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There Is Nothing New Under the Sun
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Veteran's Day

                           Armistice Day 

           Arrival debuts on Armistice Day "Nothing would unite the peoples of earth faster than the threat of an alien invasion from outside our solar system" Knight of Malta, Hollywood Actor Ronald Reagan at the United Nations.
      The 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month is “Armistice Day” the Pictish New Year. Armistice means "Temporary cessation of hostilities" The hostilities resumed on the 6th hour of the 6th day of the 6th month at Normandy France 700 years after the Norman (Normandy) Cathars were executed at Montsegur. "In 700 years the Laurel will grow green again" Cathar Perfecti. It sure did!  Blue Face Paint in Braveheart or Wicker Man may ring a Baal, it is Pictish Paint. Fukushima is an Earth Destroying disaster; Obama delivered MOX Fuel to Japan and bowed to Shinto Emperor Akahito; all Freemasons aspiring to Sovereignty must bow to the Order of the Garter of which Akahito is a member. The MOX Fuel came from the Ariva Nuclear Plant in Normandy, the land Druids called Amorica. Feel the Love (Amor) yet?   
    WWI, WWII and WWIII were planned in writing Aug 15, 1871 on the anniversary of the 1st Jesuit Oaths aka Feast day of Lucifer by Jesuit handled (Fr Jean Pierre DeSmet) Sodomite, Confederate, Glutton Luciferian Mason Albert Pike. WWI to build up Nazism. WWII to exchange Nazism for Communism. WWIII to pit Islam against Zionism in order for the true doctrine of Lucifer to be accepted. This is a video of a US Military flown Apache Helicopter escorting a convoy of US State Dept financed Toyota SUV's owned by ISIS from Iraq into Syria.  Here are pictures of traitor John McCain with ISIS leader and Israeli asset Simon Elliot Veterans deserve al little better than Satanic Traitors as leaders.
   Out Magazine came out (good pun eh?) for Veteran's Day with Barack Obama on the cover as "LGBT Ally of the Year". Newsweek had Obama on the cover under a Rainbow Halo in 2012 and the caption "First Gay President"; not quite the first as Abe Lincoln or George Bush Jr would attest. The Rainbow symbolizes God's promise to never Flood the Earth again, killing all but 8 people for doing many of the things the LGBT community celebrate. WWIII will be about Freedom from God and all those silly outdated bible rules.  
     10X the people died, 100 Million people died from Ft Detrick created, Vaccine delivered at Ft Riley KS, 1918 Spanish Flu (H1N1) as did in the 4 years of WWI leading up the Armistice. Dr Ron Fouchier resurrected the 1918 Flu, formulating it into Avian Flu, Swine Flu and MERS CoV. He said "A human to human aerosol transmitted, moderately fatal virus will become a plague of unimaginable proportion" WHO Director Margaret Chan handled the Avian Flu release in China 2003 and works for Prince Phillip who said "I would like to re-incarnate as a Killer Virus" 
                       Veteran comes from Veteranus "Beast of Burden".
     "Soldiers are dumb stupid animals to be used as cannon fodder in our wars"- Vietnam War Architect, Operation Condor architect, International War Criminal, Fake Jew, 330 Luciferian Mason, Bohemian Grove Molech worshipper, Rockefeller Tri-Lateral Commission initiate, Bilderberger, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney adviser Henry Kissinger.
      After receiving the Intrepid Air Museum "Peace and Freedom Award" from Benghazi War Criminal Gen David Petraeus,  Mol Comfort (Mol means Millstone) set sail in June 2013 with its Russian crew, delivering 5000 shipping containers of Weapons to ISIS Rebels. The ship split in half on its way from Singapore to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. "Friends of Syria" were in Qatar awaiting the shipment with  (similar Satanic resume as Kissinger) John Kerry. 
      On Veteran's Day 2013 Nour M with its Turkish crew and 5000 Russian made Kalashnikov Rifles and Explosives picked up in Istanbul, Turkey, was commandeered by Greek Coast Guard. The cache was likely to be delivered at either Tartus, Syria or Tripoli, Lebanon, or Tripoli, Libya.  
    Surprising? ex-CIA Director, Sec of Def, Bob Gates admitted US made WMD's in Saddam Hussein's arsenal were delivered to Syria's Dictator Hafez al Assad in 2002. Those weapons having originally been delivered during Iran-Contra with the aid of Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr, Bill Clinton (accepted delivery of Drugs at Mena Airport, AK) and Mitt Romney (Bain Capital laundered the Drug for Weapons money)
Everybody wants War because God has hardened their hearts to make War. Time to Wake Up!  
     WWI ended with an Armistice agreement to continue the "War to end all Wars" at a later date, on the original Druid/Pictish New Year of Nov 11.
     It's just time we Sheep woke up to the truth! "We are killed all day long, we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter" Ps 44:22, Rom 8:36. 
    Nov 11 was replaced with Samhain aka Halloween as the Celtic- Witchcraft "New Year", a time of Human Sacrifice and Orgies in the forest "Groves". Black Cloistered Monk Martin Luther aligned Halloween "All Hallows Eve" with Nov 1 "All Saints Day", the day martyred Christians would be recognized and brought the Pagan Grove Rituals of decorating the Christmas Tree with baubles representing the Sacrifced Heads that were placed in Groves of Thor's Oaks by Druids. Jeremiah warned against this  in Jer 10. Might be a good time to stop this Satanic practice!
       Sodomite Confederate General, 33Luciferian Freemason, Albert Pike, head of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, co-founder of the Mafia with Italian Revolutionary 33Mason Giuseppe Mazzini was also the founder of the KKK. The "Knights of the Kuklos Klan" were originally a Scottish Society "Knights of the Golden Circle" and before that the "Society of the Horseman's Word"; Horsemen refers to the 4 Horsemen: White, Red, Black and Pale. Pike stated the plan for 3 World Wars in 1871 was to build up the Nazi Empire; trade Nazis for Communists and finally pit Zionism against Islam to bring the light of Lucifer into acceptance. ¼ Billion people died in wars before WWIII has started, “Armistice” means "Temporary Cessation of Hostilities" meaning a sequel to WWI and the Korean War has already been planned.

    Ivy League University President, Federal Reserve traitor, Woodrow Wilson, controlled by Rosicrucian Col Edward Mandell House (He was a much of a Colonel as Col Qadaffi) was re-elected using the slogan "Re-elect the man who will keep your sons out of the war in Europe"; sinking the Lusitania with 1200+ people on board in colusion with Bi-sexual, Druid, 33Mason Winston Churchill didn't get America into the war; "If at first you don't succeed, try again"; 11 million died in the “Great War” from lead and 100 million from Spanish Influenza manufactured at Ft Detrick MD and delivered at via vaccines to soldiers at Ft Riley KS before deployment to Bohemia in the "War to end all Wars". WWII was planned before WWI began incidentally.
   Money, weapons, vehicles and fuel from Ford, GM, Standard Oil and Wall St Banks began flowing to Hitler as WWI ended; Prescott Bush's assets were seized in Oct 1942 for "Trading with the Enemy" but Hitler was anything but his enemy; they were Lodge Brothers in the "Brotherhood of Death" aka Thule Society. Tula is the ancient idea of a Black Central Sun ordering the Galaxy; Scientists refer to this mythical creation as a "Black Hole". Hitler (Rothschild), Stalin (Dzughasvilli), Bush (Scherff) were all initiates aka Knigts of the Black Sun or "SS". In May 1938, 11 Nov was made a Federal Holiday; Federal has nothing to do with Government; it simply means Foederati Holy Day, a league of pagan Black Nobility clans including Lombards, Saxons, Angles, Franks etc. 
   Eisenhower's D-Day was exactly 700 years after the Cathar executions by fire in 1244 at Normandie (Norman=North Man) “Every 700 years the Laurel grows green again” is a famous Cathar saying that proved true. Eisenhower (Iron Worker) Fire Bombed Dresden, much as Hitler Fire Bombed London; Eisenhower’s “Operation Keelhaul” rounded up 2 million Russians opposed to Stalin’s Bolshevik regime who were turned over and either executed or sent to die in Gulags; surrendered Germans at Dachau were summarily executed; 1.2 million Germans were starved to death and Gen Patton was murdered for exposing Eisenhower, Churchill (an initiated Druid) and Stalin's plan to create the Cold War and provide the necessary privacy across 12 time zones to develop Nikola Tesla's (he too had just been strangled to death on orders of his lab assistant Prescott Bush aka Curious George Scherff, by Hitler’s personal body guard Otto Skorzeny) Electro-Magnetic Weather Modifying weapons.
   33Freemason, Mafia Capo Harry Truman changed Armistice Day to Veteran's Day and tested Soviet spy J Robert Oppenheimer's Atomic Bombs on Japanese civilians; “ I have become Death, the destroyer of world’s” were his words after witnessing the Trinity detonation on the 33rd Latitude. Japan had been fire bombed and Truman fought the UN's first war killing 250,000 American soldiers in Korea (Korah is the false Levite Priesthood and a son of Esau) to another "Armistice". North Korea, Syria and Iran are the only nations left without a Central Bank which is why WWIII is planned to center around them. In 1954 “Armistice” to “Veteran” meaning Old; Scottish Fogie; Cow or Beast of Burden.

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