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There Is Nothing New Under the Sun
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Arab Religion

                                                                                          Arab Religon

Related imageImage result for prince salman french chateauxImage result for prince salman french chateauxImage result for prince salman's b-747Image result for picture of trump bows to king salmanImage result for picture of salman trump and el sisi holding globeImage result for picture of hubal1 - 13 Photos From The Secret Bohemian Grove Meetings      The Arab moon god Allah is "Sin" aka Molech; Bab Ilu means "Gate of Allah"; BabylON "Gate of Osiris" BabEl "Gate of El" all names of Saturn symbolized by the Six Pointed Star of Saturn on Israel's Flag.
       The Arab-Israeli conflict will end when God no longer exists on Earth
. Israel means "One who wrestles with God", when the Holy Ghost is removed from Earth, the "Strong Delusion" will be here as will the Great Tribulation.

      Prince Salman (Salman=Solomon; same title as Assyrian King Shalmanesser "Solomon of Assyria" will soon be King Salman; he said, "The only thing that can stop him is Death". Why Solomon? He was the richest and wisest man in the world then and now The de-facto Arabian Caliph for life owns a $300M French Chateaux, said to be the most expensive residence in the world; a $600M Yacht, $500M A-380 (acquired from Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal), $150M Penthouse in London, B-747 etc etc Esau was prophesied to become wealthy (Fatness of the Earth) Gen 27:39-41KJV
    Trump bowed to King Salman accepting the King Abdulaziz Medal of Freedo. Aziz means "Powerful", equivalent with the Hebrew Oz; Book 77: Liber Oz; Aleister Crowley's Thelemic Bible "Do What thou Wilt" may ring a Baal; or Emerald City "Oz". George"Poppy" Bush Sr aka "Wizard of Oz" and George Bush Jr aka "Bandar Bush", Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin also bowed  and accepted the medal and all are Billionaires..
    House of Saud stems from Ibn Saud or Muhammad bin Saud, a descendant from Donmeh "Crypto" Satanists aka Marranos or Conversos. Turkish Sultan for life Reccip Tayyip Erdogan is also claimed to be Donmeh. Donmeh are Kabbalist-Sabbattean Cryptos who convert into Jewish, Christian and Islam to suit the times. Eg Shabbattai Zevi (Sabbat=Saturday=Saturn's Day=Saturnian "Melchisedekians" Cult) converted to Islam from "Judaism" in 1666 to save his life, a century later Jacob Frank "Fankists" (Frank=Free) encouraged Shabbattean-Frankists to convert into a variety of religions; the same practice Jesuits use because Jesuits are the "Militia of Zeus" where Zeus/Jupiter/Marduk/Horus is the son of Saturn/Osiris. Donmeh Muhammad bin Saud and Donmeh Muhammad Wahhab founded the Salafi branch of Islam in 1744 referring to followers of Jesus Christ and Jews as Sorcerers and Devil worshppers deserving of the Sword. It is claimed that Wahhab's grandfather Sulayman was Shulman, a Crypto, Sarmation Black Magick Sorcerer from Basra named Mordechai bin Ibrahim bin Mushi. In 1943 the House of Saud had a genealogy forged which attached them to the Banu Quyaish Tribe of Mecca to which the Prophet Muhammad belonged.
      al Qaeda "Solid Foundation" was born of a 1966 speech by Ibn Sayyid Qutb, a Stanford University visiting professor of Islamic studies, later executed for treason in Egypt. Sayyid means "Descendant of Muhammad"; Qutb means "World Pillar"; Salafist Wahhabists are also called Qutbists. HG Wells forcasted WW3 and the New World Order would begin with an incursion in Basra; in some sense the 1991 Gulf Wars which have never stopped did exactly that. It's almost comical that Saudi Royals have 3 toilets; the family don't use the one for foreigners called the "Qaeda".
    Esau sold his Birthright to Jacob for a bowl of Red Beans; later Jacob impersonated Esau trying to obtain his father's blessing; God was not fooled. God, through Isaac told Esau he would live off the "Fatness of the Earth (Gen 27:39-41KJV) meaning "Wealthy" and perhaps more specifically Oil, a product of the Earth.
     The Glory of God departed Solomon's Temple by the same exact route Jesus departed the 2nd Temple for the exact same reasons. Acceptance of the Mark of the Beast (Moral and Lawless System) and worship of the Abomination of Desolation will land you a permanent home in Hell. The Black Horse will force everyone on Earth to make a choice between survival and death.
    The Arab god Hubal, means Human Baal; the pre-eminent god of Arab Polytheism. "America is the Hubal of the modern age" Osama bin Laden aka CIA Asset Tim Osman and Al Qaeda figurehead. Al Qaeda "Solid Foundation" was first mentioned by Stanford University visiting professor Ibn Sayyid Qutb in 1966. Qutbists are Wahhabists, the dominant religion of the Saudi Arabian Royals. Hubal was the chief of 360 Arab Idols in the Ka'aba at Mecca. Muhammad allegedly smashed the Idols and dedicated them to Allah, the Arab moon god "Sin".
       Arab like Rabbi mean "Great One"; Israel means "One who wrestles with God". Desert/Wilderness/Desolation refers to a land void of God. Think modern day Israel is wrestling with God? Guess Again; the Six Pointed Star of Saturn is not Jewish in any sense of the word; Arabs call Saturn "Allah"; Arabs know Allah as "Sin".
       Jewish religion has been corrupted by the Menorah with the Arab sun god Shemesh aka Molech as the center candle. Christian religion has been corrupted by Christmas, Santa Claus and the Easter Rabbit (Annammelech). Muslims worship a Black Stone at the Ka'aba in Mecca; the stone of Diana, goddess of witchcraft and stone of Jupiter/Zeus.
       Arabs are "Little Wanderers of the Desert"; they infiltrate all religions to destroy them from inside out; this is the meaning of "Sin". The Labarum or Chi-Rho and IHS "In Hoc Signo Vinces" (By this sign Conquer) symbolized Arab and Satan victorious over God and His followers. Revelation chapters 11, 12, 13 illustrate a world without God during the 3 1/2 Year, 42 month, 1260 day "Great Tribulation". When God relaxes His restraint on Evil, the world becomes a "Desert" with one Law "Do what thou wilt". 
         Arab League Emergency Mtg in Cairo scheduled for Thursday 7/27/17 over Temple Mount Crisis; July 27 is the Grand Climax of the Creamation of Dull Care, a 4000 year old Sumerian Ritual performed annually by 2000 Elite Molech Worshippers in the Redwood Forest of California at Bohemian Grove. 
      Orthodox fake Jew Jared Kushner negotiating with Palestine Authority Pres Mahmoud Abbas, Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu and and Jordan's King Abdullah II; all 3 men are Sovereign Luciferian Freemasons. Why 7/27? Grand Climax of Begone Dull Care Ritual in Sumeria was held on July 27; today Bohemian Grove carries on the Satanic tradition. Love, Wisdom, Peace and Life sound pretty benign but they are not. Love is Amor is the religion of the Amorites (Canaanites) and Gnostic Cathars "Church of Amor". Charity is the Love of God; Love has a completely different meaning, more in tune with Agape Love Feasts aka Bacchanalia or Dionysiac rituals aka Orgies. Wisdom is Gnostic Wisdom from the Serpent and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Esoteric Wisdom is the Knowledge to become a god. Peace is symbolized by the Witch's Foot aka Broken Jew, the removal of Jesus and His followers from Earth ie all followers of God whether Jewish, Muslim or Christian. Life comes directly from the Serpent's Lie "Ye shall not surely die, but become as gods" Satan Lied!
    Pre-Flood Arab religion begins at Babel "Gate of the gods" or "Gate of Saturn" aka El, Allah, Moloch, Milcom, Chiun, Shemesh, Saturn etc. After the Flood Arab religion was re-instituted with Joktan and Peleg 120 years after the Flood. Peleg is the root of Archipelago "Land surrounded by Water"
     The Arab League was founded on 72 years ago on Mar 22 (3/22), 1945; think Syria, Saudi Arabia and Jordan are enemies? Guess again. ObamaCare was signed on 3/22 at 3:22 UTC for this reason; Obama is Arab; you may recall he not only bowed to King Abdullah (Abd=House + Allah) of Saudi Arabia; he bowed to the Egyptian President, an Arab League Initiate in Cairo; Donald Trump did the same in Saudi Arabia with King Salman; notice the Black Hospitaller Cross on the Hubal Monument; Trump is an Oath Sworn Hospitaller aka Sovereign Military Order of Malta. Society 322 is the Brotherhood of Death aka Skull & Bones (Steven Mnuchin), a Cainite religion of Death seen in "The Family" (Mike Pence, Dan Coates, Betsy DeVoss, Jeff Sessions, Ben Carson) Christian? No folks Arab "He who kills with the sword must be killed with the sword"-Jesus
     Why would Arabs have a say in the Temple Mount which ties 3 Abrahamic religions together? It's the Canaanite "Threshing Floor"; Wheat separated from Chaff is Christian and Arab; Arabs intend to separate Jews, Christians and Muslims in WWIII "WWIII will put forces of political Zionism against Islam to the point of physical, moral and economic exhaustion in order for the doctrine of Lucifer to be accepted" Condederate Freemason Albert Pike Feast Day of Lucifer Aug 15, 1871. Why now? 72 years is the time the Earth's Axis Precession moves 1 degree; Welcome to the Age of Aquarius and Freedom from God. 72 languages confounded at Babel; 72 chapters in the original rendering of Revelation; 72 rungs in Jacob's Ladder according to the Zohar; 72 disciples of Confucius ("The world runs on symbols not words nor laws"); 72 disciples of Osiris (Saturn); Moon (Arab god Sin) is 1/72 the volume of Earth; Saturn is 72X Earth; 72 is the ideal human heartbeat. Why Green? The Arab Green Man "Al Kidr" of course; Greeks called him Dionysus; Romans Bacchus. Cairo sounds like Chi-Rho "Royal Christ" seen in the Labarum symbol likely on the altar of your favorite Christian Church; Why? Arabs entice Christians, Jews and Muslims to kill each other. Jesus said never call anyone Rabbi; Why? Arab and Rabbi means the same "Great One". Wonder where the Suez Canal got its name? Arabs thought it would be funny to use Zeus spelled Backwards; Zeus/Jupiter is set to be born Sept 23, 2017. The Arab gods Hubal, Al Lat, Al Uzza and Manat, introduced by Quyraish (Korahites of Num 16) Bedouins of Mecca (Arabic "Adultery") to form Islam. CIA asset Tim Osman (Osama bin Laden) said "America is Hubal of the modern age"; he was referring to Quyraish bedouin Muhammad smashing the 360 idols of Hubal at the Ka'aba and dedicating them to Allah, the Arab moon god "Sin". Hu=Spirit of God + Baal=Master/Lord; Hubal is nearing 6000 years of age. Arab (Joktan) planning is coming to fruition in 2017. Time to get Spiritually ready!
    7/27/17 Bohemian Grove is a 4000 Yr old Sumerian ritual called "Begone Dull Care". The first Saturday, the Cremation of Dull Care opens the camp when the Sun is in the clutches of Leo and 2000 Elite Satanists meet in the Redwood Forest to offer sacrifices to Molech/Saturn, the god is the Ammonites and modern day Israel (Shemesh is the Moabite version of Moloch used in Hanukkah Menorahs). "Oh thou great symbol of all mortal wisdom, Owl of Bohemia, we do beseech thee, grant us thy counsel"; 2000 Cross-dressing Elites performing plays called "Hi Jinx", "Passing Children thorugh Fires to Molech" (Sacrificing) in a modern day Cult of Isis ritual.
      2017 is unique: On Aug 21 (cusp of Leo-Virgo) the US will be bisected by a Total Solar Eclipse. On Sept 20 (cusp of Virgo-Libra) the "Christ Angle" forms over the Great Pyramids.,_2017_quot;Christ_Anglequot; 3 days later on Sept 23, the Rev 12:1 sign forms on Shabbat Shuvah (Sabbath of Return). Jupiter will exit the womb of the Virgin clothed with the Sun, the moon at her feet and a crown of 12 stars (Leo) forms.,_2017:_Rev_12:1 The 3rd Temple will soon be built on the Temple Mount with the Throne of Zeus/Jupiter (Satan's Seat) in place for the Great Tribulation Will you be ready? 
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