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     DDT has before and could again safely control the Mosquito, the "Most Dangerous Animal on Earth", but that's not part of the plan. Zika means "Overgrown" referring to World Population. Vaccine anyone?  
Aedes Aegypti Mosquito is Ft Detrick's "Golden Child" they become fertile and grow to maturity in the ABSENCE of Oxytetracycline; the world's most deadly Bio-weapon has a man-made On-Off Switch
     DEET + Organophosphorus=Confusion, Memory Loss, Weakness and loss of Cognitive Functions. OP's are ubiquitous in the Food Supply, used as insecticides and herbicides. Fluoride is also nearly ubiquitous in Water Supplies. Fluoride, DEET (hyped to protect against Mosquitos, replacing safe and effective DDT), a deadly Binary Chemical Weapon with a Terta-cycline "On-Off Switch", deployed on Citizens resluts. 
      WHO and CDC Hype: 2009 Swine Flu; 2012 Wild Polio; 2014 Ebola Hoax; 2016 Zika. Why? Vacccination. Why 2016? United Nations Year of Pulses (Tares, Slips) to be eliminated from the Gene Pool. 2017: Year of Sustainability ie Population Reduction
       April 1, 2017 NIH began Phase 2 Zika Vaccine Trials in South-Cent America-Mexico-US. 
       With all eyes on BREXIT Congress alllocated $1.1B; World Bank put in $150M to fight their own created Zika Virus, which doesn't kill or cause Microcephaly. 
Microcephaly is caused by Pyrophroxyfen Larvicide intentionally put in drinking water, 
an intentional malnutrition program; a joint Brazil-US project the United Nations is well aware of.
     Z Magazine aka Z Media, Z Communications or Z Net has documented Microcephaly in Brazil since 1993. The plan is for UN Military Troops with WHO and CDC mandated Vaccines and Trans-genic Mosquitoes to spread Pestilence, Jesus warned of in Mat 24:7. Zika is about International Troops, Private Property Violations, WHO and CDC mandated Vaccines, Mosquito Abatement and forced Quarantine.  Why?
     The latest X-Files features a DNA Editing program for population reduction called the "Spartan Virus" created using CRISPR, ongoing since 2012; fancy that, CRISPR (DNA editing) and "Gene Drive" (DNA edit reproduction) can be used to create designer organisms or to destroy a species. Bill Gates funded Oxitec Corp created designer Mosquitoes in 2011; Moscamed Corp scaled up Mosquito production in Brazil, July 2012.  
       Zika causes nothing more severe than Cold symptoms; Naled Insecticide being sprayed in Miami for Zika GM Aides Aegypti Mosquito abatement causes nausea, dizziness, confusion, respiratory paralysis and leaves behind cancer causing Dichlorvos, toxic unless washed immediately off skin. Think the FDA/EPA are protecting us?

April 1, 2017 NIH began Phase 2 Zika Vaccine Trials in South-Cent America-Mexico-US. NIH Anthony Fauci (Fauci means Sickle ie Saturn's Scythe) is Jesuit educated/handled.
Aug 21, 2016 Fla Gov Rick Scott and Ann Scott
, recommended by the Temple of Satan own Mosquito Control Services LLC profitting from $26M tax payers put in towards Zika Mosquito abatement using DEET; How's that for corruption?
Aug 5, 2016 Rio Olympics under the Idol of the Antichrist where Aedes Aegypti Mosquitoes were bred to carry Zika "Ground Zero"      
July 4, 2016 1 Million people will crowd the Capitol Mall and Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool on Independence Day.
Reminiscient of the 1 M people attending Obama's Inauguration using the Lincoln Bible, held by 1st cross dresser Michael Robinson (Michelle Obama) for the 1st ever Oath of Office which failed to have the President "Swear to defend the Constitution". Aedes Aegypti and Asian Tiger Mosquitoes, likely delivered by Oxitec in DC 5 years ago; the 5th Generation Zika, Malaria, Dengue Fever carrying Aedes Aegypti Mosquitoes survived their 5th winter in Washington DC. 1 Million people in DC followed by the Rio Olympics where the Zika Hoax originated. 
     June 23, 2016 Congress sets aside $1.1B for Zika All eyes were on BREXIT
     May 25, 2016 "600+ asymptomatic cases of Zika entered the US" Bull Shit.
If Asymptomatic how were they tested for Zika? Vaccine anyone? Zika won't kill you or cause your baby to develop Microcephaly but the Vaccine wiil.
     May 18, 2016 WHO Report "Zika spreading rapidly in Ontario, FL, NY, Europe...Microcephaly cases soar"
Zika carrying Oxitec Trans-genic Mosquitoes are being sprayed there. Zika doesn't cause Microcephaly, malnutrition does; the Vaccine will however kill you.
    May 11, 2016
CIA asset Michel Temer becomes acting Brazil President, just in time for the Rio Olympics; Dilma Rousseff indicted on corruption charges faces impeachment; Temer has an approval rating of 1%     
     Feb 24, 2016 Dr Robert Califf was confirmed by the US Senate Feb as FDA Commisioner the same day the House of Representatives held an Emergency Mtg on the Zika Virus. Coincidence? 
 Califf is a paid shill of most every Pharmaceutical Corp  including Merck, Eli Lilly, Sanofi-Aventis, Astra Zeneca, Bristol Meyers, Amgen, Johnson and Johnson, Portola, Proventys, GlaxoSmithKline, Bayer AG etc. The House of Representatives will approve Califf in days.
      Moscamed and Oxitec began releasingTransgenic Aedes Aegypti Mosquitoes via Drone in Florida in March 2016. Zika cases began rising.
     China plans to release Walbochia Virus infected Aedes Aegypti Mosquitoes in Mar 2016; the most prolific bacteria infection in the Biosphere is killed with Tetracycline, the On-Off switch used in Oxitec manufactured Mosquitoes. 
    US House of Rep held an emergency meeting concerning the Zika Virus with NIH Director Anthony Fauci Feb 24 and Florida Surgeon General John Armstrong (Oxitec plans release of Transgenic Mosquitoes in Florida March 2016). So, the Global Elite, (1992 Rio Earth Summit) have expressed their desire to reduce world population by 93% tells our elected representatives releasing Transgenic Mosquitoes in Florida without the consent of the Citizens is a good idea?
     Let's say you have "Royal Blood" ie Rh- (Rhesus Factor has nothing to do with Rhesus Monkeys but Royals tend to believe the Evolution-Neandertal-Cro-Magnon, Nephilim garbage) aka Blue Blood (Tuatha de Danaan "Offspring of Anu/Zeus" may ring a Baal) and want to wipe out others less Noble or Pure Blood people; enter CRISPR and Gene Drive     
       AMINO Corp offers DNA editing kits for $700. Rockefeller Corp sells Simian Blood containing Zika Virus for $430. Amino (Amino Acids=Protein Building Blocks) is derived from Ammon (Egyptian Amun); Ammonites, Edomites and Moabites escape the hand of Antichrist (Alternative Messiah) during the Great Tribulation Ref Dan 11:41. Jupiter-Ammon, Ammon-Ra and the Ammonite Star god Milcom (Six Pointed Star of Israel; Ref 1 Kings 11:33) may ring a Baal. The cross-dressing female Pharaoh Hatshepsut claimed it was Amun in the guise of her father that impregnated her mother Nefertari. Hatshepsut (likely Moses' adoptive mother)means "Foremost of Noble Women". So what is the Noble Caste? Cainites aka "First Race" who created the "Giants" (Nephilim/Alien DNA is a lie) in Gen 6 and Canaanites who continued the Evil (Incest and Selective Breeding) in the post Flood days. 
     Dis-CERNing the times we are in is critical. Why do you suppose God forbid Abraham's descendants from marrying Canaanite women? Isis is the "Black Virgin"; Isis means "Throne" of Antichrist; DAESH is "Nation of Islam" having absolutely nothing to do with being Muslim; it is essentially a Cainite-Canaanite private army of Shabazz (Royal Falcon aka Horus; St Valentine is "White Horus") CERN is trying to create "Dark Matter" and the "Big Bang"; in Czech "Cerny" means "Black". Egyptians were taught Amun created the Universe (Atoms=Seed of Atum) by Masturbation. Folks, we have come full circle with the same Blasphemous Bull Shit. Time to Wake Up. 
    "Dark Journalist" Jim Marrs is pushing the Alien DNA (Nephilim), Pharaoh Akhenaten=Moses (Moses lived 150 years before Akenaten), Annunaki (Planet X) Bull Shit. Marrs is a Liar and so is the same garbage put out in the latest X-Files.
Why now? You may recall in 2001: A Space Odyssey the Alien Black Monolith (Millennium Hilton built as a replica) caused Apes (Rhesus Factor making sense?) to Evolve into Human Astronauts and finally Gods.
     Rockefeller, Gates, CDC, WHO are engineering Doomsday just as Jesus said would happen "Except those days should be shortened there should no flesh be saved"  National Intelligence (an Oxymoron like Military Intelligence) Director James Clapper says "DNA editing is a Worldwide WMD".
     On Feb 8, the Lunar New Year "Year of the Fire Monkey" the CDC , led by Talmudic Crypto fake Jew Tom Freiden issued it's highest alert. Zika Virus is now a "CDC Red Level One" Health Emergency, a Virus synthesized from what else but Rhesus monkeys. The same day winter storm "Imogen" hit Britain; Imogen means "Last Born". Z the last English letter is equivalent with Omega the last Greek letter; "Omega Man" or "I Am Legend" may ring a Baal.
      The Satanic Script: Freiden was the center of the 2014 Ebola Hoax; Green clad Crisis Actors Nina Pham and Thomas Duncan, Samaritan's Purse Susan Writebol and Doctors Without Borders Ken Brantly aboard the Phoenix Air Ambulance headed for the CDC in Atlanta; quite a site eh? Ebola is a CDC Vaccine delivered disease. Ever wonder why Obama celebrates Diwali, the Hindu celebration of the Monkey King "Hanuman" and carries the Idol of Hanuman with him at all times? Simian Flu wiped out the human race in the nearly 50 year series "Planet of the Apes"; pretty coincidental eh? Obama's Interfaith adviser Eboo Patel is not only Hindu, he is also Muslim Brotherhood, Nation of Islam and an Ismaili (aka Shia Twelvers or Hagarenes who await the return of al-Mahdi); think he has the best interests of America in mind? Sure just like Hindu Surgeon General Vikek Murthy and the 1000 Oath Sworn doctors who obey his orders.
     Developing Vaccines (Vaccine means Pertaining to the Cow aka Brahma) is very expensive and time consuming; 2 years ago ago hardly anyone had heard of Zika Virus; with infections nearly non-existent. Krishna Murthy Ella, founder of  Bharat Biotech already has a Zika Vaccine  Zikavac.  Bharat Biotech takes 15 months to develop  Zikavac for a disease nobody had ever head of, and has had it ready for 6 months? Really lucky? or part of a Satanic Plan?  Krishna "Black One" + Ella "Light"? Krishna is cognate with Czech "cerny" and Serbian "crn", the root of CERN and it's vain search for Black Matter. The Dark Lord is rising alright. 
     Must be Karma, Crypto Satanist Columbus brings disease to the Americas, claiming the land was India and from India comes Zikavac. 200,000 Brazilian Military called up for Zika Virus duty means the Military can track the fake Virus anywhere  on "Private Property" or across "National Borders". Oxitec decides to release Mosquitos and force Vaccinate or Quarantine everyone the WHO (Prince "Killer Virus" Phillip) decides. Being sexually transmitted, and as of Feb 5, casually transmitted by saliva (sneeze or cough) that affects the helpless, unborn makes Zika the Eugenics dream come true. Forced Sterilization and Quarantine are likely not far behind.
       "We are the riders of the Pale Horse Death. God creates, we decide who lives and who dies. We do this for the good of the Earth" Barbara Marx Hubbard
     Population Reduction: A plan written in Stone at the Georgia Guide Stones, the Earth Charter and stated by Pope Francis. Simian Flu anyone?
  • Blame Zika Virus for a Gov't mandated TdaP Booster Vaccine caused health issue. DPT + Polio seems a repeat of Polio Vaccines that caused Polio, contaminated with what else but Simian Virus SV-40.
  • Zika Virus becomes a highly communicable International Health Emergency (CDC Level 1 as of Feb 8) thus all National Sovereignty is negated. 
  • Call up the Military to deal with the disease (500,000 troops spraying God knows what  in Brazil alone as of Feb 8); the WHO and UN Military are impartial, thus soldiers not often willing to murder the citizens paying their salary will have no such resistance. 
  • Genetically Modify Mosquitoes with a CDC-Oxford University created "Death Gene" called RIDL (Release of Insects carrying a Dominant Lethal); mosquitoes that carry the virus, outcompete other mosquitos in breeding and produce GM Mosquitos to live in colder climates. CRISPR (DNA editing) and "Gene Drive" (reproduces DNA edits) are what Dir of National Intelligence James Clapper calls a "Worldwide WMD". He's right. 
  • Legalize Oxitec GM Mosquitos at the CDC and WHO as a "Mosquito Abatement" method, but create an Oxytetracycline "On/Off" switch; a controllable International Bio-weapon
  • Legalize the use of human subjects as Bio-warfare subjects (eg Yap Island)
  • Create a disease that is sexually and casually transmittable(Sneeze/Cough) affecting primarily the unborn thus removing all Mother's Rights. 
  • Deliver Oxitec GM Mosquitos, follow up with Tetracycline via Evergreen Int'l Drone sprayers. (Evergreen already has a no-bid worldwide Geo-engineering contract) 
  • Legalize the use of "Human subjects for testing chemical and biological weapons" via Public Law 105-85. (Oxitec is British Company owned by an American company, financed by Billionaire Eugenicist Bill Gates aka Grecian Rough Goat in Dan 8)
  • Create a worldwide Health Emergency by selling Simian Blood and Virus and a DNA Editing Kit online.
                                        Zikavac or Quarantine? 
       The CDC declared Zika a Red Level 1 Health Emergency on Feb 8. WHO Level 6 Pandemic Protocol requires worldwide mandatory immunization, enforced by the UN. There are no Individual Rights.  Zika Virus is now an  "Explosive Pandemic Health Emergency". Oxitec Mosquitos are in Florida awaiting FDA Approval. 1000 Mobile Tent Hospitals and 1000 oath sworn doctors with Bio-waste disposal capability under the command of appointed Hindu Surgeon General Vivek Murthy (Note the same name as Krishna Murthy Ella) Murthy regards the monkey god Hanuman an avatar of Shiva; Obama carries an idol of Hanuman with him. Bharat (Bharata means "Cherished Emperor") Biotech in India claims to have the Zikavac ready so says Krishna (Black Messiah) Ella; What timing! In America, 800 Military staffed Halliburton built Civilian Inmate Detention Centers with incineration (Holocaust Ovens) capability are ready.
    The plan is in full view on the Silver Screen. The Planet of the Apes movies tell the story; what a coincidence Planet of the Apes is a proposed name of Planet X; Not! Zika was isolated in a Rhesus Monkey; Simian Flu is fatal to humans (Simian Virus was even tested in Polio Vaccines), prompting Apes to Rise ie Beast Rising from the Sea or "Do what thou wilt" ringing a Baal yet? Apes take over the Earth and destroy everything. Jesus returns to "...destroy them which destroy the Earth" Rev 11:18 "And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved" Mat 24:22 
     The Zoroastrian battle of Light (Ahura Mazda) versus Darkness (Ahriman) can be seen in the upcoming Superman versus Batman: Dawn of Justice Superman is Red-Blue=Visible Light=Quetzalcoatl; Batman is the Dark Knight. In Egypt (Aedes Aegypti making sense?) the battle is illustrated as the battle between Horus and Set; Hollywood is on top of that one too with the upcoming "Gods of Egypt". What a coincidence Zikavac would be made by a guy named Krishna the "Dark Lord" of India, the land of Gypsies who first brought worship of Horus to Egypt.
       Zika Virus has nothing to do with Microcephaly; the upcoming WHO mandated Vaccine will however kill you. What will the Vaccine be called? Guessing, Simian Flu Vaccine, yeah, that one from Rise and Dawn of Planet of the Apes
    On Feb 8 the Lunar New Year of the Fire Monkey begins; the celebration of man's common ancestor with Apes will be the 2016 Big Bang Fair (really Big Bunch of Bull Shit Fair) Mar 16-19. CERN resumes Lead Ion collisions Mar 16. Mar 21 is Persian New Year "Nowruz" (New Light). Mar 26, Planet 9 (proposed names Jehoshaphat, George or Planet of the Apes) will  allegedly cross paths with Earth; the proposed name of Planet X "Planet of the Crossing" is now Planet 99 is the number associated with Divine Judgment (Dawn of Justice making sense?). Shiva the Destroyer is in front of CERN; his Avatar? Hanuman the Monkey god of course. From 1955-63 Polio Vaccines were tainted with infected Simian Kidney Cells and live Polio Virus; in 2014, GSK dumped live Polio virus in a Belgian Water Treatment Plant. Lots of Monkey Business going on eh? 
    Brazil is Ground Zero for Bill Gates "Innovate to Zero" PSEC "People, Services, Energy, Carbon" reduction campaign. Jesus warned of the day people will kill others believing they actually do His work; those days are here. Sounds great eh? Killing People reduces Methane and Carbon emissions; lowers food production requirement; saves Trees as building material and reduces the usage of Carbon emitting Petroleum and Atomic Energy. Add in Global Warning junk science and the solution to Earth's problems becomes obvious. Nikola Tesla pioneered, and offered Zero Emission "Free Energy" over 100 years ago, but like DDT, Elitists didn't like the idea, preferring instead to destroy his Wardenclyffe Tower, murder him and hand the technology to Soviet Russia. Zero Emissions sounds great to everyone except those "Useless Eaters" being sacrificed. 
    Bulgarian, Crypto, Marxist, "She-Pope of Subversion" and 4th most powerful woman behind Hillary Clinton, Dilma Rousseff says "We are losing the battle against the Mosquito"; BS! DDT would solve that problem overnight. Brazilian Microcephaly birth defects began after Brazil, mandated GlaxoSmithKlinePOLIO "TdaP" (Tetanus, Diptheria, acellular Pertussis, Poliomyelitis) Booster Vaccines during pregnancy200,000 Brazilian Military have been called up for Zika Duty, meaning Private Property including your own Body are not Private. 
     Brazil is the home of Sephardic Crypto deception for 500 years, the mandated TdaP Vaccines (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis trade name "Boostrix IPV") given during pregnancy is the Causus Belli for a Pandemic Vaccine. Pretty hard to see the connection isn't it? Cryptos or Conversos aka Jesuits only pretend to be Catholic; does tearing open a pregnant woman's womb and swinging the child's head against the rocks sound Christian?   WHO declared the Zika Virus a "Worldwide public health emergency" Feb 1, next up WHO Level 6 Pandemic Protocol and mandatory worldwide vaccination; the Satanic "Kill Shot".
    The Rockefeller Foundation created the Yellow Fever Inst in the 1930's which was later renamed East African Virus Research Center and later the Uganda Virus Research Center.  Mosquito Research began in 1946 and Zika Virus was isolated in a Rhesus Monkey in 1947; Zika Virus is even available for purchase 1947 is the year before Rothschild's miraculously created "Generation of Vipers" (Mat 3:7) called Israel under the Star of Saturn. "The days of our years are threescore years and ten..." Ps 90:10. This 70 yr "Generation" may be the last. Zika originated in a Rhesus Monkey 99 years ago; the age Abraham was when Isaac was born and later given his Birthright Covenant with God. The Lunar Year of the Fire Monkey begins Feb 8, 2016 also, a Satanic Jubilee Year.
     Zika means "Overgrown"; Wilderness means "Un-cultivated land devoid of people where nature gains the upper hand". Killing people is the top priority of Rockefeller's Int'l Peace Movement; the weapon of choice? The most dangerous animal on earth, Mosquitos. "The most merciful thing a family does to its infant members is to kill them" "Eugenic sterilization is an urgent need, we must prevent multiplication of the bad stock" Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger.  
     Zika Virus is being blamed for Microcephaly; a 1947 Virus suddenly becomes virulent, matching the time and location of mandatory TdaP Vaccinations? Sure thing. Microcephaly is a disease affecting the Innocent (Sinless); the 1992 book "Children of Men" may ring a Baal, the final generation born are called "Omega's". Jesus is "Alpha and Omega"; Jesus gathers Jacob at the 2nd Coming "The virgin of Israel is fallen, she shall no more rise..." Amos 5:2 Israel is Saturnian and Zika Virus may inaugurate the Saturnian Age, a man-made, controllable and wholly preventable population control virus. TdaP (Pertussus Boosters) are now being mandated for pregnant mothers. Why now? Zika is a Worldwide Marketing Fraud far greater than the 1976 Swine Flu Marketing Campaign; a WHO mandated Global Kill Shot was in all likelihood distributed by US Air Force Logistics years ago as an Ebola Vaccine. The trick is to get people to demand a Vaccine; Zika is doing just that.  
    Bertrand Russell suggested the best way to lower human population is to release a Black Death every generation; the upcoming Zika Virus Vaccine may do exactly that. Mosquitos are WMD's; Vaccines are Precision Guided Weapons Vaccines, the Elite merely need to create a demand for a Vaccine which causes man-made Auto-Immune diseases such as AIDS or Ebola. 
                                             Earth Charter  
     In Rev 13 Jesus refers to people who reject the New Covenant and worship the Beast "Earth Dwellers". Brazil is synonymous with Portuguese-Sephardic-Crypto religion whose main tenets are denial of Jesus Christ as God in Flesh, the Messiah and Word. The 1992 Rio Earth Summit is the origin of UN Agenda 21, and Earth Charter. The UN De-population Agenda designed to return most of the Earth to Nature ie "Wilderness". Maurice Strong, Ted Turner, Jacques Cousteau, Prince Phillip, Pope Francis have all stated the Earth can support only 1 Billion people; Oxitec Genetically Modified Aedes Aegypti Mosquitos are being released in Brazil ahead of Carnivale and the Rio Olympics in August. 
     The 3rd Beast (Dan 7:6) is Esau's prophesied "Dominion" (Gen 27:39-41KJV); Esau's stated plan is to kill his brother Jacob once the "Yoke" is removed. For the most part Israel is not associated with Jacob today, they are Ashkenazi descendants of Japheth, Sephardic (Babylonians, Medeans, Canaanites, Samaritans used to replace Israel by the Assyrians) and Mizrahi descendants of Ham. Jacob is scattered in every nation on Earth and the deadliest weapon is the Mosquito.
     "Innovate to Zero" Bill Gates' Eugenics COreduction, Cell Phone tracking and Vaccine plan makes the Nazi Aryan Race purification scheme seem like child's play and no the Nazi Empire was not the 3rd Beast. Bill Gates is a 4th generation Crypto and Eugenicist whose father Bill Gates III manages the World Justice Project
      Zika is carried by Aedes Aegypti Mosquitoes, the type of Mosquitos genetically modified by Oxitec, a British Company associated with Oxford University owned by Maryland based Intrexon and financed by Bill Gates. Despite statements to the contrary, there is evidence Zika can be re-transmitted sexually and the Virus does not produce identifiable symptoms in many people; a perfect recipe for a global pandemic. 
      Brazil is Ground Zero for Zika, the exact same area Juareiro where Oxitec GM Mosquitos were released is the Zika epicenter.  Brazil like the US uses Tetracycline which negates the sterilization gene tTAV in GM Mosquitoes which effectively turns them into lethal virus delivery vehicles.  Carnivale will bring 2 million flesh crazed people/day to the streets of Rio and Sao Paolo Feb 5-9. Aedes Aegyptus? Greeks gave the name Aegyptus "Land of Gypsies" to Egypt now we will find out why. 
     During Easter 2015 Oxitec joined 1000 Mosquito Control Experts in New Orleans, the US home of Carnivale "Mardi Gras", for the American Mosquito Control Ass; the Satanic morons all know DDT would put them out of business. Currently, Oxitec is awaiting FDA approval to release Genetically Modified Aedes Aegypti Mosquitoes in the Florida Keys.  
      Oxitec Genetically Modifies Male Aedes Aegypti and Female Asian Tiger Mosquitoes, carriers of Zika Virus, and 100% fatal Eastern Equine Encephalitis;  the latter are capable of living in colder climates and are now in California and Chicago. Genetically Modified Aedes Aegypti Mosquitoes and Asian Tiger Mosquitoes become fertile in the presence of Oxytetracycline (looks like Oxitec for a reason) the antibiotic most widely used in the Medical and Veterinary Livestock Industry. Tetracycline is considered Omnipresent in the Environment, especially so in Water, surviving long periods of time in excreted Urine and Feces. Quite the Frankenstein monster eh?
     Veteran and Veterinary are derived from Veteranus "Beast of Burden"; the "Elite" refer to the Un-initiated as "Human Cattle"; no wonder, Cain's descendant Jabal was the first to keep Cattle (Gen 4:20) Jabal means "Fodder, Confusion, Perversion, Produce from Soil, and Jubilee Trumpet". Cain's unacceptable offering to God was "Produce from the Soil" ie Farming; Mayer Amschel Bauer (Farmer) changed the family name to Rothschild (Red Shield) and used the symbol of the Star of Saturn. These are the visible name associated with Edomites today; recall Esau violated God's Covenant by marrying Canaanite women. 2016 is the Canaanite Jubilee Year. 2016 is the Year Esau and Canaan intend to de-populate the Earth.   
                  "The Mosquito is the World's Deadliest Animal; and it's not even a close race"- Bill Gates. Oxitec is funded by the Gates Foundation (Bab=Gate=Babylon), Bill even has an Oxitec Mosquito Blog. Gates says all other animals are not even close to the lethality of the Mosquito. Bill Gates is a Global Climate Change, TED Talks, Vaccine obsessed, mass murdering, blood sucking vampire, eugenics fanatic with a Doomsday Seed Vault who knows DDT has in the past and could again render the Mosquito harmless; Gates and Oxitec however choose to Genetically Modify the Mosquito into a Global Weapon of Mass Destruction.  "Without the shedding of blood, there is no remission" Heb 9:27 Satanists are about to shed a lot of blood.  
         DDT safely eradicated Malaria carrying Mosquitoes worldwide. In WWI, Typhus killed more soldiers than bullets; by WWII, DDT eliminated that threat and many others. Dr Albert Schweitzer praised DDT; Entomology Professor J Gordon Edwards at a spoonful straight from the can to start classes; Edwards said Man owes a great debt to DDT
    There is no evidence DDT causes cancer; DDT prevents many types of CancerDDT is safe in certain quantities in Baby Food. DDT prevents Mosquito, Flea, Bed Bug, Tick, Lice born diseases such as Malaria (kills a person every 30 secs), Yellow Fever, Dengue, Sleeping Sickness, Plague, West Nile Virus, and Encephalitis. Think the WHO (World Health Org), CDC, NIH are in the business of preventing disease? Guess Again.
    Nixon era EPA Director William Ruckelshaus and Henry "Soldiers are dumb stupid animals used as cannon fodder in our wars" Kissinger used a 1962 book "Silent Spring" by hired activist Rachel Carson to concocted a false report claiming DDT caused thinning of Eagle Eggs; USAID was then withheld to countries using DDT.  The Lie has led to an unnecessary 500M deaths from Malaria alone. 
    The  WHO "Zika Health Emergency" is completely preventable and indeed intentionally man-made. The WHO is holding an "Emergency Meeting" Feb 1 (Imbolc) Geneva over the "Explosively Spreading Virus"; Margaret Chan says the "Level of concern is extremely high". Next up is WHO Level 6 Pandemic declaration and mandatory immunization with the likely outcome of an Auto-immune reaction and death like the Ebola tests in West Africa.
      Mosquitoes and Ticks as disease vectors were developed at Lab 257 on Montauk Point Long Island Lymes being but one example. The trick is to get the Immune System to attack itself; Lymes and Ebola do just that.
      Zika means "Uncountable"; Legalized Mosquito-born Abortion. The Virus originated in monkeys in the Zika Forest, Uganda in 1947. In 2007 Yap Island had 3/4 of the residents became infected within a few months. What changed to cause that sort of infection rate?  
                                 "Last Woman on Earth" 
     Last Woman on Earth was a 1970 movie where Eve was the last woman capable of bearing a child; cute name eh? (Eve was also the protagonist in V for Vendetta) The Elite want to "Repair the Earth" (Hebrew "Tikkun Olam") and re-make it in their own image "As Above. So Below". In 1992 British Baroness (Baron means Noble or Free) PD James published the book (same year Gulf Wars began and the Rio Earth Summit) Children of Men  In 2006 the movie Children of Men, the set was Britain, controlling the world via Martial Law. Men have become infertile; the world's sperm count drops to near 0. Zika Virus is present in Sperm. In the book and movie, extinction of the human race is virtually assured when Male Sperm counts across the globe drop to 0.  Read Paragraph 2 "Zika is present in Sperm" 
    It's no coincidence TED Talks speaker Bill Gates funds Oxitec; TED is short for Theodore; Theo=God; Theo's Diary is the basis of Children of Men. TED is the Theosophical Society aka Brotherhood of Death, Society 322, Skull & Bones, SS, or Cult of Saturn.    
 funded by Vaccine Population Reduction advocate Bill Gates is a British Corporation genetically modifying Mosquitos. British means B'Rith=Birthright Covenant of Cain, Japheth (Windsors are Germanic Saxe-Coburg-Gotha descendants of Japheth and Gomer; they have no relation to their claimed descent from Judah in the slightest), Ishmael, and Esau. Jesus warned in Mat 24, Lk 21 and Mk 13 of Worldwide Pestilence; those days may be here.
    Oxitec claims their GM Mosquitoes outcompete other males and cause offspring to be infertile; so is Oxitec in the Mosquito Abatement business or Plague creation business? DDT would safely eliminate Zika Virus propagation immediately.
     Oxitec has been genetically modifying Aedes Aegypti Mosquitoes to outcompete other male mosquitoes; infected with Dengue, Yellow, Chikungunya and now Zika Viruses, they become lethal, disease vectors. January in Denmark, Patient 0 is recovering. Zika is sexually transmittable. What happens when Aedes Aegypti Mosquitoes multiply in spring and are exposed to Oxytetracycline? 
      Dr Ron Fouchier said "A human to human transmissible virus of even moderately fatal proportion will become a plague of unimaginable proportion" When asked why create a Virus like that, he said "Because we can" Fouchier began with the Vaccine delivered "1918 Spanish Flu" A Virus? Hardly, a Vaccine delivered Bio-weapon which killed 100M people, mostly in Europe. The plan is ages old; Jesuit Quack Edward Jenner began by changing Cowpox, a disease common in dairy industry to promote Small Pox Vaccines resulting in widespread Plague. DDT would prevent the Rat Flea transferred Bubonic Plague. In 2003, overseen by future WHO Director Margaret Chan, Poultry  was infected, resulting in the 2003 SARS epidemic. Diseased Birds were then ground up and fed to Pigs (sounds smart eh?) in Shanghai resulting in Swine Flu and the resulting Swine Flu Vaccine. The Witch's Brew was then used to create Bat vectored MERS CoV (My Plague page covers the Satanic details)
                            Swine Flu "Occult infestation in Swine" 
Vaccine means "Of the Cow"; injecting Cow Pus is a Jesuit creation as is injecting Swine Pus and today's Zika Virus "Ape Pus". In 1976 Hollywood actors and CBS began promoting the Swine Flu Vaccine. Just because Angelina Jolie claims she cut out her Uterus, Ovaries and Breasts as a preventative measure doesn't mean you should do the same; she lies like the rest of Hollywood. 33Mason and Generational Satanist Gerald Ford, rolled up his sleeves as White House physician William Lukash injected him on National TV with saline solution; the assumption was the President took the Swine Flu Vaccine; He lied. The resulting clamor for the highly publicized Trypsin and Mercury laced Swine Flu Vaccine resulted in paralysis falsely named Guillain Barre Syndrome, an auto immune reaction which also exists with Zika Virus.
                                       Planet of the Apes
     Zika Virus was derived from Monkeys. In 1968 33Luciferian Mason Charlton "Moses" Heston introduced us to Evolved Apes ruling the world. The 1968 movie 2001: A Space Odyssey showed us the Black Monolith from Saturn was the cause of Apes evolving into Humans (It's Jesuit Bull Shit of course) In 2011 Rise of the Planet of the Apes showed the Ape Evolution was caused by a Simian Flu Pandemic brought on by an Alzheimer's Vaccine made of Simian retrovirus which proved lethal to humans but caused evolution in Apes. In 2014 Dawn of the Planet of the Apes has Apes and Humans in a fragile peace and War for the Planet of the Apes will highlight the inevitable final battle; Zoroastrians (Thus spoke Zarathustra/Zoroaster is the theme song from 2001: A Space Odyssey) call this Light versus Darkness.  
     Influenza means "Occult Infestation"; Jesus cast out many Demons called Legion into the Swine Herd; Swine Flu Vaccine is payback time. Legionnaires is the name of another man-made disease causing Pneumonia (Pneumas=Spirit); funny eh?  Vaccines contain Trypsin, Raw Swine Stomach extract; the Ft Detrick program MK-NAOMI was responsible for 30% of Europe dying from Vaccine created "Spanish Flu". Woodrow Wilson campaigned for re-election with the slogan "Re-elect the man who will keep your sons out of the war in Europe" He lied; drafted soldiers were vaccinated and sent to Europe just months after his re-election.  
    Vaccines combine Swine and Human DNA; the resulting mix is a Time Bomb capable of remaining suppressed for 10-30 years until re-activated by another Vaccine or "Booster". MSF (Doctors without Borders) or Conscience apparently, and Samaritans's Purse (33Luciferian Mason Billy Graham's corrupt organization led by his equally corrupt son Franklin) tested Vaccines in West Africa resulting in Ebola the "Balls" of the Roman Flagrum used on victims prior to the Crucifixion. 
      SARS, MERS CoV and current Ukraine "California Flu" (let out of a US lab in Krarkov) are like the 1918 Vaccine generated "Spanish Flu", intentionally man-made Plagues. the difference this time is Mosquitoes will transmit the disease into what Prince "Killer Virus" Phillip's Eugenicist whore and WHO Director Margaret Chan calls "An Explosive Worldwide Pandemic". You may recall the British Rock Band "The Who" "We won't get fooled again" is about Esau selling his Birthright to Jacob. Well folks, don't get fooled; the only people that survive man-made Plagues are ones who don't take the Vaccines. Why California Flu? British singer Adele (Noble) song "Hello" is about waiting in California to meet Lucifer. The Beattles "Yellow Submarine"? The Sun; Sgt Pepper? Aleister "Great Beast" Crowley. Pink Floyd "Brick in the Wall"? People building the Tower of Babel. Why Spanish Flu? Sepharvaim "Spanish Rite Jews" are Babylonians, Medeans and Canaanites the world knows as "Cryptos", "Marranos" or "Conversos"; Talmudists  pretending to be Catholic; no more Catholic than Jesuit Pope Francis who says "The triumph of Science is finally realizing the Earth can only support less than 1 Billion people". 
     Satanic Cryptos Tomas de Torquemada and Diego de Deza took a false Baptism, joined the Dominicans (Domini=Esau's Dominion=Lord=Satan) and prosecuted the Inquisition using unimaginable forms of torture. The primary tenets 1. God is One 2. Messiah has not come, but is coming. 3. Communal Salvation is only possible through the Law of Moses. The modern day Inquisition is here in the form of Noahide Law and Sharia Law; both require death to everyone who worships Jesus as Father, Son, Holy Ghost and Word made Flesh.    
        Using Satanists to preach the Word of God is like   fighting Cancer with Radiation, using Mosquitoes to control Mosquitos or funding ISIS Mercenaries to control ISIS Mercenaries. Aren't we tired of the Bull Shit? Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes are genetically modified with an enzyme preventing protein synthesis  necessary for offspring to mature in order to obtain FDA and WHO approval as a Mosquito abatement method; the presence of Tetracycline changes all that.  In 2009 Oxitec tested the first GM Aedes Aegypti Mosquitos in the Cayman Is, the Offshore location for accounts holding looted Vatican, Iran-Contra and Afghanistan Heroin profits, managed by Mitt Romney and Bain Capital. 
     Prince Phillip like Bill Gates are advocates of Eugenics and vast population reduction. "I would like to re-incarnate as a Killer Virus for the good of the Earth" Prince Phillip. WHO Director Margaret Chan is an Officer in the British Empire working under Queen Elizabeth (The self proclaimed "Queen of Jerusalem"; Gag me!) and Prince Phillip. 
    Bill Gates believes CO is responsible for Global Climate Change. Gates proposes reducing PSEC "People, Services, Energy and C02to combat the impending catastrophe. 
    Vaccines weaken the immune system using Trypsin and Thimerosol Mercury; Ebola, AIDS and Lymes trick the body into attacking itself. 
    Aedes Aegypti Mosquitoes are infected with Chikungunya, Dengue and Zika Virus. The Virus carrying Mosquitoes not only outcompete other male mosquitoes in mating, they are  capable of living in cold climates (Jan 2016 Virus found in Denmark) and carry the Zika Virus which is capable of being transmitted by sexual activity and cause Microcephaly (Brain Birth defect), miscarriages and death. 
    Brazil (1.4M) and Columbia infections are rising exponentially, the WHO has issued travel advisories for 24 nations and is holding an Emergency Mtg on Imbolc (In the Belly). The Virus carrying GM Mosquitoes are being released in Piracicaba, 100 miles from Sao Paolo Brazil (The Christ Statue is not Jesus folks) and has also arrived in VA, AK, FL, IL, TX, HI. Pending FDA Approval, Oxitec will soon release GM Aedes Aegypti Mosquitoes in Florida within days or weeks. Asian Tiger mosquitoes carry 90% fatal Eastern Equine Encephalitis (Eastern=Rising Sun Horseman with a small brain; pun intended) and are in Houston, Chicago and California. 4 Horsemen kick off the Great Tribulation (There is no 7 yr Tribulation, pre-trib Rapture and Israel is about as Jewish as Satan) with War, Famine and Pestilence, all man-made and all planned well in advance for the 2016-17 Satanic Jubilee celebrations. 
    FDA Commissioner Nominee (Senate confirmed Feb 24) Dr Robert Califf cash cow is Xarelto (In Class Action Litigation), marketed by 33Luciferian Mason Arnold Palmer. Califf is a paid shill of most every Pharmaceutical Corp  including Merck, Eli Lilly, Sanofi-Aventis, Astra Zeneca, Bristol Meyers, Amgen, Johnson and Johnson, Portola, Proventys, GlaxoSmithKline, Bayer AG and others. Gov't approval to let a British Corp, funded by a Billionaire Population Reduction advocate to release death carrying disease? NP. Time to get JESUS in your life. He said unless He shortened those days, no flesh would remain. "Those Days" are here.   
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