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There Is Nothing New Under the Sun
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                                                                                                                                  Brussels 3/22 False Flag



      Image result for brussels bombing hoax  Image result for brussels bombing hoaxRelated imageRelated image             Brussels ISIS Bombing: a Purim Hoax full of Crisis Actors
      "Brussels was a Purim delivery" ISIS Tweet Mar 22, 2016 or 3/22: Society 322 "Brotherhood of Death"; in Gen 3:22 Adam follows Eve into Sin.
The Woman Riding the Beast in Brussels
     The Whore of Babylon on the Euro
     The Unfinished Tower of Babel  
  • Mormon MIssionary and Crisis Actor Mason Wells earning a few extra bucks pulling the wool over on Gentile Eyes, just happens to be in Paris at the exact location a Terror Drill was ongoing as the alleged attack occurs; French President Francois Hollande says "We were well prepared for the event with Terror Drills ongoing at each location" No shit Sherlock.
  • World traveler Mason Wells then happens to be at the exact Brussels Security Checkpoint as the alleged attack happens
  • Mason Wells then happens to be at the Finish Line of the Boston Marathon as "Craft International" (American Sniper Chris Kyle's Skull & Bones Logo Mercenary Band) sets off 2 Micro-nukes amid a scene full of Crisis Actors  
    Jesus, the Passover Lamb  was Crucified and laid in the Sepulchre on Passover (14 Abib). The Author of OT Law (JEHOVAH=JAH=JESUS Ref Ps 68:4KJV; Mat 1:25KJV) was Sinless, hence His Sinless Body (Unleavened Bread) was in the Sephulchre from Feast of Unleavened Bread (15 Abib) until the 3rd Day as prophesied until He became the First Fruits Offering on Feast of First Fruits (17 Abib).


     Edomite King Herod Agrippa celebrated Easter (Ishtar/Oestre/March Hare) by killing John's brother James and arresting Peter intending to kill him after Easter; an angel of the LORD freed him.

     Easter and Christmas 260 days (Human Gestation Period) are Pagan Holidays Leavened into God's Holy Days by Constantine's Celtic-Druid Princess (daughter of Old King Coel) mother Helena. There are not 3 days between Good Friday at Even and First Light Easter because Satanists made it all up. The press will shed endless tears for the False Flag, Staged Event in Brussels and overlook the deaths of 69+ in Pakistan. 
     Why Brussels? 9th Circle Child Sacrifice Trial? The Beast Computer? Chateau Amerois? Children hanging from hooks, Sodomized, decapitated and eaten by dogs and Satanic human cannibals cosuming the feast before an Orgy sound something British and Belgic Royals would do? After all, the Queen of England believes herself to be the Queen of Jerusalem. These are accusations from the 9th Circle Trial at the ICC. 
     Eagles (Eagle symbolizes Esau/Edomites) of Death Metal front man Jesse Hughes redacts his testimony of the Paris False Flag Concert attack during which he was singing "San Berdoo Sunburn" a song about San Bernardino which soon after had their own ISIS related False Flag event.
    Rita Katz (Rita=Pearl; Katz=Kohannim + Zaddiq=Righteous Priest) post new ISIS video of the Eiffel Tower blowing up “Western Kafir fighting Islam, vengeance is coming against the crusaders. We will invade London, Brussels and Berlin just like Paris and fill your streets with blood”
Brussels, Paris and Boston were False Flags.
    Belgium is named after the Celtic "Belgae" Tribe; the name means "People who swell with anger". Paris is named after the Celtic "Parisee" Tribe, the name means "House of Isis" (Isis itself means Throne of Antichrist or Black Virgin). London is named after the Celtic god Lugh (Londinium); the name means "Wild Ones".
    Brussels the EU (Woman riding the Beast aka Whore of Babylon or Europa symbolizes the EU) HQ and NATO HQ arms ISIS. Brussels is home to the Beast Computer; largely replaced or enhanced by the NSA Spy Facility in Zion (Salt Lake City). NATO Sec Gen Jens Stoltenberg is claimed to be a part of the Satanic Pedophile/Snuff Cult of Chateau Amerois just as previous NATO Sec Gen Willy Claes. Better start WWIII Jens so we can lose ass this in the fog of war.
     Chateau Amerois “Castle of Kings of Amurru/Ameru” (Serpent) has the 1000pts of light (Bush Sr Charity is 1000Pts of Light; Babs is a Mother of Darkness) room where children are raped, tortured, and cannibalized; their blood used to write the progress of the New World Order and films sold as Snuff Porn.
       ISIS (DAESH means Nation of Islam in Levant; NOI is a Cainite-Canaanite Cult not related to Islam) and SMOM Donald Trumpf (Drumpf) use the same language, warning of attacks in Brussels and Rome ahead of time (ISIS last video said the fighting would end in Rome). Research Marc Dutroix Affair, Jill Dando Murder (Alan Farthing is the British Royal Gyno who murdered her, for revealing sordid details of Prince William and Kate?), Chateau Amerois, Jimmy Saville, McMartin Preschool Abuse at the Presidio Army Base in San Francisco, Temple of Set founder and co-founder of the Church of Satan, and current NSA Gen Michael Aquino.  prostitute) Franklin Cover-Up of the Nebraska Boys Town Pedophile Ring (Johnny Gosch is Bush Jr male prostitute) and Most Dangerous Game (Cathy O'Brien Monarch Sex Slave)
       Is Donald Trump just a lucky guesser? Sure just like Miracle Mormon Missionary Mason Wells surviving 3 Terrorist Events or Miracle Mitt Romney changing his scheduled meeting at the Twin Towers on 9/11/2001. Satanic Pedophile, Belgian Intelligence Chief Yisrael Katz had mastermind Saleh Abdeslam in custody 4 times after the Paris False Flag he was accused of masterminding and let him go.
      The security camera video footage is that of the 2011 Terror False Flag in Moscow; nothing new as Umpqua Community College at Roseburg Oregon shooting footage was also a False Flag event whose footage was previously used at the Sandy Hoax False Flag. 
     Conveniently, one of the alleged suicide bombers (camera footage has no time/date stamp) left his laptop in a trash can; similar to 9/11 suicide pilots passports and flight manuals in Arabic left in hotel rooms and one even found its way out of the exploding aircraft and into the white hot melting steel demolition pile at Ground Zero or the Syrian Passports carried by the alleged Paris attackers or the Charlie Hebdo attackers.
    ISIS says the next attack will be in Berlin? The Throne of Pergamon aka Satan's Seat sits in the Berlin Museum awaiting transport to Jerusalem. You may remember Obama's 2 "Yes We Can" speeches at the Brandenberg Gate under the Quadriga of Apollo. Yes We Can means Thank You Satan.
  Donald Trump and ISIS claim the ISIS attacks will end in Rome. The Donald says "When Rome is burning people will wish I had been elected"; he  has a 66th Floor Apartment dedicated entirely to Apollo aka Apollyon or Abbadon   "Destroyer". Where did he get that idea from? The Prophecy of St Malachy of course; Jesuit Pope Francis is #266, the last before Rome burns and Jesuit/SMOM Donald knows this.
    The Eiffel Tower bombed? Tomorrowland: Secret Kingdom of Melodia featured the Eiffel Tower; in real life Eiffel and Edison (Tesla's opponent and thief) are displayed on Eiffel's Apartment in the Tower; the addition of Tesla in the movie was a nice but BS affront to the man who gave free energy to the world. In the promo for the Festivals called Melodia last summer, Chateau Amerois was even featured. Life imitating art? or Art putting out the script?

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