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There Is Nothing New Under the Sun
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                               "The love of money is the root of all evil"

Red Market  Image result for team rubicon pictures Government sponsored, No-Bid, Single Source, Taxpayer financed Contractor for Havesting of a Person from Cradle to Grave and making money from movies about it. The Matrix movies revealed the Elite harvest humans from birth to death, using everything they produce; far fetched? Neo found this out by taking the Red Pill; the "Decisive Step" in Freemasonry's "Red Lodge" is also meant in "Rubicon" meaning "Ruddy". Going Red means the same today as it did in Esau's day when he sold his soul (any rights provided by God) for a bowl of Red Beans; his name is now Edom (Red) seen in the Red Star, Red Crescent, Red Cross, Red Ink (Debt) etc. Esau will with 100% certainty obtain "Dominion" (Sovereign Authority to Rule Earth) as promised in Gen 27:41KJV, but Going Red is a one way ticket to Hell.God hates Esau (Mal 1:3; Rom 9:13); the Unforgivable Sin is "Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost" ie Rejection of your contact with God. Veteran means "Beast of Burden" to DynCorp and God's Chosen Elite, peope are Human Cattle; "For thy sake are we killed all the day long: we are counted as sheep for the slaughter" Ps 44:22; Rom 8:36 Donald Trump is the 44th person the Elite has chosen for US President; Rev 22 is the beginning of Eternity and the end of Scripture. 
: $16B 10 Yr and counting CIA contract for  Intelligence, Slave Trafficking, Sex Trafficking, Pornography, Organ Trafficking, Virus Testing, Vaccine Testing, and Asset Forfeiture (including your body) under the Aegis "LOGCAP" (Logistics Civil Augmentation for Police Contracting and Aircraft Maintenance). Hollywood (Lionsgate; Lion refers to Jesus as the Lion of Judah; this Lion is Antichrist aka Alpha Leo "Regulus" the Law Giver) even makes money selling movies like "Repo" and "Daybreakers" about organ trafficking. How about the movie "Whistleblower" about real life DynCorp Whistleblower Kathryn Balkovac? They just don't care who knows anymore.
 Dyn is the root of Dynamic "Force, Power"; nothing quite so powerful as harvesting everything a person does from cradle to grave. "May the Force be with you"? Not for me, Satan is the "God of Forces" (Dan 11:38)
    DynCorp is owned by Delta Tucker Holdings; CEO of both companies is Lewis Von Thaer. DynAviation, DynLogistics, DynPort, DynPort Vaccine, DynMarine and Phoenix Consulting represent a one stop shop for creating disasters to facilitate human sex and organ trafficking staffed by former Special Forces, SEALS, Law Enforcement looking for a pay increase. The idea is identical to BlackWater (Academi named after Plato's Academy in Athens) headed by Knight of Malta Eric Prince currently using DynCorp as a Trump Administration revival of Vietnam's Operation Phoenix Assassiination/Narco trafficking Program. Prince is the brother of Betsy DeVoss, Trump Education Secretary and initiate of "The Gathering", an appendage of "The Family"
(VP Mike Pence, AG Jeff Sessions, Dir of Nat Intel Dan Coats).
     BlackWater aka Academi founder Knight of Malta Erik Prince advised Steve Bannon "The Trump Administration should revive Operation Phoenix Assassination Program to fight ISIS"  The Gathering and The Family wield massive financial and spiritual influence worldwide; in a word "Shephelah", the "Tip of the Spear" or "Faith Based Initiative" if you will. Shephela means "Lowlands", the battleground between Israel and Philistines seen in the David and Goliath or Samson and the Philistines; the world's final battle being Armageddon "Valley of Slaughter" is the goal of "The Family" and "The Gathering". One problem; there are no words in scripture to describe the Armageddon battle; 200M people simply gather for battle under Mt Carmel and blood fills the Valley of Slaughter to the horse bridles. Why not let the Creator of the Universe Jesus Christ handle this fight?   Related imageTransportation is managed by DynLogistics and OUR "Operation Underground Railroad" headed by Mormon (Mormo means "God of the Living Dead" appearing as one of 99 names of Satan in the Satanic Rituals), NSA, CIA asset Tim Ballard; originally a CIA Clandestine Services program run by Mormon Presidential candidate Evan McMullin. OURS is part of the Society/Kingdom of Ormus (Snake/Serpent); the Kingdom of Ormus having begun with the Serpent Priests of On in Heliopolis "On" Egypt originally called Shemsu-Hor or Priests of Horus, the son of Osiris aka On. The sylized M is the symbol of Virgo, the constellation named for ISIS "Black Virgin", a CIA creation and re-created in the Federal Triangle (Washington Monument, Capitol and White House). The Kingdom of Ormus encircles the Persian Gulf from Cairo to the Straits of Hormuz (named after Horus and Tammuz).
      Suitable candidates from manufactured War and Disaster zones are recruited into Police or Military, Trafficked as Sex Slaves, used in Snuff Porn or Organ Harvested on Hospital (Knights of Malta are Hospitallers) Ships like "Comfort" and "Mercy". Mol Comfort was a Russian cargo ship that sank June 2013 with 50,000 Tons of weapons headed for Knight of Malta John Kerry and ISIS aka "Friends of Syria" in Jeddah. There is no scientific basis for MOL Comfort breaking its keel; much like Lightning hitting St Peter's Basilica TWICE the night Pope Benedict resigned or his Peace Doves being attacked at the Vatican by Crows. Pope Francis' Peace Doves were attacked by a Crow and Seagull the following year; again an indication of God's involvment and waring of the Mormon Church involvment as Seagulls figure prominently in Mormon history in Zion (Salt Lake City). You may also recall a giant "bin Laden Construction" crane collapses on the Grand Mosque and a stampede killed 4000 at the Hajj in Mecca; again, signs from God? WWIII will pit Zionism against Islam to the point of physical, economic and moral exhaustion. MOL means "Millstone"; Jesus warned anyone hurting children would be better off with a Millstone around his neck; manufacturing earthquakes, tsunamis and war to harvest children for profit is an example or moral exhaustion.   

             Related imageMOL Comfort on June 17, 2013.
     ISIS: Israeli, Turkish, US, Russian entity harvesting organs and Sex Slaves for DynCorp; one of DynCorp's functions is to train "Assets" like Osama bin Laden aka CIA Asset Tim Osman or Abu Bakr al Baghdadi aka Mossad Asset Simon Elliot.
      Herb "Pug" Winoker (Dyn Corp Chairman of the Board '88-'97), CFR Traitor, Enron Board set the example; Enron paid $100's of Millions for "Contractor Services"; bilked Stock Holders for $Billions and went Bankrupt. Same idea as Junk Bond Pump and Dump Traders Michael Milken and Ivan Boesky. Dyn Corp Pumps its Stock with No-Bid Contracts worth 2-3X in value to Stock Holders than the contract itself. Winokur currently launders proceeds thorugh Harvard University's $19B Endowment Fund and Capricorn Holdings, 3 Investment Funds named after the Sabbatical Goat "Satan". Fighting ISIS, the US-Russian created Cerberus Monster is big business.
       Trump Economic Adviser Billionaire Steve Feinberg owns DynCorp through Cerberus Capital. Cerberus is the 3 headed "Hound of Hell". Crossing the Rubicon is identical to "All In", the title of David Petraeus' biographer with benefits Paula Broadwell; it refers to Selling your Soul. Julius Caesar recognized the influence of the Druids over the population  as Judges, Priests, Government and Teaching. Once you Cross the Rubicon, there is no turning back; Welcome to the Holtel California. "You can check in anytime, but you can never leave". Feinberg's DynCorp ultimately receives financing through the US Treasury where Goldman Sachs, Hollywood Movie Producer, Skull & Bones Satanist Steven Mnuchin, Trump's Sec of Treasury is perched. GW Bush Comptroller, BoozAllenHamilton, War College Professor, Talmudic Rabbi Dov Zakheim lost $2.3T from DOD coffers just before 9/11/2001; Obama's DOD  is missing $6.5T; now we know where to look for the missing loot.
      Churchill said "Never let a disaster go to waste"; David Rockefeller said "All we need is the right disaster to usher in the New World Order"; ever wonder how the centegenarian obtained 7 heart transplants? Kissinger said "Soldiers are dumb stupid animals to be used as cannon fodder in our wars"; Veteran means "Beast of Burden" Hitler and Stalin harvested slave labor, assets and gold fillings. FDR engaged most of the US population into the War effort, and even coerced everyone to give up their gold. Pol Pot added blood harvesting; these men are the heroes of "The Family" leader Doug Coe teaching Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Dan Coats and Jeff Sessions. During the Vietnam War (Jesuit Cardinal Francis Spellman ran "Spelly's War") and Operation Phoenix caskets of deceased soldiers passed through Customs at Dover AFB filled with Heroin; today DynCorp just removes and markets the $Multi-million organs on the Red Market and replaces them with Heroin. DynCorp gives new meaning to "We are regarded as sheep for the slaughter" eh? 
    DAESH (Nation of Islam in Levant) is not Muslim in the slightest; it is Canaanite; "Kahn Baal" Canaanite Priests have taught Cannibalism (named for them) since the Flood. ISIS encourages Sex with enslaved women and consumption of human flesh. DynCorp handles Police Contracts, encouraging gang rape and the intentional spread of disease. DynCorp produces Bio-weapons, engineered Virusus and Vaccines, tested in places like Haiti. SOUTHCOM and NATO were conducting a 10,000 person Haitain Relief Drill in Miami when the Earthquake hit; as happens so often, the "Drill" went live. The only radio station in Port au Prince to contunue broadcasting had "Welcome to the Hotel California" playing over and over during the day; this a reference to initiation in the Church of Satan.  UN Peacekeepers exposed to Cholera sent their waste into rivers feeding Port au Prince causing the still ongoing Cholera epidemic. Red Cross (Rec Cross was the Knight Templar Symbol used in Christopher Columbus who landed in Hispaniola (Haiti-Dominican Republic) Note the same logo used by Alpha Romeo is the Crowned Serpent eating a man next to the Red Cross.
       Red Cross Hospital Ship "Comfort" makes round trips to Haiti with doctors harvesting human organs. "Mercy" operates in the Pacific, both converted Super-tankers. Atlantic Mercy is scheduled to be deployed July 2017, the world's largest and fastest Hospital Ship by far. From Haiti to ports like Miami or Jacksonville Fla on Hospital Ships, Cruise Ships or Corporate Chartered Flex Jets destined for Midway Airport in Chicago or Allliance Airport in Ft Worth for example, filed under anonymous Flight Plans using random number "Dot Com" callsigns with no public manifests or N Numbers showing up on Flight Tracker, Flight Aware type sites. "" was approved of course by Immigration and Customs and Dept of Homeland Security; similar in respects to Fast Pass Customs of Trucks from Mexico to the US on the NAFTA Super-highway.

$337 per pint of blood that keeps on reproducing itself. Blood farming: siphoning blood from prisoners before execution is nothing new, Pol Pot built his Kmer Rouge on siphoned blood.
$23,000 per gram of Bone Marrow; the average male human body contains 3000G of Bone Marrow; what? didn't know your bones were worth $70M dead?  
$12,400 per Egg every IVF cycle; 5000 ovulations makes a woman quite valuable. Add in Cord Blood from the Umbilical Cord and Stem Cells fertile women become living gold mines.
$262,000 per Kidney, the most popular body part.
$24,000 per Cornea
$997,000 for a Heart
$200,000 per Lung
$557,000 for a Liver
$10/Sq In Skin@3000Sq In.

        Harvest  of Human Cattle from Orphanage to Grave begins with Disasters or War. Kleptocrat Mass Murderers minstered to by "The Family" (Abraham Vereide-Doug Coe) like Pol Pot, Mao Tse Tung, Ho Chi Minh, Hitler, Stalin, Eisenhower, Truman, Clinton, Bush X2, Trump are taught to believe in Prosperity (Trump's Prosperity Adviser is Paula White; Esau is prophesied to live off the "Fatness of the Earth" Gen 27:40KJV). In the Middle Ages it was "Divine right of Kings" that drove the Satanic harvest; the Elite believe God chose them to lead "The People"; that's true, but as Dan 4:17 states God chooses the "Basest of Men" to lead ie Morally Corrupt. The "Elite" then teach or economically force the young join serve their country, usually by joining their Military; BlackWater trains the war, police, torture tactics. War soon follows, both sides financed by the "Elite". "Soldiers are dumb stupid animals used as cannon fodder in our wars" Henry Kissinger
    George Soros (Grigori Schwartz) starts the Color Revolutions such as Arab Spring getting one side to fight the other; WWIII will be Islam Versus Zionism. 
     War is followed by the Red Cross, Red Crescent, Doctors without Borders, DynCorp "White Helmets", USAID, DynCorp trained UN "Peace Keepers" etc testing Viruses, Vaccines or Organ Harvesting who sell the human war booty. Eg UN Peacekeepers are responsible for the Haitain Cholera epidemic. UN Secretary Gen Kofi Annon pilfered $2B in the UN "Oil for Food" Program.  

     Halliburton and DynCorp follow up to train Police and New Military, rebuilding and stripping the physical assets like Oil. DynCorp trained the Kosovo Liberation Army, Bosnia Police and Chechen Terrorists made of Gangsters, Thugs and Terrorist Patsies eg Boston Marathon.
     Currency Devalutation comes next; Grinding Poverty creates the need for Cash crops like Coca or Opium which soon follow, such as in Afghanistan where 96% of the world's Heroin is grown, produced and marketed mainly through Turkey. Iran-Contra for example traded Weapons for Drugs; Mormon Mitt Romney laundered most of the profits stashing them in offshore accounts called "Marvelous Investments" with partners Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. Qadaffi had to go because the US propped up Dictator began developing free Water and Oil for his own country; his asset forfeiture resulted in an estimated $265B.  
     DynCorp began as a Government Contractor owned by Veritas Capital  the same time "The Gathering" and "The Family" began; Jehovah's Witness Dwight Eisenhower warned of the Military-Industial Complex tied to Government as DynCorp was born. Shortly after, DynCorp 
EAST (Eagle Aviation and Service Tech; also refers to worship of the Rising Sun in the East "Lucifer" )began running weapons for Methodist Rev Oliver North to the Nicaraguan Contras in exchange for Drugs flown on Dyn Corp managed aircraft. DynCorp manages the Military-Industrial Complex

DynCorp Aviation flies Defoliant Missions in Ecuador and Columbia, a modern day Air America spraying Agent Orange to displace local population, asset siezure, elimination of competition, control of food supply, creating disease, testing vaccines; a class action suit is currently in Federal Court aginst DynCorp.  
DynCorp handles Flight Support and Training including AF-1 Fleet of Planes and Helicopters, Operations Support, Intelligence and Maintenance.
DynCorp handles IT (Information Technology) for the HUD (Housing and Urban Development); 7th Day Adventist, "The Family" initiate Ben Carson is Trump's HUD Secretary. JCON (Joint Consolidated Office Network) is a Network of CON's just like CONAIR another DynCorp Contract used for Extraordinary Rendition. CON means Priest; the first Solar Priests contrary to God were Kon-Torrs; the DynCorp of the post-Flood world.
DynCorp handles Asset Forfeiture for HUD with "The Family" initiates Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Treasury Dept Skull & Bones Satanist/Hollywood producer Steven Mnuchin.
DynCorp RICO (Racketerring) Suit currently in court alleges conspiracy with the DOD in Peonage, Slavery, Child Sex Trafficking and Pornography Production
DynCorp handles IT Databases for the FBI, DEA, State Dept, DOJ, IRS, SEC, CIA, HUD and E-Mail servers for the FBI, CIA and HUD. Covering up Government corruption is the job of DynCorp.
DynCorp Asset Siezure and accounting is done through SAIC and PROMIS and Palantir Software Programs. Ultimately the world's assets are Accounted under the aegis of the City of London Corp "Square Mile"; a Sovereign Territory, Court and Temple Church (Bodies are the New Covenant Temples), Magna Carta (Man's Laws) behind the Temple Bar in London which control the "Power"; US Military projects the "Power" from the Sovereign Territory of Washington DC and the Pentagon. The SPIRITUAL authority comes from the Jesuit controlled Vatican; a Jesuit Pope controlling the Knights of Malta, Jesuit controlled Opus Dei and Jesuit Superior General over Freemasonry and Knights of Columbus. Satan has no authority over your Soul unless you provide it; Just Say No.
    DynCorp Money Laundering is accomplished using MAFIA tactics; Concrete, Waste, Hotels built by corrupted contractors eg. Hyatt (Church of Satan High Priestess Penny Pritzker), Marriott (Mormon Church), Hilton.
    Dyn means "Power" Donald Trump told us on Inauguration Day he was giving "Power to the People"; a line straight out of "Dark Knight Rises" said by Bane in Wall St. In the movie Dr Strange "Through Magick we harness Energy to shape reality" Superbowl 51 in NRG Stadium ie Energy Stadium   Jesus said, Wherever the Carcase is Eagles will gather; now you know why He said that.

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