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                            Christmas: Sacrifice of Jesus Christ
            Birth of Baal Berith "Lord of the Fir Tree Covenant"

Image result for pope benedict as santaImage result for babylonian christmas picturesImage result for babylonian christmas picturesImage result for babylonian christmas picturesImage result for babylonian christmas picturesImage result for babylonian christmas picturesImage result for babylonian christmas picturesImage result for picture of yalda tree 2000bc Related image
      God ordained 7 Holy Feasts aka Holidays: Passover, Feast of Unleavened Bread, Feast of First Fruits, Pentecost, Trumpets, Atonement and Tabernacles. Satan invented all the others in every religion. Christmas means  "Sacrifice of Jesus Christ and Consumption (Mass) of the Host (Eucharist)"
     The Christ (Messiah) born on Christmas is Saturn, Marduk, Zeus, Osiris, Horus, Attis, Krishna, Dionysus, Mithra, Attis, Hercules, Dionysus, Tammuz, Adonis, Balder, Huitzilopochli, Apollo, Sol, all names of Lucifer/Satan the "Rising Sun" and Unconquered Sun "Solis Invicti" not Jesus. Isis means "Throne"; Isis is the "Black Virgin" presenting the Antichrist, the son of Saturn, born on Dec 25; in Egypt Dec 25 "Going forth of Wadjet"
     In Egypt, the "Going forth of the Wadjet" (Green One) on Dec 25 honored the Black Virgin/Creatrix of the World giving birth to Horus.
     Krampus the movie was released coincident with CERN attempting to create "Shadow Matter" on Krampusnacht; in 2015 pretty coincidental eh? Old Nick, Old Nikkar, Ruprecht, Certa, Perchten, Black Peter, Schmutzli, Pelznickel are all names for the Shadow of St Nicholas; no surprise as CERN (Cernunnos=Horned One) is attempting to create Dark Matter or Shadow Matter, the Anti-matter companion of the God Particle this week.
     Jesus was born Feast of Tabernacles (Lk 1), Jesus was a "Young Child" (Mat 1) 1 1/2 years old in Egypt when the "Wise Men" arrived in Bethlehem and was 33 1/2 at His Passover Crucifixion (14 Abib/Nisan) and Resurrection 3 days later on Feast of First Fruits (17 Abib/Nisan).
     British means B'Rith=Birthright Covenant. British imposter (Germanic ie of Japheth-Gomer-Saxon descent) Prince William, born on June 21, 1982, son of Diana (Goddess of Witchcraft), 1000th Knight in the Order of the Garter (Witch's Belt) turns 33 1/2 on Dec 21, 2015. The Order founded by the Chaldean Bankers around Norman Bastard  King William the Conqueror in 1066 created the Doomsday Book, an accounting of lands owned by the Crown; today the Crown claims most of Earth's resource wealth. Antichrist? I doubt that, but stay alert. Messianic Islam is awaiting the arrival of al-Mahdi; 7th Day Adventists such as Ben Carson eagerly await the return of "Christ"; Israelis await a Messiah, Jesus said would come in his own name and be accepted.
      The origins of Hanukkah are not of God. Syrians turned the 2nd Temple into Zeus Capitolina (Womb of Zeus); Judah Maccabee (Maccabee means Hammer of God) defeated the Syrian army, cleansed the altar of Pig's Blood and re-dedicated the Temple on 25 Kislev; 1 day of Oil miraculously burned for 8 days and this Maccabean/Inter-testament (Between Testimonies of God) BS became Hanukkah (Feast of Dedication/Festival of Lights). The Hanukkah Menorah has 8 Branches surrounding the sun-god Shamash.  
    Santa is the Hittite "God of the West" and has 8 Reindeer because Jesus represents the 8th and final Covenant between Man and God aka "New Covenant"; Rudolph is a 20th century addition representing the 9th Reindeer. The Red Nose is Edom given "Dominion" (Sovereign Authority to Rule Earth) in Gen 27:40 KJV.
    Santa is derived from the Nicolaitane (Conquer the Laity) St Nicholas of Myra, a Nordic Shaman bringing Entheogen (God Within) Amenita Mushrooms to those deemed "Good" while his shadow Krampus, the son of Hel brings terror. 
    Amenita Muscaria Mushrooms rise at Dawn (Lucifer=Phosphorus= Light Bringer=Dawn) from the roots of Evergreen Trees in the Earth in Snakelike fashion; sprout a Round Head (Zodiac=Circle of Heaven); curl upward at the edges to collect the Dew (Soma or Nectar of the sun god) and ultimately invert to form a Cup ie "Holy Grail".
      During the Inter-testament "Silent Period", Feast of Dedication aka Festival of Lights was born; God did not ordain the Holy Day, Satan did. The Illuminated Tree topped by a Star (STUR is Chaldean for Star of Molech/Chiun) decorated with Ornaments (Sacrifices); Presents (Entheogens) at its base/roots and Tinsel (Dew of Heaven aka Semen of the sun god) were warned of by Jeremiah (Jer 10). Take note of Santa's Red Suit, Rudolph's Red Nose, Red and White Amenita Muscaria and Esau's blessing in Gen 27:40 KJV to live off "fatness of the Earth" (Wealthy), "by the Sword" (Killing) the "Dew of Heaven" (Priests); Christmas and Hanukkah are Edomite Holy Days.
    Gen 27:39-41 KJV is Reversed in every New Bible version. It is the most important scripture to understand in my opinion because the roles of Esau and Jacob are reversed. The blessing came from God, not the old age blinded Isaac. Esau is prophesied to live off the fatness of the earth (Wealthy), by the Sword (They will all die by the Sword Ref Obadiah) and from the Dew of Heaven from above (Shaman/Priests/Imam/Rabbis) Priests offering Communion is Blasphemous and brings upon the person the Guilt/Curse of the Crucifixion (Ref 1 Cor 11:27-29).
    Jesus is the Word made Flesh; Eating the Flesh of the God in Hallucinogenic Mushrooms doesn't cut it. The Talmud says "Jesus is the son of a whore, writhing in Hell in His own boiling excrement". Jesus was Jewish, the Talmud and it's Rabbis are not Jewish, but Chaldean-Edomite. 
    The Word of God states "All Liars shall have their part in the Lake of Fire and Brimstone" Esau achieves "Dominion" not Jacob. When Esau obtains this Dominion he will slay his brother Jacob. The House of Jacob is everyone on Earth in a Spiritual relationship with God. 
    God hates Esau (Mal 1:3; Rom 9:13) and God hates Nicolaitane Doctrine (Elevated Clergy; Rev 2:6;15) becvause they are one in the same. Your Priest and Rabbi are Nicolaitane Edomites.
 Esau rejected God and became Edom (Red or Adam as Adam was made from the Earth; they are also called Earth Dwellers in Rev 13) Jacob Wrestled with God and became Israel; this has nothing to do with the Edomite forgery called the nation of Israel. 
     Amalek is a grandson of Esau; "The LORD will have war with Amalek from Generation to Generation" (Ex 17:16) because they teach others to Reject God and Sell their Birthright as they did. Where? In Church of course! Jesus collects no Tithing; Wolves in Sheep's Clothes do. Nobody on Earth is authorized to collect Tithing in the New Covenant.
    Real Israel (Israel means "One who wrestles with God") are scattered all across the world; the Babylonian imposters "Wolves in Sheep's Clothes" listed in 2 Ki 17:30 are in Israel and Jerusalem today under the Star of Molech between 2 Blue Stripes representing the Nile and Euphrates Rivers in a Sea of White. Jesus refers to Jerusalem as "Spiritually Sodom and Egypt" in Rev 11:8 for this reason. Obadiah states plainly, none of the House of Esau will remain alive at the second coming. Desperation doesn't even begin to describe their plight, which is why they Drug us and feed us full of Bull Shit.
    Rudolph (Wolf of Fame and Glory and or Ruddy) leads Donnar (Thor=Thunder) and 7 others pulling Santa (Satan), guided by a Shiny Red (Esau rejected God and became Edom=Red) Nose to the Red light District full of Whores of Babylon (Gate of Osiris/Odin). Sharia and Noahide Law enforces the Luciferian Initiation and mandates rejection of Jesus Christ. "Nobody shall enter the New Age unless he or she accepts a Luciferian Initiation" UN Planetary Initiative. Allah is the moon god of Mecca; Mecca (Mechus) means Adultery, the penalty for Adultery is rejection from the Wedding of the Lamb (Rev 19:7) and banishment to Hell for eternity. No this is not meant to be funny, it's a warning to get out of Babylon! 
   Jesus was born on Feast of Tabernacles (15 Tishrei). Hanukkah replaces the 7 Branched Candlestick (Jesus between 2 Thieves=6 uplifted arms around Jesus, hanging on 1 Tree) Moses constructed in favor of a man-made 8 and 9 Branch Hanukkah Menorah; the center candle replaces Jesus with Shamash the Canaanite/Amorite Sun god. 
     The Nativity Scene is Dies Natalis Solis Invictus (Nativity of the Un-conquered Sun) The Wise Men arrived in Bethlehem when Jesus was 18 months old and in Egypt; Edomite King Herod died after ordering the "Slaughter of Innocents" Passover 4 BC; Jesus was born Feast of Tabernacles 6 BC and Circumcised of the Flesh on the 8th Day of Tabernacles.
    Constantine the Great or rather his Druid (Men of Trees) princess (Daughter of Old Druid King Coelus the Merry Old Soul) mother Helena (Helene means Free; Helen of Troy may ring a Baal) adopted the Solar Solstice as Christmas 300 years after the Crucifixion. The 3rd Temple of God is the Flesh of Born Again Christians; "Howbeit the most high dwelleth not in Temples made with hands" God dwells in cleansed and re-dedicated "Born Again" Men and Women raising their innocent children to know the LORD is JESUS.
    The Chi-Rho symbol is the Labarum. Chi=Serpent Messiah or Phyre (Phyre seen in the Mitre of Dagan worn by false Christian Solar Priests of Mithra) Energy; Rho=Royal or To Produce. XP, the first 2 letters in the Green rendering of Christ became X-Mass; nothing more than the symbol of a Deer shedding Antlers, a Snake (Serpent) shedding its Skin or the Sun (Sol) descending and rising each year as Solis Invictus (Unconquered Sun) rising from the Sea. Rosicrucian Martin Luther brought the Christmas Tree to the Heathen (Earth) Holiday. America even adopted the Evergreen Tree as its first Flag, followed closely by the coiled Serpent Flag still in use by the Masonically created T (Tammuz) Party. Tammuz is the reason the Glory of the LORD departed Solomon's Temple; if you want God in your life burn the Tree!
     Christmas is Heathen nonsense (Read Col 3:5) Krampusnacht (Krampen=Claw) is Dec 6 in 2015 Dec is also Hanukkah. St Lucia (Bride of Lucifer) is  Dec 13. Saturnalia is Dec 17. Yule Goat aka Krampus is Dec 25; Wassail means "Going Yule Goat". Jan 6 "Epiphany or 3 Kings Day" also has nothing to do with Jesus. Wise Men (Medean Magi) arrived 1 1/2 years after His birth on Feast of Tabernacles in the Spring of 4 BC; He was in Egypt with His parents then, not in a Manger in Bethlehem at Hanukkah. Todays 9 Branch Menorah replaces Jesus with Shamash (Sun); about as Blasphemous as it can get; put one on top of your Christmas Tree (Grove) is you really insist on trying God's patience! Or NOT!!
                                               Amenita Muscaria Mushrooms 
     Fly Agaric is the Egyptian Flesh of Osiris and Druid Holy Mushroom of Adonis, the son of the Sun god called "Adonai". Red and White Mushrooms are collected under Pine Trees in Winter. Conceived on March 25 (Rabbits don't lay eggs at Easter; Rabbit Idol is the Horite god Anammelech 2 Ki 17:30) and born 9 months later, the baby mushrooms asexually (Immaculately) emerge from the Pine Needles, connected to Evergreen Tree roots as a baby from the Womb connected to its mother. The Mushrooms leave a hole resembling a Bird's Nest (China Beijing Olympic Stadium "Bird's Nest" may ring a Baal here) or Rabbit Hole (Matrix movies may ring a Baal; Blue Pill go back to sleep; Red Pill, head down the Rabbit Hole). Bird's Nest full of Easter (Ishtar) Eggs ringing a Baal here? The basket of course is the Reed Basket Moses floated down the Nile as an infant or Sargon the Great was said to have done in the Euphrates to become "Legitimate King". Aryans await Sargon III will breathless anticipation.
    Colored Eggs denoted Initiated Level among Druids; the Golden Egg symbolizes the Archdruid. The mythical King Arthur's father Uther Pendragon was a Druid Archbishop or Pendragon, the head of the Knights/Initiates of the Round Table aka Astrological Zodiac.
      No shock effect intended, but the symbol of the budding baby mushrooms symbolize "Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost" ie rejection of Jesus as Word in Flesh, Holy Ghost and God in Flesh. The mushroom represents "Luciferian Initiation" and Circumcision, the symbol of the Old Covenant, of which Jesus referred to John the Baptist as the Greatest of the Old yet less than any in the New Covenant. The term Johnnitter (Knights of St John, Hospitallers or Soveriign Military Order of Malta should ring a Baal as many of US Military Brass, Congress and Cabinet are Initiated Satanists.
      Education means Bring Up or Rear; Sodomy is called "Satan's Sex" and serves as the Initiation into Luciferian Cults the world over because it is said to activate the lower Chakra at the base of the spine in Kundalini. Jesuit Sodomite Priest Paul Shanley wrote "Sex before 8 or its too late". In a subltle way, we do this with Easter and Christmas. 
     Egyptian Pillars are constructed as Mushrooms aka "Flesh of the Gods". Hydrogen combines to form Helium "He". Jesus told the Pharisees "I Am He" and was "Hung on the Tree" for it. He is Jesus' title, meaning "God is with me"; Fusing Hydrogen molecules results in a Mushroom Cloud. Gnostics believe the Soul will not be Judged by Jesus, but rather Liberated from Earthly bodies; the Liberty Cap, Cap of Mithra or Smurf Cap came about. Thinking Cap ringing a Baal; it is also a Sleeping Cap. Care for a Night Cap? Time to Wake Up folks! Psilocybin Mushrooms grow in Cow Dung; Holy Shit is right; they grow Blue upon drying, hence Hathor is a Blue Cow and Smurfs are Blue. Dumbo is a Blue Flying Elephant because the mushrooms grow in SE Asia in Elephant Dung; hence the Elephant and Cow are revered in many parts of the world. 
    Pharaoh wore a headdress with a Snake and Bird exiting the Pine Cone shaped Pineal Gland because Chaldean Priests of On (Osiris) convinced him/her they were the incarnation of Osiris on Earth. Her? Yup, Hatshepsut was cross dressing Pharaoh of the Exodus not Ramses II; the Battle of Qadesh "Holy Cow" with the Hittites occurred in 1279 BC; the Exodus in 1492 BC. The 2014 rendition of Exodus: Gods and Kings is chocked full of Holy Bull Shit. Christian Bale/Baal as Moses? Come on it's not that difficult folks! The Pineal Gland is the 3rd Eye seen on the $US as the Capstone of the Pyramid (Amid the Flames). When America dies, the Great Tribulation begins.
       Outside the Vatican are Pine Cone Pillars. Orthodox and Roman Catholic Priests use Pine Cone Sprinklers for "Holy Water" (Salt and Spit or Urine if you are fully Babylonian). Saint Pope John Paul II went so far as carrying the "Twisted Crucifix" adorned with the Pine Cone used by Pagans to rejoice in the Crucifixion and Death of God. Pine Cones produce Initiates of the Tree Cult; Initiated by Illumination of the Pineal Gland with Serpent Energy. Hilarious isn't it? Easter is also known as Hilaria; Druids ride Hobby Horse Asses on Easter as the Mock King or Holi Fool just for Shits and Gigs.
     The US adopted the Evergreen Tree as it's first Ensign (Flag); the same Ensign ius in Lebanon (Phoenicia) and Qatar. It is no coincidence Evergreen Airlines has a worldwide no-bid contract for Geo-Engineering using Chemtrail Spraying. The Evergreen is the Palm in Arab Nations. Lebanon is Laban meaning "To Make White"; Hezbullah are Aryan Nazis.
      Laban and Jacob separated their flocks by color/imperfections which is the "Racist". There is one Race of Man, and Woman made from Man; Black, Red, Yellow, Brown or White are all made in God's image. Funny how the colors of Maize are adopted by Baal, the Corn God as imperfect. The entire world struggles against this monstrous "Racist" lie.  
      Nordic Shaman dressed in Red and White reflect the Mushrooms and Red Lodge in Masonry ie Initiates or Porch Brethren from the White Lodge (Cathar Priests were called Perfecti meaning Sinless; the Illuminati is the Order of Perfectibillists or Theraputae of Alexandria Egypt)  aka Great White Brotherhood or Aryans (Iran=Aryan) "Noble Caste". 
     Santa is White because Jesus is falsely depicted White in the West. Santa is Bearded as Jesus is falsely depicted because Zeus aka Green Man is Bearded. Santa's sack contains hallucinogenic mushrooms (same concept as Marijuana aka Mary Jane, Hashish used by Assassins aka Hashishin, Peyoti, Psilocybin etc), hence presents are left under Illuminated Evergreen Trees. They grow during Winter; Shaman descend the Smoke Hole (Chimney) and dry them on the Hearth to eliminate toxins and enhance their Hallucinogenic properties. Children are taught to offer a Cookie and Milk (Body and Blood of the Host Sacrifice) with the threat Krampus will Curse them. Christmas in means Sacrifice and Consumption of the Body of the Host/Messiah) Nothing sparks up Holiday "Holy Day" cheer like Cannibalism of Jesus eh?  Novices drink the Urine of Shaman, hence the term "Pissed" means "Drunk" as in Drunk with the Wine of Fornication with this "Whore of Babylon". Eating these "Entheogens" (God Within) produces Euphoria, hence Flying Reindeer (or Dumb Elephants) and Ruddy (Flushed) Complexion of Santa (Satan) Claus (Krampus=Claws). 
    Reindeer drop antlers each year as the Snake sheds skin, hence they rejuvenate (synthetic Re-birth) annually and symbolize Cernunnos aka Green Man "Horned One"; Shaman wear Horned Headdresses for this reason. The origin is China (China=Sina=Sin or Wilderness=Cathay=Sons of Heth or Hittites) where Sha Man means "Illuminated One" or Buddha. Siddhartha Guatama aka Buddha is the Pillar, Pole or Axis (Ibn Sayyid Qutb coined the tern Al-Qaeda "Foundation" in 1966 "Year One Satan); Qutb the term used by Dervish Ascetics; similar to Kagan by Aryans; Supreme Court Justice, Sodomite, Obama Solicitor General and Obama mentor Elena Kagan may ring a Baal here. Lazar Kaganovich, another who manufactured Stalin's Gulag system responsible for the deaths of a 100 million persons. 
    Aryans (Iran means Aryan) believe God is White and made Man White in His image and likeness; the term "Racial Purity" or "Ethnic Cleansing" may ring a Baal here. Their symbol "Swastika" adopted by Nazis is the Broken Sun Wheel; the goal is to repair Earth to conditions of the Garden of Eden. 
    This time of year is Holy to Earth Dwellers as the Sun Rises from the Sea each year Unconquered as "Solis Invictus"; Priests from Roman to Orthodox wear the Flame Shape Mitre of Sol/Mithra and unsuspecting Christians put the Labrys (Fish Symbol of the Phoenican fisher King) on their car bumpers. Druids (Men of Oaks/Trees) gathered Holly, and offered Solstice sacrifices in Thor's Oaks, using the Holly Wood to make their Wands.
   Hollywood is named for this Druid Propaganda apparatus; no Hollywood is not Jewish. Think Big Curved TV screen are neat? Just wait for Operation Blue (Blue Lodge=Blue Smurf) Beam sends pictures and sound on the World's largest TV Screen "Ionosphere". "Ion Television: Positively Entertaining" ringing a Baal here? Lighting takes an Ionized Path to Earth; Nazi Lightning Bolts ringing a Baal?
    Good Friday is Holy Bull Shit just like Lent or Advent. Jesus was Crucified on 14 Abib/Nisan  "Passover" on Wednesday (Wotan's Day); laid in and remained in the Sepulchre 15 Abib "Feast of Unleavened Bread" on Thursday (Thor's Day) and Friday (Freya's Day), and was Resurrected on 17 Abib "Feast of First Fruits" on Saturday (Saturn's Day). 
     Thor is the son of Odin/Woden/Wotan who is guided by the counsel of 2 birds; Divine Language is Language of Birds; Hugin and Munin with Odin, like Santa or Osiris are pulled across the sky in a Chariot with the same period as the Sun. Shaman dressed in Red and White to mimic the hallucinogenic mushrooms; the time of year around the Solar Solstice and birth of Mithra made them appear as "Entheogens"   (God within). Santa's Sleigh is the Big Dipper aka Ursa Major (Great Bear=Russia), guided by Arcturas  the Bear Guard. 
    Arcturas is King Arthur, King of Britain=B'Rith=Birthright Covenant=Esau=King Arthur. The Sword in the Stone? Amenaita Mucaria Mushrooms exiting the Earth, plucked and eaten by Initiates of the Solar Cult. Lancelot is Arthur's champion Knight; Why? He committed Adultery with his wife Guinevere. Why a Sword? Excalibur (Voracious) is the Magical Sword ie Magic Mushroom of the "One True King" who becomes this only after committing Adultery with his master. Jesus is the Stone the builders rejected. Arcturas encircles the Pole Star in 24 Hrs, hence Santa is "Ubiquitous" (Everywhere) and Omnipotent (All Knowing). This symbol and slogan is on CFR Magazine "Foreign Affairs" because Santa is not the Christian God, but a Foreign god called "Green Man"; al-Kidr in Arabic or al-Mahdi may ring a Baal. 
   In Nordic lore, Thor (Son of Odin or Wotan) rides on a chariot pulled by Goats (Jesus is the Scapegoat of Lev 16:8-10); Santa rides in a Sleigh pulled by Reindeer, one of whom is Donnar aka Thor led by the Red (Edomite) Nose. 
                      God has this to say about Solstice celebrations
    "Thus saith the LORD, Learn not the way of the heathen...the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe. They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not. They are upright as the palm tree but speak not...Be not afraid of them; for they cannot do evil neither also is it in them to do good" Jer 10:2-5

"Ye observe days, and months, and times, and years. I am afraid of you, lest I have bestowed upon you labour in vain" Gal 4:10-11
                                                         Biblical Proof Luke 1

    "Zecharias, of the course of Abia (8th 8 day Temple Service in June) soon as the days of his ministration were accomplished, he departed to his own house. And after those days his wife Elisabeth conceived (Nativity of St John is June 24th), and hid herself five the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent from God (Hanukkah/Festival of Lights December 24th, 6 months after Elizabeth conceived John the Baptist)...Nazareth, To a virgin espoused to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of David, and the virgin's name was Mary...the Lord is with thee (Jesus is LORD)...thou shalt conceive in thy womb and ...shalt call his name JESUS...thy cousin Elisabeth ...also conceived a son in her old age: and this is the sixth month with her, who was called barren...when Elisabeth heard the salutation of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb; and Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost.
A decree from Caesar Augustus, that all the world should be taxed (Fiscal Year is September-October)...when Cyrenius was governor of Syria...Joseph also went...out of the city of Nazareth...into the city of be taxed with Mary his espoused wife, being great with child...while they were there, the days were accomplished that she should be delivered (Feast of Tabernacles 15 Tishrei or 29 Sept). And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn (Tabernacles was a large Feast)...there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night (Shepherds bring their flocks out of the mountains by October)....and when eight days (8 Days of Tabernacles) were accomplished for the circumcising of the child (Jesus fulfilled the Ole Covenant Law) , his name was called JESUS" Luke 1 Mat 1:25 JESUS=JAH (Ps 68:4KJV)=JEHOVAH (Ex 6:3KJV)

    Hanukkah means "Feast of Dedication" aka "Festival of Lights", lasting 8 days. The Arab word for Sun is Shamash (Sham means Sun) which also means Fraud, Hoax or Trick  God ordained 7 Holy Feasts Passover, Unleavened Bread, First Fruits, Pentecost, Trumpets, Atonement and Tabernacles, the latter representing the birth of Jesus Christ lasted 8 days because He is the 8th Covenant between God and Man. The 9 Branch Hanukkah Menorah surrounds Shamash "Sun". Project 911 in Beit Shemesh (House of the Sun) near Jerusalem is an underground, radiation hardened bunker financed by US taxpayers to house people when Lucifer is cast to Earth at Rev 9:11. Jesus will destroy this and every other work of Man 18 months, 1 Week and 1 Day later.
    Nazar means "Sanctify one's self in service to God"; Nazarene means "From Nazareth"; Nazarites such as Samson or John the Baptist have nothing to do with being a Nazarene like Jesus Christ. Bethlehem Mayor Victor Batarseh began Christmas festivities today by lighting the Christmas Tree and commemorating the Wise Men witnessing the star over the birth of the Prince of Peace on Dec 25th; that too has nothing to do with Jesus Christ; rather it is "Sol Invictus".
    "Thus saith the LORD, Learn not the way of the heathen...For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with an axe. They deck it with silver and with gold..." Jer 10:2-4 Perhaps it is written in the 10th chapter because December means "Tenth" as does "Tithe"; what Tithe? Christ=Messiah; Mass=Sacrifice and consumption of a suitable host.
     Jeremiah warned against Saturnalia aka Sol Invictus celebrations at the fall of Jerusalem; hence, after the Crucifixion, Jesus refers to Jerusalem as "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt" in Rev 11:8. During the Inter-testament period, Hanukkah rose from the 2nd Temple period when God was silent (Silent Night? Oh yeah; Holy Night? Absolutely not); Macabbees cleansed the altar where a pig had been slain and re-dedicated it on 25 Kislev, but God was not there, having departed to heaven as described in Eze 8 by the same route He would take in flesh. The date was chosen because it was 2160 years after Sargon the Great had been declared "Legitimate King" in Babylon as Taurus gave way to Aries; now Aries was giving way to Pisces; soon Phoenician/Nabataean "Fish" (Labrys) symbols would be accepted by Gnostics such as Nazarenes, Ebionites, Essenes (Dead Sea Scrolls), Theraputae (Nag Hamadi texts by Philo and Origen) and slowly infused into Judaism and Christianity with the Hexagram, Cross (Tau), and Tree, all pagan symbols.
    What separates a Gnostic from a Born Again Christian is the Divinity of Jesus Christ; Gnostics desire Freedom (Hellenes) and Liberty (Libertines) from God. Nazarene texts like the "Gospel of Q" (Q=Quelle "Source") and "Gospel of the Hebrews" declare Jesus to be a Wise Sage, Ascended or Evolved Master or Avatar, not God in Flesh. Jesus is however "Alpha";  "Melchisedek", author of the Abrahamic Covenant, authority of King David and the flesh who sprang from Judah to author the New Covenant (ref Gen 14:8; Ps 110; Heb 7). He instructed Moses to construct a 7 branched candlestick because He would be Crucified between 2 thieves and nailed to the Tree. The 8 branched Menorah like Hanukkah and Christmas (Purim as well) are Gnostic additions to God's plan, Consecrated with His physical blood and that of His followers. The New Covenant is a Spiritual Covenant; Time to separate from these heathen ways and become Holy, the Ekklesia Church Jesus established. 

                                              Festival of Lights
Jesus was born on Feast of Tabernacles; Sol is born on Festival of Lights. The Santa Claus story began in Mesopotamia shortly after the Flood; the Vernal Equinox sunrise transitioned from Taurus to Aries (Supreme Ram, Lamb, Spring) as Sargon the Great (2382BC-2327BC) was pronounced "Legitimate King" of Akkad. A myth was attached to Sargon; born to a fallen priestess of Azupia (location of Babylon; the name signifies game tables, cards, chess, or dice) who broke her vow of chastity to remain a virgin (precuror to Vestal Virgins); the child Sargon (Legitimate King) is found in a basket (Bari means Boat, Barge or Basket; Malcolm X took the name Mallik El Shabazz where Malik=Moloch; El=Phoenician creator; Shah=Persian/Aryan King; Azz=Royal Eagle=Oz; Eagle the symbol of Esau; Malcolm=Milcom the Ammonite god and X the symbol of the Egyptian Osiris) made of dirt and pitch floating down the Euphrates River by a shepherd named Aggi "Water Bearer". Exodus 1 describes Pharoah ordering 1st born sons cast into the Nile; this to preclude Moses, also found floating in the Nile, saving Israel from the Hyksos (Amalekite=Edomite) rulers. Rome has similar myths concerning Remus and Romulus floating in the Tiber River. Herod would later order the "Slaughter of Innocents", but Jesus had been taken to Egypt by night for protection. Zeus (White Bull), Isis, Horus, Krishna, Mithras and similar myths follow this tradition of Vernal Equinox "Conception" at First Light on Dies Solis "Sunday" and birth 9 months later at the Solar Solstice. Jesus was conceived during Feast of Dedication "Hanukkah" (Elisabeth's 6 month of pregnancy with John the Baptist) and born 9 months later at Feast of Tabernacles; Chritmas is Dies Natalis Solis Invictus "Birth of the invincinble sun". 
    Emperor Constantine rallied Christians to Osiris (Solar) worship claiming to see an "X" in the sky with the motto "In Hoc Signo Vinces" (By this sign conquer); X repreents the rising and setting points of the Solstice Sun  In 321 AD, he proclaimed Sunday "Dies Solis" a day of Christian worship. His mother Helena (Hellene means Free Stone/Foundation) changed "Tree" to "Cross" by allegedly finding pieces of 3 Crosses and 3 Nails 300 years after the Crucifixion. Jesus was however Nailed to the Tree between 2 thieves forming the 7 branched candlestick He ordered Moses to construct some 1500 years earlier; the 7th "Old Covenant" was over. Constantine's representative, St Nicholas, Bishop of Myra (Gnostic Nicolaitane; Nico=Conquer; Laitane=Laity) at the Council of Nicaea in 325AD brought the name “Nick” (To Conquer) by elevating a clergy above the laity as an intermediary between Man (Flesh) and God (Spirit) through Jesus Christ (God in Flesh). Priests, Imams and Rabbis fill these Satanic roles today. 
   The Nicholas Cult moved into Bari (Basket) Italy in 1097, replacing Pasqua Epiphania (Grandmother) with Old Nick; the filling of stockings hanging on the hearth came from Amenita Muscaria (Amen “So be it” the Egyptian creator god became Amun Ra=Supreme Sun) gathered by Nordic Shaman descending the smoke hole to dry the “Flesh of Adonis” on the hearth. Old Nick's long hair (Comets=Long Hairs; Merovingian Monarchs were called "Long Haired Monarchs"), a reversal of 1 Cor 11:14 (Jesus was neither White, nor did He have long hair), and a likely influence of the Lombards “Long Beards”, a matriarchal pagan culture united by Charlemagne with Angles, Saxons and Merovingians. These WASP's soon formed the Protestant Churches under the Rosicrucian (Order of Rose and Cross) Martin Luther and John Calvin nee Cohen, a name derived from false Samaritan Priests "Kohanim". 
  In 1809, Washington Irving (Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle) wrote the “Knickerbocker Story" using the name "Santa Claus", adding reindeer and the white beard of “Old Nikar” (Ismaelis worshipped a figure called the “Old Man of the Mountain”; same guy).
  In 1822, Union Theological Seminary's, Dr Clement Moore wrote “Twas the night before Christmas…” giving 8 reindeer led by the red (Edomite) nose and a sleigh to the story; recall the Abrahamic covenant was not take a wife of the daughters of Canaan; Ishmael and Esau disobeyed; 8 is the number associated with eternity and the 8th Covenant between God and Man through Jesus Christ "Melchisedek" (Priest of the Most High). The sleigh is none other than the solar chariot of Adonis, Attis, Horus or Mithras.
  From 1862-1886 (Sovereign Freemason Albert Pike wrote WWIII would pit Islam against Zionism around this time as well) Santa Claus cartoon images gave him his home at the North Pole and legion of Elves. Qutb means Axis; Sayyid means descendant of Quyrash Bedouins, the fake "Rebel Priests" during Moses and Aaron's day led by Korah; Sayyid Qutb originated the term Al Qaeda “Solid Foundation” ie the World Axis or Pole under the constellation "Draco" the Celestial Dragon.
   In 1931, the red suit of the Nordic Shaman, red cheeks (flushed cheeks come from hallucinogenic Amenita Muscaria mushrooms) and his fat jolly figure was added by Coca Cola and Swedish (Dec 13 is St Lucia Day "Bride of Light" in Sweden) artist Haddon Sundblom. Finally, in 1933, the year Hitler made the Reich Concordat with the Catholic Church, 330 Mason, WWII architect, FDR assigned Thanksgiving to the last Thor’s Day in November for making Christmas a month long commercial holiday.
   Sargon the Great was followed by Sargon II when Assyrians captured and replaced the 10 tribes of Israel. Sargon III will (my best guess) be proclaimed "Legitimate King" Christmas of 2012; this rider of the Pale Horse will bring presents of spiritual Death and Hell; the hallucinogenic Amenita Muscaria mushrooms "Strong Delusion" will fulfill Satan's desire to be as God, sitting on His throne in the north, his reindeer rotating the stars of heaven around the World Tree. Merry Christmas? Not on my watch.
      As a side note; on Dec 21, 2011, the CERN Large Hadron Collider using the ATLAS (Primordial Titan who supports the heavens ie the World Pillar/Tree; Atlantis "Isle of Atlas") detector claimed to have discovered its first elementary particle with a quality called "Beauty", referred to as "Chi" (Christ) represented by the Greek letter "X"; together with its Anti-quark form the "Strong Force" in the nucleus of the Atom. It's designation 63p coincidentally matches the years since Israel's "Declaration of Independence" in 1948. Why a "p"? Chi-Rho is the symbol of the Crowned Osiris.
    X-Mass is the Sacrifice and Resurrection of the sun-god going by various names such as the Egyptian Horus; Babylonian Tammuz aka Dumuzi or Dumuzi Apsu; Persian Mithras, Phrygian Attis, Greek Adonis or Hercules, Hindu/Gond Krishna, Phoenician Melqart. MLK means Lord; Moloch, Melek, Melek Taus and Marduk all means the same thing.
     Santa is the Hittite (mixed blood Canaanites/Ishmaelites/Edomites)  “God of the West”. Once a ½ goat, ½ human figure in Bohemia called “Sinterklass” or "Krampus"; he was originally introduced to the Christian Church by the Gnostic Nicolaitanes (Nico=Conquer; Laitane=Laity); this is why most “Christian” Churches have some form of Santa, Tree, Lights, Presents and Advent celebration; they are Anti-Christian. Sinterklass was then tied to the figure of St Nicholas of Myra, perhaps an influential priest for Emperor Constantine in the early 4th century. Galatians of Turkey came to be called “Boii”; Boihaemum “Home of the Boii” became Bohemia (France-Germany), Boii in Italy became Umbrians, Sabines, Etruscans, Boii in Spain were Celtiberians (Celts on Iberia) and in Brittany (Amorica) they were Druids (Bards, Ovates also). Galli were similarly eunuch priests of Attis in Galatia (Turkey); France=Gaul. Celt means “Warrior”; Bohemiam refers to persons who do not live under laws or moral customs of the land they occupy eg Gypsies or Bohemians eg Bohemian Grove in Santa Rosa “Red Saint”. God’s throne is in Heaven in the north; Satan’s throne was north of Jerusalem in Pergamos and now resides in the Berlin Museum as the “Throne of Zeus”. Santa is married, wears Red, has hordes of demon helpers, knows everyone’s thoughts, is everywhere in the world at the same time on the Solstice, is guided by a flying reindeer with a Red “Edomite” nose and he has a white beard just like the Norse god Odin or the Mayan god Quetzalcoatl. Nordic Shaman collected Hallucinogenic Red and White “Amanita Muscaria” mushrooms, using Reindeer who became intoxicated eating them, from under Evergreen Trees; they stuffed them into sacks, they descended through Smoke Holes in Village Yurts, and dried them on the Hearth; villagers consumed them as the Flesh of Adonis. Christmas and Santa have nothing whatsoever to do with Jesus.
        Christmas is Yule “Geole” and the 7th day of Saturnalia is called “Yule Tide”. “Brumalia” (Brum means shortest day) began on Nov 24th and lasted 30 days in honor of Bacchus aka Dionysus. Yule Logs are femurs of sacrifice victims, often burned in wicker effigies “Wicker Men” or sacrificed on altars at ritual sites such as Stonehenge. Their ashes and screams read to foretell the future by Druid Priests; their bones made into Celtic “Runes”. The Christmas Tree is a modern soft pedaled “Grove Ritual”. First born “Birthright” or “First Fruits” children were often the required sacrifice. The Cross of Tammuz and Egyptian “Ankh” (Cross with handle) replaced the “Tree”. 6 places where “Tree” is used in the KJV, new versions make the change to “Cross”. It’s “Tree” because Deut 21:23 specifies “Tree” not “Cross”. This “Trojan Horse” allowed an Idol to be called “Christian Cross” and the Dedication of the Temple of Saturn to become Christmas. Tammuz “Unconquered Son” became “Thor” in Bohemia; Thor’s Oaks were merely modern Oaks of Bashan (Eze 27:6) for Grove Rituals. The oaks were believed to be incarnations of Og, the giant king of the Canaanite kingdom “Bashan”. Yule essentially fertilizes the earth “Geole” with the blood of the host giving new life to the “Sol Invictus” the “Alternative or Anti-Christ”.
        Prior to the Gregorian calendar reforms, St Lucia Day “Christingle” was the solstice celebration on Dec 13th. Lucia “Queen of Light” was selected, dressed in white and red sash and attended by young boys wearing red beards. This refers back to Jacob and Laban’s Red and White Stripes “Strakes” used to breed stronger cattle (ref Gen 30:32-43). Esau chose Laban’s way to be made white; the red beards representing Esau being born Red. Some Swedes observe this today as “Little Yule”. The Red Sash, Red Beard was like the Red Rose was said to have been washed by the blood of Adonis, contained in Holly Berries and Mistletoe grown on oaks. On “Little Yule” an orange pierced by a candle represents the Light of Lucifer liberated by the Sun.
         On 25 Kislev 164 BC, Judas Maccabeas “Hammer of God” cleansed and re-dedicated the 2nd Temple in response to Antiochus Epiphanes sacrificing a pig on the altar. No random date, this being the 2160 years after the equinox sunrise precessed from from Taurus to Aries at the birth of Sargon I “Legitimate King”, now to Pisces. 2160 years later the birth of Sargon III with an possible revealing on the 2012 Christmas week.  How does one cleanse (atone) Sins against God? The same incident will be repeated when Antichrist sets up the Abomination and the result will be the same. Man cannot cleanse the Temple of the LORD; once defiled, it will be destroyed. 25 Kislev is celebrated by Talmudic Rabbis (actually Gnostics in Priest Robes) as the day 41 years after creation when Cain killed Abel and the “Chanukah Miracle” (also a lie). 1 day of oil burned 8 days beginning on 25 Kislev gave rise to Chanukah and the 9 Branched Menorah; 8 candles for 8 days surrounding the center candle “Shamash”. Had Jews recognized the 7 branched candlestick (The Law) was being Crucified (Jesus in the midst of 2 Thieves is 6 uplifted arms surrounding the Saviour) and heeded Jesus’ warning that the Pharisees were anything but Jewish, the Age of Grace would have been unnecessary. Had the world wondered why the center candle was called “Shamash”, the Assyrian sun god and Goat Idol “Ashima” of the Amorites and “men of Hamath” (Canaanites descended of incest in 2 Kings 17:30), things would be quite different. Today, if Jews would read the Words of Amos 5:26 rather than the Talmud, they would know why “Shamash” usually has a Six Pointed Star on it; it’s the Star of Moloch and Chiun (Saturn). The Chanukah Menorah is in fact the Tabernacle of Satan (Santa), serving the same purpose as the “Grove” (Christ-Mass Tree) does for undiscerning Christians. If we looked at this time of year from God’s perspective, we would toss the Tree (Grove) and Mistletoe (Branch of Adonis), toss the Menorah (8 Contracts or Saved surrounding Shamash), toss the Santa (Nordic Shaman) story, and stop lighting our homes as if the date were Feast of Tabernacles (aka Festival of Lights), the real birthday of God in flesh. The Christmas ham is a present from the Aramaean (Syrian) Antiochus; it may be wise to toss that too. Swine Flu means “Occult Pig Infestation” Christmas is much like Swine Flu in that regard.   
       Ham slept with his mother while Noah was drunk (Nakedness is explained in Lev 20); Canaan is born "Cursed" from this Sin, as are his Phoenician (Sidon), Hittite (Heth), Amorite (Amraphel aka Hammurabi), Hamathite and "Giant" offspring who brought this Sin to Ishmaelites, Edomites and via Solomon's 1000 Phoenician wives/concubines to Israel. The sin here being defilement of Noah’s marriage as well as physical incest; earthly “Marriage” is symbolic of the “Marriage of the Lamb” via the Holy Ghost. For this reason, Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost is the Unforgivable Sin.
     Zacharias completed the 8th 8 day "Abia" Temple service (Luke 1) in Tammuz (June-July); John the Baptist was conceived and born on Passover 14 Nisan. Mary conceived during "Feast of Dedication/Lights" aka Hannukah 25 Kislev (Dec), 6 months after Elizabeth; Mary became the New Covenant Temple and Jesus the New Covenant "Tabernacle", born at Feast of Tabernacles "Sukkoth" 15 Tishrei (Sept-Oct). Sukkoth was replaced by Babylonian "Sukkoth-Benoth" meaning Booth of daughters or Brothel. Aaron's "Scapegoat" was replaced by "Azazel" (a name of Satan) in new bible versions (Lev 16), Azazel is the Goat Idol "Ashima" (2 Kings 17:30) of the Hamathites. Ashima means "Fate" or "Lot"; Ashima is cognate with Manat, a daughter of Allah (Allah is the Assyrian moon god "Sin") and chief goddess of Mecca meaning "Adultery". Manat is the wife of Hubal a Red Agate Idol and chief god of Quraysh bedouins, the false Levitical Priesthood of Muhammad. Hubal: "Hu" the Celtic god and "Baal" the Phoenician "Lord" is the Hittite Red Saint "Santa". Ashima, Manat, Greco-Roman "Nemesis", Knights Templar "Baphomet" and Uncle Sam are all Satanic "Scapegoats". 

Baal-Bereth is the Father of the Yule season and the Yule (xmas) Tree. "The Christmas tree, now so common among us, was equally common in Pagan Rome and Pagan Egypt. In Egypt that tree was the palm-tree; in Rome it was the fir; the palm-tree denoting the Pagan Messiah, as Baal-Tamar, the fir referring to him as Baal-Berith."1 "The Christmas-tree, as has been stated, was generally at Rome a different tree, even the fir; but the very same idea as was implied in the palm-tree was implied in the Christmas-fir; for that covertly symbolised the new-born God as Baal-Berith, "Lord of the Covenant," and thus shadowed forth the perpetuity and everlasting nature of his power, not that after having fallen before his enemies, he had risen triumphant over them all." 2 

In Egypt, the Messiah "Baal-Tamar" was born at the Solar Solstice. Among the most ancient of Baals, he was known as Baal-Bereth, “Lord of the fir-tree.” He evolved into Baal-Berith, “Lord of the Covenant.” In Ancient Rome, the God of the fir tree was called "Baal-Berith." 
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The 25th of December, was observed in Rome as the day when the victorious God reappeared on earth, and was held at the Natalis invicti solis, "The birth-day of the unconquered Sun." Now the Yule Log represents the dead stock of the Sun-God, cut down by his enemies; the xmas-tree represents the slain God reborn. Amenita Muscaria Psychocilibin Mushrooms gathered under the Fir Tree and dried on the Hearth become the Entheogen "God Within". Kissing under the mistletoe bough was promoted by the Druids; derived from Babylon, Mistletoe held the Semen of Adonis, a representation of the Solar Messiah "The Branch." Mistletoe was regarded as a divine branch, a branch that came from the Dew of Heaven (Precisely Esau's prophecy given by Isaac in Gen 27:39-41), and grew assexually under the Divine Tree. The branchless tree stump is called the Yule Log. The Serpent (Lucifer) wrapped itself around the Yule Log. Miraculously, a new tree appeared at the side of the stump, which symbolized resurrection and victory over death. Druids hung human Sacrifices  (Refer to Deut 21:23) on Trees called "Thor's Oaks". Ephesian coin depict the event; Priests of Ephesus worshipped Diana/Artemis; Freemasons use a replica of the Temple of Halicanassus to elevate to the 33rd Degree in Washington DC; the Priests were called Melissae meaning Bee, Chaldean for Word, seen in the Mormon Bee Hive State. 

Baal-Berith was worshipped as "Lord of the Covenant", the  "God Berith" by  Canaanites, Philistines and in Shechem. He was the protector of the covenant between between Shechem and neighbouring Canaanitish towns, which were originally independent, but were brought under subjugation by Israelites. 
Israelites dwelling in Shechem would be protected strangers, and not parties to a covenant. The Temple of Baal-Berith had a treasury from which the citizens made a contribution to Abimelech, the Philistine King Isaac made a pact with at Rehoboth (Rehoboth Beach the place where Child Pedophilia and Sacrifice occurs in Delaware)



The remains of Temple of Baal-Berith 

It had one entrance to the east, in the middle of which was a column to support a roof, and on each side of the entrance was a massive tower. The eastern tower included a stairway that might have led to the second floor. Inside the main hall were two rows of columns. On the semi-circular platform in front of the temple, part of a sacred pillar or standing stone was found marking the temple entrance.

                                                    St Stephen’s Day "Day of the Wren"
     St Stephen's Day is Dec 26 or the 27th for Orthodox Churches aka Boxing Day, Day of the Wren, 2nd Christmas and Bank Holy Day. Stephen means "Crown"; Strenue Stans "Speak Strongly". The Sanhedrin, Saul (Paul) and the "Synagogue of the Libertines, and Cyrenians and Alexandrians (Acts 6:8-9; Cyrene=Shahat Libya "Cyrenaica" a Phoenician colony founded by a disciple of Socrates from Santorini called "Athens of Africa"; Alexandria was home to the Gnostic Hag Hamadi library) ran with one accord to stone Stephen for this statement "I see the heavens opened, and the Son of man standing on the right hand of God" Acts 7:56. The trial is usually set at 34-35AD with the Crucifixion at 33AD; a lie; by my count, Jesus was born Tabernacles 6 BC and Crucified at 33 1/2 years of age at Passover 28AD; the point? Stephen was tried and stoned to death within a year after the Crucifixion; Saul took part and converted (Paul) very soon after; Gnostics and Edomites had a big storm brewing! 
  Christ=Messiah; Mass=Sacrifice and distribution of the body (host) Jesus was Crucified and that was thought to be the end of God's plan; Oops! Stephen became the first "Christian Martyr", stoned as Saul (Paul) would later be "when the congregation was broken up, many of the Jews, and religious proselytes followed Paul and Barnabas: who speaking to them, persuaded them to continue in the grace of the God" Act 13:43.
  Synagogue appears once in the Old Covenant and Congregation appears once in the New Testament; seems backward doesn't it? That's because they are. Bank means Bench; St Stephen's Day is a Bank Holy Day because the Bench is the same Table Jesus overturned at the 2nd Temple of the Money Changers, and the same Bench Judges sit behind. We can approach the bench with Jesus on our side and speaking for us, or we can hire the services of an "Attorney" (To Turn) who will turn the law against us; read Rev 2:8-11; Jesus gives the Crown of Life, not the Sanhedrin. Let Jesus do the talking!

                   Easter is 9 months before Christmas

     Easter is the annual conception of the Sun god "Sol" on "Dies Solis" (Easter Sunday) at "Dawn"  following the Full Moon after the New Moon nearest Ostarra (Vernal Equinox); Herod the Edomite celebrated Easter (Acts 12:4KJV) Christians did not. Passover is the 14th day after the New Moon following Spring Equinox; Easter and Passover have nothing to do with each other.
     Dies Natalis Solis Invicti,  is a 4300 year old celebration marking the annual death and re-birth of the Sun god, Marduk, Sin, Shamash, Attis etc on Dec 25 roughly 9 months after Easter. Romans called the week long event Saturnalia.  
     Jesus Christ was conceived on Feast of Dedication aka Hanukkah during Elisabeth's 6th month of pregnancy with John the Baptist. Mary became the New Covenant Temple giving birth to Jesus Christ, the New Covenant "Tabernacle" on the first day of the 8 day Feast of Tabernacles on 15 Tishrei/Ethanim during the taxation (Fiscal Year) when shepherds were watching over the 6 month old lambs in the field at night. 
  •  Feast of Tabernacles was Ordained and given to Israel, forever by God in Lev 23:34.
  • The birth of God in Flesh "Immanuel" (Emmanuel, the masculine form means God is with us; God is not a Woman) on Feast of Tabernacles is then prophesied by God through Isaiah and written in the Word of God (God in Written Form) in Isaiah Chap 7 Verse 14 (Tabernacles begins at "Even" of the 14th day of the 7th month). Pretty coincidental eh? NOT! 
  • Jesus' birth on Feast of Tabernacles as God in Flesh is then fulfilled and described in Luke 1 (Luke was a Physician; Jesus came to "Heal the World").
  • Jesus, the Author of the Old Covenant (7th Covenant) is then Crucified between 2 Thieves (6 Uplifted Arms around Jesus represents the 7 Branched Candlestick Moses constructed for the Tabernacle, now being destroyed in Flesh)
  • Finally, Feast of Tabernacles is proclaimed a pilgrimage celebration for the Millennium (1000 year reign of Jesus Christ and King David in Jerusalem after the 2nd Coming) in Zachariah 14:18.
     What Year? Jesus was Herod the Great (an Edomite) died in the spring of 4 BC following the "Slaughter of Innocents" where 1st born males 2 and under were slaughtered in the vain attempt to murder God. "...the star, which they saw in the east, went before them, till it came and stood over where the young child was...Arise, and take the young child and his mother, and flee into Egypt...Herod will seek the young child to destroy him...And was there until the death of Herod." Mat 2:9-15 No wise men at the manger! The "Young Child" Jesus was in Egypt! Herod was not after a 6 month old "Infant", nor was he after a child over 2; therefore using higher math Jesus was born 1 1/2 years before the "Wise Men" arrived. Jesus was born on 15 Ethanim/Tishrei 6 BC (14 Ethanim at "Even" ie 9 PM) on the first day of Feast of Tabernacles. He was Circumcised and called JESUS on the 8th "Great Day" of Feast of Tabernacles.
    Question: How did Wise Men travel west to Bethlehem by following a "Star in the East"?
    Answer: The Wise Men followed Lucifer.
No Planet ie Venus nor Star can remain fixed over a location. I suggest forgetting the nonsense about a conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter being the "Star in the East".
    The Eastern Star is none other than Lucifer the Edomite "Red Saint". When your Church sets up a Nativity scene, point this out; it is none other than the Nativity of Solis Invicti aka Lucifer. Over 8 years, Venus forms a 5pt Star around the Sun; tell your Priest the "Pentacle" is just a symbol of the Divine Son Tammuz aka Dumuzi Apsu,  Horus, Attis, Adonis, Dionysus, Bacchus or Mithra; all born on Dec 25 many years before Jesus. How is this possible? Lucifer knows the Word of God means what it says. Romans called it Saturnalia, Persians called it Sacaea, Norse called it Yule Tide, the Tree "Yggdrasil" represented the World Pillar topped by the Angel Lucifer and Polaris. There is your "Rising Star"
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