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3/22/2010 3:22 Universal Time "Universal Health Care". Total control over Health; 3:22 is the Death's Head symbol of Skull & Bones "Brotherhood of Death" coming from Gen 3:22. 2010 Census conducted by the White House in violation of Art 1 Sec 2 of the US Constitution. Project 60 allows un-counted ie "Off Books" "Direct Foreign Investment" 4/20 "Weed Day"/4:22 "Earth Day" Deepwater Horizon demolition. Corexit mixed with Benzene in Oil created "Pneumonic Plague Superbug" called "Blue Flu".  7/30 CLEAR Act "Consolidated Land, Energy, Aquatic Restoration Act" HR 3534. National assets including ANWR and Great Lakes Water pledged to UN. At this point all members of Congress became traitors. 9/11 UN Agenda 21 Forced relocation and re-wilding of 90% of America.  SB 1619 "Livable Communities Act" Forced move to Cities and High Rise Units. 12/21/2010 Executive Order #13544, HR 2751, S-510 "Codex Alimentarius" "Food Safety, Modernization and Protection Act". Total control over Food from Seed to Transpotration passed in the Senate 12/19 House vote passed 12/21 Tuesday on the Solar Solstice and Total Lunar Eclipse. "Contol oil you control nations; control food you control people" Henry Kissinger. DREAM Act "Development Relief Education for Alien Minors"; citizenship for illegal immigrants under 35; with an executive order loop hole allowing citizenship for their families at the discretion of Dept of Homeland Security. Hitler's Nazi Germany=Fatherland; Stalin's Communist Russia=Motherland; US Capitalist=Homeland. Capital is Caput meaning Deadly head wound and slang for "Lights out". Same thing destroyed Rome from the inside. 3/11/2011 Fukushima Nuclear Plant Meltdown Siemens manufactured controllers shut off coolant flow 10 minutes after the Earthquake; the Tsunami had nothing to do with this event. 3/19 Libya War Purim (Crush; Cast lots for Marduk), the 1991 Gulf War I date 150,000 Iraqi's were slaughtered under truce and the start of Gulf War II "Shock and Awe" (Shekinah) was coincident with the birth of Minerva (Athene) this year. 

 Advent: Latin Advenire Ad "To", Venire "Come" is the Coming of Marduk not Jesus Christ. Nov 28 Advent Sunday to Dec 24. Christ-Mass is strictly Latin meaning Sacrifice of Christ and distribution of the acceptable host ie body. Advent means "Important arrival" but Who? Sunday "Dies Solis" means Day of the Sun; Domini means "Mask" and "Dominion" meaning Sovereign authority to rule. Latin "Christus" means "He who delivers" ie Messiah. Hanukkah means "House of Enoch" Cain's 1st born son; Feast of Dedication is a purely Gnostic Holy Day; the Leopard with four wings of a fowl and 4 heads Daniel 7:6 described. He is more familiar as Santa Claus, the deliverer of "Grove" Sacrifices. Time to blow out the Shamash Candle and plug the Smoke Hole on that Hittite/Nordic Shaman! 
      Ksil or Kisla is Akkadian for Hebrew Kislev, meaning Foolish, ungodly, lawless giant "Orion". Orion is Osiris; December means "Tenth" as does "Tithe". On 25 Kislev Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbis teach Cain murdered Abel on this date 41 years after Creation; Hanukkah is thus derived from Enokh, Hanok and Hanakh meaning "He dedicated or Consecrated". The LORD did not ordain an 8th Feast during Winter; oil burning 8 days at Hanukkah "Feast of Lights", the Macabbean "Cleansing of the Temple" on 25 Kislev 164 BC are celebrations of Sol Invictus not Jesus Christ. Jesus was born on the 7th and last ordained Feast of Tabernacles; Foolish is choosing Orion over God. Still feel like lighting an Advent candle on Nov 28 or a Chanukah candle at night fall 1 Dec, 25 Kislev? Chabad is the 1st 3 levels in Kaballah a derivation of I-chabod "The Glory of God has departed". The Mitre's worn by modern day Priests of Dagan ie Orthodox and Roman Catholic (Protestant Ministers and Priests also celebrate Advent so there is no difference) are shaped like a flame and candles are made of Beeswax for a reason. Bee is Dabar in Chaldee meaning "Word"; when the mask comes off of this  "Important Arrival" from Galatia the Book of Life will be Sealed forever by the real "Word" Jesus Christ. Christ is also Latin/Celtic for Messiah; the wrong one!!   
                                                    America's Role
Amaru was and still is the weapon (weather or lightning) and consort of the Assyrian god "Marduk"; BABYLON "Bab Ilu" means Spiritual gate of Marduk.  Amurru is the Hittite and Edomite Serpent "Liberator" and Shepherd "Saviour" god venerated by Cain and his spiritual successors. Isaac admonished his sons not to take a wife of the daughters of Canaan because he was "Cursed", a product of Ham's incest with his mother, Noah's wife. Ishmaelites and Edomites both defied their father and married Hittite (Canaanite) women; doing so removed them from the genealogy of the Saviour Jesus Christ. Amurru is also the southwest quarter of the Celtic "Warrior Cross", formed by Earth axis rotation and wobble around the Southern Cross; Aztecs viewed the Southern Axis as the Underworld and the Northern Axis bounded by Draco the Celestial Realm. Amar ie Amar Can is the Canaanite god of the west "Setting Sun". Nothing has changed since then. Through America's sacrifice as the Phoenix "Pa-Hanok" (House of Enoch) the Gate of Marduk opens and the Golden Age begins.
                                   Hanukkah: House of Cain's 1st born son Enoch
     Hanukkah is derived from Cain's eldest son Enoch; Enokh, Hanok or Hanakh means "He dedicated". Phoenix is simarly derived from Pa-Hanok "House of Enoch". According to Talmudic Rabbis the first Hanukkah occurred 25 Kislev 41 years after Creation when Cain killed Abel; as a modern day Christ-Mass (Sacrifice of Christ), Hanukkah occurred on 25 Kislev 164 BC; this dedication was not to the LORD. The glory of the LORD departed the 1st Temple (Eze 8); Jesus Christ took the same route to His Crucifixion; the Yarmulke "Kippa/Cap of Cybele" is worn as a shield between Man and God for these Capital events; Capital Domes represent the Womb of Cybele containing the infant Zeus/Jupiter. Obviously Hanukkah and the Yarmulke are not Jewish in any sense.
     Feast of Dedication or Festival of Lights is not one of 7 feasts God ordained in Lev 23. 16 Cauldrons of oil lit the 2nd Temple; Jesus was conceived on this Festival while Mary and Joseph tended to Elizabeth during her 6th month of pregnancy; He was born on the 7th Feast of Tabernacles. Benediction "Speak well of, bless; Grace before meat". Revelation 16:16 is the 6th of 7 Vials of God's Wrath; this is the meaning of Benedict XVI and the reason he carries the pagan "Twisted Crucifix", flashes the "El-Diablo" hand sign and wears the Mitre of Dagan. with the Egyptian Was Scepter on its center. Note: The 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ is moments after Rev 16:16; the revealing of Antichrist (Alternative Messiah) will precede this event by 3 1/2 years; the Benediction of the New Age. 
                                Korean-Iranian War Update "WWIII"
Shahab is Persian meaning "Meteor"; Meteor means "Atmospheric phenomenon" eg Wind, Snow, Rain, Drought, Lightning, Auroras, Rainbows and Shooting Stars. Iran means Aryan "Noble Caste"; the Shahab-4 missile is Iran's 1200 mile delivery vehicle and sole reason for war. Joint Chief Chairman Mike Mullen said on Dec 19, 2010 the US is ready to counter Iran's nuclear weapon capability. The Shahab was derived from the North Korean "Nodong" and "Taep'o-dong"; it's delivery vehicle. Dong means "Watery Place". The Urban Dictionary claims Dong means "Watery Place created by Piss" or "Drunkard". During exercise "Key Resolve/Foal Eagle" in March, ROKS Cheonan "Heaven's Peace" is cut in half, in all liklihood by sabotage, the US or a South Korean torpedo. A second planned exercise with the same supercarrier group USS George Washington ends on 25 Kislev (2 Dec), this is the supposed date Cain killed Abel and the Chanukkah Miracle/2nd Temple Cleansing. The center candle on the Chanukkah Menorah is Shamash the Assyrian sun god; obviously this is not Jesus Christ the date is Gnosticism's ie Cain's victory over God. South Korea admitted they fired across the DMZ first and not coincidentally, on the Autumn (Autumn means Harvest) "Blue Moon" provoking the North Korean shelling of the disputed Yeonpyeong island. 11/28 John McCain "Clan of Cain" tells China to "reign in their ally". 11/29 the White House rejects negotiations with China and North Korea 12/19 Unification Church disciple and UN Sec Gen Ban ki Moon urges restraint as shots are fired into the northern DMZ. The Korean War was the UN's first war, it ended in Armistice; planned 60 years ago to continue just as WWI was. Korea is named for the Korahite Priesthood, an alternative to God's choice of Moses and Aaron. At the helm of the UN is ex Korean CIA and Unification Church disciple of Sun Myung Moon, Ban Ki-Moon; Korea is the key to starting WWIII, notice it's symbol is the Yin Yang on its side separating the 2 Korean nations. 
     WWIII was planned long ago to finish the Tower of Babel; who Sargon "Legitimate King" III is remains to be seen; Assyria has put forth 2 Kings "Sargon" they deemed "Legitimate"; Sargon I at the time of the Tower of Babel and Sargon II at the time Assyrians captured and replaced Israel by an act of treason. Sargon III likely on Hanukkah-Christ-Mass 2012 to begin the Age of Aquarius. 
      Hillary Clinton landed in Astana, Kazakhstan. The 77 meter high "Pyramid of Peace" symbolizes the New World Order; completion of the Tower of Babel  is the mission of the Unification Church (Moonie=Moon=Assyrian moon god al-Allah) and United Nations. The US Congress in fact proclaimed Sun Myung Moon "Messiah of the Universe" in March 2004. The 13,000lb Lodestone in the UN Meditation Room is called Satan's Altar. The Pyramid of Peace was built to house the "Congress of leaders of world and traditional religions"; that would be Shamanism and Witchcraft; Hillary is an adept. The Unfinished Pyramid on the US $1 Bill is missing the capstone "Ben-ben". "Anuit Coeptis" means "He favors our undertakings". On Hanukkah Eve Hillary was in Bishkek, Kyrgystan home to the Russian "Kant" and US "Manas" supply bases for WWIII. I can't stress enough the need to be in covenant with Jesus Christ; if the number 77 is not familiar read Gen 4:24 "Cain's and Lamech, the 7th son's revenge; recall Flt #77 (actually a Raytheon Cruise Missile) hit the 77ft tall Pentagon on the 77th Meridian on 9/11/2001 or read Aleister Crowley's "Book of the Goat" aka "Liber 77". It's the Wizard of Oz and we are in the Opium Field just before reaching Emerald "Lightning" City.
                                               Falsifying  Armageddon and Gog/Magog        
       The road from SW China/Kyrgystan to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Jordan to Har Megiddo is complete. Israel and the US are set for war with Iran backed by Russia and China. Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah gave Israel overflight rights and the world witnessed Obama bowing to this active proponent of Sharia Law. Yemen and Pakistan are being attacked by Drones with no declaration of war. 350,000 US, NATO and Blackwater "Xe" soldiers are in Iraq and Afghanistan. Nuclear Aircraft Carriers are in the Persian Gulf, Arabian Sea, Yellow Sea, east coast of Korea. The Strait of Hormuz is the sole exit of the Persian Gulf ringed by supersonic Yakhont Cruise Missiles and 230 MPH cavitating torpedos; it is named after Horus and Tammuz; Tammuz is Dumuzi Apsu "Lord of the Sweet Water" ie the Atmosphere. When the Strait closes from a ship sinking, oil based economies stop. Gnostics piss on us and tell us its rain all the time. Well enough is enough. Time to Wake Up.
  WWIII is not Armageddon (Rev 16:16/19:11); WWIII is not Gog and Magog (Eze 38-39;Rev 20:7)  
    WWIII is Gnosticism's final War to bring "Order out of Chaos" and Chaldean Magick's "Prestige" to put forth an Alternative Messiah. WWIII will appear to be Armageddon and the nations listed in Eze 39-39 will make it seem as though the post Millennial gathering "Gog and Magog" is here; it is more than 1000 years from now. The world has 22 Nuclear powered Aircraft Carrier Groups; US has 11 of these. 3 are now in the Arabian Sea; USS Abraham Lincoln, Harry Truman and Charles de Gaulle; 3 more will be or are now off the coast of Korea; USS George Washington, Ronald Reagan and Carl Vinson. These "Shepherds" will force an Exodus from SW China, through the Karakoram Range on a highway purpose built for this war 30 years ago to Islamabad, Kabul, Kandahar, Herat, Tehran, Baghdad direct to Har Megiddo. There are now 150,000 US-NATO troops in Afghanistan; 57,000 US troops in Iraq; est. US financed 150,000 Blackwater "Xe" mercenaries throughout the Middle East. Global Research posted an article 10/26/2010 claiming an invasion of Pakistan is immenent. USS Peleliu is at Karachi; US is India's main weapon supplier and Pakistan just received a $2B aid package. WWIII was planned before WWI or WWII, but WWIII is NOT Armageddon or Gog-Magog. Confused? Ask Jesus Christ for help.
      Gnostics look at the physical world; here's what they see and measure. The Age of Aquarius "Water Pourer" is called the Golden Age, New Age, New Aeon, Planetary Pentecost; World Crucifixion Day is the 2012 Solstice an astrological event that will never repeat and one that is highly significant biblically; Ref Deut 21:23. 2160 years before Aquarius, the equinox sunrise was in Pisces; the significant event was the Birth and Crucifixion of God and Pentecost (Descent of the Holy Ghost); Gnostics don't see it that way; for them the big event was the cleansing of 2nd Temple at 25 Kislev (Hannukah=House of and Dedication of Cain's son Enoch) by the Macabbees. 2160 years before Pisces began was Aries. The Ram "Supreme", an age marked by the Assyrian Kings "Sargon" (Legitimate Ruler), the Sumerian Kings of Kish "Council of 9", Hammurabi's Code of Laws, the Tower of Babel and the birth of Abraham. Again, Gnostics do not regard Abraham as the significant event; for them his elder brother "Haran" is key. The Flood ended the Age of Taurus to begin Aries; Sargon I was likely born 21 years after the Flood; 21 is the Age of Accountability (Gen 21 Isaac is born and Hagar and Ishmael are cast out of inheritance of Rev 21 "New Heaven/Earth/Jerusalem/Temple"; their intent is to create their ownn version. 1656 years + 2160 +2160 +21=5997 years. Jesus returns at 6000 years. This is the source of and completion of the Bull Cult of Zeus, the Cretin Minotaur, the Egyptian Apis bull, Hathor, Brahma and Wall St Bull. 
      Gnostics seek a return to these days, hence Jupiter is Zeus in the Age of Aquarius. The point here is, there may not be much time to accept the Blood of Jesus Christ as remission of Sin. After Rev 6:14 and Dan 9:27 "Daniel's 70th Week" (a literal 7 day week) it will be all over but the crying.
Turkey is a Turkomen domesticated Guinea Fowl from Madagasgar. Turks gave them to the Aztecs who murdered Incans and Mayans, who gave them to Puritans who murdered Natives and Rosicrucian Ben Franklin proposed it as America's national bird. June 29, 1676, the 1st "Thanksgiving" was celebrated for war victories against heathen natives. "Thanksgiving" was Massachusets Bay Colony Governor John Winthrop's celebration of the May 1637 pre-dawn murder of 700 Pequot Indians in what is today Groton CT where the US has a nuclear submarine base. The Pequot were gathered for the annual "Green Corn Festival"; victims were awakened, shot, clubbed, burned alive in the Longhouse, sold into English slavery via Bermuda and Liverpool or dispersed from their land. Wampanoag Chief Metacomet (his father signed the first Peace Treaty with British Colonists) was impaled on a spike (Turkomen called this the "Palo") and put on display 24 years as a warning of the event in Plymouth. Colonists referred to Metacomet as "King Phillip" after King Phillip of France who arrested the Knights Templar in 1307, not King Phillip II who prosecuted the French and Indian Wars. In 1614 Patuxet Indians were loaded onto slave ships bound for England; those left behind were intentionally infected with smallpox; by 1620, it is claimed that only the ex-slave who developed immunity to the disease named Squanto remained alive. Freemason, Order of Cincinnatti George Washington cut Thanksgiving festivities of selling scalps and using severed heads as soccer balls down to 1 day, and Rosicrucian Grand Master Abraham Lincoln made the last Thor's Day in November an American (America means Amurru-Can; Priests of the Canaanite Serpent god Amurru and the Amaru, his staff of authority) National Holiday "Holy Day" during the Civil War; on the same day, he ordered soldiers against starving Sioux Indians in Minnesota. Turkey was Rosicrucian, Freemason, Hell Fire Club Initiate Ben Franklin's choice for the National Bird; its name is Turkish from "Turkomen" (Arab means "Merchant"; Turkomen were Arabs living in Turkey whose religion was Kaballah) the Turkey merchants of Madascar. The Guinea Fowl called "Turkey" is the domesticated bird of the Aztecs (Aztec, Aztlan and Laban all mean "To make white ie sinless"). Aztec corn was called "Turkey Corn". Turkey is derived from "Hindi", the Turkish name for Indian and "Dinde" which means "Chicken from India". Columbus was also a Rosicrucian who like colonists, used disease as a weapon and did not discover anything in his life let alone believe Hispaniola was India. Turkey is slang for "Stupid, ineffectual person". Happy Thanksgiving seems a lot like Merry Christmas; setting up a Grove and celebrating the death and distribution of Jesus' body is also pretty stupid. A Turkey Shoot refers to setting Turkeys up behind a log and shooting at their heads; George Bush Sr called the slaughter of Iraqis in 1991 on the Higway of Death a "Turkey Shoot"; soon it will be our turn.

    Royal Blood derives from Ham, who slept with his mother while Noah was drunk (Nakedness is explained in Lev 20); Canaan was born "Cursed" from this Sin, as are his Phoenician (Sidon), Hittite (Heth), Amorite (Amraphel aka Hammurabi), Hamathite and "Giant" offspring who brought this Sin to Ishmaelites, Edomites and via Solomon's 1000 Phoenician wives/concubines to Israel. The Royal Christ "Chi-Rho" is Sol Invictus not Jesus Christ.
     Zacharias completed the 8th 8 day "Abia" Temple service (Luke 1) in Tammuz (June-July); John the Baptist was conceived and born on Passover 14 Nisan. Mary conceived during "Feast of Dedication/Lights" aka Hannukah 25 Kislev (Dec), 6 months after Elizabeth; Mary became the New Covenant Temple and Jesus the New Covenant "Tabernacle", born at Feast of Tabernacles "Sukkoth" 15 Tishrei (Sept-Oct). Sukkoth was replaced by Babylonian "Sukkoth-Benoth" meaning Booth of daughters or Brothel. Aaron's "Scapegoat" was replaced by "Azazel" (a name of Satan) in new bible versions (Lev 16), Azazel is the Goat Idol "Ashima" (2 Kings 17:30) of the Hamathites. Ashima means "Fate" or "Lot"; Ashima is cognate with Manat, a daughter of Allah (Allah is the Assyrian moon god "Sin") and chief goddess of Mecca meaning "Adultery". Manat is the wife of Hubal a Red Agate Idol and chief god of Quraysh bedouins, the false Levitical Priesthood of Muhammad. Hubal: "Hu" the Celtic god and "Baal" the Phoenician "Lord" is the Hittite Red Saint "Santa". Ashima, Manat, Greeco-Roman "Nemesis", Knights Templar "Baphomet" and Uncle Sam are all Satanic "Scapegoats".
     Misconceptions. 1. The Magi did not arrive Jan 6 "Feast of Epiphany" 12 days after Dec 25th; they arrived when Jesus was a "young child". 2. Jesus was not born on the same say He was Crucified; ie the womb of Mary does not find fulfillment in the tomb. Tertullian of Carthage arbitrarily set the Annunciation (Conception) and Passover as March 25 (He didn't know the year, so this is total nonesense)+9 months=Dec 25 in 200CE. Epiphanius of Salamis arbitrarily set the date as the 14th of the 1st spring month "Artemisios" (Artemis=Diana goddess of withcraft) to be April 6+9 months=Jan 6, thus one's Epiphany becomes the other's Birth with neither being supported by scripture in the slightest. The East-West theological rift widened in the 12th century when Dionysius bar-Salibi stated "Christmas was shifted from Jan 6 to Dec 25". The 12 Days of Christmas came out of this nonesense.    
    Advent means "Important Arrival" a Celtic/Gaulish Arrival Paul warned of in 
Gal 4:11. December "Tenth" means "Tithe", the sacrifice of Jesus 3 1/2 days after "Solstice" (Stand Still) in the "Grove" is an annual Celtic "Warrior" Tithing to Satan. Scapegoats have red painted legs the Lambs can't see, trained to lead sheep to the slaughter. Santa a Hittite god entered the early "Church" by Gnostic Nicolaitanes to "Conquer the Laity", made "Drunk" as Noah was by Red and White, Hallucinogenic, "Amanita Muscaria" Mushroms gathered by Norse "Aryan" Shaman under Evergreen Trees, stuffed in sacks, brought to the village tent "Succoth-Benoth" through the "Smoke Hole", dried on the hearth and consumed as the "Sacrament". Hezekiah broke the images and cut down the groves; time for us to do the same.     
                                            Zero Ashta

      October means "Eight" in Avestan "Ashta". Zoro or Zero=Seed; Zoroaster means Seed of the Woman. The Solar Cycle of Ishtar=Venus forms the 5 pointed Star with angles of 720 corresponding to 1 degree of Earth's axial precession; the "Golden Ratio" 8 to 5 is Venus' annual cycle compared to Earth's; it's called the Labrys "Birth Canal". Of What?
     19 is the 8th Prime Number, my article "Esau" covers 19 in more detail; suffice to say 19 represents Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen 19) summed up as "Do what thou Wilt" and the final rebellion from God in Rev 19:19 at Armageddon. The essence of Bahai "Vahid"="The ONE", Islam "Bismillah" (Opening phrase of the Quran) and Unitarian religion is 19; rejection of Jesus Christ as God in Flesh. Mecca in fact means "Adultery". Why 19? 
       19 is the 8th Prime Number; 19.5 years is the Metonic Cycle of the Sun and Moon (forms basis of Astrology; Solar and Lunar eclipses). The Moon rises midwinter/midsummer at the exact same spot the Sun does midsummer/midwinter respectively staying +/-5with respect to the the Solar track. Israel was in Egyptian captivity 400 years; the Sun is exactly 400 times larger and exactly 400 times farther from Earth; therefore it occupies the exact same angle, allowing for Solar and Lunar Eclipses. The Masonic Statue of Freedom stands atop our nations's Capitol Dome (Capitol means "Womb of Zeus") at 19.5 ft, facing East to illustrate the fact nothing has changed since Sumeria dried from the Flood; Enki "Lord of Knowledge" and Enlil "Lord of the Air ie Zeus" used Weather "Amaru" as a weapon; NOTHING HAS CHANGED in the last 4250 years.
     Gnosticism's 3rd Act in Chaldean Magick is The Prestige; the movie by that name was about Nikola Tesla; the Aliens in the movie Contact came from Vega (Lyra=Harp=HAARP) Note: HAARP "High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project" in Gakona AK is a high school level project compared to Antarctic and Siberian Scalar Radars operated by a dozen world nations; it is merely designed to make America the "Scapegoat". Gnosticism's  goal is to make WWIII (Rev 6/Dan 8) appear to be "Armageddon" (It is NOT!) as well as "Gog and Magog" (It is NOT!) and in case you were unaware, the stage is fully set with all the Gnostic clowns in place. 
     Dan 8 was given by Jesus Christ near Basra "Edom's Sheepfold" near Hwy 8 aka "Highway of Death"describes WWIII; Mede-Persian Ram vs Grecian Goat; it made him faint and get sick. Rev 8 begins the Great Tribulation, at the abrogation of Man's 8th Covenant. The 5th Covenant was with Moses and the 10 Commandments; today this is usurped by the Sanhedrin, the Talmud and Noahide Law working with Islam and Sharia Law. 8/5=1.618; Poetry, Music and Life revolve around this "Golden Proportion"; unfortunately it requires the physical death of most of humanity. 
                                                   New Age Quotes
      "The best way to unite the nations of this globe is an attack from some other planet" John Dewey 1917 (Father of modern US education; "Dewey beats Truman"! Wrong; Harry Truman was a Masonic liar)
"The threat of an Alien invasion is the best way to unite the nations" Ronald Reagan 1984 UN
"Our disinformation campaign will be complete when everything the American public believes is false" Reagan's CIA director William Casey.
"Finding Osama bin Laden is our #1 priority in Afghanistan- Bush/Obama CIA director Bob Gates and Gen David Petreaus
"We never made the case Osama bin Laden was involved with 9/11/2001"-Dick Cheney
"Soldiers are dumb stupid animals to be used as fodder for our wars" Gnostic Presidential Advisor Henry Kissinger
"The best way to baptize Jews is to tie a rock around their necks and toss them in the Jordan River-Martin Luther
                                                           Key Dates
Oct 13, 54 Claudius murdered; Nero assumes post later burning Rome and blaming Christians. Oct 13, 1307 Knights Templar arrest. Oct 13, 1843 "Independent Order of B'Nai B'Rith" founded. Oct 13, 1913 "Anti-Defamation League" ADL founded. Oct 31, 1517 Martin Luther begins Protestant Reformation on Samhain, calling the new day "All Hallow's Eve". Nov 5th QEII "Quantitative Easing II"; the first was in 1605 "Gunpowder Treason Plot" to kill King James I (KJV Bible) and install his daughter Princess Elizabeth "Winter Queen". From 5 Nov 2010 to Dec 21, 2012 is 777 days, the age Noah's father Lamech lived in years and the Wrath of God in Gematria (Numerology). Jesuit stooge Guy Fawkes said "Remember, Remember the 5th of November". Perhaps we will; November means 9 and the Karakoram Highway from China to Har Megiddo "Armageddon" is the 9th Wonder of the World; the original Sumerian Kings of Kish "Ring Lords" were called the Council of 9. The Gematria of Water is 90; the Gematria of Lamech is also 90. 
Oct 2010 has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays; the last time this occured was 1187, the year the 3rd Crusade began after Saladin laid siege to Jerusalem and Pope Urban III was killed. Got a KJV? Get one. 
    Samhain-All Saints Day 11/1, Election Day 11/2, Comet Hartley 2 EPOCh-DIXI fly-by 11/4, FED's QEII "Quantitative Easing"/Guy Fawkes Day aka "Bonfire Night" (Bonfire means Bone-Fire ie bones of sacrifice victims) 11/5, CERN Black Hole Day 11/9 Veteran's "Armistice" (Temporary Cessation of Hostilities) Day 11/11.   
Operation "Iraqi Freedom" (Babylon) is now Operation "New Dawn" (Eostre=Easter)Iraq means Uruk, the seat of the Sumerian Dynasties and origination of the Babylonian Flood Myth "Epic of Gilgamesh"; "Iraq arabi" means area from Baghdad to Basra. Assyrians conquered and renamed this area "Babylon" meaning "Gate of Marduk",  the Gold, Silver, Brass, Iron/Clay statue described in Dan 2 and 3rd Beast in Dan 7:6 and Rev 13 seems about ready.

                                                                "The Great Work"    
     On Dec 21, 1968 "Solar Solstice" Apollo 8 on a Saturn Rocket forms a figure 8 around the Moon (Moon is the Assyrian god "Sin" aka Al-Allah) due to Gravity (Gravitational Force is an unproven Theory); Freemasons Jim Lovell and Frank Borman report Aliens during their 1965 Gemini "Twins" missions and on Apollo 8, they report Alien Bases on the Dark Side. In 1968 Hollywood (Holly Trees produce Druid Magick Wands and Dew of Adonis/Apollo) "2001: A Space Odyssey" debuts about a Stone Monolith from Jupiter (same one described in Acts 19:35 is now called the Kaaba in Mecca). 33 years later (33 levels to Sovereignty in Scottish Rite Masonry, number of veterbre in human spine and Age of Jesus at Crucifixion) George Orwell publishes "1984" about a world under total government surveillance and perpetual war, President Ronald Reagan addresses the UN stating "The threat of Alien invasion would unite the world". In 2001 10,000 gallons of jet fuel magically vaporizes million tons of steel and concrete in the Twin Towers and Solomon Bldg without hitting that building. In 1984 "2010: The year we make Contact" debuts. In 2010, the UN establishes "Office of Alien Ambassador" for astrophysicist Mazlan Othman (M.Othman Prophecies seriously?), astrophysicist Stephen Hawking publishes "The Grand Design" stating God is not required for Creation and a PEW Foundation Poll establishes Atheists and Agnostics know more about God than Christians. Basic laws of physics (no value for acceleration allows for manned inter-stellar space travel) are exchanged for "Lie Algebra", "P Branes", "WIMPS" and "God Particles".  
     Science=Gnosis; Gnostics use Freemasons and Satan uses Gnostics as Dupes. Establish a relationship with Jesus Christ and you will see how the "Great Work" is just about completed.  


     Current Events Permanent Article

               This section is updated as events unfold.   
              New 9/13/2010: CNN ran a 9/11/2010 special "Where were you on 9/11" and "Osama's Jihadists"; Bill Clinton said "I knew immediately Osama bin Laden did it...he and the Iranians are the only one's who could do it". 1st Osama (aka CIA Mujahideen Tim Osman) is connected to 9/11 without a shred of proof (FBI Director Robert Mueller stated this fact on 9/10/2010), then his hides in Afghanistan and the "Graveyard of Empires" is turned into an Opium Field; then Saddam Hussein is tied to Osama without a shred of proof and the country is filled with Depleted Uranium; now 33Mason (Oaths made to Satan at this level), TC, Bilderberger, Bohemian Grove member (Canaanite Ritual Grove), Iran-Contra Cocaine smuggler (Mena, AR), Federal Grand Jury Liar Bill Clinton brings Iran into the mix without 1 shred of proof. Troops exiting Iraq "Babylon" will transit HWY 8 called the "Highway of Death" near Basra and the Banks of the River Ulai where Jesus Christ and Angel Gabriel told Daniel about the war with Persia (Iran) in Dan 8; the war will end God's 8th Covenant with Man called the "Age of Grace" and pardon the expression but "All Hell will break loose"
        The Golden Horde began with Genghis Kahn and Kublai Kahn. Elena Kagan=Helen or Helena "Hellenism" means "Free Stone" (Rejectors of Jesus Christ). Kagan=Cohen, Kaan, Kahan, Kohan or Kahn (Mongol emperors were "Kahns" meaning "Emperor") the Samaritan Talmudic Priesthood is not Jewish or related to Levi or Aaron; they have 1 desire; bring the world under Sharia and Noahide Law and into the Golden Age; Kagan, like the Khazars are not Jewish; Kabbalist or Talmudic perhaps, but not Jewish in any sense. Yes I know Fritz Springmeier and Texe Marrs claim Khazars are Jewish; Taurus excrement! Khazar emperors were Turks named  Kagan; favorite form of Turkish-Tatar execution was Impalement aka Crucifixion on the "Palo" Vlad the Impaler aka Dracula style. Stalin's 3rd wife Rosa Kaganovich and her brother Lazar Kaganovich became Stalin's chief henchman personally responsible for the 1932-33 Holodomor Ukraine Genocide of 20 million persons. Lazar later signed the death warrant for 400,000 Poles in 1939 "Katyn Forest Massacre" (Polish Government crashed on way to 70th anniversary, thumbing their nose at the IMF and Vlad Putin; the plane had survivors). Sen Judiciary Chairman and Jesus Christ denying Mormon Orrin Hatch called Elena Kagan "General Kagan" at confirmation hearings on 6/28; she in turn declared Israeli Supreme Court Chief Justice (1995-2006) Aharon Barak her hero. If he cared about the US Constitution, he would grill her on Obama's missing years at Columbia U working in Pakistan as Mujahideen, his birth certificate authenticity, his Myspace account listing his age as 52 (Hawaii was not a State in 1957), his passport qualifications referencing his trip to Pakistan in 1982, his choice of Rahm Emanuel, son of King David hotel bomber, Irgun terrorist Benjamin Emanuel, the Swine Flu Pandemic scare headed by his "Science Advisor" Ezekiel Emanuel, Obama's bow to Saudi dictator Abdullah and Japanese Emperor Akihito, and the US Census being conducted by the White House. Kagan covered for Obama's missing years at the CIA working in Pakistan as Mujahideen "Warrior of Allah" where Allah means "Sin" and his lack of legal opinion as head of the Harvard Law Review. Bill Clinton's (Mena Airport, Iran-Contra thief, Fed Grand Jury Liar) Associate Counsel at 28 (Jesuit Sr White House Advisor George Stephanopolous is same age), nominated to Federal Appeals Court at 30 without any judicial experience, U of Chicago Tenure at 34, Harvard Tenure/Dean of Law at 40. Not trying to be sensational or political here but Kagan is likely a Finno-Ugarit Shaman and Hillary is a 4th degree Wiccan.  Khazars descend from Japheth not Shem; sorry, but Synagogues, Rabbis, Talmud, Six Pointed Star, Israel, Jerusalem and Kabbalah are not Jewish by faith or blood. Obama's other SCOTUS justice Sonia Sotomayor is Sephardic, a Joktanite Arab (Gen 10:30) and mixed blood Sepharvite (2 Kings 17:31) "Grove" worshipper; she is a member of "Belizian Grove", the female counterpart of "Bohemian Grove". Groves are where "Evil is done in sight of the LORD"; I am not judging homosexuality here, but Hillary, George, Bill, Bush Jr., Barry Soetero/Obama, SCOTUS Chief Justice Roberts, Elena and Sonia are all examples of Sodomites (exceedingly wicked sinners before the LORD; Gen 13:13). If you are not in Covenant with Jesus Christ; now is the time to do so. What happened in Holodomor and Katyn Forest will be child's play compared to what will soon happen in America "Amurru Cain". Amurru is the Serpent and Shepherd god of the Edomites and Canaanites. Elena's hero, Aharon Barak "Aaron's Blessed Lightning" walked 30 steps to the Judges chambers past rough stone on the right, smooth stone on the left (altars to the LORD are not to be of cut stone; Ex 20:25), past the Obelisk (Baal's Shaft) in Rothschild Grove (Edom's Grove) into a Pyramid (Amid the Pyre) and All Seeing Eye (Eye of Horus) shaped building and down a stairway shaped as a Vesica Pisces (Labrys=Birth Canal) penetrated by the phallus to a trampled Cross. And she is Jewish why?
           At&T: Lucent "Lucifer's Intelligence"; programming language Styx (river in Hell) and Inferno & Bell (Bel=Phoenician "Confounder"=Baal) Labs. Largest NSA data collection facility being built now in Salt Lake City. 2 new commercials: At&T covers 97% in Orange (notice St Louis Arch and Beaches in particular; my guess is the Mississippi River will split the US in 2 when Gulf Oil well blows or is sealed with a nuclear device) and "A World of true imagination...what you see will astound you" (notice the paper ie fake aliens in NYC) This is likely a reference to Project Blue Beam (Rapture/fake Alien invasion). USS Nassau ( Nassau, House of William of Orange, homosexual, married his 1st cousin) joined USS Eisenhower (misfit general/president starved 1.7 million German farmers after WWII) and USS Truman (Pendergast Crime syndicate; Shriner, Jester, 330 Mason, A-bomb murderer, Korean War) in or near Persian Gulf on 6/30. Lucent owns 666 Broadway for a reason.   
           Alex "Defending Man" became the earliest Atlantic Hurricane in 18 years; Bonnie "Beautiful Scott" is next. Corexit laced Oil is surging onto the Gulf Coast and Florida from waves and weather. 1.5 million gallons of Corexit whose primary ingredient is identical to Round Up laced Oil is now killing inland crops and will soon kill coastal vegetation, turning them into fuel soaked kindling. Corexit is made by Exxon; it killed oil cleanup workers from the Exxon Valdez and is doing so now to BP's cleanup workers. Corexit causes chemical pneumonia in fish, animals and humans. Heavier petroleum evaporating vapors such as propane may soon fill sewers and storm drains; ignition is not reallly "If" but "When". Oxygen depletion of the ocean is caused by Corexit (weed killer) and Methane Oxidation.
         Oil is not "Abiotic"; Cornell Professor Emeritus Thomas Gold and Larry Cathles started the "Abiotic Oil" Lie; Chris Landau and others parroting this in the "Abiotic Oil" crowd fail to grasp the basics of Organic Chemistry; Oil (Coal, Natural Gas as well) is "Biotic", the once living remains of the pre-flood world, produced from heat, water and pressure 4300 years ago during the Flood. Those who voluntarily excluded themselves from God's Warning and did not enter Noah's Ark or make their own, became fuel for the industrial age. You need to ask Jesus for your Ark; it's called the Holy Ghost. America's role is to falsely fulfill Rev 18 "Babylon Fallen" in order for the world to receive an Alternative Edomite Messiah falsely filling Rev 19. Here is wisdom; Just say NO!              

                "Nothing in politics happens by accident; if it happened it was planned"- FDR "Houston, we have a problem" Houston means "House of Hugh"; Celtics called Enlightened Man Hu-Man (Human is not a Word; there is 1 Race of Man on Earth divided by those who believe God Witnesses and Judges Man and those who don't). The Bay of Pigs "Operation Zapata" (Zapata means Sabotage) was facilitated by 2 naval ships; Houston and Barbara (Barbara means strange, foreign, barbarous) in honor of Skull & Bones Satanist George "Magog" Bush Sr's Oil Drilling Company "Zapata Petroleum" and Aleistare "Beast" Crowley's illegitimate daughter; "Magog's" wife Barbara. Following any of this? June 25, 2010 marks the 60th anniversary of the Korean War; the first UN War. 25 June 2010 is also 13 Tammuz. A Masonic "Death/Re-birth Ritual" played out exactly 40 years ago (Israel's 40 years wandering and Jesus' 40 years warning is now over; get ready for Temple destruction) when Apollo 13 launched at 13:13 local time on 4/11/1970. Tammuz (June-July) is 4th Hebrew Month (June=Juno "Goddess of Sacred Marriage"; July=Quintillis "Quintessential or Vitruvian Man"; curse of Cain begins Gen 4:11 with his lie to God); Gen 13 describes Sodom and Gomorrah and Rev 13 describes this Beast; Tammuz is the Babylonian "Divine Child" hidden behind the facade John the Baptist; his occult birthday is celebrated on June 24 (his real brith was on Passover), the date exactly opposite Christmas Eve, the occult  birthday of the Roman "Sol Invictus" and Persian "Mithras" aka Tammuz, Apollo, Dionysus etc. Veneration of Tammuz was the reason the Glory of the LORD departed Solomon's Temple on Mt Moriah by the same route Jesus would later take at His rejection. Christmas means "Sacrifice and distribution of the body of Christ"; Santa is a Hittite god, not Jesus Christ. Friday 13th, 1307 was unlucky for Knight Templars who allegedly carried around John's severed head (obviously a lie) and swore homosexual oaths (Sodomite initiations stem from Sphinx, the Lion "Leo" headed Man; it means Sphincter; the price of admission is overt blasphemy of Jesus Christ, the Lion of Judah) over it in commemoration of King Herod's Edomite victory or rather his Hasmonean wife Herodias' victory over John. Friday "13 Tammuz" looks to be the start of the war of Unification (It may not be an actual fighting war; in the US it will be a Revolution). 13 Tammuz + 13 Weeks=Feast of Tabernacles, the celebration of Hebrew deliverance and true birthday of Jesus Christ. The Talmudic version of Tabernacles has been cut to 7 days rather than 8 because Jesus was born on the 8th day of Tabernacles and they reject Him. Tabernacles/Sukkot for 2010 is Sept 22-29/30. 9/22 compares to Hebrews 9:22 "And almost all things are by the law purged with blood; and wihout shedding of blood is no remission". Whether 9/22/2010 begins the "Daily Sacrifice" and final 2300 days is anyone's guess at this point (6/3/2010) but it most certainly will not be Armageddon. Note: Armageddon is at the end of the Great Tribulation, well after the time Heaven is rolled as a scroll (Rev 6:14) and Messiah is cutoff (Dan 9:26). It's Time to Wake Up! WW3 will be the culmination of Chaldean Magick, the 3rd Act "Prestige". Don't wait to make your personal covenant with Jesus Christ; when world "Unification" happens it will be too late.

                                               Hillary Clinton

            7/5 Hillary blames Russia for the August 2008 invasion of Georgia; Georgia invaded South Ossetia. 7/4 Hillary says US ballistic missile base in Poland is not directed at Russia; it's to protect Russia from Iran. Poland is several thousand miles west of Iran's line of attack into Russia and Ballistic Missiles cannot curve; they are offensive not defensive like the missile batteries being deployed in Arab nations surrounding the Persian Gulf. 7/2 46 US Warships, 200 attack helicopters, 7000 marines leaving Gulf of Mexico for Costa Rica, a nation smaller than Rhode Island. 5/12 Hillary Clinton blames Pakistan for hiding Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omar and for training NY bomber Faisal "The Fizzler" Shahzad on how not to make a non-exploding fertilizer bomb. 5/19 Hillary and UN Security Council vote on Iran Sanctions without a shred of proof of weapon's grade uranium enrichment. 5/20 Hillary signs UN Treaty violating US Constitution 2nd Amendment (not remotely in her job description) 5/21 Hillary condemnes North Korea for torpedo attack on South Korean Warship "ROKS Cheonan". 5/23 Hillary in Beijing demands China punish Pyongyang; Fat Chance, but an International Leash Law would be nice. 5/31 Israeli commandos helicopter rapel onto a Turkish aid ship in international waters, creating an international incident; Turkey and Iran have a nuclear fuel enrichment agreement and Turkey assumes its post as head of the UN Security Council in June. Back up and look at the Big Picture: North V South Korea; Russia, Turkey, Iran, Brazil V US, Israel; Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan V US. Tea Party stirring up Civil War; NORTHCOM with foreign troops in Colo Springs; world's worst disaster now 6 weeks old with no end in sight. If you don't have a relationship with Jesus Christ; Get one!    
               5/18  Shaman Mary Sparrowdancer posted an article on equating the BP oil spill with Rev 8:8; BS! The events making the sea turn to blood (2nd Trumpet) are after the 7 Seals and after Heaven has departed as a scroll (Rev 6:14). Don't be fooled, we are not there yet. Jesus will still hear your prayers, but by Rev 8:8, He won't. Keep it simple: 7 Seals before the Great Tribulation; 7 Trumpets during the 42 months of Great Tribulation and 7 Vials/Bowls of Wrath on the last day before the Millennium.
                6/9 Dr James Wickstrom on says Oil is now on fire underwater and will leak until oil and water pressure equalizes. He claims seawater will then flow 4 miles down where temperature is 4000F, cause steam, lift the sea floor and cause an 80ft Tsunami. Wickstom is full of BS. 1st: All fires need Fuel, Oxidizer and Ignition; Oil and Methane has neither ignition nor oxidizer unless BP is supplying both at the well head. Steam forms when water boils; it cannot do this at 4000 1 mile deep, nor would seawater flow into the oil deposit unless it had another exit point under less pressure. 2nd: The amount of oil is estimated at 4 Quadrillion gallons; the volume of Mt Everest. If America wanted to be free of Saudi Arabian Oil we could do it in very short order. This disaster was pre-planned and the oil will never exhaust itself. If a Tsunami happens it will have been Man-made, just like the Christmas Tsumani in Indonesia, and rest assured Man has the capacity to create them; they are "those who would destroy the Earth" Jesus is returning to eliminate.

                                    Gulf of Mexico Oil Leak

     Salting the Earth, Clear Cutting, Well Poisoning, Flooding, Fire, Depleted Uranium or Oil all deny the use of the land to the enemy; "Scortched Earth" was and is the tactic employed by Bohemians/Barbarians. Barbarian "Outlaws" are outside God's Laws; Saracen is another term meaning "Empty of Sarah"; this does not refer to Muslims. Another term is "Sabian" the Priests of Harran which means "leaving one's religion for another's"; "Crypto" means the same thing; examples today being Sarah Palin, Fareed Zakaria, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity etc. This has been going on for 4000 years and today is no different.
     Tactical thermonuclear devices have been used at least 6 times to plug malfunctioning "Kicking" oil/natual gas wells; drill a 2nd well shaft well below the well head/ocean floor; melt/collapse the hole; no radiation gets into the ocean or environment; Done Deal. More routinely 2nd Well Shafts can intercept failing primary shafts and be filled with drill mud/cement. The Well Bore is full of high pressure hydrocarbon; ie the well shaft has been eroded through; the leak filmed by BP is only one of many leaks from the seabed now (6/8/2010), estimated at 100,000 Bbls/day from an oil field estimated to be the size of Mt Everest. The plan seems to be set for Lugnasadh "Aug 1" for a Nuclear powered EMP (trillions of Watts). ELF Radars such as HAARP were designed to penetrate the earth and estimate the oil field very accurately; what is happening today is what was intended to happen and the reason a 2nd shaft was never drilled. At least 7 separate valves on the BOP failed; 2 Annular Valves, 4 Blind Rams and Shear Ram all failed. The Shear Ram was unable to be operated manually by ROV; an impossible to believe scenario. Everyone has seen a 3 in, 150 psi fire hose; scale that up to the size of a trash can lid (50 times the area) and 7,000 psi and this will be easier to imagine. 5000X more Natural Gas (Methane) is leaking at the well head than oil. Oil is incompressible; Natural Gas is however compressed 1000 to 1 with respect to sea level, much like like a Scuba Tank 2400 psi. These numbers will make your head spin: The deposit is estimated to be the largest or 2nd largest deposit ever found at some 25,000 SQ MI under pressure of 175,000 psi; estimating how much hydrocarbon Oil/compressed Natural Gas is impossible. 100,000+ Bbls/day of Oil (4 Million gallons/day) and probably or 1/2 Billion Bbls/day of compressed Methane may have been leaking since Earth Day, and the Methane is expanding 1000 fold as it rises. Methane oxidizes into Carbon di-oxide and Water; Carbon di-oxide replaces an equal amount of Oxygen from the Ocean killing oxygen dependent life such as Plankton and Krill. Corexit is with it; higher food chain consumers starve, become covered with oil and/or die from Corexit chemically induced pneumoia. Wetlands from Texas to the Florida Keys and Everglades are or soon will be affected and Tony Hayward's claim of recovery in 6 months is pure BS. Corexit 9500 is lethally toxic at 2.6 ppm; over 1.5 million gallons used (6/28), causing chemical pneumonia by rupturing red blood cells and oxygen depletion through vegetation destruction; it's use is intentional mass murder. At the surface, Benzene in the Oil and Corexit become gaseous; there is no safe exposure limit to Benzene and Corexit is entering convective weather, killing inland vegetation. Vaporization and Convection causes these toxic compounds to enter clouds. Storms and Jet Stream winds then spread "Toxic Rain" over a wide area. 2010 Hurricane season will be a disaster greater than anyone can imagine. Weather Modification is used routinely; where Toxic Rain falls will be intentional; Russia not only has specialty nuclear devices to close oil/gas wells, they commercially sell Weather Modification, tested publically in Kuala Lumpur, Hurricane Katrina (yes that's right) and during the Beijing Olympics. Translated, whatever happens will be intentional. Potentially, 10's of millions of people (4 Million in Tampa-St Pet-Clearwater) may need to be evacuated; multiply what happened during Katrina by a big number. SOUTHCOM in Miami and NORTHCOM in Colorado Springs have been preparing for this scenario; 800 Civilian Inmate Detention facilities built by Halliburton (modern day Nazi corp. KBR) are empty, standing ready. 
       Deepwater Horizon was an engineered "Earth Day" disaster designed to falsely fulfill Rev 8:8 and discredit America "Amurru-Cain" in the eyes of the world as Rev 18 "Babylon". America was a Masonic/Rosicrucian creation at inception to be "Ultima Thule" (Last Spoken Word) and the Mayan Eagle Bowl (false fulfillment of Mat 24:8). 4 Horseman: Mede-Persian "Iran" War (White), Revolution (Red), Economic Meltdown (Black) seem to be saddled. There is no way this was accidental and MMS "Lax Oversight" had nothing to do with it. If the press reported the release of 4 million gallons of oil/day, 15 Billion gallons/day (gas volume at sea level) of Natural Gas and the use of 1.5 million gallons+ of highly toxic pneumonia causing weed killer, Corexit from April 20 until at early August because of stupidity how would we and the world react?  That's why they don't. Obama's Harvard Zoology indoctrinated NOAA (mimics Noah) Administrator Jane Lubchenco "The best science will serve as our guide". London's Lunar Society member Erasmus Darwin wrote Zoonomia calling Man an Evolved animal; well here are the Lunatic worshippers of Allah the original Assyrian Moon God "Sin". don't believe the US has a Government full of Mujahideen? Guess again. Better yet, ask 330 Baptist-Mason Jimmy Carter and "Magog" Bush Sr who built them up or Mujahideen "Warriors of Allah" Barack Obama and Osama bin Laden. Who did this?
       Goldman Sachs sold 4 million shares of BP and shorted Gulf oil stocks; Tony Hayward sold most of his shares; Transocean insured Deepwater Horizon $270 Million over its cost; Halliburton purchased Boots and Coots Oil clean-up company. Not too tough to see who made out. Why April 20?  
      13 day period from sundown April 19-May Day is called "Baal Fire" where Baal is the Phoenician "Lord". 2 Relief Wells (required safety procedure internationally) began drilling operations on May 2 and May 16, 13 days after the Deepwater Horizon exploded on April 20; estimated at 3 months for completion on August 1 "Lughnasadh" aka Tisha B'Av "Day of Mourning" aka Celtic "Harvest of Souls".  The annual Bohemian Grove "Molech" Ritual usually ends on a Saturday (Saturn's Day) nearest this day which marks the return of 12 spies to Moses from Canaan (ca 1450BC), destruction of Solomon's Temple in 586BC, destruction of Herod's Temple in 70 (CE is Common Era; Holy means Separate not Common; BC is Before Christ- the wrong Christ; AD is Anno Domini- also the wrong Christ), Bar Kochba Revolt 135, Alhambra Decree 1492 (Columbus murders natives in Americas), WW1 begins 1914, Einstein "Manhattan Project" letter to FDR 1939, Marijuana Tax Act 1937 (illegalized Marijuana/Hemp; August is "Weed Month" leading to Vietnam and Afghanistan Opium Wars), Gulf of Tonkin False Flag 1964, Gulf War 1 begins 1990, 33 day Lebanon invasion 2006, I-35W Bridge Demolition 2007 (America's NAFTA "Double Cross"). 9th Av falls on July 20, 2010, 91 days "13 Weeks" after Deepwater Horizon exploded on "Weed Day" and 13 days before the Celtic Lugnash on Aug 2; Celt means "Warrior". Coincidence? Don't bet on it.     

               "Earth Day" April 22, 2010 Deepwater Horizon collapses 2 days after "Cannabis Day" (root word is Cain or Can for Priest) April 20. Hidden in 4/20 is Rastafarianism; an Ethiopian (Queen of Sheba/King Solomon) belief in a human Messiah. Methane entered the drill column, expanded, overcame drill mud pressure, (insane was replacing drill mud with seawater when the well was "Kicking" with Methane), ignited (open flame source in an Oil Rig? I'm no expert, but this seems unbelievable) and caused a Nat Gas/Oil fire which melted massive steel pylons in 30 hours (again hard for me to believe). Blame is placed on Halliburton Cementing, a faulty BOP (Blow Out Preventer) Valve Stack, lax permit oversight by MMS (Minerals Management Service) and even terrorism; anything but proving it was an intentional Sabotage. To believe the story, Halliburton's faulty Cementing process allowed Methane to enter the drill column, and 7 separate valves on the BOP failed (2 Annular Valves, 4 Door Valves and the Hydraulic Shear Ram used to cut the riser and pipe to seal the hole). If the ROV can't move this final valve, are we to believe it was frozen prior to installation? BS! Petroleum fires burn at 10000F; dangerous for sure, but melting gigantic rig supports in 30 hours from above is something I can't fathom; same as Jet Fuel fires melting the the Twin Towers-totally impossible. The explosion was timed with "Cannabis Day"; research 2 things here. Movie 1: I Am Legend featured Biowarfare disease and Rastafarianism. 2. Denver Airport installed a plaque "Au Ag" under an Apocalyptic mural recently, standing for Australian Antigen a hybrid, contagious form of Hepatitus; Gold and Silver? Obviously, but to occultists they represent Alchemical Transformation. A statue of Anubis (Egyptian god of Death and Judgment) was just installed next to the Masonic dedication plaque and "Time Capsule" (to be opened by inhabitors of the Earth who survive) to promote the King Tut "Gold King" exhibit. Deepwater Horizon collapsed on "Earth Day"; Day 1 of the 13 day period known as "Baal Fire" combined with the South Korean Submarine sinking at the 60th anniversary of the Korean War (ref "Gainsaying of Core" in Jude 11). Recall the Pentagon was hit on its 60th anniversary on 9/11/2001. Noteworthy perhaps is April 21 (111st day; 254 remaining) is the occult reciprocal of Sept 11 (254th day; 111 remaining). Whatever helps you wake up is fine, but realize Jesus said our enemies are the men inside our own house! The Eagles gathering over the carcase is Edom (Obadiah); their prophesied "Dominion" (Gen 27:40) looks to be close at hand. 
FDR said "Nothing in politics happens by accident" and Mark Twain said "Truth is stranger than fiction". A better script could hardly be written. 
               Hopi Blue Kachina Prophecy I include this only because 6 of 9 signs have proven true thus far; it's forecasting the same event as LeMeseurier's Armageddon Script: 1 White man takes land not theirs (Mormon religion teaches Ephraim=White; Manasseh=Native). 2. Spinning wheels filled with voices (Pioneer Wagons same width as Scythian Wagons). 3. Beast with long horns replace Buffalo (Lamech's son Jabal= 1st Cattle Rancher; 77 is Lamech's revenge, 77ft tall Pentagon built on 77th Meridian) 4. Land crossed with snakes of iron (Trans-continental Railroad=Cross Bar; Lincoln's Rosicrucian Role) 5. Land crossed with spider web (Power Grid; Tesla would have done away with this EMP weak point) 6. Land crossed with rivers of stone (Eisenhower Interstate Hwy system; America's Highway to Hell) 7. Sea turns to black killing many creatures (Earth Day Deephorizon disaster) 8. Youth wear long hair..learn tribal ways (Indigo, Star Children "Initiates") 9. Dwelling above Heaven falls, war in far away lands, columns of smoke/fire, disease, great dying, mask comes off for the uninitiated (Rev 6:14 Dan 9:26; Antichrist revealed) "Purification Day".   
               "World Environment Day" June 5, 2010 follows the annual 3 day "Bilderberg Meeting" June 3-5 2010. Hotel Dolce "Indulgent", south of Barcelona (Barca=Hamilcar and Hannibal Barca, names derived from Baraq "Lightning") Barack Obama and BP are salting the earth using oil, killing the sea with Methane and Corexit (ingredient list is same as Monsanto's "Round Up") and will soon use weather modification to deposit the witch's brew inland. The resuliting exodus will result in Martial Law, the ultimate "Round Up"; Manhattan Project scientist/Communist traitor J Robert Oppenheimer said it best "I have become the destroyer of worlds". Bilderberger Henry Kissinger said "Control oil, you control nations; control food, you control people". Pittsburgh PA will host the UN "WED" event where 3 Rivers (Monongahela, Allegheny, Ohio) created the largest US Wetlands in New Orleans but for the last 100 years have fed the Mississippi River Delta with Industrial Era toxins and heavy metals. Corporate farming added and continues to add industrial pesticides, genetically altered waste and chemical fertilizers on top of Deepwater Horizon's Oil, Methane and Corexit. Americans consume the Lion's share of the world's energy, borrow more money than they have in circulation and illegally fund wars of agression all over the Earth. What will the recommendation of the Bilderberg Committee be? Stop this menace and call it Babylon is my guess. Why Pittsburgh? Scotsman Andrew Carnagie's Steel Company settled there to start the Industrial Revolution. ADM (partnered with Bayer, a Nazi corp.), Cargill, Monsanto and Scottish Power (Enron handed them the power stations) are all Scottish. Why Scotland? "Scotti" descend from a dynastic marriage of Scythians (Scythe=Grim Reaper) and Egyptians (Jerusalem is Spiritual "Sodom and Egypt"). How long will the world continue to finance our Debt, World Wars, Use of Depleted Uranium Munitions, Foreign Regime changes, Worldwide Heroin Pipelines and Energy usage?
      America "Amurru Cain" is the Mayan "Eagle Bowl"; the Denver Airport art is by a Mayan artist; Obama accepted the Democratic nomination on a Greek Athenian stage in Mile High Stadium and signed the $787Billion "Stimulus Bill" (Corporate Theft) there after his botched Inauguration Oath. From the Mile High Stage to the Staged Mile Below Oil disaster; America is treading in the Doobie Brother's "Black Water". Sorry to be blunt but America's role was from its Masonic inception designed to be a worldwide sacrifice to Maya "Mother Goddess" to atone for Esau's (Eagle) Sin and a lot of occultists know it. Only Jesus Christ can help you understand this, why not ask Him now, before the rug is pulled out? We have 2 choices: Tree of Life, a Marriage Proposal to Jesus Christ or Tree of Knowledge "Earth Dweller". After the Flood, all this began by watching Venus form a 5 pt Star around the Sun in a ratio of 1.618 to 1 "Golden Proportion" aka Ratio of Life. Sorry folks, but this type of Life results in Spiritual Death and defines "Earth Dweller". Jesus will reject this "Life" because it necessitates rejecting Him. Don't be counted among them. 
               June 11, 2010 World Cup Soccer in Johannesburg and Cape Town South Africa in 5 new $1/2 Billion stadiums begin on traditional date of Trojan Horse deception on June 11, 1184BC (the date is an occult guess; Trojan Horse was likely full of plague ridden Greek Mycenaean corpses). New Moon June 12-New Moon July 11 ending with total Solar Eclipse over Patagonia's "Land of Giants" and Easter "Ishtar's" Island "Moai" and a partial Lunar Eclipse visible from the US at the Full Moon on the symbolic birth of St John the Divine (combo of John the Baptist and John the Evangelist). Coincidence? Movie 2012 ended with Day 1 Year 1 in Cape of Good Hope "Cape Town" at the SW end of the Drakensberg Mountains "Dragon's Mount" in summer. All I'm saying is Stay Alert. Why 11? Tower of Babel was started in Gen 11 and will be finished at Rev 11. What was it? Secret Societies. Who? In America it was Albert Pike; the Arkansas "Aux Arks" means "Toward the Rainbows" park bearing his name flooded, by a freak/created storm on 6/11/2010.  Why would anyone choose the Tree of Knowledge? Unless one asks God for the Holy Ghost, it's all there is. How is the Tree of Knowledge cared for? Intelligence Agencies "By way of deception, thou shalt do war" Mossad Israeli CIA Motto. What feeds it? Blood.                                                             



      11/11/1918 at 11:11 AM "Armistice Day". Armistice means  "Temporary cessation of hostilities"; 1st War of Albert Pike's Masonic plan. Stalin's Bolshevist-Masonic-Communist (no he was not Jewish) Russia born 11X11=121=May 1st "May Day" 1945=121st day on the Gregorian Calendar is Baal's Birthday; 2nd War of Albert Pike's plan written to Guisseppe Mazzini, both Masons and founders of the KKK (K=11th letter; 11th letter X 3) and the MAFIA; "Mazzini Authorizes Theft, Fire and Poisoning". In Gen 11 "They" came from the East (Iran/Afghanistan) to Babel (Iraq) and built their Tower (Secret Societies) with Bricks (Laban), Slime (Oath bound Masons) and Fire (Luciferian Oaths preclude Covenant with Jesus Christ through Blasphemy) to glorify their god Baal (Lord). Beltaine is Satan's birthday, 11 is number of Antichrist (Beast) and when he is accepted in Rev 11 Jesus, the only true Messiah will be cutoff (Dan 9:26) and Heaven will be rolled as a scroll (Rev 6:14). Read Ephesians 5:11 and see what Paul told us to do; this is why he was Stoned by the "Congregation" leaders in Acts 13:43.  He said "Get Out". You will never hear this in Church for this reason. When will WW3 start? I can only guess at this point (6/3/2010) but 13 is the number of the Beast (Sodom & Gomorrah of Gen 13 and Beast from the Sea in Rev 13); 13 Weeks (91 Days) from June 15, 2010, the 60th anniversary of the Korean War (UN's First War) begins Feast of Tabernacles the true birth of Jesus Christ.

     Chaldean aka "Assyrian, Akkadian, Aryan, Iranian" Magick has 3 Acts: Pledge, Turn, Prestige. The Tower of Babel "Pledge"; replacment of Israel "Turn" were Acts 1 and 2. WW3  is the Aryan, Zoroastrian "Coup de Grace", the Chaldean "Prestige". "Freedom" will end of Man's 8th Covenant with God; for America, the Masonic "Tea Party" will ignite the fuse. Aryan means "Noble Caste"; Zoroaster means "Seed of the Woman". A personal Covenant with Jesus Christ is the only way you will understand this and it's Free for the asking. One catch; You must Ask! 

    "Those who attacked America on 9/11 are plotting to do so again"-Barack Obama VFW Conference Aug 17, 2009. 
   "And a man's foes shall be they of his own household"-Jesus Christ


       America's WWIII Role Updated 6/21/2010 "Symbols" paragraph

     Norse called America "Omme Rika" meaning "Last Reich or Realm" and "Ultima Thule" meaning "Last Spoken Word". Note: Norse Vikings are a hidden Latin term for VI or "6" Kings. Sabeans (Joktanites are 1st Arabs, separated after the Flood in his and his brother Peleg's Day; Sabeans of Yemen are their Priests) believed "Ameru", a Bantu Tribe in the Amarra region of Kenya to hold the spiritual keys of the Nile. Akkadians divided the known world into 4 Quarters (Cross); Amurru became the Western Quarter. (The Swastika "Broken Sun Wheel" as it is known is usually rotated 450 thus Amurru is West ie Setting Sun). Assyrians revered "Amurruni". Edomites revered "Amurru" as their Serpent (Wisdom) god and Shepherd (Military) god. Nabattaean Arabs revered "Amurru" as their Serpent and Shepherd god. Hittites (Ishmael and Esau married Hittite women) revered "Amurru" as their Serpent and Shepherd god. Canaanites revered "Amar" as their "Serpent god" and Santa "god of the west". Western Scythians were called "Amyrgians" or "Amyrgian Cimmerians". Mayans revered the serpent god "Amero"; the proposed NAU currency is also "Amero". "Can" means "Priest of Cain"; Kahn-Baal or Cannibal is "Priest of Baal"; Cohen is the Samaritan (not Jewish in any sense of the word) Priest Caste.  Still think Masons and Rosicrucians founded America as a "Christian" Nation? Guess Again; America is the Edomite Shepherd leading the world into Antichrist "Dominion". The Eagle? Esau exalts himself as the Eagle (Obadiah 4); pretty cowardly using Drones but rest assured Eagles will gather around the Carcase.

Question: What happens when National Debt=GDP? Esau is the RED SON; ask him isn't that the purest definition of "Red Ink"?
      In 1886, Yale Skull & Bones, Supreme Court Chief Justice Maurice "Mott" Waite:  "Corporations are legal persons protected by the 14th Amendment"; all the rights of a natural born or naturalized person without the liability for their actions; Nice eh? America "Corporation" hidden behind the facade called "Constitutional Republic"; Lincoln: "Corporations have been enthroned. An era of corruption in high places will follow...until wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed". The Constitution is subservient to International Treaties; the Domestic Corporation is not Sovereign, nor do States exercise independence from federal interference; this is facilitated by State subservience to Presidential Executive Orders, visible as the Gold Braid surrounding US Flags and State Flags; as of 6/15/2010 32 States have borrowed money from the FED to pay obligations; in other words, they are Bankrupt.
      US State and Municipal Governments, Courts, Schools etc are under Maritime "Admiralty" Law. Admiral means "Chief of transport"; the Naval branch of the English/British directive where British means "Birth" for "Men of the Birth Covenant"; specifically it refers to Japheth (eldest son of Noah), Joktan (Arabs), Ishmael and Esau (Edomites). America has never been Free of British entaglement; the Queen of England is the defacto Queen of Jerusalem "Spiritual Sodom and Egypt". Human capital (the only Capital Satan is interested in) is in the form of the Capitalized "NAME" hidden in plain sight on the Driver's License, Social Security Card, and Birth Certificate; we are from birth, debtors to a Foreign Corporation called the BIS (Bank of International Settlements), symbolized by the Weigh Scales (Scales of Maat) used by the Justice and Treasury Depts. Monetarily the Dictatorship remains hidden through CAFR's (Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports). California for example has a 2010 $20Billion budget shortfall, however California has CAFR Assets estimated at $7 Trillion. The State Government effectively holds these assets as collateral towards the Federal Debt ($13T) and Under-funded Liabilities (Soc Sec, Fannie Mae, FDIC etc). FED is in turn a term not associated with the US Government; Federal Reserve Nations print money to satisfy deficits with interest attached; this system ensures from the start that more money is owed than exists in circulation. Debtors are from birth Slaves to Creditors. There is no way out of the physical Debt, but thank God the Spiritual Debt owed to Jesus Christ is forgiven; Satan's however is not. 
      The ultimate "Sacrifice" is to give one's life for another. The Goat "Shamash" or "Azazel" is Satan as the Scape Goat; the problem is Satan has no authority to forgive Sin. Only Jesus Christ as God in Flesh can forgive Sin. Lev 16:8 is changed in New Bible versions to reflect this reversal of Jesus and Satan. America will be the world's Scape Goat sent into the wilderness for the remission of the world's Sins; our immigration policies have ensured America represents most every ethnicity on earth. Toward that end our National Debt to the World (BIS) is approaching $13Trillion and annual deficit of $1Trillion; America has no chance of repaying its Debt. The War of 1812 made Andrew Jackson a hero, it was centered in New Orleans; the British goal was to split the US north to south; in 1835 Jackson paid the National Debt to 0 and closed the Bank of the US. BP, Halliburton, Transocean and lax Federal oversight contributed to an unprecedented worldwide disaster; Containment Dome, Top Hat, Clogging the BOP with junk and relief pipe are ridiculous Red Herring solutions. Obama's Nuc team (Richard Garwin-H Bomb designer; Tom Hunter- Sandia Labs; Stephen Chu-Obama Energy Sec) will likely advocate a Nuclear option to plug the hole; a viable solution as melting rock with a suitcase sized MK-54 SADM (11X16 in) or W-54 (5X24in) Thermonuclear device would likely collapse the drill hole, melt rock and plug the leak. Saddam "SADM" means "One who clashes or confronts"; big clash on Earth Day eh?. The leak is now (5/15) estimated at 70K Bbls or 3 million gallons/day with no end in sight. Specialized Thermo-nucs have been around for 50 years; many do not not explode such as Neutron Bomb, Thermal Demolition, or EMP; Thernal Nucs convert fusion energy into heat; perfect for this situation and SADM the perfect name. The problem as I see it is the Nuclear Detonation could be used as the Scape Goat for destroying America. America was set up from the start to be the Phoenix for New Atlantis. Nothing happens by accident; it is very unlikely that Deepwater Horizon collapsed on Earth Day by accident. 
     America is opening a 6 front International War and Civil War: Iraq (92,000 troops), Afghanistan (est. 94,000 troops), Iran, Pakistan (Blackwater "Xe Services" est 92,000 troops, CIA Operatives + Remote flown Predator Drone sorties), North Korea; via mutual pacts, Russia, China, Turkey, Brazil and South Korea will be brought in; Yemen (Abdul Mutallab "Christmas PETN Bomber"; Indian man purchased ticket and escorted him around security; US Tomahawk Cruise Missile parts found in Yemen attack). Israel attacks Turkish aid ship in international waters as Turkey assumes control of the UN Security Council on June 1. Tulip Revolution in Kyrgystan, at the top of the Karakoram Hwy is now on the verge of Civil War; Kyrgyz ane Uzbek Sunni Muslims fighting  for virtually no reason; US "Tea Party" Revolution will start ethnic killing in similar fashion. NORTHCOM amassing up to 1 million foreign troops in Colorado Springs. Chinese control of Panama Canal, East Coast Ports/Airport facilities, Toll Roads and Long Beach Port. New Orleans "Dead Zone" now extends into International High Seas and is heading East; Hurricane season here. 
     White Horse Prophecy: Masons killed Joseph Smth in the Carthage Illinois (Illinois means "Tribe of Superior men; Carthage the Phoenician outpost founded in North Africa) Jail, in the 1850's Brigham Young released the White Horse Prophecy "US Constitution will hang by a thread and a church elder from Zion on a metaphorical White Horse will rescue it". Phoenician General Hamilcar Barca of Carthage was the source name of the Carthaginian colony in Iberia now called Barcelona; it was derived from "Baraq" meaning "Lightning" and "Blessing". Hamilcar means "Brother of Melqart"; his son Hannibal means "Grace of Baal". His sons were made to swear "Never be a friend to Rome"; Why? As retribution for the 2nd Punic War instigated by Hannibal Barca, Rome burned Carthage, pissed on the ashes and salted the earth. Mormons who deny Jesus and assume His eternal Melchisedek priesthood saw their prophet die in the Carthage Jail. Friday 13th October 1307 is a big deal for the homosexual Phoenician Knights Templar which is why the Scots (Tartan is Phoenician Cloth and the title of the Assyrian Army Commander; Kilts are of Egyptian origin) sent Paisley Abbey Monk William Wallace's "Braveheart" Sword to NYC for the 700th anniversary celebration and Bag Pipes played at Scotch Rite Mason/Mormon Prophet Gordon B Hinckley's Jan 2008 funeral. Abraham's Winged White Horse was "Barak"; Mohammad's Winged White Horse was "al-Buraq"; US President is "Barack" and many claim his lineage connects to both men. Fareed Zakaria wrote The Post American World Obama carried this book during the campaign; Zakaria was born in Mumbai, educated as Muslim, Hindu and Christian, he joined Yale Scroll & Key, a Satanic Fraternity and soon after became editor of CFR Magazine Foreign Affairs; the White Horse is on the cover.  
     Deepwater Horizon sits 50 miles past the mouth of the Mississippi River at the Continental Shelf in International Waters "High Seas". A Nuclear Detonation could split the US along the most active Fault Line in America "New Madrid Fault" which runs parallel to the Miss. River and the Algonquin Aquifer. The Great Lakes could then drain into the Mississippi and destroy 2 of the world's largest fresh water sources as well as igniting natural gas pockets (happened in 2008) along the Fault, turning America into a literal Wilderness.  Demolition Thermo-nucs do not explode in the traditional sense of a Atomic "Fission" or Hydrogen "Fusion" bomb; they have been designed and used 6 times to plug leaking oil/gas wells. EM energy from Scalar Radars, such as was demonstrated in Haiti; is anonymous and deadly accurate. Don't believe Man is capable of this? View pics of Tesla's Tunguska experiment and Read Rev 11:18; Jesus returns to destroy those who destroy the Earth; whatever happens or doesn't happen don't blame God. Katrina hit at sunrise on the Feast Day of the Edomite beheading of John the Baptist; that was not God's handiwork either. 
      Symbols: Deepwater Horizon: Obama's Masonic logo is "Horizon of Aten"; Red and White Stripes are Jacob and Esau's uncle Laban used to separate cattle; US is indeed in Deep Water and Oil is made of decomposed hydrocarbon ie "Deep Shit". Obama accepted the Democratic Nomination in Denver's "Mile High" Stadium on a stage built for a Greek Tragedy and signed the Stimulus Bill soon after election there. Today, we have a Mile Below Oil problem and Denver has installed the Egyptian god of the Underworld "Anubis" with a plaque "Au Ag" a man-made contageous strain of Hepatitus B. Deepwater Horizen exploded on April 20 "Weed Day" (Oil/Methane/Corexit is killing Algae, Plankton, Fish); Fordicidia "Fire Sacrifice of the Pregnant Cow" (Pregnant Cow is the US) killing 11 (Gen 11 "Tower of Babel"; Number of Antichrist). April 20 + 66 days=June 25 the occult birthday of John the Baptist (his actual birth was Passover 6 BC), symbolic birth of Antichrist (opposite the calendar from Sol Invictus/Christmas) and 60th anniversary of the Korean War. Deepwater Horizon sank 2 days later on April 22, the 40th anniversary of "Earth Day". There is no way 7 valves failed by accident, nor was it mere stupidity seawater replaced drill mud after the well failed to pass final tests. 13 days after collapse, relief well drilling (required internationally) began; this will be used to "Nuc" the well shaft; 13 is the number associated with Gen 13:13 "Sodom & Gomorrah" and Rev 13:13 "Earth Beast". April 22+ 33 days= May 23 "Pentecost" is Easter+50 days; Easter is Ishtar, the real Pentecost "14 Nisan/Mar 29 is Passover+50days not Easter+ 50. On Ishtar's Pentecost, out of control Satellite "Galaxy 15" went out of control, possibly interupting TV and Internet. Satellites spinning out of control cannot function; what did happen is Joe Lieberman proposed the "Internet Kill Switch" Bill giving Obama authority to cut internet connections. Big deal? Power, Financial, Personal Banking, Information, Transportation all depend on the Internet; remember the movie Die Hard with a Vengeance?. TV and Internet is not dependant on Satellite Galaxy 15, so what was this? and How could this date possible be calculated in advance? This (in my op) was occult communication perhaps concerning "Operation Blue Beam"; it roughly coincided with a new At&T commercial advertizing a "World of pure imagination...what you see will astound you..." Notice the characters in it are made of paper ie fake. 5/14 Space Shuttle "Atlantis" was launched on its last voyage; Francis Bacon called America "New Atlantis" because out of America's ashes, the Golden Age would rise as a Phoenix "Bennu" Bird. The Ben-ben is the Pyramid Capstone on the US $1Bill symbolizing completion of the original Tower of Babel. The US Eagle is really the Arabian Phoenix; a symbol of Arabs. Arab means "Nomad, Passerby, West-Sunset, Merchant, Raven, Exchanger, Trader" and Edomites (Eagle symbolizes Esau impersonating Jacob). For New Agers, Enoch is also reversed; Based on the corrupted New Year beginning in January (Janus), May is our 5th Month (Month means Moon); Roman 5 "V" or Hebrew "Vav" mean "Nail". Galaxy 15 then refers to the Labrys "Golden Mean" and 3 Nails. Far fetched? 3 days prior to June 25, CNN will host a Gulf Oil Telethon, it's founder Ted Turner said a global population reduction of 95% would be ideal for the Earth. 
      Sabians of Haran (Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph all connect at Haran) teach Enoch is Toth, Hermes, Hermes Trismegistus and Mercury (ie closest to the Sun). Gen 5:23 "Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him". This however refers to Seth's Enoch rather than Cain's Enoch. 23 represents 2+3=5; 2X3=6 "Man" and 2/3=.666 "Thrice Perfected Man" as well as Chapter 23 to Jesus' Testimony "Revelation" as written at Pretty gutsy to write a new Chapter to God's Word and put the Labrys "Golden Mean" over the Cross eh? Stay alert; Obama said "Change is coming to America" and called his Economic Reforms the "Big Bang". He did not become President by accident. Joint Congressional Senate/House Bill 666 will take up the issue of condemning Israel for the Turkish attack. Sabians are "Wolves in sheep's clothing" aka "Crypto"; a perfect example is Fareed Zakaria. Raised Muslim, Hindu and Christian in Mumbai (origination of Theosophical Society), Scottish/Anglican private boarding school in Mumbai, Yale "Scroll & Key" (same type society as Skull & Bones), Harvard Political Science PhD ("Nothing happens in Politics by accident"-FDR; the goal is to bring many under the rule of 1). Obama was reading Zakaria's 2008 book Post American World during the campaign. At age 28 Zakaria became editor of the CFR magazine Foreign Affairs; same time and same age as Jesuit trained George Stephanopoulis became Senior White House adviser to Bill Clinton. "Saba" means leaving one faith and entering another to destroy it.

                                    Nothing Happens by Accident
     9/11/2001 was chosen because Rev 9/11 describes Satan's ejection from Heaven and that will indeed by an Emergency. Dec 7th "Day of Infamy" was chosen because Rev 12:7 describes the same event. Whether 6/25/2010 (60th anniversary of Korean War) has been chosen for a 13 Week WW3 remains to be seen. Whether 9/22/2010 has been chosen to start Daily Sacrifice also remains to be seen but Heb 9:22 seems to suggest it might.
      The Am Revolution, Warsaw Ghetto burning, Waco "Branch Davidians" and AP Murrah "America's Choice Day Care" were all carried out on April 19th the Roman Holy Day "Fordicidia". April 21 "Parilia" honors "Pales/Pallas-Athena" the source name of Palestine. April 24 "Vinalia" (Wine) honors Jupiter/Zeus. April 25 Robigalia honors the godddess Robigo. Beltaine "May Day" honors Baal; Red, Blue ribbons represent DNA; the May Pole  is Satan's Phallus.
     Short list of 9/11 events: 472 Anglo-Saxon takeover of Britain; 1297 Battle of Stirling Bridge "Scottish Independence"; 1609 Henry Hudson sails to Manhattan; 1772 Battle of Ft McHenry; 1776 British-Am Peace Treaty fails (big surprise!); 1777 Old Glory flys at Battle of Brandywine; 1826 Capt William Morgan executed by Masons; 1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre; 1921 1st Kibbutz in Palestine; 1922 Palestine Mandate; 1935 Reverse of Great Seal on $1; 1941 Pentagon Cornerstone; 1973 CIA sponsored Chile Coup; 1990 Bush Sr "New World Order" Speech; 1995 Remote flown Cessna hits White House; 1998 Clinton Impeachment/Ken Starr Report; 2001 Arabs blamed for Twin Towers, WTC#7, Pentagon. 
     Short list of May Day events: 1707 Union Jack "Cross of St Andrew and St George" unites Scotland, England; 1776 Jesuit run Bavarian Illuminati founded; 1785 King Kamehameha's "Hawaiin Kingdom" born-it was never legally ceded to the US; 1846 Mormon Nauvoo "New Zion" Temple dedicated; 1915 Lusitania departs NYC, sinks 6 days later killing 1,198 intentionally as pretext for US entrance to WW1-Wilson's re-election campaign promised against US entrance, he and Churchill Lied; 1931 Empire State Bldg dedicated, built with Depression Slave Labor; 1948 Kim Il-sung's Communist North Korea formed; 1950 Guam illegally annexed by US; 1960 Gary Powers U-2 Spy Plane shot down, fake "Cold War" begins with a Lie- he wasn't shot down-US debt $250Billion--"Star Wars", also a Lie, triples debt ($900B in 1980;$2.7T in 1988) battling fake Russian "Arms Race" as Reagan and Gorbachev party at Bohemian Grove; 1961 Castro's Cuba Jesuit dictatorship begins; 1982 Falkland's War keeps Argentina under British thumb; 2003 Bush Jr "Gog" proclaims "Mission Accomplished" on carrier Abraham Lincoln 40 days after war began in Iraq which itself began 555 days after Afghanistan War looking for his daddy "Poppy Bush" CIA asset Bin-Laden aka Tim Ossman; 2004 10 nations monetarily coerced to join EU; 2006 Puerto Rico elimates Education Dept, no wonder the US needs them to be the 51st state; Guam is next but Imelda Marcos took her shoes; thank you Teddy Roosevelt!
      WWII was planned well in advance of WWI (Aug 15, 1871 to be precise); its purpose to establish Communism and the State of Israel. Here is a short list of post WWII events. 1945-Nag Hamadi Scrolls "miraculously" found, A-Bombs demonstrated. 1947-Dead Sea Scrolls "miraculously" found. CIA, NSA, DOD, Joint Chiefs of Staff under Nat Sec Advisor, IMF, WTO, GATT (Tariff agreements led to NAFTA), Hell's Angels,  RAND Corp (Ford Foundation spin off), AA (Al Anon), Arab-Israeli War, Palestine Partition, India-Pakistan Partition, Cold War/MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction), WCC (World Council of Churches), UN, Puget Sound/Roswell "fake" Aliens, Hollywood "Red Scare". 1953 Mercury Nevada NTS, IRS, CIA Iran Coup, Area-51, QEII coronation "Queen of Jerusalem" aka Spiritual Sodom and Egypt. WWIII will establish the NWO out of America's ashes "Phoenix". The purpose of these Current Events is to illustrate the progress toward this 6000 year old goal.
      WWIII was well planned in advance of WWI; its purpose to establish Luciferian Rule. Iran-Israel War, Economic and Social destruction, Weather modification, Blue Beam (fake aliens/crop circles), Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruption, the latter being blamed on Solar Magnetic Field, Flares, CME's. Folks, keep this simple; Jesus returns to "Destroy those who destroy the Earth" Rev 11:18. The Sun has no Magnetic Field, it is non-rotating Hydrogen Ball fusing Hydrogen into Helium, and ejecting some of its mass of charged particles (Gamma, X-Ray, UV, Light, Microwave, IR, ELF) which interact with Earth's Magnetic Field. Earth has a Magnetic Field because Water and lots of it is under the Earth, not molten magma as lying Geologists claim; the Crust is affected by Atmospheric Drag and hydroplanes over the core; Simple concepts made complicated by Big Bang and Evolution proponents. Gravity, Gravity Waves, E=MCall began with the lying Rosicrucian Isaac Newton and his lying Zionist protege Albert Einstein and his evil alien believing protege Stephen Hawking. Weather Modification is acomplished by taking the Sun's charged particles (electrons) as

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