathered with all the US Oil being hoarded. Knight of Malta Leon Panetta wants out, to return to the Panetta Institute for Public Policy in Monterrey CA; it's just down the street from Mikhail Gorbachev's Green Cross International who said "Socialism will come to America not by the sword, but through the ballot box" He was right. The StuxNet computer virus appears to be of US creation; Panetta stated a "Cyber Pearl Harbor" on America is imminent. No shit Leon,  how about answering a few questions on how Fukushima Reactors went into melt-down because of the StuxNet Virus? Cute but false story about the 15 meter(50ft) high Tsunami Wave flooding the back-up Diesel powered Coolant Pumps whose intakes are 5 stories high eh? The reactor coolant was shut down before the Tsunami even got there. Within months, a Texas sized radioactive debris field from Sendei Japan will wash ashore in Monterrey, Leon. Nice legacy. Who wants to be remembered for closing the Straits of Hormuz with the intentional sinking of the USS Enterprise and its 8 nuclear reactors? Last February, just before the State of the Union address, he told sailors on the Enterprise they had 1 more mission to do before the ship is destroyed. What pray tell would that be Leon? Janet Napolitano, the Sodomite Queen of TSA Full body Image Scanners (Partnered with Mitt Romney adviser Michael Chertoff "Chertoff and Associates") and "Operation Gun Runner" aka "Fast and Furious" wants to take his place. EPA Director Lisa Jackson wants out; she knows Deep Water Horizon was sunk intentionally, and Methane at perhaps 100,000 PSI is leaking under the Gulf  in an enormous intentionally created environmental disaster. Jackson authorized the use of millions of Bbls of UN banned Corexit (NALCO just happened to have all this on hand and in place) which she lied about to Congress. Corexit, Oil and Methane in the Gulf of Mexico is killing the Gulf and people living around it with "Blue Flu". She knows all about that; cute how Deep Water Horizon caught fire on Weed Day and sank on Earth Day though. Hey Lisa, why didn't Deep Water Horizon sever the oil pipe and just move away?
       A scene in the movie Titanic shows Rats seeking higher ground; like Deep Water Horizon, Titanic was fully insured. Nearly the entire National Security Council is quitting just ahead of a damning Senate Intelligence investigation and our Government is allowing this to happen. Have you seen the cute pictures just released of Gen Petraeus and Angelina Jolie on the Top Secret 7th Floor of CIA HQ? Now we can see why Obama and NATO conducted the illegal Libyan War, and why setting up the Central Bank of Benghazi was the first priority for the Libyan "Mercenaries" Oops I mean "Rebels". Financing a Weapon's Pipeline is expensive and Mercs never work for free! Question: How to cover this blatant treason? Create Chaos at home.
   Form 4473, sent to US Gun Shops in April 2012 allows Transient Aliens the ability to purchase OTC Firearms (BATF considers 50 Cal Sniper Rifles, Body Armor, RPG's, Automatic Rifles "Over the Counter" according to Operation Gun Runner) without proof of Residency, Background Checks or any sort of Loyalty Oath to the US or the Constitution. The form separates Ethnicity into 5 areas without asking any questions on Arab or Middle East birth. Why? LaRaza Unida, MEChA and Voz de Aztlan. The goal? Sharia Law and Noahide Law, the "Order out of Chaos". US Citizen? Purchasing a Firearm is one of the tougher things to do, for resident aliens, it's much easier which is why "United We Dream" has called for National Amnesty for 11 million un-documented Hispanics; Dream Act? Double that number and add that number to 23 million unemployed and internal Chaos will destroy America the way Rome was destroyed, ironically by the same Pagans; Latins and Goths/Visigoths. In March 2013, Obama will sign the UN Small Arms Treaty prohibiting the sale and transfer of small arms; When Guns are Outlawed, only Outlaws will have them. Remember Leon Panetta? He is honoring FAA Head Ray LaHood this week at his "Institute" Why? Ray has authorized the use of 30,000 Drones inside the US and nobody in Congress seems to mind. Good thing Drones can't be hacked eh? Well, except for the supposed hacking of our most advanced RQ-170 Stealth Drone by Chinese hackers working from Tehran that is. Guess the movie Terminator was pretty accurate eh?
    Want more Chaos? Mission America is pushing for Pedophile Rights similar to those being given the LGBT community; Greek Pedophile/Pederast Plato couldn't be more proud eh? A fitting legacy for Jesuit Priest Paul Shanly whose NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) motto is "Sex before 8 or its too late". Obama even referenced this sexual freedom in his Election Night speech. Ref Gen 13:13; Lev 18:22; Lev 19 and Rom 1:27-32 before you get too exicted; God has a little something to say about all this; it was one of the reasons His glory left Solomon's Temple in Eze 8. Obama's other Innaugural surprise? Global Warming; yup that's right,  Hurricane Sandy was caused by Global Warming. Rabbi Ben-Artzi seems to agree, saying on 11/11/12 God told him "If you don't help Israel, I will send storm after storm to overturn everything you have" Silly Rabbi, just look at the Chemtrails and HAARP signals surrounding Sandy; it was engineered by men like you who think they are gods.
    Want more Chaos? How about setting up foreign crimnals and their US made weapons in Special Economic Zones not subject to US Laws, Jurisdiction, Government oversight or regulation, and giving them EB-5 Visas to conduct their tax-free enterprises? Remember the 2010 Census was conducted under Obama's fellow Man's Country Sodomite member, White House Chief of Staff, now Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel? That's why you don't hear about these;  they are not counted. Brings in a whole new level of "Diplomatic Immunity" eh? Aiding our enemies is nothing new; Prescott Bush and George Romney aided Hitler; why wouldn't their sons run drugs and weapons or construct the NAFTA Super Highway for them? Norm Coleman and Don Rumsfeld even gave Saddam Hussein the keys to the City of Detroit for Pete's sake. Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden (Tim Osman) and the Bush family are even investors in the Carlyle Group. War Profiteers make money off of both sides of the Battlefield whether abroad or at home!
    Chaos is Lucifer (Satan); Masons call Lucifer the "Grand Architect" (GAOU) ; Science calls Lucifer the "Graviton" or "Dark Matter"; Muslims call Lucifer "Allah"; New Agers call Lucifer "The One"; Twelvers like Ahmadinejad call Lucifer "al-Mahdi"; Hindus call Lucifer "Krishna" (Black); Mormons call Lucifer Jesus' brother. Mitt Romney has been told the same thing Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has "The One, Mighty and Strong, clothed in Light" to usher in the 2nd Coming; of Jesus Christ? No Way, Lucifer aka "al Mahdi". Lucifer is Monotheist; his Priests are Chaldean aka Culdees. Rarely do Chaldeans assume visible leadership roles; Merovingian Franks called them "Mayors of the Palace" (Think Sultan and Jafar here); ironically the real Jafar Ibn Abi Talib was the son of Muhammad's uncle Abdulmutallib; ever heard these names before? Taliban means "Student"; the Prophet Muhammad was Abdulmutallib's student "Talib"; of course this name became famous as the Nigerian Christmas bomber Abdul Mutallib; clever eh? These Satanic Morons think we are just such gullible sheep eh?  Mormons also believe Jesus and Mary Magdalene had a family aka "Holy Grail" and they are a part of it; they refer to the rest of us as Gentiles. Thank God for that; Gentiles are not Judged so long as we stay out of the 3rd Temple! (Eze 37:16; Rev 13:1). Want to be a Temple of God? Ask Jesus!
     Mitt Romney has asked Barack Obama to be part of his cabinet; my guess (Just a guess folks!) is the role his father played as Nixon HUD Secretary; as Jesus said "A man's foes are the men of his own household" (Mat 10:36); Canaanites like Mitt love Gentile City Building (Urban Development); Mitt in fact claims descent from Joseph and Chaldean "Priest of On" (On is Allah) daughter Asenath. Jon Huntsman is also on a short list to replace Hillary Clinton as Sec of State. Why? Special Economic Zones allow foreign busineses the ability to do in America what Shenzen did in Hong Kong, conduct illegal business with complete immunity from US Laws and our Constitution. Jon was in Tianamen Square watching the Chaos; Mitt has no loyalty to the US, even listing the US as a "Foreign Nation" on his 2011 Tax Return.
     Hillary Clinton delisted MeK (Mujahideen E-Kalk) an Iranian terrorist organization from the "Watch List"; we hear every day how the Straits of Hormuz is the key to US energy survival, yet not one word about the several Trillion Bbls of Oil in the Green River Formation, Bakken Formation, ANWR or Gulf of Mexico. Don't hear much about the US exporting 500,000 Bbls/day abroad do we? One mention from Mitt Romney about Obama offering to pay (using taxpayer money of course) 123,000 severance packages to Lockheed-Martin employees being terminated in exchange for delaying the announcement until after Nov 6 and Mitt would be President. One debate question from Obama such as "Mitt, America would like to hear how Bain Capital returned 173%/yr for 10 straight years" and Mitt would have been tar and feathered. 
    Obama, playing the role of the Cushite/Kennite "Nimrod" (Just remember Babel was built by men who came from the east, not Nimrod who came from north Africa), David Rockefeller (Check out the statue of his hero Prometheus at 30 Rockefeller Plaza) man Joe Biden, Sodomite Jesuit (Jesuits aka "Militia of Zeus and Minerva" wrote Mein Kampf; the Vietman War was called "Spelly's War" after Jesuit Cardinal Francis Spellman; they have been evicted from most every nation until Reagan brought Skull & Bones, 330 Mason, Nazi financier, George HW Bush to the White House) John Boehner (Watch if Sodomite Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts fails again to deliver the Oath of Office correctly)  and perhaps Jon Huntsman would be in line. What if several hundred thousand absentee military ballots that arrived Nov 7, show Mitt Romney actually won? Chaos.
    "Nothing in politics happens by accident. If it happened you can bet it was planned" 330 Luciferian Mason, Pearl Harbor liar FDR. Here is the Mormon (Mormon means "Gates of Hell" in Chinese) prophecy/plan and the reason (I think) why Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman want in.

                                                 Mormon Oath of Vengeance

"You and each of you do covenant and promise that you will pray and never cease to pray to Almighty God to avenge the blood of the prophets upon this nation, and that you will teach the same to your children and to your children's children unto the third and fourth generation."

                                                   White Horse Prophecy

“Fathers will turn against sons and sons against fathers. Mothers will turn against daughters and daughters against mothers. Crime will run rampant, America on the verge of crumbling to pieces, people will be starving and the Constitution will hang by a thread; saved by elders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.


    The Oath of Vengeance, allegedly penned by Mormon Apsotle Parley Pratt, was chased down and killed by Hector McClean, for stealing his wife Eleanor is GGG Grandfather ie "Fourth Generation" to both Mitt Romney (by Marriage) and to Jon Huntsman; Think they have forgiven that little incident? Guess Again; Brigham Young ordered the 9/11/1835 "Mountain Meadow's Massacre" of the Fancher-Baker party (120 men, women and children) simply because they were from Arkansas, where Parley Pratt was killed. Think it was coincidence Arkansas Gov Bill Clinton managed Iran-Contra Drug distribution in Arkansas? Guess Again. The "Mormon Mafia" are primarily businessmen conducting war in a modern day version of Brigham's "Avenging Angels" and Joseph Smith's "Dannites"; The Mormon Mafia stole Howard Hughes' fortune and built Sin City; think it's coincidence Sheldon Adelson manages the Las Vegas Mafia, is a MItt Romney supporter and bankrolled the fake documentary "Innocence of Muslims"? Guess Again. Think it's coincidence Mitt Romney laundered $Trillions of Iran-Contra drug profits from drugs that entered the US at Mena AK? Guess Again. The Huntsman Family pretends to care about Cancer Research, but their billions came from cancer causing polystyrene and BPA (Bisphenols) found in food containers. "Control Oil, you control Nations. Control Food, you control people" Mitt Romney and Barack Obama senior adviser, Henry Kissinger, This is why 1.5 million acres of food production in the US is controlled by the Mormon Church and why their members store 2 years worth. Ever been to a Bishop's Storehouse? You won't unless of course you join the church.
      Form 4473 identifies Latinos who are taught incessantly that 1/2 of California, New Mexico, Arizona, Southern Utah, West Texas, SW Colorado and South Florida (collectively called "Aztlan") were stolen from them (They were); they are not told Latins stole South America, Central America and Mexico from Natives, nor are Canadians and Americans told White Europeans stole their land from Natives.
     Chaos is coming to America spurred by the automatic spending cuts "Austerity" (Aus=To Shine=Lucifer) due Jan 2013. Romney/Ryan didn't need to be elected; it was already part of the plan which is why Jesuit/Knight of Malta, Paul Ryan ran for re-election to Congress.
     Jesus has a better plan; it is in writing in the Authorized Bible (KJV); just read Gen 27:39-41KJV, Amos 7:2-3; 5-6KJV and Obadiah; this will take 10 minutes of your time and you will see Esau obtains "Dominion" (Sovereign Authority to Rule) not Jacob; Israel is not Jewish in any sense of the word and that Jesus wipes all this Edomite rebellion out in a flash. He is waiting at the door, but you need to open it. Now is a great time! If you can spare 10 minutes to read the Word; can you spare 2 minutes to open the door to eternity?

Gauss $80 Trillion is missing. Spire Law Group is suing 1400 Bankers of major Banks for the return of $43.5 Trillion to the US Treasury. $36.5 Trillion (US and Foreign accounts) physical Stock Certificates, Corporate, Municipal, Private Bond Certificates, Mortgage Backed Securities, Investment Trusts, and Money Market accounts held at the Depository Trust & Clearing House, 55 Water St Manhattan are quite iterally underwater siince Hurricane Sandy hit; the fallacy of water flooding a safe vault of that nature is rediculous enough, but not nearly as rediculous as Iran stealing all electronic evidence of this money using the Gauss Virus.
   Dov Zakheim and Don Rumsfeld missing $2.3 Trillion on 9/10/2001 (some investigators claim the figure is $9T); Tim Geithner, Ben Bernanke and Barack Obama using $1T in TARP funds to manipulate the Silver markets 18 months ago (cute how they used Silver's Atomic Number of $47 to trigger the sell-off) into a reportedly $15 Trillion gain; the stolen 40,000 tons of Gold and Silver Bullion from WTC #4&5 ahead of 9/11/2001, the $multi-Billion Savings and Loan crisis; the $Trillion collapse of BCCI (Bank of Commerce and Credit International) and the $5+ Trillion Bank of America account, allegedly used by Treasury Agent Leo Wanta to collapse the Soviet Union economy in the Reagan years seems like chump change to this $80 Trillion figure.
   Gauss is a measure of Magnetic Field; electronic account data, internet data, IM's, E-mails, voice recordings, camera surveillance etc can all be wiped clean by "De-Gaussing"; the US just tested one such EMP Cruise Missile called "CHAMP" in Utah. Iran and the Gauss Virus is a Scapegoat which began in Sumeria 4000 years ago as the ritual of "Begone Dull Care". Begone is also known as Barra or Azazel, the "Wilderness Goat that Departs" (Lev 16:8-10 changes Scapegoat to Azazel in some new bible versions; Jesus Christ is the only true Scapegoat!) Remember Bush Jr reading My Pet Goat on 9/11/2001? Seen the internet video My Pet Goat II yet? Ever wonder why International Bankers "Knights Templar" worshipped the Sabbath Goat? The Begone Dull Care ritual is carried on today by 2700 world leaders at Bohemian Grove; the 2012 Ritual was punctuated by the Aurora Colorado Theatre Shooting by Scapegoat James Holmes duriing the movie Dark Knight Rises. Pretty coincidental, he played the Joker (an occult representation of Jesus) and 12 people (12 Apostles) were killed exactly as rapper Lil Wayne (Batman is Bruce Wayne) predicted ahead of time in his music video My Homies Still, eh?
    The protagonist in Dark Knight Rises is a villian called "Bane" who acquires money tracking software capable of exposing Gotham's (Manhattan) Bank Fraud. Mitt Romney's Bain Capital returned an astonishing 173%/yr for 10 years during the Iran-Contra Drug and Weapon pipeline, BCCI collapse, Soviet-Afghanistan War, Iran-Iraq War and Savings and Loan Crisis years. Danny Casolaro, a freelance writer exposed the incredible fraud and was found dead in his West VA hotel room in 1991; Gary Webb, an investigative journalist for the San Jose Mercury News exposed the Iran-Contra affair and he too was found dead in 2004. CNBC executive Kevin Krim broke the story of the $43 lawsuit 2 weeks ago; his children were subsequently found murdered. Jesus suffered a similar fate 2000 years ago at the hands of the Money Changers.    Einstein said "Those who understand interest rate compounding make slaves of those who do not"; at that rate of return, illegally obtained Drug money is laundered at a rate of $1 to $13 Million over 10 years; in other words, $80 Trillion is very feasible for "Bain"; Mossad Spy, Orit Gadeish currently runs Bain Capital.  
    James Holmes' father Robert Holmes is a PhD in Mathematics and Statistics working on financial surveillance software, which is why his son was drugged and used in Colorado 7/20/12. Robert was acheduled to testify in the LIBOR Interest Rate fixing scandal plaguing 27 International Banks; the solution? Gauss. Now can you see why Leon Panetta said a "Cyber Pearl Harbor" was imminent?
    Bank "Holy Day" Holiday works like this. A Virus attacks banking software; a Bank Holiday is declared to fix the problem; bankers transfer personal, corporate, municipal, state, foreign government funds to off-shore Banks (Mitt Romney has 1000+ such accounts in the Cayman Is and Switzerland etc) and "De-Gauss" the electronic trail. Martial Law is declared; Congressional Traitors head underground; FEMA, DHS, Police, National Guard use the 1.6 Billion .40 caliber hollow point (cute how the tip is shaped like the Six Pointed Star of Molech) bullets, the vast array of "Non-lethal" Microwave, sub-millimeter wave, laser, taser, sonic, ELF (GWEN Towers) weapons and 30,000 Drones to imprison the population in 800 FEMA Camps complete with reusable cremation caskets. Think this is a joke? Every high level Freemason and Jesuit knows the phrase "Order out of Chaos"; like rats escaping the Titanic sinking, they know the gates to Steerage will lock soon.
   Jesus overturned the Tables of the "Money Changers" 2000 years ago; Table means Bench and Bench means Bank. Isn't it time to ask Him to forgive your Debts? One thing is certain, the Bankers will not forgive the Debt. How do you do this? Jesus told you; Bankers just don't think He is watching.
     "Our Father which art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in Earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever, Amen."-Jesus Christ
aka Libyan Neith, Ishtar (Easter), Astarte, Minerva (Jesuits are the "Militia of Zeus and Minerva/Athena", Phoenician/Berber Tanit (symbol is a Solar Disc atop an Unfinished Pyramid); the mother of Ra (Egyptian Sun God of Christmas) or Palla

Nor'Easter Hurricane Sandy, an engineered late season tropical cyclone collided with an engineered Pacific Ocean cold front on the 21st anniversary of the 1991 "Perfect Storm"; its name and path predicted by NOAA in a 1997 pamphlet. In Sandy's wake, Black Mold, Rats, Power, Fuel and Food shortages and a potential Nor'Easter following the same path; "Engineered Chaos". Old fashioned Hand Pumps at Gas Stations or back-up generators might be a good idea eh? Black Nobility engineered the Black Death using Rats in ship's holds carrying Ticks and Fleas carrying Bubonic , Plague "Black Death". Samhain is a Pagan "Culling the Herd"; Round 2 will feature a slow moving Nor'Easter after Guy Fawkes Day (5 Nov), Election Day (6 Nov) and before Veteran's Day (11 Nov); Veteran means "Beast of Burden" which is exactly what these storms are; WWI ended in "Armistice" on 11/11/18 at 11AM meaning the sequel was planned long ago; the primary killer was not lead, but US engineered  Spanish Flu. Warm moisture laden Atlantic air, carried north by an unusual south to north bend in the Jet Stream, timed with a large Arctic air mass streaming in from Alaska and Canada at the very start of the winter season. Who benefits?
      LIBOR (London Interbank Offering Rate) is the Black Horse of Revelation, a $Quadrillion financial "Black Hole" made possible through Hedge Funds and Derivatives. In Rome, Liber and Liberia were revered in the "Bacchanalia"; not coincindetnally, Mitt Romney laundered Iran-Contra drug profits at 173%/year (the sceme returned laundered money in 1 month), the drugs shipped from the Liberia airport in Costa Rica to the US, managed by Oliver North and Bill Clinton, overseen by George HW Bush.
    Black Nobility are Germanic descendants of Japheth dwelling in Shem's Tents ie fake Jews using Canaanites as their servants; Noah prophesied this 4300 years ago in Gen 9:27-28. They worhip Lucifer, the Canaanite gods Baal and Molech, equivalent to the Akkadian god "Sin" (Allah=Sin) and Mammon (Wealth). Edomites followed this Chaldean path (Magick) as Isaac prophesied Gen 27:39-41KJV; hence the Rothschild (Edom=Red; Rothschild=Red Shield) dynasty founded by Mayer Amschel Bauer (b 1743) in Frankfurt; Bauer=Farmer=Cain changed the name to Rothschild and the symbol 666 (Hexagram on the flag of Israel; Israel is not Jewish, neither are the Rothschilds), controls the Weather, delivers weather forecasting and controls the publication of weather information on TV, Newspapers and Internet from the London branch, NM Rothschild. Weather Central and the Weather Channel provide forecasts, maps and "Expert" analysis to an army of TV meteorologists reading their scripts. Controlling Weather? Preposterious, the delision of Conspiracy Theorists; Right?
   Japan "Land of the Rising Sun" is supplying radioactive Plutonium/Uranium from the engineered Fukushima reactor melt-downs; these serve as consensation nucleii, guided by a daily army of Chemtrail spraying Trans-pacific commercial flights (Jet Fuel laden with mono-atomic Aluminum/Barium) traveling along the Jet Stream track. Fukushima is also contunually producing radioactive, neutrally buoyant "Bucky Balls", serving an identical purpose in the Paciific Ocean as they travel on Ocean currents. In the atmosphere, combustion of Jet Fuel (Kerosene) forms Water Vapor which combines with atmospherically buoyant (Lighter than Air) "Chemtrails"; these hitch a ride on the Pacific Jet Stream. Engineered "Chemtrail" flights (Evergreen Int'l) over western states, guide the toxic brew across the San Joaquin Valley in California, the US Grain Belt and on to the Northeast where 55 Million people are in its path; a Nor'Easter will block or "Dam" the Jet Stream causing precipitation which could remain most of the winter. A similar condition exists over the North Atlantic where a daily swarm of 500+ Trans-atlantic flights prevent precipitation of the toxic brew until Europe is reached; again, the cold temperatures across Europe prevent the radioactive precipitation to dissapate. Why? Catharism is Gnosticism, the religion of Cain and this is their idea of "Culling the Herd". Why 2012? "In 700 years, the laurel will grow green again". Who? Black Nobility
    Black Nobility (Baathists are the Islamic counterpart or Renaissance Black Nobility) go by dozens of titles; Moriah Conquering Wind pretty much sums it up because Mt Moriah is the Temple Mount; CFR, Bilderberg, TC, UN, RIAA, BIS, World Bank, World Court, NATO, Federal Reserve, Lucis Trust aka Lucifer Publishing, P-2 (Propaganda Due), World Council of Churches, Club of Rome, Jesuits, Freemasons, Rhodes Scholars, Thule Society (Hitler, Stalin) or their foot soldiers al Qaeda, Mujahideen, Taliban, Sikhs, Ansar al-Sharia, MeK, Free Syrian Army, Hezbullah, Iranian Republican Guard, Muslim Brotherhood or Lehi aka Stern Gang. 700 years ago International Bankers went by the title Knights Templars or Assassins; today Hospitallers aka SMOM (Sovereign Military Order of Malta) aka Knights of St John of Jerusalem, Malta, Cyprus and Rhodes. Nauseating in the extreme, their goal is simple: Re-build the Temple in Jerusalem, end all National Sovereignty and identity, create wealth from Opium and Cocaine, end indistrialization, mind control all world citizens (Tehnotronics) and Cull the Herd of useless eaters. Their man in America is Mitt Romney. Again, Why guide plumes of radiation across the globe and through the oceans? Cathars (Gnostics) believe imprisonment in the human body is inherently evil because God made human bodies in His "Image and Likeness". Liberation and Freedom may sound like benevolent terms but to Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and Lynn Forester de Rothschild whose family financed the American, French, and Russian Revolutions, Hitler and the Nazi Empire, Stalin and the Bolsheviks, Pol Pot and the Kmer Rouge, Mao Tse Tung's "Great Famine", and George Bush/Obama's debt financed Middle East Wars, Weather Modification and reaping profits from Weather Derivatives is the ultimate weapon. 
    FEMA under Mike Brown during Hurricane Katrina did according to Skull & Bones Sodomite George Bush Jr "A Fabulous Job"; the job was keeping supplies out and using Black Water mercenaries  to clear the coast of useless eaters; Craig Fugate seems to be followng his lead only this time Black Mold and Rats may prove to be the weapon of choice.
    Why is it FEMA is nowhere to be seen, but every MSN News Crew is broadcasting the devastation? Was it coincidence Michael Bloomberg waited until 100,000 people arrived for the NY Marathon before canceling the event? Chaos. Don't you suppose bringing a portable generator to gas stations might be easier than Chris Christie ordering Odd/Even Gas Rationing in NJ? Chaos. (On his trip to Israel Christie said he will seek the wise counsel of King Abdullah II of Jordan concerning the Palestinian genocide issue; Abdullah means "Servant of Allah"; he is a Hashemite ie Edomite folks!)
   In 1997 NOAA put out a planning pamphlet on Hurricane Preparation; the Hurricane was named "Sandy"; it's hypothetical path to NY matched Hurricane Sandy, amazing coincidence? In 1991 the "Perfect Storm" was a combination of Hurricane Grace and an Arctic Cold Front forming a Nor-Easter; it formed Oct 28, 1991 and dissipated Nov 4, 1991, exactly 21 years ago; pretty amazing eh? What do you suppose will happen if a Nor'Easter adds 2 feet of snow and drops the temperatures to freezing? On Guy Fawkes Day and Election Day no less.  FEMA knows, they plan for this sort of thing; it's called "Order out of Chaos".
   Got Jesus Christ in your life? Now is the time! 

Weather Derivatives It is said that Tom Skilling, the Chicago Meteorlogist brother of Jeff Skilling, ex-president of Enron, invented Weather Investing. Lynn Forester de Rothschild and her Edomite husband Sir Evelyn de Rothschild control much of what comes across mobile devices, Internet and TV as Weather reporting and forecasting through Weather Central LP. Weather Derivatives are Hedged bets ie Insurance on Weather made by Public Utilities, Corporations or Companies. The large storm market takes Corporate, State or Municipal investments and shifts Weather related risk to Banks, Hedge Funds or Re-insurance companies, who in turn create Derivative Weather investments. Combined, the Hedge Fund and Derivatives market worldwide is a LIBOR (London-interbank Offering Rate) manipulated $Quadrillion "Black Hole". LIBOR manipulates Interest Rates "Usury" much like HAARP and other Scalar EM Radars, and Chemtrails manupulate Weather; this is why Enron advisers were a who's who of global Satanism: Nelson Mandela, Mikhail Gorbachev, James Baker III, Henry Kissinger etc. 
    You don't have to be an Einstein to know control over interest rates and weather is a sure way to wealth. Einstein said those who understand Interest Rate Compounding (Usury) make slaves of those who do not. When the dust settles on Hurricane Sandy, take a look at who purchased Weather Derivatives ahead of time; my guess is the Rothschilds and their clients will make out like a bandit and US Banks will be once again be bailed out by the Federal Reserve money printing press at US taxpayer expense. FEMA "Federal Emergency Management" is no more Federal than Federal Express or the Federal Reserve; soon, the 99 year old FED will be under water, literally. Abraham was 99 when Isaac was born; he was 86 when Ishmael was born and forever after Ishmael has been 86 ing Isaac's decendants. Remember Get Smart? Control versus Chaos; Agent 86 "Max Smart" and Agent 99. Remember how the Cone of Silence never worked? It pays bigtime to be in the Gnostic club now, but in the long run Jesus won this battle 6000 years ago. 
   On 9/11/2001 Mitt Romney was scheduled to be in Battery Park in Mahattan, a fortunate last minute schedule change had him in FBI Headquarters in Washington DC preparing the 9/11/2001 press release. During the organized Benghazi attack, Mitt delivered his press release 2 minutes after Hillary Clinton broke the news. Like I said, it pays to be "In the Know" for now. Last week, Bill Clinton admitted Hillary receives messages from the dead wife of FDR; he said "Nothing in politics happens by accident; if it happened you can bet it was planned".

FEMA and "The Perfect Storm"
Update 10/29 has an interesting map of EM signals focused on the northeast. The white area is off the charts in signal strength; blizzards and tornadoes are likely; a bit odd for the upper northeast at the beginning of November eh? The storm is due to hit at the Full Moon at High Tide. FEMA is a 40 yr work in progress beginning with the Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan years. Executive Orders 10990-11005 allow Government takeover of all public, private and corporate assets during a Martial Law declaration; FEMA director Craig Fugate (Who?), appointed by Skull & Bones, Bohemian Grove, Knight of Malta, Kabbalist, Chabad Lubavitch lackey, 9/11/2001 architect, Iran-Contra drug runner, Weather Derivative investment fund manager, Gov. Jeb Bush  to FEMA Director in Florida. Fugate was offered the National FEMA Director job by Bush Jr after Katrina and Mike Brown's "Fabulous Job"; he accepted FEMA Director under Obama, and would assume the role of "Dictator" for an emergency such as a "Major Environmental Disaster". FEMA would be directed by the National Security Council from FEMA built underground facilities. Pretty convenient for Jeb Bush to appoint Fugate the year he began Weather Derivative investing and 4 hurricanes hit Florida eh? 
     FEMA became a Secret Government Bememoth during the Iran-Contra Drug for Weapons pipeline managed by Reagan NSC Adviser now Methodist Reverend Oliver North, 330 Masons George Bush Sr, Gov Bill Clinton (managed supply lines from Mena AK) and Mormon Mitt Romney (managed the 173%/Yr $Multi-Trillion Money Laundry). Central American Cocaine essentially financed FEMA; isn't that special? Is is just coincidence that most of Obama's NSC (National Security Council) are being sued for $43Trillion in Racketering and Money Laundering? A bit odd for the CNBC Executive who broke the story to have his children and nanny murdered hours later eh?
     Mitt Romney is repeating Gen 11; he is Akkadian (Gypsy) "They" who came from the East to blame the Scapegoat King of Babylon, Nimrod for building the Tower of Babel and Nineveh; Nimrod did neither and neither did Obama. Obama is willfully playing the role of the Cushite Nimrod, Ethiopian princess and all. Mitt Romney controls SCYTL and E-voting; he is illigitimate under the Constitution to be president much as Sargon the Great of Akkad was just after the Flood; his advisers are Reagan era "Neo-cons" who orhestrated Iran-Contra, the Savings and Loan Crisis, 9/11/2001 and all 3 Gulf Wars. Civil War and Martial Law are a very real possibility. 
    40 million people live around the Gulf of Mexico where for 30 months since the engineered Deep Water horizon disaster, Methane under extreme pressure has saturated the ground surrounding the Gulf and along the New Madrid Fault, resulting in FEMA generators being pre-positioned and fire bans put in place. That's a bad situation FEMA already planned for.
    Some 25 nuclear power plants are in the projected path of Hurricane Sandy, an engineered Storm set to collide with an engineered Pacific Ocean cold front, moisture laden Jet Stream and arctic cold mass at a Full Moon "High Tide" over Samhain; an engineered "Hybrid Storm" carrying a special delivery of Fukushima radiation (reports from last week, indicated spent fuel was uncovered and sending plutonium radiation airborne). Particularly dangerous is the Baroclinity (Thermal Contrast  based on Temperaure and Density) of Sandy interracting with the Cold Front is extreme. Sandy is 1000 miles across with a Storm Surge of 6-11ft predicted in NY (NY Subways will shut-down at 7PM; Busses at 9PM Oct 29; most airlines will have no overnight aircraft in LGA, JFK or Newark Airports) and a total Kinetic energy rating of 5.8 out of 6 according to NOAA, and this is prior to its interaction with the Jet Stream, Arctic Air and Cold Front making it the "Storm of the Century".  Some 60 million people are projected to be impacted by Hurricane Sandy; estimates of damage exceed that of Hurricane Irene at $15 Billion and the Storm Surge is 3 times higher.
    An carving in stone at the entrance to the Cathedral of St John the Divine in NYC shows the Twin Towers collapsing before 9/11/2001 happened; another shows Satan hovering over the US Capitol and another shows NY cut off from the outside with collapsed bridges; on Halloween, the Cathedral usually hosts a Ghoul walk; rather odd for a "Christian" Cathedral eh? That's because it isn't; it's Gothic and God is not there.
    Leaves are still on the Trees and Rain Bands are saturating the ground ahead of Hurricane Sandy, the largest storm to ever hit the US, assuring widespread power outages; a bad situation made worse if refineries in New Jersey are interrupted as back-up atomic energy coolant pumps are Electric and Diesel powered.
   The date Knight of Malta Donald Trump called for Obama to release Passport and College Transcript records coincides with Hurricane Sandy; Coincidence? The Perfect Storm for implementation of Martial Law cannot get set up more completely than this, and all this is happening over a Full Moon, Samhain and Guy Fawkes Day. Anonymous (aka Jesuits) stated they were preparing for "Civil War". Guess they got the FEMA plan before we did. Got Jesus in your life?
"My name is Legion, for we are many" Sandy: A synonym for innumerable. "Storm of the Century"; "Perfect Storm" and "Frankenstorm" are being used to describe the collision of Tropical Hurricane Sandy, Canadian Cold Front, mid-latitude low pressure front and a south to north Jet Stream. A Nor'easter may even develop on the 3 days of Samhain, the Celtic New Year, marked by a "Culling of the Herd". Modern Halloween has little to do with the Pagan period of Samhain; All Souls Day, Hell Night, Cabbage Night, Mischief Night, Night of the Con, Days of the Dead (Los Dias de los Muertos) and Guy Fawkes Day; yup that last one lines up with the Babylonian astrology calendar more closely for the first of 4 Pagan High Holy Days Samhain, Imbolg, Beltane and Lughnasadh. V for Vendetta featured Guy Fawkes or rather a mask which became the symbol of Anonymous. Not so Anonymous, they are "Legion", a group known as the Militia of Zeus and Minerva or Jesuits. The real mastermind behind the "Gunpowder Plot" to kill King James I was Jesuit Thomas Percy, whose descendant Barbara Pierce (Bush) was conceived in an occult ritual involving Aleister Crowley.
    Babylonian Intercalary days became the Roman "Saturnalia", "8 days of Hanukkah" and the "12 Days of Christmas"; a period called "Time out of Time" which heralds the New Year; in 2012, this may begin with Hurricane Sandy.
    NOAA changes to a Skull & Bones symbol, flag and 2 Peace/victory signs in Wingdings format because the Skull & Bones symbolizes the culling of the herd; it is also known as the "Brotherhood of Death". Symbols of Halloween such as the Skull or Skeletons come from ancient pagan practices in the control of food. For example, the Black Cat was deemed a symbol of witchcraft on Samhain, so townspeople slaughtered cats, allowing rats and mice to desimate grain stores leading to starvation and "Black Death" from the plague carried by fleas and rats. Mitt Romney adviser 330 Mason Henry Kissinger said "Control Oil, you control Nations. Control Food, you control People". The Flag or Ensign symbolizes a Nation; America's 1st Flag was the Evergreen Tree, symbolizing the annual sacrifices in Babylon given to Lucifer "Light Bringer"; its second flag was the coiled Serpent known as "Alah" or "Damballah" the Egyptian word for Serpent; Allah being synonomous with On "Heliopolis/Osiris", Marduk etc.   Damballah, Zeus, Jupiter, St Patrick (Ptah-Rek), all represent the Serpent in varous forms. The heart of Damballah is called an "Amulet or Talisman"; Mormon Church founder Joseph Smith wore a Talisman of Jupiter, his guardian angel if you will; similar to the Catholic Crucifix or fake Jewish "Tallis" worn on the Tallit (Prayer Shawl).
    The Victory sign is the "Sign of the Bowman";Druid, 330 Mason Winston Churchill popularized it as the Peace Sign. Leon Trotsky (Lev Bronstein), Rasputin, Yasser Arafat, Richard Nixon all used the sign of "Benediction". The shadow of this sign is "Malediction", the sign of Satan or Baphomet, the pre-eminent symbol of Black Magick, perhaps only second to the Six Pointed Star of Molech on the Flag of Israel. The Shadow produces sickness and death in witchcraft. In Roman times, this sign of 5 meant Nail, another name of Satan; 3 5's on Masonic coffiins is synonomous with 3 6's the Sign of Shin used by Talmudic Rabbis to open Synagogue; Mormons like Mitt Romney use the phrase "Sure Sign of the Nail". The Malediction was used during the Inquisition, by Communist organizations and the Church of Satan. In its alternate form, the Peace Sign is called the "Todersrune", "Broken Jew", "Nero's Cross", a symbol expressing hatred of Jesus Christ. Witch initiations require renouncing Jesus, turning the Cross upside down, braking the cross-bar in a ritual, voluntary "Balsphemy of the Holy Ghost". 
    Legion is the name of many demons exorcised by Jesus in Mark 5:9; Legion was featured in the movie Exorcist, based on the novel Legion by William Peter Blatty. Andre Lingoe was Legion in Storm of the Century. Author Dean Koontz spelled out Legion is Lucifer, Abbadon and Satan, the Eater of Souls in his book The Taking; Anonymous is also called Legion. Rock bands such as Black Sabbath, Rotting Christ, Marduk, Electric Hellfire Club have songs dedicated to Legion. Should Sandy become the "Storm of the Century", the exact conditions that existed in Egypt at the time of the Exodus may be repeated. I suggest now is the time to accept the Blood of the Lamb for Atonement of Sin and post it as visibly as you can on the doorpost before Legion arrives.         
Eid al-Adha "Feast of Sacrifice"
The CFR "Counsel on Foreign Relations" initiates members who are willing to end their respective National Sovereignty; important because Oaths sworn to Nations require the exactl opposite loyalty. Mitt is a CFR Initiate; Max Booth, his CFR adviser wrote an article endorsed by the Brookings Inst "5 reasons to intervene in Syria now" calling for a nationwide US enforced "No-Fly Zone" over Syria and lethal arming of Syrian opposition forces "Rebels" against "al-Qaeda". Hate to break it to you, but the Syrian "Rebels" are "al-Qaeda" just as the Libyan "Rebels" are. The US is arming our own enemies. Brookings previously published the article "Time to Strike Iran". A War with Syria and Iran was forcast in 2007 by Gen Wes Clark for 2012. Quite a coincidence eh?  Perhaps this is why Gazprom (Russia Gas) announced a $10Billion Gas Pipeline from the Pars Gasfield in Iran through Iraq and Syria to Tartus, the Syrian-Russian port on the Med.
    Micah said in the Old Covenant (Mic 7:6) and Jesus said in the New Covenant (Mat 10:36), "A man's enemies are the men of his own house"; more bluntly called "Traitors". Rev Billy Graham endorsed Mormon/CFR Mitt Romney, a man sworn to end US Sovereignty and avenge the blood of the prophets Joseph and Hyrum Smith on America and the Gentile Race. Billy Graham is a Gentile, but he is also a Sabbboz Goy, a useful Chaldean tool acting as a 5th Column "Traitor" just like Iraq WMD liar Gen Colin Powell an avid Bohemian Grove worshipper of Molech who endorsed Obama today. Molech sounds like Mulek, the fictitious son of Judah's King Zedekiah who brought Ishmaelites to America according to Mormon lore because they are one in the same.
   Knight of Malta aka Hospitaller Leon Panetta said a "Cyber Pearl Harbor" is imminent, directed at transportation, power grids, banking and internet from Iran. Maybe that's why Raytheon, the makers of the Cruise Missile that hit the Pentagon on 9/11/2001 just tested CHAMP, a Microwave based EMP Cruise Missile capable of rendering electronics inoperative; the test was in the Utah Desert near the NSA Data Collection facility; pretty sure they will be protected from that little gem. Pearl Harbor of course refers to 330 Mason FDR allowing Japan to strike Hawaii unopposed and 9/11/2001 the PNAC (Mitt Romney's advisers are mostly all PNAC advisers of Reagan and Bush Sr & Jr) "New Pearl Harbor" at the Twin Towers and Pentagon on 9/11/2001. A Raytheon "Cyber Pearl Harbor" seems to be in the offering.
   Not coincidentally, the German Paleomagnetist (Noah's Flood rapidly oriented magnetite in rocks 4300 years ago; Paleomagnetists deny this event) Norbert Nowaczyk at the GFZ German Research Center for Geo-sciences is predicting a rapid magnetic field reversal called a "Laschamp Event"; Catch the Champ here?
    Eid al-Adha is the Feast of Sacrifice; the Quran says Ishmael, the Word of God says Isaac. The Quran says Allah is God; the Bible says Jesus is God. Rosicrucian Martin Luther had his version of Eid al-Adha called "All Saints Day", the day after he nailed 95 objections to the Wittenberg Church door Oct 31, 1517 on the Celtic New Year "Samhain"; Christian? No, Luther was celebrating the sacrifice of Christian martyrs.
    America a God fearing Nation? Hardly News agencies are referring to Hurricane Sandy as a "Frankenstorm", due to collide with a Canadian cold front and low pressure trough hitting America's 1st 5 colonies, Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and Boston in what is being called a potential "Storm of the Century". Weather Underground meterologist Jeff masters says "Mother Nature is not giving Treats, only Tricks. Why Frankenstorm? Frankenstein was a creation of Man that destroyed its creator, written by Protestant Mary Shelley. Why Storm of the Century? You may recall the Stephen King movie Storm of the Century starring Colm Feore (He also played Admiral Kimmel in the movie Pearl Harbor; Coincidence?) as Andre Linoge, an anagram of Satan's Legion with a Wolf's Head Cane. Prison Planet's Alex Jones, a Jesuit "Wolf in Sheep's Clothes like Billy Graham, Martin Luther or Colin Powell also goes by the title "Legion". "Give me what I want and I will go away" was Linoge's famous line Why "Tricks"? Druids took children as New Year sacrifices "Treats"; when refused, "Tricks" were the Jack O' Lanterns left behind, usually hollowed our Turnip Candles made with human fat to attract Satan's Legion of Demons. There is nothing "Hallowed" about Halloween; it is a Celtic day of Sacrifice. Folks, a lot of things are happening fast now, I suggest you give Jesus what He wants before the offer is pulled off the table!     

A card that beats all others; To Deceive, Cheat, Blow a Trumpet; False, Concoct, Surpass or Beat. Long Form birth Certificate?  Child's Play to Donald Trump's request for Obama's College Applications, College Transcripts, Passport Applications and Passport to create "Order out of Chaos" on the eve of Eid al-Adha "Feast of Sacrifice". Barack Obama Sr being his 6 yr old father who "served in WWII"? Strange. Stanley Ann Dunham attending classes in Washington State just days after delivering Barack Obama? Strange. Non-sequential Long Form Birth Certificate numbers? Strange. A President who uses a Passport issued from a State he has never lived in, a time he was not in the country? Stranger. A President who does not E-Verify for employment in the US under the system he introduced? Stranger. Being the first President to not swear to defend the US Constitution on a bible? Strangest. Attending an Islamic Madrassah School (Quran school similar to Yeshivah Schools for Talmudic fake "Jews") and traveling from a nation that does not have Dual Citizenship with the US to Pakistan; a nation advising Americans not to travel during the "Missing Years" from Columbia University? Game, Set Match. Why? Donald Trump is a Knight of Malta just like Paul Ryan; he was saving his "Trump" card for this occasion. Should radiation really be spiking in Japan, people will be talking about this and Bill Clinton's other Bombshell.
    "As you know, Hillary communed with Eleanor Roosevelt from the White House...Eleanor delivered her a message today for me to re-iterate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights" Bill Clinton on Roosevelt Is. NY. A Seance is ritual "Necromancy"; Mormon "Baptisms for the Dead" are a similar Pagan practice. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights written of by Eleanor Roosevelt refer to Freedom of Speech, Expression, Worship of God in a person't own way and Freedom from Want or Fear. Sounds great eh? Read all about these Declarations of Freedom from God at In the Gnostic world of Catharism, Freedomfrom the physical world comes from "Death"; the name of the Pale Horse of Rev 6:5-6 is "Death". Mormon means "Gates of Hell" in Chinese; "Hell" follows the Pale Horse. 
    Imagine what will happen in minority and Islamic communities in 2 weeks, if Donald Trump and Mitt Romney declare Obama a fraud; never mind Romney is inelligible under the Natural Born Citizen Clause (his father George was born in Mexico and never Naturalized) What if people begin to realize SCYTL and Hart Intercivic, E-Voting machines are owned by Mitt Romney? What if people realize Mitt Romney and Sheldon Adelson financed Innocence of Muslims? What if people realize Bill Clinton and Mitt Romney supplied WMD's to Iran during the 1980's, Weapons to South American Drug Lords, Drugs to mostly Black and Hispanic neighborhoods and laundered the $Trillions by pinning the Debt on US Taxpayers? At 173%/Year, Mitt ran the fastes Money Laundry the world has ever known.
    Hillary Clinton made a bet on "8-Belles" at the 2008 Kentucky Derby; you may recall the filly, 8-Belles was euthanized after breaking both its front legs simultaneously. Did you also know 8-Belles means "Mutiny"?
    Folks, Jesus purchased our "Rights" with His Blood, cleansing the Sins of every Man, Woman and Child from every Nation who accepts it as payment for Sin. Jesus returns to "Trump" this Gnostic deception; Why not get right with Him before the "Trump"?

Fukushima Reports are coming in explosions over the last 4 days have drained the Spent Fuel Pools, exposed and ignited Fuel Rods including MOX (Mixed Oxide Uranium/Plutonium). Greenpeace is recording radiation 13X limits in Fukushima City. THIS MAY BE A HOAX! Information will be forthcoming I'm sure. If true, why now? Hint: 700 years ago the Council of Vienne stripped assets of the Cathar militia aka Knights Templars. The Laurel is growing green again.
    The seasonal Pacific Jet Stream moves south in the fall; essentially a 130-160MPH conveyor from Japan to the NW US coast and across the central US is now in place. Japan's Minister of Trade Yukio Edano (allegedly) confirmed an explosion had occurred. In the last 18 months, the radioactive debris field has finally reached the West Coast of North America; Coincidental timing? Why at Fukushima?
     First, the Earthquake and Tsunami had nothing to do with the initial hydrogen explosions and subsequent fuel melting; that was caused intentionally by Siemmens coolant controllers. 5 layers of primary and back-up coolant pumps, passive steam powered circulation systems and nitrogen inerting systems all failed simultaneously; reminiscient of 10 shut-off valves all failing at Deep Water Horizon 1 year earlier. The Kuroshio "Black Stream" and Liman currents converge off the east coast of Japan. Like the Gulf of Mexico, this was the perfect location to "Destroy the earth". Reference Rev 11:18; the 2nd Coming is to "Destroy them which destroy the earth" This is the occult version.
    The MOX Fuel used is a 6% Plutonium Oxide fuel made from re-processed weapon's grade plutonium in the US at the Savannah River Site and by AREVA (Areva means "Center of the Heart") in La Hague France near Normandie Beach (D-Day at Normandie was 700 years after the Norman Cathar executions). The fuel was designed specifically to mix with hydrogen gas and create neutrally buoyant "Bucky Balls", picked up by Plankton, transmitted on Pacific Ocean currents to Alaska fisheries and the west coast of the Americas and up the Pacific Ocean food chain. Barack Obama delivered the fuel to Japan in 2009, bowing to Shinto Emperor and Knight of the Garter (essentially a Norman/Masonic Knights of the Round Table group iin the City of London) Hirohito Akahito, the youngest son of 330 Mason Hirohito, the Causus Belli for 330 Mason Harry Truman's decision to test Uranium and Plutonium Atomic weapons on Japan. Reactor #3 was fueled in Sept 2010 with the deadly fuel and 6 months later on Lent "Hell broke loose" when Seawater was used to flood the reactor vessels.
    Japan is the "Land of the Rising Sun"; Fukushima sits on the 38th parallel. Pythagorean Geometry used in Geodesy "Earth Measurement" is based on a 3-4-5 Triangle representing the occult Trinity "Father, Mother, Son", seen in the Federal Triangle, the Great Pyramid and its "King's Chamber"; roughly 900-520-380 Obama's claimed birthplace at 21.60 Latitude reflects the cubes of 33 + 43 + 53 ; 63 as well as the basis of the 2160 year Earth Precession ie Obama is heralding the "New Age" of the Rising Sun "Lucifer". The Korean DMZ is also on the 38th Parallel; the UN sponsored war ended in Armistice meaning a sequel was planned.
    The "Silk Road" runs from the 38th Parallel across China to the Himalayas, down the Karakoram Highway to Islamabad, across Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Jordan. The "Great Work" is all planned to facilitate the arrival and acceptance of Lucifer as an alternative "Messiah"; one that Mitt Romney, Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have all professed their allegiance with; Jesus Christ? No way. "But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be" Mat 24:37 They came from the east to build Babel and will come from the east to finish it (Gen 11:1KJV)
came along the same route.
  America's role is to be a Scapegoat "Babylon"
  •  FEMA is shipping thousands of generators and  warning of Methane explosions in the Gulf, home to 40 million Americans,
  • San Onofre atomic power station in San Diego CA is leaking hydrogen (the Rosicrucian Temple "Mt Ekklesia" is there)
  • Knight of Malta aka Hospitaller Leon Panetta is warning a "Cyber Pearl Harbor" taking out Banking, Transportation and Power Grid is imminent.
  • 7 of 10 Asian Nations are abandoning the $US in favor of the Chinese Yuan including South Korea.
  • Pakistan is suing the American CIA and Drone Pilots for War Crimes and considering severing of Diplomatic ties.
  • America discovered to be arming the Free Syrian Army as well as the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, both al-Qaeda franchises associated with the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • SCYTL whose major investor is George Soros and Bain Capital is contracted to count US votes from Barcelona cast on E-voting machines made by Hart Intercivic, a wholly owned subsidiary of HIG Captial, itself owned by Mitt Romney's Bain Capital. Mitt is a 4th generation Mormon sworn to avenge the blood of his ancestor Parley Pratt and the Mormon Prophets on America.
    If this report on Fukushima proves to be true, America "Fat Man" is about to be showered with Plutonium, the  most toxic man-made material on earth in what may be the ultimate act of "Revenge" for the Manhattan Project Plutonium bomb "Fat Man". Remember Prince? He changed his name to the Ankh symbol, a Solar Cross from Egypt. He sang Purple Rain at the Superbowl the year Obama was Innaugurated; the song is about Uranium Oxide turning the sunset purple on its circuit around the earth. J Robert Oppenheimer said "I have become Death, the destroyer of worlds"; seems he and Prince were right.     
     Eid al-Adha begins Oct 25 after the Hajj. The "Feast of Sacrifice" is celebrated by both Sunni and Shia Muslims as the willingness of Abraham to sacrifice Ishmael (Bible of course states Isaac was the sacrifice). This Quran story is familiar to Mormons like Mitt Romney who believe Ishmael's descendants traveled on Arks to America with Zedekiah's son Mulek. Remember folks, Jesus Christ is the Word; trust Him and the Word. In scripture, Zedekiah's sons were killed (Jer 52:10; 2 Kings 25:7; Eze 17:16); there was never any Mulek; his name is simply Mlk the Arabic form of "Lord". Wrong "Lord" folks!  Oh almost forgot, Mitt Romney is a Romani Gypsy, part of "They" who came from the East to Babylon.

Science of Government aka the Art of bringing many under the rule of One. Question: Who is the One? "Nothing in politics happens by accident; if it happened, you can bet it was planned"-FDR
  • Estelle "Star": Sailed from Naples (USS Enterprise is there) Oct 7 bound to run the Gaza blockade; Oct 20 it was labled "Radical and Extremist" by Israel Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor and commandeered by the Israeli Navy. Prosor said the incident could "Easily spark and escalation of the conflict".
  • Iran launched a Destroyer and Submarine into the Persian Gulf amid Austere Challenge 12 the largest US-Israeli war exercises.
  • Russia finished its largest Nuclear Training Exercises (handling radiation emergencies) and the testing of a TOPOL ICBM. President Medvedev said "Deep Water Horizon is the worst environmental catastrophe in all of human history; it will bring total destruction to the eastern half of the North American continent". Recall the US House of Representatives introduced HR6566 "Mass Fatality and Religious Considerations Act". FEMA is sendng thousands of generators to the Gulf region as are Home Improvement Centers where 40 million Americans live. Methane induced "Sink Holes" have prompted an outside fire ban in Louisiana. By Executive Orders when Martial Law is declaredm note the language of HR6566 "Natural Disaster, Terrorist Act or Man-made Disaster", FEMA effectively becomes the head of the US dictatorship. Deep Water Horizon was most assuredly a "Man-made Disaster" just now coming to fruition.  Some planning eh?
  • Shas (Sephardic Torah Guardians) Party leader Yithzak Yishai whose family immigrated to Israel from Tunisia, seeking approval from the Knesset to imprison mainly Christian refugees from the Sudan and Eritrea in order to "Safeguard Israel's "Jewish character". Jewish? Sephardics are a mix of Molech worshipping (Six Pointed Star of Molech) Babylonians, Medes, and Assyrians listed in 2 Kings 17:30. There is nothing "Jewish" about Israel or the Shas Party.
  • Bain Capital Mitt Romney's CIA front company (Bain Capital in 1977 became Mitt Romney's Bain Capital in 1984 used to launder Iran-Contra profits; you can't have 2 legit companies of the same name!), managed by Orit Gadeish, the daughter of an Israeli General owns the bulk of SCYTL, the Barcelona Vote Counting Firm. Bain is now buying E-Voting machines in key Swing States through HIG Capital, managed by ex-Bain executives; they own Hart Intercivic, the maker of E-Voting machines. One guess who wins Nov 6.
  • YPSL (Young Peoples Socialist League) alumni Gabriel Schoenfeld was mentored by Max Shachtman, Leon Trotsky's right hand man; he is now Mitt Romney's right hand. YPSL created such luminary instituions as George Soros' (nee Grigori Schwartz) NED (Nat Endowment for Democracy) which brought Arab Spring to the world. Mikhail Gorbachev said "Socialism will come to America not by the sword but the ballot box" He was right!
  • The US is funding and arming the Free Syrian Army. Who are they?
   Free Syrian Army are Salafi Jihadists (Pious Predecessors) from Saudi Arabia, funded, trained and armed by the US with one goal; the imposition of Sharia Law and the Crucifixion of non-adherents to Sharia Law. No, the Cross is not a Christian symbol! The FSA go by the name Wahhabists, Muslim Brotherhood, Ansar al-Sharia, PoS (Partisans of Sharia) or al-Qaeda. Another group called Hizbullah (House of Allah) has the same meaning and are flying Drones over Israel to provoke retaliation, a so-called "Cedar Revolution". They are no more Islamic than Israel is Jewish or Mormons are Christian, which is why RAND Corporation (Paul Ryan is a member) and the CFR (Mitt Romney is an initiate)  praise the Salafi Movement.    
  Hizbullah was formed after WWII by resettled Nazis; now does it make sense why George Romney aided the Nazi War machine as an Alcoa Aluminum lobbyist and executive? Lebanon means "To make White" as does Laban, the Aramaean (Syrian) uncle of Jacob; think it's just coincidence Lebanon has a Muslim Brotherhood President or an Evergreen Tree for a Flag that was also America's first Flag? Guess again! Mormons call this "White and Delightsome"
    Salafis originated with the "Revealed Law" of Allah, some 4000 years ago; Allah is the Assyrian moon god "Sin", symbolized by the Crescent "Hilal"; Mormons revere the Crescent as Lucifer with the chant "Pey Heylel" meaning "Wonderous Lucifer". Cut to the chase here, Allah is Lucifer; called Marduk, Molech, Martu, Osiris "On", Ilu or Allah; Babylon means "Gate of Sin" Do Muslims know this? Sure, just like Christians know the Cross, Crusaders, Christmas and Easter are not "Christian" or Jews know the Hexagram aka Six pointed Star (Estelle) of Molech, Kaballah (Enclosure of Allah), the Talmud or Zohar are not "Jewish". Holy means "To Separate" not "Congregate"! Synagogues, "Christian" Congregations and Mosques are all "Sheep Pens". Time to wake up!
    Muhammad Ibn Abd al-Wahhab (1703-1792) "Al-Wahhab" is the 16th of 99 names of Allah in the Quran meaning "The Bestower"; he did not found Wahhabism; Wahhab is the Bestower Freedom, which is why God (Jesus Christ) was Crucified. It didn't work! Notice in scripture God's names "I AM", "I AM HE" and "JEHOVAH" are the spiritual versions of Jesus' physical name "I Am" "I Am He" and "Jehovah" Salafis reject the intercession of all religious figures such as Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost which is the only "Unforgiveable Sin". Free Syrian Army starting to make sense yet? Who are they fighting? Alawites under Bashar al-Assad and Baathists (Renaissance or Re-birth) such as Saddam Hussein, both strict Monotheists who deny Jesus Christ was God in Flesh and the source of the Holy Ghost; add to this list Venezuala President Hugo Chavez a Druze Monotheist. Muhammad Ibn al-Wahhab was a Re-birth of Monotheism which gave birth to the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda meaning "Solid Foundation" an idea initially started in 1966 by Ibn Sayyid Qutb at Starford University. That same year and location gave birth to the Church of Satan under Michael Aquino and Anton LaVey (Howard Levey). Is it making sense why the NSA is building the largest spy facility in Salt Lake City, Utah and Gen Michael Aquino, the co-founder of the Church of Satan and founder of the Temple of Set will manage the place. Now maybe you can see why 330 Luciferian Freemason Brigham Young stood atop Emmigration Canyon and said "This is the Place" and why in August 2012, Barack Obama secretly began funding the Free Syrian Army.
    Salafi Jihadist
means Salafi="Pious Predecessor" and Jihad "Prepare to worship Allah" Assyrians are the original "Church of the East" ie "Rising Sun" which is why America has the Statue of Liberty welcoming Immigrants in NY Harbor and the Statue of Freedom atop the Capitol Dome facing East with their backs to America. The Mormon Church has Angel Moroni facing East atop all 160+ Temples for the same reason, and this was the sole reason the Glory of the LORD departed Solomon's Temple in Eze 8. Notice the connection with Akkadians (Gypsy), Chaldeans (Bee means Word) and the Mormon Beehive? Hard to believe a Salafi Jihadist in Mormon clothes is set to become US President isn't it? Now how does that bow to King Abdullah Abd=Servant of Allah by Barack Obama in 2009 look? Ever been to the Mormon Tabernacle? the Star of Molech is in the stained glass window over the entrance because Mormon means Gates of Hell in Chinese and Mormo is listed as one of the names of Satan in Anton LaVey's Satanic Rituals.
As if 12/21/2012 doesn't get enough attention, the Bush Tax Cuts end soon after with Capital Gains and Dividend Taxes headed from 15% to a max of 24% and 43% respectively; on Tuesday Mitt Romney said he would make both taxes 0%. October Surprise? How about a US Stock Market collapse; wealthy foreign investors then pick up ownership of America at pennies on the dollar; SCYTL counts votes, electing a man promising no taxes on Dividends or Capital Gains? Think Obama and Romney aren't aware of this or aren't working together toward the same Monotheist goal? Couple this with a steep drop in the value of American 401K accounts, imposition of Martial Law, a block of the Straits of Hormuz causing record Oil prices and intentional drought induced record food prices. The Perfect Storm is about to hit. I suggest we ride this out in the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ rather than listening to a fake Rabbi, Imam, Priest or Pastor.
Think all of this is happening by chance? "Nothing in Politics happens by chance..." 330 Mason FDR Now, who is the ONE? Hint: The ONE is Monotheist. Now go get the One GOD who is not a Monotheist in your life! Allah or Jesus Christ. Pretty tough decision isn't it?

Hajj Update:10/18
  • The first of 1000 US troops arrived in Israel to begin "Operation Austere Challenge 12"
  • Netanyahu warns of a Syrian attack over its movement of Chemical Weapons to Hizbullah (Those Chem Weapons were part of Iran-Contra, sent from Iraq to Syria)
  • Hizbullah moving rockets east to Syrian border.
  • Leon Panetta stated Syria is moving Chemical Weapons (Obama's Red Line)
  • French President Francois Hollande said the use of Chemical weapons justifies foreign intervention.
  • USS Enterprise passed through the Suez Canal into Meditteranean (To enforce the No-Fly Zone?) Suez is Zeus spelled backwards; 10 Jubilees ago the Militia of Zeus and Minerva aka Jesuits took over the Roman Catholic Church; Mitt Romney as "Prince Melchisedek"? We'll see
  • Hillary Clinton considering a US enforced "No-Fly Zone" over Syria (pre-planned Act of War is the highest of UN War Crimes)
  • Russia stated any more intercepts of Russian aircraft over Syria will trigger a military response
  • Egyptian and Turkish troops on their borders with artillery.
  • Turkish Navy on High Alert in the Med.
  • Turkish-Syrian airspace closed to each other.
  • Turkey enforcing a "No-fly Zone" over Syria (an act of War)
  • Turkish PM Erdogan given Unilateral War Authority
  • US-British-Jordanian troops on Jordan's border
  • 2 "Red Lines" in the sand already crossed (Iranian alleged Uranium Enrichment and movement of Syrian Chemical weapons)
  • Russian troops in Armenia. Iraq deploying troops to same Kurdish region. Russia delivering attack helicopters and Surface to Air missiles to Iraq.
  • Iraq stopped and turned back 128 buses of Turkish Muslims destined for Mecca.
  • Russia S-400 anti-aircraft missile system nearing completion in Syria, aimed at Turkey.
  • NATO ready to invoke Art 4 & 5 bringing in all NATO nations to the Syrian conflict
  • US sending Tanks and Armored Personnel Carriers to Yemen
  • 1.8 million Muslims in Mecca for the Hajj
  • Arab computers infected with the Shamoon Virus replacing files with burning American Flags and enough US firepower to turn the Middle East into glass.
A "Sham Moon" is rising alright and American Traitors are hoisting it. This is not the Battle of "Gog and Magog" It is meant to appear as though it is. Gog and Magog are over 1000 years away!!

   Tick "Blood sucking Parasite" Politics "Many Blood Sucking Parasites" (Just kidding sort of); God refers to Politicians as the "Basest of Men" (ref Dan 4:17); Paul and Titus knew them as "Cretans". Weaponized Tick research was done at Plum Island under Nazi scientist (brought to America during Operation Paperclip by Richard Nixon) and Rockefeller Institute research fellow (Whore) Dr Erich Traub. Prescott Bush and George Romney played their respective parts in providing finance and aluminum to the Nazi empire. Traub pioneered weaponized Ticks for use by Stalin's Russia and Hitler in the destruction of livestock; Lymes Disease was one such creation of Tick to human disease. Bird Flu resulted in the culling of millions of Chickens (Bush EPA and HHS Sec. Mormon Mike Leavitt played a large role); Swine Flu resulted in the culling of mlliions of Pigs and Foot and Mouth the culling of millions of Cattle; all likely Pulm Island creations. Mitt Romney adviser 330 Mason/International War Criminal Henry Kissinger "Control Oil, you control Nations. Control Food, you control People". No wonder the Mormon Church owns the largest Cattle Ranches and Farms in the US. Join the Church and you get a "Ticket" to the Bishop's Storehouses; stay "Separate" ie "Holy" and Jesus will give you a Ticket to Eternal Life. Perhaps not coindidentally, New Orleans area Home Depot stores are stocking thousands of portable generators.
   A record 1.8 million Muslims arrived in Mecca for the Hajj 2012 Oct 14-15, many by air. Want to be in a pressureized tube of recycled air with 250 people infected with CCHF? 97% of Dromedary Camels have Tick infestations, the H dromedarii tick is the most common tick and carries CCHF. CCHF (Crimean-Congo Viral Hemorrhagic Fever) is a Tick born "Zoonoses" (Animal to Human) disease. Prof John Oxford, a Virulogist at Queen Mary (Bloody Mary; Cute name eh?) Hospital at the University of London predicted an "Armageddon (Mount of Slaughter) Virus" such as CCHF would emerge during the next 5 years. He may be correct.
    Andromeda means "Ruler of Men"; the Andromeda Strain a "Doomsday Virus"; note the common root with Dromedary and Mahomedan. CCHF cases have been reported since May 2012 in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Oman, Pakistan, Kuwait, Dubai, Qatar, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and now in October 2012, Great Britain, having spread from Afghanistan by Fazal Ahmed, whose funeral was held on Oct 8. Ironically, this was the 8th "Great Day" of Feast of Tabernacles (22 Tishrei); the day Jesus was Circumcized in accordance with the Jewish Law He wrote. Again, note the inscription under the Papal Chair of St Peter has the phrase "There is no God but Allah and Mahomet is his prophet"; the Black Stone of the Ka'aba (Sacred Enclusure) is the Stone of Jupiter (Acts 19) worshipped by followers of Diana (Witchcraft=Craft). Ka'aba and Kaballah have the same root "Enclosure" because they have the same Gnostic/Chaldean source. The Constellation Cassiopeia is also a representation of the "Sacred Enclosure" idolized in the 1600's by women such as Solomon's mother Bathsheba, Deborah (Barak's military commander; Sounds familiar today in Hillary; Hilarious eh?; Dabar is Chaldean for Word as is Bee; Mitt Romney is one such Priest of the Queen Bee, Diana "Essen"), Mary Magdalene (Madgala means Tower to Heaven; she became the origina of the Holy Grail/Merovingian nonsense) and Muhammad's daughter Fatima, the origination of Shia Islam. Pope John Paul II even made famous the "Visions of Fatimah"; in the movie Omen III: The Final Conflict Cassiopeia has the sign of the 2nd Coming. Out of Cassiopeia came Andromeda and the Andromeda Strain aka Armageddon Virus and the Omega Man, given his ticket to life by Vaccine. Making any sense yet? Hollywood means Holy Wood; Get it now?
     Mitt Romney has been told for 40 years he is "The One, Mighty and Strong clothed in Light" to usher in the 2nd Coming? Mahmoud Ahmidenijad, a "Twelver" has been told his "Divine Mission is to usher in the Messiah "al-Mahdi". Benjamin Netanyahu is also actively hastening the arrival of a "Jewish" Messiah. Sorry, Benny, you are not Jewish any more than Mitt Romney is Christian or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is Muslim; all of you are Luciferian "Ticks" ruled by Andromeda "Ruler of Men"; Jesus is the Jewish Messiah! Remember Him Benny? He was Hung on the Tree to take on those Sins!
    In addition, "Tick" means "Sound of a Clock; Reprimand; Dismiss; Make Iineligible and Credit", the latter a shortened version of "Ticket". The most powerful weapon International Bankers have is access to credit; does this sould similar to access to a "Ticket"? In mythology, Andromeda, rescued by Perseus became the basis for "Sacred Marriage" Rites; we saw that on display in the movie Clash of the Titans.  Want that Ticket? Join Freemasonry; Want a ticket to Heaven? Stay Out!
     The incubation period is 5-7 days for CCHF; the fatality rate is staggeringly high. Why is the US has over 200 Civilian Inmate Detention (Quarantine) facilities in place with staff already recruited and the House of Representatives just approved HR 6566 "Mass Fatality and Religious Consideration Act"? A Government of the People? Not on your eternal life. Hypothetically, what happens after the Hajj as Muslims return? Britain, France, Germany have sizeable Muslim populations as does Detroit; Area Code 313 where Mitt Romney was born and the number of ! in the Authorized Bible. The first ! is Abraham's plea for Ishmael; the last when "Babylon" falls. Coincidence?
    The Gulf of Mexico is the place where the world's ocean currents converge; Deep Water Horizon was no accident and is continuing to destroy the world's oceans. The Atlantic Gulfstream has moved far north and the Arctic and Greenland is melting rapidly (This is offset by Antarctic Ice Pack increases; more on this later), meaning another year in the meat locker for Britain, Scandinavia, Europe and Russia. Fukushima is the location where the Pacific Ocean currents converge and the Pacific Jet Stream begins; liekwise, the Reactor Meltdowns were no accident (Nazi company Siemmens manufactured the coolant controllers); recall BP is "Anglo-Iranian Oil".
   Weaponized "Ticks"; a potential human wellspring of "Zoonoses" (Animal to Tick to Human then Human to Human transmission via body fluids, coughs, sneeezing) in Mecca with CCHF at the Zamzam Well where Hagar and Ismael (God said Ishmael would be against everyone and everyone would be agaisnt him) were nourished and a potential "October Surprise"; The stage is set to be sure. If you don't have Jesus Christ in your personal life (I'm not talking about Churches, Priests, Pastors, Christmas or Easter here), now would be a great time to do so in your Prayer Closet. Jesus said, Except those days should be shortened, no flesh would remain" Are we at Rev 18 "Fall of Babylon"? No. We are however nearing the arrival of "al-Mahdi", the fake "Jewish" Messiah and the Mormon "Christ". Jesus? No way in Hell folks! The Pale Horse is "Death" and "Hell" follows this horse; this is "al-Mahdi" aka 3rd Beast.
   The Omega Man (played by 330 Mason, Bohemian Grove Initiate Charleton Heston) had the Ticket to life after. The movie was based on "The Last Man on Earth" and "I Am Legend". The Andromeda Strain also wiped out most life on earth from an Alien virus. Folks, Jesus is the real Omega Man; just say no to these "Brotherhood of Death" Initiates like Dr Erich Traub and his clients Adolf Hitler, Mao Tse Tung and Joseph Staliin. Get Jesus and get Him now!
Updated 10/15 At the signting of the Hilal (Waxing Crescent Moon; roughly Oct 15-16) 2+ million Muslims will make a pilgrimage to the Ka'aba in Mecca. Pey Heylal is the Mormon equivalent meaning "Hail Lucifer". Climbing Mt Arafat (Mt of Recognition is just to the East toward the "Rising Sun"), Circumambulation of the Ka'aba and the Black Stone of Jupiter (Joseph Smith was buried with a Talisman of Jupiter) and rocks thrown at the Obelisk (Baal's Shaft) representing Satan is necessary once in a lifetime. US Presidents beginning with Ronald Reagan and Roman Catholic Popes address the Obelisk in this classic "Dialectic". On Barack Obama's wedding ring is the "Shahada" the 1st Pillar of Islam is the simple phrase "There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet" Take that Oath sincerely and you have just become a Muslim ie "One who Submits" to Allah, the Ancient Akkadian (Gypsy) moon god "Sin"; in the process, you have just committed the only "Unforgivable Sin", Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost. Obama has been wearing that ring since his days in Indonesia at Madrassah "Quran" School; a wedding ring to Michelle? Hardly, a symbol of his Sacred Marriage. On June 4, 2009 Obama proclaimed "A new beginning for Islam"; a month later he bowed in submission to Saudi King Abdullah (Abd=Servant; Ullah=Allah) Now you can see why.
    4000 years ago Abraham was instructed to take Hagar and Ishmael to the wilderness; Angel Gabriel (Arab Jibril also met Joseph Smith which generated the Book of Mormon and later Muhammad which generated the Quran) to was sent by Allah to spring forth water from the Zamzam Well and 13 years later Abraham was instructed by Allah to sacrifice Ishmael wherein a Scapegoat (Azazel) was offered in his stead. Later, Abraham and Ishmael constructed the Ka'aba. The Quran version is close to the Bible version only Ishmael, the son who married Hittite women is exchanged for Isaac and a Goat (Azazel means Goat that Departs) is exchanged for a Ram. 1400 years later Lehi takes Ishmaelite descendants to the Americas where they marry into the sons of Joseph and Zedekiah's  imaginary dead son Mulek; in Israel, the terrorist group Lehi "Mortars the bricks of the cadaver". The Cadaver is America in case this is not obvious yet; the "Burnt Offering" to Allah.
    An inscription on the Chair of St Peter allegedly has the Shahada as well; the Vatican Obelisk is from the same source as Obelisks in London, Paris, Mecca and New York City. Above the Chair, Peacock Feathers representing the Persian "Melek-Taus"; sounds a lot like Zedekiah's dead son Mulek doesn't it? It's because Allah and Melek are identical alternative gods, having propagated by the Priests of On (Heliopolis) the Momon Church claims originated the Sons of Joseph.  Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost results in no "Marriage of the Lamb" (Rev 19:7); sorry, but what would you do if you were God? If you want to commit Adultery, Islam and the Mormon Church are for you; Mecca in fact is derived from Mechus meaning Adultery. Does Jesus need a Vicar of Christ? May want to think about that at your next Catholic Priest confession; that too is rejection of the Holy Ghost. Does Jesus need Melchisedek Priests on Earth? May want to think twice before accepting that Mormon title.  Need a Rabbi? Rabb is the Arabic word for Lord and Allah. Maybe a good Protestant minister will help you figure this out? TULIP (Total Depravity, Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement, Irresistible Grace and Pre-destination) are their 5 Pillars, however not one of them is in scripture.
    Eid Al-Adha "Feast of the Lamb" follows the Hajj. Several million Muslims in Mecca beginning Oct 24. Sounds like Christ Mass (Feast of the Lamb of God) celebrated by perpahs 2 billion Christians because it occurs in the last month of the Arab Lunar Calendar just like Christmas does on the 12th month of the Solar Calendar. Christians sacrifice and consume the Lamb of God (Jesus Christ) and Muslims sacrifice and eat Lamb as well. Strange isn't it?
    WWIII is planned to pit Zionism against Islam. In just the last week.
  • Turkey's Parliament authorized PM Erdogan unilateral authority to declare War with Syria.
  • 25 Turkish F-16's, 250 Tanks and artillery groups are stationed at the Syrian border
  • The US said it would stand with Turkey. Turkey and Syria closed their airspaces to each other's civilian flights
  • US built Turkish F-16's intercepted and force landed a Eurozone made Syrian owned A-320 from Moscow to Damascus. PM Erdogan demanded a US enforced No-Fly Zone over Syria, accusing Russia of sending arms to Assad; the plane was carrying radar


Adam-ondi-Ahman "Land of God where Adam dwelt" is in Jackson County, Missouri near the confluence of the Mississippi (Euphrates) and Missouri (Tigris) Rivers at the original "Garden of Eden". Jesus Christ taught Jaredites to construct Arks like Wooden Submarines for the journey from the "Land of Nimrod" back to the Garden of Eden "Adam-ondi-Ahman" essentially backtracking the route Noah took in the Ark which made its way from "Adam-ondi-Ahman" to the Gulf of Mexico and across the Atlantic some 101 years earlier. Preposterous? Absolutely, but the next US President believes this. The third incarnation of Adam as Prince Melchisedek aka Archangel Michael handing the keys of Government to Jesus Christ? Really? Why? Langue d' Oc "Language of Yes" or Oil if you prefer.
    On Tisha b' Av 1492, the date commemorating the destruction of the 1st and 2nd Temples, Columbus set sail for "New Jerusalem"; Mormon Mitt Romney intends to finish the "Great Work". Mormon means "Gates of Hell"; Mormo, an infernal name of Satan used by Anton LaVey in his more theatrical than Satanic "Church of Satan"; his original partner Gen Michael Aquino is the head of the more thorougly Satanic "Temple of Set", and is the highest ranking member of the NSA whose Data Collection "Spy" Facility in Utah just south of the Mormon Temple will open in 2013.
   Pey Heylel, a Mormon chant said at the 2nd token of the Melchisidek Priesthood means "Marvelous Lucifer"; the same as the Arabic "Hilal" meaning "Crescent" is proudly worn by Freemason members of the Noble Arabic Order of Mystic Shrine aka "Shriners". Iran means "Noble Caste"; the false Messiah "al-Mahdi" equivalent with the Mormon Messiah enforced by the Muslim Mafia which is equivalent with the Mormon Mafia. A little harsh? Just wait.
    SCYTL, a Barcelona Foreign Equity "Vote Counting" Firm in the independent nationality of Catalonia with ties to Bain Capital and George Soros will ensure Mitt Romney is elected and Scuttles America; Mitt is sworn to avenge the blood of the prophets on America and Gentiles; a prophecy known as the White Horse Prophecy or Blood in the Streets Prophecy. Jesus returns to a lot of blood at Armageddon and sets up Zion in Jersualem; the Mormon version of Jesus returns to a lot of blood in America and sets up Zion in "Adam-ondi-Ahman" in a fake version of Armageddon "Mount of Slaughter" called "New Jerusalem". Why America?
    Dan 11 covers this. The "God of forces" (11:38) was announced July 4, 2012 as the "God Particle"; a Lie to be sure, the false scientists at CERN walk past a statue of the Hindu Destroyer "Shiva" everyday. "Gold and Silver" (11:38) has been used for 500 years in America to hounour this false God known to Mormons as Quetzalcoatl; Ft Knox and the World Trade Center Gold is gone, used to fight wars since WWII in Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan and Iraq to control Oil set up Heroin pipelines. "Dividing the land for gain" (11:39) is a function of the TAP (Trans-Atlantic) and TPP (Trans-Pacific) Partnerships. "Egypt, Libya, Ethiopia" (11:42-43), under firm control of the Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia Law. Where? "And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him" (11:45). The Tabernacles? Mormons call them the "Small Temples" soon to be built for the "Elect" in Jackson County MS. The Seas? That would be the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.
    Mitt Romney's version of Jesus, "Lucifer" will copy Jesus Christ and His "Wrath" described in Rev 16. Note: Destruction of the Roman Catholic Church will falsely fulfill "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT..." of Rev 17 and the destruction of America will falsely fulfill "Economic Babylon" of Rev 18; all part of the Gnostic "Great Work". In America, some 15 Nuclear Reactors sit on the New Madrid (Madrid is also part of the Cathar region of Catalonia) Fault. NERC (National Electric Reliability Corp) is set to alter the frequency of the National Power Grid which will destroy the Grid including the transmission lines and generators. Diesel Fuel is used in "Gas Fracking" along the New Madrid FAult; this will be blamed for Earthquakes similar to the Scalar EM energy caused "Earthquake" at Fukushima over Lent in 2011. The 6th Vial of Wrath dries up the Euphrates River which Mormons teach is the Mississippi River; a Lie obviously, but the Mississippi River is nonetheless, drying up from manufactured drought. do not underestimate the role of the Mormon Church in this plan.
    Mormons teach a great sign in the heavens will appear and the righteous will be caught up; sounds like pre-Trib Rapture Doctrine because it is. The sign? By Nov 2013 Comet ISON will (alegedly) become 15X brighter than a full moon, visible during the day; 2nd Coming Day? No way. Mormons teach that Elijah appeared to Joseph Smith in 1836; sorry, but Elijah will be one of God's "2 Witnesses" with Enoch during the Great Tribulation; Gnostic Johnitters taught this same error 2000 years ago. Mormons teach the building of the New Jerusalem Temple in Independence MS where Adam (Mormon version is Archangel Michael) will turn the keys of government over to Jesus Christ. Following this destruction of America whom Mormons consider the "Pale Horse", will be the building of the 3rd Temple and Jesus Christ Judging the Nations from the Throne. Scripture of course tells us there is no Temple during the Millennium; that one will contain the Throne of Pergamon "Satan's Seat" currently held in the Berlin Museum. 
    Requisites for the 3rd Temple: Cornerstone, Garments for HaCohen HaGadol "High Priest" and the Altar for sacrifices to resume. Temple Mojnt Faithful have a Mobile Altar awating rapid deployment to the Temple Mount when the Al Aqsa Mosque is removed. Ashes of the Red Heifer are all that remains and 3/13/13 (2 Nisan) is the next appropriate date. Just where would fake Jews acquire ashes from a worthy "Burnt Offering"? Remember, Mormons believe America is "New Jerusalem"! On Oct 6, 2012 HR 6566 was passed on Sept 28 and posted "Mass Fatality Planning & Religious Considerations Act". FEMA is planning right now for mass fatalities due to Natural Disaster or Terrorist Act; millions of bodies buried or cremated within 48 hrs. Maybe now it makes sense why DHS has purchased a total of 1.7 Billion rounds of hollow point ammunition for domestic use in the last year. Anonymous aka Jesuits using that name, posted a video on Oct 6 saying "We are preparing for a massive Civil War". 4 US aircraft Carrier groups: Enterprise, Lincoln, Eisenhower and Stennis are sitting at the gates of the Straits of Hormuz. Something big is planned to be sure.  
    By the way, Mormon/Freemason President Gordon B Hinckley said in Oct 2001 "Joel's prophecy had been fulfilled" Sorry Gordy, but Joel is describing the Battle of Gog and Magog after the Millennium when the spirit of the LORD returns to the body of the Lord Jesus Christ as it was in the original Garden of Eden before Sin. Dan 7:14, Eze 38 and Rev 20:8 also describe this event when Creation is 7000 years old. Creation at this point is 5996 years by my count. Ready for WWIII? If not get ready, it's coming; Mormon means "Gates of Hell" and the Pale Horse "Death" precedes "Hell". IF you can't hear the Trumpet of Rev 8 yet you will.

11Q13  "Prince Melchisedek Scroll"
was found in Cave 11 at Qumran "The day of Atonement shall follow the 10th Jubilee when he shall atone for all the Sons of Light, and the people pre-destined to Melchisedek". Questions: 10th Jubilee from what? Who are the Sons of Light? Mitt Romney, a Mormon Melchisedek Priest has been told he is the "One, Mighty and Strong, bathed in Light" who will usher in the 2nd Coming; of Jesus Christ? folks, the name Jesus Christ was added to "Church of Latter Day Saints" long after Joseph Smith's visitation by God, Jesus and the Angel Moroni.
   Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been told his entire life his Divine Mission is to usher in the 12th occulted Imam "al-Mahdi" (He who rises) after the final battle of Good and Evil represented by Ahura Mazda "Sons of Light" and Ahriman "Sons of Darkness". Sounds the same because they have the same Zoroastrian (Star Seed) root in Persia aka Iran "Noble Caste".
   Messianic Judaism is also waiting on the ressurection of King David and a Jewish Messiah; Benjamin Netanyahu sounded much like Ahmadinejad at the UN General Assemply because they serve the same Messiah "Lucifer", as do Bahai, awaiting the persons of Bab and Baha' u' llah. Bab means Gate; Babylon means Gates of Lucifer aka On "Osiris" or Heliopolis; El "Elohim"; Allah; Sin or Marduk/Molech. Mormon means "Gates of Hell". Theosophy aka "Thule Society" claims a transition from the 5th to 6th Root Race; 11 the 5th Prime Number and 13 the 6th. Rev 11 a Heavenly view of the Great Tribulation; Rev 13 an Earthly view. is the Venus/Lucifer date on the Mayan Calendar corresponding to 12/21/2012. Who Rises? The Sun, through the X (Ecliptic and Galaxy centered on the central Black Hole aka Tula/Thule) ; When? 11:11UTC. Make sense yet?
     Pope Leo X (10th) was proclaimed Pope 3/11/1513, the son of Black Nobility bankrupted the Vatican, raized and re-built St Peter's Basilica and ushered in Jesuit "Militia of Zeus and Minerva" control of the Vatican under control of a Black Pope aka Jesuit General and whose initiates are sworn in on a Black Crucifix; 10 Jubilees later equates to 700 years after the Council of Vienne in 1312-1313 stripped Knights Templar assets and murdered Grandmaster Jacques deMolay 3/18/1313. Yes, I'm well aware most sources point to 1314, but the funeral of Jacques de Molay was actually held 3/11/1313 ie before his death. Strange? or part of the plan?  "In 700 years the Laurel will grow green again"-Cathar prophecy.
    Mitt Romney and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (nee Sabourjian "Cloth Weaver/Dyer"), both "Sons of Light" did not arrive at their respective pinnacles of power accidentally; both men worship Lucifer in the form of "Hilal"; the Mormon phrase "Pey Heylel" means "Marvelous Lucifer"; the Islamic Crescent also represents Lucifer. Notice the Flag (Ensign) of Iran is the Phoenix. "Root Race" refers to the Shabazz "Royal Falcon" Tribe; Malcolm X, a 330 Prince Hall Mason and convert to the Nation of Islam is the likely father of 320 Prince Hall Mason Barack "Lightning" Hussein "Handsome" Obama "He is with us" (in Farsi) aka Bari Malik Shabazz. Bari means Barque or Boat; Malik means Lord or Melek and the Falcon a symbol of the Son of Osiris "Horus". "Yes We Can" is Langue d' Oc meaning Language or Green, Yes, Oil and Birds. Put another way, the 33 yr old Green Revolution in Iran (Noble Caste) will "Inaugurate" the "Golden Age" in the Straits of Hormuz (Horus and Tammuz) when Oil shipments are cut off and America becomes "Desolate". 330 Mason Henry Kissinger is the primary adviser to both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama,  said "Control Oil you control Nations. Control Food, you control People". What he meant by that is hidden in the words Nation meaning "Goyim" and Islam meaning "To Submit". Submit to who? Lucifer.
    Put in 1 more way, the first world war in Gen 13 was against Chedorlaomer the King of Elam ie Persia/Iran in his 13th year. Elam was Shem's eldest son, the "Root Race" if you will. Ever wonder why Syria will also be involved? Syria is Aram, Shem's 5th Son. How about America? Asshur is Shem's 2nd Son; Chicago (Obama) and Detroit (Romney) represent the 2 largest stronglholds of the Assyrian Church of the East ie Lucifer the Rising Sun in America, a nation named after the Edomite god Amurru, Canaanite god Amar and Priests of Ameru meaning "Serpent Priests". Turkey just authorized War on Syria Oct 3, 2012; Why? Shem's 4th son was Lud meaning Lydia which became Turkey. Now how about the Birds? 330 Mason Ben Franklin proposed the Turkey to be America's National Bird. Why? Turkomen were called Saracens meaning "Empty of Sarah" or Hagarenes; today known as "Twelvers".
   11Q13 proposes "Prince Melchisedek" will return property to its righful heirs after the 10th Jubilee. Who are the righful heirs? For those who deny God's active influeince in world affairs and the Holy Ghost, the righful heirs are 1st born sons: Elam (Iran), Joktan (Arabs), Haran (Abraham's elder brother), Ishmael and Esau. For those who have a relationship with God, the rightful heirs are Arphaxad (Shem's 3rd Son), Peleg (Archipelago means Land Separated by Water; Born Again Christians are separated from the physical woarld by Living Water ie Jesus Christ), Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Carried forward, King David's eldest son Solomon revered by Gnostics and Freemasons replaces David's 2nd son Nathan; notice which son is with King David after the 2nd Coming in Zech 12:12! Nathan not Solomon!
    Finally, what does "Pre-destined" refer to? By the way, John Calvin (nee Cohen) and his TULIP doctrine used in Protestant Churches is a LIE; nobody is Pre-destined to Salvation anymore than others are Pre-destined to Damnation. One prayer of forgiveness to Jesus Christ takes care of that! Pre-destined here means "Bloodline", a connection to Jesus Christ and 1st born "Sons of the Covenant" (B'Rith) The problem is there isn't one. The New Covenant is purely Spiritual; Mary and Jesus did not have children or escape the Crucifixion into Langue d' Oc as the Cathars claimed. The mother does not impart a "Bloodline" to her child and Joseph was not married nor having relations with Mary when Jesus was "Conceived". These are all Freemasonic Lies.
    Oct 3, 2012 was a very busy day. An "October Surprise"?
1. Turkey authorized war on Syria giving Crypto/Marrano (Turkish "Donmeh" aka Sabbateans, Frankists or Kaballists) Recep Tayyip Erdogan license for 1 year to conduct War on Syria. Turkish artillery began shelling targets inside Syria immediately after the Parliament Vote. Erodogan, Assad and Ahmadinejad fill similar roles and have similar beliefs; Erodogan a descendant of Sephardic Satanists evicted from Spain during the Alhambra Decree on 9 Av 1492; Sephardics are not Jewish but they pretend to be Christian, Jewish or Islamic. Assad is Alawite, strict Arab Monotheists whose goal is Sharia Law. Ahmadinejad descends from Jews in Persian captivity who chose to remain, in the process they adopted Zoroastrian religion. All these men serve Lucifer.
2. The US announced they will stand with Turkey. Why? Turkey is the central shipping point for the Afghanistan Heroin pipeline. Erodogan is a disciple of Fethullah Gulen a Heroin Billionaire living in the US. Chasing bin Laden was never the goal; setting up a Heroin pipeline was.
3. Speaking with Charlie Rose, a Bohemian Grove initiate, Hillary Clinton and James Baker III (Bush Sr Sec of State) said "The slightest provocation will start war with Iran...let's just get it done." Hillary laughed at the prospect of an Iran War. Russia, China, Syria and North Korea all back Iran, as do 120+ Nations in the NAM (Non-aligned Movement) Some callous disregard for human life eh?
4. Messianic fake "Jews" and Rabbis wearing religious attire and Kippah's forcefully entered the Al Aqsa Mosque under Israeli military escort to proclaim the spot "Haram al-Sharif" meaning "Noble Sanctuary". Folks, that is the "Sanctuary" Jesus "Cleanses" by fire at the 2nd Coming (ref Dan 8:14). Notice too, a man praying with his head covered violates 1 Cor 11:4; the Kippah aka Yarmulke or Zuchetto is the "Cap of Cybele"; it is not Jewish in any sense, nor is Herod's "Wailing Wall". Mitt Romney visited the wall, wearing his Kippah last month; Obama has done this many times. They are serving Edomite "Dominion" (ref Gen 27:39-41KJV)
5. A symbolic decision in NY District Court by Judge George Daniels proclaimed Iran, al-Qaeda, Hezbollah and the Taliban guilty of 9/11/2001; a bit odd since he exonerated the entire Osama bin Laden family earlier; an uncollectable $6 Billion judgment was rendered for victims of 9/11. None of these entities has even a remote connection to 9/11, but it sure opens up a variety of fronts in the "War on Terror" eh? 
    The 10th Jubilee may be here. The 700 years is in fact, here. The anticipated Sign in the Heavens on will soon be here. What are you waiting for WWIII? That too is about here. Now go submit to Jesus Christ; it's far easier than submitting to Sin "Lucifer" and the benefits last for Eternity!

Jesus was born at Even 14 Tishrei/Ethanim exactly 6 months after John the Baptist on 14 Nisan/Abib; 8 days later He fulfilled the Law and was Circumcised of the Flesh on 22 Tishrei. 22/7=Pi the Circle of Heaven was brought to Earth. The 7th and last Holy Feast of the LORD is the only one with 8 days because Jesus is the 8th "New" and "Eternal" Covenant between God and Man. 7/30/2012 is a Harvest Moon, the 10th Full Moon of 2012. 
    50 days after Jesus was Crucified, the Holy Ghost was given to Man on Pentecost, the 4th Spring Feast. It seems the Occult may have plans of their own in the works.
I have nothing to do with this video, and cannot vouch for its accuracy, but the warnings are fairly straight forward.
     The 2012 London Olympics began after 2012 Bohemian Grove (an ancient Grove Ritual dedicated to Molech), itself began with the Red Haired James Holmes shooting in Aurora, Colo. 7/27/2012 was the "Grand Clilmax" of an ancient Sumerian Ritual called "Begone Dull Care"; the Closing Ceremony featured a rising "Red Phoenix" amid a Hospital. Why? 700 years ago, Knights Hospitallers aka Knights of St John of Jerusalem continued in the Knights Templars place after the King of France and Roman Pope conspired to strip their assets and murder them. They have not forgotton or firgiven the act.
     Phoenix means House of Enoch referring to Enoch who lived 365 years (this generated our 12 month 365 day year) in the pre-flood world before being taken to Heaven before his physical Death; Enochian Magick attempts to duplicate this. 50 days after the Closing Ceremony is Oct 1. Now back to Even 9/30.
     V for Vendetta is about the Jesuit attempt to hijack the 1611 King James Bible by blowing up James and the Parliament on Nov 5, 1605. Noteworthy because Parliament means "Meeting of Owls" in Druid Groves; Molelch in the modern day BOHO Grove is an Owl. The movie the "Big Day" as 7 AM in Lodon at Sunrise. On 9/30/2012 Sunrise in London is 7 AM precisely. Several more references to The Dictator Beyonce, Alex Jones, War of the Worlds, Labyrinth, 2012  and the Washington DC nightclub 9:30 all point to Sept 30 at sunrise, which is 7:04 AM.
     The God Particle was announced on "Independence Day" July 7/4, the day Shard, a 309 (30X9=270) meter high London Pyramid structure opened. Again a reference to sunrise in Washington DC. Ben Franklin and Ebenezer Sibly decided on July 4, 1776 based on Sabian Astrology; a rare planetary ocultation. The new series Last Resort debut last night featured a Nuclear Missile fired from the USS Colorado hitting 270 miles east of DC; 9X30=270. Why? 270 represents 3/4 of the year. Colorado is home to NORTHCOM the military agency responsible for implementing Martial Law; the name means "To color, paint or dye" Sabourjian aka Ahmadinejad also means "To Color, Paint or Dye" A bit coincidental eh? Recall, NORTHCOM commander Jim Winnefeld watched Flt #175 hit the South Tower and turned Strike Group 12 and the Enterprise around; now he is a war hawk Vice Commander of the Joint Chiefs of Staff with the Enterprise sitting at the Straits of Hormuz.
    As the Olympics ended, CNN ran a special on the effects of a 10 KT suitcase size IED nuclear detonation going off at 16th and K St in Washington DC. To be clear, an IED likely refers to a conventional bomb with radioactive material ie "Dirty Bomb" rather than a sophisticated nuclear device. 16 and the 11th letter may refer to the KJV. Got one? Get one? The St Regis Hotel is at that intersection on the 77th Meridian just north of the Pentagon, Washington Monument and White House and just south of the Jesuit Georgetown University, the Masonic Supreme House of the Temple and 77th Meridian marker at Freedom Hill Park. Regis means Regal or King; St Regis was of course a Jesuit initiated in 1616AD. Liber 77 aka Liber Oz "Book of the Goat" was Aleister Crowley's way of describing Cainite revenge (Gen 4:24); the 77th became known as "God's Longitude". Note the street layout of Washington DC among other things resembles the Goat Head. 
    The Illuminati Card Game has the "Full Moon" Card, simulating radiation sickness or another disease which requires Illuminati Action. Super Typhoon Jelawat is making a direct hit on Tokyo and Fukushima "Land of the Rising Sun" on the Harvest Moon on "Sukkot"; the Gov't is warining of Tornadoes and 8in of Rain and Reactor #3 MOX Fuel and the SFP are open to the Rain. Should Oxide Fuel rods be scattered, clean-up will become an impossibility and MOX Plutonium Oxide is the most toxic substance on Earth and its toxiciciity never ends. Is is also coincidence China and Japan are nearing War over diputed Islands?
    33 years ago, an "October Surprise" in Iran was used to usher in the same Neo-cons with Reagan and Bush Sr that Mitt Romney has as advisers. Red Lines were just drawn in Syria and Iran, so I would not wait to see how tomorrow works out. Get right with Jesus Christ now! 

: Comet ISON is predicted to be 15X the brightness of a Full Moon, visible during daylight. It will make a close approach to the Sun Nov 28, 2013; perhaps breaking up as it passes within roughly 1 million miles. It's near parabolic orbit leads astronomers to believe this is its 1st approach to the Sun. ISON is an Anglo-Saxon, Norman French, Old English derivation of "Joseph" meaning "Adding or Increasing". "And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp..." Rev 8:10 Comet means "Long Haired Star". Whether this "Star" is the prophesied "Wormwood" of Rev 8:11 remains to be seen, but the timing is worth being aware of.
    Dan 8:14 spells out 2300 days from Daily Sacrifice to Cleansing of the Sanctuary. 1260 days, 42 months of 30 days of "Great Tribulation" begins with the Sticks Joseph-Ephraim and Judah (Eze 37:16), the Temple Altar and Court of Gentiles (Rev 11:1), the Beasts of the Sea and Earth (Rev 13) and the "Transgression  of Desolation" (Dan 8:13). These are all describing the same event from different perspectives. The 5th Trumpet at Rev 9:11 is clearly spelled out as 5 months (150 days); the 6th Trumpet is 13 months +1 day +1 hour (391 days) for a total of 541 days. 1260 - 541=720 days or 2 years. The 1st 4 Trumpet warnings fit in these 2 years.; arguably one of the more visible events will be the fall of the Star burning as a lamp "Wormwood" at or near the middle of this 2 year period.
    ISON is a "Sign in the Heavens" that to my knowledge, astronomers just became aware of; no Comet that bright has ever been recorded in history from what I know. There are also 7 other "Signs in the Heavens" that need to be factored in that have been known for 4300 years.
       1. The Sun will rise througn the X formed by the Ecliptic and Zodiac forming the Chi-Rho symbol on 12/21/2012.
       2. 4 consecutive Lunar Eclipses will occur Passover and Tabernacles: April 15, 2014, Oct 8, 2014, April 4, 2015, Sept 28, 2015.
       3. 2 Solar Eclipses will occur on God's New Year Mar 20, 2015 coincident with Iranian "Nowruz" (New Light) and the Rabbinical New Year "Rosh Hashanah" aka "Trumpets" Sept 13, 2015. Compare these "Signs" God set up with the Flood with Is 13:10-13 "The stars of heaven and the constellations thereof shall not give their light: the sun shall be darkened in his going forth, and the moon shall not cause her light to shine. And I will punish the world for their evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogance of the proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible. I will make a man more precious than fine gold; even a man that the golden wedge of Ophir". Therefore I will shake the heavens and the earth shall remove our of her place, in the wrath of the LORD of hosts, and in the day of his fierce anger". 
    My guess is the "Wedge of Ophir" is the leverage Gold, Fiat Currency, Usury and Derivative based money has created; this was first done by the Phoenicians in the rein of Solomon and continued by Knights Templar. Ophir represents acquiring and hoarding Gold wherever it is in the world.
    A lot of "Signs" are coming up shortly, the first being the Cross of Constantine on 12/21/2012.    Rev 6:14 "Heaven departed as a Scroll when it is rolled together" comes before ISON, and after the start of Great Tribulation. Do not wait for a "Sign from Heaven" to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour. I suggest doing that now. Did you do it? Come on 2 minutes in a Prayer Closet is not that hard is it? I can tell you from personal experience, when I gave up, repented for Sin and asked the LORD for help, it came immediately and there was no doubt as to the source!
I'm sure you noticed ISON is a bit like SION! Don't wait for that event!

Red Line
Update 9/29 There are 2 Red Lines. 1. Barack Obama said in August the movement or use of Syrian Chemical weapons is a "Red Line" that would trigger American intervention. Intelligence adviser James Clapper admitted Syrian Chemical Weapons were Saddam Hussein's Chemical Weapons, flown to Syria just ahead of the 2003 invasion. Those Chemical Weapons were supplied by the US during Iran-Contra. What goes around is coming around. On 9/28 Leon Panetta accused Syria of moving Chemical Weapons; Obama and Clinton promised Syrian Rebels $45M in weapons and aid.
    The second "Red Line" is in Iran. Remember, Syria and Iran are the last 2 of 7 nations  Gen Wes Clark (nee Kahn) said the US planned on invading back in 2007 (Google Charlie Rose and Wes Clark 7 Nations in 5 years); the original list was given to him in 2001.
    Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the UN General Assembly speaking of a history going back to King David, and drawing a "Red Line" on Iranian Nuclear Weapons. The diagram he used was an ACME Bomb straight out of a Looney Tunes Wile E Coyote/Roadrunner episode. ACME is slang for an entity that makes everything; Netanyahu certainly seems to make up everything. He stated:
1. "The "Jewish State will life forever". God sent Amos to Israel in the mid 700's BC to warn the Star of Molech/Chiun (Amalek is Molech,  Melek-Taus, the Persian/Iranian version and Marduk, the Assyrian version) would not be tolerated. Israel ceased to exist at that point (Amos 5:26; 7:2-3; 5-6); the name was then adopted by Ephraim who conspired with Assyria to replace the real Israel with pagans listed in 2 Kings 17:30 ie Medes, Canaanites, Babylonians etc). Mitt Romney said Jerusalem was the capital of Israel as well; Romney claims lineage from Ephraim, he and Netanyahu are both foul birds of a feather. The ensign of Israel is thus the Witchcraft Hexagram/Six Pointed Star of Molech.  
2. "Jerusalem is the eternal capital". Tel Aviv is named after the Babylonian City where Jews were held captive, Internationally, Tel Aviv is regarded as the Capital of Israel today. Jesus, Christ was the Author of the Old Covenant, the current author of the New Covenant and Melchizedek "King of Jerusalem" and "Priest of the Most High" (ref Gen 14:8, Ps 110, Heb 7). Jesus is the Word made Flesh; He refers to Spiritual Jerusalem as being in Heaven (Gal 4:26) and physical Jerusalem as "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt" (Rev 11:8). Netanyahu was likely stating the Spiritual Capital of Israel is "Sodom and Egypt"
3. "Israel is the in gathering of exiles" God Seals 12K from each of 12 Tribes in Rev 7 and gathers Israel around Jerusalem during the Millennium. At the 2nd coming He destroys the Man-made Temple in Jerusalem  (ref Eze 40-47; Rev 21) The only mandatory Millennial Feast will be Feast of Tabernacles (ref Zech 14:8). Arabs mimic this with the Haj held on the local sighting of Hilal, the Crescent Moon representing the moon god Allah aka Sin aka Lucifer or the Ishmaelite/Midianite Idol "Saharon" a symbol of the Waxing Crescent, on or after October 24, 2012. Mecca is derived from Mechus meaning Adultery which is what this pilgrimage is, however the vast majority of Muslims likely do not know this anymore than Christians know Sol Invictis (Christmas) is not Jesus' birthday or Jews believe Hanukkah has to do with God. It does not!
4. "Yom Kippur is Atonement and prayers for the future of Israel" Talmudic Rabbis open Kol Nidre at Even before Yom Kippur with forgiveness of Sins and Vows the Congregation plans to Commit or Swear in advance. Jesus said call no man in earth Rabbi for this reason (Mat 23:10)
5. "Israel fulfills the dreams of Joshua, David and the Maccabees" Joshua and David were warriors, but neither eliminated Canaanites from the Promised Land. Maccabees "Hammer of God" were Hasmoneans, a mixed blood Nabattaean Arab, Edomite and Jewish family who converted "Dies Natalis Solis Invicti" into "Hanukkah" and "Feast of Dedication" into "Festival of Lights". The center candle on the Hanukkah Menorah is "Shamash" the Assyrian sun god. Jesus was the center candle on the 7 Branched Candlestick Moses constructed, but unfortunately Pharisees convinced Jews to take the blame for Crucifying the Messiah Jesus Christ amid 2 Thieves and accept a 9 Branched alternative called the Menorah.
6. "Men, Women, Jews, Muslim, Arabs, Buddhists, Hindus and Christians are equal before the Law" Jewish Law as administered by the Levitical Priests proscribed the proper worship of God; Jesus assumed the Zadokite role of Levi when the Levitical Priests became corrupted, becoming the Holy Ghost; the New covenant Temple became bodies of Born Again Christians and the Law simplified to "Love God", "Love our Neighbor". Equality under Noahide and Sharia Law is available only to those who reject Jesus Christ.
7. "In any war between civilized man and savage, support the civilized man, Israel will defeat Jihad" Jihad means "Prepare to worship Allah" Most Muslim have no idea Allah is the Akkadian "Sin". Savage is displacing 1 million Arabs from their land.
8. "Militant Islam has many branches; Rulers of Iran, Revolutionary Guards, al-Qaeda. A nuclear Iran is a nuclear al-Qaeda" al-Qaeda means "Foundation" or "Foreign Toilet" to the Saudis. It was invented by Stanford University professor Ibn Sayyid Qutb in 1966. Osama bin Laden is a CIA asset named Tim Osman, named after the founder of the Ottoman Empire "Osman I". Netanyahu failed to mention he said "9/11 was good for Israel".
9. "Iran has a record of aggression" So true, the last was defending themselves against an attack by Iraq in which 500K Iranians died and the US supplied both sides of the war. in Iran-Contra. Bibi's Boston Consulting pal Mitt Romney even laundered the money through Bain Capital. Previously, it was the Battle of Thermopylae against the Spartan 300.
   The Red Line is rejected by 16 US Intelligence Agencies and the IAEA. Netanyahu is an Ashkenazi descendant of Ashkenaz, a grandson of Japheth whom Noah prophesied 4350 years ago "God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem, and Canaan shall be his servant" Gen 9:27. Semitic? No, Jewish? No. Synagogue of Satan? Yes. Jesus said "Behold, I will make them of the Synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee" Rev 3:9 Does Jesus love you? Forget about the Red Line and go ask Him!

New Order
On Yom Kippur, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gave his 8th and last speech to the UN General Assembly. His meetings with Orthodox (Sephardic, Chasidic and Haredi fake Jews) in NY were largely absent from mainstream media. Why? His family name is Hebrew "Sabourjian". The Israeli and US contingent at the UN were absent from his speech proclaiming a "New Order" heralded by the arrival of the "Promised One", "Al Mahdi" and Jesus Christ. Recall the Mormon Church began with 2 separate persons in God and Jesus Christ; this is no coincidence.
   Ahmadinejad has a self professed "Divine Mission" which is Shia "Twelver" in nature, more Bahai (Messianic Arabism) in faith than Islam. Bahai is a uniting of the Ishmaelite descendants of Abraham and Hagar "Hagarenes", Abraham and Keturah (Midianites; symbolized by Hilal "Crescent") and Abraham and Sarah (Edomites) In Bahai, the 2 individuals "al-Mahdi" and "Jesus Christ" are referred to as "Bab" meaning Gate and "Baha' u' llah". I'll point out now that "Allah" of whom Baha' u ' llah is a manifestation of the original Akkadian (Gypsy) god "Sin" known variously as On "Osiris", El (Elohim), Ilu, the Akkadian ie Gypsy name of Marduk or Molech ie Lord. The Crescent Moon is called "Hilal"; the Mormon chant "Pey Heylel" means "Hail Lucifer", symbolized by the Crescent or biblical "Saharon" meaning Ornaments worn by Confederates against the real Israel listed in Ps 83:4-6: Edomites, Ishmaelites, Hagarenes, Gebel (Arabic for Mountain or High Place), Ammonites, Amalekites, Moabites, Philistines (Mitre of Dagan is worn by Orthodox and Roman Catholic Clergy), and Assur (Assyrians aka Church of the East ie Rising Sun).   Amalek is the spiritual head of the Amalekites and the "LORD will have war with Amalek from generation to generation" Ex 17:16 In case it is not obvious, Amalek is Satan aka Lucifer.
    Ahmadinejad changed the family name from Saborjhian to hide the fact his ancestors accepted Persian lifestyle in the days of Esther and Mordecai (Saudi family claims Mordecai descent) and the worship of Molech known in Persia as "Melek-Taus" the "Peacock King" rather than return to the "Promised Land". Folks, nearly everyone is against God and against real Israel (Born Again Christians/God fearing Jews living in Diaspora).
     Mitt Romney has also been told for 40 years that he is the "One, Mighty and Strong" to usher in the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ. Now, the Mormon version of Jesus arrived in the land of Nimrod (Babylon=Gate of On) some 2300 years ago to rescue a group called Jaredites and transport them to America; a  ridiculous lie? of course but so is God, Jesus Christ and Angel Moroni writing the Book of Mormon on Golden Plates. the point is these men represent 2 heads of the same "Beast" or "Dialectic".
     Mitt Romney (1) is equivalent with Benjamin Netanyahu (2) is equivalent with Mahmoud Ahmadabad (3). 1&2 worked for the Israeli Front "Boston Consulting". Bain Capital is headed by Mossad Agent Orit Gadiesh; Bain owns Clear Channel Communications with such Israeli Sayanims as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Michael Savage and Iranian, Iran-Contra Arms Dealer Adnan Khashoggi who also owned the Mormon Church TV Station's Hq "Triad Building" Bain laundered money for Iran-Contra. Mitt was introduced by Bill Clinton in NYC for his "Clinton Global Initiative" Summit, Bill you may recall ran the Iran-Contra Drugs from Mena AK into the US.
     "Preparing for a post Israel Middle East" is an 82 page document produced by 16 American Intelligence Agencies all giving the Red Light on a US attack on Iran. Obama said "The US will do whatever is necessary to prevent Iran from a acquiring nuclear weapon". Netanyahu said "Israel will be wiped out in 24 hours" If Israel's destruction sounds al lot like Armageddon, it is meant to. It is not, but it is meant to.
     Bab is the spiritual return of Elijah and John the Baptist; if this sounds "Jewish" it is, sort of, "Messianic Judaism" to be precise. Jesus warned He would come in His Father's name and  be rejected, but another would come in his own name and be accepted. Elijah will be one of God's "2 Witnesses" with the pre-flood "Enoch" of Seth's line who prophesy in sackcloth during the 1260 day Great Tribulation. John the Baptist? No way. Mormon means "God of the Living Dead"; Mormo is listed by Anton LaVey as a name of Satan. Mormonism, Messianic Judaism and Shia "Twelvers" are all "Bahai" in nature.
    George HW Bush started the Gulf Wars, 700 years after International Bankers (Norman Cathars pretending to be Jewish) exacting Usury were expelled from the British Isles (Picts, Scotti, Saxons are Pagan barbarians not Christian). 21 is the age of adulthood or accountability; 21 years ago, He called for " New World Order" at the UN General Assembly. 33 years ago, Bush Sr orchestrated the "October Surprise" with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the captor of 52 American hostages in Tehran to install him as Reagan's VP and a Shia "Twelver" republic in Iran (Persia). 
    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Sabourjian) used some key phrases in his "Yom Kippur" UN Speech such as "Greening" and "Spring"; Arab Spring sound familiar? 2012-13 is 700 years after International Bankers were disbanded and their assets confiscated; a well planned Freemasonic "Greening". Netanyahu, Bush, Obama (Prince Hall), Ahmadinejad and the Ayatollah Ali Khameini are all Masons. The plan was written by Albert Pike in 1871 for 3 World Wars, the final being Islam versus Zionism. Ahmadinejad listed Zionism as the cause of all wars since WWI. Make sense yet?
    The origination of "Bahai" is "Babism"; Bab=Gate and Baha' u' llah follows the Bab. Babism is of Iranian (Persian) and Zoroastrian origin; ultimately, the origin is in common with the creators of Babel; Nimrod? NO! Notice how history is repeating? Obama is playing the role of Nimrod, the Cushite who came to Babel to the East, where Romney an Akkadian (Romney=Romani Gypsy) is playing the role of the builders of the Tower of Babel who came from the East to Babel. Notice Obama's Masonic designed Logo is the Setting Sun. WWIII is this final battle of "Good" versus "Evil" played by Ahura Mazda "Sons of Light" versus Ahriman "Sons of Darkness". Ahmadinejad spelled out in a dozen ways Zionism, Capitalism, Israel and the US are the "Darkness". Ahmadinejad continually referred too the "Splendor of Allah", in Babism this is "Baha Allah" (Splendor of Allah) and "Bab-ed-Din" (Gate of the Faith). Faith in Allah is Faith in Sin aka Freedom from God.
    Babism aka Bahai had its fair share of 1800's False Messiahs as did Mormonism, both false religions founded within years of each other. Mormonism teaches it is the only "True Church", a restoration of the Sons of Israel, the Levite Priests and Melchizedek Priests ; Ahmadinejad refers to Twelvers as "Nobility" and to "al-Mahdi" as "The Righteous". The word "Righteous" comes from Tsaddeq, a title claimed by Priests in Jerusalem and Melchizedek, a title claimed by Mitt Romney and millions of Mormon men.
     Bab means Gate. "Gate of the Faith" is "Justice", referred to perhaps a dozen times by Ahmadinejad. The Faith here is "Revealed Law" aka "Sharia Law". Ahmadinejad refereed to Worldwide Rule, Courts, Society, Language, Perfection and Universal Rights of Man. The Courts? Sharia  and 7 Hoachide Laws, the latter brought in by George HW Bush during the Reagan administration by the recognition of Chabad Lubavitch. Folks, there is no place for Jesus in these Laws! The Universal Language? Confucius said it best "Symbols rule the world, not Words nor Laws". Universal Perfection in Mormon terms is "White and Delightsome"; in Hebrew, the term is "Tikkun Olam" (Repair the World). Ahmadinijad used the phrase "Children of Adam returned to eternal happiness" In Kaballah (Chabad is the 1st 3 levels) this is referred to as the 3rd Adam: Adam, Jesus Christ and a 3rd manifestation of God aka "Avatar" as "Ultimate Saviour". Look at the Gate at Look at the symbols and Laws at Just don't get your 18 digit membership number! The last of 313 ! in the Authorized Bible occur with the fall of Babylon in Rev 18:18-19; 313 is the Area Code of Detroit where Mitt Romney was born; Coincidence?
    Ahmadinejad spoke of a "Historic Mission and Junction". We are there; it is called the "Great Work"; in Science it is represented by the "God Particle". Folks, you need to make your choice; Hopi Shaman even put the Junction in Stone ar "Prophecy Rock" Arizona; "Red Kachina" here is the same as "al-Mahdi" or "Bab". Go through that Gate and accept Allah (aka Crescent, Lucifer, Sin) and there is no return!  

Rosh Hashanah "Trumpets", Mabon "Michaelmas", Kol Nidre "All Vows", Yom Kippur "Atonement", Feast of Tabernacles "Sukkot"  2012

"In the seventh month, in the first day of the month, shall ye have a sabbath, a memorial of blowing of trumpets, an holy convocation"
"Also on the tenth day of the seventh month there shall be a day of atonement: it shall be an holy convocation unto you; and ye shall afflict your souls, and offer an offering made by fire unto the LORD"
"The fifteenth day of this seventh month shall be the feast of tabernacles for seven days unto the days ye shall offer an offering made by fire unto the LORD"

Trumpets (16 Sept), Mabon (21-24 Sept), Kol Nidre (25 Sept), Atonement (26 Sept) and Tabernacles (1 Oct) and the 8th "Great Day" (Oct 8). 
    Prayers in Synagogue on Yom Kippur determine one's place in the Book of Life or Book of Death. Thank God He has the real Book of Life in Heaven!!; this is the Rabbinical idea of Atonement.
  Rosh Hashanah begins with the blowing of the Ram's Horn Trumpet "Shofar" commemorating Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his only son Isaac which God replaced with a Ram on Mt Moriah. God would later take a body of Flesh and offer Himself as a suitable sacrifice of God's only begotten son at that same spot 2000 years later. Abraham cast out Hagar and Ishmael; critical because Iran is run by Ismaili "Twelvers" currently; the missing "h" means God is not with Ismailis; they rely on Shia Imams for guidance. Their Scapegoat is not Jesus Christ or God but Azazel "Wilderness Goat that Departs", one of 99 names of Satan/Lucifer.
    Mabon aka Michaelmas aka Mea'n Fo'mhair is a Pagan/Druid celebration of Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael (Michael is the only scriptural Archangel), accounting of the harvest, and veneration of the "Green Man". Offerings made to Trees are human sacrifices hung in Thor's Oaks. Wiccans celebrate "Croning". Some harvest eh? The US Senate 90 to 1 to draw a "Red Line" on Iran's uranium enrichment precisely at Midnight, the start of Michaelmas. In Corporate lingo "Fiscal Accounting". The Supreme Court will convene on the 1st Monday in October, coincident this year with Feast of Tabernacles. All coincidence? Don't bet on it.
   On Sept 25, Talmudic Rabbis will absolve "Sins" against God and write the names of the "Congregation" in their own version of the "Book of Life" for people who plan Sins in advance. They pray for God to absolve all "Vows" made to God for the coming year. Specifically, Sins called "Evil Tongue" such as Slander, False Witness and Scoffing are forgiven. Silly Rabbi, God holds us to every detail of every "Vow" we make or "Oath" we take! This is why He said "Never call any man on earth Rabbi" Recall Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have both donned the "Yarmulke" (Kippah, Zuchetto are Caps of Cybele; Bohemians/Gypsies are descendants of Boii ie Priests of Cybele) at Herod's Western "Wailing Wall". Mitt Romney released his 2011 Federal Tax Return this week, listing the USA as a Foreign Country Why? Private Oaths made in Masonry, Jesuits etc absolve the initiate of Oaths made in Public. Mitt's father/grandfather were Mexican Citizens, not US Citizens. Kol Nidre will absolve men like these of "All Vows" made in 2012-2013. Neat Trick, but God knows all of this.
   For men who replaced Jesus' birth with Succoth-benoth "Booths of Daughters" and move it to Hannukah/Christmas aka "Festival of Lights" and "Dies Natalis Solis Invicti" What offering by fire would be appropriate? According to former Deputy Secretary of State Dr Steve Pieczenik, the Iran War is planned for that date and will lead into WWIII.
     Mitt Romney, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Benjamin Netanyahu are all in New York for Yom Kippur and the UN General Assembly. Meanwhile
   1. 25 nations are assembling the largest military exercise ever at the Straits of Hormuz "Austerity Challenge 12".  America alone has 4 Aircraft Carriers and several Nuclear Submarines.
   2 50,000 US troops are stationed on Socotra Is near Yemen; Drones are stationed on Masirah Is at the Straits of Hormuz .
   3. Russia, Kurdistan, Tajikistan, Kurdistan (Armenia), Belarus, Kyrgystan, Khazakstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan assembled in Armenia (Kurdistan) last week for their largest military exercise. 
   4. Turkey is amassing armored troops on the Syrian border.
   5.. NAM (Non-aligned Movement) met in Tehran with 150 Nations including the UN to decry western imperialism.
   6. The TPP (Trans-pacific Partnership) met, treasonously giving International Corporations the right to sue Sovereign Nations and purchase their public and private assets.
   7. India is moving armored troops to the China Border.
   8. Egypt is moving troops to the border with Israel
   9.. Israel is moving tens of thousands of troops to the Golan Heights.
   10. F-22 Squadrons are deployed within striking distance of Iran.
   11. The US Federal Reserve is printing $40 Billion/month; a Currency War
   12. Canada (A Zionist regime) severed Diplomatic relations with Iran.
   13. American and European Embassies are under some sort rebellion in 20 Nations.

                              Iran is more "Jewish" than Israel
    Sabourjian means: Coth Weaver, Painter/Dyer of Carpet threads, or maker of Tallit, the Jewish Prayer Shawl with special knots called Tsitsit in Farsi (Zoroastrian language brought to Iran by the Medes) Tallit means "Gown or Cloak"; literally Tal=Little; Ith=Tent "Little Tent" or "Booth". Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is not only a Messianic Muslim called Shia "Twelver"; he is what is called "Esther's Child", a product of Persian captivity when Jews accepted Mede-Persian rule over returning to God's "Promised Land". The book of Esther is one of 2 books, the other being Song of Solomon (a favorite of Masons and Templars) where "God" is not mentioned. Cyrus the Great, was prophesied 200 years in advance by name and released Jews from 70 years of Babylonian Captivity and Jews, yes Jews like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stayed behind in what became very comfortable lifestyles under Mede rule.
     Ahmadinejad has spoken to the UN General Assembly twice before, stating the Holocaust never happened and his Divine Mission is to reveal the occulted 12th Imam "al-Mahdi" meaning "He who rises". He will speak just after "Kol Nidre" prayers to the UN on "Yom Kippur" Sept 26 in a room made entirely of Green. This will likely be the 3rd time he states his goal. The following day, a fake Ashkenazi Jew (Ashkenaz is the grandson of Japheth, not even Semitic descendant of Shem, much less a practicing Jew; he is a Kabbalist and follower of the Babylonian Talmudic who claims descent from the Tribe of Benjamin not Judah) named Benjamin Netanyahu will speak about Iran's nuclear ambitions and the need to stop them. Notice Jacob's prophecy concerning Benjamin in Gen 49:27 was to become a "Ravin as a Wolf devouring prey in the morning and dividing the spoil at night" Kol Nidre prayers are specifically designed to absolve these type "False Witness" ie "Evil Tongue" Sins.
    While I am no expert on Iranian (Iran means "Noble Caste")  genealogy, I believe sufficient evidence is there to conclude Ahmadinejad aka Sabourjian is a Sephardic fake "Jew" called Marrano or Crypto listed in 2 Kings 17:30 who replaced Israel in the reign of Sargon II (ca 722 BC) in other words, a Mede or Cuthite worshiper of Nergal, the Pagan god of War. Mitt Romney is of similar stock, clamming decent from the tribe of Joseph and Ephraim who made the treasonous pact with the Assyrians. Ephraim is not listed as "Saved" in Rev 7 which is why these men are desperate in their goals to begin WWIII.  
    Folks, I trust nothing but the Word of God, but with the firepower amassing at the Straits of Hormuz and the debasement of Jesus being married and Muhammad being mocked recently, now is a prudent time to establish a 1 on 1 relationship with Jesus Christ. Sec of Defense Leon Panetta has already stated his intention is to ram the USS Enterprise through the Straits as a show of force. If 8 rusting nuclear reactors end up blocking the Straits of Hormuz, WWIII is nearly assured.
   Read Dan 8! Daniel was no sissy, he voluntarily gave up wealth for the Lion's Den and when Jesus and Angel Gabriel told him of WWIII "Mede Persian Ram versus Grecian Goat" he got sick and fainted. Jesus Christ is the only Scapegoat!!!
    Here is a little irony: The Order of B'Nai B'Rith, founded on the Knights Templar Unlucky Day of Oct 13th in 1843 by one Henry Jones (remember him from the Indiana Jones movies always looking for the Lost Ark of the Covenant?) declared Bankruptcy on 9/11/2012. US Taxpayers are now picking up the tab on Pensions owed to "B'Nai B'Rith" aka "Sons of the Covenant". Mitt Romney, a claimed son of Israel, Joseph and Ephraim stole $8.5 Billion in a Pension Fund Ponzi Scheme from US Taxpayers and now all current and future retirement obligations for B'Nai B'Rtih (200,000 members in the US alone) will be funded by Taxpayers through PBGC (Pension Benefit Guarantee Corp).
     In 1935, Persia quietly changed its name to Iran. Why? Dan 8 "Grecian Goat" aka "Uncle Sam" versus the "Mede-Persian Ram" would be pretty obvious. The National Iranian Oil Company is the Anglo-Iranian Oil; remember the Church of England is the Anglican Church. AIOC is also known as British Petroleum. British means "B'Rith or "Men of the Covenant". Britain and Iran are pretty strange bedfellows, but the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company has many Corporate partners connected with the Rockefeller and Rothschild families: Standard Oil split into Chevron, Exxon, Exxon-Mobil; in addition, Gulf Oil, Royal Dutch Shell and French Petroleum. Why France? The Language of Oil is called Langue d'Oc; the Obama mantra "Yes We Can" may ring a bell. Why Now? The Council of Vienne (Langue d'Oc) was 1312-1313. "In 700 years, the Laurel will grow Green again"-Cathar prophecy. Take a look at the UN General Assembly or its 39 stories of Green glass donated by the Rockefellers the same year Israel became a nation. That's Green Language aka Langue d' Oc.
     The US, Britain, Iran and Israel all want WWIII and will use Oil as the pretext! 
Say What? Henry Kissinger said it best "Control Oil you control Nations. Control Food you control People" He advises both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. That's Green Language!
   Queen Elizabeth II (Saxe-Coburg-Gotha aka Windsor) claims she if the Queen of Jerusalem; oh, her husband wants to be reincarnated as a "Killer Virus" too. Gothland is Langue d'Oc aka Catalonia, a separate Nationality of southern Spain named after the Cathars "Kata-luna" and the Carthaginian pedophile Hannibal Barca "Barca Lune" is Barcelona. Who will win the election? SCYTL, a Barcelona based Foriegn Equity Vote courting firm will tell us. Jesus is hanging from a Cross of Iron at the La Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona, the Sanctuary made of a Grove of Trees. That's Green Language! Oh, and one more thing, Jesus Christ is the King of Jerusalem, not QEII! Jesus Christ is Melchizedek not the Talmudic "Tssadeq" or Mormon Melchizedek Priest Mitt Romney!
    The Order of B'Nai B'Rith Formed the Jewish Colonization Ass. on 9/11/1893, the Parliament of World Religions on 9/11/1893; set up the first Kibbutz in Palestine on 9/11/1921, signed the Palestine Mandate on 9/11/1922, and convinced FDR to unveil the Reverse of the Great Seal of the US on 9/11/1935, an Unfinished Egyptian Pyramid with Annuit Coeptis "God approves of our endeavor"; Folks, God is not a Green "All Seeing Eye" or "ONE" sitting next to the Pyramid! 
     Figured out who Sons of the Covenant are? Jesus was the Jewish author of the Old Covenant and source of the New Covenant. Sons of Jesus? Jacob? Isaac? Uh no! B'Rith means "Birthright Covenant"; try Ishmael and Esau. The US is a supposed "Christian" Nation paying Ismaili and Edomite retirements. The US, Britain, Iran and Israel are of Ismaili and Edomite Origin. How's that for Irony? Now go get Jesus Christ in your life before the Eagles start circling the Carcass once known as America. That's the Language of Birds aka Langue d' Oc aka Green Language aka Language of Oil. Feel like it's "Opposite Day" It is. God started His New Year 6 months ago on 1 Abib/NIsan. God forgives Sins of the past; Rabbis forgive Sins of the future. Neat trick eh? Delusional but Neat trick if it could be done. Get Jesus in your Life folks; He is not in a Congregation or Synagogue; He is waiting at the door of your "Prayer Closet". Maybe now you can see why He used the term "Synagogue of Satan" and called Jerusalem "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt"  

rab Spring Update 9/25 Amid inflammatory comments in NYC by Mahmojud Ahmadinijad (nee Sabourjian) such as "Israel has not roots in the Middle East" (he is right, the British put Israel on the map) the US Government quietly linked the National Iranian Oil company with the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards. Are they? In 1935, Reza Shah Pahlavi changed "Persia" to "Iran". In 1954 Anglo-Iranian Oil became British Petroleum with stakes held by Standard Oil and its later spin-offs Chevron, Exxon, Exxon-Mobil as well as Gulf, Royal Dutch Shell and French Petroleum. Get the impression Iran, the US and Britain want WWIII? Remember, Kol Nidre is tonight; Yom Kippur tomorrow; "Atonement" for whatever is being planned, Cool eh?
   Congress in recess until November; spending bill including nearly 50% of the annual budget for Military passed; recall only Congress may declare war; pretty convenient to be out of town again eh? (Libya was attacked as Congress went on recess) India moving strike force battalions to China border including main battle tanks and BMP-11 infantry combat vehicles. "Iran is prepared for a pre-emptive strike on Israel, should an Israeli attack be deemed eminent...such an attack will trigger WWIII" Gen Amir Ali Hajzeden. Iran accused Siemens Corp (A Nazi era Corp) of attempted sabotage of its nuclear power plant; Siemens nuclear controllers also intentionally caused the world's largest and still ongoing nuclear disaster in history at Fukushima using US made MOX Uranium-Plutonium Oxide Fuel. Thousands of Turkish troops with heavy armor, tanks and artillery are amassing on Syrian border Hillary Clinton de-listed Mujahedin e Khalq "MEK" as a "Terrorist Organization" Sept 21; I can see why after being accused of murdering Chris Stevens in Libya. MEK is called "Peoples Mujahedinn of Iran", famous starting the "Green Revolution" in Iran. Mujahedin means "Warrior of Allah" aka "Warrior of Sin". Dionysus/Bacchus is the "Green Man" folks! Qadaffi's Berber loyalists in Libya are not coincidentally called the "Green Resistance". Benghazi became home to the Central Bank in Libya, Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb "AQLM" and Anser al-Sharia, an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood; all CIA Black Ops essentially. The Senate Voted 90 to 1: The "Red Line" on Iran uranium enrichment was drawn at midnight 9/21 precisely at the start of "Michaelmas"; bill introduced by Sodomite Sen Lindsey Graham, Knight of Malta Sen Bob Casey and war hawk fake Jew Joe Lieberman; Military options are on the table now; included was a warning Congress must authorize war. Tens of thousands Israeli soldiers amassing on northern border for a "Surprise Drill". F-22 squadron depoying to Guam with USS George Washington, joined by USS John Stennis enroute to Straits of Hormuz for "Austerity Challenge 12". "Desert Warrior" mocks Muhammad; a French cartoon features an Orthodox Rabbi and a naked Muhammad in a wheelchair; and Harvard Divnity Shool declares Jesus was married, all during Rosh Hashanah. What's needed now is a False Flag Event: Freedom Flotilla III set sail; the Swedish Ship "Estelle" means "Star" in 8 languages will join them; nothing like having a Norman/Viking Ship challenge the Israeli Navy exactly 700 years after the Council of Vienne stole Norman assets eh? "In 700 years, the Laurel will grow green again"-Cathar prophecy. Folks, I'm blowing a Trumpet "God shall not be mocked"!
     20 US Embassies in 20 Nations are under attack all across the Middle East, Berlin Germany (The Throne of Pergamon aka Satan's Seat is there) and now London. France mocks Muhammad in a cartoon and is closing Embassies in 20 Muslim Nations. In response to the film "Desert Warrior"? No way, Zionists made, distributed and promoted that film. US Embassy personnel are being withdrawn from Tunisia and Libya. Canada severed diplomatic ties with Iran last week. Satan is working overtime; an anonymous donor sent Harvard Divinity Professor Karen King (she needs to read 1 Cor 14:34-35; 1 Tim 2:12-13) a Gnostic Egyptian text claiming Jesus was married and every news show covers this nonsense. On September 26th Talmudic Rabbis who regard Jesus as an Idol writhing in Hell in boiling excrement will lead Kol Nidre prayers absolving the Synagoge of sins they plan to commit. Jesus forgives past Sins; Rabbis forgive Sins yet to be committed. Jesus called Rabbis (Pharisees) the "Synagogue of Satan" for this reason. Hezbollah (Hezbollah was formed by the same entities of the Nazi SS; Lebanon is ancient Phoenicia; the Cedar Tree on the Flag represents Hiram, the architect of Solomon's Temple) is leader Hassan Nasrallah called for revolution in honor of the Holy Day of Ashura (Martrydom of Husayn ibn Ali at Karbala; Muhammad's grandson through Fatimah and Ali) "A single tear shed for Husayn wipes away 100 Sins" is the motto. Rosh Hashanah "Feast of Trumpets" began Sept 16; Israel PM Netanyahu (Ashkenazis descend from Japheth, not Shem; he is not Semite or Jewish; read Gen 9:27 and this will make sense) called for a "Red Line to be drawn on Iran's Atomic Bomb ambitions". There is no evidence they have any. QEIII is announced; a $40 billion/month FED money printing program forcing other nations to also print money; Free Money for Banks and Investors to acquire distressed assets; Inflation for everyone else. Commodity Speculation with free money will now drive up the cost of Food, Water, Land and Energy. "Quart of wheat for a day's wage" ring a bell? Perhaps the biggest secret "Treason"  meeting of all time in Lansdowne VA Sept 6-15, called the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) allowing International Corporations to sue Sovereign National Governments and purchase (with newly printed money) National assets such as Oil fields, Water Rights, Timber, Intellectual Property and Public Land. The CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) goal is this end of all national sovereignty. America is about to become a Desert. What else coincidentally happened? US, Britain, France, Saudi Arabia and UAE (odd birds of a feather eh?) holding the biggest Naval Exercise "Austerity Challenge 12". What a coincidence, CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Org) is holding their largest military exercise Sept 15-19 in Armenia (Kurds are Devil Worshippers of Koordistan, descendants of Yezidis of Iraq) Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Russia (again, odd birds of a feather eh?)  
    Folks, Read Eze 38; these events may indeed become the prelude to the fake battle of "Armageddon" and the end of Millenium battle of "Gog and Magog". This impending battle is not either one, but to fake them is called the "Great Work".
     Armageddon: Every nation along the "Silk Road" from SW China, Karakoram Highway, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Jordan to Israel is now erupting in violence directed at America; this is no accident and the movie "Desert Warrior" has very little to do with it. The catalyst for this massive Exodus? Fukushima Radiation. Not coincidentally China and Japan have renewed their age old tensions in the last week. China announced it is by-passing the $US for Oil sales in Chinese Yuan; this was the main reason Libya was invaded. On the north side of the Silk Road, all the "Stans" have ligned with Russia and China. On the south side, the Amphibious Group USS Peleliu with 4000+ marines have dispatched near Karachi, Pakistan.
    Gog and Magog: These forces come from the North ie Russia (Moscow is on the same longitude as Jerusalem), Syria, Lebanon, and the "Stans". If your bible version includes Rus or Rosh to Tubal and Meshech in Eze 38:2 toss it and get an Authorized Bible. Meshech is not Moscow and Tubal is not the Siberian capital Tobolsk.   Folks, We are 3 1/2  years+ from Armageddon, and we are 1000+ years from Gog and Magog!
    Arab means "Desert Inhabitant" ie "Cast Out" of God's inheritance through Hagar (Ismailis), and Esau (Sold Inheritance); Jesus Christ is the "Scapegoat" of Lev 16:8-10; for Arabs the Scapegoat is Azazel "Wilderness Goat".  Think Amalekites, Ishmaelites and Edomites here; read Obadiah until this makes sense.
   Arab Spring brought the Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia Law to power one of the first uprisings was in Shanghai when Mormon/CFR initiate Jon Huntsman participated as Chinese Ambassador. Monotheistic Sharia "Revealed Law" and Noahide Law promoted by Chabad Lubavitch (Chabad is the first 3 levels of Kaballah; Lubavitch  Rebbes are bloodline descendants of Kaballaists eg. Jacob Frank, Shabattai Zvi; Kabbalah is not Jewish) denies Jesus Christ is God in Flesh and hence the Holy Ghost, the only "Unforgiveable Sin"; Alawites such as Syria's Bashar Al Assad are in this Monotheist Arab group as well. Mormons on the other side such as Mitt Romney are also Monotheists. Denying Jesus Christ is God is the "Great Work" Get ready folks!
    The movie "Desert Warrior" now called "Innocence of Muslims" is a "Dialectic" catalyst or "Causus Belli" (Cause for War) between Zionists and Islam. The Zionist, Babylonian Talmud depicts Jesus writhing in Hell in boiling excrement. For Islam, mocking Muhammad and portraying average Muslims as fanatical Jihadists form 2 opposing "Dialectic" sides of WWIII "Political Zionism versus Islam". Read Albert Pike's letter on my WWIII page; this has been planned for 140 years. In 2008, a similar inflamatory film "Obsession: Radical Islam's War against the West" came out exactly 7 weeks (Pentecost means 50 Days; notice Dove World Outreach mocks the Holy Ghost as the Dove) before the US elections. The film, promoted worldwide by CIA asset (Operation Gladio) and fake "Dove World Outreach" Pastor Terry Jones, fresh off burning the Quran is receiving worldwide promotion from the same sources (NSA Media) promoting what appears to be a Sheldon Adelson (Mitt Romney benefactor/ Israeli Las Vegas mogul) bankrolled movie debasing Muhammad. Folks, Jihad means "Preparation to worship Allah"; it has nothing to do with kiling infidels; that is a US idea called an "Inception".
     Desert Warrior was produced by Bank Fraud ex-con Sam Bacile aka Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, a fake "Talmudic Jew" turned fake "Coptic Christian". Folks, the Talmud and Zohar are not Jewish in any sense and Copts are not Christian in any sense. Copts are "Monophysites"; Jesus is denied as God in Flesh and the source of the Holy Ghost by Copts. On the Arab side of this Dialectic "Alawite" means the same thing "Monophysite".  Sumerians called Gypsies "Akkadians"; similarly Greeks called Gypsies (Gyptios) Egyptians (Aegyptios) "Land of Gypsies". Notice Mitt Romney pounced on this incident immediately; Romanichal Gypsies are the same Beast.
   Arab Spring events directed solely at the US in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia , Yemen, Sudan and Lebanon don't just happen, they are planned and just in time for Rosh Hoshanah (Head of the Year), Kol Nidre (All Vows), Yom Kippur (Atonement) and Feast of Tabernacles (Jesus' Birth; Rabbis call it Succoth-Benoth "Booth of Daughters"). Jesus, as Jewish as anyone can get said "Call no man on earth Rabbi... or Master" (Mat 23:8-10) for this reason. Rabbis give absolution for Sins they plan to commit; Jesus forgives past Sins. There is a huge difference.
    QEIII is timed with the orchestrated uprisings in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Yemen, FED Chief Ben Bernanke announced and indefinite program; $40 Billion/month of Money Printing, oops I mean "Stimulus" to purchase Junk Mortgage Bonds; neat trick to print money to pay your mortgage eh? It's just another Bank Bailout saddling American Taxpayers with toxic debt and currency devaluation. When interest rates are at 0, printing money and charging interest to buy bonds is nothing short of a trigger for hyperinflation. Why? The Black Horse precedes the Pale Horse "Death" and "Hell" follows close behind. Mortgage means "Death Pledge"; America is a Corporation that owns the weapon used to kill the Nation Lock, Stock and Barrel. It is why allowing the FED to control our Nation's Money Supply in 1913 was the biggest Government Treason of all, envisioned 100 years earlier by Mayer Amschel Rothschild. America has 25% of the world's fresh water assets and an unlimited supply of Oil, Natural Gas and Coal; Desert Dwellers will now get ther hands on it.
    al-Qaeda means "Solid Foundation", a made up entity of the US CIA dating from a 1966 (Church of Satan "Year One") speech by Stanford University professor Ibn Sayyid Qutb; Osama bin Laden one its more famous assets said "America is Hubal of the modern age" Hubal is a Quyraish Idol smashed by Muhammad at Mecca. Sayyid means descendant of Muhammad through his daughter Fatimah and Ali, and Qutb a title of Dervish Nobility meaning "World Pillar". The Temple of Set (Cairo is the mythical battleground of Horus and Set) was founded by Church of Satan co-founder Gen Michael Aquino; it is no coincidence this NSA General and self admitted Satanist is completing the world's largest Spy facility in "Zion" (Salt Lake City, Utah) or that Engine #119 joined the Trans-continental Railroad in Zion or that 119 is the Area Code for Iran (Persia) and Iraq (Babylon).
    Muammar Qadaffi is of Berber descent; he developed the GMMR (Great Man Made River) turning the desert into an agricultural land "Oasis". Qadaffi offered fuel at a nominal cost. He refused the $US in favor of the African Dinar which would have freed Africa from Int'l Bank Usury. He provided interest free loans to newlywed couples and study abroad scholarships to college age kids. He provided free Electricity, nearly free Fuel, free Water, free Education, free Health Care, free Disability, Rehabilitation and Job Training, free Old Age benefits; free Housing and Car buying assistance. He was hunted down Illegally by a US Drone and US armed "Rebels".
    The US illegally fired 160 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles into Libya and destroyed the GMMR, the world's oldest pristine water supply. They set up the Central Bank of Benghazi, installed a Consulate there and now have troops on the ground and Drones in the air over Libya; now the US Government looks to spin this illegal foray into another al-Qaeda 9/11 event on 9/11. Congress (Congredi means "Meet for War") never declared or ratified the Libyan War under the War Powers Act; the US has no legal basis for this aggression.
     Illegal Drone wars in Yemen, Ethiopia, Pakistan and Afghanistan can now be combined with Egypt and Libya. Why? WWIII must appear to be the final, end of the Millennium (1000 years) battle "Gog and Magog" described in Eze 38; read Eze 38:5 and 38:13 (Sheba and Dedan=Arabia). Now read Eze 37:16 taking note Mitt Romney claims (A lie) lineage from Joseph and Ephraim; compare this with Rev 11:1, the start of "Great Tribulation".
    Barack "Blessed Lightning" Obama "He is with us" stood next to Hosni Mubarak "Blessing or Benediction" in Cairo, the home of the
Arab League and now Muslim Brotherhood proclaiming "A new beginning for Islam". Cairo is derived from the Arab "Al Kahira" meaning "The Strong"; in Egyptian "Khere-ohe" means "Place of Combat". Folks, "al-Qaeda" or "Foreign Toilet" as Arabs call it was "Made in America"; Uncle Sam? Nothing more than the "Wilderness Goat".
    Mitt Romney has sworn an "Oath of Vengeance" against America and is a Council on Foreign Relations initiate, sworn to end US Sovereignty; a Welsh Gypsy who claims descent from the wife of Joseph "Asenath", the daughter of the High Priest of On (Heliopolis) near Cairo. His sidekick Paul Ryan, a CFR and Knight of Malta stands for "Austerity" meaning "To Shine" aka Lucifer.  Libya and Tunisia are Phoenician outposts whose Phoenician son, Hannibal Barca  "Blessed Lightning" made war with Rome, enticing them to Salt, Scorch and Piss in the ashes of Carthage. Nothing new here eh? Joseph Smith, martyred in the Carthage Jail on whose blood the Mormon "Oath of Vengeance" is based was also no coincidence.
     The players for WWIII (fake Armageddon and fake Gog/Magog) are all in place and listed in Eze 37-38. The goal of WWIII as written in Albert Pike's letter is to pit forces of Political Zionism against Islam obliging people to fight to the point of physical, moral and economic exhaustion, at which point the "Light of Lucifer" can be accepted. Musllim means "One who submits"; submits to what? Lucifer, the Man of Sin disguised as an "Angel of Light". I mean no disrespect here in the least, but Allah is a 4000 year old Moon god, Akkadians called "Sin". Akkad means "Gypsy"; this is the type of Luciferian Lies Mitt Romney's Gypsy/Akkadian ancestors brought to Sumeria after the Flood.  WWIII has nothing to do with Christian, Jewish or Islamic idealogy; it is a war against God. God said "He who kills with the Sword must be killed with the Sword" Rev 13:10; it is no coincidence Islamic Swords were shaped like the Crescent Moon, the symbol of Allah.
    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been told the same thing Mitt Romney has; al-Mahdi is the Alternative Messiah aka Pale Horse who rides according to on 12/21/2012, as the Sun rises to form the Chi-Rho "Royal Christ" in the sky. Sounds a lot like Cairo doesn't it?  Just remember it is the Divinity of Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost these "Confederates" all deny. Stay out of this "Place of Combat" called Cairo. Greeks called Egypt "Land of Gypsies" for a reason and America has a lying Gypsy running for President now. Mormon means "Gates of Hell" in Chinese; what more proof does a person need? Lay down the Sword, stop standing behind the Cross, the oldest Pagan symbol on earth and establlish a one on one relationship with God through the Holy Ghost.
      The Arabian Phoenix self immolates itself every 500 years; the Age of Discovery was 500 years ago; it connects Egypt to Arabia across the "Red Sea" and "Wilderness of Sin"; out of its ashes "New Atlantis" rises. Pyramid means "Amid the Flames" for a reason!
     I'm not trying to cause panic here, just pointing out that our generation may indeed be living in the days leading up to the Great Tribulation; as Peter said " not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. The Lord is not slack concerning his promise...not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance" 2 Pet 3:8-9 Folks, I have listed dozens of ways to calculate the age of the Earth is fast approacing 6000 years, and Gnostics know this quite well. Chaldean Magick has 3 parts: Pledge, Turn andn Prestige; we just happen to be living at the time of the Prestige. Repentance folks! Repentence folks! Repentance folks! No Church! Prayer Closet. No Priest, Imam or Rabbi! Just You and Jesus Christ! 

September 11: 11 years later, a refresher may be in order in light of current events; 911 is America's "Emergency Phone Number" for a reason. 1. NORAD allowed 9/11/2001 to happen, giving "Stand Down" orders to military response and conducting Terror Drills with the FAA. Whatever hit the Pentagon, Dick Cheney and Norm Minetta publically admitted allowing it to happen. Also recall, Jim Winnefeld turned the Naval Strike Group 12 around and became NORAD, NORTHCOM Commander, now he is Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for Obama and negotiating with Ehud Barak over Iranian Uranium enrichment. NORAD is a Space, Air and Sea Waring system jointly operated by the US and Canada. 2. Canada just unilaterally severed diplomatic ties with Iran. 3. Operation Austerity Challenge 12 is set to begin in October over Feast of Tabernacles Oct 1-8? We'll see. 4. Rosh Hashanah "Trumpets" is Sept 16-18; Yom Kippur "Atonement" and  Kol Nidre "All Vows" on Sept 25-26. Never heard of it? The Babylonian Talmud allows all Vows and Oaths made the following year to be null and void. Perjury in Court? No problem. Stealing from a Gentile? No problem. Stoning, Burning, Decapitating or Strangling a Christian? Forgiven by Rabbinical decree. Jesus said "Call no man on earth Rabbi" for a reason!
      September means "7th Month"; Jesus was born on Feast of Tabernacles in the 7th month; 7 the number of perfection, completeness and satisfaction. 9 is quite different, revered by occultists as the conclusion and finality of judgement. 11 is the number short of 12, the number of perfection in Government; disorder, falling short, imperfection. Jerusalem fell in Zedekiah's 11th year; Mormon religion is based on Zedekiah's son Mulek escaping God's Judgement, obviously a Lie. Scots, Irish and English Royalty derive their authority from Zedekiah's daughter Tea Tephi; another Lie. 9/11 is the 254th day which add to 11 just as 9+1+1 do; this year 2012 it is the 255th day adding to 12. Occult perfection? Hardly. 

     Saxons took Briton 9/11/476 by hiding Seaxe knives in their sleeves. The Battle of Stirling Bridge (William Wallace V Edward I) was 9/11/1297. Manhattan was “Discovered” by Henry Hudson 9/11/1609. Ben Franklin and Gen Howe failed to reach terms of peace 9/11/1776. “Old Glory” replaced the Evergreen Tree and Serpent Flags, it first flew at the Battle of Brandywine on 9/11/1777. Capt. William Morgan killed by Masons for exposing their rituals 9/11/1823. Brigham Young ordered the Mountain Meadows Massacre on 9/11/1857. The 1st Parliament of World Religions met on 9/11/1893. The 1st Kibbutz (Communal Farm) in Palestine was built 9/11/1921. The Palestine Mandate creating Israel was signed 9/11/1922. The reverse of the Great Seal is printed on the $US Dollar 9/11/1935. Indira Ghandi’s  "Satyagraha Movement" (Soul Force) began 9/11/1935. The Munich Olympics with the Israeli Hostage Crises began 9/11/1971. The 77ft tall Pentagon began construction on 9/11/1941, the cornerstone placed on the 77th Meridian and allegedly hit by AA Flt #77, exactly 60 years later. George Bush Sr gave his "New World Order Speech" to the UN on 9/11/1990, 11 years before 9/11/2001. Ken Starr delivered Bill Clinton impeachment papers on 9/11/1994. A Remote controlled Cessna hit White House 9/11/1995. The Pentagon and Twin Towers were hit on 9/11/2001. Gaza Genocide began 9/11/2005. Electronic Bank Run on 9/11/2008 nearly collapsed the US Government.

    The DJIA closed at 9605.51 on 9/11/2001 and the same number to the penny on 9/11/2009. The digits add to 26; 26 days after 9/11/2001 Afghanistan was invaded.

     Mel Gibson The Patriot weighed 2 oak rocking chairs at 9 lb 11 oz and declared them perfect the summer of 2001 (11 days after 9/11/2001 the Patriot Act was signed into law). Neo's passport The Matrix expired on Sept 11, 2001.Lisa Simpson held up a NY bus ticket for $9 perfectly lined up with the Twin Towers. FOX TV miniseries Lone Gunman  showed commercial aircraft taken over by remote control and flown into the Twin Towers, summer 2001.FEMA planning documents featured the Twin Towers in crosshairs. Sept 10, 2001 FEMA was in NYC for a Terror Drill, spokesman Tom Kennedy says on network TV a terrorist event in NYC is their #1 concern. #2? Hurricane in New Orleans, Good guess eh?. The BBC reported WTC #7 had fallen 23 minutes before the building actually fell. Oops! Die Hard: 2 men speaking of their flying experience say 9 years and 11 years; Die Hard with a Vengeance theme is a gold heist from WTC #4, #5. Armageddon shows a countdown timer at 9:11 as  explosives are set on an asteroid. John Voight's birthday on Enemy of the State is 9/11.Problem Child street address is 911.Gremlins 2 reporters are from Channel 9 and 11.Terminator 2 an overpass sign reads 'Caution 9'11". Ever seen an overpass this low? Me neither. 6th Day Arnie’s 2  appointments for the day are at 9 and 11.Peace Maker Clooney is framed in a scene between aisles 9 and 11; where is the 10th? Independence Day at Area-51 a clock reads 9:11.Ozzie Osbourne album cover features an aircraft flying at the Twin Towers with Big Ben in the background at 9 minutes to 11.Bone Collector Angelina Jolie holds up a paper with page 119 marked on date 11/9. Why? Engine #119 joined the Transcontinental Railroad in Zion: 119 is the Area Code for Iraq and Iran.  
    Kaballah "Word upon the Sacred Tree", when laid on its side IXXI  forms a 9 and 11.

    Gen 9:11 Noah Covenant Lev 9:11 Levites instructed on Burnt Offering Ex 9:11 Pharaoh’s Magicians (Priests of On) cannot stand before Moses due Boils. Num 9:11 2nd month Passover proscribed; Jesus is that 2nd Chance we all need for Salvation. Deut 9:11 10 Commandments given to Moses Josh 9:11 Joshua allows Amorites to live among Israel Judges 9:11 Ephraimites choose Fig Tree to rule over them (Mormon Church claims to be this Fig Tree); Jesus later curses Fig Trees. 1 Chr 9:11 sons of Zadok become chief Priests (Melchisedek means Melek Zadok or Tsaddiq; Jesus is the former version; Mormon men the latter) 2 Chr 9:11 Solomon prepares the Temple for the Queen of Sheba (The WTC Complex was built to reflect Solomon’s Temple; Bldg #7 “Solomon Building” was demolished without being hit) 1 Kings 9:11 Hiram of Tyre supplies Cedar and Fir Trees to Solomon; he later takes 1000 daughter of Canaan for wives and concubines, Not very Wise eh? 1 Sam 9:11 Saul enquires of the Seer (Witch) on a High Place 2 Kings 9:11 Jehu kills Ahab’s Phoenician wife Jezebel where she fertilizes the 1st Kibbutz built on 9/11/1921.Eze 9:11 Glory of the LORD departs Solomon’s Temple and is recorded in Ink by a man wearing Linen (Jesus Christ) Jer 9:11 God proclaims Jerusalem a den of Dragons and Judah Desolate (Mormon Church, Irish, English and Scottish Royalty is founded on this desolation; Jesus later calls Jerusalem “Spiritual Sodom and Egypt”) Neh 9:11 Red Sea crossing remembered Dan 9:11 All Israel transgresses the Law Acts 9:11 Saul, a Pharisee and Publican anointed with Holy Ghost on “Straight Street” and becomes Paul. Why? He prayed and Jesus heard him. Mat 9:11 Pharisees see Jesus eating with Publicans and Sinners. Mk 9:11 Jesus says Elias must precede Him and did as John the Baptist Lk 9:11 5000 fed and follow Jesus Heb 9:11 Jesus becomes the perfect Tabernacle not made with hands on Feast of Tabernacles (The Alternative Messiah “Sol” will do this on Christmas) Rev 9:11 Abaddon “King of the Bottomless Pit” is released.

    Q33NY changes to Q33NY in Windings format. Q means “Source”, the oldest Gnostic Scroll was the first to proclaim Jesus was not God in Flesh. 9/11 was a massive insurance fraud and gold theft, hence the Piracy symbol, the ill gotten gain transferred to Israel, who today uses the Seal of Solomon aka Star of Molech as its symbol. Jewish? Not on your eternal life. In Numbers 9:11 every man, woman and child was given a 2nd chance to be counted with Israel. In Judges 9:11 we are given the chance to be ruled by the Olive Tree or Fig Tree; I suggest you choose wisely because Jesus “Cursed” the latter.

APEC Summit in Vladivostok Russia (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) APEC and TAP (Trans-Atlantic Partnership) nullify the US Constitution, US Sovereignty, and National Jurisdictions (superceded by International "World Court" Jurists) by allowing the sale of Public Assets ie Land, Oil, Infrastructure to foreign Invistors. Operation Gun Runner Traitor Hillary Clinton is attending what is essentially America's Corporate Bankruptcy "Chapter 11" proceedings. Not surprisingly, all this is coincident with US Joint Chiefs of Staff Jim Winnefeld meeting with Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak over Iran; a 3rd Aircraft Carrier John C Stennis (Sen and 330 Luciferian Freemason John Stenniis initiated the 1950's "Red Scare"; Sen Joe McCarthy was a discredited hero) heading for Iran; Operation Austere Challenge 12 set to begin in October; the NAM Summit in Tehran; the Pentagon asking for Congressional approval for Drone sales of $66Billion to 66 Nations (those numbers are occult communication folks) and Canada expelling Iran diplomats by 9/12 and closing the Embassy.
    WWIII battle lines are being drawn as Edomite Eagles gather around America's dying Carcase. America is conducting illegal un-justified lethal Drone Wars in Pakistan, Yemen, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, and Somalia; exactly how much reservation will those 66 nations have in using them on America? Mat 24:28 describes the situation before Jesus returns; this is 3 1/2 years before that event, just ahead of the Alternative Messiah aka Pale Horse or 3rd Beast of Dan 7:6.
    Esau (Edom=Red) obtains "Dominion" not Jacob! Edomites are the Elite, not Jews and not Christians. Read Gen 27:39--41 in the Authorized Bible; the non-Copyrighted KJV Bible based on the Divine inspired Words of God delivered to man via the Holy Ghost; take note how this critical prophecy by the nearly blind Isaac came from God who was not fooled by Jacob impersonating his older brother Esau; notice how it is reversed in every other bible version I can think of.
    Figured out what the Eagle is yet? America's symbol is the Eagle, right? Wrong, notice on real money such as Gold Coins the Eagle is actually a Phoenix (much longer neck); the mythical Arab bird connects Egypt to Arabia, dying and regenerating every 500 years; it was no coincidence the misnamed "Age of Discovery" was 500 years ago. America's first flag (Ensign) was an Evergreen Tree (Grove); its second, a Serpent. Jacob prophesied the Tribe of Dan would be a Serpent by the way; an Adder in the path (Gen 49:16-17) The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Serpent are America's Ensigns; the Eagle? If Gen 27:39-41 Study Bible notes universally declare the Tribal Standard of Dan is the Eagle; that is a Lie. Dan was prophesied to be a Judge of his people; this is true, but notice in Rev 7 Dan is not among the Saved tribes, neither is Ephraim. Dan means Judge; think Mitt Romney got where he is by chance? Guess again. The Mormon Church Apostles claim to represent "Sons of Israel"; specifically the Tribe of Dan. Joseph Smith's private army were called "Dannites". The bulk of the rest of the Mormon Church claims to represent Ephraim whose Ensign was the Calf. Remember the Golden Calf? In Egypt it was called the Apis Bull where Apis means Word. Wall St has the Golden Calf now. In Chaldee "Bee" also means Word; now you know why Deseret means "Industrous Bees" and Utah is the "Beehive State".
    Mormon means "Gate of Hell" and/or "God of the living dead" in Chinese; China's Ensign? a Red Serpent/Dragon. 2012? Year of the Dragon of course. Obama's Chinese ambassador? A Mormon of course Jon Huntsman. Harsh? Reading Rev 7 should bring chills to every Mormon taught they represent Dan and Ephraim. Read Rev 11:1 and Eze 37:16 and the same information is presented as the Judgment Stick of Judah (Jesus) or Joseph (Ephraim/Israel) Dan=Red Serpent; Ephraim=Golden Calf; Israel=Six Pointed Star. Star of David? Guess again. The Bee Hive where Drones serve the Queen of Heaven is the "Seal of Solomon", the preeminent symbol of Witchcraft known as the Star of Chiun and Molech (ref Amos 5:26).
    Folks, Jesus will Judge every man woman and child on earth by one simple standard; Are you in Covenant with Him? You sign up for this Covenant in your Prayer Closet, through the Holy Ghost, not in Church through your Priest, Imam, Mormon Bishop or Pastor. Druid Priests were and are called Adders for a reason and they have planted Groves all over the world; Bee Careful!

Enterprise: an October Surprise?
33 years ago, the "Green Revolution" installed Shia "Twelver" Imam Ayathollah Khomeini in Iran and an "October Surprise" installed 330 Luciferian Mason, Bohemian Grove, CFR, Skull & Bones Satanist George Bush Sr in the Reagan White House. Another "October Surprise" appears to be in the making.
     Biblically, 12 is the number signifying "Perfection of Government", Jesus and the 12 Apostles contrasted with the Mormon Church "Quorum of 12" where 12 is the number associated with the dimensions in furlongs (1/8th Roman mile) of "New Jerusalem". Mitt Romney believes "New Jerusalem" will be built in America; God, however will build "New Jerusalem" after the Millennium over 1000 years from now in Jerualem. God designs and builds New Jerusalem, not Man!
     Carrier Strike Group 12 is led by the Enterprise Aircraft Carrier, the oldest of America's 12 Carriers has 8 Atomic Reactors as opposed to newer Carriers which have 2 modular reactors; Enterprise is scheduled to be de-commissioned on 12/1/12 at a cost of several $Billion. The Twin Towers were scheduled for Asbestos removal costing several $Billion before 9/11/2001 as well. The solution to this problem is fairly obvious. Think Fukushima was an accident? Imagine 8 leaking nuclear reactors clogging the Straits of Hormuz. 
      Francis Bacon described America as "New Atlantis"; NASA even got into the act: "Our Endeavor is the Discovery of Atlantis using Columbia to vanquish Enterprising Challengers". Challenger and Columbia are gone. New Atlantis rises out of its own self destruction as a Phoenix; the world saw that at the Olympic Closing Ceremony, so what is the probable plan?

       Admiral Jim Winnefeld met with Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Thursday 9/5 as the Aircraft Carrier John C Stennis deployed well ahead of its planned schedule to join the Enterprise and Eisenhower off the coast of Iran in preparation for "Austere Challenge 12". 11 years ago Capt Winnefeld turned Naval Strike Group 12 with the Enterprise as the Flagship around and headed for the Arabian Sea upon seeing Flt #175 hit the South Tower on 9/11/2001; at his Congressional hearings, he said "The Enterprise was first on station and flew 700 sorties in Afghanistan looking for Osama bin Laden. The problem with this story is 1. How did he know bin Laden was involved with 9/11/2001 on seeing the South Tower get hit? To this day, Osama bin Laden has never appeared on the FBI "Most Wanted List" in connection with 9/11/2001. Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld have stated several times publicly "We have never accused nor proven Osama bin laden had any involvement with 9/11"  2. How did he know to head for Afghanistan; bin Laden was from Saudi Arabia? 3. Naval Captains do not have the Authority to turn their Aircraft Carriers around, let alone a Strike Group which is headed by a 2 star Rear Admiral; Congress and the Joint Chiefs of Staff order Aircraft Carriers to their targets. If Congress gave the order, how did they know bin Laden was involved that day, much less hiding in Afghanistan?
      John Stennis was a 33 degree Mason and 41 yr Mississippi Senator who started the "Red Scare" essentially blaming Sen Joe McCarthy of a Communist witch hunt, the exact opposite was true. Dwight Eisenhower,a devout Jehovah's Witness (Zionist) the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe picked D-Day at Normandie Beach to coincide with 700 years after the Norman Cathar executions at Montsegur in June 1244. Why? "In 700 years, the Laurel will grow green again". The Council of Vienne in Langue d' Oc disposed of their assets in 1312. Is is coincidence Language of Oc also means Oil and America's Oil is delivered through the Straits of Hormuz? Ever heard of Horus? How about Tammuz? Worship of Tammuz was the reason the Glory of the Lord departyed Solomonn's Temple. Winnefeld said 700 Sorties were flown; is that just coincidence?
    On 9/11/2001 NORAD was conducting the "Vigilant Guardian" drill simulating military aircraft swapping transponder codes (impersonating) with commercial airliners and being flown into US targets; Jim Winnefeld became NORTHCOM and NORAD Commander soon after 9/11/2001. The man should have been Court Martialed, instead he ends up meeting with Ehud Barak, a 33 degree Mason planning an Israeli attack on Iran. His boss Gen Martin Dempsey (Knight of Malta/Jesuit) also met with  Ehud Barak. Don't believe these type behind the scenes machinations go on? Iran's fromer President Bani Sadr's book "My turn to speak: Iran, the Revolution and Secret Deals with the US" may change your mind.
     Ehud means "United"; Barak means "Lighting". In Arab mythology, Abraham had a White Horse "al-Buraq" who surveyed the world after he laid Ishmael on the Rock, currently under the Al Aqsa Mosque. Of course the bible says Abraham laid Isaac on that Rock not Ishmael. al-Barak then appeared to Muhammad to once again survey the world and take him to Heaven from that exact spot. Jesus Christ presented Himself as a sacrifrice and ascended to Heaven after turning over the tables of the Money Changers (International Bankers aka Knights Templars) at that same spot where the Glory of the LORD had departed Solomon's Temple, recorded in Eze 8. Make sense yet? GOD in Spirit and God in Flesh departed from the same spot for the same reason.  Mitt Romney also has a White Horse; the Mormon "White Horse Prophecy" declares Blood will run down the streets as water down a storm drain... with the Constitution hanging by a thread as thin as silk, elders of the church will step forward. Mormons call America "New Jerusalem" just as Columbus once did but perhaps more important, Mormon means "Gates of Hell".
    Folks, I'm doing the best I can to illustrate the extreme urgency for you to establish a personal, one on one repentent relationship with Jesus Christ before it's too late. 33 years after the "Green Revolution" installed Shia Twelver Imam Ayathollah Khomeini in Iran, the world is not ready for another "October Surprise".    

Austerity Challenge 12
Austerity means Sterness, harshness, cruelty, severe simplicity, bitter, making one's tongue dry; Aus=To Shine, to the East, Sunrise or Dawn. The Iraq War began in 1991 and is now called "Operation New Dawn". Challenge means Calumny, slander, false accusation (calumniare), call to fight or trickery. The largest US-Israeli War exercise in history is now set to take place in October simulating an atttack on Israel by Syria, Lebanon, Gaza and Iran. Iran means Aryan or Noble Caste; the IAEA has not accused or proven Iran is enriching weapon's grade uranium; a false accusation in the eyes of the NAM (everyone except US, Britain, Israel).
    Austerity Challenge 12 will take place in the Persian Gulf within range of Iran's purpose built Russian made arsenal of Yakhont and Sunburn supersonic cruise missiles and super-cavitating 230MPH Torpedoes designed to render any ship within about 150 miles including aircraft carriers "Floating Coffins" (These weapons are worthless for any purpose outside the Persian Gulf) The Persian Gulf has one exit, the Straits of Hormuz where the bulk of US Oil transits. Simple plan eh? This is the "Language of Oil" aka "Green Language" (Langue d'Oc=Occitane=Language of Yes, Birds aka Augury, and Oil). Why October?
    October means 8th month; Jesus was born on Feast of Tabernacles. 15 Tishrei, 6 BC=1 Oct, 2012; He was circumcised as required under the Law on 22 Tishrei=8 Oct, His 8th day; in Gematria, "Jesus" is 888. The New Covenant in His Blood began the 8th Covenant between God and Man. Follow so far? 8/8/12 is also "Columbus Day". Think Disease, Gold and Land theft and building New Jerusalem rather than the flat earth nonsense. Jesus fulfilled the law of circumcision on the 22nd day of the 7th month (Tishrei/Ethanim) 22/7=Pi=3.14; the Circle of Heaven brought Earth; Gnostic/Rosicrucians like Columbus attempt to build Heaven on Earth with the Square and Compass "Squaring the Circle" It can't be done, anymore than Man can become God, but try telling that to a Sovereign Mason or Mormon Melchisedek Priest. 
     Mitt Romney has been told for 40 years he is the "One, Mighty and Strong" prophesied by Joseph Smith in 1832 to "Set in order the house of God and arrange inheritances for the Saints" He will be "Clothed in Light" (remember Joseph's "Coat of Many Colors"? Mitt claims descent from Joseph) carrying the "Names of Saints in the book of the law of God". Calm down people, there is no "Book of the Law"; only the "Book of Life" and that is with Jesus Christ. Now, What inheritance? The inheritance Abraham gave to Isaac and Isaac to Esau his eldest son who sold it to his brother Jacob for a bowl of Red Beans; Oops!
      Paul Ryan's budget proposal is mathematical nonsense not coincidentally called "Austerity". Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has also been told for most of his life he is "The One to usher in the 12th Shia Imam al-Mahdi". al-Mahdi means "He who rises"; Dawn or Aus means "Sunrise". Now can you see what "Austerity Challenge 12" really means? Mitt Romney is a Melchisedek Priest whose passgrips are "Sign of the Nail" and "Sure sign of the Nail"; the Nails used to Crucify Jesus and Nail Him to the Tree, making Him a "Curse"; thank God for that! The chant "Pay Lay Ale" means "Marvelous True God" or "Marvelous False god". Which one? In Hebrew "Pele Heylel" means "Marvelous Lucifer". Getting somewhere now? Mitt and Paul are Luciferians.    
    Columbus Day is named after Christopher Columbus; not his real name; Christ=Messiah; Taufr is Norse for Red; Mitt claims descent from the Norman (Norman=Norse=North Man=Vikings=6Kings; 6 the number of Man and Rom means Man) King William the Conqueror. Columbia is a euphemism for America and the Goddess of Liberty standing atop the Capitol Dome aka Britannia facing East=Aus=Eos, the "Sunrise" or Eosphorus ie Lucifer "Light Bringer". Making sense now? Read Albert Pike's letter concerning WWIII now, realizing Mitt Romney's father George aided the Nazi war effort in WWII. Like father like son eh? The goal is to reveal the "True Light of Lucifer"
    On 12/21/2012, the Sun "Rises" through the X "Christ=Messiah" formed by the Milky Way and Ecliptic to form the Chi-Rho "Royal Messiah"; "In Hoc Signo Vinces" (In this Sign Conquer) was how it all began under Emperor Constantine and later the Knight of Malta/Jesuits like Gen Martin Dempsey (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) and Paul Ryan.  makes the claim on this date, the Pale Horse will be released; "Pay Lay" sound familiar now?  This horse can be seen on the cover of Foreign Affairs magazine, the Council on Foreign Relations publication to which Mitt Romney was initiated. Mormon Melchisedek Priests like Mitt recite Pele Heylel because on that day Solis Invictus rises. The Mayan Calendar will read on that date (remember, Isaac and Jesus were Circumcized at 8 days; Ishmael was circumcized at 13 years of age; quite a Rebel eh?). Now, will the 42 month "Great Tribualtion" begin then? Rev 13 describes the return of the Sins of Sodom from Gen 13:13; now can you see why Jesus refers to Jerusalem as "Spiritually Sodom and Egypt"?  Wonder why Mitt, a supposed squeaky clean Mormon would choose the aging 33 degree Sodomite Freemason "Dirty Harry" to speak to an empty chair at the RNC?
    Daniel warned about the 1260 day, 42 month, Time, Times, Dividing of Times, 3 1/2 year "Great Tribulation" but he also warned about 1290 days and 1335 days in where else but Dan 12. Folks, take notice, Thanksgiving 11/22/12 occurs on the 1290 day warning assuming the 1260 day Great Tribulation begins on 12/21/2012, and Columbus Day occurs on the 1335 day warning. Do not underestimate the 2012 Solstice date; Druids "Knowers of Trees" will watch the Sun rise between the twin pillars as the symbolic Chi-Rho forms above them. Ever heard of the Rose Line? At the Paris "0" Meridian, at the St Sulpice Cathedral, is a square and brass line running north to an Obelisk (Baal's Shaft) representing "Lucifer". Just north of this Pagan Celtic turned Catholic Cathedral is the Champs Elysees beginning at an Obelisk and ending at the Arc of Triumph. Elysees means Elysian Field (Final resting place of Souls of those who died heroically in battle). There is a big battle coming up folks. The instigators? The Chaldean "Merchants of Light". I suggest you "Just say No" to that "Light". It looks Black from my perspective.

The NAM Summit in Tehran began Aug 26; on the 27th NATO Nations quietly met in Brussels and voted to Authorize an attack on Syria unanimously despite Russia and the UN opposing the move. Meanwhile,  330 Freemason, Bohemian Grove Sodomite Clint Eastwood talked to an empty chair, Jesuit Knights Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio and Melchisedek "Righteous Lord", "King of Salem", "Priest of the Most High" Mitt Romney met in Tampa "Sticks of Fire" to annoint "The One, Mighty and Strong". Madonna said she was the High Priestess of America's "Holy of Holies", the "Superbowl". In a $10 million Chrysler commercial, Clint Eastwood said "This is America's Halftime". Madonna performed the complete 7 Acts of Ishtar's Descent into Hell, during that Halftime Show; a death/re-birth Assyrian ritual performed for Sargon the Great and Sargon II. Sargon the Great was the son of a mother who was a "Changeling"; Mithraism entered Rome from Persia in the years after Sargon II; both 7 levels of initiation culminating with the self  Immmolation of the Bull. Remember Clint's last 2 movies, "Changeling" and "Gran Torino". The Bull is the Cretan "Zeus" aka Assyrian "Asshur". Chrysler was bailed out by taxpayers, but perhaps more subtle is Chrysler's  logo; the Assyrian Sun Disc representative of the "Legitimate King".
Mitt Romney drew a clear line in the sand: Militarily with Iran, Diplomatically with Russia and Economically with China. Most US oil goes through the Straits of Hormuz, China is developing Iran's southern oil fields and has a $5 Trillion investment in the US to protect; under Putin, Russia is aligned with Iran, Syria and China.
    FED Chairman Ben Bernanke made his big "Labor Day" announcement from Jackson Hole on the August "Blue Moon" "The FED will do more for Unemployment". Folks, the FED is the cause of Unemployment; printing money and charging interest is Usury; using that money to purchase Gov'e Treasury boned and Mortgage Assets is Treason and Suicide. "Permit me to issue and control a Nation's Money Supply and I care not who makes its laws" Edomite Mayer Amschel Rothschild 666 Am Mein Frankfurt. Not to tough to figure out what's next is it? I have the RNC article posted at the top of Daily Updates. Folks, We are in big trouble.

(Non-aligned Movement) Summit in Tehran Aug 26-31. Question: Non-aligned with what? Benjamin Netanyahu "The NAM Summit is a stain on humanity" Well Ben, 2/3 of humanity is represented there! The new NAM president Ayathollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei answered that in the opening speech "The Summit will mark a turning point in the history (a 33 yr history to be exact) in the history of the Islamic Republic of Iran at a time when certain Western Countries (US, Britain to be exact) and the Zionist Regime (just a guess here but Israel perhaps?) are making efforts to isolate Iran in the international arena". (Seyyed Ali means Blood descendant of Muhammad's wife Fatimah and her husband Ali). As the US watches an Un-constitutional NAM (Vietnam that is) draft dodger (Mormon Mission to France) accept the Republican nomination for US President, Hurricane Isaac (Isaac means "He Laughs") hits New Orleans 7 yrs to the day after Hurricane Katrina hit on the Edomite Feast Day of the beheading of John the Baptist, Prince Harry's (claims Norman descent) exposed bum (nice timing eh? Remember his Halloween Party Swastika?) and the US prepares to hear FED Chairman Ben Bernanke announce his big economic surprise on the August Blue "Betrayal" Moon (2nd Full Moon), just remember the biggest meeting against US imperialism is taking place in Tehran.
     Non-aligned means the US and its Zionist allies in Israel. WWIII is "Political Zionism versus Islam"; the goal is the revealing of the true light of Lucifer. Folks, this "Great Work" was planned 4200 years ago.
    150 Nations, the UN Sec Gen Ban ki Moon, a Korean CIA asset and Unification Church disciple of Sun Myung Moon (US Congress proclaimed Moon "Messiah of the Universe"; no Kidding!) and 20 Institutions such as Brookings Inst who wrote the article "Time to Strike Iran" will attend this 16th NAM Summit with Jesuit trained Cuban dictator Raul Castro, Venezualan "Bahai" (same as Zoroastrian and Zionist in belief) dictator Hugo Chavez, Muslim Brotherhood Egyptian president Mohammad Morsi, Evo Morales, Robert Mugabe, the Wahhabist Saudi dictator as well as the Bahrainian arms bazaar Emir, plus Pakistan, North Korea and Iraqi dictators. Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood will hand the reins of perhaps the 2nd most influential world body to Shia Twelver controlled Iran. Now maybe you can see why Jesus said Except those days were shortened, no flesh would remain".  Mitt Romney "The One, Mighty and Strong" and SMOM Paul Ryan foreign policy adviser Eliot Abrams wrote in the Weekly Standard "Time to authorize the use of force against Iran". Read Dan 8 and Dan 7:6 before he gets his wish. Non-aligned? Pretty easy to see who is aligned with whom eh? Notice NAM's 16th Summit and Pope Benedict (Blessing) XVI, the 111th Pope out of 112 according to the Prophecy (Plan) of St (Gnostic Priest) Malachy align with Rev 16 "God's Wrath"; not JEHOVAH, but Lucifer's Wrath.
    JINSA (Jewish Inst for Nat Security Affairs)  "Prepare to use military force at the optimal time regardless of elections..." LIBOR will likely take out JPMorgan-Chase; JINSA co-chair David Justman is a JPM managing director, a modern day Knight Templar directing WWIII, Why Iran? Langue d' oc (Occitane) means "Language of Oil"; 40% flows through the Strait of Hormuz. Zoroastirans (Medes) want WWIII; Ahriman versus Ahura Mazda; a war of Forces of Darkness ie Non-aligned, or as Ahmadinejad phrases it "The US is the Great Satan". This is why the JINSA logo has the Black Star on the left/west ie Setting Sun. Notice it matches Obama's Setting Sun  Logo. Ahura Mazda "Lightness/Lucifer" is Iran and its allies, Syria, China, Russia, North Korea; notice JINSA has the White Star (remember JP Morgan's White Star Lines? How aobut the Titanic and Lusitania?) on the right ie Righteous or East "Rising Sun" side. Iran means "Noble Caste" or Aryan; Mitt Romney's father George aided the Nazi war effort and their Aryan Race ideals. Read Eze 8, the Glory of the LORD departed Solomon's Temple because people faced East toward the Rising Sun with their backs to the LORD. Notice the US Statue of Liberty and Lady Freedom do the same thing, holding a Torch. Make sense yet?
    Why Now? "In 700 years, the Laurel will grow green again" Norman Cathar prophecy. In 1312, the Catholic Church and King of France at the Council of Vienne (Occitane) confiscated Templar (Intl Banker) assets; the "Doomsday Book" laid claim to those assets and Mitt Romney is aware of this "Double Cross" (Cross of Lorraine or Cross of Free French Forces). JINSA uses a Black and White Star overlapped to form a Druid 7 pt Star as its logo; UN Soldiers also wear a 7-pt Star. Why? The 7th Covenant between God and Man ended with the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ; Druids deny Jesus was God in Flesh, and thereby deny the Holy Ghost; the "Unforgivable Sin". Daniel was told by Jesus and Angel Gabrielle of WWIII near Basra "Edom's Sheepfold" on modern day Hwy 8 "Highway of Death"; he got sick and fainted, recorded in Dan 8 Are you spiritually ready for WWIII and the Pale Horse? If not Get Ready! Fake Jews (AIPAC-JINSA-Israel), Sunni, Shia (Twelver and Assassins), Jesuits and their "Knights" all want WWIII. They are the riders of the Pale Horse "Death". Who else wants WWIII? Shas (Torah Guards) Party Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef on Saturday "We ask God to bring an end to Iran, may the Lord destroy them". Silly Rabbi, you are God's enemy! "Call no man on earth Rabbi" Mat 23:10
     Barack Obama said Assad's (Assad is Monotheist "Alawite" ie he too denies Jesus is God in Flesh and the Holy Ghost) use or transport of Chemical Weapons is the "Red Line" (Edom means Red) for him; recall he bowed in submission to Sunni Wahhabist dictator King Abdullah (Servant of Allah ie Sin) and proclaimed "A New Beginning for Islam" in Cairo 3 years ago. Cairo is derived from Chi=Messiah; Rho=Royal; the Royal Messiah is Osiris. Also realize those WMD's are US weapons from the Iran-Contra days; Mitt Romney laundered drug money to purchase many of them through Bain Capital. Shia "Twlevers" desire the return of "al-Mahdi"; Mitt has been told for 40 years at the Cougar Club (BYU Society) he is "The One, Mighty and Strong" who will usher in the 2nd Coming; of Jesus? Remember "Neo" in the Matrix? He was told that too. Does Mitt worship Jesus Christ?  Uh No! more like "al-Mahdi" (He who rises)
      Figured out what NAM really means? Slang for the Vietnam War; a needless war called Spelly's War after Jesuit Cardinal Francis Spellman; nice Red Robes eh? Tehran was the first Middle East city acquired by the Jesuits "Society of Jesus" under Francis Xavier; the 2nd? Nagasaki where Plutonium was first unleashed on human beings in Japan; catching the Atomic connection here? Qom is where Iran supposedly enriches uranium and not coincidentally elects Shia "Twelver" Imams such as Ayathollah Ali Khamenei; how does the Ayathollah feel about War? In orders given to the Quds Force (Jerusalem Force) aka "al-Mahdi Army" and people in Iran, he said "Big powers have dominated the destiny of Islamic countries and installed their Zionist cancerous tumor in the heart of the Islamic world...Zionism will dissappear from the map...Israel and America are enemies of Muslim nations...Iran will not be passive in Assad's overthrow". Realize here, Shia Twelvers regard the words of Ayathollah Khameinei and Grand Ayathollah Ali Sistani in Baghdad's "Green Zone" as the words of God. For the devout Shia, the world cannot exist without Shia Imams. 33 years ago, Ayathollah Ali Khomeini was installed in Tehran during the "Green Revolution". Catching on yet? "In 700 years, the Laurel will grow Green again" Cathar prophecy. How about now? Templar "Green Man" ring a bell? Bacchus? Dionysus?
    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Jailor for 52 American hostages released after Reagan and his Skull & Bones 330 Mason, Bohemian Grove, CFR, VP George Bush Sr were sworn in) has stated 3 years in a row at the UN "Green Room" his "Divine Mission" is to usher in "al-Mahdi"; see the similarity with Mitt Romney? Now recall the words of 330 Mason Albert Pike "WWIII will pit Zionism against Islam in order the true doctrine of Lucifer can be manifested".
   While the Tehran Summit is taking place, the RNC will nominate Mormon Mitt Romney and Knight of Malta Paul Ryan in Tampa; perhaps not coincidentally, as Jesuit Missionary Francis Xavier traveled to Tehran, Hernando de Soto was given Florida by King Charles V and set sail for Tampa in 1536. The Society of Jesus and Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have nothing to do with Jesus Christ, and neither did the Conquistadore Hernando de Soto or the Spanish Inquisition Priests on board the ship with him. Tampa was the site of the natives rising up and killing him
  Osama bin Laden's supposed 19 "al Qaeda" hijackers on 9/11 were trained at a flight school in Tampa; George Bush Jr was in Tampa on 9/11 reading "My Pet Goat" (Upside Down no less); the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars hinged on Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, both Bush family business partners, the wars, managed from CENTCOM in Tampa; the 2012 RNC will be in Tampa, nominating a man who received a Mormon Church VietNAM draft deferment and a documentary on the May Day "Beltaine" Osama bin Laden raid will debut on 9/11/2012. Perhaps we can find out how he was flown 1100+ miles in one night and DNA tested enroute to being dumped at Sea. What else is headed for Tampa?
   Hurricane Isaac is due to hit on opening day. Isaac was Abraham's sacrifice to the LORD in the Bible at the Rock under the Al Aqsa Mosque; Jesus presented Himself as Melchisedek (King of Jerusalem and Priest of the LORD), was rejected and later sacrificed at that Rock. In the Quran, Abraham offered Ismael on that Rock; "Twelvers" are Ismailis, so make your choice now whom to follow. Romney believes he is Melchisedek; is he? Of course not, the term has come to mean Moloch Tssadiq; I do not say this lightly, Mitt Romney as Commander in Chief will be the Samaritan Chief Priest (Tsaddiq) of Moloch If you can't see the rank Blasphemy of the LORD going on in plain sight or WWIII taking shape in Syria (Aram was Shem's 5th and lost son), Iran (Aryan or Noble Caste; same as the Nazis) and at that Rock, ask Jesus Christ for a little help. Time is getting short!

Quds "Jerusalem" Day
is the last Friday of Ramadan (Scorched or Burnt), celebrated since the "Green Revolution" in Iran 33 years ago brought "Twelver" Shia Ayathollahs to power; Zionist Neo-cons are to Christians and Jews, as Ismaili Twelvers and Sufi Assassins (Hagarenes) are to Islam; both "Wolves in Sheeps Clothes". Mahmound Ahmadinejad, a "Twelver" Shia Muslim in public, desires the rise of "al-Mahdi". Today, on Al Quds Day he said "Israel is a tumor that must be removed". His elite, private "al-Mahdi Army", the "Revolutionary Guard" is called "Al Quds" or "Quds Force" meaning "Jerusalem Army". Odd? Not really, Wheat and Tares are separated there.
      Mitt Romney claims the Melchisedek Priesthood "Priest-King of Jerusalem"; on Quds Day he responded by saying "The US must stop Iran's genocidal regime and aspirations of destroying Israel". Jesus calls Jerusalem "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt" (Rev 11:8). Mitt Romney has been repeatedly told he is the Mormon prophesied "One, mighty and strong" who will usher in the 2nd Coming; of Jesus Christ? Oh, no, Mitt believes he is Jesus Christ. Iran means "Noble Caste"; Ahmadinejad was incidentally, the lead jailor of 52 American hostages, released when George Bush Sr was assured of being Ronald Reagan's VP. Mormons refer to themselves as "Sons of Israel" and all others as "Gentiles" Folks, there is no difference between Romney and Ahmadinejad and both men want WWIII. Odd? Not really, Romney means Romani; like Twelver Imams, they originated in the highland Steppes of Iran-Pakistan-Afghanistan; today called the "Golden Triangle" because Opium production and distribution accounts for some 97% of worldwide supply; not nearly a good enough reason for soldiers and civilians to die for.
     Gen Wes Clark (Cohen) listed 7 nations the US will invade by the end of 2012; Syria and Iran are the last 2 on that list. The day after Al Quds Day Barack Obama said "My calculations would change severely should al-Assad transport of use Chemical Weapons in Syria...that's my Red Line". Where did those Chemical Weapons come from? The US during the Iran-Contra Scandal. Who laundered money for that operation? Mitt Romney. Who wants war with Iran? Mitt Romney.
    On Monday, China's State Counsellor (Hillary Clinton's equivalent) met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned against unilateral US involvement in Syria. With one "Red Line" left, WWIII seems ready to start.
   Tuesday was Eid al Fitr (Breakfast), in response to Mitt Romney's "Jewish Americans for Romney Initiattive"; Barack Obama announced his "Rabbis for Obama Initiative"; some 613 American Rabbis signed the initiative. Recall Obama bowed to King Abdullah (Servant of Allah) and proclaimed "A New Beginning for Islam" in 2009; Aid al Fitr this years Festival featured Christians, Jews and Muslims in the same Tent.  Folks, Jesus was Jewish and said never call anyone Rabbi, Father or Master (Mat 23:8-10) This includes Arab Sheiks (Chief). Are Rabbis Jewish? Not on your eternal life. Get out of the Tent and into a relationship with Jesus Christ; one that does not include your Rabbi, Imam, Sheik, Guru, or Priest. Quds is Jerusalem, the one spot on Earth where Jews, Muslims and Christians (the fake variety) Congregate around the Rock of Offence where Isaac was offered (Ishmael for Quran readers) as Abraham's sacrifice; the Pale Horse riders planning WWIII. Coincidentally, Hurricane Isaac (He laughs) is heading for the Republican National Convention. Are you spiritually ready for WWIII? If not, get ready; Jesus gets the last laugh!

"Seer, Sorcerer, Magician" or "Seers of the Oaks", the Chaldean Priests "Magi" are "Merchants of War"; WWIII is the "Prestige", the pre-planned 3rd Act of Chaldean Magick, a War between Political Zionism and Islam. Zionism is both "Christian" and "Jewish" right? Wrong; Zionism is Chaldean-Ishmaelite-Edomite religion; Druidism is the source of Sunni and Shiite Islam, all Protestant Religions and Liberal, Orthodox and Roman Catholicism. Are you a born Again Christian? You know the feeling of having God in your life is better than any drug man can make. Not a Born Again Christian? There is a good chance a Druid Priest is trying to provide an artificial euporia "Entheogen". Dorothy went through the Opium Poppies on the Yellow Brick Road to Emerald "Green/Lightning" City. The world receives its Heroin from the Golden Triangle (Iran-Afghanistan-Pakistan) for the same reason. The largest Exodus in world history will also pass through this region to Armageddon and Fukushima radiation will be the catalyst. The Tree of Life was nailed to the Druid Tree of Knowledge in Jerusalem. That Corrupt Tree is all that is left in Jerusalem.
   Nutshell history: Cainites are exterminated with the Flood (2348BC) except for Noah's wife; Ham sleeps with his mother, gives birth to Canaan with the "Curse" of this union. Canaanites marry into Ishmaelite and Edomite families who go by the name Romani, Dom (Mask or Dominion), Cretan (Keltoi), Chaldean, Hyksos (Foreign Shepherd Kings of Egypt), Philistines, Galatians, Gauls, Boii, Bohemians, Gypsies, Celts, (Merovingians), Farsi (Zoroastrian Priests ie Medean Magi), Pharisees, Culdees (Celi De means "Client of God"), Jesuits "Society of Jesus" aka Militia of Zeus and Minerva". Their Priest-Kings are Druids. The House of Israel is divided between Joseph-Ephraim and Judah. Jesus is Melchisedek, the Priest of GOD and King of Jerusalem descended or Judah, not Druids, not British and certainly not Mormons.
    God's Priests and Patriarchs are Men; Satan's Priests and Priestesses murder the Patriarchs and venerate Matriarchs: Asenath, an Amalekite (Canaanite.Edomite) daughter of the Chief Priest of Heliopolis (On) married Joseph (ca 1700 BC), Pharaoh's Grand Vizier (Imanuel Velizovsky claims Joseph was Imhotep; perhaps but Amalekite/Hyksos more likely). Joseph and Asenath became parents of Ephraim and Manasseh, today falsely claimed by Mormons; Joseph means "Adding"; Ephraim came to be called the 13th Tribe.  Helena, daughter of Old King Coel (Coel b 88 AD; Coelius means Daughter of Heaven), a 1st century Druid King and Wizard, whores herself to Constantius, a Roman Praetorian charged with executing King Coel for Treason; their union produces Constantine the Great, the first Roman Pope. The Cross in the Sky and "In Hoc Signo Vinces" become the symbols of "Christianity" and the motto of the Jesuits. Constantine declared Christmas, the Birth of Christ; it is not; Jesus was born on Feast of Tabernacles (September). Constantine moved his Church to Byzantium (Constantinople= Istanbul) where it became the foundation of the Orthodox (Of the right opinion) Churches; they are not of the right opinion. Martin Luther made the Evergreen Tree the symbol of Christmas; it is a Druid Grove and "Christ Mass", the sacrifice and consumption of the host in this case is Jesus Christ.  Roman Catholic, Orthodox (Russian, Syrian, Assyrian, Greek, Coptic) Churches, and Protestant Churches all stem from the Druids. Quite a Coup eh? Not done yet; Islam stems from the Druyids.
     Khadijah "Trust in Jah" aka Khadijah al-Kubra "Kadijah the Great" a Quyrash (Korah started the false Edomite Priesthood in Moses and Aaron's day during 40 yrs in the Arabian desert) princess marries Muhammad; the Quran is written and Sunni Islam is born. Khadijah and Muhammad's daughter Fatimah marries Ali giving birth to Shia Islam; Twelver Imams Ali Khameini in Iran; Ali Sistani in Iraq will usher in "al-Mahdi" meaning "He who Rises"; Shia Assassins (Agha Khan IV in Paris) split Shia Islam; Terrorists and Revolutionaries are often trained in this framework as Taliban "Students" and Mujahideen "Warriors of Allah". Allah is the Assyrian moon god Sin idolized by the Druid "Crescent".
    Roman Catholicsm, Orthodox, Sunni, Shia, Protestant Churches are all Druid based. We have become so numb to this, in Druid Hills, Atlanta (Atlantis), is the Druid Hills Presbyterian Church and the John Calvin fellowship. No thanks.
    God prohibits Idols and Symbols (2nd Commandment); Druids use the Cross, Tree and Crescent. America's first Flag (Ensign) was in fact an Evergreen Tree (Tree of Knowledge). Talmudic Rabbis replace Old Testament Judaism with Kaballah "Work upon the Sacred Tree". Kaballah and Ka'aba both mean "Sacred Enclosure" and both are Druid in orgin; the Palm Tree and Evergreen represent the same corrupt Tree called by the Norse Yggdrasil. Vikings? Latin for VI Kings; Latins one of the Pagan tribes of Rome. Human? The term is not in scripture, it means God Man. Trans-humanism? That's rising above God. The Christian Cross? Sorry, that's the Egyptian Ankh aka Sacred Tau. Lent?  The Ash T is the mark of Tammuz not Jesus. The Red Cross and Red Crescent became symbols of the world's favorite Charities; both Druid in orgin.  Druid impact on false "Christianity" is immense.
    Constantine's Druid wife Helena declared Mt Sinai is in Egypt; it is in Arabia as Gal 4 states; Why Galatians? They were heavily influenced by Druids who worsipped Cybele (Ka Baal) as Queen of Heaven; the Yarmulke, worn by Talmudists, Zionists, Pharisees (Rabbis), the Zuchetto worn by Catholic Popes, Cardinals, and Bishops or the Kippah hidden under Fedoras, Papal, Orthodox or Anglican Mitres is the "Cap of Cybele", a Druid invention. Dr Rowan Williams heads the Church of England as an ordained Druid; Hello! 300 years after the Crucifixion, Helena  found pieces of the True Cross; Jesus was Crucified on a Tree, not a Cross. She even finds the Nails and obtains a confession Jews Crucified Jesus; the Talmudic Rabbis open Synagogue with the Sign of Shin meaning Nail. Pharisees conspired to Crucify Jesus; they were Druid, not Jewish; in Iran they are called Farsi from Pars. Every Catholic Cathedral is Consecrated using an Idol of some sort. Amazing isn't it? Lucky Rabbit's Foot? Anammelech is the Rabbit Idol Chaldeans brought to Israel to be venerated at Easter.
     Helena, the Druid Princess moved the Mt of Olives to the spot where a Temple of Venus stood. Soon, the Druid "Merchants of War" had Christians fighting alongside Pagans,  and Crusaders "Warriors of the Cross" fighting Muslim Assassins "Warriors of the Crescent", cheered on by Arab Monks called Sufis.  Assassins, Twelvers (Tehran was the first Jesuit acquisition; Twelver Imans are trained there), Knights Hospitaller (SMOM "Knights of Malta") and Knights Templar are all securing the home of Antichrist and Satan's Seat "Pergamon". Shriners "Noble Arabic Order of the Mystic Shrine" wear a Red Fez with Scimitars in celebration of dead Christians at the founding of Islam. Quite a coup eh? Not done yet.
   God's altars are made with rough stones; Freemasons fashion Stones and ritually Blaspheme the Holy Ghost at the Rainbow Arch Degree by declaring God is a Trinity of Jah, Baal and Osiris called "JahBulOn"; Rainbow Coalition or LBGT Movement? Druid; God calls them Sodomite. Joseph, the supposed Patriarch of the British had the "Coat of Many Colors"; Druids refer to Joseph as Imothep, the Grand Pyramid Architect of Egypt; Masons are the Pyramid Builders today. Ritual homosexuality and pederasty "Mentorship" is a rite of passage extending back to Spartan, Theban, Teutonic, Templar and Samurai "Knights"; eg Alexander the Great with Hephaestion or Achilles with Patroclus. All Druid in origin.
means "Do Twice, Repeat or Double"; Joseph means "Adding"; Joseph was Pharoahs Vizier. The Pyramid on the US $1 Bill has 13 courses; Joseph added the so-called 13th Tribe. Merovinginian France originated the Holy Grail legends; BS? Oh, heaven's yes, Druids often fill rolls as Mayors of the Palace, they are the ones who convince Presidents, Caesars and Pharaohs they are Gods.
    Druids call Parliament "Meeting of the Owls" and Congress (Congredi) "Meeting for War"; now these Druid bodies control the western nations. WWI was instigated by Druid Col Mandell House; WWII by Druid Winston Churchill. Druids held themselves above Kings as "Creators of the Universe"; Prime Minister refers to "One who works under a Druid". The education of a Druid required 25 years; today we call this a Doctor of Druid Philosophy "PhD".
    The Druid Calendar combines the + and X, dividing the Wheel of the Year into 8 segments of Sabats and Cross Quarter Sabats used in Witchcraft  Yule, Imbolg, Ostara, Beltaine, Midsummer, Lughnasadh, Mabon, Samhein; now you know where the British Flag comes from. B'Rith means "Covenent Men" Which covenant? Birthright ie Cain, Japheth, Joktan (Arabs), Haran (Sabians of Haran "Solar Priests"), Ishmael, Esau. Druids invented King Arthur and the 12 Knights of the Rountable; Arthur (Arcturas) and the Great Bear (Ursa Major) circling the Pole Star through 12 Signs of the Zodiac blaspheme Jesus and His 12 Apostles. Draco, the Celestial Dragon encircles the "World Pole" Astrology and Dragon Mythology are of Druid origin;l now you know why China has the Red Dragon as its Ensign and why 2012 is the Year of the Dragon.
     7 yr Tribulation? Rapture? Peace Treaty? Druid lies. The Chi-Rho Symbol an astrological representation of 12/21/2012 aka; Joseph's son Ephraim the 13th "son" of Jacob aka 13th Tribe Heard that term before? Ephraim is not among the 12 "Saved" Tribes in Rev 7.
   The Mayan Calender? Mayans had nothing to do with that; it was chiseled in stone as the Caldendar in the Round and the Pyramids built by Israelite slaves of Chaldean Druid Priests.
    Druids sacrificed humans and drank their blood as it ran from the offering table of their god Belenus on Sabats; Vampirism and Cannibalism came from Druid (Chaldean) Priests "Kahn-Baals"
    Druids brought us William Shakespeare, the nom de plume (Pseudonym) of Sir Francis Bacon and his "Invisible College" aka "Knights of the Golden Helmet"; Whose helmet? Pallas-Athena (Roman Minerva) was known as helmeted "Spear-shaker"; she stands proudly facing East atop the US Capitol; Why? She is the daughter of Zeus and Capitol means "Womb of Zeus".  The Society of Jesus is actually the "Militia of Zeus and Minerva"; they meet for War in Congress. It's really not that difficult is it? Druids functioned as Priests, Judges, Executioners, Educators and Government officials, Pallas, a Greek Giant and Athena, the godddess of Statecraft (Government) and Wisdom (Science=To Know=Gnosis).
     There are over 100 Knightly Orders all derived from the Druids. Prince William, the 1000th Knight of the Royal Order of the Garter claims a heraldry going back to Cain; well, really his mother, amazing eh? A Garter is called the "Witch's Belt". Most Nations Government officials belong to one Knightly Order or another; Knight means "Person in service to the Queen of Heaven" (Cybele/Ishtar etc). Druids wrote nothing; everything was passed on orally; on William Shakespear's Monument is Shakespeare holding a quill pen over a blank parchment meaning he wrote nothing; on the original monument, his hands are on a Wool Sack meaning Druids "Pulled the Wool over our Eyes". Bacon's illegitimate parents being John Dee "007" "Father of Secret Ciphers", a Welsh Rosicrucian Druid "Magi" with a "License to Kill" and Queen Elizabeth I (Mona Lisa?), the daughter of Druid Witch Anne Boleyn; Why? Buggery is a ritual Druid, Templar, Freemason initiation (rumor has it she intitiated quite a few in her day). A Sting is a "Rigged Game"; the players are WASPS (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants) and Bees, the Chaldean Word for, you guessed it Word; a Lie of course. Hexagram? Druid. Star of David? He never used that; Bees live there.
    Celtic Warriors came to be called "Head Hunters", revering the Skulls of victims much as the Skull & Bones Society does today. Corporations (Corpus=Body) "Head Hunters" a way of hiding the fact initiation is required to attain high Corporate offices. St Denis began the "Cult of the Severed Head"; his Cathedral in Paris also of Druid origin; Knights Templar worshipped a Severed Head as well. Paris, founded in 250 BC is named after the Celtic Parisii tribe; sounds like Pharisee because they are one in the same. Sermons preached by a Severed Head? Seriously? Gnostic Johnitters worshipped the severed head of John the Baptist; Edomites severed his head.
    Pagans carried the Twisted Crucifix worhipping the Tree Jesus was Crucified on; Pharisees insisted on nailing Him to that Tree; Roman Catholics were introduced to the Crucifix and today, Popes JP II and Benedict XVI openly carry the same Twisted Crucifix an no body seems to care. Roman "Man"; Catholic "Universal" Church will be Crucified on the Druid Altar to form the New Age, a Universal Church of United Nations.
   Science is of Druid origin; 1 Tim 6:12KJV describes Science as "Vain and Profane Babblings" in opposition to God. Profane means "Blasphemous contempt of God"; Black Holes, Big Bang, God Particles and Evolution? Seriously?
     The LBGT movement is not new; the Wicked Sinners "Men of Sodom" were of Chaldean ie Druid origin. Monastic Orders are as numerous as Knightly Orders and they all have a Druid foundation; Churchill for instance was a bi-sexual Druid and 330 Freemason. If God wanted people to be Monks, Friars, Nuns, Vestals or Ascetics living in Monastery's and Convents or traveling the world as Vagabonds or Nomads don't you suppose these words would be somewhere in Scripture? You wil find them right next to Missionary and Sermon, 2 more concepts of Druid origin. Reverend? How about Very Reverend? These terms are Druid in orgin; the only time Reverend appears in Scripture is a description of God in Flesh. Sermon on the Mount? Jesus opened His mouth; He never gave a Sermon; He left that to the Druids in the "High Places" (Groves).
    Druid Priestesses were intiated by guarding the Sacred Flame in a Stone Enclosure behind a Circular Hedge; Rome called them Vestal Virgins. The Sacred Flame seen on Orthohdox and Roman Mitres can be seen atop Orthodox and Muslim Shrines, the Statue of Liberty, Columbia, Britannia, and Lady Freedom standing atop the Capitol Dome in Washington DC 19.5ft tall to mimic the Metonic Cycle of the Sun and Moon. The Statue of Freedom is Minerva; Jesuits are the Militia of Zeus and Minerva"; aka Druids. The 19.5yr Solar/Lunar Cycle combined with the 400X Size and 400X Distance of the Sun compared to the Moon allowed Druids to accurately predict Solstices, Sunrise/Set Points, Moonrise/Set Points, Lunar and Solar Eclipses used to time Sabat Sacrifices. Druid Priests as "Creators of t5he Universe"took credit for these and offered Sacrifices accordingly.
      Druid "Priests of the Grove" originated as Chaldean "Konn-Torrs" "Priests of the Revolver" aka Revolutionaries, many French Revolutionaries are venerated at the Pantheon in Paris under what else but a Pendulum. The Yearly Solar Track over an Obelisk forms the Yin Yang. Dialectic is the Synthesis created by conflict; again, Druid in origin.
        God knows everyone's Thoughts, Words and Deeds and will Judge accordingly; Druid Priests aka Inquisitors and Conquistadores extracted Confessions, and offered Atonement through Self Sacrifice; Jesus offered Himself once and for all. Jesus said "Call no man on earth Father; Pedophile Priests called Father absolve Sins? Seriously? The real Spanish were Celtic Pagans called Basques, who pretended to be Catholic, Jewish or Muslim in public, called Marranos or Cryptos. No wonder America claims to have been "Discovered" by a Crypto Conquistadore named Columbus.
    Druids were Spell Casters, Shaman, Medicine Men, Magicians who influence countless religions; Gypsies who divine and usher in the future "Inaugurate" by Augury. They are Bohemians (Celtic Boii) of the Grove; Bohemian Grove has some 2700 world leaders as intiates. Druids were Weather Forecasters; Evergreen Air uses the same Evergreen Tree and has the worldwide contract for Weather Modification through Ariial Spraying of Chemtrails. 
   Tattooing and Cutting have Druid orgin from the Picts (Tatooed Folk); Russian Mafia tell their life stories with Tattoos, as do Scots with Tartan (Plaid); Presbyterian plaid was once outlawed; now it's celebrated annually at "Kirkin O Tartan" (Church of the Assyrian Army). Druids were above the Law because they were the Law; MAFIA is an acronymn for "Mazzini Authorizes Theft Fire and Poison"; Mazzini? an Italian Freemason and Revolutionary. The Mafia controlls the Drug and Liquor trade; Prohibition a Protestant Church creation created vast wealth for Moonshiners there's that Druid Crescent Moon again. Laundered money from these operations are kept in Switzerland; there's that Red Cross again.
    Trans-migration of Souls, Reincarnation and Limited Atonement are of Druid origin; John Calvin? Oh, he was Cohen "Priest of Cain" Buddha? Gotama means "World Pole" every Druid knows about Asherah Poles. Qutb means World Pole; Sayyid Qutb coined the term "al-Qaeda"; Whirling Dervish? Sufis? Maypole Dancing? Yup, all Druid. KKK? Knights of the Kyklos Klan; Druid. Kagan "Priestess of Cain"; how 'bout that, a Druid Khazar priestess on the Supreme Court.
     Druids venerated a Tree with 2 Branches, a Trunk and Crown representing their  gods. Teutates "God of the People" had attributes of Mars (Greek Aries) the "God of War" and Mercury (Hermes) the "God of Healing". Bards often functioning as Battlefield Medics were largely immune to attack. His sacrificial victims were required to be drowned in sacred wells or pools. War and Healing? Seriously? Esus  "Lord and Master" was the Left Branch. Jesus? Not on your eternal life! Esus required his sacrificial victims to be hanged and stabbed; Why not, Jesus was Hanged and Stabbed on the Druid Tree. Belenus the pastoral god required sacrifices to pass through the fire on Beltaine "May Day",  their blood drained from the offering table and consummed by initiates; Priests hide this with Sacrament Consummation on Dies Solis (Sunday).  Taranis the Thunder god "Thor", "Lightning Bolts", Jupiter "King Star" (Capitol=Womb of Jupiter/Zeus) required war prisoners to be burned in Effigy "Wicker Men" such as those burned annually at Bohemian Grove to the 40ft Owl Molech (Parliament means "Gathering of Owls"; Molech means Lord and King)
        Druids had 3 classes: Druids, Knights and Slaves. The path to becoming a Druid is through Knighthood; it is about as Wide as it can get. The path out of being a Slave is through Jesus Christ; The Narrow Path. Where is He? In your Prayer Closet not in the Grove. It's way past Time to Separate from this nonsense and join the Holy and Ekklesia "Separate" Church. Tell the Priestesses, Sodomites and  Druid Wizards on the podiums and pulpits like the Druids "Dumbledore" and "Gandolf" you've had enough Chaldean Magick in this life!
    Are you a Druid? Sorry to say folks, but there is about a 97% chance you and I are. The only way out of the Grove is passed Jesus Christ. No Druid Priest required!

(NASA Satellite) confirms Valles Marineris, a 2500 mile long canyon on Mars was created by Plate Techtonics; BS! Themis is the Greek goddess of Grave Countenance and Austerity; her attribute, a Pair of Scales. Plate techtonics is unique to earth because Earth has "Water"; Water inside, on and outside the Earth. The crust is subjected to Atmospheric drag caused by mountains and uneven Solar Heating; friction of crustal plates causes Earthquakes and Volcanic activity. Simple eh?
   Mars has none of these attributes. Mars is the Roman god of War; Paul passed by Mars' Hill aka Greek "Areopagus" noting an inscription "TO THE UNKNOWN GOD". The Areopagus was the High Court of Appeals in Athens; it means "Rock of Aries". Jesus is God and you can "Know" Him through the Holy Ghost; Aries/Mars the God of War you cannot. Science means "To Know"; Greek "Gnosis"; in 1 Tim 6:12KJV Paul defines Science as "Vain and Profane Babblings"; Profane means "Blasphemous contempt of God". The Science Journal "Lithosphere" recorded the findings. Lithos means "Precious Stone"; Folks, with all this Austerity coming, make sure you choose the right "Rock" to build you faith on. Jesus is the "Immovable Stone", cut without hand you can "Know" personally, not an UNKNOWN GOD of War.

8/11 Double Minded "A double minded man is unstable in all his ways" James 1:8, the 1/2 brother of Jesus. Paul Ryan voted for TARP (Troubled Asset Relief), Auto Bailouts, Medicare Expansion, Housing subsidies, Unemployment Extensions, extending the Iraq troop deployments "Operation New Dawn", the 2008 Economic Stimulus "QE I" and the 2009 Economic Stumulus "QE II". He now wants to pay for all this spending with Austerity. Double Minded? Paul Ryan works for a man taught "Both Catholics and Protestants are nothing less than the Whore of Babylon"- Orson Pratt "The Seer" Vol 2 Nos 4 p 255 (Parley Pratt was Orson's brother, Mitt Romney is his maternal descendant). "Flip Flop Mitt" is one attribute, Paul Ryan takes to a whole new level.

8/10 Paul Ryan, the Little King of Austerity
The name Ryan is Gaelic, Celtic, Irish, Scottish and English  for "King" or "Little King"; Paul means "Feeble" or "Little" Recall Paul was Saul, a Pharisee and Tax Collector before his conversion; Saul has a completely different meaning "He asked for". One may recall Osama bin Laden's entire family was flown out of the US on 9/13/2001 on a chartered Ryan Air B-727; it's all symbolic; Osama's name means "Lion of Ladon" (Ladon is the West). Mitt Romney's 4th generation maternal grandfather Parley Pratt was even called the "Apostle Paul of Mormonism" and being a Melchisedek Priest, Mitt is clainming to be King of Jerusalem. Delusion knows little boundaries! Anyway, Paul Ryan is Mitt Romney's VP pick. Debt begets Austerity, Unemployment rises, then Banks collapse, Taxes increase, Currency becomes worthless and soon, shortages of Food and Energy result in Chaos and likely, Martial Law; some plan eh? Read 330 Mason Albert Pike's prediction on WWIII; the part about releasing the Nihilists may strike a cord.
    The Plan of 330 Masonry and the Brotherhood of Death aka Thule Society or Skull & Bones is "Order out of Chaos"; using this motto, Revolutions have been fomented for centuries, notably in America, France and England (Jacobin), Scotland (Jacobite), Russia (Bolshevik), Greece, Egypt and Spain; look at Arab Spring for more modern day examples.
    Paul Ryan is the face of Austerity meaning "To Shine" as in Lucifer; he is a member or affiliated with Jesuits at Georgetown,  Knights of Malta and Knights of Columbus; he is a CFR initiate whose goal is the end of all national sovereignty; his potential boss Mitt Romney, although not a Natural born US citizen and inelligible to run for President is a CFR member as well; notably Mitt's ancestor Parley Pratt swore to avenge the blood of the Mormon prophets who were also Masons Joseph and Hyrum Smith upon America and the Gentile Race; nice eh? Ryan is ironically one of those Gentiles. High level Mormons swear oaths to acquire and consecrate the world's property to the sons of Israel, and nobody has been better at this than Iran-Contra money launderer Mitt Romney. Sons of Israel, refers to Joseph and Ephraim, born to Asenath, an Amalekite daughter of the Priests of Heliopolis (On) and Ephraim, the traitor of Israel who led them to Assyrian captivity (ref Eze 37:16; Rev 11:1) 
    Ryan began by writing speeches for 330 Mason Jack Kemp, 320 Mason/Knight of Malta Ronald Reagan's HUD Secretary during the Savings and Loan Crisis. Kemp, with partner Bill Bennett, Reagan's Education Secretary and Owner of K-12 Education (recall Neil Bush swindled $2 Billion taxpayer dollars through Silverado Savings; he now owns Excite, a "No Child Left Behind" standardized testing corporation in Dubai) was Bush Sr. Drug Czar, a noteworthy Gambler and Alchoholic. Together with Reagan's National Security Adviser and UN Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick formed "Empower America"; this merged with 330 Mason Dick Armey's, "Freedom Works" and the "Tea Party". You may recall 330 Mason Congressman Joe Wilson received the Masonic Medal of Freedom in 2009 for calling Obama "A Liar"; Obama is a Prince Hall Mason; funny eh? The intent was for 330 Mason/fake Baptist Jimmy Carter to turn it into a "Racial" issue which 330 Masonic Reverends Jesse Jackson, Jeremiah Wright and Al Sharpton obliged.
    Jackson's "Rainbow Coalition" refers to Masons who have ritually blasphemed the Holy Ghost ie Rainbow Arch Masons; Folks, the LORD's name is not Jahbulon (Jah-Baal-Osiris) it is JEHOVAH! In Tom Clancy's book Rainbow 6 the killer Flu virus Ebola-Shiva (An Idol of Shiva "The Destroyer" is at CERN where the God Particle was announced; just super eh?) is released during the Olympics; coincidental? We'll see, but the Rainbow theme is ever present in the London Olympics with One Eyed Mascots; Who are they? My best guess is Odin.
   The Boston Tea Party was the work of Masons, as will be the next American Revolution; there is even a new series out this fall about the Revolution occurring when the lights go out in America; notice the On-Off Switch in the "O". An EMP? No need NERC (Nat. Electric Reliability Corp) was formed by Obama to alter frequencies on the National Power Grid; for those who don't know about Tesla's Alternating Current (Prescott Bush was Tesla's lab assistant and murderer), the Grid can only operate at 1 frequency; NERC is more properly termed "Sabotage". Jesus said "A man's foes shall be they of his own household" Mat 10:39 Why would Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan be any different?
    Ryan is a busy boy; he is also affiliated with George Soros' (Grigori Schwartz) NED (National Endowment for Democracy; Soros uses Mitt Romney's laundered drug money as an "Economic Hit Man"); the US has never been a Democracy; the CATO (Cato refers to the Roman philosopher Cato, the arch enemy of Julius Caesar, murdered by the Senators closest to him; ruthless eh?) Institute for Liberty; the American Enterprise Institute; Romney adviser John bolton, Lynne Cheney (check out her book Sisters, nothing like incest, rape and lesbianism among Pioneer Women eh?), Newt Gingrich (A 330 Mason, CFR, Bohemian Grover, Baptist, convert to Catholicism? Seriously?) and 9/11 architects Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle are all board AEI members; the New Age, Metaphysics Aspen Institute (John Denver's Rocky Mtn High was written about this place; spiritual transformations? Yes. From God? No); PNAC (Project for a New American Century) whose blueprint was used on 9/11/2001 as the "New Pearl Harbor" and my personal favorite, the Atlas Society, named after the god "Atlas" of course and Ayn Rand's book "Atlas Shrugged", a Gnostic bible of sorts. Oh, for those who haven't figured this out (don't feel bad, it takes awhile) yet, Atlantis means "Isle of Atlas" and America is "New Atlantis", upon whose ashes the New World Order rises as a Phoenix (Pa=House; Enoch, Seth's descendant taken to Heaven by God is not this Enoch; this one is Cain's Enoch, the Mormon Enoch) from it's own self destruction. Mormons predict a time of violence and bloodshed at which time elders from the church will step in to save the Constitution which will be hanging by a thread; nice eh? Oh, the lucky ones will establish Zion in Jefferson City Missouri where Adam and Eve were cast from the Garden; Yup, no kidding; when Mitt fakes being Mormon, he is claiming he believes this utter nonsense.
    Ryan's admitted inspiration is Thomas Aquinas, the so-called 13th century Catholic "Angel Doctor" and model for Catholic Missionaries, was a metaphysical philosopher who said the "Gentile understanding of God comes from empirical reason"; no Tom, it comes from the Holy Ghost which is why the word "Missionary" is not in scripture. An example of Aquinas' teaching is his proof of God by sensing the motions of the Universe. Well Tom, my bible says Earth is "Fixed" and God "Stretched" the Firmament; I'm just not feelling the motion, much less reading about it in scripture old buddy! One more example may suffice to see Ryan's point of view; Aquinas said "Nothing exists prior to itself"; well Tommy, God states many times He has no beginning nor ending. May want to read the bible next time! 
   Ryan's mentor, retired Congressman Vin Weber is currently Mitt Romney's Economic Advisor; previously he was caught in a Bank scandal and was a highly paid lobbyist for the Bankrupt Mortgage insurer Freddie Mac who also paid 330 Mason, Baptist turned Catholic (member of Legatus and Opus Dei) Newt Gingrich millions in consulting fees. Bankrupt? Yes, by longtime George Bush roommate and fellow Skull & Bones initiate Victor "Victoria" Ashe, the so-called "Gay Mayor of Knoxville". How would you like to be locked in a room with these clowns?
     Mitt Romney used Bain Capital to fund El Savadoran "Death Squads" and launder Iran-Contra Drug profits; he used Solamere and Stanford Capital in an $8.5 Billion pension fund Ponzi Scheme and will do the same to America. The plan is simple; Increasing Debt; Pump and Dump the Stock; Initiating Austerity; Privatizing the carcass; sit back and wait for the Chaos and then step in with the solution "Martial Law". 330 Mason FDR's "New Deal" Program "Social Security" + 320 Mason Lyndon Johnson's "Great Society" Prorgams "Medicare and Medicaid" are in the Red some $20 Trillion with a budget deficit of $1.7 Trillion; that's a lot of Austerity folks! Especially with 44 Million un-insured persons being added to the programs. Treason is a kind word for this plan. Where did these clowns get this idea? Saul Alinsky  and his book "Rules for Radicals" may come to mind.
   George Romney aided the Nazi war effort as an Alcoa Aluminum lobbyist and executive, and became a fan of Alinsky; George is Mitt's biggest influence; Oh, he was never Naturalized a US citizen after his grandfather's flight from justice to Mexico either. Hillary Clinton  wrote her 1969 Political Science thesis from Saul's "Training Manual". Barack Obama modeled his "Community Activism" on Saul's philosophy. What is it? First, Saul dedicated his work to Lucifer. Recall, Mormons regard Jesus and Lucifer as brothers; they are not!  2nd Skull & Bones Satanist and supposed "Political Coservative" William F Buckley called Alinsky "An organizing genius"; a bit odd since Alinsky is often called the "Godfather of the Left". Alinsky wrote "True Revolutionaries do not flaunt their radicalism. They cut their hair, put on suits and infiltrate the system from within through Churches, Unions and Political Parties. Revolution is a slow patient process. Doing what it takes to obtain power requires ruthless tactics" Where did Saul get his ideas? Google "Extreme Oath of the Jesuits" He plagiarized it from this 500yr old Oath.   In an interview, Alinsky, an Orthodox Talmudic fake Jew said "If there is an afterlife, and I have anything to say about it, I will unreservedly choose to go to Hell and organize them. They are my kind of people" Well Saul, There is an afterlife (ressurection at least), you will not have anything to say about it (He's already dead) and you will have plenty of company in Hell. Remember the name Saul means "He asked for it". Ask and you shall receive Saul! 
    Folks, Lucifer is Satan and there is one location It's time to establish a 1 on 1 personal relationship with Jesus Christ before Austerity comes to your neighborhood. As Albert Pike predicted, fighting to the point of moral and physical exhaustion in order the true light of Lucifer is manifested is not my idea of a good time!

Swords or Plowshares?
"...out of Zion whall go forth the law, and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem. and he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they lean war any more..." Is 2:3 LORD is capitalized here because GOD in Spirit will reunite with God in Flesh at the "Judgment Seat" when Creation is exactly 7000 years old (Dan 7:13-14); today Creation is approximately 5996 years old, and Esau's "Dominion" (Gen 27:40; Dan 7:6) is approaching. Read Obadiah (It's 1 page for Pete's sake) and you will see why Edomites are so desperate.
     At the UN is a Sword being beaten into a Plowshare; near that is St George slaying the Dragon, a Golden Globe giving birth to a New and much, much smaller Globe, an Ark with a few of humani

                                          Daily Updates

King David: Knight of Malta David Petraeus on Mitt Romney VP list. Why? "In 700 years the Laurel will grow green again"; I'll likely keep repeating this until it sinks in; all this was planned long ago and nothing in politics ever happens by accident. WWII "D-Day" was 700 years after the Cathar executions at Montsegur; Afghanistan and the Patriot Act occurred 700 years after the Templar betrayal on Rhodes; Rhodes scholar Wes Clark (Cohen) predicted the invasion of 7 nations in 5 years 700 years after their betrayal on Cyprus (Syria and Iran are the final 2) and now the man called "King David" as possible VP 700 years after the Council of Vienne stripped assets from the Knights Templar. Whether he will actually become the VP candidate may be not as important as the hidden meaning behind King David Petraeus, a name derived from David, King of Jerusalem and Petra, teh Edomite stronghold in Idumea (Jordan) currently ruled by a claimed Hashemite (Edomite) ruler Adbullah II. With the Alternative Messiah will come a figure filling the role of King David; not coincidentally Mormon Mitt Romney claims the Melchisedek Priesthood; Melchisedek is Jesus Christ, King of Jerusalem and Priest of the Most High. In Bahai religion, these indivuduals are claimed to be Bab (Gate) and Baha'u'llah (Ullah=Allah=Sin) Pretty telling isn't it?
    The office of VP, Chief of Staff or Nat Sec Advisor are often more powerful offices than President; this stemming from Merovingian Franks occupying the position of Mayor of the Palace or the Islamic equivalent "Vizier"; who can forget Alladdin's Jafar, the Vizier of Sultan who also happens to share the name of Muhammad's mentor? Think the Missouri Mosque fire was not planned in the middle of Ramadan? How about Washington DC's head Imam Abdul Musa "This was clearly a provocation by the Zionist Israelis". Familiar eh? 9/11 was also blamed on Israel. How about blaming Traitors on the inside such as Jesuit trained Knights of Malta: Sec of Def Bob Gates, the Pakistan-Afghanistan CIA Bureau Chief during Obama's missing years at Columbia and confirmed trip to Pakistan; remember Obama's bow to King Abdullah? Abd=Servant; Ullah is Allah "Sin". Taliban means "Student"; Mujahideen means "Warrior of Allah" Got it? How about Knight of Malta Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen Martin Dempsey or Jim Winnefeld who saw Flt #175 hit the South Tower on TV and turned the Enterprise Task Force around for Afghanistan on 9/11? Captains of naval task force ships do not have the authority to do that. The President and JCS make those type orders; pinning the blame on bin Laden, and Al Qaeda, writing a 1000+ page Patriot Act starting a now 11 yr war in Afghanistan in a day? Seriously? How about Jesuit trained, 33 Iran-Contra drug smuggler Bill Clinton; Mitt Romney formed Bain Capital to launder profits from that little operation. Iran weapon smuggler Adnan Khashoggi not only owned the Mormon Church Triad Building, but is a major investor in Bain Capital's Clear Channel Communications; nothing like controlling the media eh? Is it just coincidence 3 generations of the Bush family were Jesuit trained and all joined the Skull & Bones Society? Prescott aided the Nazi empire as did Mitt's father George Romney. How about Jesuit Leon Panetta, the major cheerleader for War in Iran is an unabashed One World Government proponent through his Foreign Policy Institute in CA, not coincidentally associated with Mikhail Gorbachev's Green Cross International. Remember the McMartin pre-school scandal at the Presidio? Reagan gave that prime real estate to his Bohemian Grove buddy "Gorby"; the "The Colonel" is none other than Church of Satan/Temple of Set founder and current NSA General Michael Aquino; cool how the largest NSA spy facilty will be completed in 2013 in Salt Lake City eh? Oh, Al Qaeda is a term meaning "Foreign Toilet" coined by Islamic Dervish, Stanford University lecturer Ibn Sayyid Qutb the same year Aquino co-founded the Church of Satan with Anton LaVey. In his Satanic Bible, he lists "Mormo" as one of the infernal names Satan uses. Panetta was the driving force to get Nelson Rockefeller elected; a bit tought to get an unabashed New World Order Satanist in, so 330 Mason Gerald Ford went thorugh 2 assasination attempts; one in Rm 666 of the St Francis Hotel in San Francisco; remember serial killer Ted Bundy? Not only a Mormon, he was Nelson's man in Seattle. Stalin, Castro and Charman Mao all have similar stories and the blood of over 100 million people on their hands. Isn't truth more interesting than media lies?
Think Dick Cheney or George Bush Sr were #2? How about King David Petraeus? Guess again.
    Jeruslaem "City of David" is "Spiritually Sodom and Egypt" according to Jesus Christ (Rev 11:8KJV); David Petraeus like other Jesuit "Society of Jesus" Knights serve a man called the "Black Pope" (Adolfo Nicholas) at the Vatican (Vatis=Divining; Can=Serpent), not Jesus Christ, the true King of Jerusalem, currently in Heaven with Jerusalem (ref Gal 4). Vatican City, City of London and Washington DC are the 3 smallest Sovereign Nations on Earth; they do not serve Italy, England or America, nor do their laws affect them. Petraeus means "Stone or Rock". Petraeus is a Jesuit trained Knight of Malta; the Council of Vienne stripped assets from Knights Templar in 1312-1313 in favor of the Knights of St John of Jerusaem, Rhodes, Cyprus and Malta. Petraeus changed the name of Operation "Iraqi Freedom" to Operation "New Dawn"; Dawn is Lucifer. He created the name Operation "Red Dawn", the capturing of 330 Sovereign Mason Saddam Hussein and disposing of his look alike; ditto for CIA asset Osama bin Laden; Petraeus is the current CIA Chief.
     Jesus told Peter which also means Stone or Rock, "For thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church: and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it" Mat 16:18 The Rock is the Divinity of Jesus, not Peter! David Petraeus literally means "Rock of David"; the Rock? Arab myth records Abraham surveying the world on the White Horse "al Buraq" from the spot he was willing to sacrifice Isaac. 2600 years later the same horse "al'Baraq" surveys the world with Muhammad and takes him to Heaven; in the days of the real King David, this rock was the Jebusite (Canaanite) "Threshing Floor"; funny how Barack "Lightning" is in the White House now eh? Want a real hoot? Read the Mormon White Horse Prophecy; it's also called the "Blood in the streets prophecy". Romney picking Petraeus may be a smoke screen, but just in case, you may want to establish your personal covenant with Jesus Christ before WWIII begins; Jesuit trained 330 Sodomite Freemason Albert Pike's prediction of WWIII being "Political Zionism versus Islam" was written August 15, 1871; the end of Ramadan is Aug 18 and the Republican Convention begins Aug 27 in Tampa Fla, the place where the fake 9/11 hijackers were trained; the place Bush Jr was reading "My Pet Goat" upside down on 9/11 and where Petraeus headed the Middle East Wars at CENTCOM. Juan Ponce de Leon was killed in the Calusa village, now called Tampa; he was replaced by a Red Haired, One Eyed Spanish Governor; suppose they have forgotton about that? Guess again. 
   George Orwell wrote "1984" about a totalitarian police state; Red Dawn was filmed near Aurora "Red Dawn" where a Red Headed shooter began Ramadan at Dawn, coincident with the Grand Climax of an ancient Sumerian Exorcism Ritual being simultaneously enacted at Bohemian Grove "Begone Dull Care" in the Redwood Forest. It seems Lucifer may have just revealed his Red Rock.

Green Revolution
"In 700 years the Laurel will grow green again" Cathar Prophecy; The Council of Vienne stripped assets from their private military "Knights Templar" in 1313 AD. Mitt Romney in Israel at the start of the 13th Talmud "Daf Yomi" 7.4 year Cycle. Does one need to be hit over the head to see the Rapture, 7 yr Tribulation, Israel "Peace Treaty", Alien invasion, and Daniel's 70th Week are being planned to start at or near the 2012 Solstice aka One problem: pre-Tribulation Rapture, 7 yr Tribulation, Israel Peace Treaty and Aliens are Zionist Lies!
Green Man is Antichrist
; Ahmadinejad (Shia "Twelvers") calls him "al-Mahdi"; Jesus calls him the Pale Horse rider "Death".
Who are the Riders of the Pale Horse? "We are the riders of the Pale Horse, Death"-Barbara Marx Hubbard. "I have become Death..." J Robert Oppenheimer
  At the start of the 13th Talmud cycle, Mitt Romney said "Israel's GDP and personal income is higher than in Palestine because of Israel's superior culture" Really Mitt, I thought it was US aid to Israel, Naval Blockades of Palestine, land theft and forced settlements. "I support a pre-emptive military strike on Iran" Well, Mitt, you need to read Art 51 of the UN Charter to which the US was the first signatory when Israel first became a Nation. It allows military force only in self defense of the US, not a pre-emtive stike on imaginary uranium enrichment facilities. Mitt, needs to also read the War Powers Act; the US Constitution only allows military force in the case of imminent attack on the US or one of its allies. His VP? How about creator of Operation New Dawn (Iraq War) and Operation Red Dawn (Saddam's supposed capture and execution) Knight of Malta/Jesuit Knight David Petraeus?
    To understand this type unbridled hubris, an understanding of the now 33 yr old 1979 Green Revolution and Knights Templar "Green Man" Dionysus/Bacchus/Liber is necessary. The nutshell version goes like this. Iranian hostages are released during Reagan's Inauguration Speech in exchange for having George Bush Sr (Aleister Crowley's illigitimate son) in the White House. Illegal Iranian sanctions then created the conditions for the 8 yr genocidal Iran-Iraq War  FEMA, Bain Capital and Iran-Contra followed; FEMA weapons sent to Nicaragua Contra Rebels in exchange for Cocaine, flown to Mena Airport in Arkansas, a program managed by Methodist Rev Lt Col Oliver North and 330 Mason, Rhodes Scholar, SMOM, Bilderberger, CFR Gov Bill Cllinton. Cocaine profits were laundered by Mitt Romney's Bain Capital (175%/yr in profits over 10 years). El Savadoran Elite families in Miami ran drugs and funded "Death Squads" similar to Vietnam's Operation Phoenix Death Squads. The Savings and Loan swindle under HUD Secretary 330 Mason Jack Kemp, "Star Wars", Leo Wanta's $5 Trillion Bank of America "Economic Hit Man" account and Rabbi Dov Zakeim's missing $2.3 Trillion on 9/10/2001 are examples of drug financed and laundered "Neo-Con" programs. Taxpayers are on the hook for the money used to purchase Chemical and Biological WMD's, Phoenix Missile systems and other military hardware which was sent to Iran through Iranian Arms Dealer Adnan Khashoggi (The Mormon Triad Building was owned by Khashoggi) or directly to Saddam Hussein in Iraq; Saddam Hussein and George Bush Sr, both Carlyle Group investors as well as 330 Luciferien Freemasons; Saddam, a nominal Baathist used these Chemical weapons on Kurds, prompting Gulf War I in 1991. Iraq Oil is then diverted to Haifa, Israel and a $2Billion Green Zone Embassy built.
    These same WMD's are then used as the pretext for Gulf War II by George Bush Jr. In 2002, these WMD's are sent to Syria, where they will, for the 3rd time be used as the pretext for war in Syria. Syria and Iran are the last 2 nations on the list of 7 nations to be invaded in 5 years, made public by butcher of Kosovo and fellow Rhodes Scholar Gen Wes Clark (nee Cohen). Why Syria?
    Skull & Bones initiations are ritual Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost, the Unforgivable Sin. George Sr received a new name "Magog"; Bush Jr the name "Gog"; on 1/8/8 the Temple Mount faithful and Sanhedrin proclaimed George Bush Jr "Gog, Chief prince of Meshech and Tubal". Syria like Moscow sit directly north of Jerusalem; this war will be a fake war of "Gog and Magog"; the real Gog and Magog occurs after the Millennium; 1000 years after the 2nd Coming (ref Eze 38-39; Rev 20:7). Syria is to Russia as Israel is to the US.
     LIBOR is the lynch pin of the world's asset prices; Templars are the International Bankers; Liber is Bacchus/Dionysus "Green Man"; British Secret Service Agent Aleister Crowley aka "The Beast" or "666" wrote Liber 77 "Book of the Goat"; the Pale Horse "Death" follows the Black Horse (LIBOR); Mormo means "Gate of Hell"; "Hell" follows the Pale Horse. Make Sense yet?
    Mitt Romney is a Zionist filling his role in the largest "Sting" in history. Nero fiddled as Rome burned; Mitt's Olympic Dressage Horse serves the same purpost albeit on a World Stage. Zionist motto: "We are the destroyers. We Jews (Zionists) will always be destroyers" (book "You Gentiles"); "Jews (Zionists) are humans, others are Goyim", "Non Jews (Zionists) are animals". "Zionists will have all the property of the world in their hands" Baruch Levy Time to choose sides people. Jesus and spiritual Jerusalem are in Heaven, not in Israel.

Samson Option 13 is the number associated with Rebellion; 8 is the number of Dominion; august the name of Caeser Augustus aka Octavias became our 8th Month; the 8th Covenant between Man and God is the New Covenant "Age of Grace" through Jesus Christ. In Gen 13:13, the sins of Sodom are described, Rev 13 illustrates the Great Tribulation; in Rev 13:8 Jesus describes Jerusalem as Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt"; Samson is Israel's 13th Judge, born in Judges 13. A small seal was "Discovered" this week depicting a man with long hair (Nazarites did not cut hair) slaying a lion at Beit Shemesh, where Samson once lived; Tel Aviv University is analyzing it. Shemesh means "Sun"; Shamash means "Sun god"; hardly a description of Samson. The 8 arm Hanukkah Menorah has Shamash at the center, replacing Jesus Christ, Cruficified between 2 thieves forming the 7 branched Candlestick. Christmas/Hanukkah are thus associatied with the Sun, not Jesus Christ; the Nativity of Solis Invictus. The Seal with Samson (or Shemesh?) fighting the Lion became associated with Hercules, but perhaps more telling is an Assyrian depiction of an Ethiopian being mauled by a Lion found among the ruins of Nimrud in Babylon.  Michelle Obama wore a Black Widow dress on Election Night; the same spot Abraham Lincoln was elected. What will happen is anyone's guess, but note Mormon Church doctrine claims elders of the church will save the constitution which will hang by a thread in the latter days.
     13/8=Phi "Ratio of Life"; EW Bullinger's book "Number in Scripture" covers 8 and 13 in detail; suffice to say 8 is associated with Seth, Shem, Arphaxad, Abraham, Jesus... and 13 with Cain, Joktan (Arabs), Ishmael..., a Covenant of Birth (Britiish means "Covenant Men" by Birth) seen in Cain, Joktan, Japheth, Haran, Ishmael and Esau) versus a Covenant by promise seen with Seth, Peleg, Shem, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Jesus Christ. In Exodus 13, First Born of Egypt are set apart; in Numbers 13 rejection of the spies report leads to 40 yrs wandering in the Arabian desert and the death of all adults 21 and over. 
     The 12th, 7 yr  reading cycle "Daf Yomi" (1 Page a Day) of the 2711 page Talmud ended; the 13th begins today. The Talmud is a book of Rabbinical commentary codified during the 3rd-5th centuries AD. Recall in Mat 23:10 Jesus reminds His followers to never call any man on earth "Rabbi" because Talmud means "To Teach". Jesus teaches with the Word and Holy Ghost. Rev 2:8-17 gives Jesus' description of this period with warnings to the Church of Smyrna and Pergamos. Read this chapter in reference to Samson's Riddle given to the Philistines concerning Bees and Honey in the Lion's carcass. "I know the blasphemy of thenm which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan" Rev 2:9 "I know thy works, and where thou dwellest, even where Satan's seat is...the doctrine of Balaam who taught Balac to cast a stumglingblock before the children of Israel, to eat things sacrificed unto idols and to commit fornication...the doctrine of the Nicolaitanes, which thing I hate"  Rev 2:13-17 Folks, Nicolaitane means "Conquer the Laity" by means of an elevated clergy. One cannot get more elevated than a Rabbi, Master, Father or Reverend. A 2711 page book or Rabbinical commentary is about as big a Stumblingblock as one can get. Doctrine of Balaam? That means "Worthless"; its also called the Gainsaying of Core in the book of Jude. figured out the Bees and Honey yet? Bee=Dabar=Word in Chaldee; Honey is Bee Vomit; just remember Jesus warned us living in the last days of the Age of Grace in Laodicia (Luke Warm) that He will "Spue thee out of my mouth" Rev 3:16 It's time to choose sides!
      Tel Aviv is named for the Babylonian town where Ezekiel had his vision in Babylonian captivity; Ezekiel's Wheel was created during the Opening Ceremonies with "GOSH" in the center; Rabbis might use G-D or YHWH in this way as a euphomism for God. Arthur Koestler's book 13th Tribe or Yair Dividy's "Brit-Am-Israel" may come to mind, where the 13th Tribe is created by the 1/2 tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh. Note: these are also misrepresented by the Mormon Church as is the Tribe of Dan. Important? Samson was a Dannite as Mormon Prophets claim to be; the 13th Dannite Judge with 12/21/2012 recorded as on the falsely called "Mayan Calendar" is the essence of Zionism.
    90,000 Ultra-Orthodox men, 20,000 women separated by a green veil and 500 Rabbis joined via sattelite those in Tel Aviv and a worldwide audience in the goal of "Synchronicity"; ie all Zionists on the same page. Whether you are with them or separated from them will determine your dweling for eternity. In Ezekiel 8 is the reason why the Glory of the LORD departed Solomon's Temple; Men committing abominations at the altar separated from women on the porch "Weeping for Tammuz"
    Zionism began in earnest in 1897 in Basel Switzerland with the  World Zionist Congress (Congress is derived from Congredi "To meet for war"); Theodr Herzl was ist 1st President; Chaim Weizmann was President during WWI and WWII which bagan on 9 Av as did the 2012 Olympics. Benjamin Netanyahu is Israel's 13th Prime Minister; the 2012 Olympic Logo is "Zion". Daniel 8 describes WWIII "Mede-Persian Ram versus Grecian Goat". When will it begin? I don't know, but it was planned long ago and will include Syria and Iran. Gen Wes Clark said the 5 yr plan to invade 7 nations will end in 2012 and Syria and Iran are the last on his list; his real name is Cohen, a Samaritan Priest in the Synagogue of Satan. Zionists quotes: "We are the only humans; all others are Goyim". "The book of Jubilees and the Talmud promises world domination to the seed of Abraham. They are to make war on others by al means until this is accomplished" (Note: Gen 27:39-41KJV says Esau will get Dominion, not Jews. Anyway, you get the idea of Rabbinical teachings in Synagogue and Yeshivah schools. Zionism is not Jewish!!  
     LIBOR Gate is the Black Horse (in my opinion; 12/21/2011 is the release date of the Black Horse according to, so it seems likely this is true); London's Barclay's, Lloyds, RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) and now Deitsche Bank have all admitted involvement and the other International Banks will follow; a distraction seems in order. 9/11/2001 was a re-enactment of Samson's self immolation and destruction of the Philistine Temple of Dagan; 3000 people died, Twin Pillars were demolished in a set of 7 buildings built to reflect Solomon's Temple. The page on 9/11/2001 has more information and warnings given prior. Wonder why 330 Mason Shimon Peres would want to cancel his appearance in London? He coined the term "Samson Option".
    Here is the Gematria associated with a possible end to the Olympics; not saying I understand or agree with it, I'm just trying to be a Watchman and sound the Trumpet as clear as I can. 8/11/12 is the last day of competition 8+1+!+!+2=13.  8+1=9/11/2. A 2nd 9/11? 330 Freemason, Israeli President Shimon Peres decides to stay away from the Olympics and thousands of National and Coroprate purchased seats are empty for a reason. Why not make the choice to serve Jesus Christ before then? Jesus builds Zion and the Temple, not Talmudic Rabbis.  

Hurva Synagogue
"Ruin Synagogue". In Gen 15 God (Melchisedek) makes a Covenant with Abram giving his descendants the land from the Nile to the Euphrates aka "Fertile Crescent or "Eretz Israel". Messianic "Judaism" has 3 goals: Rebuild Jerusalem, Return the Jews from Exile and re-claim Eretz Israel. Re-building the Hurva Synagogue, destruction of the al-Aqsa Mosque, sacrificing a 3 yr old Red Heifer, ordaining the Chief Priest, rebuilding the 3rd Temple and the arrival of the "Jewish Messiah" all pre-requisites. One problem, none of this is Semitic, Hebrew, Israeli or Jewish.
      Messianic "Judaism" is more properly called "Zionism"; the "Jewish" Messiah that will come in his own name and be accepted is not Jesus Christ; this will occur after "Jews (read Zionists) have all the property of the world in their hands"-Baruch Levy in a letter to Karl Marx aka Moses Mordechai Levy. If you haven't researched "LIBOR Gate"; this is the mechanism for doing so; Jesus referred to it as the "Black Horse" in Rev 6:6. Mitt Romney is also dedicated to "Consecrating Gentile property into the hands of Israel"; again Israel is not Jewish or Semitic. Jesus took Spiritual Jerusalem to Heaven as Gal 4 states; Jerusalem today is "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt"-Rev 11:8. Can you see why Talmudic and Kabbalist Rabbis hate Jesus now? Mat 23:8 also chaps them "Call no man on earth Rabbi" Ouch!
    Ashkenazi's make up 80% of modern Zionism; Ashkenaz is a grandson of Japheth, the elder brother of Shem and Ham. Mizrahi (Mizraim) is a son of Ham, brother to Canaan. Sephardi (Sepharvaim) are Arabs desended from Joktan; later, they replaced Israel ca 700BC during Ephraim's treason with Assyria (Mitt Romney believes he descends from Ephraim) bringing in worship of Adramellech, aka Shamash, the center candle that replaced Jesus on the Hanukkah Menorah, and Anamellech, the Easter Bunny, whose fertility gives birth to Solis Invictus at Hanukkah/Christmas; funny eh? NOT! Samaritans are not Jewish!
     Chaim Weizmann wrote the Balfour Declaration and British Mandate for Palestine (9/11/1922) declaring "God has granted to us, His chosen people the gift of dispersion, which appears a weakness, but is strength and now has us on the threshold of Sovereignty over the world"-Protocol 11; no they are not Jewish, but in Rev 11, they do indeed obtain "Dominion", a completion of the Tower of Babel began in Gen 11; Cool eh? NOT! Dominion means "Sovereign Authority to Rule"; in Amos 7:2-3; 5-6KJV God refuses to raise Jacob (Israel up) Why? They adopted the six Pointed Star of Molech and Chiun (Amos 5:26); funny, how we call this the Star of David eh? NOT! In Gen 27:39-41KJV Isaac tells Esau he will achieve "Dominion" not "Jacob"; funny how Gnostics reverse Jacob and Esau in new bible versions eh? NOT!
     3 yr old Red Heifer; Temple Cornerstone; Urim and Thummim, Aaron's Breasplate, New Robes, Kohanim "Chief Levite Priest", Hurva Synagogue are all ready for the Temple Mount Faithful to rebuild the 3rd Temple; one problem, they are all fake. You may recall on 1/8/2008, this same group proclaimed George Bush Jr "Gog, Chief Prince of Mesech and Tubal" in Zedekiah's Cave; not so fast boys, Gog and Magog (his father claims to be Magog; Gog and Magog are also Giant Idols guarding the City of London) is a gathering around Jerusalem 1000 years after Jesus returns. what might prompt a fake gathering soon? Oh, perhaps war in Syria and Iran backed by Russia and China. Toss in WWIII with the MOX SPF (Mixed Plutonium/Uranium Fuel) pool collapsing at Fukushima and the largest Exodus in world history is ready to begin.
     The word "Synagogue" is mentioned only once in the Old Testament; King David laments all the Synagogues of God have been burned up (Ps 74:8); Synagogues are not Jewish Hurva is the brainchild of Judah ben Samuel (b1140AD); he initiated the Chassidic Ashkenazi movement. Chabad Lubavitch ring a bell? Chabad is an acronym for the first 3 levels in Kaballah. Kaballah is not Jewish, and neither is their 9 branched Menorah with Shamash and the Star of Molech at the center. Judah ben Samuel founded the first Yeshivah in Regensburg; Oral commentaries of the bible are nothing compared to the Oral Law, God delivered to Moses on Mt Sinai; too bad God didn't deliver anything to Moses orally; He is the Word after all. Israeites worshipping the Golden Calf is one thing, but having to take Moses' word he met God; well that's the role of Rabbis. This Oral Law "Mishnah" became the basis for "Theosophy" (God Philosophy) of which Hitler, Stalin (nee Djugashvili), Chairman Mao Tse Tung, and 4 generations of theh Bush family were initiated; some call it the Skull & Bones, others the "Brotherhood of Death"; lovely isn't it? NOT!
    The Mishna is also the basis of the Babylonian and Jerusalem Talmud; funny how Rabbis argue with God and win and how He (Jesus) is writhing in Hell in His own excrement isn't it? NOT!
   The 1st "Judah the Pious", Judah ha-Nasi was a 1st Century Rabbi called "He Qadosh" meaning "Holy One", "Our Master"  and "Judah the Prince"; he wrote the Mishna "Oral Tradition". The 2nd was Judah ben-Samuel (b 1140 AD), the 3rd was Judah he-Hasid (b 1650 AD); remember the Knight Templars? Poor Pious Knights of Christ? NOT! International Bankers? Yes. Why? Jesus prohibited Usury; they thrive on it. Judah he-Hasid came from a long line of Kabbalists from Lithuania as did Karl Marx; their name "Perushim" means Separatists, the same name of the Pharisees who demanded the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Jesus referred to them as: Children of Hell; Blind Guides; Fools; Serpents; Vipers; Hypocrites; Murderers; funny how people call them Rabbi and Master today eh? NOT! Are they Jewish? Not on your eternal life; Whited Sephulchres full of Dead Men's Bones more like; Mormon means God of the Living Dead; can you see why Mormonism is now front and center on the world stage? Aztlan, Aztec and Laban all mean "White"; Remember Laban and Jacob separated their flocks; Hint: They are still doing this today.
    "Masonry is subservient to Judaism" P 249 Duncan's Ritual Monitor; Karl Marx, Moses Hess "Red Rabbi" and Frederich Englels wrote the "Communist Manifesto and "Das Kapital"; can you see why Mitt Romney proclaimed Jerusalem "The Capital" on his recent visit?; again, Jesus called Jerusalem "Spiritual Sodom and Egypt".     
     Jesus was the Old Testament prophesied Jewish Messiah, descended from Judah from King David and his son Nathan and Mary; his adopted father Joseph descended from David, Bathsheba and Solomon. Jesus was rejected and nailed to a Tree between 2 thieves symbolizing the 7 Branched Candlestick Moses built for the Tabernacle and Solomon used in the Temple, destroyed on 9Av (9 Av=7/27/2012) ca 586BC.
     Essenes, Johnitters, Yezidis among others used Ritual Baths; fake Jews call them "Mikvahs", ritual cleansing much as the original Levite Scribes did, to write the Dead Sea and Nag Hamadi Scrolls, these Ritual Baths were built over by the Hurva Mosque. Didn't hear about it being re-built in America? The US was being Press bombed by Universal Health Care; passed on 3/22/10 at 3:22 UTC Why? The Brotherhood of Death/Skull & Bones is also called "Brotherhood 322" because in Gen 3:22 "Man has become as one of us" Which one? God the Father? Nope, God the Holy Ghost? Nope God the Word? Nope. God in Flesh? Yup. Wanna have a Melchisedek Priest assuming Jesus' eternal Kingship and Priesthood in charge of the US Military? It's about to happen. In Jerusalem? Nah, Mitt Romney thinks the Garden of Eden (actually Nod) is in Missouri.
     This is long enough; read Rev 11:1 and Eze 37:16; We can be Judged by Jesus Christ, a descendant of Judah and the only true Jew I know of; or by Joseph (modern Israel). How do you tell the difference? The 3rd Temple. Are you going to be a Gentile in the "Outer Court"  or an Israelite at the Altar? Folks, your eternal Salvation depends on the answer. Hint: Jesus is the right answer and the best part He doesn't charge for services, holds them 7 days/week 24 hours/day in your "Prayer Closet". Jesus returns to "Destroy them which destroy the earth" Rev 11:18 "The Jewish people as a whole will become its own Messiah" Baruch Levi to Karl Marx "We Jews, we the Destroyers will remain Destroyers forever" exerpt from Zionist Maurice Samuels (1895-1972 AD) in "You Gentiles" p155. Jewish? Not on your eternal life!

Red Sun Rising
Colorado means "Red"; Aurora means "Dawn". Sol is the son of Aurora. Dies Natalis Solic Invicti is the Birth of Sol aka Hanukkah/Christmas  7/20/2012 is the beginning of the "Grand Climax", a 4000+ year old Sumerian ritual called "Begone Dull Care" (Begone is Barra in Sumerian; equivalent with the Arabic Azazel "Goat that Departs"); the spilling of blood is required. "The Red Sun Rises; blood has been spilled this night" is a line from JRR Tolkein's "Two Towers"; Red haired James Holmes, a Scapegoat for the real James Holmes (Cho was also a Scapegoat for the real Cho at the V Tech shooting) began the shooting just after midnight 7/20.
     7/20 is the beginning of Ramadan, Islam's "Holy Month" means "Burnt or Scorched"; Colorado fires raged just prior to the shooting. Red Dawn refers to Esau's "Dominion"; after selling his birthright to his brother Jacob for Red Beans, Abraham and Isaac's spiritual inheritance went to Jacob, whose name became Israel; Esau's name became Edom "Red". Red Dawn also refers to the helical rising of Sirius "Dog Star" followng its 70 day absence; James Holmes shot 70 people. Lil Wayne released a music video just prior to the shooting featuring 12 skeletons in a movie theater; 12 people died in the shooting.
    In 2008, Obama mentioned his uncle liberated the Auschwitz concentration camp at the end of WWII; Russians liberated Auschwitz; Rus=Red. In 1984 the movie Red Dawn was filmed near Aurora CO. Prince Hall Masons designed candidate Obama's Red Sun rising Logo during this time as well; pretty telling how the American Flag was replaced on his B-757 Campaign Jet with an occult symbol eh? Obama accepted the democratic nomination in Aurora on a Stage built to resemble the Throne of Pergamon "Satan's Seat", currently in the Berlin Museum. Obama's Berlin speech followed on St James Day 7/24/2008 aka "Mormon Pioneer Day" (Brigham Young was a 330 Freemason); the Red Scallop symbolizes James, the "Missionary" and appears on Mitt Romney's Coat of Arms (Pratt is the maternal side); Mitt received a Missionary draft deferment for the Vietnam War, as a "Mormon Missionary" and "Melchisedek Priest", Romney was also playing the role of Jesus Christ.  The heliacal rising of Sirus portended the annual flooding of the Nile River; the Scallop Shell us used in Holy Water founts. The Democratic convention was on the eve of Aug 29th, the Feast Day of the Edomite (Red) beheading of John the Baptist. Recall, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans at Sunrise on this day; Auroras were visible because Katrina was an EM Scalar guided Hurricane. Seeing Red yet? You will. The Mormon "Blood in the Streets" prophecy states at the end of the age with violence and killing all around, blood will run down the street as water down a storm drain; elders from the Mormon Church will then step in to save the Constitution which wil be hanging by a thread. By the way, Mitt Romney is ineligible to be US President as his father was never Naturalized, so the "Constititution" meant here is not the "Damn Piece of Paper" George Bush Jr referred to.
    James Holmes dyes his hair red and claims to be the "Joker"; the Joker, a Red Haired occult representation of Jesus, a Trump Card if you will. Shriners wear the Red Fez commemorating the killing of Christians in Morocco and drive Red Cars in parades; Shriner Clowns have Red Hair; Shriners "Noble Arabic Order of the Mystic Shrine" are an Islamic Order; 7/20 is the start of Ramadan, Islam's "Holy Month" and "9th Month"; in Gematria, 9 is the number associated with "Finality of Judgment".
     James Holmes' father Robert Holmes was scheduled to testify to the US Senate concerning his involvement with the LIBOR Scandal (Remember, Aleister Crowley wrote Liber 77 "Book of the Goat") the biggest economic fraud in history causing a $Quadrillion world operating budget in the Red. The Holmes family goes back to the Mayflower Pilgrims who had the Red Cross on their sails; Mitt Romney is related to Ann Marbury Hutchinson who became famous for the "Scarlett Letter". Jesus' Words in Scripture are printed in Red; if you don't realize they are indeed the infallible Words of God in Flesh; it's because you are Color Blind. Seeing Red yet? You will.   
     Red Hair is the sign of Shiva the "Destroyer"; Kurt Cobain dyed his hair Red and died; Heath Ledger dyed his hair Red and died, James Holmes (A Scapegoat look alike) dyed his hair Red and died. Red Robes are worn by Bohemian Grove members during their "Begone Dull Care" sacrifice rituals, coincident with the "Grand Climax" 7/20-7/27. Christopher Columbus (Christ=Messiah; Taufr=Red), the Red Messiah had a Red Cross on his sails; Knights Templar wore a Red Cross. Islam's Red Crescent is the Arab version of the Red Cross. Tired of the Red Tape? Just wait until the Red Kachina takes his mask off in the plaza before the "Un-initiated" as stated in "Prophecy Rock" AZ. will this occur at the Olympic Plaza? I have no idea, but would it hurt to get right with Jesus Christ before it happens? Red Hair, White Skin, Blue Eyes symbolize the Scythians "Black Sea Princes"; they connect Britain (Brith=Birthright Covenant) to Egypt's Priests of On "Heliopolis" where the Obelisk caught the Red Dawn rays of Sol. You don't want that initiation! Now can you see why Mormons claim to be descended from Joseph? He married Asenath, the daughter of the Priest of On. Seen any Auroras yet? They look just ike the Coat of Many Colors worn by Joseph; Masons formally reject teh Holy Ghost at the Rainbow Arch Degree. Seeing Red yet? 

CUFI Christians United For Israel hosting a 2 day conference on Zionism and the need for War with Iran in Washington DC. There are no born Again Christian Zionists for Israel because Israel has nothing to do with Jews, Judaism or Jesus Christ. Zionism, the Babylonian Talmud, the Zohar, Kabbalah, Synagogues, Menorah's and Rabbis are anything but Jewish; they are Luciferian.
      The "Big Picture": Bohemian Grove is going on now with 2000 world leaders sacrificing in the Redwood Groves to Molech (Molech means Melek "Lord") this is the wrong Lord! WWIII is the final battle of Zoroastrianism aka Medean Magi Religion. Zoro=Seed; Ashta=Star; Children of the Sun, Moon and Stars if you will, want the battle of Ahura Mazda "god of light" against Ahriman "god of darkness"; played by Iran "Noble Caste", Russia, China (Mede-Persian Ram) versus the British-America-Israel (British means "Covenant Men") alliance (Grecian Goat). I Pet Goat II is a video that has much of the plan in plain sight. Bohemian means "Boii"; Groves are where "Evil is done in sight of the LORD". If you don't know what 2000 world leaders do in this Grove, my article "Bohemian Grove" is posted on the "Secret Societies" page. Russia is currently escorting the MV Alaevi, this time flying a Russian Flag with (allegedly) 25 attack helicopters destined for Syria; Britain and the US have stated their intent to stop this ship for violating international law. The Zion Olympics in London begin on Tisha b' Av, the day both Temples were destroyed; I have Tisha b' Av events listed above. This potential False Flag event is nearly identical to the sinking of the Lusitania during WWI. Tensions are flaring over Iran's threat to close the Straits of Hormuz (Horus + Tammuz); Iran has thousands of short range ultra-fast, Russian made, supersonic "Sunburn" and "Onyx" Cruise Missiles capable of rendering every ship in the Persian Gulf a "Floating Coffin" plus hundreds of 230MPH super-cavitating torpedos. The US has 4 Aircraft Carriers, submarine drones (essentially remote controlled torpedos), aircraft drones, F-22's, nuclear submarines and 50K troops at Socotra and Basirah Islands. Israel has been identified as shooting down the Turkish RF-4 in Syrian airspace; Turkey, the home of Kabbalah, the "Boii" and all 7 Church Warnings given by Jesus Christ in Rev 2-3 is lying about this event. Russia, Syria, China, Iran versus US, Britain, Israel will initiate WWIII; both sides want and have planned WWIII long ago. Out of the "Chaos", the Alternative Messiah will rise to create "Order out of Chaos". Sounds like the God Particle, doesn't it? It's why Luciferian occultists refer to this as the "Great Work"
      Quick history: Golden Calf Idols (Wall St Bull, Egyptian Apis Bull, Cretan Minotaur are all representations of Zeus; Daylight; Bulls are Fecundators of the Herd "Calves") are set up in Beth-el and Dan. Israel means "One who wrestles with God"; at this point, Israel is no longer with God and becomes Jacob again; they have chosen Laban's "Heap of Witness" (Jegar-sahadutha) aka Chaldean Magick. Amos warns the northern 10 tribes; God tells Amos, because of the Six Pointed Star of Molech and Chiun (This Ensign is on the Israeli Flag), He will not raise Jacob up. Ephraim makes a treasonous pact with Assyria; note the 2 sticks for Joseph and Ephraim in the Inner Court versus Judah and Gentiles in the Outer Court (Eze 27:16; Rev 11:1) at the start the Great Tribulation. About 130 years later, the Glory of the LORD departs Solomon's Temple due to Sodomite abominations in the Inner Court and women "Weeping for Tammuz" (Christmas-Easter celebrates the annual death and ressurection of Tammuz) in the Outer Court. Jesus will establish Zion; antichrist will establish a fake Zion.
     CUFI twists scripture to recruit Jews and Christians to "Dominionist" theology. Remember, in Gen 27:39-41, it is Esau that obtains Dominion, not Jacob or Israel; Dan 7:6 states this another way. Esau sold his "Birthright" and is why "God hates Esau" in Malachy 1:3 and Rom 9:13. British means "Covenant of Birthright", specifically Ishmael, Esau and Jacob's first-born, Reuben (ref Jacob's Ladder in Royal Arch Masonry). Jesus refers to physical Jerusalem as "Spiritual Sodom and Egypt" in Rev 11:8 KJV because spiritual Jerusalem is in heaven now. CUFI turns Christians into Crusaders and Crusaders into Templars; Jesus reminds His followers "He who killeth with the sword, must be killed with the sword". CUFI says God ordains all Governments, wihch is true, but notice in Dan 4:17, God installs the "Basest of Men" in charge. Why? No Government of Man will ever work until that Man is God Himself.
    I apologize if this is offensive; I'm only trying to expose the truth here. CUFI speakers: John Hagee, pro-Israeli Zionist pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio TX is the wrong Cornerstone! Masonic "Cornerstones" are laid upon human sacrifices; Masons fought on both sides of the Alamo. Laban means "To make White" as does "Aztlan", the land Masons stole from Mexico will be taken back from America, instigated by Voz de Aztlan, La Raza Unida and MEChA. Michelle Bachmann, Tea (Tea is Tammuz; the Egyptian Ankh aka "Solar Cross"; the Tea Party is Masonic start to finish) Party shill, she beards for Marcus Bachmann, a Sodomite who trained Neo-Nazi, Zionist Norway shooter Anders Breivek (Andrew Berwick) at the Bachmann's, State and Federally funded Lake Elmo retreat in Minnesota. The NAFTA Superhighway with Oil, Natural Gas, Light Rail, Heavy Rail and 10 Freeway lanes with Fast Pass immigration, runs from Mexico to Canada passed the intentionally collapsed and rebuilt I-35W-I-94 bridge in Minneapolis. Ari Fleischer George Bush Jr's Zionist handler and Talmudic Rabbi, currently a Mitt Romney advisor. Benjamin Netanyahu an Ashkenazi fake Jew (Ashkenaz is a grandson of Japheth, not even Semitic), also a personal friend of Zionist Mormon Mitt Romney. Joe Lieberman author of a dozen pro-Israel, pro-spying, pro-UN bills. Wonder why China has aircraft exactly like the F-22 or how China was (allegedly) able to hack into the RQ-170 US Stealth Drone in Iran? Thank Joe, Al Gore, Bill Clinton and the Dalai Lama. Nothing like funneling secrets through Buddhist monks eh?
   CUFI, like AIPAC are the primary Israel lobbyists and proponents for war with Iran. Ever wonder why Daniel got sick and fainted when Jesus and the Angel Gabriel told him about war between the Mede-Persian Ram and Grecian Goat? Those days are about here; it's time to accept the sacrifice Jesus Christ made and make Him your "Cornerstone".

LIBOR (London Inter-bank Offering-Exchange Rate) Aleister Crowley wrote Liber 77 aka Liber Oz aka Book of the Goat to proclaim Freedom from God "Do what thou wilt shall be the sum of the law". 2012 is the year of the Black Horse; one need only see the hidden meaning in the God Particle announcement to see this; Black Hole explodes the Universe into existence and God is turned into the smallest particle of "Dark Matter"; cute eh? 1 Tim 6:12 KJV tells us Science is "Vain and Profane Babblings"; Profane is Blasphemous contempt of God. Liber means "Free Man"; Free of Jacob's "Yoke" ie God. Ref Gen 27:39-41KJV. This is Esau's Freedom being proclaimed here; London means "New Troy"; British means "Covenant Men" by Birthright. This is Esau, Ishmael, and their Canaanite wives "Freedom" meant here. Offering Rate? Banks use Exchange Rates; LIBOR hides the fact this is nothing short of a Baccannalian Orgy honoring Liber and Liberia, the god and goddess of Freedom and Liberty; one look at the Standard Oil Logo with the Liberty Torch should suffice; the Statue of Liberty, Columbia and the Statue of Freedom atop the Capitol face East to the Rising Sun seen on BP (British Petroleum aka Anglo-Iranian Oil). Didn't think Iran and Britain are workling together toward WW III? Guess again; Iran means "Noble Caste" ie Aryan.
    Oz the Yellow Brick (Gold, measured in Troy Oz) Road to Emerald (Lightning) City passed the Groves and Opium Fields is about at its end; the symbolic return to Kansas is referred to as Adam Ondi Amman by Mormons like Mitt Romney; where? Kansas of course. Dorothy (Doro=Door) said "There's no place like home"; Bolsheviks (Marxist Communist Bolsheviks like the Obama's are not Jewish; neither is Israel) created the Motherland in 1917, Nazis created the Fatherland (aided by Prescott Bush and George Romney) in 1939 and America is the "Homeland", largely created by Reagan era "Neo-cons" (New World Order Priests); HOme is where the Heart is, America's Heartland is Kansas where the NAFTA Superhighway and Trans-continental Railroad meet.
        2012 is the year of the Black Horse (Worldwide Economic and Food Collapse). Art 23 Covenant of One-heaven refers to the Black Horse is the "Day of Divine Judgment"; God? Heaven's no, Lucifer, the Light Bearer. Black absorbs Light, just as Lucifer is the Black Hole which became the God Particle; LIBOR is a $Quadrillion financial Black Hole.
     Judgment is conducted by a Judge in a Court from a Bench using Balances. Compare this with Rev 11:1; measurement of the "Inner Court" and Altar versus "Gentiles" outside the Temple. Born Again Christians are outside the Temple because Jerusalem is in heaven (Ref Gal 4); the Jerusalem in Israel today is "Spiritual Sodom and Egypt" Rev 11:8KJV. Israel is not God's restoration of Jews!
    TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program), PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Spain) Bailouts, the 27 member nations of the EU (European Union; symbol is the Woman Riding the Beast; cute eh? It isn't however, that's the "Sting"), TAP (Trans-atlantic Partnership), TPP (Trans-pacific Partnership and the $500Trillion "Derivatives" Market are big worldwide economic bubbles, but all totaled, do not equal the $800Trillion+ "LIBOR Gate" (London Inter-bank Offering Rate). LIBOR affects all Bank loans ie Mortgages and Cars, plus National and Corporate borrowing. Nations are Corporations One look at the Gold Braid enclosing the US Flag in all Federal and State Courtrooms should suffice; remember Mitt Romney said "Corporations are people". This is his frame of mind; a Corporate Executive.
    Usury is the charging of "Interest"; a rigged game called a "Sting" or "Ponzi Scheme" which is why Usury is prohibited in the bible and why Jesus overturned the tables (Benches) of the Money Changers. Interest is bad; Interest rate collusion between International Banks is worse. Barclays, RBS, UBS, Citigroup, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, JPM Chase, Lloyds, Bank of Japan are all in collusion in this "Racket". This is the "Black Horse"; a massively leveraged bubble of un-earned capital dwarfing the Housing Crisis. Now multiply the underlying asset price manipulation of Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Housing, Energy ie Oil and Food ie Wheat, Corn, Cattle, Pigs, Chickens by 10 worldwide currencies. This is quite frankly, Un-imaginable. "LIBOR Gate" is the Jenga block of world economics; the Gate of the Black Horse. Satanist war monger Henry Kissinger, currently headlining a Mitt Romney (Rom means Man; same root as Romani Gypsies and Roman) fundraiser on July 12 said "Control Oil, you control Nations; Control food, you control people" Read Rev 6:5-6 and this will make sense; 6 is the number of Man.
     LIBOR Gate is a "Sting" because intentionally manipulated interest rate fluctuations on $800 Trillion underlying assets, multiplied by 10 foreign currencies repeat over and over on a near daily basis. Sure bets placed on these fluctuations are called Hedge Funds. This scheme literally sucks the economic life from everything surrounding the Prime Meridian near the City of London where these rates are set. Control over the Weather serves as another force multiplier of Commodity Prices; last year, record Flooding allowed Corporations to purchase farmland at a fraction fo its value; this year record drought and fires will run up prices by diminishing supply; ingenius isn't it? Jesus condemns "Workers of Iniquity" for a reason.
      The similarity between the God Particle/Black Hole nonsense should be evident. On Glastonbury Tor is the Aquarian Cross featuring a Labrys at its center; the Labrys is a Labyrinth, Burial Mound forming the Golden Mean; the familiar "Spiral" found in theoretical "Black Holes" Got it? A worldwide "Pyramid Scam" if you will. Who are the players? WASPS and Bees of course
     Bee is Chaldean for "Word" and White Anglo Saxon Protestants eg Presbyterians and Methodists are anything but Christian; one look at Kirkin O Tartan (Tartan is Phoenician Cloth; Tartan is the Assyrian Army Commander as well), the Christmas Tree (Grove) or Easter Rabbit (Anamellech) should suffice, or take a look at the Iran-Contra Weapons for Drugs scandal ran by Methodeist minister Oliver North, Methodist Skull & Bonesman George Bush Sr and Bohemian Grove member Bill Clinton. Collectively they are Cretans who freely admitted to Titus they are "Always Liars, Evil Beasts and Slow Bellies". Follow these Cretans from Minoan Crete (Keftiu or Caphtorim) to Egypt, they become known as Hyksos (Amalekite Priests of Heliopolis "On"; from there to Palestine "Land of Philistines" they become known as Philistines; from there in the Cretan "Volksvanderung" (Nazi era VW; cute eh?) to Galatia as "Boii"; to Bohemia "Land of Boii" (Bohemian Grove); to Celtic Wales (Romney is a Celtic Kale "Black" Gypsy) to America (Amorica=Culdee); across America as "Cowboys" and to Chicago, where the Assyrian Church of the East shares real estate with the Mafia and the Commodity Exchange; a quick history that originated in Egypt "Land of Gypsies" and will finish with America's first Mormon, CFR, Gypsy President.
    Chaldean Magick has 3 phases: Pledge, Turn Prestige; LIBOR Gate is the Prestige; It's time to get right with Jesus Christ folks! 

The Egyptian word for "Star" came from a phrase in the Egyptian Book of the Dead "Ha-Kokab-im" (Heart of the Stars). Scientology calls it "Xenu"; it was featured in the series Battle Star Galactica as "Kobol". Joseph Smith encountered the Book of the Dead during a mummy exhibition and incorporated it into the Pearl of Great Price as the Book of Abraham where Kolob is the Star closest to God. The same mythical Star is equivalent with Mercury, the planet closest to the Sun, Egyptians called Toth; Greeks called Hermes and the text "Emerald Tablet of Toth-Hermes" which begins with the well known phrase "As Above, So Below". Venus, the planet which encloses the Sun in a 5pt Star "Pentacle" over 8 years, forms the "Ratio of Life" aka "Golden Proportion" is familiar as Easter, Eostre, Ishtar, Astoreth (Sidonian ie Phoenician goddess "Our Lady"), Isis, Sammu-rammat (Semiramis) etc. Lucifer, "Light Bearer", Eos "Dawn", Phosphorus (Phos=Light; Photosynthesis requires Light and Chlorophyll, a 33 Atom molecule; Phosphorus is deemed the essential element of all life). Saturn, the planet equivalent with Time, Chronos, the pre-flood Greek god who ate his offspring, Chaos "Order out of Chaos", the motto of 330 Sovereign Masonry and the Thule "Tula" (Tula is the Chaldean "Black Star"; Nazi SS were Knights of the Black Sun) Society aka Brotherhood of Death Society of Skull & Bones (Skull=Temple of Wisdom sitting atop 33 vertebra); Jupiter, "King Star". Get the idea? You will. Chloro means Pale; Romnichel are Welsh Kale (Kale means Black) Gypsy Horse Traders.
    George Romney aided the Nazi war effort through Alcoa (American Aluminum), just as Prescott Bush did through the Union Bank. These are some of the "Alumni" of the Stars. Star Children, Indigo Children, Children of the Corn (Stephen King means Crowned King), Tuatha de Dannan (Danu is equivalent with Ishtar; Anu with Zeus and Jupiter). Wacked out eh? Mitt Romney believes Kolob is the parent Star for Embyo Spirits; what makes him so different from the outed Sodomites of Scientology Tom Cruise or John Travollta?
    The Mormon Militia, Mormon Mafia (MAFIA means Mazzini authorithes Theft, Fires and Poison; al Mafia's are a Jesuit "Militia of Zeus and Minerva" creation), Avenging Angels, Dannite Band is equivalent with Scientoogy "Sea Org" or "Black Water" mercenaries aka "Xe Services" and now "Academi", the name of Plato's Greek Pederst/Pedophile Academy in Athens. Jesuit pedophile priest Paul Shanley founded NAMBLA (North American Man, Boy Love, Ass.) on the motto "Sex by 8 or its too late". No, I'm not trying to be cute, we need to know the truth in order to be set free of this Canaanite world. America means "Priest of Amurru", the Edomite Shepherd and Serpent god. Mormo means "Gates of Hell" becaue the Pale Horse is named "Death"; it is capitalized because this is a "Spiritual Death" which precedes "Hell". Mormon means "God of the Living Dead" because everyone on earth not in covenant with Jesus Christ by the time the Pale Horse rides (likely on 12/21/2012)  will be relegated to Hell forever. No real pleasant it it? Jesus is Melchisedek; Mormon men like Mitt Romney cannot be in a repentant relationship with Jesus Christ as a Melchisedek Priest.
    Hopi Indians have a "Blue Star" prophecy very similar to the Mormon "Blood in the Streets" prophecy; fortune telling? hardly, more like the plan. I describe this in the intro section above; suffice to say, "White Brother" dressed in a Red Coat and Red Cap is not Jesus Christ returning in Rev 19:11-19 wearing a "vesture dipped in blood" called the "Word of God"; this is the Mormon Chite Jesus returning with the Book of Mormon and Pearl of Great Price to usher in the "Golden Age". Engines #119 (Area code of Iran and Iraq is 119) and Jupiter met in Zion (Salt Lake City) to hammer in the Golden Spike; the rails fashioned on Pioneer Wagon wheel width; they from Roman; they from Scythian (Scottish/Egyptian alliance), they from Hittite (Canaanite/Ishmaelite/Edomite alliance) and they from Hyksos, the Amalekite rulers of Egypt whose Priesthood of On (Heliopolis) brought in these damnable heresies such as Tula (Thule), Ben-ben (Pyramidion) and Obelisk (Baal's Shaft).
    If following this Sting (WASP=White Anglo-Saxon Protestant; Bee=Chaldean "Word") in movies is easier, then recall the "Star Wars"  "Death Star" because it is just about finished. Jesus promised He would return to "destroy them which destroy the earth" (Rev 11:18) Who are they? Star "Kolob" Children. Can you see why NASA announced the "God Particle", the foundation of Dark Matter and Planet X at the same time? Today, NASA announced Space-Time portals exist; do they? of course not, but neither does Kolob. Joseph Smith said "Kolob is the first in government and the last in teh measurement of time". There are hundreds of reasons why you need to establish a 1 on 1 repentant relationship right now, with Jesus Christ; Time is just about out. Don't believe me? Fine, just go back to Obama's Election night by Googling "Michelle Obama's Black Widow Dress" and compare those pictures with Dorothy (Doro=Door) watching the Hour Glass in the Castle of the Witch of the East. East means "Rising Sun", the land Cain was cast out of Eden; Mormons call this Adam Ondi Amman; is it really in Kansas? Mitt Romney thinks so.

313 On March 13 (3/13) 624 AD, 313 Muslim's fought with Muhammad in Islam's 1st battle; when the world has 313 sincere followers of Shia Islam, the 12th Imam "al-Mahdi" will be revealed, a mix of the Phoenician "El" (13) and the Kabbalist Tetragammaton "YHVH" (2X13); perhaps this is why the Authorized Bible has 313 exclamation points beginning with Abraham's plea to God concerning Ishmael and ending with the destruction of Babylon. The Fibonacci (denominators of fractions that approximate Phi 1.618) square 122 + the Pell (denominators of fractions approximating 1.414 the square root of 2) square 132 =313. 313 is the 7th Prime number whose digits add to 7. Elizabeth Hatch analyzed 313 in her book on Egyptian Initiaion and the French science journal Pour la Science featured 313 in artwork and articles on numerology in Oct 2010. The Mayan ruins of Coba near Tulum have 313 glyphs depicting the return of Quetzalcoatl; Somewhere in Time featured Rm 313 in the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island were George Romney kept his mansion; Detroit's Area Code is 313 where his son Mitt Romney was born. In 313, Constantine proclaimed religious freedom with the "Edict of Milan" after Christianity swept the Roman empire. 313 is Prime, added to the next Prime is 666; in 313AD, the Arian heresy began. 313 is a Mirror Prime and Angel Number, number forward and backward in base 10 and 100111001 base 2, an Emirp (Prime spelled backwards) number similar to the Arab word "Emir". UB313 "Eris" is the so-called "Planet X"; "X" was the sign Emperor Constantine saw before his battle with Maxentius with the slogan "In Hoc Signo Vinces" (By this sign Conquer); Jesuits and Presbyterians use this slogan; in 313AD, the Basilica of Constantine and Maxtentius "Basilica Nova" was completed. Planet X was also called Nibiru; myth? to be sure, but Nibiru means Marduk, Planet of Crossing. Babylon means Gate of Marduk; on 12/21/2012 the X Constantine saw will form in the sky beginning sunrise in Tulum and form the symbols called the Chi-Rho found all over Roman Catholic Cathedrals. Jesus? Heaven's no, Marduk, al-Mahdi "He who rises" aka Beast from the Sea. The end of the Roman Catholic Church will come like the end of its first Catholic President, JFK, photographed by Abraham Zapruder and caught as the bullet hits in frame 313.  The first Red Heifer was prepared by Moses on 2 Nisan; what are the odds the 3rd Red Heifer will be prepared, and the High Priest annointed on 2 Nisan 2013? Now, what are the odds it would fall on 3/13?  Oh, about 1 in a Trillion, now go get Jesus Christ in your life        Those 313 ! are there for a reason!


TAPS is derived from "Tattoo", the French signal for "Lights Out" during the Protestant-Catholic "30 Years War" in Europe; the Dutch version "Taptoe" was a 9:30PM signal for innkeepers to turn the beer taps off, and turn the lights out at 10PM. Rosicrucian Martin Luther and John Calvin (nee Kohen) laid the groundwork for that needless genocide. During the American Civil War "TAPS" was given the customary myth; a Union Army Officer discovering his son had secretly joined the Confederacy and had been killed in battle with the notes to TAPS tucked into his pocket, a myth, TAPS is usually performed by a solo bugle, bagpipe or drum.
    San Diego sits under the Mt Ekklesia, Rosicrucian Temple on the 330 Latitude; the Trans-Pacific Partnership July 2-10,2012 is the 13th and possibly final agreement to end National Sovereignty of Pacific Rim Nations and the US; Corporations will override Constitutional Laws and divide the spoils; a similar agreement between EU Nations and the US is called the Trans-Atlantic Partnership. Folks, the US is sitting on unfathomable amounts of Water in the Great Lakes and Ogalalla Aquifer; Oil in the ANWR, Bakken Formation and Gulf of Mexico, plus recoverable Coal and Natural Gas in the west equal to anywhere in the world.
   All this happened in the space of a week: The God Particle is announced, 99.99% proving God did not create the Universe, the Big Bang did; #137 is the 33rd Prime Number, the so-called DNA of Light, my guess is an announcement will soon come out claiming the God Particle has a Mass-Energy level of 137GEv; read Rev 13:7 to see why. The God Particle is the "God of forces" Daniel spoke of in Dan 11:38. Universal Health Care aka Affordable Care Act is deemed a Constitutional Tax; Universal Tax turns all of the US into Debtor's Prison. NASA announced proof of Planet X "Eris".  As the TPP meetings wrapped up and just before the 10PM fireworks display in San Diego were to begin, all 3 barges full of pyrotechnics in San Diego (Diego means James, brother of Jesus) Bay exploded simultaneously in the "Big Bay Boom". Iran just finished exercise
Noble Prophet III; Iran means Aryan "Noble Caste". 3 separate barges of pyrotechnics do not explode and go "Lights Out" simultameously by accident, so let's put all this together.
     America sits in the middle of the TPP and TAP; the phrase "Drawn and Quatered" should be familiar; it certainly is to the Rosicrucians and Masons who founded America. I'm not trying to scare anyone into doing anything more than estabish a relationship with Jesus Christ, but the writing is most definitely on the wall; let's say with 99.99% certanty anyway. When Medes took Babylon when Belshazzar was throwing a party; on the wall the phrase "MENE, MENE TEKKEL, UPHARSIN" appeared which means God has numbered the kingdom and finished it. He has weighed it in the balances and found it wanting. Thy kindgom is divided, and given to the Medes and Persians.
     On America's "Scales" is a visible $50Trillion debt; on the hidden side are more than enough natural resources to re-pay that debt, and that of every other nation. What will the international corporations do? Foreclose. Daniel says they will  "...honour the God of forces; and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things...and divide the land for gain. Dan 11:38-39
     Need more proof America will be the Scapegoat for Babylon? Note: This is not Rev 18 Babylon; America is the Scapegoat for Babylon; the ecomomic remediation of worldwide debt. Bohemian Grove starts this weekend; if the God Particle and Planet X aren't blasphemous enough, how about sacrifices in the Redwood Groves to the 40ft Owl Molech by 2000 world leaders?

Independence Day.
The "God Particle" was announced at CERN in Switzerland as a 4 Sigma Discovery on Wednesday, July 4, 2012, American "Independence Day". 5 Sigma means 100% proof; Sigma is derived from the Phoenician (Phoenix means Pa=House of Enoch) letter "Shin" which developed into the letter "S", used in the $ and the Cadeuces used by the American Medical Ass. The "Emerald Tablet of Toth-Hermes" and "Hospitaller" should ring a bell. Talmudic Rabbis open Synagogue with the Sign of Shin, meaning Nail; remember that "Live long and prosper" Vulcan sign? The Masonic Shibboleth for "Who is Tubal-Cain"? is "Vulcan of the Canaanites". The Shibboleth for the 2nd Token of the Mormon Melchisedek Priesthood is "Sure Sign of the Nail"; the Nail used to pierce the right wrist of Jesus Christ. This was a big week for "Blaspheming God"; remember Paul told Timothy in 1 Tim 6:12KJV to avoid "Vain and Profane Babblings". Announcing the "God Particle" tops the list. #2 on my list is NASA declaring they have proof of Planet X "Eris" 2003UB313. Eris is the Greek goddess of War, Strife and Discord; Planet X is neither real, nor will it affect Earth; it is occult communication dealing with the 2012 Solstice and 10th Jubilee prediction of the coming of Marduk 500 years the Jesuit takeover of the Vatican under their puppet "Black Nobility" Pope Leo X in 1513. #3 this week is Jesuit Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts declaring Universal Health Care aka Affordable Care Act Constitutional when it is neither Constitutional nor Affordable. Note: Mitt Romney claims to descend from the Israelite Tribe of Ephraim; he blasphemously claims to fill the Priestly Office of Jesus Christ as a "Melchisedek Priest"; Mormon Prophets claim to be of the Tribe of Dan which means "Judge". Notice in Rev 7, niether Ephraim nor Dan are listed as one of the "Saved" tribes. "Mormon" means "god of the living dead". Mormo means "Gates of Hell" in Chinese; Why? The Pale Horse is "Death" and "Hell" follows him. Folks, this is serious as a heart attack; at 12/21/2012 is proclaimed the "Day of Divine Judgment".  Now, why announce near proof of the "God Particle" on July 4th, 2012?
     Rosicrucian, 330 Mason, Hellfire Society member and Magi Astrologer Ben Franklin chose July 4, 1776 at 10:10EST to sign the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia; the Liberty Bell, made in White Chapel, London has a crack in it for a reason which should become apparent. Magi Astrology is based on Planetary occultations rather than House based Astrology. Planet means "Wanderer" in reference to Cain, the first Vagabond cast East of Eden toward the "Sunrise"; it is of Sabian Origin where Sabian refers to Sabah "Sunrise" and a person who keeps Luciferian religion private while professing another religion in public ie a "Wolf in Sheep's Clothes". Sorry, but America has never been a Nation based on Jesus Christ; "In God We Trust" refers to an Alternative Christ "Messiah" seen in the name "America", as Amurru, the Land furthest West and Amurru, the Edomite Shepherd and Serpent god. Can means Serpent Priest; the title Kahn Baal (Priest of Baal) became the word Cannibal. America's first flags were an Evergreen Tree (Tree of Knowledge) and Serpent for this reason.
    "Declaration of Independence" means Independence from God; the date was a rare 5 planetary eclipse. Jupiter (Capitol means Womb of Jupiter/Zeus) was eclipsed by the Sun (Solis Invictus); Aquarius (Aquarius "Water Pourer" is synonymous with Sodomite behaviour/initiation illustrated by the myth Zeus and Ganymede; Pederasty, Pedophilia, LBGT etc; no offence meant here, but Dirty Sanchez appplies to Ritual Anal Intercourse by both men and women initiated into Sacred Marriage rites) by the Moon (Moon is the Assyrian god "Sin" aka Allah, El, On, Marduk). Mars (Mars is the Roman god of War equivalent with the Greek Ares or Nergal, the Lion Idol brought to Israel by men of Cuthah; ref 2 Kings 17:30), Venus (Venus is equivalent with Eostre, Lucifer, Phosphorus, Ishtar, Easter; the so-called Mayan Calendar is a Venus Calendar) and Jupiter "King Star" occulting lesser stars. Together, this signified the birth of a powerful nation at least according to Sabian Astrology.
     Franklin's astrologer, and indeed America's was Ebenezer Sibly, physician, Rosicrucian, Freemason from Bristol (Wales); his Natal Chart for America was based on planetary astrology derived from the Grand Lodge of London. Good so far? I didn't think so.Keep this in mind: There are 2 Sticks Jesus Christ will use to Judge Man (ref Eze 37:16) the Stick of Joseph and Ephraim and the Stick of Judah. Are you "In" or are you "Out" ie the "Inner Court" or Outer "Court of the Gentiles" (ref Rev 11:1)? That depends on how you pronounce "Shibboleth". Men from Ephraim pronounce it "Sibbolet" Why? "h" means God is with me. Look at the spelling of Abram before he met Melchisedek or Sarai before God promised her Isaac. Now answer this: Why is Juda spelled without the "h" in Rev 7:5KJV? Jesus is God; He is from Judah; He took that "h" with Him to Heaven and delivers it to man via the Holy Ghost. Got it now? Sibly said "America will soon or late give laws to the whole world"; now can you see why Mormon Mitt Romney, supposedly a Melchisedek Priest (Jesus is Melchisedek) from the tribe of Ephraim is running for US President? It was no coincidence the Trans-continental Railroad was joined near Salt Lake City by a Golden Spike between Engine #119, because the Area Code of Iran and Iraq is #119 and the reverse of America's Emergency phione #911 and the Jupiter. Mormo means "Gates of Hell" in Chinese; Mormo is one of Satan's infernal names and I do not use this lightly; notice how Ephraim and Dan (Judge) are not listed as one of the 12 "Saved" tribes in Rev 7? Mormon means "God of the living dead"; to be truly considered a Mormon, means rejecting the Holy Ghost, the only "Unforgivable Sin".  
     Sabians of Haran aka "Chaldean Magi" called Tula the "Black Sun" which gave order to the Universe according; today we know them as astrophysicists "Star Physicians". Tula is also called "Thule" aka "Brotherhood of Death", "Skull & Bones" or "Brotherhood 322"; Man becomes as "one of us" in Gen 3:22. See the Melchisedek connection now? The God Particle is just the final outgrowth of this lie; given the name "Gravity" by Isaac Newton, a Rosicrucian and 33 degree Mason far more obsessed with construction of the 3rd Temple according to the blueprint found in Ezekiel 40-47 than proving Gravity. Jesus Christ will regather Israel at the 2nd Coming; men who believe they are gods are doing this now. This "Gravty Theory" developed into Heliocentric Theory, Big Bang, Space-Time Warping and String Theory. Think about it; if every atom (Atum=Egyptian creator) produces and transfers a "Force" to every other Atom in the Universe, this would cause infinite "Work"; this is why occultists call it the "Great Work".
    God said "let there be light"; CERN will claim mass-less particles traveling at "Light Speed" filled the void before the "Big Bang" switched on the "Higg's Field" (Peter Higgs is the moron who named the Graviton after himself) aka "Force of Gravity". Thus, the "God Particle" attracted these particles and gave "Mass" to the Universe. Paul tells Timothy in 1 Tim 6:12KJV Science is "vain and profane babblings"; profanity is blasphemous contempt of God, wihch is exactly what the "God Particle" is.  
    The God Particle is quite literally Blasphemous BS. Zeus was called the "White Bull"; remember Sibly? He said Adam and Eve were White as there were not Black Nations at the time of the Tower of Babel. Can you see why Mormons use the phrase "White and Delightsome" now? He like Mormons, use the Book of Enoch (Seth's Enoch was taken directly to Heaven; he will be one of the 2 Witnesses with Elijah; the Mormon Enoch is Cain's Enoch); ever heard of Rosicrucian John Dee "007" or his Enochian Magick? Everything is done backwards. An example in "Reverse Speech" is "Yes We Can"; it means "Thank You Satan"; my article on the "Language of Yes" goes into more detail. The Brotherhood of Death (Tula, Thule, Nazi SS "Schwarze Sun") believe they have a "License to Kill", however, Jesus said "He who killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword" Rev 11:18. Zeus, the Celestial Bull and Brahma, Hathor etc the Celestial Cow aka Milky Way, thus became "Father and Mother" of the occult Trinity; on 12/21/2012, the Sun rises through the womb of the Galaxy, giving birth if you will to the Black Sun. In physics terms, the "Black Hole" creates "Mass" and Stars produce Light, the "Star Seed" from which these "god men" descend. Ever heard of Tuatha de Danaan? They are the Children of the godess Danu.
     The "Black Son" is seen in "Black Virgin" statues all over Europe; the Divine Child is not being born, but presented by his Virgin Mother. The Divine Child is none other than Tammuz; worship of Tammuz was the reason the Glory of the LORD left Solomon's Temple in Eze 8 and the reason Jesus left the 2nd Temple on Passover 27 AD. Make sense? Now, what is a Shibboleth? In a nutshell, Shibboleth is a Masonic Passgrip or Password used to denote "Agreement", a "Fellow Craft" Mason if you will. How you pronounce Shibboleth determines whether Jesus will give you a "New Name" and a "White Robe". You can ask Him for that now, or wait until the Fireworks start; Tammuz means "Purify by Fire". Happy Independence Day? Wednesday is the day Jesus was Nailed (Shin) to the Tree;"Good Friday" is a lie. Sunday is not the Sabbath; Saturday is. Wednesday is Wodan or Odin's Day, the father of Thor. The first Solar Priests "Kon-Torrs" provided the root for Tyrians (Phoenicians of Tyre such as Hiram the architect of Solomon's Temple) and Thor. Torr means "Torriod", the Magnetic Field protecting the Earth from the Sun; the word "Elect" is derived from the Phoencian word "Elekron"; the spiritual descendants of these Solar Priests "Magi" are driving the 4th Nail on Independence Day. In Gematria, Sigma has a value of 200, so 4 Sigma is 800. Good thing JESUS has a value of 888 eh?

King of Paraguay Sun Myung Moon is called this; in 2004 many in the US Congress proclaimed him "Messiah of the Universe" because he is the founder of the "Unification Church". Moon states Jesus failed His mission and he is His divine replacement; Sure he is! Moon's Korean CIA (Korah or Core is the alternative Priesthood to the Moses and Aaron) disciple Ban Ki Moon is the currrent Sec General of the United Nations; God separated the Nations by Water, both physical water "Oceans" and the spiritual "Water of Life" Jesus Christ; Satan is putting them together again under the banner of Monotheism.
    "Gua" means "Belonging to"; "y" means "Water, Lake or River"; "Para" means "Great River", specifically the Al Guarani Aquifer, the world's largest underground source of Fresh Water. Libya's Lake Tritonis was being developed by Qadaffi into the GMMR "Great Man-made River"; this is the 2nd largest; the Ogallala Aquifer in the US, currently being poisoned by "Fracking" and "Waste Injection Wells" is the 3rd largest. The largest above ground water supply is the Great Lakes which is why the US is ceding control over them to the UN. The point? Water is the Battlefield, as Mitt Romney fundraiser and Obama adviser Henry Kissinger said "Control oil you control nations, control food you control people". Henry plays both sides just like the Druze. As Henry says "Soldiers are just dumb stupid animals to be used as political cannon fodder"; Henry a Shabboz Goy leading Goy (Nations) to slaughter. Ever wonder why DDT was outlawed? 500 Million people dead from Malaria have Henry to thank. Druze means "Tumor", a cancerous growth like the Druids "Men of Oaks" are.
    The Temple of Baal in Palmyria is the oldest shrine to Baal in the world; Baalbek in Lebanon is 2nd which is why the Mormon Church originated in Palmyria, NY, named after Palmyra, Syria. Palmyra means "City of Palms"; the Palm Tree is the Arab version of the Evergreen Tree (Evergreen Air has the largest no-bid contract in the world to pollute Waters via Chemtrails) used at Christmas by Wolves in Sheep's Clothes posing as Christian Ministers. Get rid of Christmas and Easter and this will begin to make sense; Groves are where "Evil is done in sight of the LORD".
    Druze are "People of Monotheism"; they are Unitarians formed from Ismaeli, Shia Twelver (Iran is Twelver), Sunni Baatihist (Assad is Alawite ie Baathist meaning "Rennaissance" or "Re-birth") Gnostic and Neo-Platonic philosophy, many of whom founded America; they deny Jesus Christ is God in Flesh and Jesus Christ is the source of the Holy Ghost. Their big day is Rev 6:14 when "Heaven departs as a scroll, when it is rolled together". Strictly my best guess, but that day may be "Purim" 2013; Why? Puru is Akkadian for "Cast Lots" for Marduk, known variously as the Islamic "Allah"; Phoenician "El"; Egyptian "On" (Osiris); Assyrian "Ilu" (Babylon is Bab-Ilu); just remember, Song of Solomon (Solomon built up Palmyra on the then 1000 year old ruins of the ancient Temple of Baal in the City of Palms) and Esther are the only books in the bible that God is not mentioned. The Akkadian "Ishtar", Anglo-Saxon "Eostre", fake Christian "Easter" are all the "Bride of Baal" (Mother, sister and Daugher as well). Making any sense yet? Madonna aka Esther was invited by Putin for a mock Crucifixion of Jesus for a reason which is why Russia is backing Syria.
     Druze are prominent in Lebanon (flag is the Evergreen Tree), Syria, Israel (Mt Hermon means "Mount of the Chief") and Venezuela, which is why Hugo Chavez (Citgo Petroleum logo is the Red Dragon Eye) is there; some 200K Druze hold dual citizenship which is why Paraguay suffered a lightning fast 24hr Political Coup, replacing its Jesuit trained "Colorado Party", "Red Bishop of Paraguay" turned President, Fernando Lugo with his more compliant VP Frederico Franco, a Red Army Marxist of the same stripes Brazil has in the Portuguese (read Crypto or Sepharvaim) Dilma Roussef,  Venezuela has in Chavez, Russia has in Putin or Chile has in Michelle Bachelet, also a UN Director. Lucifer is a Unitarian Monotheist, not the Trinity made of Father, Son and Holy Ghost as Jesus Christ is. Ask a Unitarian who Jesus Christ is and watch them squirm.
     Mercosur (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay), is the South American version of the European Union, a common Market of the South; the Woman riding the beast and Tower of Babel symbolize the EU, and both Mercosur and the EU are plunging into Chaos for the same reason "Order out of Chaos". Time to choose Jesus Christ or an Alternative Christ folks!
6/24 The Rose of Sharon and Feast Day of John the Baptist.
Royal Arch Freemason, KGB asset, Petroleum Billionaire Vladimir Putin met with Israeli President and 33 degree Mason Shimon Peres today in Netanya, Israel for the unveiling of the Red Army Victory Monument. Peres is fresh off 32 degree Prince Hall Mason (an order open only to Blacks such as Jesse Jackson, Malcolm X, Al Sharpton, or Obama mentor Jeremiah Wright)  Barack Obama awarding the "Butcher of Palestine" the "Presidential Medal of Freedom".  Palestine means "Land of the Philistines"
   Netanya is the capital of the Plain of Sharon; the giant wings monument forms a V, the Talmudic Rabbis sign to open Synagogue is this "V" aka "Sign of Shin", referring to the Nails used to hang Jesus upon the Tree. Putin's mother was a Talmudist and Kabbalist who converted (Crypto) to Russian Orthodox (Orthodox is the "Church of the East" aka "Church of the Rising Sun"); a lifelong KGB asset, he was born in St Petersburg aka Petrograd. Petro and the Edomite ie Red Stone "Petra" mean Rock; Catholic Popes derive their authority from Peter (Small Stone), but the true Christian Church derives its authority from the Big Rock Jesus Christ through the Holy Ghost.
   Mary was referred to by Gnostics as The "Rose of Sharon"; she was no such thing; the Black Rose of Sharon comes from the "Bride" author of "Song of Solomon", one of 2 books (Esther is the other) that do not mention the name "God". The "Bride" said "I am black, but comely, O, ye daughter of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon. Look not upon me, because I am black, because the sun hath looked uon me...I am the rose of Sharon" SoS 1-2. Who is that "Bride"? Solomon took 1000 wives and concubines of Phoenicians; Solomon made his choice and Freemasons have chosen to follow his lead, but you do not have to. It is no coincidence SOS means "Emergency"; it comes from Song of Solomon; nor is it coincidence Putin dined with Madonna who staged a mock Crucifixion of Jesus for him last year; she changed her name to Esther and staged a recreation of "Ishtar's Descent into Hell" for the 2012 Superbowl, which she referred to as the "Holy of Holies". The Black Virgin statues feature a woman presenting, not giving birth to a "Child"; they are also called "Black Madonna Idols" for a reason.
      Next to this Red Army Victory Stone Idol is the Black Labyrinth; the Chi-Rho is called a "Labarum"; the Olympic Rings form 4 "Labrys" because they are of Cretan origin and Cretans are none other than the Philistines who re-enacted Samson's destruction of the Temple of Dagan on 9/11/2001. Knight Templars venerated the Queen of Heaven as the Black Virgin, not because of skin color, but for absorption of light; Jesus said as long as He was in the world, He was the light of the world. Netanya was called Dora meaning "Gift of God" (remember Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz?), one of the Philistine cities on "Via Maris" aka "Way of the Philistines". St Johns Newfoundland was founded by Knights Templar on June 24, 1497 for this reason. making sense yet? Think it's coincidence Moscow was built on the same Meridian as Jerusalem? Guess again, Russia is getting set to falsify the end of Millennium battle of "Gog and Magog". Remember, the real battle is 1000 years after Jesus Christ returns, but that didn't stop George Bush Sr from starting the Gulf War I on Purim and ending it on Tisha b' Av; his Skull & Bones "New name" is "Magog". His son George Jr was pronounced "Gog, Chief prince of Meshech and Tubal" by the Temple Mount Faithful on 1/8/2008 in Zedekiah's Cave. Think it's coincidence Mitt Romney, a Mormon believes one of Zedekiah's sons Mulek established Zion in America? By the way, Meshech has nothing to do with Moscow or Muskovites, nor did God establish Zion in America with one of Zedekiah's dead and mythical sons of a father who "Did Evil in sight of the LORD" (ref Jer 52:1-10).
     Netanya sits under Mt Carmel where 450 of Baal's prophets were slain in Elijah's day; Isaiah foretold "The excellence of Carmel and Sharon. They shall see the glory of the LORD, the excellency of our God". They most certainly will see that glory of the LORD, as the Valley of Megiddo fills with blood to the horse bridles.
     Esau is Edom which means Red; the Red Army. The Red Army was promised "Dominion" over Jacob in Gen 27:39-40 and gains that "Dominion" in Dan 7:6' when this happens, the Great Tribulatio begins at Rev 11:1; God's Judgment will be based on 2 Sticks; one for Joseph and Ephraim and the other for Judah (ref Eze 27:16). The Red Army is none other than the original Caphtorim (Cretans) who entered Egypt during Israelite Captivity as the Hyksos and Priests of On (Heliopolis) aka Chaldean Magi; their daughter Asenath married Joseph and  their son Ephraim made a treasonous pact with Assyria; one such Mormon Cretan, Mitt Romney will likely become America's next President. If all this seems like BS, it is, Cretans invented Zeus, Europa (Europe and the EU whose symbol is the Woman Riding the Beast in front of a Tower of Babel) and the Minotaur, the 1/2 Man 1/2 Beast of the Black Labyrinth. How is that Red Victory Idol looking now? Now go get Jesus in your life; He is waiting behind the Door of your Prayer Closet not in Church, and His mother is most certainly not the Black Rose of Sharon.

6/22 Turkey
6/25 Update: Hillary Clinton condemns Assad for the F-4 attack; it was shot down in Syrian airspace 10 km from the beach; international airspace begins 12 miles from the beach. Turkey seeking NATO Art 5 designation of "Attack" on the entire western military alliance. Why Turkey? For starters Jesus gave all 7 Church warnings in Rev 2-3 to the land called Turkey.
    Drones serve the Queen of Heaven; Turkey is a Domesticated Aztec (Aztec like Aztlan means "to make White" ie Purify) Fowl, traditionally fattened before Slaughter. An F-4 "Phantom" made in the US of course, flying at low altitude, high airspeed over the Syrian coast at mid-day on the Summer Solstice (check out the statue at the Cathedral of St John the Divine in NYC for the significance of venerating St John opposite Christmas by Knights of St John aka Hospitallers, the Knights of Jerusalam, Malta, Rhodes and Cyprus; Knight means "Man In Service to the Queen" and Jesus was hanging in a nest of horns near the altar for quite some time there) is predictably shot down with Russian made defensive weapons. Russia and China predictably issued a warning to the UN Human Rights Council on 6/22 condemning US Drone Strikes. The event was near Tartus (Knight Templar Arwad) where human Sacrifices to Molech were common. A predictable pre-written Gulf of Tonkin or Pearl Harbor style newspaper headline on 6/23 "Turkey to respond decisively to Syrian provocation"; What provocation? When Hospitallers and Templars were betrayed by Pope Clement V at Arwad in 1302, they fled to Cyprus; the Colossus of Rhodes guarding the harbor at Cyprus is the same as the Statue of Liberty, Statue of Freedom and Columbia; Washington DC is the "District of Columbia" for this reason. Iraq War II was started by Hospitaller "Knight of Malta" George Bush Jr on Tisha b' Av (see list above), 700 years after that for a reason.
      Ben Franklin wanted the Turkey to be America's symbolic mascot; it's first flag was an Evergreen Tree; it's 2nd flag was 13 Colonies joined by the Serpent. Turkey is a NATO partner, the first time the NATO charter was invoked was after 9/11/2001 "An attack on one NATO nation is an attack on all 22 NATO nations". Turkey gives safe harbor to the Free Syrian Army; the same "Rebel" Mercenaries used in Libya and funnels Afghanistan Opium into Europe. Pearl Harbor (Jesus is the Pearl of Great Price and Water and Breath of Life; Hawaii also means "Water and Breath of Life"; the fake Pearl if you will) was similar in that FDR removed aircraft carriers and allowed Yamamoto to get within Japanese Zero range before the attack. A 40+ year old F-4 "Phantom"? Turkey has 270 F-16's "Falcon" (Falcon is the symbol of Horus, the Egyptian son of Osiris "On") and 100 new US made F-35 "Lightning" on the way; F-4's are often used as Drones for target practice, so where are the pilots and how did they "Stray" 12 miles into Syrian territory? What do you call a servant of the Queen Bee? A Drone.
    Turkey has an ancient and recent history of being Talmudic (Zionist), Muslim or Orthodox Christian when it suits them. Sabian is derived from Sabah "Sunrise"; Sabians of Haran were the first "Wolves in Sheep's Clothing" because they will pretend to be any religion necessary to suit their Luciferian goals.
    The Talmudic brand or fake Judaism originated in Turkey. Kaballah? That originated in Turkey. Ottoman brand of Islam? That originated in Turkey. Orthodox brand of Christianity based on Constantine's vision of the "X" in the sky with the motto "In Hoc Signo Vinces"? That was established in Turkey. Nicolaitane Doctrine means "Conquer the Laity" With weapons? Heaven's no, from the Pulpit as Rabbis, Priests, Pastors and Imams; Jesus didn't elevate a Clergy, Turks did that and Jesus hates that more than anything else (ref Rev 2:6;15) Well except perhaps Esau, for selling his birthright for a bowl of Red Beans.
    Orthodox means "having the correct opinion" eg Syrian, Greek, Russian, Armenian "Christian"; not Jesus, but Rising Sun ie Assyrian Church of the East "Christian".
   Turkomen are Saracens "Empty of Sarah" ie the cast outs of Abraham's inheritance. Arab Hagarenes are despised in the Muslim world for being 2 faced. Satan's Seat "Pergamon" was there until the Prime Meridian was moved from Paris to London in 1887 and the Throne of Zeus (Antichrist) was moved from Ephesus to Berlin. Convenient how Dwight Eisenhower delayed until Joseph Stalin separated East and West Berlin, protecting that Throne in East Berlin eh? Ron Reagan was pretty convincing telling his "Bohemian Grove" buddy Mikhail Gorbachev "Tear Down This Wall" eh? Bohemian is derived from "Boii", the same Priests of Cybele from Turkey. Odd how Washigton DC became situated on the 77th Meridian at that point and Arab Muslims flew Flt #77 into the Pentagon on 9/11 eh? Because they didn't; Flt #77 like Flt #11 and Flt #175 were Drones. 
    The Temple of Halicarnassus was in Ephesus; the Priests "Essen" (Drones) who served the Queen Bee Diana/Artemis were none other than the original "Curetes", the Eunuch Priests of Attis and Cybele; funny how fake Jews in Israel under the Star of Molech (Hexagram) wear the exact same Yarmulke as Priests of Cybele and Diana "Goddess of Witchcraft" did eh? Hilarious, how Orthodox and Roman Catholic Priests, Bishops and the Pope wear the same "Cap of Cybele" calling it a "Zuchetti" eh? Nothing beats Wailing ar Herod's Temple Wal in a Cap of Cybelel eh? Oh, the Flame shaped Mitre? That came from the Philistine Temple of Dagan, the Philistine and Phoenician "Fisher King", and that from Babylonian Priests who wore Fish Capes to represent their Solar Beast rising from the Sea. Christian "Fish Symbol"? Oh, that's Phoenician and Chaldean as well; it's called the Labrys. Funny, how Mitt Romney (Romani=Gypsies) may be the next US President and is a Welsh ie Celtic Gypsy (Celt means Warrior; Gypsy and Bohemian have the same meaning; Greeks referred to Egypt during Israelite Captivity as Land of Gypsies because of the Priests of On "Heliopolis") from the Beehive State Mormons affectionately refer to as "Zion" eh? Remember, Asenath, the daughter of these Priests married Joseph, the tribe to which nearly all Mormons falsely claim descent. Is is just coincidence Mormon is listed as one of Satan's names in Anton LaVey's Satanic Bible? Romney's kin are from Wales aka Culdee (Culdee=Chaldee); in Chaldean language Bee means Word. Funny eh? So, do Mormons believe they are gods? Melchisedek is the title Jesus used to author the covenant with Abraham in Gen 14:8; that was in Haran, another place in Turkey, fancy that. A replica of this ancient "Mausoleum" (Masolus and Artemesia were incestuous brother and sister) Temple  is used by all 33 degree Masons in Washington DC to attain "Sovereignty" in rituals using a Tanakh (Rabbinical interpretation of Levitical Law), Masonic Bible (Masons like to change the miraculous parts of Scripture, especially those attributed to Jesus) and the Quran. The Quran originated in response to St Augustine's City of God he was trained in Carthage, the Phoenician outpost of North Africa; not coincidentally, Carthage, Ill is where Masons martyred their false prophets Joseph and Hyrum Smith.
   When a ship is intentionally sunk, it is "Scuttled"; is it coincidence SCYTL will count Romney and Obama's votes? SCYTL is based in Barcelona, a city named for the Phoenician Sodomite Generals Hannibal and Hamilcar Barca; In Arab mythology, Barack was Abraham's "Winged White Horse" as well as Muhammad's "Winged White Horse"; the Air Force Academy "Falcons" have a marble statue of "Pegasus", the Greek version of "al-Buraq" next to the 13 Spire "Inter-faith" Chapel.
    Turkey is the melting pot of Talmudic fake "Judaism", Kaballah, Orthodox fake "Christianity" and Islam (Allah is the original Assyrian moon god "Sin"); is it coincidence Romney's presumed running mate Marco Rubio is Mormon, Southern Baptist, Orthodox and Roman Catholic, a proponent of Arab Spring, ie a Muslim as well as being a SMOM "Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Cyprus and Rhodes"? Talk about managing both sides of the Arab-Israel conflict! Jesus gave all 7 Church Warnings to Turkey for good reason, so it may be wise to figure out why because the Bee and WASP "Sting" is about over. Whether WWIII begins on Tisha b' Av during the Zion Olympics in London "New Troy" or not remains to be seen, but remember, the original City of Troy is in Turkey; the Trojan Horse is on the CFR Magazine "Foreign Affairs" of which Mitt Romney is an initiate.
    Mormo means "Gates of Hell" in Chinese; Mormon is a name of Satan. Mitt's maternal ancestor Parley Pratt swore the Mormon "Oath of Vengeance" upon America (Amurru is the Edomite Shepherd god) and the Gentile Race (There is no Gentile Race; we are all one in Jesus Christ)  to the 4th generation because he believes he is God (Melchisedek) and represents the sons of Joseph and Ephraim (maternal son of the Priests of Heliopolis ie Edomite Hyksos "Shepherd Kings") where Ephraim represents Israel (ref Eze 37:16 "Stick of Joseph" and Rev 11:1 "Inner Court"). Remember, "Ephraim is confederate with Syria" and "Ephraim and Manasseh are together against Judah", the spiritual sons of Israel through Jesus Christ.
    Mitt Romney is a "Fourth Generation" Mormon son "Thou shalt not make thee any graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the waters beneath the earth: Thou shalt not bow down thyself unto them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me." Deut 5:8-9  That Pale Green Horse is Death and Hell follows him; Death refers to "Spiritual Death". Folks, Jesus Christ is the only way out, I suggest you get in touch with Him soon because the Thanksgiving Turkey (America) is being plumped up for the sacrifice by a Celtic Gypsy sworn to do exactly that.

6/19 Russia, Iran, China, Syria
staging largest war exercise in history in Syria this July, over Bohemian Grove, Tisha b' Av and the London Olympics; 90,000 multi-national troops, 400 aircraft, 1000 tanks, nuclear submarines and Russian marines are converging on Tartus and Sevastopol, the latter being the original home of the Crimean "Rus" (Russia) and Scythian "Black Sea Princes"; 12 Chinese warships will soon transit the Suez Canal. Suez is Zeus spelled backward, the Syrian port of Tartus faces Arwad, the home of Canaan's descendants from Gen 10:15-19 (eg Hittites, Jebusites, Amorites, Sinites, Hamathites and Arvadites. Children passed through the fires to Molech in Awad and Tartus, as they do (claimed) at Bohemian Grove (July 14-27); the Star of Molech is on Israel's flag and resembles a Beehive (Hexagon) for a reason!
    Arwad  "Refuge for the roving" was a Phoenician (Canaanite/Philistine) outpost supplying Mariners for Tyrus, king of Tyre (Hiram of Tyre is the father of Masonry) using Lebanon Cedars for masts, Oaks of Bashan for oars, African elephant tusk "Ivory" for benches, Linen from Egypt, Copper and Purple dye from Cyprus (Chittim and Elishah) along with Silver, Iron, Tin (from Cornwall aka Culdee) and Lead. These then, were Solomon's "Ships of Tarshish" kept at the north end of the Gulf of Aqaba in "Zion" just a few miles north of the spot Moses led Israel across the Red Sea to Mt Sinai in Arabia 500 years earlier. Emperor Constantine dedicated Tartus to the Virgin Mary; Knights Templar dedicated Tartus to "Our Lady of Tortosa"; Virgin Mary? Uh no, more like the Phoenician "Our Lady of the Sea" aka "Whore of Babylon".
   At the fall of Acre "God's Church Yard" in 1291, 700 years before George "Magog" Bush started Gulf War I on Tisha b' Av and his "1000 Points of Light" foundation. Knights Templar fled Acre to Cyprus; Pope Clement V awarded the Island of Arwad to Knights Templar; attacked in 1302 by Muslim Mamluks they, with the Knights Hospitaller were promised safe passage; Clement V reniged and either killed them or sent them to Cairo prisons. This is Revenge for that betrayal.
    Hospitallers were awarded Knights Templar assets in 1312-1313, they are Knights of St John (aka St John the Divine, a combo of John the Baptist and John the Evangelist), of Jerusalem (Jebusite Threshing Floor), Cyprus (Chittim) and Rhodes. Rhodes Scholars like 330 deMolay Mason, Bill Clinton, Mid East envoy Tony Blair or Gen Wes Clark are familiar, and who can forget the Colussus of Rhodes, one if the 7 ancient wonders of the world? 
    Awadite mariners are described in Eze 37; they used a navigable canal connecting Suez aka Zion to the Nile maintained by Sinites. Washington DC is laid out like the Sabbath Goat of Mendes because "The men of Hamath brought Ashima" 2 Kings 17:30 Ashima is the Goat Idol aka "Uncle Sam". Make sense yet? America (Druid Amorica aka Culdee, Ameru Can, Amar Can, Amurru) is Land of the Amorites, the land of the Setting Sun, specifically Hawaii (Water and Breath of Life) it's 50th illegitimate State where Obama claims birth. Statue of Liberty? None other than the modern day version of the Colossus of Rhodes; Prometheus holding the Fire (Knowledge) as "Liberty Enlightening the World" its original name; check out the plaque at the base "The New Colossus".
    Notice the players in Eze 27 (Psalm 83 as well) include 4 of Shem's (Semite) sons except Arphaxad, the father of Hebrews, Abraham, David, Jesus Christ. Notice the list: Persia (Iran), Lud, Phut (Libya), Zidon, Arvad, Ashurites (Assyrians), Togarmah (Turks), Tubal, Meshech (Bush Jr was proclaimed "Gog, Chief prince of Meshech and Tubal in Zedekiah's Cave on 1/8/2008 by the Temple Mount Faithful and Sanhedrin), Arabia, Sheba, Dedan, Syria, Haran and Judah (Zedekiah was Judah's last king; he "Did evil in sight of the LORD; odd the Mormon Church is founded on one of his mythical dead sons Mulek eh?) are all repeated in Eze 38-39 with one critical difference. The real Israel "Valley of Dry Bones" is restored in Eze 37 under leadership of the resurrected King David (V24) and the Tabernacle of Jesus Christ (V27). There is no physical Temple! This occurs during the Millennium after the 2nd Coming and culminates in the prophecy of "Gog and Magog" (Eze 38) after the 1st Resurrection (Rev 20:5) at the end of the 1000 years (HW Bush's "1000 Points of Light" are these 1000 years of Solstices). God restores Israel and builds the Temple! Not Man. (ref Eze 40-48)
      Why Russia? Moscow was built on the same Meridian, north of Jerusalem for the purpose of faking "Gog and Magog" as Meshech; it has nothing to do with Meshech. Likewise the Siberian capital of Ghengis Khan in Tobolsk was made to be as Tubal for the same reason. New bible versions even include "Ros" or "Rus" for this reason in Eze 38:2-3. Russia is not Gog and Magog!  Notice these 2 "Giants" "Gog" and "Magog" guard the City of London; British means "B'Rith-ish" for Birthright; that being Abraham's elder brother Haran, Ishmael and Esau. Queen Elizabeth II claims she is "Queen of Jerusalem", but she is lying; her husband Phillip wants to be reincarnated as a killer virus for Pete's sake.
    Why China? The 38th Latitude is at Fukushima, as is the Korean "DMZ" on the 38th Parallel; 330 Mason, Muslim Shriner, Jester Harry Truman ended WWII in Japan with atomic weapons, he ended war in Korea in Armistice. Korea like WWI ended in Armistice because both wars were planned with sequels, the latter ended on Nov 11 (11/11) at 11:11 AM. On Dec 21, 2012, the Sun rises through the "X" at 11:11 UTC in Greenwich, England to form the Chi-Rho "Crowned Osiris "On" ie George Bush Sr's "GenerationOn". If this is not the start of Rev 11 "Great Tribulation" What is? Remember, Templars were sent to Cairo (Chi-Rho?) prisons after Arwad was lost, and Obama proclaimed "A new beginning for Islam in Cairo in 2009" It is no coincidence the Arab League formed in Cairo or Muslim Brotherhood's Muhammad Morsi was just elected Egyptian President either; Arab Spring was planned well in advance. Egyptian tanks are now amassing on the Israeli border. Back to China; evacuation plans are in place for Japan should the spent fuel pool collapse; follow the line west along the "Silk Road" through China to the "Rooftop of the World" (Mt Everest is called Chumolongo "Earth Mother"; did you notice where the Arks were built in the movie 2012?) The Karakoram Hwy heads from SW China to Islamabad where US troop supplies are chocked off currently. It then travels west through Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, and Jordan to Haifa where Bahai's Holiest Site overlooks the "Valley of Decision". If you think Canaanites have forgotten Jezebel was eaten by dogs there or Elijah (really God) killed 450 of Baal's prophets there; Guess again.  If you can think of another way to gather 200,000,000 people there, let me know; just be aware this gathering for the "Battle of Armageddon" begins 2 years into the Great Tribulation and ends at the 2nd Coming. We are not at the 5th -6th Trumpet warnings yet! 
    Folks, we can join Israel, Joseph and Ephraim under the Six Pointed Star (Chaldean Beehive) or join Israel, Judah and Jesus Christ, but not both. Read Eze 37:16 and Rev 11:1 until this makes sense. This "Exercise" may very well lead to WWIII, a fake battle of "Gog and Magog" and the start of the 42 month "Great Tribulation". There are no Christian Crusaders! "He who killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword" Rev 13:10

Points of Light
George Bush Sr, affectionately referred to as "Magog" in his Skull & Bones (aka Thule or Tula "Dark Sun" Society; Nazi SS were Knights of the Dark Sun) Initiation; he is also a 330 Luciferian Freemason, Bohemian Grove worshipper of Molech, Knight of Malta, CFR, Bilderberger, Muslim Shriner and son of Nazi Empire financier Prescott whom Nikola Tesla called "Curious George" as in Scherf, his real name. Bush Sr. founded "1000 Points of Light" in 1991 exactly 700 years after the fall of Acre (Akko=Haifa) "In 700 years the Laurel will grow green again"; the Fall of Acre to Islamic Saracen (Empty of Sarah) Mamluks was in 1291 AD "Nothing in Politics happens by chance; if it happened, it was planned" 330 Mason WWII traitor FDR
   Father's Day (Great Sky Father's Day) falls in the week before the Summer Solstice; the Points of Light Conference in Chicago June 18-20 will coincide with Super Typhoon Guchol (150MPH=Cat 5 Hurricane as of 6/18) tracking across Tokyo and Fukushima; guided Typhoon? I don't know, but it developed on Father's Day, likewise, Fukushima was no accident. It was no coincidence Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans at sunrise on the Feast Day commemorating the Edomite beheading of John the Baptist (Aug 29) either.
    As President Obama was presenting George Bush Sr with the 2011 Presidential Medal of Freedom (this year Palestinian butcher 330 Mason Shimon Peres got the award), on Lent 2011, an EM ELF Wave (Electro-Magnetic Extremely Low Frequency Scalar Wave) triggered the 9.0 Earthquake and subsequant Tsunami; 1/2 hour later Nazi era Corporation Siemmens coolant controllers shut down before control rods were inserted; the nitrogen inerting system also was turned off which caused the now melting Uranium/Plutonium reactor cores to cause the hydrogen explosion which blew out the containment buildings; Radiation are these "Points of Light" and the TSunami had nothing to do with the event, evidenced by the radioactive "Floatsam" hitting the American west coast currently. Typhoon (Typhon and Hurakan are called "Father of all Monsters") Guchol is a codename for Typhoon "Butchboy", a name means "Illustrious Butcher"; a slang term for a masculine lesbian or cross-dresser. Moving right along.
    Following the Points of Light conference will be the United Nations Rio Earth Summit under the Giant Christus Statue facing East; Jesus? Uh No. Ever wonder why the UN windows are 
Green" or the Conference Room is Green? or Why Iran Hostage Crisis guard and current Shiite puppet Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has stated his Divine Mission is to usher in the Occulted Imam "al-Mahdi" 3 years in a row in that Green Room? Templar "Green Man" ring a bell?
    Points of Light merged with the National Volunteer Network, Freedom Corp (Note: Freedom Works, founded by 330 Mason Dick Armey formed the Tea Party "Tammuz Party" which now backs Mitt Romney), AmeriCorp (Amar is the Canaanite god of the west; Ameru the Canaanite Serpent god; Amurru the Edomite Shepherd god; Corp means Corporation; Fasces is the Fascist symbol of Corporate Governance), HandsOn and GenerationOn (Generation is used in scripture not as a separate Race, but to illustrate becoming "Born Again"; Luciferians also have theri own version called "Divine Union" or "Sacred Marriage" aka "Hieros Gamos") in 2007, the same year Knight of Malta, Rhodes Scholar Gen Wes Clark (nee Kahne=Cohen a Samaritan Priest name). Heard of Generation X? Same thing, X and On refer to Osiris and the Priests of Heliopolis "On"; remember Asenath a Priest daughter married Joseph and gave birth to Ephraim whom Mitt Romney and indeed most all white Mormons believe they descend from (It's a lie obviously); Isaiah informs us "Syria is confederate with Ephraim" (Is 7:2); "The head of Ephraim is Samaria" (Is 7:9) The Bee is in Assyria (Is 7:18), Ephraim made the treasonous pact with Assyria (2 Ki 18:17) and Manasseh and Ephraim are together against Judah (Is 9:21) Remember, there are 2 Sticks upon which everyone on earth is measured: Joseph and Ephraim and Judah; Jesus Christ is the Stick of Judah; Lucifer is the Stick of Joseph; those 2 "Israels" are not the same; Joseph is physical, Judah is spiritual. Got it? 
     The symbol of the GenerationOn, OnStar, GenX etc are the Benben "Pyramidion" (Capstone); Pryamid means "Amid the Flames" as does Tammuz (Tam=Purify; Muz=Fire) as does Cathari "Pure Ones" or Catharsis "Discharge of Pent up Emotion". It is no coincidence 1991, 2007 and 2012-2013 are 700 years after significant events in Gnostic Cathar, Knights Templar (Knights of the Temple) and Hospitaller (Knights of St John, Malta and Rhodes) history.
    Acre is the Holiest City in Bahai faith which unites the 3 bloodlines of Abraham and the faiths which sprang from them. Heard the term "One Ring to rule them all?" It's a Bahai term referring to Bab=Gate and Baha' u' llah. Ullah is Allah, the original Assyrian moon god "Sin". Bahai is literally the Gate of Sin "Babylon" uniting bloodlines of Abraham-Hagar-Ishmail-Esau-Korah-Muhammad and the Shiite Imam "al-Mahdi" (He who rises) with Abraham-Sarah-Isaac-Jacob-Moses-David-Solomon and Abraham-Keturah-Krishna-Buddha-Zoroaster (the latter line is largely mythical).
    Like the Titanic, America is set to be Scuttled as a Scapegoat for "Babylon" (Gate of On) to the bottom of the Atlantic (Atlantis) in order the Phoenix (mythical self immolating bird connecting Heliopolis, Egypt and Mt Sinai in Arabia) will rise at the New Atlantis described by Plato and written of by Francis Bacon. Americans have no vote and neither do any other nations (Goyim); a Barcelona based vote counting firm SCYTL (cute eh?) will count the votes "No matter who people vote for, they always vote for us" (Attributed to the Illuminati aka Allumbrados, Theraputae of Heliopolis aka Priests of On) It is no coincidence the LaSagrada Familia (Sacred Family is Father, Mother, Son) Cathedral is built as forest of trees topped by the 1000 Points of Light Mirror Ball.
    WWIII "Mede-Persian Ram versus Grecian Goat" will begin with Syria and Iran and center on Israel which is why the Points of Light conference is coinciding with Syrian Ambassador Robert Ford (Remember the movie "Assasination of the outlaw Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford? A very symbolic movie on pg 13 of my Movie Review article) meeting with the Free Syrian Army concerning the "Salvador Option".  Ford, you may recall is adept at fomenting Revolution; in Iraq, he was the Iraq Provisional Authority adviser who financed Shiite Death Squads in Najaf's "Mahdi Army" with the missing $60Billion 9/11/2001 Butcher and current Mitt Romney adviser, Rabbi Dov Zakheim is looking for; he lost $2.3 Trillion just ahead of 9/11, so it's a fair bet he won't find this money.
     God's Longitude is the 77th Meridian where the Pentagon, White House and Washington Monument align with the Supreme House of the Temple and Freedom Hill Park. God's Acre is called a Churchyard; which is by Churches are "Sheep Pens" Time to get out folks!
Father's Day
Physically, Nazi Germany "Fatherland" + Bolshevik Russia "Motherland" = the US "Homeland". Home is where the "Heart" (The Heart Symbol popularized on Valentine's Day is called the "Holy Door" or "Vulva") which is why Mormon Mitt Romney is in the Heartland for Father's Day; the place Mormons know as Adam Ondi Amman, the place East of Eden where Adam and Eve were banished; relax, it's as false as the Golden Plate nonsense. This Dialectic (Thesis + Anti-thesis=Synthesis) began 4300 years ago when Sumerians (Ishtar worshippers) met "They" of Tower of Babel fame in Ur of the Chaldees; Akkadians were from the mountain "High Places" or "Groves"; the Father Sky-God worshippers of Anu aka Cretan Zeus or Thor aka "Tuatha De Danaan" (Offspring of Anu). The occult Trinity is thus "Father, Mother, Son" rather than "Father, Son and Holy Ghost"; all 3 of the latter, are One in the Same as 1 Jn 5:7 and Jn 1:1 make peeeeerfectly clear. If 1 Jn 5:7 is missing, you need an Authorized Bible (KJV).
   Mother's Day is the 4th Sunday "Dies Solis" of Lent (40 days weeping Tammuz) "Mothering Sunday", the day honoring the Assyrian/Akkadian Shammu Ramat called by Greeks "Semiramis", the mother of Tammuz (Isis and Horus in Egypt)
   Father's Day is the 3rd Sunday in June (Juno is the sister-wife of Zeus/Jupiter; the lady standing guard on the Capitol Rotunda "Womb of Zeus"; Note: The Trans-continental Railroad was joined by Engine #119, the Area Code of Iraq and Iran and the Jupiter from the East aka Zeus) called Great Sky Father. Father's Day always falls in the week leading up to the Summer Solstice; 3 days later is the Feast of John the Baptist on June 24th venerated by Gnostic Johnitters and Knights Templar as the mentor of Jesus (Sure!; John admitted he was not worthy to loosen Jesus' sandals). Goats and Sheep decorated with ceremonial Ribbons tied around their necks were sacrificed much like Fathers Day Ties are given by Sons not yet sacrificed in needless wars.
      "I will cast you out of my sight, as I have cast out all your brethren, even the whole seed of Ephraim" Jer 7:15 Whole seed of Ephraim? Guess that should worry Mormons like Mitt Romney who will not find Ephraim "Saved" in Rev 7. Note also, "Juda" is not spelled correctly in the KJV; or is it? In Gen 49:10 and Eze 48:8, so why is the "h" missing? In Hebrew "h" means "God is with me"; notice Abram becomes Abraham and Sarai becomes Sarah after their Covenant with Melchisedek, much like Jacob becomes Israel after wrestling with God as a man. Mitt Romney thinks he is a Melchisedek Priest from the restored Israel; Is he? NO. In Eze 37:16, 2 Sticks are used to Judge Ephraim and people aligned with this tribe and Judah with the people aligned with this tribe, which just so happens to be the tribe Jesus descended from. Jesus was nearly Stoned and later Crucified for declaring "I and my Father are one" Jn 10:30. 
    The Glory of the LORD departed Solomon's Temple in Eze 8 because "Ancients of Israel" were in the sanctuary while women were on the porch "Weeping for Tammuz"; Jesus departed the Temple because descendants of these same "Ancients of Israel" had turned His Father's House into a "Den of Thieves"; He took the same path, His Father took and departed to Heaven with the "h" of Judah.
    There are 2 Jerusalem's. Melchisedek means "King of Jerusalem"; Mormon men? NO.  "...Mt Sinai, which gendereth  to Arabia, and answereth to Jerusalem which now is, and is in bondage with her children. But Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all" Gal 4:24-26. One Jerusalem sits in Israel under the Star of Molech will be judged with Ephraim; the other Jerusalem in Heaven will be Judged by Jesus Christ from Judah.
    "Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein. But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not: for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forth and two months" Rev 11:1-2  Folks, you have 2 choices before those 42 months of "Great Tribulation" begin; the Temple of Israel and Ephraim, under the banner of Moloch (The Seal of Solomon aka Hexagram is the Mormon Beehive aka Capitol "Womb of Zeus") or the Temple of Judah and Jesus Christ. Jesus gave His body, the New Covenant Temple and His followers will too. Happy Fathers Day.

Flag Day
6/14 Obama presented Jesuit trained 330 Mason Shimon Peres the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Why now? Palestine means "Land of Philistines"; Pales an androgynous Roman god/goddess of shepherds and flocks; Pallas-Athena became the basis of the name Shakespeare; the Flag of Palestine has Red for Hashemite descendants of Muhammad (Jordan's King Hussein and King Abdullah II are Hashemite as well), and the Arab Baath Party (Saddam Hussein and Hafez and Bashar al Assad were/are Baathist "Re-birth"); White for the Sunni Caliphate slogan "There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the prophet"; Black for Revenge and Green for Muhammad's cousin Ali and Fatimah. Note: the same inscription is found under the Papal Chair at the Vatican; Fatimah is venerated as "Our Lady of Fatimah".    
   Lebanon=Laban=Lbn means "To make White" or "To make Bricks"; the Flag of Lebanon is a Cedar Tree commemorating the Cedar used in Solomon's Temple, destroyed on Tisha b' Av.
   Israel means "One who wrestles with God", the name given to Jacob upon wrestling with God at Beth-el near the house of Laban; Israel's Flag is the Star of Molech (Witchcraft Hexagram aka Tabernacle of Molech in Amos 5:26, Acts 7:43; Mormon Beehive has an identical meaning, hence Mormons falsely claim to be Israel) on White.
   Syria is derived from "Sar" meaning "Prince"; Syria's Flag has 3 Stars representing Arab Unity and the 3 peaks of Mt Hermon "Mount of the Chief"; Mt Hermon is "Sion" the location where Sons of god took wives of the daughters of men" in Gen 6; it sits at the intersection of what is referred to as the "Anti-Lebanon Range; Lebanon means "To make White" so Anti-Lebanon means "Absence of Light". Jesus said "As long as I am in the world, I am the Light of the World" Jn 9:5; Folks, Jesus leaves the world at Rev 6:14, following release of the Pale Horse on 12/21/2012 according to; Flag means Signal; God told Noah in Gen 6:14 "Make thee an ark of gopher (likely pitched ie sealed) wood..." I suggest you do that soon; in your Prayer Closet with Jesus Christ. In the Daily Update introduction section, I have 30 some reasons why 12/21/2012 is a big deal to "Earth Dwellers" ie people absent the Holy Ghost.
      Greeks applied the name Assyria to Syria, but this is not the truth; Assyria was begun by Asshur, the 2nd son of Shem about 150 years after the Flood in Nimrod's day; he built Nineveh for worship that was both a person and place "East of Eden"; Assyria today, is scattered over the world, primarily in the US with its HQ in Chicago; the ensign of Asshur is a winged archer and Sun Disc from which the 4 Rivers of Eden emanate. Syria (Aram), Assyria (Asshur), Turkey (Lud), Iran (Elam) represent 4 of Shem's (Semitic) sons; Arphaxad, the 3rd son is conspicuously absent because his brothers are at war with his descendants, through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob according to the promise made by God "Melchisedek"; this is a war of impersonation.
     Jesus warned of "Wolves in Sheep's Clothing" not men on the other side of a battlefield; names of Abraham and Jacob's enemies are familiar: Hyksos, Amalekites, Ishmailis, Edomites, Hitttites, Philistines and more recent iterations: Syrian Catholic (Aram + Universal), Syrian Orthodox (Orthodox means "Having the correct opinion"; they do not), Russian Orthodox (Putin is Russian Orthodox), Greek Orthodox, Alexandrian are all Byzantine Churches stemming from Constantine the Great in Constantinople, now called Istanbul. Constantine was a Pagan controlled by his mother Helena, who decided Jews were responsible for the Crucifixion, 3 separate Crosses were used and Mt Sinai was really in Egypt; She Lied 3 times. Constantine's "X" in the sky was used to rally Christians to War as "Crusaders" (Warriors of the Cross) with the slogan "In Hoc Signo Vinces" (By this sign Conquer); his astrological vision forecasted the Sun rising through the "X" formed by the Ecliptic-Zodiac and Milky Way on the Dec 2012 "Solstice"; this "Rising Sun" became known as "Sol Invictus" (Unconquered Sun) which was then attached to Christmas (Christ=Messiah; Mass=Sacrifice and consumption of the Host) Day 3 days later, just like Jesus, but it wasn't Jesus at all; Jesus was Crucified at end of Passover 14 Nisan, buried on the Feast of Unleavened 15 Nisan and rose the 3rd day on Peast of First Fruits 17 Nisan. Jacobites may sound like Jacob, but they have nothing to do with Jacob; it is another Church of the East (Rising Sun), just like Melkites (Malak-Arab Royal King) or Maronites better known as Hyksos or Amalekites.
     D-Day occurred 700 years after Cathars (Catharsis means "Discharge of pent up emotion) were executed by fire; in 2007, Gen Wes Clark (nee Kahne=Cohen=Serpent Priest) predicted the US would invade 7 nations in 5 years including Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Syria and Iran, 700 years earlier, Knights Templars were arrested, tortured and executed on the unlucky day of Friday 13th, 1307 "Good Friday"? hardly, Good Friday has nothing to do with Jesus and neither does Easter (Star of the East). 700 years ago the Council of Vienne in Langue d'

God Particle
"CERN will prove existence of the God Particle by the end of this year" Dr Rolf-Dieter Heuer, head of CERN; More BS! The God Particle aka Higg's Boson or Graviton theoretically gives Mass to everything; F=MA (Force=Mass X Acceleration) "But in his estate shall he hounour the God of forces: and a god whom his fathers know not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with precious stones...and shall divide the world for gain" Dan 11:38-39 Read the rest of Dan 11; it describes WWIII and why people are aligning themselves with Edom, Moab and Ammon and their god of war Nergal; they escape the hand of this "god of forces".
     The real God found in scripture of the Authorized Bible says Earth is "Fixed" on a Stable Foundation, that shall not "Move" and hung upon "Nothing"; the Stars (Lights) are "Stretched" ie the Universe (Firmament) is not getting bigger. (Job 26:7; Josh 10:13; Ecc 1:5; 1 Chr 16:30; Zech 12:1; Ps 93:1; 96:10 Is 48:13) Space is not Dark Matter; it is Nothing. Stars and Planets including Earth are not acceleratiing; they are "Fixed".
    Atom is derived from A and Tem meaning the "Finished Work" of "Alpha"; Egyptians knew Atem or Atum as the creator out of whose body "Ka" everything was made. The word means "Indivisible, Unhewn, Uncut" CERN is that was once called an "Atom Smasher". 1 Tim 6:20 says Science is falsely so-called, vain babblings". Atum, and Pharoah as his incarnation is depicted with a Djed Pillar (Star Wars Jedi warriors; Cute eh?); a Surveryor's Transit and Staff of Authority considered the Backbone of Osiris (sun god); not necessarily the visible Sun as Star Physicians "Astrophysicists" claim makes up only 5% of Matter, but the "Dark Sun" (Tula or Thule aka Thule Society "Brotherhood of Death") out of which the "Big Bang" created everything "Atoms". Making any sense yet? The "Forces" of Gravity, inside the Atom (Strong Nuclear, Weak Interaction, Electro-Magnetic, Gravity) are made up nonsense to honour the "god of forces". What about a Magnet? A force can be created with an Electric Field (Solar Radiation) and a spinning Magnet (Earth). EM energy is in fact the ultimate Gnostic weapon, they believe capable of destroying God at the 2nd Coming. Fortunately, Jesus removes His followers, both the dead and living on the last day (7th Trumpet) because Gnostics are in fact full of BS!
    CERN will prove existence of the God Particle by the end of this year; so what is happening this year that "Astrophysicists" consider unique? The Sun will rise through an imaginary X (Osiris is represented by the X; Greek letter Chi=Christ; as in Cosmic Christ, not Jesus Christ; the Labarum is the Sun rising through the X) formed by the center of the Milky Way and Zodiac-Ecliptic (Path of the Sun viewed against the Fixed backdrop of Stars) as the Vernal Equinox sun precesses from Pisces (Labrys or Golden Mean; Christian "Fish Symbol" is this Cosmic Christ, not Jesus Christ) to Aquarius "Water Pourer". Ready for a Cosmic Baptism? Astrophysicists claim a "Black Hole" exists at the center of the Milky Way; Does it? Of course not, but the Truth will never get in the way of this Cosmic Gala (Galaxy=Gala)
     Jesus was Conceived at Feast of Temple Dedication (8 days of Hanukkah; Mary became the New Covenant Temple) and was Born and Circumcised on the 8 day of Feast of Tabernacles (Jesus became the New Covenant Tabernacle ie Mobile Temple); Jesus became the 8th Covenant between God and Man in Flesh. He presented Himself at the Temple, was Crucified, laid in the Sepulchre on the 8th day of Passover (1 day for Passover, 7 days for Unleavened Bread) called Feast of Unleavened Bread and bodily rose to Heaven 3 days later on Feast of First Fruits. Not to be outdone, the Cosmic Christ is Conceived at Easter (Ishtar or Eastern Star, Venus) and born at Hanukkah on "Dies Natalis Solis Invicti" (Nativity of the Unconquered sun). Christmas is a Latin term for Sacrifice of Christ. The symbol for this is the Labarum. The Cosmic Christ (Sun) will be symbolically Crucified on "Good Friday", and Conceived at Easter at the Dawn (Eos=Dawn=Ishtar=Venus=Lucifer) of Aquarius; in 2013, Good Friday is 8 days after the Spring (Abib) Sun rises in Aquarius (Mar 29, 2013) and Easter "Ishtar" Sunday "Dies Solis" ends the month of Mars (Nergal, Aries is the pagan god of war) on Mar 31, 2013. 
     2012-2013 is unique for dozens of reasons relating to the "Finish" of the "Great Work". As in Egypt in the days of the Priests of Heliopolis "On" or "Osiris", Atum (Atom) returns to Chaos out of which a New Order "Order out of Chaos" is created after being "Purified by Fire", the source of the name "Tammuz". The Cathari Perfecti "Pure Ones"  prophesied "In 700 years the Laurel will grow green again"; 700 years after the Council of Vienne disbanded the Knights Templar and confiscated their assets is 2012-2013 when the "god of forces will divide the world for gain"   
    No pun intended, but people simply need to realize the Gravity of the situation. I can assure you, God does not appreciate His children smashing Him and claiming the smallest unit of matter in creation is the "Force of Gravity" aka "God Particle". Why do I use the term BS so freely? The mythical Black Hole at the center of the Galaxy is none other than the Celestial Cow, Brahma or Hathor that gave birth to the Golden Calf that nursed all this Udder Nonesense and Scientific (Science=Scire) BS! Time to Wake Up folks, Time (Chaos) is getting short. Jesus Christ is standing at the door, but will not open it for you; the only other choice is wait for the Holy Door "Labarum" to open and for Jesus to close the "Book of Life" (Rev 6:14). that's not Smart. Bonus question: Why is Maxwell Smart Agent 86? Gnosticsm is derived from Gnosis and Sophia "Wisdom"; Door Frames are 86in high, and Abraham was 86 years old when Esau was born; he laid Isaac on the rock where the 3rd Temple will be built 13 years later. Esau, Moab and Ammon's goal is to "86" Isaac's physical and spiritual descendants through Jacob and Jesus Christ, which is why the Great Tribulation "Beast" rises from the Sea (Galactic Womb) at Rev 13, likely on the 2012 Solstice. 13 is the age Esau was at his brother's birth; '86" had a  female partner at Control "99" who constantly battled "Chaos". Get Smart folks! Avoid this "Order out of Chaos" and get right with Jesus Christ. Chaos is Chronos aka Father Time, and his Scythe is being sharpened for slaughter. 

Crucifixion of Jesus
The Journal "International Geology Review" is posting earthquake study results from the Dead Sea conducted by the German Research Center for Geosciences, claiming Jesus was Crucified Friday April 3, 33 AD. BS! Why? Jesus spent 3 days and 3 Nights in the Sepulchre; Friday at "Even" to Sunday "First Light" is 2 nights and 1 day; Easter "Dies Solis" obviously has nothing to do with Jesus, nor does "Dies Natalis Solis Invicti" (Nativity of the Un-conquered Sun) aka "Christmas". The "Wise Men" arrived in Jerusalem when Jesus was a "Young Child"; obviously the "Nativity" scene set up by most "Christian" Churches has nothing to do with factual history much less Jesus Christ,  who had been taken to Egypt (ref Mat 2:1; 8; 13-15KJV) by his parents Mary and Joseph. Herod, the Edomite slew the children of Bethlehem, 2 and under (Mat 2:16) and died in the Spring of 4 BC according to historical records. Feast of Tabernacles in 5 BC and Jesus is a 6 month old infant, not a "Young Child"; 7 BC and Jesus is over 2 years old, and would have escaped Herod's Slaughter of Innocents". Jesus then returned to Nazareth from Egypt in order to fulfill prophecy (Mat 2:23). By the way, Mt Sinai is in Arabia (ref Gal 4) not Egypt; one cannot have an Exodus and remain in Egypt.
    Jesus was born 6 months after John the Baptist; John's father Zecharias was a Temple Priest in the 8th course "Abia" in May-June (Lk 1:5), as soon as his days of ministry were completed, his wife Elisabeth conceived (Lk 1:23-24) and hid herself 5 months until about November. In her 6th month of pregnancy (Lk 1:26) in December, Angel Gabriel announced to Joseph and Mary "The Lord is with thee" (Lk 1:28) and His name would be JESUS (Lk 1:31). Elizabeth heard the salutation and the babe lept in her womb (Lk 1:41). The time was "Feast of Dedication" aka "Festival of Lights" aka "Hanukkah" aka "Christmas" aka "Natalis Solis Invicti" aka "Saturnalia". Mary had become the New Covenant Temple.
   John was born 3 months later on Passover; Jesus was born 6 months later on Feast of Tabernacles when Caesar Augustus decreed the world should be taxed (Lk 2:1). Mary was great with child on arrival in Bethlehem (Lk 2:4); she delivered Jesus and laid him in a manger because there was no room at the inn (Lk 2:7). Why? Jews were celebrating Feast of Tabernacles (15-22 Tishrei). Shepherds were abiding in the field, tending their flock at night (Lk 2:8); obviously this is not possible in mid-winter with 6 month old lambs. 
   Jesus was born and circumcised 8 days later on the only 8 day Feast on God's calendar "Feast of Tabernacles" to begin the 8th Covenant between God and Man; the date was 22 Tishrei 6 BC, the 22nd day of the 7th month, when the Tree of Life became the "Ratio of Life" 22/7=Phi. Now, can you guess why Science would claim April 3, 33 AD when scripture clearly points to Feast of Tabernacles 6 BC? 
    Angel Gabriel sure gets around eh? Gabriel met Daniel near modern day Basra (Basra and Bozrah mean Edom's Sheepfold), meets Elisabeth and Zecharias in Jerusalem; meets Joseph and Mary in Bethlehem; meets the Prophet Muhammad to write the Quran near Mecca; NOT! Meets Joseph Smith at Hill Cumorrah to write the Book of Mormon; NOT! Gabriel met Daniel whose name means "God is my Judge" to inform him the during the last 2300 days, the world would see Daily Sacrifice, the transgression of desolation and the host trodden under foot (Dan 8:13-14) More specifically, this would include a war between a Mede-Persian Ram and a Grecian Rough Goat (Dan 8:20-21) and out of that war, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences shall stand up (Dan 8:23) who will cause craft (Witchcraft) to prosper, destroy many and stand up against the Prince of princes (Dan 8:25). He will then be broken without hand (Dan 8:25). "Broken" refers to Satan aka Devil being locked up 1000 years (Rev 20:2)
   2300 days is roughly the time between Feast of Tabernacles 6 BC to Passover 33 AD. BC "Before Christ" and AD "Anno Domini" (Year of our lord) obviously have nothing to do with Jesus Christ; they are part of the deception to make the world accept a false "Messiah". Is it also coincidence a leather bound parchment in Turkey was found, that Iran (Mede-Persian Ram) claims will bring Christianity to its knees? This Gnostic "Gospel of Barnabas", written in Syriac (Aramaic) claims Jesus was never crucified; that Allah is God and Muhammad is his prophet, and that Jesus prophesied the coming of Muhammad and the arrival in the last days of the 12th Imam known to "Twelver" Shias in Iran as "al-Mahdi". Don't be fooled folks, Jesus means exactly what He says in the Authorized Bible which is based on accepted Greek Masoretic Texts. If you want to be written in the Lamb's Book of Life, you need to let Him know before He rolls it as a scroll (Rev 6:14) and the Great Tribulation begins (Rev 8).
"Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide day from night: and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and for years" Gen 1:14 I won't go into detail here, my Science articles do that; suffice to say, scripture says Earth is Fixed ie not moving and stabilized on an immovable foundation. In other words, Gravity Theory and Heliocentric Theory are Lies. Earth was Created 3 days before the Firmament (Stars) was "Stretched" like a "Curtain" ie the "Universe" it is not expanding as Big Bang Theory claims. Space is "Nothing" ie a Vacuum, not made of Aether or Dark Matter; experiments done over 100 years ago such as the "Michelson-Morlley Experiment" proved this. Time is calculated by measuring the recurring positions of the Sun, Moon and Stars. Precession forms the basis of Astrology to keep track of longer cycles; if the Earth's had no precession, time would go on for eternity with no perceptible changes. Note: Precession is caused by Axis wobble and measuring the Equinox Surise against the backdrop of Fixed Stars in the "Zodiac".  Now, how can one change Time?
     Dan 2:21 states God changed times and seasons, as well as removing and setting up kings and providing knowledge to those with understanding.  God did this with the Flood; mountains were pushed up assymetrically, Earth's Axis tilted 230 and the Earth began to "Wobble"; Kings? Dan 4:27 states God sets up the basest (corrupt) of men. Why? He wants nothing more than for you to rely on Him. Dan 7:25 speaks of a 4th Beast who will "...think to change times and laws" for a period lasting a "time and times and the dividing of time" Ref Dan 7:25 The latter period of 360 days + 720 days + 180 days is the Great Tribulation obviously changed from a year of 365 days to one of 360 days. Who will think to do this? Antichrist "Alternative Messiah" aka Pale Horse rider "Death"; Hell follows him. Why 2012? The world is passing the Gate of Marduk "Babel". The final Bricks are being placed on the Tower of Babel.
   1st: Israel is not Jewish, much less "God Fearing"; Babylonians and their Chaldean Priests replaced the real Israel 2700 years ago (ref 2 Kings 17:30). Tel Aviv "Spring Hill or Mound" receives Iraqi "Babylon" oil from Baghdad; Jerusalem has the Al Aqsa Mosque where the Jebusite (Canaanite) "Thresing Floor" once stood to worship "El" aka Lucifer; Rabbis revere the Talmud Bavli "Babylonian Talmud"; the Israeli Defense Force "Sayeret Matkal" is called "Batallion 262" simply because Babel is mentioned 262 times in the Old Testament, and the flag of Israel is the Star of Moloch and Chiun (Amos 5:26); Arab and Rabbi both mean "My Master"; Kaballah and Kaaba both derive from "Enclosure"; is it any wonder why US Presidents from Truman to Obama have had a love affair with Arabs as well as Israel? Tel Aviv was named after "Telabib" in Ezekiel 3:15, one of the locations of Babylonian exile in Eastern Syria, a land controlled by Assryrians in the days of Sargon II. Jewish? NO! Not until Jesus makes it Jewish again. Babylonian? YES. Rev 17? NO. Rev 6? YES. "Yes We Can" means "Thank You Satan". The "Great Work" is making you believe Antichrist if Jesus Christ.
2nd: Jesus will return when Creation is 6000 years old simply because He promised He would (2 Pet 3:8).   Can we calculate 6000 years? Sargon "Legitimate King" ascended the world throne as a usurper in 2334BC. There are 1656 years Creation to Flood + 2012 AD; added=6002 years. Did we miss it? No, Jesus was born on 22 Tishrei, the 8th day of Feast of Tabernacles 6 BC; he was a "Young Child" of 1 1/2 years when the Magi informed Herod who died in the Spring of 4 BC.  Creation may very well be 5996 years old in 2012. Add 3 1/2 years (42 months of 30 days) in the Great Tribulation for a total of 6000 years. Batallion 262 is proof enough Israel is modern day Babylon, but how about B'Nai B'Rith (Covenant Men) "Cinema Unit 6000"? We know them as Hollywood as in "Holy Wood" from the Groves of Adonis. Ever wonder why the British and America are joined to Israel? British means B'Rith-ish "Covenant of Birth". Here is another way to calculate the age of Creation.
    Sargon took the throne of Assyria as the Vernal (Abib) Equinox sun rose in Aries; one precession cycle later (2160 years) the sun rose in Pisces (The Christian Fish Symbol is the Chaldean Labrys); 2160 years later it will rise in Aquarius. There are 1656 years listed from Creation to Flood for a total of 5776. 21 is the age of accountability and 3 1/2 years for Great Tribulation makes 6000. Remember that little incident 2160 years ago with Judah Macabbee cleansing the slaughtered pig from Zerubabbel's Temple on 25 Kislev "Hanukkah"? That didn't happenn by accident.
    Add to these the symbolic date on the Venus (Mayan/Lucifer) Calendar and the Chi-Rho (Royal Christ) symbol on Roman Catholic Cathedrals and 2012 is pretty unique. Now, how does Antichrist change Time?
    Brazilian Physicist Dr Fran de Aquino claims EM Scalar Radars like HAARP (Brazil has far larger ones than the HAARP array in Gakona AK) affect Weather and Geo-physical events like Earthquakes and Volcanic eruptions; I agree. He also claims EM energy in the ELF Radio Frequencies affects Gravity Waves, Space and Time; I disagree, and so does scripture. First, Nikola Tesla demonstrated an electric potential energy difference of 50 Volts/Ft; this has nothing to do with Gravity. Space is Nothing, it cannot bend, nor can Waves travel in Space. Time is measured by the Sun, Moon, Stars and their precession with respect to Earth; the only way to affect Time is to alter the Earth's rotation, and manipulating EM energy inside the earth may do exactly that. His name is a real crowd pleaser; the same last name as Church of Satan co-founder, Temple of Set founder and hidden NSA Chief Gen. Michael Aquino. Fran means "Frankish, Free or Non-Servile" Aquino means "Land under the Hill" referring to the Court of Nobles in Native Shaman mythology where non-human evolved spirits serve the Queen of the Underworld. Michael Aquino's name means "One who is like God" and "Under the Hill"; make sense why the NSA would build its largest spy facility in Zion, controlled by the Mormon Church with a possible Mormon President?  Natives in South America recognnized the "Cross" as the "Cross of Set" or "Seti" which is why SETI searches in vain for signs of aliens in the universe. Physics stems from Physic "Art of Healing, To Bring Forth or To Be"; To Be is the same as I Am. Making sense yet? Mitt Romney is a Melchisedek Priest, like "I Am", a title reserved exclusively for Jesus Christ.
   Gravity Waves and/or Gravitons "God Particles" are Rosicrucian nonsense designed to "honour the God of forces" Dan 11:38. His name is Lucifer aka the Beast rising from the Sea in Rev 13. Now can you see why the 2012 Solstice is Time to wake up folks! Jesus is waiting, but will not open the door; you have to do that before the Gate of Marduk (Babylon) comes up and Time runs out.  


"Eager Lion 2012" exercise begins in Jordan the last week of May, comensurate with the P-5 +1 meeting in Baghdad between US, Britain, France, Germany, China and Russia over Iran's nuclear ambitions. Eager Lion features 19 nations, notably excluding Israel, with 12,000 military personnel, mainly US soldiers and material.
     Congress is derived from Congredi "To meet for War"; On Thursday, the US House of Representatives voted to reject efforts to contain Iran; on Friday, they voted to allow the President to declare War on Iran should they "Threaten" the US or Israel with nuclear weapons, along with appropriating $642 Billion for Defense in FY 2013. "And the men of Babylon made Succoth-benoth, and the men of Cuth made Nergal..." 2 Kings 17:30 Nergal is the pagan god of War whose idol is a "Lion", sometimes Nergal can be a "Cock" in the form of Mars which is also the equivalent of the Greek god of war Ares. Mar's Hill "Areopagus" in Athens was where Paul found the altar "TO THE UNKNOWN GOD" Acts 17:23 Nergal, the Lion was that "UNKNOWN GOD" whom Athenians ignorantly worshipped. Ever wonder why the US renamed the Iraq (Babylon) War "Operation New Dawn" and a Mormon running for President? Hint: Cocks (Roosters) herald the Dawn (Eos, Venus, Lucifer). On every Mormon Temple is a gold statue of Moroni facing the Rising Sun, Lucifer in the East.
   Nergal was brought to Samaria from Cuthah in 722 BC by Sargon II to replace Israel; among other pagans, Cuthah and the "Cult of Nergal" (War) are still there. "Syria is confederate with Ephraim...And the head of Ephraim is Samaria...Manasseh, Ephraim; and Ephraim, Manasseh; and they together shall be against Judah" Is 7:2;9; 21 Recall the king of Assyria sent his military commander "Tartan" to make a treasonous pact with Ephraim, leading to the captivity of Israel; Mormons like Mitt Romney are taught they are the biblical house of Joseph ie Ephraim and Manasseh; a lie of course, but notice Israel is not among the 19 nations participating in "Eager Lion 2012" right on their own border. Why?
    King Abdullah II claims to be Hashemite, a descendant of Quyraish bedouins (Korahite Priests who usurped the authority of Moses and Aaron) of Mecca, who intermarried via Muhammad's daughter Fatimah with Edomites (House of Esau). Abd means "Servant"; Ullah is Allah the Assyrian moon god called "Sin". Now can you see why Daniel tells us "...these shall escape out of his (Antichrist) hand, even Edom, and Moab, and the chief of the children of Ammon." Dan 11:41 Where are they today? Jordan. Ever been to Moab, Utah? It's a virtual twin to Petra, Jordan where Edomites ambushed Israel in Moses' day. Note: Another King Abdulluh in Saudi Arabia will be sending troops to "Roaring Lion 2012"; he wrongly believes his is a descendant of Mordechai from the Book of Esther and Obama bowed in subservience to him in 2009. Interesting times eh?
    Nergal is variously represented as a god of War, Storms, Desert, Pestilence, Hunger, Fire/Heat, Scorched Earth, Disease, the King of Death, King of Bloodlust, Head of Hell's "Secret Police", Beelzebub's Chief Spy, King of Death and Lord of the Netherworld; he is associated with Shamash (Babylonian sun god currently occupying the center spot on the 9-branched version of the Hanukkah Menorah), the Noon-time "High Noon" Sun and Summer Solstice. Nergal is also represented by the planet Mercury aka Toth-Hermes whose "Emerald Tablet" proclaims the age old goal "As Above, So Below". Can you see why Brotherhood of Death initiates George Bush Sr and Jr gave endorsements to Mitt Romney? Nergal is essentially equivalent with Venus, Lucifer and the Scapegoat "Azazel" (ref Lev 16:8-10 and my website cover sheet); if the bible version you are using says "Azazel" rather than "Scapegoat' you need a KJV; Jesus is the "Scapegoat" and "Roaring Lion" of Judah.
   Jesus will take 2 "Sticks" to Judge Israel; one for Judah and one for Ephraim (ref Eze 37:16); become involved with this War and you will have made your choice for Ephraim; notice too that Ephraim is not included in the list of tribes of Israel saved in Rev 7 just ahead of the start of the Great Tribulation in Rev 8. Now, what is so special about May-June 2012?
    Venus "Light Bringer" transits the Sun twice in 8 years separated by breaks of 105 1/2 and 121 1/2 years in a repeating cycle. A 5 pt Star forms around the Sun in 8 years; 8/5= Phi, the Ratio of Life; the current 8 yr cycle ends on 6/6/12; not to be cagy here, but it may be High Noon at the OK (Hold up the OK sign with your left ie Sinister Hand and you will see the 6's for the number of Man) Corrall; last year Newsweekaka Daily Beast in Poland featured Nergal, the frontman for the band "Behemoth" on its cover; this year we have Obama wearing a Rainbow Halo on the cover of the Daily Beast during the G-8 Summit at Camp David (original name was Shangri La) and NATO Summit in Chicago, funny eh? You don't suppose the Bilderbergers realize "Eager Lion 2012" is coincident with their meeting? June 6, 1244, the Catholic Church condemned the Gnostic Cathars who were later rounded up and executed by fire? Luciferians took revenge on D-Day 1944 on Omaha, Sword, Juno and Utah beach. Let's hope the Lion doesn't get too Eager this Juno 6!
The Symbol of Gnostic Deification and Sainthood means "Threshing Floor"; the place where Wheat is separated from Tares; Dome of the Rock covers the biblical "Threshing Floor". A Threshing Floor is also a Place of Worship or Communion with a Deity; Jesus? Hardly, He is wherever you ask Him to be; your Prayer Closet for example; Why? He was Crucified, and His spirit departed from that Threshing Floor as did the Glory of the LORD in Eze 8. Newsweek aka Daily Beast will feature Barack Obama on the cover under a Rainbow colored Halo; the caption, "First Gay President". It is no coincidence this issue will be on newsstands during Feast of Weeks aka Pentecost.
   Obama is not the first "Gay" president; Washington, Jefferson, Van Buren, Arthur, Lincoln, Buchanan, LBJ, Eisenhower, JFK (hard to believe eh?), Clinton, Bush Jr and Obama have all been deemed "Gay" by various researchers; whether they were/are or not is immaterial. The bible uses the word "Sodomite" which is derived from CeDom "To Burn, Scorch or Lust", not Gay or LGBT; the prohibition is in Lev 18 and Rom 1 among others and homosexuality is only 1 component of what God refers to as an "Abomination". All the listed acts are forms of "Adultery".
    Rainbow is a division of light; Red refracts less than Blue, hence it appears on the outside of a Halo or Rainbow. Sunlight refracts about 420 in small spherical water drops of mist or rain such as the conditions on earth before the Flood. White light radially polarizes at the center and tangentially around the source to form the Bow or Halo. When viewed from above, a full circle Halo is visible with the person's head at the center, symbolized by the Point within a Circle aka Bull's Eye; recall the Apis
Bull represented the Word as does the Bee or Beehive; Zeus was also represented as a White Bull.
   In Kabbalah, the Rainbow symbolizes the ancient rite of Sacred Marriage or Divine Union with Lucifer. This hardly makes one a Deity, though Gnostics might disagree, as they believe the Serpent's lie "Ye shall be as gods".
   42 is an interesting number, representing 7 X 6 or Perfection (7) of Man (6) and the number of Weeks Antichrist rules the world in the Great Tribulation which is also the length of time Jesus conducted His ministry from 30 to 33 1/2; the age Jesus began His ministry 30X42=1260, the number of days. 4+2=6, the number of Man and 4X2=8 the number associated with Eternity, "As Above, So Below" or the 8th Covenant between God and Man "Age of Grace". The Masonic connotation is Man must progress from the Blue Lodge (Porch) to the Red Lodge (Esoteric) to become Illuminated (Made White). Biblically, Laban means "To make White" and "To make Bricks"; recall Laban chose Chaldean Magick and Jacob chose to wrestle with God, becoming the true "Israel".
    The Rainbow Coalition was formed by 330 Luciferian "Light Bearer" Prince Hall Freemason (recall Sarah Palin proclaimed April 14-17, 2007 "Prince Hall Mason Week" while Governor in honor of the Prince Hall Chapter of Eastern Stars), Reverend Jesse Jackson; the PUSH (People United to Save Humanity) coalition was formed by Lodge brother Reverend Ralph Abernathy; like other Prince Hall luminaries such as Obama and his Sodomite mentor Rev Jeremiah Wright or FOX News Rev Al Sharpton, they claim the title "Sovereign Worshipful Grand Master". Reverend appears once in scripture as a title of Jesus Christ; its meaning is "Worthy of Praise or Respect"; Sovereign means "No higher rank". Sovereign Masons don't respect or praise Jesus!
    The Rainbow Arch was called "Bifrost" by the Norse who believed it a Bridge to Heaven; it was also called the Devil's Bridge, equated with the River Styx. In Babylon, the Raiinbow was a harbinger of misfortune, wrath or terror. Masons represent Lucifer as the Rainbow; in the Rainbow Arch Degree, Masons learn God is really a combination of Jehovah, Baal and Osiris. NOT! Hindu priests call it the path from Lower Self to Higher Self; Buddhism claims it represents man's ultimate perfection, "Divinity". In Kundalini, the 7 Chakras are the 7 colors from Red to Blue, combined to form White as the Serpent Force travels up the 33 vertebra of one's spine to the "Temple of Wisdom". Other names for this type initiation are Great White Brotherhood or Order of Melchisedek (King of Salem ie the Threshing Floor). Now, why is Newsweek the Daily Beast?
   News means "New Things; Tidings"; Week means "Turning, Succession, In the course of, Give Away, Yield or Bend"; Zeus means Day; Beast means "absent moral or physical restraint, fool or idiot". Folks, I bring good tidings! You can yield, bend or take Communion with Lucifer and his Priests, or you can stand up and be counted among the followers of Jesus Christ, but you can't do both. The Wheat and Tares are being separated right now; by the way, Mitt Romney is a Melchisedek Priest, so this is not about voting.

Ides of May
aka Birth of Israel and the 1948 Arab-Israeli War aka Israeli War of Independence. As with WWI (eg 330 Mason Col. Edward Mandell House) and the Korean War (330 Mason Harry Truman), the Arab-Israeli War ended in "Armistice" meaning the "Temporary cessation of hostilities" would resume one day, so When? Sovereign Freemasons controlled both sides of the American Revolution, Civil War, WWI, Korea and the Arab-Israel dispute, so another question is who does Israel desire independence from? Hint: Israel means "One who wrestles with God".
     May Day is a synonym for "Emergency"; the May Pole a symbol of fertility. May is derived from Maeg "Am Able" or "Have Power"; Makhos "Instrument"; Maia as the "Wife of Vulcan" appears in the Masonic Quiz book "Who is Tubal-cain?" is answered by "Vulcan of the Canaanites". Maya is also called the "Consort of Vulcan"
     The Six Pointed Star of Astarte/Venus/Lucifer/Saturn between 2 Blue Stripes became the Ensign of Israel but the symbol is over 3000 years old, taking its place with the Cross of Tammuz or Ankh, Labrys symbol of Phoencian "Fisher Kings" as well as the Chi-Rho symbol found in Catholic Cathedrals and Crescent, the symbol of the Assyrian moon god "Sin".
   Moloch and the Phoenician version Melqart as Bull Idols were in Egypt called the "Apis Bull"; Apis means Word; in Chaldee "Dabar" also means Word and Bee, thus the Bull of Mt Sinai and Golden Bull of Wall St as well as the Beehive with its characteristic Hexagram enclosures housing Drones who willingly sacrifice themselves to serve and fertilize the Queen (Knight and Chilvary mean "In service to the Queen") became symbols of Luciferian Initiation. The chief priest of the Queen Bee at Ephesus (Temple of Artemis/Diana is replicated by the Supreme House of the Temple in Washington DC) "Essen" prayed every day to the Rising Sun at Dawn; now you know why the Iraq War is "Operation New Dawn".  Above the entrance of the Supreme House of the Temple is the phrase  "Freemasonry builds its Temples in the hearts of man and among nations"; the first King of Nations "Tidal" was Canaanite as well as the root of Lunar Tidal Forces. Maya as the mother of Zeus, Hermes and Buddha appears on the Library of Congress; Maya is also called the "Veil of Illusion" as in the illusion of "Gravity", invented by Sovereign Mason Isaac Newton now referred to as "God Particles". Another symbol of Israel is the Yarmulke, known for 3000 years as the "Cap of Cybele" where Cybele (Ka Baal) means House of Baal; Obelisk means "Baal's Shaft". The Cap of Cybele or Zuchetto separates Man from the Queen much as the Temple Veil separated Man from God; Jesus tore the Veil at the Crucifixion, so Israel replaced it.
   Theodr Herzl published the "The Jewish State" in 1896 declaring to the first Jewish Congress (Congress is derived from Congredi "To meet for War"; in the US, Congress meets in the Capitol Rotunda aka "Beehive") "We have no flag"; White came to symbolize "Purity" and Blue the "Vault of Heaven" or "Firmament" seen in the Sea and Atmosphere. Israel is an Illusion, the Laban means "To make White" and "To make Bricks"; he got that idea from Chaldean Priests, the story told in Gen 30-33. In 1871 Albert Pike said "You sovereign grand inspectors general of the 33rd degree may repeat to the brethren of 30-32 degree, the masonic religion must be maintained in the purity of Luciferian Doctrine. Yes Lucifer is God.."; an illusion as Jesus said "As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world". He was taken out of the world physically, Crucified by being nailed between 2 thieves on one Tree, forming another famous symbol of Israel called the "Menorah". Pike also declared World War III would pit Islam against political Zionism to the point of complete moral, physical and spirituyal exhaustion"; he said this before WWI, WWII and the birth of Israel; it's hard not to see the plan laid out in full view. 330 Mason David ben Gurion became the 1st Prime Minister of Israel; 330 Benjamin Netanyahu is #13; Jesus even helped out by describing the Sins of Sodom in Gen 13:13 and the Beast rising from the "Blue" Sea in Rev 13. Take note the Star of Molech is sitting in the path.
    The Israeli Flag aka "Colors of Judah" mimics the "Talit" Prayer Shawl; an illusion because Amos 7:2-3; 5-6 informs us, God did not raise Judah up; Why not? Amos 5:26 states the reason was the Tabernacle of Moloch and Chiun; Got it? The Hexagram, used in Witchcraft is the Tabernacle aka House or Enclosure of Lucifer which Masons build in the hearts of man and among nations.
   Blue is derived from "bleu" meaning Pale gray, blond and yellow and/or "bhel" meaning To Shine or Flash; same meaning as "Auserity" and Pale Horse, set to be realeased according to on 12/21/2012 aka Dies Natalis Solis Invicti. We are the riders of the Pale Horse, Death"-Barbara Marx Hubbard and yes Marx is named after Karl Marx, the Bolshevik mentor praised by none other than David ben Gurion. Natalis or Natus means "That which has been born"; Born Again Christian? No, Born Again Luciferian. 330 Mason L Frank Baum used the Yellow Brick Road to usher Dorothy (Doro=Door) to the Emerald City; 33 years ago the Iran "Green Revolution" began and in 2012, the "Greenback" will be broken exactly 700 years after executed Cathari predicted "the Laurel will grown green again" 70 years in advance of the Council of Vienne in 1312.
    Jesus said, never call any man "Rabbi" (Mat 23:8) The Babylonian Talmud, revered by Rabbis and Chadab (Chabad is the first 3 levels of Kaballah; similar to Masonry's "Blue Logde") Lubavitch says He is in hell boiling in excrement. God said never make a stone altar of cut stone (Ex 20:25) Israeli Judges rise 30 steps past cut stones on the left and rough stones on the right to the 3 upper levels. Why? 33 vertebra in the human spine support the Atlas (Atlantis) bone and the Temple of Wisdom "Skull"; Golgotha is called "Place of the Skull", the exact spot the Glory of the LORD departed in Eze 8 and the Holy Ghost departed from Jesus at the crucifixion Tree. Fortunately for Born Again Christians, the Holy Ghost was made available at Pentecost; 50 days after Easter? No, 50 days after Passover. When will the Holy Ghost depart? Rev 6:14, shortly after the Pale Horse is released. Time to wake up folks! Israel is not Jewish; neither is their Ensign or their Masonic leaders; collectively they are the Synagogue of Satan.

Mother's Day Christmas celebrates the birth of Natalis Solis Invicti; Easter the Immaculate Cconception of Ishtar with Sol; it's no surprise Mother's Day is not what it seems. Magna Mater Day in Phrygia (Turkey) was held in honor of Cybele; in Greece the day honored Rhea, in Egypt, Isis was worshipped as Divine Virgin Mother of God and Pharoah's, an incarnation of God. God's "Son" is of course Jesus Christ, also murdered during another spring celebration.
   Mothering Sunday was originally celebrated on the 4th Sunday of Lent (40 days Women wept for the pagan son Tammuz. Anglo-Saxons in Engliand celebrated Mary as Mother of God; after that, the day was extended to all Mothers. The Mother's Day Proclamation of 1870 by Julia Ward Howe was a protest to the needless slaughter of 700,000 of our Nation's "Sons" during the Civil War; often times brothers slaughtered each other after Abraham Lincoln set the stage and Masons Robert, Jesse and Frank James lit the fuse on cannons aimed at Ft Sumter. Julia Howe adapted the words and music to the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" from a previous campfire song "Canaan's Happy Shore". Canaan was conceived in by his father Ham in the tent of Noah ie with his father Ham's mother. This song was then adapted to "John Brown's Body" concerning slavery during the Civil War. No big surprise here; Freemason Francis Scott Key wrote the "Star Spangled Banner" watching bombs bursting in mid-air above Ft McHenry from a British troop ship; that song written to an Irish drinking song about a Greek philosopher "Anachreon in Heaven".
   Anna Marie Jarvis lobbied for Mother's Friendship Day after witnessing the carnage of the Civil War and Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871. In 1908, her daughter and Seminary grad (Chaplains are always on both sides of Wars, claiming God is with both; NOT!) Anna Jarvis took over the reigns from her mother, spearheading the first Mother's Day National Holiday on behalf of the YMCA. Woodrow Wilson proclaimed Mother's Day an official National Holiday set on the 2nd Sunday in May on May 9, 1914. Fresh off illegally creating the Federal Reserve, Wilson used the slogan "Re-elect the man who will keep your sons out of war in Europe" in 1916 to win re-election. A liar extraordinaire with no compunction about the intentional sinking of the Lusitania, America's "Sons" were soon given 3 doses of vaccinces at Ft Riley KS leading  to the "Spanish Flu" which killed an estimated 50-100 million "Sons" across Europe with 11 million more dead by lead poisoning from weapons supplied by rich elitists such as the DuPont family to both sides of the battlefield.
     So much for the history of Mother's Day and the lying bastards who keep our Mother's "Sons" dying from disease and needless wars of attrition. WWI ended in "Armistice" as did the Arab-Israeli War and Korean War; isn';t it conforting to know Mother's Day celebrations will go on until Jesus returns to put an end to the madness? "And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened" Mat 24:22 Thanks God for that!  "Honor thy mother" for sure, but keep in mind the origin of this Pagan Holy Day.

Cinco de Mayo: Spring Tide, Super Moon, Birth of the term "Latino" and the Birth of Communist father Karl Marx.
Tide means "Division, Point or Due Time; High or Spring Tide means High Day or Festival". Tidal was the Canaanite "King of Nations" interpreted as "King of Goyim"; Shabboz (Sabbath) Goyim are people whose profession is to serve Talmudic Rabbis in the vain effort to kill God and negate the Word of God, especially Christianity, the New Covenant and anything to do with Jesus Christ. Rabbis are not Jewish and neither were the Pharisees who first tried to kill God in Flesh!
  Cinco de Mayo has nothing to do with Mexican Independence, rather it commemorates Napoleon III's initial defeat at the Battle of Puebla. Napoleon III first brought the term "Latino" (Latins were one of the confederacy of pagan tribes that founded Rome) to Mexico. There is more to Cinco de Mayo than meets the eye as it is also the birthdate of High Priest of Satan, Freemason, Karl Marx aka Karl Moses Mordecai Levi Marx, the arch enemy of Christianity.
    Why Puebla? Puebla is the location of the Popocateptl "Smoking Mountain" Volcano, under whose shadow 30 million people live; it was once the inland empire of Tenochtitlan and the scene of unbridled Aztec sacrifices to the sun god. Soon it will be the location of the 2012 Solstice sunrise which stone monuments all over the world were built to calculate; Why? Read 2 Pet 3:8; Satanists know exactly when Jesus will return; why don't you?
    The Sun will pierce the X (Chi=Christ) formed by the Zodiac and Galactic Disc, recorded on the falsely called Mayan Calendar; it's a Venus/Lucifer Calendar and Mayans had nothing to do with it. Assyrians venerated the Moon as "Sin"; May 5, 2012 is unique in that the Full Moon "Sin" occurs within 1 minute of Lunar Apogee (Closest position to Earth). Isaac Newton's "Gravity Theory" proposes the Force of Lunar Gravity causes Spring Tides; he lied. Newton after whom units of Force are named was a 330 Luciferianie Venus Freemason (Lucifer=Venus "Light Bearer"); a Rosicrucian Shabboz Goy far more adept at the architecture of re-making Solomon's Temple than his unproven Force Theories. How does God keep "Time"?
   The Solar Cycle of Venus compared to Earth is 584/365 or 8/5=Phi "Ratio of Life"; the Rosicrucian symbol is a Cross and 5 Petal Rose surmounted by an 8 petal Star of Isis (Easter). Lucifer/Venus Bears ie Gives birth to the Sun on "Dies Natalis Solis Invicti" aka Christmas Day. May 5th is the 5th day of the Gregorian 5th month; 8 months later is Jan 5 known in Orthodox and many other (Ortho means Having the correct interpretation) churches as Feast of the Epiphany. Folks, the Nativity of Sol Invictus (Christmas) has nothing to do with Jesus Christ; the Magi arrived when Jesus was a "Young Child", not lying in a manger in Bethlehem in winter. God Created Animals (Rabbis equate Goyim with Animals) on Day 5 and Man on Day 6. Adam is of the same root as Edom and Red as in Rosicrucian; Edom is the title God gave to Esau after selling his Birthright. Make Sense yet? Read Gen 27:40KJV Esau obtains Dominion! Not Jacob!  Esau's goal is to kill Jacob's God which is why God hates Esau (Rom 9:13) Herod was an Edomite, remember? Esau married Canaanite women, remember?
    God Created the Sun, Moon and Stars for telling Signs, Seasons, Days and Years on Day 4. Tides are part of those "Signs". Psalm 93 "...the world also is stablished, that it cannot be moved." Earth is not moving! The Michelson-Morley experiment, Michelson-Gale-Sagnac experiment, George Airy experiments all proved Earth is fixed in space. Newton's "Gravity Theory" is simply a follow up lie to support "Heliocentric Theory" put forth by Rosicrucian/Astrologer/Alchemist Nicolas (Nico means To Conquer ie St Nick replacing Jesus Christ) Copernicus; he lied too. The Sun became accepted as the center of the Solar System by repeating this lie in Universities; Gravity was later introduced as the cause of "Order"; Chaos or Cronus (source of Chronometer) came to be called "Time", which was used to tell Seasons, Days and Years "Order out of Chaos". Einstein came along later to bend Space-Time with Relativity Theory; he lied too. God says Space is "Nothing" just as experiments have shown and folks, you cannot bend or send a "Wave" through "Nothing".  Gravity was then identified as the cause of "Signs" such as "Tides" by Charles Darwin's son Sir George Darwin (Lunar Tidal Friction) or other "Signs" such as "Earthquakes" or "Volcanic Eruptions". Now can you see why Daniel refers to Antichrist as the "god of forces" in Dan 11:38? All this is an Alternative to God and His Word. Nobody is "Forcing" anything on us; believe God's Word, or believe Looney Theories of Rosicrucians like Copernicus (Heliocentric Theory), Kepler (Gravity based Orbital Theory), Newton (Gravity Theory), Niels Bohr (4 Force Atomic Theory), Georges LeMaitre or Edwin Hubble (Expanding Universe Theory), Erasmus, Charles, or Sir George Darwin (Evolution Theory), Einstein (Relativity Theories) or Hawking (Dark matter/String Theory). My son took a golf ball and string into his 8th grade Earth Science class and disproved Gravity, Special and General Relativity Theories; you can too!
    Cinco de Mayo: A celebration of Mexican Independence? No. Battle of Puebla? Not likely. How about the birthday of High Priest of Satan, Karl Moses Mordecai Levi aka Karl Marx on May 5th 1818? Enough "Jewish" names there to choke a Pale Horse but he was no more Jewish than his Kabbalist Rabbi ancestors on both his father and mother's side who also pretended to be Jewish when not convenient to pretend to be Protestant; Why? Saba means "Sunrise" ie Lucifer; Sabaeans of Haran have "Converted" into every religion on Earth.
  "Marx will surely chase God from His heaven and will even sue Him"-Moses Hess Can you see why Jesus said "Woe unto you Lawyers?" "God is dead, and will remain dead...we have killed him with our science" Frederich Nietzsche Can you see why Paul warned Timothy about "Vain Babblings" called Science? (1 Tim 6:20)  Marx said this of Charles Darwin "You have given me the basis for my system" What system? Communism which has claimed the lives of 200 million people regarded as nothing more than animals.
    Now, why was Cinco de Mayo 1818 birth of a Prussian/Amsterdam family of Talmudic Rabbis regarded as a special day? 8/5=Golden Mean 8X5=40; another way of writing 58. 58-18=40. 1818 may have caught someone's attention. 40 is the number associated with Moses on Mt Sinai, the spies of Canaan, Elijah on Mt Horeb, Jonah's warning to Nineveh, Ezekiel laying on his side and temptation of Jesus. 5+8=13 the number associated with rebellion and Cain's descendants and the judgment of Sodom in Gen 13:13. Kabbalist Moses Hess inducted young Karl Marx into the "League of the Just" and the Dialectic (Thesis + Anti-thesis=Synthesis) philosophy of Georg Hegel when he was 23 years old, perhaps because they also knew Cinco de Mayo 2012 not only lines up with the Mayan Calendar 2012 Solstice, but would be a Full Moon at Lunar Perigee once that year. Bad Moon Rising? We'll see, but this is quite a coincidence and 30 million people can see the 18,000ft mountain is indeed smoking.
Assyria refers to the Land of Assyria; the land East of Eden; Assyria means Pertaining to Assyria and it's national god Asshur, a title derived from the Assyrian word for Prince "Sar" and it's "Legitimate Kings" Sargon the Great (ca 2300BC) and Sargon II (ca 722BC), both periods of Assyrian captivity; 2012 is the 3rd period of Assyrian captivity.
   1 River fed the Garden of Eden; from there it divided into 4 Rivers: Pison, Gihon, Hiddekel and Euphrates. The Hiddekel, translated as Tigris flowed east of Assyria. After Cain killed Abel and lied to God about his knowledge of the art of killing, he was banished to Nod “Wandering” as a Vagabond, east of Eden ie to Assyria, the land of the “Rising Sun”. How many of today's "Religions" are of Assyrian origin? All of them. They all deny the active influence of God through the Holy Ghost and therefore everyone in them, willingly or not, commits the only "Unforgivable Sin". 

      Monophysite is derived from Mono: Alone, Single and Physis: Nature. The Assyrian Church is Monophysite, the doctrine denying God’s influence in the affairs of Man and acknowledging only one nature of Jesus Christ. From this foundation, the Chaldean Church changes the Word of God, delivered to Man through the Holy Ghost. Examples are the Syriac Peshitta, Vaticinus and all new bible versions based on BF Westcott and FJA Hort’s rendering of Greek texts from Alexandrian manuscripts 130 years ago; it is no coincidence Cain's offspring had a 130 year reign before Seth was born either.
   The NIV, for example, omits 1 John 5:7 because it is Monophysite; in other words, Jesus cannot be One with the Father, Word and Holy Ghost. In this view, the Crucifixion ridded the world of the Holy Ghost and Monophysite religion took over, notably in the form of the Catholic Church under Constantine. The Commandment “Thou shalt not kill” is changed to “Thou shalt not murder” because killing for any reason places a person in transgression of the Law as James 2:11 states plainly. Denying Jesus is the sole mediator between God the Father and Man makes this error possible.                                                                 .

      Religion and Salvation based on the Rising Sun is Chaldean aka Assyrian or Luciferian. Names include, "Chaldean Church of the East"; "Chaldean Orthodox Church"; "Chaldean Catholic (Catholic means Universal) Church"; they are all Assyrian, but there are more.
    Hidden terms are "Jacobites" prominent in Syria and Scotland or in America going by the term "Presbyterian". Kirkin O' Tartan for example, is an annual Presbyterian celebration of Assyrian captivity and Israel's treasonous pact with "Tartan" the Assyrian Army Commander. John Knox, father of the Scottish Presbyterian Church was a disciple of John Calvin, whose TULIP (Total Depravity, Un-conditional Election, Limited Atonement, Irresistible Grace and Pre-destination) are all Assyrian based lies; if one is to be a Christian "Crusader", it pays to be pre-ordained for Heaven eh? Nice thought but a lie nonetheless.
   Orthodox Judaism uses an 8 or 9 branched Menorah with the Assyrian sun-god "Shamash" as the center candle to commemorate the cleansing of the 2nd Temple on 25 Kislev by Judah Maccabee; Jewish? No, Assyrian.
   Christians flock to Church on Easter, the name of the Chaldean “Ishtar” and Christmas to witness the birth of the Savior. Jesus Christ? No, the Assyrian “Solis Invictus”. Terms like Easter, Dawn, Vesper, Phosphorus and Lucifer are also Assyrian. Renaissance, Enlightenment and Illuminism are also Assyrian concepts, but so is the Sunni Baathist Party of Saddam Hussein and Syria’s Bashar al-Assad and the Italian Renaissance of Black Nobility. Sunni Baathists originated as Mono-physite Alawites. Maronite "Christians", prevalent in Syria and Lebanon are also Monophysite; again, these are of Assyrian origin.
    The Chi-Rho symbol is the Crowned Solar Messiah; this symbol not only points to the 2012 Solstice, but found a name in Cairo. Gypsies did not originate in Egypt, Greeks simply called the land and people worshiping Pharaoh as an incarnation of the sun and Priests of Heliopolis “On” by the name Aegyptus or “Land of Gypsies”. The modern version in Egypt is Coptic, a Greek rendering of "Gyptios" which means "native Monophysite Christian of Egypt. Sorry folks, there are no Monophysite Christians; only Born Again Christians of the Holy Spirit.

     Orthodox means “Of the right or correct opinion”; derived from Ortho: Right, Straight, True; Dokein: To Seem and Dek: To accept.  Orthodox Judaism is a mix of Kaballah, and Talmudic philosophy enforced by the Sanhedrin. Same Sanhedrin that ordered the Crucifixion of the only true Jew I know of, Jesus Christ. The banner of Moloch (Six Pointed Star) over Israel is the Assyrian banner of Marduk (Molech); all totaled, these have nothing in common with Old Testament Judaism based on the 10 Commandments and the Levitical Priesthood. Hard to imagine how this “Seems Right” within religions such as Syrian Orthodox, Armenian, Coptic or Jacobite Churches isn't it.
    Assyrian religion is the system Cain designed to return to the Garden of Eden; it may "Seem Right", but it is not. Folks, it's time to wake up and ask Jesus Christ for the Holy Ghost. There is only 1 way back and it is passed Jesus Christ.  

Habeas Corpus: "You have the Body" is the "Great Writ", a guarantee of appearance before an authorized Judge and Court compelling charges to be levied and the defendant to answer to those charges; it is not the right to a fair trial; it serves as the basis for a fair trial. Distractions like Trayyvon Martin and the Secret Service Prostitute scandal are smokescreens for the real attack on Habeas Corpus.
    UN Agenda-21 is the overall framework for laying claim to all "Earth" resources including human (recall Adam was made from the Earth); US Sovereignty and the Constitution must end for Agenda 21 to become inforceable; all members of the US Congress are by definition "Traitors" and they all know it. MAP-21, NDAA-2012, Executive Orders, Particularly #10995-11005, and the Enemy Expatriation Act will all become enforceable if Habeas Corpus is subverted. Congress has illegally given the military the ability to violate Posse Commitatus Act (prevents the military to be used against its own citizens; Bill Clinton, Janet Reno and Gen Wes Clark were the first to violate the provision on April 19 "Cerealia" 1993 at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco), arrest, incarcerate, extradite to foreign nations, torture and likely soon, withhold passports and strip citizenship from US citizens. This is nothing new.
    Habeas Corpus would have protected Jesus Christ; Pilate washed his hands of the matter; Herod would not rule on the matter and the full Sanhedrin was never convened to rule on charges of blasphemy; they hung an innocent man.
    Habeas Corpus only extends to lawful US Citizens; HR 4388 is being heralded as protection against NDAA-2012 but is in fact the enabler of the treasonous defense bill. HR4388 does not stop the military from being used to lock up US citizens without charge or guarantee an appearance in court. HR 4388 and the "No-Fly List" revokes Passports and the "Right to Bear Arms" and does not include US citizens in foreign nations such as the Arms of our Military; Why? Consider that Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld and FBI Director Robert Mueller stated several times "We have never made the case or proven Osama bin Laden was involved with 9/11/2001...he has never appeared on the FBI Most Wanted list in connection with 9/11....Saddam Hussein has never been proven to have had WMD's, involvement with Osama bin Laden or 9/11/2001" (paraphrased). Exactly what are 150,000 US troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan for? Will the world consider them US citizens on a valid mission if the US Congress does not consider them US Citizens entitled to Habeas Corpus? This is nothing new.
    When internment without charge or trial is allowed by law, Habeas Corpus does not apply. FDR issued and Executive Order incarcerating 120,000 Japanese, many of whom were US Citizens after his well orchestrated false flag "Pearl Harbor"; no Charges, no Judge, no Trial; FDR was a Freemason and a Traitor. Rosicrucian leader and likely Sodomite, Abraham Lincoln blocked Confederate Ports on April 19, 1861 "Ceralia" in retaliation to outlaw Freemasons Larry, Jesse and Frank James firing on Ft Sumter to start the Civil War; a well planned, orchestrated, needless slaughter. Why?
   "Earth Dwellers" believe Earth's resources including Man and Woman made from Man are the property of the Earth and subject to the Laws of Man such as the early post -flood Code of Naram-Sin, Code of Lipit-Ishtar, Code of Hamurabi and later, Magna Carta, Sharia Law, and Noahide Law. Christians, "Born Again" of the Holy Ghost accept the Blood of Jesus Christ as Atonement of Sin and live under the Law of God "Love God" and "Love your Neighbor"; Earth Dwellers are described after Rev 6:14 when Heaven is "Rolled as a scroll when it is rolled together". Soldiers on any side of combat have been tricked into forgoing God's Laws and are subject to the Laws of Man. Good news! You can change that with one prayer of repentance to Jesus Christ through the Holy Ghost, the 2 parts of the Trinity, denied by Earth Dwellers.
    On Weed Day 4/20/2009 Deepwater Horizon was set ablaze; on Earth Day, April 22, 2009 Deepwater Horizon was scuttled; spectacular, but the real action was 1 mile below as Corexit and Oil laced the Gulf of Mexico with carcinogenic, oxygen depriving chemicals in the "Place where Ocean Currents Coverge" (Mexico); 9 months in the "Womb" from now the "Golden Age" will likely be Inaugurated on Jan 20, 2013. It's time to choose whether you want to be an Earth Dweller, free of God and His Laws or a Born Again servant of Jesus Christ. Gaia is likely going to be suffering some Birth Pains this year.
Map 21
"Fluttering banner of the Universe or World" is of Punic ie Phoenician origin. MAP-21 "Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st century" is pending legislation introduced by Sen Barbara Boxer dealing with annual funding for transportation. No big deal except this year the bill includes a provision for the IRS to withhold Passports of persons who owe more than $50,000. Ever wonder why Student Loans remain enforceable even in Bankruptcy? Young people rarely have sufficient assets to pay the loans. Don't have student loans? Don't owe Federal or State Taxes totalling $50,000? No problem. Wrong.
   The Federal Government owes $15.5T to Foreign Bankers; 300Million American Citizens each owe $51,600. Not our problem? Wrong. The Capitalized "NAME" used on Passports, Social Security Cards and Driver's Licenses make you liable for those debts. Wonder why wealthy elite are smiling? They can pay the tab; most of the rest of us, especially those of us with families can't. Imagine not being able to travel abroad, travel on US roads and have no access to Social Security or Medicare. Is your pension guaranteed by PBGC (Pension Benefit Guarantee Corp.) like mine? Good luck with that. Are you getting the picture yet? This is a patient, well planned, cooridinated attack, and 2012 seems to be the year of fruition.
    NDAA 2012 is the annual defense authorization; nothing strange except that this year, the bill included provisions for the military to arrest and indefinitely detain US Citizens without due process for any National Emergency; I live in Utah and this week, the largest Emergency Drills in history are ongoing; just coincidence?
   NDAA 2012 also has legislation proposed by dual Israeli citizens Carl Leviin and Joe Lieberman (no they are not Jewish) and ex-Calvin Klein underwear model Scott Brown called the "Enemy Expatriation Act"; this treason allows the US Government to strip citizenship of persons accused or suspected of supporting hostilities against the US. How's that for Vague. Traitors to the US, but loyal servants to whom?
    Agenda 21 is a United Nations agreement to turn over control of all natural resources including people to the UN under the guise of "Sustainability". How does the US "Sustain" its burden? Slavery. Every child born in the US, innocent of this world debt may now be held responsible. "One Nation Under God"? Wrong God folks! Time to choose the right one. 
    "A man's foes shall be they of his own household"-Jesus Christ

was actually Olympic, one of 3 White Star Lines ships owned by JP Morgan. Titans were the pre-flood gods led by Cronus; Atlas and Promethius are favorites of the Rockefellers. Jesus warned our enemies were in our own household (Mat 10:36); Cronus devoured his own children, generating the very prevalent post flood habit of human sacrifice (Babylon means Gate of Marduk/Molech) Olympians were the 12 post flood gods led by Zeus-Jupiter; you can see Cronus and Zeus play this ritual out in the new movie Wrath of the Titans. The 3rd ship Britannic was named after B'Rtith for "Covenant Men". Covenant with whom? Constantine and the 2012 Solstice crowning of the Assyrian sun-god, going by several dozen names notably Shamash who curently occupies the center position on the Hanukkah Menorah.
    The transition from moving a Tiller to turning a Wheel was confusing because Captain's orders were backwards; HMS Hawke starboarded its tiller, instead of the wheel, hitting the Olympic near Southhampton England on the starboard side. This wrecked Olympic's starboard engine, center engine and likely bent the keel. The Naval Board of Inquiry exhonerated the crew of the HMS Hawke making JP Morgan's insurance claim dubious at best. 2 months of repairs later, Titanic left the Belfast shipyard as Olympic for a successful 25 year carreer while Olympic was readied for the April 10 fake "Maiden Voyage", and was set up to be scuttled as Titanic on the Assyrian "Gayyasa" aka "Dawn". Lusitania would suffer a similar fate in the failed atttempt to goad the US into WWI.
     JP Morgan also owned the Californian, which set out for the rendevous on April 14 with another "Mystery Ship" which was apparently and unintentionally rammed by the Olympic wearing the Titanic name in the flat calm night because its lights were turned off; a large hole in the starboard bow and a "Shudder" as steel plates were ripped at the seams was felt as the Olympic (fake Titanic) sped away to avoid the hoax being revealed. Distress rockets fired by Olympic (fake Titanic) were not seen by the Californian while rockets fired by the "Mystery Ship" were. Rescue was a long way off.
    You can see the Tiller/Wheel confusion played out in Jim Cameron's Titanic movie and new money fleecing 3-D version; not sure about the mini-series, it's hard for me to watch this nonesense. The orders given are correct for a Tiller controlled ship, but as EJ Smith arrives on the bridge he is told of the attempt to "Port Round" the iceberg; they were hit on the starboard side so this is wrong.
    Cameron received his 330 Freemason title "Sovereign Worshipful Grand Master" for making the Titanic story believable; the proceeds finance Talmudic fake Jew Simcha Jacobovici and his attempts to make people believe Jesus and His family were buried and he has found the bones. Cameron's Avatar centers on the Assyrian veneration of the World Tree which occultists plan to unveil on 12/21/2012.  The 100th anniversary of JP Morgan's mass murder coincides with the 8th day of Passover; Talmudic Rabbis borrowed the day from Tabernacles, Jesus' real birthday. Aren't they clever? NOT.  
Burden, Assess, Evaluate, Censure, Touch, Place Strain upon, Reprove. The Assyrian New Year begins April Fool's Day, celebrating victory of Marduk, making April 15th the Assyrian equivalent of "Unleavened Bread" aka Federal Income Tax Day. The Assyrian-Chaldean Holy Day "Gayyasa" means "Hurry the Morning"  aka "Dawn". April 15 is the Assyrian "New Sunday" celebrating one of the thieves crucified with Jesus; not likely the one on His right hand. Marduk is the same as Ilu, Akkadian "Lord", Babylon is Bab=Gate of Ilu, known in Phoenicia as El, hence Babel; known in Egypt as On "Osiris" hence "Babylon". It is not coincidence the Iraq (Babylon) War is now called Operation New Dawn. The original 12 day Assyrian-Babylonian New Year festival was called "Akitu". The intent is not to Burden you with details but to show you why this Tax year will be unique. First, reference the dozen reasons listed in the introduction paragraph Why 2012?
     How long shall be the vision concerning the daily sacrifice, and the transgression of desolation, to give both the sanctuary and the host to be trodden under foot? And he said unto me, Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed." Dan 8:14
    2300 days breaks down to 1040 days + 1260 days of Great Tribulation; Why? The 1260 day Great Tribulation ends with the 2nd Coming. Jesus returns with "His eyes were as a flame of fire" Rev 19:12 Why? To Cleanse the Sanctuary aka 3rd Temple of Jerusalem in which the Abomination of Desolation will be erected and the Alternative Messiah will be seated. On What? Throne of Zeus (Pergamos was the original location of Satan's Seat ref Rev 2:13). Currently, this throne is in the Berlin Museum.
   America was designed by Masons, Deists (Monotheists who reject Jesus as God in Flesh and the Holy Ghost) and Rosicrucians to serve as a Scapegoat for Babylon (Rev 18), in order that Marduk, El On, Allah, Buddha, al-Mahdi, Krishna, Maitreya etc can "Rise" . It is no coincidence, the Internal Revenue Service burdens, evaluates, censures, touches, place strains upon and even reproves US citizens via the Form 1040. Am I advocating no paying taxes? Jesus said "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's"; give Caesar the Fiat Currency and give Jesus your real treasure.
    Similarly, the Roman Catholic Church was set up by Gnostic Nicolaitanes (Nico=Conquer; Laity) in order that the office of Pope replace Jesus as Priest of the Most High. The Mormon Church assumes Jesus' Melchisedek Priesthood in similar fashion. The Roman Caholic church will be the Scapegoat for 'MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT..."in Rev 17. Take note Rev 16 "7 Vials of God's Wrath" precedes these events; Gnostics are attempting to fake these during the 1040 days of White, Red and Black Horses, released prior to the Pale Horse "Death". It is not coincidence the #112th Congress and 112th Pope from Celestine V according to the Prophecy (Plan) of St Malachy (a Gnostic) may see Rome burn. Why else would a Goldman Sachs banker, Mario Draghi be placed in charge of Italy now? Now return to Dan 11
     "But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces..." Dan 11:38 It is no coincidence scientists at the CERN Large Hadron Collider state "2012 will definitely be the year we will have proof of the "God Particle". The God Particle is also called the Graviton, the mysterious source of Newton's Force of Gravity. Gnostics posing as Scientists claim Gravity orders the Universe that we may tell time and seasons (ref Gen 1:14); in mythology Chronos tells time, sacrifices and eats his own offspring; this the very definition of Christmas; the Sacrifice and consumption of the suitable host. What host? The Body given its Mass by the Graviton "God Particle". Folks, is this not the "god of forces" spoken of by Daniel?
    Tax assessment/reproof comes in the form of an Audit; can you now see why this "god of forces" has "power over the treasures of gold and silver..."? Dan  11:43 and why the US has allowed its gold reserves to be used to pay for wars?
     "And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up,