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Image result for picture of dec 21, 2012 ouroboros Image result for picture of dec 21, 2012 ouroborosRelated image                                                                2012
    12/21/2012 was a Gate, not the End. Specifally the Gate of Saturn aka "Bab El". Viewed from Earth, the Sun merely rose from the mouth of the Oroborus "Dragon eating its own tail" (Milky Way) at 11:11GMT. The Gate to the 7 Yr Tribulation? Not quite; Daniel's 70th Week is 7 days; Daniel's 70 Weeks (Dan 9:23-27) is 490 Days. Hearing about the plans for the final 2300 days in Dan 8 made Daniel sick and faint. The plan to eliminate 97% of the world's population  became more in the open in the recent X-Files: My Struggle II "The plan has been in the works since 2012"; the plan involves a fake alien invasion, fake Rapture and massive release of disease. My Struggle refers to Mein Kampf, Hitler's Jesuit written (Fr Bernhard Staempfle) plan called the "Final Solution" or "Holocaust"; of who? Followers of Jesus Christ.  The movie 2012 reset the calendar to Year 1; arks began on Mt Everest aka Chumolongmo "Earth Mother" and arrived in the Drakenburg (Dragon) Mountains of South Africa; A "New Beginning". Mel Gibson held the nails to Crucify Jesus in Apocalypto he said the name means "A New Beginning" It does not, it means "To Reveal" Antichrist.
       The 12/21/12 date was never set up by God to be the End of the World anymore than Christmas is the Birth of Jesus Christ. The Crucifixion of God in Flesh Jesus Christ heralded the start of the Age of Grace; similarly, the New Age aka Golden Age aka Great Tribulation will likely be heralded after 2012. The Pale Horse "Death" may indeed be released 12/21/2012 as and 7 other similar sites declare and "Hell" will follow. The 2 views of the Great Tribulation in Rev 11 and 13 are summed up in the Gnostic document 11Q13 with the return of Melchisedek. Jesus is Melchisedek!! This will be the Gnostic Messiah. When? "And after the 10th Jubilee, Prince Melchisedek shall return" 11Q13 Prince Melchisedek Scroll written by the Essenes (Priests of Cybele) in Qumran ca 2300 years ago)
         Forget the Black Hole, Planet X, Nephilim, Nibiru, Rapture and 7 yr Tribulation nonsense and get right with Jesus Christ; D-Day for that is Rev 6:14 when "Heaven departs as a scroll when it is rolled together". Folks, that scroll is the wedding list of the Lamb! Don't take chances; head for your Prayer Closet and establish a personal covenant with Jesus Christ and become His Bride.
      Gulf Wars ended and began Purim (Cast Lots for Marduk the son of Saturn); Purim 2018 aligned with Holi, the color festival of Krishna. Saturn is the Black Star; Krishna means "Black", the result of mixing all the colors; Marduk is the son of Saturn. 2018 is also the Year following the 10th Jubilee (claimed by Rabbis) 
3/13/13 "Red Heifer" Day (2 Abib) saw the election of the first Jesuit (Militia of Zeus=Militia of Marduk/Jupiter) Pope; likely the last Roman Catholic Pope.
3/18/2014 is the 700th anniversary of the execution of the last Grandmaster of the Knights Templar in Paris, Jacques de Molay. "In 700 years, the Laurel (Crown of Bacchus/Dionysys) will grow green again" was a Cathar (Gnostics) prophecy.
Project 911 on Site 911 "Beit Shamash" (House of Shamash) is awating arrival of the Alternative Messiah; a radiation hardened bunker with the Mezuzah "The LORD our God is ONE" over every doorpost. Rev 9:11 Apollyon/Abaddon aka Shamash. 18 months later would be the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ. Remember, Lucifer arrives as Jesus Christ.
   Daniel's 70 Weeks? 490 days folks, not the Private Interpretation your Study Bible describes. 7 yr Tribulation? Rapture? Israel Peace Treaty? All Gnostic Lies.

                                                               Dec 21st 2012                                               


The Mayan Long Count Calendar ends Dec 21st 2012, but God doesn’t use their calendar.


“…LORD GOD commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat: But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.” Gen 2:16-17


“But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day” 2 Pet 3:8


“And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate” Dan 9:27


“Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand. And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days” Dan 12:10-11 


Questions: What does thou shalt surely die mean? Is it Physical or Spiritual death?

                  Why did Peter emphasize 1 day with the Lord being like 1000 years?

                  How long is 1 week;7 Days or 7 years? 

                  What is the Daily Sacrifice? When does it begin?

                  What is an oblation? Who is this oblation given to? 

                  What is the consummation? Who is the consummation with?


       In Psalm 90, Moses tells Israelites the same thing as Peter and in 90:10 he emphasizes life is not as it was before the flood (near 1000 years), but around 70-80 years. The apostles asked Jesus to give them information about the end of Man, but even He didn’t know it. “But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only”. Mat 24:36 (Father is the Spirit of GOD; it will stay in Heaven until GOD’s plan of redemption comes to full; exposure to it in a state of sin results in destruction. Read about Gog and Magog for a description) Peter emphasized “this one thing” as understanding that one particular day with the Lord is as a 1000 years. Adam was created on Day 6, so it pays for us to know how old the earth is as precisely as we can. Question: What dies it mean “thou shalt surely die”? Wedding of the Lamb, body translation (pre-Trib Rapture is not in the Word of God), 1 day of wrath on unbelievers are all part of the 1 day called the 2nd Coming, which will be the birthday of the rule of Jesus Christ for the next 1000 years. Read Zechariah 14:16; that day is not Christmas or any sort of solstice, it’s the Feast of Tabernacles! That’s not dying, so again, what does it mean to die? Adam lived over 900 years after he and Eve ate of the tree of knowledge; he died spiritually the day he ate from it and was assured of his physical death at some point after. Did Adam and Eve finally repent? Read the list in Hebrews 11; it begins with Abel. I really have no idea whether they did or did not, but their sins were not born out in Abel or Seth. Repentance must come of our own Free Will before our physical death and before the offer of salvation is withdrawn. First, when or will the offer of salvation be withdrawn? 

      Daniel 9:24-27 says from the time the commandment to restore and build Jerusalem to “Messiah the Prince” would be 69 weeks (483 days) and after 62 weeks (434 days) “Messiah” would be cutoff. I’m not going to interpret anything here and I’m well aware your study bible notes claim this is 490 weeks of years and Messiah being cutoff refers to Jesus but through the Holy Ghost, Jesus was not “cutoff” from anybody who chose to believe He was God. Most study bible notes also describe the Rapture, a 7 year Tribulation Period following a Peace Treaty in Israel, God’s restoration of Israel began in 1948 and Gog and Magog of Revelation 20 is different from Gog and Magog of Ezekiel 38. BS from the altar of the Golden Calf I say. The Word of God is not confusion; it means what it says! After the Millennium (1000 years) the earth will be 7000 years old, the Sabbath was definitely part of God’s plan and, no it wasn’t Sunday. Peter goes on saying the Lord is not slack about his promise that only through repentance can man be saved; Jesus also gave this warning to the Church of Laodicea, not to be Luke Warm. If you want to wade into this one toe at a time, that’s up to you but “…the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up” 2 Pet 3:10 

      My 18 yr old son says you must put on your own oxygen mask before helping others. In case you don’t care or are too busy to get involved in the task of warning others, put your mask on (Repent) and take note that America in its final death throws. $700 billion to the banksters makes nearly $11 Trillion who intentionally created the financial meltdown from the Federal Reserve, a private bank not affiliated with the Government brought in by Ivy League Elitist Woodrow Wilson whose 1916 campaign slogan was “re-elect the man who will keep your sons out of war in Europe”. The “Fed” (Foederati is a Lombard term; barbarians whose women dressed as men) will charge interest (Usury) to print more money (devaluation results). American taxpayers will foot the bill until the roof caves in and foreign investors foreclose on the real estate purchased with blood under Old Glory, the flag with 13 stars and 13, 5 pointed stars formed into a circle which first flew in battle on 9/11/1777. Ben Franklin’s map of the 1st 13 colonies was drawn entwined by a serpent with the slogan “Join or Die”; soon the US will be asked to join Mexico and Canada or die. Martial Law will be managed from NORTHCOM using Active Duty Military who will be violating the Posse Comitatus Law preventing one’s own military from firing upon its own citizens. Michael Chertoff, a Rabbi whose name is “Son of the Devil” in Russian will take over Homeland Security provided by the Patriot Acts 1/II inaugurated by 9/11 a Neo-con (New Word Order Priest) inside job. Don’t act so surprised; Jesus and Micah both warned us (Mic 7:6; Mat 10:28). The Nazi Fatherland, built by Prescott Bush’s Union Bank preceded the Motherland of Russia (Trotsky and Lenin started from Wall St), given land by the US and Britain and NOAA (Dan 9:26 says the end shall be a flood, so this is totally predictable) will follow a preplanned timetable to extract revenge for Noah’s Flood killing the line of Cain.

       60 years to the day after Scotch Rite Masons laid the Pentagon cornerstone on 9/11/1941 Flt #77 hit the 77ft tall 5 pointed star on the 77th Meridian because it was planned that way; God told Cain His revenge on Lamech was seventy and seven. Banksters descend from the first World Bankers “Knight Templars” who in 9/11/1297 instigated the Scottish war of independence war with Robert the Bruce and John McCain is well aware of it; his name means “Son of Cain”. Sarah Palin gave a Governor’s speech, flew 2 flights over  9 hours, and drove 2 more hours to deliver a baby after her water (allegedly) broke and has a marketing company called Rouge Cou because Rouge Cou refers to Edom’s Coup on Jacob and she know it. Jesus told us in Mat 24:28 “wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together” The eagle is a symbol of Edomites. “O thou that dwellest in the clefts of the rock, that holdest the height of the hill: though thou shouldest make thy nest as high as the eagle, I will bring thee down from thence, saith the LORD. Also Edom shall be a desolation…As in the overthrow of Sodom and Gomorrah…” Jer 49:16-18 I’m aware your study bible says the Israelite Tribe of Dan used the Eagle, but that’s a lie. Esau is the eagle; his progeny are in the US destroying from within and will be judged with fire just as God burned Sodom and Gomorrah!! Just a guess, but Sarah Palin may be Edom’s May Queen. Obama carries a Hindu monkey idol “Hanauman” as an avatar of Shiva the destroyer. Folks, this is not meant to be funny or to scare you, but a Communist Coup is happening right now under our noses. Only a fool trusts in any man or woman; trust in the only Saviour! Times are about to get very interesting; this article is my attempt to understand the timeframe and get the info out. If you know something different let me know. 

         America is hitting very hard times on many different fronts and the eagle is circling the carcass. The American Continent became divided during Peleg’s day 101 to 310 years after the Flood as sea levels began to rise. Olmecs found their way here across the Atlantic Sea floor when it was dry. They gave way to the Mayans (their Priests, likely of Phoenician/Canaanite origin) and Quetzalcoatl, a ringer for the Arabian Phoenix Bird with the colors red and purple, the colors of Phoenician Royalty. Mayan Royalty bound their children’s heads with rope to form elongated skulls (movie Kingdom of Crystal Skull shows this but falsely attributes the practice to aliens; it’s a Canaanite practice in honor of the goddess Ceres aka Maya). In Mayan civilization, royalty lived the good life and slaves had virtually no life. Mayans gave way to the Aztecs who’s rites of cannabilism, witchcraft, sorcery, divination, and bloodletting were legendary. All this was designed to assume the power of the sacrificed; this is a Kabbalist (Kabbalah is not Jewish; it’s Satanic) concept where one’s matter is returned back to the Aether (another Satanic concept). Kabbalah originally came to Egypt from the Hyksos “Foreign White Rulers”; it was God who spectacularly rescued Israelites from a similar predicament across the Red Sea.

       Many attending Church today probably assume God will protect America because we are a Christian Nation but nothing could be farther from the truth. Amurru (also Amar) was the name of the Canaanite/Hittite god, and Can literally means “Priest”. God protected Israel to preserve His promise of a Saviour; this is the Age of Grace and Jesus told us “be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life” Rev 2:10. Expecting the Rapture? It’s not in the bible. 

     Aztecs derive from Atzlan “Whiteness”, MEChA (Chicano Student Movement of Aztlan) and LaRaza Unida (United Race) are vehicles Jesuits use to unite the “Race” of Atzlan. There is only 1 “Race” of Man on earth; unite the Race here refers to what it has for 6000 years, unite under Satanic religion rather than God’s religion of “Love God” and “Love your Neighbor as you would yourself”. I do not blame Chicanos for believing what they are taught, but it’s much like Masonry in that Revolutions result. NAFTA and Franklin’s serpent are one and the same! LaRaza teaches a violent take back of the map of Mexico taken by Freemasons at the Alamo, but they are not told Fox and Bush set this up just like Santa Ana and Sam Houston. Prince Hall Masonry for Blacks (Obama is in this) does the exact same thing and when the starting gun goes off most Americans will be sound asleep. The Mormon Church in particular has a doctrine of “White and Delightsome” yet is involved in relocating illegal immigrants. They like Assembly of God which Sarah Palin belongs teach they are Israelite descendants; a lie. In America, Jesus is depicted most often as white, bearded with long hair; none of these attributes are in the bible or even logical given Mary’s ancestry. The idea that white skin is further “evolved” was put forth by Charles Darwin but is far older than that; Aryan Highlanders came from the East to build the Tower of Babel and blamed Nimrod, a Cushite from the west who likely had dark skin. I know your study bible says Nimrod built the Tower of Babel; that too is a lie and a Jacobite Scottish “Aryan” Highlander is running for President today trying to rebuild it.

       The Eagle is on the US dollar, above our flag and on the Mexican flag. Aztecs drew the Eagle perched on the prickly pear cactus and now it’s on the MEChA logo; Eagle’s prey on Carcasses; the Eagle is the symbol of Esau (Jacob’s Twin). The original Eagle’s Nest was Mt Seir; Hitler copied it but before it was Mt Seir, it was Mt Hor where worshippers of Horus as “Divine Son” settled. Horus’ “All Seeing Eye” sits opposite the Eagle on the US $1 and man-made laws of revenge called the “Code of Hammurabi” came from there as well. The AF Academy Falcon is indeed the head of Horus guarding NORTHCOM; see how well planned all this is?

       This is my opinion, but no other nation could possibly fill the biblical definition of Babylon and no other “Church” is even close to the description of MYSTERY BABYLON than the Roman Catholic Church. Neither of these claims are true; the “Great White Brotherhood” has far more in common with Protestants than rank and file Catholics. The intent will be to place world timeframe at Rev 17-18; Jesus comes in Rev 19 so an Alternative Christ may be put forth in conjunction or shortly after America falls. Russia will invade Israel through Georgia in support of Iran in order to falsely fulfill “Gog and Magog” described in Eze 38. Palestine will be destroyed and declared to be judgment of Edom in order to falsely fulfill Obadiah. America and Britain will be declared to be the biblical “House of Joseph” in false fulfillment of Obadiah as well. Read the short book of Obadiah until it sinks in; Jesus judges Edom and his confederates at the 2nd Coming. Everything prior to that is a Satanic duplication.

        Nowhere in the bible is the Tribulation described as 7 years long. The Great Tribulation is described as being 3½ years. Daniel describes “70 Weeks” bringing an end to transgressions and single day events are described: The Day of Wrath, 2nd Coming, Jacob’s Trouble, Joel’s Great and Terrible day of the LORD and the end of Gog and Magog. I believe that of those single days, the 7 vials/bowls of wrath and 2nd Coming occur at 6000 years and the others at 7000 years. If you think you will have 7 years to figure out what’s going on after the Temple starts construction you had better rethink things.

       Man’s obsession with calendars and astronomy began right after the flood (1656 years after Creation); Stonehenge, Pyramids of Egypt, Chichen Itza, and Pacal Votan are examples of solar calculators. The Metonic Cycle of the Moon covers all possible locations every 19.5 years, so predicting solar and lunar eclipses or solstices and equinoxes is pretty straightforward; its just that solar priests kept the information secret, took credit for these events and used immense amounts of slave labor and human sacrifices to appease their inanimate gods. Bible commentaries, study bible notes and new translations are Man’s idea, not God’s. No matter what we do to it, His Word will remain constant. Going to Church or listening to any Man give a sermon is also Man’s idea, not God’s. Isn’t it odd so many churches send out Missionaries yet the word is not in the bible?

      Personally, I am not concerned when the 2nd Coming happens as much as I am with knowing when “Messiah” will be cutoff. Not so much for me because 5 years ago I repented of sin and asked Jesus to give me new birth; I worry about the people around me who can’t see the incredible blood bath coming. Jesus said in Mat 6:26 to “Take no thought of your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink…”, but the only people who believe this are Born Again Christians; you need to become one before you physically die!  Notice in Rev 9:4 that the scorpions of the earth are commanded not to hurt any man with the seal of God in their foreheads; this occurs about 18 months before the end. At American Stonehenge in Elberton, GA 8 languages proclaim the need to eliminate 6 billion people from the earth; the odds are not with you living to the last day! 

     Supernatural events (Star in the East) surrounded the birth of Jesus on Feast of Tabernacles in 6 BC. I’m aware your study bible claims Jesus was born in 3 BC and older ones (my 1750 Presbyterian study bible included) claim at BC-AD. Christmas means 

                                                 INCLUDEPICTURE "" * MERGEFORMATINET 

death of Jesus Christ and the distribution of the Sacrament. It’s simply a solar holiday 3 days after the solstice; Dec 21st 2012 is not going to be the 2nd Coming. It may be the day when “Messiah is cutoff”. Jesus was 33½ at Crucifixion; was it 33AD, 30 AD or 28 AD? The latter is probably more accurate but just because somebody calculates Dec 21, 2012 to be  This next section is going to get a little weird; Simplicity in Christ should be every Christian’s goal and for me it is, but Jesus also said to “Be wise as a serpent, yet harmless as a dove”. If Christians knew what is being planned right under their noses perhaps they would cling tighter to the Saviour because He is all there is. Many Christians unknowingly take in heaps of Leaven simply because they rely on their Pastors who are in large measure, part of the problem. If your church celebrates Christmas, Lent, Easter or offers Transubstantiated Sacramental Elements or a host of other offenses they are part of the problem.

     The Cross is a pagan symbol of Crucifixion; the one above is the Earth Cross which New Agers call the Tree of Life. Christians know it as the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Elements are Earth, Air, Water and Fire made of Atoms which itself was named from the Egyptian primal creator “Atum”. Earth is “G” at the bottom; this G sits in the Mason’s Square and Compass; representing “Gravity”. CERN is attempting to create the “God Particle” in an attempt to prove the existence of Gravity; Good luck guys Newton made it up and Einstein lied to cover for him. Sumerians named god “Enki” where En means administrator and Ki means earth; obviously we are talking about Satan the Prince of the Earth. Fire is at the top; the “N” stands for nuclear and the “Strong Force” liberated in nuclear energy. It too is a lie. Helen Blavatsky called this “Christ Consciousness”, the release of matter from the lower self to the higher self. Hitler believed this and the Holocaust resulted. The cross bar has Air and Water balanced by “Electro-magnetism”. EM weapons were first developed by Nikola Tesla over 100 years ago. A 1908 test resulted in the release of 1000 times the Hiroshima detonation in Tunguska, Siberia; these weapons are being restrained by God likely through Satan and his angels. Remember, Satan works at the discretion of Jesus Christ; every Born Again Christian knows this. If the “Restrainer” was not active in the affairs of man Satan’s Kingdom would have been forced on the world long ago. 

      The Mayan Calendar was created in about 130 BC by Olmec solar priests who observed Venus completing a 5 point star every 8 years with respect to the sun. The earth wobbles on its axis fixed in space; its axis passes 3600 through the astrological houses every 25,920 years resulting in the Mayan “Great Year”. Mayan Priests were not alone in observing this 8/5 “Golden Ratio” was expressed in life, and the stars; Egyptians, Chinese “I-Ching”, Hopi Indians and others predicted Dec 21st 2012 would form a celestial cross with the Solar “Ecliptic” and the Galactic Center “Milky Way”. “Twelve years they served Chedorlaomer, and in the thirteenth year they rebelled” Gen 13:4. The Mayan inscription for the Winter Solstice is the same rebellion which will culminate on 12/21/12 “333” is an occult ritual called the Rite of Mars the Roman God of War. 13 is the number of rebellion in Kabbalah and the reason the US began the Revolution when 13 colonies were formed. The world is being plunged into the Tree of Knowledge whether we want it or not. God left a flaming Cherubim to guard the Garden of Eden from Sin; to get back all anyone needs to do is go by way of the Tree of Life, Jesus Christ, but most of the world is unwilling to do this. The Kabbalist Tree of Life is the Serpent’s Tree; it goes by the name Lodge, Grove, Tau, and World Tree. The first attempt to build one was the Tower of Babel; NASA calls them “Space Elevators”. 

        In theory, a Geostationary Satellite 18,300 miles high attacked to the earth by electrically conductive carbon filament would make an “Electric Umbilical Tower” and on Dec 21 2012 its path will be through the Milky Way. For occultists Hathor the “Celestial Cow” is the Milky War and the original Tower of Babel was their life line. Electrical charge comes from the several hundred thousand volt potential between the Ionosphere and Earth. It is this potential that Tesla exploited (I believe for benevolent reasons, but that’s not for me to decide) and New Agers now control. There is essentially no difference between Bush, Putin, Blair, Ahmadinejad, Maliki, Merkel, Sarkozy or most all other world leaders. To get in world leadership positions Satan requires lodge initiation in one way or another.

      Book of Hiram, Hiram’s Key, Solomon’s Key and all other books by that or similar titles refer to Temple Men, Star Men or Initiated Men. Don’t get fooled into believing Jesus Christ will rule from a Temple until it descends from Heaven after the Millennium. He restores the Feast of Tabernacles at the 2nd Coming (ref Zech 14:16). Jesus Christ identifies and protects Jacob during the Tribulation but restores them to the land promised to Abraham after the Millennium (Eze 48).

      On Dec 21st 2012, Saturn and Venus will be on the horizon and the Sun upon the cross. In the west, Jupiter will symbolically ride the bull Taurus (Tiras was Japeth’s son; Tryant, Phoenician Tyrus, Tiwaz “Ruby Tuesday”, Tauri, Irish Tyr, Germanic Thor all came from this) along what is called the River of Sacrament; opposite this is the River of Milk and Honey. Bible believers know the latter comes from Jesus Christ and His sacrament, the Tree of Life; New Agers believe this comes from human sacrifice and the Tree of Knowledge. Samson found bees and honey in the carcass of the lion (Judges 14:8-9); New Agers believe they can kill the Lion from the Tribe of Judah. At Revelation 9:11 they will find out how wrong they were.    

      The 2300 days of “Daily Sacrifice” begins 1010 days (2300-1290=1010 days) before the abomination is set up in Dan 12:11 with 1290 days to go; or Satan is cast to earth in Rev 9:5,15, the 1st & 2nd “Woe”, 5th & 6th Trumpet; 18 months, 1 day (Day of Wrath), 1 hour (hour in power with Beast) to go. The order to rebuild will be given and Antichrist will be revealed; if I’m right in assuming he is “Messiah the Prince” it will be 483 days after Jerusalem and the wall are started to be rebuilt. Daniel 8:14 “Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed”. This was the answer to Daniel’s question: How long shall be the transgression of desolation, to give both the sanctuary and the host to be trodden under foot?”  If you wait for a Peace Treaty to decide, watch out! Jesus “Messiah” will be cutoff in the following week. Time will be very, very short by then. 

      Satan has had 6000 years to plan this out. Genetic aberrations (Giants, Golem and/or fake Aliens), Local EM Imaging (Manchurian Candidate, visions, voices in the head), Global EM Imaging “Project Blue Beam” aka “Star Wars”, Theological Lying (Priests, Pastors, Imam’s claiming God’s Wrath and the Messiah are here) may all be part of the plan the bible calls “Strong Delusion”. Couple this with worldwide “Chaos”; Famine, Lawlessness, Violence, Wars, Economic collapse and choosing Jesus may not be that easy. “Daily Sacrifice” is the “Oblation” to Satan; the Sanhedrin will administer it and it will be human beings that are sacrificed just as the Aztecs and Druids did it. If an Aztec Priest offered you death or a Mark of Allegiance, what would you choose? Don’t wait for that; I think it wise to be ready before the New Age Party begins don’t you?

         “Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days.” Dan 12:12

        The Great Tribulation is 1290 days; the time described here is 45 days before it begins. Compare that to Daniel’s “70 Weeks” (Dan 9:24-27) where “Messiah the Prince” enters the scene 49 weeks (483 days) after the order to rebuild the Temple is issued, but “Messiah” is cutoff at 62 weeks (434 days), a 49 day difference. I’m well aware study bibles and most prophecy expositors claim “70 Weeks” is 490 years. Their claim is based on Greek and Achaemenid (Persian) claims that Artaxerxes’ 20th year was 445 BC in which he gave permission to rebuild Jerusalem and ends with “Messiah the Prince” being cutoff in 33 AD. I won’t repeat my Dan 9:24-27 article here, but I have many problems with interpreting “70 Weeks” in terms of years. The biggest reason is the Word of God is not confusion; Satan is and his goal has always been to change the Word. Greek histories such as Herodotus are full of inaccuracies and are written from their own philosophic, pederastic, oracle, amalgamation (Metropolis) driven society. The Achaemenid Persians brought Zoroastrianism (Gnosticism) to the greater part of the world at that time. Arta means “Truth”; Artaxerxes was the Shah of Persia, Pharaoh of Egypt, is called the Constantine of Zoroastrianism and moved his capital from Persepolis (City of Persephone) to Babylon. His truth is a LIE and his god is Ahura Mazda, not JEHOVAH! Their goal was and is the same; to bring the world to a final confrontation of “Good vs Evil” (Armageddon) and usher in a 4th “Aryan” Reich.

        The 4th Reich will begin with the drawing and quartering of America or as the Freemason founding fathers would call it “America is about to be given the 3rd Degree”. The Trans-continental Railroad and I-35 “NAFTA Super Highway” form an equal arm Cross; with the I-35W bridge in Minneapolis a “Double Cross” is formed. No this was not by accident! Nimrod a Cushite from west of Babylon did not build the Tower of Babel; Aryan “Highlanders” came from the east (Gen 11:2) to do that and have never stopped building. This is the essence of the Canaanite religion; building cities through war in the East of Eden (Gen 4:16) advancing in rank by giving a brother the “Nod”. Cute pun eh?

       445 BC to 33 AD is 483 Lunar based (360 day) years. Fine, but Jesus wasn’t crucified in 33 AD; He was 33 at the Crucifixion but born before Herod the Great died in the spring of 4 BC; the Crucifixion was likely in 28 or 29 AD. Jesus is “KING OF KINGS”; why would Daniel call Him “Messiah the Prince”? Why would people of the prince destroy the city and the sanctuary? Didn’t they just build it? The Crucifixion didn’t “cutoff” Jesus from anyone; it was Passover for the Age of Grace! 

     You can believe interpretations of men or trust the Word of God. If you trust the Word; you do not have 7 years after the Peace Treaty is signed in Jerusalem; you have part of 1 week! The exact time is known only to God, but “Aryans” are convinced Dec 21st 2012 is going to be “0” hour. The symbol used on the Mayan Calendar is an ellipse or in Egyptian terminology the “Orphic Egg”. Cretians called it the Labrys and built an elaborate Labyrinth for their initiation rituals. Egyptians built a similar one; Druids stand in their “Adytum” at Stonehenge as their pagan forbearers did and the US President makes policy decisions in his Oval Office; no this is not by accident! Elton John and David Bowie both referred to “0” hour as 9 AM in the space voyage of “Major Tom”. The rank of Major is a gold oak leaf; for Druids, the Cross was called “Thor’s Oak” and 9 refers to the Council of 9 that has been delivering Satan’s information to his followers since at least the times the Sumerian “Kings of Kish” began building civilization through war. Tom means “Twin”; every civilization on earth has a myth about the final battle of the “Twins”; Gnostics believe Esau (Red Star/Red Shield) will win over Jacob and carry this belief over to believing Jesus and Lucifer are “Twin” sons; they are not. Jesus is God in flesh. Zoroastrians believe Ahura Mazda is the god of light who wins this final battle. It’s all the same religion folks! Satan told his angels to promote him as “The Light” of Gen 1:3 aka Lucifer. New bible versions change Satan to Lucifer quite often, but it doesn’t change the Word. Hollywood has painted Satanists in their own light to disguise the global Tower of Babel being built right under our noses. 

      There is only 1 source of truth; the Word of God and Jesus Christ is God in flesh. You and I are going to have an interview with Him one day in the very near future; you do not want to hear “I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity” Mat 7:23 7 is the number of perfection and the number in thousand year increments God is using to bring perfection back to His Creation. Psalm 23 is a walk through the valley of the shadow of death and Revelation Chapter 23 is the Gnostic revision to God’s Word. It must come right after the part in Chapter 22 which says adding or subtracting from God’s Word takes the person out of the Book of Life and out of having a part in the holy city. It’s past time we make our choice about whom we serve.    




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Aquarian Cross: The last cross? You decide Updated 7/29/2007


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Economic Babylon: America is falling, but America is not the Economic Babylon described in Rev 18. The Messiah coming out of America's ashes may very likely be the New Age Messiah aka Antichrist. A lot of new material added to previous posting. 2/18/2009


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MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT: Before blaming others for being part of it, you may want to look in the mirror first. 11/22/2008


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2012: Judgment Seat of Jesus Christ or Judgment of Antichrist and the "Sages of Light"? Should be fairly obvious. 11/16/2009


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IHS: In Hoc Signo Vinces "By this sign conquer". The Cross of Tammuz impaling the "H" Spirit of God by nailing God in Flesh to the Tree of Knowledge; Man will also be Crucified timed to the Sun Crossing the X framed by the Bull's Horns. Time may be getting short to make your covenant with Jesus Christ. 1/31/2011


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Dominion: Nimrod the "Leopard" began the quest with advisors from the East and Obama has his advisor Zbignew Brzezinski who wrote "The Grand Chessboard" and "Between Two Ages"; That's the pre-flood world and Golden Age he refers to and the Pawns in this game don't fare too well. Daniel says this Leopard will finally achieve Dominion and turn it over to a Beast called "Little Horn". A "Stag Party" usually results in Sin before Consummation of Marriage; this war between the Grecian Goat and Persian Ram is designed to do the same. 2/23/2009
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