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The Peacock Angel and Gnosticism

      In Rev 12:9, Jesus warns the Serpent, Devil, Satan has deceived the entire world as the Morning Star "Lucifer"; don't be one of them. Melek Taus is called the "Ancient of Days" but don't be fooled, this proud Peacock of Light has nothing to do with Dan 7:14  
      Yazidi religion is Gnosticism, infiltrating Israel with the Korahites (Lev 16:8-10; Num 16:33; 26:10; Jude 7); Jesus is the Scapegoat; "Melek Taus" is the Alternative Scapegoat "Azazel" (Goat that Departs). The Quyraish (Koreish) Tribe of Mecca that began Islam is Yazidi, the Umayyad Caliphate which followed the death of the Quyriaish bedouin Muhammad is a product of the Sufis, the esoteric element of Islam. Sufi "Man of Wool" are the "Wolves in Sheep's Clothes"; Cryptos, Moriscos and Marranos ie the False Converts to Judaism, Islam and Christianity bringing Luciferian worship using the Peacock, Rooster, Goat and Snake symbolism.  Custodians of Mecca are the Saudis, not Islamic, but Wahhabist and Qutbist in nature.
      The Peacock Angel is worshipped as the Gnostic Logos or Animating Principle of the Universe; the most powerful of 7 Archangels Melek TAus (Tawuse Melek) is "Green Man" aka "Lord of the Earth" Elohim, the plural of the Canaanite god El seen in  BabEl "Gate of El"; Osiris "On" seen in BabylOn "Gate of Osiris"; Yahweh, the god of the Rabbis who use the Tetragammaton YHWH; Dionysus, the god of fertility in Dionysiac Rituals and Bacchus in Bacchanalias; Pan, the Satyr whose name means "All" in Pantheism; God Particle in Physics; Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan, Viracocha the Plumed Serpent of the Americas; George, seen in the Georgia Guidestones calling for the extermination of 93% of humanity and the Fisher King in Holy Grail legends of King Arthur. 
       The Serpent in the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is the Ubiquitous Gnostic Peacock Angel of Light Melek Taus worshipped by the Yezidis. The first son of the Goddess Sophia (Wisdom), Creatrix and Governess of the Universe worshipped in Egypt as Wadjet (Green One) on Dec 25 during the "Going forth of the Wadjet"; Sounds like Christmas eh?  Astrophysicists at CERN use the term "Graviton", which gives Mass to Matter and Order to the Universe, affectionately referred to as the "God Particle".
     Sophia divided herself into seven rays of light seen in the NBC Peacock Logo and sent her son Melek Taus into the Garden of Eden to enlighten Adam and Eve by revealing their divinity to them. He soon manifested in Eden as the Serpent on the Tree, which the Gnostics referred to as the First Instructor. Sophia is also the Last Instructor, an AI (Artificial Intelligence) robot given full Citizenship and her own City called NEOM, being built over the Wilderness of Sin in Saudi Arabia; Sophia will even write her own history and scripture!
     Baphomet is the Androgynous Goat God embodying the Union of Knowledge and Wisdom and the Axiom "As Above, So Below".
       Gnostic Yogis in India, teach the Serpent on the Tree is a metaphor for the "Inner Serpent"  called "Kundalini" coiled  around the Tree of Life, the Gnostic metaphor for the Human Spine whose 33 vertebra match the levels in Freemasonry and age of Jesus at His Elightenment Oops I mean Crucifixion. A seeker knowledge of his or her divine nature allows the Serpent to climb up the tree/spine and awaken the inner centers of gnostic wisdom, the 7 Chakras. 

The Peacock Angel in Hinduism

The Hindus know Melek Taus as Murugan, the son of Shiva and Shakti; at CERN, Shiva dances the Nataraja "Dance of Destruction"; the site is built above an ancient Grotto of Apollo, the Angel of the Bottomless Pit "Apollyon" in Rev 9:11. Sanat Kumara "World Teacher" hides Satan as well as Santa Claus, another name of Melek Taus; the Hindu Murugan is the king of the universe and moves through his domain as a young boy astride a peacock, or simply as a peacock. Ever wonder why Peacock Feathers are kept by attendants above the Chair of St Peter when the Pope is seated? Similar to the Peacock Angel, Murugan’s sacred animals include not only the peacock but also the snake and the cock; you may recall the Cock symbolized betrayal of Jesus; it is the UNKNOWN GOD of the Areopagus "Mars' Hill" in Athens (Acts 17:24) The snake denotes the essence of cosmic energy that created the universe out of itself; in Science called the "Big Bang".
     Murugan’s identity as one of seven angelic beings is manifest within some Hindu scriptures that refer to him as Sanat Kumara, the leader of the Seven Kumaras. These Kumaras are portrayed as brothers who assisted Sanat Kumara in the creation of the Earth and the enlightenment of humankind. According to the Puranas, the ancient legends of India, the Kumaras were the first to teach humanity the path to enlightenment.  
       Murugan/Sophia/Melek Taus is the asterism of the Pleiades, the 7 Daughters of Atlas aka 7 Sisters whose Logde Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were initiated into. Jesus gave 7 warnings to 7 Churches in Revelation; the 7 Cities match the exact layout of the Constellation Pleiades.  One of Murugan’s names is Karttikeya, which is derived from Krittika, a Sanscrit name for the Pleiades.  Karttikeya was born to Sophia who manifests as the Seven Sisters; Gnostics call the Pleiades the Seven Pillars of Sophia; El Castillo, the Pyramid Temple of Kukulkan features the Serpent descending on Sept 21 and Mar 21 as well as tracks the meridian passage of Pleides. When Karttikeya was first born he possessed seven heads, one for each star of the Pleiades.
    Hindu Aarti Oil Lamps and Yezidi Sanjak OIl Lamps used in Nowruz (New Light) Festivals are the same.

                                               The Peacock Angel in Buddhism

                         Peacock Myoo

The Buddhist "Great Peacock" Mahamayuri or Myoo is the "Queen of Secret Science", one of the "Radiant Wisdom Kings/Queens" in Tantric Buddhism and Taoism who rides the Peacock Angel "Lucifer"

                                  The Peacock Angel and the Sumerians

Sumerians worshipped the Peacock Angel as Enki, the Lord of the Earth, who was also the Lord of Wisdom and the Serpent on the Tree of Dilman, the Sumerian version of Eden. The Sumerians adopted Enki from Yezidis of India who established Ur of the Chaldees. The annual Bohemian Grove Ritual worship of Molech in Santa Rosa (Red Satan) originated in Sumeria as Begone Dull Care, today called the Cremation of Dull Care. Gnostic Mandeans are closely related to Yezidis and migrated to Sri Lanka, the island patronized by the Peacock Angel as the Hindu Murugan or Sanat Kumara. The most common form of Enki is the Goat-Fish pictured above. The Chaldean Fish-god Oannes came to be called by its Latin name John, seen in Knights of St John of Jerusalem aka Hospitallers, and seen in the Philistine MItre of Dagan (Dag=Fish) worn by Roman Catholic and Orthodox Clergy, and he Dag Hammerskold Meditation Room at the United Nations.  


The Peacock Angel in Islam

Sufis, a cancer in Islam called Assassins (Hashishan) similar to Rosicrucians or Knights Templar in the West, worship Melek Taus as Al-Kadir “Green Man.” The Sufis’ Al-Khadir of Kataragama in Sri Lanka is right next to a temple of his Hindu counterpart, Murugan. The Knights Templar Green Man is identical with its cult center at Roslyn Chapel, Scotland; in DaVinci Code, Sophia, the last of the Holy Grail line is discovered at Roslyn Chapel for this reason.

Sufis, who refer to Melek Taus as “The Initiator,” are visited by Al-Kadir when they are ready to commit themselves completely to an intensive spiritual life. Al-Kadir then manifests as energy, a human figure, a ball of light.


The Peacock Angel in Christianity

Christ means Messiah; this Christ has nothing to do with Jesus Christ; Knights Templar has about as much to do with Christianity as the Assassins do with Islam. 
       The Peacock Angel is the leader of the Seven Archangels (Scripture lists only Michael as an Archangel) Archangel Michael has an earthly reflection in St. George, seen at the United Nations Plaze and Cathedral of St John the Divine; recall John, the patron god of Gnostic Johnitters and Knights of St John is really Oannes the Chaldean Goat-fish. George means Earth and is a name for the Arab Al-Khadir and the Sufi Melek Taus.
     The color associated with both Michael and  Melek Taus is Sky Blue, seen in the Six Pointed Zionist Star of Molech aka Melek Taus on Israel's Flag and the United Nations Flag. Tekhelet Blue is the color of the false Levite Priesthood made by the Phoenician-Canaanite method using murex-trunculus Sea Snails and UV Light. Project Blue Beam is an International project to use the Ionosphere as a Giant TV to present Melek-Taus to the world.   
       The Peacock was the original symbol of the Catholic (Universal) Church denoting the many-eyed church; spying done by Priest Confession; Peacock Feathers are seen above the Chair of St Peter when the Pope is seated; fact is Peter was never in Rome.
       The Peacock is also seen as the Phoenix, the symbol of immortality in both Egypt and the Middle East. The Pyramidion is the Ben-ben stone of Heliopolis "City of the Sun" aka On or Osiris "Green Man", The perch of the Phoenix Bird connects Arabia (Sinai) to Egypt (Heliopolis), It is for this reason that the Peacock was associated with St. Barbara even though she was the patron saint of Heliopolis, the ancient home of the Phoenix. Barbara means "Strange, Foreign"
       Gnostics claim Thomas "Twin" transformed himself into a Peacock in Chennai, the southern India headquarters of the Peacock Angel; and if you believe that one, you probably think Santa Claus is Jesus.

The Peacock Angel in Judaism

The Cult of Saturn call themselves Melchisedekians or the Cult of Fire and Ice. You may recallthe 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City featured Fire and Ice; Mormons falsely lay claim to the Melchisedek Priesthood. The Brotherhood of Death aka Skull & Bones worship the Peacock Angel in the Temple of Wisdom sitting atop the Atlas bone and 33 vetebra of the human spine. The Peacock Angel is Melchizedek, a common Islamic name for Al-Khadir, as well as the Hindus’ Sanat Kumara. In the Heavens above the Peacock Angel manifests as the Tetragammaton YHWH (Yod He Vod He) or Yahweh, the Ancient of Days also called Saturn, the Primeval Sun, Best Sun, Black Sun or Black Star of the Nazi SS.

The Peacock Angel among the Maya

The Peacock Angel is spirit of Quetzlcoatl, the “Plumed Serpent" aka Virachocha or Kukulkah. In Quiche Maya cosmology found in the Popul Vuh there is a passage identical to Genesis 1 "The Creator moved upon the face of the waters.” The Creator in the Popul Vuh is the Plumed Serpent comprised of seven creators, “those who create" are the 7 manifestations of Melek Taus, the Peacock Angel, who is the synthesis of the seven creator spirits of Sophia; the Seven Archangels. Believing this nonsense, Mayans and Incas were slaughtered enmasse beginning 500 years ago, the lifespan of the Phoenix Bird.

The Peacock Angel in Egypt

The Peacock Angel in Egypt is Osiris, the "Green Man", god of Heliopolis "On" worshipped by the Priests of On. Going forth of the Wadjet on Dec 25, became known as Christmas Day. Osiris is another name for Saturn; the Six Pointed Star of Saturn seen on Israel's Zionist Flag.
     Osiris “Many-eyed" encircled the globe astride a Bull becoming Melek Taus "King of the World"; the
Apis Bull worshipped as the Word made Flesh is derived from Apis=Bee, the Chaldean Word for Word which came to be called Bullshit.
     Like the Peacock Angel, Osiris was also Omnipotent and Omniscient, his “Many-eyes,” multiplied throughout the Universe as Stars, specifically Chaldean STUR, the Six Pointed Star of Osiris. The symbol of both Tawsi Melek and Osiris is the many-eyed Flower of Life. Osiris was also known in Egypt as the “Green Man,” and his green image found in the Egyptian Temples as he is in Temples of Green Man throughout Asia and Europe. 

The Peacock Angel in Greece and Rome

Dionysus and Bacchus were the Greek and Roman form of the Peacock Angel worshipped in Ritual Cannabilistic Orgies "Bacchanalias". Ceasars initiated into the "Mysteries" wore the Laurel Wreath of Green Man. 

The Flower of Life

The association between Dionysus and Tawsi Melek became conclusive during the conquest of Alexander the Great, when members of the conquerors’ army visited the temples of Murugan in Sri Lanka while exclaiming “We know this deity, he’s our Dionysus.” So sure were they of this truth that when the Greek Ptolemy created the first world map he labeled Murugan’s region in Sri Lanka the “Place of Bacchus,” or “Place of Dionysus.” Like his Hindu and Yezidi counterparts, Dionysus was the Savior and King of the World. Also reflecting both Murugan and Tawsi Melek, Dionysus was in some cosmologies designated the Creator of the Universe, and wherever his cult flourished he was represented as a snake or serpent, the symbol of the Life Force "Khundalini" that condensed to become the physical Universe. 
    Astro-physicists call this Serpent Force "Gravity", the unproven Force which gives Mass to Matter and Order to the Universe; dubbed the "God Particle", this unproven nonsense is warned of in Dan 11:38 as the "God of Forces".

The Peacock Angel in Persia

Mede-Persians worship Melek Taus as Simurgh, a dragon-like creature with a dog or dragon’s head and a huge peacock tail. The Simurgh lives on the summit of Mount Albourz, the primal sacred mountain at the center of the Earth that unites Heaven and Earth via the World Pillar. In Saudi Arabia, Qutbists call this World Pillar "al Qaeda"; Ibn Sayyid Qutb coined the term al-Qaeda in 1966 in San Francisco. Albourz is the throne of the Simourgh, from where he watches over Earth as its King in the north, in the Constellation Draco (Dragon) atop the World Pillar "Qutb".
    Nowruz "New Light" is the Persian New Year; Sanjak is the Peacock Angel seen in a Brass Rooster Idol; the original UNKNOWN GOD of the Areopagus in Athens (Acts 17:23) men ignorantly worship.



The Peacock Angel in Tibet

In Tibet, the Peacock Angel is Amitibha, the Peacock-riding Dhyani Buddha who sits upon his Peacock Throne in the heaven of Sukhavati and occasionally takes a physical incarnation as the King of the World in legendary Shambhala, the land of immortals that flies the Peacock Flag. Camp David was originally called Shambhala. Mt Everest is known as Chumolongmo "Earth Mother", the orignal Sophia where the Priests of the Orient "Rising Sun" came to Babel from.

The Peacock Angel and Theosophy

Image result for picture of peacock angel in theosophy

Theosophy originated in India; "God Philosophy" has its HQ in the US in NYC near the United Nations Plaza. Shigatse, which was a seat of the Peacock Angel in the East and connected by tunnels to Shambhala. Theosophist Meister Eckhart initiated Adolf Hitler saying at his death "Mourn not, for I have affected the world more than anyone; Hitler will dance, but I call the tune" 

The Peacock Angel among the Hopis

Hopis of Arizona know the Peacock Angel as their Masau’u, the King of the World during this era of the Fourth World. Ascension to the 5th World is carved in Stone at Prophecy Rock near 4 corners. Masau’u is the Hopi "Great Spirit”; ruler of the Third World who fell from grace because of his pride, and reinstated to that exalted office at the beginning of the Fourth World.


The Peacock Angel among the Knights Templar

Knights Templar call the Peacock Angel St. George, aka Green George, borrowed from he Middle East Assassins as the Sufi Al-Kadir “Green One.” The root of the name George is “Geo,” means Earth. Thus, George is the “Earth Man” The Georgia Guidestones call for eliminating all but 500Mpeople; as does Pope Francis' Encyclical (Teaching Paper) Laudato Si "Be Praised". St George slays the Dragon at the Cathedral of St John Divine in Cancer (June 21-July 22) and at the United Nations Plaza.
    Templars carried an Idol of Baphomet, the Androgynous Goat God representing "As Above, So Below". 
    Al-Kadir and St. George annual holiday is April 22nd. According to the Sufi Idries Shaw, the Order of Khadr was taken by Knights to Great Britain as the Order of St. George, also known as the Order of the Garter today overseen by Prince Phillip whose desire is to be reincarnated as a "Killer Virus".


The Peacock Angel in the Holy Grail 

The Peacock Angel figures prominently in the Holy Grail legends as the primeval "Fisher King". In Wolfram von Eschenbach’s account Parzival encounters the Fisher King Anfortas wearing a hat or crown of peacock feathers. Anfortas was the latest of a long line of Fisher Kings, each of whom reflected the Peacock Angel, the first and archetypal Fisher King, the primal Guardian and Embodiment of the Holy Grail. The power of the Holy Grail is the Life Force, the power wielded by the Fisher King. Through his life force power the Fisher King as a manifestation of the Green Man, would annually make his kingdom green with vegetation.
     The soul of the Peacock Angel was passed down along the lineage of Fisher Kings, all of whom had a propensity for falling from grace due to pride. Each became self-serving with their supernatural power and wisdom, thus leading to a battle where they are cut down and left crippled. They loose their life force power and their kingdoms become barren. There was only one cure of their ailment: a passer by must ask them the question “Who does the Grail serve?” This question apparently triggers an awakening within the paralyzed Fisher King and a subsequent healing of both himself and his kingdom. Such a healing is the direct result of the revelation that the king had been using the power of the Holy Grail for his own purposes when it was really meant for all people. 
    Rabbis use the term Tikkun Olam (Repair the Earth) to bring back the Garden of Eden with one notable exception; the Tree of Life Jesus Christ. God said "Go forth and multiply"; Gnostics believe Anthropogenic Global Warming necessitates the killing of most of humanity; Jesus warned of a time when people kill and think they do God's service; Those Days are here. Their ill fated attempt to build Heaven on Earth seen in As Above, So Below will result in Hell for Eternity, Don't join them!

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