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Babylon: Gate of Saturn

                                                                  Babylon: Gate of Saturn; Opening 2017
                                                                                    Jesus is the Narrow Gate; Saturn is the Wide Gate
aaalefantisgoatlodgeRelated imageImage result for lady gaga and black cube「black cubes of saturn pictures」の画像検索結果Related image

Manhattan, NYC

Image result for picture of all seeing eyeImage result for six pointed star on hindu shrinesImage result for six pointed star on hindu shrinesImage result for picture of the allsparkRelated image

Image result for picture of ouroborosImage result for six pointed star on christian cathedrals


Image result for picture of grim reaperImage result for isis black flag「black cubes of saturn pictures」の画像検索結果



Image result for picture of man wearing phlayctery at wailing wall「black cubes of saturn pictures」の画像検索結果Image result for saturn eating his child picturesImage result for saturn eating his child picturesImage result for picture of baal's shaft Image result for picture of tonsureRelated image        Image result for young pope pictures           


Saturn Statue Switzerland.Saturn Idol in Geneva Switzerland



                     "The triumph of science is finally realizing Earth can only support 1 billion people" Pope Francis "Laudato Si"
                              "Maintain Earth population under 500 Million" #1 Commandment Georgia Guide Stones 
"The people who understood the true maning of the New Covenant best were Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse Tung and Pol Pot" "The Family" Doug Coe 
Saturnian Religion is based on Revenge, War, Death, Disease; WWI, WWII and soon WWIII are planned in advance, the latter designed to exhaust the world physically, morally and economically at which poing the "Gate of Saturn" will open. The "Tower of Babel" will finally be complete.
    Saturn is the "Melancholilic Messiah" , the "Malignant Star of great misfortune"; Melancholy is a feeling of overwhelming sadness and doom, which is the goal of Saturnian Religion. There is only 1 way out, a 1 on 1 personal relationship with JESUS.  When? 
           Saturn's Jubilee Gestation began on Saturnalia Dec 17, 2016 
9 months after Saturnalia 2016, the "Christ Angle" forms on  Sept 20, 2017 
3 days after the Christ Angle forms, the Whore of Babylon (ISIS) appears on Sept 23, 2017,_20173.
On Oct 31 Samhein/Dar of the Dead Pope Francis plans to heal the Catholic-Protestant schism created 500 years ago by Black Cloistered (Saturnian Monk) Martin Luther.
The Writing is on the Wall for 2017
11Q13 Prince Melchisedek Scroll "After 10 Jubilees, the Trumpet blast will herald the coming Melchisedek". Folks, Jesus is Melchisedek! This arrival will be the Alternative Messiah "Antichrist".
  •    10 Jubilees=500 years from the date Black Cloistered Rosicrucian Monk Martin Luther nailed 95 Thesis against the Catholic Church.
  •    10 Jubilees from Pope Leo X signing the 5th Lateran Council of 1517 which proclaimed the Satanic Doctrine "Indestructibility of the Soul" as Catholic dogma. Lateran means "Hidden Frogs", the Spirits of Antichrist, False Prophet and Satan.  
  •    10 Jubilees from publication of  Grimorium Verum (True Grimoire) by Alibeck the Egyptian of Memphis in 1517. 
  • Pleaiades rises at Midnight Sept 20, 2017 ahead of the Serpent descending the steps of the Kulkulkan (Saturn) Pyramid in Chichen Itza. Pleiades (Above) reflected by the 7 Churches Jesus gave warnings in Rev 2-3 to "Below"; the 7th Church "Laodicea" (Luke Warm) describes the mission of Saturnalians whose Blasphemous contempt of God has corrupted the Word of God and true Church founded solely on the Divinity of Jesus Christ.  
  • The West (Land of the Dead) face of the Pyramid of the Sun and streets at Teotihuacan (Place where men become Gods) are aligned with the setting of Pleiades. Teotihuacan is aligned with the planets via Temple Sites across Central America and Mexico. 
    Saturn rules the Age of Aquarius, so when does Aquarius begin? There are 1656 years listed in Scripture from Creation to Noah's Flood. Earth's Axis precession causes each of the 12 Astrological Houses to pass in 2160 Years. 1656 years + 2160 Years from Aries to Pisces + 2160 Years from Pisces to Aquarius=5976 Years. Sargon the Great was pronounced "Legitimate King" at the age of 21, his birth coinciding with Aries the "Supreme Ram" and God's New Year near the Vernal Equinox.
Asuming the original zodiac was referenced to a prominent star on the ecliptic (the path of the sun across the sky). The two most popular candidates would be Spica in Virgo and Regulus in Leo. These two prominent stars have always been associated with their respective constellations and are now about 54 degrees apart and since the zodiac is divided into 12 units of 30 degrees and leo and virgo are adjacent constellations, Spica must have always been in the eastern part of Virgo and Regulus in the western part of Leo.  
     Regulus would be closest to the actual path of the sun; one of the ancient names of Regulus is Rex "King" , or "Law Giver". Regulus is interpreted by many astrologers as the starting place of the zodiac. The Sphinx is often associated with Leo and the Equinoxes. Regulus would have been at the zero point of ecliptic longitude in 8884 BC at the end of the age of Leo (the Sphinx faces east, greeting Regulus at sunrise). The beginning of the age of Leo would have been about 2160 years earlier. The Egyptian "Great Year" of 25,990 Years is the time it would take the Earth's Azis to precess full circle, the Age of Aquarius and Saturn is about the opposite, seen in "As Above, So Below"; essentially an inversion of God and Satan. 

     If we accept that Regulus was used as the western boundary of Leo, then the eastern boundary of Aquarius would be 150 dgrees of ecliptic longitude west of Regulus. The beginning of the Age of Aquarius begins when Regulus is at 150 degrees of ecliptic longitude, which is right now.  
      Regulus means "Law Giver"; Antichrist must fulfill prophecies of the 2nd Coming to succeed in the deception. "The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gahtering of the people be" Gen 49:10 Notice "Lawgiver" and "Regulus" here; on Sept 20 Regulus rises above the "Christ Angle". Jesus is Shiloh "He whose it is"; the arrival of Antichrist will be a false "Shiloh" because God never gave Satan ownership of anything! Jesus gathers the 12 Tribes of Israel at the 2nd Coming; Israel today is under the Flag of Saturn!
    The St Sulpice Society uses the Rose Line (Brass Line=3rd Kingdom of Brass; Dan 2:39) in the St Sulpice Cathedral to mark off the progression to the Age of Aquarius; they claim the world just entered Aquarius.
On Sept 20 as the Christ Angle forms at noon, the Sun will make contact with the Brass Altar traveling up the Obelisk to the Capricorn "76" Symbol. 7+6=13 the start of Great Trubulation is Rev 13; 13 the number of rebellion to God; 7X6=42 months of Great Tribulation. Dan 7:6 describes Edomite Dominion of the 3rd Beast.
          The entered the Satanic Jubilee in the Age of Aquarius on both the Stellar Calendar and Solar Calendar on Jan 20, 2017. 
      The "Christ Angle"  completes "Below"; the  Woman with the crown of 12 Stars appearing in the Heavens completes "Above". "As Above; So Below", is the mantra and symbol of Saturn. Aug 15 is the "Feast Day of Lucifer", the anniversary of the 1st Jesuit Oaths in St Denis (Denis=Dionysus=Saturn) Cathedral in 1534 and Albert Pike's plan for 3 World Wars, detailed in a letter to fellow Knight of the Golden Circle (Saturn's Golden Age) Giuseppe Mazzini in 1871. On Aug 21 (cusp of Leo and Virgo) a Solar Eclipse will symbolically Cleave the United States in 2; Donald Trump is Time (Father Time "Grim Reaper" is Saturn) Magazine's "President of the Divided States".  Marilyn Manson's SAY TEN music video depicts the beheading of Donald Trump. The Simpsons predicts the death of Donald Trump.
    44 is the Gematria of Solomon's Cube aka Saturn's Cube. Trump is the 44th person (Grover Cleveland served 2 non-consequetive terms) elected (chosen) US President and 12th "House" from President Truman was planned to be the last US President in 1971 by C Alan Martin; Trump matches Zedekiah, the 44th and last King of Israel. Zedekiah blasphemed God by using Temple vessels for a Bacchanalia (Saturnian Feast); donald Trump Blasphemes Jesus admitting "I have never apoligized to God; I do however take Communion. When I eat my little cracker and drink my little wine, I feel cleansed" (Ref 1 Cor 14). According to the Theosophical Society, WWIII is planned to last 13 Weeks (91 Days); should WWIII begin on Michaelmas 2017, Christmas (Saturnalia) 2017 will be the last.
                                                                                                                                   Saturnalia 2017: Final Christmas/Hanukkah?
      The Gate of Saturn opens during the Jubilee; not God's Jubilee, Satan's Jubilee. Christmas is Saturnalia; Dec 21-Jan 22 "Sign of Capricorn" is Capricornus the Sea-Goat aka Beast rising from the Sea "Saturn" the Sabbath Goat and Aegis of Saturn. Capricorn is astroligocally symbolized by 76; Union 76 Logo may ring a Baal; Christmas Eve 2017 is Sunday. 7+6=13 the number of Rebellion eg Gen 13:13 "Sins of Sodom and Gomorrah"; Dan 7:6 desceibes the Sovereignty of the 3rd Beast.
      The HBO series "Young Pope" made the point the Pope was 50 years old; Why? The Church of Satan was founded during the 1966-7 6th Tetrad (4 consequetive lunar eclipses on Passover and Tabernacles) on "Year One Satan"; 2017 is the Saturnian Jubilee. Don't be fooled; the Roman Catholic Pope is not the Antichrist! Declaring the Roman Catholic Church to be "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT. MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS UPON THE EARTH is the culmination of the 6000 year old Saturnian plan of Revenge.

 Take a moment to read about the final 8 days before the 2nd Coming of JESUS (Dan 9:23-27; Rev 11:7-14). The 70th Week "Covenant with Many" will be broken Mid-week by the killing of the 2 Witnesses in Jerusalem (Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt); the 7th Trumpet (3rd Woe) signals the body ressurection of believers, the 2 Witnesses, dead and alive before the 8th Day, the 7 vials of God's Wrath poured out on the Desolate ie "Those without God" ie the Saturnians. Remember, the Scapegoat (Num 16:8-10) takes the Sins of the Congregation into the Desert (Wilderness) only after a suitable sacrifice of the Passover Lamb by a Legitimate Priest. Folks, we all have 2 choices: God or No God. If you want God in your life, there is one way, through JESUS; period! JESUS is the only Legitimate Priest (Melchisedek; Gen 14:18; Ps 111; Heb 7) He is the only suitable Passover Lamb (Christmas means Mass ie Sacrifrice of the Messiah). He returns with Eyes of Flame to destroy everything in front of Him (Rev 19:7). Written on His thigh (Jacob Wrestled with God to become Israel and lost part of his thigh) "Word of God"; His robe dipped in blood. Saturn's Golden Age will copy this event. If this sounds a bit like Superman versus Batman it's because that movie illustrates the Saturnian plan.
     Christmas is "Dies Solis Invicti" (Day of the Unconquered Sun); the Sun here is Saturn. Christmas follows 9 months after Hilaria (Easter), the resurrection of Attis (Saturn), hence Christmas is derived from Saturnalia and Easter; Attis is not Jesus folks!
    Shamash (Babylonian Saturn) is the center candle on the Hanukkah Menorah, hence Hanukkah is a Saturnian festival. 
                     Saturn is the "Angel of History""He who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past" George Orwell. We've been lied to folks! 
       Jesuit Pope Francis will likely be the last Roman Catholic Pope. Francis means Free; the goal of Saturnian Religion is Freedom from God. St Malachy is a Lie, St Malachy is Saturn (Malak/Molech); according to the Saturnian plan. Pope Francis will preside over a destroyed Catholic Church, an act of Revenge planned for at least 700 years. Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix and Pope Francis' "Rising Phoenix" Coat of Arms. Pope Francis blessed an Idol called "Homeless Jesus" depicting Jesus Crucified and laying on a Park (Park means Enclosure for Beasts) which was consecrated and installed at St Peter and Paul Jesuit Church; at the same time the Temple of Satan conducted a Satanic Mass on the Detroit Capitol steps and installed an Idol of Baphomet (Sabbath Goat/Saturn) on a Throne. 

  • St Malachy 1136 (Malachy is as fictional as St Patrick killing the snakes; Malachy is Molech Arab for "Lord" aka Saturn) "Rome will burn when Peter the Roman arrives"; Pope #266 and #112 from Celestine II was elected Pope Francis I a full blooded Italian named after St Francis of Assisi born Giovanni Di Pietro Di Bernardone whose Papal Coat of Arms is the Rising Phoenix.  The night Pope Benedict resigned, Lightning hit St Peter's Basilica Dome Twice in one night.Pope Benedict is #111 and resigned on cue Feb 28, 2013 after releasing 2 White Doves on "Peace Day"; they were attacked by Ravens. Pope Francis released Peace Doves 1 yr later from the same spot in 2014, and they too were attacked by a Crow and Seagull.  There was no person St Malachy; Malachy is Baal-Moloch, Chiun, Remphan, Milcom, Saturn. The prophecy/plan was written by "Amalekites (Worshippers of Molech/Saturn) at war with God from generation to generation" (Ex 17:16) 

      Donald Trump will likely be the final US President. Liber 44: Book of the Goat (Saturn) is the Gematria of Saturn's Cube, Blood, Phoenix,
"I am the life" America is the Phoenix, as written in Francis Bacon's "New Atnaltis" in 1620; the same year the Declaration of Arbroath proclaiming Scottish Independence was signed; Trump is a MacLeod Templar and Oath sworn Knight of Malta, the sucessors to the Knights Templar, Trump is the 44th person to hold the office of US President and 12th from #33 Harry Truman according to the plan written by C Alan Martin (likely a pseudomyn, Martinists were the Saturnians in France planning the French Revolution). The Gate of Saturn opens after WWIII to begin the final 1260 day Great Trobulation; it is NOT the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ.

    Prince Melchisedek arrives 2017.
Melchisedek means "King of Salem" (Jerusalem); Jerusalem is under the Star of Molech/Saturn; Jesus is Melchisedek; this Melchisedek is Saturn. Chiliasm is the 500 yr old (10 Jubilee) plan to put a Human Messiah on the Throne of King David in a rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem.

  • 11Q13 Prince Melchisedek Scroll "After 10 Jubilees, the Trumpet blast will herald the coming Melchisedek". Folks, Jesus is Melchisedek! This will be the Alternative Messiah "Antichrist". 10 Jubilees=500 years from what? Black Cloistered Rosicrucian Monk nailed 95 Thesis against the Catholic Church to the Church of Wittenburg on Halloween 1517. Black Pope Leo X signed the 5th Lateran Council of 1517 which proclaimed the Satanic Doctrine "Indestructibility of the Soul" as Catholic dogma. Lateran means "Hidden Frogs", the Spirits of Antichrist, False Prophet and Satan. Hatshepsut, the Cross Dressing Female Pharaoh of the Exodus built the 2 largest Obelisks in the world, one broke in pieces, the other stands in front of the Archbasilica of "The Christ", a combination of John the Baptist and John the Evangelist called St John Lateran. Grimorium Verum (True Grimoire) published by Alibeck the Egyptian of Memphis in 1517. 

               Kaballah began with Sabbattai Tzevi (Sabbatai means Saturn)   Chabad Lubavitch and Hassidic Judaism began with Baal Shem Tov another named equivalent with Saturn 
      Profane means "Blasphemous contempt of God"
; the Sublime is "Consecrated Profane" ie the Sacrificed/Destroyed Profane world. Science is the "Tongue of the Chaldeans" Dan 1:4 and "Vain and profane babblings" 1 Ti 6:12; Science is Saturnian Religion eg Big Bang, Evolution, Heliocentrism, Gravity etc.  The Saturnian Capital of the Golden Age is Astana Kazakhstan "Capitol of the Sublime Threshold".; on the New Silk Road; if you liked Ghengis Khan and the Golden Horde, WWIII is for you.

       The Six Pointed Star of Saturn is carved into Hindu Temples, Synagogues of Satan (All Synagogues are of Saturn), Mormon Temples, Christian Cathedrals (Christ means Messiah; Saturn is the Messiah Planet), Islamic Shrines and Bahai Shrines. All examples of Saturnian Religion. 
     Satan is Saturn, the 6th Planet, Saturn rules over a Universe absent God with familiar mantras: Freedom, Liberty, Equality the Saturnian/Rosicrucian mantra for Revolution. "Order out of Chaos" (Saturn creates Order out of the Chaos Monster). "E Pluribus Unum" (Out of many, One; Saturn is the ONE, the Capstone on the $US Pyramid). 
    Saturn is the Pale Horse "Death" seen on the cover of CFR Magazine "Foreign Affairs" with the title "Ubiquitous". Saturn is the "Mezuzah" over the doors at Site 911, a radiation hardened bunker in Beit Shemesh (House of Saturn) Israel prepared for the arrival of Saturn/Satan at Rev 9:11, containing a re-write of Deut 6:4 "Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is One" in place of "Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD" The LORD is JESUS whose 1st Commandment follows "And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might" (Deut 6:5), the very same words Jesus used to sum up the Law of the New Covenant "Love God" and "Love our Neighbor". Saturn is the "Phylactery" worn to gain Spiritual Wisdom with a Skull Cap to replace the Temple Veil Jesus tore at the Crucifixion. This is why Paul warned men to pray uncovered (1 Cor 11:4). Saturn is Uncle Sam "I Want You"; nice Goatee eh? Saturn is Ra Material aka Black Matter; hence CERN has Shiva (Saturn) the god of destruction out front in its vain search for Black Matter. Saturn is the Fine Structure Constant 1/137 considered the #1 mystery in Physics. In theory a material having Atomic Number 137; 137 is the 33rd Prime Number (Masons obtain Sovereignty at the 33rd Degree, the age Jesus was at the Crucifixion) would absorb all Light; hence 137/137=ONE "Saturn". 137 is gematrically represented in the word "Kaballah" Rabbis believe Abraham was 137 when he bound Isaac, offering him as a Holocaust sacfirice; Saturnians intend to copy this with most of the world.
    Saturn is the Chaldean STUR "Six Pointed Star", "Witch's Hexagram" (Hex is a Curse) and "Beehive" (Papal Triple Tiara is a Beehive; Mormon Beehive is called "Deseret"; Priests of Cybele were Melissae "Bees", Drones serving the Queen)
    God has one Covenant Name JESUS; Saturn has names in most every culture: Tammuz (Wailing for Tammuz is lamenting the fall of Saturn ruling over the pre-flood), Kiyyun, Shamash (the center candle on the Hanukkah Menorah), Azazel (Scapegoat in Num 16 is changed to Azazel "Goat that Departs" in new versions), Moloch, Melek-Taus, Ormuzd (Ahura Mazda), Osiris (Babylon is "Gate of Osiris"), Helios, Sol (Christmas is the Nativity of Solis Invictus), Baal (Obelisk means "Baal's Shaft"), Bel (Bel is the Confounder), Belenos, Thor, Tyr, Hu (Hu + Man=Saturn Man), Bacchus (Baccanalia=Saturnalia), Shiva (CERN has Shiva in front; J Robert Oppenheimer quoted Shiva witnessing the 1st Atomic detonation), Atum (Big Bang Theory is the ejaculation of Atum which formed Atoms of Atum; no I'm not kidding), Ra Utu, Remphan, Sabasius, Shaitan, Set, Atlas, Hyperion, El (Elohim are worshippers of Saturn), Dionysus (Green Man), al Khidr (Arab version of Green Man), Kaivan, Milcom, Chemosh, Remphan, Boy Plutus, Boy Jupiter (Capitol means Womb of Jupiter), Isaius, Butes, Dardanus, Himeros, Imbors, El Shaddai (False Prophet Mark Biltz predicts the 2nd coming at El Shaddai Ministry; he is a dangerous liar), Prometheus (Prometheus is featured in Sochi, Crimea and Rockefeller Center), Poseidon, Iswara (Japan means "Land of the Rising Sun" ie Primeval Sun "Saturn"), Nimrod (Saturn was the reasos the Earth was quartered in Nimrod's day), Centaur (Saturn trained Achilles), Apollo (Russian Olympics in Sochi featured Apollo's Chariot; Trump's Penthouse is a Shrine to Apollo), Apollyon, Adonis, Adonnai, Abaddon (Rev 9:11 Satan is cast to Earth), Kronos, Attis, Winged One (Assyrian symbol) etc. Names of God? Hardly. These are all names of Satan/Saturn; God's Covenant NAME is JEHOVAH, JAH, JESUS period! Ref Ex 6:3; Ps 68:4, Mat 1:25 Saturn is the Beast rising from the Sea.
     Bee is Chaldean for Word; Science is the "Tongue of the Chaldeans" (Dan 1:4) and "Vain and Profane Babblings" in opposition to God (1 Tim 6:12KJV).
There is only one Covenant NAME of God in the New Covenant "JESUS". God is Jesus; in Flesh he had only one Covenant Name, "Jesus" (Flesh); God in SPIRIT is "JESUS" there is only method of communication with God via the "Holy Ghost" aka "JESUS" which is why "Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost" is the only unforgivable Sin. There is only one written contract "Word of God" (Authorized Bible, the 7th Purified Word prophsied in Ps 12:6; this is why Jesuits (Saturnians) pulled out the stops to prevent its production in 1611. Saturn however has many Bible versions; if Num 16:8-10 uses "Azazel" in place of "Scapegoat" you are reading a Saturnian Bible. 
     Saturn/Satan sits atop the World Pillar, Axis Mundi, World Tree, the Angel of the Christmas Tree is the Saturnian Angel of Light. Axis Mundi is over the North Pole; God's throne is in the north; hence Saturn usurps God. Draco encircles the Pole Star; hence Saturn is the Serpent in the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil revered in China as the Red Dragon. 
      "Tonsuring" is cutting the hair in reverence for Saturn. "Goatee" is cutting one's beard in reverence for Saturn the Sabbath Goat.
     Buck Rogers went to Saturn; Transformers "All Spark" and the Decepticons were exiled on Saturn; the Black Monolith (Millennium Hilton at "Ground Zero" NYC symbolizes this) in 2001: A Space Odyssey is from Saturn; Interstellar "Worm Hole" is from Saturn.
     Saturn is the Universal Monarch; Catholic means "Universal"; the Pope wears the Saturn Hat. Phylactery is a Saturn Cube containing OT bible verses worn on the forehead over the Pineal Gland "3rd Eye" of Saturn. 
     Satan/Saturn is the Nazi SS (Schwarze Sonne "Black Sun") called by the Egyptians "TULA", Thule Society aka "Brotherhood of Death or "Skull & Bones" (eg Treasury Sec Stephen Mnuchin, John Kerry, George/Jeb/GW Bush) 

Black Path Satanism is Salvation absent JESUS; there is none. There is no difference between Black Path Satanism and White Path Witchcraft;Saturnian Gnosis originated in Bab-El (Gate of El/Saturn); Saturn will rule the Age of Aquarius when the Tower of Babel is completed with the Mark of the Beast. The Tower of Babel is not a physical Tower/Ladder to Heaven, it was and still is Initiation into the Cult of Saturn.
      Initiated Secret Societies such as Freemasons, Jesuits or Sufis hvw one goal "Sovereignty" (No higher rank) Black Path, Black Mass, Black Sun (SS "Schwarze Sonne" or "First Sun"), Black Star (David Bowie equivalent with Astronaut David Bowman from 2001: A Space Odyssey, originally slated to be re-born by the Black Monolith on Saturn; Saturn just entered Saggitarius the "Bowman", Black Pope (Jesuit Superior General), Black Horse, Black Virgin (Isis the eldest daughter of Saturn and today's fake Terrorist Org ISIS), Black Ops (Ops is the consort of Saturn; Ops means Wealth, Abundance, Resources, the prophecy Isaac gave to Esau in Gen 27:39-41KJV), Black Budget, Black Flag (Piracy), Dark Matter (Ra Material), Black Holes, Black Death (Black Plague was man-made), Black Stone (Kaaba), Manat (Goddess of Fate, Death) for example all deceptions originatiing with Ham (Black) and Egypt (Kemet=Black). The Goat symbol (Pan, Baphomet, Goat of Mendes, Sabbath Goat "Saturn") used in Satanism comes from Ashima, the Goat Idol of the Hamathites (2 Ki 17:30); Ham means Black and is synonymous with Incest. The Sin of Incest is Saturnian, practitioners are called "Goat Riders".
     Other Black Paths: Theosophy, Temple of Set (Set is the Black Cube), Valentinians (Valentine's Day ring a Baal?), Tantrism, Khundalini, Yoga, Platonism, Druze, Ismailism, Mithraism (Mithra is born on Christmas/Saturnalia in case you thought Christmas was something Jesus promotes), Zoroastrianism (final battle of Good versus Evil is not just for Persians, most Christian Churches also teach the lie), Buddhism (Reincarnation until Nirvana? no need for a personal relationship with God here either), Taoism (The Path or Way to Immortality without God), Catharism (Female Priests/Pastors? Thank the Cathars for that Lie), Kabbalah (Christian and Jewish Kabbalah? both Black Path Satanism), Orthodox (Greek, Russian, Coptic, Assyrian etc rely on Mystical Experience and Personal Transformation; sounds like Self Deification because it is) The question is not so easy to answer and won't be until you place your trust in JESUS alone. Six Pointed Star of Saturn on the Flag of Israel; it is not Jewish in the slightest it is the 

関連画像「picture of riding the goat」の画像検索結果「picture of riding the goat」の画像検索結果Saturn Statue Switzerland.

「picture of tikkun olam」の画像検索結果「picture of tikkun olam」の画像検索結果「picture of holi festival」の画像検索結果Black is the combination of Colors, seen in the Hindu "Holi Festival", worship of Krishna "Black". Tikkun Olam is repairing the world to the conditions during the pre-Flood, absent the Tree of Life "Jesus Christ". You may recall this in Knight of Malta (Black Cross) Nic Cage movie "Knowing" which outlined the DeepWater Horizon pre-planned Earth destroying disaster 1 Yr in advance. 
      Black Paths:
Theosophy, Temple of Set (Set is the Black Cube), Temple of Satan, Church of Satan, Valentinians (Valentine's Day ring a Baal?), Tantrism, Khundalini, Yoga, Platonism, Druze, Ismailism, Mithraism (Mithra is born on Christmas/Saturnalia in case you thought Christmas was something Jesus promotes), Zoroastrianism (final battle of Good versus Evil is not just for Persians, most Christian Churches also teach the lie), Buddhism (Reincarnation until Nirvana? no need for a personal relationship with God here either), Taoism (The Path or Way to Immortality without God), Catharism (Female Priests/Pastors? Thank the Cathars for that Lie), Kabbalah (Christian and Jewish Kabbalah? both Black Path Satanism), Orthodox (Greek, Russian, Coptic, Assyrian etc rely on Mystical Experience and Personal Transformation; sounds like Self Deification because it is) The question is not so easy to answer and won't be until you place your trust in JESUS alone. Six Pointed Star of Saturn on the Flag of Israel; it is not Jewish in the slightest it is the Ensign of Saturn.

    Saturn Religion is Restoration Theology seen in the Talmudic phrase "Tikkun Olam" (Repair the Earth); Unification Church (Moonies); Mormon Church which has its roots in the Restoration Movement and Presbyterian Church (Donald Trump is a fake Presbyterian), Plymouth Brethren (Aleister Crowley was raised in this church; Rapture Theology propagated by the Jesuits through this church vial Plymouth Brethren John Nelson Darby), Crowley's Thelema Religion "Do what thou wilt", Witchcraft "Do what thou wilt and see it harm none" and John Calvin's TULIP (Total Depravity, Unconditional Election to Salvation, Limited Atonement, Irresistable Grace, Fixed Pre-Destination) etc. 
   Scythians "Black Sea Princes" were called Umman-Manda "People of Saturn", their wagons based on the Hyksos (Foreign Shepherd Kings) Chariots of Egypt. Saturn's Scythe after whom they were named gave him the title "Grim Reaper".
    Saturn is the Universal Monarch, Primeval Sun, Best Sun or First Sun, the Dark Sun ruled over the pre-Flood "Golden Age" which most of the world wants to return to, absent JESUS of course. Rabbis call this "Tukkun Olam" (Repair the Earth) by sacrificing most of humanity.
    Saturn is the father of Veritas; Veritas Capital sold DynCorp to Cerberus (owned by Trump's Sr Economic Adviser Steven Friedman). Veritas means "Truth"; Dyn is th root of "Power" (Trump's Inauguration phrase "Power to the People" taken from Dark Knight Rises and Bain's speech) Cerberus is the 3 headed "Hound of Hell"; Jesus of course referred to Saturn/Satan as the "Father of Lies". 
 This banner is often seen at Satanic Ritual Abuse gatherings; note the 3-D Star of Saturn hidden in the Eagle.  

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