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5778 "Year of Shamash"

                  5778 Year of Moshiach "Shamash"
「shamash is lion」の画像検索結果「sigil of saturn」の画像検索結果「sigil of saturn」の画像検索結果「leo constellation picture」の画像検索結果Image result for picture of uraeus「picture of double crown os egy[t」の画像検索結果 
「sigil of saturn」の画像検索結果
「picture of double crown os egy[t」の画像検索結果 「picture of djed pillar」の画像検索結果 Related image「hanukkah menorah picture」の画像検索結果                                                                                      
      God's New Year is 1 Abib, Mar 17, 2018 is St Patrick's Day Patrick is Ptah Rekh or King Ptah, the Master Craftsmen of those who reject Jesus Christ as the Chief Cornerstone of the New Covenant. Day #76 matches Dan 7:6 "3rd Beast", the prophecied Edomite "Dominion" in Gen 27:39-41KJV which gives way to the 4th Beast of Iron in Dan 7:7. Day #77 on 2 Abib/Nisan is Red Heifer Day, the day an unblemished Red Heifer is sacrificed in order to purify the Cornerstone and Chief Priest of the Temple. There are 77 Generations from Adam to Jesus Christ; Liber 77: Book of the Goat or Liber Oz may ring a Baal. Rabbinical Year 5778 began on Sept 20, 2017 "Rosh Hashanah"; Sept 11, 2018 is "Rosh Hashanah"; Project 911 on Site 911 "Beit Shamash" (House of the Sun) is an underground radiation hardened bunker ready for the arrival of Shamash "Sun Lion". 5778 is the Temperature of the Sun 5778K; Shamash, the center candle of the Hanukkah Menorah means "Sun"; Marduk is the Bull calf of the Sun. Hebrew Year 5779 begins on April 6, 2019, the date Mormons believe Jesus was born. 
          Hebrew Year 5778 (5778K is the temperature of the sun; Shamash is the Babylonian sun god and center candle on the Hanukkah Menorah) began Sept 20, 2017; symbolized by the Christ Angle 9 months before on Saturnalia, Comet Borisov symbolically entered the womb of Virgo from Leo; Jupiter/Marduk/Shamash, the son of Saturn was symbolically born on Sept 23, 2017 forming the Rev 12:1 sign,_201733 Talmudic Rabbis call this "Year of Moshiach" (Shamash/Marduk); a plan put in writing by the Essenes in the "Prince Melchisedek Scroll" 11Q13 during the Inter-testament "Silent" Period; Rabbi Judah ben Samuel in 1217 and in 1760 by Tzaddiq Baal Shem Tov. "I am come in my Father's name and ye receive me not. If another shall come in his own name him ye will receive" Jn 5:43 Get ready folks! Antichrist is coming. When exactly? 

       Easter (Ishtar) Passover and April Fool's Day, the Assyrian Akitu Festival align in 2018 Akitu marks the return of Marduk (Jupiter/Zeus/Shamash) and victory over Tiamat (Tehom=The Deep), the Chaos Dragon; "Order out of Chaos" ring a Baal? Christians have been the April Fool's;s_Day celebrating the Easter long enough; Herod the Edomite King who killed James, and tried to kill Paul and Jesus celebrated Easter (Acts 12:4KJV). This ultimate Blasphemy and Rejection of God occurs after the 10th Jubilee (Gregorian Year 2017 Hebrew Year 5778) as planned in the Prince Melchisedek Scroll 11Q13 "After the 10th Jubilee Prince Melchisedek will return" Melchisedekians are the "Cult of Saturn"; the Assyrian "Marduk" is Saturn's son.  3 1/2 Years (1260 Days) later is Feast of Tabernacles; 30 days prior is Purim on Mar 1, 2018, the "Saddest Day in Jewish History"; Born Again Christians are grafted onto Jews through Jesus Christ. Daniel 12:11 warns the "Abomination of Desolation" will be set up 30 days before the Great Tribulation begins. Jesus requires everyone on Earth to make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem annually for His real Birthday on Feast of Tabernacles (Zech 14:18). Daniel 12:11 outlines the final 1290 days beginning when the "Abomination of Desolation" is set up; 2018 is the year after the 10th Jubilee; Purim (Pur means "Cast Lots for Marduk) on Feb 28-Mar 1, 2018 30 days later the 1260 day Great Tribulation would start on April Fool's Day-Akitu Daniel warns of 1260 Days, 1290 Days and 1335 Days (Dan 12:12) The latter would occur on Jan 15, 2018; the Orthodox New Year or Oriental (Rising Sun=Saturn) and Martin Luther King's birthday; MLK's birth? MLK is Molech=Saturn. 

      Project 911 on Site 911 at Beit Shamash "House of the Sun god" is a radiation hardened bunker built in preparation of the arrival of Shamash; over every door is the Mezuzah "The LORD our God is One" Deut 6:4; the true reading is "The LORD out God is One Lord" in reference to Jesus Christ; "One" refers to Satan; an example is the Witchcraft and Thelemite greeting 93/93 meaning "As Above. So Below" or "One". The opening lines of the Emerald Tablet of Toth are seen in Orion/Osiris in the Heavens re-created by the Great Pyramids on Earth; the Tablet said to have been inscribed on Green Sapphire taken from Lucifer's Crown and recreated by the Wadjet "Green One" Headdress symbolizing Leo and the Sphinx.
        Easter 2018 aligns with April Fool's Day, the Akitu Festival of Marduk/Shamash. The Ultimate Blasphemy of God mocks Jesus sent on "Fools Errands" from illegitimate Priest Annas to Pilate to illegitimate priest Caiaphas to Herod and back to Pilate where Pharisees condemned Him without cause. April Fool's Day is the Assyrian "Akitu" festival marking the Head of the Year and Return of Marduk, son of Saturn.
      The Rabbinical New Year "Rosh Hashanah" is of Babylonian origin; Marduk is the Babylonian son of Saturn equivalent with the Greek Zeus, Egyptian Horus or Roman Jupiter. NROL 42 satellite "Trumpet" was launched Sept 23, 2017, the birth of Jupiter; Saturn is featured on it's Mission Patch; 42 matching the number of months in the Great Tribulation.
     Astro-physicists announced the source of Gold is the Serpent's Tail on Aug 17 Einstein's made up Gravity Waves won the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics. Gravity Waves arriving from Hydra (Serpent) on Aug 17 prompted researchers to say "When these things collide, all Hell breaks loose"  referring to the collision of Neutron Stars producing planet killing Gamma Ray bursts.
     On Aug 17 Geo-engineered Hurricane Harvey (Celtic Battle Ready) flooded Houston, prompting false prophets Lyn Leahz, Billy Nelson, and John Fenn to proclaim "When you see this, it has begun" referring to flooding in Houston.  Kabbalists and Rabbis see these signs as the arrival of Moshiach "Shamash".
    It's no coincidence on Oct 21, AF Chief of Staff and Chabad Lubavitch initiated fake Jew Gen David Goldfein announced he will put Nuclear weapons aboard US Strategic Bombers on 24 Hr alert alongside the E-4B "Doomsday Plane". You may want to watch Dr Strangelove again.
     Shamash is the "Sun Lion" symbolized by the Constellation Leo. Leo is positioned as the Crown of Virgo (Isis); Leo's Mane and Shoulders form a backward Question Mark called the "Sickle"; specifically the "Sickle of Saturn" or "Grain Scythe". Saturn is "Chonos" "Father Time", or the "Grim Reaper"; the Sigil of Saturn is the Grain Scythe used to end the Agriculture Year. The Golden Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount stands on an 8 Pt Star of Isis (sister-wife of Osiris-Saturn) covering the Jebusite "Threshing Floor" where Tares were separated from the Wheat. Saturn will do this during the 3 1/2 Year "Great Tribulation" before the return of the real King of Jerusalem Jesus Christ. Time to make your choice; Saturn or Jesus?   
     Regulus, the "Heart of Leo" means "Law Giver". "The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from beneath his feet until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be" Gen 49:10 Shiloh means "He whose it is"; a title of Jesus, but also one claimed by Saturn as the False Messiah "Antichrist" First, notice in Rev 7:5 "Juda" is missing the "h" in the KJV; this is because Jesus is the "h" meaning "God is with me" is in Heaven; this is not a misprint. Jesus gathers His people "Israel" to the promised land after the 2nd Coming; Israel of today is under the Six Pointed Star of Saturn (Ref Amos 5:26; Acts 7:43)
     The WAS Scepter, Djed Pillar and Ankh are the symbols of Osiris (Saturn) carried by Pharaoh as an incarnation of Osiris. The WAS symbolized ownership over the Earth; Djed is the Spine of Osiris and the Ankh is the Solar Cross of Life, carried by Isis and devotees of the Isis-Horus-Osiris Cult. You may recognized IHS (In Hoc Signo Vinces) and the X (Marduk/Jupiter is Planet X) were used by Constantine the Great to conquer Christians; the sign is used by the Jesuits (Militia of Zeus/Marduk/Horus) and often appears in Protestant Churches today. The Extreme Oath of Jesuit Initiation requires them to pretend to be Protestant, Jewish and Catholic and to preach from their Synagogues, Congregations and 
      Pharaohs, as incarnations of Osiris/Saturn, the "Black Star" wore the Double Crown symbolizing Leo, the Crown of Virgo which symbolized the Black Virgin "Isis". God is clear "The virgin of Israel has fallen, she shall no more rise" Amos 5:2 Why? Israel adopted the Six Pointed Star of Saturn, the Chaldean STUR or SATUR is Saturn's "Mark of the Beast", having 6 equilateral triangles of 60 degrees surrounding the Hexagon (Hex means "Curse") or Beehive. Bee is Chaldean for Word; thus Saturn is the Lie made Flesh, whereas Jesus is the Word of God made Flesh (Jn 1:14). On Rosh Hashanah Sept 20, 2017 the "Christ Angle" formed over the Great Pyramid of Osiris,_2017_quot;Christ_Anglequot; followed in 3 days by the birth of Jupiter/Zeus/Marduk/Horus from Virgo Crowned by Leo.
     The Sigil of Saturn is made by connecting sequentially, the numbers 1-9 in the Magic Square of Saturn; the Cube of Saturn is called a Phlactery, worn on the forehead, over the pineal gland or 3rd Eye of Horus. The Cube of Saturn is also seen in Mecca (Mechus=Adultery) as the Ka'aba (Abba is Saturn), the root of Kabbalah.
     In Egypt, the Sphinx represents Horus, the son of Osiris (Orion/Saturn) facing his own image ie a reflection, 1/2 of the Egyptian Great Year ago in roughly 12000 BC; opposite this is Aquarius, the Age ruled by Saturn symbolized by the Rainbow. Ursa Major "Great Bear" is the "Water Pourer" of the Golden Age of Saturn; Arcturas the "Once and future King" is King Arthur, the Bear Guard. Welcome to the Age of Aquarius the  LGBTQ + 2, Pederasty, Pedophilia, Bacchanalia Orgy of Cainite life, God Flooded the Earth to eliminate and rained Fire and Brimstone on Sodom and Gomorrah as a warning never to do it again. 
Saturn/Osiris is called the Crescent below the Cross. Saturn's son  Jupiter/Zeus/Marduk/Horus is called the Crescent above the Cross
     The Crescent symbolizes Allah aka Ilu in Bab-ilu, the root of Babylon "Gate of Saturn". Allah is the Arab moon god "Sin"; Lucifer/Saturn is the "Man of Sin". Note the similar theme in the Moon (Arab Al Uzza/Sin aka Allah) as a reflection of the Sun; in Israel "Shamash". The first lie in the Garden of Eden "Ye shall not die but be as gods..." Trying to become a God? You are falling for the Satanic/Saturn deception.
  • Rosh Hashanah  "Head of the Year" on 1 Tishrei (Sept 20, 2017) replaced God's New Year 1 Abib due to Babylonian influence on Israel during their captivity. First, the Babylonian names of months were adopted such as Nisan, the Babylonian "First Fruits", Tammuz, the Babylonian god of grain and Tishrei meaning "Beginning". 
  • Yom Teruah (Teruah means Trumpet; Make a Loud Noise "Shout"), henceforth 1 Tishrei "Yom Teruah" became "Feast of Trumpets" and Rosh Hashanah "Head of the Year".     
  • Persia took over from Babylon and adopted 1 Tishrei for Civil Administration; henceforth Jews adopted the Pagan calendar as an inversion of God's calendar.
     2017-18 may prove to be very unique. Tishrei is the 7th month but 8th month when a 13th intercalary month is added; this due to the timing of the Barley Harvest in Spring. The dates to watch: Sept 20, 2017  "Feast of Trumpets", Sept 30, 2016 "Feast of Atonement" and Oct 5, 2017 would move forward one month to Oct 21 for "Feast of Trumpets", Oct 31 for "Feast of Atonement" and Nov 5, 2017 for Feast of Tabernacles.
      Oct 21 is the cusp of Libra (Scales of Justice) and Scorpio (Akkadian Scorpion Men of Orion/Saturn the "Hunter") Orion is Osiris aka Saturn or On seen in the Priests of On in Egypt and BabylON; Oct 22-Nov 22 may indeed be the Gate of Saturn "Babylon". Orion, stung in the heel by Scorpio, opens the door (Bab) for Shamash (Sun God is the center candle on the Hanukkah Menorah aka "Saturn") for the hunt by day. Saturn is Chronos "Time", the Grim Reaper of the Agriculture Year which ends in 2017 on Oct 21.
     Oct 31 "Samhein" is the Druid/Witchcraft Holy Day commemorating the veil separating the living and dead becoming its thinnest; Druid Priests demanded Sacrifices (Treat) on this night and if not offered willingly, they threatened to unleash Demons (Trick); Jack O' Lanterns were originally lit with human fat. Oct 31, 2017 is the 500th anniversary (10th Jubilee) of the Protestant-Catholic Schism created by Martin Luther on Oct 31, 1517. Pope Francis intends to Heal the Wound" on this day. Rev 13:3 "And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed". Jesus warned the 7 Churches in Rev 2-3; the Beast has 7 Heads; one of the Beast's 7 Heads is the Catholic Church (Thyatira; Rev 2:18-29), severed from the Protestant (Sardis; Rev 3-6). Pope Francis I: Francis means Free; he is named in honor of the 800th year or 8 Jubiles of the Franciscan Order in Jerusalem, a mission started by St Francis of Asissi in 1217. The Franciscans take their name from the Merovingian (Merovee means "Sea Beast" or "Beast from the Sea") Franks of France who falsely claimed to be the bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene (Magdala means Tower; BabEl means "Gate of Saturn") and the Francesca, a Sharp, Two Edged Sword much like but opposite the Words of Jesus Christ (Rev 1:16) 
     Nov 5 "Gunpowder Plot" on Feast of Tabernacles? Jesus was born on Feast of Tabernacles; the Word was made Flesh (Jn 1:14) and dwelt among us refers to Jesus as the Tabernacle of God. In Ps 12:6 God promised the Word would be purified as Silver in a furnace 7 times; the King James Bible is the 7th purified Word. Jesuits attempted to prevent publication of the KJV by planting gunpowder in the basement of the British Parliament on Nov 5, 1605. Needless to say, whenever Satan attempts to prevent anything in the Word of God from happening, it fails. Thomas Percy (Pierce as in the Spear of Destiny that pierced Jesus side on the Tree) was the Jesuit ring leader; the Scapegoat was Guy Fawkes (Anonymous Mask).
     Nov 11 "Veteran's Day"; the end of Feast of Tabernacles? Jesus was Circumcised on the 8th day of Tabernacles in fulfillment of the Covenant with Abraham and Jewish Law. He was rejected as Messiah and Nailed to a Tree amid 2 Thieves. Jesus amid 6 uplifted arms formed the 7 Branch Candlectick Moses contstructed for the Tabernacle and later Solomon's Temple. Rabbis replace this with the Hannukah Menorah; 8 Branches around Shamash the "Sun Lion". Often, the center candle even has the Six Pointed Star of Saturn.
   In 1217 Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel predicted the arrival of Mosiach (Rabbis crucified Jesus which is why Jesus said never call any man Rabbi (Mat 23:8) this will be the arrival of Antichrist. The Satanic plan was written by the Rabbi who declared a Jubilee Year in 1217, making 2017 a Jubilee Year.  "Ottomans will rule Jerusalem 8 Jubilees"; Ottomans controlled Jerusalem from 1517 until Gen John Allenby entered Jersusalem on Hanukkah 1917 to assume control.  "Jerusalem will become a no-man's land in the 9th Jubilee"; this happened according to plan in 1917 until the 6th Tetrad signaled the 1967 6-Day War to take control of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. "Jerusalem will be controlled by Israel in the 10th Jubilee". 2017 is the Rabbis 10th Jubilee. 500 years is 10 Jubilees; Rabbis believe 2017 to be a Jubilee Year.
11Q13 Prince Melchisedek Scroll "After 10 Jubilees, the Trumpet blast will herald the coming Melchisedek". Folks, Jesus is Melchisedek! This will be an Alternative Messiah "Antichrist". 10 Jubilees=500 years from what? Black Cloistered Rosicrucian Monk nailed 95 Thesis against the Catholic Church to the Church of Wittenburg on Halloween 1517. 1517 to 2017 is 10 Jubilees.
       Black Nobiity: Saturn is the Black Star or Black Sun; considered the Primeval Sun, First Sun or Best Sun. Saturn's Elite are called Black Nobility. Pope Leo X (Leo=Sphinx=Horus + X, Greek Chi=Christ/Messiah, the Planet Jupiter or Zeus aka Nibiru is Marduk aka Horus, the son of Saturn), the first black Nobility Pope, signed the 5th Lateran Council in 1517 The first recognized by the Catholic Church and last before the Reformation of Black Cloistered Monk Martin Luther on All Hallows Eve 1517. The 5th Lateran Council proclaimed the Gnostic false doctrine of "Indestrucibility of the Soul" as Catholic (Universal) Dogma. Jesus is the Judge of every Soul "Fear Him who can destroy both body and soul in Hell" (Mat 10:28)  sound familiar? 

      Pope Francis healed the Protestant-Catholic "Wound" on Oct 31, 2017 (Rev 13:3). Nov 1 is "All Saints Day" of "Day of the Dead". If you are not ready to become a Martyr for Jesus Christ, you need to get SPIRITUALLY ready or be prepared to spend Eternity in Hell. 
     Lateran means "Hidden Frogs", the 3 unclean spirits of the Devil, Antichrist and False Prophet, Headquartered in the "Mother of all Churches Worldwide" at the Jesuit Arch-basilica of St John Lateran. Jesuit Pope Francis intends to unite all the Churches Worldwide to the Jesuits "Militia of Zeus"; healing the wound of the Beast (Rev 13:3). Sedes vacante (Vacant Seat) is about to be filled by the False Prophet and Satan's Seat (Throne of Zeus/Marduk/Horus or Throne of Pergamon) by Antichrist in the 3rd Temple. Who these 2 men are remains to be seen, but one thing is certain, accept the Mark of this Beast and you will spend eternity in Hell. 
Now move on to Nov 11, 2017 "Veteran's Day", the new date of Shemini Atzerat.  11/11 at 11 AM was the WWI "Armistice" meaning "Temporary cessation of hostilities". Nov 11 is "Veteran's Day" Veteran comes from Veteranus "Beast of Burden". Satanist Henry Kissinger gives the marching orders to Donald Trump; Henry said "Soldiers are dumb stupid animals to be used as cannon fodder in our wars" 3 World Wars were planned on the Feast Day of Lucifer Aug 15, 1871: WWI was planned to build up Nazism; 1918 marks the start of the man-made Plague that wiped out 1/3 of Europe. WWII was planned to exchange Naziism for Communism. WWIII was planned to pit forces of political Zionism against Islam to the point of physical, moral and economic exhaustion. (Google Albert Pike's plan for 3 world wars) WWIII is planned to bring the doctrine of Lucifer/Satan out in plain view to be accepted; that will be the Mark of the Beast.
          Shemini Atzeret was originally Oct 12-13, 2017 is unique, first one might notice Oct means 8; 13/8=Phi "Ratio of Life" (1.618) seen in Poetry, Music, and Life to name a few. Jesus represents the 8th and final Covenant between God and Man through the Holy Ghost. 8 people stepped off Noah's Ark onto Dry Land. Langue d' Oc (Language of Oc) is where Gnostic Cathars were executed; today we call them Order of Perfectibillists, their symbols seen on the $ONE. 8=Octo, the Octagon Foundation of the Statue of Liberty (Isis) and Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Suffice to say the Language of Oc is called Green Language; "Going Green" refers to killing 93% of useless eaters on Earth ie Jesus (God) and His followers; Green Man worshipped by the Templars is Dionysus aka Satan. Language of Yes; Yes We Can means Thank You Satan in Reverse Speech; Yes We Can kill off everyone associatd with God and re-build the Garden of Eden on Earth is what this means; Rabbis call it Tikkun Olan "Repair the Earth"; the new movie "mother! tells the story more boldly than any other thus far. Language of Oui in Old French is Oil, energy supplied by the death and decay of the Pre-Flood world; nice eh? Language of Birds "Augury"; Druid "Men of Trees" and Roman Augurs used the death throws and entrails of sacrifices and the flight of birds to foretell the future; the American Eagle is about to be grounded.
  • Friday 13th represents the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ; so-called Christian Churches call this "Good Friday"; about as Blasphemous as it can get; Easter is Isis or Ishtar by the way.
  • The Unlucky Day Knights Templar were arrested, tortured and executed by fire; Templars were and are Usury Bankers and Money Changers; Jesus turned the tables on them because they made the Temple of the LORD into a "Den of Thieves", charging money for things God (Jesus) gives away free.
  • Jesus was Circumcised on the 8th Day of Feast of Tabernacles; Rabbis plan to cut away flesh they consider to be useless or unclean beginning on Shemini Atzerat. The Talmud says Jesus is boiling in Hell in His own excrement; the Talmud also regards Shemini Atzerat as a Holy Day on its own. Karaites (spiritual descendants of the original Sadducees Jesus condemned to Hell in no uncertain terms) celebrate Shemini Atzerat. Samaritans are not Jewish and have no regard for any of the Penteteuch (1st 5 Books of the Law) or Moses as the leader of Israel; they regard Mt Sinai to be Mt Gerizem to be the Mountain of Laws. Samaritans descend originally from Solomon and his 1000 Phoenician Harem, then from Ahab and Jezebel and from the "70 Ancients" who committed abominations on the altar of Solomon's Temple in order to cause the glory of the LORD (Holy Ghost) to depart (Rev Eze 8); it worked then and it will work again shortly. Cohen is one of the Samaritan Priest lines; Kohen Gadol the Chief Priest will enter the Holy of Holies on Feast of Atonement.
  • Oct 13, 2017 is the 100th Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima aka "Miracle of the Sun"; Talmudic Rabbis claim this is the Hebrew Year 5778 which matches the temperature of the Sun. Hasidics and Chabad Lubavitch call this "Year of Mochiach".
        70 Bullocks were sacrificed over the 7 Days of Feast of Tabernacles representing 70 original Nations separated at Babel to be atoned for by the "Chief Priest" on Feast of Atonement. The Levitical Priesthood became corrupted by worshipping Azazel (Goat that Departs; seen in new bible versions is Satan aka Samael in Hebrew tradition or Baphomet/Goat of Mendes ) instead of the Scapegoat (Jesus Christ is the real Scapegoat) in Num 16-8-10; this was during the period the Alternative Priesthood "Korahites" advanced their false ideas.
     Fast forward to Jesus' birth on Feast of Tabernacles, Circumcision on the 8th Day of Tabernacles and offering of Himself as the "Scapegoat" to all nations (Gentiles)
     Only the Chief Priest may enter the Holy of Holies on Feast of Tabernacles; Heb 7 explains the Levite Priesthood is corrupt; their duties assumes by the Zadokites in the return and 2nd Temple period; hence Melchizedek (Melek=Lord + Zadok=Righteous Priest) the King of Salem (Jerusalem) and Priest of the Most High is the source of the Covenant with Abram becoming Abraham and Sarai becoming Sarah; the h in Hebrew means God is with me; thus Jesus is Melchisedek the only Chief Priest which He explains in Heb 5-9 many times.
    We know Jesus returns with the sound of the Trumpet; a Jubilee Year returns the land and goods to their rightful owner; Shiloh means "He whose it is"; thus in Gen 49:10 Jesus carries the Scepter of Judah , returning on the Jubilee as Shiloh to Jerusalem as KING OF KINGS (Rev 19) Note that nobody may enter the Temple after God's 2 Witnesses are killed making Jerusalem "Desolate", until God's last 7 plagues seen in Rev 16 Vials of Wrath are poured out on the Desolate Rev 15:8. Jesus then returns to the Temple, on the Jubilee and claims what was always His. 
    Look at how far the Priesthood (Rabbis) have descended into Sin. Kol Nidre "All Vows" on the eve of Feast of Atonement, Rabbis forgive their Congregations (Foreigners and members) of Sins and Vows they plan to commit for the coming year; not the way God works in the least.
    Feast of Tabernacles "Booths or Succot" commemorated living 7 days in evergreen tents during 40 years wandering in the Arabian Desert (Gal 4 says Agar=Mt Sinai in Arabia). "And the men of Babylon made Succoth-benoth" 2 Ki 17:30 These are Booths of Daughters where incest and ritual prostitution occur.
     This is why it is so dangerous to blindly follow "Jewish" customs in the New Covenant; Jesus Christ and His shed blood atone for any and all who choose to accept that gift of Atonement. 
       Jesus was born on Feast of Tabernacles because He was and is the Tabernacles of the LORD. Rabbis have turned the 8th Day of Tabernacles (Circumcision) into a sacrifice day, mimicking the cutting away of unused/unclean flesh into Shemini Atzerat, called "Time of our happiness"; the Talmud even declares Shemini Atzerat a Holy Day on its own.  Jesus warned No flesh would remain unless He shortened "Those Days" Mat 24:22; the Flesh the Talmudic Rabbis refer to is Jesus and His followers.  

    The "Strong Delusion" does come; for me, I believe that will be Jesus releasing restraint (He is the Restrainer) on evil; Blue Beam, Blue Brain, Rapture etc being examples of projects designed to fool the world into accepting rule of an Alternative Messiah. False Prophet is allowed to make lightning and fire come down in sight of men; a lot like the days when the Chaldean Priests on On (Saturn/Chaldean STUR) in Egypt turned staffs into snakes with Aaron's rod out doing them.
       No prophecy predictions here, but I do believe Saturnalia/Hanukkah/Christmas 2017 will be rather interesting. If Sept 20 Rosh Hashanah, Sept 30 Atonement and Oct 5 Tabernacles need a Leap Year correction of 30 days according to Old Testament Law, due to the late Barley Harvest and Latter Rains, the dates move to Oct 21 (Cusp of Libra-Scorpio) Oct 31 "All Hallows Eve/Samhein" (10th Jubilee from 1517 predicted/planned by St Francis of Asissi, Martin Luther, Pope Leo X, Rabbi Baal Shem Tov and Rabbi Judah ben Samuel long ago) and Nov 5 "Gunpowder Plot" to prevent the KJV from production to Nov 11 "Veteran's Day/Armistice Day" 
      Note the wording in 11Q13 "Prince Melshisedek Scroll dating from the Essenes (Essen means Priest of Cybele) 2000 years ago "After the 10th Jubilee the Trumpet blast will herald the arrival of Prince Melchesedek" Presumably that would be after 2017. The Trumpet blown in the Spring is on the New Year 1 Abib which would be Mar 17 aka St Patrick's Day #77. 
      Research Liber Oz "Book 77" Book of the Goat; it's a Thelemic Bible of sorts. 
Oz is Emerald City, the end of the road; Emerald is the Stone cut from Lucifer's Crown according to occultists. The Crowned "Once and Future" King Arthur (Branch) is Bacchus/Dionysus "Green Man" in the Laurel Crown, the Chi-Rho "Royal Christ" of Emperor Constantine; Jupiter the son of Saturn Crowned (Jupiter even has a blue Yarmulke at the North Pole for Pete's sake). Patrick is Ptah the Master Craftsman and Architect of the Masons; the G in the Square and Compass crowned King of the World. "As Above. So Below" fulfilled as written over 4000 years ago in the Emerald Tablet of Toth.
     7 Seals? On Oct 17, 2017 Gravity Waves were allegedly detected by the VIRGO Interferometer and declared the source of heavy elements like Gold; the source, a constellation in the tail of Hydra “Dragon/Serpent”; read Rev 6:13 and Rev 12:4; they match. Heaven departs as a scroll Rev 6:14; notice the match with Rev 13:8 “those that dwell upon the earth…whose names are not written in the book of life of the lamb. We are at or near the start of the Great Tribulation according to these signs. The Pale Horse Death means Death of the Personal Name; the Name Jesus will remove from the Lamb’s Book of Life

7 Trumpets? The 7 Trumpets come out of the 7 Seals; last 1260 days and end with the 7th and final Trumpet aka 3rd Woe! (Rev 10:7; 1 For 15:52; 1 Thess 4:16). I have seen no signs of that starting, nor Heaven departing as a rolled up scroll; not yet anyway. Evangelization is over when Heaven is rolled as a scroll.
      The Strong Delusion is already manifesting. The world worships Saturn by the Six Pointed Star of Remphan/El/Sikkuth/Molech/Saturn; it is the Gate of On (On=Osiris=Saturn) seen in Bab El and Babyl On. The "Mark of the Beast" is the number of a Name; the Name is Saturn and number is 666 seen in 6 equilateral triangles of 60 degree angles. Mark of the Beast? I can think of no other Mark of the Beast.    
        The Beast will seek to change the Laws; #1 Law of the Old Covenant “Have no other God’s before me”; New Covenant “Love God”. IsraEl under the Star of El “Saturn/Satan” will enforce Noahide Law which requires death to worshippers of Jesus. Shariah Law is exactly the same; WWIII will pit Zionism against Islam. Pretty straight forward isn’t it?
      If you want a Baptism of the Holy Ghost, you need to ask the only source of the Holy Ghost, JESUS. He is in your Prayer Closet waiting for you to open the door. 

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