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Charlie Hebdo

             Charlie Hebdo (Free Man Weekly)
                     Je Suis Charlie? How about  Je Suis Pecheur?

   "Revenge is a dish best served cold" Dangerous Liasons
 Sergei Lavrov held hands with EU Partners in the Paris Unity March; 2 days later Russia cuts Natural Gas to millions of Europeans as Winter Storm Rachel (Laban's daughter/Jacob's Wife from Abraham's brother Nahor) hits the British Isles with record cold and snow. Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan equates Netanyahu with the attack on Charlie Hebdo. Erdogan trains and equips IS "Rebels" in partnership with the US. Erdogan, Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas, and Israel PM Netanyahu are Sovereign Luciferian Freemasons just like Saddam Hussein, Hosni Mubarak, King Abdullah II, Zbigniew Brzezinski and George HW Bush. Don't believe their Dialectic Lies. Remember Palestinian Terrorist Abu Nidal? He was Israeli Mossad, just like US trained, IS Chief Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, aka Simon Eliot. Osama bin Laden? CIA asset Tim Osman. IS Beheadings? Home of Masonry, British Intelligence. Terrorist are Home Grown.
     EU Nations receive 80% of their Natural Gas from Russia. On Jan 16, 2015 Putin ordered Gazprom (Putin's privatized national Gas monopoly; he and US Puppet, Ukraine Gas Princess Yulia Timoshenko are on the cover of the Jan 2015 issue of "Economist" for one reason; Revenge) to cut Natural Gas supplies north and south through Ukraine north to EU (NATO) Nations and south to Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Turkey, Greece and Macedonia. Gog and Magog is a battle occurring at the end of the Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ (Eze 38-39; Rev 20:7). This may very well instigate WWIII and false fulfillment of "Gog and Magog".
     Experienced Commandos "Jihadists" (Jihad means "Prepare Oneself to worship Allah" aka Sin; it has nothing to do with killing offensive infidels) do not leave ID's in Getaway Cars nor fire Blanks from their Weapons. This was an Inside Job just like 9/11/2001. To put this in simple terms, the Twins are gone; now there is ONE Free Man; Esau. Getaway Car left at a Kosher Supermarket? Reminiscent of the Dancing Israelis in the White Van with an Airliner hitting the Twin Towers isn't it? 
    $2M+ in donations from the French Culture Ministry (Offending Muslims, Christians and Jews is quite a Culture eh?), Google and The Guardian and sales of 30,000 run up to 3 million (check that, as of 1/16 5 million copies in 1 Week with Muhammad still on the Cover. 
                                   Federal Cyber Legislation 
    Former NSA and CIA Chief, Black Hat Conference regular Gen Michael Hayden used the Charlie Hebdo "Black Op" to push new Cyber Domestic Spying Legislation, just as the new movie Black Hat debuts. Hayden is Intelligence Adviser for Mitt Romney who used Charlie Hebdo to announce his 2nd run for President; too bad he is not a Natural Born US Citizen eh? He is however the most prolific Drug and Weapons Money Launderer and Radio News gate keeper in history through Bain Capital. As Hayden pushed for the new "Personal Data Notification and Protection Act" IS aka DAESH (Nation of Islam in Levant) managed to hack into CENTCOM Twitter Feeds stating "With Allah's permission, we are in your PC's, in every Military Base and in CENTCOM". A day later the NSA used their new Cyber capability and stopped an Arab Terrorist from bombing the US Capitol and shooting people as they exited. Amazing Coincidence isn't it? This 4th Amendment obliterating Legislation will replace State Agencies with the Federal Government in Domestic Data Collection (Spying). What a coincidence the NSA Data Collection Facility just opened for business in Zion at Mormon Church HQ; Church of Satan founder, now Temple of Set Chief Gen Michael Aquino is involved. Please don't fall for this nonsense again! "A man's foes shall be they of his own household" Mat 10:36
       Je Suis Charlie "I Am a Free Man". No thanks. I Am a Sinner in need of JESUS! 
    Je Suis Pecheur! I prefer to be under the Laws of God "Love God" and "Love our Neighbor", not under the Laws of Thelema "Do What Thou Wilt". Let the Self proclaimed over Pampered, Under-talented, Hollywood Billionaires at the Golden Globes like CFR Traitor Cecil B DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award Winner George Clooney (remember Syriana? ISIS Terrorists are now claimed to receive military training in Syria) and his UN (Oil 4 Food Swindler Kofi Annan), WikiLeaks (Julian Assange), Yulia Timoshenko (Ukrainian Gas Princess) Lawyer, Beard Amal Alamuddin led the chorus "Je Suis Charlie" at the Golden Globe Awards (The Golden Globe at the UN tells the story of the coming Golden Age). Why Cecil B DeMille? He and Bohemian Grove Luciferian Mason Charleton Heston lied about the Exodus just like the current rendition "Exodus: Gods and Kings"; both lied about the Amalekites. Amal=Amalek, Esau's grandson; Amalekites are at war with God from Generation to Generation (Ex 17:16) Amal means Grievance, Iniquity Troublesome, Perverseness, Toil. Charlie Hebdo increased publication 10X; the upcoming cover has Muhammad in a White Turban (Sinless) with a Tear and the captions "All is forgiven" and "Je Suis Charlie". What is meant here in my opinion is Muhammad is Free of God; Shias, Ismailis, Hagarenes aka "Twelvers", Assassiins, Sunnis, Sufis et all. Amalekites descend from Esau's grandson and the Korahite Priesthood. Levi to Kohath to Izhar to Korah, the "Rebel Priests" God swallowed up in the Earth (Ref Deut 23:3, Num 16:24;32). "All is forgiven" refers to Sins being forgiven by the Levitical Priests; just remember Jesus replaced that corrupted Priesthood with Himself (Heb 7). Time to make your choice of Priests; Jesus is Melchisedek.   
      Banished from Eden, Flooded, Burned and Buried with Fire and Brimstone; Swallowed in the Earth; Drowned in the Red Sea; Covered with Volcanic Ash; Hit with a Tsunami; Tortured and Executed by the Catholic Church. This is the legacy of those who reject God and why their pre-planned Vengeance will be so severe when they are Free. Catharsis means "Discharge of Pent Up Emotion" 
                  Gnostics just announced their Freedom!
      The Je Suis Charlie declaration was made by several Stars who all seem to thank God for the awards; it hit me as being a Cretan expression straight from the book of Titus. "One of themselves, even a prophet of their own, said, The Cretians are always liars, evil beasts, and slow bellies. This witness is true, Wherefore rebuke them sharply , that they may be sound in faith...They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate..." Titus 1:12;16 From Crete, these Chaldean Priests sailed to Egypt as the Amalekite "Hyksos"; their Priesthood of On (Heliopolis or On from Num 16:1 with Korah); ejected from Egypt, they sailed to Thera (Greek Is Santorini) where a Volcanic eruption covered them in place, and a Tsunami wiped the Cretian Knossos from the map.
       Shem's (Semite) is Canaan's Master; No longer. Japheth (Gomer- Ashkenazi "Fake Jews") were prophesied to "Dwell in the tents of Shem and Canaan shall be his Servant"; No Longer. Jacob has a  "Yoke" his brother Esau; Edomites just broke free. What's next? All Hell will break loose. Ishmael is prophesied to be a wild man with his hand against everyone and everyone against him. Ishmael is IS. 
        Charlie Hebdo is nothing more than a hate filled rag which just got a giant worldwide publicity boost; the attack was a False Flag; perhaps the last one leading up to WWIII: Political Zionism versus Islam. Jesus says "A man's foes shall be they of his own household" The prophet Micah said the same thing (Micah 7:6; Mat 10:36). Jesus also said He was well aware of "The Synagogue of Satan...those who say they are Jews but are not, and do Lie" 
  • 33Baptist "Wolf in Sheep's Clothes" (JC on his Belt Buckle sits under his Masonic Loin Cloth, over his Baal's Shaft because of his utter yet concealed contempt for the real JC), Luciferian Mason, Bilderberg, CFR, Tri-Lateral Commission, Bohemian Grove Molech Worshipper, Brzezinski Protégé, 3 Mile Island Liar Jimmy Carter on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart blamed "Syrian training...Palestinian Arabs...New Evolution of Terrorism" for Charlie Hebdo. Wrong again JC! Why? Palestine will be declared the "House of Esau" per the Book of Obadiah, and be destroyed. Palestine is not the House of Esau nor is the coming Messiah to Jerusalem the real JC! 
  • Luciferian 330 Mason, Ashkenazi Fake Jew (Ashkenaz is Japheth's grandson not Semitic or Jewish) Benjamin Netanyahu, waving the Star of Molech in the Priesthood color of Tekhelet Blue proclaimed "The whole world is under attack by Islam". Sure Benny just like Gaza.
  • "Hundreds of millions of them (Muslims) support attacks like these" "All religions are bad" Atheist Agitator Bill Maher who can't comprehend "Love God" and "Love our Neighbor" is what Jesus taught.  Charlie Hebdo is a written form of Bill Maher depicting the Bible, Torah, Koran on Toilet Paper, the Pope as a Fairy, Jesus and Muhammad as Sodomites. Don't fall for this Satanic garbage. Love God and Love our Neighbor is not that difficult.
  • "ISIS is winning....we need more boots on the ground...Iraq and Syria are the same" John McCain who was photographed dining with "Friends of Syria" several times.
  • "We need to kill them all; we are at war; we need to arm them to the teeth; This is never going to end...I've had it..if you don't like it go fuck yourself" FOX TV Judge Jeanine Pirro. Folks, don't fall for this nonsense!
      God/Jesus is the Foundation which the Builders of Babel reject.
     The manufactured enemy al-Qaeda "Foundation" (Twin Towers Esau and Jacob are now the Freedom Tower or ONE WORLD Trade Center) became ISIS "Throne" which became IS "Islamic State" which became DAESH; roughly Nation of Islam in the Levant aka Eretz Israel or Fertile Crescent. This is the land God promised to Abraham and his sons Isaac and Jacob. It is now being claimed by Joktan the eldest brother of Peleg in whose days the Earth was Divided by Water; Abraham's eldest brother Haran and his son Lot who pitched his tent toward Sodom which God burned with Fire and Brimstone as a reminder of the Sins of Sodom. Lot's sons of incest Moab and Ammon banned forever from the LORD's Congregation (Deut 23:3) but escaping the hand of Antichrist (Dan 11:41); Abraham's 1st born son Ishmael prophesied to be a wild man among his brethren; Jacob's first born son Esau (Rothschild=Edom=Red) who is prophesied to obtain "Dominion" (Gen 27:39-41) before killing his brother Jacob. Crescent or Arab Hilal/Mormon Heylel symbolizes Lucifer as the Moon reflects the Sun. WWIII was pre-planned to pit Political Zionism against Islam to reveal the True Doctrine of Lucifer. Acceptance of Lucifer IS a One Way Ticket to Hell for Eternity.

     This video proves Charlie Hebdo was a Stage Managed False Flag
       Sovereign Mason Albert Pike stated in 1871 WWIII would pit Islam against Zionism. IS is the Scapegoat for Charlie Hebdo; Why? Charlie Hebdo portrays the Roman Catholic Pope, Israel and Muhammad in equally Offensive, Sodomite, Money Grubbing, Ruthless fashion, so why single out Muslims? Paris means "House of IS" Ismaili Ayathollahs sit at the top of Shia Imams, without whom the world cannot exist (Proud of themselves eh?) Ayathollah ali Sistani in Iraq, ali-Khameini in Iran and the Green Revolution installed Ayathollah Khomeini are all Paris Grand Orient (Rising Sun) initiated Sovereign Freemasons. The "h" is missing from "Ishmael" because they like Esau reject God; "h" means "God is with me". You have 2 choices: Be Free of God "Je Suis Charlie" or establish a personal one on one Covenant with God; His Name is JESUS not Je Suis! 
     Je Suis Charlie means "I Am a Free Man"; Hebdo means "7th Day". At the Golden Globes Awards everyone thanked God yet stated their desire to be Free. For me "I Am a Sinner in need of JESUS" 
     "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" was the Masonic/Rosicrucian motto of the French Revolution (Similar motto in Germany, England, Scotland and America). Je Suis Charlie is the rally cry for the New Revolution. 3.7M across France, more in Capitals all over the world and 1.7M in Paris joined Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande, Benjamin Netanyahu, Mahmoud Abbas, Sergei Lavrov, Jens Stoltenberg, Petro Poroshenko and David Cameron under the Statue of Marianne, the Goddess of Liberty and Reason in the Place of the Republic. A leisurely stroll down Voltaire's Boulevard. Reason? Aren't these people supposed to be enemies of each other? Why Voltaire? The agent of the French Revolution has his Castle at CERN where the God Particle will be created this Spring. NOT! Anyone seen the Elephant in the Room? Here it is  On the Republican Elephant's back are 3 Upside Down Stars of Baphomet representing the Union of Knowledge and Wisdom.
       IS takes the blame for the attacks; quite strange since Shia Ayathollahs are trained in the Grand Orient Masonic Lodge of Paris isn't it? Stranger still is the Paris Unity March pictures on Jan 11 look nearly identical (minus Obama and Putin) to the Jan 1, 2015 cover of Economist Magazine. 2 Choices: Follow the Cretians leading the chorus "Je Suis Charlie" to Hell or follow JESUS to Heaven.
             "A man's foes shall be they of his own household" Jesus No Blood. No Recoil. No Head or Body Movement of Police Officer      Ahmed Merabet=Stage Act. Pretty gutsy to shave his head and get in front of the camera claiming to be his brother eh?
     Said Kouachi dropped his ID in the Charlie Hebdo Office; or was it his Abandoned Car? Both stories are ridiculous for Military trained Commandos anyway. We fell for that already on 9/11/2001 when "Arab Terrorists" left Boeing flight manuals written in Arabic in hotel rooms after a night of strippers and drinking. Hardly the behavior of soon to be Martyred Muslims because they were not Muslim anymore than the Charlie Hebdo shooters or the masked British ISIS Beheaders.   Britain and France are knee deep in this set up for WWIII and the US makes the Hollywood Videos. Jan 12 update: The Vimeo link to the shooting video appears to be pulled; here is one to David Icke, but please folks, do not fall for David Icke's Reptilian, Alien, Moon Hologram, Nephilim, Planet X, Anunnaki garbage; David Icke says 80% Truth with 20% deadly Fiction; I endorse only his coverage of Charlie Hebdo here.
     Charlie Hebdo is classic Dialectic; depicting Judaism, Catholicism and Islam in the most unflattering, perverse ways, for the sole purpose of agitating both sides. Hegelian Dialectic requires setting up and controlling both sides of conflict for the purpose of Synthesis. The Synthesis is always the revealing of Lucifer.
      Jan 6 "Feast of Epiphany" or "3 Kings Day" celebrates the 3 Wise Man arriving in Bethlehem to see the new born Christ; Jesus? Not on your eternal life; this day is the Epiphany of Solis Invictus aka Persian Mithra. Jesus was a "Young Child" of 1 1/2,  with His parents in Egypt by the time the "Wise Man" arrived. What followed the real event in the Spring of 6 BC was the Edomite King Herod ordering the "Slaughter of Innocents". The Solar equivalent of Jan 7 when Charlie Hebdo was attacked. This 13th day of Christmas if you will, was a French Stage Show par excellence. 
    Economist Magazine tells the story cryptically on the cover of its Jan 2015 cover. Green Light for the Federal Reserve collapse and a nuclear event in the area of Japan-North Korea (Fukushima?)
     Francois Hollande prepared in advance by ordering the Aircraft Carrier Charles de Gaulle (Free Man of Gaul) to the Persian Gulf on Feast of Epiphany; had an Epiphany I suppose. Similar great instincts happened on 9/10/2001 when FEMA and the FBI arrived in NYC for a "Terrorist Drill" and the following day on 9/11/2001 when Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, then Navy Capt Jim Winnefeld ordered the Aircraft Carrier Enterprise to the Persian Gulf (Congress positions Aircraft Carrier Groups not Ship Captains) after seeing the South Tower hit. Arab extremists led by Osama bin Laden (CIA Asset Tim Osman) would be accused of using al-Qaeda to hit the Twin Towers, but we all know that was a lie. Hillary Clinton and Nicholas Sarkozy prepared in advance of the Libyan attack, watching 160 $Million Tomahawk Cruise Missiles being launched from the Palace at Champs Elysee.
    With all the news attention focused on Paris, Congress approved the Keystone XL Pipeline; nothing like a leaky Canadian Dilbit (Liquified Bitumen) Conduit on top of the world's 2nd largest Aquifer supplying the water for the US Grain Belt eh? US benefit of Keystone? War with the Apache Nation again.  
    NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg and by default his US initiated military commander Gen Phil Breedlove used the Charlie Hebdo incident to court Russia as a partner in the War on Terror. One gigantic army wearing Tekhelet Blue Helmets fighting an imaginary enemy! Count me out.  Too late anyway Jens, Russia has been supplying weapons to ISIS for years; Mol Comfort was Christened in Japan as American President Lines Russia when Obama took office; it was subsequently renamed Mol Comfort before it split in half carrying 5000 shipping containers of weapons to the "Rebels". Turkish ship Nour M was seized with 50,000 AK's heading for "Rebels"; just ask John McCain and John Kerry. 
      WWIII will pit Zionism versus Islam; the Doctrine of Lucifer will emerge from the ashes. Today's "Christian" 7th Day Sabbath "Sunday" means "Dies Solis" (Day of the Sun) and has nothing to do with God's Sabbath. Saturday? Saturn's Day has nothing to do with the Sabbath either; the Cult of Saturn is the darkest secret society on Earth, worshipping what else but the Black Virgin "Isis" as "Queen of Heaven".
       Je Suis Charlie means I Am Charlie. Jesus' title is "I Am"; sounds a bit like Je Suis eh? Charlie means "Free Man". 60,000 to 1 Million papers by next week? Quite a windfall. 
       France and Merovingian Frank means "Free". Paris means "House of Isis". French Masons designed and delivered the Statue of Liberty to the US, she is Isis "Throne" facing East to the Rising Sun in Paris as she is in New York standing on an 8 Pt Star of Isis foundation. The 8 pts refer to the 2 Equinoxes, 2 Soltices and 4 Cross Quarter Witch Sabats; JESUS is the 8th and final Covenant between God and Man, Isis is the Gnostic Alternative.
     Charlie (Free Man/Libertine) Hebdo (Weekly/7th Day/Sabbath). Charlie Hebdo is the Free Man or Libertine Weekly; far more serious than parody, Hebdo portrays Muhammad much like video "Innocence of Muslims" That video was produced by Zionist Sheldon Adelson and  promoted by Mormon-Gypsy Mitt Romney who, despite not being eligible to run for President as a Natural Born US Citizen, announced his likely second run for President the day after the Paris attack. Who can forget Benghazi liar Susan Rice? Now Obama's WWIII adviser. Innocence of Muslims was used to justify the raid on Benghazi, staged managed by Jesuit David Petraeus, Bob Gates (Obama's CIA handler in Pakistan during the 1980's) and Leon Panetta (his new book just hit the shelves). 
     Benghazi is Cyrenaica aka Synagogue of Libertines or Zionism. Benghazi was/is the finance, arming, training center for IS. Paris means "House of IS". Charlie Hebdo is a staged False Flag Salman Rushdie would be proud of; in fact Salman was on fellow Atheist agitator Bill Maher's show the night after the Paris "Black Op". Shia Ayathollah's ali-Khomeini, ali-Sistani (Iraq) and ali-Khameini (Iran) were all trained in Paris as Sovereign Grand Orient (Rising Sun) Freemasons. This latest incident is similar to the staged Beheading Videos produced by the US Army at Ft Huachuca, Israeli-US dual citizen Rita Katz (Kohanim + Taddiq) and SITE. Paris wasted no time elevating the Terrorism Risk and conducting House to House searches (Just like during the Boston Marathon); Paris is on the verge of Martial Law.
    Charlie Hebdo sits near the Cathedral of St Denis, the martyred 1st Bishop of Paris originated the Merovingian Frank and Knight Templar "Cult of the Severed Head". Preaching with his severed head is simply a miracle eh? NOT!  The Cathedral crypt later served as the source of the Satanic Oaths of the Jesuit Order and its annual re-enactment to this day.
      The Algerian "Terrorists" shouted "Allah Akbar". The Arabic phrase combines Allah with the pre-Islamic Nabattaean Arab moon goddess of Mecca "Khabar", the equivalent of Isis. The "Terrorists" then shouted  "The Prophet has been avenged" in French. Alleged "Mourners" (Crisis Actors) then held pre-made signs written in English and French "Je Suis Charlie". This same situation happened in Beijing as Chinese mourners held pre-made signs written in English within an hour of the alleged disappearance of MH-370. The MH-370 page covers this in detail but the mirror image of MH-370 is ELOHIM, meaning follower of Saturn aka El. Babel means "Gate of Saturn" aka Allah or El or On (Heliopolis=City of the Sun) 
    The ID of Said Kouachi shows up in the Charlie Hebdo Office? how convenient! Just like Passports in the hotel room for the alleged 9/11 Terrorists along with Boeing Flight Manuals written in Arabic. If you can believe that one, how about a Paper Passport floating out of a Steel Melting Inferno into the smoldering rubble pile of the Twin Towers and picked up by Rudy Guiliani's Limo Driver Bernard Kerik on 9/11/2001? BS? You Betcha. 
  • World Leaders allegedly at War with each other not Arm in Arm on Boulevard Voltaire: Merkel, Hollande, Cameron, Netanyahu, Abbas, NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Ukraine Billionaire US Sock Puppet Petro Poroshenko with the notable exception of anyone from the US for a  ROTHSCHILD STAGED PHOTO OP
  • The Getaway car is allegedly "Carjacked" and parked right in front of a Kosher Supermarket with the ID of one of the al-Qaeda affiliated "Terrorists". Unbelievable isn't it? Because it's BS; the driver was in a Classroom. If you  can believe that nonsense, how about believing an Arab Passport can float out of a Pressurized 500MPH Aircraft and 3000Steel Melting Inferno and into the hands of Rudy Guilaini's Limo Driver/Body Guard Bernard Kerik? Bush Jr thought he would make a great Homeland Security Secretary.  
  • The alleged Getaway Car Driver 18yr old Mourad Hamyd was in Class at the time of the event; attested to be his classmates.
  • Malek Merabet got in front of news cameras and described his brother Ahmed being shot to death. No AK-47 Recoil, No Head Movement, No Body Movement; Powder Flash is beyond his head. This BS is as brazen as grieving Sandy Hook parents
  • The "Terrorists" were Algerian born, Anti-Semitic affiliates of al-Qaeda in Yemen. One had beautiful blue eyes  Why Yemen? As Flood waters rose, the World became separated by Water as it is SPIRITUALLY today (JESUS is the Living Water) Joktanite Arabs separated from Peleg (Archipelago means Island or Land Separated by Water) roughly 100 years after the Flood. al-Qaeda, AQAP, and ISIS all means "Foundation" or "Throne" for this reason    
  • The Terrorists were on US and French Intelligence Watch Lists for years yet were able to travel to Syria and Yemen and return to France?
  • Said Kouachi  meet with Nicolas Sarkozy looking for a Job? and makes "Jihadi" videos recruiting for al-Qaeda? BS! BS! 
  • Cherif Kouachi claimed they received military training from al-Qaeda and financing from Anwar Awlaki; too bad the alleged AQAP leader died in 2011 during an illegal US Drone Strike.
  • Said Kouachi was arrested in 2008 for making al-Qaeda in Iraq recruiting videos, yet passes French Customs.
  • How in the world do these watched "Terrorists" travel unmolested to War Zones and obtain Military Grade Weapons?    They don't. All of it is made up BS just like Sandy Hook.
  • The Terrorists had names of alleged victims and show up during a full staff meeting; they must have had inside help?
  • Why no blood on sidewalk or head movement shooting a Police Officer? same as alleged "Beheading" videos used to justify the War on IS. 
  • Laws of Physics were suspended; No recoil shooting the AK-47; shooting blanks?
  • Police Investigator Helric Fredieu "Suicided" himself during the investigation. Nice timing eh? 
  • Amedi Coulabaly (3rd Suspect) met with Nicholas Sarkozy in 2009 and publically pledged his allegiance to IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi? aka al-Baghdadi was trained by the US at Camp Bucca; released as Israeli Mossad asset Simon Elliot; nice try. Sarkozy gets around; he dined with Hillary Clinton in the Palace Elysee as Missiles landed in Tripoli; Just coincidence I'm sure.
         Again, Paris means "House of IS" and the suburb is home to Cathedral of St Denis.
         Francois Hollande (Sayanim) and Benjamin Netanyahu (Ashkenazi Zionist) immediately condemned the event as an event as "Anti-Semitic" and "Unparalleled Barbarity on Civilization" Again, Kosher Supermarket has the getaway car? Nice touch eh?
        IS is Isis, the "Black Virgin" of Arab Assassins and Knights Templars; she is the daughter of Saturn (Time, Cronos) and Ops; Black Ops should ring a Baal. Isis means "Throne"; the Throne or Lap of the Alternative Messiah is meant here. 
        In myth Saturn aka Cronos, Father Time, Grim Reaper and his sister-wife Ops have a child "Isis" aka "Black Virgin" who in turn marries her twin brother Osiris and gives birth to Horus. The Straits of Hormuz are a combination of Horus and his Babylonian counterpart Tammuz whose worship caused the Glory of the LORD to depart Solomon's Temple in Eze 8. Jesus took the same route from the Temple to Golgotha to Heaven for the same reason.
         Charlie Hebdo is a "Black Op" which may seat the Alternative Messiah. Pray the world doesn't get fooled by this again!
         "I'd rather die standing than die on my knees"? This is eerily reminiscent of "The Who" "I get on my knees and pray, We won't get fooled again". The song highlights Esau being fooled into selling his Birthright to Jacob. Esau's written intent is to kill his brother, which now includes every Born Again follower of JESUS not Je Suis Charlie.

Image result for charlie hebdo hoax pictures Image result for charlie hebdo hoax picturesImage result for charlie hebdo hoax picturesImage result for charlie hebdo hoax picturesCharlie Hebdo is funded by the French Government.
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