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    Q: Quelle “Source”. 33: Age of Jesus at Crucifixion and top level “Sovereign” of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. Skull & Bones: Brotherhood of Death Society. Hexagram: Most Sinister Sign in Witchcraft; Biblically, the star of Saturn (Satan) and Chemosh (Moabite god representing “Incest” or Kinsmen or Klansmen). 33 changes to the Twin Towers because Antichrist will be a “Twin” of Jesus Christ; Jesus descended from Jacob, A/C will likely descend from his Twin brother Esau. Note: The “Thumbs Up” means “Good Job” in the western world but “Up Yours” (same as middle finger) to the Arab world. “K”, the 11th letter is substituted for “Q” in the Phoenician (English). 

      Wingdings clubs have sprouted up at college campuses because one has to admit this is pretty strange. Q was James Bond’s Magician; recall as “007” he had a license to kill and the British Empire was essentially founded by the Rosicrucian mystic John Dee who also went by the cipher “007”. Other noteworthy Rosicrucians were Ben Franklin who instigated the American Revolution (failed Peace Treaty on 9/11/1776), Grigory Rasputin who instigated the Bolshevik Revolution and Nicholas Roerick (FDR Advisor) who had a major influence in forming the League of Nations, New Deal, WW2 and UN. The Skull & Bones “Jolly Roger” symbolizes the Temple of Wisdom sitting atop the 33 vertebra in the human spine; it is the “Death Head”. The Hexagram “Seal of Solomon” is of Phoenician Origin having nothing to do with King David. NY was the 11th state to be admitted into the union and New York City has 11 letters. Flt #11 was allegedly used to hit the North Tower on the 11th day and 254th day of the year; all add to 11. In Kabbalah , 11 is the number of the Antichrist, and it is considered the backside of the Kabbalist Tree of Life aka biblical Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Kabbalah is a system of 22 elemental paths and 10 steps to becoming a god within a system of black magick witchcraft handed down orally among Israel beginning in their 400 year captivity in Egypt from about 1900 BC to 1492 BC. During this time, Egypt became controlled by foreign rulers “Hyksos”. Called Semitic Shepherd Kings, the Hyksos venerated Pharaohs as incarnations of God and vehicles of salvation through secret ritual initiation. They sailed to Egypt from Phoenicia or Minoan Crete, bringing veneration of the Sacred Bull. The Hyksos introduced 2-wheeled battle chariots, daggers, swords, armor, helmets, tall pointed headgear denoting control of the Upper and Lower Nile, veneration of the Pharaoh as a living god and Satanic Black Magic of the Kaballah. The year after the Hyksos were forcibly expelled from Egypt in 1492 BC, God rescued the Israelites from captivity and certain destruction for 2 reasons: 1. Jesus would later come from their genealogy. 2. The Hyksos were Semitic (Amalekites), so Egyptians would have blamed Israelites for what they did, and killed them. The 10 plagues, killing of the first born Egyptian/Hyksos sons, and parting of the Red Sea, ended a rich powerful line of “Corrupted” descendants from ever being born and gave the Israelite slaves, Egyptian military weapons to use in campaigns against the Canaanites and Philistines, a group of “Giants” who also rebelled against God’s rules. Also noteworthy is that the Hyksos like the Cretians were called “Keftiu”; the connection to the biblical Caphtorites can therefore be made. A sea faring people who evidence suggests had connection to the Phoenicians, left Egypt for Santorini Greece. Called “Thera”, the Hyksos had essentially turned the entire island into a brothel which was covered by 180 ft of volcanic ash soon after their arrival. Santorini is Greek for St Irene, the goddess of prostitution, so this was a small scale repeat of Sodom & Gomorrah about 500 years earlier and another item of Revenge.

       Gnostics were a group of Satanists who believed knowledge was the key to becoming a god themselves. They wrote thousands of alternative bible texts known today as the Dead Sea Scrolls, Septuigint LXX, Nag Hamadi Scrolls and the Aramaean Bible “Syriac Peshitta”. The gospel of Q is considered the Gnostic source document stemming from the German word Quelle for “Source” and was written first.

      Ashkenazi “Jews” are not Semitic. They are descendants of Japheth who impersonate Semitic Jews. Moving north of the Caucasus Mountains near the Black Sea in Turkey, they became known as Jews of the German Rite. Lighter skin, blue eyes, often blonde or red hair and a penchant for violating all or most of God’s Commandments, extreme violence, cannibalism and human sacrifice, they have been identified with such groups as Scythians (Grain Scythe), Celts (Warrior), the Druid Priesthood (King Arthur myth), Vikings, Saxons, Franks and their Merovingian (Holy Bloodline) myth to name a few. The Gospel of Q says that Jesus was a man, a wise avatar, an evolved master of sorts, just not Divine (God incarnated in flesh). It describes Jesus as the son of humanity rather than the son of Man with a legion of soldiers at his command (Jesus created the Universe; He needs no help destroying people who reject Him). John the Baptist takes on the title “more than a prophet”, indicating that this text came from Gnostic “Johnitters” rather than any of Jesus true followers. Check out the Cathedral of St John Divine in NYC near Nicholas Roerick’s “Foundation Stone” of America for a real eye opener. The goal of Gnosticism is to become like Jesus through magic, knowledge, and ritual, rather than following Him. Jesus said to watch out for those who say they are Jews, but are ravenous wolves on the inside; He called them “Synagogue of Satan”. Interesting is that “Synagogue” is not part of the Old Testament; Ps 74:8 says all the Synagogues of God are burned up, so modern Synagogues are therefore of Satan; this is why Jesus told us to never call any man on earth “Rabbi”.  Oriental “Jews” called Mizrahi (Freemasonic Order of Memphis-Mizraim) are not Semitic either. Mizraim, a descendant of Ham founded Egypt shortly after the Flood. Spanish “Jews” called Sephardic (Sepharvaim were Canaanite Molech worshippers) are not Jewish by faith or genealogy. Ex. Columbus was Sephardic and no explorer; he sailed under the Red Cross Pattee, killed natives and stole their gold. A 3 pronged attack if you will, these masters of disguise fanned out across the globe from China, to South America and Europe attempting to claim being God’s chosen people. Remember, Ashkenaz descended from Japheth, Mizraim from Ham and Sepharvaim from Canaan; they are not Semitic (sons of Shem) let alone Jewish. In Obadiah we read Jerusalem is being held captive by Sepharad so truth be told, I say that’s a pretty good description of the Synagogue of Satan. Jesus calls Jerusalem “Spiritual Sodom and Egypt” in Rev 11:8; up until the 2nd Coming, Jerusalem is led by Zionist impersonators of Jacob; largely Samaritans and Edomites.

     33 is the number of vertebra in the human spine, the age Jesus was at the Crucifixion, and the number of degrees it takes to become a Sovereign Worshipful Grand Master in Scottish Rite Freemasonry. Since Jesus is a Trinity as Father, Son and Holy Ghost, Antichrist copies this aspect as Satan, Antichrist and False Prophet or Father, Mother, Son. 3X11=33; 11 the number of Antichrist. New Age proponents regard Jesus as the 2nd Adam, and are looking for the 3rd or “Perfected Man” to lead humanity into the Golden Age. The highest levels “Palladium Rite” are otherwise known as the “Illuminati” and encompass every religion and nation on earth. Palladium is not only a very rare, heavy metal, it derives its name from Pallas-Athena the god of Arcadia and early center for the Mystery Religions.

        America is named after the Phoenician/Edomite/Hyksos, Shepherd and Serpent God of the West “Amurru” and Can (Kahn, Cohen) which mean “Priest”. Serving as the Serpent Priest, America has or will have killed more people than any other nation including Communist Russia. The Mayans and Aztecs came to know Amurru as the feathered serpent god “Ameru” also known as Quetzalcoatl, Virachocha and Kukulkan who must be appeased with human blood in order for the Sun to rise each day; Priests of the Sun if you will who were originally called “Kon Torrs” in Akkad. Kulkulkan inspired the KKK (11th letter X 3=33) who’s rituals were fashioned after a group of Jacobite Scotsmen called “Knights of the Golden Circle”. In Daniel 7, the 3rd Beast Empire commences when the 4 Eagle’s Wings on the Lion are plucked off its back. Britain (the Lion) will be made to stand on its own 2 feet when America is destroyed. Nazi Germany claimed to be the 3rd Reich but they never achieved “Dominion”. For this reason, many apostate theologians are now claiming America fills the role of Babylon in Rev 18. As the Arabian Phoenix rises out of its own ashes, the occult hope out of America’s ashes will arise their Antichrist and to make way for the New Age of Aquarius, the Gemini Twins had to be destroyed. The Twin Towers were known by the name “Castor and Pollux”, “Remus and Rommulus”, “Horus and Set” or “Jacob and Esau”. A new single new building “Freedom Tower” will replace them because the New Age will be governed by a Man the bible calls Antichrist. “Free” means free of Jacob’s “Yoke”. Dominion will be achieved by Esau and when his “Mask” is removed, the slaughter will begin. (Ref Gen 27:40KJV). Frank means Free, Franks invented the Merovingian Myth claiming blood ties with Jesus and Mary Magdalene in order for their Man to claim Divine Blood. Too bad there is no blood connection; Jesus’ blood came from His Father through Divine Conception. Occultists knew all about this event beforehand; did you catch the oak rocking chairs being weighed at exactly 9 lib 11 oz at the beginning of the movie The Patriot? Patriot groups instigate all Revolutions and the next one will be no exception.  

     NY changes to NY. The Skull&Bones represent crossing the X, the symbol of the Egyptian “Divine Son” Osiris and the backside of the Kaballah Tree of Life; initiates become totally dependent on Satan in a ritual called “Divine Union”. It is slow the Roman numeral for 10 and the 23rd Phoenician letter because Psalm 23 describes our walk through the valley of the shadow of death. Pirates were not just money hungry raiders; they were initiates in the Brotherhood of Death. The symbol is also called the Chi-Rho a symbol of the unconquered sun, Osiris-Horus and the source of the name Cairo.

      Y has nothing to do with King David or Old Testament Judaism as given to Moses. It is the star of Rempham, Chemosh or Ishtar “Mother Goddess” worshipped by Phoenicians as “Our Lady” and in Churches as Easter. This melding of Paganism and Christianity began back in 305 AD when the soon to be, first Holy Roman Emperor, Constantine was “Baptized” as Christian in the Saxon/Druid stronghold of York, England. This star was the last thing many Jews in Germany saw and is my best guess for the Mark of the Beast; if you get one, it will be the last thing you ever see!

       Ian Fleming’s movies depict Q as James Bond’s gadget man; magician if you will. M is actually his boss because M is the 13th letter which in the bible represents rebellion. Nimrod was the 13th Descendant from Adam; his name means “Rebel”; the men of Sodom are described as “Wicked Sinners” in Gen 13 and again as the Beast of Revelation 13. In real life, “007” was a cipher used for the Rosicrucian mystic John Dee, the father of secret codes and indeed through an illegitimate affair with Queen Elizabeth I, which produced Sir Francis Bacon, the father of the British Empire. British means “Covenant Man” or the chosen men by birthright if you will. Essentially an Ishmaelite and Edomite claim to the Covenant of Abraham by birth. Phoenician Royalty spread this lie as “Men of Purple”, so British Royalty wear purple to “Set them Apart” from commoners. The Union Jack has a cross surmounted by an X to give an 8 pointed star. Known as the Star of Isis in Egypt, and the witchcraft calendar in Wicca and Druidism, it mimics Noah, his wife and 3 sons and wives escaping God’s wrath, only this time it’s through Gnosticism rather than obedience to God’s will. The colors are red, white and blue because those are the colors of witchcraft and the Illuminati; blue is for Initiates “Porch Brethren”, red for mid level Adepts “Red Lodge” and white for the Great White Brotherhood which can be traced all the way back to Laban’s Chaldean “Heap of Witness” at Beth-el (House of God) in Genesis 31. Q33NY can thus be read as “Satanism’s source of strength stems from making Jesus human.” NYC can be read as “Satanism succeeds by blaming the Jews”.   

       Constantine was no more a Christian than the America is a Christian Nation. All our founding fathers were Freemasons, Rosicrucians, and/or Gnostics on a mission they probably didn’t really understand. Franklin and Jefferson then, and today perhaps Bush Sr., Henry Kissinger or Zbignew Brzezinski are key players who really understand what’s happening. The Twin Towers were designed to be destroyed 28 years before they fell because that’s the time it takes for Saturn to orbit the Sun, and the time between the Illuminati’s grand planning sessions called “Feast of the Beast”. You think that’s preposterous, but to the Illuminati, it’s just doing things by the numbers. History records Neo-Babylonians displacing the original Babylonians, and Neo-conservatives replacing Republicans. How anyone can consider raising the National Debt from $1 to over $12 Trillion in 25 years (Bush Jr. takes the cake at $5-12 Trillion in 8 years) is conservative is beyond me. $2.3 Trillion was stolen on or before 9/11 and fully admitted to on 9/10 by Don Rumsfeld, but the next day’s activities buried the story. The Cold War, Star Wars and Terrorist Wars were all fantasy projects, financed on borrowed money from the same money changers that Jesus turned the tables over on 2000 years ago. Bush Jr. will head for recently purchased property in Paraguay with Sung Myung Moon “Messiah of the Universe” and “King of Paraguay” and like the Cushite Nimord has been blamed for the Tower of Babel, Obama may be blamed for finishing it. Air Force 1 was recently photographed above the Statue of Liberty (Isis) and under Wall St. Wall St was named after the Wall of Jericho which Heil sacrificed his 2 sons to rebuild in 1 Kings 16 during the reign of Ahab and Jezebel; don’t believe for a second Barack didn’t know about it. Don’t panic, join a church or a militia, and please don’t ignore all of it. Just get on the winning side with Jesus Christ, because He alone is the real “007”. 7 is the number of perfection; the best their side can do is 3 sixes, and a 7 beats it every time!

Noah ☠︎□︎♋︎♒︎ 

Edom ♏︎♎︎□︎❍︎

Esau ♏︎⬧︎♋︎◆︎


“But as the days of Noe (Noah) were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be” Mat 24:37


       When Noah entered the Ark, the world was in Denial. Rapture, Peace Treaty in Jerusalem and 7 year Tribulation teaching have put the world into Denial that the last 2300 days (Dan 8:14) do not begin with any sort of Peace Treaty or removal of the Christian Church. They begin with “Daily Sacrifice”.

       Obadiah describes Esau exalting himself as an eagle making his nest in the stars. That’s the US Stars and Stripes. The Stripes represent healing; Red (Esau) becoming White (Laban means Make White). The house of Joseph (Ephraim and Manasseh) and house of Jacob will become a fire and judgment upon Mt Zion. Zionists will counterfeit this in WW3. As Jesus judges upon Mt Zion, the Tribe of Dan will judge in order to counterfeit Jacob’s blessing in Gen 49:17. A false Messiah will impersonate “Shiloh” claiming to be genealogically related to Judah as well.

       The Flood was a Weather Event; 40 days of rain, a major league cracking of the earth and a major shift of the Earth’s axis caused from the mountains forming. Fountains of the Deep produced asteroids and comets; the largest and fastest ones are going to come back.

       On the 6th day, Man was created and at 6000 years Man will lead. Weather Modification is accomplished by extracting Solar energy from the Polar Regions near the Earth’s Axis of rotation and discharging it into the atmosphere. There are some who believe the Earth is not even rotating let alone orbiting; if true, the Stars (Firmament) would need to rotate at incredible accelerations; although this may in fact be true, it doesn’t change how weather modification is accomplished. I see a fixed earth hanging upon “nothing” and “stablished” as put down in scripture allowing for a rotating earth; this is evidenced by Satellites travelling around the Earth at “0” acceleration which would not be possible if there were no rotation.

EDOM: The symbols are probably self explanatory. O Flag or tribal standard. M is the 13th Phoenician (English) letter. Incest is the method used to purify bloodlines, which is why the US military calls the MOAB “Mother of all bombs”. EDOM therefore reads; West (US/Britain), falls in false fulfillment of Esau’s destruction at the 2nd Coming. This is why the US uses the Eagle (Mat 24:28 days eagles will gather over the carcase), designed the streets of Washington as an inverted 5 point star “Goat of Mendes” and Obama is calling his Economic Recovery the “Big Bang”.

Edom: Omega is the end. Jesus is Alpha and Omega. The Square represents “4 Square” ie measuring Length, Breadth, Width and Height as Paul described to the Goddess worshippers in Ephesians. The Crescent Moon is the ancient symbol of “Sin”. Edom is this translated as America will serve as the end “Omega” and Man’s “Temple” a copy of God’s Holy Temple which will descend from Heaven as described in Ezekiel 40-47 when the Priesthood is restored and the oblation measured “foursquare”. The oblation Edom intends is however “Daily Sacrifice”; 5/6th of humanity.

ESAU: West (US) falls due to Weather Events (Rain/Flood/Earthquake) from above, giving Victory over the Cross. Note: Jesus was hung upon a Tree, carrying and being affixed with Nails to the Cross. This V symbol is the Sign of Shin used by Rabbis to open Talmudic Synagogues; it means Nail.

Esau: West (US) falls; small Diamond “As above, so Below”, becomes large Diamond. What is created in Heaven is created on earth is the motto “As above, so below”. Diamonds are the most pure form of carbon, thus in the crucible of Mother Earth, Man becomes purified. Nabataeans venerated this with Dolphins facing each other as this “69” symbol does. Dolphin were seen as Spirit Guides. Small Diamond “Elite” become Large Diamonds “gods”.

Noah and NOAA are now self explanatory. NOAA “National Oceanic and Atmospheric Assoc” could properly be regarded as a clearinghouse for Weather Modification. The Yule Tsunami in Indonesia and Katrina hitting New Orleans on the Feast Day of the Edomite (Herod was Edomite) beheading of John the Baptist (Aug 29) at sunrise were practice events. Secret Society Oaths “Slime” are the organic mortar which binds the bricks (Masons) in the original Tower of Babel and today’s New World Order. SOSDD folks! Nimrod was the fall guy for Babel and Nineveh but he built neither according to the Authorized Bible (KJV). Obama may also be a dark skinned fall guy for completing the final Police State. Polis “City”; Metropolis “Mother City”. He is being built up by the dutiful Media into a Superman just like the Marvel hero was for his Metropolis of Gotham. How an Arab father and White mother can create a Black man is eerily similar to how Goth’s used white face paint to conceal their true colors.

     Russia is echoing the threats of the past concerning America and like the days of Reagan and Gorbachev attending Bohemian Grove Rituals (Evil in sight of the LORD) together, the Cold War has simply progressed into Star Wars and Weather Wars. Esau’s “Dominion” over the physical realm is certain; his destruction in the spiritual realm is also certain. I suggest separating from Mammon and becoming Sinless (White) by the Holy Ghost. The days of Noe are likely not very far off.                       


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