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Global Climate Change

                              Global Climate Change
"...the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service. And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor me" Jn 16:2-3
        The Georgia Guide Stones on Hwy 77 in Elberton GA calls for eliminating all but 500 Million people, all living in harmony with the Earth; Geo=Earth. Aleister Crowley's Liber 77: Book of the Goat may ring a Baal; Jesus is the Scapegoat; Satan is the false Scapegoat Azazel (Ref Num 16:8-10); Elberton is the Gravestone Capital of the US.  Pope Francis' Encyclical "Laudato Si" (Be praised) calls for eliminating all but 1 Billion people from Earth. Barbara Marx Hubbard  declared "We are in charge of God's selection process for planet Earth. God selects, we destroy. We are the Pale Horse Death...we do this for the good of the Earth". The 1992 UN Rio Earth Summit proclaimed a similar theme of eliminating most of the Earth's population. Luciferian Freemason Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" won him the Nobel Peace Prize. God said "Go forth and multiply"; Was God wrong?
      COP 24 Dec 3-14, 2018 in Katowice Poland will seek to implement the Kyoto Protocol and Paris Agreement.  Jesus warned a day would come when people kill others thinking they are doing God's work; those days are here.
      Contrails form from frozen water vapor produced by high fuel flow, turbo-jet engines used in the 1960's-80's because all of the thrust is produced from hydrocarbon combustion. High by-pass, lower fuel flow, turbofan engines used on commercial and military aircraft today do not create nearly as much condensation because up to 85% of thrust is clean air.
      Chemtrails containing aluminum, fiberglass and titanium shards (destroys lungs), barium, lead, mercury, uranium, bacteria, mold, dessicated blood etc are used in Global Climate and Geo-engineering programs for the destruction of Earth and most of the life on it. Jesus returns to "Destroy them which destroy the earth" Rev 11:18

      Commercial Green Houses increase CO2 levels well above the current average of 400ppm to about 1200ppm; they also increase heat by utilizing a transparent film like Glass or Plastic to refract long wavelength "Red" light which forms Infrared "IR" wavelengths which interract with water to increase temperature. The increased temperature increases evaporation and relative humidity; all totaled, increasing Heat, Water and CO2 creates a paradise for plants and increases the partial pressure of O2, a paradise for Man and Animals.

    "...there went up a mist from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground" Gen 2:6
  The Pre-flood world was a Green House with much higher CO2 and O2 levels of about 35%; today's O2 levels are 21%; this is one reason why lifespans listed in the bible approached 1000 years.   
     Water Vapor blocks UV radiation, the cause of aging and genetic diseases like Cancer which is one reason why pre-flood lifespans averaged 912 Years.
           Carbon exists in 3 forms: Amorphous (Formless) Carbon, Graphite and Diamond. Nuclear reactions within the Sun cannot produce Carbon. “Where did Carbon come from?”
         The carbon cycle makes earth unique among all other objects which have been observed in the solar system and indeed the entire universe thus far. Respiration of humans and animals require Oxygen “O2” in exchange for Carbon di-oxide “CO2.”. Plant “Photosynthesis” utilizes Chlorophyll, Sunlight and CO2   in exchange for O2. Plant and Animal life had to have come into existence simultaneously or both would die by poisoning each other. The equation for photosynthesis: 
                                   6(CO2) + 6(H2O) + sunlight = 6(O2) + C6H1206.Image result for photosynthesis equation
      CO2 is released into the atmosphere by exhalations of humans and animals. More people and more animals=more CO2=more plants and more food. Global Warming=more Water Vapor
        Amorphous Carbon is returned to the Earth by burning or decaying plant and animal life. Carbon in the form of Methane “CH4” is released into the atmosphere during natural gas emissions, volcanic eruptions and methane hydrates from melting ice packs. Methane oxidizes in the atmosphere forming Water Vapor and CO2 Finally, Amorphous Carbon, as well as CO2 and Carbon Monoxide “CO” are released during oil, gasoline and coal combustion. As the concentration of carbon increases, so does a plant’s ability to produce oxygen with increased size and propogation. In temperate climates, grasses quickly replace burned, cut or dead trees; and in tropical climates, fast vertical growing vines, bamboos, ferns etc. quickly fill in the holes created in the leaf canopy. Clear cutting of large areas certainly has a local effect, but as the concentration of CO2 increases plants essentially step in to increase O2 production.
     Natural Gas, Coal and Oil are products of rapid burial of plants & animals in the presence of water, high heat and high pressure ie conditions caused by Noah's Flood. The lightest of the hydro-carbons, natural gas is mostly methane (CH4) which is continuously released from the earth by volcanic eruption, and from underground pockets due the gas pressure and porosity of the Earth’s crust. Oxidation of Methane produces Water and Carbon di-oxide, and occurs by burning or naturally in the presence of atmospheric oxygen. Methane is not a Green House gas as it oxidizes rapidly within 10 years. If methane remained in the atmosphere for long periods, the earth would quickly smell like a compost pile and be prone to spontaneous ignition from lightning which would ignite the entire atmosphere in a ball of fire. Psychopaths who designed Hydrogen Fusion weapons, set off high altitude detonations in the vain attempt to ignite the atmosphere; pretty foolish eh? 
      CFC’s (Chloro-flouro Carbons) are not Greenhouse gasses. They work by attaching themselves to Ozone “O3”, a layer of the atmosphere which prevents Ultra-violet Light to destroy cellular DNA. Without the Ozone Layer, Plants and Animals would all die.
      CO2 does not cause Global Warming COallows solar radiation to pass through while reflecting back longer wavelength (Refracted) Infrared thermal energy. Glass windows used in Greenhouses serve the same purpose. Cloud cover forms as water evaporates; Water Vapor is lighter than Air, and rises to the saturation point. Being opaque and the reflective “White”, clouds reflect solar energy away from the Earth’s surface. In the photosynthesis equation, water vapor increases from increased evaporation, results in increases in plant size and oxygen production. If clouds cover enough of the earth’s surface and become thick enough to reflect the Sun’s radiation back into space, the phenomenon we call “Global Warming” actually turns into irreversible “Global Cooling”. Warming increases evaporation, which increases cloud cover as it rises far enough to saturate the atmosphere “100% humidity” or freeze, forming low and high clouds. Low clouds and fog form when the saturation point (100% humidity) is reached. Cloud cover then reflects solar radiation away from earth.
     Carbon is the 6th element; Water changes state, freezing into White, six sided Hexagonal lattices which reflects Light; Star of Satan is on Israel's Flag for this reason. Man was made on the 6th Day, Man becomes a god, able to absorb light at 33 degrees, the temperature water changes state on the Fahrenheit scale. Ask a 330 Mason if he knows about the theoretical element with an Atomic Mass of 137 that absorbs 100% of Light. Perhaps that’s why 137 is the 33rd Prime Number and the material is called “Dark Matter”. There’s that darn “Dark Side” using “The Force” to build the “Death Star” I suppose.
       “Global Cooling” is more concern than “Global Warming” because it does not self correct. Earth is floating in the vacuum of space which is at the brisk temperature of 2.73K (-4570F) Temperature is a measure of molecular kinetic energy; this is just about the temperature where molecules cease to move. In “Global Cooling”, ice packs increase in size, reflecting more radiation which lowers the temperature further and further. As temperature in the atmosphere drops, Humidity rises and the Saturation Level drops which both serve to form clouds. The end of this scenario is Earth becoming covered by a reflective surface of ice, and if that were to happen, the story Life ends.
      “Global Warming” on the other hand decreases ice pack area from melting; fresh water is lighter than salt water, so it floats on the ocean surface. The “Gulf Stream” which normally interacts with the atmosphere at high latitudes dives under this new fresh water preventing the normal circulation of heat from low latitudes to high latitudes. This coupled with increased cloud formation rapidly reverses the warming process. The bottom line is “Global Warming” is self correcting whereas “Global Cooling” is not.
     GreenhousesAnthropogenic Global Warming is a Lie   Green Houses achieve CO2 levels of 1500PPM using CO2  Generators, a 3-5X improvement over current levels; Plants use the CO2 to produce Oxygen, the fuel source of human and animal life. Global Warming increases Evaporation; increasing the Hyrdologic Cycle (Rain) and all life on Earth. CH4 (Methane) oxidizes on contact with Oto form Water Vapor which is lighter than Air and rises to the Saturation Level forming Opaque White Couds which reflect Infrared Light, the only source of Solar Heat. Global Warming is Bull Shit, a clever, crafty Lie to convince people to reduce CO2, killing Plants the producers of Oxygen and indeed all life on Earth. Earth has 2 primary mechanisms to correct Temperature: 1 Evaporation or Hydrologic Cycle and 2Thermohaline Conveyor. 75% of the Earth's surface is covered by Water, most of it Salt (Haline) Water.  Warming increases Evaporation; Water Vapor is lighter than surrounding Air, so it rises to the Saturation Level. Clouds form which are White and Opaque reflecting Light away from the Earth's surface. Red Light refracts to form Infrared which interacts with Water in the Atmosphere causing Heat Energy. More clouds, less heating, it's that simple. 
Image result for picture of thermohaline conveyorImage result for picture of hydrologic cycle

            The Thermohaline Conveyor works because Salt Water is heavier than Fresh Water. Salt Water also differs from Fresh Water in that Colder and or Saltier Water is denser; circulation occurs as denser water migrates toward less dense. Warming at the equator is offset by melting of Fresh Water glaciers nearer the poles. Heavier Salt Water dives under Fresh Water inhibiting the heat distribution at higher latitudes, both north and south. Again, Earth has a self correcting system to keep the temperature necessary for life just right.  Are human (exhalations and industrial/auto emissions) productions of carbon causing Global Warming? No. If the earth had only plants, life could not exist from lack of carbon. If the earth had only humans and animals, their life could not exist from lack of oxygen. Both plants and animals must have been either been Created or Evolved simultaneously for either one survive. Is An Inconvenient Truth really just An Inconvenient Lie? That’s for you to decide, but have you ever wondered how “Fossil Fuels” were created in the first place?  If fossil fuels (oil, coal, natural gas) were created 100’s of thousands of years ago, why hasn’t the pressure they are under inside the earth equalized? Methane for example is continuously released. All these fuels require high heat, water and extreme pressure to be created, so did dinosaurs crawl miles into the earth before they died? Do tectonic plates take their flesh and bone along with dead plants deep into the earth over millions of years? Both are pretty ridiculous assertions. Bury organic material in the ground and the breakdown into methane happens quite rapidly as Compost Piles prove. Trees lying on the ground are reduced quickly to elemental carbon by termites and a similar decay process. Bury a dead animal in the ground and all that remains very soon after is bones; the flesh experiences the same decay process, aided by maggots and the resulting methane is released. Bones have high concentrations of Calcium; under ideal conditions with high heat, high pressure, silica, and water, bones can become “Fossils” as silica replaces calcium. Cellulose in trees experience a similar process called “Petrifaction”; Petra means Rock; the result is a “Petrified Forest”. Under the right conditions deep inside the Earth, flesh may become oil and plant material becomes coal, but one must get creative in figuring out how the organic material is transported deep inside the Earth in the presence of Water. Hint: Global Flood. Whether this occurred during Noah’s Flood or over billions of years is for you to decide. “Fossil Fuels” is a misnomer; Fossils are rock and Fuels are hydrocarbons.

      Photosynthesis is a balanced equation allowing the co-existence and mutual dependence of Plants and Animals. Chlorophyll uses Sunlight to Synthesize Plant proteins/carbohydrates and Oxygen from human waste and water. Photons are packets of “Light”; this “Light” then became the venerated source of Life on Earth for some. God said let there be light and pronounced it “Good” in Gen 1:3; Satan became Lucifer “Light Bearer” and unsuspecting people began venerating him. Chlorophyll has 137 atoms in its molecules; Quantum Physics has an “Uncertainty Principle” which theorizes odds of 1/137 that a Photon will be absorbed or emitted when particles collisions occur between Solar Radiation and Matter. Thus in Theory, a material containing an Atomic Number of 137 may be found which absorbs 100% of Light. Einstein’s famous equation E=MC2 says Energy and Mass become infinite at the Speed of Light; therefore this theoretical material would also have Infinite Energy and Infinite Mass. In Space, there is no scattering of Light, so except for the light we see from Stars, it appears Dark. Current Physics Theory claims that the order we see in the Universe comes from the Infinite Energy in Dark Matter. Similarly, the Infinite Mass in Dark Matter allows it to fill the entire Universe, connecting every atom of matter with every other atom across great distances. Perhaps this is why it is being called the “God Particle” which is also the source of the Force of Gravity through the smallest particle of matter called the “Graviton”. This material absorbs light so it’s dubbed “Dark Matter”; it has infinite Gravity so it’s also a “Black Hole”. Space is claimed to have 4 dimensions with Time in addition to the 3 physical dimensions we are familiar with, therefore the Graviton is theorized to allow Time Travel, handy for correcting Sins of one’s past or eliminating one’s enemies in what is called the “Grandfather Effect”. For some, going back in Time to kill Jesus’ Grandfather would solve a lot of problems which is why all of it is just simple BS. This Graviton also provides for travel to other Dimensions such as the one where Heaven resides. The theory being, get rid of God and live happily ever after in His “Domain”. Passing organic material through infinite energy removes impurities much like the process where Carbon becomes Diamond, so this theoretical material becomes something of a Holy Grail for Science. Chlorophyll has 137 atoms and it causes matter to undergo a change of state, so 137 has been dubbed by theoretical particle physicists the “DNA of Light”. Thor “God of Weather” and Prometheus “God of Fire” would be envious of such harnessing of energy, so besides the new series “Flash Forward”, what is Man doing with it?
                               "Energy can neither be created nor destroyed" but it sure as Hell can be converted and transmitted
       Put a glass of water and a rock in a microwave oven and which one gets hot? “And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so. And God called the firmament Heaven…And God said, Let the waters under heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so.” Gen 1:7-9 So, waters are divided from waters means a lot of water in, on and above the earth. If microwave energy heats water but not rock, where would one hide from this sort of energy? Caves or Underground Bunkers comes to my mind like the ones created all over the world during the Cold War. It’s also in the bible at Rev 6:15. Heating the vast amounts of water in the atmosphere alters the weather and may prove to be the cause of “Global Warming”. At longer wavelengths such as ELF (Extremely Low Frequency), this vast energy can and is used to cause volcanic eruptions, or cause tectonic plates to artificially slip and cause an earthquake. For this Climate Change article, look at it very simplistic for a minute.
     Image result  Image result for picture of scalar em energy transfer Solar Energy in the form of Gamma Rays, X-Rays, Microwave and UV Radiation are trapped by the Magnetosphere and Ionosphere, the latter named for "Ions" created by stripped Electrons which create a positive charge potential (50V/Ft) with respect to the Earth "Magnet"; Unlimited "Free Energy" and also the source of Ubridled Energy Weapons.
    Waters were divided from waters, so where did all the water go to make the dry land appear? In the earth; this was the water source for the “Fountains of the deep” (Rev 8:2) which covered everything under heaven (Gen 1:19). There is an incredible amount of water inside the earth, in the oceans and in the atmosphere. What happens to water in a microwave oven is exactly what happens to water in the earth, on the earth and above the earth; it gets hot! At least 8 countries have HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project) style facilities; most are in places where the radiation belts guide enormous amounts of Solar Energy to the polar regions of the earth (Vostok is one such ELF facility in Antarctica; the Soviet Era “Wood Pecker Grid” in Russia is another). S-517, HR-2995 and HR-2977 are bills currently being debated in the US Government concerning Weather Modification, and since the Korean War, dozens of weather modification experiments such as “Storm Fury” and “Sky Fox” have been carried out. In fact, many nations of the world have been altering the weather for at least 50 years and it’s done by heating water just like we do in a microwave oven. Heat the atmosphere by vibrating the Ionosphere and one has a very effective weapon for bringing down low orbit satellites and ICBM’s as well. Russia's Woodpecker Grid links Scalar EM antennas together. Norway's EISCAT another example. 
A ring of Scalar antennas encircle Antarctica protected under an International "No-Fly Zone". 
        Isaiah foretold a time when the foundations of the earth will shake, be moved exceedingly and reel to and fro like a drunkard (ref Is 24:18-20). If enormous energy (terawatts) are extracted continuously from the solar wind that would have ordinarily gone into the water inside the earth and its re-broadcast into the Atmosphere it doesn’t take a genius to see why the weather is getting more violent and the earth is becoming unstable. As Dec 21, 2012 approaches, more scientists are now and will be predicting violent consequences of a Magnetic Pole Shift. This is not likely; Man’s use of EM energy is the real cause. On that date, as viewed from earth, the Sun will symbolically pass through the Dark Rift (Black Hole) at the center of the Galaxy and be cleansed. Obviously this is just a Geometric observation only from the perspective of Earth so nothing mysterious will happen; it’s simply the date occultists believe they will be made free of impurities such as Jews and Born Again Christians. Ok, back to the science.
        Solar energy forms Auroras when Photons are emitted, usually near the Polar Regions where the Earth’s magnetism guides it into and around the Earth. Long conducting rods function like the Anode and Cathode on a battery and the energy is converted into long wavelengths (ELF) which bounce off the ionosphere back to the earth and even deep inside the earth as well as microwaves which heat the atmosphere and are used to guide jet streams and storms. Man is in fact causing Global Climate Change but man is not causing it by living. There are 2 solutions. Plant Trees or Kill Animals.
     My solution is to turn off the Scalar Radars and let the earth naturally correct itself but since Nikola Tesla’s death in 1945 few people even admit the existence of his technology. Occult means “Hidden”; the secrets of Alchemy, Wisdom and Prophecy all come together with this type of Energy. It is the Holy Grail of Gravity Theory, Evolution Theory and Climate Change. If you want to rankle a physicist ask him where the energy for Gravity comes from or the medium for its transfer across space. To rankle a biologist ask then how DNA “Evolves” into something better when its sole purpose is to re-generate itself. To rankle the Climate Change people ask them to explain how an increase in Carbon raises temperature when the process is totally self correcting in the Photosynthesis Equation. When people voluntarily reject God, they are “Given over to a reprobate mind” (ref Rom 1) and they know it. Grove rituals designed to do this have been going on since Mesopotamia dried out from the Flood. An overt Hollywood depiction of this is “The Fountain” and “Knowing”; one Tree exists at the end of each movie and it’s not the Tree of Life.
      The Gnostic solution to Global Warming is to kill most of the people and animals. Killing people in the most highly industrialized nations like the US has an added benefit. Obama Climate Czar Carol Browner sits on the board of Socialist International as well as several Carbon Offset (Trading) Companies reaping huge profits from Climate Change. The motto “Rich nations must shrink their economies to address climate change”. Killing the host provides immediate benefits according to NASA’s ex-Climate expert Dr. James Hansen, Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore, and the UN IPCC (Inter-government Panel on Climate Change). Carbon di-oxide exhalations stop; Methane emissions stop; Meat eating stops which ends a proportionate amount of methane produced from cows, pigs and chickens. Plants multiply that would have been eaten by the these animals and trees that would have been used to make houses are now allowed to grow. A Win-Win unless you are the Sacrifice. One eeensie weensie problem is Global Warming Science is BullShit "Avoid vain and profane babblings of Science, falsely so called" 1 Ti 6:12KJV
      Hebrews 9:22 says there is no remission of sin without the shedding of blood. Aztec means “To make White”. Sacrifices were painted with Red and White Stripes like our flag. Their hearts were offered to the Sun (source of Light), symbolized by the Eagle which sits atop US Flag poles. The decision of the Priests-kings wearing these Eagle heads and feathers were final as symbolized by the gold fringe on US Flags. This seemingly innocuous braided fringe signifies Presidential control over the Nation via Executive Order and/or Martial Law; Governor control over States and their National Guard and Judge control over Court Rooms which supersedes the Constitution or Federal Law. The most overt symbol I have seen is the Flag in Union Square in NYC which has the Flag surrounded by the “Fasces” (Rods bundled around a Double Sided Axe with Red Cord). This Roman era symbol was given by Caesars for decisions over life and death. In Aztec era America (Yucatan), hearts of the victims were placed in the Eagle Bowl. In America today, Kathleen Sebelius was Governor of the Heartland (Kansas) before becoming Secretary of Health and Human Services for Obama and put in charge of the Swine Flu Vaccination program. The deceased sacrifices became “Eagle Men” who were usually cannibalized as part of the rituals. The Mayan Calendar is called the Eagle Bowl; losers in Ball Court Games were considered slaves and non-persons; their flesh considered “Long Pig”. Is it coincidence there are 1040 days of Daily Sacrifice (ref Dan 8:14) before the start of the Great Tribulation and the IRS collects taxes on the Form 1040? America currently produces more “Greenhouse” gasses than any other nation; are you willing to die for the survival of the world? Is it coincidence that in Arab mythology Abraham’s winged White Horse was called “El-Barack”?   
        Limited Atonement is a Calvinist doctrine similar to Mormon “Blood Atonement”. In one way or another, most Protestant denominations are based on this Lie. Simply stated it says Jesus shed His blood for the remission of sins for His “Elect”. All others such as adherents to Catholicism or Islam are considered non persons. This removal of “Free Will” allowed Protestants to still feel right with the Lord during the horrific 30 years war with the Catholic Church and “Crusaders” felt right with the Lord in wars with Muslim armies. Today, we have a similar situation; Muslims rewarded in heaven for killing infidels who reject Muhammad; Jesuit trained Catholics streaming into America from Mexico are indoctrinated in LaRaza Unida, Voz de Aztlan (Justice Sonia Sotomayor is a member of this) and MeCHA (Mestizo-Chicano movement of Aztlan) are taught to take back land stolen from them by the Freemasons at the Alamo. Similarly, Israel has convinced the world their mandate to reclaim the land promised to Abraham is coming directly from God and Arabs think the same thing except that in the Quran God promised the land to Ishmael rather than Isaac. The symbol of this Unity is the Dome of the Rock which not coincidentally is called the “Navel of the World” by Muslims, Christians and Jews.
     Global Warming is the straw that will break the camel’s back. It’s a Lie that will be used to justify the slaughter of billions of human beings and it’s written in stone at the North Georgia Guide Stones in 8 languages. The UN IPCC is very familiar with speeches made by Jacques Cousteau, Maurice Strong and Ted Turner calling for the slaughter of 5/6th of humanity for the “Good” of the Earth. Oct 24th 2009 is the first Global Day of Climate Action. 2 authors of this lie are Dr James Hansen of NASA and Al Gore. Dr John Theon, Hansen’s supervisor at NASA has this to say “We don’t know enough to forecast climate change or mankind’s effect on it”. 31,700 Scientists have signed a petition at “Petition Project” declaring Global Warming to be a hoax used to justify the very big business of combating it. The current US legislation “Cap and Trade” will curb Greenhouse gas emissions by “Capping” the host while the “Elect” with sufficient funds “Trade” Gold for their Carbon. Gaea is having a “Hot Flash” and the people in her life will pay the price. I suggest ditching that “Sacred Marriage” in favor of a lasting “Marriage to the Lamb”. When a Tsunami hits NY, an Earthquake hits LA, Mt Rainer, the Yellowstone Caldera erupts or the New Madrid Fault splits the US in 2 at the Mississippi River it may be a little more difficult to tell Al Gore to give his Peace Prize back.                  


                                                                                    Life on Planet Earth Before Noah's Flood

A key to understanding the Pre-Flood Earth is the existence of a canopy of water in the stratosphere 

In the Genesis Account of Creation, we read:

Genesis 1:6-8, 'Then God said, "Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters." Thus God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament; and it was so. And God called the firmament Heaven. So the evening and the morning were the second day.'

The Firmament (now known as the sky)

The "firmament" is not a word which we now use, so we need to look carefully to see what God is talking about. Fortunately in Genesis 1:20 it becomes perfectly clear: "Let birds fly above the earth across the face of the firmament of the heavens."

So the "firmament" is the sky, where the birds fly. In other words, the sky appeared between the water above the sky, and the water below the sky. After the appearance of the firmament there were three separate layers:

  • Region 1: Water in the stratosphere. 
  • Region 2: The sky, where the birds fly.
  • Region 3: Water below the sky, now known as the sea 

There was therefore, at the original Creation, a water canopy in the stratosphere, above the sky (the firmament). 

After Noah's Flood this water canopy in the stratosphere was removed, and the water became part of the waters of the Flood of Noah, approximately 4,400 years ago. The water canopy in the stratosphere is therefore no longer present.

The water canopy originally provided protection against cosmic radiation from outer space.

The Water layer in the Stratosphere had several very important functions

Warm temperature and greenhouse effect

The temperature was probably much warmer, with no variation of temperature over the entire planet because of the "greenhouse effect" of the vapour canopy in the stratosphere.  This perhaps explains why Mammoths preserved in the permafrost in Siberia have tropical vegetation in their stomachs.

Blocking of dangerous X-rays and ultraviolet radiation

One of the very important functions of the upper atmosphere today is that much of the dangerous radiation from the sun is filtered out.  However, some dangerous radiation still gets through to the surface of the Earth. This is why, for example, overexposure to sunlight can cause skin cancer.

The blocking of dangerous X-rays and gamma rays would probably have been much greater before the Flood. This probably accounts for the much longer life spans of the patriarchs recorded in the Bible (over 900 years).

Consider these points:

  • Genesis 2:5-6 indicates that at least prior to the creation of Adam, rain did not fall but that the plants were nourished by springs coming up out of the ground. The Bible does not actually mention rain until the Flood, and a canopy by providing a greenhouse effect could have lessened the need for the water cycle. If Noah was the first person to see a rainbow, that would add further strength to the canopy theory.
  • Gen. 7:11-12 tells us it rained for forty days and nights. Such a lengthy deluge would be impossible today because there isn't nearly enough moisture in the present atmosphere; therefore, there had to be much more water in the heavens of Noah's time.
  • Many ancient cultures have legends that seem to describe a canopy-type phenomenon. For example, the Babylonian creation account, Enuma Elish, mentions fog, clouds, or mist covering the early Earth.
  • Such fossils as palm trees in Alaska, crocodiles in New Jersey, and petrified wood in the desert suggests a warmer climate in the past and perhaps a more uniform worldwide climate which a canopy might have provided. Although Genesis mentions seasons in relation to the creation of the heavenly bodies, summer and winter seasonal heat and cold as such are not mentioned in Scripture until after the Flood.
  • A canopy would have provided an increased atmospheric pressure, heavier air in other words, that would have allowed the prehistoric flying
    reptiles such as the pteranodon to have taken flight. It is doubtful that these creatures would be able to fly in today's thinner atmosphere (see just below).
  • A canopy might be the answer to the long ages of the early humans as well as the giantism found in some plants and animals in the fossil record (see below). The canopy would have absorbed much of the harmful radiation that is known to have damaging effects on organisms. With less radiation reaching the surface of the Earth, living things could have lived much longer and in the case of some species, grown to giant sizes. Also, increased air pressure and oxygen would have been beneficial.

Richer oxygen and carbon dioxide in the Atmosphere

The water canopy in the stratosphere would have dramatically increased the partial pressure of gases on Planet Earth, causing 50% higher concentrations of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide. This is proved in experiments on Pre-Flood air trapped in fossilised tree sap, now known as the semi-precious stone, Amber.

According to experiments recorded in Time magazine the partial pressure of Oxygen in the atmosphere was at one time 50% higher

According to Time Magazine the oxygen content in Amber is 50% higher than it is now, (see Time Magazine, Nov 9, 1987, p. 82). 

  • Amber is a semi-precious stone, commonly used in ladies' jewellery. 
  • Amber is actually fossilized tree sap, and frequently contains either insects, or bubbles of air. 
  • According to Time Magazine November 9, 1987, p. 82, bubbles of air in Amber have an oxygen content that is 50% higher than the present atmospheric air. 
  • According to this article in Time Magazine, Geochemists Gary Landis of the US Geological Survey and Robert Berner of Yale analyzed tiny air bubbles trapped in specimens of Amber. 
  • They placed the Amber specimens inside a vacuum chamber, and then opened the Amber, allowing the ancient trapped gases to escape. 
  • They found that the air contained 32% oxygen, which is much higher than our current 21% oxygen content in the atmosphere. 
  • This finding is confirmed in The New Scientist Magazine published on March 11, 2000. According to this article the air trapped in Amber has 35% oxygen. 

These findings confirm that Planet Earth had much higher Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide levels at an earlier date, and would seem to confirm the theory about higher Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide levels in the atmosphere, caused by the water canopy before Noah's Flood.


Benefits of the warm temperature, high oxygen content and lack of dangerous radiation in the pre-flood Earth

The Garden of Eden conditions described in the early chapters of Genesis were probably reflected all over the planet.

There was probably abundant vegetation, animals, birds and fish. Because of the warmer and more constant ambient temperature, and the high partial pressures of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide humans, animals, birds, insects, and fish were much larger, as revealed in the fossil record described below.

There is a general teaching that early man was primitive. This is certainly incorrect.  Adam and Eve were created in the image of God, and actually would have been superior to us in every way.  Think about it: These two individuals held all of the genes that have been passed down through all generations until you and I.

Because of the protective effect of the water canopy, there was protection from damaging ultraviolet rays and gamma rays, with probably much lower incidence of consequent diseases such as cancer and foetal malformations.

Because of the higher oxygen levels, the high blood oxygen levels would have contributed to extreme longevity, resistance to bacterial and viral diseases, and greater metabolic efficiency, with consequent greatly enhanced athletic ability. 

The average age of man before Noah's Flood was 912 years. Today it is 70- 80

The average recorded life span in the Bible of the early patriarchs is 912 years. This is in stark contrast to today's much shorter life spans, with 70 -80 years being typical. This may be accounted for by the higher oxygen content, the protective effect of the water canopy, lack of disease, better diet, and much less hostile weather patterns.

Giants in the Bible

The Bible describes giants, before and after Noah's Flood.

It is recorded in 1 Samuel 17:4 that Goliath was six cubits and a span tall, which is approximately nine feet tall (one cubit is approximately the distance from your elbow to finger tip).

The Bible records, in Deuteronomy chapter 3:11, that the iron bed of Og, King of Basham, was 9 cubits by 4 cubits or approximately 14 feet long by 6 feet wide. 

Please see our Giants page for more about evidence of giants in the past.

Fossil evidence of huge Insects

Insects breathe oxygen through spiracles in their skin. Their size is limited only by the amount of oxygen available. In the high oxygen Pre-Flood atmospheric conditions, insects grew much larger. 

Fossilised giant Dragonfly

This fossilised dragonfly was discovered in Italy with a 50 inch wingspan ( see

This Pre-Flood dragonfly was buried under tons of rock, instantly fossilised at Noah's Flood 4,400 years ago. 

Fossilised giant Tarantula

A fossil of a giant tarantula spider about 18 inches long has been discovered. This Pre-Flood tarantula spider was buried under tons of rock, instantly fossilised at Noah's Flood 4,400 years ago.

Fossilised giant Cockroaches

Cockroaches over 18 inches long have been found in the fossil record. They would have been unpleasant pests in the kitchen!

Fossilised giant Centipede

A fossil of a centipede eight and a half feet long has been discovered by palaeontologist in Germany.

This Pre-Flood centipede was buried under tons of rock, instantly fossilised at Noah's Flood 4,400 years ago.

Giant Turtles

This giant turtle skeleton is exhibited at the Yale Museum, New Haven, Connecticut. It is approximately 10 feet high. This is simply evidence that giant turtles existed.

Fossilised giant Vegetation

Fossilised cattails 60 feet high have been discovered in sedimentary rock.  In the Pre-Flood atmosphere the Carbon Dioxide content was much higher because of the canopy of water.  This high Carbon Dioxide content caused the cattails, and all vegetation, to grow much larger, and also more abundantly.  Even today tomato plants grown in artificially created atmospheres in greenhouses with high Carbon Dioxide content produce very large crops of tomatoes.

Vegetation before the Flood was superabundant, with extremely large trees, fruit, and vegetables. It was truly superabundant vegetation, all over the world.  During the Flood, the huge forests were rapidly compressed under tons of rock, forming our huge coal seams all over the world. Coal can be artificially created today by compression of vegetable matter. We believe that animals and fishes were compressed at the time of the Flood to form the huge oil reservoirs.  All of this God did by the great Flood, creating all of the oil, gas and coal and other minerals.

Giant Buffalo

A fossilised buffalo horn with a 12 foot span has been discovered, and is in Dr Baugh's museum in the USA.

This Pre-Flood buffalo was buried under tons of rock, instantly fossilised at Noah's Flood 4,400 years ago.

Giant Donkeys

A donkey was excavated in Texas, USA, which is 9 feet high at the shoulder. This proves the existence of giant donkeys.

Giant Beavers

Fossils of beavers over 8 feet long have been found.

These Pre-Flood beavers were buried under tons of rock, instantly fossilised at Noah's Flood 4,400 years ago.

The jaw of a beaver 8 foot long has also been found in the USA, proving the existence of giant beavers. 


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