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There Is Nothing New Under the Sun
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Writing on the Wall

                      Writing on the Wall
    Prophecy is pre-written history, 100% guaranteed to occur. Prophesy is the ability to understand God's Word. All "Prophets" since John the Baptist are False Prophets. Ref Lk 16:16. 

    On the Satanic Jubilee of Christmas Eve and Hanukkah, 2016, 50 years after the 6th Tetrad and Founding of the Church of Satan, Israel was evicted from the Temple Mount and E Jerusalem by UN Security Council Resolution # 2334. WWIII and the presentation of Antichrist  is virtually assurred
"In that day will I raise up the tabernacles of David that is fallen...I will built it as in the days of old" Amos 9:11 "That day" is the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ, not the presentation of Antichrist.
                     Hallelujah? Count me out. I'll "Praise the LORD" His NAME
 is JAH. 2016-17 is a Satanic Jubilee Year, 50 years after the 1966-7 6th Tetrad and 6-Day War. 
     Writing is on the Wall for 2017; if you can't understand it, ask JESUS for help. Ps 117, the center and shortest Psalm. Discover Ministries and countless other "End Time" false prophets are claiming Ps 117=2017 the "Year of the LORD" This is a Lie. "The Law and prophets were until John" Lk 16:16 Every one of them is a False Prophet. Ps 117 begins and ends with "Praise the LORD" Be very careful; JEHOVAH Ex 6:3; JAH Ps 68:4KJV; JESUS Mat 1:25KJV is not Jah or Jesus used in new versions. Hallelujah (Hail/Praise Jah/Yah) is Antichrist, the human Messiah Jesus warned of; JESUS uses "Alleluia" KJV (Rev 19:1) not "Hallelujah" for this reason. Satan's plan to falsify the 2nd Coming is likely planned for the 2017 Satanic Jubilee Year; Edom=Red=Edomite "Dominion"; 3rd Beast Dan 7:6 quickly gives way to the 4th Beast of Iron (Dan 7:7). Ps 117 is the center of the Word of God delivered to men moved by the Holy Ghost; the Divinity of Jesus is the Rock and Stability of the true Church; Iron is the most stable of the Periodic Table of Elements; one SPIRITUAL; One Physical. This is not Prophecy (Pre-written History); this is Prophesy, the ability to understand the Word of God comes after Charity "Love of God" 1 Cor 13-14.

        TPP, CETA, TTIP meet Big Brother; 2017 is the Year of TiSA (Trade in Services Agreement) 50 Nations including the US and the EU controlling 80% of Worldwide Services. Water, Food, Emergency (Fire/Police/Ambulance), Energy, Transportation (Cabotage), Health Care, Banking, Insurance etc. All Privatized and controlled by International Corporations relieved of Financial Risk, Environmental Laws, National Laws/Courts, Social Norms or Work Rules. Personal Data and People bought and sold as a commodity. Offshoring and Inshoring of Jobs (Economic Forced Migration). The Word of God calls this the "Black Horse". Now you know why Seat 666 is vacant at the EU Parliament, built as an Unfinished Tower of Babel with the Woman riding the Beast out front.
      PizzaGate, Gay Marriage, LGBTQ+2, Spirit Cooking and Temple of Baal from Amurru (replicated in NYC) are modern day American versions of Sodom and Gomorrah, 2 Cananite cities burned by Fire and Brimstone for Sodomy; CeDom means "To Burn/Lust"; similar conditions existed at the time of the Flood, but God promised never to Flood the Earth again. Jesus, the Scapegoat from Num 16, gave His life for the remission of Sin; in similar fashion Satan will give his. Amurru is the source name of America, Amurru is the Edomite Serpent god promising Liberty and Freedom from God; JESUS offers Freedom from Sin (Lucifer/Satan is the Man of Sin). Amurru is also the Edomite Shepherd god; JESUS is also the Shepherd, His flock ministered using the Holy Ghost. As JESUS uses the Holy Ghost, Satan demands rejection of the Holy Ghost; the "Unforgivable Sin"; hence the +2 or 2 Spirits; the problem is there is only 1 Spirit. America will be burned, the New World Order of Edomite Dominion (Esau is currently Yoked to Jacob Rev Gen 27:39-41KJV) prophesied here and Dan 2:39; 7:6 will rise as a Phoenix (Pa=House + Enoch who rose to Heaven on a Chariot of Fire) from the ashes, likely in 2017, 10 Jubilees after Martin Luther began the Reformation in 1517 as predicted in the Prince Melchisedek Scroll "11Q13" written by the Essenes (Essen means Priest) of Qumran. The Trumpet? For America 2 Pedophile Sodomtes Trump-Pence; hence Time Magazine picturing Trump with Red Horns as the "Most Influential Man on Earth".

    Sodom and Gomorrah were burned by fire as were, Thera (Santorini) the home of the Hyksos, the "Foreign Shepherd Kings" of Egypt descended from Canaan, Ishmael, and Esau aka Amalekites whom god prophesied would be have "War with God from Generation to Generation" Ex 17:16; the resulting Volcanic Ash and Tsunami destroyed the Minoans ie "Cretans" Knossos. Similar fires burned Pompeii and Herculaneum for the same reasons America is about to be burned. Jesus offered Himself; Amurru (America) will offer itself as a Scapegoat for the world's Debt (Sin); Rev 18 "Babylon has fallen"? Not on your eternal life.    

  "The prophesied return of Jews to Israel has been fulfilled"
Sanhedrin Oct 4, 2016 Jesus as Shiloh (He whose it is Gen 49:10) returns Jews to Jerusalem, this is the Antichrist return of Edom to Spiritual Sodom and Egypt (Ref Obadiah, Rev 11:8KJV)
   "Jews have no connection to Jerusalem" UN Oct 14, 2016
   "Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin will fulfill their biblically mandated roles as end times Cyrus figures and build the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem" Nascent Sanhedrin Nov 13, 2016 (Nov 13 is Pi Day; Rev 22:7 Jesus returns 22/7=Pi)
"Trump election was Divinely ordained, an event that could usher in the Messianic Age" Rabbi Yosef Berger custodian of King David's Tomb.
"Our goal is to return Judaism to pre-Diaspora form based on the Priestly Class, Animal Sacrifices and Temple Festivals; we are ready to build the Temple" Rabbi Yehuda Glick Temple Mount Institute and Knesset member Nov 15, 2016
  "Tomb of Jesus unearthed" Oct 27, 2016 Constantine's Druid mother Helena located the site over an ancient Grotto of Venus/Aprodite and Constantine built the Church of the Nativity on top. Helena also found the Nails and pieces of the Cross along with Mt Sinai in Egypt rather than in Arabia as Gal 4 clearly states. 
"Russia and Islamic states will invade Israel and be destroyed by God" John Hagee "Jerusalem Countdown" 2005. Hagee is mixing "Gog and Magog" prophecy with the 2nd Coming 1000 years early.

 Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel 1217  "Ottomans will rule Jerusalem 8 Jubilees"; Ottomans controlled Jerusalem from 1517 until Gen John Allenby entered Jersusalem on Hanukkah 1917. In 1517  Martin Luther, a Black Cloistered Rosicrucian Monk started the Reformation on Sahmain, the same year Black Nobility Pope Leo (note the coincidence with Alpha Leo "Regulus") proclaimed the Gnostic concept of "Indestructibility of the Soul" as Catholic Dogma (Jesus will Judge every Soul who has ever lived). Rabbi Samuel declared "Jerusalem will become a no-man's land in the 9th Jubilee"; tthis happened in 1917 until the 6th Tetrad signaled the 1967 "6-Day War" to re-capture Jerusalem; Jesus, leading Rabbinical world leaders by the nose since Creation. Rabbi Samuel declared "Jerusalem will be controlled by Israel in the 10th Jubilee"On the Eve of the Satanic Holy Days of Christmas and Hanukkah, 2016 Israel was evicted from the Temple Mount and E Jerusalem by UN Resolution 2334. WWIII is virtually assurred and right on schedule.
     The 7th Tetrad signaled Talmudic/Zionist Rabbis to declare 2017 is the Messianic Age heralded by none other than Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. 
    "As in the days of Noe, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of Man" Noah (Noe) and the rest of humanity was given a 120 year warning before the Flood. The 1st Zionist Congress in 1897 until 2017 ia 120 Years.
"I come in my Father's name and ye receive me not. If another shall come in his own name and he ye will receive" Amazing isn't it? Jesus set all this up at Creation, which is why He said Jerusalem is "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt" Rev 11:8                            

                                                                                                            800 Years of Demonic Visions culminating in 2017
                                                                                                                                   2016-17 Events 
     Gang Il-Sun aka Jeung San Do, the Korean "God the Father" "5 powers, Russia and China versus America and Japan will meet in 3 day conflict over control of the Korean Peninsula" The Korean "Edgar Cayce" combined Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism and Korean Shamanism into his "Messianic Visions" called "Dunghak" (Eastern Learning Movement).  
     Jonathan Edwards
1739 predicted 1260 days of Revelation end in 2016.
     Adam Clark 1762 predicted Roman Catholicism would start to  fall in 2015
     Moses Lowman 1773 predicted 2016 is the end of it all.
     Patrick Nisbit 1776 predicted 2016 would be the end using 90AD as the date Revelation was given to John + 666 + 1260=2016 (Revelation was delivered to John in 96AD)
     Phillip Dodridge 1804 using Isaac Newton's (Newton was a 33 degree Mason and Rosicrucian obsessed with building God's Temple described in Eze 40-47 on Earth; his Laws of Gravity are Lies of Gravity)  predicted the Antichrist would arrive in 2016. 
     Simon Patrick 1882 predicted the last RC Pope would be seated in 2016.
     Josep Barg 1840 predicted Jesuits would form part of the Beast, rising in 2016 (Jesuits control the Vatican; Shimon Peres gave control of the Temple Mount to the Vatican) 
     C Van Rensselaer 1858 predicted the Millennium would begin in 2016
     Robert Clayton 1850 predicted 2016 would be the end of Jewish Diaspora; Fall of the Papacy and Return of the Messiah
     John Brown 1866 predicted 2016 a mass Jewish conversion; Turkish forces invading Israel.  Donald Trump's Nat Sec Adviser Lt Gen Michael Flynn and his son run "Flynn Consulting Group" a firm paid by Turkish Pres Erdogan. Flynn wrote "We need to see things from Turkey's perspective", that would be the Ottoman Sunni Caliphate and Shariah Law perspective.

  •  Tzaddiq Baal Shem Tov prophesied Mosiach would be revealed in the year 5778 Mystical Rabbi Yisroel (Israel) ben Eliezer (Trumpeter of David; descendant of Jesus) is the founder of Hassidism (Pious Ones); Eliezar brought the "Leaven" of the Sabbatteans (Crypto Satanist Shabatai Zvi) and Frankists (Jacob Frank) into the Christian Churches and died soon after in 1760; you can see his progeny having intercourse with Shekina (Feminine presence of God) at Herod's Wailing Wall today, in preparation for the 3rd Temple. 
  • 11Q13 Prince Melchisedek Scroll "After 10 Jubilees, the Trumpet blast will herald the coming Melchisedek". Folks, Jesus is Melchisedek! This will be the Alternative Messiah "Antichrist". 10 Jubilees=500 years from what? Black Cloistered Rosicrucian Monk nailed 95 Thesis against the Catholic Church to the Church of Wittenburg on Halloween 1517. Black Pope Leo X signed the 5th Lateran Council of 1517 which proclaimed the Satanic Doctrine "Indestructibility of the Soul" as Catholic dogma. Lateran means "Hidden Frogs", the Spirits of Antichrist, False Prophet and Satan. Hatshepsut, the Cross Dressing Female Pharaoh of the Exodus built the 2 largest Obelisks in the world, one broke in pieces, the other stands in front of the Archbasilica of "The Christ", a combination of John the Baptist and John the Evangelist called St John Lateran. Grimorium Verum (True Grimoire) published by Alibeck the Egyptian of Memphis in 1517. June 24, 1717 Freemasonic Grand Lodge of England founded. 2017 is a very big year.
  • St Malachy 1136 (Malachy is as fictional as St Patrick killing the snakes; Malachy is Molech Arab for "Lord" aka Saturn) "Rome will burn when Peter the Roman arrives"; Pope #266 and #112 from Celestine II was elected Pope Francis I a full blooded Italian named after St Francis of Assisi born Giovanni Di Pietro Di Bernardone whose Papal Coat of Arms is the Rising Phoenix.  Pope Benedict is #111 and resigned on cue Feb 28, 2013 after releasing 2 White Doves on "Peace Day"; they were attacked by Ravens. Pope Francis released Peace Doves 1 yr later from the same spot in 2014, and they too were attacked by a Crow and Seagull. The night Pope Benedict resigned, Lightning hit St Peter's Basilica Dome Twice in one night. There was no person St Malachy; Malachy is Baal-Moloch, Chiun, Remphan, Milcom, Saturn. The prophecy was written by Amalekites (Worshippers of Molech) "at war with God from generation to generation" (Ex 17:16) 
  • Benjamin Solari Parravincini 1938 "The Pope shall leave the Vatican in his travels and reach America whilst mankind falls". A Brass oval on the altar at St Sulpice Cathedral marks Sept 22; the Solstice is marked by an Aquarius symbol on the Gnomon Pillar. The movie Evan Almighty highlighted Sept 22, the Papal visit to America and Kol Nidre "All Vows" coincide to conclude the UN and CERN 2014: "Year of Light" and begin the "Satanic Jubilee". 2016 is the UN: Year of Pulses; Pulses being Tares among the Wheat; Jerusalem is the Jebusite "Threshing Floor" where the 3rd Temple will be built. 2017 is the "UN Year of Sustainable Development". 93% of the Earth's population will be culled.
  • Cathar Perfecti 1241 "In 700 years the Laurel will grow green again" Cathar Prophecy On 1/13/1313, the King of France and Pope Roman Pope illegally confiscated Templar wealth and made a new Concordat with the Knights of Malta called "Licet Pridem" Catharsis means "Discharge of pent up emotion". Jacques de Molay, the last Cathar Military Banker was executed in Paris 3/18/1314. 700 years later the 8th Tetrad of Lunar Eclipses began. The Laurel is the Crown of Bacchus/Dionysus/al-Khidr=Saturn/Satan "Green Man". French President Francois Hollande is honorary Canon of the "Mother and Mistress Church of Rome and the earth" (Basilica of St John Lateran aka Teaching Seat of the Hidden Frogs: Beast, False Prophet, Dragon), the seat of Jesuit Pope Francis as Bishop of Rome.
  • Shiekh Nazim al-Haqqani "al-Mahdi arrives after the great war in the 40th generation; the 40th Sayyid of Muhammad"  The 40th in the "Golden Chain" of Sayyids died May 7, 2014 al-Khidr is "Green Man" aka Bacchus/Dionysys/Hermes/St George War seems inevitable in 2015. al-Mahdi and Jesus are expected to return to Dabiq, Syria (Dabiq the name of the ISIS propaganda magazine) to defeat those who oppose Sharia Law. Worship of JESUS (Holy Ghost) is punishable by death under Sharia Law.
  • Al-Qud Prophecy Yezidis are Kurds aka Devil worshippers of Koordistan who worship Lucifer as the "Peacock Angel" When Blue Star Al-Qud appears in the Heavens, the 5th Age will commence the days of purification; War and the return of Melek-Taus (Peacock Angel=Molech) as a Rainbow around the Sun, the Peacock Angel. Note the parallel to the Hopi "Blue Star", Nostradamus and John Johnston concerning America  
  • Imam Ali Ibn Abi-Talib The End of Times and just before the return of the Mahdi, the Ultimate Saviour, "A tall black man will assume the reins of government in the West, Commanding 'the strongest army on earth,' the new ruler in the West will carry 'a clear sign' from the third imam, whose name was Hussein Ibn Ali.  "Shiites should have no doubt that he is with us."  Obama's first and second names -- Barack Hussein -- mean 'the blessing of Hussein' in Arabic and Persian. Obama, written in the Persian alphabet, reads O Ba Ma, which means 'he is with us' 
  • Mormon White Horse aka Blood in the Streets Prophecy states "Elders of the church will step up to save the Constitution as daughter rises against mother, son against father, neighbor against neighbor and blood runs down the street from Ogden to Salt Lake as water down a storm drain" Mitt Romney has been told since 1979 he is the "White Horse, the One mighty and strong, clothed in light to usher in the 2nd Coming" 
  • Hopi Great Purification "The 5th age will begin with the arrival of Blue Star and Red Kachina; Disease, Great Dying, Earthquakes and the World rocking to and fro. Sochi is the ancestral home of Circassians (goddess Circe=Circle) the "White People". Prophecy Rock in AZ puts this plan in stone.  "After Blue Star arrives, Red Kachina, the "Purifier" will remove his mask in the plaza before the Unitiated" and White Brother "Pahana" will be revealed. White Brother is Antichrist; the White Jesus is a Gnostic creation. You will want to be "Uninitiated"! Ref Eze 37:16; Rev 11:1-2 What Plaza? United Nations Plaza 777 of course; Liber 777 and other Qabbalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley and the AMORC (Society of Rosicrucians in America) Liber 777 may ring a Baal. "I am the ressurection"=777 "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth"=777; "Orthodox Messiah"=777; "Yeshua Saves"=777; "Filled with Light"=777; YHWH=777. JESUS=888 
  • Phoenician Rock "10 Comandments" in Los Lunas (Moon=Arab "Sin") New Mexico Phoenician means Pa=House + Enoch; the Phoenix self immolates itself every 500 years, the New World Order rising from the ashes; predicted in 1620 in New Atlantis by Francis Bacon. Phoeniciahs using King Solomon's "Ships of Tarshish" brought them to America (Land of the Amorites) to create a New Atlantis rising as a Phoenix from the ashes. 
  • Nostradamus "Last Pope will flee Rome in December when there are 2 Suns in the sky to usher in Judgment Day" Christmas and Hanukkah are Satanic. 
  • NostradamusThe death of "Mabus" will herald thirst, hunger and a cataclysm when the comet runs. 239th anniversary of the US Navy featured a Lunar Eclipse on Sukkot; a Navy commercial highlighted "239" or Sept 23. Obama nominated Ray Mabus to Sec of Navy; he is a CFR Traitor, RAND Center, ex-Saudi Ambassador who will head the Navy salvage (cover-up) of Deep Water Horizon in 2015.
  • Edgar Cayce The Sleeping Prophet of the Sleeping Land (Tobolsk) channeled a demon with Scrying "Russia would be die and be re-born to become the hope of the world"The Sochi Olympic Logo was a Bear Cub; the Re-birth of the Russian Bear. Tobolsk (Tobol River) has nothing to do with Tubal and Meshech (sons of Japheth) in Eze 38:2; the battle of Gog and Magog is at the end of the Millennium (Rev 20:7) not now! Baphomet means "Union of Logos and Sophia"; the Tobolsk Kremlin and Sophia-Assumption Cathedral in Tobolsk were made for the "Prestige" the 3rd and final act of the "Great Work" of Lucifer.  
  • C Alan Martin 1971  "The US will have 44 Presidents" 12 Houses from Harry Truman; Obama means "He is with us" in Farsi (Zoroastrian Persian; language of Mithraism) is #12. Obama is President #44. Donald Trump is the 44th man to be elected US President. The 13th House? 13 is the number of Rebellion to God.
  • Condor and Eagle Prophecy says 500 years after Columbus discovered America, and nearly wiped out the Condor people (Heart, Intuition, Mystical), a merging with the Eagle people (Brain, Rational , Material) will herald the New Age. Jesus says "where the carcase is, Eagles will gather". Seen any Eagles on US Government or Currency lately? Pope Francis I is a Jesuit, "Operation Condor" operative who took over the Vatican on 9 Mar 1513. 
  • Mother Shipton aka Ursula Southhill, a medium/witch burned at the stake in 1641 "Wars, airplanes, TV, earthquakes, fires and 1/2 the world will die just before the return of the Golden Age"; those predictions are the Demonic Playbook. The last Prophecy is a real hoot!
  • Bab and Baha'u'llah: Bahai claim "Russia will rule the earth at the end of times" This lie is the source of Edgar Cayce's lies. Russia is not Gog (Rev Eze 38:1; 20:7) America is not "Babylon" (Rev 18) The Roman Catholic Church is not MYSTERY, BABYLON...(Rev 17).
  • John Johnston "United States Prophecy" 1981 "When the Berlin Wall comes down, the Soviet Union is dealt a severe blow and makes its recovery, then the death of Fidel Castro will herald the collapse of the economic system of the US"  "God will sent violent storms from Seattle to Baja California and across the nation, back and forth destroying everything with lightning, tornadoes and hurricanes not seen before"...."I will judge America hard for her black magick, sorcery, idolatry, wickedness, witchcraft"..."Since WWII I have sent Pastors, Sheperdesses, Shepherds to warn you, now comes Rev 18 fall of Babylon"..."I will send Famine...Florida will be made an example, whether first or last I do not know, only a handful of people will come out alive"  "I will send a 300ft Tidal Wave against the Eastern Seaboard" "God doesn't know"? Only a moron would believe that.
          "The Law and the Prophets were until John" Lk 16:16 
       Feel like a Sheep being led to Slaughter? Jesus set it up that way. He is the only escape! "For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter" Rom 8:36; Ps 44:22. 

"Tetrads" are 4 consecutive Lunar Eclipses on Passover and Feast of Tabernacles. 8 Tetrads will/have occurred on Passover and Tabernacles the last 2000 years. The 8th occurs in 2014-2015 with Solar Eclipses on God's New Year (1 Abib) and the Rabbinical or Civil New Year (1 Tishrei). A once in history event.
      Jesus Christ represents the 8th "New Covenant" between God and Man. The Crucifixion of Jesus (Jesus is God in Flesh; JESUS is God in Spirit) marked the end of the 7th Covenant "Law". Pentecost marks the beginning of the 8th Covenant with delivery of the Holy Ghost. Pentecost 2015 May 24 was the eve of Memorial Day in the US for a reason.
   Passover marks the birth of John the Baptist and Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, ending the 7th Covenant between God and Man. Easter is an Edomite Holy Day having nothing to do with Jesus in the slightest. 
    Tetrads mark the major conflicts between Satan and his Arab followers and God and His followers.  Allah is not Muslim, Allah is the Arab Moon God "Sin"; Lucifer/Satan is the "Man of Sin". Under the Papal Cathedra (Teaching Seat) at St John Lateran Basilica is the Shadada "There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet"; since Vatican II the Pope has also carried the Twisted Crucifix celebrating the torture and death of God on the Tree. 
               Cathedra: Satan's Teaching Seat    
       The Jesuit Cathedra (Teaching Seat) is at St John Lateran., the "Mother of all Churches" (All Churches stemming from Abraham ie Messianic Judaism, Messianic  Christianity, Messianic Islam and Eastern Religions) and Jesuit Cathedra. Jesuits are the modern day continuation of the Chaldean Priesthood; Bee means Word in Chaldee; essentially the Beehive. Jesuits are not Catholic (Universal) and have nothing to do with Jesus. Lateran means "Hidden Frogs"; the Frogs are the 3 Spirits of the Dragon, Beast and False Prophet. Jesuits are the "Militia of Zeus and Minerva" aka Society of Gesu. Gesu is the Masonic G (7th Letter) or Grand Architect of the Universe. The "God of Forces" in Dan 11:38 which on the macro-scale gives "Order to the Universe". Gesu is also the "God Particle" which on the micro-scale gives Mass to Matter. Gesu is "Gravity", the mysterious Force invented by Isaac Newton. Society of Gesu is headed by the Black Pope, currently Adolfo Nicholas at the Vatican (Divine Serpent), controlling "Knights" (Drones in service to the Queen Bee) such as Hospitallers or Knights of St John of Jerusalem (Salem is the Canaanite god of Dusk ie Settting Sun or Land of the Dead) Gesu is the Alternative Messiah or Antichrist. The Roman Pope is not the Antichrist! 
AD "Anno Domini" means "Year of our Lord". Jesus was born on Feast of Tabernacles 6 BC exactly 2300 days (Dan 8:14)  before the mis-named "Common Era" began.
162-163 AD:
795-796 AD; 842-843 AD, 860-851 AD 
were the first 4 times. 
   The 5th time occurred in the 2 years following the 1492 Alhambra Decree (Tisha B’ Av 1492 AD marked the expulsion of Cryptos and Marranos from Spain) the Voyage of Columbus, a Rosicrucian was timed with this date commemorating the destruction of the first and second Temples, consecutive Lunar eclipses occurred on Passover and Feast of Tabernacles, the latter marking the birth of Jesus Christ. Thus, the next time this God ordained astronomical warning happened was 1493-1494 AD as smallpox began decimating native populations in the Americas. Remember, God set the Sun, Moon and Stars in the heavens to tell  time and seasons.
  The 6th time this happened was after the 1948 Declaration of Israel's Independence. The 1949 AD Armistice Agreement, called by displaced Palestinians as the "Palestine Catastrophe" was signed by Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria in 1949 and the Tri-partite Declaration between the US, Britain, and France in 1950 AD. The lines agreed to in these agreements held until the 1967 6-Day War. (Note: Israel is still in Diaspora; God does not use the Star of Moloch, Rabbis, the Talmud or Kaballah).
    The 7th Tetrad was coincident with the founding of the Church of Satan in San Francisco in 1966 "Anno Satanae" (Year One) and the 1967 "6-Day War" for the Golan Heights (Mt Hermon=Mt of the Chief) and Jerusalem. A Cardinal Grand Cross Planetary Alignment occurred during the 7th Tetrad as well as the 8th Tetrad, one Jubilee of 50 years apart. Pope Francis bestowed Sainthood on Pope John XXIII and John Paul II, the 2 men responsible for ushering in the Satanic "Twisted Crucifix" aka "Bent Cross" used to mock the Crucifixion.
    Jesuit Pope Francis (Francis=Free) will visit the UN and Philadelphia (Church of Philadelphia=Synagogue of Satan) Sept 22-27, 2015 over the last Lunar Eclipse of the 8th Tetrad. The 8th Tetrad of  4 consecutive "Blood Red Moons" will occur on Passover and Tabernacles 2014-2015 AD. In addition, 2 Solar eclipses will occur on 1 Nisan “God’s New Year” 2015 and 1 Tishrei “Rosh Hashanah” aka "Feast of Trumpets", the Rabbinical “Head of the Year" in 2015. 
    Lunar Eclipses: Passover=April 15, 2014 Tabernacles=Oct 8, 2014 Passover=April 4, 2015  Tabernacles=Sept 28, 2015. Solar Eclipses: 1 Nisan=Mar 20, 2015 Rosh Hashanah=Sept 13, 2015.
    2016-17 is a Satanic Jubilee Year

   "The triumph of science is realizing the carrying capacity of Earth is under 1 Billion people"-
Pope Francis' Encyclical on Nature "Laudato Si" is a Sacrifice to the Black Virgin "Cybele" calling for eliminating 6.3 Billion of Earth's 7.3 Billion people committing Sins against "Mother Nature". Science is describes in Dan 1:4 as the "Language of the Chaldeans" and in 1 Timothy 6:12 as "Vain and Profane Babblings"; Big Bang, Heliocentrism, Evolution, Global Warning, Gravity all examples of Blasphemous contempt of God  embraced by Jesuit Pope Francis. St John Lateran is the "Mother of all Churches" and Cybele is the "Mother of All". 
      Sept 23, 2015 is highlighted in the movie TomorrowLand and a 2013 Series Pilot Rewind as the date of Chaos. "Creation itself is an act of Destruction" is the operable phrase in both; it means "Order out of Chaos". Pope Francis is the 266th Pope visiting President #44 (Last according to C Alan Martin's 1971 prediction on Day #266 Sept 23, 2015; human gestation is 266 days. CERN intends to prove Rainbow Gravity (Blasphemous Bull Shit) on 9/23/2015. French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius warned 500 days in advance Sept 23, 2015 would be the day beginning Climate Chaos. US Navy commercials warn of Sept 23 using "239", the 239th anniversary of the US Navy was Oct 13, 2014. Rev's Parravincini and Lindsey Williams predict an asteroid impact Sept 24, 2015 near San Juan; the US Navy Flood Map predicts the same thing  
    TPP was released Nov 5, 2015; the anniversary of the Jesuit Gunpowder Plot to prevent the Authorized Bible from publication starts a 90 day Review Period; Obama and Opus Dei, Ayn Rand devotee (Satanist) Paul Ryan will ensure TPP becomes Law because they are Sworn agents of the Holy See. When? Likely during the Lame Duck session after the 2016 election. TTIP is the Eastern Book End; protected in TTIP are NYC Banks protected from Foreign Country Lawsuits anywhere outside of NYC Courtrooms where all Judges are bought and paid for Int'l Banking Shills just as they always have been.
       America is named after the Amorites and their land of the west "Amurru"; the birthplace of the Dark Arts (Enochian Magick); hence Mormons believe Cain's Enoch to have been translated to Heaven. Cathars are the Church of Amor; 1 Cor 13 "Charity" in the KJV is changed to "Love" (Amor or Agape) to hide the hideous plan recorded in Rev 19:18. Agape Love Feast is in fact a Satanic Cannibal Orgy.
     At the Vatican, Jesuit Pope Francis blessed an Idol of the Crucified, Homeless Jesus on a Park Bench. Jesuits then shipped and installed the Idol in Detroit. This open rejection of Jesus stands near a 9ft tall Statue of Satan, consecrated by a crowd of 700 from the Satanic Temple on July 25, 2015. The date coincides with the Grand Climax of the Begone Dull Care Ritual at Bohemian Grove in Santa Rosawhere 2000 mostly US leaders sacrifice a child at the foot of a 40ft tall Idol of Molech. 
    On April 19, "Feast of Molech" 2016 an exact 3-D Printer replica of the Arch of Triumph aka Gate of Isis from the Temple of Baal from Palmyra, Syria (aka ancient land of "Amurru" the namesake of America) was installed in Trafalgar Square London. The Gate of Isis is scheduled to arrive in Time Square New York by 9/11/2016. Time is Chaos; Trafalgar is Arabic for "End of the West". Arabs (Dubai) will finance the Satanic Gate where children are offered to Satan as Holocaust Sacrifrices. 
     Anthropodermic Bindings are records of sacrifices to Molech written in blood on Vellum "Skin"  Parchment (Vellum=Human Skin; Parca=Death of the Mind, Intellect, Body and Soul); Kidding? It's called "Kid". Innocent children are raped and sacrificed by 9th Circle Initiates like the 3 Popes: Francis, Benedict XVI and Black Pope Adolfo Nicholas, and Anglican Church head Justin Welby in rituals called "Pink Ballet", "Post Ritual" and "Black Hole Ritual" and  "9th Circle Ritual". 
      Every American at birth is burdened by debt to the Crown Bar, payable only in Gold Bars which serve as a prison for the Soul. Courts function to pass Judgment on the "Soulless", rendered to the status of Animals (eg Veteran means Beast of Burden). There in lies the meaning of the Triple Crown both the horse races and Triple Papal Crown. Now you know why Congress has Sworn Jesuits Biden, Ryan, Kerry in line to be President should Obama be impeached (Michelle Black Widow Dress on Election Night ring a Baal?)
     Congress introduced Pope Francis as "Pope of the Holy See". See means Sedes Sacorum "Sacred Seat"; the Sedes Vacante "Vacant Seat" reserved for Lucifer when his time is done and control over Earth, Body and Soul of every person on earth reverts to the 4th Beast of Iron (Dan 2:39-40; Dan 7:6-7) Why Dan 2:39? America is now 239 years old; the Book of Mormon has 239 chapters for a reason; Mormo is the God of the Living Dead. 

     Scripture is not subject to any Private Interpretation it means exactly what is written; ie 70 Weeks (Dan 9:24-27) is the last 490 Days not the garbage we all learn reading Study Bible Notes. 2300 Days (Dan 8:14) is just that. 1335 Days, 1290 Days, 1260 Days in Dan 12 and Rev 13:5 etc are just that, Days not Years. WRT 1290 and 1260 Days, Isaac Newton a 330 degree Luciferian Mason and Rosicrucian who lied about Gravity (God Particle ringing a Baal?) started the 2550 Year (1290 + 1260)  nonsense and made several false predictions of the 2nd Coming because of it. 

    There are 1656 years Creation to Flood in Scripture by adding up the age of the patriarchs of Adam-Seth-Noah. 2160 years/astrological (30 degree=360 degrees/12 houses) House is a provable number. The number is also something occultists notice in 216 being the cubes of 3, 4 and 5 added, the sides in the Pythagorean Triangle, Mr "Peace" Triangle  and Great Pyramid. The world's ancient pagan sites and Cathedrals were laid out according to this Geometry (Earth Measurement)

      1656 years plus Aries plus Pisces=5976 years; no guess work here, St Sulpice Society claims the Age of Aquarius began with the 8th Tetrad in April of 2014. The 2014 Cornerstone on the English facing side of the Georgia Guide Stones was removed at that time and replaced with blood on the roof. Aquarius is the Water Pourer; St Sulpice put that symbol on the Gnomon Pillar with a 76 Logo at the point of Dec 21 (Perfection=7; 6=Man "Perfected or Sinless Man". The LBGT Movement is also a giveaway occultists believe Aquarius has arrived; Gamymede, the Cretan youth abducted by Zeus in the form of an Eagle (US Bird) and taken to Olympus is the Pederasty symbol.

St Sulpice Society are the Rosicrucians; they have stated the Age of Aquarius began with the 8th Tetrad and carved the Aquarius symbol in the Gnomon Pillar under the 76 Logo (7=Perfection; 6=Man) Dan 7:6 describes this 3rd Beast. 7+6=13, the number of Rebellion; Sodom and Gomorrah in Gen 13:13 match the warning Rev 13 concerning the final 42 months; 7X6=42. 42 months of Great Tribulation
     This is a basic Astrology Site; forget the Age of Gemini; occultists discount the Flood entirely. God made the Earth and said it was "Good", Earth had no Wobble on its axis in the pre-flood years because God does not make anything imperfect. Time calculated by Axis Precession (Difference between Sidereal and Tropical or Star and Solar Years) would have been 0 back then. They claim the Age of Aries occurred about 2500 BC + or - 300 years. Again, it's in the ballpark.

     The somewhat scientific method of determining the Age of Aquarius is measuring 150 degrees along the Ecliptic Longitude from Regulus (Law Giver) when the sun rises on Vernal Equinox; this method generates the Age of Aquarius occurring 2013-2015 or there about

       Now, what about the missing 24 years? Creation must have happened (I believe) on God's New Year of 1 Abib, calculated by the first New Moon after Spring Equinox; the Sun, Earth and Moon in alignment makes sense as a starting point for Time.

     21 is the biblical Age of Accountability/Adulthood; Sargon the Great ruled from 2334 BC to 2279 BC according to most Again, we are in the ballpark. Sargon means "The King is Legitimate"; his birth must, I believe have happened at some very obvious astrological event such as the transition from Taurus to Aries for example. Taurus the Bull is Zeus (meaning Day) in mythology; Taurus is the Apis (Honey Bee) Bull of Egypt. Bee in Chaldee is Dabar or Word. Taurus is the Golden Bull of Beth-el and Dan and today in Wall St. The first set of Man-made Laws in opposition to God's simple Laws of the Day to "Establish Human Government" (Gen 9:8 "Rainbow" is the sign of this Contract) were written by Sargon's father Naram-sin ca 2254 BC. Notice this is 20 years before Sargon became "Legitimate King". Going back earlier than Naram-sin conflicts with the biblical account timeline.

      1656 + 2160 + 2160 +21=5996 Years. Sept 22 marks 3 1/2 years from that point it seems; that starts the Great Tribulation. No 7 yr Tribulation is mentioned in Scripture, Rabbis made that up. No Rapture except the Last Trump/7th Trumpet (1 Cor 15:52; 1 Thess 4:17) Body Resurrection is mentioned; Jesuits made that up.

    We are coming down to the wire and Pope Francis knows it; let's try to be part of the few who will teach the many as Jesus told Daniel in Dan 11:33.  

      Jesus hates Nicolaitane Doctrine (Elevating the Clergy to Conquer the Laity) described in His warning to the Church of Ephesus. The Council of Ephesus introduced worship of  Mary by declaring her the "Mother of God" and later "Immaculately Conceived", the precise attributes of Cybele. Catholics worship Mary as Cybele, the warning to the Church of Thyatira (Continual Sacrifice) applies here; Pope Francis and his Jesuit/Masonic followers intend to Sacrifice 6/7th's of humanity.
      Mother Nature is Cybele; the Pope wears the Kippah (aka Zuchetti or Yarmulke; Red is the Color of Edom) aka Cap of Cybele openly rejecting the Temple Veil torn by Jesus in favor of  the Immaculately Conceived Goddess of Nature and  Mother of All "Magna Mater". Cybele is the Mother of the Mountain, the largest and oldest Black Virgin at Montserrat (Jagged Mountain) in Catalonia used by the Catholic Church as an epithet of the Virgin Mary; she it however not the Virgin Mary, only the Whore of Babylon.  Cybele's son Attis (aka Mithra) is born Dec 25 as the Pine Tree, seen in La Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona, housing pillars made as Trees.
     Cybele (Cybele means Stone as does Peter and Petra the Edomite Eagle's Nest), the "Black Virgin is depicted seated with a Crown of 12 Stars and her feet on the Moon; described in Rev 12. The real Woman is the Bride of JESUS; Cybele is the fake.  The Encyclical "Teaching Paper" from the Cathedra (Teaching Seat) of the Hidden Frogs, Spirits of the Dragon, Beast and False Prophet (St John Lateran means Hidden Frogs) was delivered  on the 200th anniversary of Waterloo (Dominion of Rothschild ie Edomite Central Bankers), start of Ramadan 2015 and conception of John the Baptist. All coincidence I'm sure, NOT! 
     800 years ago on 15 June 1215 the Magna Carta placed English assets (City of London Corp controls most of the world's Gold, Diamonds and Property) under control of the Holy See; Pope Francis is slated (Prophecy of St Malachy) to be the last; when he dies his Sodomite Carmerlengo Cardinal Tauran (Lunar Bull) will decide the fate of the assets, handing them over to the "God of Forces" described in Daniel 11:48; the God Particle (Gravity or Graviton) represents  this "God of Forces". On the game show 500 Questions (500 is 10 Jubilees in the Prince Melchisedek Scroll) 6.66 Sec was the time elapsed for the answer to the God Particle question.  
      Bohemian Grove 2015 aka Sumerian Ritual Begone Dull Care  begins with the Full Moon (Cybele's Shield or Orb is the Full Moon) on  July 2 and ends on July 26 on 9Av when the Sun enters Leo. Cybele's Lions rise as the Lunar Bull sets; the Lion dominating the Full Moon falsely copies Jesus the Lion of Judah conquering the Moon "Sin" (Arab moon god Sin=Allah) at the 2nd Coming. 
     9 Av "Tisha B' Av" represents the Golden Calf on Mt Sinai in Arabia, Destruction of the the 1st and 2nd Temples, Bar Kochba Revolt, Razing of the Temple Mount and renaming Zeus Capitolina, 1st Crusade, Expulsion of fake "Banker" Jews from England, France and Spain, WWI, WWII, Holocaust, and Gulf Wars is cause for celebration only if you are a Satanist. Nicolaitanes taught worship of the Golden Calf as Priests of On, followed by the Korahite Priests (Cybele aka Kore) who presented an alternative to Moses and Aaron and were promptly swallowed in the Earth by God; Pope Francis represents their legacy and will lead the persecution of those with the "Testimony of Jesus" described in Rev 12. 
       Sept 13 (29 Elul is Sept 14) at Even ends the Shemitah (7 Years), specifically the 7th Shemitah since the 7th Tetrad of Lunar Eclipses on Passover and Tabernacles, 6-Day War, and founding of the Church of Satan on Year One Satan (Anno Satanae) in 1966. On 29 Elul 2001 (Sept 17) the DJIA dropped exactly 7% or 684 pts from its 9/11 close of 9651.51 
     On 29 Elul 2008 7 years later the DJIA dropped 7% or 777pts.     7 yrs later is Sun Sept 13, 2015. The stock market will close  on Friday 9/11/2015, therefore  the stock market will reflect value on the 7th Shemitah from the Church of Satan founding and begin the Satanic Jubilee. On 9/11/2009 exactly 8 years after 9/11/2001, the DJIA hit the exact same number of 9651.51. On 3/6/9 the NYSE hit 666. How's that for control?
     Sept 15 a Solar Eclipse on Feast of Trumpets (1 Tishrei). The 70th UN General Assembly begins on that day to unveil its Worldwide Sustainable Development Plan (Killing Humans).  On Sept 22 Talmudic Rabbis will forgive Sins their Congregations plan to commit between Feast of Atonement 2015 (Sept 23) and 2016 o Kol Nidre "All Vows"     
     The Supreme or Council of Masonry is in Charleston commanded by 330 Sovereign Worshipful (Gag me) Grand Commander, Confederate General, founder of the KKK and MAFIA in America Albert Pike who wrote the plan for 3 World Wars. The moment Dylann Roof was Scapegoated for the alleged incident, Lightning hit the Washington Monument, the world's largest Obelisk (Baal's Shaft). On Sept 22 (22/7=Pi; Rev 22:7 "Behold I come quickly"; the Satanic copy is "As Above, So Below") Pope Francis will address the US Congress between 2 Fasces Symbols  decrying US Capitalism; the US will be the Scapegoat for "Babylon has fallen" in Rev 18. Next up? The Alternative Messiah "Antichrist" or "Beast".
     On Sept 24 Pope Francis will visit Philadelphia (Church of Philadelphia is the "Synagogue of Satan"; Brotherly Love refers to Esau's intent to kill Jacob) symbolically repairing the cracked Liberty Bell. On the Liberty bell is Lev 25 describing the 50th year Jubilee; the Yoke of God will be removed from Esau and Hell will break loose. Jesus brings "Liberty to the Captives", this is the Satanic copy meaning "Liberty from God". The same day CERN starts up Particle Collisions to prove Dark or Mirror Matter. "The triumph of Science is realizing the carrying capacity of Earth is under 1 Billion people"- Pope Francis. Esau's "Brotherly Love" of Jacob includes murdering every single one of them (Gen 27:39-41 KJV).
   Pope Francis will conclude his visit addressing the United Nations "Sustainability Summit". Out front is St George (Geo=Earth) killing the Dragon; inside is Satan's Altar, a 13,000Lb Lodestone Altar illuminated by a single shaft of light in front of 11 Chairs.
      On 2 previous 2015 start-ups Earthquakes occurred in Nepal and Japan.  On Sept 25 Pope Francis addressed the UN Assembly decrying Capitalism (US) and propose his remedies for Global Climate Change. On Sept 28 will be a Supermoon Lunar Eclipse to end the 8th Tetrad. 




     6 Years after Obama (Prince Hall Mason Bari Malik Shabazz Jr=Boat/Solar Barque + Malik=Arabic Lord + Shabazz "First Race" of Cain-Canaan-Ishmael-Esau found in the Horites "Worshippers of Horus" aka "God of the 2 Horizons" equivalent with Babylonian "Tammuz") bowed to Shinto Emperor Akahito, the youngest son of Emperor Hirohito who organized WWII with fellow Luciferian Mason/Shriners Douglas MacArthur, FDR and Harry Truman, the northern hemisphere is dying. Akahito is an Order of the Garter Initiate; Garter is a British Roundtable which means Witch's Belt, a sign of Satanic Marriage covenant originating in the "Titanic Era" before and after the Flood. The US delivered MOX (Mixed Uranium-Plutonium Oxide) Fuel rods on Obama's visit; MOX Fuel was designed to form Buoyant "Bucky Balls" (Buckminster Fuller mentored Barbara Marxist Hubbard "We are the riders of the Pale Horse Death. God creates, we decide who lives and who dies") when melted and exposed to saltwater. Akahito is the son of a man whose torture/killing techniques used by Major Horatio Ishi at Unit 731 dwarf Nazi Dr Mengele or Stalin's Gulag architect of death Lazar Kaganovich; Kagan is a fake Jew Khazar ie Sarmation name meaning "King"; seen in Sodomite Supreme Court Justice and Obama hanlder Elena Kagan.
    Rockefeller's General Electric designed the plant at Fukushima, and intentionally built it over an underground river where the Pacific Jet Stream and Pacific Ocean currents collide at the only place on Earth capable of destroying it. Scalar EM weapons intentionaly set off the 9.0 Earthquake; Siemens Atomic Control Valves intentionally shut off coolant to the #3 Reactor before the Tsunami arrived, ensuring melt-down. Fat Man was a Plutonium enhanced Fission weapon tested on Japan; under the seafloor, Plutonium-Uranium is melting rock, forming spherical shells like the Fat Man Bomb core, capable of Atomic Fission and the creation of "Earthquakes in Diverse Places".
   Plutonium Oxide is a million times more toxic than Uranium, when designed to become lofted into the Atmosphere during incineration and become buoyant in the Pacific Ocean, it becomes far more effective at destroying Flesh. Pluto the Roman god of the Underworld and Planet whose pictures from New Horizon Spacecraft exactly match the 1930 drawings of Luciferian Mason Walt Disney (obviously fake pictures) lent its name to Plutonium; first produced at the Trinity Detonation at Los Alamos (Alamo means "Black Popular" the tree whose Strakes were used to divide the flocks of Laban and Jacob in Gen 30), the father of the Hydrogen (H means "God is with me; seen in Abram-Abraham; Juda-Judah; Sarai-Sarah, Ishmael-Ismail) Bomb a Bohemian Grove Satanist, Pedophile and Fake ie Crypto Jew named Edward Teller exclaimed "It's a Boy!" Fellow fake Jew, Communist Spy, Luciferian Mason J Robert Oppenheimer, in charge of the Manhattan (Man + Aton the Egyptian Creator) Project said "I have become Death, the destroyer of worlds" upon witnessing the Trinity Detonation; he also said "I hope they cannot see the limitless potential living inside of me to muder everything. I hope they cannot see I am the great Destroyer". Oppenheimer was referring to Apollo/Apollyon/Abaddan/Shiva "Destroyer" in Rev 9:11 aka Lucifer.
    Donald Trump is the Scapegoat Apollo riding in on a Golden Ass wearing the Golden Bough (both books describing the Eleusinian Mystery Religion Initiations) of Apollo with his pal Vladimir Putin. Sochi=Flame; the Sochi Olympics featured Apollo's Chariot pulled by Aurora just like Trump's 66th floor Penthouse in Trump Tower, figuratively the 16th Trump in Tarot. Sochi is famous for the giant statue of Prometheus (recall the Prometheus movie and Alien DNA and the Prometheus Idol at Rockefeller Center); a pis You may recall the Simpsons episode "Trumptastic Voyage" predicted the Trump presidence in 2000; when Homer jumps into Donald's Golden Hairpiece he comes face to face with the Black Monolith from Stan Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey which leads Man in the ways of Cain in their evolution from Monkeys to Killers to Lunar Astronauts (Luciferian Mason Liars; recall Gene Cernan claims to be the last man who walked on the moon matches the name of CERN the Scapegoat "Earth Destroyer" creating the made-up "God Particle" derived from Cernunnos "Horned One" and first name Shaman used for Satan) to explorers of Jupiter (Jah + Pater or Antichrist) and the cycle of Death-Re-birth that is the hallmark of the Eleusinian Mystery Religion Initiations.   The Millennium Hilton Hotel at Ground Zero (means "Site of Nuclear Detonation") is in fact a replica of the Black Monolith created by Stan Kubrick. You may recall Dr Strangelove, the character is in fact Crypto Satanist Edward Teller.
    Fake Jewish Rabbis (Rab=Arab=Great One) in Israel claim Trump and Putin are modern day Cyrus (Cyrus is derived from Koreish/Quyraish, the Arab Bedouins of Ishmaelite and Edomite descent who formed the Korahite Priesthood in Moses and Aaron's day) figures filling roles of liberating Jews; wrong! They are Satanic fakes liberating Edomites, currently under the Yoke of Jacob (Gen 27:39-41KJV) for worldwide "Dominion" (Dan 7:6; Dan 2:39) and subsequent hand off to the 4th Beast (Dan 7:7; Dan 2:40) who murders everyone unwilling to accept the Mark of the Beast.  
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