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There Is Nothing New Under the Sun
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9 Av

                                  9 Av "Tisha b' Av"

    9 Av "Tisha b’ Av" may be "The saddest day in Jewish History", but as Amos 5:2;26; 7:2-3;5-6 make clear, Israel is no more Jewish than the Six Pointed Star of Saturn on its Flag. 9 Av is 13-14 August, 2016; August the month sacred to Lugh, the Celtic Sun god aka Apollo "Destroyer" (Ref Rev 9:11 Apollyon or Abaddon). Jesus was Jewish; His followers are grafted on to the covenant God (Jesus) made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. 9 Av will soon go down in history as the "Saddest day in Christian History" Why? Born Again followers of JESUS are the New Covenant Temple.
     Georgia Guidestones GG represents 77; Geo=Earth "They worshipped and served the creature more than the creator" ring a Baal? How about Pope Francis' Encyclical "Laudato Si" (Be Praised)? The monument on HWY 77, in Elberton Georgia in Elbert County is named after Master Mason Samuel Elbert, spared a British Bayonet by displaying the Masonic Distress Phrase "Is there no help for the widow's son?"  Elberton is called the "Gravestone Capital of the West"; recall Washington DC is on the 77th Longitude "God's Longitude"; pretty amazing American #77 hit the 77ft Tall Pentagon whose Corner Stone was laid on 9/11/1941 directly on the 77th Longitude eh? Aleister Crowley "Liber 77: Book of the Goat" may ring a Baal; the Goat is Pan aka Baphomet or Azazel (Goat that departs in Num 16:8-10) Azazel is not JESUS; only He is the true Scapegoat.
                                                  Georgia Guidestones
      Stonehenge is a Druid Astronomical Observatory oriented to Winter Solstice; "America's Stonehenge" was dedicated by RC Christian, a pseudonym for Rosicrucian Freemasons Robin Carter Cook and Ted Turner, both Nazi Eugenics and Planned Parenthood proponents) on 3/22/1980. In Gen 3:22 Adam falls into Sin; Society 322 aka Skull & Bones (Temple of Wisdom sitting atop the 33 Vertebrae) is the Brotherhood of Death (Universal Health Care is the new Nazi Eugenics; passed onto law 3/22/10 at 3:22UTC).
     #1 Commandment of the Guide Stones Maintain population under 500,000,000. How? "A moderately fatal, aerosol transmitted virus, will become a plague of unimaginable proportion" Dr Ron Fouchier. This info is no the Plague Page. A Zika Vaccine is imminent. When? The Cornerstone of the English pillar has inscribed 8-14-2016 MM and JAM meaning Master Masons will Judge Humanity on 9 Av 2016. 
    #2 Guide reproduction wisely How? Artemis 5G Millimeter Wave Nationwide Broadband was just approved. Cell Phones become Birth Control (Lab Rats exposed to similar power were sterilized in 15 mins) and inhibiting the skin's ability to produce Vitamin D aka "Vital Amino Acid". The Temple of Artemis is replicated by the Supreme House of the Temple; now you know why no hand touched the Georgia Guide Stones during dedication, who was not a Master Mason.
    #3 Unite Humanity with a living new language Which language? Heptapod, featured in the "Story of my Life" is worth researching before "Arrival" debuts on 11/11. Arrrival of what? My guess is the "2 Witnesses" Enoch and Elijah. Why Heptapod? Hept means 7; the King James Bible brings the Bible's Heptadic Structure into modern English; don't have one? Get one. When JESUS returns, He will be wearing a sign nobody knows called "WORD OF GOD". You will want to be behind Him by then!
    #4 Rule passion, faith, tradition with temporal reason "The Age of Reason" by Rosicrucian philosopher John Locke may ring a Baal. Born Again followers of JESUS have a burning passion to "Love God" and "Love our Neighbor". The UN Planetary Initiative "No person shall enter the New Age unless he or she accepts a Luciferian Initiation" Sounds reasonable eh? Do that and Hell for Eternity awaits.
   #5 Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts. How? Shariah and Noahide Laws. Both proscribe the Death Penalty for worshippers of JESUS.
    #6 Let all naitons rule internally resolving external disputes in World Court. National leaders swear to defend their respective Constitutions; this is why the bible says "Above all else brethren, Swear Not".
    #7 Avoid petty laws and useless officials "Do what thou wilt" may ring a Baal; one Nation of Panem in a Hunger Game with no rights for Citizens. TPP, TTIP, TISA ring a Baal? Petty laws like the Bill of Rights, a thing of the past.
    #8 Balance personal rights with social duties. Green Party candidate Jill Stein worded this best "100% mobilization to fight Global Climate change" Serfs have no rights, only social duties to serve the Elite.
    #9 Prize truth and beauty, seeking harmony with the infinite. Pan "All" ring a Baal. Jesus? Oh, He, Melchisedek (King of Jerusalem) came in wearing sack cloth on an an ass, fulfilling the 7th Covenant; rejected, He began the 8th and final "New Covenant"; 8 is the number of the Inifinte.
    #10 Be not a cancer on the earth; Leave room for Nature; Leave room for Nature. UN Agenda 21 from the 1990 Rio Earth Summit may ring a Baal; it leaves plenty of room for Nature, herding what few remain on Earth into UN managed reservations. Mother Nature may be happy, but not JESUS.
    On top of the English Language side is a Masonic Ashlar Stone (Worked/Smooth Stone); a Perfect 6in X 6in X 6in Cube removed and broken in 2014 at the start of the 7th Tetrad (4 consequative Lunar Eclipses on Passover and Tabernacles); breaking the Cube refers to the Opening of "Pandora's Box" and the beginning of "Chaos"; the motto of Luciferian Masonry "Order out of Chaos". Chaos/Chronus is Saturn. Note: The Six Pointed Star of Saturn (Chaldean STUR) is not Jewish in the slightest.
      Cube worship is Saturn/Satan worship (Cubes were featured prominently at the 2016 Rio Olympic Opening Ceremony); the Guide Stones English Cube is marked with 8-14-20-16; on the sides is MM (Master Mason and 1313; Genesis 13:13 "Sins of Sodom" may ring a Baal) and JAM "Judicie Anno Mundi"(Judgment of the World) read as "Master Masons will bring Judgement Day". The Perfect Ashlar Cube represents the Mason's path to Sovereignty (Godhood); God demands Altars made of "Unhewn Stone""And if thou wilt make me and altar of stone, thou shalt not build it of hewn stone: for if thou lift up thy tool upon it, thou hast polluted it" Ex 20:25 Rebellious little Masons aren't they?
    8/14/2016 "Judgment Day" is the most likely start of the "Great Culling", at least in America "Land of the Amorites". The date on the Ashlar Cube is coincident with 9 Av 2016 in a Satanic Jubilee Year, 50 years after the 1996-7 6-Day War, Capture of the Temple Mount and founding of the Church of Satan during the 6th Tetrad (4 consequetive Lunar Eclipses on Passover and Tabernacles) Not a chance in Hell this is coincidence.
    Anti-masonic Party was born on 8/14/1823, the date Master Mason William Morgan obtained a copyright for "Illustrations of Masonry by one of the fraternity who has devoted 30 yrs to the subject"; for this exposure of Masonry's Rituals he was murdered on 9/11. "Remember William Morgan" a favorite Masonic rallying cry to keep the Brethren in line. 
    Worth watching is Independent Presidential Candidate Evan McMullin and/or Mitt Romney; Mormonism is Masonry by another name and both men are CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) Traitors.  Evan entered the Presidential Race on 8/8, 2016 (JESUS=888; 2016=18=8); if you are not familiar with the Mormon Oath of Vengeance or Mountain Meadows Massacre (also a 9/11 event; MMM), now is a great time. The Oath of Vengeance required Mormons to Swear to their famililies 4th generation, to spill every single drop of American blood in Revenge for spilling the blood of Joseph and Hyrum Smith. Guess what people, Masons spilled that blood!
    8/15 is the "Feast Day of Lucifer"; the anniversary of the first Jesuit Oaths taken in the crypt of St Denis (Denis is Dionysus) Cathedral on 8/15/1534. On 8/15/1871 Sovereign Mason, Sodomite, Glutton, Confederate Albert Pike wrote the detailed plan for 3 World Wars to fellow Luciferian Mason, Italian Revolutionary, MAFIA (Mazzini Authorizes Theft Fire Poison) Founder Giuseppe Mazzini.
    8/14/2016 JAM "Judgment of the World" by MM "Master Masons" on 9 Av during the Satanic Jubilee (Reversal of Slave and Master) with a Time Capsule set to be buried 6ft under with a date written on it at the start of the "Great Culling". Jesus warned a day would come when people would kill others thinking they do God's Work; today we call that Global Climate Change. Jesus also warned that unless He shortened "Those Days" no Flesh would remain. Well, folks "Those Days" may be about here.
   The Georgia Guidestones form an X (Greek Chi=Christ=Messiah) around a central Pillar, topped by an Altar covered in Blood, reminiscient of "Horned Altars" used for sacrifice (Ref Eze 43:15)
     9 Av is a day associated with calamaties that begin when Israel worships the Golden Calf (today's Wall St Bull is the same Egyptian Apis Bull) at the base of Mt Sinai (Mt Sinai is in Arabia at Jebel al Laws west of Mecca not in Egypt; Ref Gal 4). 
     God does not stand by when Golden Calf Idols are worshipped (40 Yrs. He does not stand by when people commit abominations on the altar as women weep for Tammuz on the porch. He does not stand by when the King of Israel (Zedekiah) uses the Temple furnishings for an Orgy. He does not stand by when "Money Changers" sell the sacrificial animals God provides for Free. He does not stand by when people follow leaders claiming they are God. He does not stand by when His "Friends" demand His Crucifixion, and He will not stand by people accept the Mark of the Beast. That's coming soon. 

  • Rejecting the 12 Spies report on Canaan ca 1492 BC,  the death of adults 21 and over during 40 years wandering in circles in the Arabian Desert; “Arab Desert” NW of Mecca at Jebel al Laws not the fake Mt Sinai in Egypt.
  • Rabbis teach that Jeremiah is a Traitor, born on 9 Av; a traitor because he told the truth (eg Jer 10) to his people in the face of Rabbinical Lies; think God is pleased with celebrations of setting up Groves on Hanukkah, or baking cakes for the "Queen of Heaven"? Guess Again. Followers of JESUS are in the same predicament celebrating the Pagan Holy Days called Christmas and Easter. Jeremiah is important because Irish-Scottish-English Kings claim descent from Zedekiah's mythical daughter Tamar-Tephi (Tamar comes from Gen 38:12-23; Judah's eldest son Er married Tamar and was killed by God; Onan and Tamar then receive the inheritance due Er; Onan is killed by God; Judah then doesn't recognize Tamar and the 2 give birth to Perez, an ancestor of Jesus) who allegedly is taken by Jeremiah to Ireland with "Jacob's Pillow" where she gives legitimacy to the Irish Kings; the last of which will be Sargon "Legitimate King" III or Antichrist.
  • The destruction of Solomon’s Temple (ref Eze 8) in 585 BC; God does not appreciate “Ancients of Israel” committing abominations on the altar as women “weep for Tammuz” on the porch! The 1st Breach in the Walls occurred on 17 Tammuz 3 weeks before; in 2016 this is July 23, the first full day the Sun enters Leo.
  • The destruction of the 2nd Temple in 70 AD. Jesus, fulfilling some 300 prophecies to the letter was rejected as King of Jerusalem and Priest of the Most High “Melchisedek”; an “Alternative Christ” will be born/revealed on 9 Av who comes in his own name; Daniel refers to him as the “God of forces” 
  • Bar Kochba Revolt in 135 AD by fake Jew and self proclaimed Messiah of the Star Simon Bar Kochba. 500,000 real Jews are massacered because Kochba was believed to be Jewish; Talmud, Zohar, Kaballah, Rabbis are like the Pharisees of old, anything but Jewish.
  • The razing of the Temple site and re-dedication “Zeus Capitolina”; Zeus’ Capitol can also be seen in Washington DC at the apex of the Federal Triangle.
  • The 1st Crusade began on Aug 15, 1096 (Aug 15 if the Feast of Lucifer) preached by Pope Urban; instigated by the same people who instigate all wars. Guess he forgot Jesus' only 2 Commandments "Love God" "Love our Neighbor". "He who kills with the sword must be killed with the sword". Crusader means "Warrior of the Cross" The Cross is a Pagan symbol of Tammuz having nothing to do with Jesus who was Nailed to a Tree amid 2 Thieves roming the 7 Branch Candlestick.
  • Expulsion of "Fake “Jews” (Usury Bankers) from England July 18, 1290 by King Edward I; Rothschild is anything but Jewish; the name “Bauer” means “Farmer” the profession of Cain; Cainites, or their religion at least came through the Flood with Noah’s wife, who produced Canaan from incest with Ham and Edomites married women of this incest. Bauer became Rothschild whose street address 666  Am Mein was written in Red; Rothschild means Red Shield. 
  • Expulsion of "Fake Jews" from France July 22, 1306
  •  The Alhambra Decree, forced conversion and/or expulsion of Crypto "Jews" from Spain. Rosicrucian Christopher Columbus’ (Christ=Messiah; Taufr is Norse for Red=Red Messiah; the Red Cross on his sails and the British Flag is a dead giveaway) voyage to “New Jerusalem aka America in 1492 AD. No coincidence with Moses date 1492 BC either; this date is critical because it was at the end of the Hyksos (Amalekites are Edomites/Ishmaelites) Era, Moses was raised up.
  • 1648 Chielminicki Massacre; 250K Polish and Ukraine Jews slaughtered
  • WWI began on Aug 1, 1914 (Aug 1 is Lugnasadh) on 9 Av; the Nazi build-up planned in advance by Jesuit handled 330 Masons Albert Pike and Giuseppe Mazzini (Google Albert Pike 3 World Wars)
  • 9 Av 1929 Grand Mufti of Jerusalem initiates the Hebron Massacre
  • WWII began in 1939 on 9 Av; ever wonder where Hitler got the incredible sums of money, steel and aluminum to build the Nazi War machine? Hint: Prescott Bush and George Romney are 2 names that should ring a 23 tonne Bell. Again, WWII was planned in advance as recorded by Albert Pike on 15 Aug 1871
  • "The Final Solution" 9 Av 1941, Aryan Nazi Reinhard Heydrich receives orders to initiate the Holocaust
  • Mass deportations of real Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto initiated the Holocaust on 9 Av 1942. 6 million God fearing Jews who rejected Rothschild’s British version of Israel and the Zionist Star of Molech were gassed, burned or shot. Dwight Eisenhower gets a free pass in history for murdering 1.7 million German citizens after the war.
  • 9 Av 1991 "Shock and Awe" begins Gulf War I. Shock and Awe is the Talmudic-Kabbalist "Shekinah" the "Sacred Feminine" presence of God; wrong God boys, that's Satan. 9 Av 1991 33Luciferian Mason Carlyle Group Business Partners GHW Bush and Saddam Hussein with Iraq Ambassador April Glaspie initiate Gulf War I, now entering its 26th year.
  • 9 Av 1994 Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires Argentina bombed killing 300.
  • 9 Av 2006 while GW Bush is at Bohemian Grove, news shills claim he is monotoring the Lebanon War from his Crawford Ranch.
      George Bush Sr began with Gulf War I on 9 Av 1991 with “Shock and Awe”; a promise made via Iraq Ambassador April Glaspie to allow Carlyle Group business partner and fellow 330Freemason Saddam Hussein (Given the keys to Detroit by Don Rumsfeld and Norm Coleman) to control the Kuwait Oil Fields; the oil is now being sent to Haifa, Israel; on 9/11/1991 Bush Sr aka “Magog” wife of Bab's "Babalon", the illegitimate daughter of British Freemason,  M-5 Agent Aleister Crowley “The Beast” made his famous “New World Order” speech; that year he also founded his “1000 pts of Light” foundation to vacuum up charitable donations destined for the Iraq people. 1000 Pts of Light refers to the Dome under which children are sacrificed daily at Chateau Amerois (Castle of Kings) in Muno Bel, Belgium; their blood used to write progress of the New World Order. Iraq is physical “Babylon”; “Operation Iraqi Freedom” hides the true meaning “Liberation of Babylon”
  • 2016 is 50 years after "Anno Satanae" (Year One Satan), the year the Church of Satan was founded and Twin Towers (Horus and Set, Jacob and Esau) construction began in 1966. 2016 is a Satanic Jubilee, a reversal of Slave and Master ie Esau and Jacob
  • The Church of Satan was born in the "Black House" on the 38th Parallel aka "Hotel California" in San Francisco as is the Korean DMZ; what a coincidence! An Idol of Core (Jude 7) is in the San Francisco Airport. Like Asiana #214 Captain me thinks Sum Ting Wong. 
  • 2016 is the UN "Year of Pulses"; Pulse being Tares sewn among the Wheat; Tares are followers of God in the Pagan world. 
  • Aug 13 is the anniversary of the Korean DMZ  and aligns with 9 Av in 2016. Korea is named after the Korahite "Rebel Priests" of Num 16.    
                                              "9 Av" 
The 1st and 2nd Temples were destroyed on 9 Av; Born Again followers of JESUS are New Covenant Temples 
        On 9 Av, 1945 Dean Rusk (Rhodes Scholar, Military Intel, CFR, CIA, Korea and Vietnam War Architect, Rockefeller Foundation President, 9 yr Sec of State) and fellow Rhodes Scholar (named after Cecil Rhodes) Charles Bonesteel using a Nat Geo Map and a Pen with no Korean input, separate 30% of Korean families; 100K tortured and killed in the years preceeding the conflict, in what Koreans call their "Civil War", along the 38th Parallel "DMZ"; what a coincidence Washington DC is not only on the 77th Longitude, but also the 38th Latitude; amazing isn't it? Harry Truman and Douglass MacArthur both Sovereign Luciferian Shriner Freemasons assembled some 30 Atomic Weapons in Okinawa; the plan was to Radiate the entire DMZ forever. The senseless battle Truman called a "Police Action" had no Congressional Authorization and occurred before any UN Mandate, ending in Armistice (Temporary cessation of hostilities) A Sequel is planned. North Korea effectively ended the 1953 Armistice on July 28, 2016.
      Whether 9 Av 2016 is the start of WWIII obviously remains to be seen, but the goal of WWIII is to pit Zionism against Islam to the point of Moral, Economic and Physical exhaustion in order for the Doctrine of Lucifer to be accepted. (Google Albert Pike 3 World Wars). Participate in that and Hell for Eternity awaits.
                          Arrival Nov 11, 2016 (9 11 9)
                  "Language is the first weapon drawn in times of conflict"
    God separated the Nations and Confounded Language at Babel; Luciferians want to Unite humanity with Pure Language
 follows the 1996 version, both based on "Story of your Life" This is Witchcraft. "Do what thou wilt shall be the sum of the Law"-Crowley No consequence when the Story of our Lives is already written eh? This Lie has and will send Billions of people to Hell. John Calvin (Cohen) proposed TULIP (Total Depravity, Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement, Irresistible Grace, Pre-destination) Pre-destination does not refer to Fixed Pre-destination to Heaven or Hell; If you want to remain written in the Lamb's "Book of Life", you need to tell JESUS. Catholics receive absolution from the Church hierarchy aka Nicolaitane (Conquer the Laity) Doctrine; if you want forgiveness of Sin, you need to ask JESUS.
     Heptapod A is "Spoken Language"; Heptapod B is "Written Language"; understanding the latter allows one to know the entire life story of an as of yet un-conceived embryo. Note the similarity to Jesus here. Jesus is Alpha, the Spoken Word of Creation; Jesus is the Word made Flesh; Jesus is Omega, the Spoken and Written Word intact at the 7000th year. 
      Satan's version is the Gnostic concept  "Transmigration of Souls". Mormonism or Star Children adhere to this Lie. Catholicism accepted the Gnostic-Jesuit Lie as "Indestructibility of the Soul"; "Fear him who can destroy both body and soul in Hell" is what Jesus taught. Mormons are taught the Star Kolob is where Souls are born; Kolob is the Arab Star "Qalb"; Siriusly people! In Egypt it was Sirius, the Star of Isis, the "Black Virgin".
 Zeph 3:9 refers to "Pure Language" of the LORDHeptapod B? Not on your Eternal Life
Hept=7 the number of Perfection; Cathar Perfecti or "Order of Perfectibilists" (Rosicrucian Illuminati) may ring a Baal. Crowley's OTO (Oriental Templars ie Sun Rise) and Order of the Silver Star utilize the 7 Pt Star, the "Alchemical Star of VITRIOL". 
   VITRIOL means Glass; Glastonbury Tor, the mythical burial mound of King Arthur (Branch) may ring a Baal. VITRIOL is VRL or VRIL, the Vril Society prevalent among Nazi SS refers to the "Elemental force of Creation". VRL + ITIO (remaining letters) represents the Elemental Force of Creation Going or Traveling to Man. Man becomes God in this Satanic system. 
     Glastonbury Tor "Isle of Glass" is the mythical "Avalon" meaning "Place of Apples" aka Apollo/Apollyon "Destroyer" in Rev 9:11. Atop the ancient burial mound is the Aquarian Cross, designed by Wholistic World Vision; the Cross highlights the Ratio of Life aka Fibonacci Sequence or Golden Mean (1.618 to 1) not Jesus Christ. "Tikkun Olam" may ring a Baal, it means "Repair the Earth" to the conditions in the Garden of Eden, specifically the time after Cain killed Abel; one big problem for Satanists is Jesus, the Tree of Life is guarded by a 4 faced Cherubim with a Flaming Sword.  King Arthur is myth; Knights of the Round Table are the 12 signs fo the Zodiac. Arcturas is Arthur, the Bear Guard guiding the Big Dipper around the Pole Star; in Sufism "Qutb" means "World Pillar" hence "Whirling Dervish" imitate this. The Age of Aquarius is upon us as is Satan's Wrath, an imitation of God's 7 Vials of Wrath.
     Pure Language is the theme of the Georgia Guidestones' Satanic 10 Commandments #3 "Unite humanity with a living new language". #1 "Maintain world population under 500 Million" #2 "Guide Reproduction...", so 93% of us will need to die of course; a far cry from God's Commandment "Go forth and multiply" eh?
                                                     7 Pt Heptadic Star of Alchemy "Seal of Satan"
      The Druid (Knowers of Trees) Septenary Star represents the 7 attrubutes of Druids: Wisdom, Compassion, Liberal, Abundance, NOn-conformity, Learning, Idealism. There are 7 Septenary Races in the Vedas; 7 Planetary Furnaces of the Soul (Sabian Astrology); 7 Chakras (Serpent Force) in the "Planetary Man" and 7 Alchemical Metals: Saturn=Lead; Jupiter=Tin; Mars=Iron; Sun=Gold; Venus=Copper; Mercury=Zinc or Mercury; Moon=Silver. (Allah is the Arab Moon god aka "Silver Surfer")
   In Witchcraft the 7 pt Star if the Elven Star and Faerie Star aka Mithril Star (Mithra is the root of Mitre) representing the 7 Levels in Mithraism
     7 pt Star of Alchemy  aka Seal of Satan or Star of Babylon represents the Body (Sal) + Sulphur (Moving Soul or Transmigrating Soul) + Mercury (Connecting Soul); 7 days of Creation Week; Heptadic Structure of the Bible (KJV); Sigil of Ameth/Amoth; 7 Angelic Order of Angels, Order of Knight Masons; Encampment of Scottish Rite; are all part of the "Faith of the 7pt Star" seen on Australia's Flag; why Australia? Australian Antigen AUAG is featured at the base of Mayan artwork highlighting a Plague killing mankind at the Denver Airport. In Kaballah, the 7th level Netzach is the base of the Mercy Pillar, the "Turning Point" where Mercy turns to Harshness. Sheriff's use the 7 Pt Star because they are Tax Collectors; Tax is a Burden, forgiven by JESUS but enforced by Satan. If you want your Sin Debt forgiven, you need to ask JESUS.
     The Angelic Order of Netzach is called Elohim (Offspring of the Chaldean god El) or Star Children. Mormon Evan McMullin entered the US Presidential Race on 8/8/2016 (888) because as a Melchisedek Priest, he is filling the role JESUS (888) failed at; Mormons will explain their this to JESUS in person soon; in fact, all of us will. Hardly alone, the United Nations is led by Unification Church "Moonie" (Allah is the Arab moon god "Sin") Ban Ki Moon, the International Body leading the way to Luciferian Initiation; the UN Planetary Initiative " No person shall enter the New Age unless he or she accepts a Luciferian Initiation" Hollywood Actor playing US President Ronald Reagan "Nothing would unite the nations of earth faster than the threat of an Alien invasion not of this Earth". Understand Heptapod B? Me neither, Time to have a chat with JESUS! 

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