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WWIII Updates

Image result for picture of qaher 313It's all just a big Stage Show; this alleged fighter is rediculous. WWIII UN Sanctions North Korea; exports sanctioned as the US did to Japan before WWII. Pre-planned? Here is Kim Jong-Un and his father Kim Jong-Il at a Disney on Ice show; the CIA keeps the dynasty  entertained with a "Pleasure Squad" of 2000 girls as young as 13 for massages, sex and dances. Here is a picture (Now how did we come by that?) North Korea's Missiles; dang fellas, at least try to put the nose cone on straight! Kim Jong Un was indoctrinated by the CIA in Berne Switzerland at the Liebefeld-Steinholzli boarding Schoool under the false name Pak Un. "A man's enemies shall be the men of his own house" Mic 7:6; Mat 10:36 The CIA's other Frankenstein is Iran; Ayathollah Khomeini set up by the CIA after the Green Revollution. Iran's new Qaher 313 Stealth Fighter; nice English danger signs eh? a 2/3 scale model at best and a canopy that that the pilot can't see through? All Bull Shit folks! Just like the non-existent Russian election tampering. Tim Russert on Meet the Press interviewed Donald Trump in 1999; he said he would pre-emptively strike North Korea to prevent them acquiring a nuclear strike capability. Economist (Rothschild mouthpiece) cover appeared before Congress sanctioned North Korea. US Congress sanctioned North Korea, Russia, Iran 530/535 Congressional Traitors and Donald Trump voted for World War based on unproven Russian conspiracy theories of election tampering; an election which Trump allegedly won as planned (Ref Simpsons prediction precisely matching the day of his announcement)  Trump threatens N Korea with "Fire, Fury and Power"; US opens new $45B military base in S Korea. S Korea Winter Olympics 6 months away; N Korea threatens missile attack on Guam US has its largest Pacific airbase on Guam; ISIS attacks Phillippnes; US threatens to attack ISIS (US/Israel created Frankenstein monster) in the Phillippines (US was just ejected by Pres Duerte from Phillippines). Palestine and Israel exchanging Missile Strikes Take a deep breath. "ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars, be ye not troubled...the end shall not be yet"  China and India are nearing War. Turkey escalates war in Syria. Sept 23rd Rapture? Don't fall for the lie. Planet X arriving? Don't fall for the Lie. Planet X is Nibiru aka Marduk the supreme god of Assyria. Romans called Marduk "Jupiter"
         Korea takes its name from Kore (Jude 7) and Korahites (Num 16). The US and Russia installed Kim il Sung. The US divided Korea, sending Rhodes Scholar Capt Charles Bonesteel and Maj Dean Rusk (longest serving Sec of State) with a Nat Geo Map to draw the DMZ on the 38th parallel, displacing a million Koreans and setting up the UN sponsored Korean War which ended in Armistice. This is the pre-planned sequel.  Iran taks its name from Aryan "Noble Caste"; yup Nazis financed by the US just like Hitler. US, China and Russia approve of the sanctions; the US is also "Unconstitutionally" sanctioning Russia, China and North Korea.Tensions escalate between China and India; the Karakoram Hwy was purpose built for this, the world's largest Exodus from the 38th parallel in Japan at Fukushima-38th Parallel in Korea, across the "Silk Road" to Karakoram to Islamabad, across Afghanistan "Graveyard of Empires", Iran (Tehran aka Targun was the 1st Jesuit conquest), Iraq, Jordan (Idumea is Moab, Ammon, Edom, the 3 peoples who escape Antichrist initiatlly Dan 11:38) to Armageddon. Venezuela is about to enter Civil War; Venezuela was named by Amerigo Vespucci (Vespa is Italian for Wasp; no America is not named for him; it's a Sting) "Little Venice" after Venitian "Black Nobility", the Renaissance Merchants of Death. Erdogan (Satanist/Crypto Jew) promises more War in Syria. Nobody battles Jesus and wins, best sit WWIII out.

                                       Updates located below Intro section
              "For their feet run to evil, and make haste to shed blood" Prov 1:16

     WWIII: Mede Persian Ram versus Grecian Rough Goat (Dan 8)
          Esau's "Dominion" Gen 27:39-41KJV; 3rd Beast "Dominion" Dan 7:6; Brass Kingdom Dan 2:39 The trigger for WWIII is the building of the 3rd Temple (Ref Dan 9:23-27) That event may happen in 2016. 
     WIII (Zionism versus Islam)
was put in writing on the "Feast Day of Lucifer" Aug 15, 1871 in a letter written by Sodomite, Luciferian Mason, Confederate General Albert Pike to Italian revolutionary, Luciferian Mason, Witch Giuseppe Mazzini "We corrupt in order to control"-Mazzini. The Grecian Goat against the Mede Persian Ram is in the Bible and will happen with 100% certainty to usher in Edomite Dominion (Gen 27:40KJV; Dan 7:6 "3rd Beast" and "Brass Kingdom" Dan 2:39. "We may bomb Iran no matter the agreement in Lausanne" Zionist, CFR Traitor, Sec of Def Ashton Carter April 1, 2015. When? 2016 is a Jubilee Year following the 7th Shemitah and 8th Tetrad. On May 30,, 2016 Arab League Sec Gen Nabil el-Araby and ex Israel PM Ehud Barak said identical statements "Israel has been infected by Fascism"; both men following the Masonic playbook to the letter. 
       Jesuit Fr Jean Pierre De Smet was the handler for Luciferian Masons Albert Pike and Mormon Church leader, Witch, Brigham Young. The Jesuit Order was  born on the "Feast of Lucifer" Aug 15, 1534 the Jesuit Order began with Satanic Oaths. WWWIII will  culminate in the battle of "Armageddon" and serve to falsify "Gog and Magog"; the actual "Gog and Magog" occurs at the end of the  Millennium (Dan 7:14; Rev 20:7). 
    ISIS (Throne) orders US B-1B airstrikes; US soldiers wear the UN Blue Helmet and now take orders from ISIS. US State Dept supplies ISIS with Toyota SUV's, funding, training and weapons. Jordan is supplying US made Tanks, Howitzers and APC's to Lebanon and Saudi Arabia financing them with $1Billion in Mar 2015; Lebanon is ruled by Hezbollah.
     2015 is the UN and CERN (Cernunnos "Horned One" is "Little Horn") is the "Year of Light"; CERN resumed vain proof of the "God Particle" and "Dark Matter" Dec 2015
    WWIII will center on Jerusalem (Shalim is the Canaanite god of the Setting Sun or Dusk; Lucifer as Venus "Evening Star") Straits of Hormuz (Horus and Tammuz) and Spratly Is in South China Sea; $5T in Maritime Trade transits the South China Sea; China, Vietnam, Brunnei, Tawain, Philippines, Malaysia aka (Ismaili-Edomite Kingdom of Sulu and Sabah) claim ownership; the US Navy guards both locations. On July 12, 2016 UNCLOS (UN Law of the Sea Court at the Hague) voted against China's Territorial Claims; in response the Chinese Army was ordered to "Prepare for War". 
     US-NATO Foreign Troops in Ukraine shelling civilians with US made, NATO M-109 Howitzers. On Jan 16, 2015 Russia cut Natural Gas supplies to EU Nations and Black Sea Nations. On Jan 27 Putin began referring to the Ukraine Army as a NATO Foreign Legion; important because WWIII will essentially be NATO Nations Versus NAM (Non-aligned Nations). 1/29/15 PACE (EU Parliament aka Tower of Babel) severed ties with Russia. Ukraine sits dead center on the path from Moscow to Jerusalem for the fake "Gog and Magog". 2/1/15 Israel Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman "A 3rd War with Lebanon and 4th in Palestine is now inevitable" Lieberman and Sergei Lavrov agreed to a Free Trade Zone between Israel-Russia-China the same day. US Congress began calling for boots on the ground in Ukraine and Syria Feb 3, 2015. Russian attacks in Syria began Oct 2015. Israel Genie Energy "Discovered" oil in the Golan Heights. The fake war of Gog and Magog is all but assured.
       Israel (Netanyahu), Palestine (Abbas) and Iran (Ayathollah Ali-Khameini) are led by Sovereign Luciferian Freemasons all with the same goal; WWIII.
       America became a Military Corporation rather than a Constitutional Republic in 1878; working in harmony with the City of London (Land/Material Wealth) and Vatican City (Religion) toward One World Government under Luciferian leadership.
    The US will be the Scapegoat Rev 18 "Babylon"; the world believes the US planned WWIII; true, but so did all the other players  The Club of Rome set up the EU Parliament and Treaty of Lisbon (signed on Dec 13, 2007 St Lucia Day aka Bride of Lucifer) to be a Scapegoat rebuilt Roman Empire with the Roman Catholic Pope as the Scapegoat Antichrist. The EU Logo is the Whore of Babylon "Europa" aka Cretan Moon Goddess; Seat 666 is vacant at the EU Parliament in Brussels; the EU Building in Strasbourg is built to resemble the Tower of Babel with a Statue of a Woman Riding the Beast out front. The Bull is Zeus/Lucifer; these people are Cretans "Liars, Evil Beasts and Slow Bellies" Titus described. Do not be fooled. Chaldeans built the Tower of Babel not Nimrod; the Tower (Magdala=Magdalene) is Initiation not a physical Tower.
    Pope Francis is NOT the Antichrist nor is the Islamic Shia Imam "al-Mahdi"; this is about War and Revenge. Babylon and MYSTERY, BABYLON... (Rev 18/17) is Witchcraft. Green Man (Bacchus, Dionysus etc) is the Arab "al-Khidr"; Earth Worship is Babylon. 
     On 11/1/2014 Israel closed all Gaza border crossings as the Green Doors to the al-Aqsa Mosque. A tense standoff along the Karakoram Hwy on the India/Pakistan border underway. This will be the path to Armageddon, set up by the British along the ancient "Silk Road". 
    Feb 5, 2015: ISIS uses the "Black Flag" and has its own currency "ISIS Dinar" to replace the currency of Iraq and Syria; Dinar means Denarius a full day's wage under this "Black Horse" (Rev 6:6)  ISIS is a US CIA creation. WWIII is planned to pit Islam (IS=Islamic State) against Political Zionism (Messianic Judaism, Christianity, Islam, New Age and Eastern Religions) One person's explanation On Veteran's Day 11/11/14 (Veteran means Beast of Burden) Jesuit Martin Dempsey traveled to Iraq to strategize the war with ISIS (Throne of Antichrist). ISIS Evolution: al-Qaeda=al-Nusra=ISIS=IEI=ISIL=IS; using US weapons, training and funding; it's figurehead leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is Mossad asset Simon Elliot. Satan's Seat, currently in the Berlin Museum will eventually be brought to Jerusalem to the rebuilt Temple.
    On 12/1/2014 Israel proposed a counter-terrorism bill banning the Palestine Flag; the 2nd such banning since the 1967 6-Day War. Israel uses the Star of Molech/Chiun/Milcom in Tekhelet Blue, the color God reserved for Levite Priests and Israel under the Law; now it is Satan's Priesthood, Jesus called the "Synagogue of Satan"
       Kurds (Yazidi ie Zoroastrian Ahura Mazda Fire worshippers) are sending Peshmerga to fight in Syria (Oct 23, 2014) and Iraq. Recall DOD/CIA Liar Bob Gates admitted Saddam Hussein's WMD's were transferred to Assad in Syria in 2003; the US arms the Peshmerga, ISIS and Assad. Russia arms Assad and ISIS. Traitor John Kerry (Kohen) assembling 10,000 NATO rapid response troops at NATO Summit  in Wales Sept 4, 2014 to combat "ISIS Genocide Agenda"; John was waiting on a 50,000 ton shipment of  arms with "Friends of Syria" aka ISIS when the Russian ship Mol Comfort sank June 2013. Aug 30, 2014 US began sending planeloads of weapons to the Lebanese Military which works along side Hizbullah "Party of Allah". The route from Moscow to Jerusalem is paved with US weapons; leading the battle will be Obama appointee to NATO Gen Phil Breedlove, supervised by Benghazi liar now Obama's "Presidential envoy for the Global resistance to IS" Gen John AllenGog and Magog is the world's greatest deception; IS is a US creation.
      Russia is not "Gog" The path to Jerusalem is through Ukraine and Damascus, Syria. ISIS will attack Damascus, Syria drawing in the US  "Damascus will be a city no more..." IS 17:1 Russia will attack Kiev, opposing the same US sponsored Neo-Nazis (same Celtic Runes IHWAZ and Wolfsangel Runes ) used in WWII. The impetus for war is the collapse of the Ruble and Inflation caused by low Oil prices.  
    Bush Jr was proclaimed "Gog, Chief Prince of Meshech and Tubal by the Temple Mount Institute and Sanhedrin on 1/8/8; his father was pronounced "Magog" at his Skull & Bones Initiation. Bush Sr started the Green Revolution in Iran, installed Ayathollah Khomeini, started Gulf War I and installed Nouri al Maliki (Barricaded inside the Green Zone as of 8/10/14). Bush Jr used 9/11 to launder illegal bonds based on Black Eagle Trust Gold (170,000 Tonnes looted and held in Hawaii) and started Gulf War II; CVN-77 GHW Bush started Gulf War III on 8/8/2018. That's some "Burning Bush".
      Palestine is not the "House of Esau"
(Oba 15). On top are 33 degree Luciferian Masons Mahmoud Abbas (Palestine), Benjamin Netanyahu, John Kerry (Samaritan Kohen), Edomite King Abdullah II of Jordan, Ayatollah ali al Sistani (Iraq), ali Khameini (Iran). All stage (stooge) actors in a 6000 yr old Satanic plan declare Palestine the "House of Esau" and reduce it to "Stubble". The House of Esau is reduced to Stubble at the 2nd Coming and not one single person who formally rejected God through Secret Society Initiation like these Traitors will survive. 
       Sufi mystic, Sheikh Imran Hosein proclaiming all religions must worship Allah; Allah is the Assyrian moon god Sin; Lucifer is the "Man of Sin"; the UN Planetary Initiative states "Nobody shall enter the New Age unless he or she accepts a Luciferian Initiation. Say the Shahada and Go to Hell; it's as simple as that. Count me out! ISIS Caliph Mohammad al-Baghdadi is Mossad asset Simon Elliot. ISIS military commander in Ukraine Emir Ulmar al Shishani is Russian Tarkhan Batrashvili. Russia works with Israel and the US. Nothing new as Osama bin Laden is/was CIA asset Tim Osman and IS Leader al Baghdadi is US trained Israeli Simon Eliott. Directing NATO is Talmudic fake Jew, Yale grad Alexander Vershaw. The Thule Society logo "Wolfsangel" used in Nazi Germany is now being used by ISIS in Ukraine by the Azov Battalion aka Black Shirts. History repeats and people die.  
     What makes 2014 different? First: ISIS "Throne" leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, the self proclaimed worldwide Caliph (Chief) of Islam is an Israeli Simon Elliot, armed by the US and Russia. The US is arming Kurdish Peshmerga aka Yazidi military; same as arming Iran as both are Aryan in origin. WWIII is a pre-planned certainty. The Russian Bear became a Bear Cub at the Sochi Olympics; Russia re-born. Second: "In 700 years the Laurel (Crown of Green Man/Bacchus/Dionysus) will grow green again"- Cathar Perfecti. International Banker (Poor Knight of Christ) Jacques DeMolay was executed 3/18/1314; this is a big deal to Luciferians. WWIII will lead to the a worldwide Luciferian Initiation, an "Arab Spring". A "Muslim Brotherhood"  (Muslim=To Submit); built on a "Solid Foundation" (al-Qaeda) in accordance with Zoroastrian (Star Seed=Lucifer's Children) Religion, enforced by the US military and false Christianity (modern day Assyria/Solar Cult). The Vatican (Divining Serpent) City under the Jesuit (To Deceive) General Adolfo Nicolas controls the Papacy, Freemasonry (Controls Anglican, Protestant and Baptist), Sabbatean Frankists (Fake Jewry ie Talmud, Zohar, Kaballah) and Hashshishim (Sufi/Muslim). The City of London (London=New Troy) aka "New Jerusalem" controls Real Estate and Banking. Washington DC controls Military and Intelligence. The Mormon Church is a big Intelligence part.
     WWIII is about worldwide implementation of Sharia and Noahide Law; a Luciferian Planetary Initiation requiring the formal rejection of Jesus Christ and acceptance of Lucifer. The conquest of "Eretz Israel" is listed as "Dan to Beersheba"; "Red Sea to the Philistine Sea (Mediterranean) to the River (Euphrates)" or "Brook of Egypt (Nile) to the Red Sea (Arabia to the Persian Gulf). On the western end is Sharia Law Judge Adly Mansour and Mohammad el-Baradei; at the eastern end is Sharial Law Judge Hassan Rouhani; puppets on strings pulled by Grand Ayathollah ali-al Sistani in Iraq's US controlled "Green Zone" and Ayathollah ali-Khameini (his prececessor Ayathollah Khomeini was also installed by the US) strings. Same situation created by "Arab Spring" exists across North Africa Egypt.
    Eretz Israel runs from Eastern Egypt, Eastern Sudan, Somalia, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iran, which is why Rhodes Scholar, Kinght of Malta Gen Wes (Samaritan Kohen) Clark admitted the plan to invade 7 nations in 5 years with Syria and Iran last on the list. Israel is Samaritan; the men of Cuthah, Babylon and Canaan (2 Kings 17:30) who supplanted Israel fly the Star (Ensign) of Molech (Hexagram) and are still there. The purpose is to counterfeit the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ.
     Daniel warned of WWIII in Dan 8; it has been planned by Jesuits and American Masons since Aug 15, 1871. WWI ended in Armistice 11/11/18 at 11AM. On Aug 10, 1945, 2 days after the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb drop Rhodes Scholar Dean Rusk marked the Korean War DMZ on a map; the Korean War was planned then with Armistice signed July 17, 1953. Sequels have been planned since those dates including a second Civil War in the US; the Armistice signed May 10, 1865. On Aug 17, 1947 Sir Cyril Radcliffe marked the "Radcliffe Line" on a map separating India from Pakistan. "Nothing happens in politics by accident; everything is planned" FDR 
    End of Religion and the Revealing and Acceptance of Lucifer. Perhaps most recognizable will be the Total Destruction of Damascus, Syria is the "Keystone" of the Fertile Crescent. Syria is to become a "Ruinous Heap" per Isaiah 17:1.
   1. WWIII will be a falsification of Eze 38 "Gog and Magog" (The actual battle of Gog and Magog is at the end of the Millennium against King David and Jesus Christ): Syria, Turkey, Egypt, Libya, Ethiopia, Baltic Nations (Torarmah of the north quarters) and Russia. Siberia "Tobolsk"  is also included in false bible descriptions of Tubal, so this entire land mass is included with Russia. Meshech is not Moscow; Meshech represents descendants of Japheth living in Shem's Tents ie Fake Jews. These nations will come against Israel.
  2. WWIII will be a falsification of Obadiah. The Houses of Jacob and Joseph will be burned and the House of Edom will be destroyed. Note: Edom is Jordan not Palestine; Obama considers Edomite King Abdullah II of Jordan a "Key Ally" for this reason. The US and Great Britain are false claimed to be the House of Joseph (Manasseh and Ephraim) as are Pashtuns of Afghanistan and Pakistan. The House of Jacob is obviously Israel, except that since 700 BC, Israel has been made of Samaritan imposters ie Babylonians and Medeans claiming to be Jewish. Samaritans are a 5th Column living among all Nations pretending to be Islamic, Christian, Jewish and Eastern Religions.
  3. WWIII will be a false Battle of Armageddon. In scripture, there is no Battle of Armaggeddon, just a gathering of 200 Million for Slaughter at the 2nd Coming. One does not battle God! The path to this slaughter will start on the 38th parallel at Fukushima, pass a war zone on the 38th parallel in Korea through China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and the falsely claimed Hashemite (Edomite) Kingdom of Jordan (Idumea). Destruction of Jordan and Palestine will falsely fulfill the destruction of the House of Esau in Obadiah.
   4. WWIII will also be false fulfillment of Rev 17 "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT..." and Rev 18 "Babylon". The destruction of Rome and the Roman Catholic Church (Prophecy/plan of St Malachy describes this) and destruction of the US will falsely fulfill these events respectively.
   5. WWIII will be the Zoroastrian final battle of Good and Evil. Out of this battle the Alternative Messiah will emerge. The Roman Pope (Francis) is not the Antichrist.
       A Red Heifer, fake Samaritan Kohanim Priest installment, 3rd Temple, Abomination of Desolation and Throne of Zeus "Pergamon" will be moved from Berlin to Jerusalem. Mark of this Beast? Just say no!  

                                                War is a Corporate Racket
    There have been 3 main Armistices: WWI on 11/11/18 and Korea on 7/27/1953 (July 27 is the end of the Babylonian "Begone Dull Care" Ritual; Begone is equivalent with Anu, Zeus, Marduk or Lucifer) are well known Wars with pre-planned sequels. The US will be destroyed from  5th Column Treason within its borders. Jesuits and Freemasons are 5th Column collaborators with Samaritan Religion (Babylonian Sun Worship ie Hanukkah, Chrismas, Easter) also called "Quislings",  "Zionist Christians", "Messianic Islam" (Hashishim), "Messianic Jews" or "Samaritans".
    The 3rd Armistice was signed May 10, 1865 to officially postpone the US Civil War; President Johnson, involved with the assassination of Lincoln revoked the Armistice and laid sights on the Confederate gold stores. Officially, the war ended at the Appomattox Court on April 9, 1865 between Freemasons Robert E Lee and US Grant. Oaths sworn and Treaties made between Freemasons carry no weight because their Oaths in Private supercede Oaths made in public. The Confederate Armistice was signed between Generals Sherman and Johnston and Sherman and Halleck on the day Confederate President Jefferson Davis was captured on Mar 10, 1865 in Irwinsville GA, attempting to sail to Texas to start a "New Confederacy". The efforst of Voz de Aztlan, MEChA and La Raza Unida will return Texas and the lands Masons stole during the Alamo to Mexico. A 2nd Civil War was planned long ago with a critical change from the "Constitution for the United States" to the "CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES", the year Confederate General Albert Pike (founder of the KKK) wrote his letter to Mafia founder and Italian Revolutionary 330 Mason Guissepe Mazzini. In 1878, Corporations were illegally granted rights of Citizens under the 14th Amendment by Skull & Bones Supreme Court Chief Justice Morrison "Mott" (Phoenician god of Death) Waite. Quite a plan eh? If Citizens had any rights in the US, why then is a statue of a Sodomite, Confederate General, 330 Freemason standing at the US Justice Department? Why would Jefferson Davis be released it charges of Treason were true?
    Folks, It's time to establish a one on one personal covenant with Jesus Christ before WWIII and America's 2nd Civil War break out.
    Jesuit missionary Pierre-Jean De Smet controlled 330 Masons Brigham Young, Albert Pike, and Giuseppe Mazzini. The MAFIA and KKK are Jesuit creations.  Albert Pike's Plan

"The First World War must be brought about in order to permit the Illuminati to overthrow the power of the Czars in Russia and of making that country a fortress of atheistic Communism. The divergences caused by the "agentur" (agents) of the Illuminati between the British and Germanic Empires will be used to foment this war. At the end of the war, Communism will be built and used in order to destroy the other governments and in order to weaken the religions." 

"The Second World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences between the Fascists and the political Zionists. This war must be brought about so that Nazism is destroyed and that the political Zionism be strong enough to institute a sovereign state of Israel in Palestine. During the Second World War, International Communism must become strong enough in order to balance Christendom, which would be then restrained and held in check until the time when we would need it for the final social cataclysm." 

"The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the "agentur" of the "Illuminati" between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time." 4
                                       Gen Wesley Clark (Samaritan Cohen)
"The plan is for the US to destroy 7 nations in 5 years: Iraq, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Iran...Syria and Iran will be the final 2 "

                                                  The basic jist

    The US Civil War ended in Armistice May 10, 1865 The Confederacy did not recognize the Appomatox surrender, murdered Lincoln and signed an Armistice. In 1871 Confederate General, Supreme head of Freemasonry and founder of the KKK Albert Pike unveiled planning for 3 World Wars; the third to reveal the Light of Lucifer.
   WWI ended in Armistice 11/11/18 at 11AM
; 11 Million people died from Lead; US created Spanish Flu killed 50 million more; The Virus was resurrected and genetically modified by Dr Ron Fouchier at Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam. Novel Coronavirus  and Shanghai Bird Flu will play a big part in the sequel WWIII.
   WWII began 21 years after the Armistice as planned; April 1-22, 1945 Eisenhower murdered 1 Million German POW's by starvation; Aug 1945 Atomic Bombs were tested on Japan and Korea was divided on the 38th Parallel in preparation for the pre-planned Unjited Nations led Korean War. The UN charter was signed Oct 1945, the sulmination of negotiations that began Feb 1945 while the world's attention was on other matters.
    The Korea War ended in Armistice July 1953 as planned. Under 33rd President 330 Mason Harry Truman, Atomic weapons were tested on Japan, North and South Korea were split and Stalinist Revolutionary Kim Il Sung was installed; his to sons are CIA trained assets as is UN Seccretary General Ban Ki Moon. Tensions are reaching a critical stage 60 years later as planned in 2013. The first Korean War was a UN creation as will be the sequel, by Unification Church disciple Ban Ki-Moon, the current CIA asset, Unification Church "Moonie" Disciple and UN Sec General. Treaties between Russia, China and North Korea and US and South Korea will ensure this war gets big bery quickly. 
    China takes Taiwan and joins Russia and North Korea against America and Japan. Where? The Senkaku Is are claimed by Japan, China and Taiwan; these tiny rocks will likely ignite war in the Pacific. 2/15/15 Chinese Coast Guard ships patrolling the disputed territory.
    North Korea invades South Korea bringing in the US, China and Russia.
    US troops in Afghanistan will be cut-off in the land called "Graveyard of Empires"
    US will suffer massive Scalar EM created "Natural" Disasters (LA Earthquake, New Madrid Earthquake, NY Tsunami); a failure of the Power Grid; H1Ni "Swiine Flu" Plague; Fukushima Radiation; Methane explosion and an inundation of the New Madrid Fault; Yellowstone Caldera eruption; and Civil War led by MEChA, Vox de Aztlan. and La Raza Unida.  
   Iran will be blamed blamed for an attack on the Dome of the Rock as Temple Mount Faithful begin work on the 3rd Temple. Iran closes the Straits of Hormuz and Baku-Ceyhon Oil Pipeline causing nearly every Oil based economy on earth to collapse.
   Fukushima Radiation forces Mass Exodus Westward along the "Silk Road", Karakoram Hwy, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Jordan and Armageddon "Valley of Decision" aka "Mount of Slaughter". 
   Russia leads a massive advance on Israel from the north in false fulfillment of Eze 38-39.   Leading NATO is Yale educated, Talmudic fake Jew Alexander Vershaw, not the stuffed shirt Jens Stoltenberg. On Jan 16, 2015 Russia via Gazprom cut Natural Gas supplies north and south through Ukraine to EU (NATO) Nations and Black Sea Nations north of Syria. This will instigate false fulfillment of "Gog and Magog".   Mali War causes North Africa exodus northward through Egypt. These in false fulfillment of Eze 38 "Gog and Magog".
   Dome of the Rock (al-Aqsa Mosque and Mosque of Omar) will be attacked and a 3rd Temple built for the Abomination of Desolation, Antichrist and Throne of Pergamum "Satan's Seat"        
   Alternative Messiah "Little Horn" is Revealed.  CERN is "Little Horn" aka Cernunnos; God Particle begins final proof Mar 2015.

                           Timing: The 700 year plan
   In 1290, International Bankers were ejected from Briton for Usury by King Edward I. Usury is only prohibited for people living under God's Law.
  In 1291 Templars lost control of Acre and Jerusalem. Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi heads the re-vitalized Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre and with it the Sovereign Military Order of Malta; Last Pope #112? Time will tell. 700 years later, SMOM George Bush Sr started the Gulf Wars and the UN Agenda 21 began.
    On Friday Oct 13th, 1307 Knights Templar were rounded up, tortured and executed on orders of Pope Clement V, falsely given as a Vox en Excelso (Voice from on High) the orders came from King Phillip IV of France. 700 years later SMOM, Rhodes Scholar, butcher of Kosov Gen Wes Clark (nee Kahne=Kohen) provided the US/NATO plan to invade 7 nations in 5 years to effect a regime change: Iraq, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan and Iran.
    In 1313 the Council of Vienne seized assets of the Knights Templar. On Mar 18, 1314 Templar Grandmaster Jacques DeMolay was executed in Paris "In 700 years, the Laurel will grow green again"- Cathar Perfecti The Laurel is the Crown of Bacchus/Dionysus aka Satan.

                                            Treaty of Lisbon
The EU and the Treaty of Lisbon were created by Club of Rome Satanists to be a Scapegoat "Woman riding the Beast". Europa rides the Bull (Zeus) out front; Seat #666 is Vacant and the HQ is built as an Unfinished Tower of Babel. This is all deceptive BS! Witchcraft is "MYSTERY, BABYLON..." Rev 17 not the EU or the Roman Catholic Church. The Pope is not the Antichrist.

 The purpose of WWIII is to falsify "Armageddon" (Rev 16), "Gog and Magog" (Rev 20:8; Eze 38-38; Jer 30:7 "Jacob's Trouble" in order an Alternative Messiah can be revealed and accepted as Jesus Christ (Rev 19:7).

"All War is Deception" Sun Tzu "By deception, thou shalt do war" Mossad Motto "Our Disinformation campaign will be complete when everything the American people believe is false" Reagan CIA Director Bill Casey.
  Sharia Law (Shahada "There is no God but Allah") and Noahide Law (Mezuzah "The LORD our God is One") is Monotheism; a Luciferian Initiation denying Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. Committing the "Unforgivable Sin" will land you in Hell for Eternity. 
7/20/16 British PM Teresa May 9th Circle Pedophile Investigator, husband is G4S Jupiter Security Director, Bank of England, Royal Privy Councillor, first act is to revive the Trident Nuclear Program in violation of the NNPT (Nuc Non-proliferation Treaty). Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson calling for "Assad must go". All this 1 week after China orders its Army to prepare for War in response to the UNCLOS (Law of Sea) decision against China in the South China Sea.
 7/18/16 Giant statue of Guan Yu, Chinese ie Hittite (China=Cathay=Cath=Heth=Hittite) God of War, Brotherhood, Protection and Loyalty unveiled in Jing Zhou.
 The Silk Road city was said to have been built by Guan Yu out of the Earth. His weapon: Green Dragon Crescent Blade. YOu may recall the Green Dragon Tavern was home to Freemasons who instigated the American Revolution. The Silk Road will soon host the  largest Exodus in world history
2/13/16 Saudi Arabia amassing troops and aircraft at Incirlik Turkey for ground invasion of Syria

10/1/15 Russia entered Syria; Jets, Cruise Missiles Ground Troops. Huge oil deposit "Discovered" (Sure) in Israeli occupied, Syrian Golan Heights

5/26/15 Russia supplying $2B 29 Mig-29 jets to Egypt; the US supplies $2B annually to Egypt and trains their military brass. 
5/20/15 2/3 of Yemen has no access to clean Water thanks to US-Saudi airstrikes. 

/25/15 Kiev signed Arms supply deal with UAE at IDEX-2015, the world's largest Arms Expo. US is now directly arming Kiev. Recall, Abu Dhabi was granted pre-customs clearance for flights into the US: Washington DC, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Dallas. The UAE is a group of Ismaili dictatorships; Ishmael is the wild man with his hand against everyone and everyone against him living in the presence of his brethren (Ref Gen 16:12) Where is that? Everywhere. Why do Ismailis remove the "h" from Ishmael? They like Esau reject anything and everything to do with God.

2/11/15 "If US troops in the Middle East are not home by my inauguration, that will be my first official act as President"-Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama just called for no territorial limits on Congressional War approval to fight ISIL (IS in Syria and Iraq). The same day a UN report proves Israel IDF and ISIS are virtually one in the same. John McCain has met with ISIS; John Kerry was waiting on Russian weapons (Mol Comfort and Nour M). Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi aka Israeli Simon Eliot was trained by the US at Camp Bucca. Israeli Rita Katz produces ISIS propaganda videos. Waking up yet? The US was created for War; over 235 years, the US has been at war 222 years.

2/10/15 Russia agrees to Free Trade Zone with Egypt; building its first Nuc Plant.  Odd since Egyptian military brass is trained by the US Army.

2/6/15 John Kerry arrives in Kiev the same day NATO Gen Breedlove calls for arming Ukraine.  
ISIS is a US creation headed by Israeli asset Simon Elliot, HQ'd in Mosul (Nineveh=Assyria). ISIS "Throne of the Black Virgin Isis" uses the "Black Flag" and now has its own Central Bank and currency "ISIS Dinar" to replace the currency of Iraq and Syria; Dinar means Denarius a full day's wage under this "Black Horse" (Rev 6:6)

2/4/15 The US trains Jordanian Pilots to fly US made F-16's; the US created IS and trains them in Jordan. Russia, Saudi Arabia and the US arm and train IS. Lt Muaadh al Kasaasiba is from a tribe with strong ties to Hashemites (Edomites) like Paris trained Freemason Sock Puppet King Adbdullah II. Seriously? The latest Rita Katz SITE video shows ISIS executioners wearing Jordanian Army fatigues with patches blacked out; a steel cage with no door resting on sand with no floor; the victim falling to his knees and flopping over backward to die. BS! All this after Danny Addul-Daayim is just caught staging fake horror shows on a British set with Sandy Hoax liar Anderson Cooper?  
2/1/15 Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and Sergei Lavrov agree to Free Trade Zone between Israel-Russia-China; the same day he states "A 3rd War with Lebanon and 4th with Gaza is no inevitable"

1/31/15 Rita Katz (Kohannim + Tzaddeq), SITE and the US Army staged 5th fake beheading video. Good cross-section: American, French, British, Japan and now Jordan.

1/29/15 Parliament of Europe severs ties with Russia
. USS Stenis arms up for deployment. Senate calls for Iran sanctions bill. When SWIFT (Inter-bank Transactions) severs ties with Russia, WWIII will begin.

1/28/15 US-NATO Foreign Troops in Ukraine without Congressional approval. Russia warned of NATO instigated Civil War in 2013

1/24/15 "It's time for US Special Forces in Syria to protect our allies Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia" Diane Feinstein.
They are Di, Special Forces in Jordan train "IS"; Saudi Arabia arms IS; Israeli Simon Elliot (al Bahdadi) leads IS and the US and Qatar (SITE) make their propaganda videos.
1/20/15 London "Sharia" and Anti-Islam "Christian" Patrols squaring off. "Love God" "Love your Neighbor" is not Anti-Islam; these are "Patrols" are 2 sides of the same coin. 
1/16/2015 One day after Sergei Lavrov held hands with EU Partners On Jan 16, 2015 Russia via Gazprom cut Natural Gas supplies north and south through Ukraine to EU (NATO) Nations and Black Sea Nations north of Syria. This will instigate WWIII and false fulfillment of "Gog and Magog".
12/15/14 Russian Ruble down 50% V $ in one year with 17% interest rates. OPEC is merely the Scapegoat for high oil production and low prices; Moscow trains Saudi military brass, and arms ISIS.

12/4/14 CFR (Pale Horse is on the cover of Foreign Affairs with Ubiquitous) Rhodes Scholar, MITRE Corp (Mitre is Mithra; the hat worn by Priests of Dagan) War Hawk Ashton Carter new Sec of War

11/11/14 Jesuit SMOM Gen Martin Dempsey told Congress an army of 80,000 will be needed to combat ISIS in Iraq and Syria.
He arrived on 11/14 in Iraq to strategize the war with ISIS the same day fellow Jesuit Chuck Hagel called up Army Reservists and National Guard forces illegally, to combat Ebola. The US is arming and funding all sides including Bashar al Assad (Iraq WMD's transferred to Assad in 2003).

11/1/14 Israel closed all Gaza border crossings as the Green Doors to the al-Aqsa Mosque
. A tense standoff along the Karakoram Hwy on the India/Pakistan border also began. This will be the path to Armageddon, set up by the British along the ancient "Silk Road". The EU took a big step toward full implementation of the Lisbon Treaty.  Mahmoud Abbas and Benjamin Netanyahu are both Luciferian Masons.

 10/31/24 US using B1-B bombers flown from Qatar with Nucs 
(Uranium-Deuterium Triggers or Neutron bombs) in attacks on Kobani. Reporter Serena Shim killed for reporting ISIS receiving arms, financing, fighters through Turkey. ISIS selling oil to Turkey and Jordan (Abdullah II and Erodogan both Grand Orient Lodge Luciferian Freemasons)

10/28/14 Green Doors to the al-Aqsa Mosque closed

10/24/14 Julieta Valls Noyes "Bombing Syrian Oil Pipelines a viable option" She learned from the best; assistant to John Kerry and Hillary Clinton and US Ambassador to the Vatican. Iraq suffered the same fate and Israel has the oil.

9/28/14 ISIS bomb blasts rip through Damascus (read Is 17:1) 
US warning ISIS and targeting Oil Refineries and Grain Silos (Same MO as Libya's GMMR); Civilians are the real targets. Kiev Nazis bombing oil and natural gas facilities in E Ukraine ahead of winter. Luciferian Globalist Henry Kissinger calls for World Anti-terror Mercenary Army to combat ISIS; a Worldwide Baccahanialn Killing Orgy more like.

9/23/14 US Airstrikes on ISIL in Syria began on Fall Equinox aka Mabon
; Syria is the last remaining puzzle piece in the fake (real battle is at the end of the Millennium and Russia has nothing to do with it) battle of Gog and Magog.

9/17/2014 al-Hayat Media released ISIS video "Flames of War".  al-Hayat means "Life or Livelihood" al-Hayat Printing Press and al-Hayat Medical Ctr are in Doha, Qatar whose flag is the Evergreen Tree of Life used as America's first flag; the second was a coiled Serpent; is it still hard to see this False Flag?
9/14/14 Rita Katz (Kahannim + Tzaddeq) and SITE producing fake beheading videos at Ft Huachuca AZ as Casus Belli for WWIII.
SITE also produced bin Laden videos. Foley's parents and siblings are paid Crisis Actors used in Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon. 

8/31/14 US sending planeloads of tank guided missiles, MANPADS, RPG's M-4 assault rifles to Lebanese Military which works along side Hezbullah "Party of Allah". Still think America is a Christian Nation?

8/30/14 NATO Summit in Wales Sept 4 to direct NATO to assemble 10,000 rapid deployment force to combat Russia and ISIS
; ironically made of troops sworn to protect their own Constitutions not NATO. Gen Phil Breedlove attended Bilderberg 2014 for a reason. Knights of Malta John Kerry and Chuck Hagel calling for a broad coalition to combat "ISIS Genocide". Ironic since these Traitors are arming, training and financing ISIS. 

8/28/14 Ben Rhodes wrote the "Benghazi Talking Points" used by UN Ambassador Susan Rice; Rice becomes Obama Nat Sec Adviser; Samantha Power takes over and accuses Assad of using Chlorine Gas in Kfar Zeita on April 11-12, 2014. The UN releases its report Aug 27, 2014 claiming same. No evidence, no pictures, no tweets claiming this nonsense, but Obama will use the report to justify pre-planned attacks on Syria that will likely ignite WWIII.

8/27/14 NATO ready to send troops to Iraq. 7 European Nations sending weapons to Kurdish Peshmerga. Iran arms them as well.

8/21/2014 Obama fake Jewish mouthpiece Ben Rhodes
using staged execution of James Foley as pretext for attacks on ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Reconnaissance flights over Syria are a declaration of War. The fake battle of Gog and Magog will roll through Damascus fulfilling Is 17:1.

8/17/14 Yazidis have been called "Devil Worshippers of Kurdistan"
because they will side with any religion and any military; their Aryan goal is that of Iran; Freedom from God, symbolized by the flag of Kurdistan "The Sun". Peshmerga "Those who confront death" are being directly armed by the US in the Zoroastrian final battle of "Good versus Evil". If Yazidi Water Baptism sounds like your Church it's because they have the same Gnostic source.
8/10/14 F-18 Airstrikes from GHW Bush "CVN 77" began WWIII.
Nouri al Maliki (Malik=Molech)  "Dawa" (The Call) Shia Party barracked in Green Zone (Luciferian Mason Grand Ayathollah ali al-Sistani is there) after election to force US involvement. Bush Sr started the Green Revolution and installed Ayathollah Khomeini in Iran and started Gulf War I; his son started Gulf War II and CVN-77 launches strikes for WWIII. That's some Burning Bush eh? The big news? Yezidis have been evacuated from Mt Sinjar but Obama's illegal airstrikes will continue indefinitely.
7/28/14 40% US weapons ($300M) sent to Afghanistan are unaccounted for
.  US is arming both sides.
7/25/14 Obama regime accused FBME Cyprus of Money Laundering
; Central Bank of Cyprus seized the bank; no charges, no proof, no hearing. Why? "War in Europe is coming. Does this really matter?" Vladimir Putin commenting on $50B Yukos Oil Judgment from the Hague. War with Russia is the goal and wealthy Russians use Cyprus the way wealthy Americans use Mitt Romney's Cayman Is Bank. America uses HSBC to launder weapons and drug profits; Hypocrisy has no bounds.

7/10/14 Israel using UN banned White Phosphorous, Flechette (Metal shards) and DIME (Dense Inert Metal) 
Israeli lawmakers calling for extermination of Palestinian Mothers called "Armed Terrorists" and their Children called "Little Snakes". The Star of Molech is not Jewish, it is Satanic. Palestine is not the "House of Esau" (Oba 15) 

6/30/14 ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi united Sunni and Shiite Islam at the start of Ramadan (Islamic Unity) by declaring himself Worldwide Caliph (Chief); accept Sharia Law, Go straight to Hell.
US funded, armed, trained ISIS Mercenaries control Fallujah, Mosul (across from biblical Assyrian capital of Nineveh) and are entering Baghdad. 500K refugees with more to come; Turkey calls Emergency NATO Mtg (NATO Military commander Gen Phil Breedlove attended Bilderberg)
5/30/14 Turkey cuts Euphrates River to Syria and Iraq; ISIS, al-Qaeda in control of Euphrates Dam; Reservoirs dry by June 1. Bilderberg Conference discussing plan for Syria. Good plan guys; destroy the world's oldest nations and cut off their water. Only Satanists would think of such a thing!

5/12/14 US and EU reject Independence votes in E Ukraine.
Ukraine troops have 48hrs to leave. Kerry promises more Russian sanctions.

5/9/14 John Kerry, Obama, Congress and Pentagon traitors in meetings with Syrian Opposition Leaders. The CIA is arming Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra and ISIS linked "Rebels" with TOW anti-tank missiles and shoulder fired "Manpads" in the Golan Heights as the UN Security Council votes to allow the ICC (Int'l Criminal Court) to prosecute Syrian War Crimes, excepting of course Israel's illegal occupation of the Golan Heights in 1967 and America's arming of Bashar al Assad with Saddam Hussein's WMD's. 
"A man's enemies shall be the men of his own household" Jesus Christ; the author of Is 17:1

5/5/14 Saudi Mercenaries headed to Ukraine. Russian Special Forces headed to Odessa following the massacre of 39 at the Trade Union Building on Int'l Worker's Day. All on Karl Marx' birthday

4/10/14 Putin meeting with Edomite King Abdullah II on Moscow over Syria Crisis.
The US and Jordan supply al-Qaeda and ISIS Mercenaries from the Jordan-Syria border. Russian ships Nour-M and Mol Comfort were supplying the same "Rebels". Russia supplies Bashar al-Assad. The US gave Saddam Hussein's WMD's to Bashar al-Assad. Russia and the US arm both sides and Jordan plays both sides. Why? Is 17:1 "Damascus shall be a city no more"

4/8/14 Greystone aka Blackstone or Academi Mercenaries in Donetsk (ancient Sarmation Capital of the Golden Horde) impersonating Russian "Jaguar" troops and Ukraine "Sokol" troops. Sokol means "Falcon"; think First Race ie Sarmation Priest-Kings here; Shabazz means "Royal Falcon"

4/2/14 Israeli-Palestinian "Peace Talks" collapse. IDF training for ground assault of Lebanon (Tyre) 
"US and Israel are in agreement on Iran"- Knight of Malta Martin Dempsey after meeting with Gen Benny Gantz. NASA announces Saturn Moon Enceladus has a interior ocean; Absurd? Yes, it's occult communication' Enceladus is Saturn's "Trumpeter to Arms". 330 Masons using Albert Pike's playbook: Netanyahu, Kerry, Abbas, Ayathollah ali-Khameini, Grand Ayathollah ali-Sistani. The Confederacy is listed in Psalm 83. Peace is War to Luciferians. Hezbollah, PLO, Iran, Israel are all Aryan/Zionist.
Jesuit Pope Francis I, Jesuit General Adolfo Nicholas and Very Reverend Justin Welby Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury/Oil Executive (Angles are Germanic Pagans) to stand trial in abstentia April 7  in Brussels for Torture, Human Trafficking and Murder of Children.  Knights of Malta/Jesuits are granted immunity from all earthly and national laws, even murder. The Castle of Kings "Chateau Amerois" is just south in Muno Bel from the trial; sacrificial murder of children happens there every day. HYPOCRITES! WWIII is Zionism versus Islam; the core is Israel-US-Britain against Russia-China-Iran. US will be falsely declared "Babylon"; Roman Catholic Church will be falsely declared "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT" We are now one heartbeat away!
2/2/2014 John Kerry met with Iran Foreign Sec Mohammad Zarif to discuss Syria; SMOM, Freemason, Kerry (Kohen) had previously told Ban Ki Moon to un-invite Zarif from the Syrian Peace Conference last week in Geneva. Waking up yet? The Iran Nuclear talks start during the Olympics. The Sochi Olympic "Bear Cub" symbolizes the planned re-birth of Russia at the precise location where Prometheus (Lucifer) breaks free of his chains

11/12/13 $150 Million contract awarded to Afghan Company owned by Haqqani Terrorist leader; the company? It's classified.

First it was Mol Comfort in June 2013 with its Russian crew delivering 5000 shipping containers from Singapore to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; "Friends of Syria" were in Qatar awaiting the shipment with John Kerry. As November began, Saudi Arabia ordered Pakistan Nuclear Warheads for their Chinese made CSS-2 Ballistic Missiles, reportedly aimed at Iran and Israel. On Veteran's Day (really Armistice Day) the Nour M with its Turkish crew and 5000 Russian made Kalashnikov Rifles and Explosives picked up in Istanbul, Turkey was commandeered by Greek Coast Guard. The cache was likely to be delivered at either Tartus, Syria or Tripoli, Lebanon.  Everybody wants War because God has hardened their hearts to make War. Time to Wake Up!    

9/23/13 Sodomite Lindsey Graham calls for war authorization in Iran; same day Iran claims to have decoded the downed RQ-170 Drone. Analysts claim Iran, China and Russia all have our latest Stealth technology now. BS! The RQ-170 drone Iran featured 2 years ago was a plastic model, no more convincing than their Qaher-313 Stealth Fighter, a roughly 2/3 scale model with a vacuum molded plastic canopy (Google the pics and see for yourself). Qaher means "Dominant"; 313 refers to March 3, the day the Vatican elected a Jesuit Pope on Red Heifer Day; the last Pope according to St Malachy (Molech/Malak). Remember, the US installed the Shia Ayathollahs; they all serve the false Messiah "al-Mahdi" aka Lucifer.

9/13/13 Bashar al-Assad demands Putin (Russia) be put in charge of Chemical Weapons.
Fox guarding the hen house? Assad says and attack on Syria will result in war that will destroy entire Middle East. Israel to dispose of its WMD's (fat chance); Netanyahu is a 330 Luciferian Mason. US, Qatar, Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia must stop aiding Rebels. Putin (allegedly a 330 Freemason) needs to explain why American President Lines-Russia aka Mol Comfort split in half, en-route to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with a crew of 26 Russians and 50,000 tons of Weapons destined for Syrian Rebels (al-Qaeda mercenaries). The weapons are sent via Turkey (Erdogan is a 330 Mason), while 33Mason/SMOM John Kerry was in Qatar with "Friends of Syria" (al-Qaeda).  James Clapper admitted Saddam Hussein's (also a 330 Mason) WMD's were transferred to Bashar al-Assad in 2002. Isn't it pretty obvious Russia and the US work together, arming both sides? The Cold War? 32Mason Ronald Reagan and 33Mason Mikhail Gorbachev playing parts in a giant $multi-Trillion "Star Wars" saga while attending Bohemian Grove every summer; the same Sumerian "Begone Dull Care" ritual Satanists have been doing for 4000 years!  

8/30/13 US funded (over $1Billion/yr since 1978), Army War College educated (DOD Comptoller/ 9/11 Architect, Rabbi Dov Zakheim was Director of Studies), Grand Orient Mason and Israeli asset, Gen Abdel Fattah al-Sisi "Egypt is ready for war". al-Sisi is Egypt's Intelligence and Military Dictator, an Arab League, Muslim Brotherhood initiate whose father coined the phrase "There is no God but God"; those same words are on the Shadada (There is no God but Allah) and Mezuzah (The LORD our God is One") al-Sisi has "No love for America"; his stated goal "A worldwide Democracy under the Muslim Caliphate enforcing Islamic Beliefs". al-Sisi is supposedly now against America and the Muslim Brotherhood? Not quite; here is the Masonic handsake between Muhammad Morsi and al-Sisi Lying Luciferians play both sides in every War.
8/21/13  UN Chemical Weapons inspectors arrived in Syria 8/19. Syrian "Rebels" (US trained, funded, armed al-Qaeda Mercenaries) uploaded videos claiming Assad launched Chemical Weapons on the August "Blue Moon" 8/20. The Syrian Gov't allegedly used Chemical Weapons on Aug 21. Oops! bring out the Crisis Actors.
Assad is either a Moron or playing part handed him. Just in time Paul McCartney's "Star Children" assembly and "Fundus Mundi" (Bottom of the world) aka "Mania", (Mania means mental derangement, delusion, insanity, madness) is the day the gates to the netherworld open. Manes (Manichaeans) started this ancestor worship seen in Salafist (Ancestor) philosophy. Babylon means Gates of On (Elohim, Sol); that's the Gates of Hell folks! Are you a Star Child or a Child of Jesus Christ? Now is the time to decide! 

8/18/13   Jesuit, Knight of Malta, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey celebrated the opening of the Bomb/Missile proof CentCom "Forward Command Center" in Amman Jordan.
Wahhabist King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia; Hashemite (Edomite) Committee of Luciferian Freemason, 300 member King Abdullah II of Jordan; 330 Luciferian Freemason, Ashkenazi (Germanic Pagan) fake Jew Benjamin Netanyahu and a Squadron of US F-16's and 1000 US troops will command the invasion of Syria. Abdullah means "Servant of Allah" aka "Sin" "...but these shall escape out of his hand (Beast), even Edom, and Moab, and the chief of the children of Ammon" Dan 11:41. Does any of this seem normal? " "But he shall have power over the treasuries of gold and of silver, and over all the precious things of Egypt..." Dan 11:43 Now can you see why Obama bowed to King Abdullah? Why the US created the conditions for "Arab Spring" Revolutions in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Jordan and Egypt? And why the US is sending military aid to the  Egyptian Military and the Muslim Brotherhood?   They all worship Lucifer/Satan/Devil folks!
8/15/13 Muslim Brotherhood intiating Civil War in Egypt to re-instate Muslim Brotherhood initiate Mohammad Morsi with US supplied weapons against the US supplied Egyptian Military?
You be the judge Much of this CNN Production appears to be the work of Crisis Actors just like the Aurora Colo Theater Shooting,  Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon. Sodomite Lindsey Graham and John McCain are with Muslim Brotherhood now; as US military aid pours in to their opposition? Remember John McCain riding around with his "Heroes" on jeeps outfitted with machine guns in Benghazi, Libya after that war started? Funny how these ragtag teenagers with guns managed to set up the Central Bank of Benghazi amid the rubble in 2 weeks eh? Benghazi became the largest illegal weapons running and mercenary training center in the world within months!! Quite a Stage Show eh?
    The "Brotherhood" is opposed by the US supplied Egyptian Military; $1.6 Billion this year alone. The US is supplying weapons to both sides of Egypt and Syria's Civil War. 300+ dead in 1 day (500 by Day 2; 100 more Day 3?). Anything seem wrong with this picture? Obama proclaimed a "New Beginning for Islam" in 2009 in Cairo standing next to 330 Mason Hosni Mubarak, just ahead of his famous bow to Saudi Dictator King Abdullah, a professed (Lie of course) enemy of the Muslim Brotherhood? Remember, the Russian staffed Cargo Ship "American President Lines-Russia" renamed "Mol Comfort" was full of weapons destined for Jeddah, Saudi Arabia when it sank during the 2013 Bilderberg Mtg! The world sees this and will blame everything on the US and its Arab President.
    The Muslim Brotherhood wants Sharia Law; there is no quarter for Jesus Christ in Sharia (Revealed) Law because Lucifer "Revealed" the Law. No better actors in the world than Robert Ford, Col (oh don't make me laugh!) Muammar Qadaffi, Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden either! Want to have a better idea of what's really going on? Watch The Dictator Seriously, Sasha Cohen (Cohen=Samaritan Priest) tells more truth in that! Listen to the parts about "Saddam's Double" being shot and Osama staying at one of his homes. Time to wake up folks!

8/11/13 Robert Ford named new Envoy to Egypt.
Ford covered Uday and Qusay Hussein's theft of $30 Billion and WMD transfers from Iraq to Syria; Oil pipelines from Baghdad to Haifa; the largest Embassy in the world in Iraq's "Green Zone"; Depleted Uranium murder of several million and counting; Saddam Hussein's fake capture/murder; and ran 330 Mason L Paul Bremmer's "Death Squads" in Iraq before setting up "Arab Spring" revolutions in Algeria and the Syrian Civil War. He should fit in nicely enforcing Sharia Law in Egypt. Nice choice!

8/3/13 Jesuit/Knight of Malta Gen Martin Dempsey in Israel meeting with 330 Mason fake Jew Benjamin Netanyahu concerning attacks on Iran the day Sharia Law interpreter Hassan Rouhani is sworn in as President of Iran. Hasan swore to support Bashar al-Assad in Syria.
On Aug 1 Israel attacked Homs with a tactical nuclear cruise missile James Clapper admitted the US sent Saddam Hussein's US made WMD's to Bashar al-Assad in 2002. The Russian cargo ship Mol Comfort split in half with 50,000 tons of weapons destined for al Qaeda Syrian "Rebels". So Iran is really on the US side? and on the Russian side?

8/2/2013 Al Qaeda attack threats force closure of Western Embassies in Muslim Nations centered on Yemen as Ramadan ends and Shawwal begins with Eid al Fitr.
Thinking caps please! SMOM, Committee of 300 "Olympian" Wes Clark (nee Kohen) said 7 nations would be invaded in 5 years in 2007; that's 5 years ago. War with Syria and Iran is a foregone conclusion; China and Russia are aligned with Syria and Iran which is why Booz Allen Hamilton/CIA/NSA asset Ed Snowden is playing the modern day Helen of Troy, the face that will sink a thousand ships. The US is even threatening nuclear war with China? Sure! Russia supplies Iran and Syria weapons; American President Lines-Russia aka MOL Comfort split in half with 50,000 tons of weapons destined for Al Qaeda Syrian Reb
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