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Sacred Geometry3


                                                          Sacred Geometry
      Born Again Christians, Baptized by the Holy Ghost have access to God anywhere  24/7.  For those who are not, there is Sacred Geometry. Geo=Earth; Geometry=Earth Mesaurement; Saturn, the "Rising Sun" is Osiris "Green One"; hence "Green Man" is worshipped the world over with Sacred Geometry.
    Communing with with God/dess  however, must be done in the right environment, that being Pyramids and Towers like Babel; both built according to Sacred Geometry around the concepts of Squaring the Circle and Vesica Pisces; the latter also the basis of the Kaballah Tree of Life. 
      Sacred Geometry ratios have to do with healingforetelling the futurelong-distance communicationlevitation  
     Pyramids of Egypt and Mexico; Stone Circles like Stonehenge; Burial Mounds like Glastonbury Tor employ Geomerty and Aligments with Sun, Moon and Stars in their design. 
 group of five mathematical ratios are found all over the world from Japan's pagodas to Mayan temples in the Yucatan, and from Stonehenge to the Great Pyramid. These ratios are:

  • Square Root of Two   = 1.414 

  • Square Root of Three = 1.732

  • Square Root of Five   = 2.236

  • Phi = 1.618 Phi is the Golden Section Golden Mean, Ratio of LIfe and Fibonacci Sequence. It was said to be the first section in which the One became many. E Plurubus Unum on the US $ONE refers to this division of the ONE.

  • Pi   = 3.1416 Pi is the ratio of the diameter to circumference of a circle. If the diameter is 1, the circumference is 3.1416 (C = D). 

    "Order out of Chaos"   These are all irrational numbers. Pi can be taken to 1500 decimal places with no discernable pattern to it, thus Order on Earth symbolized by the Square can nearly be built our of the Circle aka Chaos. The One is where it begins

Pi - 3.1416 : 1 The Circle of Heaven  "Spiritual" 



A circle cannot be described with the same degree of accuracy as the physical square. The Tower of Bab El "Gate of Saturn" Babyl ON "Gate of Osiris/Saturn" and Bab Ilu "Gate of Allah" are all approximations of the Circle of Heaven.


The circle is yin.

The Circle
Radius (CD) = 1 
Diameter (AB) = 2 
Circumference = pi (3.1416) x Diameter 

Ring of Brodgar, Mainland Orkney. 


Square Root of Two - 1.414 : 1 - the Square "Physical"

A Square can be defined precisely. 


If its side is one, its perimeter is exactly four, and its area is one square 


The Square is yang.

The Square Side (AB) = 1 
Diagonal (AC) = Square Root of Two, 1.414

The Square Side (AB) = 1 
Diagonal (AC) = Square Root of Two, 1.414 

The square was found was in the Holy of Holies (the back room) of Solomon's Temple (G,H,F,E). 

The dimensions are from the first part of the Ezekiel Chapter 41. 
Ironically, Isaac Newton proposed the mythical Force of Gravity and spent the vast majority of his life drawing architectural plans for God's Temple to be built by Man as the 3rd Temple. God will destroy it at the 2nd Coming.


Square Root of Three - 1.732 : 1  "Vesica Pisces" 

The Vesica Pisces is created by two identical intersecting circles, the circumference of one intersecting the center of the other. The vulva-shaped space thus created is called the Vesica Pisces. For us today, the 
Birth Canal of Antichrist. 153 Fish caught in Peter's Net; 265/153=1.732; 1...17=153; 17Athyr the death of Osiris "Green Man"

The Vesica Pisces: 
Two Circles of radius (AB). 
Radius AB = 1 
The intersecting circles create a Vesica Pisces
The minor axis of this Vesica Pisces (AB) = 1, 
The major axis (CD) = the square root of three, 1.732 


CB = AB 


1 ..... Therefore:

a² + b²



.5² + x²










.8660 = CE

CE is 1/2 of the major axis CD

2 CE 



.8660 * 2





1.7320 = 3

This is the lid of the Chalice Well designed by Bligh Bond in the early part of this century. It covers the Holy Well of Britain. The Chalice or Holy Grail of Wells if you will 


Gothic arch on the tower on the Glastonbury Tor. This site was a hermitage and retreat for early Christian monks 

Gothic arch in Gallilee of Glastonbury Abbey. Note circular Romanesque arches behind in the Mary Chapel. 

The top half of the Vesica Pisces is the Gothic Arch of the  Chartres Cathedral in central France; the Druid Grove and Temple of the Green Man (Osiris/Saturn)


The Piscean Age ended in the Maccabbean Era ca 160BC with the Hanukkah cleansing of the 2nd Temple; the current age of Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and just beginning. 

Square Root of Five - 2.236 : 1 "Double Square" "King's Chamber"  "Holy of Holies"

The Double Square forms the King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid and Solomon's Temple.

The diagonal of a double square is to the shorter side as the square root of five is to one. 

The square root of five = .618 + 1 + .618.

The Double Square
Short Side = 1 
Longer Side = 2 
Diagonal = Square Root of Five, 2.236

(ABCD) Double Square in Solomons Temple

  Solomons temple provides numerous examples of sacred geometry. 


Solomon's Temple combines the Square and Double Square. 

The Holy Place measured twenty cubits by forty cubits. 

Another place where a double square is found is the Calendar II underground chamber site in central Vermont in the USA. It measures ten feet by twenty feet.



Calendar II, a drystone walled underground stone chamber in central Vermont, USA.

The interior of the chamber is 20 feet long by 10 feet wide , or 2 to 1. The chamber is oriented towards the Winter Solstice Sunrise. 

Phi - 1.618:1 - Ø  "Phi Rectangle" 

The Golden Section, Phi, 1.618: 
The shorter section on the right = 3 
The longer section = 5 


The shorter is to the longer 
as the longer is to the whole 
3:5 : : 5:8 

Big Bang theory is unfounded Scientifically; it begins with a Point called a "Black Hole" (Saturn is the Black Star) or The OneGolden Section is the subdividing of the One, continued in the  Phi Ratio.



3:5; 5:8; 8:13... This ratio indicates that it is part of this series: 1 . 2 . 3 . 5 . 8 . 13 . 21 . 34 . 55 . 89, and so on. This is called the Fibonacci Series. Start anywhere in the series, add the number below, and you get the next number (for example, 21 + 13 = 34). As one ascends up the series, any number in the series, when divided into the next one up, gets closer and closer to but never hits exactly 1.618=Phi "Golden Section" 

On a line create square
(ABCD) where AB = 1 

Divide lines (AD) and (BC) in half 
at (F) and (E). (BC) = 1, (EC) = .5

Double square (ECDF) is thus 
created with a diameter of (ED). 

Using (ED) as a radius 
swing arc from (D) downwards to 0 
intersect the initial base line at (G). 

Extend line (AFD), and create a 
perpendicular to line (BECG) at (G) 
so that it intersects line (AFD) at (H), 
thus creating phi rectangle (ABGH). 

The formula that shows this is: 

Phi = ( 1 + square root of 5 ) divided by 2 

(BE) = 1/2 
(ED) = 5/2 
.5 + 1.118 = 1.618

Extend arc (DG) through (A) to (I). 
Note the clear relationship between 
phi and the square root of five. 

Solomons Temple also contained Phi. The Vestibule (DCBA) measures twelve cubits by twenty cubits. 12 to 20 can be reduced to 6 to 10 and further to 3 to 5. Two numbers in the fibonacci series. 3/5 = 1.6, a close approximation to 1.618, or Phi.

Calendar I was measured, the resultant ratio was 1.619 to 1. Phi (Ø) = 1.618 to 1. 

The Parthenon is the Queen of Greek Temples. If the height of the Parthenon is 1, its width is phi (Ø) 1.618, and its length is root of 5= 2.236. And 1.618 + .618 = 2.236. 

Squaring the Circle   "Great Pyramid" 

Nazi propaganda minister Josef Goebbels was obsessed with "Squaring the Circle" The Square represents the Physical ie building the Circle of Heaven on Earth. The Circle represents the Spiritual. Sacred geometers have attempted the impossible: to square the circle (create a square who's perimeter is equal to the circumference of a circle.) 

     Squaring a Circle works with a right triangle that represents the apothem (ZY) - (a line drawn from the base of the center of one of the sides to top of the pyramid), down to the center of the base (ZE), and out to the point where the apothem touches the Earth (EY).

The Great Pyramid of Egypt 
(Sphinx in foreground) 

Now let's look at this in 2D, 
from directly above. 

For the purpose of this exercise, 
the side (AB) of the base equals 2. 

(ABCD) is the base of the Great Pyramid

This is lettered similarly to the wire frame version (above). 

For the purpose of this exercise, 
the side (AB) of the base equals 2.

Construct square (i JKD), 
thus creating double square (JKE f).

Create diagonal (EK) 
which intersects (i D) at (l). 

iD = 1, 
therefore the diameter 
of the circle is also 1. 

(EK) = (5) = .618 + 1 + .618

Put the point of your compass at (E) and extend it along the diagonal (EK) to point (m) where the circle intersects (EK), and draw the arc downward to intersect (KD f C) at (n).

If (EK) = (5), and (l m/l D) and l i = .5, the diameter of this circle is 1. 


This makes (E m) = .618 + 1, or 1.618. 

(E m) is the apothem.

Draw (E n) which intersects (A i l D ) at (o).

Put compass point at (f) and extend it to (n). Again put your point at (E) and draw the circle which happens to have the radius (E o). 

(f n) is the height of the Great Pyramid

This circle comes remarkably close to having the same circumference as the perimeter of the base (ABCD).


Let's go back to the original right triangle (EYZ) 
(EY) = .5 

(YZ) = phi 

(EZ) = (phi) 

EY = .5, The apothem is phi/1.618. This makes the 51 degree + degree angle. 

Using a² + b² = c², this makes the height the square root of phi

Squaring the Circle.   "Earth and Moon"

Create a square (ABCD) with (AB) = 11

Create diagonals (AC) and (BD) crossing at center point (E)

Construct a circle which is tangent to square (ABCD) at f 

Construct two 3 . 4 . 5 right triangles, with the 4 . 5 angles at (A) and (D).

Connect the 5 . 3 angles creating square (abcd) with side (ab) = 3

{4 + 3 + 4 = 11, or side (AD) of square (ABCD)}

Create diagonals (ac) and (bd) centering at (e)

Create a circle that is tangent to square (abcd) at four places.

Draw line (Ee) which intersects side (AD) at (F)

(EF) = the radius of the larger circle and (eF) = the radius of the smaller circle

The larger circle thus created is to the smaller circle as the moon is to the Earth! 

With your compass point at (E), create a circle with radius (Ee)

This creates a circle whose circumference is equal to the perimeter of square (ABCD)! 


The Math:


(AB) = 11 
(EF) = 1/2 of (AB) = 5.5 

(ab) = 3 
(eF) = 1.5 

Therefore   5.5 + 1.5 = 7

The circumference of a circle is equal to two times the radius (the diameter) times pi(3.1416). 

C= 14 x 3.1416 
C= 43.9824 


In Square (ABCD), (AB) = 11 
The perimeter of a square is four times one side. 11 x 4 = 44 

According to the Cambridge Encyclopedia, the equator radius of the Earth is 3963 miles. The equator radius of the Moon is 1080. 

The claim is that the smaller circle (in square abcd) is to the larger circle (in square ABCD) as the Moon is to the Earth


(EF) = 5.5 
(F e) = 1.5 
5.5 : 1.5 :: 3963 : 1080 
5.5 / 1.5 = 3.66666 
3963 / 1080 = 3.6694 - (if it had been 3960, it would have been exact!) 


Sacred Geometry 
Geomancers are interested in Sacred Geometry, the study of the way that Spirit integrates into Matter 
Sacred Geometry is built into Sacred Spaces, with particular ratios, and vibrations such as the Earth Beat of 7.83Hz or 432 Hz. Piano Keys for example, conform to the Phi Ratio


Two Dimensions 
I've been a student of sacred geometry for over twenty-five years. While there has been recent interest in three-dimensional sacred geometry based on the Platonic Solids and in sacred sites themselves, most sacred geometrical documents I've read talk in only two dimensions - height and width. 

Fourth Dimension is described in Ephesians who were universally delving into Witchcraft and Geomancy; Length, Width, Breadth and Height is formed from a Square with a Tesseract. Again, close but no cigar. 

Sacred Geometry iworks with Irrational Numbers; building the Tower of Babel or Temple of God is in fact Irrational.

Rational Numbers 
A rational number is a number which can be expressed as the ratio of two integers (whole numbers), such as 1/3 or 37/22. All numbers which, when represented in decimal notation, either stop after a finite number of digits or fall into a repeating pattern, are rational numbers. 

Irrational Numbers 
An irrational number is one that cannot be represented as a ratio of any two whole-number integers, and consequently it does not fall into a repeating pattern of any sort when written in decimal notation.  Ex 22/7=Pi but only an approximation; Jesus says "Behold, I
 come quickly in Rev 22:7. The facsimile of Jesus "Antichrist" will come first.

Sacred Geometry ratios: the square roots of two (1.414), three (1.732) and five (2.238), phi (1.618) and pi (3.1416), are all irrational numbers. 

Transcendental Numbers
There are certain kinds of irrational numbers that are called transcendental numbers. Just like irrational numbers, they are defined by what they are not (they aren't rational numbers), yet transcendental numbers are so identified because they are not another sort of number, known as an algebraic number. X is used most often because X is the form Jupiter (aka Zeus, Marduk, Horus) takes Criss-crossing the Ecliptic as the "Ferryman". 
     Constantine the Great was not a follower of Jesus Christ, he used the X and IHS (In Hoc Signo Vinces) to conquer the Laity. Sacred Geometry is a Satanic approximation of Jesus Christ; don't fall for it.


                                                       Aquarian Cross                        


      Image result for picture of aquarian cross glastonbury torRelated imageImage result for picture of aquarian cross glastonbury tor   Image result for picture of vesica piscis     Image resultParilia April 21 is the Roman Holiday celebrating Pales, god of Sheep and Shepherds; Jesus warned of "Wolves in Sheep's Clothes"          At high noon, on April 21, 1990, the Aquarian Cross was hoisted atop Glastonbury Tor at St Michael's Tower near Stonehenge. That date was chosen to coincide with the pagan holiday “Parilia”, a date honoring the mythological Arcadian founder of Palestine “Pales” and serves as the birthday of Rome with the killing of the evil twin “Remus” by his brother “Rommulus”. Overall, the celebration lasts 13 days, beginning with “Cerialia” on April 19 which honors the Roman fertility goddess “Ceres”, and  ends on the Celtic New Year called “Beltane” on May 1 (May Day), which celebrates Satan’s (Baal) birthday and the birthday of Communism in 1945. In Rome, the sight of children dancing ribbons around Satan’s phallus (May Pole) was common, and it is becoming popular again today. The celebration includes an annual sacrifice of a pregnant cow (mother) and the burning of its calf (child) in honor of the mother earth goddess, “Tellus”. Examples of pagan sacrifice on this date to her include Hitler’s killing of Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943 using flame throwers, the slaughter of children in the AP Murrah Bldg in 1995, the Waco, TX slaughter of Branch Davidians in 1993 with tank mounted flame throwers and the shots heard around the world at Lexington and Concord to start the rebellious bloodbath we call the American Revolution in 1775. The re-birth of Rome is being accomplished by the Club of Rome and the European Economic Commission (EEC). As will be seen, this New Rome will fall when pitted against a Celtic revival led by Scotland. In essence, this will be mankind’s greatest deception, and the end to the largest conspiracy and sting operation ever attempted. I used the word “Sting” because WASPS (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants) and Bees will initiate the fighting between Muslims, Catholics and Protestants, with the ultimate victor being Celtic Protestants. I hope this will become more clear, but keep this in mind. In Chaldee, “Bee” means false word and Chaldean Priests (Magi) were known as “Priests of Jupiter”. Astronomically, Jupiter is a gas giant and potentially, an alternate sun. Mythologically, Zeus is Jupiter and the Rape of Ganymede by Zeus should give us a clue as to why pedophilia and pederasty are becoming more common. What makes the news is the tip of the iceberg.


       Image result for picture of arcadian meridian teotihuacanThe Earth’s magnetic field captures solar radiation in the “Van Allen” belts and manifests the energy as “Auroras”. As the energy is returned to earth near the polar regions, “Telluric Earth “ electrical currents called “Ley Lines” form, and many are said to converge at Glastonbury.  One such  can be seen on a globe by laying a taught string on the Teotihuacán Pyramid of the Sun near Mexico City. This was the ancient Aztec city of Tenochtitlan, a marvel of agricultural engineering, and peace until Phoenicians convinced natives to sacrifice their expendable part of the population to the sun god, Kulkulkan. 11 is the Kabbalist number for Antichrist and K is our 11th Phoenician letter, so like the Scottish derived Ku Klux Klan (KKK), Kulkulkan merely hides Satan worship. Well beyond random chance, this Ley Line continues directly over the first 5 American colonies  of Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston which was planned this way over 400 years ago by British Kabbalists, (apostate Jewish mystics), Rosicrucians (order of the rose and cross) and Freemasons called “Knights of the Golden Helmet”;  notably, Sir Walter Raleigh, John “007” Dee and Sir Francis Bacon. The line continues east to the Greenwich “0” meridian in Greenwich, England, passing over Stonehenge in the Salisbury Plain and the 3rd century Celtic Church of St Michael at Glastonbury Tor just west of London. Stonehenge is an astronomically aligned sacrificial temple used by pagans since the flood, and Celtic Druids for the last 2000 years which marks out the sun and moon’s sky track, thus allowing “Priests of the groves” to predict eclipses, solstices and equinoxes for human sacrifices to the sun god and earth goddess.

       The earth’s “0” meridian was first located in Paris, France because this put Mt Hermon (Golan Heights) on the 33rd latitude and longitude. I’ll explain this shortly, but 11X3=33 which is the number of vertebrae in the human spine, the number of steps toward godhood in Scottish Rite Freemasonry and the age at crucifixion of Jesus Christ. “K” is the 11th letter, so the Ku Klux Klan wear pointed hats, robes and red crosses because they are initiated worshippers of Satan. In 1884, the “0” Meridian was moved to Greenwich near London so that the US Capitol, Washington DC would line up on the 77th meridian which occultists refer to as “God’s Longitude”. The word “Capitol” means “Temple of Jupiter”, so on 9/11/2001, our Capitol was attacked 11 years after the revealing of the Aquarian Cross and President George Bush Sr’s famous “New World Order” speech to the UN on 9/11/1990. Occultists around the world knew that on the 77th Meridian when Flt 77 (actually a uranium tipped bunker busting missile) penetrated 3 separate 3 ft thick walls at the base of the Pentagon (picture Michaelangelo’s Vitruvian Man), a symbolic “Sacred Marriage” (bringing down the serpent to earth) had just been committed. The rest of us however, just can’t figure out why all the cameras showing the event failed, why no wreckage of a 757 was found or how a 757 could have burrowed a 16 ft diameter hole through 9 ft of steel reinforced concrete. At this point, one may recall the words of the prophet Micah who said “…a man’s enemies are the men of his own house.” (Micah 7:6) because Arab terrorists had nothing to do with 9/11. The event was merely part of the  worldwide sting operation to produce Antichrist. If you can’t understand that pagans desire this event, nothing is ever really going to make sense. The US is not God’s country anymore than the 77th meridian is God’s longitude. Pagans do not worship the Hebrew God, but rather an imposter as we will see.

       The Washington Monument is a phallic symbol of Satan’s reproductive organ, and is exactly 555 ft tall because the Roman numeral for 5 is “V” which is also the Hebrew 6th letter “Vau” or nail, and 3 metal nails held Jesus to the cross. Like all sun dials, the sun shines on it over the course of a year to form the eastern Yin-Yang symbol. Continuing southeast, the magnetic line passes over the Church of St Sophia, Bulgaria where the “Eye of Sophia” is enshrined, then over ancient Phrygian city of Troy in Turkey. The Eye of Sophia refers to Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s (false) love child who fled to France after the crucifixion in order to preserve the “Royal Seed”. NOT! The “Trojan Horse” is the universal symbol for sneaking inside undetected as the preferred method of attacking an enemy; as Cicero once said “a traitor inside the gates is worth 700 outside”. Phrygians had King Midas with his curse/blessing of the golden touch, and tied the famous “Gordian Knot”; the perfect knot to hitch beasts of burden (Jews and Christians), which could only be untied by the one true king. Alexander the Great was trained by pederastic Greek philosophers to believe he was to be the one, but he died before his 33rd birthday, and the symbolic knot lived on as the “Celtic Knot”. Santa Claus and Smurfs wear the Phrygian “Liberty Cap”, as do the windows and doorways at the Library of Congress, Etruscan Priests of the dead, worshippers of the Persian sun god, Mithra (normally depicted as a Lion carrying a bee in his mouth), American Revolutionary soldiers, Russian Cossacks, Prussian soldiers and many others. Wake up, and you’ll want to take it off, along with the wool in front of your eyes, because “Liberty” means freedom from the worship of God to occultists! Anyway, the Ley Line continues over Baalbek, Lebanon which occultists consider the birthplace of Baal (Satan) and Mt Hermon on the Israel/Syrian border, today called the Golan Heights. This area is revered by occultists as the place where sons of God descended down to mate with daughters of men (Gen 6), and the place where Priests of the Groves (forerunners of Druids) caused Israelites to sacrifice their children to Molech (Satan). It serves as the source for the Jordan River where Jesus was baptized and the home of the apostate Israelite Tribe of Dan where Jeroboam built “Golden Calf” idols and Temples dedicated to Baal (Satan). Finally, the line passes over Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, home to Wahhabists, an oil rich and very radical sect of Sunni Moslem impersonators who, with the US military, guard the real Mt Sinai where Moses was presented the 10 commandments. Yes, I know your study bible says Mt Sinai is in Egypt, but if it is, why would the book be called Exodus? I suspect the Arab cleric, Ibn Abd al-Wahhab who founded the Wahhabi sect is named after King Ahab, the wickedest Israelite king of all time, and the “W” in front probably refers to our 23rd letter which came from the Phoenicians, as a salutation to Satan. Like Bush Jr “W”, many of the royal house of Saud can be seen making the hand sign of the “W” which is called Il Cornuto. No they are not Texas Longhorn fans Ok?

      The Aquarian Cross features an equal arm Greek Cross surrounding a rectangle called the “Golden Mean” which houses 2 horizontally intersecting circles. The “Golden Mean” is formed by housing a circle inside a square and then multiplying the base by “Phi” which is 1.618. The resulting rectangle will now house 2 intersecting circles which overlap each other to form the “Vesica Pisces”, a symbol used by Phoenician Priests called “Fisher Kings” and the pseudo Christian symbol seen on car bumpers today. The 2 halves of this familiar “Fish” symbol become 1 in a symbolic “Sacred Marriage”. The cross was assembled according to a channeled vision (visitation by a familiar spirit) given to author Simon Peter Fuller in Jerusalem, where it was constructed and taken to the reputed site of the mythical “Avalon” at Glastonbury Tor. This is precisely why God forbids His followers from contacting “familiar” spirits! Glastonbury Monks in the 6th century, made 2 handled, curved jars called “Amphora” and filled them with wine and oil used in Druid initiation rituals. Wine and oil is used by Freemasons as well to dedicate stone structures to Baal, who they believe is held inside the earth until the Golden Age. They serve as a Satanic copy of Frankincense and Myrrh which were used to anoint Jesus at His birth, but here, they are used in occult ritual to anoint the Beast. The 2 handles refer to the “Gemini Twins” which Gnostics refer to as the choice between good and evil, but they reverse the 2, preferring Lucifer, the god of light and illumination to Jesus, the God of oppression. Occultists regard Christians as stupid, so they illustrate Jesus as the “Joker” in the playing card deck which are just entry level “Tarot Cards” anyway. Ritual anointing of sacred sites with wine refers to blood, usually provided by a human sacrifice and oil which is used to anoint occult leaders called “Kings”, a title derived from the Scottish words “Kin” or “Clan”. Inbred? Royalty are like thoroughbred race horses from the stables of Cain! Glastonbury monks carved canals and grew hedgerows to form what is called the “Glastonbury Zodiac”; literally a “Temple of the Stars” designed perhaps to resemble the lost (mythological) city of Atlantis so famously ruled over by the pederast Titan, Zeus. Myth or not, Titans refer to pre-flood fallen angels who mated with human women, and this was enough for God to flood the world to get rid of them. The Human Genome Project is repeating exactly what they did 4500 years ago, and will result in similar punishment, only this time by fire!

       Tor means “stepped conical hill”. Glastonbury Tor has a 7 stepped spiral leading to the top which forms a 3-dimensional “Labyrinth”. Like the unfinished Tower of Babel, whose top was said to reach Heaven, the 7 steps correspond to Mithraism (Persian solar cult) and Celtic Druidism’s  7 levels of initiation to godhood. The base and angle of inclination (supposedly 520) defines a spiral made of ever tightening elliptical sections corresponding to “Phi”, the ratio of life if you will. God made the human body, musical notes and the bodies moving within the galaxies of the universe conform to this ratio (He doesn’t do it with gravity either). “Phi” is calculated by starting with 0 and adding the next sequence number (0+1=1,1+1=2,2+1=3,3+2=5,5+3=8,8+5=13…). It is approximated by the ratio 8 to 5 or about 1.618 to 1. Talk about order, God used this ratio as a flashing neon sign testimony of His absolute Divinity, but occultists in communication with Satan’s demons just have to try and copy it with man-made objects as illustrated by “Labrynths” and the “Vitruvian Man”. Glastonbury Tor is by no means something God is happy with.

        The Holy Bible (Authorized KJV) and Jesus Christ are God in word and human form respectively. Using a new bible? I suggest exchanging it for a KJV. God lives in believers as the Holy Ghost and these 4 terms all refer to God. Read John 1:1 and 1 John 5:7 and you’ll see what I mean. Satan’s labyrinth or in the case of the new movie Pan’s Labyrinth is by definition, the opposite of the Holy Ghost. Labyrinth means “holding place of demons”. Remember, Jesus said He would leave no stone unturned in the Temple and rebuild His “Church” in 3 days. He was talking about the Holy Ghost, another form of God in spirit form residing inside every “Born Again” believer. Occult holding places for demons universally manifest themselves in secret societies of which, Freemasonry is by far the largest. Rites of initiation are such that eventually, there is no escape. 6th to 8th century barbarian invaders called “Lombards” used a double sided axe called the “Labrys” and became a source of monastic communities (Benedictine, Cistercian, Trappist etc.), but be not mislead, none of these groups are in fellowship with Jesus. Lombards divided into a military rank structure that is with us today in every military. They were named after their women’s long hair which they tied in front of their faces to resemble male beards, hence their name became “Langobards” and then “Lombards”. Similarly, the Druidic Priesthood was replaced by the Bardic Priesthood “Bards” about the same time. Anglo-Saxon barbarians eventually became the “Bards” after their 9/11/471 murder of the Britons and were named after their “Seaxe” knives which were used to shed blood and ensure loyalty. Merging with Salien “Franks”, another barbarian tribe who used the “Francesca” throwing axe, the 3 tribes assimilated into European royalty as the Merovingian (Holy Grail) alliance under Charlemagne in 800 AD. All 3 groups wore long hair, and Merovingian Royalty was even called the “Long Haired Monarchs” which was an occult copy of the “Nazarite Vow” (Num: 6). Charles means “god-man”, so he was another misguided megalomaniac, like his Muslim/Anglican/Druid/ Earth worshipping namesake Prince Charles.

       Scientists have their own secret society called the Jason Society named after the mythological search in the underworld for the “Golden Fleece”. This mythological “elixir of life” goes back to King Midas and his golden touch, the alchemists who were obsessed with turning lead into gold, the false royal blood of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and today by the Human Genome Project and its fascination with eternal life. WAKE UP folks, Jesus is the only one who can provide this. Why not ask Him for it? Science is really just another religion that is generally opposed to biblical teachings, so scientists use the terms “Black Hole” to represent the Labyrinth, and “Event Horizon” to represent the point of no escape. The movie Event Horizon stranded a spacecraft and its crew on the far side of the universe with no hope of return, and that is exactly what happens when one sells their soul! Kevin Costner’s movie No Escape represented the military’s version of the labyrinth. Initially through blackmail, bodily threats, and later removal of the Holy Ghost (by God), initiates become Satan’s property while on earth, and they know it. Judgment and eternal damnation by the supreme judge and jury, Jesus Christ will follow for them, it’s just that they don’t believe it, because Satan has convinced them he will win the final battle and change the 3 words “It is Written”. NOT!

         Kabbalah is orally transmitted black magick the Jews learned in Egyptian and later Babylonian captivity which has a 10 step initiation process toward godhood. This is their “Tree of Life” and the 10th level is called “Kether” which means “Crown”; essentially a “Royal Crown”. Ever seen that before? The symbol of the modern day Freemasonic Knight Templars is the cross penetrating a crown with the inscription “In Hoc Signo Vinces”. One may recall Emperor Constantine used this slogan which means “By this sign Conquer”. Tim LaHaye put this symbol on the cover of his Left Behind Books as well, but let’s cut to the chase; the sign represents the “Sacred Marriage”, and it’s Christianity that occultists desire to conquer! At the 5-6 “Tiphareth” level, the proverbial “Fork in the road” is reached as one’s heart is crossed in an elaborate and long ritual to represent “No Escape”. Egyptian mummies had their arms crossed for a similar reason in their initiations to become solar priests and worship of the reincarnated sun god Osiris. Their garb remains the same today, complete with crooked staff, fish shaped hat, flail and long wide hemmed robes, worn by Popes, Cardinals, Orthodox Priests, Muslim Clerics, Buddhist Monks etc etc.
      Kundalini is an eastern form of mysticism with 7 levels of initiation used to raise the “Serpent Force” to the top of the head or crown, and the 5th chakra is called the “Heart Chakra” which, for them sells their soul to Satan. Occultists believe a person’s soul resides in their heart, and their spirit in their head, but “Born Again” Christians know neither is the case. Barbarians have cut off the head and/or plucked a person’s beating heart out in a vain attempt to capture souls and spirits for their own personal use. You can see this in graphic detail in Mel Gibson’s new movie Apocalypto. By the way, Mel defines “Apocalypse” as a new beginning at the start of the movie. The word actually means to reveal (Antichrist), and he knows it. Earth worshipping occultists (Gaia, Druids, Wiccans, Shamans, Taoists etc) believe the earth is alive, and like the human body, has 7 chakras with the Heart Chakra in Glastonbury. Eastern mysticism, actively promoted by India’s Mahatma Ghandi (a member of the Theosophical society); Western Druidism represented by initiated Druid Priest, Winston Churchill; Freemasonry, represented by Illuminati white magick practitioner FDR; Taoism (worship of Babylonian sun god Tammuz) represented by Emperor (god man)  Hirohito; Black Magick Satanism represented by Rothschild descendant, Adolph Hitler’s holocaust human sacrifice, and Crypto Jewish Satanist Joseph Stalin in WW2 will be repeated in WW3, only this war will reveal Antichrist as written in Albert Pike’s 1870 letter. As the head of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, he indicated the demonic plan was for WW1 to end monarchies and build up Nazism (national socialism). WW2 would end Nazism in favor of Communism, and WW3 would pit Islam against “Christianity” to dissolve both Atheism and Christianity at the same time. If you haven’t seen the build-up of military forces in the “Fertile Crescent”, it’s time to open your eyes! This war may not be far off.  

       “Ordo ab Chao” (Order out of Chaos) is the motto of 330 Freemasonry and Skull & Bones (aka Brotherhood of Death Society). Saturn is Chaos. Out of the chaos of war, the New Age Christ will be presented to the world, but discerning Christians should stay alert, that this stage show, no matter what happens will not produce Jesus until after the 3rd Jewish Temple is defiled, and the entire world wears a Mark of the Beast. Nobody survives the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ that is not covered by the blood of the Lamb, ie Born Again Christian. I suggest you accept this free gift right now, because over a million Turks, Kurds, Iranians, US, Hizbullah, Al Fatah (both ex-Nazi’s), Hamas, Syrian and IDF soldiers are set up to make this war happen right now (summer 2007). In my humble non-demon channeled opinion, the plan is to set up the Catholic Church for a fall in order to get revenge for the Knight Templar arrests of Oct 13th 1307, and Persians (Iranians) for Haman’s execution by Xerxes (reference the book of Esther). Celtic, Catholic or Muslim, this stage show will probably come complete with a “Fake Rapture” and many lying signs and wonders to produce Antichrist, not Jesus. Ok, back to Glastonbury.

      New Agers regard “Glastonbury Tor” as essentially a “Worm Hole” to another dimension of reality. I’m not trying to be silly here, but since occultists believe the Earth is alive, Glastonbury Tor is essentially Gaia’s birth canal leading to her protective womb. This is why Druids used Glastonbury to revere the goddess Cerridwen, whom they affectionately refer to as the “Genius of the Ark”. Her name derives from “Cair”, which itself means “Enclosure” . This concept dates back to early post flood Akkadians whose priests were called Kon-Tors or Priests of the Enclosure. Satan (Baal) began to garner worship as the sun which revolves around the earth (no kidding), and devotees were called Priests of the Revolver. Likewise, “Cannibal” derives from Cahn and Baal for Baal’s Priest. Baal’s Priests are required to sell their soul and violate God’s commandments, which is why they kill humans and drink human blood. The concept of human sacrifice goes back to the very beginning because the father of esoteric Freemasonry is considered Tubal-cain. Notice the pins some Freemasons wear; it’s 2 balls and a cane (2-ball cane) which look like 2 golf balls and a golf club, but now you know otherwise! Tubal-cain is described in Gen 4:22 as the pre-flood artificer of brass and iron, but today his followers are called the “Military Industrial Complex”, and no matter which country they are in, they all work together as directed by their Freemasonic rituals and oaths, not their oaths of office! Remember, “Free” means free of God and “Mason” means stone builder. Read Daniel 2:45, and you’ll see that Jesus is the only real “Stone”. What Masons are building is described as part iron and part clay that is decorated with brass, gold and silver. Not real sturdy if you ask me!

      Iron is abundant at Glastonbury which has preserved the original Tower of St Michael’s Church quite well, and Ley lines are set over lines of electric current, so I’d bet that iron is quite useful in conducting electricity. A Christian’s “Born Again” experience is, dare I say electrifying, and occultists following demons like to have the same experience with Satan, but remember that Tubal-cain lived during the period after Cain killed Abel, when humanity had not yet resumed calling on the name of the Lord (Gen 4:26). When Antichrist is revealed to the world, Glastonbury will probably light up like a Christmas Tree because Christmas means “Christ-Kill”. Those ornaments you’ve been putting on that tree represent Druid sacrificed human heads; nice eh?
      Scalar technology creates all sorts of interesting “Crop Circles” near Glastonbury (sorry, there are no aliens) and lightning can be directed very accurately. This stage show will be as 330 Freemason Ed Sullivan used to say “A really big shoow”. The goal of the occult is to present Antichrist and later to kill Jesus. The metal nails didn’t work 2000 years ago, so they hope Scalar EM weapons will do the trick this time. NOT!

     Jesus was hung on a tree, not a cross. Satan’s weapon is the cross and nails. The cross as an “Idol” originated as a representation of the 4 rivers in the Garden of Eden. It progressed to a depiction of the 4 canals leading to the pre-flood circular city of Atlantis, then the Sumerian sun wheel we call the “Swastika”. This was the first post-flood cross which was represented as goats with horns or women with long hair pulled back into the cross bars. The cross developed into the Egyptian handled cross called the “Ankh” which represented worship of Osiris, and then the “Tau” representing the reincarnated Babylonian sun god Tammuz. Again, St Philip was said to have been crucified in Phrygia (Turkey) on the Tau in order to give it a “Christian” veneer. In Phoenicia (Lebanon), the cross became the Phoenician Sun Wheel represented by the cross inside a circle, then the Maltese/Greek Cross and then the pseudo-Christian cross of the pagan Emperor Constantine which was really an X to denote the 10 step path in Kabbalah and worship of Osiris. At this point, the cross came to be called the “Cross of St Andrew “to give it an aire of respectability, making it a sort of Trojan Horse for early Christians. Arian Gnostics placed a P over the X which in Latin means Chi (X) and Rho (P). Probably derived from Cairo Egypt, this symbol became a representation of the “Sacred Marriage”. The symbol was used to depict “Chronos”, the god of time who devours his children at birth. The symbol became used by the Catholic Church and was called the “Labarum”. The 4 “quarters” formed by the cross are venerated by witches as earth, air, fire and water, and the “head” at the top formed by the “P” represents gnostic wisdom or “Quintessence”. The 5 pointed star represents this as well. Today, the Pope carries the “Twisted Crucifix”; the same one pagans celebrating the death of Jesus carried 1700 years ago. Witches began to superimpose the cross (+) over the X forming the cross quarter circle and X which divides the witchcraft calendar into the 8 pagan holidays (Yule, Imbolg, Beltane, Lugnash, Samhein plus equinoxs and solstices of course). This can be seen on the British flag and the state flag of Alabama because they are “confederate” in one way or another with Satan, the supreme sacrificer of humanity.The cross then developed into the red cross of the Knight Templars which denotes veneration of Esau, the hairy and reddish twin brother of Jacob who sold his birthright and whose followers and descendants (Edomites, Al Fatah, Hizbullah, Zionists etc) continue to plague real Jews today. The white cross on black robes of the Hospitaller Knights came at the same time and today, Hospitallers are known as Knights of St. John of Jerusalem. Don’t be fooled,; their “John” is hiding a red devil with horns! Jesuit Knights swear to exterminate Christians wherever they find them while pressing a “Black Crucifix” against their heart, and Protestant Churches usually have 3 separate, empty crosses displayed somewhere. If they read the bible, they would see that tree is not cross, and that 3 people hung from the same one. Finally we come to the Aquarian Cross called the “Cross of St Michael”. Archangel Michael stands up for Israel near the end, but this Celtic/Druid Michael is definitely not him. Rather, this “Michael” will be a Zionist impersonator using a very sophisticated arsenal of EM (electromagnetic) visual aids. Aquarius refers to the 2 handled jar as a “Water Pourer”. Universal Christ Consciousness is occult code  for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, but which one? Prayer to Jesus gives the real thing to anyone who asks for it, but this will be what occultists term a “Planetary Pentecost”. The universal Christ will be all things to everyone. The ultimate Christian, Buddhist and Muslim is you will. The “feelings” and “images” the world will be subjected to will  be generated artificially by ELF (low frequency, long wavelength) scalar waves, the Star Wars program, and Project Blue Beam (a plan to use the ionosphere as a giant TV), not Jesus, because when Jesus returns, it’s too late to accept Him!

       Chaldean Priests of Jupiter were called “Kahn-Tor” a derivation of the Akkadian, “Kon” meaning Priests of the Revolver or Solar Priests if you will. Stop for a minute and evaluate this. You think the earth revolves around the sun because Renaissance era scientists told you it did. Paul told us to be careful of false science in his letter to Timothy, and the bible says the Sun moves around the earth in many places. Why is it  Priests of Baal, Egyptian, Persian and Greek astronomers, and even early post flood Semitic impersonators (my belief is that Akkadians were not Semitic any more than Zionists are Jewish) like the Akkadians all knew this biblical fact, but you don’t? May I suggest we believe God and His book first! It says to prove all things after all! Maybe you could do what I did when I “Woke Up” and try to disprove the bible. Come on folks, a 6000 year old earth, all land covered with water, no evolution, fixed earth, give it a try. I think you’ll discover that disproving God is truly Mission Impossible!

     King Arthur and Guinevere’s coffins (they are myth) are at Glastonbury Tor, and “Avalon” (Land of the Faries) is considered the “Stargate” or portal to other dimensions.  Steven Spielberg’s movie Artificial Intelligence was a Pinocchio style story which ended with fairies bestowing “Life” on the boy who searched his whole life for it! The TV series Stargate SG1 shows how “Stargates” like Glastonbury Tor are portals to other dimensions; entrances to the underworld if you will. Phoenicians perhaps first began the concept of “Fisher Kings”, and Merovingian Kings (deluded offspring of Jesus and Mary Magdalene) in Gaul, then became mythological “wounded” guardians of the Holy Grail; a sort of King Arthur if you will. Golden Fleece; Blood Cup; Last Supper plate; Royal bloodline? Nope! For New Age Aquarian occultists, the Holy Grail is “Christ Consciousness”; the transcendence of the material world with “Life” promised by a fallen angel who knows his time is short. The transition from Christianity to Christ Consciousness is the way Wholistic World Vision terms it. Thanks but they can leave me out! Call it El Dorado, Vitriol, Elysium, Avalon, Nirvana, Valhalla or Shangri La, occultists think reincarnated masters like Jesus (oops), Krishna, Mahdi (12th Muslim Imam) or Buddha manifest themselves to humanity as wise Avatars, Masters, Fairies, and/or Aliens in order to lead humanity into the light of Gnostic Wisdom. Born-Again Christians know what they are looking for is called the Holy Ghost, but Jesus Christ is the last place they will look because He said to never call anyone on earth master!  Might I suggest they turn that BIG ROCK over before it’s too late! Jehovah Witness Dwight Eisenhower changed Shangri La to Camp David, as in King David, not his grandson’s first name as is claimed. Too bad the Star of Israel has nothing to do with King David. It’s a star of Molech (Rempham), early Priests of the Groves used to illustrate that what is created above in the stars, is also created below, in the earth. Rothschild means “Red Shield”. Are they Jewish? Of course not, they are fully given over to Satan and doing the same job at the World Bank that their ancestors the Pharisees did in Jesus’ day. Sorry, they weren’t Jewish either; they were allied with Herod who was an Edomite! Why do you suppose Jesus calls Jerusalem “Spiritual Sodom and Egypt” in Rev 11, and says woe unto you Scribes and Pharisees? As it was in King Solomon’s day and the days of the Celtic Druids, the 6 pointed star is nothing more than a demon magnet! 

      The Celtic Church of St Michael alludes to the only biblical Archangel, Michael, but occultists refer to him as the “Pendragon”. Father of Arthur? Nope, Pendragon is the head of the Druidic or later Bardic Priesthood. Musicians, poets, priests, judges and governors of Celtic lands which we know today as Great Britain! More than likely, they are associated with the Israelite Tribe of Dan because Jacob prophesized they would be judges and “adders in the path”. Their first symbol was the serpent, which was changed to an eagle. Ever seen that anywhere? Druid Priests are even called “Adders”. Need more proof  that WASPS and Celts are not Christian?

        On 9/11, 471, the Saxons took over Glastonbury. On 9/11/1297, William Wallace “Braveheart” battled King Edward I “Longshanks” for Scottish independence, and the Declaration of Arbroath 7 years later, proclaimed Scottish freedom. Mormons (most claim genealogy from Dan or Ephraim) killed 120 pioneers on 9/11/1957 to illustrate their doctrine of “Limited Atonement” in what came to be called the Mountain Meadows Massacre which is no surprise because 13 is the biblical number of rebellion and M, the 13th letter dominates the title. The Masonic Square and Compass is essentially the letter M superimposed on the W, another representation of the “Sacred Marriage” which literally translates to “I love you, rebellious Satan.” On 9/11/1921, the first “Kibbutz” was settled by the British on land that is being fertilized by the Phoenician princess Jezebel in the Jezreel Valley, and on 9/11/1922, the Palestinian Mandate secured a Zionist (Satanic) false re-gathering of Jews into the Promised Land. The unfinished pyramid with 13 courses of stones under the “Vesica Pices” was printed on the almighty $1 bill on 9/11/1935 and the Pentagon (spear of Destiny) began construction on 9/11/1941, which the prophet Daniel described in chapter 7 verse 6 as the 4th wing of the Leopard. No surprise because once again 7+6=13, the number of rebellion. Astrologers know that the Gemini Twins (Remus and Rommulus, Castor and Pollux or the biblical Esau and Jacob) are represented by the 2 headed Phoenix, one with his back to the future. Ever heard of that before? Freemasons portray them as 2 Masonic Pillars of “Jachin and Boaz”, and JRR Tolkein portrayed them as the 2 Towers. In the Tribulation, God will send the only 2 people who did not taste death in history, Elijah and Enoch as 2 witnesses of Jesus Christ. They will be killed by Antichrist, and be bodily resurrected in plain sight 3 days later. The apparent victor (Antichrist) is represented by the 2 handled jar, which Romans knew as “Janus”, the 2 faced god. On 9/11/2001,  the Gemini Twins in the form of the World Trade Center (Nelson and David Rockefeller) were destroyed to make way for “The One” tower which is scheduled to top out on 9/11/2008 (Wikipedia 2008). 9/11 was chosen because it’s the 11th day of month, 254th day of the year (2+5+4=11) and 9+1+1=11. Claim is often made (probably false claim) that the Star of Bethlehem guided the Magi to Jesus on 9/11/3 BC with a conjunction of the Star “Regulus” in Leo known as the “Eye of Horus”, and Jupiter, known as the “King Star”. These were all Celtic milestones toward the New World Order which will arise “out of chaos” when Old Jerusalem is attacked, and replaced by New Jerusalem. Today, the Druid Pendragon is Scotland’s Prince Michael Stuart, so if he continues the ways of his ancestor, Bloody Queen Mary Stuart the Protestant butcher, times are going to get interesting!

       Mythical “Avalon” is “Glastonbury” (Isle of Glass). Druid initiations were designed to mimic escape of the Flood on this mythological island which becomes a peninsula (named after the human phallus) at low tide. Noah walked out of the Ark on dry land after his time in the enclosure, so they do the same, only rather than trusting God, they trust the goddess! Ceridwen derives from “Ker or Cair” meaning goddess of the enclosure. For Druids, she is Noah’s mentor, concubine and the real “Genius of the Ark”. Noah was right with God and was married with his wife on board, so Ceridwen is obviously myth and like Adam’s concubine “Lilith”, the bible is silent about either one of them. As a mythological goddess, she merely replaced the Greek goddess of grains, Ceres. Her “Arkite” initiates spent time in her womb (enclosure), culminating with a 3 day trial at sea at places like the Isle of Anglesey, Isle of Wight or Isle of Mann, just off the coast from Glastonbury.   

      In French, the wo

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